Feb 7th & Feb 14th + Mtgs/Events to Feb 18th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Since Valentine's Day, Quotation comes first!
Herewith: Rumblings/gRumblings; Main Items (Arts & Culture; Public Art Policy, 1891 Marine, YAC, Caulfeild Village Green, Sea-to-Sky; Pesticide bylaw adoption); Events/Mtgs to Feb 28th; abbreviated Agenda; Stages of Life; Heritage Week Update
The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.
                                -- Carl Jung, psychiatrist (1875-1961)

***  No longer rumblings: Prince Charles's wedding April 8 to Camilla who will be Duchess of Cornwall  (not Princess of Wales and all the memories that evokes) and when (if?) he becomes king, will be HRH Princess Consort (so no divorcee as Queen).
+++++  RUMBLINGS  +++++
= Finance staff reported that they're going to get a consultant and start on five-year plan re information technology (read: computers).  So will Ccl at last re-establish ITAC?  Chances slim to none?  or will they really do something with so little expertise on staff........
=  Almost drooling at the HAC mtg as the guest speaker happened to mention New Westminster gets $500,000 for heritage ANNUALLY, wait for it -- from the casino!  Can't you just see one as part of our waterfront plan?  :-)
=  Concern at both HAC and PEAC that the Caulfeild Park/Common has virtually been clearcut.  Gotta put some umph in our regulations!  or actually have regulations, enforceable ones.  My position has always been to chant the mantra that the view is through the trees or framed by the trees!
+++++ gRUMBLINGS  +++++
=  One cmte member wondered why at district/cmte mtgs at the Hall they supply mineral water -- isn't our local water fit to drink?
=  One reader upset at the prospect of Starbuck's in Dundarave.

========  MAIN ITEMS CCL MTG Feb 14th  ===============
4.1       Arts and Culture Strategy Implementation Select Committee - Terms of Reference and Member Appointment
4.2       Municipal Art Collection and Public Art Policy and Procedures
4.5       Zoning Bylaw, Amendment Bylaw, and Development Permit (1891 Marine Drive) to be considered at a concurrent Public Hearing and Public Meeting on March 14 at 7pm
4.6       Youth Advisory Committee 2004 Year End Report
4.7       Caulfeild Village Green Park Status Report
4.8       Sea-to-Sky Highway - Left Turn Lanes
5.1       Pesticide Use Control Bylaw, No. 4377, 2004 for adoption
5.2       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, second and third readings
FAC Minutes Dec 15; Evelyn Dr; landslide at Gibson's Landing; cosmetic pesticides; Riparian Area Regulation (RAR); Lionsview Seniors' Planning Society annual report; Good Neighbour Bylaw [actually not, mistaken for Odours/Noise bylaw since they refer to the restaurant]; North Shore Multicultural Society and Week; neglected parks in Canterbury

+++++  EVENTS/MEETINGS to Feb 17th +++++

=== Tues, Feb 8th  ======================
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC at Hall with Guest Speaker: Leslie Gilbert, Asst Dir of Planning, New Westminster
~ 6 - 8pm ~  Opening Reception at FBG for mixed media exhibit "What's Love got to do with it?"
=== Wed, Feb 9th  ======================
~ 7:30 am ~ Chamber of Commerce breakfast mtg -- NOTE: at Capilano Golf & Country Club
Speaker:  Duncan Bureau - WestJet Director Sales and Business Development
Cost:  $16.05 Members/$26.75 Non-members (GST included); Reserve 926 6614
~ 8:30am ~  Sports & Rec Fac Planning at Hall (Cmnty Centre Planning; Gleneagles Adventure Park)
FIND OUT why mtgs since Jan 19 but not on M website.
~ 7 - 9pm ~ New Mystery Author in Town - at Library (Peters Room)
Lance Rucker, author of the Brandon Drake Mystery Series, will read from his newest novel No Secrets.
=== Sat, Feb 12th  ======================
~ 2pm ~  Artists' Talk at FBG (See Tues for Opening)

=== Tues, Feb 15th  ======================
~ 3:30 - 5:30pm ~ YAC at the Hall
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ EAC in Ccl Chamber
~ 7- 9pm ~ Lower Caulfeild AC at Hall
~ 7pm ~ WRA mtg at St Monica's: neighbourhood issues wrt Horseshoe Bay commercial area, housing allowing aging in place.

