Agenda and Meetings
Composite * Nov 1st - 18th 2004

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor


Wetmore Motors is on Nov 15th mtg's agenda, as are sewerage, drainage, and water rate increases; planned budget info pushed back a week
Water Meter Loan Authorization Bylaw; Alternative Approval Process re Park Disposal Bylaw; Minutes from DAC, PAC, NsACDI, CSAC, LibBd, Sports/Rec Fac Planning; Letters re: riparian areas regulation; bears; Evelyn Drive; MFABC Fall 2004 Debenture Issue; B.C. Tap Water Alliance regarding UBCM Press Release - Drinking Water; Sea-to-Sky Corridor - the Sea Portion; trimming of trees by 282 Stevens Drive, helmets, noxious weeds; petition re closure of brake check on Upper Levels Highway near Caulfeild exit; Hugo Ray Park traffic; IGA Development Site in Dundarave; and LMTAC motion re treaty negotiations, additions to treaty settlement lands.
See abbreviated Nov 15th agenda at end.
Main points (Nov 1st ccl mtg); Event/Mtg List with updates to Nov 18th (note ***important public input Nov 9th on WV's future policies*** and see Tidings for more info); Update/Letter on Evelyn Drive; Jane Goodall-inspired senryu; Quotation (thinking of elections........)
AT END: Nov 15th Ccl Agenda (abbreviated); then a Filipino Proverb

-  It is with sadness we note the passing of a grand lady, Kay Meek, at 97, with one of her goals achieved: the (unofficial) opening of the Kay Meek Centre for the Performing Arts on Saturday Nov 6th, with a children's choir. This is a cultural landmark she worked so long and hard toward and for which West Vancouver is most grateful -- a new era.
-   The Royal Canadian Legion National Poster and Literary Contest winning entries are on display at Park Royal Mall North until Thursday (11th).

-   Those of you who have email are all to familiar with spam.  We get junk mail, junk flyers, junk (telemarketing) phone calls, junk faxes, and now junk email.  It is called 'spam'.  When mine went up to 90% we just had to put in a filter.  It's still pretty high but I watch (or listen) to the news and delete like crazy.  Two years ago I was disconcerted to get something pornographic purporting to be from someone in one of our companies (Faximum) and from my husband.  Turns out the spammers use other people's email addresses.  Then I got porno from my own email address.  I was furious.  Nothing, however, we can do about it but it is a lesson that if the email looks questionable, it probably does not come from someone you know (and/or not with their knowledge).  The message contains a virus, gives you a mortgage, or wants to extend an appendage, offers viagra, etc, ad nauseam.....
-   The reason for this note, b/c I'm sure you're all familiar with this'infection' (and I'm trying not to use a much stronger word), is that yesterday I received pernicious email from the Editor at WVM -- me!  It's the first time this enewsletter has been involved and it's most upsetting.  I know I don't have to tell you about this unpleasant devt, but just in case -- be careful and be sure you verify who is sending you the message.  And never open attachments!

