Ev Dr
July 11th Agenda
Calendar July 17th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

~$25m Cmnty Ctr model at DAC -- Ccl hasn't seen it yet; no public mtg planned! [See Calendar]
*  South Marr Devt back Mon July 11 [see July 4 notes; BPP withdrew $$$ before mtg!]
***  RESPECTS: Chuck Cadman, 1948 - 2005, "homo politicus rara avis": down to earth, honest, sincere, dedicated, selfless, without pretence or pomp, WYSIWYG, strength of conviction, independent of party [see Qtn]
*** SNOWBIRDS -- Happy 35th Birthday! [see INFObit]
***  THEATRE -- Bard's Hamlet opened July 6th and it's yet another hit!  Ben Frazer's a romantic, dreamy, mad hunk;  David Marr's Polonius plays with language amusingly.  It's theatre in the round, well, really square.  One warning: don't sit facing south.  Visit www.bardonthebeach.org or call 739 0559 for tix.
***  TALL SHIPS -- incredible sight in English Bay over the weekend, graceful by day and beautiful forms outlined in lights at night.  (The private yacht with a helicopter on board was mind-boggling as well.)
***  CUISINE -- Creme brulee is one of my favourite desserts so I've tasted all sorts: classic, fruit,  lavender, chocolate, even recently black sesame wch I thought surely was one of the most unusual.  Nope.  That was topped the other evening at Moorings in Horseshoe Bay where the Thai Curry Creme Brulee tickled my tongue tantalizingly.......
***  THIS ISSUE  ***
July 11th Main Items; Calendar to July 17th (DAC note); Highlights of July 4th Ccl mtg (and proposed South Marr devt) with SMarr submission at end; Another Ev Dr submission;  Abbreviated July 11th Agenda; Monkey Business (Language); INFObit -- Snowbirds; Quotation

***  MAIN ITEMS  July 11th  ***   A Supplemental Info Package/Agenda May be Issued [or on-table]
+ Again Minutes (for June 27) not in package, to be part of supplemental.  This used to happen if needed within a week, now the minutes are not even ready for the meeting two weeks earlier!
+ DELEGATION re a "By-Pass Road" connecting [Lions'] Gate Bridge and Highway #1
- Community Arts Council Service Agreement and Licence to Occupy ($25K)
- Devt Variance Permit App (5771 Cranley) a single-storey addition on rear of house [public input]
- Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC) First Principles
- Devt Permit App (South Marr Creek - 24.23 acres) (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda); [solicitor's report; public input permitted]
- Watercourse Protection Bylaw No. 4364, 2005 (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
+ BYLAWS [for Adoption; Third Readings passed July 4]
- Lane Paving 1300 Block Mathers and Lawson and 1480 - 14th; 1500 Block Jefferson and Kings and 1285 - 15th; 1000 Block Esplanade and Keith Road
- Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw (Cemetery Tariffs, Ice Arena and Aquatic Centre fees)
+ CORRESPONDENCE:  Minutes from PEAC (March 9!), PAC, HAC, and Sports/Rec Fac Planning; New Riparian Areas Regulation - Extension Granted; WV Streamkeepers' clarification with respect to creek priorities (misstated by BPP during public mtg re South Marr)

>>>  CALENDAR to July 17th  <<<

===  Thursday, July 7
~ 4:30pm ~ Special DAC mtg: design of new cmnty ctr [Presentation with model]
{Fascinating!  Good recommendations for Ccl to consider however disappointment expressed may not see it again before finalized (told probably wdn't come back).  One mbr said ~25m too uncertain b/c not in enough detail.  In this crazy haste, Ccl hasn't even seen the model yet, let alone referred it!}
===  Saturday, July 9
~ 6am ~ 17th Annual Knee Knackering Run (Baden Powell Trail)
~ 9am - 4pm ~ Dundarave Farmers' Market
~ 10am - 5pm ~ North Shore Antiques Fair (WV Arena)
~ 2pm - Artists' Talk at FERRY BUILDING GALLERY -- "NATURE STORIES" [Exhibit to July 24]
Mixed Media by Karen Bagawaya, Rolf Brandvold, Karen Cain, Samantha Sanderson, and Marion Webbe
===  Sunday July 10
~ 10am - 5pm ~ North Shore Antiques Fair (WV Arena)
~ 11am - 4pm ~ NEW HOURS for Ambleside Farmers' Market  (Parking Area in 1300 Block of Bellevue)
~ 7pm ~ Concerts by the Sea (Ambleside Pier)

Regular hours: M - Th, 10 - 9pm; Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 10 - 5pm; Sunday closed from July 3rd to Sept 11th.

