Bulletin -- BREAKING NEWS (Ev Dr); Weekend; Cc

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

FIRST:  All hail Bard on the Beach!  Faximum Software is a Corporate Supporter and attended Opening Night, Wed June 8th -- an excellent production of "As You Like It",  so enjoyable.  See www.bardonthebeach.org and reserve now.  Even the previews were sold out!

Well, the hot news this week is that the bylaw re Evelyn Drive introduced Monday night (6th) and 'passed', actually didn't.  You will recall that G-J absents herself for Ev Dr matters b/c of perceived conflict of interest.  Cclr Day had not yet returned from FCM in Nfld.  JF and VD voted in favour, Sop and JC voted against, and then the Mayor broke the tie and voted in favour to go ahead with bylaw readings and Public Hearing.
But wait.
What's this I hear?
An OCP bylaw requires a majority of Council.
Listen carefully.
A majority of Council, not a majority of the votes of council members present.
A majority of Council is four, that bylaw introduction, etc., 'passed' with only three.
Back to square one.
What will they do?
Looks like a stalemate.  Even if re-introduced, it looks three-three, hence failure.
This doesn't have the drama of Belinda or intrigue of Grewal, but chess pieces move in unexpected ways on the board -- some slid off when the board was tipped.
If picked up again, they may be placed differently.
Stay tuned.
The supplemental agenda to be released on Friday may provide some clues........

*******  You may have noticed a break in WVMs and reporting on ccl mtgs.  Those on the ebroadcast list have been getting reports and updates a couple of times a week.  WVM 18 was the last one and included the usual partial transcript of the May 9th ccl mtg.  I have drafts of the 16th, 24, and June 6th but haven't yet completed them.  This issue, WVM 19, will seem like a jump but Evelyn Drive devt demanded an even wider distribution.  My hope is to play some catch up in the coming weeks.  Gardening however does tempt.
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Latin - fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt  [Author - Caius Iulius Caesar]
                        English - in general, men believe easily in that which they desire

>>>  THIS WEEKEND -- June 11/12
o  Saturday:
> 8:15am - 2:30pm = Grouse Mtn Seek the Peak Relay (Ambleside)
> 7pm =  'We Are One' Concert Promoting 'Unity in Diversity', Rockridge Secondary
Call Rockridge 981-1300, or WV School Dist Office 981-1030 for tickets. [for details, contact Minoo Greenall, Vancouver Concert Promoter, Bella Canto Concert Series; Tel/Fax: (604) 921-3334; Email: greenall@shaw.ca]
o  Sunday: 10am - noon = Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion (Ambleside Park)
>>>  THEN
o  Monday 7pm = see Main Items below
o  Tuesday: 5pm = HAC
o  Wednesday:
> 8:30am = Sports/Rec Fac Planning
> 5pm = 2010 Olympic Select Cmte in Ch of Commerce Boardroom
> 5:30pm = FAC
> 7pm = Bd of Variance
o  Thursday:
> 8:30am = Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation
> 6pm = NSFamily Court and Youth Justice Cmte at CNV M Hall
> 7:30pm = WV Streamkeepers at St Stephen's Church; public mtg including discussion of watercourse bylaw, proposed south Marr devt, and various creek report updates

                A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday
***  7pm   RECONVENED PUBLIC HEARING on Watercourse Bylaw
- Clovelly Walk Neighbourhood Preservation Initiative
- Winner of "West Van Poetry Slam", BOOKTOPIA, to perform her prize-winning poem for Council
DAC, PAC, Lib Bd, EAC minutes; Bears; Truckers Protest Unpaid $75K WV Bill; Evelyn Drive (inevitably, but pls note the letter from C. Reynolds is not me!  It's Carol from the British Properties, not Carolanne, Editor of WVM);  WV Fire Fighters Bagpipe Festival - "Pipes by the Sea" Saturday, June 18; Engine Brakes; Accretion and Natural Boundary Adjustment Applications, Crown Provincial Foreshore; FCM  re members' Advisory GST Refund Survey; Fireworks Ban Proposal 
o  GVRD Mosquito Control Administration and Coordination Service
Correspondence from the GVRD dated May 30, 2005 regarding establishment of mosquito control administration and coordination service - bylaw approval -- be advised of the District's consent.
o Additional Regular Meeting be scheduled for Monday, June 27