Oct 24th Ccl AGENDA
Events Oct 31st

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

CANDIDATES * DWV Salaries 2004 * Streamkeepers * Ev Dr! & Devt Process w/ no Info!

Have you been to the Poetics of West Coast Modernism in West Vancouver yet?  It's fantastic! (Lib, FBG, Silk Purse)
--  And don't miss that great yummy pumpkin ale at Steamworks!
This issue:
THE CANDIDATES; Main items: Oct 24th Ccl Agenda (incredible -- EVELYN DRIVE Devt process!!! -- and on supplemental so we won't see it in advance!!!); INFObits; Calendar to Oct 31st (Scouts event); WV Streamkeepers Info; DWV Staff Salaries 2004; Ccl Mtg Notes Oct 17th; Ccl Agenda Oct 24th; INFObits; Quotations

>>>>>>>  CANDIDATES FOR ELECTION NOV 19th  <<<<<<<

=== MAYOR (one to be elected)
GOLDSMITH-JONES, Pamela         1355 Ambleside Lane, West  Vancouver (Campaign Office)
                        604-926-8140 / 604-922-3768
                        pgoldsmith-jones@telus.net  /  www.pamgoldsmithjones.ca
WOOD, Ron       1552 Marine Drive, West Vancouver  (Campaign Office)
        604-922-7646 / 604-220-0314 / www.wood4mayor.com
===  COUNCILLOR (six to be elected)
AIRD, Louise
        West Vancouver / 604-921-8735 / blitzmag@smartt.com
        West Vancouver / 604-551-5271 / sallan@telus.net
        West Vancouver / 604-925-1912
DAY, Rod
        West Vancouver / 604-922-3678
EVISON, Michael
        West Vancouver / 604-922-4355 / michaelevison@shaw.ca / www.michaelevison.com
        459 Gordon Place, West Vancouver / 604-926-1121
        4646 Woodgrove Place, West Vancouver / 604-926-1306 / gustavkroll@shaw.ca
LANG, Doug
        West Vancouver / 604-307-6404 / douglang@telus.net
        960 Younette Drive, West Vancouver / 604-922-3807/660-4727 / rob.pellatt@telus.net
RAHBAR, Mehrdad (Med)
        West Vancouver / rahbar@vernaculardesign.ca
REYNOLDS, Carolanne
        #8 - 1065 24th St (Campaign Ofc) / 604 628-9333 / cr@carolanne.org / www.carolanne.org
SMITH, Michael
        2743 Ottawa Avenue, West Vancouver / 604-922-7611 / mrsmith@mrsmithltd.com
        1203-2180 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver / 604-925-6881/788-0081 / wsbs@shaw.ca
        1037 Millstream Road, West Vancouver / 604-617-4600 / telenius@shaw.ca
        4621 Woodburn Place, West Vancouver / 604-922-2614 / vvaughan@telus.net
        1165 - 13th  Street, West Vancouver / 604-926-5848/351-4080 / tomwardell@shaw.ca
=== SCHOOL TRUSTEE (five to be elected): [one withdrawal so all will be elected by acclamation]
BOOTH, Mary-Ann
   1209 Esquimalt Ave, WV / 926-2257 / maryann@maryannbooth.com / www.maryannbooth.com
   1243 Duchess, WV / 926-2777 / cut2whit@shaw.ca / www.members.shaw.ca/carolcutlerwhiteman
   4609 Woodburn Road, West Vancouver / 604-926-3844
   487 Braewood Place, Bowen Island  / 604-947-0771 / jkellett@shaw.ca
   6356 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver / 604-926-8758 / davidstevenson@telus.net
   615 Inglewood Ave, WV / 604-916-7072/922-9780 / cwinfield@telus.net / www.coralwinfield.ca
S. Scholes, Chief Election Officer, October 14, 2005
NOTE: The period for withdrawal/challenge of a candidate expires at 4:00 pm on October 21, 2005.

>>>  MAIN ITEMS, Ccl Oct 24  <<<
=  Ports Alive Vancouver Harbour Adventure
=  Presentation re Award for Excellence for Innovation
= Evelyn Drive Area Process
why?!!!--->   (to be circulated in the Supplemental package) 
= Update on Changes Made in Development Process
why?!!!--->    (to be circulated in the Supplemental package)
= Implementation of Bylaws to Protect and Enhance Watercourses
= "Zoning Map Amendment - 1495 Esquimalt"
= CORRESPONDENCE: FAC minutes; pesticide use; Ballet BC; mtn bike plan; book on Cdn soldiers; MFA Fall Debenture Issue; WV Drinking Water Quality Report; Cmnty Participation in BC, Torino, Italy; Aquatic Ctr Entrance fees; Crime Prevention Week

>>>  CALENDAR to Oct 31st  <<<
Beginning of a series of exhibitions on architecture:
*****  The Poetics of West Coast Modernism in West Vancouver  *****
Gallery at the Library Oct 1-31; Ferry Building Gallery Oct 4 - Nov 12; Silk Purse Gallery Oct 4-23
Featuring 18 significant residences and public buildings designed by well-known West Coast architects, focusing on design in relation to the coast landscape: Peter Cardew, Barry Downs, Arthur Erickson, Brian Hemingway, Fred Hollingsworth, Russell Hollingsworth, Zoltan Kiss, Brad [Lamoureux], Blair MacDonald, Henry Yorke Mann, Paul Merrick, Arthur Mudry, Helliwell-Smith, Mark Ostry, John & Pat Patkau, Ron Thom, Daniel White, and Bud Wood.
Free Evening Lecture 7-9pm:  Ferry Building Gallery - Oct. 19  Brian Hemingway

+  WV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  +  October is Small Business Month in WV
On October 25 a morning seminar will focus on how Professional Business Coaching can help entrepreneurs focus and reach their business goals. A strategic business planning coach and image consultant will share the morning session. They will help operators consider new approaches to growing their business and presenting themselves in a polished and professional light to prospects.  For more information, or to sign-up for these October events visit www.westvanchamber.com and click on Events, or call the Chamber at 926 6614.

