Nov 7 Notes; 21st Agenda; Calendar to 21st

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

2005 November 11

        Remembrance Day rain
                coloured leaves 'round cairn
                        'neath steadfast evergreens' gaze

This is the Year of the Veteran.  We owe so much.  The Remembrance Day ceremonies were well attended even in the rain.  Former councillor (and BC attorney general) Alan Williams stood in front of me and was polite and kind enough to wish me luck in the election.  The sound system was very good and the tea/coffee and cookies at the Library most warming, not to mention the live music.  Then off to the Legion, WV's own Branch 60, for libations and the stirring skirl of the pipes.  Truly a day to remember.
LATE-BREAKING NEWS; INFObits; Calendar to Nov 19th+; Main Ccl Items Nov 21 (Trucks, Public Art Action Plan at $75K, Mtn Mardi Gras); Ccl Mtg Notes Nov 7th (12% of WV residents live in poverty); VOTE!; HUMOUR - Punny Sayings; Another Remembrance Day Haiku; Quotations

The Outlook
had a grid -- great for a newspaper to provide information for voters on the candidates. To my horror, however, it has me (Carolanne Reynolds) listed as in favour of over 1% annual growth.  I actually chose (b) less than 1% and commented that's about what it is now.  The Editor of Outlook has kindly offered to print a correction, however that won't come out till Thursday, 17th (and there's an advance poll between)!  I've heard of calls saying they won't vote for me if I want such growth.
If alerted to anything else from a candidate before this is sent out, I'll put it in this newsletter.
As an aside, as to priorities if elected, it would probably be correct to assume all candidates put safety at the top of the list.  The reason some of us wd put it lower or at the end is not that we don't think it a priority, rather that WV already is the third safest cmnty in all BC so it is not something that is critical to work on in the coming term -- it ain't broke and no need to fix it!
FYI, a list of all the candidates and contact information was in issue 31 of West Van Matters (WVM2005-31, see www.westvan.org where an updated FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, can also be found).
The North Shore News (Sunday Nov 13)
had a grid too.  Since I've attended all but eight meetings since 1988, the number in my column represents all the meetings held in the previous term/three years.  Any number higher is a typo or fictitious (or faulty math/calculator!).
        has profiles of candidates
The North Shore News (Wednesday Nov 16)
Page 65 for profiles on Rahbar, Reynolds, and Smith; then overleaf has Telenius and Vaughan
No problem with its being so far back (how many get that far???), but perhaps there shd be a notice on the front page of wch pages election stuff is on, and divided DNV, CNV, DWV.  Then we can flip to the appropriate pages and not think election news is only at the beginning.
Page 6 has a letter from two former Sch Bd mbrs who resigned/left and state:
"...Unfortunately we found ourselves in an environment where asking questions of probing for alternatives was met with intolerance..."
Not really amazing, My Dears, -- what do you think I've experienced over the past few years?
The letter goes on:
"...who strongly believe in the value of public education, democracy, and local autonomy, and who are not willing to compromise their integrity have no place in this system."
My, my.
The two writers will find that happens many more places than on the WV  School Board or even school boards -- it's common.
That's the difficult choice you make as a citizen.  Do you leave as they and others did, or do you take the hits and continue to fight against the odds?
And if you give up, what do you think will happen?
Save Our Neighbourhoods Slate
This group was the Residents Against High Density in the last election -- wanting a municipal-wide referendum for any change in zoning.  Again this time they have list of candidates who have never been on Council except for Bill Soprovich, who was also put on their slate last time without his knowledge.  Vivian Vaughan was on the RAHD slate last time.  This new list has Pam for mayor; in addition for Ccl has Louise Aird, Gus Kroll, Michael Smith, and Hakan Telenius.
Ron Wood Slate
apparently a late mailing has Sean Allan, Michael Evison, Jeanie Ferguson, Med Rahbar, Mike Smith, and Tom Wardell.
Pam Goldsmith-Jones for Mayor: John Clark, Rod Day, Jeanie Ferguson, Mike Smith, Bill Soprovich, Vivian Vaughan
PWV Slate
Pam Goldsmith-Jones for Mayor: John Clark, Rod Day, Mike Smith, Bill Soprovich, Hakan Telenius, Vivian Vaughan.
Doug Lang, Rob Pellatt, Carolanne Reynolds
Ladies and Gentlemen you have four slates (at least that I know of) or you can look at all 16 candidates and evaluate them.  It's what I call 'responsible' govt.  In other words, you are responsible for the six you choose to represent and promote your views.  Don't be afraid to mix and match.
There's a rally for Pam Tuesday Nov 15th as well as WRA's AGM, an event at the Chamber of Commerce Wednesday Nov 16th. Thursday has the Shoreline presentation at St Stephen's at 7:30; Friday may have an afternoon mingle but certainly mad campaigning!, and then VOTE on Saturday.

