Sep 26 NOTES; Oct 3rd AGENDA; Events Oct 11th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

In this issue:
Main items Ccl Mtg Oct 3rd; INFObits; Calendar to Oct 11th (don't forget great exhibit on architecture!); Sept 26th Ccl Mtg NOTES (CN clearcutting for safety vs whistles; watch resident initiative re Clovelly -- precedent for future nbrhd planning?); Abbreviated Sept Oct 3rd Agenda; Haiku (HNA Part Two); Twisted Humour (hurricane); Quotations (Politicians; Reading)

>>>  Main Items Oct 3rd Ccl Mtg = ; <<<
                A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday
=  Proposed Old Growth Park Management Plan - Update
=  2010 Olympic/Paralympic Committee Recommendations - Next Steps
=  Correspondence: Minutes from NSACDI, Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation, PEAC; response time to citizens' letters; NSh Seniors' Housing; LMTAC
=  NSh Tourism Initiative

>>>  INFObits  <<<
Our MLA Ralph Sultan's speech in the legislature re the Seniors' Budget is available by calling 981-0050; soon to be on website when re-established.
Attendance at Bard in summer 2004 was 79,600; summer 2005 was 77,500 with 92% attendance.
Some facts and figures about the world:  http://www.worldometers.info/
"It appears that the money has been moved in the president's budget to handle homeland security and the war in Iraq, and I suppose that's the price we pay.  Nobody locally is happy that the levees can't be finished, and we are doing everything we can to make the case that this is a security issue for us."   
                         New Orleans Times-Picayune Newspaper - 8 June 2004
And of course, money not just cut but then millions spent on a (porkbarrel) bridge to an uninhabited island in Alaska.
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>>>  CALENDAR to Oct 11th  <<<

Don't forget the Library's Film Festival on Thursdays (if you don't attend you can borrow it):
Sept 29  OSAMA -  Afghanistan
Inspired by a true story, this Golden Globe=AE-winning drama is the first film made in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. After the Taliban regime bans women from working and forbids them to leave their homes without a male escort, a 12-year old girl and her mother find themselves on  the brink of starvation. With nowhere left to turn, the mother disguises her daughter as a boy. Now called "Osama", the  young girl embarks on a terrifying and confusing journey as she tries to keep the Taliban from discovering her true identity
Runtime - 83 Minutes;  In Dari with English Subtitles; Rated PG for violence.

=== FRIDAY, Sept 30th === SPECIAL EVENTS!

~ 7 to 8:30pm ~  A Magical Night At the Library
All is finally revealed at our reception celebrating the completion of the renovations.  Join us for entertainment and refreshments.  Dress up in your formal best and join the fun or come as you are. All ages welcome. This event is co-sponsored by Murchie's.

~ 8 to 10pm ~ 2005 Art Auction Fundraiser (tix) at Ferry Building Art Gallery

=== SATURDAY, Oct 1st ===

~ 9am to 1pm ~ Gleneagles Garage Sale

~ Capilano View Cemetery Walk (call Museum for tix and info)

~ 2 to 4pm ~  Lighthouse Park Mushroom Discovery Hike
"Why do mushrooms suddenly and mysteriously appear in Fall?"
TERRY TAYLOR, who has been studying mushrooms for over thirty years, can answer this question, when he leads a mushroom discovery hike in Lighthouse Park.  Members of the public are welcome to join this free event.  Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot, dressed for the weather.

Beginning of a series of exhibitions on architecture:
*****  The Poetics of West Coast Modernism in West Vancouver  *****
Exhibition dates:
Gallery at the Library   Oct 1-31
Ferry Building Gallery  Oct 4-Nov 12
Silk Purse Gallery         Oct 4-23
The Ferry Building Gallery, Silk Purse Gallery, and Gallery at the Library will feature 18 significant residences and public buildings designed by well-known West Coast architects, focusing on design in relation to the coast landscape.
Featured architects:  Peter Cardew, Barry Downs, Arthur Erickson, Brian Hemingway, Fred Hollingsworth, Russell Hollingsworth, Zoltan Kiss, Brad Lamoureaux, Blair MacDonald, Henry Yorke Mann, Paul Merrick, Arthur Mudry, Helliwell-Smith, Mark Ostry, John & Pat Patkau, Ron Thom, Daniel White, and Bud Wood.
Opening Receptions:
        Gallery at the Library:    Friday  Oct 7    6:30-8pm
        Ferry Building Gallery & Silk Purse Gallery:  Tues   Oct 11   7-9pm
Free Evening Lectures:   Ferry Building Gallery   7-9pm
Oct. 12  Barry Downs / Oct. 19  Brian Hemingway / Nov. 9   Abraham Rogatnick.

