Agenda and Meetings
29 November 2004

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Are the lights telling us it'll be a blue Christmas???  --- then light up Wed Dec 1st in Dundarave!
This issue:
UPDATES: (Budget 2005 (public  with Ccl on 30th), Evelyn Drive, 2010 Olympics, Roses by any other name?; Spam; Streams); Main Items ccl mtg 29th (LIVE BROADCAST) include Evelyn Drive report after Public Hearing on 45-units, in seven four-storey multifamily bldgs at Dunlewey and request for FAR exemption; Events/Mtgs to Dec 4th; Ccl Mtg Nov 22nd Notes; Abbreviated Agenda Nov 29th; Haiku; Quotation

===  UPDATES and Info ===

~  BUDGET 2005  ~~~~~~~~~~~

Proposed increase is 1.95% to sustain existing service levels, representing $48 for an average residential assessment of $875,000, when Utilities (single flat rate) added: Water 7% increase ($22), Sewer 10% ($30), makes $100, hm?
SOME CONCERN; The five- and ten-year capital plan has still not been released old one pulled earlier this year); will also look at the $6m+ capital expenditures for the year for next issue.....
Keep in mind that the highest proportion of money spent by DWV is salaries (see some numbers below).  Deptal amounts appear in the Nov 22nd ccl mtg notes section recorded during presentations at the mtg.
Your choices: accept this increase; reduce the budget by just under $900,000 so no increase; recommend further reductions (and where/how) to decrease budget.  Evaluating effect of cuts in programs or services, or perhaps increasing user fees or finding other sources of income.
Although the 2004 budget was $57,465,156 and the proposed expenditures are $58,239,439; in other words DWV will be exceeding its planned budget limit.  Not to worry.  Revenues exceeded the excess -- they were $59,194,050.  There were some unexpected sources, such as the prov govt.
PROPOSED BUDGET 2005: $58,045,483
Salary/Benefits and Expenses are $48,027,864, of wch the former is $38,915,563, (81% of that category)
That means Salary/Benefits and their Expenses are about 83% of the proposed 2005 budget.
As I pointed out during Budget 2004 deliberations, council members are underpaid (councillors make under $30K gross per year and the Mayor ~70K with benefits, but excluding expenses).
Staff salaries, on the other hand, naturally have a much higher range -- but far exceed those of council members.  Although Council is intended as a policy-making body, there are many cmte mtgs that councillors attend, and on top of that some spend far more time on council/municipal work and interaction with residents and groups than others.  Obviously involvement varies, and for some the dedication (and responsibility) is full time.
Here are some of the salaries for 2003, the last information I cd obtain (at this time -- I've asked for later).
The salaries for 2004 wd be about 2.5% more with COL/CPI automatic raises, so for 2005 probably another 2.5% for 2005, PLUS benefits are now at 30%; of course expenses are on top of the amounts listed but are not available until after year end.  That means, add about a third to the salaries to get the full amount; the first figure is for 2003, then approximations (2.5% is cumulative) and rounded to give a ballpark amount:
                Municipal Manager - $166,860 in 2003 + ~5%  + ~30% = ~$ 230,000
                Chief Constable - $137,256 + ... = $ 190,000
                Fire Chief - $123,570 + ... = $ 170,000
                Director of Engineering - $119,841 + ... = $ 165,000
                Director of Finance - $117,428 + ... = $ 163,000
                Director of Planning - $116,372 + ... = $ 162,000
                Director of Parks - $115,560 + ... = $ 160,000
                Director of Administrative Services - $108.988 + ... = ~$ 155,000
                Director of Human Resources -  $97,305 + ... = $ 135,000
                Dir of Lib Services (Chief Librarian)  - $85,782 + ... = $ 118,000
Then there's a page and a half of 2003 base salaries $75K+ wch of course makes them all over $100K when extended.

There were accountants/MBAs at the mtg asking some expert questions; although one was about using more volunteers, or getting volunteers to weed or take care of some areas, for example to lower costs however the warning was that the union wd challenge and union rates wd have to be paid.  (Hm; will look into this b/c there must be a reasonable and cooperative approach to this possible -- we already do have volunteers so there must be a way to work cooperatively; find a way to involve the cmnty, developing pride and participation....)
The answer to my question as to how much was spent on consultants and facilitators, the answer was that it was built into the cost of projects.  Forgot to ask about how much for legal fees, in that anything extraordinary.  Did ask for more information wrt computer/Information Technology and will pass that on once received.  (Detail: $7500 for a scanner and computer looked rather rich!)  You know the saying, watch the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.......
Speaking of big bucks....
Since Wetmore is coming to PAC and public input has been promised, I asked about some choices.  If I understood the explanation correctly, the cost was ~$5.6m and the money borrowed from the Endowment Fund.  That amount has to be returned to the Fund.  That means WV can flip it, making a profit, and return the $5.6m to the Fund.  If the public want a park, for example and argument's sake, then $5.6m has to be found somewhere else to replenish the Fund.  It will be interesting to see what options staff and the public are presented with -- maybe a lease?  Stay tuned and come up with some good ideas!  IMHO, it's too valuable a location for a Police station.  We love our police but they don't need a prime Marine Drive location (look for recommendations for a hotel at 13th -- maybe elsewhere? -- on the present Police site).

TALK TO COUNCIL ABOUT BUDGET 2005: Tues Nov 30th at the Hall; get info from M website, Library, or call Hall 925 7000.
NEXT WVM ISSUE: hope to identify supplements included in proposed budget; look at supplements not recommended by staff (maybe we want them and are willing to pay more!), and have some other details.
And then there's that matter of seeking the $6,8m loan authorization for water metering......
On the whole, a conservative budget.
Dept supplementals have been included in departmental budgets; some requested supplementals not recommended so no supplemental requests this year presented as such for comment.  Think about it.  You might have some different ideas and wd make different choices, including some and rejecting others.  The important thing is that the process is giving you the opportunity to express your preferences.  It's for Council to take them into consideration and make final decision.

~  EVELYN DRIVE  ~  on agenda Monday 29th  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Although open houses both Tues and Thurs, Your Intrepid Editor only went to Thursday's (Nov 25th); heard some of the presentations and read all the handout material.
The open house was publicized as from 7 to 9pm but they said questions shd be saved to the end.  Question period started at 8:57pm by the clock on the Cedardale Schoolroom's wall.  By then some had left and others soon after.
Some complaints and pleas were about views but most were about traffic.  The ND Lea consultant said the increase wd be .3 vehicles during peak periods.  (This was initially misheard as .3 cars per unit resulting in guffaws however it was then explained in more detail and the consultant even agreed to do another count next week.)
Some of my questions:
- The Evelyn Drive Cmnty Newsletter #2 Q & A has a Community Centre to be built and paid for by Millennium.  Who will pay the operating costs?
Ans: probably won't be built; the adv cmtes did not recommend it.
- Will the traffic figure and study include the add'l traffic from Amica and the condos on the Pk Royal hotel site?
Ans: not for Monday's mtg
- There are now about 60 houses there.  With a conservative assessment of $600K each, that means $36m (and 70 homes wd be about $42m).
If replaced with 500 to 700 units at market price, with an av price of $1m (units may be from 1200 - 2200 sf each), that means $500 to $700m.
