WVM2005 - 24S+A
Calendar to 30th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

***  Celebrating RoyalTea-by-the-Sea  ***
***  Dundarave Park  *  2 - 4 pm   *  Saturday  July 30th  ***
Tea and goodies; Pipers from JP Fell Pipe Band; Reservations 922 4400; tix $5; Sign book of greetings
can't resist first a bit on  THEATRE:
Opening Night Friday July 15 of Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" marked the opening of the fourth and last production at this summer's Bard on the Beach as well as the first play not by Shakespeare.  Simply put, it's just a brilliant season.  The comedy R&G complements the tragedy of "Hamlet". Both are in the studio tent in the round (but avoid sitting facing north or south).
Main Items July 25; Calendar to July 30; Ccl Mtg July 18, Intro (Lies and Statistics) and Partial Notes (Ev Dr); July 25 Abbreviated Agenda; Quotations; Flyer of RoyalTea-by-the-Sea on Saturday July 30.

>>>  MAIN ITEMS for Ccl Mtg July 25  <<<  A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued

==  Reconvened Public Hearing (EvDr), July 18, 2005 minutes to be provided on table
==  Evelyn Drive Proposed Bylaws
=  Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 4439, 2005 dealing with the Evelyn Drive Planning Area (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
=  Zoning Amendment Bylaw for certain lots in Evelyn Drive Planning Area (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
==  Westport Road Beautification
==  Residents Concerns: 4895-5295 Keith Road (Update)  (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
==  Request for Playground Funding at Ecole Cedardale (School)
==  Youth Competition & Recognition Fund
==  Community Wildfire Protection Plans - Group Application for Funding
==  Confirmation of New Drawings  - 3390 Radcliffe Avenue
==  Development Variance Permit (Clovelly Walk)
==  WV Community Centre Funding and Timeline (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
Suspense:  Ccl refused to say how much the new ctr wd cost earlier in the year, saying it wd be determined by the amount the Dir of Finance said they cd spend; in the spring they said $16m but a few weeks ago the estimate was $25m; this is the largest expenditure and biggest project in the history of WV  -- a serial edifice complex?   What do you think? They pledged no tax rate increase for recreation projects but there was.   Shd there be a referendum?  Just trust all will be well?
==  Traffic and Parking Amendment Bylaw
==  Fire Protection and Emergency Response Amendment Bylaw (Fireworks)
==  General Local Elections Regulation Bylaw (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
==  Zoning Amendment Bylaw and Development Permit for property at 6390 Bay Street 5.
==  BYLAWS for adoption
-  2004 Annual Budget Amendment Bylaw No. 4442, 2005
-  Endowment Fund Expenditure Bylaw
-  Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw
==  CORRESPONDENCE -- Minutes: FAC, Police Bd, NSFCYJC, DAC; NSh Cmnty Health Profile; Pk Royal Shopping Ctr - New Devt Area; TransLink; Streamside Protection Regulation; Fireworks Bylaw; Red-Legged Frog/Bald Eagle; BPP/Rodgers Creek/SMarr/$$$; Police Assn [NOT Police Board as DWV agenda states] Golf Tournament; NSh Veterans

===  CALENDAR to July 30th ......

+ Tuesday, July 19
~ 5pm ~ Planning Adv Comm [CANCELLED]
~ 7pm ~ CSAC (Council Chamber)
+ Wednesday, July 20
~ 8:30am ~ Sports/Rec Fac Planning Mtg at Hall
~ 5:30pm  ~ Finance Adv Comm (MFCR) [CANCELLED]
~ 7pm ~ Library Board (Peters Room - WV Library)
~ 7pm ~ Board of Variance (Council Chamber)
+ Thursday, July 21
~  8:30am ~ Free Seminar re: US Currency
Park Royal Shopping Centre is hosting a seminar on U.S. Counterfeit Currency.  An investigative Specialist from the U.S. Consulate General will be conducting the presentation.   If you have any questions please call Art Pugh, Chief of Security at 922-3211.
~ 4:30pm ~ DAC (Council Chamber) [CANCELLED]
~ 6pm ~ N.S. Family Court & Youth Justice Comm. (CNV Municipal Hall, Conf Rm A)

