Ccl AGENDA Apr 4th & Calendar to 8th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

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Herewith:  INFObits; Apr 4th MAIN ITEMS (EVELYN DR DENSITY/PROCESS, Grants ~$135K); gRUMBLING re in/out of new ($16m?) cmnty ctr; Calendar to Apr 8th; Abbreviated Ccl Agenda Apr 4th; MORE on Cmnty Centre (Open House at Rec Ctr Apr 7); Quotation
+++  INFObits  --  THEATRE   +++
Copenhagen made us guess about what happened in 1941; Carmina Burana comes back to Capilano College on weekend;  Sexy Laundry is back on Granville Island, rather amusing for uptight WASP couples in their 50s.....

===  MAIN ITEMS APR 4th ===  Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday
= DELEGATION re safety on Chartwell Drive and Cross Creek Road
= DVP - 8540 Citrus Wynd
= Ambleside-Dundarave Long Term Shoreline Planning Framework [fab adv cmte report!]
= Heritage Strategic Plan
= Evelyn Drive - Draft Amendment Bylaws/Approval Process 
(to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
-- with such an issue of primary importance why is the info not available? or report?  how can thoughtful public input be expected with little or no opportunity to see what staff propose for process?
= Arts & Culture/Social and Cmnty Services Grant Recommendations 2005 (~$135K)
= Controlled Substance Nuisance Bylaw No. 4417, 2005
==  BYLAW for adoption: "5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4415, 2005"
-- hey folks, this is Budget 2005!  doesn't have to be passed till May 15th; ask to see plan/salaries
=  CORRESPONDENCE: Mtg Minutes of PAC, CSAC, HAC, PEAC, FAC, Bd/Variance, Sports/Rec Facilities Planning (strangely for Mar 9th when the Nov minutes are NOT on the DWV website); badminton; light rail; rain barrels; Evelyn Dr; Ambleside Turf Field; new Cmnty/Rec Ctr; LMTAC;  unconditional grant funding; Taylor Way crosswalk; Ambleside Renewal; BOOKtopia; WV deadly roads; Clovelly Walk


Pls see update from DWV website re Central Cmnty Ctr (C3) Open House Apr 7 at end of this newsletter.
The Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning Select Cmte meets now every Wed at 8:30am
=   The Mar 30th cmte mtg included reps from many sports groups using the Ambleside fields.  There is some concern about accommodating all (given scheduling, prov tournaments, and such), spreading out to Hugo Ray Park and to PJ's field.  Turns out the consultant said in Nov a 40ft net wd be adequate for protection from flying baseballs but when a 70ft example was shown in January (and even that wd not be 100%), the dilemma became apparent.  Rotate/Move the baseball diamond or remove altogether to another location?
After foisting 80ft light poles on nearby residents without notice last year, no one had the will to top that off with 70ft poles with netting.  One resident told me later if put up they risked being torn down by bare hands!  There is, however, not much flat land in WV, and liability must be addressed.
=  The other hot topic: COURT SPORTS in new gym, was NOT discussed at the mtg.  Story to date:
Now you see it, now you don't!
* Nov 2004 Parks Dept flyer has court sports (eg badminton, volleyball, basketball) in the new gym
*  As reported in last issue, badminton mbrs (having played for 30 years) bring to Ccl's attention they'd just been told they wd not be able to play in the new Cmnty Ctr and a March 2005 flyer suddenly appears with NO court sports in C3, has gymnastics with equipment that suffers wear if moved in and out and takes a lot of staff time so will stay in place (displacing the court sports)
*  SOG (Save Our Gym) formed; contacts: Stan Ward at 922 9152 or stanw_ca@yahoo.com or Marny Peirson at 926 2753, marny@telus.net. who discover that minutes from cmte's Nov mtgs are somehow missing even though Mar 9th's are on ccl's agenda Apr 4th!
*  Cmte and staff tell and meet with groups saying they won't be in the new gym
*  Mar 22 volleyball finds out they won't be in, Mar 23 basketball finds out; some wonder about floor hockey; keep fit classes still don't know
* March 30th - late breaking news! -- ATTENTION! ABOUT FACE! some hours after a Sports/Rec Fac Planning in morning at wch the cmnty ctr item was declared to be discussed in camera -- JF (one of the three cclrs on the cmte) writes to the head of Save our Gym (SOG) that indeed badminton will be in the new gym.
*  Tidings info on C3 in February and again to appear Apr 3 both omit how much it will cost Dir/Finance said $16m was available.  JF said estimates did not include the atrium (that will join Aquatic Ctr to C3).   The $7m cost of parking to date for the $8.9m Aquatic Ctr was not included in Aq Ctr's estimates -- what about the extra needed for C3.  Staff said parking stalls were about $20K each but costs now nearer $40K.  Residents ought to have had more information and input before now.
This is not public process; this is public pressure!
The fact an election is later this year may have some effect on 'paying attention to the public'.
===  CALENDAR to APR 8th ===

