Jan24th Agenda, Ccl NOTES & Mtgs/Events to 30th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Herewith: Jan 24th Agenda Main Items (Odours/Housing); Events/Mgs to 30th; Rumblings; Jan 17th Ccl Mtg Notes (Public comment possible if Public Mtg closed??? See ****; more Eagleridge in mtg and at PQP); Jan 24th Ccl Agenda with comments; Quotations; Haiku

We are all saddened by the tragedy in our neighbouring municipality.  It is a wake-up call.  Watch that trickle near you.  WV crews are monitoring our creeks.  Nature cannot be trumped, only accommodated.  This is another powerful reminder that trees are essential for absorption, to slow runoff, provide stabilization, prevent erosion; a message some forget, ignore, or underestimate.  It also indicates the importance of setbacks for rivers and streams.  How timely that Riparian Area Regulations are on the agenda for Ccl Monday night.
*  For those of you who follow these things, you will recall for fifteen years I have recommended that planting on a person's lot shd be entirely the owner's choice as long as, say, 75% of the absorption is maintained (whatever vegetation desired).  Thus it is a scientific determination, not someone's plant preference.
*  For the new OCP I urged protection of ephemeral streams and requiring permeable surfaces as much as possible.  Obviously our creeks and rivers ought to be inspected for obstructions, and stability of banks maintained, enhanced if possible.  I had also suggested even wider streamside setbacks and to make them into linear parks so that it benefits not only the river but becomes a public amenity.  WV cd become famous for its creekside or riverine parks (adding to our park-like cmnty's reputation, not just ecologically responsible).
*  In December, the WV Streamkeepers asked Council to map (and for a map) and protect ephemeral streams wch are so critical for habitat and to prevent erosion (slides) and flooding.  As of Jan 20th, an acknowledgement but no answers yet.  (Will report when they do; especially any measures for protection established.)
*  Ephemeral streams spread the drainage thus lessening the strength and width of a creek or river otherwise becoming raging, overflowing, and removing anything in its path creating more damage from the hurtling debris.  Diversions have repercussions.
MAYBE NOW MORE ATTENTION will be paid to COMPLIANCE & ENFORCEMENT as WVS has been calling for.
The crucial question is, when developments on our mountainside divert (or don't even map so they don't have to comply with setbacks thus having more lots, increased density) and make alternate 'ponds' and 'collectors', are the arrangements just adequate for normal years or are they sufficient to handle the surges and the above-normal rainfall that occur from time to time?
When storm water drains were built in the beginning in Ambleside, they weren't intended for increased density let alone to handle large developments above the Upper Levels.  Some upgrading was done but no surprise basements were flooded.  Time for an assessment and an action plan.

+++++  MAIN ITEMS for Jan 24th  +++++ {may be supplementals issued}  +++
605 Clyde: Public Hearing/Public Mtg; Zoning Amendment Bylaw and Devt Permit
=  Amendment to Biz Licence Bylaw (Odours/Noise)
=  Fees and Charges Bylaw (to be circulated in the Supplemental Agenda)
{Why? why not ready? if not ready, why not put on next agenda? what criteria for shortened time for public review?}
=  Proposed Pesticide Use Control Bylaw {Why first and second reading??}
=  Devt Permit Application (4674 Clovelly Walk) with approval recommended
Arts and Culture Strategy
Housing Dialogue/Neighbourhood Planning Initiatives:  Proposed Program and Timeline
{Why not put out for public comment???}
=  BYLAWS: 605 Clyde Zoning; Bylaw Notice Enforcement Amendment
=  Correspondence: HAC minutes; BC Hydro Integrated Electricity Plan; proposed Starbucks 2416 Marine; Ferry Bldg Expansion; MFA Financial Forum AGM; Env'tal Conference; Good Nbr Bylaw; Millennium Devts; pairing with tsunami-impacted village.

+++++  MTGS/EVENTS to Jan 30th  +++++

=== Tues, Jan 18th ======================
~ 3:30 - 5pm ~ YAC at Hall
~ 6 - 8pm ~ Opening Reception of "Art's a Small World" at FERRY BUILDING GALLERY
                        [more info below]              
=== Wed, Jan 19th ======================
~ 9 - 10:30am ~ Sports & Rec Facility Planning at Hall (a very late addition to the DWV Calendar)
~ 5 - 7pm ~ Business After Business at the WV Chamber of Commerce boardroom; no charge but register by phoning 926 6614; featured sponsors: Handi Restaurant, Geek Service Inc., Millennium Group, Penny Mitchell RE/MAX Masters Realty, and TD Canada Trust Marine Drive.
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Library Bd (Peters Room in Library):  *** MOVED TO JAN 26th ***
~ 7 - 9:30pm ~ Gordon Ave Traffic Study Open House at Seniors' Centre
AREA: bounded by 22nd St, Marine Dr, 21st St, and Jefferson/Inglewood Ave
PURPOSE: to seek cmnty input on traffic and pedestrian issues in the area.  The existing conditions background report prepared by the consultants will be presented at the mtg in an Open House format.  Following the mtg, the consultants will develop options to deal with the issues that have been identified.
Email the hall at gordonstudy@westvancouver.ca or phone 925 7055.
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Bd of Variance (Council Chamber)
Front Yard Setback 2345 Palmerston; Front and Rear Yard Setbacks for new dwelling 1365 - 28th; Front Yard Setback 2247 Gisby; Side Yards 4278 Morgan Crescent; Setbacks for addition/alteration 1512 Rena Crescent
~ 10pm? ~ Say Nothing (See Arts) - Post-Show Talkback January 19
 == Thurs, Jan 20th =====================
~ 5:30 - 7:30pm ~ 2010 Olympic Select Cmte, WV Chamber of Commerce Boardroom
~ 6 - 8pm ~  NS Family Court & Youth Justice Cmte (CNV M Hall, Conf Rm A)
~ 7:30pm ~  WV Streamkeepers - Public Mtg at St Stephen's (885 - 22nd)
Riparian Area Regulations and DWV; WVS Report on 2004; Status of WV Creeks (which watershed do you live in? Who's watching your stream? do you want to?); Questions welcomed!

