Summaries from May 16; Agenda June 20; Mtg

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

*** NOTE: The June 27 Ccl mtg starts at 6:30pm, the Ev Dr Public Hearing at 7pm ***

***  THIS WEEKEND June 18/19  ***
Sat: 2pm "Colour and Clay" Artists' Talk (FBG); 6:30pm Pipes by the Sea -- Bagpipes/WVFirefighters at Ambleside
Sunday Afternoon (2:30pm) Nature Walk in Lighthouse Park (details below)
***  THIS WEEK  ***  Mtgs at Hall unless otherwise noted
- Tues: CSAC [Cancelled]
- Wed: 8:30am Sports/Rec Fac Planning [CANCELLED]; 5pm PlanningAC; 6:30pm Public Consultation re Gordon Ave at SAC; 7pm Library Bd at Library (not surprising)
- Thurs: 4pm Police Bd at Ch of Commerce Boardroom; 4:30pm DesignAC in Ccl chamber

***  IN THIS ISSUE  -- 2005 WVM 20 S+A  ***
= MAIN ITEMS on June 20th Ccl Agenda
= SUMMARIES: May 16, 24, June 6, 13 (Transcripts may appear in future issues)
= MEETINGS/Calendar: list of missed for the record, with notes from what happened at some adv cmte mtgs
= Nature Walk details (Lighthouse Park Preservation Society)
= Watercourse Protection Bylaw: Submissions at Public Hearing by WVS and WVM.
= Bard on the Beach and Quotations; Key to some abbreviations

>>> MAIN ITEMS ON CCL AGENDA June 20th <<<
= Devt Permit Application for South Marr Creek (60 housing units) - Public Mtg/Input
= WV Police Strategic Plan 2005 - 2008
= Civic Site Community Centre - Programming Transition Plan
= Application re Cultural Capitals of Canada Program
= OCP Amendment re WATERCOURSE PROTECTION (three readings); plus Devt Procedures Fees and Charges [no further public input allowed]
{after having to redo the Ev Dr bylaw nullified b/c only three, this time they stipulate four mbrs of Ccl must vote in favour for it to pass; it will pass but it's important to note wch, or if all, amendments as a result of public submissions heard last two Mondays will be passed June 20th.}
= CORRESPONDENCE: CSAC, Police Bd Minutes; Air India; LMTAC/Regional Services; West Nile Virus; Farmers' Market; Bear Update:  Bear Movements Greater with Loss of Dominant Males; Greenbelt 4800 Block Keith Road, Headland and Cottonwood Trees; Eagle Harbour Primary School; Sea-to-Sky Highway Upgrade; increased taxes
======================== ========================== ======

***  SUMMARIES of Ccl Mtgs [times given from 7pm if watching videotape for item]

>>>  May 16th Highlights <<<
= mtg starts with delegations: Farmers' Market in Ambleside (public told they cd comment at PQP only) then property damage from flooding along Keith (Caulfeild/Martin Corp) ending at 8:18, not long after I give a bit of background and reiterate plea for scientific approach re water absorption standards as part of devt criteria.  Contrary to what may have been implied (and tried by dvpr), Ccl had the right to alter greenbelts in the Land Use Contract, and did.  JF (in Chair) told those who wanted to speak to the delegations they'd have to wait until PQP according to Ccl's policy (although Sop wanted to but vote not in favour, partly b/c of precedent), however, instead of allowing PQP to take place at 9:45, thus allowing the stipulated 15 min before the end of the mtg (usually 10pm and needs a motion to extend to go beyond), it was after 11pm when decided to continue mtg on Tuesday that PQP was allowed!  No surprise some had left by then rather unhappy.  Let's hope that inconsideration of telling public they must wait and then making the wait about four hours does not happen again.
=  $2.5m bequest funds transferred to Library Fdn
=  8:29 marks the start of the new Cmnty Ctr discussion including presentations by architect, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCHA), WV Youth Band
=  WV Mtn Bike Park and Old Growth Forest Park debate started at 9:10.
=  BPP's devt application (from 9:38, then for over an hour) for South Marr (24 acres) sparked spirited debate, specifically some passion on behalf of VD opining that the poor dvpr for Ev Dr has spent over two years without conclusion yet BPP's applic is being rushed through in six weeks.  Hm.  Wonder why.  Listen carefully to comments and you can tell who favours BPP over process; then keep in mind an election will be held in November.  Motion passed for referrals and happy to say WV Streamkeepers added (remember that letter about the devt written in March with still no reply?).  Public Hearing set for June 20 (VD opposed).
=  The poor Bear Smart people had to wait until 10:43 to speak -- but well done.
=  Cmnty Benefits Strategy, Ticket Info System items jumped (they'll consider these at special mtg Tuesday) to go to Watercourse Bylaw (at 11:02) introduced quickly to qualify to have the Public Hearing June 6.  Glad to see referred to WV Streamkeepers among others.
=  Saw the MMgr go over to the MClk and guess as they were about to leave he was concerned about those who had waited for PQP, so
- at 11:06 first was a question about Ev Dr b/c many thought when there was no seconder Apr 11 that the Millnm application had been terminated.  VD tartly pointed out that those who read that motion wd hv seen that it was for receipt of a staff report, nothing to do with the application.  JF continued by saying the application still stands. 
- at 11:17 a surprising revelation wrt Ev Dr: although the architect last week said no bldg above six storeys, staff confirmed their report identified 11 storeys as highest in the proposal!  JF said nothing they can do when applic only presents one side.  {BZZT!  I don't agree -- we count on staff to present the truth/facts to Ccl and us regardless if questionable statements made by dvpr or opponents; anyway I'll put a call in to Millnm to see what they have to say).
- then (full marks for patience waiting politely till end), a resident expressed her frustration about the Keith Rd flooding issue.  Apparently she had warned staff, Martin Corp, Fred Russell, architect Russ Hollingsworth, about dangers but to no avail.  Working on it for 15 years -- cd hv bn prevented.  Haven't we learned, she asked, why are we always looking at it afterward?   And DWV/taxpayers shd not pay for any of this, the dvpr, Martin Corp, shd.   Storm water and drainage still can destroy salmon (habitat, etc.).  When she mentioned salmon, one reply was "Salmon, what salmon?  I don't care about salmon."  Since other WV Streamkeeper directors had left by then, I'll bring it to the board's attention.
= Mtg ended at 11:30 with the Water Shortage Bylaw, Reports, and Correspondence also left to next mtg (Tuesday 24th).