= SATURDAY, Apr 2nd =
~ 2pm ~  Artists' Talk at the Ferry Building Gallery (Reception was March 29)
A Mixed-Media Exhibit: "Four Painters and a Sculptor" (Julia Baker, Coral Barclay, Brian Buday, Fred Filer, & Tracy Perry) until April 17

= TUESDAY, Apr 5th =
~ 3:30pm ~ YAC at Hall discusses: Community Day, Ambleside Park Planning; Gleneagles Adventure Park; Youth Week
~ 4:30pm ~ EAC in Ccl Chamber; Agenda has Environmental Strategy (Draft) - Presentation by Jim Bailey, Assistant Planner & Raymond Fung, Manager, Utilities; Shoreline Planning Report; Sustainable Region Initiative
~ 7pm ~ CSAC in Ccl Chamber; included on the agenda: Chair's and Liaison Reports, plus Rotary Club Presentation, Special Events Policy/Procedures, Rotary Club Grant Application

= WEDNESDAY, 6th =
~ 8:30am ~ Sports/Rec Fac Planning (undoubtedly more on the Cmnty Ctr as groups wait and wonder who's in and who's out; maybe even a final decision on Ambleside Park's 70ft hi nets or baseball moved)
~ 4 - 6pm ~ The District of West Vancouver is holding an Ambleside Redevelopment OPEN HOUSE at the Chamber's offices on Wednesday, April 6 from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM. Residents and businesses in the Ambleside area will receive more information from the District via mail in the coming weeks.
~ 5pm ~ PEAC at Hall: Draft Env'tal Strategy; Idling in WV School Areas; Opportunities to Recycle Building Materials

= THURSDAY, 7th =
~ 8:30am ~ Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation at Hall
~ 4 - 8pm ~ (New) Cmnty Ctr Open House and Public Mtg at the WV Cmnty Ctr in the Cypress Room
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ FREE PUBLIC LECTURE -  Green Tea Ice Cream: Exploring Consumer Response to Green Buildings  
Speaker: Jerry Yudelson, PE, LEED AP, BS, MS, MBA, Associate Principal and  Sustainability Director, Interface Engineering, Portland. Co-sponsored by the GVRD. (AIBC: 1.5 CLU; PIBC: 1.5 LU); Free but reservations required. Email cs_hc@sfu.ca or call 291.5100. SFU at Harbour Centre

= FRIDAY, 8th = 9am to 5pm
Economics of Green Buildings Part IV:  The Business Opportunities of Green Buildings
This one-day workshop will focus on the economic opportunities created by green buildings. It will address creative financing and marketing to encourage the green building industry; the role of financial institutions as well as local government incentives. Instructors: Thomas Mueller, MA, Team Leader, Business Services, GVRD; Jerry Yudelson, PE, LEED AP, BS, MS, MBA, Associate Principal and Sustainability Director, Interface Engineering, Portland, Oregon; Rick Kohn, BA, CA, Director Business Strategies, Ecotrust Canada; Jacques Khouri, BComm, RI, FRI, President and CEO, VanCity Enterprises Ltd.; Heather Tremain, BA, M.Arch, reSource Rethinking Building Inc.; Michael Geller, B.Arch, MCIP, MAIBC, President and CEO, SFU Community Trust. Co-sponsored with the GVRD. Detailed information, including course agenda, is available at http://www.sfu.ca/city/PDFs/GreenEconomicsIVFlyer.pdf (AIBC: 6.5 CLU; PIBC: 6.5 LU).