==A==  The Arts: Theatre ===
^^^  Under the Kilt - Jan 21 - 23, Playwrights' Theatre Centre, Granville Island
^^^ Say Nothing - 8pm, Jan 18 to 22 at Performance Works, Granville Island
See events Jan 19 and 22.  Full description in previous WVM.

 ==B==  The Arts: Exhibits ===
---  WV Chamber but Downtown (Reception 20th, Exhibit to Feb 5th):
     The China National South Artists Association (CNSSA), the Chamber's newest member, is one of the largest non-government artists associations in China. They are now exhibiting in Vancouver from January 17 through February 5, 2005.
     The CNSSA has come to Vancouver for the first time and is now exhibiting at the Pendulum Gallery located in the HSBC Building at 885 West Georgia Street in Vancouver. More than 80 original oil paintings from five most significant Chinese artists are on display. Chamber members are invited to join the exhibition and reception night on Thursday Jan. 20 from 6 to 8pm. For more information visit www.bycanfineartns.com or email bycan@bycandfinearts.com

---  The Ferry Building Gallery (Reception 18th, Talk 22nd, Exhibit to Feb 6th)
"Art's A Small World" -- small works & miniatures in mixed media by
Jane Adams, Patricia Baldwin, Sa Boothroyd, Toni Cavelti, Anne Dunnett, Graham Eagle, Leslie McGuffin, Brian Romer, & Diego Samper -- January 18 - February 6
Opening Reception: Tuesday, Jan 18  from 6  - 8 pm // Artists' Talk: Saturday, Jan 22 at 2pm
Admission to all shows is free
=== Fri, Jan 21st ======================
Playwrights' Theatre Centre / PuSh co-presentation (Edinburgh/Glasgow/Vancouver)
January 21 - 23, 2005 -- PTC Studio in Festival House, Granville Island
Friday, January 21
        Playwrights' Forum: 10am-1pm and Producers' Forum: 10am-1pm
        Playwrights' & Producers' Joint Forum: 2pm-5pm
=== Sat, Jan 22nd ======================
~ 2pm ~ Lighthouse Park Preservation Society free public talk at Srs' Centre, AV Room
Tamsin Baker, Regional Mgr for Land Conservancy of BC: "Preserving Neighbourhood Green Spaces"
~ 4pm ~  Say Nothing (See Arts)  - Artists' Roundtable
~ 4pm ~  Under the Kilt: San Diego by David Greig: 4pm

=== Sun, Jan 23rd ======================
More Under the Kilt:            Shimmer by Linda McLean: 1pm
                        The People Next Door by Henry Adam: 4pm
=== Mon, Jan 24th ======================
~ 8:30 - 10am ~ Arts & Culture Strategy Select Cmte at Hall
of course 7pm Ccl Mtg (see Abbreviated Agenda, in section below)

=== Wed, Jan 26th ======================
~ 5 - 7pm ~ Planning AC in Ccl Chamber
~ 5:30 - 7pm ~ Finance AC at Hall
~ 6 - 8pm ~ Public Mtg on 15th St Road Reconstruction Project at Pauline Johnson School, 1150 - 22nd (Susan Gratien) TBC
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Library Bd (Peters Room in Library):  *** MOVED from JAN 19th ***
 ~ 7pm ~ WV Historical Society general mtg at Srs' Centre
Guest Speaker: Dr. Tom Calder.  One of his major contributions to the community has been the creation of the West Vancouver Adult Pops Band.

=== Thurs, Jan 27th ======================
~ 4 - 6pm ~ Police Bd in the Ch of Commerce Boardroom
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ Design AC in Ccl Chamber
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI, CNV M Hall.

=== Sat, Jan 29th ======================
~ 3 - 5pm ~ NSh Wetlands Partners mtg at WV Youth Centre
~ 8pm ~ Bernard Cuffling performing an evening of Noel Coward at Presentation House.
Phone 990 2474 to reserve; tix $20 going to Tsunami Relief Fund.

=== Sun, Jan 30th ======================
~ 11:30 - 2pm ~ Aquatic Centre's First Birthday!