=== Wed, Feb 16th  ==========================
~ 8am ~ BC Chamber Week: In recognition of this and to assist members develop their business; the Chamber is holding a seminar which will be of particular interest to retailers. "Marketing your retail store as a Destination" will be presented by Ken Grant of Trendtrek in the Chamber boardroom. This should prove to be an interesting seminar as it follows recent research that indicates consumers are increasingly 'destination' shopping.   Muffins and coffee will be provided.  The cost is $10. 70 for members and $12.84 for non-members including GST. Call 926 6614
~ 10 - 12noon ~  PHILOSOPHERS' CAFE - Library (Peters Room)
Participate in a group discussion on a topic to be determined at the session.
~5:30 - 7pm ~ Finance AC at Hall
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Bd of Variance in Ccl Chamber
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Library Board in Peters Room

=== Thurs, Feb 17th  ==========================
~ 6 - 8pm ~ Family Court & Youth Justice Court (CNV M Hall)
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ Determining Heritage Values in a British Columbia Context:  Are we half way to Panama?
This lecture at SFU Harbourside will look at how heritage values have influenced heritage conservation projects in various municipalities in BC. How does a values-based approach to heritage conservation influence
the rehabilitation of heritage buildings in our Province?
Speaker: Donald Luxton, MRAIC, BA, BArch, Principal, Donald Luxton and Associates, Vancouver.  Co-sponsored by the Heritage Branch, Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services.

=== Fri, Feb 18th  ==========================
~ 7:30 - 8:30pm ~ FRIDAY NIGHT MUSIC SERIES - Main Floor of the West Vancouver Memorial Library.
Jazz diva Dee Daniels brings her silky tones to the Library.  Concert funded by the generous bequest of Robert Leslie Welsh.  General seating.  Tickets are required.  Reception hosted by the Friends of the Library.  For ticket information visit the Fiction Information Desk of call 604-925-7402.

===========  ONGOING  =================

It's BEYOND WORDS Essay Contest:  February 1 - 28.
Tell the province what impact your public library has on your life.  Check out the website at www.beyondwords.ca or look for leaflets and posters in the Library.

A photographic exhibition featuring Siegfried Burgstaller and Lorne Topham February 1 - 28, 2005
Enjoy a view of nature and the world around us through the lenses of two West Vancouver photographers.  Join us for the Artists' Reception  Fri., February 4, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Reception hosted by the Friends of the Library.  Everyone is welcome.

