Feb 14th Ccl NOTES
Feb 21st AGENDA
Mtgs/Events to Feb 27th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

can't resist -- THEATRE first:
If you can spare the time, see Humble Boy at the QET before it ends on Saturday 19th.  We saw it a couple of years ago in London and the performance we attended here was more than the equal!  Great for Vancouver -- and it's going to the National Theatre in Ottawa -- we can be proud, what a great production!
Herewith:  RUMBLINGS/gRUMBLINGS; Main Items for Feb 21st; Events/Mtgs to 20th; Ccl Mtg Feb 14 Notes; Abbreviated Agenda Feb 21st; Heritage Week Update (see separate flyer for details); Quotation

+++++  RUMBLINGS  +++++
=  In the last enewsletter I wrote:  "Finance staff reported that they're going to get a consultant and start on five-year plan re information technology (read: computers).  So will Ccl at last re-establish ITAC?  Chances slim to none?  or will they really do something with so little expertise on staff........"
At the FAC mtg Feb 15th, learned plans apace and they may meet the light of day in March.  Let's hope then that it will go out for public review since ITAC has not been reconstituted.  Besides, that, was this review in the 2004 budget?  and how much was allocated?
=  Also, in last issue:  "Concern at both HAC and PEAC that the Caulfeild Park/Common has virtually been clearcut.  Gotta put some umph in our regulations!  or actually have regulations, enforceable ones.  My position has always been to chant the mantra that the view is through the trees or framed by the trees!"
Now my questions:
1 -- were the DWV guidelines re trees on municipal land followed? 
2 -- were those of the Lower Caulfeild Conservation Area?
3 -- if they weren't, what went wrong and how can it be remedied/restored?
4 -- if they were followed, isn't it time to review the process with an eye to improvement?
Good suggestion by the chair of LCAC (Michael Evison) on 15th -- maybe consult more than a single homeowner wanting an improved view by removing trees!  A nearby resident mentioned that only those within 50m were notified (if that), therefore he wasn't and the area ought to be expanded.  I recommended he make that point to Ccl and that if LCAC can make recommendations, it shd.  As Readers know, the folks around 22nd and Gordon also felt a larger area shd be notified.  This is especially true when there's a park or large complex (eg church) in the area b/c it result in very few residents being warned.  Parks says they'll also post a notice re tree work in future (I thought that had been part of their procedures).  Another tidbit:  The owner who got the trees removed only bought a matter of months ago (so can hardly say the trees grew into his view) is rumoured to have done this to flip the property.
=  Go to www.RalphSultan.com for our MLA's first newsletter of the year -- read about Small Business, Nurse Practitioners, Adventure Smart, and more!
+++++ gRUMBLINGS  deflected!  +++++
= Got a message with a low grumble about the Aquatic Centre so did a bit of research:
First of all, we're very proud of the fact that it has won an award:
from Canadian Parks and Recreation Association - Award of Excellence for Innovation
The architects are one of the best aquatic centre architectural firms in Canada.  Both the Architect (Roger Hughes now Hughes Condon Marler) and the Building Contractor (DGS) had just finished a major aquatic centre in Delta prior to doing ours.  Before that, these architects did the 50-metre pool (Walnut Grove) in Langley.  WV's project was not a new one, as you know, it was a renovation/expansion on a limited site with limited funding.
As to watching the li'l darlin's: The base of the waterslide is visible from the lobby.  The top of the slide is visible from the deck viewing area.

+++  MAIN ITEMS on Feb 21st  +++
Sunrise Rotary Club -- 100th Anniversary
Ambleside Town Strategy
Grant Application for Tsunami/Earthquake Preparedness Funding
Natural Landscapes - Local Government Grants Program
BYLAWS: Fees and Charges; 2168 Marine Zoning Amendment and Devt Permit
Minutes: Library Bd; CSAC; PEAC, Sports & Rec Fac Planning; HAC
Letters: removal of memorial marker; Evelyn Drive; Odours/Noise Bylaw (+ 52 form letters); Bear Network; Hollyburn Heritage Society Report for 2004; north entrance to Klahanie Park; North Shore transportation; Provincial Community Water Improvement Program Announcement; Taylor Way/Marine Drive nightmare; hospice location on the North Shore; Walk/Run for MS; utility billing

+++++  EVENTS/MEETINGS (with some reports) to Feb 20th +++++

=== Tues, Feb 15th  ======================
~ 3:30 - 5:30pm ~ YAC at the Hall -- Lots of activities and plans -- active group!
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ EAC in Ccl Chamber -- the most incredible report from a subcmte or adv cmte I've ever seen -- on the shoreline; coming to Ccl soon; FAC appointee not allowed to speak to item! apparently all hoops not yet jumped through
~ 7- 9pm ~ Lower Caulfeild AC at Hall -- Caulfeild's house (blt 1897), well, demolished, so lot with new house, in focus.  Its "Alteration Permit" was on the agenda.  Pleased to hear from applicant, replacing "spectype" with a cottage more in character with the area.  Recalled that the Interim Heritage Cmte were NOT told by staff (circa 1987/88) demolition of one of the oldest buildings in WV was under any threat, and the owner pleaded that it was her dream house for the rest of her life.  Well, sold some time ago.  For those unfamiliar with the lot, it has park on both sides so DWV missed a great opportunity to buy the property to make park continuous -- and to keep one of the most important heritage bldgs in WV.  Admiral Caulfeild's house, a post office and store, in our early days.
~ 7:30pm ~ WRA mtg at St Monica's: Guest Speaker, Steve Nicholls, Dir of Planning; report from WRA's Parks & Rec Cmte (liaison w/ DWV); update from Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs; Horseshoe Bay commercial area; housing allowing aging in place.