----------------  NOTE:  No Ccl Mtg Jan 31st  ----------------

+++  MORE RUMBLINGS ..........  +++

Kudos to our WV crews and staff keeping eyes peeled on bursting creeks as "Tropical Punch" brings warm but very wet days.  Steve Jenkins, the WV Environmental Coordinator, gave an informative presentation at the Jan 20th mtg of the WV Streamkeepers along with a talk on the Riparian Area Regulations -- RAR is on Ccl's agenda Jan 24th.
The folks working ever so hard to protect the Eagleridge Bluffs and the wetlands (learned there is even a peat bog there) urge us to write to Premier Campbell and Minister Kevin Falcon to point out the importance of that sensitive area, the Olympics' commitment to environmental sustainability, and actual facts of the situation exposing some misstatements/misrepresentations/misunderstandings/etc.  See www.eagleridgebluffs.ca for a form letter.
Ccl's procedures and consulting the public for proposals have been considerably improved.  Attended the public info mtg on Gordon Street.  (See Jan 19 in Mtg/Events above.)  Ideas and recommendations sought.  Two questions arose: why did this study apparently not include 20th and 22nd since they must have an effect, and why have speed limit signs been removed around Gordon/21st/22nd?
Let's hope they include the added traffic from a possible three-storey Central Cmnty Centre including a Health Centre, as well as maybe a hi-rise on the Wetmore site.  What do you think of closing off 22nd to integrate Wetmore with the Civic Centre Site?
A reader reports that in response to a letter to Ccl re 'downhill truck traffic' (in Jan 10th ccl mtg pkg discussed in NOTES below), the response from the Director of Engineering and Transportation confirmed that no such waivers have been granted. It may be of interest to residents that he invites calls to Brent Dozzi at 604-925-7157 to report any infractions that we see in future.
Heritage Week Feb 21 - 27 plans proceeding apace.  Municipal Heritage Awards will be on the Saturday.  The Ferry Building Gallery will have photographs some with Sacred Spaces theme.  Pleased to announce that Cypress Mountain is again offering a free snowshoe and BBQ!  Same day as the Heritage Fayre at Park Royal South on the Sunday.  Talks, walks, displays not yet finalized.  Call 922 4400 for info or to take part!

+++  Ccl Mtg NOTES Jan 17th  +++  [draft transcript typed during mtg] +++++

Cclr Day still absent
State of the District Address by Mayor Wood
Well, it was very good and I wanted to put it here however it turns out that it is not possible to copy and paste from the DWV website and apparently they can't send it to me in email.  In the interests of not delaying this further, will send out this enewsletter and hope to put it in a future issue.  It is thorough update and can be found on the DWV website.

Agenda; ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- No items presented.
4.         DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 04-018 (4674 CLOVELLY WALK) PUBLIC MEETING             Further Information - Development Permit No. 04-018 (4674 Clovelly Walk) (File:  1010-20-04-018)
THAT the report ... be received. 
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application as follows:
Applicant: Bill Chapman, B.C.L.S., Chapman Land Surveying Ltd.
Affected Lands: 4674 Clovelly Walk (Lot K, Block 13, District Lot 1240, Plan 21300)
Purpose: To provide for a future [two-lot] subdivision on a site containing ["difficult terrain".]
Draft Development Permit: To regulate and impose conditions on the development of the site to avoid hazardous conditions and to protect the natural environment.

