Jan 10th Ccl NOTES & Mtgs/Events to 23rd

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

The Jan 10th ccl mtg (two hours) was broadcast live on Shaw so if you want to watch or a copy, you'll have to borrow from the library.
This is issue 2005-02N+A (issue numbering explained at end) starting with RUMBLINGS (news, rumours, some editorial remarks); then Main Items at Ccl Jan 17th; Mtgs/Events to 20th; Jan 10th Ccl Mtg Notes; Eagleridge Bluffs Presentation; PuSh: Say Nothing (UK theatre) Jan 18-22, and Under the Kilt Jan 21-23; Quotation; Haiku; Heritage Week Theme Sacred Spaces this year

+++  WV RUMBLINGS  ..........  +++
First of all, best wishes for a speedy recovery to our own James Delgado, marine archaeologist aka Sea Hunter, writer (many books), film-maker, explorer, celebrity, TV Star, Executive Director of the Maritime Museum
Did you see the article in the North Shore News, Friday Jan 14 (available on their website www.nsnews.com) reporting DNV Ccl has voted to disband their Planning Advisory Commission?
also --
Keep a watch out for --
=3D rumours of visions of an Amphitheatre on the Ambleside waterfront
=3D if no hotel at 13th when the Police Station goes (where?), what?
=3D will Richardson Park be absorbed by new devt at Wetmore site?
=3D shd historic Gleneagles panabode clubhouse be renovated or demolished?  what design? How much $?
=3D remember that great idea of live-work units in the proposed bldg in H Bay?  Thought it wd be a good compromise at 1891 Marine Dr (had a single family house, next to commercial area, ten-unit  townhouse model shown -- good to hear the limited commercial zoning won't be completely lost).
=3D National Heritage Week is Feb 21 - 27.  If you have an event or idea for during the week, pls call 922 4400 to discuss/arrange.  As for the Heritage Fayre Sunday Feb 27 at Park Royal South (2 - 5pm), non-profit, volunteer community groups are most welcome to participate (free) and let WV know what they offer and do.  Call 922 4400 to book space and a table.
=3D love the great tea available in WV with a wide range and selection at our heritage tea company Murchie's (Park Royal North) -- love Library Blend and No 22, excellent and exotic selections at the Blue Teapot in Dundarave and The Tea Store (Park Royal South), with the new teabrick on the block at the Urban Tea Merchant in the Park Royal Village........
=3D We all live in a watershed.  Which creek is nearest you?  Find out the latest on WV creeks at WV Streamkeepers' mtg Thursday Jan 20th.
=3D If you missed the play Sexy Laundry at Granville Island and you're a couple in your 50s (with imagination or memories) looking for a laugh, catch it as it tours the Lower Mainland (next at Cap College Jan 19 and 20).
=3D just learned about another tsunami fundraising event: Sat Jan 29 at Presentation House in NV with one of Vancouver's best actors -- Bernard Cuffling -- an evening of Noel Coward.

+++++  MAIN ITEMS for Jan 17th  +++++ {may be supplementals issued}  +++
=3D  State of the District Address by Mayor Wood
=3D  PUBLIC MEETING re DP Application to create a two-lot subdivision of 4674 Clovelly Walk
=3D  Eagleridge Area - Policy Review and Actions
=3D  PAC 2004 Annual Report and Workplan for 2005
=3D  Bylaw Notice Enforcement Amendment Bylaw (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
{QUESTION: what is the urgency that this had to be put on the agenda without the (even so short) regular time period (available Thursday for a mtg Monday), rather than be on the following Monday when the backup material ready?}
=3D  Correspondence: Good Neighbour Bylaw; LMTAC; Evelyn Drive; Kidney Foundation; odour bylaw; memorial marker; litter; downhill truck traffic on 27th Street

+++++  MTGS/EVENTS to Jan 23rd  +++++

=3D=3D=3D Tues, Jan 11th =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D
~ 5 - 7pm ~ Heritage Adv Cmte at Hall
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Cmnty Services Adv Cmte in Ccl Chamber
~ 7:00 Open House; 7:30 Presentation followed by questions/comments re devt at 1891 Marine Dr
(Informal, by applicant, proposing three-storey, ten-unit residential bldg.
=3D=3D=3D Wed, Jan 12th =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D
~ 7:30 - 9:30am ~ Mayor's State of the District Address, WV Chamber of Commerce breakfast                      
~ 8:30 - 10am ~ Sports & Rec Facility Planning Cmte at Hall
~ 6 - 10pm ~ Parks & Env Adv Cmte at Hall

=3D=3D=3D Fri, Jan 14th =3D  HERITAGE AWARD NOMINATION DEADLINE  =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D
Pls pick up a form;  contact the Heritage Planner, Steve Mikicich, at the Hall (925-7000); forms also available from me at 922-4400.  There was also a form in the last issue of WVM.  Enquiries to both numbers.  The awards will be presented during Heritage Week (ceremony Saturday Feb 26th). Ideas for activities and events for Heritage Week Feb 21 - 27? [see end of this issue]

=3D=3D=3D Tues, Jan 18th =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D

~ 3:30 - 5pm ~ YAC at Hall

~ 6 - 8pm Opening Reception of "Art's a Small World" at FERRY BUILDING GALLERY
                See more at end of this section

=3D=3D=3D Wed, Jan 19th =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

~ 5 - 7pm ~ Business After Business at the WV Chamber of Commerce boardroom; no charge but register by phoning 926 6614; featured sponsors: Handi Restaurant, Geek Service Inc., Millennium Group, Penny Mitchell RE/MAX Masters Realty, and TD Canada Trust Marine Drive.

