Agenda Apr 11th; Calendar to 14th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

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INFObits (FSR/FAR); Apr 11th MAIN ITEMS (EVELYN DRIVE; Letters re cmty ctr, devt damaging creek?, no resident notice re street changes); RUMBLING (cmnty ctr); Calendar to Apr 14th; Apr 4th Ccl Mtg Notes; Abbreviated Ccl Agenda Apr 11th;  a bit on C3 from Apr 7; Traffic Fine Revenue; LGB traffic study; Theatre: Quotation
+++  INFObits -- FAR/FSR  +++
Several have asked me what a FAR or FSR is -- and that's to be expected from the public who normally just go about their busy happy days in this beautiful municipality.  Zoning sets density.  BPP's property in the Upper Lands is 2.5upa, units per acre.  DWV's permitted density for single-family homes/lots is .35, that's .35 Floor Area Ratio, sometimes known as Floor Space Ratio.
What's that? I hear some still ask.
For the sake of making the math easy. let's say a lot is 10,000 square feet.
At .35, the maximum square footage of the structure allowed on that lot is 3500.  It can take up just over a third of the lot, or it can be two or three floors (as long as it is not higher than the maximum height allowed, 25 or 35ft?
A 1.0FAR that the OCP says the Evelyn Drive 'study' area can be means 10,000sf structure/s.
That means a one-storey building wd cover the entire lot and there'd be no green.
Amica nearby was allowed 1.75 so that wd be 17,500sf.  B/c it is a five-storey building, it does not take up much of the lot it is on.
It then becomes clear that the density, the FAR, allowed on a piece of property is not as important as a design if one wishes to optimize green space and attractiveness.
See items 5.6 and 5.7 in Apr 11th's agenda with proposals from .5FAR to 1.9FAR for Evelyn Drive.

===  MAIN ITEMS APR 11th ===
=  Delegation from Scouts wanting bonfire on Ambleside Beach Apr 25
=  Noise Control Bylaw
=  Pressure-treated wood in playground structures
=  Water's Edge (Pk Royal Hotel site): revised Devt Permit
=  Recreation Tenancy Agreement with Hollyburn Sailing Club
=  5.6 Draft Bylaws for Evelyn Dr Area (Staff recommend receipt only; since the motion included description of the process, wonder if that will be later; and who knows what Ccl will do!)
The agenda went up Apr 6; they go up on Wednesdays, always noted that a supplemental may be issued.  This was 5.6 however sure enough over the weekend I discovered item 5.7 had been added.   In any case if you're interested in this area, it's a must read.  It has part with .5FAR but it also has 1.2  and 1.9 FAR (the OCP says up to a maximum of 1.0).  Furthermore, under cmnty benefits it has $500K noted specifically for the Kay Meek Ctr.  I support the arts however cmnty benefit shd be cmnty benefit and if $500K is being donated to DWV for cmnty benefit, Ccl (with public input and suggestions of course) shd decide to what to apply the money. To do otherwise, wd look like someone either demanded that or maybe made it a condition for favourable consideration.......
=  CORRESPONDENCE:  Minutes: Library Bd, Sports/RecFacPlanning (Mar 16 about Cmnty Ctr discussions); Police Bd, 2010 Olympic/Paralympic (Oct 14, Jan 20); Bears; SPARC; Cmnty Ctr; Ambleside Fields; Aid on NShore; 2100blk Argyle; Perry/Green Party Invitation; Teaching Awards; Evelyn Drive; Streamkeepers re (destruction in) Lower Marr devt; BPAHA rightfully upset not contacted re Engg/Transportation changes in their area (WVM's Editor has been constantly urging that there be a policy guaranteeing resident awareness: if not by having ratepayer representation on every adv cmte -- someone has to be the voice of the folk who pay the bills -- at least ratepayer/resident representation during deliberations wrt decisions concerning their neighbourhood; residents shd be included, informed, and invited to provide any special knowledge they have of their area and character)

       It's a pity Ccl (or the cmte) did not insist on more public information or input before now on C3 but on the bright side, the Open House Apr 7th was a good start.  There were a series of boards depicting the devt to date and forms for feedback.  Staff thought more than 300 attended.  The architect and project manager were also on hand to answer questions.  Anyone who wd like to comment is invited to contact Ralph Ferstay  at 925 7207 (email rferstay@westvancouver.ca) or his assistant Stacie Graham at 925 7125 (segraham@westvancouver.ca), or see www.westvancouver.ca/
       During the displacement after the 47-yr-old rec ctr seismically upgraded about 1996 is demolished and before the new building is finished, a shuttlebus to Gleneagles is being considered (as well as other venues).
       Again, for those not following this, the structure is proposed to be about 60,000sf with 20,000 leased to the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.  C3, Srs' Ctr, and the Aquatic Ctr will be joined and have an atrium.
       Although the principle has been stated as flexibility, some groups have been surprised to learn that they may not be able to have their sports in the new facility.  Now is the time for residents and groups to let staff know their preferences.  Even once the number of participants in each sport or activity is known, it will then be a great task to match that with space and cost.  Timing is also still under discussion.  Can't be too cautious planning a cmnty building at the heart of WV, not just for recreation, music, sports, but a magnet for gatherings and celebration.
       At a recent ccl mtg, the Dir/Finance said $16m was available.
       If we're not presented next time with options, perhaps a modular approach cd be designed so we build the sections we want as we go along and can pay for them.