SJN: reason this is here is b/c steep terrain, wd involve a cul-de-sac; b/c requires a Devt Permit, staff did not recommend a cul-de-sac
Variance, the larger lot, bldg pushed back; pool......
trees; helpful to have a tree-cutting covenant --
[Ccl moved receipt of reports.]
VD: Clovelly unique?  isn't Caulfeild Land Use Contract area treed too?
SJN: a bit poetic but this is not in CLUC area and there are some trees in spot
VD: anywhere else tree covenants?
SJN: by creeks, Tall Tree Estates and Whytecliff
Rockridge had one for two years
there are two others, but not individual lots
VD: is it the purpose of staff to put tree covenants along every lot on Clovelly Walk?
SJN: no, they wd be voluntary
an owner [a while ago] has chosen to protect his trees
a quarter of a mile down the lane from this another but don't know
VD: does the applicant intend to protect the trees
SJN: the nature of the subdivision, no need to cut the trees
VD: the applicant is doing his best to keep his trees but you/we/staff think we shd force him to keep his trees?
SJN: we always hope and anticipate but the next owner may not
VD: allowed cut on north side?
SJN: yes; staff involved in nature of cutting
Sop: Jim Bailey's report under devt proposal
SJN: p 12
VD: Jan 7
Mayor: Dec 3, two reports
Sop: p 012 says both contain difficult terrain
in order to avoid a larger road dedication
dotted line, was solid line; across driveway entrance; what was the change?
SJN: to the M from the private lot
Sop: dotted line significant?
SJN: current edge of payment
Sop: based on devpr wanting to satisfy his rights, this configuration of driveway
SJN: believe for utilities
Sop: is the covenant area the one in motion tonight?
SJN: yes
VD:  without variances cd he put a driveway in?
SJN: yes; if looking at page 019, where you see covenant you'd see road going down with a turnaround; large lot and other lot
VD: what wd that have done?
SJN: wd have eliminated the trees
VD: applicant to maintain driveway or trees?
SJN: applicant's desire for driveway, staff's desire to keep the trees
JF: what if want trees removed for sunlight or wider driveway? what wd process be?
SJN: covenant not drawn up yet
of course hazard trees can be cut
there's a M bylaw wrt trees on M property
if someone wants to do some trimming for light, probably wd be permitted
if tree oversize or destroying road, maybe replacement tree
on private property, typically there are no questions asked; within property owner's right
JF: owner wd make application and staff wd make decision?
SJN: yes
VD: report says letters from six nbrs saying they support subdiv as proposed;  the gravel driveway and keeping trees
nothing about covenant
SJN: doesn't mention covenant; the four on the other side of the road object to the covenant
VD: lack of support for covenant says here, may want to "improve views in future"; isn't it the right of every nbr to go across the street to ask nbr's trees be cut and owner's right to refuse, on private property
SJN: correct
VD: everybody's been doing that --
not many trees cut on Clovelly Walk
SJN: not on THIS part of Clovelly Walk;
VD: appreciate the damage done by a dvpr further along who seemed to stray further and cut trees on what people call Clovelly Walk
amazing fact that some inference being implied on nbrs who might or might not want to ask for odd branch to be removed in future just b/c they object to covenant
Sop: point of order, are we not to listen then discuss
Mayor: further information in these reports
VD: asking wrt these reports
says not applicable -- from whose point of view?
SJN: typically from the M's point of view
Mayor asked if any public input, saying opportunity for Ccl to listen, not to debate at this time.
Michelle Kosich: Bill Chapman here to help; owner, here with husband and children Ryan and Chelsea; have not prepared a presentation
grew up in Caulfeild, went to Caulfeild School
was taught French by the owner of 4674 Clovelly Walk
when my father was transferred, moved to Ontario for highschool, then to Quebec, met my husband
it was my husband's and my decision to move back to WV
lived at 4630 Clovelly Walk for four years; we sold to be able to purchase 4674
spoken with 14 immediate nbrs, four weren't there [left messages, willingness to discuss application]
none raised any concerns wrt subdiv, except a few concerned about greenbelt covenant and one didn't like the restriction on blasting on lot two
v special place
executor said wd like prop to stay in hands
on this prop my husband and I wd like to build our family home
Sop: concerned about sensitivity to the area -- was it the prev owner that removed some trees?
Bill Chapman: I was working with the estate of the prev owner; knew her and worked with her for some 15 years prior to his death but when the estate decided to develop it, part of request was to protect and to develop to its maximum potential
hired an arborist from Bowen Island, attended site with Steve Jenkins [DWV Env'tal Coordinator], walked the three lots to the north as well as the two lots on the south side.
reviewed, wrote a report
on site had tree trimmers, tree fallers, and we identified a tree, take it down, another, take it down, then do some limbing.
spent three days, very intensively to provide view corridors for the three lots to the north
then Bill and Michelle expressed
Michelle came out wrt trees on south and she mentioned wch ones she did not want cut, we showed what we'd cut [wd cut]
on north side created a 30ft strip; mixed with top soil DWV supplied to us
bottom 30 ft
some native planting on N side
put on south side; bark mulch, tree-cutting; take away mulch and gravel driveway shd be protected
spent a lot of time on indiv trees
on the driveway, [pointing] there's a tree that's weeping, and being inexperienced, I thought had to be brought down but it was explained that it was weeping to seal itself and protect itself from bugs, restoring self so driveway has been redesigned
been topped but healthy
client wants to keep trees
trees wd be lost if road came in [here, pointing], blacktop, and that wd have removed over 30 trees
we did new subdivision to retain the 35 trees
covenant over my client's, .......
My clients want to protect over 100ft; they've told nbrs they've done the cutting and trimming they want to do
if they sell, er, but if they build here, trees shd be protected; lot 2 can make up their own mind [cut all]
Lot 2, if covenanted cd have trees kept
there are only five trees left in the covenanted area; we expanded it to capture one tree
another tree over here topped at 40ft, cd request removed and expect staff wd grant
Sop: how many trees in the subject prop?
BCh: have a plan I cd put on wall, cd count
Sop: not necessary
BCh: suspect leaving 80 trees
Sop: does owner have any objection to covenant on trees?
Michelle, Owner: on my property? no.
Sue Robinson: I live in property due east
4660 Clovelly owners have been in Barbados since the notice went out
ever since owner died
pleasure of living in a forest
but you have to realize that as a cmnty -- don't know how many have passed there; areas clearcut
and another proposal, maybe a subdivision
so a street of maybe 18 houses, single lane road; there are some unique old-growth trees there
built my house there
have lost 70% of my privacy by trees cut on that side; see loss of more
saw plans at City Hall
re variances: while 20K min sq ft; we have a [36k?] and 21K; unfortunately b/c of terrain build there, my privacy's gone
taking the 80 ft min and reducing it to 60 ft
if you look at the whole devt of Cl Walk, ev devt has been subdivided as a panhandle
this is the first subdiv of a prop, we have a skinny lot -- understand owners want a large lot
impacts me and nbrs to the south
the other consideration env'tal challenging, runoff water significant -- if my nbrs weren't in Barbados and were here, they wdn't be here b/c their basement is a foot and a half under water.   B/c we had extreme weather today.  Until I went out today intervened with the contractors working on three nearby lots across the street b/c the water runoff is coming down [so fast/strong] that it blew up my [???] dump
construction process is quite challenging
VD: I know this street very well
Wd you prefer, uh, I mean they can do a legal subdiv without coming to Ccl
wd you prefer that?
SueR: between devil and deep blue sea
existing driveway there, circular
haven't spent time studying it but I don't think it's an either or situation
suddenly 60ft lot and necessitates envelope destroying privacy, and ht wd
G-J: in your opinion what wd mitigate this for you?
SueR: siting of the bldg envelope; adjacent rather than directly in front of my prop
trees have already been taken down, can't rebuild them; tree barrier has been reduced by 50% and that's not going to be coming back again
I've been told my view will be improved b/c owner will cut down the trees
the tree-cutting hasn't finished so we're fooling ourselves
I did not move to Clovelly Walk to have trees removed but know views and privacy are important, sometimes they're mutually exclusive
Sop: where are you?
SueR pointed and said: I'm 4664 and the Brewsters are at 4660, closer down to the traintracks
Sop to SJN: is that dotted line the driveway area?
SJN: possible driveway area
the building envelope is larger; house has not been designed yet;
bldg 36ft away from road allowance
bldg cd start down in that area
more likely layout garage closer to street
lot approximately where wd be with cul-de-sac
Sop: existing driveway is in place? wanting to be left that way and enjoyed b/c of mature planting, trees?
SJN: nature of the site and topography
Bill Chapman: two comments
the nbrs to the south, the Brewsters, who are away, met with my client and gave verbal agreement Dec 21st
impact of home in this location [pointing]; whether you have road or our proposed design, wd have home in this same location
in design we don't have to come to Ccl, setback 9ft, and we have an additional 12 ft; ....we have a substantial separation
this home is designed to capture the view here back to the city [pointing], oriented to look this way
this home has small windows on this side [more pointing], with garage here, very little in the way of windows in any of these locations that wd have any impact on privacy
a couple of trees in this area, and here to provide screening, looked at it carefully
we were available to discuss this
believe we've dealt with it to the best of our ability.



