Ccl Notes Feb 21 (PQP 14th)
Agenda 28th
Meetings to Mar. 2nd

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Guess the cancelled Open House on the new Cmnty Centre and some questions at PQP on Monday 14th unblocked the dam.  Wednesday morning at the Sports & Rec Fac Planning there was a presentation on the new cmnty centre -- and, mirabile dictu, they hope to make a presentation to Ccl on Feb 28th.  You will note, however, that it is not on the agenda that is out so we assume that it will be on the supplemental agenda.  At last!
RUMBLINGS/gRUMBLINGS (Municipal Project Planning Money, the new cmnty centre, and Evelyn Drive); Main Items Feb 28th; Events/Mtgs to Mar 2nd (even more Evelyn Drive); Feb 14th's PQP (Ccl's Minutes vs what was actually said) on posting of agendas, new cmnty centre's indeterminate design/cost; Ccl Mtg Feb 21st Notes; Abbreviated Agenda Feb 28th; INFObits re spring; Quotation

+++++  RUMBLINGS  +++++  gRUMBLINGS  +++++

+++ MONEY: Five- and Ten-Year Capital Projects Planning
More later, but it may be helpful to look at an early ten-year plan (2000) wch had $13.5m for the central cmnty centre (with 2002 start).  There were revisions, then the Ten-Year Capital Projects Plan was removed from the M website in early 2004 and although eagerly promised/anticipated it's on the agenda finally for Feb 28th (2005).  Can't wait to see it.  When challenged by VD I asked for a current one the other day, waited, and got another also dated March 2003 but revised.  This one has no expenditures for 2005 and the central cmnty centre as $12m+ (plus $7m+ for parking, etc wch was NOT identified in the original budget planning).  Hold up your hand if you thought nothing will be spent this er, um, election, year.  They spent over $12m of the $45m ten-year plan during the last election year (~$6m before, $10m+ year after, ie ~$28m of $45m in first four years).  No wonder the funds dried up.  Interesting to see where they'll come from and changes.
+++  NEW CMNTY CENTRE  ~60K sq ft, how many $$$?
Back to that 2003 Ten-Year Capital Projects Plan.  It shows $11m but we'll have to wait and see.  There are ways of building a bigger and more expensive structure and not financing it entirely from taxpayers.   The point is, residents shd be involved in the planning from the beginning, not just 'stakeholders' who have told staff what they want.  There's no problem blue-skying, then decisions have to be made as to cutting back or getting funds elsewhere.
Glad we'll get a peek behind the curtain Monday 28th.
= At PAC Wed, Feb 23, considerable debate; recommended sending project back to Ccl to consider an FAR under 1.0.  Land use is their bag and most agree variety of housing desirable in WV so choice but not necessarily high density -- remember this area now is .35FAR and the proposal is 1.0 (but includes the whole area so if roads excluded, it may be 1.35FAR).  The applicant did have some interesting pathways and linkages.
= At DAC on Thursday (Feb 24), a thoughtful discussion resulting in an eight-part motion, in effect look at density, height, massing, scale.  There were impassioned remarks about having devt with WV character (and there are about 28 areas with distinctive WV character) integrated with the topography (not in spite of it!).  I say I'd like to see an exciting and imaginative devt sensitive to the environment and special geography.  Even more fascinating was that one of the cmnty benefits mentioned was $500K for Kay Meek.  Did staff negotiate or suggest that?  SJN correctly pointed out that Ccl no longer want staff to negotiate cmnty benefits, they will consider them.
=  Evelyn Drive will be on the EAC agenda Tuesday Mar 1st.  That's another nut to crack.   Every discussion has bemoaned the traffic on Taylor Way.  Putting in the roads will be expensive for the devpr.

+++  MAIN ITEMS on Feb 28th  +++
=  Delegations on WV Family Place Society and on Noise Control re Hwy Upgrades near Ansell
=  North Shore Transportation Advisory Committee:  Draft Terms of Reference
=  [Five-Year] Financial Plan Bylaw  (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
{FINALLY!   even if we have still to wait until the meeting!  The ten-year was removed from the website early in 2004 while they worked on a replacement or revision, finally we have something.  If they can't do a ten-year, at least the five-year satisfies the legal requirements and gives Council something more realistic to deal with when considering the budget and projects.}
=  TransLink Funding  (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
=  Business Licence Amendment Bylaw - Odour & Noise Control [3rd reading rescinded; to be revised]
=  CORRESPONDENCE:  EAC minutes; Child Care Resource Program; Lawrence Way left; Youth Sports Tax Credits; WCWC's Edu Report; Evelyn Drive; Noise/Odours Bylaw; TransLink urban transportation forum; Env'mt Conference; helmets; TransLink re Property Tax; Almondel Rd Bridge; Starbuck's 2416 MDr; Mtn Biking; Coho Society; traffic volume, road mtnce, and safety

+++++  EVENTS/MEETINGS to Mar 2nd +++++

=== Wed, Feb 23rd  ==========================
~ 8:30am ~ Sports & Rec Fac Planning Select Cmte mtg at Hall
        ***COMMUNITY CENTRE PLANNING is only item on agenda
~ 5pm ~ PAC in Ccl Chamber -- EVELYN DRIVE on agenda
~ 7pm ~ Discussion on future of Hodgson House (1913) at Museum
~ 7pm ~ SPCA AGM with Speaker at Srs' Centre
=== Thurs, Feb 24th  ==========================
~ 4pm ~ Police Board at Ch of Commerce Boardroom
~ 5pm ~ NSACDI mtg at CNV Hall
~ 5:15 ~ DAC in Ccl Chamber  [alas, another story of the agenda not up, this time until the very afternoon, however it was on EVELYN DRIVE too!]
                (see separate notice/flyer on Heritage Week, visit www.northshore.heritagbc.org)
***  2pm Saturday 26th: WV HERITAGE AWARDS at Museum
***  2 - 6pm Sunday 27th: HERITAGE FAYRE at Park Royal North
then 3:30pm Cypress Snowshoe Trek and BBQ (reservations required)

===========  MARCH  =================
~ 3:30pm ~ YAC
~ 4:30pm ~ EAC, and it's EVELYN DRIVE again -- and Alleluia/Hallelujah, it's already posted!
~ 7pm ~  CSAC -- Cmnty Grants, and agenda's already posted too!
~ 8:30am ~ Sports & Rec Fac Planning possibly discussing the new Cmnty Centre again

