May 2 Youth Ccl Notes
May 9 Ccl Agenda
Rpts/Calendar to May 14th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

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INFObits (Letters to Ccl); gRUMBLINGS (English in WV?); MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg May 9th (Env'tal Strategy; 2005 Tax Rates; Water Shortage Response Plan; Watercourses; Evelyn Dr Planning Study); Calendar to May 14th; Youth Ccl Notes May 2nd (Hwy vs Tunnel; Awards); Quotation

TransLink considering a "trial" ferry from Ambleside as experiment for year or so
o  In May 9th Correspondence (8.1.26), Millennium has included a survey done by Joan McIntyre's marketing firm including views on Evelyn Drive, the tunnel, housing, and so on.

+++  INFObits   +++  --  WRITING TO MAYOR AND CCL?
When will Ccl see your letter?
When will public as part of ccl mtg package?   
At a ccl mtg some weeks ago staff stated 11 days ahead of a ccl mtg for a delegation but six for resident letters (general correspondence) when I asked if still same (11) for letters.  Clarification confirms that it is indeed still 11 days (except of course for Public Hearings -- public input accepted up until PH closed; efforts are made to include letters pertaining to an item on the agenda, added to the agenda at the beginning of the mtg).  Turns out it's six days before the ccl mtg agenda is posted, and that's usually by Thursday for the Monday ccl mtg so that's, count 'em, about 11 days.

===  gRUMBLINGS ===&nb= sp; NO ENGLISH?
At one adv cmte mtg a mbr asked what the District's policy is for signs on M property.  There had recently been a banner over the overpass where WV events are advertised.  There was no English so most wd not understand/know what the event was.  Good point.  Presumably the space is for cmnty events (permission must be sought from municipal staff to hang one), so to include everyone why not at least have some English identifying what's going on?
Good point.  I speak several languages and love the richness of our multicultural society but having a sign in the language of the local cmnty is the minimum of courtesy one can expect.

===  MAIN ITEMS CCL MTG May 9th ===  Supplementals may be issued on Friday

o  Delegations on BOOKtopia and the new Cmnty Ctr
o  Support for Cmnty Social Services ($10,000)
o  DP 2100 block Argyle for Multi-family referred to DAC
o  Adoption of Environmental Strategy
o  2005 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw [Report is interesting explanation wrt rates, increases]
o  Water Shortage Response Plan Bylaw
o  Bylaws to Protect and Enhance Watercourses in WV
o  Evelyn Drive Planning Area Special Study [why not being released till later with supplemental?]
Minutes: Sports/Rec Fac Planning (Nov 3rd, 10th, 24th, Apr 6th, 13th); FAC Mar 16th; HAC Mar 8th; PAC Mar 16th; Arts/Culture Strategy Implementation; Olympic Cmte.
Letters:  Evelyn Dr; Mtn Bike Park; LMTAC; Vote Wild!; dogwalkers; bears; E-Comm AGM; 8.1.26 Millennium Properties (Survey re Tunnel, Ev Dr, Devt, etc by Joan McIntyre's marketing company); Clear Cut across North Shore; Ambleside Park; Friendship - Huangshan; new rec ctr;  Gleneagles Golf Course; Outlook article re new rec ctr; BEST Commuter Challenge; Falun Dafa; Rec Ctr [C3] petition; Ambleside Sea Walk 13th - 19th; SOG; Candlelight Tribute.

===  REPORTS on Cmte Mtgs; CALENDAR to May 9th ===  Meetings at Hall unless otherwise noted

= Tuesday, May 3rd =
~ 3:30pm ~ YAC -- CANCELLED
~ 4pm ~ EAC -- CANCELLED
~ 7pm ~ CSAC: NShore Study on Municipal Support for Social Services,  Cmte Workplan Review, liaison reports

= Wednesday, May 4th =
~ 8:30am ~ Sports/Rec Fac Planning: options re C3 to be presented to Ccl on Monday 9th -- shd be interesting!   Also discussing the Gleneagles Adventure Park and Sport Field Planning
* REPORT *: Mtg went in camera but it was stated the new proposed C3 will be 70,000 sf.
~ 5pm ~ PAC Special Mtg in Ccl Chambers to continue discussion of AMBLESIDE TOWN CTR STRATEGY
* REPORT *: endorsement of staff presentation with a few adjustments; commercial intermittent with park along waterfront -- restaurants, art galleries; planning vs implementation; staff report will come back to Ccl end of May
New items: TransLink might have ferry from 14th pier as experimental run; what about an institution or something on stilts in water?
= 6pm = PEAC -- CANCELLED (tour of some parks)

= Thursday, May 5th =  ~ 5 - 9pm ~ Ambleside Youth Ctr Open House

= Friday, May 6th =  ~  8pm ~ Battle of the Bands Music Contest (Arena)