>>>   INFObits   <<<

Have been waving at the intersection of Taylor Way and Marine Drive Tues (15th) and Wed (16th) with some others from about 7 to 9am.  At the last election, there was some gridlock and you cd even talk to people as they were stopped or crawled along to the bridge.  Totally astonishing is the fact that there is much less traffic now!  We calculate about 30% less traffic.  While standing there waving, we were musing as to the reasons.  Here are some and I'm interested if you have others: widened bridge and causeway means traffic flows more smoothly so no or less backup; more home-based businesses so fewer commute downtown; many delay going downtown (one person at a social gathering said he goes at 10 or 10:30 when it takes him 12 minutes).  OTOH, we've found trying to get downtown around 7pm is difficult and backed up -- guess many going out to dinner or the theatre.
WATCHING THE CARS GO BY -- many with cell phones, some with coffee, some with sandwiches.  Funniest wave was with a banana.             Most unusual was someone brushing her teeth.  Envious of the convertible with its top down.  About three cars a morning do a U-turn at Marine Drive and Taylor Way!
My collector's item (1965 cream Caravelle convertible) lost brakes and since a 1965 still awaiting replacement.   G's Mercedes got a flat tire.  Company car had flat battery.  G's car got another flat so had two at once.  Meanwhile try to wave, campaign, plant signs, give out flyers.......
= The list of candidates for the municipal election Nov 19 (with contact info) in WVM issue 31.  That issue also includes 2004 DWV staff salaries.  Omitted in candidate info: Rod Day's award of excellence for teaching at SFU; Carolanne Reynolds's DWV Heritage Award in 2001.
NB: it is hoped to have an all candidates' mtg the week of the election for a last chance for voters to talk to/ask questions to help them evaluate and choose the team they want to lead West Van for the next three years.
=  DWV's popn is about 43K (BC prov stats), not 47K (from FP) as listed in VSun, so per capita municipal govt by far highest at around $1700 per person.  (Keep in mind councillors are paid a measly ~$22,000 per year.  Utterly amazing some offering to do that work for you -- if indeed they're going to put in the 50 hours a week a conscientious councillor does.  Just ask Sop.)
=  Congratulations to the WV Cricket Club -- 50th anniversary!
=  Tenth Anniversary of West Van on the Web!  Faximum Software (my computer software company) put DWV's heritage celebration information up on the Web in January 1995.  DWV went up in 2000.  Get M staff reports from www.westvancouver.ca but read West Van Matters (back issues) on www.westvan.org with not just reports from ccl mtgs, but also transcripts so you can read their lips.
= Want to know what OCP, FSR, Uplift, Density, etc are?  See my FAQ!  (Frequently Asked Questions sheet and on www.carolanne.org; also at www.westvan.org where past copies of West Van Matters can be found.)

>>>  incomplete CALENDAR to Nov 19th <<< [Mtgs at M Hall unless otherwise noted]

=== TUESDAY, Nov 8th ===
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC
*ELECTION EVENT: ~ 7pm ~ WRA ACM at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
=== WEDNESDAY, Nov 9th ===
~ 7:30am ~ Ch of Commerce Breakfast at Hollyburn Country Club with Bill Clennan, Speaker
~ 7pm  ~ Poetics/Architecture Lecture:  Ferry Building Gallery - Abraham Rogatnick
=== THURSDAY, Nov 10th ===
~ 8:30am ~ Arts/Culture Strategy cmte mtg
~ 4:30pm ~ Deadline to apply to serve on an advisory cmte
=== FRIDAY, Nov 11th === HOLIDAY
~ 10:45am - noon ~ REMEMBRANCE DAY CEREMONIES, 1900 Marine (cenotaph/Memorial Library)
***  VINTAGE FILM & SONG FESTIVAL - Nov 11, 12, 13 - at Kay Meek Ctr
A three-day celebration of the Human Spirit in support of the Harvest Project
For information, please call St Stephen's Church, 926 4381, www.saintstephensanglican.org
Nov 13th , Sunday = 7:50am = Khatsalano Road Race (Horseshoe Bay to Park Royal)
Nov 14th, Monday = Ccl Mtg CANCELLED
Nov 15th, Tuesday = YAC at 3:45pm; CSAC at 7pm
Nov 16th, Wednesday
        ~ 9am ~ Sports/Rec Fac Planning
        ~ 5:30pm ~ FAC
        ~ 7pm ~ Bd of Variance at Hall; Library Bd in Library
Nov 17th, Thursday
~ 6pm ~ NSh Family Court and Youth Justice Cmte (mtg in NV)
~ 7:30pm ~ WV Streamkeepers' General Meeting at St Stephen's, 885 - 22nd St; Presentation on WV's Shoreline by Adrian Rowland
{HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Fascinating slideshow on WV's waterfront, its past, its present, and what to do about future.}
Nov 18th, Friday = last day of mad campaigning!
Nov 19th, Saturday - ELECTION!
MONDAY, Nov 21st, a council meeting -- agenda comes out Thursday with possibility of supplemental on Friday.  (See main items below.)

                A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday
3.2       Council Meeting Minutes, November 7, 2005
                *****(to be circulated in the Supplemental Package)
4.1       K. Samuda, regarding Safe Trucking Practices in West Vancouver
4.2       Presentation from R. Amantea, Vice President, Park Royal Shopping Centre, regarding awards received re The Village at Park Royal
5.1       Development Variance Permit Application No. 05-013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road)
            Additional Report:  Additional Information - Development Variance Permit 05-013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road)
5.3       Driveway Access for 5770 Eagle Harbour Road
                *****(to be circulated in the Supplemental Package)
5.4       Youth Competition & Recognition Fund - Application for J. J. Mah and K. Mah - Canadian National Climbing Team  -  RECOMMENDED THAT J. J. Mah and Katie Mah be granted $200.00 each
5.5       Youth Leadership Grant Recommendations
RECOMMENDED: THAT The Youth Leadership Grant application for Project Share be approved in the amount of $650.00., and for for Global Young Leaders Conference be approved in the amount of $200.00.
5.6       Public Art Action Plan
            RECOMMENDED: THAT The Public Art Action Plan be adopted; and that A category of Public Art be established in the annual Infrastructure Budget with a funding envelope of $75,000, to be considered as part of the 2006 budget process.
5.7       Proposed Mountain Mardi Gras - Request for Funding
            1.         A grant of $10,000 as supplemental to the 2006 Community Grants program, be approved to the North Vancouver Community Arts Council for support of the regional Mountain Mardi Gras celebration February 26, 2006; and
            2.         A representative from the West Vancouver Community Arts Council and a municipal staff person be actively involved on the Steering Committee to promote cooperation and collaboration; and
            3.         A commitment by the Steering Committee be made to support and encourage West Vancouver resident participation at the event;
            4.         Accountability reporting requirements be met relative to expenditures.
5.8       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005 Amendment Bylaw No. 4456, 2005
5.9       Proposed Business Licence Bylaw No. 4455, 2005

===  CCL MTG NOTES= Nov 7 ===
All present.  Unfortunately it was announced that Shaw wd not be taping and broadcasting the mtg but that a tape was being made to be put in the Library.  Oh dear.  Missed the fact that two items on the agenda mentioned no money but it turned out one was $300K and the other $400K to $1m!  So I recommended that all motions requiring taxpayer money shd hv the amounts involved -- the Mayor thought it was a good suggestions but the media did not report it.  Ah well.  Election time.
Presentation by Royal Canadian Legion, WV Branch 60, re Veterans' Week, November 05 - 11, 2005.
2.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA with some additions
3.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES, Oct 17
4.         REPORTS
4.1       Development Variance Permit Application No. 05-013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road)             Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            At the October 17, 2005 meeting, Council received the report dated October 06, 2005 from the Assistant Planner titled "Development Variance Permit No. 05?013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road)"
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions...be received.
            If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
            RECOMMENDED: THAT staff report back to Council...
            THAT the DVP Application (5717 Eagle Harbour Road), which would provide for a new single family dwelling with variances to setbacks, highest building face, retaining wall location and grade line, and rock removal be approved.

