Jan24th Ccl NOTES & Mtgs/Events to Feb 6th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

HERITAGE WEEKEND (16th - 18th) -- talks, tours, and more!
See http://www.district.north-van.bc.ca/article.asp?a=3027&c=654 and below in Calendar section
This issue:
Main items Ccl Mtg Sept 19th; Calendar to 25th (including biz networking and calls for submissions re art); Abbreviated Sept 19th Agenda; INFObits; Our Library's Film Festival in September (15, 22, 29); Quotation

>>>  Main Items Monday Sept 19th Ccl Mtg (Televised, 7pm)  <<<
[A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda may have been issued on Friday; DWV website down when doing this.]
= Delegations: Presentation from District Archivist re Heritage Posters; Seniors' Housing Needs
= DVP 4640 Clovelly Walk
= GVRD Mosquito Control
= Five-Year Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw for comment
{Hm -- don't you think the public shd hv more than a week to review such a major issue?}
= Proposed Zoning Map Amendments {setting public hearing for consideration Oct 17}
= Bylaws: Watercourse Protection; Enforcement Amendment; M Ticket Info System Implementation;
= Correspondence: EAC Minutes; Emergency Programs; Cmnty Benefits; Ambleside Town Centre; NSFC&YJC Mbrship and NSACD appointments; Cancellation of Nov 14 Mtg

>>>  CALENDAR to Sept 25th  <<<
             All summer and still continuing are the Farmers' Markets:  Dundarave on Saturday and Ambleside on Sunday.
=== Tuesday, Sept 13th === 
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC -- [MOVED to 15th]
~ 7 - 9pm ~ CSAC, Ccl Chamber -- [MOVED from 6th]
 === Wednesday= , Sept 14th === 
~ 7:30am ~ Ch of Commerce Breakfast at Hollyburn Country Club with Christopher Gaze, Artistic Director {extraordinaire!} of Bard on the Beach
~ 5pm ~ PAC -- CANCELLED
~ 6 - 8pm ~ PEAC, MHall
=== Thursday, Sept 15th === 
~ 8:30am ~ Arts/Culture Strategy Cmte -- CANCELLED
~ 4 - 6pm ~ Police Board, Ch of Commerce Boardroom
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC, MHall -- [MOVED from 13th to 15th]
~ 6 - 8pm ~ NSFC&YJ, at CNV MHall
~ 7:30pm ~ WV Streamkeepers at St Stephen's with Tom Lancaster of SmartGrowth speaking about urban development on steep slopes, then 8:15 AGM

------ Sat Sept 17 - CALL for SUBMISSIONS 2005  - Ferry Building Art Gallery  ------------ for
"Great Stuff" -- Christmas Gift Exhibition & Sale November 18 =96 December 18,2005
a visual feast and treasure cache of fine artwork, unique crafts and distinctive gifts
The Ferry Building Gallery is inviting submissions for our unique Christmas Group Exhibition & Sale
=A8      Artist must be the creator of the work
=A8      Artwork must be original and not made from kits, mass moulds, or mass produced
=A8      Food or beauty products will not be accepted
=A8      Maximum value of artwork $300.00
=A8      Artist must be willing to participate in the exhibition by contributing a minimum of 4 hours of their time to the operation of the exhibition
CALL  FOR  ENTRY --  Saturday, September 17, 2005
At the MUSIC BOX (Harmony Arts Festival office beside Silk Purse) 1564 Argyle Avenue
Drop-off sample of work:     9 - 11am
Results & Pick-up:     3 to 4pm
$15 jury fee (GST incl.) cash or cheque (payable to District of West Vancouver) only please!