+ Weekend July 23/24: Farmers' Markets in Ambleside and Dundarave

+ Monday, July 25
~ 2 to 7pm ~ Grand Opening of Gleneagles Adventure Park and Public Safety Bldg
(Official ceremony starts at 3:30)
+ Tuesday, July 26
~ 4pm ~ Police Bd Mtg at Police Dept Boardroom [MOVED FROM July 28}
+ Wednesday, July 27
~ 8:30am ~ Sports/Rec Fac Planning
~ 4pm ~ Police Bd Mtg [MOVED from July 28}
+ Thursday, July 28
~ 4pm ~ Police Bd Mtg [MOVED to July 26}
~ 7pm ~ LAST CCL MTG OF THE SUMMER, next one September 12th

***  HARMONY ARTS -- Starts Friday, July 29th

***  ROYALTEA-BY-THE-SEA -- Saturday, July 30th [see details at end]

===  Ccl Mtg July 18th  ===

Chamber and lobby were packed.
Some intro remarks.....
+ Finance items added on table
+ Worries over Marr Creek/Whitby expressed, prepare for fall rains; erosion evident and monitored with concern; plea for hazard/risk assessment as recommended in the geotechnical report
+ No time yet to summarize second half of Ev Dr PH submissions but herewith notes from first half plus my submission scribbled quickly on my return to WV after 5pm.
+ Also the ccl mtg notes have some snippets at the end, when roused by a cclr's comment he had not seen the DWV ad on Ev Dr in Sunday's NShNews, I asked who wrote or approved the ad -- was not bold enough to state the obvious that Ccl is ultimately responsible for what is done in DWV's name -- b/c I found it extremely unusual with speakers claiming it supported the dvpr's proposal and we were in a Public Hearing process).  RD said he saw a copy only on Saturday after it had gone to press.
+  My question led to the revelation that the Mayor had approved the ad prepared by staff, also seen by JF and VD (I've been out of town so hadn't read the resident group flyer and hadn't seen the ad wch some took as support for Millennium's plans).


Will the Evelyn Drive development increase density 1000%?
Some opposed mailed out a flyer saying so. The Hall spent taxpayers' money on an ad saying that wasn't true. So which is it?
(1) There are approx. 55 housing units currently in the area under consideration.
(2) Millennium has presented various proposals showing 550 +/- dwelling units.
(3) Planners use two different measures of housing density: FAR (Floor Area Ratio) and upa (units per acre).
(4) The proposed zoning bylaw places NO limit on the number of dwelling units Millennium can build.
(5) The proposed bylaw limits (under certain conditions) the devt to an overall FAR of 1.0 and a per lot FAR of 1.6.
(6) An increase from 55 to 550 is 495, 495 is 900% of 55, therefore an increase from 55 to 550 is 900% (not 1000%) -- but Millennium is not limited to 550.
(7) Although the current FAR permitted for Evelyn is .35, the actual FAR as-built is closer to .18.

*  The increase in density measured as FAR is anything from three times to nine times.
For those addicted to exact figures: 186% wch is about three times (the current permitted maximum to the overall average of the new development) to 789% wch is about nine times (the current as-built lot FAR to the maximum permitted lot FAR for the new development), and five times if from actual to overall average.
*  The increase in density measured as upa can be anything from 900% or higher.
900% is the increase from the current 55 to 550 which appeared in at least one of Millennium's proposals) -- on up since the bylaw puts no limit on the number of units.
The DWV ad chooses to narrowly calculate density using only the FAR method and to compare the maximum currently permitted (roughly twice actually there) with the overall average of the new development to produce an artificial and misleading low increase of three times (186%) when it's in fact five to nine times what is actually there.
And if one uses "units per acre" (an equally accepted measure of density), the increase might be 900%, 1000%, or more.
The Public Hearing is closed.  All agree that the area shd be developed.  No one may speak to members of Council.   On Monday night, Ccl (the five cclrs not in conflict of interest) will debate both the amount and kind of increase along with a, one hopes, public, process to finalize the proposal (design, massing, green space, heights, traffic, and so on).

