Oct 24th Ccl NOTES; Events to Nov 9th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

The race is on.  They're at the starting gates, Ladies and Gentlemen!
This issue:
INFObits; Calendar to Nov 9th; WV Streamkeepers Info; Ccl Mtg Notes Oct 24th; Vote!; Election/Candidates, WVCGG, PWV; Quotations

>>>  INFObits  <<<
=  Lions' Gate Bridge closed 11:30 to 4am Oct 23rd to 27th
=  Cclr Victor Durman, absent from ccl mtgs after nominations closed, selling and moving?
=  The last issue had DWV staff salaries for 2004.  Please note that the salaries of the Police and Fire Depts were not listed -- they risk their lives every day and no one can put a price on that.
=  Please forgive the 'commercial break'.  Remember that book launch I went to at the Seattle Public Library a couple of weeks ago?  Some of you know that I do some copyediting and proofreading (what else wd a person with a degree in languages do -- and a poet to boot, so obsessed with language).  I've done both AWAD books (A Word A Day has 600,000 subscribers finding out about a new word M-F).  Just learned Another Word A Day has just become #1 in reference on Amazon.com: http://amazon.com/o/asin/0471778788/ws00-20
= LATE BREAKING NEWS:  John Clark at BPAHA ACM mused he'd like to review the $40m new cmnty ctr building!  Stay tuned!

>>>  CALENDAR to Nov 9th <<< [Meetings at M Hall unless otherwise noted]

*****  The Poetics of West Coast Modernism in West Vancouver  *****
Gallery at the Library Oct 1-31; Ferry Building Gallery Oct 4 - Nov 12; Silk Purse Gallery Oct 4-23
Featuring 18 significant residences and public buildings designed by well-known West Coast architects, focusing on design in relation to the coast landscape: Peter Cardew, Barry Downs, Arthur Erickson, Brian Hemingway, Fred Hollingsworth, Russell Hollingsworth, Zoltan Kiss, Brad [Lamoureux], Blair MacDonald, Henry Yorke Mann, Paul Merrick, Arthur Mudry, Helliwell-Smith, Mark Ostry, John & Pat Patkau, Ron Thom, Daniel White, and Bud Wood.  Free Evening Lecture  Nov 9 from 7-9pm:  Ferry Building Gallery, Abraham Rogatnick

=== TUESDAY, Oct 25th ===

=== WEDNESDAY, Oct 26th ===
~ 5 - 7pm ~ PAC -- CANCELLED

        Wed Oct 26 - 10:30am and 1:30pm - Halloween Puppet Show
        Thursday Oct 27 - 4pm and 4:30pm - Halloween Howl
Pick up tickets for both events at the Youth Department Information Desk.  Registration begins Oct 1.

=== THURSDAY, Oct 27th ===
~ 8:30 ~ Arts and Culture Strategy Cmte
~ 3:30 - 5:30pm ~ Police Bd (Chamber of Commerce Boardroom)
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ DAC (Eagle Lake)
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI (CNV M Hall)
*  ELECTION EVENT:  Thursday Oct 27th:
~ 7pm ~  WV Citizens for Good Govt's "Endorsation Meeting" at the Kay Meek Ctr
PLEASE NOTE: To be able to vote at this "Endorsation Mtg", you must have been a member for at least a week.  This means memberships must have been purchased by the end of the "All Candidates Mtg" held also at the KMC on Oct 19th.
West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society, PO Box 91166, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 3N6
Ph: 604 628 1123 /  e-mail: streamkeepers@westvan.org  /  www.streamkeeper.westvan.org

Hello Streamkeepers:

     With the autumn rains West Vancouver Creeks and Streams are beginning to fill and the Salmon are returning. Returning Salmon are the best indication that our fry-release program of the past years is successful. It is crucial that we know where and when the salmon are coming back to spawn For this information we rely on visual observations by streamkeepers,  property owners, dog-walkers, and any number of people walking along or across the many creeks and streams in our neighbourhood with open eyes.
     We rely on YOU to let us know when and where you may have observed salmon over the next three month. Please report your observations to our Spawner survey coordinator Elizabeth Hardy at <eahardy@shaw.ca>  and include:
·        Name of the creek where your observation has been made
·        Approximate location on the creek (road crossing, bridge etc.)
·        Date and time of your observation
·        Number of fish observed
·        Species (chum, coho) if known
·        Approximate size (in inches or centimeters)
Please report only your own observation, second hand reports are not very useful.