[NB: meetings at M Hall unless otherwise noted]
=== TUESDAY, Oct 4th ===
~ 10 to 4pm ~ hear there's a seniors' info display/info at Park Royal
~ 3:45 to 5:45 ~ YAC
~ 4:30 to 6:30 ~ EAC CANCELLED
~ 7 to 9pm ~ CSAC Rescheduled -- now 2005 Oct 18

=== WEDNESDAY, Oct 5th ===
~ 8:30am ~ Sports/Rec Facility Planning (read cmnty ctr, etc)
~ 6 to 8pm ~ PEAC
~ 6 to 7pm ~ Candidates Information System (re municipal election in November)
~ 7 to 8pm ~ Public Election Info Session

=== THURSDAY, Oct 6th ===
~ 8:30am ~ Arts/Culture Strategy


=== TUESDAY, Oct 11th ===
Strangely, the Cmnty Calendar on the DWV website has two times, both 3:30 and 5pm for HAC
Old Growth Park Open House from 5 to 9pm at Srs' Ctr

 >>>>>>>  CCL MTG NOTES Sept 26th Mtg  <<<<<<<
{Please note that this quasi-transcript is typed while ppl are speaking and done on a best efforts basis; corrections, clarifications, and comments are most welcome.}
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       A. Goodhart, Director of Library Services, West Vancouver Memorial Library, regarding Summer Reading Program
AG: First, may I mention in sadness, the passing of Dr Ismar (sp?) in the past week
raised money, purchased material, travelled, bought material, brought them home
today, WVML probably has the largest collection of Persian materials in Canada
re Youth
Want to invite all of you to the celebration on Friday, 7 to 8:30, of the changes
Julia Hedley: record-breaking year, in the middle of a construction zone
251 children "Read to Me" club signed up
Teen summer reading club for the past five years, 122 teens signed up
Undercover Readers: kindergarten to Gr 8; prov and Friends of the Library
This summer theme was Spies! Missions! Secret Codes! and 1259 signed up
Royal Bank Medals (reading kept track of in calendar): Fri Sept 9 Medal Ceremony; congratulations from Mayor Wood, over 250 readers have collected medals this year
1,632 chn and youth participated in reading clubs in 2005; 1,475 last year
Read on, West Vancouver!
Again, invite you to Friday night!
G-J: received with thanks; the doors are locked till they open and the kids and parents are lined up to get into the Library!

5.         REPORTS

5.1       Film Shoot Request for Non Enforcement of Noise Bylaw - Vinland Productions Canada Inc. - October 17 [10 to midnight] and 18 [midnight to 4am], 2005...for filming at Whytecliff Park
Sop: are you burning anything?
That water is a marine no-take zone
Ans: we have propane controlled fire, done by operator; special effects guys there with fire extinguishers
Sop: everything gone?
Ans: don't leave until park staff happy and trucks leave after 9am next day
PASSED with VD opposed.

5.2       Information on Review of Draft Zoning Bylaw for Electoral Area A
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
SJN: outside of the Ms and GVRD; technical amendments; reviewed it and they do not affect WV; provision of secondary suites, between Lions Bay and Sunset Marina; cottages outside of that area; not comment at staff level; brought to Ccl for information
Sop: new bldg code? sideyard setbacks
if Sunset Beach were to come into WV how affect
what about fire, cottages; turn right, WV, turn left
SJN: construction of bldgs governed by GVRD and are required to be within bldg codes
Pasco Road, Montizambert, narrow
RD: too bad setback from sea, 15m and we have no say......