SJN gave background: triangular in shape, quite steep, directly up from road
staff report says requested now 432 cu m,
calculation in error; actual allowed 252 so variance 180 cu m (error, ie less originally in docs, not the 60 cu m)
rock removal unchanged
architect Mr Helliwell will make a presentation
Sop: rock was removed -- how much? approved?
SJN: no idea what was removed; adoption of bylaws took place before, no record
Sop: so don't know if five or 25 years ago?
SJN: not aware, no
Sop: came to conclusion in my own mind, any site that has had previous rock removal, adds to present calculation, recalculated
someone blasted or chipped away a level spot
how'd that come about? flat?
SJN:  no record, believe done before bylaws
current bylaw calculates net removal based on existing house; does not have one so that calc wd not
this lot hasn't an existing house so not done
Mayor: add'l report. Receive it before architect speaks?
MClk: yes
G-J made motion to receive
Architect Helliwell: just to clarify concerns, there was a v small area blasted here for a one-car garage
no idea when; in excess of 15 years ago from the trees that have grown back
in our calcs, asked to have a registered surveyor say what he thought the original site was so the blasting figures tried to base on natural configuration of the site
v difficult site
tried to put a house easy to live in, easy access, not disturb road
v concerned about neighbour, reason for low sloped roofs
letters today wrt view lines so did diagram
80% of house conforming, areas encroaching on setback are 20% of total area
[Diagrams/photos on overhead]
Sop: how long for removal?
Architect: I don't know
Sop: volume?
Architect: er, calc, don't know
Sop: how high [pointing] 80ft?
Architect: I'll do math.  14ft to main floor -- no, that can't be right..
42ft from road to highest point
Sop: how far back from EHbr Rd
Arch: 15ft
cantilevered ft 13.8 to property line
Sop: a road then a wall, then now high
Arch: 0 to 15-20ft
Sop: edge of house 13ft from Rd?
Arch: from edge of prop, ah 27ft
there's a portion on the western side where road encroaches on property
Sop: ask Mr Nicholls how that came about
SJN: when road was built, years ago
Sop: one of those years ago things
Mayor: before your time
Sop: getting letters; set well into land, but it's this intrusions
are those houses set back further
Arch: yes, their prop goes up to Maple and access there
anticipate retaining walls same as these here, with pockets for native plants
quite a different property set up
JF: certainly staff are recommending this house and variances be approved
topographical maps didn't give me a feel for the steepness, saw it with model
[otherwise] where wd it sit on site
Arch: not possible
well, it could but wd be on extremely high stilts and likely quite modest in size
wd have to be on three-storey stilts to be on a level platform
there was no level site from prev blasting; a little niche cut in
can walk but in setback area
Mayor called from list of those wanting to speak
Marilyn McX (sp?) demurred
Kim Smith: partner with Bo Helliwell so not needed
Mayor named two or three others who also declined to come forward
Bob Hunchak: 5721 EHbr Rd, immed west of prop
this picture is taken from middle of EHbr Bay, the trees that seem nicely to block home are on waterside (not there standing on the street)
not heard fond comments on
the road level according to theirs 21/24ft, not 27%
the 20%, I don't know what it's referring to
[diagram up], the pink and yellow areas are the house, and that's over 60% of property
We've lived there since 1979, never a house, nice
knew the 30ft setback wd protect our view and privacy; both will be affected
site lines don't go just straight out
certainly in front of us and to east
impact on EHbr beach area
the driveway will be 5ft from the rd and 12ft above it
don't know how you can landscape that, can't put a conforming wall there
37ft above the road, total ht of bldg above road will be 47ft
towering, no softening by the trees; can't see be much landscaping
possibly over here garage and steps up to house
over here do......make it more acceptable
over here, 5-600sf deck next to our home and view area; lessen it by 8ft with less impact on road and us
house is encroaching on road, no relief for nbrs and we think this plan has to be revisited.
Moved by G-J and seconded by JC for staff report to come back to Ccl
VD: difficult to build house on
sure three-storey stilts wd look terrible from EHbr Beach
bldg only 2600sf instead of 3200 as allowed
yes, closer to road; if pushed back wd have to blast more
so caught between a rock and a hard place -- literally   :-)
One submission that their view corridors being affected
Architect said not
you don't have a right to a view -- trees grow up
many years had a view
see no point with a staff report
what are they going to say
come back, stilts, house further back, complain; no stilts more blasting and complain about the blasting
seems like a fair compromise; not big at 2600ft compared with houses blt in WV
drive into garage; ton of stairs
I'm going to vote against a staff report b/c I think we shd let applicant built a house
Sop: well, when the calculations of blasting are a lot more than put down by the presenter
I want the facts and figures fair and square in front of me, calculated in the proper way
JF: no trouble; staff supports what's explained to us tonight
but wd like staff to report back in a week wrt privacy, particularly ppl to the west
we didn't really have a good drawing or map; or impact of deck, cut back, or does it look down to a bedroom or a living room?
want to be satisfied as to  whether it does or doesn't
G-J: appreciate how well sited
wrt setback 5ft is close, can empathize with that
appropriate staff come back
RD: agree; nbrs have raised some concerns
Cclr Durman does have a point; this house less impact that Tuscan house next
ironic that somebody wants to do a good job with a good architect, something that fits in well, gets subject to so much scrutiny
nevertheless nbrs brought some good points; will vote for the motion, good design, but some modifications
JC: I'd like to see blasting schedule
effect on road; how controlled and handled
4.2       Facts and Stats in West Vancouver
            Designated Presenter: Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Council Information Report dated October 14, 2005 from the Planning Analysts ... be received.