     If you are interested in more detailed spawner survey activity, the Pacific Streamkeeper Federation will offer a training session on Oct 29th from 12:30 to 2pm rain or shine.  Participants will assemble  at the mouth of Brothers Creek at the end of Clyde Ave. just below the Capilano Care Centre in West Vancouver.  This is an outdoor  event. Dress accordingly. Gumboots or waders would be appropriate.

     If you intend to participate or require more information please advise  or contact Kurt Peiffer <kpeiffer@shaw.ca>

     We hope to hear from you.
        Hugh Hamilton

Please call Hugh Hamilton, WVS President, at 628 1123 for any reports re creeks, etc. and if you wish to volunteer, to participate, to help, to be involved.

FYI, however, here are the names of the WVS CREEK MONITORS:
Larsen Creek                                                    Kurt Peiffer
Nelson, Wood, and Eagle Creeks                          Elizabeth Hardy
Cypress, Willow, and Claymore Creeks            Barrie Adams
Rodgers, Pipe Creek                                             Hugh Hamilton
McDonald Creek                                                  Ken Bryden
Swy-Wee Creek                                                   Paul Berlinguette
Brothers Creek                                                  Michael Ritter, Sandi Dix, Hugh Hamilton
Brothers (Inglewood to Taylor Way
     and above Wildwood Ln. to Cross Cr.)               Paul Berlinguette
Hadden Creek                                                    Pippen Osborn         

It will be important to watch Lawson Creek below Marine Drive, and the mouths of Westmount, Cave and Godman if you are by that way.

ZoAnn will conduct a Spawner Survey course on Saturday Oct 29th from 12:30 -2:00pm starting at the mouth of Brothers Creek (east end of Clyde Ave. and below the Capilano Care Centre). Rain or shine, and wear gumboots, or waders. 

===  NO COUNCIL MTG on OCT 31st  ***  BOO!  ***  ===

===  TUESDAY, Nov 1st  ===
~ 3:45 - 5:45 ~ YAC
~ 4:30 - 6:30 ~ EAC (check agenda)
~ 7 - 9pm ~ CSAC MOVED TO  NOV 15th

=== WEDNESDAY, Nov 2nd ===
~ 6 - 8pm ~  PEAC

=== THURSDAY, Nov 3rd ===
ELECTION EVENT:  7pm - Chamber of Commerce,  All Candidates' Mtg (ACM) at Kay Meek Ctr

=== SATURDAY, Nov 5th  ===
ELECTION EVENT:  Park Royal South noon to 2pm, meet all the candidates

=== SUNDAY, Nov 6th  ===
~ 10am - 3pm ~ WV Craft Market, Seniors' Centre and WV Aquatic Centre (lobby), info 925-7187

*****************  THERE WILL BE A CCL MTG NOV 7th   ******************

=== TUESDAY, Nov 8th ===
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC
ELECTION EVENT: ~ 7pm ~ WRA ACM at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr

=== WEDNESDAY, Nov 9th ===
Poetics/Architecture Exhibit: Free Evening Lecture 7-9pm:  Ferry Building Gallery - Abraham Rogatnick