===  CALENDAR to APR 14th ===

= TUESDAY 5th evening had: ~ 7 - 9pm ~  Authors' Visit to Library:  Join culinary historian Elizabeth Driver, former VSun food editor, and former 'Edith' Eve Johnson, and former Woodward's Food Floor consultant Mona Brun, as they celebrate the launch of the Edith Adams Omnibus.
= WEDNESDAY, 6th =
~ 8:30am ~ Sports/Rec Fac Planning
~ 4 - 6pm ~ DWV"s OPEN HOUSE on Ambleside Redevelopment at the Chamber's offices.  Residents and businesses in the Ambleside area will receive more information from the District via mail in the coming weeks.
~ 5pm ~ PEAC at Hall: Draft Env'tal Strategy; Idling in WV School Areas; Opportunities to Recycle Building Materials
= THURSDAY, 7th =
~ 8:30am ~ Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation Cmte at Hall
~ 4 - 8pm ~ (New) Cmnty Ctr Open House and Public Mtg at the WV Cmnty Ctr in the Cypress Room
Pls give input (see contact details in C3 section)
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ FREE PUBLIC LECTURE -  Green Tea Ice Cream: Exploring Consumer Response to Green Buildings (at SFU Harbour Ctr); details in previous issue.
~ 7pm ~ Inaugural mtg of North Shore Transportation Adv Cmte at Lions Bay M Hall, finalizing Terms of Reference
= FRIDAY,  8th ~ 9am to 5pm ~ Economics of Green Buildings Part IV:  The Business Opportunities of Green Buildings; PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSE;  (at SFU Harbour Ctr); details in previous issue.
= SATURDAY, 9th =
~ 9am - 1pm ~ WV Cmnty Ctr Garage Sale
= SUNDAY, 10th =
~ 10am - 4pm ~  14th Annual Walk/Run for MS (Seawalk - Ambleside to Dundarave)

= TUESDAY, 12th =
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC at the Hall: Hodgson House - update; 2607 Nelson; Arts & Culture Strategy; Hollyburn Lodge

= WEDNESDAY, 13th =
~ 7:30am ~ WV Ch of Commerce hosts the Coho Society AGM at the Hollyburn Country Club
Speaker: Dr John Nightingale of the Vancouver Aquarium; pls call 926 6614 to reserve.
~ 8:30am ~ Sports/Rec Fac Planning Cmte at Hall -- Cmty Ctr!  what else?
~ 4pm ~ The WV Ch of Commerce has also arranged, for members, a one-hour session with Gene Quan, a member of the Citizens' Assembly, wrt the Electoral Reform referendum question on the May 17th ballot.  Mr Quan will provide information on the Assembly's final recommendation.  Please book.
~ 5pm ~ PAC in Ccl Chambers: AMBLESIDE TOWN STRATEGY

===  CCL MTG NOTES APR 4th ====================== 

2.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA -- letters added re Evelyn Dr, Clovelly Walk Heritage Area, Cmnty Ctr; LMTAC item moved, then
the Mayor announced that the Evelyn Dr item had been deferred to Apr 11.
The MMgr said the report (staff re zoning approaches?) had just arrived at 4pm in the afternoon so staff's opinion premature to consider at this point since both Ccl and the public wd need the week to review the material, and even then it might just be receipt.  Moreover the solicitors still had not provided their report.
{As it turned out an 'alternate' draft bylaw report from staff did not appear until the supplemental agenda around the 9th.}
3.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES: March 14 and 21, 2005
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       A. R. Rickman regarding safety matters pertaining to truck traffic on Chartwell Drive and Cross Creek Road
ARR: thank you allowing me to talk to you about truck safety on Chartwell Drive
you have our letter?  concerned about heavy volume of heavy trucks
don't want to shut down, but to disperse to where work being done
research 93 trucks in front of home in one day; constant consistent
area no 1 is Chartwell, no 2 Canterbury, no 3 Whitby Estates
whether exit 20 or 11 coming from east
police have reported rearends/pile-ups on 15th b/c short merge lane
10 safer than 11 or 15
advise trucking companies, suppliers, to follow procedures we've outlined in this paper called "Areas"
feel then problems wd cease to exist
problems worsened by an 'improvement' finished yesterday on Chartwell Dr
in morning pleasant to see no truck; improvement worked well, outstanding
good work by Engg Company; wonder who's going to mow the lawn
learned that WV doesn't really approve of speed bumps
Mayor: calmers
ARR: told b/c of problems with snowplows; wonder how you're going to get them up and down with 2/3ft of snow
danger to children; cd get by b/c three lanes but now two lanes and no place for trucks to go
paramount to take trucks not doing deliveries to us, to take another route
unfortunately Chartwell has become the route, and we think this is wrong
found an article Mar 25 in NSNews that majority of trucks don't meet safety standards
at top of Whitby Estates, big sign saying follow safety or $10K fine
one street we're concerned about is Highland Dr on downhill route
simply: we want your help
I have photographs of trucks passing in front of my home, have list of trucking companies, etc
believe if
Sop:  BPP has rules their trucks not to travel during school traffic times
12 projects other than BPP
maybe have
companies often just pass on info
have to go up, no sideways; when Chippendale through might lessen
still maintain we have to have something attached to the bldg bylaw attached re times of delivery and removal
maybe a no-go at certain times
ARR: maybe I didn't make it as clearly as I cd
three streets approved as arterial routes: Chartwell, Westhill, and Folkestone, and we suggest Folkestone be the route of demand for the Whitby Estates area, we call that Area no 3
same thing applies to Canterbury, pple shd use Westhill for those
no objection at all to trucks going into Area no 1, the Chartwell District, object to trucks departing the hwy at exit no 11, spewing, ....all the way through Chartwell, Chippendale, past Folkestone, a distance of 3.9km through residential terrain
Folkestone shorter and safer
MMgr: we revisit our rerouting strategy
EB: we've had BPP develop a truck strategy
deployment of trucks spread out through the cmnty so don't hear 90 trucks a day
asked them also to deal with material as much as possible on site
adjacent to school, is not part of the routing plans so we'll check to see they are adhering to the plan
will see what they're doing
see about trucking spread; wd be concerned about limited to Westhill and Folkestone???// impact on them
ARR: in our backyard, fine but don't go through my backyard if it's for a nbr
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Development Variance Permit No. 05-002 (8540 Citrus Wynd) (File:  1010?20?05?002)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
SJN; wrt new sewer plant; remote area
b/c of delay permit expired so have to reapprove
slight increase in sq footage at entrance otherwise same.
Sop; req for subdivision to be finalized -- is that 2A in permit draft? to written satisfaction of engineer?
SJN; yes; driveway to be paved
Sop; completion of work
SJN: from point of view of circumference
JC: did we initiate this delay?
SJN: wanted to time this with new sewer treatment plant
JC: will there be an extra cost
SJN: has had to pay for application
JC: cost?
SJN: old fee, probably about $500?
JC: is that fair?
SJN: we may have been involved in some of the delay but not all of the delays
THAT the Development Variance Permit Application No. 05-002 (8540 Citrus Wynd), which would provide for a new house with variances to highest building face, height, setbacks and in-law suite location be approved.
 5.2       Ambleside-Dundarave Long Term Shoreline Planning Framework
            Appendix "B" to above-noted report
Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
EB: extensive report from adv cmte wrt storm protection etc; save $
Adrian Rowland in gallery, want to thank him and the cmte
AR [slide presentation]:
from Ambleside to Dundarave
public waterfront
Goals: consolidate, ....
shoreline mark from Ambleside Park to Dundarave Pier
years ago recommendations in studies re monitoring, and worth pursuing
Shoreline: barrier or connection?
awareness of ongoing impacts (photo 1954 and 1994)
infrastructure plans?
near-shore environment and processes? -- what do we know what cd we know?
shoreline awareness
Shoreline Investment and Returns
Reduce costs / improve benefits
shoreline -- sea level will rise over next century
get ahead of events = payback
hardwall against nature or work with it?
50 - 100 yr view
biophysical, env'mt, prop value
never anticipated such a long report
WV does not have a coastal planner on staff; no allotment for shoreline issues
no assignation of accountability for shoreline integrity and values
maybe reason why recommendations not implemented
natural low-gradient erosion as .......
Action List Recommendations:
eg aerial photography from time to time, maybe low tide May 23rd each year
1991 Waterfront Study done with a lot of public consultation, had a 15-yr plan; time to dust it off and have this 15-yr plan
start with three-yr plan, invest in knowledge and implement pilot projects
try to create a shoreline team
performance review at end of three years
review and prioritize potential immediate or short term actions
staff to dev a three-yr shoreline plan
Need to bring detail mapping to shoreline to understand nearshore dynamics
[slide of area a govt agency wants to try out a project -- opp to save money]
1.         THAT Council receive the Engineering Advisory Committee report titled "Ambleside-Dundarave Long Term Shoreline Planning Framework" (attached as Appendix A) for information.
2.         Council direct staff to review the Ambleside-Dundarave Long Term Shoreline Planning Framework study in conjunction with the Engineering Advisory Committee and report back, within six months, on the development of a three-year plan to begin implementation of the recommendations in this report.
Sop: you have a background in this? an engr?
AR: yes, I'm an engr in shoreline
Sop: wonderful to have volunteers
you allude to elimination of sealife b/c of tidal moments and rec boulders to guide
isn't that one of the areas to prevent this shifting?
14th/16th wrt higher tides, we shd look at .......
AR: re the Stanley Park seawall, drive up Cypress and see sign and says you can see change in sea levels; 2m wave impact
suspected over long term shoreline will narrow and lower with loss of habitat value
major storm, sand pumps out; you can see it in photos
near 15th, see seawall loss of foreshore; DWV owns some of those seawalls and at this time no plan -- where is it going?
quite a few issues; there are 30 issues, pick; some low-cost
Sop: EAC said they wd accept info from citizens who have info from living along the waterfront and wd  look to incorporating it in their study
RD: was on EAC, was pleasure working with Mr Rowland; extraordinary report, 60 pages