A Reader replied to my TV notice headsup (July 19) on the ccl mtg.  I explained that I'd never used the term 1000% increase, rather choosing -- but perhaps not distinguishing it carefully enough -- to say the number of units is tenfold what is there now (visualizing one pod being replaced by ten pods).   I'd like to see at least three models of the site with varying FAR and housing options.  Design can disguise high density and aesthetics with green spaces can add to the quality of life.  I also wondered if devt cd be phased -- allows the project to be started on soon to put those felt trapped with their locked-in options, give the devpr the opportunity to build something the cmnty likes so less fear of what to come, especially if public have a say in what will be done.

Staff are suggesting limit devt to 600Ksf; $2.1m into a fund for cmnty benefits (while saying the previous cmnty benefits added up to $2.6m).
Loved the suggestion that since the Guinness family built the Lions' Gate Bridge to aid devt of the British Properties, Millennium shd build a third crossing
One resident thanked those opposed for making her garage sale so successful.

>>>   NOTES ON FIRST HALF OF MTG (Ccl Mtg started at 6:30)  <<<

2005 Annual Budget Amendment, Endowment Fund Expenditure Bylaw, and Youth Activity Reserve Fund Bylaw ADDED to the agenda at the beginning of the mtg, passed with the Annual Report 2004 wch was in the supplemental itself!  Then the gall to claim no one came to the public mtg on Municipal Finance July 12 when I don't know anyone who knew about it -- it was not on the DWV website calendar, and no mention was made at the July 11th mtg (whereas last night we were told about the Adventure Park opening).
=  There were questions about how the traffic calming on Marine Drive in Ambleside wd be done (bulges, midblock crossings).
=  DP for Amica at 605 Clyde
=  Watercourse Protection Bylaw adopted; citizen expressed concerns for some creeks in the Marr and Whitby areas having spent time monitoring the area; the geotechnical report also recommends risk/hazard assessment; it is hoped a watchful eye will be kept so that the situation will not be exacerbated with the rains this fall, b/c there have already been slides, debris torrents, and erosion to wit: "King's Lane, a major erosion at pedestrian bridge all the way up to the massive slide underneath the lookout on Cypress Bowl Road".  Remedial work shd be done asap, he urged.  G-J expressed thanks for bringing this forward.  Undermining has happened since last winter, observer said 'traumatized' by what he'd seen [change].  Mayor assured him it was being taken seriously.
=  In Correspondence VD burbled on about trees; JF recommended the CDROM of "Sharing the Vision:  Perspectives on the Promise of Treaties" from the Communications and Consultation [Adviser], Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

>>>  RECONVENED PUBLIC HEARING ON EVELYN DRIVE --  started about 7:13  <<<

SJN gave background and changes/amendments as a result of comments received; some major ones:
= the original proposal of 715Ksf, reduced to 693K and as a result of neg with dvpr reduced to 600Ksf
= reduction of height: no higher than 15 ft above Keith Rd and no more than 80ft on prop to south; certain variations
= Community Benefit: a fund of $2.1m
(in previous, underground on K Rd, contrib to Kay Meek Ctr, and heritage bldg retention added up to $2.6m: staff recommended instead money be put in to $2.1m fund)
=  park as part of a strata devt, publicly dedicated; major portion of central area cd be handled as a communal area; devt done at full cost of dvpr so public has full access to gardens
=  road proposed in OCP down to PkRoyal shopping area -- rec it not be for vehicles -- not nec and potential used as shortcut -- instead route for walkers and cyclists
= process:
applicant has removed site plan and wd work on a new one
no work until Ccl had approved a new plan within whatever Ccl adopts
staff agrees with Spaxman Report
if proceeds, a plan for Ccl approval
establish a working group and traffic calming
Staff wd lead, dvpr meetings[, public involvement]
{There was some discussion over so many diff figures all being 1.0; cd actually now be .87}
Requirement that 10% be small units; demand for larger, av just over 1000 sq ft
so expect wd be a reduction in the 550 units b/c based on sf
OPENED the floor but allowed dvpr to make some comments first.
The Applicant team asked for variation in heights
The first resident speaker gave an emotional plea since she was a single-mother tenant and had just been given an eviction notice.