[NB: meetings at M Hall unless otherwise noted]
=== WEDNESDAY, Oct 19th ===
~ 5:30 - 7pm ~ FAC - CANCELLED
~ 7 - 9pm ~  Lib Bd (at Library); Bd of Variance (in Ccl Chamber)

*  ELECTION EVENT:  Wednesday Oct 19th:
~ 7pm ~  WV Citizens for Good Govt's "All Candidates Meeting" at the Kay Meek Ctr
PLEASE NOTE: To be able to vote at the "Endorsation Mtg" Oct 27th memberships must have been purchased by the end of the evening's meeting.

=== FRIDAY, Oct 21st ===
~ 6 - 8pm ~ NSFC&YJ (in CNV M Hall)
~ 7:30 - 8:30pm ~ Friday night Concert Series (Library 925 7400)
The Vancouver Opera Touring Ensemble will perform Naomi's Road, a fully staged and costumed opera for young audiences.  Everyone welcome (suitable for ages 9 and up).  For information and free tickets visit the Fiction Information Desk in the Adult Department


Hello Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers,
Next Sunday, Oct 23rd, there will be a Streamkeepers' work party for Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers at the St. David's church site.
We will be meeting Kurt Peiffer of Streamkeepers in the parking lot of the church at 1pm on Sunday afternoon and the work party will last until 3pm.
Snacks and refreshments will be served at 3:00. If it is cold you might want to bring a hot drink to keep you going.
The plan for this session is to remove more undesirable plants, distribute more mulch and re-inforce the downhill side of the footpath.
We are also hoping to take on the building of a rail on the downhill side of the footpath from the large tree stump to the foot bridge.
Please bring gloves and shovels and rakes etc.
I would appreciate hearing from those of you who will be able to make it in order to be sure that we have enough donuts, etc.
These work parties are a great way to give a little bit back to the community and to really make a difference with the rehabilitation of one of our local creeks.
Hope to see you there.
John Thomas

{Anybody interested to help? Please call Kurt (604 922 9109); for info on WV Streamkeepers itself, phone 628 1123.}
=== TUESDAY, Oct 25th ===

=== WEDNESDAY, Oct 26th ===
~ 5 - 7pm ~ PAC -- CANCELLED

Wed Oct 26 - 10:30am and 1:30pm - Halloween Puppet Show
Thursday Oct 27 - 4pm and 4:30pm - Halloween Howl
Pick up tickets for both events at the Youth Department Information Desk.  Registration begins Oct 1.

=== THURSDAY, Oct 27th ===
~ 8:30 ~ Arts and Culture Strategy Cmte
~ 3:30 - 5:30pm ~ Police Bd (Chamber of Commerce Boardroom)
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ DAC
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI (CNV M Hall)

*  ELECTION EVENT:  Thursday Oct 27th:
~ 7pm ~  WV Citizens for Good Govt's "Endorsation Meeting" at the Kay Meek Ctr
PLEASE NOTE: To be able to vote at this "Endorsation Mtg", you must have been a member for at least a week.  This means memberships must have been purchased by the end of the "All Candidates Mtg" held also at the KMC on Oct 19th.
===  NO COUNCIL MTG on OCT 31st  ===


West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society, PO Box 91166, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 3N6
Ph: 604 628 1123 /  e-mail: streamkeepers.westvan.org  /  www.streamkeeper.westvan.org

Hello Streamkeepers:

With the autumn rains West Vancouver Creeks and Streams are beginning to fill and the Salmon are returning. Returning Salmon are the best indication that our fry-release program of the past years is successful. It is crucial that we know where and when the salmon are coming back to spawn For this information we rely on visual observations by streamkeepers,  property owners, dog-walkers, and any number of people walking along or across the many creeks and streams in our neighbourhood with open eyes.

We rely on YOU to let us know when and where you may have observed salmon over the next three month. Please report your observations to our Spawner survey coordinator Elizabeth Hardy at <eahardy@shaw.ca>  and include:
=B7        Name of the creek where your observation has been made
=B7        Approximate location on the creek (road crossing, bridge etc.)
=B7        Date and time of your observation
=B7        Number of fish observed
=B7        Species (chum, coho) if known
=B7        Approximate size (in inches or centimeters)
Please report only your own observation, second hand reports are not very useful.

If you are interested in more detailed spawner survey activity, the Pacific Streamkeeper Federation will offer a training session on Oct 29th from 12:30 to 2:00 pm  rain or shine.  Participants will assemble  at the mouth of Brothers Creek at the end of Clyde Ave. just below the Capilano Care Centre in West Vancouver.  This is an outdoor  event. Dress accordingly. Gumboots or waders would be appropriate.
If you intend to participate or require more information please advise  or contact Kurt Peiffer <kpeiffer@shaw.ca>

We hope to hear from you.