= Friday/Saturday = SFU Harbour Ctr COURSES - Urban Design: Public Realm

= Saturday, May 7th =
~ 9am ~ Seniors' Pancake Breakfast at Srs' Ctr
~ 1pm ~ Passion for Fashion - Fashion Show and Art Festival (location TBA) -- pls check b/c the Cmnty Calendar on the DWV website has it for May 7th however at the ccl mtg they said it was last Saturday and over 100 participated
~ 1pm ~ Fear Factor (Youth Week Event) at Aquatic Ctr

**********  CCL MTG MONDAY May 9th  ************

= Tuesday, May 10th =
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC
~ 6 - 8pm ~ Ferry Building Gallery Opening Reception of "FIRED" celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the BC Potters' Guild: Joanne Copp, Lisa Henriques, Tam Irving, Lewis Krzyczkowski, Vincent Massey,
Sally Michener, Laurie Rolland.  Exhibit continues to May 29.  (Artists' Talk 2pm Saturday 14th)

 = Wednesday, May 11th =
~ 7:30am ~ WV Ch of Commerce breakfast at Hollyburn Country Club; Call 926 6614 to reserve
Featured Speaker:
Mr. Wally Oppal, the Former Chief Justice and now Liberal candidate for Vancouver Fraserview
Topic: Is the Criminal Justice System Too Soft?
~ 8:30am ~ Sports/Rec Facility Planning -- CANCELLED
~ 7pm ~ Welcome & No Host Coffee Bar
PROVINCIAL ELECTION: 7:30pm All Candidates' Mtg arranged by WRA at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr

= Thursday, May 12th =
~ 4:30pm ~ DAC
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ FREE PUBLIC LECTURE -- Heritage Conservation & the Private Sector
This lecture examines the vital role of private sector investment in heritage buildings and neighbourhoods. What determines the real estate market's interest and investment in heritage buildings? What incentives does the private sector need? Vancouver's Gastown and its heritage buildings will be used as a case study. Speaker: Robert Fung, BA, President, The Salient Group, Vancouver. Cosponsored by the Heritage Branch, Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services. (AIBC: 1.5 CLU; PIBC: 1.5 LU)
Admission to the public lectures is free: reservations are required. Email cs_hc@sfu.ca or call 291.5100. Venue is SFU at Harbour Centre, 515 W Hastings, unless otherwise noted.

= Saturday, May 14th =
~ 9am - 1pm ~ Garage Sale at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
~ 2pm ~ Artists' Talk at FBG (Exhibit to May 29th, see May 10th Opening)

===  YOUTH CCL MTG AGENDA May 2nd at *7:30pm*  ===
Please note re Awards: names on best efforts basis; my list of the activities these youth are honoured for, do not do them justice.  They are truly a remarkable group and my apologies not all of their achievements fully typed into my laptop during mtg.

1.                  CALL TO ORDER
Aqeela Nanji, Youth Mayor (Sentinel Secondary, Gr 11)
Youth Councillors:
Sadaf Rostamabadi (WVSS, Gr 9)
Byron Chard (Rockridge Secondary, Gr 11)
Kristine Chalk (WVSS, Gr 11)
Pedram Moussavi (Sentinel, Gr 11)
Guillaume Curaudeau (Mulgrave, Gr 10)
Morgan McLean (Mulgrave, Gr 10)

Announcement:  Youth Art Display in Chambers this week

2.                  APPROVAL OF AGENDA
Additional item to agenda: Presentation from WV Sunshine Rotary Club re Youth Week