G-J: does that mean we won't get a staff report?
SJN: I believe anytime you get a staff report, mbrs of the public may wish to comment on it, so if you were going to request a further staff report you'd probably adjourn the public mtg
it's not a legal requirement, it's not a public hearing per se
G-J: right.
Mayor: are you referring to specific questions raised that wd require a staff report?
G-J: for me, I don't think I need a staff report, I think there are some things to discuss and as long as we are free to do that and the public are free to comment--
SJN: staff comment during your discussion is possible, Mr Mayor.
G-J: that's fine.
[VOTE WAS TAKEN to close Public Mtg AND PASSED unanimously]

{Here's the $64K question.  Will the public be free to comment or not? 
Is there a difference between Public Hearings and Public Mtgs wrt public input?
The Dir of Planning was obviously mindful of the Gordon St court case that ruled the public had the right to comment on staff reports, therefore his implication 'morally' if staff report wanted, not to close, so public cd comment.   If they close the Public Mtg, they shd not have a staff report (b/c of new information introduced, a criterion wrt Public Hearings).
Cclr G-J laudably expresses her wish to be assured the public will be free to comment during future discussion and clearly wd not want to close the public mtg if they cd not.
Look at the answer.
Does it mean if staff comment during Ccl's discussion that's fine and the Public Mtg can be closed, ie does not preclude staff answering specific questions?  whereas if a staff report, shd not close?
What about the public?
Was the answer partial, surely not intentionally omitting answer re public? assuming a followup or assuming applied to public by extension?
Does Cclr G-J interpret if staff comment possible then public's wd be too even though not specifically mentioned?
This is an important issue of procedure for the public.}


5.         REPORTS
5.1       Eagleridge Area - Policy Review and Actions (File:  1015-02)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            THAT staff prepare Official Community Plan and zoning bylaw amendments, and supporting legal documentation and survey plans, that reinforce protection of environmentally sensitive areas and features in lands above Eagleridge and Horseshoe Bay, once the final route of the proposed [four-lane] relocated Sea-to-Sky Highway is determined.
SJN: what further actions Ccl can take
concerns over environment
key thing is that the province has stated they are proceeding with the overland route (but land not acquired)
the District opposes that and is proceeding with [promoting?] the four-lane tunnel
don't know exact location of hwy, b/c not finalized
once route known, District can negotiate with owner wrt what can be preserved
wd like to point out M's zoning is NOT binding on the province
member of public has suggested a change to effect "once route decided by province"
G-J made motion: our 2004 OCP states these lands will be protected; this provides greater certainty; shows intent
shift by prov govt
province's plan conflicts with ours
important to know wrt protection of wetlands throughout province, they are sacrosanct
slowdown in Qualicum
wd like to know why we don't get the same respect.
Sop: our OCP  protects; protection of biodiversity [etc]
all components of the entire land above the hwy
we're concerned about the entire hillside but this only deals [with this part]
goes right over to Nelson Creek watershed
SJN: intent to include
this report intent to provide focus
Sop: thoughts were, well they look at this and bringing this in now
shd have an expression what our attitude is toward the environment and hwy going over this
SJN: we are doing that as well
as Ccl knows, the owners of Rodgers Creek area -- you'll be involved in a year-long process
this is above Eagleridge but others
your policies are
VD: think this is a good report
fundamentally clears up what I think the Minister and Ministry try to draw a screen over
for those of us who voted for the OCP, one reason was for protection of the environment
not all the land above the Upper Levels will be for housing
prov spun that and said all
this report puts it more concisely
staff has done a very good report
residential but doesn't say all will be used for residential, off sensitive
think this is a good report
unfortunate little or no effect on province b/c they already know that
not good point for press release
they just slammed us
they knew that, Ministry knew that, their own consultants knew that
this report has a good purpose
when prov finally makes up mind, we'll be set to move forward
JF: the OCP contemplates that when an area proposed for devt, inventory to be taken
who pays?
are paths, is route for hwy set out?
has prov already undertaken the study? done env'tal assessments?
we won't require further study prior to bringing these bylaws, amendments, into place?
SJN:  the prov govt has done some env'tal assessments but DWV's opinion those are incomplete and flawed so will not be accepted by the M
prov govt has also proposed to put a hwy through some of the areas their studies have already shown as env'tally sensitive
JF: will M have to undertake further studies?
SJN: quite possible; the M will have to assess the value of the dollar for doing that
5.2       Planning Advisory Committee 2004 Annual Report and Proposed Workplan for 2005
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
5.3       Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4416, 2005
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
{Why on earth wd these two items be put on the agenda WITHOUT the material?
Why apparently not enough time over the holidays to finalize the documentation needed?
What's the problem with putting these two items on the next or a future agenda with the normal, albeit short, time for the public to read it and be aware?
What criteria are there for putting items on the agenda at the last minute thus reducing availability and notice to the public?
What's the hurry?
so that the time for public to be informed has been drastically shortened?}
Rec'd for information
G-J:  what is the status of our housing dialogue wrt OCP?
SJN: proposal for the beginning of a study coming to Ccl in a few weeks.
RB, Dir/AS: been working with the two other Ms
pleased to report adjudication system has been very successful to date
we're proposing [named] be included
asking first, second, and third reading this evening.
Sop: for unpaid tickets but will it apply to all our bylaws?
RB: regulatory; common; only bylaws have been added, good nbr
as bylaws change, will be adding to that
Sop: when ticketed, off to adjudication
concern meet with confrontation, not going to accept this; do you enforce?
what wd be the next step
fine one, two, three, and four times; person objects and still carries on, what wd be the options?
RB: under the adjudication
there is a screening process; opp to discuss with screening officers
why ticket shd be cancelled
then advanced to adjudication; then heard by prov adjudicator
do not have the ability to vary the fine; determination must be made that a good probability that violation occurred and they rule on it
method of appeal process is a judicial review process
from our perspective, if not successful with compliance can go through court system
can seek injunctions, individual fines
new system we have at our disposal, ticket up to a max of $1000; adjudication, ticket up to $500
may make application to the courts, max of $10K
Sop: the actual bylaw, if entered court, wd it be enforceable? what we've set down in bylaws
RB: not clear; our bylaws have the same jurisdiction as a court system
if adjudication upheld; can seek recovery of fines, collection systems
Sop: if not a satisfactory, cd move to court system and our bylaws wd be defendable and enforceable as well
RB: our bylaws when drafted, when go to adjudication only those set out
the most severe not mentioned
G-J: what is salient
this system works for straightforward infractions
great to separate those out; deal in efficient manner
whole lot of other grey areas that wd not come under this
Mayor: understand the system is working very, very well.