It was confirmed this would not be "affordable housing".
Of course there will be development costs.  Among them if the 743Ksf at $200 per sq ft, about $148.6m and at $300, $242.9m.  This is being built on steep terrain and roads will have to be put in.
Some speakers had said they preferred duplexes and townhouses, maybe under 200 units.
While disappointed though I'd given my email address at the Open House a couple of weeks ago, I'd not received notice of these open houses (a resident sent me the information), I thanked the developer for holding several open houses to supply information and accept input.  I noted the environmental measures mentioned, especially the permeable pavers.
Please dismiss the canard that this housing will be for WV seniors.  They cannot so restrict purchasers.  [I have wanted to set up a register of seniors stating the range of size and price they wd like so there can be some sort of joint planning and reservation to try to facilitate this -- otherwise, if you build it they will come and from everywhere as the baby boomers age.......]
One speaker said some of their concerns had been met with a few changes but more, perhaps (unreasonably in my view) ten information mtgs with changes/options, to better meet residents' wishes.  I pointed out Evelyn Drive is on Monday's agenda and urged all present to come to the ccl mtg to add their views to those being reported from the adv cmtes.  One speaker noted the lack of a park and that it had not yet been to the Parks' adv cmte (PEAC).
Let Ccl know what you want to see there, no doubt a desirable location adjacent to a shopping centre (as a presenter said).
It is unreasonable, with the developer told the area cd hv up to a 1.0 FAR, to expect a proposal of less.
Now's the time for evaluation and examination, consultation and negotiation.
Think about what cmnty benefits residents want to see -- and deserve -- for giving the developer increased density with this upzoning. 
What can be done on this special study area that will enhance WV?
~ 2010 OLYMPICS $$$  ~
Just announced: $20m grant for BC communities!  How much will WV get?  process for deciding what to spend it on?
On Nov 24 the four host First Nations - the Lil'wat, Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-waututh -- signed a(n) historic agreement in NV to ensure that the protocols and traditions of their nations are acknowledged and respected throughout the planning, staging, and hosting of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

~  ROYAL HUDSON $210,000 Grant  ~
--to West Coast Railway Assn, hoping to have it restored for use during Olympics.  Can't you just see, even without the Olympics, railway buffs flocking here for a trip?  See for more.

~  NOSES FOR ROSES  ~  (and see that agenda item in Nov 22nd Notes)
The so-called 'stink bylaw' amazingly got national exposure.  Must have been some slow days for news and/or met the add something frivolous and funny for variety criterion.
Although like others I received disapproving comments, even letters, one letter put it into perspective.

It is little comfort that Bill Gates gets 4m a day -- he hires people to blow it away.
I still get furious when I see spam and viruses purporting to be from one of my email addresses -- always make sure you check the headers and where something is really from.  And, of course, DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS.  Especially if you have Microsoft, the most vulnerable to a virus.

~~~~~~~~~~  WV STREAMKEEPERS - News on Nov 18  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
= Brothers Creek
Chum Salmon:   For the past three weeks there has been a good run of Chum right up to the Wildwood Lane pool. This run is nearly over, and the remaining Chum are in poor condition. Three school groups visited spawning chum at a location off Gordon Place, and had a wonderful view of the spawners.
Coho Salmon:  Coho have arrived! This last week Coho have run up Brothers Creek, and spawning pairs are in most of the pools from Clyde Avenue (Care Centre) to the Upper Levels Highway. 4 coho reached into Westcot Creek at St. David's Church much to delight of children from Westcot School.
= Eagle Creek
There was a good run of Chum salmon up Eagle Creek from Eagle Harbour to Marine Drive last week.
= Nelson Creek
Chum were sighted.
We have yet to find fish in McDonald, Rodgers, and Cypress Creeks!!
Capilano Salmon Returns:
Coho - 13,899 (6K fewer than 2003 and 6K more than 2002); Chinook - 829; Chum - 13; Summer Steelhead - 3
= Westcot Tributary
Clean-up planned for Wednesday Dec 1st weather dependent; volunteers with rakes and shovels wanted; phone 604 628 1123 for information
There are even spawning chum along Gordon -- how exciting fish are coming back in WV; in some places after 40 years!

>>>  MAIN ITEMS <<<  for Monday's Ccl mtg (Nov 29):

Briefly, main items as advance notice {***with my questions}:

=  PUBLIC HEARING  re Upper McDonald Site, Whitby Estates - 2295 Dunlewey Place)
Purpose: To provide for a 45-unit multi-family development in seven four-storey terraced buildings.
Public input up to this time Nov 29th; Ccl may ask for a staff report but if PH closed, NO further submissions or communication with Council permitted

Proposed Evelyn Drive Master Plan; Advisory Committee Comment and Community Consultation
RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff continue working with the applicant on Development Application No. 04-004, Evelyn Drive Planning Area, to:
(a)       revise the proposed Evelyn Drive Master Plan consistent with the direction recommended by the Planning, Engineering and Design Advisory Committees; and
{***hey there!  not in consideration of public input to date???????}
(b)       address street and roadway design and landscaping; servicing requirements; phasing; Evelyn Drive relocation and extension; and development permit guidelines.

=  Dundarave Interim Parking Plan (to be circulated in the Supplemental Package)
{***what's so urgent about this that it can't wait till the next meeting so the public can see in the normal expected timeframe rather than belatedly?}
= Building Bylaw (Regulating the Construction of Buildings and Structures within the Municipality)  to be introduced and read a first, second and third time
= Waterworks Regulation Amendment Bylaw FOR ADOPTION
   - to GVRD: Cclr Durman as Municipal Director; Mayor Wood as Alternate Municipal Director
   - to the 2005 Greater Vancouver Regional Labour Relations Bureau: Cclr Day as member; Cclr Ferguson as alternate
   - 2005 Council Advisory Committees (listed)
=  CORRESPONDENCE -- Minutes: HAC, Bd of Variance; Letters: LMTAC, Evelyn Drive, Silk Purse, RAV, safe interchange and roadways at the intersection of the TransCanada Highway and Capilano Road, a Mountain Bike Park, Formation of a North Shore Wide Transportation Advisory Committee

===  EVENT/MTG LIST to Dec 4th  ===

+ MONDAY, November 22nd +
= 8:30 - 10:30am = Arts & Culture Strategy Select Cmte, M Hall [CANCELLED - MOVED to Nov 29]
= 10 - 11:30am at the Library: Finding Reviews for Your Book Club (ph 925 7405)
= 7pm = Ccl Mtg with 2005 dept budget presentations

+ TUESDAY, November 23rd +
= 4:30 - 6:30pm = Engg AC in Ccl Chamber [CANCELLED]
= 7 - 9pm = Evelyn Drive Open House, Sentinel Secondary: new info (six storeys?)
= 7 - 9pm =  Resident Comments on 2005 Budget to Council in Ccl Chamber

+ WEDNESDAY, November 24th +
= 9am =  Sports & Rec Fac Planning Cmte mtg [updates on facilities]
= 4 - 6pm =  Police Board (moved from Nov 25) - Chamber of Commerce Board Room
= 5 - 7pm =  Planning AC [MOVED to Dec 8 and Wetmore's on the agenda!]