+++++++++  Rest of PQP vs Ccl Minutes Feb 14th  +++++++++
These minutes, Feb 14th, are on the 28th agenda, fascinatingly different from transcript.
You may be interested in how the ccl mtg minutes report the "Public Questions and Comments" part.  In the last issue (WVM2005 - 07), I reported on Jay Brownlee's questions/remarks (about the answer to a letter to Mayor and Ccl, the time to wait for one, and a letter's appearance in Correspondence).  [By the way, it's 11 days for a delegation and six days for a letter, but you'd never know by reading ccl mtg minutes.  Helpful, eh?]
Here's what the minutes, for adoption at the Feb 28th ccl mtg say:
J. Brownlee [..address..] spoke relative to Councillors' response process wrt citizen queries, and queried status of correspondence previously sent to Council.
C. Reynolds [address.., Editor, WV Matters] spoke relative to:
let's read the transcript to see how closely the ccl mtg minutes match what was actually said.  You'll see that from some points of view there are seven topics.  FYI, I think Ccl's or staff's ANSWERS to questions from the public are more important than the questions themselves but they are rarely reported, as you see:
{We now rejoin the meeting as J. Brownlee leaves the microphone:}
VD: we all receive many phone calls and we each deal with it in our different ways to help the cmnty.
Miss Reynolds.
CR:  Good evening. Carolanne Reynolds, Editor, West Van Matters [#8 1065 - 24th], www.westvan.org
First of all,
Congratulations, Cclr Durman on running a second, well-run, mtg in a row.  Very impressed, thank you.
VD: thank you very much
=  1  =
CR [referring to remarks earlier in the mtg]:
A couple of comments
as to the casino -- wch caused great merriment at the presentation at the HAC mtg
It is rather funny, except that New Westminster gets $500,000 a year for heritage from that casino so -- I know we don't want a casino on the waterfront, I'm not advocating it, but we wdn't sneeze at that much money for any project in the cmnty.
VD: Richmond is going to receive between $9 - 12 million
CR, agape: from the casino? Wow!
VD: that is why people say Ms become addicted to gambling
I hope we never do
CR: No.  Well, right now, we're just thinking about those $25K gifts wch are great.
=  2  =
I did also notice the Good Nbr [Bylaw reference], in the Correspondence, I read through those letters too, and it is confusing, I think a lot of the letters, as the MMgr mentioned, do talk about odours and things from restaurants -- but that's not the Gd Nbr [Bylaw], that's the odours one, so perhaps someone cd tell them, they're talking about the wrong bylaw.
=  3  =
Also, wrt letters I was going to ask--
I was told, uh, Mr Brownlee said a week and a half ago -- I was told you have to submit a letter 11 days before the Ccl mtg before it makes the Public Correspondence, so he might just not have been not quite long enough
I was under impression email or letters to Mayor and Ccl do get to be part of the Public Correspondence.  Is that not so?
VD: in normal course of events
CR: right, and still has to be 11 days in advance?
VD: no idea
SSch, MClk: wrt delegation requests, the bylaw does state 11 days in advance and that is b/c the delegation request first has to appear on a ccl agenda, for Ccl's decision to receive, and it subsequently gets scheduled for a delegation date
CR: for normal letters, what is the time period?
SSch: I believe it's around six days
CR: That's good; that's earlier, tyvm
=  4  =
I also wd like to add my comments that I've also received excellent [help from staff], when people have contacted me or I've contacted Mr Barth [Dir/Engg], Mr Pike [Dir/Parks], and uh -- I can't quite see him {peeking over} -- is Mr Nicholls still here? -- Mr Nicholls [Dir/Planning], and of course the MMgr, I've had great response, and we're really quite grateful for the attentiveness of many of the staff
VD: and I'm sure if Mr Laing was [sic] here, you'd say--
=  5  =
CR: The main question I'm here for, is the Sports & Rec [Facility Planning Select Cmte] mtgs
there was some confusion, and perhaps we cd just have some information on procedures
In the Feb 6 Tidings, it said there wd be an Open House on the cmnty centre, and I sent out my newsletter and I looked on the M website and it wasn't mentioned anywhere; and then I thought, well, maybe somebody just left it off, so I said I can't believe it's cancelled, and so I sent out another notice saying I think there might be one, but it's not on the M website
Then someone called me and left a message for me Sunday; said there's a small ad on p 12 of NShNews on Sunday saying that the Open House on the cmnty centre wch was scheduled for Tuesday the 15th at the Srs' Centre has been postponed
VD: Correct.  I announced that at the beginning of the mtg
CR:  I'm terribly sorry, I was a bit late --when is the new date?
VD: There is no new date.  It's been postponed.
I said at the time, at the beginning of the mtg, we will announce when the mtg will be called when we've got to that point.
CR: Yes, well some people have expressed some concern to me about the cmnty centre b/c I understand, and, as you know, b/c I've been to some of the Sports & Rec Fac Planning mtgs, that I started asking a year ago when we wd have some public input; and the comment that came back to me, just to pass on to you, is that the cmnty centre -- as far as anyone can tell -- will cost twice maybe three times as much as the Aquatic Centre.

{Hold that.  This is a transcript and that's what I said.  Turns out that's not what VD heard.  Unless you consider he heard but wants to exaggerate or twist what I say....}

The Aquatic Centre turned out to be around $8 - 12m and I think the cmnty centre is going to be over $20m, is that so?
How much is the cmnty centre roughly going to be?
VD:  We haven't got a building to price up yet so I don't know where you're getting your figures.

{The RFMP's estimate of $2.5m for the Aquatic Centre is the figure that appeared in the initial Ten-Year Capital Projects Plan in 1999; then there were options and estimates of $4m, $5m, and $7m; turned out to cost almost $9m excluding underground parking.}

CR: Well, there was, in one of the Ten-Year Plans, they had a certain amount sort of mooted about it, and also in the notice in Tidings of Feb 6, it mentioned 60,000 sf, so there must be some idea of a ballpark figure of how much it's going to be

{I've now checked an initial ten-year plan from 2000 and the estimate then was $13.5m for the new cmnty centre.  That's the same plan that has the Aquatic Centre as $2.5m when only renovations were contemplated and then it was decided to do much more, hence the award-winning result.}

VD: When we are ready to present a plan the cmte had decided upon and can recommend to Ccl, we will do so at wch moment it will be priced, it will be sized, and so forth.
At the moment we're listening to an architect discuss those issues with us
as you know, you come to many of those mtgs, and you've sat through those mtgs
CR:  Yes.  That brings up two questions actually
=  6  =
you said, once you've decided it'll come to Ccl, but that doesn't really make clear the period of time or when the public wd have input.  It sounded, when you just spoke now, it wd already be decided when it comes.
VD: No.  As you know, the cmte has never made a decision, it has made a recommendation to Ccl and Ccl then has to consider that recommendation with the advice of the Finance Dept as to how it's going to be funded, the costs, the process.
We are not close--
CR: oh, not close
VD: we're trying to get there b/c the cost of construction is increasing--
CR: that's true
VD: I think our consultant suggested that the price of construction is increasing at about 1% per month
CR:  Yes, it's terrible
VD: that is why we're trying to push as hard as we can to come to a conclusion so we can come to this Ccl Chamber to make a recommendation
CR: yes, and that's the thing, the conclusion, make a recommendation
With the Aquatic Centre there were three different designs for people to have input