JF: the Mayor was invited and asked me to accompany him wrt North Van Arts Ccl
also invited Cheryl Karchut of Silk Purse and Chair of WVCAC
some structures Spirit of BC, and substructures enabling grants awarded to groups, wd have to be matched, to assist putting on arts or sports presentations or planning that wd enhance the lead up to 2010
NVAC has been working on this, marketing strategy, and asked if WV wd be interested in making application, making it a North Shore event
Mayor and I suggested writing a letter to WV
deadline is Jan 31st
hope by next mtg hope to have received specific information and request to be a partner
was a celebration of thanks arranged by WV firefighters for all those who have assisted in Santa Claus fund
prov govt has taken over the issuance of charitable donations; this homegrown fund for some 45 to 50 years taking care needy families in WV, hampers
brought together by firefighters, used to work out of Fire Hall; luncheon in their honour
Mayor presented certificates, interesting, I think to 13 people, and their accumulated service in something like 260 years
Lion's share, Ruth Stout, some 45 years
on an annual basis without any recognition; they solicit donations and see to needs, wonderful celebration
Cclr G-J also attended
these people were very pleased to be recognized by Ccl
VD: myself and yourself attended the Ch of Commerce
after battling our way through the picket line
I thought your speech was very well received; interesting questions; as usual well put on event, the food was great
Secondly, when this is finished wd like to propose a motion to support Mayor Sharp's position regarding of refunding the TransLink tax increase
G-J: began Library's new strategic plan on Saturday
staff reports incredible, what's going on in the world of libraries is incredible
fundamental questions put to trustees and to cmnty
shd we become learning and research centre, are we where people learn to navigate the Internet, beyond Google
how can Lib support cultural devt of cmnty like Booktopia at Kay Meek Centre or concerts at Silk Purse centre without losing focus on books and research
what to do with technology
I didn't know a DVD plays about a third as many times as a video; huge implication on budget b/c have to buy the same thing three times compared on how usable video was
we have the largest Persian collection, probably in Canada, due to strong support from Persian cmnty and [their] funding and ongoing funding
what about cost of technology
non-readers are turning into listeners, can download ebooks and listen on MP3 player
just an explosion of access to information
came away feeling so jazzed about this library and what it can offer this cmnty; so that will be fun
announcement around Booktopia, the WV Children's Literature Festival; major sponsor is the Library Fdn but VSun Raise-a-Reader Program now as well a sponsor
exciting we can play a bigger role in raising awareness around literacy in the region
was asked to speak at the Leadership Vancouver retreat this weekend on Bowen kicking off its class for this term; takes professionals in region and asks them to select a cmnty project and devote their time to developing their civic contributions and skills
really pleased to say I suggested they take on the North Shore Youth Safe House and its issue of stabilized funding, and it was the most popular selection of that class
a role we play in the region
best minds, beyond our own borders
Sop: attended on behalf of Cclr Day, HAC, as well as PEAC
one of the interesting parts was the speaker Bob Parliament of the prov heritage ministry
giving cmte insite into strategic planning
suggestion maybe they wd like to meet with Ccl as a presentation
last PEAC mtg they sent an attachment with their views of pesticides
Mayor: just been reminded that I neglected to mention the Aquatic Centre is coming up to its first birthday Jan 30th.  Mr Pike can you enlighten us?
KPike: actually I can't; been swirling around, got bits and pieces, been working on many other things; will get back to you prior to event; variety of things being planned; Mayor and Ccl will be there, on the Sunday, Jan 30th --
Mayor: understand commences at 12:30
KP: that is correct
JF: and there will be cake --
{I've checked and as you see in Mtg/Events above, it's from 11:30 - 2pm.}

VD: Most people will have read about the problem that has arisen with the increase in assessments wch has given TransLink $13m
As assessments go up, mill rates go down so they don't to the Ms much good, however TransLink is a precise percentage of the assessed values.  When they put this through they thought 2% per annum; well last year went up by 4% and this year 18%
as you mentioned in your speech, Mr Mayor, this additional tax point, is approx $500K add'l tax for WV
Mayor Sharp has commenced lobbying the Bd to reassess this position to return this back to the homeowners.
obviously we shd support this
therefore I make motion that TransLink return the excess to homeowners and support Mayor Sharp's position
7.         OTHER ITEMS
7.1       Correspondence [listed in previous issue]
Only two letters referred to:
7.1.8         M. Jordan, Global Health Enterprises, Inc., January 01, 2005, regarding litter in West Vancouver
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
7.1.9         P. Miller, January 03, 2005, regarding downhill truck traffic on 27th Street
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
G-J: have a question about M Jordan re littering.  I think she's right, especially in front of Starbucks, disgusting
not sure what is required but keep hearing this
a clean and tidy, pristine cmnty is what most citizens expect
Dir/Engg: first thing I intend to do is to inspect sites to see if there's anything we can do and speak to staff and time of response to these complaints
some areas prov jurisdiction so will speak to them
MMgr: re commercial [sites] also speaking to them

