Feb 7th Ccl Agenda; Events/Mtgs to 12th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

This issue:  INFObits; Main Items Feb 7th Ccl Mtg (Family Services, Special Events, North Shore Court & Youth Justice, Tailed Frogs, 2168 Marine and Pesticide Bylaws) wch will be televised live; Events/Mtgs to Feb 13th; Feb 7th Ccl Mtg Agenda; New Terms/Children's Rules; Heritage Week Update; Quotations
As Le Monde diplomatique's founder, Hubert Beuve-Mery, remarked: "Comment is free; facts are sacred."

+++++  INFObits  +++++  Setting the record straight...............

=  The information presented to WV residents as they contemplated the new OCP was that, as Cclr Durman echoed, WV's growth was .4% per year.  Unfortunately, that is not true.  WV's population has been decreasing, as the Vancouver Sun correctly reported and wch caused me to then check.  The statistics can be found on the province's website:
From http://www.bcstats.gov.bc.ca/data/pop/pop/mun/Mun9603a.htm
West Vancouver Population Estimates
1996 > 42,269 --- 1997 > 42,792 --- 1998 > 42,929
1999 > 43,025 --- 2000 > 43,027  {wonder who the lucky couple is who moved in???}
2001   =   43,228
2002   <   43,042  {drops 186}
2003   <  42,867  {drops another 175}
                % Change 2002-2003: -0.4
Please note that, just b/c the population is dropping does not mean we do not need more choice in housing in WV.  There's no doubt that many wish to downsize so what smaller units closer to commercial areas.  My point is just to insist on accuracy.

=  At the FAC mtg, Cclr Durman again said that the Gleneagles Cmnty Centre was built before the Central one so that there wd be a place for the activities.  Nope; but to be fair he wasn't at the Civic Site Advisory Group (re central civic site) meetings so wdn't have heard the reassurances given by staff.  More than one person, in the deliberations, asked about accommodation of groups and activities when the Cmnty Centre was demolished.  Staff reassured the group on more than one occasion no problem, that they had thoroughly researched and prepared.  They had identified enough school and church gyms, mtg places, etc to replace the demand for space.
There were some who wanted the GCC built first even though the need for the central cmnty centre was greater -- old building, 70% of the population in the east.
There was no doubt there'd be full support for a new cmnty centre at the civic site.
The west had been working for a cmnty centre for a long time and felt they deserved it (it is a big success).  Some were happy about that however I even met one mother who wanted the central site b/c she said with three kids, she'd rather drop them all off at one place.  Proponents of the western rec centre were afraid that if the central cmnty centre went over budget (remember the RFMP -- Recreational Facilities Master Plan referred to again by VD at the Jan 24th mtg -- had the Aquatic Centre work as $2.5m and it ended up over $8m, some say $12m will all the bits and pieces), there wdn't be funds left over for the GCC.  They were taking seriously that the Ten-Year Capital Plan was 'cast in stone' as Council reiterated.
No fear.
The Ten-Year Capital Plan (finalized at ~$44m) was somewhere around the fifth year when it disappeared from the M website early last year and yet to reappear despite reassurances of imminent appearance.  Hardly a surprise when you calculate that ~$16.3m was spent in 2002, election year, alone, leaving little for the subsequent years, since some had been spent prior to 2002).  It may not be a coincidence that this again is election year.
We may get a Five-Year Capital Plan soon.  Budget 2005 had to be passed in May and the province requires a Five-Year Plan be presented at the same time.
At the Jan 24th ccl mtg, I urged that Ccl allow more than the week the Dir of Finance said wd be allowed for availability of the Capital Plan for the public to review.  Keep in mind expenditures are in the millions.