===  SOME MAIN POINTS from Nov 1st  ===

Monday (Nov 1st) night's mtg was an hour and a half; tapes of meetings always available in Library.
7pm Cclr Sop absent
=  Legion re Remembrance Day; $50K to NSh charities on top of Poppy Fund; Week Nov 7th to 11th
=  Hollyburn Sailing Club potentially affected in plans for devt/renewal of waterfront
=  at 7:23  the Upper McDonald (Whitby) Devt Permit, Rezoning Applic discussion started; it will go to Public Hearing Nov 29th.  JF ascertained excluding some things from FAR in RML 15 wd not set a precedent.  (VD voted against going ahead now, and although not clear it did not appear to be about the devt itself, rather the lack of clarification re excluding individual vestibules in the FAR calculation and perhaps some other issues brought up by PAC.)
CR asked:
- if the public and Ccl wd see what cd be built without the amendment as well as this new proposal (and asked that it be made available for the public before the Public Hearing) so the two cd be compared
- if permission had already been granted to devt above 1200ft level (it was pointed out in response that no structures or roads with this plan but landscaping for the properties wd be)
- if that permission to use land above 1200ft had already been given (not clear, but I think yes)
- if cmnty benefits for this wd be made public before or during the Public Hearing (answer: underground parking a cmnty benefit b/c more green space, cmnty benefit already): I tried to ask if more cmnty benefit might be considered with this change but answer not quite clear (but I may just be a bit slow)
- [later during PQP] if protection and monitoring of ephemeral creeks wd be done and our bylaws enforced (since damage during Lower McDonald)
but forgot to ask if the proposal at the Public Hearing will by then have been adjusted to accommodate emergency vehicles (what PAC and DAC saw last week did not, had not been approved by Fire Dept.).
= 7:52 Reports (Mayor announced attempting to stick with Terms of Reference, ie be concise!)
including invitation to launch of Eagleridge nude (but tasteful b/c this is a family event) calendar Nov 6th at GCC from 6 to 8pm, video and presentations including walk of sensitive wetlands by Bruce McArthur [apologies I put Mac in last issue]; youth gala, great films made by 14- to 19-year-olds; choir from Africa at Kay Meek Centre also Nov 6th at new Kay Meek Centre/theatre (at WV Secondary); Open House re waterfront properties by BC Lands and Water (owners given option to buy rights to illegal infilled foreshore; negotiations have been going on)
= Correspondence started at 8:03: discussion about bears; motion to support Port Moody in some funding for youth sports equipment
Yours Truly asked first about assurances re protection of ephemeral creeks (included above)
but mainly wanted clarification re the Open House on waterfront properties held last week.
Although it was stated that negotiations or discussions had been going on a long time, I was surprised it had not come to Ccl (even though Ccl said no power).  The ad in the NSNews was rather vague so I made enquiries and called our MLA Ralph Sultan, a conscientious representative for WV even though waterfront properties involved are more to the west of his riding.  While there are over 100 properties in this category, at this time 35 are under discussion.
Although someone mentioned DWV wd lose the foreshore lease income, increased assessments wd mean more in tax.  Some owners unhappy with this situation; province sees income.
I pointed out that my main concern is the principle of public access which WV residents have always had a right to.  At the Open House I learned that the representatives and presenters were unaware that the public had no knowledge that this was going on b/c it had not come to Ccl (at a public mtg).  Indeed I was led to believe that although the province said they'd been talking to staff for months, it was only mentioned to council members by staff at a closed meeting Oct 18th.  (Glad both our MLA Ralph Sultan and Cclr Day shared my interest to find out what this was all about.)
My request to Ccl at this ccl mtg was that they remind the provincial govt of the public's right of access and ensure that it be kept if possible.
Indeed at the Open House I was told that it wd help if DWV wrote a letter to express their concerns/desires to the Ministry.
That's why I spoke at PQP.
I hope public access (wch is to the hightide water mark) will be kept wherever appropriate.
Although I didn't refer to it at PQP, at the Open House I did proffer the idea that if the illegal infill has resulted in the public's no longer having access they previously enjoyed prior to the encroachment, then perhaps the purchase price ought to reflect not just the value of the illegally obtained land but a penalty to compensate for extinguishing the public's previous right of access, now lost.
A resident thanked Ccl for their efforts re Eagleridge and said calendar ($20) part of fundraising
Bruce McArthur asked about the appraisals (re expropriation) for buildable and non-buildable land on the Sea-to-Sky Hwy website and as I understood the explanation, the figures were not correct (values).
8:30 Adjournment  -  No ccl mtg on Nov 8, next Nov 15