JC: re downhill 27th, do know we do offer permission for trucks doing work for the District, may get special
but these were delivering to a care home
wd like assurance not being done [given permission to trucks] at large
Dir/Engg: we've already looked into that and haven't issued permits for that
contacted writer of letter and asked for licence numbers if they observe any more so we can contact them
JC:  very good

VD: also about litter letter, Starbucks up at Caulfeild Shopping Centre, but if you go down drive you'll see litter all the way down
probably highway lineup but certainly M road
it has got substantially worse in last six to nine months
seems to stop when you get to the pedestrian tunnel that goes under the hwy
BCh: didn't catch re public mtg; did you close?
Mayor: closed
BCh: when going to discuss it? tonight? when?
there was no staff report requested, can it not be discussed tonight?
Mayor: typically don't on same night, one week
SJN: cd have been on tonight; in anticipation there cd hv bn a question will be on next week's agenda
VD: was wondering see a number of members of Save the Bluffs
wonder if we were going to ask Ms Pottinger, the Liberal candidate, to explain her position
heard against tunnel and for hwy
wonder if we were about to do that
Mayor: a planted question
VD: a thought-up question, yes
Mike Evison: for a moment at a loss for words, uh Chairing Coalition
I confess, surprised that we may have invited a candidate for the upcoming election to address Ccl on an issue such as this
VD: wonder why she supports prov govt and not us, since she represents us
ME: I haven't spoken to her, some mbrs of the Coalition have spoken to her
VD, laughing: okay, I'll ask the question, when are we going to invite her?
Mayor: I don't think it's up to us to invite her, for her to make a presentation to us
if Coalition cd convince her to come forward with her position and why, it might be appropriate
ME: I'd be pleased to
JC: question that cd or shd come up at an all-candidate mtgs
VD: if can't ask it here, certainly ask it at an all-candidate mtg
ME: thank you for so delicately asking that question
MMgr: if Ccl is interested in the candidate's position on that particular issue, you cd ask us to convey interest to the candidate and ask that she provide some information whether she appears or does it in writing, may helpful for Ccl to understand her perspective
if Ccl wishes us to do that -- [write letter] on behalf of Ccl, we can
Mayor: believe that was intent
VD: wd much prefer to see her, then we cd actually ask more probing questions
she might not want to turn up
Mayor: suspect that might be the case.
MMgr: we cd also convey Ccl's interest in having a public discussion.
9.         ADJOURNMENT

 +++++  ABBREVIATED AGENDA 7pm Monday 2005 Jan 24  +++++
                        A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday

The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application:
Applicant:  Crescentview Investments Ltd.
Affected Lands:  605 Clyde Avenue
Purpose:  To provide for development of a four-storey 17-unit seniors-oriented strata apartment building, with 23 underground parking spaces, accessed from an opened and improved 6th Street right-of-way.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:  To rezone the property from C.R.1 (Commercial Restricted Zone 1) to an amended R.M. 8 (Multiple Dwelling Zone 8)
Proposed Development Permit:  To regulate and impose conditions respecting the form and character of the development.
Your only opportunity to comment on the proposed bylaw will be during the Reconvened Public Hearing as members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions after the Hearing is closed.
The applicant will be provided an opportunity to make a presentation on the subject application.
Mayor Wood will call for Public Input.
Closure of the Reconvened Public Hearing and Public Meeting if there is no further public input,
if Council wishes a further staff report, then adjourned to ________________.

3.1       Public Hearing/Public Meeting Minutes, January 10, 2005
3.2       Council Meeting Minutes, January 10, 2005

4.         REPORTS
4.1       Amendment to Business Licence Bylaw - Odours/Noise (Business Licence Bylaw No. 3024, 1982, Amendment Bylaw No. 4403, 2004
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report dated January 13, 2005 from the Manager of Bylaw & Licencing [sic] Services re Amendment ... be received for information.
{For language lovers: licence is the noun and license is the verb; this shd be Licensing (the present participle).}

4.2       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
            (to be circulated in the Supplemental Agenda)

{What's the problem?  if not ready, put it on next agenda!  why give very little time for the public to see the bylaw?  What's the urgency?  what criteria are there to allow staff to withhold/shorten time from/for the public?}

4.3       Proposed Pesticide Use Control Bylaw
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
1.         Pesticide Use Control Bylaw No. 4377, 2004 be introduced and read a first and second time.
2.         Council direct the Parks and Community Services Division to draft a formal "Pesticide Use" Policy with respect to internal operations within both Departments.
3.         Council direct staff to prepare a public education and awareness strategy and budget.

4.4       Development Permit Application 04-018 (4674 Clovelly Walk)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
THAT Development Permit No. 04-018 (4674 Clovelly Walk) which would provide for a future two-lot subdivision with variances to site width for both lots and a variance to highest building face for the house on proposed Lot 1 be approved.

4.5       Arts and Culture Strategy
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
1.         The Arts and Culture Strategy dated January 14, 2005 (Appendix 1) be adopted as the foundation for arts and culture development in West Vancouver.
2.         The recommendations identified in the strategy be approved.