o     30% commission on all sales
o     all sales and displays are managed by gallery staff & volunteers
Contact: Ruth Payne,  Visual Arts Coordinator, FBG, phone: 604 925 7290
 === Some 2005 Heritage Weekend Events ===
*** FRIDAY -- SEPTEMBER 16th  ***    
Presentation &a= mp; Book Signing - Tom Taylor
District of North Vancouver Municipal Hall, 355 West Queens Rd, North Vancouver -- 7 - 9.30pm
*** SATURDAY -- SEPTEMBER 17th  ***    
Kay Meek Centre ($20.00/$15.00), 925 7179; 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver -- 1 - 3.30pm
PGE Railway Station; Foot of Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver; Saturday and Sunday, 3pm
*** SUNDAY -- SEPTEMBER 18th  ***
+ HERITAGE HARBOUR BOAT TOURS -- Waterfront Park -- Sailings at: noon, 1, 2, & 3pm
Various Sites ($15.00), phone 925 7000 to reserve; 12.00 - 5.00pm
+ HOLLYBURN HERITAGE SOCIETY VIDEOS -- West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1- 4pm
++ Something a bit different in NV --
Sunday at 1pm Mollie Nye House (outside), 940 Lynn Valley Road.
Join Roy Pallant MA, local historian, President of the North Shore Historical Society and District of North Vancouver Community Heritage Commission member, on a visit to The Exactly One Mile Long Timber Chute and the detour of Keith Creek for the purpose of it keeping cool. These historical features were part of the steep route of 1912 bringing timber down from the top of Grouse Mountain to the mill located east of Grand Boulevard. Duration of walk is 2 hours. Dated Route sheet provided. Following the walk a HERITAGE CREAM TEA (optional) will be held at Mollie Nye House. You may purchase Cream Tea tickets prior to the walk. The walk is free but pre-registration is preferred. Please call 604.9902369 or 604.986-8969.
=== Also on Sunday Sept= 18 ===
+ Terry Fox Run
9am-1pm (8am registration); Seawalk from Ambleside to Dundarave Beach; see www.terryfoxrun.org
+ Caulfeild Village Mall Oktoberfest; 12-5pm -- Caulfeild Village Mall
=== Ccl Mtg Monday Sept 19, Televised -- See Abbreviated Agenda below ===

=== Tuesday, Sept 20th === 
~ 8 - 9:30am ~ Ch of Commerce's Boardroom: Making your Website Work - Six Steps to Success. Members $15 / Non-members $20 (GST included) ADVANCE PRE-PAID REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED -- 926 6614
~ 3:45 to 5:45 ~ YAC at MHall
~ 4pm ~ AGM of BC Ferry Authority and BC Ferry Services at Kay Meek Ctr; public may attend, express views, and ask questions.  Annual reports at www.bcferryauthority.com and www.bcferries.com or call 250 978 1267

=== Wednesday, Sept 21st === 
~ 8:30am ~  {They're back!}  Sports/Rec Fac Planning Cmte at MHall
~ 5 - 7pm Drop-In ~ Business After Business at Chamber of Commerce's Boardroom, 1310 Marine
Sept member sponsors: Bell Canada, Bread Garden Park Royal, Edward Jones Investments, North Shore Credit Union/NORCU, Spectacular Ink, Techmedics Onsite Computer Services Inc., The Sea to Sky Law Corporation
                *** Advanced registration is required for appetizer preparation.
~ 5:30 - 7pm ~ FAC at MHall
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Bd of Variance at MHall and Library Board at WVMLibrary

=== Thursday, Sept 22nd ===
~ 8:30am ~ Arts/Culture Select Cmte at MHall
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ DAC at MHall
~~~ For something completely different, at 7:30pm
at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre Auditorium. 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver
Presented by the Vancouver Natural History Society
Come and learn about our common amphibians (frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts).  Particular emphasis will be given to amphibians whose declines are serious and little understood, and why we should all be concerned.  (WV residents should be particularly concerned, considering development issues in West Van, including the planned Eagleridge Bluffs overland highway route.) Harry Parsons has been studying amphibians and reptiles for over 30 years. He is a former WV resident, now living on the Sunshine Coast.