= 7pm = BPAHA AGM in Sentinel Secondary Cafeteria
= 7 - 8:30pm = Bridging the Narrows: The Story of the Lions' Gate, illustrated presentation by Don Luxton, author (and I'd guess he'll have copies of his book there for you to buy an autographed copy!), at Museum & Archives (Gertrude Lawson House)  [exhibit - British Properties: A Community in the Making now in place]

+ THURSDAY, November 25th +
=  DAC mtg moved to Dec 9
=  Police Bd moved to Nov 24th
= 5 - 7pm = N.S.A.C.D.I - CNV Municipal Hall, Conf. Rm A
= 7 - 9pm = Evelyn Drive Open House, Cedardale School: new info (six storeys?)

+ SATURDAY, November 27th +
= 9 - noon = Lighthouse Park Preservation Society: volunteers for ivy pull!
= 10:30am =  Community Arts Centre (Silk Purse, 1570 Argyle) "The Frog Prince"
= 11 - 4pm =  2010 Olympic/Paralympic Cmte Open House - Park Royal South
= 1 - 3pm = "Tracing Your Family Tree" at Museum (GL House), by Lorraine Irving, BC Genealogical Society
Fee: $25; Age: 16 and up
= 3pm = Northshore Wetland Partners - mtg at WV Youth Centre at Ambleside Park regarding brochure design and workshop ideas for the streamkeeper conference at Squamish, May 21 - 23 "Leading the Way - 2005". Ideas for NWP's operating structure and other issues welcomed.  Please call Paul Berlinguette at 604-831-6145 or 929-2756.

+ SUNDAY, November 28th +
= 2pm = Memorial for Kay Meek at Performing Arts Centre, 1700 Mathers, RSVP requested since seating limited to 500

+ MONDAY, November 29th +
= 8:30 - 10:30am = Arts & Culture Strategy Select Cmte, M Hall
= 7pm = Ccl Mtg - 45 units in seven four-storey buildings Whitby/Dunlewey, Evelyn Drive, etc; see agenda at end; LIVE BROADCAST not repeated on Tues
= 7pm = DNV is having a special ccl mtg on RAV for public input (NShore pays lots, gets little -- what can be done?)

{Update: WV Ccl also RAVed at Monday's mtg, addition to mtg's agenda.}

+ TUESDAY, November 30th +
= 6:30 - 7:30pm = Ambleside Lights Up! Carols, hot chocolate, and cookies at the tree 13th & Marine
= 7 - 9pm = Special mtg at Hall "Resident Comment Budget 2005" for public to discuss with Council
= 7- 9pm =  Adventure Park - Phase Two Open House at Gleneagles Cmnty Centre

+ WEDNESDAY, December 1st +
= 8:30, maybe 9am = maybe Sports/Rec Fac Planning mtg at Hall -- best to call and check
= 4:30 - 6:30pm = Festival of Lights at Dundarave Park - Beach House Restaurant

+ FRIDAY, December 3rd +
= 6 - 8pm = "Gifts in Clay" - Sneak Preview Shopping & Reception at Ferry Bldg Gallery
Woks by  Heather Cairns, Rachelle Chinnery, Carolyn Dipasquale, Matthew Freed, Laura Van der Linde, Carol & Keith Henshall-Lehman, Lewis Krzyczkowski, Sheila Morissette, Lynsey Paterson, Celia & Keith Rice-Jones,Frances Miller, Winnie Tam.  Art cards by Jill McRae & Anne Walsh.  [Exhibit continues to Dec 19]

+ FRIDAY/SATURDAY, December 3rd/4th +
The City Program - SFU at Harbour Centre
= 9am - 5pm = Friday; Economics of Green Buildings III: Strategies for the Devt of Green Neighbourhoods, Fee $295
= 9am - 5:30pm, Friday - Saturday, Dec 3-4; Urban Design: Visual Communication, Fee $525

+ SATURDAY, December 4th +
=11am - 4pm = Open House, 2010 Olympic Committee - Gleneagles Community Centre
= 8pm = Pacific Baroque Orchesta - WV United Church; Bach, Brandenburg Concertos

===  NOTES from Nov 22nd CCL MTG  ===

PLEASE NOTE:  THIS DRAFT TRANSCRIPT IS TYPED DURING MTG, always check with tape b/c impossible to catch everything.
Cclr Clark absent
AGENDA:  Added: odour bylaw report for revision of bylaw; Withdrew: Loan Authorization

3.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES - No items presented.

4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       D. Zeitler, regarding Ambleside Business Area
I've been in biz here for 30 years
slide presentation: diff between Amb and Dund
this Ccl is now looking at the Amb Biz Dist
talked to MMgr about cleaning ups some of the garbage -- done, thank you
trees hide signs we pay dearly for
mine was $7,000
I like trees -- I have acreage in the valley and we have 1800 to 2000 trees
we prune them ev year
understand the M contracts pruning out -- does anyone check on the work they do
this slide shows brick work [a square opening for the tree], a mistake but it's a mistake, don't know what we're going to do
the lampposts need painting
grass coming through the bricks
Rotary Lane is not being kept up
bench -- and the view! [bench looked old and it was in front of the hydro structures!]
signs -- can't M come up with some continuity [showed museum and ferry bldg signs, quite different]
comparison of the money spent in Dundarave [showed slide of the one block of Dundarave]

{but Dina, there's only one block!}

Ambleside-by-the-Sea sign [but a bit overgrown]
Ambleside does have some lovely spots
Greengrocers do not take in their planks at night -- they only have to put them on wheels and wheel them in
there are some nice signs not expensive, if Ccl wd think about an incentive program, that possibly wd also help
the tax levy from the revitalization from the 1980s -- wd like Mr Laing [Dir/Fin] to look into this.  how much are we paying? how much left? how long [more]?
MMgr: interestingly, staff and I worked around Ambleside the other day
tree-pruning needed, esp now we're putting up Christmas lights
there was money in budget for painting the light standards
looking at brick, etc
the amount of money spent on painting the curbs yellow -- doesn't last long, rubbed off by wheels
looking at things we can do to improve Ambleside
Sop: I worked there for some years, including with Ms Zeitler
wonder if responsibility of owners
something has to be done
we are working on the Amb corridor
everybody has to buy into this: the landowners and the biz owners
battle with graffiti
Know MMgr working on it
bleak when rainy day, leaves, stuff left outside buildings
it's as dense in Dund as it is in Amb
The [Amb] Core Review will look at this

4.2       R. Kinar, regarding Council Support for Sport Helmet Safety Standards

RK: now being considered in Ottawa; Hedy Fry
Mayor: thanks to you bringing it to our attention / starting
Dr Hunt: NSh Neurosurgeon want to congratulate you on taking it to the federal level
"Think First" helps educating people in preventing head injuries
using Cdn standards helmets will be a step in the right direction
shaking of the head and brain does cause damage
Mayor: that's a prototype?
election coming next year!
Sop: good helmet?
Dr: has to have cushioning, can hear
hoping for a standard colour for children, diff on adult
indicates slow down...
genetic diff in chn, some can stand more jarring than others
helmet won't prevent concussion or head injury but will lessen the blow
for instance, some chn shdn't even be heading a ball at soccer but some parents don't recognize
we shd be aware with what chn do
the biggest prob today is extreme sports -- bringing in many medical injuries
VD: as a parent, how does one know if a child is built not to withstand a soccer ball?