PRESENTATION made and then to:
MMgr gave overview of the project, the presentation he gave to GVRD Board last year [slides]:
reasons for upgrade -- safety; improve reliability, mobility
12,500 a day now, cd be 35,000 in 2050
reduce natural events (slides, etc.), travel time
Olympic Bid commitment of three lanes
accommodate economic growth along corridor
Project Description and Timelines (finish by 2008)
other options: alternate routes through watershed, rail, tolls
intent content-sensitive design
original cost $1.2b, reduced to $600m made up of $400m plus $200m for contingency
closing down hwy too great impact on cmnties
gone from designbuild to DBOF (design build operate finance)
without a lot of consultation with WV, overland initial design considered: two-way, four-lane couplet
Options A to E, DWV prefers E, Ministry prefers B
four-lane, two-way overland (Ministry's choice): costs less, is safer, greater capacity, public prefers overland to tunnels, feel they can mitigate environmental impact
We've tried to understand and how strong those arguments are
felt Ministry had disproportionately raised tunnel costs and refused to look at suggested tunnel realignment
DWV's preference the four-lane tunnel
bridge; underestimated land acquisition costs
not taken into account M's offer to donate or effect having project financed by public sector (cost $18m a year)
Ministry suggested two-way two-lane tunnel when in fact we suggested two-way four-lane
haven't taken into consideration steps that can be taken to improve safety
change assumptions, can change conclusion
cd take existing hwy for slower and dangerous goods
overland six lanes into two
tunnel cd take it
volume is time-sensitive much like Lions' Gate Bridge
Overland B is traditional constuction but signif env'tal and rec cost
we've done formal surveys
residents 2 to 1 favour tunnel even if costs 20% more
3 to 1 favour tunnel if cost same
Ministry consultants have recommended tunnel option; Ministry feels it can mitigate/compensate wrt losses of wildlife and vegetation; looks at other things
primary impact: arbutus stands, rocky bluff ecosystems, Larson Creek watershed, wetlands
22 endangered plant species, 13 in WV; tree loss underestimated; hydrology
relocation of over 600m of Baden Powell Trail
[slide of map showing overland and tunnel routes]
Pleased to answer any questions Council may have
Sadaf Rostamabadi: laws protecting farmlands and parks, how is it there no bylaw not protecting this?
losing this much and will never get it back if developed this way
MMgr: there are many laws, but prov has determined won't be signif impact
DWV has laws but prov can choose to ignore municipal laws if projects of a prov or federal nature
Byron Chard: WV's OCP has laws to protect natural ecosystem and environment
had to blast to get hwy there now, some of the ecological system had to be destroyed for it to go in
so must have grown even though hwy there
MMgr: a comment or a question?
[some laughter]
SR: 2010 bid book apparently showed a tunnel, how come this changed?
MMgr: good question
Olympic bid and prov/fed govts different entities; understand this project is not necessarily for the Olympics, Ministry said for safety and capacity so improvement wd hv bn done regardless of Olympics
Guillaume Curaudeau: how hard wd it be to upgrade tunnel rather than overland route in future
what need?
MMgr: not for some time, talking about a capacity over 50 years
depends on what kind of tunnel you're talking of; if two-lane to four, considerable cost
Kristine Chalk: MoT website says they respect regional goals and priorities
does that mean they're not respecting the regional area of WV? they believe safety more there with hwy than tunnel?
MMgr: believe they will indicate have to take a number of factors into consideration and balance them; Minister will say more on capacity and safety than env'tal impact
SR: if tunnel, less env'tal danger such as mudslides, lighting regardless of weather
shorter distance, so how is overland route safer than the tunnel?
Mmgr: perhaps Mr Dozzi can answer that
Mr Dozzi, Engg staff: depends on what you're comparing
two-lane tunnel more congested than four-lane route, therefore more potential for crashes
Ministry's analysis looks at access, speed, whether or not roadway divided -- one of biggest consideration in evaluating the safety
the four-lane hwy plan has median barrier, whereas two-lane tunnel didn't consider a centre median
their argument being without it, more potential for crashes
since District has moved away from two-lane, two-way to four-way, four-lane, wd have a median, wd be much safer, eliminates hazards such as snow, debris torrents and is well-lit
our position is on balance, the two-way four-lane tunnel is much safer than four-lane hwy
BC: if a natural disaster, how will emergency vehicles get in there?
tunnel, isolated, how will helicopter get in, inside mountain
Engg: beauty of proposed design is that by maintaining existing hwy, some redundancy built into the system
can always access where crash is from both ends
SR:  This area has sensitive species, how come govt ignoring that
Steve Jenkins, Env'tal Coordinator:  the govt's own consultants say these areas are sensitive and shd be avoided and that the tunnel route is preferred
Morgan McLean: presentation said wrt hwy four-lane into two wd cause congestion in other areas
MMgr: correct
MM: wd tunnel avoid this at a point?