5.3       Environmental Procurement Initiative - Use of Biodiesel Fuel (File:  0662?01)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
            RECOMMENDED: THAT biodiesel fuel be utilized in District fleet vehicles and equipment.
Brent Dozzi [staff]: changing this fall, part of ways to meet env'tal strategy
Mayor: costly?
BD: 5% increase in fuel costs but quickly offset with decreases
JC: can we get an explanation as to how gathered and distributed?
waste cooking oil as a source -- ev restaurant save up its cooking oil?
BD: understand there are producers who produce it en masse and will mix it on site
G-J: actually an important step b/c in OCP we talk about our being leading edge; actually it's not uncommon
ride a veggie bus, Cclr Clark
Cost more maybe now but then less
Sop: if as successful, then why only 20%
BD: starting at 5%, looking at impact even though other places already using it
some mixtures more optimal than others
Sop: my father drove a van from Arizona
give me antifreeze, putting corn oil in
wd mixture be same?  no smell?
Mayor: garlic instead of exhaust
BD: not sure
Sop: see reduction of almost 30%; if this is successful we shd be putting our energy behind it
RD: I can't believe these figures
put in 20% into a mix, how cd you receive reductions of 30% etc in hydrocarbons, and so on
I'm not an expert but strikes me as incorrect
JC/Mayor speaking....
BD: Environment has some effect
improves efficiency and burning of engines, cleaner burn thereby reducing these gases
VD: anything to improve our air a good idea
based on bit more expensive now, but oil costs going up, so reduces
have staff come back with a report
wondering if increase in maintenance costs
whether in the end, after two years.....
all for experimenting but wd like to see over a two-yr period, how effective
BD: understand TransLink doing in parallel so can draw on some of that knowledge
sulphur content
JF: report does state if using only 20% biodiesel doesn't have to have any modifications so we cd stop and go back
5.4       Canadian National Railway (CNR) - Maintenance of Anti-Whistling (File:  1700?01)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT
            1.         Council receive the report titled "Canadian National Railway (CNR) - Maintenance of Anti-Whistling" by the Manager of Roads and Transportation.
            2.         Council direct staff to pursue the required safety upgrades to those municipal crossings detailed in CNR's Road Crossing Review for West Vancouver.
            3.         Council direct staff to pursue provincial and federal funding for the required safety upgrades to those municipal crossings detailed in CNR's Road Crossing Review for West Vancouver.
Sop: $10K for fencing on our or their property?
BD: prov puts onus on M for fencing (and farmers next to theirs)
Sop: nerve for them to put onus on WV taxpayers when they don't pay any tax!
VD: I was expecting to see a plan; hedges and trees have to be cut down
recognition fed regs being imposed on CN (who bought BCR); as to when these sightline improvements -- dramatic effect on John Lawson Park, etc
thought we'd have a PowerPoint to show us and don't blame us, blame them
BD: arrangements have been made
staff have been working with them, been sensitive to seawalk and private gardens
have had CN commit to is to supply new fencing to address safety issue
they've been very cooperative
M will only be responsible for the labour
in lieu of cedar hedge
VD: cutting hedge from 15 to 20ft down to?
BD: 22 inches
removing some of the dead trees
ensure no unwanted access at 16th
M fortunate whistling has been grandfathered
sightline requirements is 400 ft and 50ft
otherwise wd be both whistles and gates
JC: on p3 typo re medium term shd read wvf?
is this coming from Engg budget?
BD: speaking to fencing -- what staff are intending to do is to apply to prov govt, believe MLA Sultan has spoken to them, that whatever we inherit.....  the $10K is wrt ongoing costs in future
It is the responsibility of the M to incur the costs re the approaches to crossings are correct, signage also
fence barriers can get fed funding to 80%
JC: automated gates and warning system -- what does long term mean?
BD: in CN's eyes, three to four years
G-J: the title of this is a bit confusing
shd be clearing of sightlines
lucky this has been grandfathered
and whatever we can do to get prov/fed funding shd be pursued
JF: find it curious that changing from prov to fed imposes different standards
same trains, same goods,.....
curious shd be so different and costly and why
BD: the answer was that the fed dept is very, very strict in applying regulations
don't know if it means prov not as strict
have higher standards, strict ensuring standards met
the Transport Canada officer who inspected said had to be done in a certain time or had to go back to antiwhistling
MMgr: my understanding that BCR regulated itself
JF: safer with the mothership
RD: there used to be three trains going up that train and now one -- increasing the safety standards
you said one come down, now all?
BD: Parks staff said it wd be an unsightly compromise
something acceptable a better biz case
RD: wd you explore the fourth option, re clearing Lawson Park
wd it make sense to pursue prov funding to restore landscaping where cleared
Mayor: understood
MMgr: focused on Lawson Park
if Ccl wants to look elsewhere cd pursue that
JC: take it as a friendly amendment
Sop: train rattles my bones three times a night
after the Cheakamus dump, mostly below the 80 cars but sometimes more
between 21st and 22nd, can hear excessive squealing going around that corner
length of time--
MMgr: we can have a rep from CN come to answer
RD: rep from CN came last week mainly to speak about Cheakamus
question of length of trains came up but b/c before courts they cdn't answer
they made a point they wd reduce the number of trains going up Howe Sound; most go up Fraser River
so there may be some relief at some point, not sure when
5.5       Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Plan
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT
1.         The proposed planning process and time-line for preparation of the Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Plan be approved; and
2.         The estimated budget of $23,500 for 2005, and $13,500 for 2006, be allocated to the Planning Department to enable this work to be undertaken during 2005-2006.
SJN: West Vancouver's OCP says it's a cmnty of nbrhds
reflected in work done by this and previous Ccls
heritage planning, blvd policies; all working re character of nbrhds
as a result of some devts down on Clovelly Walk -- extending from the Dale --
concern over construction, its nature, old, and new
Residents wrote; staff brought this report
cd have been a Clovelly Walk Corridor, or a Clovelly Nbrhd Plan wch wd be wider and they preferred
When people go into a process, they open up what they want, etc
We're in that now
start up, wch is what we're doing now with this report
next a survey: whether participate, what issues; wd give Ccl some idea as to how many ppl expressed an interest in type of study conducting
We anticipate some time this year having a mtg this year, a 'visioning workshop', look at possibilities and discuss
this type of exercise has taken place in Lower Caulfeild and Altamont and came up with different proposals
have no idea what proposals this will produce
propose working with a 'working group'; the core we've been working with and others who wish to join
planning what to have in workshop
anticipate over a six-month period
Sop: went out their with G-J
in the walkabout, my thoughts were mainly concerned with Clovelly Walk and south, where did this map almost to top of hill come in?
SJN: came in with mtgs with initial group that made petition to Ccl
one of the boundaries is the Caulfeild Plateau, intended along escarpment
boundaries always flexible if find out too large or too small
intent Marine Drive south, ppl along Keith Rd wanted to be included in discussion