=== Wed, Feb 16th  ==========================
~ 8am ~ BC Chamber Week: a seminar which for retailers. "Marketing your retail store as a Destination" presented by Ken Grant of Trendtrek in the Chamber boardroom. Call 926 6614
~ 10 - 12noon ~  PHILOSOPHERS' CAFE - Library (Peters Room)
Participate in a group discussion on a topic to be determined at the session.
~5:30 - 7pm ~ Finance AC at Hall -- threw lease guidelines back to Ccl
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Bd of Variance in Ccl Chamber
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Library Board in Peters Room

=== Thurs, Feb 17th  ==========================
~ 6 - 8pm ~ Family Court & Youth Justice Court (CNV M Hall)
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ Determining Heritage Values in a British Columbia Context:  Are we half way to Panama?
This lecture at SFU Harbour Centre will look at how heritage values have influenced heritage conservation projects in various municipalities in BC. How does a values-based approach to heritage conservation influence the rehabilitation of heritage buildings in our Province?
Speaker: Donald Luxton, MRAIC, BA, BArch, Principal, Donald Luxton and Associates, Vancouver.

=== Fri, Feb 18th  ==========================
~ 7:30 - 8:30pm ~ FRIDAY NIGHT MUSIC SERIES - Main Floor of the West Vancouver Memorial Library.
Jazz diva Dee Daniels brings her silky tones to the Library.  Concert funded by the generous bequest of Robert Leslie Welsh.  General seating.  Tickets are required.  Reception hosted by the Friends of the Library.  For ticket information visit the Fiction Information Desk or call 604-925-7402.

=== Sat, Feb 19th  ==========================
2:30pm Lecture on LGB at GLH by Peter Buckland; Wetland Partners' mtg at 3pm at Youth Centre
=== Sun, Feb 20th  ==========================
7pm WinterSong at Kay Meek Centre
=== Mon, Feb 21st  ===Proclamation of Heritage Day; start of Heritage Week========
=== Tues, Feb 22nd  ==========================
6-8pm Opening Receptions both at Silk Purse and Ferry Building Gallery (Artists' Talk 2pm Sat)

=== Wed, Feb 23rd  ==========================
~ 8:30am ~ Sports & Rec Fac Planning Select Cmte mtg at Hall
        ***  COMMUNITY CENTRE PLANNING ***  is only item on agenda
~ 5pm ~ PAC in Ccl Chamber -- ***  EVELYN DRIVE *** on agenda
~ 7pm ~ Discussion on future of Hodgson House (1913) at Museum
~ 7pm ~ SPCA AGM with Craig Daniels, CEO, Speaker at Srs' Centre

=== Thurs, Feb 24th  ==========================
~ 4pm ~ Police Board at Ch of Commerce Boardroom
~ 5pm ~ NSACDI mtg at CNV Hall
~ 5:15 ~ DAC in Ccl Chamber

DON'T FORGET:  (see separate notice/flyer on Heritage Week, visit www.northshore.heritagbc.org)

***  2pm Saturday 26th: WV HERITAGE AWARDS at Museum

***  2 - 6pm Sunday 27th: HERITAGE FAYRE at Park Royal North
then 3:30 Cypress Snowshoe Trek and BBQ (reservations required)

===========  ONGOING  =================
It's BEYOND WORDS Essay Contest:  February 1 - 28.
Tell the province what impact your public library has on your life.  Check out the website at www.beyondwords.ca or look for leaflets and posters in the Library.
A photographic exhibition featuring Siegfried Burgstaller and Lorne Topham February 1 - 28, 2005
Enjoy a view of nature and the world around us through the lenses of two West Vancouver photographers.  Join us for the Artists' Reception  Fri., February 4, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Reception hosted by the Friends of the Library.  Everyone is welcome.