***{uh, what are they?}

3.         The priority actions requiring operating funds be approved and implemented on a phased basis in 2005 and 2006 as funding becomes available.

***{er, how much $$$???}

4.         Capital funds for facility studies and the Kay Meek Centre contribution from the Municipality, be approved for the 2005 budget year.

{uh, er, again, how much $$$???
Anyone remember that DWV was promised that the centre wd not involve taxpayer money/higher taxes b/c there wd be a fund/foundation/interest generated that wd cover operating expenses.  I support the arts.  I agree with subsidizing the arts -- culture is supported by govts everywhere.  I do not agree with false or broken promises.}

5.         Capital funding for the remaining projects recommended in the Strategy be included in the [Ten-Year] Year Capital Plan once the necessary planning and consultation work has been completed.

{And will we be simply presented with a new Ten-Year Capital Plan?  It was withdrawn about a year ago, it was promised last spring when we asked when, however we're still waiting.  And, of course, so much for Capital Plans (whether $40 or 45m) set in stone. 
Now, I have no quibble with changing circumstances/needs resulting in revised estimates or projections.  Again, my problem is with false, misleading, or impossible commitments.}

6.         Staff be directed to bring forward for approval, the policies on Special Events, and on Public Art and Municipal Art Collection.
7.         An Arts and Culture Strategy Implementation Committee be formed as a Select Committee of Council, to make recommendations on actions necessary for the implementation of the Strategy.

Which reminds us.  When are they going to reinstate ITAC (Information Technology Advisory Cmte) when they have computer items on the budget sometimes of $2m and more with the potential of savings and more efficiency in these times of rising taxes?
How come an aspect that involves far less money rates a cmte?
What sort of criteria is being used?
Maybe just b/c there is so little computer expertise it gets ignored or overlooked......}

4.6       Housing Dialogue and Neighbourhood Planning Initiatives:  Proposed Program and Timeline Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
THAT Phase 1 of the Proposed Housing Dialogue Program set out in the report from the Planning Analyst dated January 12, 2005 be approved.

{What?  Excuse me?  without putting the report, program, or initiatives out for public input???}

5.         BYLAWS
5.1       Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4409, 2004 (605 Clyde Avenue) Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            This Bylaw received first reading at the December 13, 2004 Council Meeting.
THAT "Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4409, 2004" (605 Clyde Avenue) be read a second and third time.
5.2       Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4416, 2005
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
This Bylaw received third reading at the January 17, 2005 Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw .... be adopted.
7.         OTHER ITEMS
7.1       Correspondence
 No Action Required (receipt only)
7.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
            (a)       Heritage Advisory Committee, November 09, 2004
7.1.2         A. Dinwoodie, President, Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM), January 04, 2005, regarding 2005 UBCM Membership
7.1.3         A. Shwetz, Manager, Lower Mainland-Coastal Community Relations, BC Hydro, January 12, 2005, regarding BC Hydro 2005 Integrated Electricity Plan:  Vancouver Regional Workshop
7.1.4         J. Spence, January 07, 2005, regarding 2416 Marine Drive, West Vancouver and proposed lease to Starbucks
7.1.5         V. Sutherland, January 12, 2005, regarding Arts and Culture Plan for West Vancouver - Ferry Building Expansion
7.1.6         Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia, January 12, 2005, regarding Financial Forum and Annual General Meeting
7.1.7         K. Vance, Senior Policy Analyst & J. Wright, Policy Analyst, Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM), January 07, 2005, regarding Environmental Conference:  Integrated Environmental Management
7.1.8         A. D. Kerr, November 30, 2004, regarding Good Neighbour Bylaw
7.1.9         J. Whyte, November 30, 2004, regarding Good Neighbour Bylaw
7.1.10       R. H. Banks, November 30, 2004, regarding Good Neighbour Bylaw
7.1.11       M. Boileau, November 30, 2004, regarding Good neighbour Bylaw
7.1.12       K. Farquharson & L. Cooper, Co-Chairmen, Strata Corporation LMS 532, January 17, 2005, regarding proposed amendment to Business Licence Bylaw No. 4403 (Re:  Odour and Noise Control)
Action Required
7.1.13       D. Stephenson, January 16, 2005, regarding Millennium Developments
                  Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
7.1.14       B. & H. Corbet, January 07, 2005, regarding pairing with a tsunami impacted Asian village
                              Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.

+++  QUOTATIONS  ++++++++++++

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.
                        -- H.L. Mencken, writer, editor, and critic (1880-1956)

Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it's the only one you have.
                        -- Emile Chartier, philosopher (1868-1951)

The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none.
                        -- Thomas Carlyle, writer (1795-1881)

Today's public figures can no longer write their own speeches or books, and  there is some evidence that they can't read them either.
                        -- Gore Vidal (1925-  )

.......One whom famous American writer Vidal was not thinking of.......

Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.
                        --  John F. Kennedy, 35th US president (1917-1963)

Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.
                        -- George Bernard Shaw, Irish dramatist (1856 - 1950)

Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.
                        -- Mark Twain, author and humorist (1835-1910)

+++  HAIKU  +++  2004 December 29  ++++++++++++++++++++

        'good' and 'bad' are our concepts ~~
                                Earth's oblivious;
                                         we're irrelevant
That was my tsunami thought; but we can be good and bad to each other.
May the milk of human kindness reign.
As to Mother Nature, some realization and preparation wd be good for us.
Yours thoughtfully,

Carolanne Reynolds
        Editor, West Van Matters / EditorWVM@WestVan.org
        tel 604 926 8649; msg 922 4400; fax 926 8182   www.westvan.org

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WV celebrates its special places and its volunteers that make this such a great community.
Seniors are our heritage and youth are our future heritage!