~ 7 - 9pm ~ Library Bd (Peters Room in Library):  *** MOVED TO JAN 26th ***

~ 7 - 9:30pm ~ Gordon Ave Traffic Study Open House at Seniors' Centre
AREA: bounded by 22nd St, Marine Dr, 21st St, and Jefferson/Inglewood Ave
PURPOSE: to seek cmnty input on traffic and pedestrian issues in the area.  The existing conditions background report prepared by the consultants will be presented at the mtg in an Open House format.  =46ollowing the mtg, the consultants will develop options to deal with the issues that have been identified.
Email the hall at gordonstudy@westvancouver.ca or phone 925 7055.
PLEASE NOTE:  initially told this wd be 6 to 8pm, then received fax saying 7 - 9pm; got these times from the DWV website (Events Calendar) showing an extra half hour.

~ 7 - 9pm ~ Bd of Variance (Council Chamber)
Front Yard Setback 2345 Palmerston; Front and Rear Yard Setbacks for new dwelling 1365 - 28th; Front Yard Setback 2247 Gisby; Side Yards 4278 Morgan Crescent; Setbacks for addition/alteration 1512 Rena Crescent

=3D=3D=3D Thurs, Jan 20th =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

~ 5:30 - 7:30pm ~ 2010 Olympic Select Cmte, WV Chamber of Commerce Boardroom

~ 6 - 8pm ~  NS Family Court & Youth Justice Cmte (CNV M Hall, Conf Rm A)

~ 7:30pm ~  WV Streamkeepers - Public Mtg at St Stephen's (885 - 22nd)
Riparian Area Regulations and DWV; WVS Report on 2004; Status of WV Creeks (which watershed do you live in? Who's watching your stream? do you want to?); Questions welcomed!

=3D=3D=3D  The Ferry Building Gallery = ; =3D=3D=3D

"Art's A Small World" -- small works & miniatures in mixed media
Jane Adams, Patricia Baldwin, Sa Boothroyd, Toni Cavelti, Anne Dunnett, Graham Eagle, Leslie McGuffin, Brian Romer, & Diego Samper
January 18 - February 6
                Opening Reception: Tuesday, Jan 18  from 6  - 8 pm
                Artists' Talk: Saturday, Jan 22 at 2pm
Admission to all shows is free
=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D   See section at end of this issue= on Say Nothing, Jan 18 - 22; Under the Kilt, Jan 21 - 23

 +++++  NOTES  from CCL MTG 2005 Jan 10th  7pm  +++++
                        [draft transcript typed during mtg as people speak]
Cclr Day absent
ZONING BYLAW NO. 2200, 1968 AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 4409, 2004  (re  605 Clyde Avenue)
DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 04-012 (re  605 Clyde Avenue)
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application:
Applicant: Crescentview Investments Ltd.
Affected Lands:  605 Clyde Avenue
Purpose:  To provide for development of a four-storey 17-unit seniors-oriented strata apartment building, with 23 underground parking spaces, accessed from an opened and improved 6th Street right-of-way.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:  To rezone the property from C.R.1 (Commercial Restricted Zone 1) to an amended R.M. 8 (Multiple Dwelling Zone 8)
Proposed Development Permit:  To regulate and impose conditions respecting the form and character of the development.
AMICA made its presentation; a "mix of living opportunities", potential for ageing in place
undergrounding of services along Clyde Ave; architects are Davidson, Yuen, Simpson
Sop asked about the work on the bluff behind and drainage.
Ans: the bldg sits on top of one and a half levels of parking; back part will be used for stabilizing; condos look sideways (not into bluff)
Drainage will be same as Amica bldg.
VD: have you legally combined the sites?
Ans: no
VD queried FAR, had understood 1.75 was max. Also queried change of ownership
Ans: had discussion with staff; complications either way; two legally separate sites but function as one single property; mechanisms linkages, 605 bldg; functioning as a composite,
Amica corporate entity
VD: my understanding of OCP only got benefit if actually combined
I hear what's going on; how'd get to 1.9....
SJN explained ownership is irrelevant wrt rezoning -- wd be same if 17 condo owners
VD again asked about ownership and Amica and who was applicant -- Amica on one site and Crescentview the other
Ans: legal, Amica made application; we (Crescentview) applicant b/c partners but we were the purchasers of the 605 site
VD: something troubles me b/c 1.75 is a huge increase in density
appreciate can get there through air transfers
SJN: Cclr Sop asked about this; can apply for density up to 1.75
use is defining, not ownership
VD: huge increase in density
Ans: ownership is identical and same percentage from an ownership perspective
VD: still.......
JF: had some of the same concerns about ownership and partnership b/c of precedent and applying for same density (other nearby single lots).
SJN said they cd report back to Ccl and continued:
If this had come in separately, don't believe this question wd have arisen.
What we were concerned with and PAC was, was means of ensuring this devt seen as a single unit, a single devt.
G-J:  I thought goal was use [b/c affordable rental housing]
VD: in that area the cmte gave a bonus for those who amalgamate but what you have here is a big one with an attachment.  Cclr JF wonders -- where do you go from here?  attach others?
If owners across the street join them they wd own them.
Here we have one owner developing to 1.75 and putting doors to adjoining owner.  Interesting,  but only that, interesting.  [shd be] 1.75FAR.
Sop: it was the cmte's intent to move to larger units
here's use we wanted
and a care facility
if strata, 17 owners; covenant involved; seems we're going in positive direction -- something for the cmnty; not sit there and do nothing with FAR of 1.0
Wonder why we're not going ahead with this
JF: not meant to imply any negativity or bias toward project, it was a question and going back to select cmte that did come forth
hope staff will come back with a report as to positive and negative
Sop: what's the worst that wd come out of this with two owners
Mayor: getting into a debate here; wd like to ask public
Curt Shepard, 590 Duchess: house NE of this project; have mtg with them tomorrow but asking three questions now; four things
1  the retaining wall is quite high -- anything supporting it?
2  high pressure gas main -- is that close to footings?
SJN: I don't know. Ms Boyle (Planning Dept) may know.  She's in audience.
GB: haven't received the drawings yet
CS: 3  don't know setbacks on north side
4  noise coming up: mechanical on rooftops and garbage pickup
Applicant answer:  1  abutting, grading changes, adjustments to stairwell, stability
2  to grades we're proposing, is a water main; been discussions with M staff about relocating that to the east
3  standard setbacks, 12ft on east side
4  as with Amica project -- no mechanical units on roof, had looked at green rooftops but heard from cmnty not desired
Garbage: consolidate within existing Amica area, that's one of the connection points
VD: we're going to have the residents of 605 putting their garbage in Amica?  where?
Ans: [pointed to model] concealed loading dock
VD: what's to stop the strata ccl from saying they don't like your costs?
Ans: they get emergency care b/c linked along with garbage linked with agreements; bylaws will control that
VD: but bylaws can be changed
staff ascertained garbage in that location and that location only?
SJN: drawings show that; wd draw up with covenants if approved and back for Ccl's approval
Sop: Letter re increased density and traffic flows in all of the Amica site?
Ans: we have a situation; this bldg introduces residential use and cd hv been commercial
28 cars parked now on it vs 23 on new
residents will have much less use; has more capacity b/c residents of this anticipated more mobile than Amica
traffic generated will be fairly small by comparison
VD: report coming back from staff -- wd like to know cost of undergrounding; value to cmnty re undergrounding
SJN: will have it in report; can tell you right now $60K for Clyde Ave and $36K for the 6th St
Closure was moved however SJN commented with staff report, adjournment instead.