>>>  Some May 24th Highlights <<<
Extra ccl mtg to finish rest of agenda from May 16th
= Presentation on Cmnty Benefits Policy
{Yours Truly overjoyed b/c at last Uplift and Amenities Policy so the cmnty, the residents, get something in return for granting the gift of upzoning, increased density, resulting in significant increase in the value of the applicant's property.}
= Water Shortage Response Plan Bylaw and Correspondence

>>>  May 30th Highlights <<<
=  Cmnty Service Recognition presentations; thanks from WV Fire Fighters re addressing cancer risk; Concert Properties' delegation re award received for Stonecliff; but then the great slide presentation on the 2010 Olympic/Paralympic Cmte recommendations (ten) -- THEME: "Discover West Vancouver -- Be our Guest!" possibility of twinning with a country and have their athletes stay and train here, more input to end of June, to 7:47.  :-)
=  Bylaw Notice Enforcement Amendment Bylaw and Municipal Ticket Info Sys Implementation Amendment Bylaws with discussion on deterrence, daily fines,
=  7:55 small amendment re 2005 Annual Operating Agreement with TransLink; 7:57 the sign bylaw re awning signage passed.
=  At 7:59 there was a plea from an eagle watcher about the blasting at Ansell Place, also referred to Clovelly (wch also came up at end of mtg); here and later debate on control/power whether with prov or M.
THE FARMERS' MARKET in Ambleside (successful in Dund but opposition in Amb for 22 Sundays, starting June 5th at 14th and Bellevue) started at 8:13 and went on to 9:20 and was then deferred one week.  A theme we've heard before: the nearby residents had not been consulted.
Evelyn Drive bobbed its hydrahead up again but this time staff asked for a deferral for one week; two residents spoke, one deploring some personal attacks, even threats, and requesting security measures when Ev Dr on the agenda.
=  Reports from Mayor and Cclrs started at 9:25: exciting opening of Kay Meek Ctr over weekend; success for GVRD getting prov agreement wrt TransLink's debt load allowed; interesting tales from the annual Library croquet tournament fundraiser with an auction (one item was Cclr G-J cooking dinner for eight at her house wch, if I heard correctly went for $4K -- Sop and JC offered to be waiters!)
=  Correspondence started at 9:38
=  Public Question and Comments at 9:40 contained:
-  a plea to defer until August the blasting to start in the morning near an eagle nest (Clovelly Walk area) b/c it wd disturb their nestlings (or eggs wd be abandoned as a result of the explosion).  Complicated by jurisdiction again as well as the permit having been given -- staff will try to talk to them in the morning to see if they'll defer.  Again some concern that that the locals had not been consulted.  [UPDATE: staff did indeed go out in the early hours this morning to ask for delay but, shall we say, were not successful.]  :-(
-  a request from a 47-year resident and sport fisherman for a written response to some questions including an encroachment and 'no-fishing' sign since verbal responses/assurances in the past to other questions had had 'no result'.
-  a suggestion that another location for the Farmers' Market cd be 16th and Bellevue.  (Another site that had been considered was Ambleside Park but the merchants felt too far away to then encourage people to drop into nearby stores....)

>>>  June 6th Highlights <<<
= Public Hearing on Watercourse Bylaw (continued)
= Delegations from Westport Residents and from SPEC
= Sea to Sky Highway Improvement Project: Ansell Place Construction Activities - Additional Information
= Ambleside [Farmers'] Market - Additional Information
{FYI: My suggestion to Dina and staff was to consider moving the market to different locations so doesn't benefit just some merchants, spreads it around, and doesn't disturb the same residents/nbrhd for 22 Sundays; and/or maybe having part at Ambleside Park area, 13th, and the rest at the abandoned KFC so ppl wd walk from one end to another -- IOW, wd encourage shopping, curiosity, and liveliness to more of Ambleside -- one of the aims.}
=  DPA for 2138 / 2140 and 2148 Argyle, for a [nine-unit] multi-family building, public mtg July 04
= DVP for 5771 Cranley Drive to be considered July 11
= $15,000 for Cypress Park Elem school playground improvements
=  Several staff reports on WV population including Reserve Demographic Data as well as disability and family/household structure issues
= 5.12 = Evelyn Drive Proposed Bylaw(s)
High drama!  G-J absents herself for all Ev Dr items, Rod Day was not back from FCM in Nfld, so JF/VD for, Sop/JC opposed (not really, wanted more info and deferral), making the Mayor vote to break the tie and he voted in favour to go ahead.
The ccl mtg went till almost midnight with Farmers' Market in Ambleside and Ev Dr taking most of the time.