{Dear Readers, do see the subtle difference?  were given three designs and all three were under $10m.  There's absolutely no doubt the new cmnty centre will be OVER $10m and not only have we seen no concept yet, VD has just confirmed that once they've decided on a design,  *A* design, they'll recommend this one design to Ccl.  Is this a take-it-or-leave-it situation?}

what you're saying is that you're going to come with one design that you're going to recommend to Ccl
VD: We're going to come with a design
CR: Okay.  Will there be public input before you come with that one design?
VD: There will be a public mtg as we had planned for tomorrow, the same sort of format as tomorrow's mtg
MMgr:  Mr Pike may want to comment but I do believe we have had a fair bit of consultation in past years, certainly with stakeholder groups wrt cmnty centre
I believe late last year we had a public mtg where there was some information provided wrt status and I certainly anticipate going out to the public once we have something to show them
I don't believe too far off in the distant future
want to make sure we've got something affordable, cmte's supportive of, Ccl's aware of before we go out to the public
CR: and if you want to keep to your ambitious plan of starting construction in August, it's really quite tight for you
=  7  =
The other question was about the Sports & Rec Fac Planning cmte's notice of meetings.
Those notices have not been going up on the [M] website and they haven't always been posted just before Wednesday
So if somebody cd pls remind me what the guidelines are for posting the agendas for that or any mtg
SSch: notices [agendas] are to be posted 48 hours prior to the commencement of the mtg
we have been reminding the cmte secretaries about that, so I will follow up with Ms Reynolds's
VD: there was one mtg  wch somehow got muddled
I was the only person who turned up
Cclr Ferguson turned up ten minutes later in her pyjamas, nearly
CR, laughing: I'm so sorry I missed that mtg!
VD: you missed it; we don't know quite what went wrong but something went wrong; I, staff, turned up but nobody else did, so we didn't talk very long and we left
CR: Yes, I had heard about that one but I also was at another advisory cmte
someone mentioned about a mtg that morning as well, I think around the 26th, and I hadn't heard about that one as well
was that just someone remembering the wrong date?
and then, when looked at the M website, the last, the only agenda on the website under the Sports/Rec was Jan 19th, and the next one was Feb 9th.  The one you said you turned up with no notice was at that time [somewhere in that time period] and I heard there was another one as well that people didn't know about, so it was a little confusing, so--
VD: I don't think there's been any mtg of the select cmte that hasn't followed the proper regulations--
CR [!!!]: well [laughing], you just mentioned one that didn't!
VD: I'm not sure why nobody else turned up b/c I got my notice

{I refrained from pointing out that that cmte's mtgs are at the call of the chair.....and guess who is the chair.  Rather risible.  Hardly surprising.}

CR: but it wasn't posted.
You see on Monday night I go out and I look outside there b/c it shd really be posted if there's going to be a mtg Wednesday morning.
I don't want to single out your cmte b/c I think you run a good cmte, and I think that's fine, but it's been more than one occasion, and I didn't want to point at you either, that Monday night there isn't anything for Wednesday morning and then it turns out there is a mtg.
VD: Well, I don't believe -- if it's happened once, it was the one and only time, I believe, for a mtg of the Select Cmte, wrt this issue

{also resisted adding to his rapidly narrowing qualification after a night with a full moon partially covered by clouds....}

CR: --but anyway, I suppose people shd know you will be discussing the new cmnty centre at the Sports/Rec Fac Planning cmte mtgs and they're every Wed morning at 8:30, that from now on I understand
VD: they are unless they're cancelled
CR: so everyone, if they want to find out--
VD: I wd like to also say that to suggest that the price of the cmnty centre has trebled, I think--
CR: No, no, I didn't say it had trebled--
VD: I heard you say trebled--
CR: No, no, no, I said it was three times what the Aquatic Centre started out or was going to be
VD: I don't think it's going to be anything like that
CR: so, um, the ball park figure I had heard was around $20m, give or take a couple--
VD: I don't know where you heard that from, b/c I don't think that figure has even been quoted in the cmte
CR: Well, 60,000 square feet, I suppose if that's what the plan is, wch is what the Feb 6th Tidings said--
JC: this is entire conjecture!
CR: but--a plan--
VD: the problem with entire conjecture is it gets out in the cmnty, conjecture becomes reality, and I'm trying to suggest--
CR: very kind of you to explain--
VD: -- it's not reality, this is make-believe
CR:  Well, is the 60K sf that was in the Tidings--
VD:  60K is made up of around 38K sf of cmnty centre, as you well know b/c you've been sitting as a mbr of the public and the cmnty, and as I announced earlier, we're planning on building, subject to final agreement, possibly 15 - 20K sf additional space for the Health Board
CR: Yes, that's a very good--
VD: and you don't think that we wd build it out of our money
CR: No, no, that's right, so what is the percentage, sq footage--
VD: put those figures together and you go from 40K to 60K
I can even do that
CR:  Right. So the 40K is what we have to look at
VD: yes
CR: so that's what people are giving a ball park figure on, I suppose -- depending on what construction costs, how much, goes up in the next little bit
VD: that's conjecture again, b/c it's make-believe
CR: so 40K is make believe?
VD: thank you very much, Ms Reynolds
CR: 40K is make believe?
VD: we're talking about 38K,
CR: okay, 38K
VD: at the present time, as you well know
CR: fine; 38K is the projected part [for the cmnty] at this time

Sop: I have been informed in due time that the mtg on Wed has been cancelled this week
VD: yes, it has
Sop: that's very nice, and I'll wait till next Wednesday to find out.