Hugh Hamilton

Please call Hugh Hamilton, WVS President, at 628 1123 for any reports re creeks, etc. and if you wish to volunteer, to participate, to help, to be involved.
FYI, however, here are the names of the WVS CREEK MONITORS:
Larsen Creek                                                    Kurt Peiffer
Nelson, Wood, and Eagle Creeks                          Elizabeth Hardy
Cypress, Willow, and Claymore Creeks            Barrie Adams
Rodgers, Pipe Creek                                             Hugh Hamilton
McDonald Creek                                                  Ken Bryden
Swy-Wee Creek                                                   Paul Berlinguette
Brothers Creek                                                  Michael Ritter, Sandi Dix, Hugh Hamilton
Brothers (Inglewood to Taylor Way
     and above Wildwood Ln. to Cross Cr.)               Paul Berlinguette
Hadden Creek                                                    Pippen Osborn         
It will be important to watch Lawson Creek below Marine Drive, and the mouths of Westmount, Cave and Godman if you are by that way.
ZoAnn will conduct a Spawner Survey course on Saturday Oct 29th from 12:30 -2:00pm starting at the mouth of Brothers Creek (east end of Clyde Ave. and below the Capilano Care Centre). Rain or shine, and wear gumboots, or waders. 
======================== ========================== ==========

>>>  2004 SALARIES DWV  <<<

***  Mayor and Council  ***  Name  /  Position  /   Remuneration  +   Expenses

Wood, Ronald  *  Mayor * $67,790.40 + 3,230.35
Clark, John  /  $22,780.92 + 211.69
Day, Rodney  /  $23,184.12 + 1,772.16
Durman, Victor  /  $23,428.92 + 727.46
Ferguson, Jean  /   $22,132.92 + 241.69
Goldsmith-Jones, Pam  /  $23,428.92 + 2,699.44
Soprovich, William  /  $23,428.92 + 2,758.97
                        Total For Mayor and Council  /   $206,175.12  + 11,641.76

***  Employees   ***  Position  /  Remuneration  +  Expenses

Deputy Director - Human Resources and Payroll Services  /  $ 82,838.48 + 1,830.93
Business Manager - Engineering and Transportation  /  $ 89,358.46 + 383.41
Director of Administrative Services  /  $ 115,684.67 + 8,383.36
Manager - Community Planning  /  $ 77,614.66 + 929.66
Recreation Services Manager  /  $ 81,063.29 + 3,654.89

Manager - Community Services /  $ 98,685.87 + 1,848.51
Facilities Maintenance Manager /  $ 78,273.29 + 1,446.87
Equipment Superintendent /  $ 82,052.91 + 60.00
Transit Manager /  $ 92,279.61 + 1,834.24
Roads and Transportation /  $ 82,945.88 + 2,784.26

Recreation Services Manager /  $ 82,997.95 + 2,365.68
Manager - Utilities  /  $ 89,794.30 + 1,778.14
Director of Library Services /  $ 96,130.36 + 555.22
Purchasing and Risk Management /  $ 95,881.09 + 1,550.29
Land And Property Agent /  $ 83,698.83 + 740.14

Environmental Coordinator /  $ 85,568.50 + 597.23
Director of Finance /  $ 125,200.92 + 4,578.18
Manager - Park Services /  $ 86,168.45 + 2,109.56
Utilities Superintendent /  $ 88,046.42
Supervisor - Inspections /  $ 75,305.87 + 1,302.94

Park Facilities Manager /  $ 80,336.44 + 3,437.69
Assistant Manager - Building Construction and Contracts /  $ 82,483.86 + 1,418.51
Director of Human Resources and Payroll Services /  $ 107,143.53 + 2,495.37
Director Planning, Lands and Permits /  $ 125,067.36 + 256.27
Manager - Permits, Licences, and Bylaws /  $ 91,849.75 + 858.98

Director of Parks and Community Services /  $ 123,512.74 + 5,670.28
Municipal Clerk /  $ 84,638.45 + 2,590.94
Municipal Manager /  $ 169,916.62 + 9,995.43
Social Services Manager /  $ 77,833.87
Public Works Superintendent /  $ 78,460.98 + 588.05

Assistant Director of Finance /  $ 84,564.91 + 2,701.90
Financial Reporting and Accounting 95,440.50 + 6,203.11
Director of Engineering and Transportation /  $ 80,799.21 + 1,855.56 [Partial year b/c left DWV]

{Please note that Police, Fire, and Bus employees have been omitted from this list; note also that with the increase for 2005 and the benefits calculated at about 30%, that means add one third to the base salary.  The lowest on this list is $75Kpa so adding a third in effect comes out to $100,000 per year as the lowest on the list.}

Total For Employees Over $75,000  =  $ 9,818,614.22  +  $ 142,470.41

Total For Employees Under $75,000  =  $ 30,279,495.14 + $ 159,421.21
Total For All Employees  =  $ 40,098,109.36  +  $ 301,891.62
Grand Total of Remuneration and Expenses  =  $ 40,617,817.86

>>>>>>>  CCL MTG NOTES Oct 17th  <<<<<<<

At the outset Mayor Wood announced Cclr Durman away owing to a family emergency (his wife's father is ill).
1.         CALL TO ORDER
ZONING BYLAW 2200, 1968 AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 4452, 2005 (Zoning Maps)
            The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application:
Affected Lands:  All lands in the District.
Purpose:  The amendment bylaw will provide for the digitization and administrative update of the District Zoning Maps.

