WVM 2018-100e: ACMs/Candidates; Nbrhds/Map; Salaries 2017; Biz Zoning; Maiku; Qtn


Published: Fri, Oct 19, 2018

Racing to the finish line!
Fortunate we're having such great weather -- and the trees seem to be more colourful than usual.
Checked with the Chamber and they said they hoped to have a video of last night's ACM on their website soon. 
Think that was ADRA's intention too but may have encountered a legal concern. 
Want to put more in this enews but considering best to get some info out to you asap, will continue it later.
Many have asked about the West Van Matters website.  I've mentioned that owing to the webmaster's illness, there are gaps and delays.  The actual newsletter (often 20 pages!) was replaced with enews such as this -- short updates, newsbits, and summaries of what's been going on.  To be on the list, pls write to subscribewvm@westvan.org 


As editor, I offered to put a blurb in for every candidate, but did not receive from all.  Wanted to be comprehensive and fair, did not want to put in some and not others so hv bn waiting.  Think now, in appreciation of those who sent their info for you, will ask again in this WVM and the next WVM will have those received fyi. 
Nbrhd Map; DWV Salaries 2017; Biz Zoning; Add'l Info.....  Maiku; Qtn (Oct 18)
First of all, staff kindly provided a map of nbrhds to the NCWG, so here it is so you can see the general areas and where you are.
This is a thumbnail map of West Vancouver's neighbourhoods. See this PDF to see the details.

☆ INFO/Facts wrt some ACM Comments

>   Utterly amazed Oct 17 heard no smartgrass remarks.  :-)
It was stated that 80% of the DWV budget was staff remuneration.  That is true and a previous WVM issue had the info/report:
                         See: https://www.carolanne.ca/blog/
    [Warning: don't get me wrong, we hv some v good DWV staff; I'm just reporting here.]
You'll see that a candidate's claim a staff mbr got over $280,000 last year for a cmnty of ~44,000 ppl is true.  Thought I'd see what the premier of BC (4M+ ppl) got:
        Salary, $104,009.66 plus $93,608.69 (indemnity and allowances). 
Cclrs are paid less than $40K.
At the Chamber ACM, asked about the main issues facing the biz cmnty.  Of course, nearly all referred to parking.
Ran out of time (my fault, we were limited to a minute) but wanted to point out something I'd faced even around 1990.  
A corner (think about 22nd or 23rd and Marine) was going to be rezoned from commercial to residential, and I was asked by the architect to support it b/c needed.
I did some research.  First of all, I was concerned b/c we had a business and I had noticed very little of WV is zoned commercial, so I said that I thought we shd keep what we have b/c it may be difficult to get more and there needs to be adequate space for business.
I found out that for example, if having a three-storey building, it was desirable to have commercial on the bottom with the two above residential.  One advantage was less crime by having someone above present.  I said that.
The architect said it shd all be residential.
My reply was that apparently devprs aim for residential b/c it is more profitable.
He then said, he wasn't aware or didn't know that.
I remarked that I was not an architect and I knew that.
So, Chamber, yes, housing is a top priority and issue for WV, and we must look at the whole picture.  Let's not leave out a sector, and let's study and consult to try to find as ideal a solution as possible.
As I say, Diversity by Design.
> ATTRACTION to DWV -- Pedestrian Walks?
A few nights ago, Michael Geller was on the TV news speaking in Moscow and reporting/showing that Moscow has become quite vibrant and even enjoyable.  One reason he gave was that they had installed some "Pedestrian Walks", and you cd see ppl leisurely strolling, shopping, even going by on skateboards.   Looked lively.
I've asked him to let me know where he thinks they shd/cd be installed (possibly in Ambleside) to become an attraction here.
These suggestions shd be actively considered by the Chamber and by the new Ccl.
{The recent Economic Study by Stephen Mikicich (DWV staff) mentioned tourism as one aspect desirable/conducive to biz viability.}
Let's get going and explore that possibility/opportunity!


The Quebec election was October 1st and I admire the premier, Philippe Couillard -- an intelligent and practical man co-operating with the rest of Canada.  He's a former university professor and a neurosurgeon, and also spent some time working in the Middle East.
Contemplate politics that day and this came:
        the harshness of politics --
                            say or do what's right
                            and still be disliked
a bit later in the day, b/c of Couillard's undeserved loss, maybe change to::

          the harshness of politics --
                            say, do what's right, and
                            not be elected
In Maclean's Oct 1st, Paul Wells wrote:
I’ll get to what it means for Quebec and the rest of us in a minute, but can we pause to reflect on how cruel politics is? Couillard, a brain surgeon with formidable intellectual gifts, ran and won a majority in 2014 on a promise to do what he set about doing: swiftly balancing the budget so he could afford modest investments in the future. Voters never forgave him for the harsh first steps even after they ended on schedule. I liked this guy a lot and I think voters will have occasion to miss him.


The past is to be respected and acknowledged, but not to be worshipped. It is our future in which we will find our greatness.
                  -- Pierre Trudeau, 15th Prime Minister of Canada (18 Oct 1919-2000)