Dr: we need to look and watch chn; in early stage, you can watch them in the schoolground -- they're banging into equipment, etc; some will carry on but some will go sit down for a while
Bob Lenarduzzi is on my board of Think First
when a child is young you throw the ball at them and ask "How do you feel about that?"  Some will tell you, I don't like that.
VD: my kid is one who seems to bang his head and it doesn't seem to worry him
Mayor: may be genetic
{VD unfazed; chuckles in gallery}
Dr: we have studied and now protoplasm; often injury will appear later
when you go through the history he may have played soccer, skateboarding, and then we know why child is misbehaving
VD: don't you think the School Board or the Soccer League shd?
Dr: I've talked to groups; some receptive to what I'm saying, some soccer/hockey groups do not want to hear what I'm saying
just want kids to play
JF: HeadFirst -- found some receptivity?
have some of our stars to speak?
Dr: Rob Boyd has spoken
our biggest prob -- we offer all our materials free from kindergarten to Grade 8 but hard to get it into classroom
last thing they need is a big teaching folder with videos
wd prefer someone comes in and leaves so teachers not responsible
JF: once parents now, they can take over
how do you counter that it's "not to be cool' to wear helmets
at certain age, don't want to be a wimp
Dr: teach your chn at early age
importance of every brain cell
need for them to function and be the best
Dr Shaleem Baluchagan [sp?]: I'm a doctor on sport injury
every dollar spent on a helmet is $29 saved on health care
conducted focus groups with skateboarders and in-line skaters
not only is it not cool, but another comment they brought forward, and bikers did too, our parents don't wear it so why shd we?
go around Stanley Park and see not wearing helmets
50 - 60% don't wear helmets correctly
BC Disease and Prevention Unit wd love to be on board
Sop: where's prov govt
Dr: if this govt had to do it again, might not have passed mandatory helmet laws
might review our information in a five-year period
going to 2010, really got a risk
been no support from BC Govt
[MP] Hedy Fry has been supportive, making headway in Ottawa
[RD moved receipt]

5.         REPORTS
5.1       2005 Budget Presentation (File:  0860-01)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance
D/Fin: hope I don't need a helmet!
I'll give high level and then Dept Heads will speak.

We met with Ccl in July wrt targets and Ccl direction
one item not noted on this slide but one of the results of the cmnty survey
rather than new initiatives, 2005 will be a year of consolidation
[he read from slide -- hope this will be available]
existing service levels -- challenges
then supplemental requests

cmnty appearance -- landscaping of new fac; abutting hwy areas b/c no longer done, also postbox areas (they no longer)
public demand rec fac, higher, need higher rates -- may need $100K
fleet maintenance, Police and Fire, need catchup; maybe $80K
software licensing: new model adopted by Microsoft, we rent it from year to year and do have increasing costs
in 2005 may be $80K involved
will be monitoring them during the year and at midyear review

= 2005 Budget Presentations by dept heads (and talk to Ccl about it tomorrow night in the Chamber); info from Finance, on website, in Library; NEW this year -- there are no supplementals being requested!  Increase 1.95%

2004 Cmnty Survey -- maintain existing
we don't recommend supplementals within existing budgets
These were not:
- request for landscape around Fire Halls
- Archives
- Human Resources
- Parks
- Arts Culture
- add'l bldg inspector
- add'l garage person
- increase grants funding
- Olympic Legacy Fund
none made it in

Impact: to sustain existing service levels increase of 1.95%; about $48 on an av residential assessment of $875K
Utility user rates (reports presented Nov 15)
Return of all GST [unexpected revenue from prov]
our revenues have only gone up about about 1%
expenditures up about 2.7%

Capital Programs $8,672,538
infrastructure $6,888,180

Mayor: had mtg last week; tonight to hear from staff, and tomorrow night here to hear from public
will be another mtg for public Nov 30

*  ADMIN -- Rick Beauchamp, Dir of Admin Services
proposed $3,164,198, increase of 5.38%
~6% of total budget
FTEs, 29.06
increases in staffing and advertising
Record year for administration, increased costs; rezonings, bd of variance; sp projects, Gleneagles public bldg, Sea-to-Sky and OCP; integrated archival plan (retrieval of boxes in storage), Sq Nation service agreement; Election/Council orientation
Want to enhance external service
planning internal weekly newsletter to keep staff and Ccl up to date

{Great idea -- how about making it available to the public too???}

continuing to update website so more user-friendly, ecommerce

Transit negotiations
WVMEA Cmte -- three bargaining units
Major resource project, have some needs: project cmte recruitment, retention, succession planning

* FINANCE -- Richard Laing
$3,389,996 up about 2.84%
prop of gen fund budget 7%
staffing FTEs 28.13
Financial Services: Complete DCC Review; document long-term facility maintenance plans; completing new comprehensive ten-year plan (underway now, hope completed by end of year for Ccl to adopt beginning of next year); complete a new Technology Plan -- review, looking to next five to ten years, protecting investment made in

* POLICE -- by Scott Armstrong [not Chief]
inc of 4.6% over last year
FTEs 99
current issues: PRIME implementation mandated by Sol Gen, we're first; went live Nov 9; strategic planning, vision with day-to-day -- seeking input from student, Sq, etc, residents; cmnty police station in Gleneagles (the public bldg being built there); region-wide integration initiatives
but will maintain our focus so that WV remains the safest place to live in the Lower Mainland

* FIRE AND RESCUE -- Chief Trussler
5.63% increase
93% salaries, 3% dispatch 3% mntnce, 1% training
gets you 105 professionals
responded 2528 incidents, about 40% medical issues
Fire Hall office at Gleneagles hope finished this year
prop of gen budget 20.75%

* ENGINEERING -- new director, Emil Barth
budget will come in on target
3.6% decrease from 2004, due to transfer of devt staff to Planning
water Stewardship -- Eagle Lake; try to get more info re it and fine-tune it
Sea to sky; TWay
five-year Asset Mgmnt Plans - ensure timely decisions serve us well in future
Service Level review to see what providing, quality, can do differently
hope to deliver on-line mapping system to public (staff doing it)
thank Ccl being encouraging, metering will make it easier

we normally cover our costs
net expenditures after recoveries $137,431
licensing has been handed to Admin
devt engineer transfer
hiring an environmental inspector wch will allow us to go out and see trees and creeks
still roughly cost-neutral
FTEs 25.76
high level of activity the last couple of years, OCP review
a number of initiatives this year
One is the Core Review -- hope ready, hope to go to public with it; one of the most exciting projects in coming year
Another is the Cmnty Benefit Policy
completion of an Environmental Strategy -- working with Engg and Parks
Updating Zoning and other bylaws, such as blasting bylaws (Ccl will receive next week electrical)
Devt Process Review -- being implemented, completing it this year
Major projects: Rodgers [why did overhead spell it without the d?]