For more information, contact Katharine Steig, 604-922-7949 or katharine@steig.com

=== SUNDAY, Sept 25th ===
All day celebration of Rec Ctr prior to demolition; 9 to 4pm with ceremony at 2pm

---  Meanwhile, over at the Ferry Building:
Selected artists' work will be scheduled for an exhibit at the FERRY BUILDING GALLERY in 2006
 (you may be chosen for a group show or solo exhibit, depending on the jury's decision.)
=A8      Must be a past or present resident of the North Shore
=A8      3 finished & framed pieces of artwork (3-dimensional work welcome)
=A8      Photographs of current work (4" x 5" prints or larger preferred)
=A8      short written concept or proposed theme of exhibition (optional)
=A8      curriculum vitae (Bio)
=A8      $15.00 jury fee
*must not have had a solo exhibition in any of the Ferry Building Gallery, Silk Purse Gallery, or West Van Library with the past 24 months, and must not have shown in the Ferry Building Gallery in Group Exhibits within the past 12 months.
Drop-Off:                    Sunday, September 25, 9am-11am
Pick-Up:                      3-4 pm same day.
LOCATION:      Masonic Hall, 1763 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver
                           (plenty of parking across the street at John Lawson Park)
For more information, please call 925-7290    Contact: Mary Harrington

>>>>>>>  CCL MTG NOTES Sept 12th Mtg  <<<<<<<
At the beginning of the meeting Mayor Wood announced he had some sad notices, the passing and loss of two citizens: the former alderman, Dr Bob Hicks, known as "the orthodontist", first elected in 1977 and served to 1982, and enumerated his many activities; and Jack Howard who regularly attended council meetings and served on several advisory cmtes.
July 28 Minutes adopted/passed.
4.         REPORTS
4.1       Watercourse Protection Bylaw Amendments to Provide Ticketing Authority (Watercourse Protection Bylaw 4364, 2005, Amendment Bylaw 4450, 2005)
SJN explained the three bylaws.
JF moved introduction as well as first, second, and third readings.
Sop: operate by complaint? or how wd we know a stream being polluted
SJN: we now have an environmental coordinator who has a number of means for mediation as well as ticketing wch adds a tool.  Anticipate ticketing only used when ppl fail to comply.
Sop: do already developed properties?
SJN: wd apply in all instances where watercourse bylaw applies including siltation....
Sop: appreciate there has not been the power and teeth not in any bylaw
re spillage and chemicals into streams, how enforce not quite clear to me on private lands
SJN: use ticketing when someone fails to take action, -- issue stop work order, if not stopped, ticketing can be repetitive, and then depending, ticketing or staff can enter onto property, correct, and enforce order, bill to cost to property owner's taxes or proceed with court charge.
Sop: accept, put fine into effect, how
other than site specific
don't see somebody dropping something in a stream (backyard)
crack bylaw team but
are they going to be sniffing around every day?  don't think that's going to happen
how effective is it going to be?
SJN: we'll report back to Ccl from time to time
what we have now did not exist
JF: seems to me once bylaw passed, in order to have general education
have in Tidings
sure there still are ppl who do not know what can be dumped into creeks, yards
make sure ppl have opportunity to understand
don't think ppl set out knowingly to pollute watercourses
not just bldg sites
an accident; work hard to remediate
VD: as Mr Nicholls has pointed out a year we didn't have anything so this is a huge step forward
always heard about salmon getting killed, really haven't had the powers to go after these ppl severely enough and now we do
wd like to congratulate staff; this is good
G-J: wonder is there a way to notify the devt cmnty
residents are aware and often they alert us, but it's best practices we're looking for from the professionals
SJN: will give ccl a copy of the brochure we're giving to the devt cmnty
explains in layman's language
Sop: has the prov govt satisfied the criteria?
extended on streamside protection deadline one year?
SJN: extended it for one year for those Ms who have failed to adopted bylaws but we have one so not needed
Sop: why did the press have us to it by end of June, under pressure, then extended a year after we made our decision?
Mayor: unanswerable question....
