Notes Mar 7th
Agenda 14th
Calendar to 19th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

INFObits; gRUMBLING; Main Items Mar 14th [1891 Marine Rezoning/DP; Ambleside Beach Carnival; BC Electoral Reform]; Calendar to Mar 19th; Ccl Mtg Mar 7th NOTES (Hospice, Coho Society, Env'tal Strategy, Five-Year Financial Plan, New Cmnty Centre FINALLY!, YAC, Inflow & Infiltration; PQP: more time for public review of $102m denied; Mar 14th AGENDA; Lloyd Axworthy Writes to Condi Rice; Abraham Lincoln; Tanka

+++  INFObits  +++
=  As you know, DWV ccl mtgs are broadcast on Shaw (Ch 4) on Tuesdays following the Monday night ccl mtg starting at 9pm.  The ccl mtgs start at 7pm on Mondays and sometimes broadcast live.  Shaw has resumed rebroadcasting on Tuesday even when broadcast live (they'd discontinued during the move).
=  Get informed, ask questions, finally first info on the new cmnty centre (38Ksf with $16m in financial plan), 60,000 sq ft including the space for the Coastal Health Authority. The shocking news at Monday's ccl mtg was that the current plan does not accommodate badminton, volleyball, or basketball.  Result of lack of public input, open houses?  had them for the Aquatic Centre (half the money)!
Also astonishing to learn is that the badminton clubs (some members having played for 30 years) told staff over a year ago that Gleneagles was not suitable b/c of the glass (glare, cdn't see shuttlecock, etc) yet staff did not tell Sports/Rec Fac Planning Cmte. [See discussion, Item 5.3 of Mar 7 ccl mtg notes below]
Good news: Ccl mbrs on Cmte (VD, JF, Sop) were unaware (till residents spoke up at Mar 7th mtg), and charged staff with coming up with a solution.
MESSAGE: involve and inform residents earlier!  Let them speak, provide helpful/particular knowledge.
=  The 1913 Hodgson House was saved, taken to Vancouver Island, then illness cancelled plans.  Can we get it back?  find $15 to 55K needed initially?  Deadline this week?  Call 925 7095 (museum) for info and to help.

+++++  gRUMBLING  ++++++++++
One week for the public to review a memo just released from the Director of Finance with a NEW five-year capital projects expenditure plan (and with utilities, etc, an aggregate of $102 million IS HARDLY ENOUGH TIME for such a huge amount).
On top of that, the D/Fin did describe this document as a 'moving' plan b/c it is anticipated that a ten-year plan will be formulated at the end of the year. [See Item 5.2 and PQP, in Mar 7 ccl mtg transcript below]
Maybe anticipating possible changes as a result of the municipal elections in November???
Please ask to see the new five-year plan.
Please compare it with the ten-year plan released in 2000 with this one.
(Hint: try to find the estimate re parking in 2000 wch has now cost over $7m an amount not included in the Aquatic Centre total nor the cmnty centre as far as we can see.  Nice little surprise.)
Please compare the estimated costs of projects in 2000 (touted as 'set in stone' at $45m for the ten years with virtually nothing to be spent in 2004 and 2005) and the actual costs of those projects (only recently got a 'revised 2003' plan that has some).
If you can do all this and get your ideas/input to Ccl in the next week, CONGRATULATIONS!
Call us and we'll try to fit in the time to treat you to a drink as a reward.
Let Ccl know if you've had enough time, if you need more time, what you think of the estimates and the timing.
After all, it's your money.

+++  MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mar 14th  +++ A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda may be issued on Friday
ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW / DEVT PERMIT re 1891 Marine Drive to rezone to multiple dwelling
=  PRESENTATION re WV Substance Abuse Prevention Initiative
=  Ambleside Beach Carnival
=  J. P. Fell Pipe Band Society (staff recommend official status be denied!)
=  Final Report - BC Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform
=  CORRESPONDENCE -- Minutes: Sports/Rec Fac Planning, CSAC, EAC; Letters: fighting city hall, Ambleside Park, Cypress Park and 2010; Evelyn Drive; WV Family Place; Homelessness; NSh Hospice; petitions re Badminton Facilities at New Rec Centre (b/c staff said there won't be!); construction opposite 2135 Argyle; Farmers' Market in Dundarave; proposed highrise 2100 block Argyle; Sea to Sky Hwy Expansion; Bilingualism and French Power; Ccl Mtg minutes not recording PQP questions or answers.

+++++  CALENDAR to Mar 19th +++++

= TUESDAY, 8th =
~ 5pm ~ HAC at Hall
= WEDNESDAY, 9th =
~ 8:30am ~ Sports & Rec Fac Planning at Hall -- New Cmnty Centre on agenda!
~ 6pm ~ PEAC (rescheduled from Mar 2nd) at Hall (but no Amb Town Ctr even though referred!)
= THURSDAY, 10th =
~ 7pm ~ WVCGG invites Ccl to answer your questions at the SAC

= SATURDAY, 12th =
~ 2 - 2:30pm ~ Don Luxton (author of books on LGB and early BC architecture) speaking on the Lions' Gate Bridge @ WV Museum with historic and contemporary photos
~ 8pm ~ Pacific Baroque Orchestra @ WV United Church (info 215 0406)

= TUESDAY, 15th =
~ 8 - 9:30am ~ "Strategic Sales Alliances", retail marketing seminar at Chamber
~ 3:30 ~ YAC at Hall
~ 6pm ~ Opening Reception at FBG, "Wild Abandon", Mixed Media by Jill McRae (to Mar 27)
~ 7pm ~ CSAC in Council Chamber

= WEDNESDAY, 16th =
~  7:30am ~ WV Ch of Commerce's Breakfast Meeting at Hollyburn Country Club
Speaker: Nancy Stibbard, Owner and General Manager of the Capilano Suspension Bridge. 
Topic: Positioning Power - How to Market the North Shore as a Destination
Nancy is a former Chair of both Tourism Vancouver and Vancouver Coast and Mountains (major Destination Marketing Organizations) and co-creator of the Council of Tourism Associations (COTA).  She will share stories of how she successfully built her business and expanded into other parts of the country with other tourism related offerings. Nancy will describe her vision for marketing the North Shore as a destination and provide insight as to what we need to do and what steps we need to market ourselves starting now in preparation for 2010 and beyond.   Call 926 6614 to reserve.
~ 8:30am ~ Sports & Rec Fac Planning at Hall -- New Cmnty Centre on agenda again?
~ 5pm ~ 2010 Olympic Select Cmte (TBA)
~ 5pm ~ PAC at the Srs' Centre (Ev Dr and Wetmore??? check to see when agenda posted)
~ 5:30 ~  Finance Adv Cmte at Hall (but remember I was told their mandate not to comment on budget or five-year plan -- go figure!)
~ 7pm ~ Bd of Variance in Ccl Chamber (see addresses affected on website)

= THURSDAY, 17th =
~ 6pm ~ Family Court & Youth Justice Cmte (CNV M Hall)
~ 7pm ~ Author Visit at the Library: Sandra Harper, author of "[Travelling] the Sun: A Healing Journey to Morocco, Tunisia, and Spain"
~ 7:30 ~ WV Streamkeepers - Public Mtg at St Stephen's (885 - 22nd)
Speaker: Brian Smith of the Seymour Hatchery

= FRIDAY, 18th =
~ 7:30 ~  La Candela, Cuban band, with reception at the Library; call 925 7402

= SATURDAY, 19th =
~ 2pm ~ Artist's Talk at FBG (Exhibit "Wild Abandon" to Mar 27)

+++++++++  COUNCIL MTG NOTES Mar 7th  ++++++++++++
                                transcript typed during mtg on a best efforts basis