Agenda amended
3.         BUSINESS LICENCE HEARING - CASPIAN ROYAL RESTAURANT (1495 Marine) =2E..........  Withdrawn by Applicant
4.1       Public Hearing/Public Meeting Minutes, December 06, 2004
4.2       Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting Minutes, December 06, 2004
4.3       Council Meeting Minutes, December 06, 2004
4.4       Council Meeting Minutes, December 13, 2004
4.5       Special Regular Council Meeting Minutes, December 15, 2004

5.         DELEGATIONS

5.1       R. Juryn, North Shore Mountain Bike Festival Society, regarding North Shore Mountain Bike Festival and Conference

RJ, Event Producer:  We said in 2004 we'd be back with a full report  [Festival held Aug 14 - 22]
Participation from all across Canada and US, a group from Scotland, Australia, and Tasmania.
[PowerPoint Presentation]
in excess of $100,000 ($100K) economic activity
85% feedback from forms; 71% saying they'd come back
four different events in all three Ms
the one day of bad weather was the Credit Union Enduro; used event as fundraiser and raised $2K for North Shore Search and Rescue
generated $200K of media coverage
Legacy of $20K back to the cmnty!  some will go to interfit project (for handicapped access)
some money for trail work to make it more ridable for the kids
wrt Mtn Bike Park up on Cypress and concern, raising awareness of old growth forest
organizing for May/June this year; will be looking again for WV support and Ambleside venue again
Thanks (and token plaque)
Sop: re education, what are you going to do wrt old growth forest
RJ: looking at level of awareness, looking to bikeshops and websites, looking for ideas, nothing concrete
Dan London: a director of the NV Mtn Bike Event Society; basically we're trying to control an explosion
in mid-December, report to 47 member nations containing a two-line comment on each country save one:
NShore: this region is the global destination
one of the most sig events worldwide for this sport last year, commendation given also for sustainability
results phenomenal
requests to participate
request from Germany to go there and and show them
request from Germany to assist in film on this
dramatic flux
we can't as an organization so what we did last year wrt scope and legacy items as presently structured.
got to implement administrative procedures and have a biz plan
Assure any public funds put in are used solely for the delivery of services
G-J: want to thank you very much
been sitting on a simmering situation; need your help
got an email today from someone doing a master's thesis in Scotland on this; important to recognize an important product and part of growing up; she's now talking to Edinburgh Ccl b/c of her experience here
{a few people left the gallery}