Sop: I don't like to be put under pressure to make strong decision and then told extend a year after made a decision
Mayor: well, if you can explain to me what goes on in Victoria, it'd be very helpful.


Mayor;  acknowledge volunteers re Coho Festival; highly successful day
congratulations to everybody involved

VD: wrt the Aquatic Ctr, two new honours: the Athletic Business Assn has chosen our facility for a Facility of Merit Award; also selected to be part of an exhibition and a book, on subject of regional approaches to sustainable design in Canada, exhibition in Cambridge, Ontario, starting in November
demolition of old cmnty ctr begins in week of 26th, right after civic dinner on 24th
Cmnty Ctr celebrations event on Sept 25th, 9 to 4, ceremonies at 2pm
so for people to know, those who use facilities heavily, staff have rented facilities, one the old Cdn Tire store in NV as gym, also rented 228 Marine Drive
part of transition
attended Tennis Club's annual general mtg and 80th birthday; perennial question, when are we getting our lease?
cd confirm shortly as we've now done our first one with Sailing Club
shd stop worrying

Sop: stunning day yesterday, v successful; great celebration day, North Shore-wide
NSh Credit Union came on board as a sponsor
Pamela Martin who lives in WV, was asked by her company what cmnty event she liked the most, she chose Coho Festival. so they were there filming her.   Not a news item -- they're going be running that on their network on an ongoing basis all year long; really a plus for WV and the Coho Festival
extremely successful Harmony Arts, growing leaps and bounds -- sensational
congratulations to staff
on Coho side, tremendous volunteers, hats off; never fails at end of day who shows up when we're all worn out to help take down?  WV Firefighters
that sort of help from cmnty, that's why things get successful
Also attended on your behalf the shuttle service that TransLink provided (Lions Bay to HBay to Caulfeild Village), in spite of everything, did congratulate them; will be a daily service
good for ppl from Libby Lodge, family and kids
hope we can look forward to that type of service going up our hills instead of larger buses (wch will still be going to Lions Bay

JF: wanted to hark back to birthday cake of Tennis Club, 80th, you gave a good speech, Mr Mayor, cutting the cake; Cclr G-J and Clark were there.
one person had played on the courts more than 50 years ago and he was talking about the old clubhouse -- they had to go across a bridge over a bog, swampy, to get to play tennis.
Tennis Club built on remains of bog; changes water table of the courts, strange shapes

G-J: went to Ambleside Days, v successful; businesses, not all open, said biz up
ABA will look to do that again, thank you staff helping to facilitate that
Successful fundraiser at Hollyburn Country Club Sept 1st, called the Night of Hope, to raise funds to support breast cancer research, by Yael Cohen formerly of Collingwood, now UBC, 18 years old
in two hours young Collingwood student raised for breast cancer $102K (she's now at university, very proud of her)
David Foster Fdn fundraiser for families going through organ transplants, and they raised $2.8m for organ donation (for people who will not live without that)

JC: yes, was there at Tennis Club anniversary and told about damage to courts by a couple of members; it may be the bog, settling or draining, or through excavation for our parkade
hope we're looking at that with sympathetic eye and ear
we may have to do remediation, it is our land; favour them with our help
yes, I slaved over the Beer Garden at the Coho Festival -- just hate doing it but will do it again next year
Cclr Sop and I were called on to give out the medals,
got down to age, categories by age and male and female, under 19, 20 - 29, and so on until over 70
at that point Cclr Sop had to go back over to the barbecue so I got to hand out medals; men called up one by one; took medal and hung over head, really easy
but then all the women called at same time
had half a dozen women coming straight at me and half a dozen medals to hang on their heads
and it's just not an easy job to decide whether the lady is over 30, over 40, over 50, over 60, or over 70
the first one I put on, she said that's not me, I'm older than that
{amidst some chuckling}
I said, well, now I've got six under-19 medals, you girls decide wch ones you want
it's scary stuff
thank you
Sop: that's why I left!