+++++  CCL MTG NOTES Feb 7th from 7pm  +++++++++++++++++
                [Please note this transcript was typed during the meeting on a best efforts basis.]
Mayor Wood and Cclrs Clark and Soprovich absent so only the four needed for quorum....  Cclr Durman was in the chair and, amazingly, the Chamber did not burst into flames and the meeting was only two hours!  Who put valium in his coffee?  They were a bit late coming out from the conference room -- mtg didn't start until 7:08.
Cclr Durman announced:  The Mayor's on holiday in Honolulu, Cclr Clark's away on business, and Cclr Soprovich is ill with the flu, so you're unfortunately stuck with me {his words, not mine}, ... so we're] "short on quantity but quality is here".
3.1    Council Meeting Minutes, January 17, 2005  //  3.2  Council Meeting Minutes, January 24, 2005
3.3       Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting Minutes, January 24, 2005
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       D. Sabourin, Executive Director, Family Services of the North Shore, regarding use of Municipal grant funds in support of the work of Family Services of the North Shore
If I heard correctly: Doug Sabourin, Exec Dir, and Joyce Hodge, President of Bd of Directors.
JH: more than 50 years available to WV residents; less than $1 per person, WV residents have access to a full range of services
here to thank you
DWV provides $23,460 and $1,040 Children Abuse Prog
in the last year 183 WV families took part; 88 WV families 154 individuals served by Xmas bureau
last year closure of WV office, concern about reduction but alternative venues found (Youth Centre, schools, family homes, plus NV office)
trends: domestic violence unchanged, continue to have a waiting list; sexual abuse present at same levels
Vanier report on Canada's families:
fewer couples getting married, more breaking up, smaller families; children experience more transitions as parents change marital status; Cdns are generally satisfied with their lives; family violence is under-reported; multiple earner families the norm; women do most of juggling involved in balancing work and home; inequality is worsening; the future will have more aging families
families are finding new ways
interaction between families and society is what living is all about
we are committed to helping families in a changing society
JF: I know a number of your clients are referred from schools
how many other
DS: from family physicians, some come to us, from Health Region, from Hospital
schools, doctors, self-referrals top three
G-J: contemplated a service agreement with M
DS: remains a possibility, a letter of agreement
G-J: changed our grant process
DS: wd stabilize services we provide to WV
VD: we all know what you do but maybe you'd like to explain to those who've just tuned in and may not know
DS: family counselling, sexual abuse intervention, employee assistance, and children affected by family violence are main
education classes in schools; parenting classes......; babies' program
volunteer programs -- NSh Christmas Bureau, palliative care, advocacy
designated agency to Ministry for Children and Family Devt
RD: stunning list of services; how able to provide? quarters? size of staff? volunteers?
DS: 300+ volunteers; 35 FTEs, one main office on W 1st (and two other locations); a lot of outreach programs; number of funding sources, member of United Way, charge for services, group and corporate donors
RD: in solid shape financially?
DS: very good, but challenged -- over half annual budget we raise from our fundraising
40% of funding from govt
JF: know citizens of WV really appreciate the services you have provided over the years and stalwart help
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Development Variance Permit No. 04-025 (1145 Ottaburn Road)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
At the January 10, 2005 meeting, Council received the report dated December 21, 2004 from the Assistant Planner titled Development Variance Permit No. 04-025 (1145 Ottaburn Road),...
Further Information:  Development Variance Permit No. 04-025 (1145 Ottaburn Road)
Architect (Janet Lutz?) said the owner liked the house very much but wd like to keep orientation and style but enlarge house and add garages; wedge-shaped lot; had attached garage
non-conforming, sensitive to neighbours' views
putting the two-car garage next to existing one to be used as storage
felt compelling reason to keep house
keep views for back nbr
compelling need to keep house for env'tal reasons
non-conforming use according bylaw
by diminishing the setback on the east to 5ft rather than 5.2ft, was to allow,.... designed to give better front door and better access to front street, more typical of WV; need 4 inches to get the front door to face onto Ottaburn
taking down carport, taking driveway out, chorus
covered parking from lane; met intent of bylaw but need it to carry it out
Owner: we did have an open house for the neighbours and they said great
VD: anything signed?
Owner (Pirani?): didn't realize we had to
THAT the report dated January 28, 2005 ...be received.
THAT all written and verbal submissions, regarding DVP Application 04-025 up to and including the Council Meeting held on February 07, 2005, be received.
THAT the DVP...which would provide for renovations and additions to an existing non-conforming house with variances to setbacks and accessory building siting be approved.
G-J: refreshing to see a 1948 home reworked and restored; most prefer rear lane access and improving views for nbr, very good; happy to support this
5.2     Special Events Policy and Procedures
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
KP: been referred to adv cmtes; what we do now
JF: want to see this adopted asap but is it possible to change some words
KP: adopt and give us to reword
MMgr: if not major, can do that
JF: p 10, remove word 'appropriate' before schedule, wd hope all are and if not shd be revised and made so,
3.11: need for some clarity as to fair return and cmnty benefit
in order for some consistence, that those be clarified
G-J: on p82 under 3.0 re first time; preliminary review
ascertain space available, does not conflict with others, shd say other events,
some may be worthwhile
MMgr: if only changes, be adopted with 3.10, 3.2, inclusion of word 'events'
and further report from staff re 3.11, fair return and benefits
JF: adopted with the amendments delineated by the MMgr
G-J: report here finally b/c Arts & Culture comte said pls bring this forward, been almost a year
celebration and collaboration title
thank CSAC for comment: wd you just put as first sentence the M recognizes sp events provide quality of life and cmnty benefit
thank you to all the adv cmtes' work
VD: this was actually held up for the Arts & Culture Policy
....wondering where to go
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Special Events Policy and Procedures be adopted.
5.3       North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee Review  - Copy of Final Report
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
KP:  2003 some concern expressed; Ccl asked a review be done, comprehensive
Meetings [3Ms} by their social planners; 28 recommendations on general items by cmte, court watch and domestic violence prog
to provide 2004 grant dollars, and to report at end of 2005 wrt recommendations made
1.         The recommendations in the report entitled "A Review of the North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee" December 13, 2004 be approved.
2.         Staff be directed to work with the North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee in implementing the recommendations contained in the review and the Committee report back to the three North Shore municipalities on the progress made in implementing the recommendations by no later than December 31, 2005.
3.         The Attorney General's office be requested to review their role and responsibilities with respect to Family Court and Youth Justice Committees throughout the province of British Columbia.
4.         The 2004 grant for the North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee be approved in the amount of $17,761.32.
5.         The Family Court and Youth Justice Committee and the District and City of North Vancouver be advised of Council actions.
RD: recommendations basically status quo although had been some lack of direction  and inability to implement decisions
with minor changes might be possible to improve
failure to communicate with public and problems they're dealing with
keep system as it is and try to improve it, probably best way to go
80% of respondents, just 11, thought the cmte was not very effective in increasing citizens' awareness of neglect and abuse of children, delinquency, and family breakdown
36% thought cmte not effective in supervision the coordinator work, court watch and domestic violence program
keep eye on cmte and make sure it improves
5.4       Tailed Frog Study Prepared for British Pacific Properties Limited
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
Geri Boyle, Planner: has now been submitted to M
a requirement under conditions of Whitby Estates
one is in Library, one at Hall
Applicant awaiting a digital copy for the website
VD: explain the outcome? tailed frogs doing well?
GB: that summarizes it all
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated January 25, 2005 from the Manager of Community Planning regarding submission by British Pacific Properties of the Tailed Frog Study, June 2004 be received.
VD: add that it be sent to the group of young people who raised this issue? did the scientific research; devpr stopped, five years have gone by
G-J: a little disappointed that the Env'tal Coord hasn't provided a bit more of a report on this b/c the whole reason for having this is to make use of the tailed frog as an indicator species,  and delve into what it's an indicator of
changes to water quality, to riparian corridor, physical and xxxx (inaudible) environment
thank BPP, made that request in January
also Streamkeepers, guess they can see in Library or get a digital copy when available
it's a good step; how can we utilize this rather than satisfying a requirement from five years ago
VD: Council of day put in certain regulations to protect; what they put in place worked
RD: five creeks were studied
have to ask what's so important about the tailed frog
hold up all that devt for a frog
remember how the frog goes so go we......
frogs not doing well these days
problems in the ecosystem
their well-being generally determines health
three of five creeks -- Rodgers, Marr,  McDonald West, McD Centre East, and Brothers -- in Whitby and so far frogs in subdiv and creek preservation areas doing as well as above and below
I don't understand the last paragraph in the executive summary about PH levels
wish there was some explanation
why did PH levels decrease?
can anyone explain what that means?
MMgr: perhaps get env'tal
at this point hasn't been a deleterious effect
need more study long term
can be indicator
appears no serious impact at this point but continue to monitor
to determine what's good and bad
PH level I think indicates the level of acidity in water
5.5       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005" be introduced and read a first time.
RB: objective was to consolidate all the fees and charges
intention to review all annually as part of budget process
make more convenient, intent to consolidate
for most part, status quo except for some increases to some devt process schedules
RD: eg rates for Aquatic Centre can read this and find them
MMgr: some mbrs of Ccl have asked wrt demolition
comparison with other Ms
JF: very nice piece of work
one place, schedules, comparison
RD: I asked re demolition
use the money for a heritage fund; to find some way to protect heritage
some disappearing
v high value of homes
high fee to deter knocking over a good home
may not be enough
looking at that
we shd look at ways to maintain heritage stock
5.6       Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4371, 2004 and Development Permit No. 03-007 for property at 2168 Marine Drive
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
Applicant doesn't want to have conditions
restriction on bldg use
worked here for 15 years
rezoning almost two years
C1 to C2
had support of neighbours
have existing
BC Hydro overheads
providing for next door commercial bldg
theatre and restaurant -- we also feel not appropriate
worried about retail
what about optometrist -- wd that be considered retail?
jeopardize renting out to physicians
not thinking of coffee shops
even willing to have a covenant for next ten years
don't want that restriction on that land
wonderful suggestions
G-J: some
Applicant: retail was only one we didn't agree to
Geri: question was raised on retail
PH was adjourned
verbal response was that the applicant was agreeable to including retail on the property