5.2       M. Evison, Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs [See transcript in Section that follows.]

ME, Chair of Coalition:  Before I start may I request an extension.  I have a short introduction but Mr Perry has about eight minutes
Mayor: if that meets with Ccl's approval
ME gave the background of this determined group and their activities, including the Back to the Bluffs (or is it Buff?) calendar.
Support for opposing has grown throughout the Lower Mainland and through our website, international.
Mr Perry:  The prov govt decision for overland instead of a 1.4km four-lane hwy is a bad, bad, bad, decision.
[He referred to the website and read some facts, eg the bidbook shows the tunnel!]
Min of Transportation report states these are the most sensitive ecosystems on the whole highway, rare, unique, etc.
MOT's own consultants recommended the tunnel
Recommending this on 'context-sensitive design' (definition on website) but the overland hwy breaks this promise
take a look at the website for more facts
Safety: tunnel dry safe and well-lit is safer if you look at European statistics
Visual and noise horrific -- trench in bluffs, 1-200ft high landfill!
Tourism: Eagleridge at HBay is the most scenic departure point of hwy (in LM?), so why destroy this?
Overland hwy will ruin ambiance
negative: conservation will be lost
noise levels cd reduce other values, property values, by as much as 50%
traffic dislocation during construction will also be horrific -- look at website
look at the Get Involved part of the website -- events such as rallies and protests
will be a lot more until the prov sits down to discuss the tunnel
look at the About Us page and the Contact Us
an awful lot on Home Page
Calendar section -- only avenue we have for raising money
got one of Planning's big maps of WV and we're highlighting nbrhds as people decide to canvass nbrhds
selling calendars is half of it, also telling the story
on website, presentation by Steve Jenkins (WV Staff Env Coord), and a five-minute film.  Will show a 20-second clip now
"Back the Bluffs!" Mary Bissell
Started with Burns Bog and here we are with another Bog!
"Naked" will be on CBC shortly
Mayor: what's the website?
DP: www.eagleridgebluffs.ca
We're asking for your support to sit down and negotiate a deal, with Fraser Basin Ccl (their only proviso is that both sides be willing to sit down).
heard $200m, that's $70m more than their estimate so about the same as the tunnel
for the longterm, the tunnel is a financial steal
write to Minister [ofT] Falcon, there's a form letter on the website; copy Premier, contact MLAs and prospective MLAs, politicians, John Furlong, IOC
Bruce McArthur, WRA Head, wrote a great nine-page letter last May, believe me with great questions, and he's still waiting for an answer.
Politicians need to be accountable, strongly supportive, pro-active for the public good
let's hold them to this.
so thank you
Mayor: I thank you; want to make sure you know you do have the support of Ccl
we have expended a considerable amount of money on this, legal fees, etc
I want to reinforce to you and public watching that right from day one we've be right behind you [acting on this]
As you know we're suing the Fed Dept of the Env, lawyers say an oversight re joint env'tal assessment; before court before end of =46ebruary; expecting positive result to that challenge
Encourage you to continue on gaining support
we're just as frustrated as you are
will say our one MLA, Ralph Sultan, has been supportive.
unfortunately your MLA is not running again but that might change in May
G-J: stress visiting website www.eagleridgebluffs.ca and viewing the video; shows you the great beauty -- Steve Jenkins's presentation is on there
"Naked" will be on NewsWorld, "Rough Cuts", Eagleridge five minutes in that show
will announce date when we know.
DP: at every chance we get, your govt one of the most progressive in working with the cmnty, and I commend you on that
JF: whenever we speak [all Council] take every opportunity, we speak in support of the tunnel, etc
think you're beginning to make an impact, elsewhere
those who sit across will see it
once it's gone, can't get it back
DP: as rep on GVRD, inform you that GVRD is fully behind WV (the tunnel)
Mayor: shd hv mention also MMgr made presentation to GVRD bd and gained support of the GVRD bd
followed by letter, to Minister to reconsider
don't recall if response
Mr Stuart made a very effective presentation that morning and gained their endorsement
JC: in your efforts to reach out may I [suggest] that you focus on the two ridings: Mr Falcon and Mr Campbell
in their own backyard; May 17 only a few months away
Ans: great advice; one of reasons we're raising money
Sop: press the int'l market; emphasis on Plan B, if not through
sustainability not addressed and consequences devastating; cost to marketing (tourism)
BC SuperNatural -- how much if they put this through?
DP: has Liberal candidate in your riding come out in favour?
JC: au contraire
[Comments: think for overland]
VD: good luck!
DP: we're thinking of running an independent candidate, but wd have to have more, bigger platform than that
If any members of the press here, we'll leave copies on the desk by the door.
Mike Evison: appreciate the consistent support we've received
{most of the rest of the gallery left; down to under ten stalwarts}

6.         REPORTS
6.1       Dundarave Physiotherapist Corporation - Physiotherapist Clinic Lease at Aquatic Centre 6.2       Sunset Marina Foreshore Sublease
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Nov 29 entitled "Sunset Marina Foreshore Lease" be received.
SJN: consistent with provincial policy; lease to 2014
6.3       Development Variance Permit (1145 Ottaburn Road)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
DVPApplication for renovations and additions to an existing non-conforming house with variances to setbacks and accessory building siting, will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, February 7, 2005.
6.4       Former Wetmore Site - Single Family Dwelling at 793 - 22nd Street
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
SJN: house not in good condition
1.         The dwelling at 793 - 22nd Street be demolished.
2.         Staff arrange for adjacent property owners and tenants to be notified and for appropriate information signage at the site to be erected before start of demolition.
6.5       Council Advisory Committee 2004 Annual Reports and Proposed Workplans for 2005 The following be received for information, Reports dated:
1.  Dec 14, 2004, titled Community Services Advisory Committee 2004 Annual Report and Proposed Workplan for 2005;
2.  Dec 09, 2004, titled Design Advisory Committee 2004 Annual Report and Proposed Workplan for 2005;
3.  Dec 15, 2004, titled Engineering Advisory Committee 2004 Annual Report and Proposed Workplan for 2005;
4.  Dec 14, 2004, titled Finance Advisory Committee 2004 Annual Report and Proposed Workplan for 2005;
5.  Dec 03, 2004, titled Heritage Advisory Committee 2004 Annual Report and 2005 Proposed Workplan for 2005;
6.  Dec 08, 2004, titled Lower Caulfeild Advisory Committee 2004 Annual Report and Proposed Workplan for 2005; and
7.  Dec 06, 2004, titled Parks & Environment Advisory Committee 2004 Annual Report and Proposed Workplan for 2005.

RB, DoAS: submitted for Ccl's consideration
JF: really struck by how fortunate we are to have so many wonderful volunteers who participate
thank all -- for me, I need all the help I can get.
G-J: unfortunately Cclr Day is not here; is the HAC applying for a grant?
KP: not aware, one of your cmtes? -->SJN: yes
G-J: and if successful, funded by Ccl contingency I assume
wrt desire of LCAC cmte re role/done to date; to meet with staff/residents as to whether meeting purpose
Sop: great work has been done, echoing Cclr JF, incredible PEAC I sit on and presume others
minutes don't come until a month or so later and as liaison we don't report anything; we're sitting on these cmtes, wd it not be of some value, perhaps in Reports, that we take a moment or two to report what has been done in the past weeks? so kept abreast
otherwise, I find it kind of...uh...go to mtgs interesting, but minutes don't come, maybe months away and the minutes have a line, a topic, that doesn't [give us full idea what's going on]
Mayor: Mr Beauchamp, can you --?
DoAS: terms of reference; Ccl says seven to ten days then to approval before circulating to Ccl; [approved beforehand]
draft form, to cmte for approval and circulation
cd be opportunity for Cclrs to speak, wrt Reports [item on agenda]
Mayor: prior to adoption?:
MMgr: when we looked at TofR this issue was raised; we identified during the Report section....
staff reports cover them off
cd take that up again

are those staff reports circulated to Ccl, not part of the public mtg agenda so we don't see them?
will try to find out.}