===  ABBREVIATED AGENDA APR 4th ===  Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday

3.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES: Council Meeting Minutes, March 14 and 21, 2005
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       A. R. Rickman regarding safety matters pertaining to truck traffic on Chartwell Drive and Cross Creek Road
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Development Variance Permit No. 05-002 (8540 Citrus Wynd)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
At the March 07, 2005 meeting, Council received the report dated February 25, 2005 from the Assistant Planner
THAT all written and verbal submissions, regarding Development Variance Permit Application No. 05-002 up to and including the Council Meeting held on April 04, 2005, be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED:  THAT staff report back to Council regarding submissions received at the April 04, 2005 Council Meeting to allow Council to make a determination on Development Variance Permit Application
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Development Variance Permit Application No. 05-002 (8540 Citrus Wynd), which would provide for a new house with variances to highest building face, height, setbacks and in-law suite location be approved.

5.2       Ambleside-Dundarave Long Term Shoreline Planning Framework
Appendix "B" to above-noted report  Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
1.         Council receive the Engineering Advisory Committee report titled "Ambleside-Dundarave Long Term Shoreline Planning Framework" (attached as Appendix A) for information.
2.         Council direct staff to review the Ambleside-Dundarave Long Term Shoreline Planning Framework study in conjunction with the Engineering Advisory Committee and report back, within six months, on the development of a three-year plan to begin implementation of the recommendations in this report.

5.3       Heritage Strategic Plan
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
1.         The preparation of a Heritage Strategic Plan (Phase I) and Implementation Plan (Phase II), with a total estimated budget of $55,000 be approved.  The proposed budget would include consultant fees and costs associated with public consultation.
2.         Staff submit funding applications to BC Heritage (Ministry of Community, Aboriginal & Women's Services) for matching grants of $7,500 for Phase I and $15,000 for Phase II of this project, to reduce the amount of required District funding.

5.4       Evelyn Drive - Draft Amendment Bylaws/Approval Process
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)

***{how can they not make this information available till late when such a critically important decision may be made on Monday night?  Even if many know what they want or don't want for density and devt on Evelyn Drive, the approval process is essential and integral to WV quality of life -- and we don't know what will be proposed!  Moreover, from some points of view, density is less a factor in attractiveness and env'tal sensitivity than design -- flat spreading structures and little green, or some bldgs with height and more green space.  What if a devt can be done with no loss of views?  Can the province alleviate the fear of traffic congestion?
So many questions.
The residents and devpr have been through the agony, cost, and wait of two years.  How insulting to give only two days (if anyone can get the info in time and is able to read it) to review the proposed approval process???}

5.5       Arts & Culture Grant Recommendations 2005
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
1.         The Community Services Advisory Committee grant recommendations for arts and culture grants, be approved as follows:
British Columbia [Boys'] Choir                                                                        2,000
Summer Pops Orchestra                                                                               1,250
West Vancouver Youth Band Society                                                           5,000
Hollyburn Heritage Society                                                                                750
West Vancouver Historical Society                                                               1,500
Ambleside Orchestra                                                                                     1,000
Pro Nova Chamber Players (DC Chamber Soloists Society)                   1,000
North Shore Chorus Society                                                                             500
North Shore Light Opera Society                                                                  2,000
O'Shihan Cultural Organization                                                                        500
Theatre West Van (West Van Little Theatre Guild)                                     2,250
 West Vancouver Adult Community Band Association                                    500
J. P. Fell Pipe Band Society                                                                             500
British Columbia Photography and Media Arts Society                             3,000
Chor Leoni Men's Choir                                                                                 1,000
Laudate Singers Society                                                                               1,000
Pacific Baroque Orchestra                                                                            1,500
Pandora's Vox                                                                                                 3,000
Presentation House Cultural Society/Theatre                                              1,000
Sinfonia Orchestra of the North Shore                                                          3,000