========  Feb 14th CCL MTG NOTES  ==============
                        thus transcript typed during mtg on a best efforts basis
At the beginning of the mtg, Cclr Durman announced that the Open House on the new cmnty centre planned for the next night (Feb 16th) was being postponed; but also said the old one must be demolished this summer for the new one to open in 2007.
{PLEASE NOTE: The next Sports/Rec Fac Planning agenda has already gone up for 8:30am Wed Feb 23 and Cmnty Centre Planning is the one and only item.}
Mayor Wood still absent.
4.         REPORTS
4.1       Arts and Culture Strategy Implementation Select Committee - Terms of Reference and Member Appointment
Designated Presenter: Director of Parks and Community Services
            1.         The Terms of Reference for the Arts and Culture Strategy Implementation Select Committee of Council be approved;
            2.         The appointments to the Select Committee, in accordance with the subject Terms of Reference be endorsed: Councillor Ferguson, Chair, Councillors Clark and Goldsmith-Jones
RD: "cultural precinct" mentioned and I don't think we want to commit to that
some, not the whole five blocks
secondly: 2.8 sort out numbers, generally the wording cd be tightened up
just few little
VD: mainly 2.1
MMgr: add s
RD: we haven't decided so possible
MMgr: potential
RD: shdn't say will b/c not done yet
VD: potential
Sop: that was one of my concerns as well
do support cmte and strategy
for the most part have not had a review of waterfront
premature to have 2.1
2.5 new places, direct to waterfront as well?
JF: interesting wording not tight but same as strategy that came before Ccl and was adopted unanimously
bldg new facilities not limited to waterfront, to where needed
Sop: wrt GVRD, that's where they were going to stay but talk to....
VD: always certain people at GVRD who want to expand and others to limit it to sewers
old levy, cultural and art grants; duly given out similar to ours, spring
Sop: I think this will give the cmte the ability to open up talks
timely we move forward on a policy
may see some great things on the waterfront
if some decisions with this strategy we shd see our core review of the waterfront sooner than later
G-J: re 2.1 this is really to strengthen, not seen as a radical departure
input really strong; I think the wording cd be changed to strengthen arts and culture along Argyle
it is what this cmte intends to do
"continue to strengthen the cultural and heritage precincts"
did see little pockets not large amorphous
VD: happy with that
RD: yes
Sop: how many more bldgs? large complex?
VD: that's what this cmte is formed to work through and come back to Ccl at each stage to see if willingness and money
G-J: 2.8, if it seems meaningless we have to come up with better
has to stay in
wrt Core Area Review, this policy does provide an important piece for this
big piece of puzzle and great we've got them now
JF: perhaps read out of context they seem broader than they are
grew out of cmnty, and wrt cmnty as a whole, a main drive
v important
this is also a ten-year plan; going to take time; everything will come back to Ccl
not carte blanche approval to go out and do things
has to be tailored with other things Ccl is doing
p 15, 5.5, it says 'none'
but there may be a need for this cmte within the ten years
wd like to ensure this
VD: presume
MMgr: means that
JC: Ccl and states non-voting mbrs, from FBG and WVML Bd, then Prez of CAC and CofC
wd like to suggest whereas presidents may be qualified, they may not be in future (or interested)
eliminate word president and put in one member
VD: haven't made motion
[murmurs of yes]
RD: compliment cmte on excellent work; pleased
VD: see Mr Pike
KP: in order to cut this down, staff abbreviated, and one sees the folly
yes these are all the strategies but in abbreviating them see we've puzzled you, will....
Sop: is it really going to take ten years?  wdn't it be better a standing cmte?
to identify what bldgs to put where, see bit of a conflict, this cmte will listen to cmnty, but when says re waterfront, we may not know for three, four, five years
where's the logic with not coming with the waterfront plan first?
VD: currently we do have precincts
there are other issues and if we endlessly say we won't decide on future until issue coming down the line we may not decide on anything b/c always waiting for something coming down the line
VD: apologies, there's a Mr Ryan to speak
RR: I believe the minutes of the CSAC wch I chair did not come to Ccl before this item
in light of the many things the CSAC does, there was a recommendation put forward that a mbr of CSAC be put on Cmte
VD: in light of that--
RD: strong arts and culture on CSAC so I wd add
Sop: comment?
VD: wd not want to cut you off
but you've spoken four times--
Sop: as everyone else has--
VD: well,--
[ignored Sop and took vote]
4.2       Municipal Art Collection and Public Art Policy and Procedures
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
            1.         The Municipal Art Collection and Public Art Policy and Procedures (Appendix A & B) be adopted.
            2.         The task of preparing a Public Art program (Appendix C) be referred to the Implementation Committee of the Arts and Culture Strategy.
KP: grew out of previous
both a policy and a procedure, and tricky issue of de-accessioning
also a discussion paper on a public art program
concept of creating public art recommended forwarded to the Arts & Cullture Cmte
JF moved 1, dividing the motion
MMgr: Appendix A & B to the report
JF: I know people are waiting to have this adopted to begin on recommendations
think it is a thorough and sensible document
Sop: in B it calls for delegation of authority
wrt 8.1 small works, final approval of Dir of Arts and Public Services, approval up to $25K
VD: hang on
JF: page 36
Sop citing amounts and whose approval: Am I assuming up to $25K MMgr has authority?  can't go over $25K? memorials?  eight pieces a year?  is that not Ccl's prerogative as to purchase the art?
VD: presume this $25K wd have a line item in the budget?
MMgr:  two comments then will refer to Mr Pike
if Ccl wants to deal with it, you're welcome to it
generally we try to keep minor things out of the Ccl
minor nature
KP: this wd not be M dollars...if you did decide $25K, you wd approve through budget process
this is as donations, that is the intent here
a work of art up to $25K cd still be small and appraised as that, that was the intent
no magic here, if you wanted to change it you cd
VD: maybe say donations, not cash
MMgr: maybe add donations, $25K each
VD, looking round: okay/all right?
MMgr: donation
VD: not spending of cash, it's receiving up to $25K in donation
Sop:  a public art administrative group?
KP: you wdn't necessarily have a select cmte administering this
intent to pull together mbrs of cmnty as experts, making recommendation to Ccl
use anyone but intent people with expertise in art world
Sop: wonderful people but art expertise?
VD: misunderstood, recommendation made to full Ccl
up to them
Sop: how far do they go?  what are they going to do?
JC: this is a group of experts deciding on the merit of a piece of art
VD: we're talking about if someone's going to donate. --
JF: page 23, Arts Advisory Group: perhaps artists, designers, architects.......who will ADVISE to MMgr, Ccl, as to merit, relative cost, where might be placed wrt location
am looking for a way in item 2 for adv cmte after decisions made to allow public input wrt location
so it's an advisory body
Sop: silly me, I guess I was looking at the part that says 'task of preparing a public art program be referred to the implementation cmte' -- that's the Select Cmte
JF: the public consultation process revolved around the selection and placement of the--
G-J: I think that the select cmte is driving a number of issues in the cmnty; we're actually behind them, waiting
there are some things we need to do
there are some things in bad repair, need to do some de-accessioning
for sure, much of that activity will be taken on by the art advisory group
lots I'd like to talk about but think it imperative we get on with it and see its strengths and weaknesses
RD: good piece of work, amazing they've pulled this together
Appendix A 3.2, re relevance, and 4.2 on next page, p 25, it says look at putting into a WV focus .....
shd hv relevance
think it goes too far
"not disparaging of any one"? any one? any one in 42,000? and we turn it down?  a Klee? a Picasso?
hard to define
really perplexes me, think we shd give preference to WV artists but....
if we get a piece of art even if caustic -- some may say, I don't like modern art, don't get it!
again, I can't rewrite this now, and don't want to
we can have preference to WV and generally within context of WV
VD: 3.2 preference but not only
RD: can change, just has to be rewritten
VD: agree; when I read this through, when I got to the relevance part I wondered if we were trying to define too--
am sure Picasso wd annoy some
RD: he's been known to disparage but it's still good art
VD: move forward but--
JF: disparage is not distressing a mbr of the cmnty; meant if huge numbers of the cmnty find objectionable -- racist, violent; doesn't mean have to reject every piece of art that's provocative; just make sure if purchasing at ratepayers' expense, not--
RD: but it says just ONE, not large numbers
VD: see what you mean but