{this is the fantastic report I said a while ago was coming to Ccl; it's incredible!}

Mr Rowland is being modest about his background
he's Harbour Master, I think,  for 120 small craft harbours in BC for DFO
unique experience, brings special expertise, thank you
extraordinary study, best I've ever seen
by a volunteer cmte, done at no cost for the municipality
hope we will begin to implement our reports; had reports, not implemented and key now is to set up this interdeptal cmte; look for this to be done as expeditiously as possible
G-J: outstanding
is it fair to say although what's to be done, critical?
AR: try not to be
shoreline unique; understandable you can't have someone on staff all the time
the motive of the cmte is to move ahead and to be proud of our waterfront
to identify procedural, or structures, that may be holding back momentum
we do call us the waterfront cmnty
if you look at the GIS system of the M, it goes black at the edge of the land
technology is there to include shoreline, accessible
G-J: service; note we have lost some of our public seawalk
not to mention loss of habitat
role of EAC, see us as supporting your leadership
moving beyond advisory, that's exciting
AR: as much as you want us to be
JF: thank you, amazing piece of work
not an engr but the photos helpful: before and after
either what we did or did not do
wd like to suggest EAC and staff report back but plan shd contain a structure so ongoing monitoring and steering, and your suggestion as to makeup of that cmte
Sop: advantage to help us w/ Burrard -- took six months to remove a log
did you approach some re boulder gardens?
AR: really up to proponent, the District, to come up with soundly researched proposals, biology, etc
present it to regulators and also present it in terms rather than having one boulder or log as the issue, have the health of the whole waterfront
a long-term plan is a net gain
goal is net habitat gain
onus is on District and us to get our act together, put forward solid proposals, so the regulators can not be in a negative mode but a supportive one.

