Ccl Nov 21, Dec 5; Calendar to 14th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

whew!  The smoke may not quite have cleared however.
And Evelyn Drive Open House yet again, Wed Dec 7th in the cafeteria at WV Secondary School
Rather busy, so playing catchup.
First, all the best to the brand new Council --  all optimistic looking forward to seeing improvements promised.
Lots in this issue: the last ccl mtg of the last ccl and the inaugural for the new/next one.
INFObits (written before Libs/NDP cancelled their salary increase); Calendar to Dec 14th; Ccl Mtg Notes, Nov 21st and Inaugural Dec 5th; Campaign Notes and Updates; More Puns; Quotations

>>>   INFObits   <<<
=  Heritage Award Nomination Forms, deadline in January, shd be available soon from Hall (925 7056).
=  $$$
How misleading it is to make comparisons in a vacuum.
MLAs now make $75K a year.  Teachers make more than that.  That's not even as much as a department head at municipal hall where they all make over $100K!  Next year, the VSun says the premier's salary in April will 'soar' to $146K.  The top salary at the Hall for staff WAS in 2004, ie last year, $170K.  It certainly will be more next year.
Even with an MLA's salary going to $87K next year, it still will be less than some teachers' salaries.
Check to see if the Minister of Education will still make less than school superintendents and some principals.
{Lest you get the wrong idea.  Not to say there isn't some gross unfairness for teachers: have been told a beginning teacher in WV makes $11,000 less than one in NV!  And then the load of special needs and ESL -- I've always thought that since the feds control immigration, they shd be paying for the ESL classes and English learning language classes in schools.}
The financial report for DWV salaries was in issue 31 if you want to see the list -- it was a couple of pages and they don't report any under $75K.  Salaries are about 70% or more of the municipality's annual budget.
Councillors make $22K a year and have not had a raise for years.  The annual raises for staff are at least cost of living.
In short: MLAs deserve more for their responsibility and time the put in.  Any ideas how it can be done without the public protesting in principle and the media wanting to sensationalize it invoking envy?
=  RHS
The Washington Post in the Guardian Weekly (Oct 28 - Nov 3, p 19) reports "an extraordinary number of elderly Japanese women stricken with a disorder that experts ... have recently begun diagnosing as Retired Husband Syndrome, or RHS."  Apparently as soon as they retire and come home they treat their wives as servants wanting to be waited on hand and foot!  As many as 60% of wives of retired men may suffer from some degree of RHS.  As therapy, they've started support groups for men called "Men in the Kitchen".

>>>  CALENDAR to Dec 14th <<< [Mtgs at M Hall unless otherwise noted]

= Dec 1st, Thursday
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ DAC (moved from Dec. 8)
~ 6:30 - 8:30pm ~ Festival of Lights (Dundarave Beach House Restaurant)
~ 6:30 - 8:30pm ~ Honour a Life (Seniors' Centre)

***  WVMLibrary  ***
= Friday, Dec 2nd from 6:30 to 8pm, the Artists' Reception hosted by Friends of the Library
Mixed-Media Exhibit:  "Botanical Beauty" (Dec 1 to 31)
Artists:  Etsuko Inoue, Diana Gong, Farnoush Vaziri, Antony Rolland, Gloria O'Neil, Janet Waterhouse, and Paulina Bevilacqua.
= Monday, Dec 5th from 7:30 - 9pm: Reading by Chris Czajkowski from her humorous and engaging book, Lonesome: Memoirs of a Wilderness Dog

= Dec 3rd, Saturday
   Join David Cook (Biologist) on a Vancouver Natural History Society (VNHS) interpretive hike along the Baden Powell Trail to view a spectacular stand of Arbutus and its associated Coastal Bluff habitat on the Eagle Ridge Bluffs before they are destroyed by the Sea-to-Sky highway realignment.
   We will walk to the Larsen Creek Wetlands inhabited by the blue-listed red-legged frog which will also be threatened by the highway realignment.
   The duration of the hike should be about 3 hours.
   Bruce McArthur of the Coalition to Save Eagle Ridge Bluffs will be joining us.
   Meet David at McDonald's, Park Royal at 0900 or at 0930 at the Eagle Ridge car park off Exit No2 of Highway 1.
For more information call David at (604)924-0147 or email  cookeco2@yahoo.com
Although this is a Vancouver Natural History Society event, membership is not required for the first three hikes attended.