5.6       Social Services Grants Recommendations 2005
1.         The Community Services Advisory Committee grant recommendations for social services, be approved as follows:
Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland                                                                   400
Boys & Girls Club (Parents Together - WV)                                                   200
Family Services of the North Shore                                                            19,500
NS Community Resources Society                                                             9,050
NS Community Resources Society (Advocacy Project)                                500
NS Multicultural Society (includes Bridging Program)                                1,250
NS Neighbourhood House (Pregnant & Parenting Teen Program)          3,000
NS Neighbourhood House (Learning Together)                                          1,000
NS Women's Centre (includes Single Mom's Support Group)                1,500
West Coast Violence Prevention Society                                                       500
West Vancouver Family Place Society                                                       2,500
Autism Society of British Columbia                                                              1,000
Autism Society of British Columbia (Community Library)                             250
Avalon Recovery Society                                                                                  500
BC Paraplegic Association                                                                              400
BC Schizophrenia Society NS Branch                                                         1,500
Canadian Hard of Hearing NS Branch                                                            400
Canadian Mental Health Association - Operating                                       1,000
Canadian Mental Health Association - Consumer Support Network           250
Canadian Mental Health Association - Volunteers in Partnership                250
Canadian Red Cross Society - RespectED                                                   750
Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC                                 750
Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society                                                        500
Harvest Project                                                                                                2,000
Lookout North Shore Emergency Aid Shelter                                              2,000
NS Association for the Mentally Handicapped (ECA Program)                1,000
NS Crisis Services Society                                                                         10,500
NS Disability Resource Centre                                                                     1,400
NS Project Society for Low Income and Handicapped                              5,000
West Coast Alternatives Society - Operating                                              4,500
West Coast Alternatives Society - Kids First Program                                  500
Lionsview Seniors Planning Society - Operating                                     2,000
Lionsview Seniors Planning Society - Services to Seniors Coalition      1,000
NS Keep Well Society                                                                                  1,000
NS Meals on Wheels Society                                                                           700
NS Stroke Recovery Centre - Operating costs & Safety Education            750
NS Volunteers for Seniors                                                                            3,000
2.         Consideration be given to the St. James Society (Youth Safe House) funding request under a separate service agreement that is coordinated in a tri-municipal approach with the City and District of North Vancouver.

5.7       Community Services Grants Recommendations 2005
1.         The Community Services Advisory Committee grant recommendations for community services grants, be approved as follows:
Coho Society                                                                                                   5,000
Coho Society Transit Costs                                                                           1,250
525 Pathfinder Squadron (granted funds to be used for program costs)                600
B.C. Special Olympics North Shore                                                                 500
Kidsport NS Community Fund (granted funds contingent on
1) City and District of North Vancouver minimally to match funding
 2) encouraging more West Vancouver awareness and participation
 3) to target 25% of funds for West Vancouver youth and organizations)                       500
North Shore Lifeboat Society                                                                        1,000
North Shore Lifeboat Society (Safety equipment)                                          500
NS Mountain Bike Events Society (granted funds contingent on
 matching amounts from the City and District of North Vancouver.)                            5,000
North Shore Safety Council                                                                           1,000
St. John Ambulance                                                                                           800
Third West Vancouver Scout Group                                                                 600
West Vancouver Track & Field                                                                      2,000
West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society (granted funds and strongly
 encouraged to seek matching funds from school -
 Westcot Parent Advisory committee and School District)                                        1,250
2.         the West Vancouver Rotary Club application be considered separately from the community services grants.

5.8       Controlled Substance Nuisance Bylaw No. 4417, 2005
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
1.  Controlled Substance Nuisance Bylaw No. 4417, 2005 be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
2.  The intentions of Controlled Substance Nuisance Bylaw No. 4417, 2005 be posted and advertised in accordance with the Community Charter.
3.   Nuisance, Noxious or Offensive Trades, Health and Safety Bylaw No. 4382, 2004 be abandoned.

6.         BYLAW for Adoption
6.1       "5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4415, 2005" (File:  1610-20-4415)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance
This Bylaw received third reading at the March 21, 2005 Council Meeting.
***{THIS IS THE BUDGET!   -- WHO'DA THUNK IT???  have heard the five-yr aggregate is $105m, $3m more than presented....... Are salaries and benefits really over 80% of the operating budget?  how many pages does the list of those making over $100K run?  but it may not be more than one at over $200K }

8.         OTHER ITEMS
8.1       Correspondence
No Action Required (receipt only)
8.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)             Planning Advisory Committee, February 23, 2005
(b)             Community Services Advisory Committee, March 01, 2005
(c)              Heritage Advisory Committee, January 11, 2005
(d)             Parks & Environment Advisory Committee, February 02, 2005
(e)             Finance Advisory Committee, January 26, 2005
(f)               Finance Advisory Committee, February 16, 2005
(g)             Board of Variance Hearing Minutes, February 16, 2005,
(h)              Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning Select Committee of Council Minutes, March 09, 2005