Speakers, mostly those with options, expressed support, some speakers expressed concerns over traffic.
- Surprise in overturning the OCP so soon after its adoption
- OCP said lowrises (four storeys), now talk of midrises and 80ft, surely a high rise
- 55 to 550 is an increase of 1000%
- a former councillor said he ran on controlling density and this scale and massing too large
- the actual present FAR is about .18 although .35 is allowed in the area so five times the density
- in Ambleside recently four older homes $450K ea sold to dvpr for $750 ea and now ten townhouses for about $1m ea
- new houses more exp; price of remaining old houses goes up; potential for spotzoning, speculators will buy
- dogpatch, then puppy patches?
- cannot carry infrastructure of over 200 units
- some references made to adherence of H2 and other parts of new OCP
- strong support for the redevt of Ev Dr; speakers always intent on preserving cmnty as they remember it; time to pass to another generation; urban, not die at 9 o'clock at night
- mega project; huge, devpt 150 to $200m; selling $500m, $300m in the pocket!  he's getting that much benefit; wd love to have it in WV, nice, very modern; need some of this money to go back to the cmnty in schools, firefighters, policemen; sell at $800 per sf/ city getting $250K in taxes -- 200 years to make money they're making in two years
- only conservatives that oppose any change and support status quo; we cannot stop progress; I wd like to live the rest of my life in this cmnty a beautiful one with all its benefits; we also are taxpayers and this devt will increase the tax base and will help the overall cmnty; change from where we currently live -- no more potholes, new bldgs instead of ugly houses that exist right now
- H2 is merely a policy, called for a study, doesn't say by whom shd be made
well you've had 12 at least; undertaken not only by Mlnm but by Planning Dept
- all cmnties are organic; built this area 50 years ago, now imp adjunct to Pk Royal, opp to be rebuilt, renewed; give slack don't stifle
- v sad to see many WV seniors unwillingly leave b/c cd not find smaller accommod; moved away from friends and grandchn and city they love; many wd love to move back; if decrease density, units larger and cost more
need to attract more young ppl; density appeal to this segment
- trust Ccl and dvpr can work things out
- staff deserves congratulations; plans shd be done by staff not dvpr; at last some of the initiative has been taken by staff; we all know private homes can be appropriated by the govt; recently the Supreme Court of the US passed right to tear down private homes for dvprs; must pay close attention
find out our home only exists at the discretion of the M and the dvpr
- PWV: limit to 250, 300 units
{possibly some ad hoc comments made to this, but this text is close to what I said}
Submission (July 18) to Public Hearing re OCP bylaw amendment (and zoning) re Evelyn Drive area

Good evening, Mayor and Council
Carolanne Reynolds, Editor, West Van Matters, 1065 - 24th; website www.westvan.org

As I said, it's a pity it's not a Gordian knot that cd simply be cut.  The process has been unfair to everyone with assumed encouragement on some parts and objections on others with uncertainty as to expectations, but now we must try to be positive and constructive and look forward.  I cautioned the risk of precedence of spot-zoning.  Clearly all parties need to be informed at an early stage: especially local residents and Council so that a lot of staff time and applicant money isn't spent on a proposal not acceptable to the community.

The new OCP specified a study for this area and a density of up to 1.0FAR to be considered.  This is less than, for example Amica on Clyde across Taylor Way, but that is one building.  Besides, for such a large area something at .5 cd be horrible and something delightful at 1.5 depending on massing, contours, green spaces, etc.