Creek (important area above Upper Levels), Evelyn Drive (will come to Ccl as a report next week)

expenditures after recoveries $7,786,959
2005 will see all the new facilities settled in and can then predict
came in remarkably close
1.08% increase in net over 2004
Staff FTEs 154.80
for 2005
Civic Site Cmnty Centre planning/devt, hope to join with Health Region (on second floor)
Parks System Plan (process has begun with user feedback already)
Arts & Culture implementation
Cemetery Master Plan - entrance, etc construction begun
Gleneagles Golf clubhouse -- optimistic to begin in 2005; have to bring final decisions to you
Rec tenancy agreements -- eight groups use M bldgs
Civic Youth Strategy has been successful -- Phase 1 Adventure Park open (Gleneagles) successful
have had service level challenges
maintaining appearances not need but emphasis to keep standards as high as possible
thank you for your confidence in us and look forward, it's very exciting

* LIBRARY -- Ann Goodhart
not a net figure, 3.05% increase over 2004
prop of gen fun 6.77%
FTEs 45.79
project we'll be coming in on budget
also a consultation item; first year with add'l hours given last year, and thank you for that --
lib renovations taking longer than anticipated
dev new strategy Plan, runs out end of 2005; will be using surveys we did earlier this year, some focus groups
will be redesigning the library website -- it's five years old
learned what we shd change
develop a full year of new concert series, with a bequest
new early childhood literacy initiatives

RL: documents and summaries are on the website
we did have a mtg last week at Srs' Centre and distributed material
mtg tomorrow night if residents have any questions about material so far
and another mtg Nov 30 in Chamber
G-J: CPI 2% and we provide 75% of that
Sop: ev year infra $100K and did I hear grants wd be in?
RL: turn to page 6, categories of infrastructure, you'll see call from other reserves, grants; there we anticipate add'l sources, eg Library's own funds, cost sharing with ICBC
Sop: going to see increase in traffic
anything in budget? reflect on this year?
Mr Armstrong: enquiring wrt traffic stats? tix?
Sop: assume you do and have seen them
MrA: yes
Sop: re speeding, we've seen increase; anything Police have to do so not falling short?
MrA: always room for more traffic enforcement
we have speedwatch volunteers who watch school zones; call in Police who write tix following week
wrt long-term Mr Barth and I had a discussion today down to ferry now that they've taken out the rumble strips
re enforcement, high on our list
Sop: clarification re water stewardship, did you take into consideration water loss from malfunctioning pipes under ground?
Dir/Engg: looking at it, we're losing money on that
Sop: so you're looking at it
when looking at increased activity, eg coming off bridge, is there any plan for DWV to take some lead?
financial budget item for this cmnty?
Dir/Engg: will continue to try to work with Min of Transportation where we intersect
wd like, not in 2005 budget maybe in 2006, is to look at an overall traffic plan for the District, see how moves through the District.
Mayor: Remind if you have a specific question, come tomorrow at 7pm here in Ccl Chamber, then again Nov 30th

[Someone wanted to speak who wd not be here Nov 30th; asked to come tomorrow night]

5.2       2003 Drinking Water Quality Annual Report (File:  1815-09)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
THAT the report dated November 02, 2004 from the Manager, Utilities regarding the 2003 Drinking Water Quality Annual Report be received for information.

5.3       Water Conservation Strategy - Mandatory Water Meter Regulations (Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 3859, 1994, Amendment Bylaw No. 4398, 2004)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
THAT "Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 3859, 1994, Amendment Bylaw 4398, 2004" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.

G-J, read motion: this is really about regulation
Residents ought to be notified, the rationale, the work entailed, who to call if problems
important for residents to take responsibility
needed to manage for long term
but it doesn't tell us about expense and work on our property
think communication on this is key
Barth: once bylaws in place, Neptune Consulting move forward with education program and staff involved
exciting once enter into agreement
Mayor: they have in other Ms
Barth: yes
G-J:  locating $120, etc -- is that for everyone?
Barth: typical for cost of staff to go
G-J: plus $75?
Barth: no just standard costs
not metering, this is for if you're doing work on the house [renovations], then pay
MMgr: costs if can't find on property, owner can't do it and staff have to go out
Barth: separate rates for one-off
G-J: here's the cost and here's what the water rates look like from GVRD
JF: item 6.4, close to shut off, but some properties difficult topography, what if owner won't let you?
Barth: desire to be put on public property or as close as we can
can install within bldg
Sop: av cost to install a meter?
Barth: haven't figure
Raymond Fung: varying conditions throughout the M
we've estimated from $550 to 700
Sop: M will do it, can go on private property to install; what if owner says no?
Barth: yes, this wd allow us to go on priv prop without permission
goal to achieve this without confrontation
Sop: contractor will be doing this but if surge, owner is responsible
if contractor causes problem not fair for owner to have to pay costs
Barth: we're replacing
if we encounter some very old plumbing, doesn't seem M shd pay for ageing
this contemplates a long-term loan
Sop: notify resident that may happen?
Barth: wd work with owner to let them know circumstances
VD: when you said $550 to 700 per house
this not an intention to send out a bill or spread out over several years?
Barth: correct
VD: just didn't want anyone to think they were going to be presented with a bill
doing this to make water cheaper in the Lower Mainland
MMgr: one of the benefits of the program is equity
only pay for what they use
wrt surges, benefit of dealing with Neptune is they have the kind of experience to avoid that
hope to work with residents so doesn't take place
RD: often said able to reduce costs by conserving water
any evidence?
people pretty conscientious as it is
Barth: no particular numbers in front of me but know a reduction
actually a real eye-opener when people see the water they're using
not just the cost, it goes down drain
RD: water meters easier to trace leaks?  is it true can only do that through water metering
not able to trace
Barth: misled about leaks, one of the benefits is seeing use
RD: you're saying leaks are a separate issue, will be dealt with separately
MMgr: some have meters in cmnty already; can't really measure scope of problem
in BC have seen 20% reduction [with meters]
usage in WV higher than elsewhere
VD: 25% of water consumed in WV by one sixth, but b/c a flat rate, divide so they're paying the same as those in a small home
clearly inequitable
with metering obvious who's using more, penalize them

5.4  Brought back (added to agenda), the now infamous Odour Bylaw
RB,D/Ad: changes
number of calls; attention of media
the intent of this bylaw from ongoing complaints
up until 2004 we haven't been able to adopt regulations and now with Cmnty Charter able to do this -- with noise, fans
probably new outside of Vancouver that operates with its own charter
if any more questions, pleased to answer
Mr Bakhtiari: live at 1490 Mathers and biz on Marine Dr
we can measure noise, decibel; so how are we going to measure odour?
whose nose?
then may need same nose in every kitchen
in Amb, I've been there for a year and a half and got to know restaurants that have been there for many years
odour travels in air, how know wch kitchen?
bylaw officer tracing the smell?
I have more than 150 signatures here opposing the bylaw

{well, we learned last week, 3,216 needed!}

we're receiving many letters, phone calls, receiving solutions
people are trying to get involved with this issue
wd recommend more time with this to come up with a proposal
even for setting a fine, $5-10K perhaps [high?]
How many complaints did you have for this bylaw?
how many does it take not to have it?
bylaw wd have an effect on new restaurants
we had a budget, new biz; now have to change
live in WV, always a solution for everything, don't have to be radical
hope solution will be a good one
Mayor: may I have a list of your questions?