===  EVENT/MTG LIST to Nov 11th  ===

+ MONDAY, November 1st +
= 8:30 -10:30am = Arts & Culture Strategy Select Cmte, M Hall
= 6 - 8pm = Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Open House to discuss Current Fisheries Conservation Initiatives:
Rockfish/Lingcod Sustainability Strategy; Species at Risk Act Legal Listings; and Species at Risk Act Recovery Plan
Croatian Cultural Ctr. 3250 Commercial Dr., Vancouver 604 666 2792
Need more information?
Background documents, schedules, contacts and registration information can be found at the following website:  You can also email ( or reach DFO at 604-666-2792 (or your local DFO office).
+ TUESDAY, November 2nd +
= 9 - 4pm = Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Community Dialogue to discuss Current Fisheries Conservation Initiatives (Nov. 1st Open House); also at Croatian Cultural Ctr.
= 3:30 - 5:30pm = Youth Advisory Cmte, Kay Meek Centre for the Performing Arts boardroom
= 4 - 6pm = WV School District: "What Kind of Education for What Kind of World?"
Kay Meek Centre for the Performing Arts
Speaker:  Mr. John Abbott, President, The 21st Century Learning Initiative
Light supper and discussion after lecture
= 7 - 9pm = Community Services Advisory Cmte, Ccl Chambers
Some items besides reports from other cmtes from the liaison: Youth Leadership Conference; Youth Leadership Grant Applications; Arts and Culture Forum; Public Art Policy; Work Plan Review Annual Report; Community Centre Planning; Budget - Summary

+ WEDNESDAY, November 3rd +
= 8:30am = Sports/Rec Facilities Planning (Ambleside Park and Community Centre Planning)
= 6 - 8pm = Parks & Environment Advisory Cmte, M Hall
Some items: Recycling Initiatives; Draft PEAC Position Paper on Pesticides; 2005 Workplan
= 7 - 9pm = Library, Authors' Talk, Peter J. Peters Rm
Speakers:  Wendy Roberts & Nancy Warren, "Let's Talk Romance - Reading and Writing Romance Fiction"
+ THURSDAY, November 4th +
= 6 - 9:30pm = GVRD: Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve STEWARDSHIP FORUM at Holiday Inn, ph 432 6200 for information

+ FRIDAY, November 5th +
= 9 - 5pm = "Designing Environments which Reduce Crime", City Program; SFU at Harbour Centre, 291 5254
Instructors:  Mary Beth Rondeau, MASA, MAIBC, Devt Planner, City of Vancouver and Patricia Brantingham,  PhD, Professor, School of Criminology, SFU
= 7pm = Ferry Building Gallery = "Kingdom of Mustang, Nepal, Travels in Ethiopia", Slide Shows by Photographer Doug Williams [Exhibit to Nov 7th]

+ SATURDAY, November 6th +
= 6 - 8pm =  Fundraiser re Sea-to-Sky Hwy and saving the Eagleridge Bluffs/sensitive wetland at the Gleneagles Cmnty Centre: launch of calendar, presentation, video
8pm =  The African Children's Choir performs "Prince of Africa, a Musical Fairytale" at our brand new Kay Meek Centre at WV Secondary, 1750 Mathers.  There will also be a matinee at 2pm Sunday Nov 7th (with more performances next weekend).  See for tix, phone 604 257 0366 for tix ($25 - 40), go to for info.