SJN: on website
presenting facts and stats, not analyzing them -- that's part of next phase
Sop: in chart 1, WV vs GVRD -- total income 15 years and older?
assume this part accumulated?
Mayor: Mr N, do you understand?
SJN: not entirely
Sop: looking at scale of need
in relationship to GVRD, we're lower than that but still, a certain number of our residents are under a livable income
SJN: looking at households; in GVRD 19% income under $19, 999 in GVRD but 12% in WV
Sop: prompts me, without analysis, there's a need for help
SJN: we've not done that; kept analysis out of it
Sop: a certain number under livable [income] in WV
social implications
why don't we know that?
SJN: we hope to go further into that; that analysis in OCP; what sort of cmnty we want
substantial numbers, how to live been described
expect that will be a focus of discussion, may also be relationship to age and status of life
VD: following up
ppl always believe WV us the martini and Mercedes crowd
40% of households earn less than $60K per year; can't buy many martinis or Mercedes on that)
35% earn less than $20K
these facts need to be generated down to postal codes b/c one needs to understand where these ppl living; my guess mostly around Amb Town Ctr
SJN: is broken down by census
VD: then part of the retail problem in Amb
low income around Amb comm
Dundarave higher income level; as go west, Caulfeild higher and thriving commercial ctr
when Amb Town Ctr comes up, see problem, low incomes
age problem -- and may be asset rich and income poor
income levels, maybe many more stay-at-home spouses, one has enough to support two; where one income
other parts of GVRD, two incomes required
good process, good Planning brought this forward so we can educate ourselves of fundamental facts, need to be understood before approach housing issues, face issues
G-J: interesting, for the 12% [under $20K]
that Lionsview Seniors' Planning Society study, of only 450 ppl random, came with exactly the same -- 10 - 12% in real need; this corroborates; probably take as given and begin to address seriously
VD: it's too glib to say we have to address it
how do you?
we have v high land values, v high construction costs
when we talked about Kiwanis -- a major group of ppl did not wish the Kiwanis to build low cost rental housing to house exactly that group of ppl
we spent many days in Public Hearings listening to ppl like Preserve West Vancouver who were anti that type of thing; a four-storey bldg was against their view of the world
this shows we have to be much more flexible in our density calculations so we can produce lower cost housing, build more like Kiwanis to support our seniors in this cmnty.
JF: WV really has to get busy on housing bylaw
need to understand facts and statistics, give them a human face
WV ppl to decide how to deal with them; cmnty that wants to deal
can be done in a sensitive way
ppl spoke of the values of the cmnty indicated tome; where there was a will there'd be a way; reinforces housing dialogue interesting and important
G-J: back to Kiwanis housing, that was a 7 - 0 vote, there was huge interest and huge support ev mbr on Ccl for Kiwanis; believe more potential on that site
certainly if we cd get our cmnty benefit policy in place, we cd decide that's greatest cmnty benefit we cd achieve
Sop: tells me there is a need for a certain percentage of residents in harm's way -- place or cost to live and what are we going to do about it; if Kiwanis had to purchase, wdn't be there
Mayor: Land given to them
Sop: given to them eight years ago, more to go, two more possibilities, sites; health region looking at care facility on site;  presents a dilemma market being high
tells me as Cclr Ferguson says, got to get facts straight and start devising some method
don't think we have to densify to the degree Cclr Durman wants
Mayor: getting way beyond ourselves here
VD: agree; if Kiwanis wanted to build, cdn't if hadn't been given the land
glad to say I was on Ccl that did that eight years ago and our current mayor led way to give money, gift to Kiwanis, organized sale of land to Health Bd, so cd build rental housing, and that's what leadership is all about
RD: we're getting involved in the election here
VD: I'm not!
RD: a person who is not even involved in election to be electioneering for a particular candidate is totally out of order
Mayor: okay, okay
VD: I can say whatever I like
Mayor: ready for the question?
4.3       Ambleside Town Centre Strategy - Street Lighting
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT
            1.         Council approve in principle those improvements to street lighting in the Ambleside Town Centre as recommended by this report.
            2.         Council approve in principle standardization of street lighting hardware in the Dundarave and Horseshoe Bay Town Centres as recommended by this report. 
            3.         Council direct staff to review timing and funding of those improvements as part of the 2006 capital budgeting process.

Brent Dozzi, Engg staff, gave background: replacement
Sop: on p 2; two amounts $297K and $331K
cost to paint existing pole
BD: plan is to maintain existing poles in both scenarios
Sop: new head on top, configuration around bottom; apparatus for banner and hanging basket
that wd be the $331K
Mayor: $34K diff
Sop: but we have $70K put away; so well over $400K
BD:  include $75K put away earlier so net $256K
Sop: $69K wd be to install duplex receptacles, the addons, as in Dund and HBay
just hardware, so lights there fine, standardized?
BD: somewhat; traditional fixture with high pressure sodium, the technology at the time considered more cost efficient at that time
with new technology we can upgrade to a higher, with modest cost, all have receptacles, ability to hand banners
fixtures not looked at in detail.....inadequacy
Sop: test case, new standard between 14th and 15th
BD: yes
JF: what are you going to do with old poles? recycle them?
BD: poles intended to stay, but in conversation with supplier re fixtures; some Ms use these so either sell them to other Ms or other countries; a donation
Mayor: tell them only used on Sundays!
VD: new light fixtures more electrically efficient? note you have 44 less
BD: two ways to look at those
assume more power on per light basis; some automatic sensing, can adjust levels
other saving is that we're reducing number of lamps by 40%; reducing ongoing maintenance costs
Hakan left
4.4       1431 Clyde Avenue Lease for Recreational Purposes
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks & Community Services
            RECOMMENDED: THAT Council receive the staff report dated October 25, 2005...outlining space leased for recreational gymnastics programs.

KP: primarily for gymnastics, during period of construction; challenged; two thirds of what we had, but best and closest we cd find
we're running about 80%
maybe lost some but opening up new; seems to be working fairly well already.
4.5       2005 Community Shuttle Operating Agreement - Lions Bay/Caulfeild
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
            1.         The report dated October 19, 2005 from the Transit Manager regarding the 2005 Community Shuttle Operating Agreement for transit services between Lions Bay and Caulfeild Village be received;
            2.         That the Mayor and the Municipal Clerk be authorized to execute the Agreement covering the period Sept 6, 2005 to December 31, 2005.