+++++  MAIN ITEMS at CCL Feb 7th  +++++
Municipal grant funds in support of the work of Family Services of the North Shore
=  1145 Ottaburn Road (staff report back or approval)
=  Special Events Policy and Procedures
=  North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee Review  - Copy of Final Report
=  Tailed Frog Study Prepared for British Pacific Properties Limited
=  Fees and Charges Bylaw  to be introduced and read a first time.
Zoning Amendment Bylaw and Development Permit for 2168 Marine Drive
=  BYLAWS: Zoning for 2168 Marine Drive and Pesticide Use Control
=  Correspondence  =  Minutes from Bd/Variance, NSFC&YJ Cmte, Lib Bd, PAC, Police Bd; Gleneagles clubhouse planning; Good Neighbour Bylaw; twinning of Port Mann Bridge; Eagleridge Area - policy review and actions; 2004 Community Service Grants; Caulfeild Village Green; BC Hydro 2005 Integrated Electricity Plan; Pitch-In Canada Week; Evelyn Drive; Canadian Environmental Protection Act; closure of Shaw Studios; [report on problems at] construction site at 2550 Skilift Road; 4674 Clovelly Walk; Driving Class; Caulfeild Park; sewage and runoff waters; pedestrian safety in Ambleside; closing Brake Check Facility on the Upper Levels; regulation of trees;  Construction - Lawrence Way Intersection
= EAC apptmts rescinded and instead: Cclr Soprovich with Day as alternate

+++++  EVENTS/MEETINGS to Feb 9th  +++++

=== Tues, Feb 1st  ======================
~ 11am ~ Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs: A Public Rally for Olympic Sustainability [See www.eagleridgebluffs.ca for the facts, the latest, action items, form letters to send]
~ 3:30 - 5:30 ~ YAC at Hall
~ 7 - 9pm ~ CSAC in Ccl Chamber: Presentations on the new Cmnty Centre and the Arts & Culture Strategy
=== Wed, Feb 2nd  ======================
~ 8:30am I'd guess but found out about the Sports/Rec Facilities Planning Cmte mtg after the mtg -- at time of checking (later on Feb 2nd, it appeared on the Events Calendar but still was not on the Cmte's page.  In fact the last agenda on the website is dated Jan 19 when in fact was told there was another mtg Jan 26 also with little or no notice so even members didn't know about it).
PLEASE NOTE: both of these meetings had presentations/discussions on the new Cmnty Centre, possibly an expenditure of over $20m.  It's bad enough no open houses or information meetings for public input or involvement (though I requested it a couple of times last year), now the last two meetings on this very important project in our cmnty go virtually unannounced.  SPEAK UP.  SAY YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING IN THE HEART OF WV and for how much.........
~ 6 - 10pm ~ PEAC at Hall (usually ends earlier) -- Ambleside Park Vision Plans
=== Thurs, Feb 3rd  ======================
~ 3 - 8pm ~  Water Metering Open House in Ccl Chamber

=== Tues, Feb 8th  ======================
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC at Hall
~ 6 - 8pm ~ Opening Reception of "What's Love got to do with it?" Mixed Media Exhibit at Ferry Building Gallery
(and then Artists' Talk Saturday February 12th at 2pm]

=== Wed, Feb 9th  ======================
~ 7:30 am ~ Chamber of Commerce breakfast mtg -- NOTE: at Capilano Golf & Country Club
Speaker:  Duncan Bureau - WestJet Director Sales and Business Development
Cost:  $16.05 Members/$26.75 Non-members (GST included); Reserve 926 6614