+ MONDAY, November 8th + = No scheduled Council Meeting

+ TUESDAY, November 9th +
= 5pm = Heritage Adv Cmte, MHall (agenda has only reports, referrals)
= 5 - 9pm = Parks & Community Services Community Forum at Seniors' Centre 
"One-Stop-Shop" on a Variety of Parks and Community Services Initiatives: 
-  New Central Community Centre: see the latest information
-  Development of WV Arts & Cultural Strategy: get an update
-  Launch of Planning Process of WV Parks and Open Space
~ WV parks:  launching the Parks & Open Space planning process for 2005
~ Ambleside Park Vision Plan: creating a plan that responds to the needs of park users and to changes in and around the Park
-  Creating Long Term Plan for the Land and Resources of Ambleside Park
-  Phase 2 of the Gleneagles Adventure Park:  find out what's in store
-  discussion re the feasibility of a Mountain Bike Park on Municipal Land off Cypress Bowl Road
-  Environmental Initiatives for New Bylaws on Trees and draft Pesticide Use Control bylaw
If you can't make it, or if you'd like to know more, please go to and for comments and questions: email, fax 925-7140 or call 925-7138.
= 5:30 - 7pm =  Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of WV = "Seventh Annual Unity and Diversity Award", Library
        ***UPDATE: We all enjoy one of the winners this year: the Globe at Dundarave Pier
= 6 - 8pm = Ferry Building Gallery = Opening Reception: "Body and Soul" Mixed Media by A.J. Brown, Fariba Dashtaray, Tania Gleave, Novin Guity [Exhibit to Nov 28}
= 7 - 9pm = WV Museum & Archives = Opening Reception: "British Properties: A Community in the Making", Presented by WV Museum & Archives and "Bridging the Narrows: The Story of Lions' Gate", A Travelling Exhibit Presented by the North Van Museum & Archives  [Exhibit to April 19th]

+ WEDNESDAY, November 10th +
= 7:30am = Chamber of Commerce, November Networking Breakfast, Hollyburn Country Club
Speaker:  Karen Flavelle, President, Purdy's Chocolates.  Please RSVP by Nov 5 to 926 6614
= 10 - 12pm = WV Memorial Library,  Philosophers' Cafe: "Explore Critical Issues and Challenging Ideas Through an Open and Respectful Discussion"
will be taking complaints about provincial government services and practices in the executive suite at 200 - 100 Park Royal West; call 1 800 567 3247 for an appointment
= 12:30 - 2pm = Sports & Recreation Planning Cmte, Ccl Chambers
                4.1 Community Centre Planning
                4.2 Arts and Culture Strategy Select Committee
                4.3 Community Forum
                4.4 Gleneagles Adventure Park Phase 2
        ***UPDATE: only 4.2 was discussed; next mtg planned for two weeks' time (24th), 830am
= 1:30 - 2:30pm =  Book Launch at Library (for more info, pls calll Jane Jardine 925 7405)
"Glimpses - World War II West Vancouver Through the Eyes of the Papers and the Paperboy"
Speaker:  Mr. Tom Taylor, Local Author and Historian
= 7 - 9pm = Library Board, meeting in the Storyhouse this time instead of the Peters Room

= 10:45 - 12pm = WV Cenotaph, 1900 Block Marine Drive (across from Library)
Receptions also at Masonic Lodge on 17th and Royal Canadian Legion on 18th

+ SATURDAY, November 13th +
= 2pm = Ferry Building Gallery = Artists' Talk, Body & Soul, Mixed Media [Exhibition to Nov 28th]
= 4:30pm = Presentation House = 3rd Zarathushti and Iranian Cultural Film Festival, Produced by O'Shihan Cultural Organization [Festival to Nov 14]

+ MONDAY, November 15th +
= 8:30 - 10:30am = Arts & Culture Strategy Select Cmte, M Hall
= 7 - 10pm = Regular Ccl Mtg/2005 Department Budget Presentations (Live Broadcast), Ccl Chambers ***Budget item postponed to next week; Wetmore on agenda, see end***

+ TUESDAY, November 16th +
= 3:30 - 5:30pm = Youth Advisory Cmte, M Hall
= 7:30pm = WRA - AGM, Gleneagles Community Centre
                Speaker:  Josie Chuback, Community Services Manager
                Topic: Gleneagles (Panabode) Clubhouse: Alternative Futures

+ WEDNESDAY, November 17th +
= 5 - 7pm = WV Chamber of Commerce = Business After Business Networking Event, Sponsored by Members For Members, Chamber Boardroom
= 5:30 - 7:00pm = Finance Advisory Cmte, M Hall [agenda in next issue]
= 7 - 9pm = Public 2005 Budget Presentation by Staff, Seniors' Centre [no info yet if postponed too]
= 7 - 9pm = Board of Variance, Ccl Chambers [agenda in next issue]