===  Dec 5th, Monday - INAUGURAL CCL MTG (Swearing-In, see below)  ===

= Dec 6th, Tuesday
~ 3:45 - 5:45pm ~ YAC
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ EAC
~ 6:30 - 7:30pm ~ Ambleside Lights Up (13th & Marine Drive)
~ 6:30 - 7:30pm ~ CSAC (please note mtg. time change)

= Dec 7th, Wednesday
~ 5 - 7pm ~ PAC (cancelled)
~ 6 - 8pm ~ PEAC
~ 6 - 8:30 pm ~  Evelyn Drive Study Mtg (WV Secondary School (main cafeteria)

= Dec 8th, Thursday
~ 8:30 - 10:30am ~ Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation Cmte
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ DAC (moved to Dec 1)

= Dec 10th, Saturday
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ Carol Ships & Bonfires (Ambleside & Dundarave Beach)

NB: The Dec 12th ccl mtg will be the last for the year.  Next one Jan 9th.

= Dec 13th, Tuesday
        ~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC
= Dec 14th, Wednesday
        ~ 5:30 - 7pm ~ FAC (moved from 21st)
        ~ 6:30 - 8:30pm ~ Library Board in Peters Room at Library (note earlier time)

Then: no more meetings for the year!  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

>>>  CCL MTG NOTES Nov 21st  <<< [best efforts; partial transcript as ccl in session]
Statement from Mayor Wood before commencement -- thanks; honour and privilege to serve on council for 15 years, past six as mayor; cooperation and support of thousands of residents gratifying and appreciated; wish congratulate mayor-elect Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, wish her every success; wish to congratulate returning councillors (Clark, Day, Ferguson, Soprovich), thank retiring Cclr Durman, congratulations to newly elected cclrs (Vaughan, Smith) and all the other candidates who offered their talents to serve our cmnty; fortunate to have outstanding professional team led by CEO, David Stuart with (talented) hundreds, thank them for their leadership and cooperation last six years; good luck in years ahead.
4.1, 5.3 withdrawn; add 4.2 correspondence re Village at Park Royal; add 5.1 add'l correspondence DVP re Eagle Harbour Road; add 7.2 cancellation of Nov 28 ccl mtg
MClrk: we request withdrawal of 3.1, technical crash of doc (minutes of Oct 24); will be available shortly
3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, October 24, 2005  [withdrawn]
3.2       Council Meeting Minutes, November 7, 2005
            (to be circulated in the Supplemental Package)
{wonder why not available with package at normal time?} passed
 4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       K. Samuda, regarding Safe Trucking Practices in West Vancouver [withdrawn]
4.2       Presentation from R. Amantea, Vice President, Park Royal Shopping Centre, regarding awards received re The Village at Park Royal
Rick Amantea gave background:
share success enjoyed in first year of biz
devt started three years earlier w/ Sq Nation
idea of Canada's first lifestyle ctr
consultation (listed all groups consulted), open ad transparent process, project never before done in Canada
approval process of 13-month period, first ever Sq N Design Panel w/ DWV rep as well
approval of Her Majesty, and no easy task these days
process thorough inclusive and at times complicated
demolition of existing bldgs: nearly 80% of materials recycled, reused
90% of mature trees retained; runoff system installed at Swy Wee Creek
pedestrian bridge
five-yr partnership with WV Streamkeepers re cleanup and sustainability of Swy Wee Creek
founding sponsor of Winter Song Festival, funding for Canada Day fireworks, walks,
the Village will contribute in excess of $1m in property taxes annually to DWV
Village has captured imagination of planners, devprs, and Ms across Canada, and internationally -- I personally have toured delegations from other provinces, and NZ, Australia, Asia, etc...
several prestigious awards: 2005 Excellence in Urban Devt from ULI; 2005 Innovative Award and 2005 Maple Leaf...
with sincere appreciation want to share these awards with DWV, Sq Nation, groups, staff, cmnty, etc
Thank this Mayor and Ccl for support extended to us; significant biz partner with DWV
Park Royal is an integral part
together our three shopping ctrs pay in excess of $5m a year to M; success and growth of our biz
look forward to working with new Ccl
Sop: thanks.....; enjoyed Village; your efforts in what we see; innovative areas