>>>>>>>  CCL MTG NOTES Oct 24th  <<<<<<<

7:06  start;  VD absent

3.1       Public Hearing Minutes, October 17, 2005

4.         DELEGATIONS

4.1       G. B. Orr, Ports Alive, regarding Ports Alive Vancouver Harbour Adventure

Christie [sp?]: local enterprise, tourism
bro in law visiting from NY ten years ago -- great view, good to learn about things in the harbour.  Met George Orr, seats 12 ppl
told stories and ppl started telling theirs; talking about 1958 collapse of Second Narrows and one we thought was a tourist was hanging her washing that day and gave an eyewitness account
ppl made a connection
Orr: at BCIT teach history  and [...]  -- we want all the stories
intention to collect living stories of the waterfront
website will have this
devpd as curriculum for kids (schools)
we're still writing our history in Vancouver -- want to know what stories there are
just learned was a streetcar from WV to NV
looking to you, history of our waterfront......
Sop: in 1947-48 went from Main St to Cambie and the barker on the top deck wd point out the Sleeping Beauty (the north shore mountains)
that shd be looked up
JF: refer to M&A and WVHS
Ans: initially were very helpful and will continue to work with them
JF: Squamish Nation and Tseil waututh
Ans: took a while to find and now....
want to make sure stories we tell reside in WV
JC: any about reconstruction of the bridge, I can get some
but wd like to explore, what do you actually do?
Ans: run from cannery, 90 min. tour, summer seven days, rest Wed to Sun
called Ports Alive
apart from shameless self-promotion, want to make it a worthwhile experience
in four years the Olympics will be here
JC: Port Auth giving help?
Ans: yes
1000 and ev got off and said terrific; small forum ppl make connections with each other
G-J: probably looked into cannery, Millerd, now DFO research, UBC looking into it
Ans: great idea

4.2       Presentation regarding Canadian Parks and Recreation Association Award for Excellence for Innovation

KP gave background
Christie O'Krainetz (staff): thank you for your outstanding support of the Civic Youth Strategy
from skatepark, battle of the bands; staff great support
Byron Chard, Christine Chalk, Carol Wilson  all gave thanks and made remarks
Sop: about comment three years ago that filling
Byron: Fri night till 11pm Aquatic swim for youth
JF: not over yet
Arts and Culture Strategy has room for youth input, need your help and guidance.
Mayor: thank you; great to watch you grow -- Byron you're a good deal taller than three years ago
JC: don't forget Ms O'Krainetz who has provided a lot of leadership and friendship
Sop: did you apply for the award?
KP: it's a national award; variety of ppl work as jury, applications from across country, they go through each; how many awards this year?
Ans: five

5.1       Evelyn Drive Area Process

            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
!!!--->   (circulated in the Supplemental package) 

Sop: Given new situation....  May we ask solicitor for opinion again?
MMgr: difficult to do this evening
{Sop and G-J left b/c of conflict of interest}

*****  UPDATE Oct 26  *****
during questions at BPAHA ACM:
Cclr Soprovich said that the solicitor advised he was still in conflict of interest
Cclr Pamela Goldsmith-Jones said she hoped her conflict of interest situation will be cleared in March 2006}

SJN: guided by an outside consultant, work with a guidance cmte (residents and mbrs of adv cmtes) selected by Ccl
nbrhd mtgs to comment on process
investigative, other scenarios and workshops on them
lead guidance cmte and consultant to scenarios, nbrhd mtg on those and then Ccl wd decide again whether or not to go to Public Hearing
anticipate over a period of months
revised figures -- 3200 notices for last -- anticipate sums in range of $140 - 160K
wd try to ensure process efficient and thorough
cost recouped through Devt Costs

Vivian Vaughan: before we begin this study we shd be quite sure we fully understand to everything that transpired over the past two years
not a comedy of errors, but a tragedy
the process shd be fair
to those.....
{She spoke quickly and has not yet sent me her remarks to include}
staff shd really not be asked to work with the applicant
here is a checklist of what needs to be fixed:
OCP inconsistent
do a traffic study first LGB not growing, and TWay an emergency
study shows seniors want to live on flat ground
OCP limits it to low rise, defined as four floors with
create a process with Ccl in control
shdn't be dragging on
Cmnty Benefit Policy shd be in effect so that devpr knows what money to....
this was started by residents wanting a bonus

{I think she's referring to my lobbying Council for the last few years to admit to 'uplift', the increase in value a developer gets with an upzoning.  It should be calculated and about two thirds go back to the community, in other words applicants and residents shd share the higher value.  The draft Community Benefits Policy was released for public input this summer.}

[at annual growth] 150 per year, minus.....
[this year] new home permits 157
given that..... wd be minus 7
can hardly afford the density we already have.