+ THURSDAY, November 18th +
= 2 - 3:30pm = Library: "Finding Book Review For Your Book Club",  Registration Required, 925 7405
= 6 - 8pm = N.S. Family Court & Youth Justice Cmte,  CNV M Hall, Conf. Room A
= 7pm = WV 2010 Olympic/Paralympic Cmte - Community Focus Groups by invitation/RSVP
= 7:30pm = WV Streamkeeper Society and NS Streamkeepers - St. Stephen's, 885 - 22nd St
Special Presentation: Dr. Kees Groot on Migration, Orientation, and Navigation of Pacific Salmon

===   UPDATE on Evelyn Drive ===

Another Reader sends his thoughts: 

The proposed development on Evelyn Drive will impact all of us who love living in this beautiful community.

Under the 2004 OCP this 'special study area' will be considered for multifamily housing which could include townhouses and low rise apartments up to a Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 1.0.  Certainly the process speaks to addressing traffic issues, access, visual impacts, views, topographical constraints, appropriate housing forms, and community benefits.

Thus far the two development options from Millennium really do not seem to address any of these issues.  We can imagine the chaos as the occupants of an additional 500 plus homes (replacing the current 62) attempt to enter the Keith Road/Taylor Way intersection. Most of Sentinel Hill reel in horror as they realise that their quaint, little Braeside, Anderson Crescent, Esquimalt and Duchess Streets, etc. will be used as the detour into the development short cutting the Taylor Way gridlock.  Thus far it appears Park Royal has realised the gravity of the situation and not allowed road access to their upper level parking lot from the proposed development.

The proposed development area is blocked essentially on three sides which leaves poor Keith Road as the main proposed entranceway into the development. The visual impact proposed thus far is one of a row of six or possibly even ten/twelve storey apartment blocks.

This is hardly the entrance way we envisage for West Vancouver. Currently the Evelyn Drive area is a little 'tired' as home owners have not been willing to invest large sums of money in an area that has long been slated for change.

Surely rezoning the area to duplex would have been a kinder option to the entire neighbourhood?

Most of us in West Vancouver prize our views and the Sentinel Hill views currently include many low trees and the odd roof downhill along with magnificent horizontal views. The night views of Park Royal from above are quite magical too.  Instead we are being asked to consider looking into rows of apartment blocks. I have heard the downhill view from Sentinel Hill described by the developer's representatives as nasty. Hardly a word to use to endear oneself to your potential new neighbours!

We have lived through years of construction as Lions' Gate Bridge was repaired, as South Park Royal expanded, as Clyde Avenue got new life,and now we look forward to years of living adjacent to a construction site!

Those with long memories will remember how the two towers at the South East corner of Marine Drive and Taylor Way were pushed through despite the majority not wanting them. It was even put to vote (a referendum) and the community voted them down.  The last time I looked these buildings were still standing!

===   Jane Goodall-inspired senryu   ===

Excerpt from VSun Thurs Oct 21 pA3
Wherever Jane Goodall is in the world -- and she travels more than 300 days of the year -- she raises a glass of scotch with family or friends to all the people she has loved who have died.  "It kind of links us.  Now every evening everywhere around the world, there are people drinking to the cloud contingent."
...she is convinced the now-departed are listening to harps and beautiful music on some fluffy white cloud out there.

Contemplating this warm thought sparked the following senryu (choose the one you prefer)

                altogether now
                        raise your glasses, drink your scotch
                                all toast the cloud contingent!

                        raise your glasses, drink your scotch
                                                toast together now:
                                                        the cloud contingent!