+++++++++  COUNCIL MTG NOTES Feb 21st  ++++++++++++
                        thus transcript typed during mtg on a best efforts basis
Mayor thanked Cclr Durman for sitting in for him for the last two Mondays lamenting not there for a third
3.1         ADOPTION OF MINUTES, February 07, 2005
4.1       Presentation to West Vancouver Rotary Club and West Vancouver Sunrise Rotary Club regarding Rotary Clubs' 100th Anniversary: to recognize and honour the Rotary Clubs on one hundred years of service to North Shore communities. 
Mayor: Pleased to have Janice Bosley [sp?]; this is Rotary Week
JB gave background and had slides:
started in Chicago 1905, became international with a chapter in Winnipeg in 1911
motto: service above self
ensure high ethical standards
promote international peace, involved in UN Charter 1945-46
two WV chapters, WV and WV Sunrise
world peace scholarships
eradication of polio, worldwide; immunization of 6m children; pledged to immunize all of world's chn by this centenary year, just a bit short of that
polio only in six countries
more information in book donated to Library and on website
Rotary provided the first WV ambulance;  it was a converted Volkswagen van
WV Historical Society was formed by the Rotary in 1952?
humanitarian service
established for networking
Congratulations to Rotary on 100 years of service
exceptional public service
Christopher Loat [sp?], president this year, and Janice Bosley president of Sunrise
Janice thanks on behalf of the two WV chapters.
Rotary started on Feb 23 in 1905 in Chicago
1.2m mbrs world's oldest Service Club 32K clubs in 166 countries
service above self motto, commitment ev member makes
the four-way test; optimistic it will grow
Rotary helped draft the UN Charter 1945-46
Full interesting presentation; much volunteer work, including on eradicating polio worldwide (immunize 2b chn), on the grassy area north of LGB (bulbs from DWV), for orphanage and technical school in Honduras
Display on south side of Park Royal and at Capilano Mall this Saturday
four clubs on North Shore
Rupert Harrison started (WV) Rotary in 1953 and hasn't missed a mtg since!
Hollyburn Roteract Club active
among other activities:
WV Youth Week
Student Scholarships
lunch program for isolated seniors
Interact Clubs at Sentinel and Rockridge
annual seniors' lunch at Christmas
G-J: thank you for the tremendous support you give the children in WV
RD: Rotary helps in small ways as well.  When Museum starting, needed copying machine and didn have a microreader, Rotary was there with grants for equipment
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Ambleside Town Centre Strategy [received for information]
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits; A PowerPoint presentation will be provided.
SJN, Colette Parsons (staff), and consultant Gordon Harris (specialist on retail and service industries):
Renewing the Heart of our Cmnty
Revitalization late 80s.  Ambleside is built on a bog.  The Town Centre has gone through some changes.
Will describe the characteristics of a successful street; give some height and view analyses; recommend some goals for Ccl to consider; then some vision and process.
GH: Marine Drive is WV's main street
a main street needs to be a conduit, place for civic and commercial action; needs to have a clear sense of place; needs to be a destination
must deal with inevitable conflicts between and among users
[image of Granville St Mall with no people and 10th Ave with -- taken at same time of day]
Sign in Dundarave better than the one for Kerrisdale
needs activity everywhere -- illustration on 4th next to McBride
Robson St bet Burrard and Thurlow -- sense of enclosure, defines space
traffic volume and capacity -- photo along Robson to east showing [top of mushroom in bondage]
most oaf us travel by car
presence of parking, on and off street
mix of bldg types, heights, conditions -- photo 41st showing that (Kerrisdale)
mix of uses (upper 10th Ave photo)
streets need a place for people to sit, people like to take time out; photos 15 min apart with diff people; hope to keep them on street longer
sidewalks can contribute to that too, 10 - 12 ft; allows public and private activity (photo, greengrocers)
not just retail (Stanley Theatre)
Comparison: Ambleside
radius quartermile, five- to seven-minute walk
looked at Edgemont, Kerrisdale, and Fourth Ave; Dunbar, Arbutus
similar characteristics and unique differences
Took Fourth from Fir to Alma, not contiguous commercial devt
quick comparison
Ambleside is cut off by the water, truncated trade area
15 variables: such as popn size, popn density, income, age, hshld size, traffic counts, retail anchors, other uses
concluded compared with other areas
found lowest income of those areas, and not surprising since highest popn 65 and older
28% 65+ and over, district-wide 22%, so almost a 25% greater
highest number of stores and services, others about 300, Ambleside about 500
longest continuous stretch of commercial we looked at -- about six blocks long -- so just a bit too long to be walking
Edgemont lowest traffic count
16,000 vehicles a day with higher at 13th dropping at 15th and further, suggesting people not going all the way through
Safeway here, Fourth, Stong's in Dunbar
Ambleside has, that stands out, setting and waterfront with its activities.
SJN: few areas within the Lower Mainland that have the ability to compete with its assets and environment