Frank Rutter: one small question about the process
timing, details of this process were not known very long ago yet report dated Oct 17 so why did it take so long to reach agenda b/c it wasn't on it, it was on the supplementary
this disturbs me b/c like to think public have time to consider what comes before

Blair Baillie: I have no further interest in land in area, my transaction with Millennium was settled some time ago
settled or not settled, have a strong interest
disturbed about the amount of delay over this
no connection with Millennium now
two and a half years have transpired since OCP decided upon
even from time of inception of OCP there was intense interest in Ev Dr
mtg high school, ppl seemed to be from one group, may not have been; opposition time after time at mtgs
Yet Cclr Day said there hadn't been enough time
after all this time, rushed?
two and half years and contemplated before that
H2 merely suggested a study shd be done and it doesn't say by whom
12 studies have been done by the Planning Dept and by Millennium...
a 13th by Mr Spaxman and now you propose a 14th
yet came and told too high yet OCP far more dense
hard to imagine you cd treat a dvpr in this municipality as Millennium has been treated
ashamed our M shd treat a bonafide devpr
....we know they have a good reputation
do we deal with ppl like that
said there's been no consultation
Cclr Day said there's been limited consultation; Mr Spaxman even said that in his report..
Mr Spaxman was not on hand when that consultation took place
opposition present and very articulate
I attended zoning in Vancouver, each presentation took months.....[gave examples]
Mayor: stay on issue
BB: talking about time
mtg after mtg after mtg, that is germane
listened to Mr Nicholls, more mtgs, they've had them -- all with detail
why do these ppl object to traffic when I told you in July 25th that the traffic report said wdn't impede
I do impeach -- implore -- you

Eleanor Thomas: May I remind you a judge is Your Honour
{BB had said that instead of Your Worship}
RD: and we're councillors, not constables
{BB had made another slip calling them constables.  Is he a lawyer? and was he a judge?}
Will this be under this Ccl or the next Ccl?
Mayor: don't know
ET: I don't think our reputation is tarnished

RD: when I said it was rushed, I was referring to the Spaxman study, had only a month
his letter of Oct 17th mentions other things/studies to be made
this confirms much remains to be done
OCP calls for a study and that's what we're attempting to do
trying to get the facts
trying to get it straight
this is the biggest devt since 1958, the hi rise zone so important we do it in the right way
so when the time comes have devt ppl like and cmnty [does too]
I understand the cmte wd be established by the new Ccl, Dec 5
I think we can endorse this but becomes the resp of the new Ccl

JF: don't wish to debate what's gone on before
cmnty learned a good deal in terms of the Ev Dr process, doesn't bear dwelling on
all want to see OCP implemented and want to see multifamily
how the study is carried out, is described here, not till cmte
not as if a big rush, lots of opp for ev in cmnty to express concerns, how they want this carried out
will be a different Ccl that will carry this out
unfortunate for a number of ppl it cdn't have proceeded more quickly
just the nature of the game
hope at end of day have a project we'll all be proud and meet the needs of the cmnty for years to come

JC: we're only going to do this once
like it, what I sketched out on July 25th during discussions
my initial thought was not unlike Mr Rutter's, on the other hand if we put this in place for next Ccl, wonder if cmnty
wonder if enough time
get ducks in row
not perfect
process through, think it's right direction
takes it out of the hands of any Ccl and puts in fairly in cmnty's hands, work independently
at the end of the day, we'll have a better position on this whole project
frankly maybe a harbinger of things to come, as we things coming toward this
this is perhaps a framework for [future]


{NOTE: not long after this Ev Dr item most of those interested in Ev Dr left the Chamber, including Vivian Vaughan, Mike Smith, David Stephenson. Sean Allan also left.  Tom Wardell a bit later.  Elaine Fonseca, Michael Evison, Hakan Telenius, and Carolanne Reynolds stayed to end of ccl mtg.}

5.2       Update on Changes Made in Development Process

            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
!!!--->    (circulated in the Supplemental package)