===  Tuesday, July 12
===  Wednesday, July 13
~ 8:30am ~ Sports/Rec Fac. Plan. Comm. (MFCR)
{~ 6pm? Since PEAC was cancelled last week, check to see if on this week}
===  Saturday, July 16
~ 7am - 9am ~ Bay Challenge Swim Race (Sandy Cove Beach)
~ 9am - 4pm ~ Dundarave Farmers' Market
===  Sunday, July 17th
~ 11am - 4pm ~ Ambleside Farmers' Market (Parking Area in the 1300 Block of Bellevue Avenue)
~ 7pm ~ (Concerts by the Sea)

>>>  CCL MTG SUMMARY  --  July 4th  <<<

=== Delegation on tourism (coordinated project for North Shore) said will cost $83K, wants $20K from DWV; planning for 2010 and beyond.
===  Delegation wrt Adults at Risk Support Network project.  Examples given of a problem hidden in all Ms -- neglect, abuse, and self abuse of seniors.  Looking for $750 annually from DWV.

===  South Marr started at 7:56 -- interestingly controversial -- still no DFO approval, still "imminent". {My submission follows}
Two hours before the public meeting staff received a letter from BPP withdrawing the offer of 'cmnty benefit' of many thousands of dollars.  VD asked why but got no answer.  Here's a partial transcript as I heard it:
"good plan
but they have missed one piece
Planning is standing their ground we want to know why you offered and then withdrew it
let's be clear
someone offered something and then withdrew it
staff saying once you do that it'll be gone
sometime in future
like fresh air -- no figure to it, difficult to work out"

There were some bleatings about there not being any Cmnty Benefits policy yet (the draft has been sent out for comment).  In my submission [below] I said they (Ccl) all have good ideas and am sure they can agree on something even without the policy passed (staff have done all the negotiating in past so why stop now?).

G-J came up with a sort of 'compromise' several-part motion:
"That Council authorize issuance of the draft development permit, subject to provision of the security required under Section 2 and Schedule A of the permit and signed acknowledgement of the permit, and subject to:
i) DFO approval
ii) an indication, in writing, by BPP of its contribution to public amenities in recognition of the South Marr neighbourhood as integral to the Rodgers Area Development Plan."

but the recommended motion was for deferral and it wd have failed (and DP approved maybe) had the MMgr not said they needed a legal opinion, the vote was tied, so the Mayor broke the tie to send it to the solicitor.   As VD pointed out, why approve without benefits or without a commitment to have the benefits and integration with the (much larger) Rodgers Creek area plan (wch the OCP called for having been accepted before parts developed, and South Marr is a part).
In any case, putting in tennis courts, etc is a benefit for the subdivision itself making it more attractive for sale, ie a benefit to the dvpr in a way, not really for the cmnty.  BPP is asking for variances.
There is no doubt the abysmal traffic congestion with the schools and highway as a result of previous devt needs to be rectified asap.   As one supporter said, it's a traffic nightmare; and another warned of the likelihood of an accident.
{thought balloon: who approved the earlier devt, hm?}
Looks like the beginning of this area had problems -- even DFO slapped a stop order on BPP b/c of their (damaging) treatment of ephemerals.  BPP explained, unbelievably? ingenuously?, that DFO asked them "not to go into the creeks but didn't ask them not to go into ephemeral[ creek]s.  They did.  They got caught.
BPP also cleverly claimed no accidents with their trucks -- and it was explained that the trucks were hired by the construction companies.  C'mon.  We know what accidents.  We know what subdivisions and devts were having work done.
Another supporter also agreed that it had been a flawed process.
(PEAC, Streamkeepers, and others, besides making good suggestions, pointed out that they were being asked to comment not only before seeing the plans for the whole area that the OCP envisaged, but also after some damage had already been done so their recommendations too late.)
JF was concerned about the OCP obligations (understandable, since she chaired the process for the new one); Sop just advocated acceptance/approval as he generally does if it's BPP; his words and agreed: "BPP not bandits riding into the sunset" and he counted on DFO approval.
RD said this is 24 acres while Rodgers Creek is 250.
Public Mtg was closed (but this means little since it doesn't have the restrictions of a Public Hearing and speaking to Ccl and dvpr is permitted); item deferred one week on split vote with Mayor breaking the tie.  Good to see he's on the side of legal protection of the District and took the MMgr's sage advice.
Last words to VD around 9:30 before vote:
"reason I made motion
staff is saying 'hold this' in middle of negotiations and we're about to cut them off
I'll reiterate, an offer was made and it was withdrawn
why did the dvpr decide that he didn't need cmnty benefit? he thought he did up until today!
...explain why changed his motion"
{My take -- see transcript below -- is to work with BPP's expressed goodwill and truly make this devt much better than Whitby (as they say it will be), and set a sensitive, sustainable, beautiful example that we'll be only too happy to have creeping along the mountainside, little havens of hillside heavenly habitations.  :-) }