{PLEASE NOTE: I'm speaking AFTER an applicant spoke wch I thought was a bit unusual.  In any case, I didn't want to lobby or affect the zoning, I was seeking information.}

CR, editor of WV Matters, a weekly enewsletter on WV (ccl affairs):
VD: can't speak about zoning bylaw, Public Hearing over
[can speak on Devt Permit]
CR: I have a question; I don't know if it is, you can decide which category it falls into
more of a question, there is a limited amount of commercial property in WV and I don't know if this particular thing is mentioned
one of the uses that has increased in desirability in WV is live-work units as [proposed] in Horseshoe Bay
just wanted to know if zoning being granted to this, I know they're talking about retail, if the zoning includes or excludes live-work units, (so I'm not making a point [think that's attempt at clarifying not a submissions per se in Public Hearing terms])...  or if we have any guidelines wrt livo-work units, where they fit, yet?
VD: I think we're straying into zoning so can't answer
CR: but can you say if live-work is classified as commercial or not?
Geri Boyle: concept of live-work; under C-2 zoning, ground floor has to be commercial, also allows residential on second floor
so there is the possibility certainly of creating that
CR: Thank you, I just wanted to know about the flexibility; thank you

David Adams:  2130 Marine Dr; was uncertain if able to speak to this item but since the owner's representative has been heard, it seems appropriate that I shd also speak to the issue, particularly since she spoke about the support of the neighbours

{Yes, this resident noted the applicant was speaking to the item after the PH closed and of course hearing a comment about the neighbours, being one decided to clarify. ]