+++++  ABBREVIATED AGENDA CCL MTG Feb 7th  +++++
                        A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday
3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, January 17, 2005
3.2       Council Meeting Minutes, January 24, 2005
3.3       Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting Minutes, January 24, 2005
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       D. Sabourin, Executive Director, Family Services of the North Shore, regarding use of Municipal grant funds in support of the work of Family Services of the North Shore
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Development Variance Permit No. 04-025 (1145 Ottaburn Road)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
At the January 10, 2005 meeting, Council received the report dated December 21, 2004 from the Assistant Planner titled Development Variance Permit No. 04-025 (1145 Ottaburn Road),...
Further Information:  Development Variance Permit No. 04-025 (1145 Ottaburn Road) RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report dated January 28, 2005 ...be received.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions, regarding DVP Application 04-025 up to and including the Council Meeting held on February 07, 2005, be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
Staff report back to Council...
THAT the DVP...which would provide for renovations and additions to an existing non-conforming house with variances to setbacks and accessory building siting be approved.
5.2     Special Events Policy and Procedures
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Special Events Policy and Procedures be adopted.
5.3       North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee Review  - Copy of Final Report
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
1.         The recommendations in the report entitled "A Review of the North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee" December 13, 2004 be approved.
2.         Staff be directed to work with the North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee in implementing the recommendations contained in the review and the Committee report back to the three North Shore municipalities on the progress made in implementing the recommendations by no later than December 31, 2005.
3.         The Attorney General's office be requested to review their role and responsibilities with respect to Family Court and Youth Justice Committees throughout the province of British Columbia.
4.         The 2004 grant for the North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee be approved in the amount of $17,761.32.
5.         The Family Court and Youth Justice Committee and the District and City of North Vancouver be advised of Council actions.
5.4       Tailed Frog Study Prepared for British Pacific Properties Limited
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated January 25, 2005 from the Manager of Community Planning regarding submission by British Pacific Properties of the Tailed Frog Study, June 2004 be received.
5.5       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005" be introduced and read a first time.
5.6       Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4371, 2004 and Development Permit No. 03-007 for property at 2168 Marine Drive
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the conditions precedent to adopting Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4371, 2004 and approving Development Permit No. 03 007, for property at 2168 Marine Drive, continue to include a Section 219 covenant that precludes the use of the property for retail purposes.
6.         BYLAWS
6.1       Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4371, 2004 (2168 Marine Drive)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Zoning ...  " be adopted.
6.2       Pesticide Use Control Bylaw, No. 4377, 2004
This Bylaw received second reading at the January 24, 2004 Council Meeting.
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Pesticide Use Control Bylaw, No. 4377, 2004" be read a third time.
8.         OTHER ITEMS
8.1       Correspondence
^^^ No Action Required (receipt only) ^^^
8.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)             Board of Variance Hearing, November 17, 2004
(b)             North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee, November 25, 2004
(c)             West Vancouver Memorial Library Board, November 10, 2004
(d)             Planning Advisory Committee, December 08, 2004
(e)             West Vancouver Police Board, November 24, 2004
8.1.2         I. Knight, January 18, 2005, regarding planning a new clubhouse for Gleneagles
8.1.3         Twenty-six (26) form letters, dated as indicated, regarding the "Good Neighbour Bylaw" (Business Licence Amendment Bylaw {Listed}
8.1.4         H. Steves, Acting Mayor, City of Richmond, January 12, 2005, regarding proposed twinning of Port Mann Bridge
8.1.5         B. McArthur, January 15, 2005, regarding Eagleridge Area-policy review and actions
8.1.6         J. Carter, Chair, North Shore Branch, St. John Ambulance, December 14, 2004, regarding 2004 Community Service Grants
8.1.7         S. McDermott, January 21, 2005, regarding deterioration of Caulfeild Village Green
8.1.8         A. Shwetz, Manager, Lower Mainland-Coastal Community Relations, BC Hydro, January 12, 2005 re BC Hydro 2005 Integrated Electricity Plan:  Vancouver Regional Workshop
                  Previously circulated due to timing of event.
8.1.9         S. Dean, Volunteer Chair, PITCH-IN BC 2005, undated, regarding Pitch-In Canada Week April 18 - 24, 2005
                  Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
8.1.10       E. D'Este, January 24, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive area
8.1.11       K. Vance, Senior Policy Analyst & J. Wright, Policy Analyst, Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) regarding Canadian Environmental Protection Act:  Wastewater Management
8.1.12       L. G. Leonard, Director, Community Media Education Society (C.M.E.S), January 26, 2005, regarding closure of Shaw Studios
8.1.13       M. Navabi, January 26, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive redevelopment
8.1.14       H. Hamilton, President, West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society, January 26, 2005, regarding construction site at 2550 Skilift Road
8.1.15       K. Hamidi, January 28, 2005, regarding the Evelyn Drive project
8.1.16       M. Kosich, January 26, 2005, regarding thank you for support of Development Permit Application for 4674 Clovelly Walk
8.1.17       M. W. Sager, Sager Anderson, January 19, 2005 regarding Driving Unlimited Advanced Driving Class
^^^ Action Required ^^^
8.1.18       E. & R. Bradbury, January 20, 2005, regarding tree work in Caulfeild Park around the Common Green, January 17, 2005
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.19       L. & B. Williams, January 18, 2005, regarding sewage and runoff waters
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation  for consideration and response.
8.1.20       C. Birks, January 17, 2005, regarding pedestrian safety in Ambleside
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
8.1.21       R. Allen, January 20, 2005, regarding closing Brake Check Facility on the Upper Levels Highway including eighteen (18) signatures Petition (undated) {Listed}
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
8.1.22       C. E. & D. P. Lavis, regarding regulation of trees in West Vancouver
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.23       H. Besharat, January 26, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive Proposal
                  Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
8.1.24       M. Williams, January 24, re Sea-to-Sky Upgrades: Construction - Lawrence Way Intersection
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
8.2       2005 Appointment of Council Representatives on Committees
1.         The January 10, 2005 Council resolution regarding appointment of Council representatives to the Engineering Advisory Committee be rescinded.
2.         The recommendation of Mayor R. K. Wood for the following Council representatives to the Engineering Advisory Committee be endorsed: Councillor Soprovich [and] Councillor Day (Alternate)