Ans: just handwritten
G-J: interested in letters you got
Ans: different solutions, all going to cost money
air purifier, ozone
our operation doesn't have 24 hours, has 12 hours
so there are technical solutions
there are mails [sic] I can take to the Ccl
MMgr: this is just a start, public can come
not just smells, garbage containers, for example
if solutions, don't need enforcement; but good to have them there
Ken Farquharson: 1406 Marine Drive, same bldg Mr Bakhtiari has his restaurant
also co chairman of the Strata Ccl
praising Ccl to have mixed residential commercial
adds to atmosphere of the area, nice to have access to restaurants, good decision
bold decision to attack this
knew they'd be the butt of jokes, sniffiness, etc
but believe me, it is an issue
didn't quite work out b/c safeguards weren't really thought through
how do you protect the residents from commercial and vv
we enjoy a peaceful place but Mr Bakhtiari's restaurant has changed that
I don't care if ethnic food, fish and chips, or haggis
on other side
agree not an easy, thing but there are technical solutions -- some being installed in Vancouver
residents of our bldg went to see that
we ask that M give us back the enjoyment of our own properties
Mr Martin: support Ken's remarks
chairman of Bellevue Landing Strata Ccl and have lived there for ten years
several years ago a commercial kitchen was being installed and we had several mtgs with us (and with Park West adjacent), and they withdrew
wd like to congratulate work of staff over years
always had fine cooperation with staff
support co-chairman of Park West
Ccl has taken strong steps of mixed use; it's an important issue
we're supportive of commercial there; it does provide a good way of life
but there are technical solutions to control the noise and orders
any of the technical information we do have we'll make av to staff

Sop: move third reading on Nov 15th be rescinded
Sop: moved amendment [revised bylaw]

Sop: no question we are going to have residential over commercial
what wd be the ramifications wrt the bldg code, ...what implication?
SJN: some staff discussion; don't know
perhaps venting placement; depends on design; in future greater attention to venting when discussing mixed-use bldgs
Sop: to a Strata -- cd present rules in a certain place
eg can't have hairdressers b/c permanent odour quite offensive
I know -- I've dealt with it for 50 years!
if someone doesn't complain, bylaw officer goes out?
I think this bylaw is going in the right direction so I'm supportive
JF: reasonable and responsible
set out standards they can clearly understand and residents protected
symbiotic relationship -- commercial have residents (customers) and residents have amenities (shopping and dining) nearby as a benefit
It's the right thing to do
work this through together
RD: this Ccl is very pro-biz and want to see them succeed
what's very nice in Dund/Amb is the variety of restaurants of coffee shops there
We've pioneered this -- common in Europe; and transit nearby; good planning
G-J: lot of calls last week
media wanted to look at it as humorous and it isn't
pleased Mr Bakhtiari is talking of solutions; then don't have to get into enforcement
by introducing the bylaw we're partway toward a solution
VD: lots of bylaws on our books; bylaw officers not roaring around looking, they're responding to complaint
go out and try to find a solution
sometimes you find someone not reasonable at wch moment shd have something to fall back on to 'persuade' a person to become reasonable
...remember a restaurant by Thunderbird Marina, smells/noise to nbrs; changed ownership a few times; better without a bylaw [or fine]

Sop read revised third reading
then to be posted in accordance with Cmnty Charter

Sop: how wd public vent? phone call, letter?
MMgr: email, fax, attendance

6 .         BYLAWS
6.1       Water Meter Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 4407, 2004
This bylaw received third reading at the Nov 15, 2004 Council Meeting;  RECOMMENDED:  be adopted.


Mayor: due [sic] to some outstanding staff work -- mtg re Olympics; Olympic Cmte, some cclrs, staff
about 125 there
presentation by Cypress Recreations, and Olympic Legacy [rep]
[very successful]
MMgr: hope to take to public forums
Park Royal display
{see event/mtg list above}
opportunity to find out more about the Olympics
look at ideas, give feedback

Sop: attended with JF and RD, Hay Park where restoration work being done by BPP and WV Streamkeepers
remedial work further down, but at Hay Park a holding area has been developed on side of the creek
tribute to Streamkeepers and to BPP who have energized these creeks, eg Hadden too -- Coho Festival too
went by Cclr Ferguson's house to see -- and looked at resident's house where he's done restoration and saw 'mating' chums
JF: to clarify when he said mating chums, Cclr Sop means mating fish
Mayor:  Cclr F will provide chocolate cake
G-J: WRA heard from Josie Chuback
Dec 8 forum for gen public
Mayior: where?
Gj-J: not sure
KP: not sure either
G-J: either completely replace or renovate
G-J: enthusiasm, huge thirst for information
public will have a lot of questions

RD: attended some of the same things
Tu to Josie Chuback's presentation [at WRA re Gleneagles panabode]
on Th invited by directors of group to preserve Eagleridge Bluffs
asked me to preside over elections and honoured to do so
Dennis Perry, slate of officers, elected
Fri also to Hay Park and witness groundbreaking ceremony; it's just off Inglewood
students had done a lot of the work
labour to build the channels, BPP funding for spawning channel, and reason is that their devt on Whitby on McDonald Creek goes down there

{and well he shd point this out -- that devt above the Upper Levels resulted in destructive volume and speed of water rushing downward; attempts have been made to mitigate this}

8.         OTHER ITEMS
8.1       Correspondence
=== No Action Required (receipt only)  ===
8.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)             Arts and Culture Strategy Select Committee, September 27, 2004
(b)             Arts and Culture Strategy Select Committee, October 12, 2004
(c)             Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning Select Cmte of Council, October 13, 2004
8.1.2         L. G. Leonard, November 09, 2004, regarding closure of Shaw Studios
8.1.3         D. Marshall, Executive Director, Fraser Basin Council, regarding sponsoring a sustainability champion to the 2004 State of the Fraser Basin Conference
===  Action Required  ===
8.1.4         J. F. Philip, November 03, 2004, regarding bears being a problem in Altamont                   Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.5         E. Rapaport, November 07, 2004, regarding increased sightings of black bears in the Burhill Road area
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
{maybe they mean Burkhill?Burkehill?}

Vivian Vaughn: come b/c attending mtgs re densification
and read in NSNews there'll be another in a week or so on Dunlewey Place
you may not be able to answer now but perhaps you can answer next Monday
District has been presenting devts (this, Evelyn Dr, Sq Nation) [as isolated]; shd be addressed holistic
traffic congestion costs $1.5m annually in trucking delays in LM
at $1 a minute for WV, over $1m, cost of car
increased queuing time at the bridge
wd be helpful cmnty benefit she take this into consideration
will Ccl present a draft of the cmnty benefit policy prior to considering next devt?
I'll leave my second page with the statistics
Mayor: you're hitting a very interesting point
we're very concerned wrt Olympics re Taylor Way b/c we've seen no plans
the prov govt says they have plans but we haven't seen them
we're hopeful that will help us
you've hit upon an interesting issue
VV: when I was at the public info session on Evelyn
another gentleman got up, talked about moving Ferry to Lulu Island and a tunnel [Burrard Inlet], and he was told that's not what was under discussion, not the topic
VD: Ccl has just paid for a study up to Pemberton, traffic down to over the bridge
one problem we had was we cdn't get any info from the Sq Ind Band
we have a plan, have a traffic consultant who drew up plans re Taylor Way
we may not have all the info but we've gone a long way
all recognize traffic is the no 1 issue
JF: a prev Ccl did lobby prov govt to move the Ferry to Iona
HBay was always intended to be temporary
but told firmly wd not be moved anywhere else
traffic to Sunshine Peninsula [sic -- isn't it Coast?] has increased
completely beyond this Ccl's ability
Sop: time to call Min Falcon to come and say what he's going to do about intersection
Squamish, Britannia, are going to be growing so new devt, not just Olympics
time for them to get off their butt and tell us what they're going to do about TWay & Marine Drive and north end of LGB
Olympics only six years away!