I'm a mbr of strata ccl and from outset we were against restaurant at that corner and from outset supported a two-storey office building, has been our consistent view
not supportive of a retail proposal, that came along late in the day was put to us as a means of  our further supporting this
not what we have supported; not what we have discussed with architect, not supported at any time; what we have supported is a two-storey office bldg
Motion made by JF
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the conditions precedent to adopting Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4371, 2004 and approving Development Permit No. 03 007, for property at 2168 Marine Drive, continue to include a Section 219 covenant that precludes the use of the property for retail purposes.
MMgr: nothing to preclude at later date, if use appropriate cd come forward
G-J: design of bldg is beautiful and an improvement definitely over what is there
a lot of hard work by owners and nbrs
the fact we are looking at precluding retail use is a direct result of the Public Hearing Process
my support for this motion is to affirm that
hopeful applicant will sign this covenant and that we'll be able to enjoy this new bldg

The applicant speaks (on what grounds?), I'm told (correctly) that I can't speak if about zoning, then another resident speaks without warning.  This begs for clarification.  You can speak about conditions precedent but not zoning?  Is use not part of zoning?

6.         BYLAWS
6.1       Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4371, 2004 (2168 Marine Drive)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Zoning ...  " be adopted.
VD: [Adoption deferred] deal with this issue after previous item resolved
6.2       Pesticide Use Control Bylaw, No. 4377, 2004
This Bylaw received second reading at the January 24, 2004 Council Meeting.
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
KP: bylaw comes into effect January 2006 and it applies on both public and private lands
wrt CN Rail Line, it does NOT apply on those lines
CN from previous days has a provincially approved pesticide bylaw
given plan submitted to province
Peter Lineman/Langman [sp?]: representing WeedMan Lawncare, a franchise; here in WV for over 25 years
NAm's largest lawncare
representing nearly 1500 homeowners we take care of in WV
a lot of talk but scientific facts speak clearly
this bylaw does not address what meant to
what I see occurring is that you are going to drive these products underground
certain companies be evasive; don't know how be policed
been franchising down in States and across Canada
very emotional issue
cowboy landscapers -- some are not licensed
WeedMan was at the forefront of developing Integrated Pest Management in Canada
liming, aerating
have not seen any groundswell from the 1500 homes I deal with
have marketed organic programs and less than 1% want that direction
unfortunately was not able to make mtg a few weeks ago
wd like to speak before getting into third reading and vote
like timeline to be addressed
working across Canada and with clients here; the educational package you have advocating non-use, my opinion is that they are licensed federally and can be used judiciously
wd like to see more of an educational timeline
Jan 2006 is not enough time; and I have been educating; at this point have not seen the groundswell
otherwise wd advocate it
can have another emotional
one year not enough to educate cmnty
the industry is working to find organic alternatives
right now using IPM but don't think one year enough time to switch over
the organic products we're using don't give the results clients are looking for
one cmnty allowed a two- to three-year phase-in
JF: industry working for organic alternative but you don't see need or have requests?
Ans: what's occurring, some Ms across Canada -- some have adopted similar bylaws, thousands and 60 have, so small minority
we try to address customers
JF: is there a difference in price?
Ans: considerable labour issue and cost of products
problem is the function
WeedMan has purchased the rights to an organic product with beetroot, been fieldtesting and just not getting results wanted
Biz can see these bylaws coming so want to address them
Even in Port Moody, our franchise there has been marketing organic and again less than 1%
believe this is an emotional issue
a lot of facts being swept away
Mike Evison: want to speak to issue Mr Pike brought up
why CN shd be excluded
rough calculation 20km of rail lines and with 10 on each side 60 to 70 acres of land
tremendous amount of land we proposed to exclude from bylaw
may be some restrictions CN has inherited from BC Rail; not convinced; feel we shd be more persuasive for greater compliance with bylaw
told Port Moody has achieved a tighter restriction on their rail lines
at the Public Hearing two weeks ago; question about enforce the bylaw; believe can but one area not discussed is the use of landscapers in the M
I've already been referred to as cowboys; many of the landscapers in the M are not licensed; we did a study and of about 40 in M, only about half had biz licences
we must step up our control of our professional, and some not so professional, landscapers
many live far from WV
think there's a big gap
MMgr: Env Coord has identified that as an issue
on the first issue, the Rail, "allowing" them, we don't have that authority but cd, and intend to, persuade them
RD: purpose of this motion is not to pass it today, allows for more public discussion
idea wd be to refine our notions, getting cooperation
G-J: Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, most of Quebec
Port Moody is the leader
we've been educating for last two years
Joanne Gelinas -- we cannot rely on govt re ??? and labelling
we are operating on the precautionary
a 7 - 0 vote is not emotional and our survey, most in our cmnty support this
look forward to adoption next week
JF: support and agree with what Cclr G-J said
not only have we spent a lot of time but we will continue to spend time
we know it's what our constituents want
pleased the industry developing IPM and am sure a company as reputable as the WeedMan will [comply]
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Pesticide Use Control Bylaw, No. 4377, 2004" be read a third time.
RD: attended a subcmte of HAC Jan 28 and know we don't always report
but this subcmte is to set up a strategic plan
found that there are provincial grants that wd enable hiring consults
subcmte will prepare a draft proposal for Ccl, way of financing
carrying out this study
Heritage is busy but does not intend to act alone, will come to Ccl to seek a way or ways to carry out a plan
will be a Ccl decision
early March will be coming to Ccl
Attended a dinner mtg with the Sq Nation last Thursday evening, very amicable and interesting;
well-hosted; they're building a rec centre on their land
the fact we were sitting down with them and eating was [encouraging]
Council, 16 elected for four years; are hereditary chiefs (must also be elected)
3500, most live here, some live up Howe Sound
over half under 25
Sq are now in a position legally to dev their lands
own 2200 acres from here up to Whistler
IR5, Porteau Cove, up
adept at land-use planning; as capable maybe more capable of land use planning
VD: G-J, Mayor, also at Bd of Trade's luncheon downtown re Olympics
no snow to be seen
v good meal; enormous turnout
he's a surgeon, speaks five languages, Olympic sportsman, very determined
helping out, encouraging the Olympic cmte to proceed
there was a lively demonstration of the Save the--
G-J: coalition to save Eagleridge Bluffs--
VD: marched; many spoke about many about this very polite group
you were one of them
G-J: thanked them, started off on behalf of WV, but when bagpiper
Dennis Perry has represented very well, put a lot of work into this
VD: found the Sq people, very interesting
their plans for growth on IR5
think Steve Nicholls said WV plans to grow by about 45 000 over the next 30 to 40 years
IR a further 5 to 10 000 people, significant devt around base of LGB
amazing listening to them how involved in Olympics
very interesting mtg
RD: they do have a young popn
waiting list of 8 - 900 people to be housed on IR5