In response to questions by Sop, SJN said no road zoning; zoning sometimes in middle of road, others along property line; with Cmnty Charter M has control over roads; text will be provided later (but Sop said preferred beforehand, why undertaken and why changing) but map wd same regardless, just realigning zoning bylaws on the map base so don't have to draw on archives.
Mayor: my understanding no anomalies, nowhere 100 or 200 ft out
SJN: no; no intended change [in zoning] and in one place line dropped below 1200ft level.
Sop: didn't go above anywhere?
SJN: no
Sop: will text expected in three, four months be same?
SJN: same as maps unless intending to amend
maps will be handed out at the counter
Sop: wd text show the anomalies?
SJN: no
of two zones same except for minor difference, we wd suggest ome of the zone boundaries be removed
Sop: if 1200ft line to dip, who owned by?
SJN: it's use; above is recreational, below is residential

3.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES: September 26, October 03
4.         REPORTS
            Bylaws are passed by a simple majority vote unless otherwise noted. 
4.1       Tri-Party Agreement with the Arts Centre Trust and School District #45, and Service Agreement between the Municipality and the Arts Centre Trust
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks & Community Services
            RECOMMENDED: be approved and authorization given for its implementation....on the effective dates.

KP gave background and explained the two agreements.
JF: question $50K twice a year Jan 15 and Jul 15, is the studio going to be operational by Jan 15th?
KP: we don't see it being operational at that time, don't have a time, and that's why left open
JF: shd be same
KP: we can do that; certainly intended to dovetail
MMgr: allowed that so if delayed
JC: was to be matching funds and don't see it
MMgr: were matched and those funds expended first
those with Sch Dist, billed 50% of improvements
JC: was aware; wanted to make clear to public
Sop: use the studio theatre at a discounted rate, 50%, why not apply to ....theatre as well
MMgr: Ccl's wish to focus on the studio theatre rather than the large theatre
certainly intent to encourage use of the large, initially Ccl focused on studio theatre, and to support it, not large
Sop: but public can still use it
MMgr: yes; and no obligation after the first five years
this first five years to get established and discuss in fourth year about future
built out and then operational
G-J: this is a banner day
lays down improved govt structure and has reporting requirement and that's got to be good
fits in with strategy
strengthens relationship between Ccl, SD45, and Trust
one question: provides for cmnty access for non-profit groups registered with M grants prog
want to know if that precludes others
KP: encourages groups to apply, rigorous review process for that sort of privilege; so groups from afar expect to come into this theatre and get that rate
intent organizations working with or prepared to work with the M to get these rates
G-J: so you don't have to be a successful grant recipient
KP: no
JF: thank staff for doing the negotiating
will benefit; look forward to seeing groups perform in the black box theatre

Liz Byrd: here on behalf of the Bd of the Arts Ctr Trust to thank you
very grateful
been on this bandwagon since 1996; really a huge thing to happen in this M
unfortunately away and missed the WVCF
then Saturday had 370 for BalletBC
still lots of work to do
we're working hard to get the studio finished by January
Mayor: thanks, nine years; deserve a medal
Sop: if two or three WVites in a troupe wanting to put on a presentation and the main org was in Vanc and not registered in DWV, wd they be prohibited from getting the 50% discount?
KP: haven't run into that
the spirit of working together quite separate from these sterile agreements
looking forward to solid agreement so that when these issues arrive we sit down and work it out; don't want to exclude anybody
Sop: delightful to reach this when started by looking for land, difficult times
cmnty use?
LB: this theatre is about cmnty
we will entertain everybody, try to accommodate
the Dundarave Players wanted rehearsal space, unfortunately cdn't
want to make this a cmnty that cares about the arts
RD: in addition to the great service for arts, v gd for public mtgs
good use of the 500 seats!
all kinds of mtgs, overflow Ccl/public mtgs
great benefit to cmnty; thank you very much for all you've done
LB: studio theatre also good for having dinner
also theatre in the round
someone threw things, landed under my legs, and actor had to come right over and take it

4.2      Development Variance Permit No. 05?013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road)            
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            THAT the Municipal Clerk give notice that Development Variance Permit Application No. 05-013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road), which would provide for a new single family dwelling with variances to setbacks, highest building face, retaining wall location and grade line, and rock removal will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, November 07, 2005.