Sop: at Report time?
Mayor: if you wish to share?
Sop: why not mandatory?
Mayor: wd relate to urgency, depend on relevance, importance.......
Cclr VD reports on performance of GVRD
VD: sat last year on PAC and reported on Evelyn Drive, thought of interest to Ccl
but sat also on Finance Cmte and not every week [sic] something of note
and ccl mtgs go on for some time
shd be up to cclr to keep Ccl up to date and keep cmte up to date with Ccl, two-way street
JF: don't agree mandatory; when pertinent
we have mtgs that go late and if we reported on everything we saw, said, and did, mtgs wd go on another two or three hours --
Mayor: don't think anyone wants that
JF: when it's important then say something but if another opportunity do it then, by all means wait
Mayor: we'll use--
Sop: just think lack of communication, thinking of appreciation of cmtes' work
Mayor: ask each cclr to use his own discretion; something specific, please bring it forward; I wd encourage it
Sop: when I'm afforded the time
VD: when have you not?
Sop: hard trying to get a word in edgewise sometimes with Cclr Durman taking the floor...
Mayor: Cclr Sop being humorous--
6.6       5138 Pitcairn Place - New Float and Gangway Installation - Further Information Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated December 29, 2004 ... be received.
6.7       5138 Pitcairn Place - New Float and Gangway Installation
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the construction and installation of a new float and gangway at 5138 Pitcairn Place, in accordance with the plan attached, be approved subject to
(a)       receipt of Coast Guard and Fisheries and Oceans Canada approvals;
(b)       issuance of a building permit after receipt of the Coast Guard and =46isheries' approvals;
(c)       receipt of a signed letter of intent from the upland property owner indicating a commitment to sign a future foreshore agreement with the District covering the existing and new foreshore encroachments as well as a commitment to provide a survey of the new works.

SJN: will deal with these two together
Ccl required to make some judgements so have has some tests
use re past? when demolished? use before?
the owner has submitted information that reflects positively so staff is recommending approval with some conditions.
Letter has been received from DFO that they wd approve that structure
Sop:  one of the requirements is for applicant to sign the foreshore policy that we haven't passed yet, wd that be a problem?
SJN: been a condition; dealt with a handful of encroachments on foreshore; some have; don't believe a problem; sign policy fair and equitable
Sop: owner aware of new policy?
SJN: no policy yet, not created, aware of present policy; will be brought forward to Ccl for public discussion

7.1       2005 Council Committee Appointments
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the recommendation of Mayor R. K. Wood for the following appointments to Select Committees be endorsed:
=B7        Finance and Audit: Councillor Durman, Chair; Councillor Clark; Mayor Wood
=B7        Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning: Cclr Durman, Chair; Cclrs Ferguson and Soprovich
=B7        Development Review Process: Councillor Durman, Chair; Cclrs Ferguson and Day
=B7        Council Advisory Committee Member [sic? it's singular on the M website]: Mayor Wood, Chair; Cclr =46erguson and Day
=B7        Arts and Culture Strategy: Councillor =46erguson, Chair; Cclrs Clark and Goldsmith-Jones
7.2       2005 Appointment of Council Representatives on Boards and Committees
RECOMMENDED: THAT the recommendation of Mayor R. K. Wood for the following Council Representative Appointments on Other Boards/Committees be endorsed:
=B7        Canada Day            Councillor Clark
=B7        Chamber of Commerce           Councillor Ferguson
=B7        Coho =46estival            Councillor Soprovich
=B7        Lower Mainland Municipal Association           Cclrs Soprovich, Ferguson (Alternate)
 =B7       Municipal Insurance Association           Cclr Soprovich, Mayor Wood (Alternate 1), Dir/Admin Services (Alternate 2)
=B7       = ; North Shore Advisory Committee On Disability Issues    Cclrs Clark, Ferguson (Alternate)
=B7       = ; North Shore Family Court/Youth Justice Committee   Councillor Clark
=B7       = ; North Shore Task Force On Substance Abuse   Councillor Goldsmith-Jones
=B7       = ; North Shore Emergency Management Office Executive Committee   Councillor Day
=B7       = ; West Vancouver Memorial Library Board   Councillor Goldsmith-Jones
=B7       = ; School Board Liaison    Mayor Wood, Chair; Cclrs Clark, Day
=B7       = ; 2010 Olympic/Paralympic Committee   Mayor Wood, Chair; Cclrs Goldsmith-Jones, Durman
JC: I don't see and never have seen Police Board, I know how it functions.  I know you are, Mr Mayor.  Is that not an appointment? endorsed by Ccl
Mayor: it's a provincial appointment; provincial mandate, seven mbrs on the board
I'm automatically as mayor, municipality is entitled to one member, and the prov appoints five
7.3       2005 Appointments to Council Advisory Committees/Boards
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the recommendation of Mayor R. K. Wood for the following Council representative appointments to Council Advisory Committees/Boards be endorsed:
 =B7        Community Services Advisory Committee
                        Councillor Day,  Councillor Ferguson (Alternate)
 =B7        Design Advisory Committee
                        Councillor Goldsmith-Jones, Councillor Ferguson (Alternate)
 =B7        Engineering Advisory Committee
                        Councillor Day; Councillor Soprovich (Alternate)
 =B7        =46inance Advisory Committee
                        Councillor Ferguson, Councillor Durman (Alternate)
 =B7        Heritage Advisory Committee
                        Councillor Day, Councillor Soprovich (Alternate)
 =B7        Parks and Environment Advisory Committee
                        Councillor Soprovich, Councillor Day (Alternate)
 =B7        Planning Advisory Committee
                        Councillor Clark, Councillor Day (Alternate)

Mayor: the New Year's Eve celebration -- very fortunate, relatively warm, lovely evening, no rain, over 2000 people
a special thank you to the Youth Cmte that offered free popcorn, to Ambleside and Tiddly Cove Lions Club and to WV Legion provided free coffee
fireworks well-received and right on time, stroke of midnight
Congratulate your staff, Mr Pike, Angela Hogan and Sarah Adams; thanks and pass that along

JF: WVCC Christmas dinner, in mid-December; attended with the Mayor (and his wife) and Cclr G-J.
Silent auction successful and appearance of an interesting and amiable Santa, a local butcher, who turns up each year.
Next breakfast mtg is Wednesday Jan 12th at Hollyburn Country Club and speaker will be Mayor Wood with his annual report on the State of the District.