[Agenda amended to add letters and 8.2 re Transportation Cmte]
+  ADOPTION OF MINUTES - 3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, February 21, 2005
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       W. P. Penny, President, Lions Gate Hospice Society, regarding Hospice Location on the North Shore  [with Doug Sabourin of Family Services]
WP gave a slide presentation; gave thanks for opportunity, said in three parts:
        =  What is Hospice Palliative Care?
        =  The Current NSh Reality     
        =  Hopes and Dreams for future
holistic blend of the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual at the end of their lives
those living or dying with advanced illness
provides improved quality of care and comfort
effort made to create a home-like environment
acute palliative care is a drug regime
Some go to LGH ("Seven West") but it's not a hospice
no free-standing hospice on North Shore
Society formed in 1982
we act as an advocate for dying and their families
provide public education and support
annual honour life service at Srs' Centre, early Dec, where people who've lost loved ones can come and provide an opp for them to celebrate life of person they've lost
support research and provision of direct care
av length of time (patient in LGH Seven West) seven days
I'll turn this over to Doug Sabourin
works with Family Services of the North Shore
[Doug Sabourin talked about the integration, working together]
well over 100 volunteers
average length of time volunteers serve, ten years.
partnerships with many other societies: V Coastal Health, Cdn Cancer
cancer cases will rise by 75% 2015
rise also in Alzheimer's, dementia, senility
need a free-standing hospice
a hospice is a place where a person can die with dignity
Back to Mr Penny
WP: need operating dollars starting April 1
initial funding for ward at LGH
reconfiguring Seven West Ward
capital raising campaign; wd take 18 mos to two years
concept endorsed by CNV and DNV
symbolic support for a free-standing hospice
Mayor: size?
Ans: original a ten-bed ward to be expanded to 15
Mayor: just attended an event Lions Gate Hosp Fdn and they raised a lot of money, $100K, what are you looking for?
Ans: we're looking for $2-5m
Mayor: cd be in competition
Ans: want to work in cooperation
recognized there is a need for this other kind of care
JF: need; what benefits free-standing as opposed to incorporated in health care services?
Ans: different kind
in hospital acute and clinical care
in a hospice, symptoms and pain under control so different kind of care, more spiritual, psychological
health economics issue -- av cost at hospital can range from $12-1800 per day; in hospice $4-600 per day per bed
hospice wd be integrated but a separate service
Sop: on hospital grounds?
Ans: cd be LGH or Coastal Health Authority
ideally near hospital
Sop: Society wd run it? rent-free?
Ans: no decisions have been made on that yet
many in Vancouver are managed by St James Society
new one in Richmond will be managed by Salvation Army and Rotary
Sop: $2m?
Ans: strictly capital
good chunk of operating dollars from govt
fund-raising strategy upfront and longterm rev streams
Sop: looking for $$$
Ans: support for concept
Sop: money coming from Coastal Health Authority so what's the need from us?
Ans: moving ahead with the idea of a hospice on the NShore
important issue be raised and Ccl be aware
RD: my understanding is there is a hospice facility, top floor of LGH
friend was going there, understand seven or eight
Ans: palliative
several years ago, 16 beds operating as palliative care and hospice
three years ago cuts made and four beds were closed on the ward and decision was made no longer to provide hospice service
seven or eight of the beds are acute/palliative and the other four acute care, emergency
gridlock in emergency
RD: impression I was having, he was dying, he did die
might not get bed
not unreasonable to ask for more beds for whole of North Shore
JC: seems to me that having the support of the Ccls on the NSh will go some distance in fundraising
Ans: yes
JC: so I wd move support in principle
VD: can't imagine anybody not supporting a hospice on the NShore; the only correct thing to do, the right thing to do
not sure where the money's going to come from to operate it
surprised we need Ccl motion for support
can't imagine anybody being against
many cities and townships have these
last few days before you die, shd be in comfortable surroundings
wish you luck in raising funds
4.2       J. MacCarthy, President, Coho Society of the North Shore, regarding Coho Society of the North Shore
JMacC: I'm here representing the Coho Festival with other members and a special guest
we have a brief report then ask to be given a two or three more minutes to present Ccl with a handsome gift to commemorate 25 years of working together
25 years ago entered into a relationship with District to protect streams
started as a small group of biz people; has grown into a major happening on the NSh
celebrating the 25th anniversary of effort to bring wild salmon back to NSh streams
highlights of eventful year, involving cmnty leaders, local govts, biz, educ interests, env'tal across NSh
the salmonid enhancement activities through the year: a banquet at Sq, Festival, schools, campaign of awareness
mbrs, sponsors, 300 volunteers
winding up the 25th anniv celebration, grants totally $25K for fish culture programs in schools, support for hatcheries and streamkeeper groups
$1K per year for each of the past 25 years
thank Ccl and staff mbrs who have worked closely and effectively with agencies, dvprs and local streamkeepers, and residents in general who have worked to bring salmon back
still much work to be done to bring salmon back to historical levels
present print of return of salmon by famous Daniel Izzard who is here, WV resident, passionate environmentalist, great concern for natural environment, long been a supporter of the Coho Society....
Mayor: Daniel has also contributed to the District for presentations
JMacC: we can't say enough about M staff in this
Sop: I spend a few years with the Coho Festival and early days cdn't find who to give money to -- not much money; with Ch of Commerce
moved it away from Ch
see a son out their with his father following in footsteps; great to see the folks here after all these years
5.         REPORTS
5.1       District of West Vancouver Environmental Strategy (File:  1015-01)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
1.         The Environmental Strategy be endorsed in principle;
2.         The Strategy be forwarded to Council's Planning, Parks and Environment and Engineering Advisory Committees for information; and
3.         The community be advised of the proposed Strategy through Tidings and the District webpage; and
4.         The Environmental Strategy be brought back to Council for consideration of approval on April 04, 2005.
[SJN introduced Jim Bailey, Asst Planner, and Steve Jenkins, Env'tal Coord]
JB: as we've worked on this we've seen a real care about
Sj: clear started in early 1900s with park dedication in Lower Caulfeild
timely Mr MacCarthy was here
fish ladders at McDonald Crk
relationships we've had with cmnty groups such as WV Streamkeepers [great]
recently adopted Pesticide Bylaw shows care
congratulate Ccl
JB: need for coordination
Env'tal Strategy
coordinate existing env'tal initiatives
informs cmnty
identifies and establishes actions for implementation
focuses thought and processes
set priorities
est process to monitor progress
coordinates resources
devt was very coop and collaborative
staff working cmte
this strategy is part of District's commitment
Objectives and Actions:
some -- lead by example (eg Blue Bus and DWV facilities); promote more sustainable land stewardship (provide residents with info/brochures); protect and enhance creek habitat and corridors (considering DP process); promote sustainable water use; promote tree and forest stewardship; protect and enhance foreshore; promote sustainable energy use; promote and provide sustainable transportation options; reduce greenhouse [effects]; reduce pesticide use, waste; promote recycling
Summaries: actions, budgetary implications
SJ: b/c much ongoing, staff has already absorbed
rough budget taking to next level
asking for $163K over next two years ($144K consulting, $19K communications)
mandate by OCP $100K
ongoing costs $23.5K; $1,500 for env'tal award
endorse in principle, forward to PEAC, PAC, EAC for info
advise cmnty
consider Apr 4 to be officially endorsed
what to acknowledge work my compadre has done on this, Jim Bailey
strength has been that all of us have been involved in this but recog him for special work
Sop: special places, where tunnel, wetlands....?
SJ: you'll see an env'tally sensitive area strategy
Sop: recreational playground in upper portion? hillside to be forevermore green? intent?
Storm Mgmt, you talk about water being polluted
why do we permit devprs to re-groom, prevent percolation
SJ: storm water early science, way to go
working with devprs such as Brit Pacific Properties
setting ourselves up not to have probs in first place
Sop: so possibility seeing some changes
SJ: that's correct
Sop: stricter rules?
SJ: that's up to Ccl
Sop: I'm dreaming....
vehicles will increase 60% over next few years
major ribbon of transportation ever increasing through our cmnty
what are we going to do to alter that?
SJ: Ccl has already taken that step by strategic plan; Engg plan
our $100K is chunk to get started on that plan
JF: thx; ambition, striking; know it was OCP
know rest don't look at WV as env'tal but when going through OCP review it was a v important principle, perhaps b/c we live in a beautiful cmnty
really proud of this cmnty that they have been the driving force behind this
looking forward to the response from the adv bodies
looking forward to hearing how implementation is going
JB: initial vision is to report back, almost like a report card