That is why several models of the project shd be shown for public input.  They cd vary from .5 to .75 to 1.0.  Opinions cd be solicited as to attractiveness, quality, and character as well as the handling of traffic for those who will live there.  A shuttle to Park Royal was one helpful suggestion.  Congestion down Taylor Way affects all of us and creative practical solutions shd be presented, not optimistic scenarios when we have the gridlock of the Olympics staring us in the face.

Furthermore, this cd be a phased development.  The FAR cd vary throughout the area with none over 1.0.   Rather than hold things up longer, perhaps see where duplexes, triplexes, or maybe a few storeys can be put that do not impede views.  The spectre of a tenfold increase about 56 homes to 560 units is dramatic and must be carefully planned.

Everyone agrees there shd be renewal and more density, b/c of being near shopping, transportation, and parks.  Design can make the difference.

Why not have models of 200, 300, 400, units, for example so comparisons can be made?

Much has been said about the desirability of affordable housing for seniors but, although it may be in some new staff report or application, I have seen no guarantee of this.   Anyway, I don't think you can [legislate?] all seniors.  All devts to date have been market prices.  Many seniors I've spoken with say they don't consider a duplex for $750K or a condo for over a million is affordable -- however I can see how many realtors wd consider that affordable since the average price of a house in WV is now $1m.  My point is that not just the price range shd be specified but also the rates for the rental units.

This leads to other cmnty benefits.  Depending on what density is decided, the increase in value, the uplift as calculated in many municipalities, cd be anywhere from $20 to 40m.  Please make sure that Council has a list of cmnty benefits to choose from, perhaps even distribute a list of projects for public input.  IOW, not just money for Kay Meek Performing Arts, but also for shoreline work badly needed, for part of the atrium since the Cmnty Ctr has gone from $16m to 25m.

The uplift ratio many municipalities use is two thirds, ie ~65%.  The $2.1m [cited in SJN's background remarks] is less than 10%!  Please make uplift figures public and if Millennium won't, do our own.

Most importantly meet with the objectors and challenge them to come up with something desirable and viable.  Look to cooperation, collaboration, and compromise.  Those in limbo want answers, those opposed do not want to be walked over and ignored while losing their property values.

Have the bylaw still consider increasing FAR from .35 but after some town and nbrhd meetings evaluating various solutions to this neighbourhood with so much potential.  Do not stay fixated on 1.0 and don't surpass it, variety is more interesting.

Council, please have townhall mtgs on this though you did for the new OCP but try to get concrete proposals for the public consultation.

Let more ideas flow!
I'm heartened by the new staff memo especially reduced FAR {not FAR enough?  :-)} and had hoped for more attention to topography.

I know this is agonizing but with more submissions and suggestions, and goodwill and focus on both sides, I'm confident Ccl and staff can steer a way through the shoals and rapids to a devt that will give a beautiful first impression entering this park-like cmnty that puts aesthetics, quality, character  -- and care for all its citizens -- above profit alone.  Money can be made while still preserving heritage and taste [-- and sanity!]

[Thank you.]   {My submission ended at 9:20}
Earlier snippet that roused my curiosity about process, in response to a speaker's comment that the ad seemed like  written by Mlnm b/c like promotion:

RD: Ccl did not run this ad; staff did
Later :
~ 10:40
CR: I have a question about process -- who's seen ad?
Mayor: I did
{JF and VD also put up their hands; I'd been under impression no one cd talk about a PH item outside of the PH mtgs}
MMgr: provided to everyone
staff can talk to Ccl
CR: I hadn't seen ad and flyer; shown to me today
Later still:
Trudy Hodges: still confused
[about] who put it in
from Mr Day understood it was not Ccl, it was staff
Mayor: it was a staff-prepared ad
and I approved it
RD: we received it in our box on Saturday
Mayor: staff prepared the ad
TH: and you gave approval
Mayor: I certainly did
TH: I'm astounded
Some more comments and the Public Hearing on Ev Dr was closed.
An audience member had a question about process but was refused permission to speak; adjournment before 11pm
{PLEASE NOTE:  All submissions can be viewed at the Clerk's office, and the library too, I think.}