sending out notices to this area
if different, can happen
Sop: the lower strip was the initiative and can see merit
when you do nbrhd how big do you get
see how passionate
SJN: when we dealt with Lower Caulfeild area, became Heritage area, others wanted to be included but LC felt wd affect them so wanted it restricted
when dealing with Altamont, blvds etc, ppl on north edge said different so shdn't apply up there so those streets taken off
those sorts of things happen during discussion
Roger Latta: not much opp to look at b/c only received the last boundaries four days ago
the first, again handdelivered, about a month ago
said it was a nbrhd thing and ran off
had talk with Paddy Sherman and we agreed to disagree
appears to me this is a make-work project b/c none in the nbrhd appear to know what's going on
none of these mtgs have been attended by anyone I've met
conclusion must be that a small group must be concerned
my wife and I have walked in that area for 30 years and they have cut down the trees, that's the way things are going whether we like it or not
popn ageing, also, may have to have [changes]
not in real estate biz
nbrhd agreement for 30 years cutting and topping trees
don't need anything more
bldg bylaws are fine; doesn't affect us, completely irrelevant
very irritated steering cmte made this decision to include us
opposed to any decisions made by cmte
one solution is the bigger houses for our cmnty
says one property at a time
I'm in financial planning, and I can't tell convenants etc effect on my property
suggest a questionnaire to say if in favour
Ron Komm: I don't live in the area but I see in this proposal things that may affect the whole M
as I read here, remaining forests unfettered, that means you're going to let the trees grow and grow; ppl there might like that but will grow up and block others' views
going nbrhd by nbrhd a lot of trouble
overall bylaws work well
adequate planning
I'd feel v bad if that were to come forward that all of a sudden you can't cut your trees, you're just opening up to rats, squirrels,.....
I know your arborist says we can't top trees b/c they'll die but I've been topping trees for 30 years and they're still alive
don't think these little forests shd infringe on others
don't see why this shd go forward, you have other ways
other nbrhds will come forward and asked for other favours
have puppet kingdoms all over the place
John Pettifather (sp?): lived there for 30 years
canvassed nbrs and find no support at all
info so far v vague and confusing, leaves us uncomfortable
don't want another level of approval, we have enough already
large houses, small houses, Rutland; don't think it applies to us above Caulfeild Rd
fear opening a can of worms and getting involved in something
Kim Stevens: speaking on behalf of Paddy Sherman
changed to Place
he's in SAm hiking in the Andes and he asked me to make a stmt on behalf of him
take you back to June 13 about our concerns
some things have happened we can't do anything about but can look ahead and help others
Thank you for going forward
Just look around here [pointing to the people in the front rows]
others have come to us; case of going street by street
your commitment has made it happen to this point
more than 100 years ago Caulfeild came to this area, extends up to Cypress Falls
we've become to believe we can make a difference and will continue to make a difference
a week ago we made a precedent when you approved the redevt of 4640 Clovelly Walk -- can develop with consensus
Edmund Burke: the public interest requires doing today that those ...five or ten years hence wish had been done
thank you for making our nbrhd plan possible
Sop: partly it was the clearing of lots and also the CLUC and over on Keith concerns with drainage and clearing
has a history of tall trees, a walkway, and a road
as ppl decided to subdivide, pls show me a good reason you have to have a vision
was quite convinced area shown on map here, did not envision going past Caulfeild School and up the hill
it was more to the south -- lived there for four or five years
when did that go--
KS: as I said began Clovelly Walk, that was the strength
as a result of June 13th mtg, other streets came forth and asked where's the boundary
the nbrhd plan was as 30 years ago
it does reflect the interests of ppl on Piccadilly [named other streets and pointed to those in chamber]
[Name] Nicholson: more change in last few years than previous 20 years
saw lots subdivided, cleared
with neighbours went door to door
nbrhd is organized and eager to do something
since June 13, met with staff and been a pleasure to work with them
this is not intended to be a debate
must recognize
some are now totally overwhelmed results: cracks in decks, flooding, loss of privacy
other nbrs may still be optimistic and not realize
this small step forward
needs more public input inclusive of all viewpoints
wd encourage all residents to speak up and participate, the only way we'll arrive at the best solution for all
Sop: all trees, certain bldg hts?
how keep some similarity over a period of time
need bigger homes
where certainty on both sides
SJN: if I knew that, I'd go work in the private sector!
there's difference of opinion, so you look for where there are shared values, where/what assets really are
M has zoning bylaws, has the legal ability to have a tree bylaw but WV hasn't one
has blvd bylaws, untidy bylaws
some are adapted for local conditions
anticipate at end, of all things discussed it wd appear there's a consensus in nbrhd and this is what --
don't know about cutting of trees
I know Caulfeild group particularly concerned of what ppl see when walking down street as opposed to around private property
some also concerned about amount of blasting and some of the landscaping
M does not have the control over landscaping but can control bldg
don't know what outcome will be
what we have suggested is a survey be sent out for comments and we'll know at the end of that what we're dealing with
Sop: excluding CLUC,
how many surveys?
SJN: a single survey; a bit of an overlap; identify address so know area
Sop: so report wd cone back to Ccl
SJN: suggested after that, specifics, group, boundaries
[Mayor asked Cclr Day to move the motion.]
JF: speakers, some v good questions
there seems to be the perception that the outcome has been biased by the initial group that came forward so v important for you to assure all the residents that that's not the case and outline your plan
when you send the survey out, make clear recommendations encouraged to undertake or possibility to be regulated
SJN: study will be headed up by staff
central tenet involve ppl in nbrhd
make them aware staff coming in from neutral stance so that those opposed and in favour can talk to them; fair broker
staff will facilitate differences of opinion, assist to extent they can
debate, but hope to come out not with 100% but with consensus
cd involve regulation
I've come from a nbrhd planning bkground and know what you go in with you don't come out with
it's a step-by-step process
means of addressing issues
hold nbrhd mtg as well
say here's what some of the proposals are
so a number of opportunities to become involved
no reason to feel started and won't hear till tail end
JF: other nbrhds have spoken as well
and if they think good idea, how many does staff anticipate can be done at this time?
SJN: not a lot; there are 20 nbrhds shown on OCP
if I were to select, I'd choose a different one
for example, the cmnty of Horseshoe Bay has asked and they're very deserving
what you have here you have nbrs eager and anxious and willing to put in the energy, six months
Ccl has other priorities; you have a v heavy workload so anticipate only one nbrhd planning process at a time
VD: I used to live 5200 block Keith
and nice to walk to but cdn't see it
I currently live in Rockridge and not included
Mr Nicholls has pointed out other nbrhds
wonder how we came to this one
don't know what we're trying to achieve
v nice sgl fam nbrhd, nobody is thinking of changing that
can see ppl worried