+++++  NEW TERMS  +++++  :-)

The Washington Post's Style Invitational once again asked readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition. Here are this year's winners:
Bozone (n.):
                The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.
Cashtration (n.):
                The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period.
Giraffiti (n):
                Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.
Sarchasm (n):
                The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.
Inoculatte (v):
                To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.
Hipatitis (n):
                Terminal coolness.
Osteopornosis (n):
                A degenerate disease. (This one got extra credit.)
Karmageddon (n):
                It's like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it's like, a serious bummer.
Decafalon (n.):
                The gruelling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you.
Glibido (v):
                All talk and no action.
Dopeler effect (n):
                The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.
Arachnoleptic fit (n.):
                The frantic dance performed just after you've accidentally walked through a spider web.
Beelzebug (n.):
                Satan in the form of a mosquito that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.
Caterpallor (n.):
                The colour you turn after finding half a grub in the fruit you're eating.


 1      No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats.
 2      When your Mom is mad at your Dad, don't let her brush your hair.
 3      If your sister hits you, don't hit her back. They always catch the second person.
 4      Never ask your three-year-old brother to hold a tomato.
 5      You can't trust dogs to watch your food.

 6      Don't sneeze when someone is cutting your hair.
 7      Never hold a Dust-Buster and a cat at the same time.
 8      You can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.
 9      Don't wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts.
10      The best place to be when you're sad is Grandpa's lap.  {well, Grandma's too!}

+++++  HERITAGE WEEK UPDATE  +++++  Feb 21 - 27 +++++++

*** NEW  *** (stay tuned for updates)

= SATURDAY, Feb 19th =
Gertrude Lawson House -- Special Opening Feature of Heritage Week 2005
2:00 to 3:30 pm - Guest Speaker:  Peter Buckland; Special Lecture:  Bridges
Advanced registration is required to secure your spot.
Admission:  $5.00; For more information, please call 604-925-7295 (West Vancouver Museum).
= SUNDAY Feb 20th =
at the Kay Meek Centre
A new winter festival is about to be launched in West Vancouver. "WinterSong" was initiated by a dedicated group of local individuals with a vision to stage a world class event in celebration of song. Initially focusing on local talent, plans are to grow this festival into an international singing fest for 2010 and beyond.  The seminal event will be officially launched on Sunday February 20 at the Kay Meek Centre. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Further information will follow in the coming weeks regarding the program and ticketing details. Mark your calendar!

*** CHANGE ***
HERITAGE FAYRE will take place Sunday Feb 27th at Park Royal NORTH and may be extended from 2pm to 6pm.  There may be some entertainment, plans not confirmed.  Changing it to the North Mall will avoid the problem of a 'dogleg' last year.  Tables (signs, place, all FREE) for non-profit groups celebrating volunteers and citizen contributions that make WV life rich and enjoyable.  Please call 922 4400 to reserve a table/space.

= Free snowshoe and BBQ event up Cypress on Sunday Feb 27th; reservations required.
=  Photo display at Ferry Building Gallery
=  Lions' Gate Bridge exhibit at WV Museum and Archives
=  Video on LGB in Ambleside biz offices ongoing throughout week
=  Reproductions of a limited edition of a couple of the LGB engineering drawings (place not yet confirmed)

+++++  QUOTATIONS ++++++++++++++++++

In the mountains of truth you never climb in vain.
                        -- Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher (1844-1900)

My aim is to agitate and disturb people. I'm not selling bread, I'm selling yeast.
                        -- Miguel de Unamuno, writer and philosopher (1864-1936)

The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress.
                        -- Joseph Joubert, essayist (1754-1824)