>>>  June 13th Highlights <<<
I'll spoil the suspense for you --  debate then the revote, after explaining last week's Ev Dr bylaw vote was not enough to pass so has to be noted as defeated, so a new vote on having a Public Hearing on both the OCP and Zoning Amendments on June 27 passed with only Sop opposed.
=====  June 13th CCL MTG HIGHLIGHTS=   =====
=== The RECONVENED PUBLIC HEARING on the Watercourse Protection Bylaw started with a presentation by staff on changes made, there were some submissions and then it was closed about 8pm.
===  EvDr Bylaw and Farmers' Market items were added to the agenda
===  Reconsideration (b/c of failing on technicality) of the OCP Amendment discussion went to 8:15 with its passing as mentioned above.
===   The Clovelly Walk Neighbourhood Preservation Initiative delegation was most interesting and great to hear.  When Rod Day and I were on Ccl in 1988 we supported the Sinclair Street residents' attempt to have some sort of preservation of character.  It didn't succeed but since then we've had the Lower Caulfeild Area designated with an adv cmte, and Altamont has tried to have guidelines.  With this working group established to work with staff, let's hope that more will work to preserve their special areas.  Otherwise, as the horrendous slides showed, there will be more clearcutting in areas where residents have purchased with the expectation it will keep its wooded character.  Of course the debate was not without VD's reference to the Brit Props where many want trees cut for views.
[My view: There can't be a one size fits all.  Have wooded areas, have clearcut areas, have inbetween -- the view is through the trees or framed by the trees -- areas.  Then choose where you want to live!]
===  8:35 - Mulgrave's Lauren Pearce, winner of "West Van Poetry Slam", BOOKTOPIA, read her prize-winning poem for Council.  JC invites her to do so at the Canada Day celebration.
===  8:42 marks start of very interesting 2004 annual report by K. Glynn-Morris, Vice-Chair, of the North Shore Family Court & Youth Justice Committee
===  9:09 Cmte Apptmt then beginning of [Amb] Farmers' Market discussion: report by MMgr, then decision to have it and evaluate it and Dund for staff to report back in March
===  Amendment Bylaws on Ticket Info Sys, Bylaw Notice Enforcement, and Signs adopted
===  Reports started at 9:30, Correspondence at 9:41; then
===  Approval of 2006 Provincial Court Conference
===  GVRD Mosquito Control at 9:43 [Pesticide people please look at this -- spraying in WV agreed to???]
===  9:45 PQP: good question as to which staff report will be discussed June 27 -- June 3 or June 6 or consultant's study or subsequent staff reports/recommendations.....
END about 9:53

Well, the hot news this week is that the bylaw re Evelyn Drive introduced Monday night (6th) and 'passed', actually didn't.  You will recall that G-J absents herself for Ev Dr matters b/c of perceived conflict of interest.  Cclr Day had not yet returned from FCM in Nfld.  JF and VD voted in favour, Sop and JC voted against, and then the Mayor broke the tie and voted in favour to go ahead with bylaw readings and Public Hearing.
But wait.
What's this I hear?
An OCP bylaw requires a majority of Council.
Listen carefully.
A majority of Council, not a majority of the votes of council members present.
A majority of Council is four, that bylaw introduction, etc., 'passed' with only three.
Back to square one.
What will they do?
Looks like a stalemate.  Even if re-introduced, it looks three-three, hence failure.
This doesn't have the drama of Belinda or intrigue of Grewal, but chess pieces move in unexpected ways on the board -- some slid off when the board was tipped.
If picked up again, they may be placed differently.
Stay tuned.
The supplemental agenda to be released on Friday may provide some clues........


>>>  TUESDAY, May 17th, at 7pm, Museum and Archives Opening Night of Exhibit: North Shore Moves:  Paddles to Fuel Cells  [*see below]
>>>  FAC mtg Wed 5pm has been CANCELLED


North Shore Moves: Paddles to Fuel Cells    May 17, 2005 - November 5, 2005

The North Shore Moves exhibition features an overview of the history of transportation on the North Shore, bringing it up to more recent and environmentally sustainable modes of transportation. The history of transportation on the North Shore offers rich and interesting stories. From people power to innovative new technologies, this exhibition examines transportation by land and sea: canoe, ship, ferry, bike, bus and train. It also explores emerging technologies that help reduce pollution by replacing the internal combustion engine.
The opening reception of this exhibition is held at the Museum on May 17 at 7 p.m.
For more information, please contact the Museum at: 604-925-7295.