{White Rock maybe?}

Service Stations not what people walk by
Financial institutions
in last 25 years, seven new bldgs; almost complete reconstruction on Bellevue
complete replacement almost in Dundarave
Ask Karl Neilson to do some studies; rents, etc
some assembly is taking place, one owner for several bldgs
13 and 1400 blocks, S and N side
redevt makes sense
nothing to spare, difficult to put together packages, odd lot shapes
FAR 1.6 or greater -- 14th and Marine, 14th and Bellevue
what type of income is coming off the site
the small usually redevpd
any successful area, prime for office, professional services
increased density wd increase potential for redevt
People come in and ask what can we do
we'd like to provide greater clarity as to what Ccl wants to occur
took seven survey sections through Ambleside
[Example 13th St]
high first or second storey for commercial, then residential
View from 16th St with analysis
hi rise in 1800 block
Conclusions: scenic views change; current over commercial but further west through hirises
sometimes full floor difference between lane and street
Ccl shd consider four-storey bldgs in Ambleside to frame the street and provide a better environment for pedestrians/residents
GH: Mr N has touched on uses on second floor, professional services
one of the challenges is demographic change
the reality is the Cdn popn is changing -- not overnight but have to take into account
what is different when we're accommodating aging popn
framing east and west ends may be something that has to be thought about
water cuts off south so have to work harder E/W
Ambleside needs to make sure it complements rather than competes with other commercial areas (Dundarave and Park Royal)
underutilized sites undermine the successful main street but pose challenges
attracting people, activities, that continue to bring people into Ambleside
viewed as opportunities: a more friendly pedestrian-oriented street -- activity and action
provision of goods and services
residential uses -- living in area and supporting businesses
civic activities, social, arts & culture; tying in waterfront
give ppl reason to come back and spend time on the street
give thought to design
ev successful comm area has great space and marginal space
maintaining balance a challenge; opp to make street even more interesting
Biz Improvement Assns -- work with them to find gaps
help businesses become better lobbyists
assembling parcels, doing a number of things simultaneously; more activity on the street
consolidation of properties
[bring up slide] staff put this together and useful to look at
symbolic heart of the cmnty
gathering place, formal and informal
place to celebrate, place for events, tie park and waterfront
ppl out and socializing with nbrs
has to have a pedestrian orientation, but with vehicle option
ideally a place to live
proximity of recreational and cultural activities
aware of strong linkages to Pk Royal Village, civic centre, and waterfront
SJN: very important to work with the assets Ambleside has; few can compete, not many seaside villages
we do not have popn growth, indeed the lowest popn growth -- lowest on Lower Mainland and for future
Vision Stmt:
Integrating QTN
Goals for Strengthening the Town Centre
A  Land Use; B  Form and Character;
Proposed Land Use Concept [coloured sections, comm/live-work, Heritage Park]
waterfront town centre
C  Proposed Circulation (possibility of walk through; train whistlestop going to Whistler; ferry stop at foot of 14th St)
D  Action Areas
Gateway Areas -- sense of arrival
make streets more comfortable
realignment of Argyle, closure; view sometimes block b/c of grade
E  Residential at Street Level
13th where Police Stn -- if relocated, may cd have this sort of environment
entrance to Ambl comm area more 14th St
F  Marine Drive
15 years ago we prohibited chairs outside on sidewalk -- now there and ppl compete for it, even in the most inclement weather!
curb extension, some have built into parking lots!
store frontages -- some areas b/c of orientation unfriendly and some a long bldg facade with no sense of scale somewhat intimidating for a pedestrian
second storey, a danger residential can outcompete commercial
v important to retain office; perhaps insist commercial on second floor [gave examples]
G  Storefront Guidelines
detailing is important for the pedestrian
design guidelines for what you're trying to accomplish
H  Clyde Avenue
not long ago Clyde Ave was to be closed off and pedestrian but biz didn't like that
been pressure from biz/industrial
now maybe to residential but don't want to lose uses there
for longterm health of Amb may be necessary
I  Bellevue
if waterfront on other side can be healthy, facing park (galleries)
area where fashions go, a successful street
a lot of traffic so has potential to draw in more
J  Action Area 6
Biz area can contribute to and benefits from waterfront
we own most of the houses (six, seven)
enhance themes
a reason to come down to Amb and meet
Heritage Area in 1700block of Argyle; has the oldest continuous inhabited house in lower mainland
acquisition in 1400 block without necessarily acquiring the homes
had some discussions with some of the residents
looking at improving functionality of boatramp so less disturbance of waterfront area hence more walkers
ferry terminal?
Ambleside Park area being studied by Parks Dept -- ongong now
K  Streetscape Ambience 14th & Marine
current conditions, vacated Esso site -- a little sad
what wd happen if we changed the scale -- the white bldg is four storeys, beef up landscaping
maintain village atmosphere
difference in quality
L  Streetscape Ambience 13th & Marine
no sense of arrival or excitement so looking at introducing three- to four-storey so notice commercial coming
view -- trees
Next Steps
1  public consultation meetings (Open House, public info mtgs with biz/rez in area)
2  discussion paper and communication (on website tomorrow, possibly also in Tidings)
3  referral to advisory cmtes (PAC, DAC, and PEAC for information purposes so kept up to date but not comment at this time)
Sop: overall good
Area 6 is that in Ambleside Waterfront Core Review
SJN: not in this review
Sop: discussion re purchase
SJN: current policy but consider other
Sop: ferry link at 14th why?
50 years to get open parkland and then a ferry terminal! traffic flow, parking
shd it be in this?
SJN: excellent question b/c TransLink has concluded the biz doesn't make sense right now for Amb/Bowen.  We're going to look at that with them.  Park and Ride.  Do WV ppl want to go over or from there want to come over here.  A non-parking option, vessel not decided but not like SeaBus or Horseshoe Bay
Sop: secondary issue, market dictates; how do you maintain small biz when most owners want to maximize?
SJN: any number of motivations to own prop in Amb
always be bldgs not being devpd.
desirable to have incentive for them to devt, also means of renovating existing bldgs (maybe relaxing parking with a contribution to a parking fund)
KFC site with stream under, a site landlocked
GH: Steve has hit on a key point.  Not all owners have same motivation
longterm owners may not want to sell -- tax implications
fragmented ownership
suggest many props will stay out of the equation and for some time
holdovers hold others over too
tends to be always some type of mix
SJN: one of the things I believe is necessary: critical that we maintain the anchors in Amb: Food Store, Drug Store, maybe also West Van Florist
rebldg of the food store will maintain Dundarave
Sop: wd median 11th to 13th follow through to 19th or 24th?
are you going to produce a parking and traffic assessment through entire area?
and if so, shd it not go to EAC as well?
SJN: .......
median depends on width of road -- very wide in Dundarave (not in Amb)
15 years ago there was a median at 13th -- put in and taken out at request of certain biz people
room for median at 19th St, been discussed at Library Board
be great if it cd extent to civic area
Sop: thank you; job well done
JC: dear to me
Amb not dying, but some health problems, needs maintenance
wholeheartedly accept mixed-use; much healthier and safer environment; people throughout day, 24-hour period
curious how you see a BIA being set up
this issue came to Ccl two years ago and was deferred for two months, not two years
how wd we plan, stimulate redevt, or just refurbishing those landowners?
SJN: have been meeting with some of the merchants
fortunate to have Stephen Mikicich join us and he was in biz revit in private biz before joining us
Also, Frances [new staff mbr]
they can be quite active
can do your work for you, best points spending money
intend to spend some money on upkeep this summer, works programs, parks
meeting with ppl right now
will be a fairly large and intensive program
wd like to put staff on it now, for 2005
JC: and congratulations to Ms Parsons and her work
JF: excited about it too; doesn't involve blasting and bulldozing, evolutionary
you're going to advise it to adv bodies, PAC wrt land use
you started with comparison with other areas, interesting, no major surprises
when you refer it to PAC, will also wrt radius
increased population to maintain viability of area
SJN: you're not suggesting a Transition Zone?
JF: these blinding lights going off in my head, woowoo!
SJN: Amb area cd use a more compact form
Amb depends now on ppl coming from outside the cmnty
I know debate will go on eg, why remove some of the commercial
continued use of mixed use bldgs in commercial areas
except for problems with noise and smell, they love living in them
those figs were meant to give snapshots
JF: like proposal and how they'll fit with Arts & Culture
how will this fit with the housing dialogue? dovetail?
SJN: joined; how we see ourselves as a cmnty
info, research for Housing Dialogue,valuable for Amb Biz area
what type of cmnty we see ourselves
JF: at some point to the CSAC -- they have a broad range of social responsibilities
SJN: hadn't thought of them, about that; this is at an early stage and might be time to refer it
if forwarded, they come
JF: I was anticipating request
MMgr: Cclr Clark mentioned that work started on this two years ago
as part of the consultation process, we don't want an endless
staff's opinion start with something
ought to put a framework; not going back to the drawing board; let's start working on it this year
it will be evolutionary
whether bldg guidelines, let's move this along
JC: exactly why I posed the question, not sitting on our hands
certainly hope the MMgr not sensitive
G-J: your slide has "discussion paper"?
SJN: elaboration, demographics, bullets expanded; far more information, not different
 will be distributing that to Ccl
will probably have suggestions
not just look at regulations but here's what we suggest
G-J: part of initial info
SJN: will distribute to Ccl
G-J: excellent, second time Ccl's heard it; don't see it at stage of making recommendaitons
still think there's a bit of a gap between what recommending, things implied
eg visitor strategy, tourism
Ccl hasn't been jumping all over
but with 2010
important to be clear what balance we want to strike esp wrt waterfront
obviously we need more housing for empty nesters
Marine Dr probably right place for that, but we shd say that
afraid attacked fixed in stone or a missed opportunity
a little bit confused about public process if we're using this for anything other than background and context
SJN: you're saying that our ambiguous statements wd be taken as fixed in stone?
G-J: eg Safeway is anchor, essential but is underused
SJN: I believe ppl will think it's quite specific
increasing sidewalks, widths
three-, four-storey
links, all in proposals
I do think there's some ambiguity how much WV wants visitors to WV
believe it can be handled
an attractive Amb for ppl to go to will be for ppl outside Amb
there will be gaps
public consultation process will identify
that's the purpose of this stage
public consultation -- two and a half months; so will be coming back before summer recess
G-J: Ccl can identify some gaps, eg acquiring houses on waterfront
and, cd you print this a bit bigger?