in a year, this is where we've made progress and here's where we can do better
eg what's water consumption like
looking forward to reporting back in a year
G-J:  ...depts energized; operationalizes the OCP; having just attended an env'tal conf at UBC sponsored by UBCM
one of the problems is how do you take what you know and change your behaviour
here we are doing that
matches two areas for improvement from Synovate Survey last year -- for those who had issue with Ccl's progress, managing growth and env'tal protection
go hand in hand
Bob Purdy at conference challenged us; sustainable solutions
high enquiry, low advocacy
this strategy is a new approach
can't wait to get going on it, tyvm
VD: as motion hasn't been made, wait but now ask questions
on p 42, you're suggesting 28000 acres of M land will go into green zone
what does that really do?  who will control? pay to maintain?
SJ: the green zone is the GVRD's initiative, accumulating all of the green space
pay, M?
alterations wd go to GVRD, discussion around it
not sure of formalities of taking it out of Green Zone; cdn't answer that q tonight
MMgr: that wd come back to Ccl, Ccl cd endorse principles
not necessarily require GVRD approval to make changes
discussion Ccl will have in future
this just flags that we have all these green zones
VD: the report actually says, recommended action is to include this 28,000
Mayor: 2800
VD: 2800 acres, sorry, in the Green Zone and I personally wd not want GVRD to control
wd like to mimic the Green Zone principles
secondly, p 47, re tree stewardship, re trees on private property are outside DWV control but turn over the page and see actions, point re trees on private policy
want to understand what you mean with that
SJ: some wrt riparian areas; will be coming forward with a bit of a different tree--
M wd be managing trees on riparian areas under a zoning bylaw, wd be some priv prop trees
VD: better if it said that
sustainable energy use on p 51, persuading people reducing energy consumption but don't notice under recommended actions
see we're going to promote geothermal by reduction of fees or grants
don't control hydro or gas consumption, only see water
not quite sure what all this means
also says about high use, single occupancy,
sprawl, somewhere it refers to it
low density nbrhds
well, WV hasn't got any sprawl; we've sprawled
some words taken out of other people's reports
can think of some that have that description but doesn't apply to WV
figures can prove anything
making a point here re registered veh owners increasing by 60% but you don't say popn will increase by [??? waves hands] classic taken out of context
we're going to spend apparently $40K for public consultation re a cycling plan but if you listen to Vancouver, they're going to spend loads of money on a cycling plan and it will affect about 1 or 2% of traffic problem they've got and they're spending a fortune
not sure how you can get across this M on an easier route
how can get one for $40K?  concerns
what is this plan?  get us out of our cars? to go downtown? cycle from Caulfeild to Amb to shopping and then cycle all the way back
not sure
JB: identify ways and means easier, on cycles if they wish
provide info so ppl know there's an easy way to go from A to B
devping infrastructure then letting people know
initial thought at this stage
Mayor: Cclr Durman, you and I getting close to retirement so not thinking of cycling
VD: my parents had a bicycle factory, had a bicycle in Tour de France
cycle on my holiday prop cuz flat
but here -- fast, downhill; brakes!
EB: look at routes safer eg LGB
$40K say doesn't go a long way but leverage, get funds elsewhere
gain access to dollars
cycling plan
Ken Farquharson: speaking without seeing the report
but the magnificent forests WV is custodian of, particularly in our upland area, shd be mentioned in one of the specific objectives
historically WV is not without responsibility of some adversities of what has happened to those forests, that, eg Cypress Bowl, golf courses in our old-growth forests, etc
important this M be seen as upfront in protection of those magnificent forests it has on Crown land, municipal land, undeveloped land
RD: agree
remember in WV we have 4500 acres of forested land, 2800 acres M property
v important that we supervise that forest land very carefully
we don't allow devt above 1200ft line, from about 1200 to 2000 largely private property, but we have encouraged recreation above the 1200ft line
Mr F is correct that there have been times, proposals that wd have threatened these magnificent, mature trees, particularly the golf course
shd mention parks, an omission
this is a draft so can be quickly corrected
WVites already already recycle about half; very good
WV has been in the forefront
wonderful waterfront parks; used to play with my kids down there, far too long ago but it's three times the size now
we've protected the foreshore; we've built trails to make this place beautiful
you can see it from all over mainland
WV's been careful or wdn't be so good
not perfect but done well
pesticide control, creek protection, etc
thank staff; OCP better than before
happy to make motion.
VD: friendly amendment
heard Cclr Day say this was a draft env'tal strategy so surely it shd say 'draft' (1)
surprised being sent for information so wd like to ask adv cmtes for comment (2)
send to public and add ask for comment (3)
surprised only giving one month
it's a draft, some things need to be changed
(4) back May 1st
MMgr: understand in light of moving forward
Sop: p 42, work with GVRD to include most of 2800 acres in the Green Zone
do we know precisely what the GZ is?
in spite of something coming back to Ccl; don't know why have to work with any other--
SJ: we accept this as something for discussion, no obligation
Sop: but motion to accept in principle?
Mayor: draft
Sop: don't know implications of tie in with GVRD
MMgr: if Ccl more comfortable with this report being received then opportunity
RD: agree
remember GZ is a zone, not a park
let's deal with it later
come back and tell us more about it
Sop: all earmarks of a good report but if obligated to work with some other org, anybody else, 2800 acres of public land ownership, I don't like that
rather receive
I know it's good work; maybe we can have some info what GVRD really thinks about this
G-J: a little disappointed considering receive not endorse but accept it's consensus position
this is just sort of saying accepting high level principles, importance of report
these are the big issues
[quotes no 5] presently DWV/we don't have a forest mgmt plan so that's part of work undertaking
let's keep momentum; look forward to its coming back May 1st
looking forward to what all these cmtes have to say.
5.2       [Five-Year] Capital Plan (File:  0865-02)
           Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance  (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
RL: last piece we need for our budget (2005)
it's the final five years of original ten-year plan from 2000
provides for completion of original ten-year
some additions detailed
consolidates into one document; water, sewer, etc., makes for easier reading
report has some of the highlights of financial plan
the five-year program totals just over $102m
projects forward from previous plan, includes new Cmnty/Rec Centre $16m currently undergoing a lot of planning and design work in 2005
probable construction in 2006 and completion in 2007
projects affordable within our current funding framework -- existing reserve funds, the Endowment Fund and the Capital Facility Reserve Fund
MMgr: just to interrupt but think Dir Fin meant 2005 wrt commencement of construction of cmnty centre
Mayor: p 64-2?
RL: --
{I cdn't quite hear what he said; got impression he just went on with his presentation.  If, however, you read Mr Laing's memo released for the March 7th mtg, it in fact does refer to construction starting in 2005.   Probably decided this was not the time or place for a debate on this or to contradict MMgr.}
proposal within rec centre did not appear in previous plan is a proposed lease of space to Coastal Health Region but will be completely covered by a lease from prov
wrt major civic bldgs expansion, replacement -- MHall, Fire Hall No 1, Police Bldg, etc; represented in this plan only to extent planning and feasibility money
anticipated police bldg will be an issue within this five years
once scope and costs known, funding identified, this plan can be amended to incorporate that
there are some add'l projects not in original ten-year
Some add'l projects not included in prior plans: Marine Dr phased approach to improvements; second phase of Gleneagles adventure park; proposal for a mtn bike park; Hollyburn Outdoor Camp, proposed capital contribution to the Kay Meek Centre for Arts
the general infrastructure program, major maintenance, continues, envelope approach, will be increased by $200K annually, will be fully funded from general operation
water and sewer plan carried forward intact, fully funded within user rates
cemetery expansion plan, linked to resources from cemetery fund and will not affect taxation budget
golf will become a standalone; proposal for clubhouse catering facility intended to be fully funded from golf resources but not yet in this plan b/c scope/costing not complete -- then will incorporate
DCCs on hand, and expectation resources generated by cmnty benefits framework Ccl adopted late last year
only other issue I want to bring to Ccl's attention is that we're dealing with a five-year plan right now but later this year we will be extending the plan by looking at and proposing specific projects during a second five-year period, ending in 2014; and at that point we will  then again end up with a full, full on, ten-year capital program
at that point, once we have that document in place we will be looking at that plan and reviewing it every year so it will continue to be a ten-year 'moving' plan.