>>>  ABBREVIATED AGENDA for CCL MTG July 25  <<<

3.1       ADOPTION OF MINUTES, Council Meeting Minutes, July 11, 2005
3.2       Reconvened Public Hearing, July 18, 2005  (to be provided on table)
4.1       Evelyn Drive Proposed Bylaws
4.1.1   Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4439, 2005 dealing with the Evelyn Drive Planning Area
Affirmative vote of majority of all Council required for each reading of OCP bylaw amendment.
           This Bylaw received first reading on June 13, 2005
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
4.1.2   Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4440, 2005 for certain lots in Evelyn Drive Planning Area
            This Bylaw received first reading on June 06, 2005
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
            Reports and correspondence received to date are attached for reference.
            The Director of Planning, Lands & Permits will describe the subject application.
Applicant:  Keith Hemphill, Rositch Hemphill and Associates Architects
Affected Lands:  2138 / 2140 and 2148 Argyle Avenue
Purpose:  The owners have applied for a [ten-storey, [nine-]unit, multi-family residential building with 29 parking spaces that complies with Multiple  Dwelling Zone RM1.
Draft Development Permit:  To regulate and impose conditions respecting the form and character of the development, including the siting, maximum height,  dimensions and general design.
            The Applicant will be given an opportunity to provide a presentation on the subject application.
Mayor Wood will call for public input.  Following public input:
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received at the July 25, 2005 Reconvened Public Meeting to allow Council to make a determination ...
RECOMMENDED: THAT ... Public Meeting input be closed.
4.3       Westport Road Beautification
Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
1.         Council receive the report from the Manager of Roads and Transportation.
2.         That Council direct staff to proceed with the planned 2005 capital program for Westport Road and that further improvements to Westport Road be considered as part of the 2006 - 2008 budgets.
4.4       Residents Concerns: 4895-5295 Keith Road (Update)  (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
{I think this is flooding below a devt -- removal of trees on Caulfeild Plateau}
 4.5       Request for Playground Funding at Ecole Cedardale (School)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council direct that the Parks Department reserve $17,373. in its proposed 2006 Parks playground capital budget for playground improvements at Ecole Cedardale.
 4.6       Youth Competition & Recognition Fund
RECOMMENDED: THAT Mikyla Kay and Maya Yuki Yamaguchi, soccer players for the BC Soccer Association U14 Girls Provincial Soccer team each be granted $150.00 toward the travel cost of their national and international competitions.
4.7       Community Wildfire Protection Plans - Group Application for Funding
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council authorize Fire & Rescue staff in conjunction with the Community Forester to proceed with a Wildfire Risk Assessment and Community Protection Plan for DWV, conditional on the approval of funding from the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM).
4.8       Confirmation of New Drawings  - 3390 Radcliffe Avenue
1.         DVP 04-002 be amended to require the issuance of a Building Permit by November 30, 2005.
2.         DVP be amended to substitute the drawings attached as Appendix B to this report titled "Confirmation of new drawings - 3390 Radcliffe," dated July 15, 2005, for the existing DVP drawings.
4.9       Development Variance Permit No. 05?006 (Clovelly Walk)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Municipal Clerk give notice that DVP Application No. 05-006 (4640 Clovelly Walk), which would provide for a future subdivision of one lot into three, with variances to Lots 1 and 3 to allow for panhandle configurations, will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, September 19, 2005.
 4.10    West Vancouver Community Centre Funding and Timeline             (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
4.11    Traffic and Parking Bylaw 4370, 2004 Amendment Bylaw 4445, 2005... be introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
4.12    Fire Protection and Emergency Response Bylaw No. 4366, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4446, 2005 (Fireworks) ...be introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
4.13    General Local Elections Regulation Bylaw No. 4447, 2005