SJN: steep site; architect, Bo Helliwell, has fitted it in but requires blasting and variations
seems to fit in quite well; staff are recommending it be considered
Sop: bylaw requirements -- huge variance; is that a concern to you?
SjN: no; cd hv gone to Bd of Variance as a hardship easily
2600sf, smaller bldg than allowed
Ccl has authority to approve; wd concern me if someone built sq ftg allowed
[Sop listed variances asking if a concern and SJN said no.]
RD: the photo we have here, placed in simulated way; shows what good architecture can do as opposed to a three-storey square box
often if you want to do something good have to go to Variance
too bad we haven't declared the waterfront a mandatory Permit Area.
Must mention that the tri-partite exhibit on best design in WV, Bo with his partner Kim Smith featured in it, see it -- at FBG, Lib, and Silk Purse
SJN: drew the proposed home or cdn't tell on photo
RD: nicest

4.3       Visitor Strategy - District of West Vancouver
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
1.        Council endorse development of a Visitor Strategy for the District of West Vancouver, utilizing current project funding allocated for the Economic Sustainability Strategy;
2.        Staff be directed to apply to the Community Foundations Development Program (Phase I) sponsored by Tourism BC (TBC) and Vancouver Coast and Mountains (VCM) to assist in developing the Visitor Strategy;
3.        Staff work with the VCM Program facilitator, with input from a variety of stakeholders, including business and community groups, recreation service providers and the Arts and Culture and 2010 Implementation Select Committees to complete the Visitor Strategy;
4.        Staff be directed to investigate and where appropriate, apply for funding from the UBCM Community Tourism Program and the Community Foundations Marketing Program to cover any costs associated with the Visitor Strategy.

RB, DoAS gave background:
Staff have presented four recommendations
Sean Allan, Pres of WVCh of Commerce: here to applaud staff for taking this step
excited about it, will help in many ways
underpin Amb redevt, strategy
need to know how to handle visitors with Olympics
here to be of service
JC: this work long overdue; obvious the Olympics, but more subtly, feeling WV does not welcome tourists
believe through this effort, be able to plan for tourism and its benefits
JF: also important how to encourage visitors, welcome, and to prepare citizens, direct visitors away so don't disturb privacy
accommodation?  if travelling arts groups coming through
hope from strategy come how we consider this
Sop: at UBCM there was some confusion as to where we are with a lot of things
Select Cmte has done a lot of work
we have four years, three left
hasn't this information all been compiled?  certainly Ch of Comm aware for some time
billeting process for parents of athletes?
Mayor: $25m allocated by prov govt to Ms
$110K for phase one and up to us how best to allocate the money; answer those questions
DoAS: we have a lot of data and will pull it all together
MMgr: gives us access to info
hope chance to look at other initiatives and piggyback or work with
opp to move forward at very little if any cost except staff and volunteer time; shd take advantage
G-J: news is good, identified funding sources
disappointed this was a direct recommendation from two cmtes, tells us the fit, sports and arts&culture where we can build a strategy -- will allay cmnty of fear too far too fast -- is the amount  [$$$] go over how much we've committed
DoAS: committed $48K for this year
G-J: more than we need
MMgr: really no cost except for incidentals
funding, UBCM, etc; expect to use very little of our own money; hoping not to use any
4.4       Operations Center - Recycling Initiatives
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
THAT Council receive the report titled Operations Center - Recycling Initiatives, September 29, 2005 from the Manager, Roads and Transportation.

EB: amazing how much we can recycle
oil, antifreeze; paints
do as much as we can onsite
report to draw your attention to these initiatives
RD: compliment you on recycling work you do
who purchases these items?
eg, sand
EB: rock for rock walls; structure backfill
oil and paints, contract with companies
RD: do we subsidize the process or get enough back?
EB: in financial section of report it gives some examples of savings achieved
in some cases used to go down drain and now generates revenue
RD: worth recycling anyway but make overall?
EB: categorically say we're coming out ahead
previously paying to have hauled away and purchase new
more than offset
RD: bravo
JF: I too wd like to commend staff, report
setting example for cmnty
my favourite, used lumber for bridge in Clovelly, saved $25K
given the amount of building, cd use trees when clearing -- build bridges, save lots
KP: what we're doing!
we get large pieces of trees from companies who will even deliver so don't have to get rid of them
if you look at that Clovelly Bridge, [staff] has even curved it and it's beautiful
G-J: left over
EB: pretty well use all that we produce

4.5       School District #45 Funding Request for Substance Abuse Coordinator
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks & Community Services
1. The District of West Vancouver approve cost-sharing of the Substance Abuse Coordinator in the amount of $20,000 for the 2005/06 school year;
2. An additional $20,000 be considered during the 2007 budget-year deliberations.

KP: since fall 2003 been funding; continuation; in regular grants
report from Coordinator; asking approval funds be expended and continue to budget for this each year
Mayor: Ms Reynolds, good evening
CR: Good evening.  It said "additional", so it wasn't actually clear when you look at the motion that it was continuous but made some of us wonder if this is a result of downloading from the province.
Although it is a really serious problem and we want to fund it,
I wonder if Ccl had done anything to try to see if the appropriate provincial govt ministry might be funding this instead of having Ccl b/c it shd be Ministry of Health, I suppose, and perhaps if we can't speak to the ministry we might talk to our MLAs
KP: before 2003, did through grants budget fund an organization, did work in schools and became no longer tenable so worked up new model with Sch Dist
ongoing through grants budget
not aware gone back to the prov to have this funded; we can certainly do that
yes, seems most of these things coming our way, but no this is not one that was downloaded, was something we had done it the past.
CR: Well, there's nothing wrong with uploading it if it's not our responsibility!
Anyway, I just thought I'd ask, b/c we're going to get more of it, so we'd better stop it when we can
Mayor: good suggestion
G-J made motion and I'll vary the second part, b/c it isn't additional]
RL: meaning 2006 budget
GJ: 2006/7
KP: b/c school year
G-J: important actually to go a little further with the comment that was made b/c downloading is always a huge concern but you can see that substance abuse had become a priority for the govt
Have just announced $7m to deal with crystal meth throughout the prov
money will flow through the UBCM
we're positioning ourselves in partnership with the schools so we can maximize the value of that
really well set up on NSh, ways other cmnties aren't, b/c of the Coordinator in the school system
Similarly with the $1m just received for the new youth day program; we're relying on that direct connection with our schools
so this $20K actually goes a long way to making the money that is provided wch we haven't seen to this extent before most effective.