VD: attended GVRD bd mtg on Friday, and G-J appointed again on Water Cmte, Day on Labour Relations with Ferguson as alternate, and I'm again on Finance Cmte and Housing Bd
the other issue was TransLink Bd -- also confirmed
each area has appointees; on NShore mayors have met and decided Mayor Barbara Sharp will represent the North Shore again this year for continuity and knowing wch bureaucrat is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, so that was a good choice
Bd chooses one mbr at large: two candidates for mbr at large  Mayor Kingsbury and Mayor Corrigan
b/c of NE, persuaded them to vote for him (Kingsbury) though Corrigan is a good candidate

9.         OTHER ITEMS
9.1       Correspondence  {listed in previous issue, WVM2005-01Ar}
9.1.10       A. Leier, President, British Columbia Professional =46ire Fighters' Association, December 23, 2004, regarding discussion paper on fire fighter cancers
Mayor: there's letter in here wrt alleged support re cancer and =46ire Dept
Mr Stuart, can you enlighten me?
MMgr: from fire fighters; writing to all in BC
re WCB
complex area; without research not certain what being discussed
this issue is being discussed by Labour Relations Bureau, being looked at in detail
Mayor: mtg coming up
MMgr: next couple of weeks
Bruce McArthur: Horseshoe Bay
when you were going over sublease, something struck me
something about barges, dangerous goods re HBay and some sort of study being made
understand over marinas, some report or study re dangerous goods; occurred to me Sunset Beach is a major spot for unloading rock for Sea-to-Sky
going to set up some sort of facility
just act you might want to watch activity out of there
might not have any effect when hwy being done but see
so not set up as a permanent site for moving dangerous goods up and down Sound
MMgr: as much as we know is that if the prov goes ahead with the overland route, to dispose of some of the rock might have to be some infrastructure developed
as to actual location, not sure if in M jurisdiction.
Mayor: thank you
appreciate your bringing it to our attention
9pm   11.       ADJOURNMENT

                        Appreciate this material provided to me for your information:
January 10, 2005
Presentation by the Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs at Horseshoe Bay
to the West Vancouver Mayor and Council:

Mr. Mayor and Members of Council,

My name is Michael Evison and I Chair the Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs at Horseshoe Bay. Thank you for the opportunity to update Council.

This is really quite an incredible story about a group of passionate people who felt and realized that if the first section of the Sea to Sky Highway [were] to be overland (as currently proposed), then irreparable harm would be done to a vital and sensitive ecosystem. Their feeling of grief and outrage was compounded since a tunnel alternative is available, and the Premier through the 2010 Bid Book undertook to guarantee that the Winter Olympics would be sustainable.

From organizing petitions and public proclamations this group boldly then took the next step, which was to fund and produce something to capture the public's attention, since the political gestures were just that -- gestures. The chosen piece was to be the now famous 'Back to the Buffs' calendar which features ten young ladies and two not-so-young gentlemen.

We owe an enormous debt to this group for their passion, determination, and resourcefulness. As a result of these early initiatives, the support for the group has grown tremendously and now allows us, with help from more recent supporters, including [me] and Dennis Perry, to the next level through a website and other public initiatives. The support for opposing the overland route now comes from the whole of the Lower Mainland; and through our website, international awareness.
Dennis Perry as President of the Coalition and with a business and conservation background, including a long involvement as a Director of the Nature Trust of B.C., will now continue our presentation.

The Provincial Government's choice of a [four-lane] overland highway instead of the 1.4 km [four-lane] divided tunnel is a bad, bad decision. The impact of this decision will be felt forever and yet it completely ignores the conservation, recreation, tourism, and community values, as well as the visuals, noise, safety, and dislocations during construction. If you include these values in the decision, the overland highway becomes so costly it would never be contemplated.

One of our primary objectives in this presentation is to introduce you to our new website.
{It's www.eagleridgebluffs.ca}
Let's start with a few facts from the Learn More page.
"In this flawed process the Provincial Government is ignoring its own experts and all of the facts. Where is their Vision?"

FACT: Gordon Campbell promised that these were going to be the "sustainable Olympic Games". The overland highway breaks this promise.
IN SUPPORT: The 2010 Bid Book for the Olympics actually shows the tunnel. Please visit the website for our Olympic promise.

FACT: This area has very sensitive and rare ecosystems which the provincial government is completely ignoring.
IN SUPPORT: The B. C. Ministry of Transportation's own report to the Environmental Assessment Office, 2003 states that these are the most sensitive ecosystems in the entire Sea to Sky corridor. It uses the words "extremely rare, unique, highly susceptible to disturbance and regionally rare".  The report was based on a [two-lane] overland highway not the current [four]. The B. C. Ministry of Water, Land, and Air Protection, the Canadian Wildlife Service and MoT's own consultants recommended the tunnel and expressed their desire for no further loss of these ecosystems.

FACT: The Provincial Government is implementing the Sea to Sky upgrade based on the concept of Context Sensitive Design, implying a strong commitment to sustainability, the environment, community, and safety. The overland highway breaks this promise.
IN SUPPORT: See the website for the definition of CSD.

Recreation Values
For the negative impact on the Baden Powell and Black Mountain Trails please visit the website.

=3D Safety
FACT: A tunnel is much safer than an overland highway.
SUPPORT: Wide-ranging documentation proves that a properly designed tunnel is the safer option. As 75% of accidents are weather related, according to ICBC, this will be a particularly dangerous stretch of highway. A tunnel, which is dry, straight, and well-lit is far safer according to European statistics.

=3D Visuals and Noise
FACT: The visuals and noise will be horrific.
SUPPORT: The overland highway will result in a 200-foot wide, 100-foot deep trench in the rock of [Eagleridge] Bluffs and also a 100- to 200-foot high landfill three football fields long. The noise levels are already a huge problem in communities such as Sunset Beach. Why would we allow this to happen when we have a viable alternative?