G-J: Ms V's not alone; our Synovate Survey stated traffic was a concern, same as maintaining the character of WV
we're going to have to grapple with it
can't handle all but can part
Mariana Ussler 2109 Bellevue:  agree with comments Ms Zeitler was making
lived here 13 years and I walk quite a bit
a lot of dog turd  :-(
causing a lot of ...
a lot of maintenance into clock, not the area about it
cigarette butts all over the ground
shd get a fine for leaving cigarette butts all around, it's a toxic substance
over summer only saw two bylaw officers over the summer
Mayor: now four
MU: but see bicycles down the seawalk and no enforcement
thank you for extending the hours at the Library, can go Monday and Sunday really great; wish you cd open Fri and Sat as well -- well for those of us who have nothing to do, single
traffic zips by, really fast, waiting at bus stop
in car different experience; speeding
new rec centre on Marine side, lucky I don't get knocked over
and if you make a face or say slow down they [don't like it]
maybe have speed bumps
to do with water conservation, I live in an apartment bldg, and the waste......
when a renter you don't seem to care
own a home put things out neatly, in diff bags; in my apt and I've looked in other apts -- they don't even separate papers
see sofas, etc
I've taken blankets out and called Big Brothers or something
wd be good to get them to separate
get someone to separate, [stuff even] in with glasses
going on too long
funny story
Mayor: long?
MU: I've put up with a nbr as others did, she's moved away; she smoked pot
made me sick
then another complained with fan
they sealed door
made me sick; complained
Mgr/they were friends with her so they wanted to get rid of me
so I'm smart
I called Police
They came by, didn't do anything but frightened her and she stopped (and moved away)
Mike Evison: following the accident on 11th Nov we were promised a report
is there one? a preliminary?
MMgr: still looking, as soon as more information will
MEv: can report include why it took ten hours to clear the accident
MMgr: mtg this Fri of first responders, on agenda
MEv: 60km west to east, I came back and found that the 80km sign is still showing east to west and it's a great pity someone hasn't taken the initiative to take that down
EBarth,dir/Engg: also was a motion at last ccl mtg, hwys to look at
letter has gone out and we raised some of those questions
Mayor: the Minister on the day reinforced his belief that nothing wrong with that corner b/c no one had been killed in ten years
that's his state of mind
G-J: Police has provided a report of accidents from 1996 from NV up
we've made request to ICBC
highest incidence is right at Capilano Road
and at far end [HBay]
that will be public information next week
Keith Pople: 1215 Keith Rd
last Sat night looking at TV, BCTV described a massive devt on E and W sides of mouth of Capilano River
not unexpected but still comes as a shock
we know unique and valued for its envtal aspect as well as amenities, pitch and putt, etc
tremendous impact on density on eastern sector
will add to traffic problems
will Ccl consider working with the prov, fed govts to communicate/negotiate with Sq nation, what wd be required for the continued usage at least of the western section.
believe chief said it was strictly money; needed that area
Mayor: appreciate your point of view; empathize; wd like to respond that it is a huge issue
don't think feds/prov
mtg with Sq on Dec 9; understand they have a five-year plan
look at their website -- they have three plans, from low/med/hi density
must be emphasized, there is really nothing we can do; they can dev whatever way they want
assure you don't think the fed govt interested
KP: shd know how much value all NSh residents place on that
see what dollar value they put on it
VD: I think Mr Pople has raised a very interesting issue
glad media has picked up on what
Delta has been excluded from all discussions with Tsawwassen band in Delta
the traffic issue does come back to us; one access, up Taylor Way
if they build another bridge over Cap, that's another
people have talked about view impact on Evelyn Drive but in Ambleside Park, hi rises will block their views
v interesting to see the reaction of WV when they see what actually is going to happen
we need to understand what is about to come
Mr Pople is setting out a suggestion; can't imagine we can afford to buy the land
good idea to find out what it wd cost us to do
good suggestion
at the end of the day, Sq will do whatever they want to do -- heights, whatever

Mayor: motion to extend

RD: this PQP is turning into a speech period by public and Council and don't know if I want to prolong it
we're trying to stop the hwy through the [sensitive areas of Eagleridge Bluffs]
there are sev scenarios for the Sq people and they will vote on it-- a democratic process but outside our M
don't think we shd despair
hope that the Sq people themselves understand -- importance, entrance, seen from Stanley Park
think they're aware of that too
hope they'll come up with something that satisfies their needs and is environmentally sound
shdn't be too concerned.

MU -- tried to ask
Mayor said no
MU: but in response to what he was saying
Mayor: no
MU: that's not very democratic
JF: v democratic
Mayor: come back next week.
10:07 Adjournment

===  ABBREVIATED AGENDA for Nov 29th CCL MTG  ===

                A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday
The Public Hearing/Public Meeting will commence at 7pm
The Council Meeting will commence immediately following the Public Hearing/Public Meeting.
1.                  CALL TO ORDER
2.                  PUBLIC HEARING
ZONING BYLAW NO. 2200, AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 4399, 2004 (re Upper McDonald Site, Whitby Estates - 2295 Dunlewey Place)
 3.         PUBLIC MEETING
DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 04-023 (re Upper McDonald Site, Whitby Estates - 2295 Dunlewey Place)
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application:
Applicant: Oceanic West Vancouver Properties Inc.
Affected Lands: Upper McDonald Site, Whitby Estates - 2295 Dunlewey Place.
Purpose: To provide for a 45 unit multi-family development in 7 four-storey terraced buildings.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: To amend the RML 15 Zone definition of Floor Area Ratio to bring it in line with the general definition of FAR for apartment style buildings.
Proposed Development Permit:  To regulate and impose conditions respecting the form and character of the development, the protection of the natural environment and the protection of development from hazardous conditions.
On November 01, 2004 Council set the date for the Public Hearing and Public Meeting.  On November 12, 2004, 12 (twelve) Notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within 100 metres of the subject site.  The statutory notice of Public Hearing and Public Meeting appeared in the North Shore News on Sunday, November 21, 2004 and Wednesday, November 24, 2004.
Concurrently, the Public Meeting is being convened in order to receive submissions regarding a companion Development Permit.

{A bit confusing.  What is meant is that the Devt Permit Public Mtg is being held at same time; same property, not another one; Public Hearing for the rezoning}

The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the November 29, 2004 Public Hearing/Public Meeting, with respect to the proposed bylaw amendment and development permit application.

Closure of Public Hearing and Public Meeting

If there is no further public input,
THAT all written and verbal submissions regarding Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4399, 2004 and Development Permit Application No. 04-023 (Upper McDonald Site, Whitby Estates - 2295 Dunlewey Place) up to and including November 29, 2004 be received and that the Public Hearing and Public Meeting be closed.