5.3       Heritage Strategic Plan (File:  0115-20-HAC)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
Tom Wardell, Chair of HAC:
speaking to you about the long-needed plan
as result of tireless efforts on behalf of cmte, on Mar 24th, govt of Canada designated the Lions' Gate Bridge as a national historic site
outstanding landmark with important symbolic value to Canadians
features an elegant design complemented by a spectacular setting
remarkable engg feat
decisive and undeniable influence on Vancouver's devt
design of bridge in perfect harmony magnificent
outstanding example of structural engg and a recognized landmark
contributed to devt of north shore, esp WV
we applaud the govt of Canada for this designation
Jacqueline Gijssen and Michael Evison will describe the benefits of a heritage strategic plan
JG: [listed some bldgs] some successes, opportunities re OCP, Arts & Culture Strategy, Cmnty Benefits, Amb Revitalization
our bldgs may not be 100 years old but some most important in country
[slide of Porter House]
[named other bldgs]
Objectives: shared vision; strategies for H conservation; update policies and regulations; encourage heritage preservation
two parts:
articulate goals, implementation;
workshops; course over one year
Heritage Branch staff will be av
Michael Evison (MEv):  and I think I can speak for the hundreds in heritage in this cmnty
flavour and character
tools, updated inventory, home-owner incentives, etc
alternatives to demolition; sympathetic design
Benefits: sometimes can be seen as restrictive but we in heritage [cmnty], 100s of volunteers, see it differently
contributes to flavour and character, anchors our memories gives meaning to place
timely worthwhile critical actvity for this activity
livability and beauty, enhances social and wellbeing
hope you will agree timely
thank you for opp
if we can add, wd be pleased to do so
Sop: if H cmte determined on A list, if the owner doesn't want to be, are they forced to be?
JG: match of what District wants it to be, its voluntary; up to cmnty, to say
how we want to manage
it is possible that there are some bldgs so imp they shd be on a registry
but it's only that
Ccl cd say voluntary activity; up to you to decide that
want to make a rec what the cmnty's values are
Sop:  in past an old bldg, and over years, only a part is left; hope that's not something we're not going to say -- by time redeveloped all lost
point to the old YMCA -- bank is there now and a few bricks but you can't recognize it as the old YMCA
JF: compliment; timely, will complement the Arts & Culture Strategy
true we don't think of preserving what we have now so we will have a heritage
thank you for taking opp for some cmnty workshops
education in cmnty missing to a large degree
most of us out there getting on with our lives
time to take stock of what there is in our cmnty and have it preserved
hope we can access this funding, matching, but if not will cmte come back?
MEv: we have been in contact with prov govt; ev confidence funding will be forthcoming
Cclr JF referred to bldgs but heritage is more than that
often we punch it down and destroy the reason we came here
JC: led straight into q I was going to ask, I was wondering about other aspects
approached recently by a man recently, in telecommunications and did a study over five years, gave it to museum and
history of telephone and communication in WV and we're doing nothing with it
JG: the plan can include what we feel it shd include: landscapes, .....archaeology sites, all of those things
we do want it to be focused so there's a tangible outcome
the Museum and Archives operates under a different dept
the workshops we'll hear what is important to the cmnty
JC: you have not yet decided what aspect
G-J: we really heard that during the Arts & Culture Strategy mtgs
maybe preservation of our natural heritage can fall into that, lighthouse park, shoreline
sense of place is huge
can be done in many ways
identify what heritage means to them; to show
in the strategy, we say heritage can be a catalyst for change
see you want another cclr, I may have some competition but I'd like to
RD: foreshore, not done enough to protect
this cmte become energetic
first to update our heritage register wch has gotten out of date
goes back 15 years, some bldgs no longer here
second is to find incentive and tools, eg tax breaks and others
we're not alone in our H strategic plan -- Vanc, NV, others have done this
can assimilate those plans and take what's good in them for ourselves
1.         The preparation of a Heritage Strategic Plan (Phase I) and Implementation Plan (Phase II), with a total estimated budget of $55,000 be approved.  The proposed budget would include consultant fees and costs associated with public consultation.
2.         Staff submit funding applications to BC Heritage (Ministry of Community, Aboriginal & Women's Services) for matching grants of $7,500 for Phase I and $15,000 for Phase II of this project, to reduce the amount of required District funding.

JC: identify source of funds
SJN: from operating reserves
RD: may I add re telecommunications, that book, I'll check into it
shame it hasn't been recognized
suspect we were understaffed until recently when we hired a full-time archivist
in the meantime we'll find this book and see author--
JC: we shd never be too understaffed not to say thank you.
RD: exactly, seeking trying to give a reason

5.4       Evelyn Drive - Draft Amendment Bylaws/Approval Process
*******  POSTPONED TO APR 11  ********

5.5       Arts & Culture Grant Recommendations 2005 [* indicates three-year program]
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
KP introduced Rick Ryan, Chair of CSAC:
RR: some mbrs of the cmte here tonight.
wrestled with various views
extremely small part of budget but grants heart of WV
keeps people focused on the human side of the ledger beyond sewers and bylaws
many stories
reminds us of what many have done
permits us to dream -- theatre, arts, etc
with more funds they wd hv recommended more for some
we're in the second year of a three-year cycle
cmte collaborated with other two Ms; will depend on report to be released later this year
recommended according to policies approved by you
G-J: you make the statement about the three-year, can you give an example
RR: the JP Fell Band is able to look ahead as to attending not only Remembrance Day but others as well; another group can go to Kay Meek; some info on funds av for 2006 and 2007
Family Services know where they'll be for next year
G-J: wrt Arts Ccl grant not funded; can the cmte say no/not
perhaps Ccl cd support in another way
Oksana: cmte felt that the arts ccl project was very worthwhile, they were interviewed; strong feeling they'd probably be able to find sponsors for some of the events; within service agreement and cd find add'l
JF: 20 groups you're providing funding -- out of how many?
Oksana: all applicants listed and only one denied funding
VD; congratulate the cmte; so much work in previous years, confident well-documented process that wd guide cmte
Finance Cmte of GVRD is bound to give out funds and cmte has equally diverse views and unfortunately not the same policy structure so much more of a regional problem.  One mbr from City of Vancouver and wd like ev to go to Vancouver
1.         The Community Services Advisory Committee grant recommendations for arts and culture grants, be approved as follows:

British Columbia [Boys'] Choir                                                                        2,000
Summer Pops Orchestra                                                                               1,250
West Vancouver Youth Band Society                                                           5,000

Hollyburn Heritage Society                                                                                750
West Vancouver Historical Society                                                               1,500
Ambleside Orchestra                                                                                     1,000

Pro Nova Chamber Players (DC Chamber Soloists Society)                   1,000
North Shore Chorus Society                                                                             500
North Shore Light Opera Society                                                                  2,000

O'Shihan Cultural Organization                                                                        500
Theatre West Van (West Van Little Theatre Guild)                                     2,250
West Vancouver Adult Community Band Association                                    500