JC: smart
Mayor: that's what you get the big money for

6.1       Correspondence (listed in previous issue)


Sop: when it's approved for action, staff take the item and deal with it, I assume
SSch: often the item has received action prior to coming to Ccl
Sop: so many of these are information to Mayor and Ccl, but require no action?
SSch: many items are for Ccl's info only
events, invitations, etc are for receipt only
if action, then listed under action required
Sop: if action taken, do the letters from staff or the appropriate action, do they ever come back to ccl for information?
SSch: they do; lately with our electronic methods, responses are either emailed or copied to Ccl that way, or appear in Ccl's general information package

{NOTE: if in Ccl's gen info pkg, public does NOT get to see it.}

Sop: so come in, turn letter over and see staff are looking at it, is that the action?
SSch: will take the form of staff either contacting writer in person or writing
Sop: staff will pursue until completed?
SSch: correct; often, some require more than one contact, communication continues until item resolved or requires further direction by ccl
Sop: but all of them will show up back in the packages, actions confirmed
SSch: correct; we track everything through our issue-tracking database to ensure all items are in fact concluded.

{Sorry; I know of letters that have not been replied to outside of a postcard saying to whom the matter has been referred.}

6.1.31       S. Muir and M. Hurst, St. Monica's Church, July 20, 2005, regarding tax of places of public worship and permissive exemption
                  Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.

G-J: re St Monica's Church
wd be interested what action wd be
Laing: initiated contact with all churches in WV and indicated there was a process to get that exemption back
process to get that reinstated by another route
been collecting that information


Carolanne Reynolds: Good evening.  Hope you all had a good summer
Mayor: How was the RoyalTea?
CR: Oh, it was great; we had more people come than we had chairs or tea for.

{Not quite.  I misspoke.  The Blue Teapot in Dundarave kept the tea coming -- it was Buckingham Palance Earl Grey, thank you very much -- but we ran out of cups and even had to borrow some from the Beach House restaurant and then some ppl were rinsing them out.}
we're going to have a better system next time
I'm sorry you cdn't be there.
the pipers were great and it was a lovely day, so we've got to have a different reservation system b/c we had to turn about 20 ppl away; at least 60 there

{the number of teacups I'd rented were not enough, alas}

Mayor: that's a positive sign
CR: Yes, so that's really great -- bigger and better next year
but thank you very much for asking

{Pleased Mayor Wood has attended in the past but was out of town this summer.  Apologies that I was remiss in not thanking Cclr Day for his remarks representing Mayor Wood and the District.  He's fond of Dundarave Beach where he swims regularly and intended to after the tea.  Also shd have thanked Cclr Goldsmith-Jones who attended as well, somehow fitting it into her busy schedule.}

[holding North Shore Heritage Weekend brochure]
I was going to talk about this
but before I do, something that Cclrs G-J and Sop brought up came to my attention about the correspondence that you might want to look at
I guess some things fall through the cracks but my letter wrt replies to correspondence, written February 28 I think it was, has not yet been responded to; and neither has the letter from WV Streamkeepers, dated I think March 31
so I know it's not something that you are aware of but perhaps we cd look at the tracking system again
I'm sure this was unintentional, but just --
Mayor: yes
CR: there might be a loophole somewhere --
really what I came for was to invite you all to Heritage Weekend, wch is this weekend, Sept 16, 17, and 18
On the 16th, on Friday night at 7 o'clock at the DNV Hall, there's a presentation by our very own Tom Taylor, who's written a book, "Glimpses of WV through the eyes of a paperboy during WW2"
He's giving a presentation and getting an award on Friday night at the DNV but he's [from] WV.
Saturday afternoon there's a talk at the Kay Meek Ctr, with Ivan Sayers's Collection of old heritage clothing, so ppl are invited to come dressed up
Then of course, on Sunday, the highlight that has been for many of us through the years, is the [Heritage] Home Tours; they're $15 [tix].