BD gave background
Sop: went to kickoff day; terrific service, cd do for us here
says no costs cuz funded 100% through TransLink but really through taxpayers
TransLink won't pay over price so who pays if it goes over?
BD: don't have answer, can check
Sop: doesn't appear a large amount of money but conflicting area
MMgr: my understanding that's intended to cover we authorize service beyond authorized by TransLink; does cover if exceed service of TransLink and don't expect that
RD: what's the fare from Caulfeild to Lions' Bay?
BD: set by TransLink in accordance throughout the region
Mayor: two-zone fare
RD: at least get service for money, we pay two zones to Vancouver!
4.6       Gordon Avenue and Neighbourhood Area Traffic and Streetscape Study (Final Report)             RECOMMENDED: THAT
            1.         The Gordon Avenue and Neighbourhood Area Traffic and Streetscape Study (Final Report) be referred to the Engineering Advisory Committee for comment; and
            2.         The public be invited to comment on the recommendations of the Gordon Avenue and Neighbourhood Area Traffic and Streetscape Study (Final Report).
SJN: ND Lea contracted by M in cooperation with Parks and Engg Depts, and Geri Boyle Manager of Planning will make presentation with ND Lea
Geri Boyle: Landscape architect too; Brian will take us through the study
Brian Wallace of ND Lea: we were commissioned to do the study
in conjunction with staff
Marine Drive to Inglewood/Jefferson corridor between 20th to 22nd
area unique with variety of non-residential uses in area; srs' ctr, school, health facilities; generally surrounded by residential devt
examining existing conditions; questionnaires, comments received
took information away and reviewed it, looking at alternatives
closing streets not seen as a viable option so looked at adjustments to way street system works
unique look to area; drivers aware a diff area; high pedestrian srs and chn
options included, corner bulges, midblock bulges, narrow the road; provide opps for enhanced landscaping; to reduce Marine Dr crossing distance
less street to cross
on 21st and 22nd, but on 20th not so much, local street
up from Inglewood, 22nd Fulton and Mathers flow
another public mtg to obtain feedback and options; staff provided comments on that
put together, "the plan", the elements that shd be considered
Gordon between 21st and 22nd -- had to be kept open: access to Kiwanis, underground parkade, service access, etc; parking on south side of Gordon Ave, parking at premium
keep it open and other [aspects]
Sop: long term view of area outlined in map
if cars, in name of safety, why not entertain traffic measures as soon as you come off hwy?
BW: unfortunately I have to invoke--
north of Inglewood/Jefferson, beyond our terms of reference
our starting area south of Inglewood/Jefferson
Sop: come in droves seeking; but won't belabour b/c going out to public
you leave out Jefferson and 21st
many chn cross over there but you steer away from that, why didn't you include it?
BW: again, the northern boundary was Inglewood and 21st
Sop: didn't make sense
Mayor: wasn't asked to
BW: I'd gladly survey the whole M, given the time and money
Sop: bus stops?
BW: not proposing moving any
remove the bus bay so it stops in lane
those bus bays, used three, four times an hour
BD: staff quickly realized when started with study of corner, expanded
the area by PJ School being studied by our Traffic Cmte
Corners will be looked at by Safety Cmte
21st and Inglewood has a four-way stop
will be looking at entire area
Sop: for safety in the interim period, are there going to be measures? interim? along 21st?
Kiwanis, school, older folks in and around area.

[8:28, Hakan and Med back; VV back]

Ken Larson, landscape architect with Diamond Landscaping: I work with Brian
Generally two options
one to look at improving the pedestrian opportunities on both sides of the street
the other, a bit of a bend in the road
opportunities for safe crossing; cmnty ctr, landscaping at key corners
G-J: wrt 20th Street, are you recommending? wch? a, b, or c? or out to public?
BW: sketch 16 in the plan, recommending option A, right out only, top of 20th and Inglewood
G-J: if live north of Inglewood on 20th so approach coming up 21st; now head up 20th and jog, wdn't be able to do that any more?
BW: no, you'd have to come up 17th to Inglewood, go along and turn right on 20th
G-J: or up 21st come back on Inglewood
can't continue down 20th, not up 21st; and can't come down to Library, have to turn left or right
BW: have to turn left or right; or down 20th or 17th
JF: talk with seniors? impairment with audio or vision?
BW: don't recall if anyone there with that point of view but seniors there
sidewalk vs road system
crosswalks raised, and in diff texture, so elderly don't have to step up on the curb
other devices, didn't get into that detail
four N/S crossings along Gordon
GB: at first mtg, many came out from Kiwanis; plan attempting to respond to that
a WV rep of ACDI; discussion of how negotiate roundabouts
BW: did have a discussion wrt concerns of sight impairment; she did provide some research
not conclusive; some suggestions
Concerns were valid and given walking likely Esquimalt from East, the two wdn't coincide
JF: page 196, construction cost increase up to 400% in last three months
and during this mtg!
where from here?  I know EAC and ACDI; a lot of seniors there
what's the process going to be?
GB: tentative timing was final report referred to EAC and the public
hoping to get a letter out to public, in mail by next Monday and give them approximately three and a half weeks to get comments back
brief summary of consultant's recommendations
full report av on Web and hard copies at Library and M Hall
hope back mid-Dec or so, comments from public, and back to Ccl in January
JF: know seniors interested wd like to see continuation of sidewalks up to the hwy
as long as opportunity for those ppl to respond to Ccl and for Ccl to consider any request they might have
VD: p 3 under existing conditions, consider all good (traffic), so not dealing with traffic, dealing with pedestrians
BW: traffic easily dealt with; single lane; so not looking to help traffic, 21st and 22nd in particular; help make pedestrian environment better, looking at crossing
VD: and safer; thrust of it
BW: if road narrower, easier to cross particularly on MDrive; not caught in middle of road
VD: landscaping just to look prettier
KL: wd like to think of function; looked at permeable paving system
by designating stalls better use probably than gravel now; wd like to think wd improve the environment but feel it's building on what's there now at cmnty ctr