SJN gave background, new staff, etc
Sop: how long does new construction take
SJN: six to eight weeks, day to do plan check; there's a turn around reply from designer
did ask staff if slate wiped clean
they said approx same, six to eight weeks
some counter
aiming to speed up
aiming for four weeks
Sop: a recent study showed 50% homes in Lower Mainland being renovated, rather than new
categories might be different? reno diff process?
SJN: I've seen someone keep one bedroom and do rest of house and still call it a reno
doing a kitchen, for example, wd be less
we don't have repeat houses -- four or five designs and then do four or five hundred of them
in WV custom-built
real problem in WV, take two to three years to build
Sop: we seek best in quality, and some situations where homes go on over years
wd you look into longevity to build or we don't get into?
SJN: your bylaws do go into that; time period, renewals, now starting to penalize if delays
also working on measures to reduce impact on street for that length of time, getting trades off street
Sop: are they bylaws for a larger site? rules on how clean street adjacent to street shd be?
so often see a mess on the roads and this is what residents have to live with
there goes I, I'd be doing the same thing
what in bylaws to send sweeper down roads, and parking off street?
Mayor: many questions
SJN: next item addresses siltation
going into a storm sewer and going into a creek somewhere
have to notify staff, they go out and monitor and issue stop order if not monitoring siltation
JF: report says does not speed process, makes it more effective
one of the drivers was to try to shorten the time for dvprs who wait around and sometimes lose their crews
what's the likelihood of affecting the speed or how we can help so some certainty for builders
SJN: part of it is administration....
Some Ms only begin reporting after prescreening and only start counting after a complete application
we are now reviewing applications to make sure survey plans in place b/c it makes us look bad unfairly when they bring in incomplete plans and we have to wait for complete plans to do check and it looks bad
some builders/designers good
had mtg with them, helps get permits turned around quickly
JF: so with process go forward
SJN: inspectors go through and complete one in a day, can be quite quick
MMgr: certainly we've heard know what rules are faster
some things we've done has helped
if you look at the volume, this helps us not take longer
SJN: we are now dealing with $185m when previously under $100m, staffing the same and in same time
Mayor 588 [permits], 748 in 2004
G-J: interested in work still to be done
streamlining the design review process
wonder what you're contemplating
SJN: Ccl can delegate below
if you wd, wd expedite
probably beginning of next year, proposals for that
adv cmte review: we've asked John Steil to look at that; he's reviewing ppl on that and is reporting back to the MMgr, will have that report for next year
[listed the adv cmtes they have to go to, daunting]
G-J: one of the concerns is that proposal not quite ready and cmte ends up working on it
so look at
thinking of Water's Edge -- C-shape, L-shape, wasn't really ready
same with South Marr
MMgr: Mr Steil also dealing with this
mapping new; include in agenda devt occurring in cmnty
last year we visited concurrent, were doing consecutive; some real opportunities here
Mr Steil next month, next Ccl will deal with
SJN: we do get adv cmtes involved
clearer we can get in defining objectives [better]
G-J: how has time changed for building sgl fam home?
SJN: not that we see, depends
JC: great strides with Mr Steil
target of four weeks, how's aim?
SJN: quoting Mgr of Permits and Licences and that's what he's working to
Mayor: target
Sop: look at your dept and Permits and Licences, are the staffing levels correct?
Mayor: sufficient?
SJN: looking at administration side
inspections dept been increased by one person
when you're taking in fees, can adjust temporarily
extremely difficult to get qualified ppl
if you want to get employed off the bat, go into bldg permits
re this, Ccl has recommendations for that
Sop: do you have the staff to bring about these efficiencies
SJN: yes
RD: good we form this cmte b/c of the big increase in applications
ab to maintain time in spite of, good
interested in land devt engr and land devt technician
MMgr: these were positions previously in Engg, moved to Planning so not new, just structure organization
impression particularly successful
SJN: the technician is the one who goes out to ev site inspects blvds as well, the engr does it on a larger scale, sets the policy level, what the technician implements, engr oversees....
environment ofcr looks at creeks, looks at landscaping, liaison with Env'tal Coordinator, enforcing
wd like to use some of the fees to bring in someone to gather info so cmnty planner can do their work rather than stuffing stamping envelopes
astounded at the amount of work
today came across a 3.5page checklist of what to look at on South Marr, don't have to go out afterward..