4.6      2006 Permissive Tax Exemptions - Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4453, 2005
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance
            THAT current policy with respect to Permissive Tax Exemptions be expanded to include the land surrounding places of public worship and necessary ancillary buildings, as provided for in Section 224(2) of the Community Charter.
RECOMMENDED:...be introduced and read a first, second and third time.

RL explained background, change of rules; Ccls have prerogative:
Assessment Authority taking a more strict interpretation, ie places not directly for worship don't qualify but Ccl can as permissive
We recommend those portions no longer exempt be permissively exempt so same
WV policy be maintained and list of permissive exemptions
Ccl cd choose not to grant these exemptions, they come to $213K
JF: will it allow Ccl to annually assess these exemptions?
RL: this bylaw is for one year only
JF: for change of use, so sure continue to satisfy criteria
Sop: does this include all places of worship?
RL: all public places
Sop: Synagogue on Taylor Way
[someone murmured partly school]
Mayor clarified: if you don't apply you don't get exemption, have to apply
Sop: so Synagogue has not applied
RL: we sent letters out to all advising of change and to my knowledge all replied
Sop: if they were able, they'd be included?
RL: yes, it's on an application basis.  We do followup to get them in on time.

4.7       Watercourse Protection Bylaw 4364, 2005 Amendment Bylaw 4454, 2005
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
            RECOMMENDED: be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
RL: minor amendment
Mayor: just a numbering change? error made?
RL: yes, had to be corrected
RD: clear just numbering error
RB, DoAS: error was referral to 9.3 wch did not exist


RD: Tues 11th, HAC workshop with consultant working on heritage strategy
then from there to Old Growth open house
then symposium at Ch of Comm on Biz Imp Areas
then to FBG for opening on West Coast Modernism, excellent book; then to opening at Silk Purse; two aspects
Next day walked through new bldg of Kiwanis senior facility; wonderful housing; a lot more subsidized housing for seniors

JF: afterward they had a small lunch for Ccl for all the assistance Ccl has provided
nice to be thanked
shd continue to support them
RD: they said 76 units in original bldg built in 1990s and this bldg
Mayor: this 76 units
RD:  so original a bit more; and half will be filled from older bldg being torn down and new
hope to work on another new building next fall for 68 units, so in a couple of years, substantially more housing
Mayor: there's a significant demand

6.1       Correspondence [complete list in previous issue; discussion listed a, b, ...g, etc]

6.1.11       M. Theil, President, BSP Bicycle Sports Pacific Inc., September 26, 2005 regarding proposed 30% federal surtax on bicycles
                  Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
G-J: worthwhile for Ccl to support this request although recognize it's federal
strength not from protectionism
biz on NSh and strong; destination shopping
wd like to move that we support these businesses across the N Sh and copying our MPs
Mayor: Mr Theil will address us during question period.

6.1.10       P. Saxvik, October 03, 2005, regarding internet posting of public comments
                  Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
Sop: he made a comment to me on the street the other day
letter comes to Ccl on public domain
if letter then on Web, his concern is that it goes worldwide
if we do that, can we do a blockage so protected?
SSch: the DoAS and I discussed this
for Web, put on PDF-form so will discuss with IT re security
Sop: will it show current signature?
SSch: yes it wd, b/c PDF
Sop: so someone on other side of world pulls it up and uses it
is that a privacy issue that has to be addressed?
SSch: it is an issue raised by this gentleman and we've never had that before
if request made to be omitted we do, wch is why followed normal process

{actually not quite the case; the PDF was not on the DWV website wch is why I wrote asking about it.}

MMgr: quite often we receive correspondence and put on agenda and ppl cd make copy
if a petition, wd we have to have a petition without the signatures
electronic signature
we're actually scanning it; they'd have to rescan it
we have been receiving signatures for some time; we'll be looking into it
Sop: different from correspondence showing up in Library
easily on Web, cd be on other side of world

6.1.13       K. Samuda, October 03, 2005, regarding heavy trucks in West Vancouver
                  Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the November 21, 2005 meeting.
6.1.14       K. Samuda, October 07, 2005, regarding safe trucking practices in West Vancouver
                  Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response confirming scheduling of the delegation for the November 21, 2005 meeting.
Another issue, re Kathy Samuda, trying to get as delegation and we're busy
Mr Barth, we have been taking action on this, trucks above hwy, can you fill us in any more?
EB: she expressed concern about length of time for delegation; suggested meeting with staff and we did that today; she will come to Ccl as a deleg
Staff have been taking some measures, signage, etc
will be coming to Ccl with a report in Nov and will make her aware
Sop: did she go away happy?
EB: I believe so but not sure

6.1.6             D. Branson, ESS Director, City of North Vancouver, North Shore Emergency Management Office, 2005, regarding Emergency Social Services Annual Training Day
JF: emergency mgmt; will be held at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctre; good for families; put plug in Tidings
RD: Annual Training Day, Sunday Nov 6; 125 volunteers, public invited; we are aware of this on the NSh and doing active planning
NSh cooperation; there is a cmte that deals with this
staff constantly aware of these problems; we're doing planning