contribution to Streamkeepers appreciated, Swy Wee Crk and bridge
why not consider a theatre on the South Side? or some amenities?
RA: Mr Mayor, rhetorical or want me to respond?
at the time we constructed, it wasn't capable of accommodating a theatre
also a time in that industry that theatres were not growing
that situation has changed, some now looking for places and we'll look to see if we can
wd entertain proposals; make sense, accepted by cmnty
Sop: still waiting for decisions of prov govt re TWay and MDrive
wd mgmt look for some N/S private or connection or?
RA: too early to make a decision on that
want to be open minded re transportation issues as to how to accommodate
no intelligence to say if Park Royal affected by any Lower Level Route
Sop: if you want to expand and Sq does, how many players does it take;  what take for strong statements about traffic in that area
Mayor: think we're jumping way ahead
Sop: an important issue we're going to have to face
Mayor: we all share that point of view
RA: Park Royal knows more than most that moving traffic at TWay is critical to our success and to residents of this cmnty.
JC: moved motion and congratulations
Mayor: I'd like to add my congratulations as well.
[around 7:15]
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Development Variance Permit Application No. 05-013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road)             Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            At the October 17, 2005 meeting, Council received the report dated October 06, 2005 from the Assistant Planner titled "Development Variance Permit No. 05?013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
            At the November 07, 2005 meeting, Council received the report dated November 07, 2005 from the Assistant Planner titled "Further Information:  Development Variance Permit 05-013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
            Additional Report:  Additional Information - Development Variance Permit 05-013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road) (File:  1010?20?03?013)
            THAT the report from the Assistant Planner dated November 09, 2005 titled "Additional Information - Development Variance Permit 05-013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road)" be received.
            THAT all written and verbal submissions, regarding Development Variance Permit Application No. 05?013 up to and including the Council Meeting held on November 21, 2005 be received.
            If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
            THAT staff report back to Council regarding submissions received at the November 21, 2005 Council Meeting to allow Council to make a determination on Development Variance Permit Application No. 05-013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road).
            THAT the Development Variance Permit Application No. 05?013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road), which would provide for a new single family dwelling with variances to setbacks, highest building face, retaining wall location and grade line, and rock removal be approved.
SJN: steep; prop not developed, will be first house on the prop; ccl considered this prior to election, a few questions raised
a second staff report; there is an error in the staff report, a reversal of numbers
site coverage proposed is 28%, within the bylaw limits of 30%; the report states 57% in the envelope and 43% outside but that shd be reversed, 43% is inside
amt of blasting proposed on the site 476 cu m based on full calculation vs 252 cu m based on footprint of the site allowed; that removal -- vast will be used on site, blasting to set house in site rather than on top
heights are all mentioned
letter from a nbr who continues to have a concern
deck goes into setback area, in particular a corner
owner proposes a screen to provide privacy, lateral; deck cd be cut back a bit; Ccl cd ask architect about that option
second, is whether a garage cd be at road level on west, set back, under house, topography cd accommodate says neighbour; maybe some blasting -- that wd give the appearance of a bldg four storeys high, visual impact on street, and I think that wd be a concern
13ft above road bed....
careful landscaping of that wall wd be required
the architect is attending tonight