If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
THAT Staff report back to Council regarding the November 29, 2004, Public Hearing and Public Meeting re Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4399, 2004 and Development Permit Application No. 04-023 (Upper McDonald Site, Whitby Estates - 2295 Dunlewey Place); and that the Public Hearing and Public Meeting be adjourned to ________________.

Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions once the Public Hearing is closed.

                        A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday

4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       K. Campbell, Manager, and S. Allan, President, WV Ch of Commerce, re 2004 WV Chamber Report

5.         REPORTS
5.1       Proposed Evelyn Drive Master Plan; Advisory Cmte Comment and Cmnty Consultation
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
THAT Staff continue working with the applicant on Development Application No. 04-004, Evelyn Drive Planning Area, to:
(a)       revise the proposed Evelyn Drive Master Plan consistent with the direction recommended by the Planning, Engineering and Design Advisory Committees; and
(b)       address street and roadway design and landscaping; servicing requirements; phasing; Evelyn Drive relocation and extension; and development permit guidelines.
{***Let's hope taking into consideration community input to date!}

 5.2       Dundarave Interim Parking Plan
Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
             (to be circulated in the Supplemental Package)
{***Why?  why not provide it for next week's ccl mtg???}

5.3       Building Bylaw (Regulating Construction of Buildings and Structures within the Municipality)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED THAT ... be introduced and read a first, second and third time.

6.         BYLAWS
6.1       Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 3859, 1994, Amendment Bylaw No. 4398, 2004
            This bylaw received third reading at the November 22, 2004 Council Meeting
RECOMMENDED THAT ... be adopted.


7.1       Appointment to the 2005 Greater Vancouver Regional District Board of Directors
THAT Councillor Victor Durman be appointed as Municipal Director and Mayor Ron Wood be appointed as Alternate Municipal Director to the 2005 Greater Vancouver Regional District Board of Directors.

7.2       Appointment to the 2005 Greater Vancouver Regional Labour Relations Bureau (File:  0185-01)
THAT Councillor Rod Day be appointed as member and Councillor Jean Ferguson be appointed as alternate member to the 2005 Greater Vancouver Regional Labour Relations Bureau.

7.3       2005 Council Advisory Committee Appointments
Designated Presenter:  Mayor Wood
1.         The following individuals be appointed to Council Advisory Committees/Boards for the term January 01, 2005 to December 31, 2006:
(a)       Community Services Advisory Committee - Leva Cornford, Douglas Ford, John Jaye, and Rick Ryan
(b)       Design Advisory Committee - Veronica Gillies, Bo Helliwell, Harold Kalke, PJ Mallen, and Jim Carruthers
(c)        Engineering Advisory Committee - Tiit Pikksalu and Alex Tunner
(d)       Finance Advisory Committee - Christine Banham, Cecil Scantland, Stephen Semeniuk, and Mike Theil
(e)       Heritage Advisory Committee - Lori Cameron, Donald Grant, Patricia Jarvis. and Jacqueline Gijssen
(f)         Lower Caulfeild Advisory Committee - Christine Banham and Hugh Hamilton
(g)       Parks and Environment Advisory Committee - Nora Gambioli, Hugh Hamilton, and Julia Rylands
(h)        Planning Advisory Committee - Freda Pagani
(i)         WV Memorial Library Board - Harry Greenwood, Ann Hamilton, Bernhard Lauser, G.W. Brian Owen, Sherry Parrott, and Fanny Patterson
2.         The following individuals be appointed to Council Advisory Committees/Boards for the term January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2005:
(a)       Engineering Advisory Committee - Brian Walker
(b)       Planning Advisory Committee - Russell Hollingsworth
3.         James Turpin be appointed to the Board of Variance for the term February 21, 2005 to December 31, 2007; and
4.         The composition, role and selection for the Planning Advisory Committee be reviewed in conjunction with the Development Review Process.
9.         OTHER ITEMS

9.1       Correspondence
No Action Required (receipt only)
9.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)             Heritage Advisory Committee, October 12, 2004
(b)             Board of Variance Minutes, January to October 2004
9.1.2         K. Vance, Senior Policy Analyst, November 18, 2004, regarding Local Government Conference - Crime Prevention and Community Safety:  Harnessing Youth Power & Perspectives in Your Local Government
                  Previously circulated to Mayor and Council due to timing of event.
9.1.3         K. Juvik, Councillor, Acting Mayor, Village of Anmore, November 10, 2004, regarding LMTAC Concerns & Pace of Negotiations - Tsawwassen Treaty Table
9.1.4         R. Drew, Mayor, Village of Belcarra, November 12, 2004, regarding Tsawwassen Treaty Negotiations - Pace of Negotiations & Additions to TSL (Treaty Settlement Lands)
9.1.5         Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC), undated, regarding background information on LMTAC and its activities (File:  0055-20-LMTA1)
9.1.6         S. Terlinden, November 12, 2004, regarding CKWX broadcasts (File:  0200-01)
9.1.7         D. and L. Pratt, undated, regarding proposed Evelyn Drive Area Plan (File:  1010-20-04-004)
9.1.8         D. R. Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby, November 17, 2004, regarding Public Spending on Child Care (File:  0025-01)
Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
9.1.9         E. Smily, November 14, 2004, regarding The Silk Purse (File:  3010?01)
9.1.10       K. Higgs, November 13, 2004, regarding Sea-to-Sky Corridor - the Sea portion
9.1.11       N. Parker, November 21, 2004, regarding Balloon Day on Evelyn Drive (File:  1010-20-04-004)
9.1.12       M. M. Miller, President, Vimarc Consulting Services Inc., regarding winning RAV bid numbers as per Doug McCallum

Action Required
9.1.13       B. Elton, President and Chief Executive Officer, British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority, November 16, 2004, regarding Integrated Electricity Planning - First Nations and Stakeholder Engagement
                  Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
9.1.14       M. Hunt, November 11, 2004, regarding limiting time allowed for the sale of Remembrance Day Poppies
                  Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
9.1.15       A. Wreford, Vice President, North Shore Chorus Society, regarding upcoming concert "O Night Divine"
                  Referred to Mayor Wood for consideration and response.
9.1.16       A. Wadsworth, November 18, 2004, regarding open letter for a safe interchange and roadways at the intersection of the TransCanada Highway and Capilano Road
                  Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
9.1.17       R. Richards, November 14, 2004, regarding Parks Plan for a Mountain Bike Park                   Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
9.2       Formation of a North Shore Wide Transportation Advisory Committee (File:  0180-47/0190-06)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
1.         The letter dated November 19, 2004 from Mayor Barbara Sharp, City of North Vancouver, re Formation of a North Shore Wide Transportation Advisory Committee be received.
2.         The request for formation of a North Shore Wide Transportation Advisory Committee be referred to staff for a joint recommendation to North Shore Councils for the establishment of the terms of reference, the number of representatives, the make up of representatives and the objectives of the committee, for report back to Council by January 17, 2005

===  HAIKU  ===   2004 November 23/24  ==============

                        dark fall night abed
                                        awake, listening
                                                to the timpani of rain


===  QUOTATION  ===

Rain! whose soft architectural hands have power to cut stones, and chisel to shapes of grandeur the very mountains.
                -- Henry Ward Beecher, preacher and writer (1813-1887)