>>> TUESDAY, May 24th
= 8:30am=  First of all, the Sports and Rec Fac Planning mtg usually on Wed mornings (and had been listed on the M website as the 25th when I checked last week) has been advanced to Tues am 8:30 with no notice that I can tell except for the fact I just happened to check the M website for this week's mtgs.  The strange thing is that the mtg is on the cmnty calendar but NOT under the Select Cmte wch has no agenda.  In fact the last mtg on that cmte's webpage is May 19th.
=  7pm =  Ccl Mtg: the remainder of the May 16th agenda (not completed); one main item is the Cmnty Benefit Strategy.

>>> WEDNESDAY, May 25th
= 8:30am =  Sports/Rec Fac Planning mtg MOVED to Tues 24th
= 5pm =  PAC [HTML page cd not be viewed on M's website]: BPP's South Marr proposed devt/subdivision, the one VD marvelled at being so fast-tracked (just came to Ccl) when Ev Dr took two and a half years
= 7pm = AGM for the WV Historical Society at Srs' Ctr
Elinor (Miller) Martin will speak about her recent book, "Celebrating 70 Years of Ministry, 1933 - 2003, a History of the Parish of St Christopher's, West Vancouver".
Its boundaries were set in 1933 as 14th St on the west, Capilano River on the east, waterfront on the south, to a line running east and west, due north two and three quarter miles from the bridge on Marine Drive.

>>> THURSDAY, May 26th
~ 8 - 9:30am ~  Internet Marketing Seminar at the Ch of Commerce offices: Developing a Web Presence, What Every Business Needs to Know. The presenter is Stephen Smith, President of www.webnames.ca. Stephen was part of the team that initially developed the .ca domain for Canada. A continental breakfast will be served. Call 926 6614 for info/reservations.
~ 4pm ~  Police Bd Mtg MOVED FROM JUNE 2nd BACK TO THIS DATE in Ch of Commerce Boardroom
~ 4:30pm ~  DAC in Ccl Chambers (also not av by HTML on M website): think it's  4938/40/42/44 Meadfeild Road, Duplex Dwellings.  Hollingsworth Architecture    
~ 5pm ~  NSACDI, CNV Hall
~ 6pm ~  PEAC Special Mtg at Hall (another not av by HTML on M website): understand it's the Watercourse Bylaw and that super fast-tracked South Marr devt by BPP -- even a special mtg and earlier than the regular date!  [so June 1st PEAC mtg cancelled]

NB: The Police Bd mtg changed back to Thursday May 26, at 4pm. The venue has also been changed; will be in the Police Boardroom

>>> FRIDAY, May 27th
= 11am to 9pm =  Library Foundation Croquet Tournament at Ambleside Par 3

>>> SATURDAY, May 28th
= 10am - 5pm =  WV Fire Dept Car Wash for Children's Hospital, 13th and Bellevue
~ 7:30pm ~  Presentation House Gallery Fundraiser and Party (full notice sent by email); call 986 1351 for info.


>>> SUNDAY, May 29th
= 9am - 4pm =  NSCU Mtn Bike Festival, Ambleside Park - "H"
= 9am - noon =  Westie Dog Walk at Lighthouse Park
= 1 - 3pm =  End of an era, opening of roundabout: No 2 Firehall at Nelson and Marine; Nbrhd party potluck; you must bring something "red, round, or on fire".

 >>> MONDAY, May 30th <<<  7pm =  Regular Ccl Mtg -- Televised!

>>> TUESDAY, May 31st
=  10 - 11:30am =   Seminar, "How to Stage a Home for Sale". This session will be held in the Ch of Commerce Boardroom. The event is hosted and presented by Farshid Bayat of Empire Interiors Inc., a Chamber member. Cost is $10.70 for members and $12.84 (GST included) for non-members. A continental breakfast will be served. Please RSVP to Ch of Commerce, 926 6614
=  6 - 8pm =  Opening Reception for The West Van Grad Show 2005 [exhibit to June 12] at the Ferry Building Gallery.  Mixed Media Exhibition featuring the artworks of graduating students of Collingwood, Mulgrave, Rockridge Secondary, Sentinel Secondary, and WV Secondary Schools.

>>> JUNE 1st forward:
EAC discusses watercourse bylaw and BPP's proposed South Marr devt at 4:30pm Tues at Hall.
Sports/Rec Fac Planning continues with the new Cmnty Ctr on agenda for 8:30am Wed morning (June 1st)
Wed evening at 7pm the WV Citizens for Good Govt have a mtg at the Srs' Ctr.
WATERCOURSE BYLAW Public Hearing is Monday June 6th so catch an info mtg:
Wed June 1st: 1 - 4pm at Municipal Hall and 6 - 9pm at  Gleneagles Community Centre, as well as Thurs, June 2nd: 6 - 9pm at  Seniors' Ctr
Don't forget -- SPRINKLING RESTRICTIONS start June 1st!
Then Saturday, is COMMUNITY DAY starting from 22nd and Marine with a PARADE, ending up in Ambleside Park with displays, barbecue, entertainment, etc till 4pm
Caulfeild Community Day (and Customer Appreciation Day) is Sunday from noon to 5pm with lots of activities at Caulfeild Village Mall..