5.3       Implementation of Bylaws to Protect and Enhance Watercourses

Sop: FAQ, what does it mean about net loss on project by project basis be prevented?
why wd you shorten the distance from top of bank to 5metres when you can be at 15meter
avoidance wd be best result
go to 5meters there'll be damage with that
look at infill areas? stay out and not do damage in first place?
SJN: ~ 15ft and 45ft green
work up there
this applies to areas below the hwy, some 75ft so lot wd be sterilized
between 5 and 15meters try to assure no net loss
someone building next to a creek, had a paved area and wanted to do another -- by removing the one in place and putting in the addition, net increase in habitat
that's what we'd look at
Sop: lady called me, a ditch there and lawn started to subside, were told it was a stream b/c of the nutrients
they had no choice to do anything
area under repair and caving in, they'd be resp to repair lawn themselves and anything destroyed but they didn't do that
SJN: no; my understanding is a difference of opinion from our engrs
proposal to fill in to increase size of lot
diff of opinion
environmentally sound ditches and swales, other consider breeding for mosquitoes and we deal with that on a daily basis but usually able to resolve
Sop: we rushed to June 30 deadline and then prov govt extended
SJN: if they wish to use WV as an example, is a possibility
Mayor: setting the [standard]
SJN: even if longer we'd probably come up with the same thing
a year from now
G_J: sedimentation [and erosion] control
residents concerned about running down road
pleased to see, but have we authority if not conforming to our expectations?
MMgr: yes we do

5.4       Zoning Bylaw 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw 4452, 2005
RECOMMENDED:  THAT "Zoning Bylaw 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw 4452, 2005" be amended in accordance with the memorandum from the Assistant Planner titled "Zoning Map Amendment - 1495 Esquimalt" dated October 17, 2005, received at the October 17, 2005 Public Hearing.
{Second and Third Readings}

6.         BYLAWS for Adoption

6.1       Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4453, 2005

RL: Ccl is only entitled to exempt from tax places of worship but they will now have to pay school tax, GVRD, etc
Mayor: those???
RL: Cclr Sop asked about the synagogue
they were left off in error, in 2007
JC: what's status for this year
RL not sure, but for moment exempt
Sop: when did this take place?
RL: we became aware of this two or three months ago, they'd become aware (Assessment Authority)
Sop: have they all been advised?
RL: by Assessment Authority and they did apply for exclusion

6.2       Watercourse Protection Bylaw 4364, 2005 Amendment Bylaw 4454, 2005


G-J: invited to Youth Court Justice Cmte mtg wrt Substance Abuse Task Force/ Coordinator.....

JF: workshop on arts and culture, downtown; looked at facilities, to provide recommendations
9am to 4pm beautiful Saturday afternoon and committed to another Saturday
wonderful ppl in cmnty willing to give time
attended the second oldgrowth open house
staff pleased, new attendees

JC: Youth Court Justice mtg, excellent presentation by G-J
don't think you were still there but decided to become advisers to
our appointed police constable of the day had not been attending nor had RCMP, Sgt Paul Skelton came to that mtg and had significant input
not nec attend ev mtg, but good if they cd peruse the agenda and do attend b/c invaluable info
like to bring to MMgr's attn the Tof Ref -- they show ev as voting mbrs, some ppl don't show up or have to leave and they lose their quorum

8.         OTHER ITEMS

8.1       Correspondence [all listed in previous issue]

8.1.8         H. Kemp, General Manager, Troll's, October 12, 2005, regarding a government relations campaign for Horseshoe Bay merchants
                              Previously distributed due to timing of event.
            8.1.14       G. Parkins, October 12, 2005, regarding West Vancouver Aquatic Centre Entrance Fees
                              Referred to Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.

Sop: fee charges, response to that?
KP sgl admision at $6 is somewhat below NV
NV has some of the lowest admission fees in the region
just read this letter today and will ask staff

Sop: Troll's at HBay, mtg
BC Ferries look at security, restricting passengers once entering compound, entering HBay
that will be devastating, financial disaster
if BCFerries opens out second floor, own facilities, 7m ppl a year through there, destroy HBay biz
have an issue to support HBay
know you've received a letter from Mr Hahn
fascinating looking at two C Class ferries with food, have food on second storey
tell me when fight is on, we'll be there
Mayor: last Tuesday at mtg organized by Gary Troll -- biz cmnty came together
70 - 80% of the biz in HBay either in cars or foot psgrs going onto the ferry
and if they cordon that off and provide food within, HBay is cut out
serious issue, getting organized
have engaged an indiv to assist lobbying prov govt/Ferry Corp at least
serious impact on economics of HBay; big issue, one we'll have to watch
asked to support, certainly we will