===  DPA for ten-storey (not the 20 allowed), nine-unit multifamily on one of the last apt-zoned properties in WV (2100 block Argyle).  As one cd expect, complaints about views being cut off (and wanting them to be more in line with other bldgs nearby), less understandable complaints about the water feature (waterfall? down from original 100ft to 45ft? trickle? art? white noise? traffic better? or sound of sea and seawall?), but devt ~40ft lower than 180ft permitted.
Public Mtg adjourned to July 25th with staff report.
===  Report on Popn by Age and Gender and School Enrolment in WV.  VD pointed out that 27.4% aged 1 - 24; about the same, 27.9%, over 60; 25-40 only 11% (off at uni, travelling, can't afford to buy here); and greatest group is 40 to 60, 40% -- they're paying all the bills.  The Mayor commented that's the way it shd be.
===  Ferry Building Gallery - Architecture Project, "The Poetics of West Coast Modernism"; title came from Gordon Smith at last year's civic dinner; will be presented in fall of 2005 through to 2006; will be at various sites, travelling; $24K project, majority from donations.  As RD said: "WV does contain some of the best architecture in Canada; some hidden behind trees; we're in process of updating our heritage inventory; looking for ways to protect them; most built between 1940s to 1960s; next fall through spring; FBG, Silk Purse, Lib, M&A."  [Look forward to seeing this.]
===  Dir/Parks gave some explanation wrt Fees and Charges increases for cemetery, ice arena, and aquatic ctr; G-J queried filming in the cemetery and that will be reviewed.
=== Three readings passed re Lane Paving; residents pay 70%; see adoption July 11th ccl mtg.
=== At last motion to have a FAC rep at EAC mtgs.  FAC passed motion in February but when rep showed up not been allowed to join EAC b/c no formal motion/approval -- IMO, needless delay and embarrassment/frustration caused by staff not forwarding to Ccl in timely manner.   Why did it take about five months?  Forcing them (at least two tried to attend/speak) to sit in audience.  As Sop pointed out, the FAC rep had had to sit in audience (and not speak?!).  Oh well.  Resolved now.
===  REPORTS: Many congratulations (well deserved) to JC for a most successful and enjoyable Canada Day celebration with fireworks; Productive mtg with Westport Nbrhd Assn; More congratulations to JC invested as fellow of Rotary Int'l
===  Only a question re golf course in Correspondence (will be looked into)
===  PQ&C had praise for response team re ferry accident in HBay and the modelling of the official t-shirt of the red-legged frog we can kiss goodbye on sea-to-sky if overland instead of tunnel

-------  SUBMISSION re South Marr Proposed Devt  ------ Transcript from 2005 July 4 ------

Good evening, Mayor and Council
Carolanne Reynolds, Editor, WVMatters

Unfortunately, I have not yet had time to read the new information released with the supplemental package.

It is my hope however that you will recognize the damage already done to the streams and in particular to the important but sensitive ephemerals and with the development permit, insist on measures to rehabilitate them as much as possible as well as to enhance those that are left.

Please also pay close attention to the geotechnical studies to make sure clearcutting as done in Whitby will not speed up erosion and even cause slides or floods.  I viewed Whitby on the weekend and noted that one can see in some spots where the soil has fallen away, even under retention walls.  Measures must be taken to ensure no residents below will suffer any risks as has happened in some other parts of WV.