{so much for the fiction of set in stone; and D/Fin makes it clear the plan is a work in progress that will be reviewed and amended, obviously reasonable given changing conditions, priorities, however more time for public review wd seem to be preferable if public consultation and approval a desired goal.}

As we get into that process we wd anticipate public involvement in that process, anticipate [inaudible b/c of nearby coughing, perhaps he said "we wd revisit"] some of our existing principles and policies around our funding framework especially around our pay-as-you-go framework and we might be looking at alternative funding sources.
At this point, we're recommending this plan, this document, be available for public comment  until March 14th

{Yeah, right.  One week when it involves $102m of taxpayers' money.  One week!
At PQP I urge Ccl to extend the time allowed since the budget does not have to be passed until mid-May but not a peep from anyone on Council.  Have they been hypnotized? under a spell?}

that wd be consistent with the public process component with the rest of budget

{also too short a time? a week then too? just b/c consistent doesn't mean good!}

anticipate bringing forth implementing bylaws at mtg on March 21st.
JF: you did say there wd be some changes
there wd be some consideration of some alternative funding arrangements -- do you mean borrowing?
RL: cd be looking at partnerships, leasing
cd talk about borrowing
JF: so if groundswell of support during Ambleside Review for purchasing more properties than suggested here, there are other possibilities for funding those purchases
RL: that wd be part of the discussion mentioned here for later in the year.

that means during or after election in November free to propose, promise, promote more purchases, expenditures, projects???}

JF made motion for Ccl to receive with public input to March 14th; incorporation in revised bylaw for Ccl consideration on 21st.
JC: question about commence construction this year, when heard MMgr
Mayor: of?
JC: re cmnty centre and Coastal Health; capital costs, cost recovery basis
how confident are we in in that?
what do we have on hand -- offer to lease? something binding?
MMgr: we have a letter from Health Bd who actually paid for studies to identify specific costs and work with us on the design; and commitment that shd they withdraw to reimburse us for those costs
fairly confident got a partner very interested
intent is to move toward more detailed design and more detailed costing so we can make that  determination if in fact going to go ahead
JC: but at this point they are not legally bound? we have a letter of interest, of intent
MMgr: and an agreement to enter into a specific agreement covering reimbursement for the costs of the design
VD: hear a worry
cd I just add one point
the plan I'm going to talk about in next item
if for some reason
plan such can actually have their space pulled out without affecting our plans

{Except perhaps a little more difficult than some might assume if thinking Coastal is just taking over the third floor wch cd then simply not be built BECAUSE at the presentation at the Sport/Rec Fac Planning Cmte mtg Mar 9th, Coastal space was pointed out on the first and second floors as well.}

Ccl will not consider building until firm commitment from Health
JC: tyvm
Sop: responsible re this budget
this year going to work from on further five years and attach five onward
we have $1.8m in this budget for house on Argyle but not for next five years, next block, Amb area, open space
if we have discussions re devising how, won't come into effect until 2009
wondering what value of props will be
we'll be looking at substantial cost
can't we look at some immediate way to get funds to acquire prop or borrow?
RL: this plan will be reviewed every year during the budget process
understand original program is under discussion to follow that policy
if Ccl decides to review, will be done each year, not wait till 2009
Sop: where wd money come from?
RL: not identified wch is why only one in plan
Sop: capital infrastructure, started out with $600K then to $2m
MMgr: plan was initially $200K; started with increase of $100K and that was not keeping up with inflation so our infrastructure budget not keeping up, started to slip, so now $200K (annually)
Sop: continued every year until 2009
Mayor: will be reviewed ev year
G-J: budget in great shape, a few gaps
looking at a possible visual arts gallery, possible reno of Silk Purse,...
as well have to look at Police Bldg
we know more money will be put in from 2006 forward, but hope we can nail down some figures by the end of 2005
your expectation?

{well, yes, especially when the budget is supposed to be passed by midMay.....}

RL: yes, my hope we will have a full flushed out ten-year program and affordable; a lot of revisions along the way
all those will have to have consideration whether fit in plan
major elements, timing
some of you mentioned may form basis of second five years
G-J: some we don't want public to feel we've lost the thread of, we just need to do a bit more research.

5.3       Civic Site Community Centre - Next Phases (File:  0558-01)
            Designated Presenter:  Councillor Durman  (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
[Rather unusual, but instead of having the presentation first, then Ccl questions, then public comment, the Mayor called for public input first -- so they have to speak without the benefit of hearing/seeing what was planned.  Maybe the Mayor did it b/c the names were on the Speakers' List.]
Marny Peirson: I'm speaking on behalf of a number of badminton players
it is our understanding badminton will not be included in new rec centre, no gym for badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc.; will be a large gym with equipment permanently set up
when we questioned where we'd go, staff they said looking at schools or Hollyburn Country Club; we feel schools too busy during day, and Club inconvenient
many of us have been playing badminton at the present rec centre for over 30 years and we strongly object to this decision to take away our badminton facility
We tried playing at Gleneagles and the wall of glass and floodlights make it almost impossible to see the bird so it is not suitable for badminton
we still haven't seen any of the plans for this expensive new facility as the planned public mtg was postponed so there has been little information released
As taxpayers we strongly object to this limited use of the future gym by one interest group
also the decision seems driven by the profit motive and larger numbers rather than providing facilities for the recreation of residents.
like to point out NV has many places for playing badminton so we feel WV shd provide the same
Terry Collins (sp?):  I'll basically reiterate what Marny just said
new gym, came to our notice there wd be no facilities
our Friday aft badminton club's been there for 30 years and now mostly retirees and trying to keep well and fit and wd like to stay there
with all the money that will be spent, we were not included and not advised either, upset our grp
feel this new cmnty centre shd provide for everybody if they choose to use it
worries me, shortly, where will babyboomers go?
will we all be fighting for the three courts at Gleneagles wch doesn't even lend itself for badminton
with its great glass wall, all very pretty with glass but not practical
research what to do while our rec centre down, impressed with what NV had to offer
here we are putting something fancy up; instead of six courts, three
here it's being taken away
ask you to rethink this
JC: how many mbrs do you have?
Ans: 26
JC: same club?
Ans: yes
Elaine Fonseca: there are three badminton groups playing at the rec centre, we're not the only one
I've been playing there for 15 years, strong club, growing
surprised to learn not going to be facilities for us to play
Gleneagles, not close and not adequate, not central, poorly designed
wall of glass, impossible to play on
as residents, we've paid a lot of taxes
feel shd be included in this $16m
there's basketball, keep fit, ....
we have a large number who use the WV facility
find it quite amazing that there's just going to be one small gymnasium for gymnastics groups
if we're paying taxes, we shd all be included
Mr Lennick/Lennox (sp?) is in audience -- well known for tennis and badminton, Olympics
son Grant played in Sydney; had his start here
for us to produce more athletes, we have to have more facilities
not just for gymnastics
wd like to see plans
understand demolished in June and built in August
Mayor: next
EF: that's what we were told, our badminton groups, perhaps incorrect

{well, what staff told them was correct as of about a week ago; someone must have changed it b/c at the Sports/Rec Fac Planning Select Cmte mtg of Mar 2nd those dates were on the slide presentation staff gave to the cmte and was not even debated.}

wd like to be told we'd have at least three courts, not lose facility
VE: the cmte has seen some plans, the architect is still working on it

{plans? plans? did I hear plans?  why can't public, not to mention the other four members of Ccl, see the various plans to be able to voice an opinion or make suggestions???}

we're fitting the boxes together
we're seeing what we can fit on site

{maybe the open house can give us Lego pieces and we can build various combinations ourselves and see how they compare!}

how we can spend $16m; how we can  accommodate the most people we can
whole plan (RFMP) over last five or six years