J. P. Fell Pipe Band Society                                                                             500
British Columbia Photography and Media Arts Society                             3,000
Chor Leoni Men's Choir                                                                                 1,000

Laudate Singers Society                                                                               1,000
Pacific Baroque Orchestra                                                                            1,500
Pandora's Vox                                                                                                 3,000

Presentation House Cultural Society/Theatre                                              1,000
Sinfonia Orchestra of the North Shore                                                          3,000
5.6       Social Services Grants Recommendations 2005
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
KP: will call RR back
Mayor: we have two who wish to speak to this
Laurel [didn't catch name]: Pres of NSh Family Services
and Barb McClelland [sp?] Mgr of Info Services
Wish to thank you; three-year funding helps; first stop; support other non-profits; daily calls from people in crisis; publish green book and a directory for seniors as well as one for young children
Partnership with SFU, "Staying Power"
volunteer program, over 100 in WV
work more closely with Multicultural Society
promote volunteering among ESL and new Cdns
placement of directories on-line
researching possibility est'mt of charitable donation; affordable housing
small stock of housing
submitted grant application to three Ms for projects
[including] UBC pilot project
lack of affordable housing; assisted by student
one-to-one advisory approach
WV, a govt with a conscience
Sop: wd you happen to know total amount in grants for all funds received for whole NShore
Ans: know for our agency but not whole North Shore
[RR didn't know, nor did MMgr]
Sop: reason I ask, this $80K, these problems will grow more and more, need, will show up; know Mr Stuart you looked to
supplying money on equal funding basis
MMgr: tri-M review, we'll get a better picture and the impact of any cutbacks
Sop: $1m figure out there but don't know
as outlined here, starting to diversify
umbrella over other orgs; important we share more
MMgr: tri-M; we'll look at and alternatives
VD: note from your report, two worrying items
Suicide and Crisis Intervention -- small increase, and says large number of WV youth served, workshops, 1200
RR: in this area I was in a conflict so moved out
Richard Wagner (Social Planner): workshops through schools, sideline; primary runs a hot-line for Lower Mainland
VD: do we keep records?
RW: try to but cdn't give us a breakdown by M, a lot are confidential
volume from N Sh quite high, WV considerable
VD: St James re safe house and you recommend some tripartite process
think an important group; providing a youth safe house for kids in our area
can't be funded through your operation, is this going to be separate?
MMgr: my understanding
G-J: mtg Monday and will have a report
1.         The Community Services Advisory Committee grant recommendations for social services, be approved as follows:

Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland                                                                   400
Boys & Girls Club (Parents Together - WV)                                                   200
Family Services of the North Shore                                                            19,500

*NS Community Resources Society                                                             9,050
NS Community Resources Society (Advocacy Project)                                500
NS Multicultural Society (includes Bridging Program)                                1,250

NS Neighbourhood House (Pregnant & Parenting Teen Program)          3,000
NS Neighbourhood House (Learning Together)                                          1,000
*NS Women's Centre (includes Single Mom's Support Group)                1,500

West Coast Violence Prevention Society                                                       500
*West Vancouver Family Place Society                                                       2,500
Autism Society of British Columbia                                                              1,000

Autism Society of British Columbia (Community Library)                             250
Avalon Recovery Society                                                                                  500
BC Paraplegic Association                                                                              400

BC Schizophrenia Society NS Branch                                                         1,500
Canadian Hard of Hearing NS Branch                                                            400
Canadian Mental Health Association - Operating                                       1,000

Canadian Mental Health Association - Consumer Support Network           250
Canadian Mental Health Association - Volunteers in Partnership                250
Canadian Red Cross Society - RespectED                                                   750

Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC                                 750
Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society                                                        500
Harvest Project                                                                                                2,000

Lookout North Shore Emergency Aid Shelter                                              2,000
NS Association for the Mentally Handicapped (ECA Program)                1,000
NS Crisis Services Society                                                                         10,500

NS Disability Resource Centre                                                                     1,400
NS Project Society for Low Income and Handicapped                              5,000
West Coast Alternatives Society - Operating                                              4,500

West Coast Alternatives Society - Kids First Program                                  500
*Lionsview Seniors Planning Society - Operating                                     2,000
Lionsview Seniors Planning Society - Services to Seniors Coalition      1,000

*NS Keep Well Society                                                                                  1,000
NS Meals on Wheels Society                                                                           700
NS Stroke Recovery Centre - Operating costs & Safety Education            750
*NS Volunteers for Seniors                                                                            3,000

2.         Consideration be given to the St. James Society (Youth Safe House) funding request under a separate service agreement that is coordinated in a tri-municipal approach with the City and District of North Vancouver.

RD: $83,300, largest portion; real cmnty benefit
JC: q for info -- we're handling all three categories en bloc
what if one or more of Ccl do not support one of these groups
Mayor: express displeasure
JC: that's it?
MMgr: cd have it divided
JC: just a burning q.
5.7       Community Services Grants Recommendations 2005
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
1.         The Community Services Advisory Committee grant recommendations for community services grants, be approved as follows:

Coho Society                                                                                                   5,000
Coho Society Transit Costs                                                                           1,250
525 Pathfinder Squadron (granted funds to be used for program costs)                600

B.C. Special Olympics North Shore                                                                 500
Kidsport NS Community Fund (granted funds contingent on
1) City and District of North Vancouver minimally to match funding
 2) encouraging more West Vancouver awareness and participation
 3) to target 25% of funds for West Vancouver youth and organizations)                       500

North Shore Lifeboat Society                                                                        1,000
North Shore Lifeboat Society (Safety equipment)                                          500
NS Mountain Bike Events Society (granted funds contingent on
 matching amounts from the City and District of North Vancouver.)                            5,000

North Shore Safety Council                                                                           1,000
St. John Ambulance                                                                                           800
Third West Vancouver Scout Group                                                                 600

West Vancouver Track & Field                                                                      2,000

West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society (granted funds and strongly
 encouraged to seek matching funds from school -
 Westcot Parent Advisory committee and School District)                                        1,250

2.         the West Vancouver Rotary Club application be considered separately from the community services grants.