6.1.16       D. Close, October 04, 2005, regarding Caulfeild greenbelt
                  Referred to Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
6.1.17       R. Wilson, May 11, 2005, regarding Caulfeild greenbelt
                  Referred to Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
G-J: 6.16/17, I have an ongoing concern about the status of the concerns residents on Keith Rd have
last spring approached by them, serious concern about flooding and blow down of remaining trees
at that time asked staff to meet with them and with Martin Corp
and I've been calling every couple of weeks about the mtgs
residents really wanted to see about mitigation; expected happen in August
referred to Parks, but think it's also Planning, wondering where that's at
SJN: talking about that today
been some work re hazard trees, phase one approach
has been some drainage measures put into place, not necessarily final
my staff, devt engr has been mtg with Martin Corp engrs; expect mtg with residents in week or so, two, on proposed measures and taken
G-J: disappointed; b/c Ccl's timeline was really for more like six weeks or two months ago
we have emails demanding a full explanation
actually think Ccl shd hv a report back on that so residents satisfied on that
they've tried their best
MMgr: we have responded to these emails
revolves around if M has right to address these hazardous trees
really we do, land use agreement
in my view it's dialogue going on
not what has occurred but we can provide further information to Ccl
{ see also g }

6.1.1             Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
                      (b)          North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee Minutes, June 16, 2005
Mayor: like to make an observation re June 16th report on alcohol, sexual practices of kids as young as 14
third paragraph, alarming statement; apparently 50% do not have a parent home when they have dinner
talk about solving substance abuse problems, that's where you start
that was alarming to me, that was the percentage.
[back to 6.1.16]
Sop: in long hard fight over Caulfeild Land Use Contract
fought hard for retention of greenbelt
called for greenbelt to be retained in natural state
know there has been a desire for some to window or alter in greenbelts through permission of env'tal coordinator and our resp to remove or fall certain trees that are hazardous
is the greenbelt in CLUC M property
SJN: some cases public covenanted prop, some private
the qtn marks are incomplete
"the use of......
ability request be cut, permission not unreasonably withheld
so not just hazardous trees
maintain greenbelt, how manages it
question re restoring where damage has occurred and we agree restoration
Sop: replanting
where we wd thin or window trees in a covenanted area
negate greenbelt in future years b/c thinning increases blowdown
SJN: thinning, etc
the spirally is a way of protecting those trees and preventing blowdown; being proactive, we thin in advance to prevent blowdown
Sop: how many trees have we planted in the greenbelt?
SJN: no idea
KP: nor do I
Mayor: we'll get back to you on that
Sop: some removal brings new light
follow up with treeplanting
all falling to us b/c covenanted or is agent out there resp for some of it
how many planted? let's really do it
MMgr: have to look at the history, pattern of devt, occurred at each devt
imp to note is that the subdiv in question, we want to ensure the dvpr/owner undertakes before we accept the property; identify what has to be done
otherwise it does become a taxpayers' resp and want to make sure not the case
Sop: why are these ppl upset then?
seeing trees disappear and lying on the ground; habitat disturbed
MMgr: the M env'tal coord has provided a detailed response and we'll give to Ccl

6.2      Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC) Background Briefing Note - LMTAC First Principle C:  Support for the BC Treaty Process
            Correspondence from Mayor R. Drew, Chair, Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory committee dated September 22, 2005 regarding Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC) Background Briefing Note - LMTAC First Principle C:  Support for the BC Treaty Process.
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
            THAT the District of West Vancouver support the LMTAC First Principle C:  Support for the BC Treaty Process and convey its support to LMTAC.

RB: support; saying we do not back bilateral actions.
Mayor: pls explain First Principle C
JF: supports process but not bilateral action on part of senior govts
interim measures can include use mgmt plans, additions to the reserve,
when treaty-related, LMTAC has a rep at table and consult with us and if have impact, we can inform them but when done unilaterally away from the treaty table, no opp for biz, or M input or any other input
when we had the opp to question Minster, said it was to build up trust
reluctance and historical mistrust
our concern is that it does the opposite b/c it allows the First nations to get all sorts of things and by bands not even in the treaty process
in fact disincentive with final certainty
funding is being used that cd go to support
that's why some concerns; conveyed all that to Minister
feel some clarity shd be brought
feel Minister shd come and talk; has agreed to
will tell you when he comes; don't know if in camera or public portion of mtg


Michael Theil: thank you for the mention by G-J and for support
came to give you an update and give info to convince you to support us
you've done so so quickly
City of Vanc approved a similar motion a week ago
similar one on agenda in Toronto as well
we in BC leading the charge
wd like you to know, that last week I and several other bicycle dealers from across Canada went to Ottawa and met with officials and policy advisers from Minister of Int'l Trade, Finance, Industry, and also PMO, taking issue seriously
only second time global safeguard
increase retail of all bicycles up to $600 by 30%
only second time fed govt has had to deal with this, they're wrestling with it
interested in hearing about it very concerned
and when told opposition from City of Vanc and told coming here
they want to hear from anyone
so to anyone watching write to your MP, talk to him and tell him how you feel about this
thank you for supporting us
thank you for facilities you've put in place for cyclists, for us, Gleneagles, up Cypress, etc
thank you