{Yay!  I've been pushing for permeable surfaces for ages, including in a submission for the new OCP b/c it will aid in absorption and slow runoff on our hillsides....}

JC: see green foliage [diagrams], is this new?
KL: yes
JC: plants tend to grow like crazy; are we taking into account sight lines; low growing foliage?
growing and lopping it down again
KL: drawings were for graphic purposes
JC: practical application?
KL: even looked at 22nd, dense trees; idea to improve visibility
visibility and safety
RD: describing the traffic situation is good, good for moving cars but also there's the issue of neighbours who are much disturbed by speeding
am sure they'll make that point
Sop: amazing what you hear when you go out and talk to the neighbours
....maybe way to go
BW: over time traffic will grow
both shd remain single lane from Marine Drive right up to hwy
only choke point, signals at MDr, may have need for lights for turning
right up to hwy shd remain single
look taking out parking 22nd and 21st and make lane
in the context of analyzing in cold-hearted engg way, carrying traffic they're working well but still well below capacity for sgl lane
so not turn into four-lane
BD: staff have committed to a staff survey
see how 21st 22nd functioning today and how in future
Vivian Vaughan: a couple of observations
Many of us were at a v interesting mtg regarding traffic on 21st St and it was brought out that a study in Britain showed that when calming measures, increased air pollution from automobiles
sure this translates universally
taxpayers hate to pay for things that contradict each other
pay for air care then pay to put pollution back in
these interesting designs, bulging into streets, may be good for pedestrians but frustrates cyclists
we look locally with limited terms of reference but don't look at whole
we're going to revitalize Amb, increase facilities at cmnty ctr -- will increase
need more coherent planning
creating a traffic pattern with a lot of stops and starts; that increases pollution aspect
wd love to see more coherent planning, less limit on TofRef, understand budget limitations; wd like done in more comprehensive way
Mayor: thank you very much
Kris Gibbon (sp?): v interested in the traffic study that's happening; realize big process
mentioned comments from residents
at this period of time, three weeks, given now it's a busy time; wd like to feel residents have had appropriate time and for feedback
maybe in a relaxed setting where we cd speak with ccl mbrs
hope foresight, more of a budget, and more work done on 21st, above Inglewood
impact goes right up; quite a squeeze cutting off some streets
Mayor: am sure if you need more time, staff will grant it.
Sop: hear from Mr Dozzi if public want change there will be?
BD: absolutely; changes made, ongoing process
JF: wd like to propose an amendment to first part of motion; referral to ACDI
RD: why not NShore Transit Cmte?
Mayor: more NSh
RD: NV,--
MMgr: think NSh Transportation not localized, and this is
G-J: we shd include Pauline Johnson Parent Advisory Cmte
JC:  that group is definitely involved; have been for months
G-J: did grow out of the Civic Centre Site, Baker McGarva Hart study earlier
this report, quite ambitious, will provoke ppl, hope public don't take as given, that they engage in it and help us address serious concerns there and around Civic Ctr site
VD: serious pedestrian concerns; nbrs raised at time of Gordon Townhouses
Sop: there's a friendly amendment
CARRIED as amended
5.1       Zoning Bylaw 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw 4452, 2005 (Zoning Maps), for Adoption
SJN: will be handling out new electronically generated zoning maps

RD: WVCGG announced, bylaw officers gave out 47 tickets -- $30, M made $1200
dark cdn't see
think we shd have had warnings
came out and boom!
those shd be forgiven
MMgr: We don't go around ticketing just to raise money
have had residents
area has been
as soon as bylaw officers get complaints they go
can't retroactively
we have said to Kay Meek Ctr, if you're having an event and you see ppl coming in
let ppl know
Mayor: if we cd impose on KMC to improve the lighting, wd be an advantage
facing a serious liability issue
MMgr: one of the selling points of the KMC being where it was was that there were more parking
encourage those coming use the parking
RD: talked to seniors who say seniors can't get into KMC
only way come in, steep stairs; another way requires key for elevator, two-person elevator
suggest we look at that
quite by chance, friends told us about Halloween, a marvellous exhibit; he's a paramedic every year carves 450 pumpkins and does them v well; takes him six days, puts them in trees, puts up ghosts, etc;
wonderful thing to visit
we went when ppl told us -- Steve Williams, lives near 15th; first time we've seen it
VD: Cclr Day's good idea lighting down; maybe with SchBd b/c lighting asked for by runners on that track who find it v dark
we cd do some lowlevel lighting
JF: not wishing to dredge up old.... but many years ago when I was on Sch Bd there was a request for lighting but it was solidly turned down by the Ccl of the day
RD: light up track, expensive and lights up nbrhd
just asking about
VD: you can have lighting that doesn't light up nbrhd, as in West Bay
RD: just for KMC
sign can't be seen, lane, unless you know it's there
BD: there are signs on 15th
RD: doesn't indicate the lane but not close enough, see sign but not lane
JC: effective this weekend, Nov 10th, the Rotary and Salvation Army are collecting clothes -- drop off at Firehalls
1500 families across NSh in dire straits
eight-year-old girl on record, addicted to crystal meth; all the money from sales of clothing will go to fight crystal meth

7.1       Correspondence (all listed in previous WVM)
7.1.9         L. Turpin, on behalf of the Board of West Vancouver Minor Hockey Association, October 06, 2005, regarding public/private partnership for recreation facility (File:  0055?20?WVMH2)
                              Referred to Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
JF: benefactor; prepared to fund
KP: had discussion
will investigate; issue here has always been location and amount of use in WV to make something like this viable
MMgr: also my understanding that we wd stop using our arena and use this private one
have to look at if practical
lots of issues to look at
Sop: I talked at Ms Turpin; major considerations on our part
ramifications of how and where
have to look at all these things, initiative good, have to look at practicality