RD: doesn't say large numbers, just says one
Oksana Dexter: that wording has been selected b/c legal, around things re hate, violent
it is used in the most extreme cases but is not meant to limit freedom of expression but language that permits us not to accept a work in the M colln
top of p 3: two types of art, works that the M will own and works that will be in colln
involves care, maintenance, etc
Harmony Arts has a colln of posters and the M does not choose to take into its collection but if admin/adv group chooses to include into that colln -- Harmony Arts poster print, probably not, an Emily Carr, yes
advise on relevance, importance of work to Ccl
adv around whole spectrum of choices; select but keep it broad
RD: my problem is wording
now you say hate and pornography, that's not disparaging
you say large numbers and doc says one
particularly worried about bullet 3, impossibly vague, wd turn down something
gotta define it if you're going to say it
VD: when I read this, I can see someone standing there saying you shd not buy this b/c it's disparaging me
there are people who do not agree, as they do with Planning, they look for ways to defeat us
can come back to
MMgr: if Ccl is comfortable in general then adopt with the exception of 3.2
VD: and 4.2
MMgr: and those two sections be referred to the select cmte for review within next month
VD: acceptable?
[YES and Motion passed as amended, move task to Appendix C]
Sop: my thoughts, why need the select cmte to drive this when staff will take this and move along with an advisory
what's need to duplicate this? longer process? going to come back to Ccl in some way or other
VD: think the reason the RFMP has achieved what it has achieved is
b/c it had a select cmte to drive it forward
if we wish to have a policy and acquisition policy, need someone to drive it, clout, arm wrestle
select cmte there to make those difficult decisions and to come back to Ccl to have those decisions ratified
that's the purpose of cmtes
MMgr: Appendix B is really a discussion of options, recommendations, and needs someone to come forth
public art at 50 cents per sq ft
this is an issue that needs to be debated quite a bit; come forward with a recommendation to Ccl; cmte needs to talk to other groups
Sop: if cmte
MMgr: wd have to come to Ccl
7: 50+
4.3       Street Naming Request:  Upper McDonald Site (2295 Dunlewey Place)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the street name "Twin Creek Place" be approved for the new private road service the Upper McDonald site.
{chuckles over saying this -- Twin Creek Place; repeat three times if pulled over while driving}
area:  in cul de sac
4.4       Statutory Right of Way to BC Hydro over Municipal Lot 42 Block 1 of Block C, [DLs] 603, 604 and 806, Plan 9314 (Municipal Lot 42 on Glenmore Drive) (File:  1135?06 Lot 42 Hydro)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
THAT the report dated February 02, 2005 entitled "Public Receipt - Statutory Right of Way to BC Hydro over Municipal Lot 42 Block 1 of Block C, [DLs] 603, 604 and 806, Plan 9314" be received for information.
Sop: payment?
SJN: don't believe so,
Sop: do they have rights to acquisition of wood/trees/logs
MMgr: this is something Ccl had already approved
we required them to make some adjustments
satisfied some M interests achieved
4.5       Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4413, 2005 and Development Permit No. 04-024 (1891 Marine Drive)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED:...introduced and read a first time in short form.
RECOMMENDED:...be considered at a concurrent Public Hearing and Public Meeting to be held on March 14, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
SJN: wrt vacant lot at corner of 19th and Marine Drive; currently RM2 0.9FAR; application for townhouse/apt, about ten, ~7-1300sf at density of 1.25
VD: so you're suggesting first reading?
[YES, and so done]
4.6       Youth Advisory Committee 2004 Year End Report
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
RECOMMENDED:  ... received for information.
KP: follows other reports
does not have 2005 Workplan as yet, still working on that; will come forward with that in next few weeks
JF: an excellent report; these young people have been very very busy, unfortunate they cdn't be here
appreciate the schedules they operate under
VD: late night activities? in WV that's about 6pm
YAC wants activities
event at secret location, buses, police served non-alcoholic beverages
must have been secret
RD: non-alcoholic drinks served by police must have been thrilling
impressed by the activities they take on
was there at Hay Park [dedication]
impressive achievements this year; groups to strengthen school
VD: great cmte to have
Sop: not too many years ago we went to sock hops; remember well, attended by large numbers
in this cmnty, as unique as it is, if you drive around at 10pm, you'd see no one
ten major events over year, cooperation, youth centre, we've come a long way
4.7       Caulfeild Village Green Park Status Report
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
VD: Lower Caulfeild Green, Mr Nicholls -- oops, Mr Pike
KP: letter from resident concerned over condition of green; others concerned too
met with them with Cclr Day and agreed to bring that area up to condition it deserves
impacted by church, preschool, and park mgmt
note on p2, calls for removal of maples, maintaining views from lychgate out to cove
now rehabilitation plan and has to be done in conjunction with Engg b/c roads issue as well
will come back to Ccl as soon as we can
RD: I did meet with residents, staff, arborist....; and I have to admit the green has been stripped pretty bare over the years, just grass at this point; no trees or bushes
pleased staff aware of some of the problems
looking to relandscape the green with low-lying vegetation
find ways to make green more attractive
wd like to plant a few deciduous trees, maybe Japanese maples that wdn't block views
think Parks serious, does intend to have something better in next few years
G-J: really sad the Green has been denuded as a result of what....
incrementalism or what
wd like to know who will be charged with consulting with cmnty and visioning
KP: our staff will take that responsibility on
plan will be drawn up and shown to residents, and to others, others interested in this area
will try to reach some kind of consensus
think we can come up with something that hearkens back to past wch is why we included the photo from 1915; up to current standards, provide parking, traffic to move, and still area preserved
G-J: May I just refer to this little book, A Short History of Caulfeild Village by H A Stone wch I think provides some of the inspiration that needs to be re-ignited; I think everybody intuitively knows this:
"Mr Caulfeild was the first owner of an estate of considerable size in the west, if not in the whole of Canada, to plan his property by natural contours.   He also was the first owner to deed the most valuable portions of his estate that posterity might forever enjoy the fruits of his planning."
In the words of Ruskin, he epitomizes the ideal "when we build, let us think that we build forever"
I do think the Green right now shows we've lost sight of that
glad in front of Ccl; think the public will rally round
it's a precious little field, intended by someone with great foresight
RD: Mr Leavers says preliminary ideas
separation between roadway and park
but no mention of trees, you cd plant some deciduous flowering trees
KP: wd come up
issue of views and being able to see across there
key but can be rethought
consultation process including with Ms Bradbury
before we do anything we'll get back to you soon.
Sop: in looking at the drawings
it's my understanding in viewing the area, natural beach?  like 18th along Argyle?
KP: even more natural
Sop: so unique state of this park -- staff, wd be a leader in what they do?
maintenance of entire area? leave area
KP: not many park mgmt plans but this is one
went for a walk with Mr John Mann who was on the original cmte and he told us what we were doing right and what we were doing wrong
what you see here is how we're maintaining that park and how we intend to go on
more natural, not artificial manner
VD: the roadway around the green; tacky
ppl parking all over the place
it's suffering; needs better roadway
KP: and I was speaking of the beachfront of Caulfeild Cove
the edge has to be more defined so ppl know where to go
VD: across worse
KP: where it goes down
we'll come back with that plan
4.8       Sea-to-Sky Highway - Left Turn Lanes
Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation  (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
VD: Mr Nicholls
SJN: Mr Barth
VD: sorry, yes, Mr Barth
EB: wrt Lawrence Way when hwy widened
concerns raised: availability of gaps to get to Lawrence Way
long crossing distance from a bus stop there
vehicles stacking up; risk of high speed collisions
Ccl to review options; apparently there were similar concerns at Ansell Rd before my time and devpr required to do [things to make safer]
looking at what will go in there that will be safer
G-J: motion to write to Ministry of Transportation, asked to consider alternative design solutions, including signalization
I looked at that, really busy, amazed bus stop
no on ramp
for people crossing, can't expect they to be able to do that
glad staff helping advocate for people in nbrhd