***{but why no minutes from November available?}

(i)               Design Advisory Committee Minutes, December 09, 2004
8.1.2         C. Lee, Coordinator-Marketing, Events & Communication, BC Crime Prevention  Association, March 10, 2005 regarding BC Crime Prevention Association 8th Annual Golf                       Tournament
8.1.3         K. Higgs, March 11, 2005, regarding MBDC Eco Designers, Processes Systems
8.1.4         P. Nigel Grant, March 11, 2005, regarding Badminton in West Vancouver
8.1.5         D. Malcolm Johnson, March 12, 2005, regarding news release from the Light Rail Committee
8.1.6         J. R. Rudd, March 08, 2005, regarding rain barrels in West Vancouver
8.1.7         J. Szabo, March 16, 2004, regarding Evelyn Drive redevelopment
8.1.8         Thirty-one (31) form letters, dated as indicated, regarding Field Scheduling for Ambleside "D" Turf Field [listed on website and on printed agenda]
8.1.9         R. Chen, March 18, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive
8.1.10       C. Atchison, Executive Assistant, Marketing, Rocky Mountaineer Vacations, March 18, 2005, regarding North Vancouver Business Luncheon
                  Previously distributed due to timing of event.
8.1.11       N. Coward, March 19, 2005, regarding appreciation for staff assistance
8.1.12       R. Aylmer, March 21, 2005, regarding Community Centre
8.1.13       J. Cherry, March 21, 2005, regarding Recreation Centre
8.1.14       J. Adam, February 21, 2005, regarding Development on Evelyn Drive
8.1.15       J. Adam, March 21, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive Development
8.1.16       R. Drew, Mayor, Chair, Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC), March 21, 2005, regarding Procedures to Share and Store LMTAC Documents
8.1.17       G. & C. Rea, March 20, 2005, regarding Millennium - Evelyn Drive
8.1.18       M. Coell, Minister, Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services, March 14, 2005, regarding 2005 Unconditional Grant Funding
8.1.19       A. M. Gunn, March 17, 2005, regarding crosswalk at Taylor Way from East to West at Marine Drive
8.1.20       J. Powell, March 21, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive development
8.1.21       D. Seward, March 13, 2005, regarding Ambleside Renewal
8.1.22       B.C. Schizophrenia Society, March 22, 2005, regarding invitation to Family Support Centre Open House April 01, 2005
                  Previously distributed due to timing of event.
8.1.23       B. & M. Anthony, March 20, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive development
8.1.24       R. A. Shapiro, March 10, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive development
8.1.25       E. Smith, March 21, 2005, regarding destroying a perfectly sound gynasium at the Community Centre
8.1.26       M. Helcermanas-Benge, March 23, 2005 regarding Draft District of Squamish By-laws to Control Refuse and Prevent Wildlife Attractants
8.1.27       M. Helcermanas-Benge, March 23, 2005 regarding Province Partners with Whistler to Protect Bears
Action Required
8.1.28       D. Anderson, President and CEO, Workers' Compensation Board, British Columbia, March 15, 2005 regarding Day of Mourning, April 28, 2005 - Remembering Lost Lives
                  Referred to Municipal Clerk for response.
8.1.29       D. Beardmore, March 12, 2005, regarding Proposed New Recreation Centre
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.30       J. Sikes, March 13, 2005 regarding Community Centre Budget
Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.31       F. Patterson, Chair, BOOKtopia Committee, March 17, 2005, regarding request for delegation
Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the May 09, 2005 meeting.
8.1.32       S. S. Smith, March 18, 2005, regarding Deadly Roads in West Vancouver
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
8.1.33       M. Sherman, March 23, 2005, regarding request for delegation re Clovelly Walk Heritage Area
Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the April 25, 2005 meeting.

===  CMNTY CTR  APR 7th ===
DWV Website: Home >>  Current Issues >>  Rec Facilities >>  Community Centre

 West Vancouver Community Centre
        *       Come to an Open House Thursday, April 7, 4 - 8 pm

The vision for the Civic Centre Site - as the new community, recreational, and cultural heart of the West Vancouver - is moving closer with planning for the Community Centre. The new Community Centre will offer a variety of arts, fitness, and recreational programs, and connect with the Aquatic Centre and Seniors' Centre. 

As well, a recently announced partnership agreement with Vancouver Coastal Health will see programs and services relocated from the current Health Centre at 22nd and Gordon to the new Community Centre.