part of housing effort, provide necessary housing for their own, then no definite time frame, housing for others later, not just on IR5, Porteau Cove, Whistler
VD: talking about IR5 when they said 5 to 10,000; cmnty had decided to maximize value of their land
rightfully so for their own economics
G-J: certainly stated goal to put land into economic mainstream, their actual words
this is a shared responsibility: them, NV, WV, a tripartite process
8.         OTHER ITEMS
8.1       Correspondence  [Full list was in Agenda issue; discussion jumped around]
[FIRST wrt these]
8.1.7         S. McDermott, January 21, 2005, regarding deterioration of Caulfeild Village Green
8.1.18       E. & R. Bradbury, January 20, 2005, regarding tree work in Caulfeild Park around the Common Green, January 17, 2005
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
G-J: some devastation and staff are working on it
let Ccl know that I have a notice of motion coming next week re remediation and plans to keep
obviously much-loved green space
it's really a heritage amenity in the heart of a heritage nbrhd
VD: I asked staff to bring forward
G-J: did you have a seconder?
VD: didn't need a seconder, I'm the mayor.
RD: re Caulfeild Green
did meet with Elspeth Bradbury, the resident,  Doug Leavers, Karen Kristensen, and one of our arborists on the green
some vegetation has been cut down, really none left, just a grassy flat area
in past was wooded
doesn't look very good now
cutting down to provide view corridors for residents and so many that nothing left of the green
Mr Leavers and Ms Kristensen did agree some replanting wd be done
better posting in future so all nbrs wd know about cutting
Ms K plan for re planting
staff on spot with residents
don't know notice of motion but will second it
what's status of notice of motion?
VD: I had asked staff to bring forward a report, said ccl shd have a report
RD: staff wd be coming with plan
hold off till the report?
I am the seconder?
VD: see
MMgr notice of motion not in front of Ccl yet so Ccl can reconsider
RD: done
[FOURTH after 8.1.19]
8.1.14       H. Hamilton, President, West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society, January 26, 2005, regarding construction site at 2550 Skilift Road
G-J: control in heavy rains, measures we can put in place so it doesn't happen again
MMgr: all we can do is require certain action during certain devt stages on the site and ensure those measures have been taken
in this case we had a lot of rain coming onto the site
when such high volumes put into storm system
if dirty don't want to put in storm system b/c discharges into creeks
in this case we shut site down and action taken
have hired an additional env'tal person for additional monitoring capacity
one of the issues we encountered -- how ensure communication bylaw, env to bldg staff who have authority to shut down sites
looking at ways to improve communication
we coming forward with a watercourse bylaw wch will give the env'tal staff the authority to shut down sites and without having rely on bldg
a number of steps have been taken to improve
G-J: excellent, thanks
8.1.19       L. & B. Williams, January 18, 2005, regarding sewage and runoff waters
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation  for consideration and response.
G-J: status?
EB, Dir/Eng: rainfall by itself wd not have caused this but had heavy snowfall, warm, then rain; really very unfortunate circumstances
very unique
Infiltration and Inflow
some confusion in letter saying combined, in fact we have a separated system
in an ideal system rainfall wd not have effect on sewer
all Ms storm water does get into sewer; still get surcharges
having study done as to where gets into system
looking into plans reducing impact of those events
8.1.21       R. Allen, January 20, 2005, regarding closing Brake Check Facility on the Upper Levels Highway including eighteen (18) signatures Petition (undated) {Listed}
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
JF: people concerned about the noise and time of day
know DirEngg/Trans but has any comparison been done with elsewhere -- in nbrhds? where are they going? if to ferry, this or other side? if going up to Whistler? might there be an alternative location?
MMgr: looking at a lot of things; not only sound mitigation, that may change things
haven't studied who's using it; working with Ministry
in midterm looking at what mitigation
8.1.24       M. Williams, January 24, re Sea-to-Sky Upgrades: Construction - Lawrence Way Intersection
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
VD: wonder what Ccl can do
MMgr: Mr Barth has been
Dir/Engg: contacted prov; advocating on behalf of residents
VD: turn at Ansell Place
left turn seems madness
this resident has come up with a relatively simple scheme to alleviate that
8.2       2005 Appointment of Council Representatives on Committees
1.         The January 10, 2005 Council resolution regarding appointment of Council representatives to the Engineering Advisory Committee be rescinded.
2.         The recommendation of Mayor R. K. Wood for the following Council representatives to the Engineering Advisory Committee be endorsed: Councillor Soprovich [and] Councillor Day (Alternate)
VD: Ms Reynolds--
CR: Speaking of the hwy--
VD: name and address
CR: again?  Carolanne Reynolds, Editor www.westvan.org  West Van Matters (1065 - 24th)
First of all, I want to commend staff for the extra, continuous, and thorough care they took wrt, in response to, the slides b/c of what happened in NV -- that was really a relief to many residents.
One of the conversations in one of the cmtes that I thought was interesting for Ccl to know about and I think all of us wd like to know about...   Evidently staff have a map of the areas in wch there cd be the possibility of slides and so that's why they went to those areas specifically, to be extra careful, wch I think is great.
When someone asked if that information cd be made public as to which areas are the ones that we have to watch and be careful about, one of the replies was, you wdn't want to worry people, might affect property values; but my concern is for Ccl to take into consideration, is that if staff do know of some areas in danger or might be in danger or whatever, that you don't want to be in the position of NV in wch they had a report or information that they did not make public, so all I'm asking is that the information wrt those areas in wch slides with extraordinary circumstances might cause a problem cd be made public and to reassure citizens.
I know you're taking the measures so all you have to do is say these are the areas, and we're taking the measures, don't worry.
VD: I'm going take that under advisement
CR: tyvm.  So under advisement for how long? when are we going to find out?
EB, Dir/Engg: not aware of any map that the District has so not sure where information came from but wd be happy to talk to Ms R some other time
We don't have a map that identifies specific hazards or specific geotechnical risks
what we did do, is we did hire a geotechnical engineer to come in and look at areas that were fairly obvious to us we shd be looking at; major creeks fed by headwaters; looking at a few school sites where we knew there were slopes behind the schools; wasn't that we had geotechnical info that suggested they were unstable
given there were schools, lots of children, was a slope, thought it was prudent to look at those areas however there is no map so there is no information that we're not willing to share with the public.
If we had that we certainly wd
CR: yes,... very prudent wch was appreciated
perhaps we cd just have a list of areas that were checked and were found to be stable
MMgr: we can provide some information on our website as to the general areas we looked at as part of our due diligence during the rainy period
CR: that wd be great
VD: --, Ms Reynolds, -- reason I'm looking blank is b/c I was unaware there were any dangerous areas in WV
CR: Well, I don't want to alarm people and say it's dangerous, but I think everybody was being cautious b/c of the slide in NV and we appreciated the extra attention WV staff paid to that, but along with that, I think it wd be prudent for Ccl to say what areas they looked at and made sure were all right.  It wd reassure people and that wd be helpful.
ADJOURNMENT  (before 9pm)