Sop: I talked to you at beginning of week, glad on agenda
most serious is this crossover
Mr Dozzi has sent letters to Prov and we've received nothing in return
wonder where we sit wrt safety
EB: Cclr S is correct, we have contacted Ministry but nothing....
but did get a call the other day saying we wd get a reply shortly
Sop: is there any ability for this Ccl to pass a bylaw preventing traffic going over a four-lane hwy left turn
MMgr: can't make any such bylaw but can bring to their attention and hope that they listen
Sop: this report calling for some scenarios
what time take place in planning wrt our concerns? we cd be there?
MMgr: asked them to include us in discussions, consider options
how they'll respond, have to wait and see what they do
media they say province's desire to talk and safety; so hope they live up to that
this location and others
JF: to add some level of concern when writing to Ministry
bus passengers getting off on east and having to cross five lanes, particularly school children, don't know how many -- maybe contact Sch Dist and have the support
EB: excellent suggestion
we have asked not only to review design but also traffic mgmt plans during construction also, all the way through; Ministry has said willing to do that but just a bit frustrated at [delay in reply?]
Jim Simms: I live on Lawrence Avenue
wd like to emphasize that that left hand turn -- incredible -- is a suicidal proposition
was a mtg held by residents in area, had rep from Ministry of Transport, and from contractor and mbr from WV, not sure who
left no doubt in their mind it was totally unacceptable
after you went away, you began to feel less enthusiastic, nothing accomplished, but will be another mtg with same group end of Feb
the experience even now against traffic coming south is 'very exciting'; turning almost no choice but a U-turn....
the scenario presented by the Province is simply unacceptable
one-lane tunnel under the road wd work well with Ansell Place interchange
but I'm not sure the msg has been received
interesting that the contract was given some inducements to produce safe hwy, some bonus points if safer
want to emphasize that it's very unsafe
VD: I asked this to come to Ccl b/c anyone who's driven the hwy knows how fast and constant it is
the idea of lefthand turns, I was on cmte re Sunset Highlands for devpr to build something for cmnty; and the idea, to see that go to waste, lefthand turns across amazing POV
talked with Mayor of Lions Bay and he said the only thing that will speed it up is more crashes
RD: interesting this comes from a govt saying safety is its prime
Lisa Turpin: I'm a resident of Lions Bay and I drive that hwy frequently and I'm quite concerned with logistics of interconnectivity of all the cmnties along the hwy
if not at Lawrence Bay, understand the lefthand turn will be at Ocean Point, wch will be the turnaround point for Strachan Pt to come home
turning in U-turn
turning point to Strachan
same if you're coming out of Lawrence Way you'll go to Ansell Place
that hwy is going to be divided and don't know how your Fire Dept feels about jumping barriers
unless go to Ocean Point and turn trucks around
a few logistical points for you
4.9 [added]  Demolition Permit Fees:
SJN: we've surveyed other Ms
ours are the highest; none use them for heritage purposes or associate them with
fees for heritage are: some use street rentals and for gambling, as in New Westminster
there is a heritage strategy coming
excellent subject to be dealt with
how to deal within WV
not just bldgs but also streets
RD: we do have this strategic plan; HAC will be coming to Ccl with a proposal and asking for guidance
steering cmte or select cmte
is true the Cmnty Charter does not allow us to use demo fees for H purposes but the City of Vancouver uses a $168 processing charge
and DNV uses filming revenues, don't think we can set up a casino
useful suggestions; will take this back to our next mtg
JF: Heritage Casino; looking forward to report
RD: decommissioned ferry from ferry fleet--
SJN: Heritage Bingo!
5.         BYLAWS
5.1       Pesticide Use Control Bylaw, No. 4377, 2004
This Bylaw received third reading at the February 07, 2005 Council Meeting.
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
SJN:  as explained last week, does not apply to CN Rail
our Env'tal Coord was speaking in NV last Monday night
Ian Forsythe, 2939 Mathers:  I don't think this has been really very carefully thought/read through
a philosopher said "you can believe what you choose but you must believe what you ought
two concerns I have, one philosophical, one biological
definition under biological control
Perhaps you'd like to read it out:
VD: use of natural agents, insects, nematodes, fungi, viruses, fish, or animals to control weeds
IF: isn't there some confusion there?
fish or animals
do insects control weeds?
Perhaps Dir of Parks can answer
VD: not meant to be a discussion
IF: essence, not correct; can't be used to control weeds
another concern it says fish or animals but a fish is an animal
not appreciated alarming someone not aware of that drawing up a bylaw for safety of popn
the philosophical concern is that if you have only permitted pesticides
can't even use vinegar
what about carrot juice if found out worth
if 50 years ago physicians only allowed to use certain things...
can be no progress if no other things are permitted
perhaps Ccl shd reconsider the wording
KP: the wording from the bylaw, we attempted to bring in as much as possible from other Ms, this comes from Vancouver, New Westminster, and Port Moody.
some definitions are legal ones....  some cases may not make perfect sense
does apply, apologize for this
we've gone over this and so have our solicitors
Sop: wd like to ask why CN is exempt; don't think they shd
good  co
they're near residential nbrhds
they shd also find alternative means
MMgr: CN falls under fed agency, has received exemption from prov govt
we will attempt to persuade them
Sop: health -- no organization shd be exempt!
just talk with them?
sit and educate and they're not obligated?
MMgr: they are not obligated to follow M bylaws in this regard
JF: I'm not a biologist but re terminology re insects
you can buy ladybugs so insects can eat aphids
can use nematodes to eat beetles
you might use fish on aquatic weeds
the wording on its own might not make sense but does in context
when biologists return; if Mr Forsythe wd like to call the Mr Jenkins he'll get an answer
G-J: as Ms across the country adopt these regulations, we'll see CN, perhaps able to put pressure, etc follow
5.2       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005
This Bylaw received first reading at the February 07, 2005 Council Meeting.
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
RECOMMENDED:... be read a second and third time.
VD: the Municipal Clerk will speak to this
SSch gave some background
RD: we represented the Mayor last Wednesday in honouring Kay Dickinson, longtime resident
1920s to 30s, spent ten years on Ccl; she has spent time with various heritage groups
made this donation of $50,000; wd like to thank Kay for her gift and long term commitment to cmnty
G-J: NSh Congress mtg re Task Force on Substance Abuse -- good rapport with Coastal Health Authority
recognize now services on NSh lag behind Rmd and Vanc, and have entertained $1.7m for improved services on the N Sh
letter of agreement of a Substance Abuse Cmte Project Coordinator
cmnty-based approach to this issue
Implementation Cmte, N Sh, led by Dr Brian O'Connor
come a long way
the last piece will be a communications plan
Sop: wd like to congratulate Cclr G-J and the significant change
talk of aligning substance abuse with mental illness; not done in province, have to go to Washington State
when we see a youth helplessly using and we can't take them to a place to have a psychiatrist look at them
good they're now committing some money to this
VD: attended NSh Cmnty Forum, always good to get that many staff and cclrs to sit around and listen to speeches
devt of young chn and nbrhd devt
somehow found the arithmetic didn't work
felt an interesting concept
our MMgr a good presentation, all these things we hear about aging
enormous amount of research going on
how things will affect us over the next 30 to 40 years
G-J and I attended up Cypress, "Chill", an organization that brings streetkids to come up to mountains and teach them how to snowboard
gives them the ability to achieve something, through sports; sponsored by Bell and prov govt; 100 kids over six weeks
magazine, personal stories, significant effect on people and their future lives
really for small effort
also attended Finance Cmte of GVRD, long and tedious as these mtgs are and can't really say we brought anything forward.
7.         OTHER ITEMS  =   7.1       Correspondence
7.1.8         Thirty (30) form letters, dated as indicated, regarding the "Good Neighbour Bylaw" (Business Licence Bylaw No. 3024, 1982, Amendment Bylaw No. 4403, 2004"
{if you look at the letters they say "Good Neighbour" but instead they refer to the Noise/Odours Bylaw; shd be clarified}
Sop queried the confusion of the names of the two bylaws wrt what was intended by the writers.
MMgr: this is a form letter circulating
actually in reference to Odour
We're looking at Odours and Noises; GVRD testing; hope to bring that bylaw back to Ccl.
{Great, b/c the support shd be given to the right bylaw!}