===  QUOTATION  ===

The most important political office is that of private citizen.
                                -- Louis Brandeis, lawyer, judge, and writer (1856-1941)


===  ABBREVIATED AGENDA for Nov 15th CCL MTG  ===

A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday
1.         CALL TO ORDER
3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, October 25, 2004
3.2       Council Meeting Minutes, November 01, 2004

4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       J. Van Luven, St. James Community Service Society, regarding North Shore Youth Safe House

5.         REPORTS
5.1       Wetmore Lands - Proposed Use and Disposition
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
THAT the November 04, 2004 report of the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits titled  "Wetmore Lands - Proposed Use and Disposition" be referred to the Planning Advisory Committee for review and advice on overall use, to the Design Advisory Committee on urban design considerations and to the public with a request for comment prior to December 15, 2004.

5.2       Wetmore Motors 2003 Ltd. - Licence Agreement - 2203 Marine Drive
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED: be received.

5.3       Information Report on Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC) Correspondence regarding "Fiscal Interests and Treaty Negotiations" and "Agricultural Land Reserve and Additions to Treaty Settlement Lands"
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
RECOMMENDED: received for information

5.4       Amendments to Business Licence Bylaw - Odours/Noise
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
RECOMMENDED: be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
RECOMMENDED:  be posted and advertised in accordance with the Community Charter.

5.5       Open Tube Neon lighting for Handi Restaurant, 1340 Marine Drive
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED:  be approved.

5.6       Development Variance Permit No. 04-021 (2863 Bellevue Avenue)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
THAT The Municipal Clerk give notice that Development Variance Permit Application No. 04-021 (2863 Bellevue Avenue), which would provide for a new accessory building and covered walkway and retention of an existing accessory building will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, December 06, 2004.

5.7       Zoning Amendment Bylaw and Development Permit for property at 6390 Bay Street
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED: introduced and read a first time in short form.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4408, 2004 and
Development Permit No. 04-015, both dealing with 6390 Bay Street, be considered at a concurrent Public Hearing and Public Meeting to be held on Monday December 06, 2004 at 7:00 pm in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.

5.8       Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Bylaw No. 3749, 1992 Amendment Bylaw No. 4411, 2004
Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance
THAT Sewerage and Drainage rates for the year 2005 be increased by ten [per cent] (10%) to all categories of users, applied with rounding to the net of discount amount.
RECOMMENDED: be introduced and read a first and second time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT public comment on the proposed rates be received up to Nov 19, 2004.

5.9       Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 3859, 1994, Amendment Bylaw No. 4406, 2004
Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance
THAT water rates for the year 2005 be increased by seven [per cent] (7%) to all categories of users, applied with rounding to the net of discount amount.
RECOMMENDED: be introduced and read a first and second time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT public comment on the proposed rates be received up to Nov 19, 2004.

5.10    Water Meter Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 4407, 2004
Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance
RECOMMENDED: be introduced and read a first, second and third time. {Hm.  no $ amount???}

5.11    Alternative Approval Process re Park Disposal Bylaw No. 4363, 2004
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
THAT the report dated October 29, 2004 from the Municipal Clerk regarding Certification of Elector Approval re Alternative Approval Process - Park Disposal Bylaw No. 4363, 2004 be received.
This bylaw received third reading at the September 13, 2004 Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Park Disposal Bylaw No. 4363, 2004" be adopted.
{will follow up on this; clarification required and confirmation of public input into disposal of parks! ie, not just the letter of the law, but public participation and consensus.}