{NONONONONO of course they are -- they've seen changes they don't like that have destroyed the character of their little bit of paradise.  Of course not all new devts are dreadful but the challenge is to encourage newcomers to respect and maintain the character there that they've chosen.  IOW, ppl who want to join them, not devts built on spec just for profit.}

any plan will involve priv prop rights and will involve value of homes
looked back to see what process this Ccl has to get to a nbrhd plan -- how does HBay not get to top of list and this group comes to No. 1
In report, says will be added to Cmnty Planner's workplan and refers to Cmnty Benefits
the Cmnty Benefits policy needs to [be completed] is going to be deferred b/c of this
this came up b/c a lady died and a dvpr walked in cut down trees, subdivided, blasted under regulations (looks like a rock pit); and devt site doesn't look v nice -- we can all remember Hiroshima Hill, a rockpile around Caulfeild Plateau, sheer rock and now all those houses have disappeared behind trees
Hiroshima Hill even looks pleasant now
so we have [this]
has affected one street, a unique street
it has huge trees, can just fit your car past another
usually damp there whenever I walk my dog there
but the owners like that
those owners cd downzone their lots to single lot; haven't had a flood of those [applications to do so], but they cd do that -- of course it wd decrease the value of the lot.
last week came up with [compromise] talking to each other
we're taking a sledgehammer to a small issue
is blasting bylaw too much, and if ppl say yes, I'd agree with you
do we allow too large lots, that's a debate
nice to get together to protect nbrhd but how big is nbrhd -- not to Rutland
but if they don't allow treecutting views will be affected b/c mine is by 150-200ft trees
we fought on Evelyn Drive to keep bldgs not more that 30 or 80ft high
but we have trees......
who's benefiting?
those living among the trees like living among them
but those living above them will be affected b/c those trees keep on growing
bldg can't grow 10ft a year
maybe special process for this, for small areas, for infill
it's important to the ppl living on Clovelly Walk
when I blt my house on Keith Rd, a guy walked down to me and said if I see smoke from your house I won't call the Fire Dept
had been no house for 30 years
two years later, same guy when house across the street blt, he said G your house fits in
b/c trees, landscaping in
when project half done
when you see construction, but later.....
RD: I don't intend to go on for fifteen minutes
VD: not your view
RD: OCP calls for nbrhd planning and we have precedent
1990 Lower Caulfeild Heritage zone and after that Altamont
so we have precedent and in OCP
attended some walkabouts
observed problem was not that they develop lots, inevitably some trees get cut down and blasting, but the issue was the lack of sensitivity in the devt that took place
I think devt shd be sensitive wherever in WV
struck the nbrs and myself insensitive
trees down and question is extent, and damage probably irreparable to that nbrhd though some mediation
took place, traumatic, brutalized the nbrhd
destroy right and left -- that's the issue -- you can dev and make money
the whole idea of nbrhd involvement, they want we respond
Rutland or not, the key is that the nbrhd survey means if they don't want to be included they won't be
we don't have a lot of power; control over zoning but none over design
seems to me we must make ev effort to encourage nbrhd
these have asked, we shd respond
[dev with] sensitivity and can make money
JC: completely in agreement with the folks along Clovelly
do have issue re boundary; upper was not as high as drawn on this map
have trouble with timing
survey wdn't cost $37K
tell us what we want to know
defer this for a month until survey out then we can decide
Mayor: no discussion on deferral motion
MMgr: but no direction to Ccl
Mayor: tie vote so may I ask how long for survey
SJN: draw it up, get responses back, summarize, about four weeks
visioning workshops, etc., getting a planning assistant (don't have staff resources) wd be deferred
Mayor: my understanding that there is one add'l proposal coming up so one property left
SJN: at corner of Caulfeild and Piccadilly
one might be on market, don't know if subdividable
JF: understood we cd speak to deferral not to tabling
Mayor: been corrected in past, Ms Scholes?
MClk: the wording is
to postpone is to defer, if indefinitely yes debate
tabling is another matter
our solicitor prefers postponement
it is debatable if to a specific time
JC: I'm prepared to change the word from defer to postpone
G-J: I don't mind postponing this but I don't think we'd do any of this without a survey
JC: will
G-J: wd like to see this go forward on a strong footing
for me ch 4 of OCP objectives to promote unique design.....preserve individual character of nbrhds....
think this is a document we take our cue from
preserve and enhance
streetscapes and values and quality
mistake for Ccl to prejudge what form that will take
not in favour of bureaucracy, this will make it better
now uncertainty: one bad, one so-so, one excellent
really great
trees form functions, privacy and all sorts of things
I think this is a process worth going through
Clovelly is
blasting sediment controls
soft blvds, buffers
Clovelly is doing the cmnty a favour delving into that
keep it and keep it simple; some of the staff report too complicated
I called John Cryer [BPAHA] and they have a problem with trees
let's grapple with it
not get bogged down
don't understand why Rutland is there either
just tell us that and put us on a strong footing
will change but must change in context
JF: agree with much of what Cclr G-J said
through OCP not that they wanted change in their nbrhd but keep their values
anxious to see survey and before it goes out; we might want to add some changes
agree with postponement
do have some concerns that the resource requirements setting back the cmnty benefits policy
anxious to know what final outcome will be
wd prefer not to postpone cmnty benefits
VD: ppl have spoken that you can opt in and out of this process
and wd like someone to explain in and out
whole of Rutland in or out
on Keith and don't feel involved, shd be a process for in and out
if in this month, want to see how nbrhd plans rose to top of list
concerned Planner says HBay top of list yet this is
Sop: states in the survey
nothing wrong with survey
don't see anything wrong with a group of ppl standing up for their rights in their nbrhd
passion in the nbrhd
an awful lot of prejudgement gone on
there's an initiative here, positive; beaten to death when not even started
nbrhd planning
as to lists, part-time planner, won't stop City Hall, not end of world
Planner says what goes in won't be what comes out
Mayor: There's a tie.
I will vote in favour of the motion to postpone for one month
JC: Survey and report back to Ccl in five weeks
Sop: price tag
SJN: not pricey, maildrop within our budget
Sop: same type, indepth, inclusive and open to all?
SJN laughing: wishy washy
Ccl has asked to see the survey
will try to give Ccl a level of information to allow them to comment
VD: any survey going out to a group of nbrs who don't know what's going on shd have the report of what's going to go on attached
SJN: there'll be a context page
G-J: and p59 of the OCP
one of the issues, supporting non-conformity supports the OCP
that's what we actually promote
another report coming to us Oct 17th, insane and different sizes and afraid to lose it to a one size fits all.
5.6       5 Year Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 4451, 2005
Third Reading passed
5.7       Film Shoot Request for Non-Enforcement of Noise Bylaw - Limbo Productions Ltd. - September 30, 2005 and  October 3 - October 7, 2005  (File:  1605?01)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
            (to be provided in Supplemental Agenda)
Dan McWilliams: rep; received a call
asked about lights if wanting to watch TV and we'll provide blackout