BPP wants South Marr to be better than Whitby.  Before approving this permit, please make sure this will be so.

Please do what you can to prevent clearcutting as they said they will do.
Please see the survey with any significant or rare trees/plants identified so they can be protected.
Please find out what the tree height restriction is and at least allow some tall trees, perhaps with windowing -- remember the view is through and framed by the trees.
No one is advocating a wall of trees, but nor are a series of monopoly trees desirable either.

And please make these clear conditions so that your intentions are understood and an accommodation for a park leaving some trees does not result in a measly four trees left as they did on the school site.

Let us appeal to BPP's stated commitment of being better and sensitive.  Why not have much wider setbacks from streams and allow clumps of trees likely to survive rather subject to blowdown so the excuse given they must all be removed.

The one line of small houses, addresses somewhat the need for variety in housing.  As I think both Planning and Design advisory cmtes said, the variances requested make them too close.
 In exchange for larger setbacks and groups of trees, pls ask BPP to consider changing the line of sgl-fam houses, to maybe ten or 12 units in duplexes or a multifamily, or maybe half and half -- a few small houses on lots not cheek by jowl, and one multifamily or a couple of duplexes. Vary it more.

IOW, they can keep their zoned density even with the wider setbacks and small woodsy areas, even if it requires some multifamily.   If they come forth with a comprehensive extremely environmentally sensitive plan, maybe consider a bit of a higher density in appreciation.

Council, before approving this please:
=  make sure DFO authorization has been received (to avoid the misunderstanding in the earlier stage that caused damage and resulted in a stop work)
=  ensure that all the Watercourse Protection bylaws and provisions/requirements (even those intended/anticipated) are adhered to
=  try to meet all the concerns raised by the Parks and Env Adv Comte as well as those issues identified by the WV Streamkeepers
=  rather than scouring the Rain Garden, make it more attractive, meaningful, and effective -- perhaps invite suggestions from the Parks Dept, cmtes, or residents -- it is a concept that has potential but is a farce of a term as it stands now -- it shd be more than a highway for bears to nearby fruit trees and garbage bins.

BPP want to do better.  Let's work with this goodwill to develop something much better than Whitby.

This devt can be a showcase and example of how sustainable, sensitive, and beautiful new devts as they creep across our mountainside can be.

Start today with real environmental and creek protection and enhancement.

As for cmnty benefits, my recommendation to adv cmtes and various groups is to give Ccl a list of their 'top ten' so that Ccl has a selection of various projects and amenities of varied  costs and value so that suitable benefits can be asked for, for the benefit of the whole community.

Please differentiate between amenities for the subdivision itself making the lots higher priced, more desirable, and easier to sell[, and cmnty benefits to residents of WV].

A great plan can be had {I think I meant 'made'} for this Rodgers area total plan, and this can be part of it, if you have an idea and sort of sketch in some of the parks, and the wider areas for linear parks and whatever

[Make this an integral part of the larger Rodgers Creek area plan.]

As for the comment {earlier} to wait until there's a Cmnty Benefit policy, there's no need to wait for a cmnty benefit policy.  You on Council know and can ask what the cmnty wants.  You have some great ideas yourselves. 

You can ask for some cmnty benefits now, you don't have to wait.

Thank you.

TO: Mayor & Council of WV -- Public Meeting on Evelyn Drive Proposal; June 28, 2005

BY:     Candace Lundy 103-29th Street, West Vancouver

I would ask that you evaluate this proposed project in the context of the following:

FIRST -  Topography
        West Vancouver is made up of some 27 individual and distinct character neighbourhoods of which the combined Evelyn Drive and Sentinel Hill areas are one.  All 27 of our neighbourhoods are primarily shaped by topography.  This project because of [its] density and parkade podium structures beneath the towers,    will virtually deny the role of topography and this in turn will result in a total devastation of the current environment of these 21 acres.
        A basic principle to the long-term development of a more complete community is  that every incremental addition to established neighbourhoods ought to enhance  and increase the wholeness and completeness of that [neighbourhood].  A part of this principle is that existing residents in that neighbourhood ought to be supportive of the project.
        I believe in this case, that the majority of the existing residents in this area do not consider this project to be a positive addition, and, just for clarity, the opinions of those selling their lands to the applicant should be considered on a different basis [from] those staying on in the neighbourhood.
        Over [six] years and enormous citizen input, it was decided that the Evelyn Drive       Area would be subject to a comprehensive area plan study including analysis of traffic, access, visual impact, topography, and housing forms.
        NO SUCH study was prepared and the recent Spaxman study of this specific proposal does not do away with the O.C.P. study requirement.  If we don't evaluate development proposals around some formal community principles we are left with chaos, fear, anger, and neighbour and against neighbour.
        Clearly, the basic principles of a good governance model have been ignored in this case.  And quite frankly, this is the most disturbing element of this application and process.
        It is not the developer's fault for trying to get this past us, it is our fault collectively, to allow it to get to this point.
The specifics of this proposal are:
57 lots with a total area of 640,000 sq/ft
Existing allowable density on these 57 lots is 224,000 sq. ft
This proposal has a density of 714,000 sq. ft. which results in a density increase of 490,000 sq. ft. - A very conservative value of this up-zoning is $100/sq.ft. which provides the developer with an increased site value of
        This is a Community benefit reality to which you need to give specific attention to in your evaluation of this proposal.
        So, [let's] step back and look at a density of 1.0 as set out in the O.C.P.  This results in a density of 640,000 sq.ft. which can be achieved with a series of [two-, three-, and four-]storey buildings.  With an average of [three] storeys, this low-rise solution would be much less destructive to the environment, be more easily phased over a longer period, provide the developer with attractive economics and would in EVERY WAY, be a more appropriate solution to this difficult situation.

 >>>  ABBREVIATED CCL AGENDA July 11th  <<<

3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, June 27, 2005  (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       J. Winkler and S. Schemmer, West Vancouver residents, regarding a "By-Pass Road" connecting [Lions'] Gate Bridge and Highway #1
5.         REPORTS
5.1       West Vancouver Community Arts Council Service Agreement and Licence to Occupy Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
1.         The West Vancouver Community Arts Council Service Agreement be approved with a service fee of $25,000.00 paid by the District in two [instalments] commensurate with satisfactory service delivery.
2.         The proposed Licence to Occupy to the West Vancouver Community Arts Council for the Silk Purse Arts Centre be approved and the Mayor and Municipal Clerk be authorized to execute the document.
5.2       Development Variance Permit Application No. 05?004 (5771 Cranley Drive)            
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
At the June 06 meeting, Council received the report dated May 27, 2005 from the Assistant Planner.
Request staff report OR give approval to provide for a single-storey addition on the rear of the house.
5.3       Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC) First Principles
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
... be received and the information be made available for review and comment back to Staff by July 18 for forwarding to the LMTAC.
5.4       Development Permit Application No. 04?017 (South Marr Creek - 24.23 acres bounded by Marr Creek, Collingwood School, the Chairlift Road Subdivision, and the westerly extension of Chippendale Road)
At the July 04, 2005 meeting, Council deferred consideration of this DP Application until July 11, 2005.  The Public Meeting input closed on July 04, 2005.  (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
5.5       Watercourse Protection Bylaw No. 4364, 2005 (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
6.         BYLAWS [for Adoption; Third Readings passed July 4]
6.1       Lane Paving 1300 Block Mathers and Lawson Avenue and 1480 - 14th Street
6.2       Lane Paving 1500 Block Jefferson and Kings Avenue and 1285 - 15th Street
6.3       Lane Paving 1000 Block Esplanade Avenue and Keith Road
6.4       Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw No. 4441, 2005 (Cemetery Tariffs, Ice Arena and Aquatic Centre fees)
8.1       Correspondence
===  No Action Required (receipt only)
8.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
                (a)       Parks and Environment Advisory Committee, March 09, 2005
        (b)       Planning Advisory Committee, May 25, 2005
        (c)        Heritage Advisory Committee, May 10, 2005 
        (d)       Sports and Recreation Facilities Planning Select Committee of Council, June 08, 2005
8.1.2         K. Vance, Senior Policy Analyst and J. Wright, Policy Analyst, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, June 30, 2005, regarding New Riparian Areas Regulation - Extension Granted to March 31, 2006
8.1.3         D. B. Pink, June 24, 2005, regarding "Ultimate Tribute Show" Fundraiser
                  Previously distributed due to timing of event.
8.1.4         West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society, June 22, 2005, regarding clarification with respect to creek priorities of West Vancouver Streamkeepers
8.1.5         C. Wood, Treasurer, Pro Nova Ensemble, regarding Arts & Culture Grant
8.1.6         C. Loat, Centennial President (2004 - 2005), Rotary Club of West Vancouver, June 27, 2005, regarding Rotary's Centennial Year
 ===  Action Required
8.1.7         B. Brill, undated, regarding recent "No Dog" Policy in Tantalus Park near Horseshoe Bay
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.8         L. Munroe, June 21, 2005, regarding Train Whistle Bylaw
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
8.1.9         D. R. Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby, June 14, 2005, regarding Agricultural Land Reserve
                  Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.