========  ABBREVIATED AGENDA Feb 14th  ==============
                        A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday
3.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES /  3.1       No items presented.
4.         REPORTS
4.1       Arts and Culture Strategy Implementation Select Committee - Terms of Reference and Member Appointment
Designated Presenter: Director of Parks and Community Services
            1.         The Terms of Reference for the Arts and Culture Strategy Implementation Select Committee of Council be approved;
            2.         The appointments to the Select Committee, in accordance with the subject Terms of Reference be endorsed: Councillor Ferguson, Chair, Councillors Clark and Goldsmith-Jones
4.2       Municipal Art Collection and Public Art Policy and Procedures
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
            1.         The Municipal Art Collection and Public Art Policy and Procedures (Appendix A & B) be adopted.
            2.         The task of preparing a Public Art program (Appendix C) be referred to the Implementation Committee of the Arts and Culture Strategy.
4.3       Street Naming Request:  Upper McDonald Site (2295 Dunlewey Place)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the street name "Twin Creek Place" be approved for the new private road service the Upper McDonald site.
4.4       Statutory Right of Way to BC Hydro over Municipal Lot 42 Block 1 of Block C, [DLs] 603, 604 and 806, Plan 9314 (Municipal Lot 42 on Glenmore Drive) (File:  1135?06 Lot 42 Hydro)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
THAT the report dated February 02, 2005 entitled "Public Receipt - Statutory Right of Way to BC Hydro over Municipal Lot 42 Block 1 of Block C, [DLs] 603, 604 and 806, Plan 9314" be received for information.
4.5       Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4413, 2005 and Development Permit No. 04-024 (1891 Marine Drive)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED:...introduced and read a first time in short form.
RECOMMENDED:...be considered at a concurrent Public Hearing and Public Meeting to be held on March 14, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
4.6       Youth Advisory Committee 2004 Year End Report
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
RECOMMENDED:  ... received for information.
4.7       Caulfeild Village Green Park Status Report
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
4.8       Sea-to-Sky Highway - Left Turn Lanes
Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation  (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
5.         BYLAWS
5.1       Pesticide Use Control Bylaw, No. 4377, 2004
This Bylaw received third reading at the February 07, 2005 Council Meeting.
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
5.2       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005
This Bylaw received first reading at the February 07, 2005 Council Meeting.
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
RECOMMENDED:... be read a second and third time.
7.         OTHER ITEMS  =   7.1       Correspondence
=== No Action Required (receipt only)
7.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)             Finance Advisory Committee, December 15, 2004
7.1.2         S. Malek, Millennium Properties Ltd., January 27, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive
7.1.3         M. Nabi, January 27, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive
7.1.4         G. Leitch, January 29, 2005, regarding T.V. news article on the landslide at Gibson's
7.1.5         K. Steig, February 02, 2004, regarding cosmetic pesticides bylaw
7.1.6         D. R. Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby, January 25, 2005, regarding riparian area regulation update
7.1.7         A. Dadson, President, Lionsview Seniors' Planning Society, January 27, 2005, regarding annual report
7.1.8         Thirty (30) form letters, dated as indicated, regarding the "Good Neighbour Bylaw" (Business Licence Bylaw No. 3024, 1982, Amendment Bylaw No. 4403, 2004"