=3D Tourism
FACT: The Provincial Government is placing our tourism industry at risk.
SUPPORT: Eagleridge Bluffs at Horseshoe Bay is the most scenic departure and arrival point Vancouver has, and is the gateway to Sea to Sky country, Whistler, Vancouver Island, and the Sunshine Coast.  Most tourists coming to B.C. pass through this area. People come to B.C. because we sell it as Beautiful British Columbia and Supernatural B.C. Why destroy this when we have a viable alternative?

=3D Community values
FACT: The overland highway will ruin the ambiance of one of B.C.'s great communities. This is much larger than a local issue and should concern all British Columbians.
SUPPORT: It will have a very negative impact due to all of the aforementioned values which will be lost. On the subject of noise alone, the Consultation Summary Report March, 2004 states that noise levels could reduce property values by as much as 50%. This should get people excited.

=3D And Finally for Traffic Dislocation During Construction  Please visit the website.

We are asking you to [Get Involved-Rallies]/Protests, About Us, Contact Us, Home Page-Sell&Buy Calendars, =46undraising, and now, also on our home page, and from the creative side of our group, is a clip from our [five-minute] movie produced for us by Leo Award winning documentary film maker, Mary Bissell.

We are asking for support from all levels of government and people across B.C.
1. Mayor and Council we are asking for your support in organizing the Provincial Government and the GVRD to sit down and negotiate a deal. If the Fraser Basin Trust has to be brought in as a mediator then so be it. It has successfully done so in two recent Sea to Sky development agreements.
An agreement on the tunnel should be a no-brainer as we have had it confirmed from good sources that all three contractors have come in at overland highway bids of in excess of $200 mil, $70 mil over the Province's initial estimate. The construction cost of the tunnel is now no more expensive than the overland highway, no matter whose figures are used, and long term the tunnel is a financial steal.
2. Go onto the website, email and write Kevin Falcon, our MoT, and John Furlong, CEO of VANOC copying Premier Campbell. Talk to your MLA and prospective MLAs. Hold them accountable too. They have been invisible on this huge issue. WRA head Bruce McArthur's great nine-page letter of questions, of May last year, has still not been answered. Our politicians need to be accountable, strongly supportive and proactive in the public good, which is the tunnel. Let's hold them to this and their Olympic promise to the world. Our free enterprise system depends on this kind of public accountability.

Michael Evison, Dennis Perry / Chairman, President / 604-922-4355, 604-921-6556

 +++++  ABBREVIATED AGENDA 7pm Monday 2005 Jan 17  +++++
                        A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday

State of the District Address by Mayor Wood
Agenda; ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- No items presented.
4.         DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 04-018 (4674 CLOVELLY WALK) PUBLIC MEETING             At the December 13, 2004 meeting, Council received the report dated December 03, 2004 from the Assistant Planner titled Development Permit No. 04-018 (4674 Clovelly Walk), a copy of which is attached for reference.
Further Information - Development Permit No. 04-018 (4674 Clovelly Walk) (File:  1010-20-04-018)
THAT the report ... be received. 
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application as follows:
Applicant:  Bill Chapman, B.C.L.S., Chapman Land Surveying Ltd.
Affected Lands: 4674 Clovelly Walk (Lot K, Block 13, District Lot 1240, Plan 21300)
Purpose:  To provide for a future [two-lot] subdivision on a site containing ["difficult terrain".]
Draft Development Permit:
To regulate and impose conditions on the development of the site to avoid hazardous conditions and to protect the natural environment.
On December 13, 2004, Council set the date for this Public Meeting.  On December 30, 2004, 108 Notices of Public Meeting were mailed to owners/occupiers within 100 metres of the subject site.  The Notice of Public Meeting appeared in the North Shore News on January 09, 2005 and January 12, 2005.
The Applicant will be provided an opportunity to make a presentation on the subject application.
Mayor Wood will call for Public Input.
THAT all written and verbal submissions, up to and including the Public Meeting held on January 17, 2005, regarding Development Permit Application 04-018 be received.
***  DECISION:  Ccl will ask for a further staff report OR will close the Public Mtg

5.         REPORTS
5.1       Eagleridge Area - Policy Review and Actions (File:  1015-02)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            THAT staff prepare Official Community Plan and zoning bylaw amendments, and supporting legal documentation and survey plans, that reinforce protection of environmentally sensitive areas and features in lands above Eagleridge and Horseshoe Bay, once the final route of the proposed [four-lane] relocated Sea-to-Sky Highway is determined.
5.2       Planning Advisory Committee 2004 Annual Report and Proposed Workplan for 2005
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
5.3       Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4416, 2005
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services

{Why on earth wd these two items be put on the agenda WITHOUT the material?
Why apparently not enough time over the holidays to finalise the documentation needed?
What's the problem with putting these two items on the next or a future agenda with the normal, albeit short, time for the public to read it and be aware?
What criteria are there for putting items on the agenda at the last minute thus reducing availability and notice to the public?
What's the hurry?
so that the time for public to be informed has been drastically shortened?}

7.         OTHER ITEMS
7.1       Correspondence
No Action Required (receipt only)
7.1.1         A. Robinson, November 30, 2004, regarding Good Neighbour Bylaw
7.1.2         M. Robillard, November 30, 2004, regarding Good neighbour Bylaw
7.1.3         Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC), January 06, 2004, regarding Special LMTAC Invitation - January 21 Orientation Session - Previously distributed due to timing of event.
7.1.4         S. Malek, Millennium Properties Ltd., January 06, 2005, regarding proposed Evelyn Drive Devt
Action Required
7.1.5         M. Hesse, Senior Development Officer, The Kidney Foundation of Canada, January 05, 2005, regarding proclamation request for 2005
                  Referred to Municipal Clerk for response.
7.1.6         R. Wilson, January 06, 2005, regarding odour portion of the proposed Bylaw No. 4403
                  Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
7.1.7         G. & G. Harkley, January 03, 2005, (two letters) regarding erection of memorial marker
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
7.1.8         M. Jordan, Global Health Enterprises, Inc., January 01, 2005, regarding litter in West Vancouver
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
7.1.9         P. Miller, January 03, 2005, regarding downhill truck traffic on 27th Street
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
9.         ADJOURNMENT