6.         BYLAWS
6.1       Fire Protection and Emergency Response Amendment BylawNo. 4401, 2004
Designated Presenter:  Fire Chief
This bylaw received third reading at the November 01, 2004 Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED: be adopted.
8.         OTHER ITEMS
8.1       Correspondence
===  No Action Required (receipt only)
8.1.1               Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       Design Advisory Committee Minutes, September 23, 2004
(b)       Planning Advisory Committee, October 14, 2004
(c)       North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues, August 26, 2004
(d)       North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues, September 30, 2004
(e)       Community Services Advisory Committee, July 06, 2004
(f)        West Vancouver Memorial Library Board, September 15, 2004
(g)       Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning, June 30, 2004  [!!!]
8.1.2               Quest Outreach Society, undated, regarding Annual General Meeting and Open House (
                        Previously circulated to Council due to timing of event.
8.1.3/4             M. D. Brodie, Mayor, City of Richmond, regarding resolution in support for tourism, and in support for regional transportation improvements
8.1.5               UBCM Secretariat, November 01, 2004, regarding an update on riparian areas regulation
8.1.6               R. D. Wagner, ESS Director (DWV), North Shore Emergency Management Office, regarding Emergency Social Services Annual Training Day - Sunday, November 07
                        Previously circulated to Mayor and Council due to timing of event.
8.1.7               B. Murray, October 23, 2004, regarding bears and being "Bear Smart"
8.1.8               B. Murray, October 2004, regarding "Whistler Hires Bear Man"
8.1.9               N. Parker, October 25, 2004, regarding Evelyn Drive
8.1.10             F. Leonard, Chair, Municipal Finance Authority of BC regarding MFABC Fall 2004 Debenture Issue
8.1.11             S. Britton, Director, Summer Pops Youth Orchestra, Oct 13, regarding grant received for organization
8.1.12             A.W. Collings, October 25, 2004, regarding Evelyn Drive Study Area
8.1.13             W. Koop, Coordinator, B.C. Tap Water Alliance, Oct 21, regarding UBCM Press Release - Drinking Water
8.1.14             K. Higgs, November 03, 2004, regarding Sea-to-Sky Corridor - the Sea Portion
8.1.15             N. Parker, November 02, 2004, regarding Evelyn Drive Area
8.1.16             D. R. Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby, October 27, 2004, regarding Northeast Sector Rapid Transit Alternatives Project - Burnaby Essential Elements
                        Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
===  Action Required
8.1.17             D. Zeitler, Dina's Hair Vogue, October 28, 2004, request for delegation regarding Ambleside business area
Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the November 22, 2004 meeting.
8.1.18             O. Syberg and J. Robitaille, October 24, 2004, regarding trimming of trees by 282 Stevens Drive
                        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response in consultation with the Director of Administrative Services.
8.1.19             R. Kinar, November 04, 2004, request for delegation regarding helmet standards
                        Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the Nov 22 meeting.
8.1.20             L. Noble, undated, regarding addition to noxious weed list
                        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.21             Undated 19-name petition re closure of brake check on Upper Levels Hwy near Caulfeild exit
                        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation  for consideration and response.
8.1.22             H. Stevens, October 25, 2004, regarding Evelyn Drive Study Area
                        Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
8.1.23             D. Derreth, October 25, 2004, regarding emergency vehicle noise at Fire hall #3
                        Referred to Fire Chief for consideration and response.
8.1.24             A. Uruski, Permania Management Inc., October 22, 2004, regarding Hugo Ray Park and Traffic Concerns
                        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.25             D. Syeklocha, October 20, 2004, regarding Evelyn Drive Proposal
                        Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
8.1.26             A. Miachika, Pacific Rim Property Devts Ltd., Oct 25, re IGA Development Site in Dundarave
                        Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response in consultation with the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits.
8.1.27             M. Clark, Project Coordinator, Child and Youth Friendly Communities (CYFC), November 01, 2004, regarding request for proclamation re National Child Day 2004 - "A Canada Fit for Children"
                        Referred to Mayor Wood for consideration and response.
8.2       Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC) Concerns and Pace of Negotiations - Tsawwassen Treaty Table Correspondence from R. Drew, Mayor, Chair, Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee dated November 05, 2004 regarding LMTAC Concerns and Pace of Negotiations - Tsawwassen Treaty Table.
1.                  The District of West Vancouver support the Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee's concerns regarding both Additions to Treaty Settlement Lands (TSL)  and Fiscal Compensation for lands that will be transferred from local government jurisdiction to First Nations as a consequence of treaty negotiations; and
2.                  A letter conveying the District's support be sent to Minister Plant.

===  A PROVERB  ===

A fly that lands on a carabao feels itself to be higher that the carabao.
                                        -- Filipino proverb