Mayor: annual civic dinner Saturday
recognized Peter Stursberg, 92, WW2, standing ovation
acknowledged Chief Constable Grant Churchill after 32 years of service, also standing ovation
followed by pancake breakfast 9am next day at rec ctr; 2pm ceremony
staff worked extremely hard
nice to have initiative underway to build new
preserve as much as they can
KP: you're starting to see the action this morning
prep for hoarding
going for LEEDS, gold level, and starts right at demolition

VD: GVRD bd mtg, one of the issues is the log dam on the Fraser River
collects the debris that flows down river, bits and bobs floating down, not cut
WV is the only M that puts money into this process [and reason] is that we have a lot of logs floating onto our beaches so if we stop them, saves money on this end
Vanc Richmond don't pay into it
the consortium that has been funding it doesn't want to any more
motion going forward to feds b/c resp for ports
unfortunately not enough money to run it
there used to be salvageable logs, no longer allowed to burn it; good to see that the martini crowd is doing something for others --

JF: session of UBCM re Treaty Negotiations
hope to find out more later in week and have answers next week
wd like to give a plug to Ferry Bldg -- fundraising Friday $90, silent and live auction
to consider expansion of the gallery

G-J: congratulations to fundraising at Silk Purse, raised $10K toward grand piano
Work on Lookout Shelter good
asked Premier if they'd look to addiction treatment b/c main cause of homelessness
if ppl wd do what NSh wd dp then inner cities wdn't have problem
need to keep the pressure on

RD: NSh Transportation cmte mtg, meet quarterly
two presentations, one from CN Rail, also from cmte about congestion at north end of Lions' Gate Bridge, just getting underway