{oooooo!  very brave of VD to refer to the RFMP.
recall that the Aquatic Centre according to that plan AND on the ten-year financial/capital project plan was $2.5m but then Ccl decided to build a much bigger and better one for about $9m plus over $7m for the underground parking.  That plan had the central cmnty centre at $13.5m whereas the one in 2003 had about $11m.  At this mtg we see $16m.  You get the idea now.  These estimates and intentions are also flexible.  With that the case, quite apart from the principle of public consultation and input, even more reason to hear what the cmnty thinks about their central cmnty centre, at the heart of the cmnty -- the most expensive project in WV's history, no?}

was to spread out the facilities so Gleneagles not just for west and centre for east
centres wd for particular purposes
at the end of the day we'll have two full gyms and one smaller one, about 15ft high
that's what's being proposed
will have a typical gym floor, so that floor hockey, floor types of things, keep fit sorts of things can utilize
it is true to say that basketball, volleyball, and badminton is being planned to be put out to Gleneagles Cmnty Cntre ; the reason for doing that is a lot of people want a 'dynamics' gym, a full-sized gym.  Also used by skateboarders, weightboarders, etc...  run up to the Olympics.
that's a problem we've been addressing b/c equipment has to be stored outside and brought back in for one badminton group then put back in; it's wearing the equipment out
we have one full mega-sized gym at Gleneagles
first time I've heard that concern about badminton at Gleneagles; investigate to see how to fit it in...
my son's into basketball and ev school has basketball; volleyball is the same
solutions can be found
we were unaware the badminton grp feels Gleneagles inappropriate from the point of view of playing

{what other point of view is there for the players, pray?}

if glass a problem, we'll look into that
idea is to spread services throughout the cmnty
people in west who've been driving into the centre for the last, uh, ever, it's only seven minutes away
when we have a plan to put in front of the cmnty we'll have an open house
the plan is being created

{just what do you call having 60Ksf and $16m?}

running about a month behind
JF, Sop, on cmte, myself as Chair, and a number of members of the public
meet Wed at 8:30 welcome to come to cmte mtgs
wd be happy to meet with badminton group, take them into account
what we're asking for in this report is to move forward to a detailed planning of the project from an architectural point of view, so we can get to costing, have done rough
we believe amount in budget will build us a 38/39K sf cmnty centre as planned

{now you see it now you don't; there's no plan, there's a plan.....}

there is a process; Ccl to give final approval July 30, construction start in Oct; project completed sometime in 2007
fundamentals of project, 38/39Ksf, flexibility built into it

{project's not a plan}

so that all users

{badminton/volleyball/basketball players are not users apparently......}

all space can be adapted to help fit different groups into it so no one group will be able to take control of one area, or permanent use
we probably cd do with a 50-60Ksf bldg; if everybody wanted to have their identified space, but the cmnty can't afford that
so we've tried to tailor the cmty desires

{pardon me?  shdn't the goal be to tailor the building to what the cmnty desires instead of trying to tailor the cmnty?}

 to how we cd design that into the bldg and the only way is total flexibility

{and you define flexibility in the new cmnty centre as not having badminton, volleyball, or basketball?
maybe this is in the category of tailoring the cmnty's desires?
you are feeling sleepy
very sleepy
you don't want to play badminton
the bird has flown away......}

full-sized gym but if we see activity drifting away, that can be reverted into a full-sized operational gym
will have a smaller one
alongside that will be a Youth Centre
considerable discussion re future of one in Amb Park
will be a number of large cmnty rooms; 12 to 120-140 people, can be broken down; smaller rooms 60 pple; all the things that go on, programming; very complicated issue
arts on top floor, skylights north so they can get perfect light
children's area, family services, uh--
Mayor: Is some of this going to be covered in the PowerPoint?
VD: shd be b/c not detail
going to be 100 parking spaces under the building
planned room for WV Band (been in operation for 75 years) and any other user wanting to practice
20K sf for Health is in addition to the 38Ksf
joined to swimming pool and Srs' Centre, by way of atrium
srs' daycare centre
this will be a state of the art cmnty centre; many will look at and say the blending of health, srs, youth will be a major step forward
this report goes through a number of cmnty principles and projects, etc
biggest problem we face as a cmnty is that if we don't move forward at great speed, cost of this bldg increasing at 1% per month b/c of inflation of construction costs; we look around and wonder if we'll be able to build building as planned within the time level and cost
need to move forward to design stage; need to get to point of making the decision
how much this bldg's going to cost and if this Ccl's going to do this
everything will be joined together by this beautiful atrium, glass on north and south sides

{guess no badminton there either!}

operational efficiencies in this; geothermal efficiencies
cmte is still in design stage and therefore that is why there are no plans

{just to be clear, do you have a plan before design or do you design and then plan?}

so that's why not being presented to public; in flux
except for design attached to report wch is out of date b/c parking being added and stuff being moved around
when we get there will be an open house and public can come along and make comment in a couple of weeks

{why not get public input BEFORE planning and design (as well as after); this sounds a lot like VD's previous statements that they wd go public and come to Ccl when they have A design.  That sounds pretty well settled -- virtually take it or leave it?}
MMgr: we have a staff presentation
KP introduced Ralph Ferstay, Linda Shaw, and Jocelyn Ray (sp?):
Ralph Ferstay:  overview of cmnty centre planning
vision, principles partnership, prog, etc
Vision: informal and social spaces
bldg designed will be centre of cmnty, large and small events, perhaps Cmnty Day even Coho Festival
bldg designed to be exciting and dynamic in terms of space, usage, and use of glass, and those kinds of design characteristics --

{sorry again, badminton folks!}

fully accessible facility to meet future and changing needs
multi use spaces, flexible and diverse, can respond to future trends
wide range of progs and services, hub of cmnty and site
efficiently designed, complementary
Principles: to meet greatest cmnty benefit
youth friendly; etc; lease, cost recovery
integrated approach
no ownership; cost recovery
will meet time line, budget, and quality requirements
Partnership: benefits longterm, continuum of services with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
integrated, opp for new/joint.....
one-stop centre for health options...
Linda Shaw: in terms of articulating the 38Ksf
looking at large gymnasium
-gymnasiums -- martial arts, fencing, etc [slide with drawing], can also be used for gatherings; design changerooms (men's gets used a lot now but now women's)
{wonder why???}
- multipurpose rooms: dance fitness; yoga, Pilates, chair exercises; tai chi
Youth Area [slide] similar to space in Amb, similar to other cmnties,  kitchen, place to hangout, mtg alcove, etc
Children's Area: like Gordon House where we are not; efficiencies between spaces
Arts Area: exciting for us, three-dimensional, know some changes, know Music Box on Argyle will come down and we'll be taking some of those programs as well as ones from Klee Wyck; stonecarving, sculpture, etc
two-dimensional; drawing, arts, crafts
youth want to do something with wood, bicycles
small space for music classes -- have guitar and piano going on now
Entry and Social Areas: Cclr Durman has spoken of atrium; change way register
Separately-Funded spaces: small cafe, leased space; Cmnty Music Hall rec with Youth Band exciting re joint fundraising; rehab, bone density, kinesiology being considered
RF: Vancouver Coast Health Authority Services
assessment and treatment services; adult cay care, primary care clinic
chn and youth
outreach services, et public health nurses
Linda Shaw: Transition
when ppl started hearing about bldg coming down started hearing about what groups wanted
intent of transition to provide for long-standing groups
badminton long time, consider
rent, some cost in extending hours
want to use existing facilities, Gleneagles (pottery will be moved there during transition; lapidary will be going there for sure); civic central nbrhd -- churches, etc; leased spaces
efforts but all will have to make some adjustments
in the local area, SAC, arena; looking at Pauline Johnson, WV United Church, etc
Gleneagles, Library, Mulgrave
gives you feel for complexity of transition
Jocelyn Wray/Rae/Ray (sp?): easy to pull a bldg down
key part of our cmnty, 47 years, year I was born
many people have made this their recreational home; important to send off with dignity, remembered and respected
will call it "The Rec Ball"
we've got enough ideas for a couple of months, eg if you bring your own screwdriver and take off a doorknob, it's yours!
pieces of the bldg are important and some want to take things away, gardens too, so maybe an auction
set up a speakers' corner
ppl here in 1958, give memories
awards for significant achievement -- v active, maybe oldest, youngest, one registered in most progs
our alumni
dignity, history, sense of place
Ralph: two time capsules we know of
one in front lawn by girl guides; and Heinz Berger says one in wall put in in 1958
working on schematic design
enough activities to carry us through
construction in fall
Sop: I know in cmte, understanding of centre, meaning to cmnty
flexibility came up wrt to space
difficulty wrt space, allocating space; tough decisions
re a full-sized gymnasium -- is that etched in stone
Ralph: recomm staff is making to maximize participants
45 years of history
looking at resources, eg Gleneagles
Sop: specifically looking at badminton if groups find GCC not to their liking is there anything we can do with their considerations of not being able to play there
Ralph: blinds, under review
Sop: looking at timetable; two years not having space; sooner we can get organized
planned demolition in fall
MMgr: we do have a joint agreement with the schools
opp there to provide space; pursuing that
Mayor: wd like to acknowledge Debbie Ryan in the audience, a key mbr of the executive of the NSh Health Group and wd like to thank Debbie and her team bring this whole thing forward to this point
accommodating on our site, thank you very much
VD: I wd like to add, staff has done a superb amount of work, answers to questions posed, sent them back a number of times for alternatives