{if you look at the letters they say "Good Neighbour" but instead they refer to the Noise/Odours Bylaw; shd be clarified}

7.1.9         Six (6) form letters, (undated), regarding the Evelyn Drive Project
7.1.10       D. Stuart, Don Stuart Architect Inc., February 02, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive Project
=== Action Required
7.1.11       N. Hassan, President, North Shore Multicultural Society, January 26, 2005, regarding Norooz Bazaar
                  Referred to Council for consideration and response.
7.1.12       N. Hassan, President, North Shore Multicultural Society, January 26, regarding Multicultural Week Proclamation
                  Referred to Mayor Wood for response.
7.1.13       L. McRitchie and G. Rentsch, January 31, 2005, regarding safety, security and neglected parks in Canterbury
Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services and Chief Constable for consideration and response.
7.1.14       M. Wiesner, President, West Vancouver Family Place Society, February 03, 2005, regarding delegation to Council
Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the February 28, 2005 meeting.

1) You believe in Santa Claus.
2) You don't believe in Santa Claus.
3) You are Santa Claus.
4) You look like Santa Claus.

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***  19th - Saturday: Gertrude Lawson House -- Special Opening Feature of Heritage Week 2005
2 - 3:30pm - Guest Speaker:  Peter Buckland; Special Lecture:  Bridges
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***  Wed, Feb 23rd at Gertrude Lawson House ~ 7pm - Discussion on possibilities wrt Hodgson House  This house was built in 1913.  The WV Historical Society and the WV Museum and Archives retrieved many heritage items and records before it was barged away to Vancouver Island.  Unfortunately, its fate is now uncertain owing to unforeseen circumstances.  Preservation still possible?  Add to Heritage Precinct mooted along Argyle waterfront (if GLH moved)?

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