Sop: re substance abuse, is it still that a psychiatrist cannot [refer?]
not that mental health a major lead to substance abuse?
going to cost Ms dearly
G-J concurrent disorder is recognized and changing the way services are developed
20% of addictions only recognized
police can hand biz cards of doctor who can help

JC [holding up "Ballot"]: probably ev in town has received this
contains some of the most ridiculous info
sgl fam...above 20,000....
whatever this person is smoking???
MMgr: if it's Ccl's wish we cd provide info in Tidings as to what is in OCP
growth is .4%
growth in Upper Lands is 4000 units below 1200ft
wd take about 55 years
we cd provide information in Tidings
G-J: don't think 4000 units, that's 4000 ppl
SJN: no it's 4000 units
Mayor: might be
SJN: the current projection by other levels of govt is that 45 - 47,000 up to 2020, 2021
VD: glad raised that; disgraceful bit of misinformation and hid behind a PO Box
have had a series of ppl who called up, when explained, laughed
unfortunately ppl responded
when you read it, says six of these councillors in favour of devt and one not, wonder who he/she is
some of us have voted for and some against devt

re GVRD Housing study, problem is that homelessness has doubled
problem with that is that the number of ppl who went out and counted was more
actually feel about the same as last time
if you take out the mentally-challenged and drugs and if fed govt dealt with huge number of Indians
there wd be sufficient housing to deal with the rest
NSh has shown the way
but young
G-J: rise
VD: young ppl don't know where to go for funding
7.         OTHER ITEMS
7.1       Correspondence [complete list in previous issue]
No Action Required (receipt only)
7.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(b)       West Vancouver Police Board, June 23, 2005

{These are the minutes in which after the Chair a few months before, claiming not to know the conditions to qualify to consider something in camera, when a citizen asked why a presentation had been discussed in camera (clearly something that did not qualify), ruled him out of order and ended "Question Period".}
(c)        West Vancouver Police Board, July 26, 2005
7.1.4         North Shore Task Force on Substance Abuse, undated, regarding Report to the Community:  Update on Addictions Issues
G-J: report substance abuse on Thursday at noon at John Braithwaite Ctr


Michael Evison: several weeks I drew to your attention, well, I complained about a massive wall
but thought something cd hv been done about this monstrous thing on M property
SJN: an engg project for drainage just before suicide bend
BD: in conjunction with utilities/works
understanding utility dept looking at some treatment to the wall to make it [better]
[planting/growing] ivy
ME: far too much ivy already

Mary Kew (sp?): 2025 Bellevue
when I saw 5.4, have comment and q re CNR
worked for many years with BCR and will see the day remember when local issue
lived with my parents and on Sharon and my observation, been violations of the bylaw
is there any monitoring of the noise? if so?
screeching and length of trains tough to take
MMgr: don't have monitoring except ppl complaining
BCR wd take it
will take it to CN
RD: CN weren't saying much about b/c of Cheakamus
has been said they've been running v long trains
one hypothesis is that that was b/c of very long length
will have to check again, but CN will run more trains up Fraser Canyon and fewer Howe Sound
may make possible.... maybe gradual reduction
MMgr: indicated that was the case
have reduced from NV; reduction .....passenger
RD: three to one
Sop: I counted beyond 80 trees, two engines
relationship to noise, pressure, and weight of long haul/pull
b/c jurisdiction from prov to fed why shd it be any diff
why not say cut down number of cars?
you have to close window, ... squeak; most of us sleep through night, three times plus day times
maybe cutting back more than they shd
MMgr: if suggested over allowed amount will bring that up
whether noise or length of train
we'll bring it to CN's attention

Bruce McArthur: want to thank Steve Nicholls that HBay is deserving a planning study
I'm concerned about overruns for [public facility bldg at Gleneagles]
expected to be in bldg Xmas 2004 and looks like it will be Xmas 2005
are there similar
MMgr: have taken our experiences into consideration for our [new] cmnty ctr
[costs/delays re] trades, ... steel sold out from under us
any structure with an underground area, has to ensure no smoke gets up
installing CO2
Mayor: be there for Thanksgiving
BMcA: contract or different style?
MMgr: project mgmt for firehall but based on an initial design
but with cmnty ctr able to make changes as we go.
9.         ADJOURNMENT

>>>>>>>  ABBREVIATED CCL AGENDA Oct 3rd Mtg  <<<<<<<
                A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday
4.         REPORTS

4.1       Proposed Old Growth Park Management Plan - Update (File:  2102?02)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks and Community Services
- Update be received for information.
4.2       2005 North Shore Heritage Weekend (File:  2585?08)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
- Report from the Community Planner
 dated September 20, 2005 on the 2005 North Shore Heritage Weekend be received.
4.3       2010 Olympic/Paralympic Committee Recommendations - Next Steps (File:  0116?20?WVOC1)
Designated Presenter:  Mayor Wood
1.         The recommendations contained in the report from the 2010 Olympic/Paralympic Committee dated September 26, 2005 regarding changes to the organizational and committee structure and resources be endorsed;
2.         The 2010 Implementation Select Committee provide Council with their recommendations for community appointees to the Committee and work with staff to identify and allocate the necessary resources to support the Committee; and
3.         The community, stakeholders and appropriate interest groups be advised of the changes being implemented as per the 2010 Olympic/Paralympic Committee recommendations.