Designated Presenter: Director of Administrative Services
RECOMMENDED: ...  be introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
(to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
4.14    Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4408, 2004 and Development Permit No. 04-015 for property at 6390 Bay Street
RECOMMENDED: ... be adopted.  RECOMMENDED: ...Devt Permit No. be issued.
5.         BYLAWS for Adoption (third readings July 18) -- Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance:
5.1       2004 Annual Budget Amendment Bylaw No. 4442, 2005
5.2       Endowment Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4443, 2005
5.3       Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4444, 2005
7.         OTHER ITEMS
7.1       Correspondence
+++  No Action Required (receipt only)
7.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)             Finance Advisory Committee, April 20, 2005
(b)             West Vancouver Police Board, May 26, 2005
(c)              North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee, February 17, 2005
(d)             North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee, January 20, 2005
(e)             North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee, April 21, 2005
(f)               Design Advisory Committee Minutes, May 12, 2005
(g)             Design Advisory Committee Minutes, May 26, 2005
7.1.2         F. Isaac, Councillor, Lower Mainland Municipal Association (LMMA), July 05, 2005, regarding LMMA Name Change
7.1.3         N. Hastie, President and CEO, Encorp Pacific (Canada), June 23, 2005, regarding annual report for 2004
                  Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
7.1.4         M. Johnston and Light Rail Committee, July 11, 2005, regarding "Metro Madness the RAV Big Dig Begins!"
7.1.5         E. Black, Health Information Officer, Office of the Medical Health Officer, NSh/Coast Garibaldi Health Services, Vancouver Coastal Health, June 20, 2005, regarding NSh Community Health Profile 2005 Errata
7.1.6         M. Donas, July 08, 2005, regarding Park Royal Shopping Centre - New Development Area
7.1.7         C. Lee, Corporate Secretary, Translink, July 08, 2005, regarding Transit Capacity Study
7.1.8         W. D. Thorneloe, Vice President Development, British Pacific Properties Limited, July 11, 2005, regarding Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan
{What an interesting letter.  Is the $480K the offer that was withdrawn and now being re-offered?  Ccl's attempt to include SMarr with Rodgers Creek plan thwarted?  Are building roads and bridges to service your housing subdivision really a cmnty benefit? or rather a basic requirement to develop?  And when will that playing field promised within three years three years ago be usable?}
7.1.9         B. Penner, Minister, Min of Env'mt, July 12, 2005, regarding Streamside Protection Regulation
7.1.10       J. Rielly, B.E.M. Fireworks, July 12, 2005, regarding Fireworks Bylaw
7.1.11       J. Cuthbert, July 14, 2005, regarding July 14 Red-legged Frog/Bald Eagle Vancouver Sun article
7.1.12       E. G. Wiens, July 05, 2005, regarding safe ways to deal with people
7.1.13       E. Pearce, President West Vancouver Police Board [sic], July 14, 2005, regarding West Vancouver Police Association Annual Golf Tournament
{NB: Ed Pearce is President of the WV Police Association; there is no president of the Police Board, Mayor Wood is Chair of the Police Board.}
7.1.14       Airline Industry Monitoring (AIM) Consortium of British Columbia, July 14, 2005, regarding BC update
+++  Action Required
7.1.15       P. Hunter, Secretary, North Shore Veterans' Council, Undated, regarding Victory over Japan Day
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
7.1.16       G. Foster, July 12, 2005, regarding 2005 Halloween Fireworks
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
7.1.17       L. & C. Esplen, July 13, 2005, regarding Board of Variance Hearing Agenda - July 20, 2005 Application #05-032 (6437 Nelson Avenue)
                  Referred to Municipal Clerk for consideration and response.



The belief in the possibility of a short decisive war appears to be one of the most ancient and dangerous of human illusions.
                        -- Robert Lynd, writer (1879-1949)

No society that feeds its children on tales of successful violence can expect them not to believe that violence in the end is rewarded.
                        -- Margaret Mead, anthropologist (1901-1978)

The only statistics you can trust are those you falsified yourself.
                        --  Winston Churchill

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