MMgr: even with a two-lane tunnel still be four lanes going into two
whatever we do, will reduce to two lanes up by Porteau Cove
Pedram Moussavi: As Cclr Chalk stated, prov finds important values of the local residents
however independent survey said 2 to 1 preference for tunnel if cost more, 3 to 1 if same
if clear majority of residents for tunnel, how come they don't take this factor into consideration?
MMgr: Ministry based this on the input they think they received
don't accept results of our survey
think much closer
Ministry made it clear that even though cmnty may prefer that, signif diff in cost
difference in capacity and safety
they suggested if WV wants a tunnel, WV shd pay for that, yet nowhere else in province has a Municipality had to pay for provincial infrastructure.  What they have done is what we've offered, provided land for free if that helps discount some of the cost
expectation that WV residents shd pay for a provincial hwy, we've rejected
Kristine Chalk: if a regional transportation adv cmte, to keep up with data on priorities
MMgr: we did make a presentation to GVRD to see if there was regional support for our preference, there was and was communicated to Ministry
SR: is $2130m a realistic estimate for the overland hwy
keep repeating $200m+ for tunnel and only $130m for hwy
does not seem realistic or logical to me
Engg: the Ministry has a good understanding of hwy costs, that's the biz they're in
look closely at costs, you see there's a built-in contingency
called a Class D estimate
as a project generally proceeds there cd be cost increases, particularly with the particular environment
BC: Mr Jenkins said no one knows about tunnels or constructing them
means get someone from another country
how will that help our economy even more, getting ppl/companies from other countries?
MMgr: the three companies that bid are all multinationals with different components
all three, including the one successful, have tunnelling expertise
certainly available and wd like use companies within BC
we have a lot of tunnels in BC, particularly for rail
so there are experts in Canada
we have been talking to some of them to see if can be built at more reasonable cost than est by Ministry
Guillaume Curaudeau: included maintenance costs?
Engg: those costs wd hv bn factored into that arrangement
understanding about half a million dollars a year
MM: for clarification, how much is the tunnel going to cost and the estimate for overland route?
MMgr if based on four-lane tunnel to two-lane tunnel, better comparison, $50 to $70m
look at over life span over 50 to 100 years, provides context whether good investment
SR: when they suggested the four-lane hwy, what were positives, better than tunnel?
what was intriguing, that looked so much better
Engg staff: at beginning Ministry was comparing four-lane overland route to the two-way, two-lane tunnel with no median barrier, so hwy safety; whereas tunnel didn't in order to limit costs
more capacity with four lanes than with two-lane
as we continued discussion and better idea of costs for upgrading from two- to four-lane apparent was doable and wd negate arguments Min had in terms of capacity b/c now four-lane vs four-lane and both with median barrier
so argument boiled down now to costs
Pedram Moussavi: since the Min states that one of their sole and chief reasons hwy over tunnel, less expensive
wdn't a tunnel be more favourable b/c one kilometer less?
Engg: estimates presume those differences in lengths of alignment
diff in tunnelling costs, $130m vs $170m
one km more road wd be $10m of that
SR: what's time difference between tunnel and hwy
Engg: v good question; from our perspective
answer as to how are you going to proceed with construction
tunnel is slower building but if coring machine, construct from either end cd speed it up to speed of overland route
for either, probably looking at three years, a matter of how many resources cd speed it up
MMgr: the entire improvements from Horseshoe Bay to Whistler, wd take between 17 and 20 min off  the current travelling time so in terms of WV wd be about two or three minutes, if that
GC: wch wd impede on traffic
Engg: tunnel route wd be preferable in terms of less impact on Hwy 1
several reasons: overland deviates at Horseshoe Bay, Eagleridge, where a lot of traffic, queueing back up -- ferry; imagine managing ferry traffic and new interchange
whereas the proposed tunnel route is a km back and work can be done beneath Nelson Creek bridge
only when into existing hwy do they conflict
MM: so your opinion that tunnel wd not disrupt traffic as much as hwy during construction
Engg: correct
BC: govt website, hwy capacity to 2020, when do you think for tunnel?
Engg: the capacity is dictated by the number of lanes
both four lanes so same
BC: so 2020 wd have to renovate again
wd be easier to expand, renovate, easier hwy than tunnel
MMgr: think you're referring to capacity estimates two-lane tunnel vs four-lane hwy
Ministry suggests two-lane tunnel wd reach capacity by 2025 whereas hwy four lanes to 2050
[however] both four lanes, both to 2050
SR: looking at map here, the tunnel actually does go through one of the sensitive areas
if going through still destroying, what's the advantage?
Jenkins: part of the District's contention
proposed tunnel one km in length, infringes northern boundary of wetland area
to avoid, we'ver preferred a 400m extension to that
look at blue and orange, it avoids that area entirely