{hm.   doing that again for the public? shur 'nuf sounds like a lot of planning.....}

congratulate everybody working v v hard to provide facilities while ripped down and then best facility we can in future
wd like to make motion: approval to proceed with civic site cmnty centre planning and architectural work through the detailed design phase wch will include project costing and subsequent Ccl review

{and public input, comment, recommendations?????}
and, excuse me, isn't there a lot of planning before a project goes into the detailed design phase?
and expensive to change and alter after that?}

G-J: obvious how much work has gone into this, appreciate that
for the four not on the cmte, this is the first time we've heard any of it
hope you don't think difficult or obstructionist
what type of consultation with the user groups has taken place
KP: you'll recall in late 90s, extensive consultation, 12 diff cmtes how a cmnty cntre wd function; at that time not even determined first or second, what kind, but did do Aquatic Centre
plan to go out to cmnty to get reaction to what developed so far; particularly to youth whose interests and desires change it seems fairly rapidly
not say we're going back to the original consultation, what we did before b/c we've done a huge amount before
G-J: how realistic to use school gyms; understand difficult for kids, even for school teams -- now v early, days out, nights at a premium; how realistic cd run badminton, volleyball, basketball?
KP: asking them that very question
only sch boards have times/usage; we're in early stages of determining what other resources might be possible; GCC wd be our daytime use
currently looking at probs experience, ppl like badminton have identified; hope to have solution soon
G-J: laudable goal, better use of facilities, but seems some type of agreement shd be in place before operating under assumptions we are so far
hope you can firm that up
statement in report about capital contributions, earlier said no ownership; is that beyond Vancouver Coastal Health Authority?
VD, instead of Pike: As it's my report...
some groups, such as the WVYouth Band have suggested they wd like specialized acoustics and they are willing to raise the money; they wd not have ownership of the space but wd have priority in renting the space
JC: we're proposing to spend a bunch of money and we're proposing to increase existing site from 23Ksf to 38K, roughly an increase in 50% of sq footage
wonder why we're not seeing a biz case or will see a biz case
we're looking at higher maintenance costs, higher operating costs in general b/c 50% more footage, -- we've seen no cash flow projections, seen no pro forma statement, no risk statement; wonder if see that in next  two or three months
VD: we'll be providing necessary info so Ccl can make viable decision by end of July
JF: I too wd like to congratulate the staff, dealing with cmte on weekly basis
considering staring with expansion of Aquatic Centre, Gleneagles; just been work, work, work
understand exhausting, grateful to everyone
looking back to 1998/99, original report; long time and ppl thrilled about to take place
understand there are going to be some problems; for ppl using for 47 years, stressful
hope we can all work through this together
RD: date July 30th approval for Ccl is weekend
set July 25th?
VD: I didn't actually look at my calendar
RD: minor point, okay, just b/c I was going to be away
[last ccl mtg before summer break]
hope with add'l parking, any hope for lawn back where parking now?
MMgr: hope to return lawn; we've identified an add'l 30 spaces surface planned to the east of the bldg
VD: marvellous donation for the fountain $1m, from a WV family, to be out on the grass
5.4       Development Variance Permit No. 05-002 (8540 Citrus Wynd)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Municipal Clerk give notice that Development Variance Permit Application No. 05-002 (8540 Citrus Wynd), which would provide for a new house with variances to highest building face, height, setbacks and in-law suite location will be considered at the
meeting of Council on Monday, April 4, 2005.
SJN: waterfront property, somewhat steep; to reduce impact; length of time for sewage treatment plant; once expired technically have to go through process again so recommend advertise again.
5.5       Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) 2005 Workplan (File:  0115-20-YAC01)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
 1.         The Youth Advisory Committee proposed work plan be received for information;
 2.         The General Council Committees Policy in Section 13.5 be amended with respect to the annual reporting period for the Youth Advisory Committee to read:
 "d)       excepting the Youth Advisory Committee which will submit its report and plan each year based on its term of October 1 to June 30."

KP: report recently, in addition to that
RD: as CSAC liaison, impressed, good work, involved in a lot of things
projects, youth, get them out on weekend
Mayor: Mr Pike, you'll get back to us
KP: we will
JC: under Item 6 they plan with Police Dept and Restorative Justice Cmte, recommend also meet with Family Court and Youth Justice b/c broad spectrum
Mayor: good suggestion
RD: think they do
they also have representation on sev cmtes like CSAC and others
5.6       Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Project - BC Community Water Improvement Program Grant Application
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda
EB gave background and said deadline for submission dates so asking Ccl's approval
Sop: I&I in this cmnty, have a five-year to look at upgrade
will we do resealing around manhole covers where not properly sealed, general overhaul project?
why when we did seawall and work in last few years, why those problems still there?
some people by beach still problems
EB: the work we're applying for funds for is in areas where best benefit and probs most significant
ultimately the size of the interceptor still limited; situation recently of heavy rainfall and snowmelt, that's when you run into problems
intend to look at targeted areas
really want to reduce water getting into those areas
VD: think this is a great idea
following up on Cclr Sop's question is it's a prob we're trying to cure; shdn't have storm water backup in our sewer system
we have a split system
to stop storm water coming down and backing up wd be a great advantage and wd save us a lot of $$$
if it continues the sewer plant won't be big enough and GVRD will come along and want to build a bigger one
Annacis they're building one for about $1b!
grant will go a long way to help
JC: can see grout 160 manhole covers but how grout  19000 meters of sewer main!
don't say very carefully!
EB: took my answer;  it's a chemical grouting process
not completely familiar with system involved; run through pipes and does from inside
6.         BYLAWS
6.1       Business Licence Bylaw No. 3024, 1982 Amendment Bylaw No. 4403, 2004 - Odour and Noise Control  FOR ADOPTION
This Bylaw received third reading at the February 28, 2005 Council Meeting  ADOPTED
Further motion re Administrative Policy: Bylaw Enforcement on Odour/Noise Contravention be approved


Mayor: understand there was a luncheon today re service by women in our cmnty and understand Dina Zeitler, in audience was awarded
on Tuesday advised members of Senate touring, and I was asked to make a presentation re defence to seven or eight senators, had three minutes; took opp to do wrt security re Olympics
in Salt Lake City 7 to 8000
alerted them to the fact that security way beyond our 80-man police force
revelation to them
so we'll see

JC: another Dina Zeitler story
attended annual ABA mtg last week where DZ was appointed prez so there again
group was very excited about part of Ambleside Core Review
concern apparent lack of parking bylaw enforcement
talked to them on Friday and was assured they're out there but they must be in camouflage

Sop: doing a bit of background work with Richard Kinnear, citizen who came forth re safety helmet standards across Canada
we as Ccl sent our recomm off to UBCM wch they supported, and off to fed, Min of Health out here, had chat with him and with Don Bell; sev ph calls
province is going to make an announcement; Hon Min of Industry Canada, Emerson, started in WV
2010  name of safety
Mayor: when?
Sop: March 21st
another org will make stmt about money
Safety Assn and Kids Canada; hope you and Ccl will be there to formalize this

G-J: Th and Fri at a UBC env'tal conference
Min Bill Barisoff and Min Geoff Regan not taking any questions
both went on and on for need for env'tal, M level
realizing expertise on ground
we need money and standards
kept going on about partnership
come into effect Mar 31st; survey showed that 90% ofMs not ready; govt not ready, guidebooks not ready; pilots not complete, training not ready from Malaspina College
think ev going to be asking for an extension, wd from deputy min perhaps three months, even that up for debate
wrap up with Bob Purdy of Fraser Basin Council
to the point now, same presentations again; up to us to get moving
great turnout
surprise, ppl from all over prov came re env'tal sustainability
Motion to extend mtg passed
8.         OTHER ITEMS
8.1       Correspondence [listed in previous issue]
8.1.22       H. & R. Peters, February 22, 2005, regarding International Olympic Committee Luncheon
VD: 8.1.22 congratulate her on letter to Premier we're not getting recognition
luncheon IOC cmte, we're host cmnty, mayors of Richmond, etc sitting there
embarrassed for you not there
maybe the fight over the tunnel is clouding how to deal with host cmnty
participating with CNV and DNV; involves two councillors from each cmnty: Cclrs Day and Sop offered to serve