>>>  MONKEY BUSINESS  <<<  *  Monkey Business on a Keyboard  *  by Norm Storer

Statisticians have argued that if 50 million monkeys typed furiously on 50 million typewriters for some incredibly long period, one of them would eventually produce a letter-perfect copy of Shakespeare's complete works -- and never mind that Will himself never accomplished this.

By the same reasoning, we can assume that all of humankind's other significant linguistic achievements would also be found in typographical perfection among the other marvellous monkeys' outpourings.

Our concern, however, is with the monkey who simply came close -- whose work in small chunks is perfect except for one letter.

Let us call this charming chimp Mickey.  (Mickey Monkey -- now why didn't Disney think of that?)

Inspecting Mickey's near-triumphs affords an occasional smile, once in a while a real snicker, and serves also as a salutory antidote to every author's dream of technical perfection.

The author in our original example, whom Mickey is sure to call the Barf of Avon, provides a number of examples:

Al, the world's a stage
A nose by any other name would smell the same
Let us sit upon the ground and tell Dad stories of the death of kings
Out, out damned snot
Death, where is thy stink?

Similarly, our struggling simian would wreak havoc on certain basic religious precepts:
Our father sho art in heaven
give us this day our daily break
God helps those who heap themselves
Rock of apes, cleft for me
To erp is human
Nobody knows the trouble I've been
Durn the other cheek

Certainly, Broadway would suffer terrific typographical terrorism:
Kuss me Kate
The Kink and I
The Icepan Cometh
Desire Under the Elfs
Couth Pacific

Memorable lines from political figures and famous authors form political figures and famous authors, as well as hoary adages, offer Mickey multiple opportunities for distortion:
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of sappiness
Ask not what your country can do for Lou
I am not a crock
A fool and his honey are soon parted
A poet lovely as a tree
'Twas the fight before Christmas
A rolling stone gathers no Miss
One if by land and two if by sex
And on the opposite whore shall be
There is no free punch
Try and cry alone
I pandered lonely as a cloud

And just before carpal tunnel syndrome set in for good, Mickey would undoubtedly type:

>>>  INFObit - The Snowbirds  <<<  Snowbird Team History

Motto: THE HATITEN  RONTERIIOS (Warriors of the air)  /  Badge: An Iroquois Indian's  head
Battle Honours: English  Channel and North Sea 1943-1944, Baltic 1943-1944, Fortress Europe  1943-1944, France and Germany 1944-1945, Biscay Ports 1943-1944,  Ruhr 1943-1945, Berlin 1943-1944, German Ports 1943-1945, Normandy 1944, Rhine, Biscay 1943-1944
Quick  History: On 11 November 1942, 431 Bomber Squadron formed  at Burn, England. They were in England for the duration of the  war and moved to RCAF Station Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, after V-E  Day, disbanding there on 5 September 1945. 431 Fighter Squadron  formed at RCAF Station Bagotville on 18 January 1954 in order to  display the Sabre to the public at airshows. They were disbanded on 1 October 1954. They were re-activated on 1 April 1978 as 431 Air Demonstration Squadron, more commonly known as the Snowbirds, flying the CT-114 Tutor. On 15 October 1999, 431 Sqn was presented  their Squadron Colours, for 25 years of service.

>>>  QUOTATION  <<<

Thinking of Chuck Cadman, who will be remembered with admiration.....
"Ninety per cent of  the politicians give the other ten per cent a bad reputation.
                                        --  Henry Kissinger