SR: assuming after Olympics Vancouver becomes a large metro area and Whistler a hot tourist area
maybe hwy wd benefit us most if popn increases?
MMgr: expectation for a fair amount of devt along corridor: plans for Britannia, Porteau Cove, Sq booming
so expectations we'll see more traffic so important to do this
really the question is not whether to do the upgrade but the form it takes
PM: after M presentation to Ministry, why do they still prefer the hwy when tunnel wd have same capacity?
MMgr: a good question; again it's come down to cost, our understanding
MM: what wd happen to the existing hwy route after Olympics?
Engg: Min wd convert old 99 to a local arterial route
if tunnel were to go ahead, tunnel wd be exempt from transporting dangerous goods
lower route for dangerous goods as well
most importantly, old hwy provides redundancy; vv; cd divert traffic
KC: have tolls been looked into to cover the cost of the tunnel so might balance to hwy?
MMgr: KPMG did a study and concluded the diff in construction costs cd not be paid back in tolls
no biz case for it
Kevin Pike, Dir/Parks: maybe bounce back to environment
Mr Jenkins re types of species and already been a a road, and wd another one matter
Steve Jenkins: part of the District's position when we went to court is that this is not a widening of an existing road, this is a new, and even the judge said, a swathe through basically an undisturbed area; established itself over last 80 years
a couple of unique areas
look at bottom, Eagleridge Bluffs area, contains 13 unique species of vegetation of 22 found in just this one area
relationship of arbutus trees and [something] manzanita that are red-listed, means [fewer] than 20 occurrences throughout prov
road pretty final; once paved over tend not to grow back
up into wetland area, also a bluelisted plant cmnty meaning [fewer] than 50 in prov
highly sensitive area
prov's own consultants, potential of breeding failure of northwest salamanders; rather permanent
we look for opps to avoid impacts as first option
can't avoid, then we look to mitigate; shifting road side to side
re road going through there, the existing hwy is a fair distance away
all of the area, take it out of being productive, will fragment it, no opp for crossing
now there'll only be one crossing in 2.5 km, if above ground, only one crossing; bears etc
this is in the backyard of the Lower Mainland
enjoy Baden Powell Trail, 100K users annually
re costs: trying to quantify the loss of habitat to future generations
nobody's dared put on paper yet, once gone, gone forever
GC: if road goes through able to recreate?
Jenkins: good question
prov's own consultants say due to uniqueness can't; prov has looked for like habitat, try to buy same
haven't been able to locate that so nothing you can do there
BC: on govt website, says British Pacific Properties will develop that site for housing
is that true, and if so, won't that destroy the ecosystem?
SJN, Dir/Planning: true BPP owns land in that area, so does M
expected devt can be done respecting environments, avoid more sensitive areas
road in sensitive area whether Eagle Hbr, Clovelly, Caulfeild, wind through
great deal of respect for those areas
in OCP prior to deciding what happens, a thorough assessment is done before putting pen to paper
wd anticipate in this area, when reviewing, up around Brit Props and across, this is one of most sensitive looking at
[planning] you shd actually be building and roads on minimal part of that area
there wd be cmnties, if existing such as Eagle Hbr, Lower Caulfeild, Dundarave, do you want the Upper Levels hwy going through it?
wd it have an impact on that area
you can imagine the difference in scales
that's what we'd be looking at
hwy and tunnel two different kinds of projects
PM: in slide show, env'tal impact, says hydrology impact not examined; acceptable?
Jenkins: during env'tal review, looking at entire hwy' question has been raised for this stretch
at this point they only do a very highlevel cursory review, feel they can mitigate through some strategies they have
however looking at it in a more holistic way, we argued in court blowdown of trees in wetlands, cumulative effect, more blow down won't be as much rain/water interception therefore more hydrology impact than they've looked at
they don't
SR: not all but most of the problems that have come up wrt the overland hwy, with any hwy these issues wd come up: noise, going through cmnty, safety, landslides,
going to be these issues and you're not going to build a tunnel in ev case
ev hwy has these faults and since it costs less, why not go with hwy
MMgr: simply, we recognize the hwy has to be upgraded
even the tunnel option has some overland components
questions is if we're going to build a hwy, how build with least amount of impact on environment and cmnty, that's the reason for the tunnel
in many other hwy options, somewhere else, you don't have the sensitive env'tal components you have in this area so little bit of a difference in this area perhaps somewhere else where recommending new hwys
Mayor Nanji: is there a recommendation?
BC: I recommend that the Youth Ccl support 1.4km divided four-lane tunnel to be incorporated with the Sea-to-Sky hwy upgrade project
SSch (MClk) announced that the next item was the Awards
so this item was skipped for some reason
Youth cclrs murmured about reports from councillors......
MClk announced Awards next even though agenda had:

Youth Mayor and Councillors will report on activities, events and meetings.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the oral reports from the Youth Mayor and Youth Councillors be received.

Mayor Wood in any case started out with some remarks:
brief introduction to Youth Week
celebration to recognize you as a valuable resource in our cmnty
been celebrating since inception in 1995
programs to acknowledge unique and creative spirit youth bring
fourth annual youth appreciation awards
recognize and honour, those who make exceptional contributions
Art work on walls from WVSS, art teacher Ms Forslev (sp?), lovely animals from Gr 9 (on floor) and paintings from Gr 11 and 12
Youth Mayor Nanji and Mayor Wood will present certificates for the fourth annual Youth Appreciation Awards.

Mayor Wood: these are examples
encourage ppl standing outside to come in
The Mayor and the Youth Mayor then read out the winners and made the presentations:
=  Cinderella project, Sentinel students raised funds to allow disadvantaged students to attend graduation (clothes and shoes), outfitted over 160 needy students: Anna Millar, Astha Dalkhoti, Midori Kaga, Stephanie Louie, Brandy Mars, Chista Kavoosi, Kate Mason,Sara Fan
=  Stephanie Langlois, not here tonight, dedicated volunteer, contributions to Food Bank, etc, Harmony Arts Festival, 30-hour famine, Rockridge Interact.....
=  Meghan Robinson of Mulgrave raised funds for Breast Cancer and reduced age for participation from 16 to 11; charity drive; raised funds for tsunami relief;.... youngest recipient of an award this evening -- 12!
=  Six female students from Rockridge, organized event, "Love the Skin You're In" -- for those with eating disorders, v successful, positive impact, raised over $500: Kasley Killam, Holly Goldsmith-Jones, Kirsten Southcott, Shaun Langlois, Chloe Freeman, Brooke Duholke, Sarah Irving
=  Pedram Moussavi, Sentinel, nominated by more than one person; participation in many orgs, editor of newspaper, volunteer at Library, multi-generational event, etc
=  Byron Chard from Rockridge, many activities including last year's Youth Mayor; active in and this year chair of YAC, active voice in Civic Youth Strategy, ... rep on Police Youth Adv Cmte, Christmas break at Youth Parliament
=  two brothers: Sean and Ryan Vaisler made DVD result of March of the Living, about Holocaust, travelled through Poland speaking to survivors; still photos, video, and music; now showing it to classes
=  Daniel Kim and Tory Scholtz of Collingwood; positive changes; projects to help reduce global poverty; raised $10k to reduce hunger; Daniel spent Christmas in Thailand to help build a pipeline; both helped organize a benefit concert at AYC
[Mayor asks in midpresentation: is that the one they went through the floor? must have been quite a dance]
helped rebuild orphanage in Mazatlan
= Joanne Jin, active in YAC since Grade 8; key organizer for Passion for Fashion event that launched Youth Week, Srs' Pancake Breakfast; chosen Rockridge rep for project on developing youth opps
= Mbrs (21) of Amnesty Int'l Club actively making a difference for social justice; wrote letters of conscience, etc; class presentations; keep in contact with Foster Child; recent forum Together Against Violence Against Women...; created Project Share a year ago providing meals for 350 people living on the street in the Downtown Eastside, every second week, every second Friday make soups and sandwiches at AYC, etc and AYC van delivers them next day -- to total of 20,000 meals; their understanding has touched thousands of lives; commend commitment to social responsibility
Meryl Stewart here to help present: Sean Edmond, Dan Edmond, Jeff Jardine, Lindsey Lenters, Kelsey Lenters, Rosemary Chu, Bjorn Bean, Marian Foucault, Bryan Thomlinson, Hanna Perry, Robyn Hooper, Meghan Cavanaugh, Po Liu, Won Sug Lee, Rebecca Ronsley, Gemma Taylor, Claire Jacobsen, Tiffany Elsner, Rose Lee, Katherine Ovenall-Carter, Mimi Wilcox
Meryl tells me they're studying, final exams start tomorrow!
=  Mbrs of Rotoract of Rockridge: created Teens helping Teens; raised over 1000 for Youth Safe House and Christmas bureaus; tool drive for trade school in Honduras; Caribbean hurricane and Asian tsunami; worked at Capilano Care Home joined Rotary to serve annual Srs' Christmas breakfast: Alison Beaty, Dawn Stephens, Thomas McLaughlin, Alison Schatz, Lisa Milne, Lena Karaush, Christopher Nixon-Giles, Jae Choi, Alyson Kerr, Jordan Trimble, David Meszaros, Daniel Fiss
=  YAC mbrs: YAC important example of the often unheralded input; officially recognized as a standing cmte of Mayor and Ccl for over 15 years -- leadership, liaising with Police, Library, etc.; creating a vision, strong voice for Youth
YAC exemplifies a partnership between civic govt and youth; essential and valuable component of municipal/local govt; rep from each [secondary] school: Kelsey Beninger, Simona Spassova, Ashley Thomas, Morgan McLean, Guillaume Curadeau [on list given to me, but Curaudeau on sign in Ccl Chamber], Dina Shin, Sadaf Rostamabadi, Michael Calb, Collette Brown, Jakob Roberts, Kristine Chalk
= Aqeela Nanji, Youth Mayor, regular volunteer Sentinel library; reaching out club sponsoring pennies for poverty; Downtown Eastside Youth Alliance; founder and main leader of Sentinel School's Environmental Protection Network; committed to environment; organized events Hay Park, WWF, recycling program, speaker on toxic waste, energy conservation, etc
Mayor expressed thanks........
concludes presentations this evening
oh, not quite--
6.         ADJOURNMENT

[Mayor Wood and Youth Mayor Nanji extend an invitation to all to attend a reception in the main floor foyer, immediately following the adjournment of the Youth Council Meeting]
and then
MClerk went back to item 4, Reports:
sorry, before break, each cclr has a report to make on Youth Events
BC: Apr 30, annual Beat the Heat basketball, five on five; overall, firefighters beat out the lifeguards to win tournament
MM: Saturday morning, Mar 31st, with Lighthouse Park Preservation Society, bimonthly ivy pull
AN:  Env'tal Network of WVSS at Hay Park
KC: Fashion of Passion, success last Saturday -- over 100 youth participated
SR: Youth Entertainment Extravanganza, all welcome to Cmnty Open House May 4th at the Ambleside Youth Centre; fingerfood, coffee, and refreshments, 5 to 9pm
GC: Friday May 6 Battle of the Bands, competition 8 to midnight at Ice Arena
PM: Sat May 7th, Srs' Pancake Brkfast 10am to noon; annually since 2000
BC: Fear Factor at Aquatic Ctr -- three tests, 7 - 10, great prize for winner; only $2 to enter; watch contestants eat disgusting items
no walk in the park.
MClk: if that concludes reports then adjournment