5.         BYLAW for Adoption
5.1       5 Year Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 4415, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4451, 2005
This bylaw received third reading at the September 26, 2005 council meeting.


7.         OTHER ITEMS

7.1       Correspondence
No Action Required (receipt only)
7.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues Minutes, June 30, 2005 (File:  0180?18)
(b)       Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation Select Committee Meeting, July 21, 2005
(c)        Parks & Environment Advisory Committee, June 07, 2005 (File:  0115-20-PEAC1-01)
(d)       Parks & Environment Advisory Committee, April 06, 2005 (File:  0115?20?PEAC1-01)
7.1.2       C. Reynolds, September 22, 2005, regarding accuracy in Council meeting minutes
7.1.3       Edmonton Power Corporation (EPCOR), undated, regarding hospitality suite at Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Convention
                Previously distributed due to timing of event.
7.1.4       Global Consulting, undated, regarding exhibit at Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Convention
                Previously distributed due to timing of event.
7.1.5       S. E. Dowey, City Clerk, City of North Vancouver, September 22, 2005, regarding North Shore Seniors' Housing
                Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
Action Required
7.1.6         R. Drew, Mayor, Chair, Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC), September 19, 2005, regarding LMTAC Communication and Information Services (File:  0055?20?LMTA1)
                  Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
 7.2       North Shore Tourism Initiative:  A 2020 Vision with a 2010 Focus            
            Correspondence from N. Stibbard, CEO, Capilano Group of Companies; Chair, North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee, September 09, 2005, regarding North Shore Tourism Initiative:  A 2020 Vision with a 2010 Focus
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
THAT the correspondence from N. Stibbard, CEO, Capilano Group of Companies; Chair, North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee, September 09, 2005, requesting:
(a)       support for designating the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee as the agent to implement the North Shore Tourism Initiative:  A 2020 Vision with a 2010 Focus; and
(b)       funding for the North Shore Tourism Initiative:  A 2020 Vision with a 2010 Focus
be referred for consideration in West Vancouver's 2006 Budget process.

>>>  HAIKU  (HNA, Part Two)  <<<<<<<<<<

As promised, here's another poem by George Swede, Canada's well-known, much published, and highly regarded poet (whose mother lived in West Vancouver and passed away last year but we've lost him to Toronto):

        gas station attendant     filling up the mosquito
                                                [copyright G Swede]
Haiku North America met Sept 21 to 25 in Port Townsend, a quaint town with many heritage homes.  It was at Fort Worden, also famous for Sam Hamill and Copper Canyon Press.  We stayed at the Old Consulate Inn, a restored Queen Anne built in 1889 and a German consulate (1908 - 11) converted to a B&B (with period antiques; and they sell fancy hats -- see one worn at the RoyalTea this summer www.RoyalTea.ca).  We were blessed with gorgeous weather.  Besides poetry there was dance (Butoh), music/drumming (taiko), panels, and readings.  Very interesting also was a presentation by George Swede tracing his introduction and path involving haiku, senryu, and poetry activism (scream-in in Toronto) over the past almost forty years.  He has published 29 collections of poetry.
>>>   HUMOUR (a bit sick)  <<<

Hurricane Katrina was a disaster and our hearts go out to those who suffered; glad Canada went to help.  Well, nothing is sacred, and if you know Aussie humour, it's particularly vicious and irreverent.  I waited a while but maybe this will give you some twisted smiles....
Bush has just released a statement following his investigation into the New Orleans disaster -- the blame is being put on a Muslim suicide plumber.

President Bush has asked for pop groups to stage a benefit concert for the victims of New Orleans however Katrina and the Waves have been told to **** off.

The mayor of New Orleans has denied rumours the Mardi Gras is cancelled. He expects a record number of floats this year on Main Street!

Five black men in purple dinner jackets & bow ties were found floating today under a pier in New Orleans,  DNA tests later identified them as The Drifters.  Rumour has it they where under the boardwalk down by the sea.

Eric Burden & the Animals are re-releasing their earlier hit, it begins "There was a house in New Orleans".

Hurricane Katrina, typical female! When she came she was warm, wild, and wet. When she left she took the house and contents with her.

Two planeloads of volunteers left Liverpool airport today bound for New Orleans to assist with the looting.
>>>  QUOTATIONS  <<<


Author - Winston Churchill
English - a politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen

Author - Henry Alfred Kissinger
English - ninety per cent of the politicians give the other ten per cent a bad name


A library is thought in cold storage.
                        -- Herbert Samuel, politician and diplomat (1870-1963)

To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.
                        -- Edmund Burke, statesman and writer (1729-1797)

Author - Fr=E8re Daniel De Montmollin
French - l'objectif premier pour un =E9ducateur est de former des autodidactes
English - the primary objective for an educator is to produce autodidacts