{Oh, Pam, made us at the back feel better.  No we cdn't read it but it really made us feel good to hear someone younger also complaining about the small font!}

sidewalks don't connect uses, uses connect uses
SJN: sometimes reduce to bullet
not going to go out with different concepts from what you saw tonight
G-J: helpful to have in short form, Arts and Culture Strategy
RD: we tend to emphasize Amb needs planning and I agree but wd like to say we've made remarkable progress over last 20 years
as Mr Stuart points out cdn't sit outside
tripled size of Lawson Park
only controversial is going above four storeys
better utilize under-utilized sites; providing more housing for seniors and others
in Europe quite common five storeys; not much more than we have now wch is two, but three with merit
better more lively streetscapes, things we've pushed in past
again, v good report
two years isn't bad, takes a while for a good report
VD: amassing info; what makes a successful street
keep my remarks to action plan and what it is
at the end of day, surprised someone who owns real estate, whether Amb or not, doesn't...
don't know anyone not interested in making a profit
these plans show ...profitable devt
without the lure of profit, not succeeded
some people feel by putting down red brick, is shortsighted
the owners have to make a profit; we need new retail stores
some bldgs in Amb lack those facilities
great start and look forward to seeing it when it comes back
over past 20 years got waterfront achieved a lot but lost cinema, a massive loss -- to an ofc bldg nobody needed
G-J: don't really understand point two
don't understand 'strategy' yet
G-J: so to follow
Mayor: add my thanks
Sop:  14th to 18th, leading to Bellevue -- encourage bldgs to do that?
reason I ask is that with this main MDr corridor, there's a strong tie-in with what happens on waterfront
there'll be a strategy coming re our shoreline, waterfront
bigger than we first looked at b/c these reviews coming in
south of the tracks might have to be filled in
going to play a role, in describing this area
Arts & Culture precinct
SJN: each will play a role; will try to make sure they don't contradict each other
try to make sure all integrated and make best use of opportunities and I expect Ccl will debate one with another as they come.

2 Public consultations
owners and tenants
residents of immediate and
such as Chamber of Commerce
JF: evolutionary, not bulldozing
minor amendment 1b, but also CSAC as well
RD: maybe also the Heritage Cmte
Mayor: worried about watering down
MMgr: referring to Steve
if we refer it to all, you will not get a reply before June
JC: withdraw CSAC?
JF: if you think it advisable
RD: but at some point
heritage is not just bldgs
not as strange as you think
start with Planning and Design and then come back
SJN: it's the act of referral
made available to public
mbrs as public wd see
different implication
Sop: withdraw EAC too?
Mayor: concise contained, limit to two
SJN: notice the difference
design guidelines
for information purposes only, not asking for comments
G-J: that's the point I was going to make
information -- can do what they like with that
everyone can comment
but for us, that Planning piece first
VD: very openended; no timescale; wd like to propose a third motion, put time, ie by June 1st
let's get something back by a certain date and decide what we want to do
SJN: we expect mtgs, timetable by end of April and can report back to Ccl by June 1st
VD: action plan by June 1st for Ccl and their approval
MMgr: understand Cclr Durman's intention
what if feedback to kill it? action plan?
VD: then action plan wd be to kill it
JF: or modify it
VD: we're very famous for producing report after report after report and getting nothing done

{protestations from several cclrs!  my, he does love to change things to make his point whether they apply or true}

VD: so let's get something done, bring forward a report, public,
let's get to it
I've listened to whole of Ccl, let's get to it
easy to like this fluff
Calls for QUESTION
Mayor: want to hear from MMgr
MMgr: we'd likely come back with an action plan with recommendations
this is the feedback we got back
these are the next steps
5.2       Joint North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO) Grant Application for Tsunami/Earthquake Preparedness Funding
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
THAT the Council of the District of West Vancouver has reviewed the tsunami preparedness grant application, as prepared by the North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO), and hereby approves that this grant application to support tsunami/earthquake public awareness and education for the citizens of the North Shore be submitted to the province;
AND THAT the $30,000 grant monies available in total to the North Shore municipalities for this project, if this project is approved by the province, will be managed by the North Shore Emergency Management Office based on terms of reference which will be developed and approved by the North Shore Emergency Management Office Executive Committee;
AND FURTHER THAT the $30,000 should be made payable to the North Shore Emergency Management Office as they will be responsible for paying all the invoices related to this project.

RB: signage, mapping; application by Apr 25
Cclr Day plus MMgr sit on the cmte
MMgr: from a staff perspective, focus on tsunami a bit extreme so if we can integrate other information, eg flood rather than focusing just on tsunami risks in WV; providing we have some flexibility
RD: Judy Sydor, our Director is actually in Thailand; she's there seeing aid and food being distributed
G-J: important to clarify: paying Ms Sydor's salary for two months in Bandah Aceh, not donations
RD: important that aid backed up, properly distributed
G-J: we get her email
she went prepared to be self-sufficient
very proud she's over there
RD: she's been sent to other sites, has been to Afghanistan
has sent some letters, told us of some difficulties there
5.3       Natural Landscapes - Local Government Grants Program (File:  1815-08)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
THAT Council authorizes submission of an application for the Natural Landscapes Demonstration Project under the provincial Local Government Grants Program - Infrastructure Planning (Study) Grants.
EB: Engineers sometimes interested in some things other than pavement
project to promote and make pple aware native and drought-resistant plants don't need pesticides to survive
Mr Dean Tyler, an organic [landscaping advocate]
although a number of issues, this sort of landscaping is not really in the mainstream
Mr Tyler and his organization is interested in helping
DT: a long term resident of WV and last year ongoing in family about fertilizers, watering, pesticides, etc
approached the prov govt, v little being done that's meaningful
started with a prov govt and they suggested to approach a local and progressive govt so I contacted Mr Fung and we decided to go after grant money to show (demo gardens) how
they are aesthetically pleasing and reduce the use of water
majority of water in many Ms goes to watering lawns
pesticides and fungicides leak into water table not obvious to resident killing his dandelions
to educate, powerful model that can be taken across Canada
this is the first baby step and really pleased that I met with such great support (DWV)
JF: grant approved, will have a private demo site
DT: both public and private sites
a lot of residents not aware huge grasses
can get a lot of plants with incredible colour and variety
put something visual it's a powerful tool
social marketing; send out more and more information
powerful approaches
JF: how do we decide wch private prop to do this
DT: a number of ways; can approach
not traffic; some will want and ask and others will not
get house chosen
find way, public forum
JF: think you'll have lots of people
DT: they have to agree contractually to allow people to come and look at their yard.
G-J: really fantastic; took an article to NV Ccl when I was there ten years ago from Utne Reader, and they turfed me, that idea right out so gratifying back
fits with GVRD water mgmt plan
really helpful, tough next step
DT: plants that don't require water after root themselves, indigenous
robust and healthy, resist weeds and attract wildlife
Mayor: will be in touch
MMgr: I have a slope I can't grow anything on!
JF: we'll all be lining up!
6.         BYLAWS for Adoption:
6.1 Fees and Charges
6.2  Zoning Amendment Bylaw (2168 Marine Drive)
6.3       Development Permit No. 03-007 for property at 2168 Marine Drive
SJN: prop close to 22nd St
not permitting retail, not permitting restaurant
covenant has now been signed so recommend proceed
VD: don't have a copy of the signed covenant
no report with all controls
Geri Boyle, Cmnty Planning Mgr:  We do have it in file
debating if Ccl wanted to receive copy
VD: wd hv liked a report to refer back as to why we passed this
GB: we'll adjust the procedures
Mayor: it's in the file
GB: for mayor's signature
6.3       Development Permit No. 03-007 for property at 2168 Marine Drive
THAT Development Permit No. 03-007 for property located at 2168 Marine Drive which will provide for the construction of a new [two-storey] office building, with under building parking accessed from the lane and a low profile freestanding sign be approved. 