Jay Brownlee: if I as a citizen contact a cclr, what is the timeline to hear back; preset or up to indiv?
VD: up to each cclr to respond to each
Brownlee: no preset?
VD: not for staff
MMgr: we have tracking systems for both correspondence and calls when to staff or Mayor and Ccl
important to point out outside of the ccl mtg, no cclr has authority to commit Ccl
no authority to commit Ccl to any course of action
up to them if they wish to respond
VD: sometimes one responds not directly but by contacting staff finding out about the issue, to follow up
Brownlee: sent a letter about a week and a half ago on behalf of the special interest group I represent
sent it by email; got reply [acknowledgement] from Clerk's Office
sent by email, make a difference? wonder why not in Correspondence tonight
VD: the item you're referring to is a legal and labour matter and we deal with it in camera
JF: I've had mbrs of my family leave msgs and haven't received
rather than jump to conclusions
maybe do it personally; several ways
Brownlee: I did it two ways
I understand; will deal with it on my own
Sop: on occasion, many occasions get calls
public works, Engg Dept, and I must say, extremely impressed by attentiveness of staff to attend to
any I call about
not been disappointed yet wrt Mr Barth or Mr Pike in relationship to questions asked
somewhere along the way; mtg called, on record; moves forward
VD: we all receive many phone calls and we each deal with it in our different ways to help cmnty
Miss Reynolds.
CR:  Good evening. Carolanne Reynolds, Editor, West Van Matters [#8 1065 - 24th], www.westvan.org
First of all,
Congratulations, Cclr Durman on running a second, well-run, mtg in a row.  Very impressed, thank you.
VD: thank you very much
CR [referring to remarks earlier in the mtg]:
A couple of comments
as to the casino -- wch caused great merriment at the presentation at the HAC mtg
=================transcript ends here==============================