>>>  WEEKEND -- June 11/12
o  Saturday:
> 8:15am - 2:30pm = Grouse Mtn Seek the Peak Relay (Ambleside)
> 7pm =  'We Are One' Concert Promoting 'Unity in Diversity', Rockridge Secondary
Call Rockridge 981-1300, or WV School Dist Office 981-1030 for tickets.
o  Sunday: 10am - noon = Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion (Ambleside Park)
o  Tuesday (14th)
>  5pm = HAC
>  6 - 8pm = Opening Reception at Ferry Building Gallery: COLOUR & CLAY, watercolour & ceramics
Exhibit of works by Roger Ayliffe, Teressa Bernard, Mary Farris, David Hall, Alfonso Tejada, and Louisa Leibman [continues to July 3]
>  6:30pm = WV Chamber of Commerce's Annual President's Dinner and Business Excellence Awards at the Capilano Golf Club.  The awards will include both the West Vancouver Business of the Year and Citizen of the Year =96 Ray Chapman. Mr. Chapman was introduced as Citizen of the Year in the recent Community Day Parade.
> 8:30am = Sports/Rec Fac Planning
> 5pm = 2010 Olympic Select Cmte in Ch of Commerce Boardroom
> 5:30pm = FAC
> 7pm = Bd of Variance
> 8:30 = Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation [CANCELLED]
> 6pm = NSFamily Court and Youth Justice Cmte at CNV M Hall
> 7:30pm = WV Streamkeepers at St Stephen's Church; public mtg including discussion of watercourse bylaw, proposed South Marr devt, and various creek report updates

[Past Weekend above, here are some details]
Sunday Afternoon Nature Walk in Lighthouse Park -- June 19, at 2:30 pm
Join Biologist/Geologist David Cook for a walk along some of the trails of Lighthouse Park and see some of the highlights of this old growth forest in its rugged setting of granite bluffs.
Meet at 2.30 pm in the Phyl Munday hut located near the entrance to the light station, at the bottom of Beacon Lane Trail. This is the third of a series of talks & walks to be given by David Cook for the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society.
For more information about Lighthouse Park, the Preservation Society & a current newsletter, see the District of West Vancouver website at www.westvancouver.ca and search "Lighthouse Park".
There is no cost for this event nor is membership required. If you find this type of event interesting, your support is welcomed by becoming a member of the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society.
For further information call David at (604) 924-0147 or email cookeco2@yahoo.com

>>>>>>>  ABBREVIATED Ccl Mtg AGENDA - June 20th  <<<<<<<
                        A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued

Call to Order; Adoption of Agenda, then
3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, June 06, 2005
3.2       Reconvened Public Hearing Minutes, June 13, 2005
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
            At the May 16, 2005 meeting, Council received the report dated May 05, 2005 from the Manager of Community Planning titled "Development Permit Application 04?017 for South Marr Creek (24.23 acres bounded by Marr Creek, Collingwood School, the Chairlift Road subdivision, and the westerly extension of Chippendale Road)".  The reports are attached for reference.
The Director of Planning, Lands & Permits will describe the subject application:
British Pacific Properties Limited
Affected Lands:
South Marr Creek (24.23 acres bounded by Marr Creek, Collingwood  School, the Chairlift Road subdivision, and the westerly extension of  Chippendale Road).
Application Purpose and Proposed Development Permit:
To provide for development of 60 housing units on the 24.23 acre site at a density of 2.5 units per acre consisting of: 31 lots over 10,000  sq. ft. in size; 2 lots between 7300 and 9000 sq. ft. in size; 11 lots of  approximately 5200 sq. ft. in size; and two [eight]-unit cluster housing lots; and  to consider a development permit to regulate and impose conditions on the  development of the site.  Chippendale  Road is to be extended west to the north section of Chairlift Road, and the  north and south sections of Chairlift Road are to be connected.
THAT all written and verbal submissions, up to and including the Public Meeting held on June 20, 2005, regarding Development Permit Application 04?017 (South Marr Creek) be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received at the June 20, 2005 Public Meeting to allow Council to make a determination on [the DPA]
THAT The Development Permit Application No. 04?017 (South Marr Creek) Public Meeting input be closed.
5.         DELEGATIONS
5.1       WV Police Strategic Plan 2005 to 2008 A Roadmap for Success - Safe Neighbourhoods
THAT the presentation from Chief Grant Churchill and West Vancouver Police Board Members Heidi Peters, Chair and Cecil Brown ... be received.
5.2       Civic Site Community Centre - Programming Transition Plan
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
6.         REPORTS
6.1       Cultural Capitals of Canada Program (File:  0116?20?ACST1)
Designated Presenter:  Councillor Jean Ferguson
RECOMMENDED: THAT the District of West Vancouver submit an application...
6.2       Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4433, 2005 (Watercourses) [for consideration of second and third reading]
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits.
            NOTE:  Each reading of this bylaw must receive an affirmative vote of a majority of all council members (4 members) in order to proceed (Local Government Act, s. 882).
            The Public Hearing for this Bylaw closed on June 13, 2005 and Council is not permitted to receive any further verbal or written submissions after the Hearing has closed.
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
6.3       Recommended revisions to the proposed Watercourse Protection Bylaw, Development Procedures Amendment Bylaw and Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
THAT Watercourse Protection Bylaw No. 4364, 2005 be amended in accordance with the report from the Assistant Planner titled "Recommended revisions to the proposed Watercourse Protection Bylaw, Development Procedures Amendment Bylaw and Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw," dated June 14, 2005.
RECOMMENDED: as amended be read as a second and third time
THAT Development Procedures Bylaw No. 3984, 1996 Amendment Bylaw No. 4434, 2005 be amended in accordance with the report from the Assistant Planner titled "Recommended revisions to the proposed Watercourse Protection Bylaw, Development Procedures Amendment Bylaw and Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw," dated June 14, 2005.
RECOMMENDED: ... as amended be read a second and third time.
6.4       Update on Heritage Strategic Plan
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report from the Community Planner titled "Update on Heritage Strategic [Plan",] dated June 06, 2005, be received.
6.5       Temporary Bleachers at Hollyburn Country Club, 950 Crosscreek Road, West Vancouver Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council approve the issuance of a Building Permit to allow for the erection of bleachers at Hollyburn Country Club from July 30th to August 7th, 2005.
8.         OTHER ITEMS
8.1       Correspondence
===No Action Required (receipt only)
8.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)             Community Services Advisory Committee, May 03, 2005
(b)             West Vancouver Police Board, April 28, 2005
8.1.2         K. Lanktree, City Clerk, The Corporation of the City of Vernon, May 30, 2005, regarding request for public inquiry into the investigation of the Air India bombing
8.1.3         R. Drew, Mayor, Chair, Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee, June 06, 2005, regarding First Nation Participation and Contribution to Regional Services
8.1.4         K. Vance, Senior Policy Analyst, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, June 07, 2005, regarding West Nile Virus
8.1.5         G. Tyller, Field Services Manager, Greater Vancouver Region, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, June 08, 2005, regarding no increase to basic insurance rates for 2006
8.1.6         M. Theil (2 letters) June 12, 2005 and June 07, 2005, regarding the Ambleside Farmer's Market
8.1.7         B. Murray, June 04, 2005, Bear Update:  Bear Movements Greater with Loss of Dominant Males
8.1.8         D. Flood, Special [Adviser,] Office of the Minister of Industry, June 03, 2005, regarding Federal Government Transit Announcement
8.1.9         S. Vennesland, undated, regarding a Heritage Conservation Plan for West Vancouver 8.1.10       J. Burnett, June 12, 2005, Vice President, Ambleside Business Association regarding Ambleside Farmers' Market
8.1.11       J. Rielly, B.E.M. Fireworks, June 10, 2005, regarding Family Fireworks Ban Resolution Draft ===Action Required
8.1.12       T. Flanders, Municipal Clerk, The Corporation of the District of Central Saanich, June 06, 2005, regarding Provincial Funding of School Districts
                  Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and request for resolution.
8.1.13       D. Derreth, June 03, 2005, regarding Greenbelt 4800 Block Keith Road, Headland and Cottonwood Trees
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.14       J. Thomas, Chair; E. Waddell, Co-Chair and C. Emby, Chair, 2005/2006, Eagle Harbour Primary School Advisory Council, June 05, 2005, regarding Eagle Harbour Primary School Safety Concerns and Safety of Westport Road
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
8.1.15       J. D. Winkler, June 14, 2005, regarding request for delegation (File:  1785?01)
          Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the July 11, 2005 meeting.
8.1.16       M. C. Roberts, June 9, 2005, regarding Sea-to-Sky Highway Upgrade
                  Referred to Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response.
8.1.17       F. Hughes, undated, regarding increase in taxes
                  Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.

[two submissions]

West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society

[Final Draft] Presentation to Mayor and Council at the Public Hearing of June 13th, 2005

Re: Official Community Plan Bylaw No 4360, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No 4433, 2005

       West Vancouver Streamkeepers appreciate the opportunity for further comment on the pending watercourse bylaws, and specifically, on the proposed amendments to the OCP.  We put forward earlier comments on these matters during the course of the June 6 hearing, ...

       In our earlier submission, we stated that we were appreciative of the great effort made by staff to put forward these initiatives.  We wish to reiterate that point this evening and, at the same time, to also commend this Council for considering the Watercourse Protection initiatives, presently before you. While other governmental agencies may have measures in place in relation to streams and fish, we believe that much, if not more, can be achieved at the municipal level, particularly as it relates to the prevention of damage rather than addressing the problem after damage has been done, in other words, take the proactive rather [than] the reactive approach.

       [WRT] the Staff Report to Council prepared for this evening's proceeding, we do have one particular area of comment.  We would refer to pages 2 and 3 of that report, Item C, dealing with the proposed deletion of a subsection of Policy NE1 of the OCP.

       The staff report, at the conclusion of Item C, noted that the wording in Policy NE 1, to "prohibit new development and restrict redevelopment in creek corridors" was suggested for deletion because it is redundant with the proposed guidelines.  [The report, however,] goes on to state that staff have no concerns with keeping the wording in the Official Community Plan.  We endorse the staff's position and would ask that Council  retain the wording in the OCP and referred to in the report.