JF: very successful WinterSong concert at Kay Meek Centre last night
great comments from Mayor
audience participation
great, great evening
spirit very uplifted
at one point asked to stand up to sing O Canada and not like Canadians
apparent we hadn't been to a hockey game all year

VD: I asked staff to bring forth [motion re TransLink]
the $13m [tax windfall]
this Ccl passed a resoln to ask TransLink Bd to give back our share (other Ms did too, particularly three NSh Ms)
I asked for a report
an invitation to Chair of TransLink, maybe sponsored by all three Ms; why not return windfall gain
also want report
request prov and GVRD Bd to have an independent review of TransLink
only prov can change BD
cmte on governance has only reported once; three governors redistributed so we on NSh can have two (instead of one)
The GVRD Bd is unable to order that Bd to refund it ($13m)
TransLink has been able to retain this $13m -- say they didn't get parking tax
we'll all remember George Puil said in this Hall that real estate taxes wd not be used and TransLink has gained $13m b/c assessments have increased.
come forth with that next Monday

G-J: since Cclr Clark cdn't come last night, want to pass on thanks to the Arts & Culture Cmte -- no talent compared with us
judicial last week
thanks also to MMgr and Steve Jenkins at court
proud of work they did

JC: reason I cd not attend last night was a young lady's 13th birthday
chair of NSh Disability;
WV well-represented on that cmte

Sop: on your behalf attended Sea-to-Sky Mayors and Cclrs
issues about traffic and accidents Howe Sound corridor
as corridor grows, the prov govt's going to have to look at increasing the number of RCMP in that area
as to cross-boundary issues, may have to open up, go to GVRD Bd wrt needs re emergency response
another mtg shortly
presentation to three Ms, from ICBC, Mr Barth you'll be interested, app of initiative
will be seeing draft, wonderful report, long term strategy for shoreline next week from EAC

JF: talented ppl in our cmnty
MClk and Deputy, for third year, run a workshop for cclrs, staff, adv cmte mbrs
Facilitator Eli Mina
how to make mtgs run
volunteers gave up four hours Friday morning
informal feedback I got back, a very worthwhile morning
wish more of their cmtes had time / were able to attend
maybe in future alternate and one year have one in the evening
8.         OTHER ITEMS
8.1       Correspondence [listed in previous enewsletter]
8.1.13       M. Keij, February 08, 2005, regarding the Taylor Way/Marine Drive nightmare                   Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
8.1.18       D. Crone, February 08, 2005, regarding utility billing (File:  0835?02)
                  Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.
JC: if I cd go to yellow sheet, general correspondence, Feb 4th
Mayor: that's not what we're talking about
JC: I'll wait for the opportunity

{and the opportunity apparently never comes........}

Sop: re 8.1.18  Crone -- he lives that bldg has not been metered
his bill $622
his tax was $100 less so asking a number of questions
if bill is metered will his bill be reduced
secondly I'm asking -- do strata ccls have to show fairness as to how they divvy up in an aprtmt complex
for 475 sf, this is outrageous
RL, Dir/Fin: possibly flat rate
maybe indication
Sop: Spuraway Gdns, will it be one of the first?
EB: don't know if first, can look into it and get back to you
Sop: strata? by sf?
RL: believe each unit
Sop: why wd a house
than a 475 sf
for one bathroom, how does that work?
EB: not aware what's going on in that bldg

JC: 8.1.13 West Royal; right turn limitation
recall a year and a half ago and I know Mgr of Trans will answer but consider my suggestion of some time ago
right turn east on green
attended with Police; mbr of police force agreed
maybe fell through cracks; appreciate look at that
Mayor: a long time ago turn on green light only
JC: we force traffic to use Park Royal's private land and roads
don't think that's right
poor planning
Mayor:  Ms Reynolds, you have a question or comment?
VD near his mike: Remember she's a member of the media
CR: Good evening.  I hope you had a great holiday.
Mayor: it was great.
Reality is difficult
CR: It always is -- but it has its good days too
One of the good days is coming up.
Carolanne Reynolds, here as chair of the North Shore Heritage Forum
but before I ask about that, I do want to echo two comments made earlier
The Shoreline Report that's coming to you from the Engg Adv Cmte is the most incredible report I have ever seen at an adv cmte, so you're in for just an incredible, incredible report.  I just can't say enough about it
Mayor: look forward to it
CR: oh, it's incredible!
And the other thing, about the Ambleside review we had earlier, the excellent review that we had that Mr Nicholls and staff presented wch was very interesting, I wd like to add something to that, and support Cclr Ferguson in that, um, I understood that the report was going to some of these adv cmtes not for comment, and precisely b/c it wd slow things up, however I do think, that perhaps it cd go to them as an item of information, so that's why I agreed, b/c the social aspects of that devt are worthy of consideration too, just as the planning and land use -- but I agree with Mr Nicholls who said it's not for comment, but I think out of courtesy it cd be sent to CSAC and HAC.
But anyway the main reason I'm here is to welcome you all to Heritage Week
I've been madly putting together, organizing these things, and had great help.  I want to thank the District, specifically Cclr Day who is the heritage liaison, who was a great help, and in particular staff members Stephen Mikicich and Donna Nomura, so it was in Tidings
The District has made flyers.  They're throughout the cmnty.  There are displays and exhibits throughout the cmnty's biz areas.
The Hodgson House -- I don't know if Cclr Day wants to talk about some of these things before I sum up, or, did you want to remark about some of these things?
[looks toward Cclr Day who expresses no desire to do so]
The Hodgson House is going to be discussed on Wednesday, but the two highlights are the heritage awards on Saturday at 2 o'clock, and I'm sure you'll be there,--
Mayor: Cclr Day is actually representing me b/c I'm out of town
CR: oh, oh, I'm sorry to hear that -- but we're glad to have Cclr Day -- that's too bad
Then on the Sunday is the Heritage Fayre and there'll be many, many heritage and cmnty groups there, and there's a free snowshoe trek and barbecue
I look forward to everybody having a great time.
The Lifeboat Society will be there.  The Fire Dept will be there.  They're going to have antique fire apparatus they said, so I said yes, but I will add to the fact that we'll have very modern firemen!
[Mayor's laughter also]
So thank you very much.  I hope you all enjoy the week and come to the awards and to the Heritage Fayre, Sunday from 2 to 6 at Park Royal North
Thank you very much