JF: wrt Streamkeepers, can't speak to cmte process but unless sch bd regulations hv been changed, they are not allowed to provide grants
RR: my understanding is that it's going to the Parents' Adv Cmte
Mayor: change that
MMgr: not a condition, just a suggestion
5.8       Controlled Substance Nuisance Bylaw No. 4417, 2005
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
RB: as a result of illegal pot-growing
abandon, new bylaw
Ms Gillespie brief slide presentation
re aftermath of a grow operation
cost recovery to property owner such as police, inspection, fire, etc so not burden on taxpayers
able to go on property
special inspection fees will be waived if owner requests go onto property
other cmtnies: Coq, Surrey, Chilliwack, Maple Ridge
[slide of damage to property, holes punched, unauthorized wiring, reflectors, propane for power]

VD: tremendous idea, good to see it so well-documented in your report and the bylaw
inspect once in every three consecutive months
how are you informing?
Ans: notices with tax notices, informing by mail bylaw being brought in, to nonresident landlords
VD: at a mtg recently and they're now doing it inside concrete highrise bldgs
laying soil on floors!
have seen in lowrise in West End but not highrises as well; quite the issue back east
not just absentee landlords but prop mgrs as well
does this apply to any resident?
Ans: yes but dealing with absentee landlords to start with b/c tend to be rentals
VD: now been told it's a mortgage helper!
shd put in Tidings
huge problem if you get caught
Ans: will notify the real estate board
branching out from there
VD: owner will have to inform next purchaser
all good points
heard Surrey working with BC Hydro, looking for higher than usual meter readings
are we?
Ans: yes, looking into that
Mayor: understand they're limited
VD: have some way of doing within their laws
Mayor: makes sense
RD: I have a friend who moved to NV and rented their house in WV to what appeared to be a cleancut couple
ended up running a growop
damage to house was tremendous
in a way this penalizes the victim
trashed house, shdn't the criminal pay?
shdn't violator?
get agency if owner travels?
Ans: if the owner has nothing to do with the illegal operation, any inspection fees or fines are waived but any repairs are always paid by the prop owner
RD: just laying out reconstruction
Ans: yes
RD: even if they don't know?
suppose person away?
owner has to be vigilant, part of onus on owner
problem is, some of these people quite cleancut, don't look like gangsters; certainly happened to a friend of mine, seems harsh subject to all these penalties as well
MMgr: brings to attention of homeowner add'l responsibilities
Sop: absentee or not, makes them aware we're not going to tolerate this in our cmnty
from what I understand is slap on wrist and they're back at it again
costs are significant; maybe some format in bylaw that owner must at least through the course of the year attend the premises; that wd be a safeguard to some degree
Ans: there is a requirement, once within ev three consec months
owner or his agent
Sop: these restrictions will go some way
hope we won't have any grow ops in WV
Mayor: reported to be a bigger industry than the forest industry!
Former bylaw abandoned then motion:
            1.         Controlled Substance Nuisance Bylaw No. 4417, 2005 be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
            2.         The intentions of Controlled Substance Nuisance Bylaw No. 4417, 2005 be posted and advertised in accordance with the Community Charter.
            3.         Nuisance, Noxious or Offensive Trades, Health and Safety Bylaw No. 4382, 2004 be abandoned.
6.         BYLAWS
6.1       "5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4415, 2005"
Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance
This Bylaw received third reading at the March 21, 2005 Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT "5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4415, 2005" be adopted.
 RL: prior to adoption
wd like to give Ccl further information, specifically changes to capital prog made late in process
to clarify some changes
incorporated two kinds
number of signif items outside of envelopes, previously identified in November at start of process, in material distributed at that time
specific amounts have not changed
secondly a number of projects started in 2004 not completed so required rebudgeting; happens every year
some rebudgeted into 2005 include vehicles ordered but not purchased
elements of technology plan; including documentation of a new plan
unexpended funds for C3
and smaller for two artificial turf fields
[VD made motion]
Sop: capital facilities reserve and above threshold endowment fund will supply considerable monies we'll be building
do you know what the endowment fund above threshold sits at now?
RL: balance of now--
Sop: above threshold?
RL can't tell you off top of my head
Sop: significant?
RL: yes
Sop: $10m?
RL: not quite that amount
Sop: capital reserve?
RL: again, can't tell you off top of my head
I believe in nbrhd of around $2m
Sop: have had interest from 320 Taylor Way, provided significantly for some of our facilities
NV has a staggering cost to look at their recreation and will have to find ways and we have accumulated or done quite a bit
if we have a budget out there for finalizing the Facilities Master Plan and we run into a shortfall, where will money come from?
RL: five-yr capital plan, the comprehensive plan tabled, discussed with Ccl, discussions, the remaining project from RFMP is C3, at budget $16m is affordable within that five-yr period within resources of Endowment Fund and Capital Reserves
Sop: five years, Endowment Fund will grow again?
RL: yes
Sop: gather then section under revenue sources p 143
above threshold Cmnty facilities reserve in 2005, $1.2m, $5m,  and then $10m -- wd be close to the $16m we need for the facilities?
RL: the amount Cclr Sop is referring to will be drawn from to fund this capital program
VD: very positive mtg Sports/Rec on Wed
met with schedulers, field hockey/soccer/baseball have worked out difficulties re baseballs flying
rescheduling able to preserve for the season
cmte and groups agreed to meet again in June to talk about the long-term solution re flying baseballs and that the 90ft diamond seem to be in a confined area; able to hit ball further, particularly with technology
letters from field hockey
think we left on positive note
Open House on April 7th -- review plans and meet architect; public come and give views
GVRD Bd Mtg I attended last Friday, if anyone wants to put name forward for board re YVR (airport) to be GVRD's rep; mbr didn't reapply and felt bigger choice needed
considerable discussion re governance WV raised, said there shd be a cmte and I immediately put my hand up, volunteered my time
support for YVR, for Richmond to get rent reduced; paying $72-80m just goes straight into federal coffers; Vancouver only one without cap; cdn't understand one hour debate for that
lengthy discussion on twinning of Port Mann Bridge; on how to deal with the Ministry/Minster of Highways; some felt politely, move slowly, nice good feeling; my view was that was a total waste of time, and much better to start a publicity program, hit Min of Hwys hard and fast and regularly b/c our experience of nice and polite, failed us bitterly; didn't work
Mayor: good
VD: amazing, got Vancouver
Mayor: maybe even cut and cover
VD: maybe
8.         OTHER ITEMS
8.1       Correspondence [full list in previous issue]
8.1.6         J. R. Rudd, March 08, 2005, regarding rain barrels in West Vancouver (File:  1815-01)
G-J: I raised that at the Water Cmte mtg and will bring back here
concern that standing water increases risk but technology has addressed that
=  Hugh Knight: NV is restricting dog-walking so likely they'll come here
suggest WV restrict dog-walking to WV residents
MMgr: will recollect we made some changes; met staff from NV; will review our regulations
anticipate will be some impact
VD: we only allow commercial dog-walking above Upper Levels
HK: I do understand that, I am a dogwalker
a licence wd say resident or non-resident
a tradesman gets one b/c benefiting residents
a dog-walker only intends to use property, not benefit residents
it's numbers using the trails that is the problem
NV is experiencing; way to solve without becoming draconian as NV has become
been walking six or eight dogs for five or six years
been talking and accommodating -- when are you coming
when hundreds of dogs from other Ms
Sop: as long as you're walking the dogs it's okay!
HK: you got it
people in WV want dogs walked, hire WV residents to do it
not talking about stopping WV residents from walking
not open up our trails to rest of mainland
Sop: stop walking dogs down at Amb
HK: this is commercial
MMgr: as I mentioned, have asked staff to look at this
Fulvio Verdicchio: Pres of Sentinel South Slope Homeowners Assn
 understand Evelyn Dr's been put over to next week
Mayor: MMgr
MMgr: at last meeting
if Ccl wished to have a debate on zoning alone what dcd they do
staff, what bylaws wd look like for zoning alone
time it took
only av at 4pm this afternoon, I didn't feel it wd be long enough
it has been deferred to next week when Ccl cd further defer, further report from Ccl......ask for changes or set a date for formal
what we're doing right now
FV: thought you were dealing with density
VD: density is zoning
FV: staff not talking about density
OCP says study area
MMgr: study involves a wide variety of issues
suggests give Ccl and public opportunity to look at the report
Mayor: I'll be back next week
FV: need direction from you
Mayor: we'll read
FV: nothing to do wrt Millennium
Mayor: --
MMgr: Cclr VD suggested it might be helpful to discuss zoning irrespective of proposal
cd determine
cd direct staff to come back with something more generic
Ccl hasn't had time to review that report so that's the reason
Sop: next week just received?
MMgr: report asks for receipt but Ccl cd ask for further information or take other action
kind of speculative at this point
report this evening just for receipt.
Sop: why do any more?
surely not do anything more wrt any projects?
MMgr: Ccl's not in any position to make a decision next week
approach suggested in the report