       We would also like to draw Council's attention to Schedule G of Amendment Bylaw 4433 which in paragraph e provides for certain remedies "where it is not practical to achieve no net loss of riparian habitat". We question by whose standards practicality is determined. We therefore suggest that Council, in consultation with other relevant authorities determine "where it is not practical". Notwithstanding, this term requires definition. Alternately it could be replaced by "where it is not possible".

       Finally, Streamkeepers' primary area of concern involves development in the Upper Lands now underway [and in future]. Our concerns will only increase as this development moves into areas of steeper and more difficult terrain, areas which contain many of our more vulnerable streams and sensitive habitats. We sincerely hope that the new Watercourse Protection Bylaws, and strict and timely adherence to them, will address these concerns and assure the sustainability and protection of the environment [along with] the safety and security of all residents.

Thank you for your attention.

West Vancouver Streamkeepers

{Written by several WVS directors, circulated to Board for approval; presented by Kurt Peiffer and Barrie Adams}

TRANSCRIPT OF SUBMISSION by CAROLANNE REYNOLDS, past prez of ADRA, Chair of North Shore Heritage Forum, WVS Director, speaking as Editor of WVM


Good evening, thank you
Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters
                  see www.westvan.org
       As I rushed in [back to WV, to the office] and printed off what I was going to say, it's in extremely small print, so [please] bear with me while I try to read it.  Then I have a few questions [I wrote this presentation before coming but hearing the update from staff] and requests for clarification about the presentation earlier this evening.
       Last week I urged that water absorption and retention be addressed in the protection not just of our streams, fish, habitat, and the environment, but also for the assurance and protection of residents downstream who then need not fear erosion, landslides, and floods which have sadly occurred in the past.  The varying topography and geography would mean that the setbacks may vary (sometimes perhaps to more than 30 meters in some places) and riparian vegetation would also be important.  Someone mentioned it was an inexact science.  Certainly there are qualified hydrologists who would beg to disagree.  In any case, let's do the best we can with what science we have available.  Instead of a fixed demarcation, please incorporate scientific analysis in requiring setbacks.

       To make this a win-win, for some years I have advocated linear parks along streams.  There are some which would be suitable to have paths alongside, and as a park would provide a wide swathe of natural terrain and greenery.  And that wd provide both protection and pleasure for the cmnty.

       My main point this evening, however, is a result of reflection on staff's explanation of the three steps (besides education): avoidance, mitigation, and compensation.

       It is my contention that Ccl, staff, and the bylaw, need go no further than avoidance, when you speak of the undeveloped Upper Lands.  In the undeveloped Upper Lands avoidance is possible.  Simple.  Avoid development where deleterious.  Period.  It's very easy to avoid -- just don't do it where there will be damage.  There's no reason [why] you can't avoid.  If that's your first step, do it -- if it's undeveloped!

       In undeveloped land the Municipality should have surveys that identify special areas.  In other words, sensitive wetlands, significant trees, old growth, arbutus groves, all ephemeral streams (it has come to my attention some have not been mapped, therefore not protected or taken into consideration in proposals and developments), and anything of value in our green hillside heritage -- all those characteristics we cherish in this place of excellence, West Vancouver.  Survey them, identify them, protect them.

       So, in the bylaw, there's virtually no need to go beyond "avoid".  For any applicant who may plead poverty, it may be appropriate to grant increased density elsewhere -- that shd be the 'compensation', NOT money to allow destroying our natural watercourses and the critical role they play in nature's mountain playground that we call home, and of which we have the obligation to be gentle stewards, not usurpers.

       In conclusion: study, avoid, and keep the precious water assets we have.   They are community benefits.  We look to you Council, to fulfill this promise of sensitivity and care of our land.

Thank you.

Now, I have some questions for clarification so you might want to answer this later, however you want to handle this.
Mayor:  how many of you got?
CR: three, just points, they're not paragraphs or questions.
Mayor:  why don't you just register the questions and we'll decide whether or not we can answer them
CR: Okay.  One is probably -- it's a question that isn't part of this -- is to let the public and the adv groups/cmtes know early when there's a proposal, b/c there have been some proposals that devt has gone so far, the recommendations [they wanted to make] weren't possible.
I noted from the presentation tonight they mentioned 'science-based', so I think that's really great if that does include the hydrologist report that I was referring to.
Secondly, someone mentioned about Fisheries and Oceans Canada, with that unfortunate acronym.  The FOC of course is only concerned with fish and this bylaw I'm sure is concerned with more than fish [eg biodiversity] wch is why I think it's extremely good and beneficial to have, b/c it does go further than just fish wch is FOC's concern.
The last question is -- I noticed in the [staff] presentation, that if a decision is made, an applicant [or developer] can appeal to Council wrt staff's decision, but what if the public don't agree with staff's decision, can they appeal to Ccl as well?
[how find out about decisions?]
Mayor: I'll take that under advisement.
CR: thank you very much for your consideration.
Mayor; In terms of avoidance may I ask you to write [Premier] Campbell and tell him to avoid destroying Eagleridge Bluffs.
CR:  Absolutely -- that fits in there.  I'll do that for you, and you avoid it in West Van.
Mayor:.....thank you.
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                -- SELL PARKLAND (SURPLUS?) FOR HOUSING???