Usually about ten homes; there are three in Ambleside and the rest in City and District of NV, but what's new for this year, wch is really interesting, is that our homes in WV are going to have a person there who can tell you something about the history of the place, so instead of just seeing the house, there'll be someone there who can tell you something about it
I think it's all up on the website
you can phone my office and we cd give you one of these 922 4400
Mayor: we've received that actually
CR: but ppl and the public watching -- 922 4400 -- or go to the website, ours or yours, www.westvancouver.org or westvancouver.ca, and it'll be a great weekend
There are free tours of the port; there are just so many items, I can't tell you all of them
I hope that you'll enjoy some of them and I'll get to some of them too
and thank you very much --
Mayor: thank you
CR: -- and enjoy!
Mayor: Thank you for coming.
Those are the types of meetings we shd hv all the time!

4.         DELEGATIONS

4.1       Presentation from District Archivist re Heritage Posters
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services  (to be provided on table)

4.2       A. Dadson, President and S. Gilmour, Housing Committee Chair, Lionsview Seniors' Planning Society, regarding seniors' housing needs

5.         REPORTS

5.1       Development Variance Permit Application (4640 Clovelly Walk)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received.
            If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
            THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received at the September 19, 2005 Council Meeting to allow Council to make a determination on the DVP
            THAT the DVP, which would provide for a future subdivision of one lot into three, with variances to Lots 1 and 3 to allow for panhandle configurations be approved.

5.2       Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) "Service Function":  Coordination and Administration of Mosquito Control Activities
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
1.                  Council give "Participating Area" approval...
2.                  The Chair, GVRD Board of Directors be advised of this approval.

5.3       [Five-]Year Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 4451, 2005
Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance
Bylaws are passed by a simple majority affirmative vote unless otherwise noted.
RECOMMENDED: ... be introduced and read a first and second time.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT third reading ... be deferred until the September 26, 2005 meeting of Council, in order to allow for a period of resident comment on the contents of the bylaw.

{a week? a piddling week to review allocation of millions and millions of taxpayers' dollars???}

5.4       Proposed Zoning Map Amendments
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands and Permits
RECOMMENDED:  THAT ... be introduced and read a first time in short form.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT A Public Hearing ... be held at 7:00 pm on Monday, October 17...

{Well, that's a bit more time!}

6.         BYLAWS for Adoption

6.1       Watercourse Protection Bylaw 4364, 2005 Amendment Bylaw 4450, 2005
6.2       Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 4368, 2004 Amendment Bylaw 4448, 2005
6.3       Municipal Ticket Information System Implementation Bylaw 4384, 2004 Amendment Bylaw 4449, 2005


8.         OTHER ITEMS

8.1       Correspondence

*** No Action Required (receipt only)

8.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)             Engineering Advisory Committee, July 05, 2005
8.1.2         T. Webster, Loss Prevention Coordinator and H. Siddoo, Manager, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), August 19, 2005 regarding Community Crash Reduction Challenge
                  Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
8.1.3         J. Sydor, Director, North Shore Emergency Management Office and B. Piggott, Emergency Communications Team, September 02, 2005, regarding amateur radio communications in hurricane aftermath
8.1.4         C. Jackson, Community Programs Coordinator, North Shore Recycling Program, September 05, 2005, regarding North Shore Natural Gardens Tour
                  Previously distributed due to timing of event.
8.1.5         C. Reynolds, Editor, West Van Matters, September 02, 2005, regarding Community Benefits:  Strategies and Policies
8.1.6         W. McIntyre, President, North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, September 09, 2005, regarding advance Email copy of Tourism Letter
8.1.7         F. Platteel, Chief Executive Officer, BC Ambulance Service, August 16, 2005, regarding attendance at Union of British Columbia Municipalities Convention 2005

*** Action Required

8.1.8         N. Cropper, August 29, 2005, regarding Ambleside Town Centre plan (File:  2520?03?01)
                  Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.