3.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES   --  No items presented.
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       M. Matheusik, Scouts Canada West Vancouver 3rd Division Cubs, regarding request for fire permit for bonfire at Ambleside Beach on April 25, 2005
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Fire & Rescue Reciprocal Aid - North Shore
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
5.2       Proposed Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
1.         Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
2.         Council endorse the Administrative Municipal Policy No. 02?10?278 for Private Special Events Exemption From the Noise Bylaw.
5.3       Pressure-Treated Wood in Playground Structures
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
THAT the information report dated March 31, 2005 from the Director of Parks and Community Services re Pressure-Treated Wood in Playground Structures be received for information.
5.4       Confirmation of Development Permit Drawings - Waters [sic] Edge, 540 Clyde Avenue (formerly Park Royal Hotel site)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
 1.         The revised building plans for Development Permit 03-009, 540 Clyde Avenue attached as Schedule B and as modified by plan elevation drawings Schedule A (A.5.1, dated March 24, 2005) be approved including:
            (a)       Re-introduction of the glass window walls in four bays on the crescent side of the building;
            (b)       Removal of the columns to open up the balconies and decrease building mass;
            (c)        Increase in the loggia areas at the base of the building as proposed by the architect;
            (d)       Elimination of the stairs from the terraces to the riparian area with the exception of the northern most terrace and maximization of the natural riparian area by bringing it up to the wall of the terraces on the riverfront edge.
5.5       Recreation Tenancy - Agreement with Hollyburn Sailing Club
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
THAT the draft lease/licence agreement between the District and the Hollyburn Sailing Club be approved.
5.6       Draft Bylaws for the Redevelopment of the Evelyn Drive Planning Area
            This item was deferred from the April 04, 2005 Council Meeting.
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
THAT the report dated March 31, 2005 from the Manager of Community Planning regarding draft bylaws for the redevelopment of the Evelyn Drive Planning Area be received.

SUPPLEMENTAL ITEM ADDED as you can see by date of report::
5.7       Evelyn Drive Planning Area:  Alternative Bylaw Approaches
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
THAT the report dated April 7, 2005 from the Manager of Community Planning regarding draft bylaws for the redevelopment of the Evelyn Drive Planning Area be received.