Carolanne Reynolds: Good evening, just a--
Jeanie leaned over to talk to the Mayor so I stopped, but was dying of curiosity, to wait for them to finish; the Mayor kindly said: pardon me? excuse me.
CR: just a question of information
Some of us saw a little while ago an announcement, maybe it was in Tidings or somewhere,about a West Vancouver Archives Devt Building Fund, and I wonder if you cd tell us a bit more about that please.
Mayor to Kevin Pike: any info on that?
KP: A number of months ago an individual living in the cmnty approached us about creating an Archives Building Devt Fund and committed to donating some funds toward that and we are holding, hoping for, additional dollars into that fund.  $50K was donated by that individual and is presently being held by the M.  We haven't built a bigger program around this now, but certainly we intend to promote this in future.
CR: I just wondered if Ccl were involved and if there was going to be a program or what was going to happen b/c few people seem to know about it.
Mayor: not at this stage.
CR: thank you very much
Mayor: thank you very much

Chris Lee: I'm here on a happy note
in your file you have an invitation
This vintage film festival showcasing our Kay Meek Ctr, a fundraiser for the Harvest Project here on the North Shore
hoping to have a minimum of 400 ppl out for this weekend event, 11, 12, 13 Nov
opening reception Fri night 7o'clock
Chris White from Robts Creek will be speaking of West Coast Enemy Action in WW2
Sat old photos going back 100 years; vintage film on Sunday
Sun night, students and staff from Emily Carr Design and Vancouver Film School, are going to show us new devts in film
so not only celebrating the past, but also looking to the future
warm invitation extended to all citizens of North Shore and Greater Vancouver to attend
Mayor: what is the fee?
CL: $20 for srs for weekend event, $25 for adults, students are $20 as well; the individual session wd be $10 each
Tix av from St Stephen's Church, at Guest Services at Park Royal, and Dundarave Stationery
also av on the internet and from the Festival Box Office
Mayor: can you buy tix at KMC too?
CL: yes
Mayor: sounds like a great event; you've put a lot of work into that, and we thank you.
CL: has been a lot of work
Mayor: I've heard about this
CL: thank you for your support
Mayor: thank you

>>>  VOTE!  <<<

        Tuesday Nov 8th, Wednesday 9th, and Tuesday 15th


You can vote anywhere.  Please check to see if you're on the electoral roll.  You can, however, register on the day.


Also listed in the last issue were the candidates for the municipal election along with contact information.  The School Board candidates will be elected by acclamation.  Pam Goldsmith-Jones and Ron Wood are contesting the mayoralty.
There are 16 candidates for Ccl:
Louise AIRD, Sean ALLAN, John CLARK, Rod DAY, Michael EVISON, Jean FERGUSON, Gus KROLL, Doug LANG, Rob PELLATT, Mehrdad (Med) RAHBAR, Carolanne REYNOLDS, Michael SMITH, Bill SOPROVICH, Hakan TELENIUS, Vivian VAUGHAN, Tom WARDELL.

===  BPAHA

7pm ACM Tuesday Oct 25: speeches and questions at Collingwood School

===  WV Citizens for Good Govt

ACM Wed Oct 19 with speeches and about one question for each cclr.
On Thursday Oct 27 the Board will recommend a slate and then the mbrship (who wd hv had to have joined Oct 19th at the latest; $25 indiv, $40 couple) will vote to finalize a slate.
Directors:  Bruce Campbell, Eric Cant, Jim Carter, Martin Ernst, Frances Gray, Roger Garriock, Russell Hollingsworth, Harold Kalke (President), Patricia Lepp, Carol Ludvigsen, Paola Merkins, Lee O'Neill, Gene Quan, Chuck Walker.

===  Preserve West Vancouver

They have no members per se (well, no fees, but an email list) but they have directors.  There was no ACM.  The website lists after Keith Pople (Chair): Noah Bowman, Peter Cruikshank, Andrea Flintoft, Colin Hunt, Debbie Nichol, Joan Ramsay, Roff Johansson, John R Uren, Gordon Ward Hall, Marion Ward Hall; however I have been informed that although five directors were absent the meeting was held with selection made by nine voting for their slate: the six directors present were Keith Pople, Peter Cruikshank, Andrea Flintoft, Joan Ramsay, Gordon Ward Hall, and Marion Ward Hall; the three other people voting were Dick and Judy O'Callaghan, and David Stephenson.

Still to come: Ch of Commerce Nov 3rd, Western Residents' Assn ACM Nov 8th

Attend mtgs, read the pamphlets, read the North Shore News and Outlook -- make an informed choice.

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