Michael Evison: curious wrt followup to letter from Mr Watts re black bears
where I live in Sandy Cove, feel we have I believe a resident bear population
no heavy-handed but
issue becoming of concern to us
used to be a map in NSNews, sightings, two three years ago
map that cd be full -- from Horseshoe Bay to Ambleside
Mayor: happened to bump into him, knew personally
Kiwanis, ran into him at winetasting
someone had trapped at 700lb bear in his back yard
so his concern had disappeared
KP: you find increased attention to bears
our staff continue
in WV we've changed our tactics
wdn't say Mr Q {sp?} knows each bear personally but he can identify 25 who frequent
and about ten habituated
those are the ones they trapped and relocated at Coquihalla
with provincial Parks staff
seemed to work v well this year
b/c from a few bears, not all 25 but seven to ten mark
think we'll continue with that
solve most of the problems that arise
G-J: my understanding is that habituated to living here have to be trapped and removed
keeping on periphery dependent on garbage safe cans at trailheads
are we continuing with those plans?
KP: gradually replaced garbage cans with bear-proof and that has worked quite well
still need cooperation of cmnty keep garbage in enclosed places in yards, houses
put them out in morning rather than night before
and not just in fringe areas
right down in main as well.

>>>  CCL AGENDA Oct 24th  <<<<<<<

3.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES //  3.1       Public Hearing Minutes, October 17, 2005
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       G. B. Orr, Ports Alive, regarding Ports Alive Vancouver Harbour Adventure
4.2       Presentation regarding Canadian Parks and Recreation Association Award for Excellence for Innovation
5.1       Evelyn Drive Area Process
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
!!!--->   (to be circulated in the Supplemental package) 
5.2       Update on Changes Made in Development Process
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
!!!--->    (to be circulated in the Supplemental package)
5.3       Implementation of Bylaws to Protect and Enhance Watercourses
5.4       Zoning Bylaw 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw 4452, 2005
RECOMMENDED:  THAT "Zoning Bylaw 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw 4452, 2005" be amended in accordance with the memorandum from the Assistant Planner titled "Zoning Map Amendment - 1495 Esquimalt" dated October 17, 2005, received at the October 17, 2005 Public Hearing.
{Second and Third Readings}
6.         BYLAWS for Adoption
6.1       Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4453, 2005
6.2       Watercourse Protection Bylaw 4364, 2005 Amendment Bylaw 4454, 2005
8.         OTHER ITEMS
8.1       Correspondence
            No Action Required (receipt only)
            8.1.1         Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
                              (a)       Finance Advisory Committee Minutes, June 15, 2005
            8.1.2         E. Bernstein and B. Bernstein, undated, regarding pesticide use
            8.1.3         L. A. Hutchinson, Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), October 12, 2005, regarding GVRD 2006 Program Planning Municipal Consultations
                              Previously distributed due to timing of event
            8.1.4         L. Reynolds, Administration Manager, North Shore Crisis Services Society, October 05, 2005, regarding 26th Annual General Meeting
                              Previously distributed due to timing of event.
            8.1.5         J. Johnstone, Executive Director, Ballet British Columbia, October 2005, regarding 2005 Greater Vancouver Regional District Series
            8.1.6         L. Relling, Head of Fundraising for Inglewood Parent Participation Preschool, October 10, 2005, regarding gala fundraiser
            8.1.7         M. E. Craver, October 10, 2005, regarding proposed mountain bike plan             8.1.8         H. Kemp, General Manager, Troll's, October 12, 2005, regarding a government relations campaign for Horseshoe Bay merchants
                              Previously distributed due to timing of event.
            8.1.9         B. Jones, October 15, 2005, regarding book titled "Thoughts of Our Canadian Soldiers at War"
            8.1.10       F. Leonard, Chair, Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia, October 12, 2005, regarding Municipal Finance Authority (MFA) Fall Debenture Issue
            8.1.11       [B. A. O'Connor], Medical Health Officer, North Shore/Coast Garibaldi Health Services, Vancouver Coastal Health, October 11, 2005, regarding District of West Vancouver - 2004 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
            Action Required
            8.1.12       G. Campbell, Premier, Board Member, British Columbia Achievement Foundation, September 13, 2005 regarding British Columbia Community Achievement Awards
                              Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
            8.1.13       Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM), October 11, 005 regarding Proposal for Community Participation in British Columbia - Canada Place, Torino, Italy, 2006
                              Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
            8.1.14       G. Parkins, October 12, 2005, regarding West Vancouver Aquatic Centre Entrance Fees
                              Referred to Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
            8.1.15       C. Lee, Coordinator - Marketing, Events, and Communications, British Columbia Crime Prevention Association, October 14, 2005, regarding Crime Prevention Week in British Columbia
                              Referred to the Municipal Clerk for consideration and response.

>>>  INFObits  <<<
At the Oct 19th WVCGG mtg, Mayor Wood announced he'd sold his company ten days before.
News Report, 'tis to weep:
A federal labour investigator ruled that second-hand smoke poses no danger to the health of two B.C. prison guards, just as the federal court ordered $5,000 in compensation be paid for an inmate exposed to cigarette fumes (T. Blackwell: NP A2).
For mechanical geeks:  http://www.steelcitysfinest.com/HondaAccordAd.htm

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