8.2       North Shore Family Court & Youth Justice Committee 2005 Appointments
            Correspondence from the North Shore Family Court & Youth Justice Committee dated August 17, 2005 regarding North Shore Family Court & Youth Justice Committee Membership appointments.
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
THAT Constable Marc Broland, Royal Canadian Mounted Police; Constable Bruno Accili, West Vancouver Police; Trustee Pat Heal, North Vancouver School Board; Gordon De Vito, West Vancouver School Board; Janet Baker, Native Court Worker and Jacquie Stevulak, Restorative Justice be appointed to the North Shore Family Court & Youth Justice Committee for the term January 01, 2005 to December 31, 2005.

8.3       North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues Appointment
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
1.         Ms. Jean Chambers be appointed to the North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues for a term ending on December 31, 2007.

8.4       Change of November Council Meeting Date
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
1.         The Monday, November 14, 2005 regular meeting of Council be cancelled; and
2.         A regular meeting be held on Monday, November 21, 2005 at 7:00 pm in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.

>>>  INFObits  <<<

25th Anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope.  SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!
How cd anyone not be moved by 3.5 million Canadian school children participating in the Terry Fox Run -- 10,000 schools.  Then the Terry Fox Run (for the rest of us?) on Sunday.  Runs in more than 50 countries.
One person can make a difference.
What an inspirational icon of Canadian heritage.  Thank you, Terry.
Bears are hungry and getting fat for winter.
Be Bear Aware!  www.northshorebears.com  604 990 BEAR (2327)


A Film Festival Connecting people with ideas, information &  cultures of the world
Sept. 15  Control Room; Sept. 22  Osama; Sept. 29  In this World 7 - 9 pm
Peter J. Peters Room 1950 Marine Dr., West Vancouver Perspectives

During the month of September, people all over the world  will come together in public places like libraries to share ideas that matter as part of The September Project (www. theseptemberproject.org). 502 libraries in 26 countries will  be participating. Neighbours will join together to participate  in public forums, performances, and other creative expressions about the world we live and democracy, citizenship, and freedom.

The West Vancouver Memorial Library is pleased to present the following three films from our DVD collection that showcase the people of the Middle East, their lives, ideas, and  opinions. The films will be presented in the Peter J. Peters room on Thursdays in September. There will be a short discussion after each film.


An official selection at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, this  film provides a rare window into the international perception of the Iraq War, courtesy of Al Jazeera, the Arab world's  most popular news outlet. Roundly criticized by Cabinet  members and Pentagon officials for reporting with a proIraqi bias, and strongly condemned for frequently airing civilian causalities as well as footage of American POWs, the  station presents a perspective on the Iraq War very different  from that of the Bush administration.
Runtime - 84 Minutes;  In English and Arabic
Rated PG for war scenes; coarse language.

OSAMA -  Afghanistan

Inspired by a true story, this Golden Globe=AE-winning drama is the first film made in Afghanistan after the fall of the  Taliban. After the Taliban regime bans women from working and forbids them to leave their homes without a male escort, a 12-year old girl and her mother find themselves on  the brink of starvation. With nowhere left to turn, the mother  disguises her daughter as a boy. Now called "Osama", the  young girl embarks on a terrifying and confusing journey  as she tries to keep the Taliban from discovering her true  identity
Runtime - 83 Minutes;  In Dari with English Subtitles
Rated PG for violence.


Winner of the Golden Bear, the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury  and the Peace Film Prize at the 2003 Berlin International  Film Festival. In This World tells the story of two Afghan  cousins who embark on a refugee's clandestine odyssey from Pakistan to London. Shot on digital video with a nonprofessional cast, In This World harnesses the immediacy of non-fiction techniques to create an urgent, intimate account of human beings driven by the fundamental urge to create a better life. It is a film that is both timely and timeless.
Runtime - 88 Minutes;  In Pashtu, Turkish and English with English Subtitles.

>>>  QUOTATION  <<<

To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.
                        -- Edmund Burke, statesman and writer (1729-1797)