7.         OTHER ITEMS
7.1       Cancellation of May 02, 2005 Council Meeting
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
RECOMMENDATION:  THAT the May 02, 2004 Council Meeting be cancelled.
7.2       Correspondence
>>> No Action Required (receipt only)
7.2.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)             West Vancouver Memorial Library Board, February 16, 2005 (File:  1905-01)
(b)             Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning Select Committee of Council, March 16, 2005
(c)              West Vancouver Police Board, February 24, 2005 (File:  2905-03)
(d)             2010 Olympic/Paralympic Committee Select Committee of Council, October 14, 2004
(e)             2010 Olympic/Paralympic Committee Select Committee of Council, January 20, 2005
7.2.2         A. J. E. Snowden, March 28, 2005, regarding "Friends of the Bear" Day - Klahanie Park
                  Previously distributed due to timing of event.
7.2.3         N. Henderson, Executive Director, Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC), March 23, 2005, regarding the Community Social Planning Network of BC (CSPN BC)
7.2.4         J. Sikes, March 29, 2005, regarding Provincial Health Centre Relocation to Community Centre
7.2.5         B. Clark, March 30, 2005, regarding Community Centre Plans
7.2.6         T. Smith, March 20, 2005, regarding Ambleside "D" field
7.2.7         L. White, March 26, 2005, regarding Ambleside "D" field
7.2.8         D. & D. Lund, March 29, 2005, regarding Ambleside "D" field
7.2.9         A. S. Hilsen, Municipal Clerk, District of North Vancouver, March 23, 2005 regarding Corporate Policy 14-7130-1 "Mutual Aid - Joint North Shore"
7.2.10       B. Bagley, March 23, 2005, regarding proposed hi-rise 2100 block Argyle Avenue
7.2.11       D. Perry, March 31, 2005, regarding BC Election - D. Perry Message and Invitation
7.2.12       L. Rattray, March 31, 2005, regarding 2nd Annual Excellence in Teaching Awards
                  Previously distributed due to timing of event.
7.2.13       Two (2) letters, dated as indicated, regarding Evelyn Drive Development
>>>  Action Required  <<<
7.2.14       R. Lee, March 25, 2005, regarding Ambleside Sea Walk for hosting "Dog Walk-a-Thon"
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
7.2.15       R. Richards, March 24, 2005, regarding Proposed New Community Centre
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
7.2.16       H. Hamilton, President, West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society, March 31, 2005, regarding Lower Marr Development
Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
7.2.17       J. W. Cryer, President, British Properties Area Homeowners Association, March 26, 2005, regarding Chartwell Drive Curbs
Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
7.2.18       A. Kshatriya, March 24, 2005, regarding Deadline for the Payment of Utilities Bill
        Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.

===  CMNTY CTR  [C3] APR 7th, a bit of background...... ===

Can't wait for the next chapter in the Central Cmnty Ctr (C3) saga.  Nov's information flyer said court sports in, March said out; last week JF said in, then backtracked to 'time for public input and ccl decision'.  Don't forget public input after Thursday's Open House is still welcome; get a questionnaire/feedback form and send it in!.  Unbelievably, rumblings to me are that badminton, volleyball, basketball, keep fit, fit fellows (today?), floor hockey, and so on successively keep finding out they won't be able to use the big new gym wch will have heavy equipment for gymnastics (wch also requires special flooring unsuitable for other activities).  The rumbling is growing and a petition is now circulating.
It is only natural and reasonable for all those using the main gym at the central rec ctr wd assume that they'd be there in the new one and not displaced out west -- especially when the Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr was not designed for badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc (reflection, too small, maybe only one court possible).
Hear GCC underused so why not put immovable gymnastics there and keep the main sports here in the civic ctr, especially since 70% of the population live in the east!
Maybe go back to square one and brainstorm on what we want to have and include at the heart of our cmnty.  The rec ctr is not about to collapse and maybe even more money will be available by next year to build an even bigger facility to accommodate more -- construction costs can't overtake taxpayers' money available especially if construction has been slowing down in the US, and maybe M land can be sold, leased, upzoned to provide even more moolah to play with and address residents' wishes.

=====  PRESS RELEASES courtesy of Ralph Sultan, MLA  ======

Traffic Fine Revenues

 From the North Shore News, referring to disposition of traffic fine revenue transferred from the provincial treasury, to municipalities:

 Pearce (Cpl. Ed Pearce, president of the West Vancouver Police Association) said that West Vancouve-Capilano MLA Ralph Sultan has been supportive of the police association.

 Sultan said, "I have every confidence that West Vancouver will use the traffic fine revenue sent to them to fight crime in the municipality as the premier and the solicitor general intended."

 Sultan said he was confident that the money will be used to fight crime. If not, he would not be confident that funds would be available in later years, he said.

For immediate release   April 5, 2005   Traffic study announced for Lions Gate Bridge

North Vancouver -- A major study will take place to solve traffic congestion problems between the north end of Lions Gate Bridge and the Taylor Way/Capilano interchanges, announced West Vancouver-Capilano MLA Ralph Sultan and North Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA Katherine Whittred.

 "We are aware of the problems created by growing commuter traffic in North and West Vancouver," said Sultan. "Congestion made by through traffic en route to Squamish and Whistler and from other avenues creates congestion and safety issues for motorists. This study will bring us one step closer to identifying a way to making this segment of the road network operate more efficiently and safely."

 Growing volumes of traffic are presenting challenges to highway users, emergency vehicles, shopping areas, planned and existing residential development as well as commuters and other citizens of the North Shore.

 "We took our concerns about this area to the Minister of Transportation and added our voices to those of residents," said Whittred. "Something has to be done, particularly in view of the 2010 Olympic Games which will impose even greater burdens on this vital transportation link."

 This new study will draw on past evaluations, and develop an improvement strategy for the network in general. Partnership opportunities and staging possibilities will be studied out to the year 2021 with strategic level analysis to 2030.

 Work will commence on the study immediately and should wrap up in early 2006. Community consultation of the study findings will ensue.

 Sarah Reeves, Communications Officer, BC Government Caucus
 Ph. 250.356.0389 // Mb. 250.413.7471  //  Fx. 250.387.7957
 sarah.reeves@leg.bc.ca          www.governmentcaucus.bc.ca

===  THEATRE  ===
Beirut was one of the most fascinating cities I've ever lived in; just a note to say really enjoyed opening night and the desperate message in "Helen's Necklace" by Carole Frechette at VECC; Elizabeth McLaughlin is very good as Helen and Sanjay Talwar is incredible as a whole host of other characters; decorated by live music on several different instruments by Boris Sichon.  Closes this weekend.

===  QUOTATION ===============

The days come and go like muffled and veiled figures sent from a distant friendly party, but they say nothing, and if we do not use the gifts they bring, they carry them as silently away.
                        -- Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer and philosopher (1803-1882)