Herewith a summary of my Questions/Comments.  The transcript of this part will appear in the next issue.

At the end of the ccl mtg I picked up on a few comments made -- agreed staff very helpful, naming Dir/Engg Emil Barth, Dir/Parks Kevin Pike, Dir/Planning Steve Nicholls (hard to see from where I was sitting), and of course the MMgr Dave Stuart -- and expanded, ie New Westminster's casino results in $500,000 per year for heritage (Vegas on Argyle? -- yikes! but as VD pointed out, Richmond gets over $9m -- pretty hard to ignore); said had been told a letter had to be submitted 11 days before a mtg to be included in a ccl mtg (MClk clarified 11 days ahead for a delegation and six days for a letter); then, although I'd congratulated VD for his conduct of the past two mtgs, he did become a little testy when I asked about the new Cmnty Centre.  He appeared to mishear what I said.
And then misquoted me.
You will recall that the Aquatic Centre in the RFMP (wch VD frequently refers to, the Recreation Facilities Master Plan) had an estimate of $2.5m.  There were several Open Houses and at one three choices were presented, in the region of $3m, $4 to 5m, and $7m.   Most, naturally, chose the middle.  Predictable.  It ended up costing $8.9m (some think more but there are many ways of calculating the cost ie, including underground parking or not).  The new Cmnty Centre will probably cost about two to three times what the Aquatic Centre was to cost (VD consistently misinterprets or misstates my statement) so it shd have open houses for public input, especially if they want to start construction in August.  The initial estimate for the Aquatic Centre was $2.5m, long forgotten.
KEEP in mind that the Ten-Year Capital Project Plan that had $2.5m for the Aquatic Centre had $13m for the Cmnty Centre.  the Aquatic has been reported as $8.9m hence it's easy to anticipate residents' apprehension and desire to be informed.
VD vehemently denies any figure in spite of the fact that the information in Tidings (Feb 6) said it wd be 60,000sf.  About a third will be for the Coastal Health Authority and 38,000sf for the Cmnty Centre.  Surely this wd afford some hint of an estimate or parameters.  VD also said that construction costs are going up about 1% per month.  Twice at least he said that when there is a design then it will come to Ccl.  I averred that that sounds like a final design with little latitude for changes as a result of public input.  Alas, VD became quite incensed sad to say, accusing me of misleading however my intention was to get more clarification from Ccl as well as some commitment to public information and input.  Regrettably, VD apparently did not see it that way.  It was an opportunity to clarify for the public watching.  Why wdn't he welcome it?  Somewhat abashed, I neglected to point out that this is, after all, the most expensive project in WV's history.  I asked for some sort of ball park amount but met only resistance to mentioning even a range.  It certainly gives the impression of planning blindfolded -- or duct-taped billfold.......
VD referred to the fact that I attended most Sports & Rec Fac mtgs so I shd know no dollar amounts had been mentioned during the sessions.  I refrained from commenting that this was hardly reassuring [and refrained from pointing out it appeared rather irresponsible].  I'd asked over a year ago about when the public wd be brought into the process and although initially received warmly, none occurred save one general public information on many projects.
I did ask how much notice was required for cmte mtgs.  The answer was posted 48 hours ahead (ruddy little, but I didn't complain about that).  VD admitted there had been a Sports/Rec Fac mtg that he cdn't understand no one got a notice about except him -- called JF and got her out of bed, almost came in pyjamas.  While I was sorry to have missed that, the M website only had Jan 19 and Feb 9, however I understood there had been two mtgs in the interim.  VD denied that, saying only one.  I chose to drop this part of the debate and went on to point out that the new cmnty centre wd undoubtedly be discussed at the Sports/Rec Fac mtgs wch I've been told will now be every Wednesday morning -- so the public can hear about the cmnty centre then.  Cclr Sop announced that this Wednesday's had already been cancelled.
More on this in a future report.
For the moment, however, here's what I've just copy and pasted from the Sports & Rec Facility Planning Select Cmte page the M website that night:
2005 meetings for this Committee:
February 9, 2005
January 19, 2005
January 12, 2005
You will notice that the two mtgs I referred to (Jan 26 and Feb 2) do NOT appear despite VD's protestations.  A Feb 2nd mtg however, does appear on the Cmnty Event Calendar (the January calendar has been removed so can't check that one -- must be a new policy that removes the previous month's calendar just as they now no longer have that helpful list of mtgs for the month on the righthandside of the calendar).   Well, folks, I didn't want PQP to turn into a debate but I did have this printout in my file folder proving what VD was saying was not true or did not match the M website.  I also did not want to focus on his cmte (he's chair of Sports/Rec Fac Planning Select Cmte, and their mtgs are at the call of the chair), rather my aim was to get public the procedures of notice of cmte mtgs in general since there has been uneven adherence.   The MClk did volunteer that they wd remind staff of the policy.