Hakan Telenius: an issue dear to my heart
I read in NShNews and in Carolanne's newsletter
{Thx, Hakan!}
Millennium took DWV to BC Supreme Court [re vote]
Judge ruled DWV was right in interpretation
when did Ccl learn of Millennium's intention to take District to court?
MMgr: when papers were filed, brought to Ccl's attention
perhaps sometime in summer, wd have to look back to records
Mayor: several months ago
HT: news to me
Mayor: since July 25th obviously
HT: what wd they have done if they had succeeded, ruling different?
are we expecting them to come back? an amended proposal? fight this in court?
Sop: excuse myself if you're going to talk about Ev Dr
MMgr: speculation
no idea what they're going to do
we've started a planning process with the cmnty
HT: they are actively participating
MMgr: sure they'll take an active interest
HT: have they any further recourse? can they appeal?
MMgr: can but don't believe they intend to do so
judgment released last week; Judge was quite clear in recognizing the legislation as currently written.
Carolanne Reynolds, laughing: They can come back now!
JF: probably gone home!
Mayor: [Ev Dr] let's see what the question is
CR: Hakan Telenius was referring to, when he said Carolanne's newsletter,
[holding up West Van Matters]
the judgment -- the judgment is up on the website if anybody wants [www.westvan.org]
that's not something... doesn't matter if they hear it
my question is, as you know I'm always asking about information and residents' rights
In the past, sometimes your agenda has the amount of money involved in an item, that it's going to cost the District, and sometimes it doesn't
For example, tonight the lighting was around $300K, and the Gordon St study $400K, yet the amount does not appear in the motion
Since you have the agenda posted at the Srs' Ctr and other--, may I suggest, in the interests of the information of how much taxpayers' money is being considered to be expended, that when you have an amount of money involved in a motion in an agenda item, that the amount of money be identified
MMgr: wrt the Gordon Ave study, premature, we're still going back to the public
if you look at study cd get up as high as $1m
really at this point trying to get more public input wch will assist us in making a decision
as far as the traffic lights, that really was an approval in principle wch will be referred to the budget
but that is an interesting point in terms of--
certainly in fact if there's decision made, allocated in budget, we do try to put in motion
CR: may I say that it's quite understandable that maybe you don't know the exact price or estimate or whatever but if it's considered to spend a portion of funds, like well over $100K.  In these cases, one was $300K and the other at least $400K, then perhaps you cd say that the amount of taxpayer money being considered is a range, or that the final amount will be decided--
Mayor: good point, good point
CR: -- b/c often, by the time it gets to the final study, you and I know, Mr Mayor, no matter how much information you put out, there's still someone who says, "I didn't know"
Mayor: yes
CR: and I sympathize with that
so I think when you are considering this and it is a major expenditure, if you put it in that this is going to cost money, b/c remember just a a few weeks ago we had ppl complaining about a very modest sum of $35K for a nbrhd survey
so when you have two items tonight, one $300K and one $400K, I really do think it wd be of value for residents' information to know that considerable amounts of money are being considered.
Mayor: a reasonable suggestion
CR/Mayor: thank you

Dina Zeitler: pillars staying? just top being replaced?
cost of fixture
BD: proposal to replace fixture
decorative base, cover bolts
DZ: since they were put in the 80s
Amb continually asked for baskets and told by Parks diameter can't hold baskets, wd like them look as in Dund
how will this make post stronger?
BD: one of the interesting benefits of top-mounted fixture
removed side fixtures; take those out of the equation
also have flanges
key is take out load from side, neutralize load
thereby allowed to add baskets to pole
Mayor: so current weight is transferred to the top of the pole?
BD: right
Mayor: positive news
DZ: that's wonderful news, hope on record
Mayor: growing your geraniums
KP: that is good news
however, we'll be back indicating what the cost will be
have to be grown,
almost double the baskets doing now
JC: and watered
KP: watering, one truck going around now, wd have to increase
Mayor: understand
DZ: thank you
Bruce McArthur: just a light comment -- talking about removing fixtures from Ambleside and needing at KMC
maybe look at?
[laughter]  ADJOURNMENT about 9:30
CANDIDATE WATCH:  Doug Lang, Hakan Telenius, Vivian Vaughan, and Yours Truly stayed to end of Nov 7 Ccl Mtg.


Listed in WVM 31 were the candidates for the municipal election along with contact information.  The School Board candidates will be elected by acclamation.  Pam Goldsmith-Jones and Ron Wood are contesting the mayoralty.
There are 16 candidates for Ccl:
Louise AIRD, Sean ALLAN, John CLARK, Rod DAY, Michael EVISON, Jean FERGUSON, Gus KROLL, Doug LANG, Rob PELLATT, Mehrdad (Med) RAHBAR, Carolanne REYNOLDS, Michael SMITH, Bill SOPROVICH, Hakan TELENIUS, Vivian VAUGHAN, Tom WARDELL.

*  UPDATES on Groups/Mtgs

===  BPAHA: 7pm ACM Tuesday Oct 25: speeches and questions at Collingwood School
+ UPDATE: All candidates made an opening statement and a minute wrapup; during the question session between, five ccl candidates did not get asked to speak at all while a few of the others spoke more than once.

===  WV Citizens for Good Govt
Directors:  Bruce Campbell, Eric Cant, Jim Carter, Martin Ernst, Frances Gray, Roger Garriock, Russell Hollingsworth, Harold Kalke (President), Patricia Lepp, Carol Ludvigsen, Paola Merkins, Lee O'Neill, Gene Quan, Chuck Walker.
ACM Wed Oct 19 had a statement from each and then one question for each candidate (a few got more than one).
On Thursday Oct 27, speeches were made (four minutes for mayor, three minutes for council), then the Board recommended a slate: Pam Goldsmith-Jones for Mayor; and for Council: Sean Allan, John Clark, Jean Ferguson, Michael Smith, Bill Soprovich, and Vivian Vaughan.
Under their system, there is then a vote (by members who had joined by Oct 19th) and as a result, Rod Day replaced Sean Allan on their slate.
As far as I can tell, all were interviewed.  Not all candidates joined WVCGG however, and a few candidates started in the summer getting their supporters to join, since aware the recommendation is overturned by the vote.  Also, have been told that the membership this year was almost twice that of last election.  Clearly a lot more 'interest'.
Some will recall that in 2002, they suddenly stopped issuing the ballots at 7:30 in spite of the fact some candidates had been told the deadline was 8pm.  Some who were turned away refused to join this year.  This year, it is interesting to note, they went back to the previous way, that is issuing ballots until after the council candidates had finished their speeches.
Did hear a rumour that some members had been told they cd come back later and were then refused (but it was as late as 9pm).