The current focus is on the concept and design of the facility. The building is planned to be three stories [sic], to limit the "footprint" and make the very best use of this valuable civic property.

With the Community Centre at the heart of the Civic Centre Site, connecting with the Aquatic Centre and Senior's [sic] Centre, integration of recreational services and health programs will allow for a broad range of opportunities to promote healthy lifestyles and build community in West Vancouver.

Atrium: two- or three-storey high atrium will form the heart of the new building, serving as the front door of the complex and the meeting place for the Civic Center [sic] Site - as well a spectacular venue for community events. It will open to the Aquatic Centre and connect internally to the Seniors' Centre.

Gymnasium: 5200 sq ft programmed for dynamic movement - gymnastics, aerial training, acrobatics, trapeze, yoga, children's climbing wall, and martial arts - as well as club activities, birthday parties, displays and events.

The plan is to relocate some of the sport court programs and activities to Gleneagles Community Centre and to work with the School District to utilize available community sport gymnasium space.

Multipurpose Spaces: The new facility will be designed to include flexible multipurpose rooms. This approach expands opportunities for concurrently running a variety of programs, such as fitness, learning and classes, therefore maximizing participation. The spaces are also flexible and adaptable to meet changing community needs over time.

Mini-gym 1600 sq ft for child and youth sports, and fitness; two multipurpose rooms (3000 sq ft) for special events, community gatherings, fitness, martial arts, meetings, rehabilitation, fitness, yoga and pilates programs.
Dance/fitness Studio 1200 sq ft for dance classes, yoga, tai chi, pilates, aerobics and fitness, martial arts.
Youth Area: 2100 sq ft "youth living room" with coffee bar, computers, games.
Children's Area: 2000 sq ft area for childminding, after-school recreation, adult/tot programs, and family social activities.
Meeting Room for use by community groups.
Celebration Courtyard for events, with a fountain and sculptures.
Arts Area: 4700 sq ft for visual/ tactile arts including clay arts and sculpting, painting and drawing, silversmithing, stained glass work and lapidary arts, music practice and lessons.

Expanded Parking: 100 new spaces under the facility

Additional space: A 5000 sq ft community music room with state-of-the-art acoustics will be provided through a partnership with the WVan Youth Band. Other leases will be explored, including a cafe and specialized rehabilitation services.

Community Health Services: Health services for all ages including primary care clinics, baby care clinic, counselling and treatment for mental health and addictions, an adult day centre for frail seniors, and immunization clinics, as well as offices for outreach programs such as home care nurses.

Staff is developing a transition plan to minimize the affect [sic] of the closure of the existing facility on users and members, and the impact of construction on neighbours. While every effort is being made to secure spaces to maintain programs during the construction phase of the project, accommodation and adjustment will be required by everyone during this period.

*       March 2005 Updated Project Information Sheet
*       March 7 2005 Report on Community Centre Planning and Next Phases
*       March 7, 2005 Presentation to Council
?       Community Centre Planning, Transition and Celebration
*       Civic Site - Community Centre Planning Update - February 14, 2005

-------  end of DWV website page  -----------------

gRUMBLINGS at the beginning has some of the background.
Wonder what the Updated Project Information Sheet for April will bring?
Again the cost is completely missing from this info.  (FYI, mtg is in Cypress Room of Rec Ctr.)
Isn't it funny no mention of money.  Nothing about court sports either.  Nor that it's 60,000sf.
The Srs' Ctr was told that they'd be losing some parking.  Questions remain about how many more spaces will be needed for the Coastal Authority staff and patients, quite apart from staff's report that attendance at the Aq Ctr and GCC is more than twice, in some cases three times, the previous estimates of usage.
BTW, I don't understand "100 new spaces under the facility" b/c all the discussion during the deliberations of the Civic Site Advisory Group (about four years ago looking at Gleneagles and civic centre site) were for 434 spaces (one recommendation was for 460) but at the Sports/Rec Fac Planning they gave that same figure plus 20 for Coastal Health.

-- let's have full and continued public participation, allow for thorough consultation in the planning of this vital heart of our community.........

 ===  QUOTATION ===============

Wrongs are often forgiven, but contempt never is. Our pride remembers it forever.
                                -- Lord Chesterfield, statesman and writer (1694-1773)