CR: Editor, West Van Matters
I'm sorry I've still got this terrible cold--
first of all, thank you, great to hear, have some idea, about the cmnty centre, and also to be informed of the different timeline b/c at the last Select Cmte [mtg Feb Mar 2], the presentation there had the same time table -- demolition in June and commencement in August
so I understand from that that's now been changed to longer time I suppose for more planning, so that's great
I also want to know if there's going to be consultation; if there will be a few options offered for people to look at
and I also wanted to thank Cclr Clark for mentioning about the biz case b/c I know Ray Richards and some others asked quite often about how the operating costs for future facilities will be accommodated
one of my questions is, when we have some of the plans for the new cmnty centre, will there be any information on the increased operating costs?
MMgr:  When we dealt with the Aquatic Centre and Gleneagles and the cmnty centre, at that time a biz case was provided to Ccl, and essentially the costs were apportioned, approx add'l operating costs o $250K per facility.
We also at that time identified sharing respective in terms of how paid for one third, one third, one third; subsequently looked at and revised by Ccl
so at this point, and we will be bringing forward further information, but the biz case and direction to staff was provided quite some time ago wrt this, whether biz plan, OCP, or facilities review cmte, we've been working on some of this for quite some time, so to be hearing requests for a biz for rebuilding the cmnty centre when that decision in my opinion was made a number of years ago
We can bring that information back, but as it stands we indicated the addi'l operating costs wd be in the neighbourhood of $250,000
If that changes, we'll certainly be bringing that back before Ccl as part of the information on the capital costs
CR: It's just that when that was brought up I wondered if that was going to be part of the open house
Mayor: it will be
CR: thank you very much
I understand the legal requirements for the M budget, it has to be in around May 15th
Mayor:  Mr Laing, what's the time? May 15th?
RL: mmhmm.
CR: in view of that, the five-year plan wch was only revealed tonight as an agenda item, perhaps you wd consider one week a rather short amount of time for public input into the five-year plan when you've got that much time, and also when considering the FAC meets on Mar 16, wch is after your deadline [for public input] of March 14th
Perhaps Ccl cd consider extending the time for public input to the five-year plan for at least two or three weeks
that still will only take us to the end of March,  still have all of April

{when you realize that the staff memo under discussion with the five-year plan has an aggregate of $102m, isn't that reasonable as a minimum?  why wd no cclr agree, speak up, and urge more time for the public to look at such a huge item/commitment? or why wdn't the Mayor agree?}

Mayor: Mr Manager.
MMgr: wrt referring the matter to the Finance Advisory Cmte, it's never been in the terms of reference for the FAC to do budget review, rather to review the process and some of the sort of initial framework we set up

{Pardon me, but I think most people wd reasonably assume FAC mbrs wd be chosen to use their expertise (accounting, investment, financial, and so on), not to comment on process.  Doesn't Ccl decide/describe the process?}

I don't think that's necessary, but certainly wrt providing the cmnty with the opportunity for add'l time, I think the original recommendation provides for Ccl to be looking at this again on the 21st,
and certainly any cmnty or public input we receive up to that date we can bring to Ccl's attention and give Ccl the opportunity to amend the plan based on that input

CR: thank you; so there will be until the 21st

{minimal but residents must at least be thankful that the MMgr came galloping to their side to assure another week, something no one on Ccl dared counter but it begs the question.  Why wd no cclr recognize that the public wd need/want more than a measly week or two to review $102m?  Why only a week or two?  Why set a date precluding the five-year plan even to go to FAC for information?  Why during spring break and Easter when the final doesn't have to be approved for two more months?  Maybe a bit more thought or consideration and respect for the public, willingness to listen to what some might have to say?}

as far as FAC, I didn't necessarily mean it was for comment, but it's quite usual for you to send reports to various adv cmtes for their information

{and why not think of the Finance Cmte when it's a financial plan for the District's next five years?
or maybe b/c the Dir/Finance frankly stated that it cd be changed with the ten-year plan to be presented by the end of the year.
Obvious there may be a ten-year plan extant but totally out of date and subject to change -- so much for VD's insistence there was one; clearly in name only.}

so okay we have till the 21st in fact.
thank you
Mayor: thank you

10. ADJOURNMENT a few minutes after 10pm.

{Well, thanks for small mercies.  I'm not a CA or an MBA but I know some of them wd appreciate if not require in volunteer/free/leisure time adequate time to review the commitments not just the amount but which projects.
I'm a supporter of the arts, culture, and heritage and think the strategy long overdue is a great step forward for the cmnty.  I also think the Kay Meek Centre is a valuable asset to WV and deserves support even though when the proponents came to Ccl they assured, as Ccl insisted, that the facility wd not require operating funds from taxpayers.
Well.  There's $500K in the five-year plan for the KMC (it's capital and DWV will have control over programming of that 'black studio'.  Then we note that staff (or someone) suggested Millennium donate $500K to the KMC as one of their 'cmnty benefits'.  Does that mean $1m?  does it mean if Millennium donates the $500K then that amount in the five-year plan can be put to some other project?
There are so many questions.
Confident all agree with how the $102m will be spent?  We know some fixed.
If they spend $16m and take money from the Endowment Fund, Capital Reserve Fund, etc, will there be anything left for any other projects?
Blow the bundle on the new rec centre?
Maybe as VD said at one point, residents will want to spend even more money and make the new cmnty centre even bigger to accommodate even more groups, events, and activities.
DWV cd sell some property and have even more than $16m for the central cmnty centre.  Partnerships cd lower the cost to the taxpayer.
So many choices to contemplate.
So little time.}

+++  ABBREVIATED AGENDA CCL MTG MAR 14th  +++ A Supplemental Agenda may be issued

ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 4413, 2005 and DEVELOPMENT PERMIT (re 1891 Marine Drive)
3.         PUBLIC MEETING DEVT PERMIT APPLICATION (re  1891 Marine Drive)
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application:
Applicant:  Royal Developers Ltd.
Subject Lands:  1891 Marine Drive
Purpose:  To provide for a 3-storey, 10-unit residential building
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:  To rezone the property from R.M.2 Multiple Dwelling Zone 2 to R.M.L. 19 Multiple Dwelling Zone (Low Density) 19
Proposed Development Permit:  To regulate and impose conditions respecting the form and character of the development.
The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the March 14, 2005 Public Hearing/Public Meeting, with respect to the proposed bylaw amendment and development permit application.
The applicant will be provided an opportunity to make a presentation on the subject application.
Mayor Wood will call for Public Input.
Closure of Public Hearing and Public Meeting
If there is no further public input,
THAT all written and verbal submissions regarding Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4413, 2005 and Development Permit Application No. 04? 024 (re 1891 Marine Drive) up to and including March 14, 2005 be received and that the Public Hearing and Public Meeting be closed.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
            THAT Staff report back to Council regarding the March 14, 2005, Public Hearing and Public Meeting re Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4413, 2005 and Development Permit Application No. 04-024 (re 1891 Marine Drive); and that the Public Hearing and Public Meeting be adjourned to ________________.
Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions once the Public Hearing is closed.