+++  ABBREVIATED AGENDA for Feb 28th  ++++++++++++
                A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday
3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, February 14, 2005
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       K. Erdman and A. Jaret, West Vancouver Family Place Society, regarding West Vancouver Family Place
4.2       J. Lindsay, D. Konasewich and N. Ferri, West Vancouver Residents, regarding Noise Control Bylaw relative to Sea-to-Sky Highway Upgrades in vicinity of Ansell and Bedora Place
5.         REPORTS
5.1       North Shore Transportation Advisory Committee:  Draft Terms of Reference
Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
1.         Council Endorse the Draft Terms of Reference for the North Shore Transportation Advisory Committee (Attachment A) to be finalized by the Committee at its first meeting; and
2.         Appoint two members of Council to this Committee.
5.2       [Five-Year] Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4415, 2005
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
5.3       TransLink Funding
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
             (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
5.4       Business Licence Amendment Bylaw No. 4403, 2004 - Odour & Noise Control
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
1.         Third reading of Business Licence ... Amendment Bylaw ... be rescinded;
2.         Business Licence Bylaw No. 3024, 1982, Amendment Bylaw No. 4403, 2004 be amended as per changes reflected within the report from the Manager of Bylaw & [Licensing] Services dated February 17, 2005, without additional public notice;
3.         The amended Administrative Policy pertaining to Bylaw Enforcement of Odour/Noise Contraventions under s. 524 of Business Licence Amendment Bylaw No. 4403, 2004, be received;
4.         Council petition the Honourable Murray Coell Minister of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services requesting amendments to Provincial building standard regulations to clarify standards around ventilation, air-condition and other mechanical equipment dealing with the prevention of odours and noise in mixed use commercial and residential areas;
5.         Staff begin development of a revised policy and Development Permit design guidelines for commercial areas that would require commercial and residential ventilation to be located and controlled in a manner which minimizes or eliminates the potential for disturbance either by noise or odour of residential uses and explore what interim steps can be taken to ensure that the potential for disturbance either by noise or odour are identified and addressed.
7.1       Correspondence
No Action Required (receipt only)
7.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)             Engineering Advisory Committee, October 19, 2004
7.1.2         J. Maynard, Manager, Child Care Resource Program, North Shore Community Resources, regarding West Vancouver Family Place Society
7.1.3         M. J. Williams, Director, Sunset Point Ratepayers Association, February 13, 2005, regarding Lawrence Way left turn lane issue
7.1.4         Y. Parkinson, February 14, 2005, regarding West Vancouver Family Place
7.1.5         C. Kimberley, February 09, 2005, regarding West Vancouver Family Place
7.1.6         A. M. Grant, President, North Shore Cruisers Summer Aquatics Club, February 10, 2005, regarding support for the Port Moody Youth Sports Tax Credit Resolution (File:  0178-01)
7.1.7         D. Johnson, Education/Commercial Coordinator, Fraser Valley Real Estate Board, February 08, 2005, regarding Commercial Spring Forum (File:  0055-01)
7.1.8         J. Foy, National Campaign Coordinator, Western Canada Wilderness Committee, regarding Western Canada Wilderness Committee's education report (File:  0055-01)
                  Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
7.1.9         E. Thomas, February 14, 2005, regarding Millennium Properties and Evelyn Drive
7.1.10       Ten (10) form letters, dated as indicated, regarding Amendment to Business Licence Bylaw - Odours/Noise (Business Licence Bylaw No. 3024, 1982, Amendment Bylaw No. 4403, 2004
7.1.11       J. Robbins, February 14, 2005, regarding invitation to TransLink urban transportation forum
                  Previously distributed due to timing of event.
7.1.12       K. Vance, Senior Policy Analyst and J. Wright, Policy Analyst, February 11, 2005 regarding Environment Conference:  Integrated Environmental Management (File:  0055-20-UBCM1)
                  Previously distributed due to timing of event.
7.1.13       L. Reimer, February 09, 2005, regarding West Vancouver Family Place
7.1.14       U. Dosanjh, Minister of Health, February 16, 2005, regarding standards for helmets for sporting activities and the use of small-wheeled vehicles
7.1.15       D. McCallum, Chair, TransLink, February 17, 2005 regarding TransLink Board Decision on Property Tax (File:  0185-39-06)
Action Required
7.1.16       V. Abramson, February 15, 2005, regarding Almondel Road Bridge (File:  1785-07)
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
7.1.17       J. Jamiesion, February 16, 2005, regarding Starbuck's application for business at 2416 Marine Drive
          Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
7.1.18       E. James, February 17, 2005, regarding mountain biking on trails in the community
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
7.1.19       J. MacCarthy, President, Coho Society of the North Shore, February 16, 2005, regarding delegation request from the Coho Society of the North Shore
                  Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the March 07, 2005 meeting.
7.1.20       E. James, December 13, 2004, regarding traffic volume, road maintenance and safety                   Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation and Chief Constable for consideration and response.
9.         ADJOURNMENT

++++++++  THE END of HERITAGE WEEK  ++++++++++++

***  SATURDAY FEB 26th GLH at 2pm  ***   DWV HERITAGE AWARDS at the Museum!  ***
AWARD WINNERS:  Katherine Steig, Tom Taylor, Peter Hall, and the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society.

***  SUNDAY, visit the HERITAGE FAYRE at Park Royal North  2 - 6pm  ***
where many volunteer and cmnty groups are eager to tell you about what they do and how they contribute to our cmnty life -- North Shore Lifeboat Society, WV Historical Society, ......  Plans are afoot for some entertainment or activities there too!
--->Top off the week with a free snowshoe trek and BBQ up Cypress Sunday 3:30!  (Pray for snow and reserve 922 0825 x780)

*  Please look for displays in the business areas.
Ambleside has a video of the making of the Lions' Gate Bridge while Dina's Hair Vogue has the book;  engineering drawings of the bridge at Red Horses in Dundarave;  photos at Caulfeild Gallery in the Caulfeild Village.......  Selected restaurants (Beach House, Chez Michel, Red Lion, Salmon House on the Hill) are participating too....  See flyer and website for details.

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And now for something completely different--
                Celebrate spring and watch the birth and flight of a hummingbird:

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You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.
                        -- John Morley, statesman and writer (1838-1923)