In a nutshell, if you want to learn about the progress of the new cmnty centre, go to these mtgs.   You may end up learning more than the other four members of Ccl who are not on the cmte,  and you'll marvel at the fact they've been discussing the new centre for over a year with nary a hint of the dollars involved.  Is that helpful?  responsible?  Is it all right to keep the public in the dark if you're keeping Ccl in the dark as well?

[The Ccl mtg ended around 9pm. with Sop noting the Wed Feb 16th mtg had been cancelled.]

+++++++++  ABBREVIATED AGENDA Feb 21st  ++++++++++++
                        A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday
3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, February 07, 2005
4.1       Presentation to West Vancouver Rotary Club and West Vancouver Sunrise Rotary Club regarding Rotary Clubs' 100th Anniversary: to recognize and honour the Rotary Clubs on one hundred years of service to North Shore communities. 
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Ambleside Town Centre Strategy [received for information]
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits; A PowerPoint presentation will be provided.
5.2       Joint North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO) Grant Application for Tsunami/Earthquake Preparedness Funding
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
THAT the Council of the District of West Vancouver has reviewed the tsunami preparedness grant application, as prepared by the North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO), and hereby approves that this grant application to support tsunami/earthquake public awareness and education for the citizens of the North Shore be submitted to the province;
AND THAT the $30,000 grant monies available in total to the North Shore municipalities for this project, if this project is approved by the province, will be managed by the North Shore Emergency Management Office based on terms of reference which will be developed and approved by the North Shore Emergency Management Office Executive Committee;
AND FURTHER THAT the $30,000 should be made payable to the North Shore Emergency Management Office as they will be responsible for paying all the invoices related to this project.
5.3       Natural Landscapes - Local Government Grants Program (File:  1815-08)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
THAT Council authorizes submission of an application for the Natural Landscapes Demonstration Project under the provincial Local Government Grants Program - Infrastructure Planning (Study) Grants.
6.         BYLAWS for Adoption: Fees and Charges; Zoning Amendment Bylaw (2168 Marine Drive) 6.3       Development Permit No. 03-007 for property at 2168 Marine Drive
THAT Development Permit No. 03-007 for property located at 2168 Marine Drive which will provide for the construction of a new [two-storey] office building, with under building parking accessed from the lane and a low profile freestanding sign be approved. 
8.         OTHER ITEMS
8.1       Correspondence
===  No Action Required (receipt only)
8.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)             West Vancouver Memorial Library Board, December 15, 2004
(b)             Community Services Advisory Committee, December 07, 2004
(c)              Community Services Advisory Committee, January 11, 2005
(d)             Parks and Environment Advisory Committee, December 08, 2004
(e)             Parks and Environment Advisory Committee, January 12, 2005
(f)               Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning, January 19, 2005
(g)             Heritage Advisory Committee, December 14, 2004
8.1.2         G. Harkley, February 07, 2005, regarding removal of memorial marker
8.1.3         P. Draffehn, February 10, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive
8.1.4         S. Walker, Bellevue Properties & the Walker Group, regarding odours
8.1.5         D. S. Kennedy, February 08, 2005, regarding Odours/Noise Bylaw
8.1.6         S. Thomas, February 07, 2005, regarding the Bear Network/ Victoria Emergency Response Conservation Officer Organization
8.1.7         G. Knight, Co-Chair, Hollyburn Heritage Society, February 02, 2005, regarding Hollyburn Heritage Society Report for 2004
8.1.8         J. Somers, undated, regarding north entrance to Klahanie Park
8.1.9         Fifty-two (52) form letters, dated as indicated, regarding Amendment to Business Licence Bylaw - Odours/Noise (Business Licence Bylaw No. 3024, 1982, Amendment Bylaw No. 4403, 2004"
8.1.10       L. Pierce, February 11, 2005, regarding North Shore transportation
8.1.11       N. Parker, February 10, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive
===  Action Required
8.1.12       Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM), February 05, 2005, regarding Provincial Community Water Improvement Program Announcement
                  Previously distributed due to timing of event.
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
8.1.13       M. Keij, February 08, 2005, regarding the Taylor Way/Marine Drive nightmare                   Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
8.1.14       S. E. Dowey, City Clerk, City of North Vancouver, regarding establishing a hospice location on the North Shore
Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
8.1.15       B. Waterbury, Chair, Planning Committee, North Shore Super Cities Walk/Run for Multiple Sclerosis regarding delegation request re Walk/Run for MS
Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the March 21, 2005 meeting.
8.1.16       J. Lindsay, February 08, 2005, regarding delegation request re Noise Control Bylaw Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the February 28, 2005 meeting.
8.1.17       W. P. Penney, President, Lions Gate Hospice Society, February 11, 2005, regarding delegation request re North Shore Hospice
Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the March 07, 2005 meeting.
8.1.18       D. Crone, February 08, 2005, regarding utility billing (File:  0835?02)
                  Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.

++++++++  HERITAGE WEEK  (21 - 27) UPDATE  ++++++++++++
see website www.northshore.heritagebc.ca or write info@northshore.heritagebc.ca or call 922 4400
START Heritage Week with:
***  Opening Night Receptions on Tuesday Feb 22 from 6 - 8pm
Silk Purse - Character Landscapes Exhibition; FBG  - The Photographic Edge
***  Wed, Feb 23rd at Gertrude Lawson House ~ 7pm - Discussion on possibilities wrt Hodgson House  This house was built in 1913.  The WV Historical Society and the WV Museum and Archives retrieved many heritage items and records before it was barged away to Vancouver Island.  Unfortunately, its fate is now uncertain owing to unforeseen circumstances.  Preservation still possible?  Add to Heritage Precinct mooted along Argyle waterfront (if GLH moved)?

***  SATURDAY FEB 26th GLH at 2pm  ***   DWV HERITAGE AWARDS at the Museum!  ***

***  SUNDAY, visit the HERITAGE FAYRE at Park Royal North  2 - 6pm  ***
where many volunteer and cmnty groups are eager to tell you about what they do and how they contribute to our cmnty life -- North Shore Lifeboat Society, WV Historical Society, ......  Plans are afoot for some entertainment or activities there too!  Phone 604 922 4400 for info and to reserve a table for Heritage Fayre
--->Top off the week with a free snowshoe trek and BBQ up Cypress Sunday 3:30!  (Pray for snow and reserve 922 0825 x780)
*  Please look for displays in the business areas.
Ambleside has a video of the making of the Lions' Gate Bridge while Dina's Hair Vogue has the book;  engineering drawings of the bridge at Red Horses in Dundarave;  photos at Caulfeild Gallery in the Caulfeild Village.......  Selected restaurants are participating too....
See flyer and website for details

+++++  QUOTATION  +++++

I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines.
                -- Henry David Thoreau, naturalist and author (1817-1862)