===  Preserve West Vancouver
They have no members per se (well, no fees, but an email list) but they have directors (not elected).  There was no ACM.  The website lists after Keith Pople (Chair): Noah Bowman, Peter Cruikshank, Andrea Flintoft, Colin Hunt, Debbie Nichol, Joan Ramsay, Roff Johansson, John R Uren, Gordon Ward Hall, Marion Ward Hall; however I have been informed that although five directors were absent the meeting was held with selection made by nine voting for their slate: the six directors present were Keith Pople, Peter Cruikshank, Andrea Flintoft, Joan Ramsay, Gordon Ward Hall, and Marion Ward Hall; the three other people voting were Dick and Judy O'Callaghan, and David Stephenson.
Although Roff Johansson is listed as a director on the website, I understand he resigned before the selection meeting.  The selection was made by the six directors listed above, two members, and a third (member of TWASHA) invited to participate.
As reported in the North Shore News, the Board did not interview all the candidates.  In fact they also refused to interview at least one.  (Obviously their prerogative to make a decision.)  Except for Keith Pople who has attended many more ccl mtgs, and David Stephenson who attended every council item wrt Evelyn Drive, the other directors have attended several ccl mtgs.
These nine at their mtg at a director's home (about 10pm after the WVCGG first mtg Oct 19) chose: Pam Goldsmith-Jones for Mayor; John Clark, Rod Day, Michael Smith, Bill Soprovich, Vivian Vaughan, and Hakan Telenius.

===  Chamber of Commerce All Candidates' Mtg (ACM), held Nov 3rd at KMC.
The moderator announced that this was an information session and the Chamber does not endorse any candidates.
The meeting started with a lively session with speeches and questions given to both mayoralty candidates.  About half the audience left soon after the mayoralty part.
For the 16 candidates for council, the format was two minutes for introduction and two minutes for 'wrapup'.  During the question portion there were eight questions asked and then stating there were no more questions, it ended early with the wrapup statements with the moderator saying people could talk to candidates after the meeting.  Although 16 responses were given, only ten candidates had questions directed to them, again six did not get to answer at all.  Jeanie had three questions and two questions were directed to Mike Smith, John Clark, Sean Allan, and Tom Wardell.  While with 2010 coming I'm sure that B&Bs are of interest, no one I spoke with thought it was one of the top or pressing issues of concern to WV residents at this time yet a question about B&Bs was directed to six candidates!  That means six of the 16 responses the public heard were about B&Bs.


=== Western Residents' Assn ACM Tuesday Nov 8th
7pm informal coffee/mingling with session starting at 7:30 at Gleneagles Community Centre.
There will be an introductory statement and a wrapup statement by each candidate.  There may be two set questions of interest to WRA and then the candidates will be asked to respond to questions.
The fairest of all the ACMs (pls forgive me but of course I'd think so b/c in all of the previous mtgs, I'd only been asked to respond once and it was what I'd do about the cost of heating this winter since fuel prices have gone up).  Most of the questions were referred to all the candidates in turn (with a 15-second limit on reply) however there were a few questions directed to a couple of candidates.

There has not been much of an opportunity to hear what all the candidates have to say -- very uneven.  Attend mtgs, read the pamphlets, check the backgrounds/experience/claims, read the North Shore News and Outlook (and note that my answer was under 1% growth, roughly what is now and was incorrectly reported as over; a correction has been promised for the next issue, Nov 17) -- make an informed choice.
Several of us hope there'll be another ACM the last week of the campaign period that will give each candidate equal time and to answer some of the major issues facing the municipality and to give their views on improvements for the coming term as well as their vision.
WVM will continue to try to provide you with facts and updates

>>>  VOTE!  <<<
You can vote anywhere.  Please check to see if you're on the electoral roll.  You can, however, register on the day.

>>>   HUMOUR -- Punny Sayings  <<<
1. Those who jump off a bridge in Paris are in Seine.
2.  A man's home is his castle, in a manor of speaking.
3. Dijon vu - the same mustard as before.

4.  Practise safe eating -- always use condiments.
5.  Shotgun wedding: A case of wife or death.
6.  A man needs a mistress just to break the monogamy.

7.  A hangover is the wrath of grapes.
8.  Dancing cheek-to-cheek is really a form of floor play.
9.  Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

10.  Condoms should be used on every conceivable occasion.
11.  Reading while sunbathing makes you well red.
12.  When two egoists meet, it's an I for an I.

13.  A bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two tired.
14.  Definition of a will: A dead give away.
15.  Time flies like an arrow.  Fruit flies like a banana.

16.  In democracy your vote counts. In feudalism your count votes.
17.  She was engaged to a boyfriend with a wooden leg but broke it off.
18.  A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.

19.  If you don't pay your exorcist, do you get repossessed?
20.  With her marriage, she got a new name and a dress.
21.  When a clock is hungry, it goes back four seconds.

22.  The man who fell into an upholstery machine is fully recovered.
{I heard this one years ago:
Confucius say man who cover chair spend most of time on bottom.}

23.  You feel stuck with your debt if you can't budge it.
24.  Local Area Network in Australia: the LAN down under.
25.  Every calendar's days are numbered.

26.  A lot of money is tainted - It taint yours and it taint mine.
27.  A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat.28.
28.  A midget fortune-teller who escapes from prison is a small medium at large.

29.  Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.
30.  Once you've seen one shopping centre, you've seen a mall.
31.  Bakers trade bread recipes on a knead-to-know basis.

32.  Santa's helpers are subordinate clauses.
33.  Acupuncture is a jab well done.

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                                -- J.M. Barrie, novelist and playwright (1860-1937)

German - ehrlich gesagt, ab und an ist es hilfreich sich zu ärgern, damit alles gut läuft

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844 - 1900) was a German philosopher, psychologist, and classical philologist. He was a severe critic of morality, Utilitarianism, contemporary philosophy, materialism, German idealism, German romanticism, and of modernity in general...

***  English - frankly speaking, you sometimes have to get annoyed to make things work well

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