===  ABBREVIATED CCL AGENDA for May 9th ===
3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2005
3.2       Council Meeting Minutes, April 18, 2005
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       F. Patterson, Chair, BOOKtopia Committee, regarding update on BOOKtopia, West Vancouver Children's Literature Festival
4.2       S. Ward, regarding Proposed New Community Centre
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Development Variance Permit Application No. 04-026 (2925 and 2935 Marine Drive) WITHDRAWN
 At the April 18, 2005 meeting, Council received the report dated April 12, 2005 from the Assistant Planner, a copy of which is attached for reference [Correspondence Received]
5.2       Municipal Support for Community Social Services
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated April 28, 2005 from the Social Services Manager regarding consultant selection for the review of Municipal Support for Community Social Services be received for information.
5.3       Request from Hannah Rachel Production Services Ltd. for Noise Bylaw Exemption for Filming (118 Stevens Drive) ... for filming at the residence of Mark Scott at 118 Stevens Drive in West Vancouver:
=B7        on Thursday May 26, 2005 until 11:30 p.m.;
=B7        on Friday May 27, 2005 from 11:00 p.m. to  midnight through to Saturday May 28, 2005 until 1:30 a.m.;
=B7        on Wednesday June 1, 2005 from 11:00 p.m. to midnight through to Thursday June 2, 2005 until 12:30 a.m.;
=B7        on Thursday June 2, 2005 from 11:00 p.m. to midnight through to Friday June 3, 2005 until 2:00 a.m.;
=B7        on Friday June 3, 2005 from 11:00 p.m. to midnight through to Saturday June 4, 2005 until  2:00 a.m.
5.4       Development Permit No. 05-003 (2138/2140 and 2148 Argyle Avenue)
1.         Development Permit Application No. 05-003 (2138 / 2140 and 2148 Argyle Avenue), which would regulate the future development of a residential multi-family building, be referred to the Design Advisory Committee for review and comment; and
2.         The applicant hold a Neighbourhood Information Meeting.
5.5       Consideration of Adoption - District of West Vancouver Environmental Strategy
5.6       2005 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4419, 2005
RECOMMENDED: ... introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
5.7       2005 Specified Area and Local Area Service Tax Bylaws
Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance
RECOMMENDED introduced and read a first, second,and third time in short form: THAT
"Specified Area Tax Rates Bylaw 4425, 2005"
"Parcel Tax (Garrow Bay) Bylaw No. 4426, 2005"
"Parcel Tax (Eagle Harbour) Bylaw No. 4427, 2005"
"Local Area Service Parcel Tax 1902-1990 Kings Avenue and 1925-1995 Jefferson Avenue Bylaw No. 4420, 2005"
"Local Area Service Parcel Tax 1003-1075 Duchess Avenue and 1010-1074 Esquimalt Avenue Bylaw No. 4421, 2005"
"Local Area Service Parcel Tax 1735-1775 Gordon Avenue and 1734-1780 Haywood Avenue and 935-967 17th Street Bylaw No. 4422, 2005"
"Local Area Service Parcel Tax 2110-2198 Rosebery Avenue and 2107 -2197 Queens Avenue Bylaw No. 4423, 2005" be now introduced and read a first, second and third time.
"Local Area Service Parcel Tax 2423-2459 Mathers Avenue and 2426 - 2460 Nelson Avenue and 1508 -1589 24th Street Bylaw No. 4424, 2005"
5.8       Water Shortage Response Plan Bylaw No. 4418, 2005
Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
RECOMMENDED:  THAT "Water Shortage Response Plan Bylaw No. 4418, 2005" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
5.9       Bylaws to Protect and Enhance Watercourses in West Vancouver
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
5.10    Evelyn Drive Planning Area Special Study
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
6.         BYLAWS
6.1       Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 and Administrative Policy - Private Special Events Exemption from Noise Bylaw
This bylaw received third reading at the April 11, 2005 Council Meeting.
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005" be adopted.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council endorse the Administrative Municipal Policy No. 02-10-278 for Private Special Events Exemption from the Noise Bylaw.
8.         OTHER ITEMS
8.1       Correspondence
No Action Required (receipt only)
8.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning Select Committee of Council, November 03, 2004
(b)       Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning Select Committee of Council, November 10, 2004
(c)        Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning Select Committee of Council, November 24, 2004
(d)       Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning Select Committee of Council, April 06, 2005
(e)       Board of Variance Hearing Minutes, March 16, 2005
(f)         Finance Advisory Committee, March 16, 2005
(g)       Heritage Advisory Committee, March 08, 2005
(h)        Planning Advisory Committee, March 16, 2005
(i)         Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation Select Committee, April 07, 2005
(j)         2010 Olympic/Paralympic Committee, March 16, 2005
(k)        Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning Select Committee of Council, April 13, 2005 8.1.2         L. Hewson, Deputy City Clerk, City of Coquitlam, April 12, 2005, regarding Twinning of Port Mann Bridge and Widening of Highway #1
8.1.3         W. Van Weelden, April 16, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive and Long-time Redevelopment Attempts
8.1.4         D. R. Corrigan, Mayor, April 07, 2005, City of Burnaby, regarding Request for Public Inquiry into the Investigation of the Air India Bombing