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: GENERIC VERSION FOR USE - OR NOT - AS YOU SEE FIT: Crippen Regional Park: Bowen Island
To: Carolanne Reynolds
17 June 2005
An item has just been drawn to our attention that should give all British Columbians cause for concern.
The issue relates to some negotiations - which commenced in November of 2004 - between GVRD and Council of Bowen Island, for GVRD to sell some of what the agency has termed "surplus parkland" in Crippen Regional Park, to Bowen Island Municipality. The sale price for a parcel of 38.72 acres in this expensive area has been set at $2 million. Bowen would then be responsible for determining zoning and uses.
On April 30th, 2005, the approximately 3,000 residents of Bowen Island were given a referendum on the matter and they approved the BIM purchase - such a bargain. The report of GVRD CEO, Johnny Carline can be found at: www.gvrd.bc.ca/board/agendas/gvrd/mayregular/6.3.pdf
The Carline report acknowledges that the proposed sale price is below market value - although the wording does not actually admit that.
The report also details the options for the Board, and outlines the process which would be required to fulfil citizens' rights under the Community Charter to approve the plan or otherwise. The process, of course, is by way of Counter Petition rather than referendum - which, at low cost, could quite easily have been held during the November elections.
The number of GVRD citizens [10% of registered voters] who are required to respond to the advertisements by the July 8th deadline, by sending in a separate sheet to veto the sale, would be 10% of 1,401,247 electors. That is an impossible task, given the short period of time allowed. Furthermore, anyone who might wish to oppose the sale would need to muster considerable funding in order to underwrite the costs of advertising the reasons for their objections.
There are several aspects to this issue which are of concern:

1.      The sale: This sale, if approved by the GVRD board members, will set a precedent for sell-off of any parkland, for any reason, throughout the province.

2.      Democracy:  Bowen residents - the purchasers being offered this attractive deal - were allowed a full referendum. GVRD residents who, collectively, own that parkland were not allowed a voice on April 30th. In fact, most probably were like me - didn't even know it was happening. Must citizens all have eyes and ears in the back of their heads to keep track of all such wheeling and dealing?

3.      Democracy and accountability:  This concerns the {well-nigh} impossible hurdle which the Community Charter [CC] has set for the counter-petition process. During the drafting of the wording of the CC - achieved with the advice of a Legal Counsel often consulted by the District of North Vancouver - the Federation of North Vancouver Community Associations [FONVCA] protested the original CC requirement of 5% of electors - on the basis that the hurdle was too onerous. Response of the provincial government? Up it to 10%!

4.      Lack of openess: GVRD kept the negotiations at a very low profile until, as required by the CC, an advertisement of the counter-petition had to appear in the papers.

5.      Sale price:  The sale price appears to be extremely low. What would be fair market value, as established by realtors and sales in the area? On the one hand, we hear that a 'celebrity' has purchased a home on Bowen for over $7 million, and on the other we learn of a virtual giveaway price for almost 39 acres.

6.      Is this a reward to Bowen?  Many GVRD residents have appreciated the fact that some members of Bowen Council made no secret of their opposition to TransLink's 3-year Plan/10-year Outlook and to the RAV project. Their opposition was well-founded. Then TransLink broke forth with additional transit perks for Bowen - and now this deal. Is this what citizens have to do to obtain their 'fair share' of democracy? Stamp their feet and then be quiet - or vote the right way? Wrest ownership from more than 1.4 million citizens and pass it to a now well-behaved 3,000?

7.      "Surplus" parkland:  Most important of all is this question: Since when has any park in this province been {"surplus"?} What of future {generations}?

There are many other aspects which are distasteful about this proposed deal, but before they are addressed, some of the information needs to be amplified, in order that the picture can be verified as to its completeness and accuracy.

What needs to be done? If you share these concerns.......

Approach the issue on {three} fronts:

If you believe the foregoing has merit, then please take immediate action to urge your local Council and your GVRD Board representative to reject this proposal unless and until a full referendum has been held throughout the GVRD - preferably this coming November at the time of the regular municipal elections. Further, it is important that the provincial government be urged to review the wording of the Community Charter - particularly with respect to the referendum/counter-petition process.

Most critical of all in the short space of time available before July 8th, all members of the GVRD Board need to be made fully aware of the implications of this proposal - now and for the environmental future of this province.

"Today, it is a park on Bowen Island.

Tomorrow, it could be a park in your neighbourhood."  

The Islands Trust, the park in your Municipality, the Agricultural Land Reserve --
 Nothing will be sacred.

In view of the tight timeline, your early reaction would be appreciated.




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* Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.

*  John Muir, naturalist, explorer, and writer (1838-1914)

God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand straining, leveling tempests and floods; but he cannot save them from fools.

.   Few are altogether deaf to the preaching of pine trees. Their sermons on the mountains go to our hearts; and if people in general could be got into the woods, even for once, to hear the trees speak for themselves, all difficulties in the way of forest preservation would vanish.

*  Gunter Grass, born 1927

German - wer kann verleugnen, dass die Umwelt zerst=F6rt worden ist?
English - who can deny that the environment has been destroyed?

G=FCnter Grass was born in 1927 in Danzig-Langfuhr (now Gdansk) of Polish-German parentage; a Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature for The Tin Drum.  He also said:
                "The job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open."

Carolanne adds even later:
"....as well as his mind."

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