3.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES / 3.1  Council Meeting Minutes, February 28, 2005
4.1       Presentation by West Vancouver School District Staff and School Board Representatives regarding West Vancouver Substance Abuse Prevention Initiative - Current Progress
Designated Presenter:  Mayor Wood
RECOMMENDED: ...  be received.
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Ambleside Beach Carnival
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
RECOMMENDED: ...be received for information.
5.2       J. P. Fell Pipe Band Society
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
THAT the request to the District of West Vancouver by the J. P. Fell Pipe Band to be appointed as the official North Shore Pipe Band be denied.
5.3       Final Report - BC Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
RECOMMENDED:... be received.
7.         OTHER ITEMS

7.1       Correspondence

No Action Required (receipt only)
7.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)          Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning Select Committee, February 09, 2005
(b)          Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning Select Committee, February 23, 2005
(c)           Community Services Advisory Committee, February 01, 2005
(d)          Engineering Advisory Committee, February 15, 2005
7.1.2         N. Thompson, undated, regarding article "Maybe you can fight city hall"
7.1.3         D. A. Town, March 01, 2005, regarding improvements to Ambleside Park
7.1.4         A. Wallace, February 07, 2005, regarding Cypress Provincial Park and 2010 Olympics
7.1.5         P. Young, February 28, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive
7.1.6         D. Samija, Community Services Manager for the North Shore, February 25, 2005, regarding West Vancouver Family Place
7.1.7         C. Prepchuk, Chair, Greater Vancouver Regional Steering Committee on Homelessness, February 25, 2005, regarding Greater Vancouver Homeless Count
7.1.8         A. Hilsen, Municipal Clerk, District of North Vancouver, February 22, 2005, regarding Support in Establishing a North Shore Hospice
7.1.9         W. N. K. Mainguy, March 02, 2005, regarding Marr Creek Project
7.1.10       Fourteen (14) signatures, March 02, 2005, regarding Petition for Badminton Facilities at New Recreation Centre
7.1.11       Fifteen (15) signatures, March 01, 2005, regarding Petition for Badminton Facilities at New Recreation Centre
7.1.12       L. Ma, March 02, 2005, regarding Bear Bylaw
7.1.13       J. M. Turner, February 27, 2005, regarding construction of building opposite 2135 Argyle
7.1.14       C. Slabbert, Bellevue Wine Company, March 02, 2005, regarding Farmers' Market in Ambleside
7.1.15       T. Thompson, March 02, 2005, regarding Proposed High Rise - 2100 Block Argyle
7.1.16       K. Erdman, March 03, 2005, regarding West Vancouver Family Place
7.1.17       M. Middlemass, March 04 and March 02, 2005, regarding Sea-to-Sky Highway Expansion
7.1.18       T. Collins, President, Friday Afternoon Badminton Club, March 01, 2005, regarding Badminton Facilities at new Recreation Centre
7.1.19       D. Sullivan, February 22, 2005, regarding Canada's Challenge - Official Bilingualism and French Power

Action Required
7.1.20       C. Reynolds, Editor, West Van Matters, March 01, 2005, regarding Public Question Period
                  Referred to Municipal Manager for consideration and response.
7.1.21       M. Matheusik, March 01, 2005, regarding delegation request for April 11, 2005
          Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the April 11, 2005 meeting.


Missile Counter-Attack: Lloyd Axworthy fires back at U.S. -- and Canadian -- critics of our BMD decision in
An Open Letter to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

====================== ========================  by LLOYD AXWORTHY  ========

Dear Condi,

     I'm glad you've decided to get over your fit of pique and venture north to visit your closest neighbour. It's a chance to learn a thing or two. Maybe more.
     I know it seems improbable to your divinely guided master in the White House that mere mortals might disagree with participating in a missile-defence system that has failed in its last three tests, even though the tests themselves were carefully rigged to show results.
     But, gosh, we folks above the 49th parallel are somewhat cautious types who can't quite see laying down billions of dollars in a three-dud poker game.
     As our erstwhile Prairie-born and bred (and therefore prudent) finance minister pointed out in presenting his recent budget, we've had eight years of balanced or surplus financial accounts. If we're
going to spend money, Mr. Goodale added, it will be on day-care and health programs, and even on more foreign aid and improved defence.
     Sure, that doesn't match the gargantuan, multi-billion-dollar deficits that your government blithely runs up fighting a "liberation war" in Iraq, laying out more than half of all weapons expenditures in the world, and giving massive tax breaks to the top one per cent of your population while cutting food programs for poor children.
    Just chalk that up to a different sense of priorities about what a national government's role should be when there isn't a prevailing mood of manifest destiny.
    Coming to Ottawa might also expose you to a parliamentary system that has a thing called question period every day, where those in the executive are held accountable by an opposition for their actions, and where demands for public debate on important topics such a missile defence can be made openly.
     You might also notice that it's a system in which the governing party's caucus members are not afraid to tell their leader that their constituents don't want to follow the ideological, perhaps teleological, fantasies of Canada's continental co-inhabitant. And that this leader actually listens to such representations.
     Your boss did not avail himself of a similar opportunity to visit our House of Commons during his visit, fearing, it seems, that there might be some signs of dissent. He preferred to issue his diktat on missile defence in front of a highly controlled, pre-selected audience.
     Such control-freak antics may work in the virtual one-party state that now prevails in Washington. But in Canada we have a residual belief that politicians should be subject to a few checks and balances, an idea that your country once espoused before the days of empire.
     If you want to have us consider your proposals and positions, present them in a proper way, through serious discussion across the table in our cabinet room, as your previous president did when he visited Ottawa.  And don't embarrass our prime minister by lobbing a verbal missile at him while he sits on a public stage, with no chance to respond.
     Now, I understand that there may have been some miscalculations in Washington based on faulty advice from your resident governor of the "northern territories," Ambassador Cellucci. But you should know by now that he hasn't really won the hearts and minds of most Canadians through his attempts to browbeat and command our allegiance to U.S. policies.
    Sadly, Mr. Cellucci has been far too closeted with exclusive groups of 'experts' from Calgary think-tanks and neo-con lobbyists at cross-border conferences to remotely grasp a cross-section of Canadian attitudes (nor American ones, for that matter).
     I invite you to expand the narrow perspective that seems to inform your opinions of Canada by ranging far wider in your reach of contacts and discussions. You would find that what is rising in Canada is not so much anti-Americanism, as claimed by your and our right-wing commentators, but fundamental disagreements with certain policies of your government.  You would see that rather than just reacting to events by drawing on old conventional wisdoms, many Canadians are trying to think our way through to some ideas that can be helpful in building a more secure world.
     These Canadians believe that security can be achieved through well-modulated efforts to protect the rights of people, not just nation-states.
     To encourage and advance international co-operation on managing the risk of climate change, they believe that we need agreements like Kyoto.
     To protect people against international crimes like genocide and ethnic cleansing, they support new institutions like the International Criminal Court -- which, by the way, you might strongly consider using to hold accountable those committing atrocities today in Darfur, Sudan.
     And these Canadians believe that the United Nations should indeed be reformed -- beginning with an agreement to get rid of the veto held by the major powers over humanitarian interventions to stop violence and predatory practices.
     On this score, you might want to explore the concept of the 'Responsibility to Protect' while you're in Ottawa. It's a Canadian idea born out of the recent experience of Kosovo and informed by the many horrific examples of inhumanity over the last half-century.  Many Canadians feel it has a lot more relevance to providing real human security in the world than missile defence ever will.
     This is not just some quirky notion concocted in our long winter nights, by the way. It seems to have appeal for many in your own country, if not the editorialists at the Wall Street Journal or Rush Limbaugh. As I discovered recently while giving a series of lectures in southern California, there is keen interest in how the U.S. can offer real leadership in managing global challenges of disease natural calamities and conflict, other than by military means.
     There is also a very strong awareness on both sides of the border of how vital Canada is to the U.S. as a partner in North America.  We supply copious amounts of oil and natural gas to your country, our respective trade is the world's largest in volume, and we are increasingly bound together by common concerns over depletion of resources, especially very scarce fresh water.
     Why not discuss these issues with Canadians who understand them, and seek out ways to better cooperate in areas where we agree -- and agree to respect each other's views when we disagree.
     Above all, ignore the Cassandras who deride the state of our relations because of one missile-defence decision. Accept that, as a friend on your border, we will offer a different, independent point of view.  And that there are times when truth must speak to power.

In friendship,
     Lloyd Axworthy

Lloyd Axworthy is president of the University of Winnipeg and a former Canadian foreign minister.
=A9 2005 Winnipeg Free Press. All Rights Reserved.

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In Canada, National Tragedy, then National Memorial 10 March 2005

                service, sacrifice;
                our scarlet symbol strengthened
                in regard, honour;
                        nation bonded in sadness
                        depth of appreciation