+++  PuSh THEATRE  +++++ can't help making the connection :-)  +++++++

Ridiculusmus (London)

=3D Say Nothing

Written and performed by David Woods and Jon Hough
Produced by Your Imagination --  January 18 - 22 8pm
Performance Works, Granville Island
                Post-Show Talkback January 19

                        Artists' Roundtable January 22 - 4pm

     Say Nothing is an irreverent slice of Northern Irish reticence, where the general rule is "whatever you say, say nothing."
     Kevin, an English-Ulsterman armed with a PhD in Peace & Conflict Studies, is welcomed back to his native Ulster by a militant Orange caretaker and an Anglomaniac B&B landlady who offers breakfast, but no bed. [He is frustrated and appalled;] his attempts to confront the truth are greeted with plastic smiles, oppressive hospitality, and feel-good workshops.
     Winner of the Time Out Live Award (London), Adelaide Fringe Award (Adelaide), and the Total Theatre Award for Best British Productions (London), Say Nothing is one of those seriously funny, enormously intelligent, and wonderfully performed shows that you won't want to miss.
    Say Nothing is presented in partnership with the British Council's 2005 UK Today - A New View, a year-long celebration of contemporary creativity from the United Kingdom.
"Their writing is brilliantly surreal, their performance not just comedy but a theatrical tour de force. Woods and Hough are unspeakably skilled and highly original. Not to be missed."
 The Melbourne Age
 Tickets: $22 regular / $18 students & seniors  - Includes service charges

=3D Under The Kilt
                        Contemporary Scottish Playwriting Exposed

Playwrights Theatre Centre / PuSh co-presentation (Edinburgh/Glasgow/Vancouver)
January 21 - 23, 2005 -- PTC Studio in Festival House, Granville Island

        Friday, January 21
        Playwrights' Forum: 10am-1pm
        Producers' Forum: 10am-1pm
        Playwrights' & Producers' Joint Forum: 2pm-5pm

                Saturday, January 22
                San Diego by David Greig: 4pm

                        Sunday, January 23
                        Shimmer by Linda McLean: 1pm
                        The People Next Door by Henry Adam: 4pm

Join local performers and directors for a weekend series of public readings featuring some of the shining examples of current trends in Scottish writing. Panel discussions and forums for exchange explore what underlies the successes of the Scottish scene and what might be learned from its example. Under The Kilt is part of UK Today - A New View, a year-long celebration of contemporary creativity from the United Kingdom.
Participants include Julie Ellen (Creative Director, Playwrights' Studio, Scotland), Katherine Mendelsohn (Literary Manager, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh), Neil Murray (Director, Tron Theatre, Glasgow), and playwright Linda McLean.
Admission by donation at the door.

+++  QUOTATION  +++ thinking of Christmas, and 'regifting'...........

I am in the habit of looking not so much to the nature of a gift as to the spirit in which it is offered.
                -- Robert Louis Stevenson, novelist, essayist, and poet (1850-1894)

+++  HAIKU  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
2005 January 8/9

                fresh snow decorates
                        fans of rigid green fingers
                                        on our windmill palm

Where else cd this be but Vancouver! (well, Lower Mainland)
Question for the literary critics:
Haiku, as you know, seize the moment.  They sometimes burst out fully formed.  This one arrived first with [of] before [on], and I had a difficult time choosing which to use.  Does it make much of a difference?  which do you prefer?

=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D
Last year:
we celebrated Canada's military, with the theme "Defending Canada - Heritage of Military Places".
This year:

In  British Columbia, the third week of February is  Heritage Week. It begins with national Heritage  Day, always the third Monday in February. In 2005 Heritage Week is Monday February 21st  to Sunday February  27th.  This year's theme is: Heritage of Faith - Sacred Buildings &  Spiritual Places.

We celebrate heritage in a variety of ways.  Anyone can get involved in creating programs and special events: displays, tours, performances.  Already confirmed for this year is the Heritage Fayre at Park Royal on the Sunday.  There'll be special commercial district promotions again.  The =46erry Building Gallery will have photographs with the theme.  If you have more ideas and suggestions -- better still an event to let me know about, pls contact me (prez of North Shore Heritage Cmte/Forum).  Let's have a full roster of heritage happenings again this year.  Heritage has many aspects, not just architecture, landscape (our parks and trees!), culture (tea? walks?), and archaeology (Caulfeild Cove was called by the First Nations Skunk Cove -- think b/c the smell of oil!).  And it can even be good business as well as educational and enjoyable.
=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D
Yours thoughtfully,

Carolanne Reynolds
        Editor, West Van Matters / EditorWVM@WestVan.org
        tel 604 926 8649; msg 922 4400; fax 926 8182   www.westvan.org

*  WVM *
This year, hope to number the issues so easily found/retrieved.  The last one (the first one of the year) was WVM2005-01Ar*.  The letters give hints:  A =3D Agenda; N =3D Notes; A+N mean both, r means revised and * indicates wch revision!  May come up with more.
Anyone whose writing is printed no doubt bemoans mistakes, typos, gremlins of all stripes.  Usually the emailed WVM comes out somewhat rushed and almost invariably has errors.  Please point them out.  It wd be much appreciated.  The printed version comes out after the email (so an opportunity to correct some mistakes before distribution).  Then there's another chance before it goes on the website (sometimes days later).
So, decoding of the first issue for 2005 means it was an agenda and it was revised (if you're reading this you got the one with some mistakes -- couple in punctuation in something I'd copy and pasted; also for some reason Parks disappeared from PEAC's name in the first WVM emailed out this year (previous issue).