8.1.5         N. Parker, April 14, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive Proposal
8.1.6         H. Galas, April 16, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive Proposal
8.1.7         R. Thiessen, April 16, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive Proposal
8.1.8         M. E. Craver, April 13, 2005, regarding West Vancouver Mountain Bike Park Comments 8.1.9         R. Drew, Mayor, Chair, Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee, April 14, 2005, regarding Recent Media Coverage - Treaty Negotiations and Local Government Interests
8.1.10       J. Foy, Wilderness Committee Campaign Director, April 13, 2005, regarding report titled "Vote Wild!  May 17, 2005"
8.1.11       N. Londo=F1o, April 15, 2005, regarding Dog Walkers in West Vancouver
8.1.12       P. Morley, April 04, 2005, regarding Bears
8.1.13       E. Von Epp, April 11, 2005, regarding Proposed 10-Storey Hi-rise at 2138-48 Argyle Avenue
8.1.14       E. J. Fonseca, April 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive Proposal
8.1.15       L. Markham, April 14, 2005, regarding Evelyn Drive Proposal
8.1.16       A. Williams, Chair, Friends of Wild Salmon, April 15, 2005, regarding Friends of Wild Salmon (FOWS)
                  Previously distributed due to timing of event.
                  Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
8.1.17       A. S. Hilsen, Municipal Clerk, District of North Vancouver, April 20, 2005, regarding North Shore Canada Day Fireworks 2005
8.1.18       E. Fraser, Executive Coordinator, Lower Mainland Municipal Association, April 15, 2005, regarding donations for prizes for 2005 Annual General Meeting and Convention
8.1.19       S. E. Dowey, City Clerk, City of North Vancouver, April 14, 2005, regarding AirCare On-Road Program (ACOR)
8.1.20       A. and M. Ashurst, April 14, 2005, regarding Professional Dog Walkers
8.1.21       M. E. Craver, April 22, 2005, regarding Earth Day
                  Previously distributed due to timing of event.
8.1.22       D. Korbin, Chair, Board of Directors, E-Comm 911, April 15, 2005, regarding Annual General Meeting
                  Previously distributed due to timing of event.
                  Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
8.1.23       A. Stanley, April 20, 2005, regarding Proposed Development for Evelyn Drive
8.1.24       Submission on behalf of "The Owners", Strata Plan VR93 - The Crescent Apartments - 2135 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver, April 25, 2005 regarding Development Permit Application for 2138 - 2140 and 2148 Argyle Avenue
8.1.25       S. Senkler, April 17, 2005, regarding bears on the North Shore
8.1.26       S. R. Jones, Community Relations Director, Millennium Properties, April 13, 2005, regarding survey
Action Required
8.1.27       L. S. H. Lau; F. Seirafi; J. and G. Wright, April 18, 2005, regarding Extension Permit for 5429 Monte Bre Place
                  Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
8.1.28       M. Coell, Minister, Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services, April 13, 2005, regarding Odour and Noise Control Regulations
                  Referred to Director of Administrative Services consideration and response.
8.1.29       S. Giggey, Production Manager, North Shore Chorus, regarding "Rhythm & Rhyme" concert             
        Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
8.1.30       D. Hilton, April 18, 2005, regarding pending Clear Cut Across North Shore                  
        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.31       S. Vennesland, April 14, 2005, regarding Ambleside Park
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.32       P. Hu, Canada Anhui Friendship Association, April 15, 2005, regarding Benefits of Friendship Cities Between West Vancouver and Huangshan
                  Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
                  Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
8.1.33       D. A. Caldwell, April 20, 2005, regarding Proposed New Recreation Centre
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.34       C. Marion and M. Hess, April 18, 2005, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.35       D. Beardmore, April 15, 2005, regarding News Outlook article regarding Recreation Centre            
        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.36       F. Gossling, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) Commuter Challenge Coordinator, undated, regarding June 08, 2005 Commuter Challenge
                  Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
8.1.37       J. Quain, British Columbia Falun Dafa Association of Canada, April 17, 2005, regarding Falun Dafa Month Proclamation
                  Referred to Municipal Clerk for response.
8.1.38       Fifty-three (53) signatures, April 2005, regarding West Vancouver Recreation Centre
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.39       C. Nielsen, April 22, 2005, regarding Ambleside Sea Walk - 13th - 19th Streets                    
        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.40       K. L. Smith, Undated, regarding "Save Our Gym" Issue
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.41       G. Vowles, Chair, North Shore Candlelight Committee, April 19, 2005, regarding 7th Annual Candlelight Tribute
                  Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.

===  QUOTATION ===

Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one's self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily; and why older persons, especially if vain or important, cannot learn at all.
                -- Thomas Szasz, author, professor of psychiatry (1920 - )