Sop: p 25 states take two weeks for 25 truckloads of material removed from site, 476 cu m -- some stay on site, rest crushed on site
100 cu m is that 25 truck loads?
SJN: I'd say in excess of
saying the equivalent of 25 truckloads
Architect Bo Helliwell: cu m of rock increases two times when blasted
asked contractor and he was in touch with boss for figures
diagram now; pleasantly surprised by amount of material maintained on site
SJN: you expect approx 25 truckloads removed?
Ans: yes
Sop: 376 cu m, within two weeks?  crush on site? how? noise factor?
Ans: fairly large for driveway and wall; a lot will break down be excavator moving back and forth
Sop: is contractor close to you?  looking at a giant rock there that reverberates a lot
what responsibility do you have? going around signing permits?
Ans: professional involved; v clear blasting bylaw that will be adhered to
understand an insurance inspector will go round and canvass the nbrhd
professionals responsible for the project; bylaw outlines ev that has to happen
insurance adjuster goes round; quite controlled
Sop: went out on weekend and sat on balcony of nbr and he'll be put upon by balcony going to be above
talked about garage, whether it cd be set down
wall 13ft high at westerly end, then 10ft back up to first deck, higher still; absolute height 71.8ft above EHbr Drive
Ans: no, Eagle Hbr Drive is at 24ft; so subtract, so approx 47ft
Sop: back only 10ft?
Ans: surely your expectation you cd see that; ev ft back much more blasting
Sop: no prob with house, it's terrific
as you come round the bend, house so massive; wonder something shd be done
Ans: one of the reasons house bends with the road
done a lot of work to break down elevation, steps back as each level goes up
are aware of trying to fit the house in so it will be a pleasure to look at
even steeper on the east side; wd require more blasting, in fact wd call it mining
on west side, to fill in blasting debris, where a lot will be placed
we've had many mtgs with the Planning and Engg Depts, and they thought this driveway angle a better traffic solution
Sop: going to blast almost 500 cu m, max wd be 600
required set back on back 30ft but asking about front, why not blast more and set further back?
Ans: more unpleasant house; if your argument, even more blasting, more intrusive; want house beautiful to look at and minimize site damage
Sop: is owner going to underground the hydro lines?
Ans: yes
Sop: so is that a cmnty benefit?
Ans: wd think it wd be if get tangle of wires removed
JF: last presentation, nbr suggested deck wd impact negatively; appreciate only one window now providing light into kitchen
screen -- show me what it wd look like
Ans: will point on model
large coniferous tree, 80ft and others around it; on nbr's prop
view lines out toward harbour out in front
VD: on all these plans, dotted line in front of house and I can't read the two words there
SJN: there is a dotted line in front of the house wch is a deck and then another dotted line, a potting deck
VD: so the adjoining house has a deck 1.5ft and sticking out in front?
SJN: gardening
VD: but sticking out in front of the house
Bo H: see horizontal window [drawing on overhead]
SJN: had a question this afternoon -- believe the windows are on the east side
Bo H, pointing
SJN: doesn't face the house at all
Bo H: not at all [photo up]
JC: willing to advance that deck?
Bo H: wd do in conjunction with the two props
JC: site line being impeded as it is and you're talking about more
Bo H, pointing to photo: haven't gone and stood on deck and it's our belief with this group of trees not
JC: but cd have those trees taken down tomorrow
VD: whose trees?
Ans: the nbr's
sunlight and viewing is the western extremity
site so steep can't walk around, have to scramble
Mr Hunchak, pointing to photo: I'm the nbr
the home to the west of us, see how it dominates the beach area at Eagle Hbr, have heard no one speak kindly of it except the nbrs who happen to be good nbrs
the bldg face is approx 2300sf, the face of the applicant's home will be over 40% larger
Mayor: site coverage is 28%?
SJN: I think he's talking about, and I haven't done the calcs, the surface area of the bldg face facing the street, not the face you see from EHbr, but going along the street
Hunchak: wd like to speak to some misinformation Ccl may be relying upon
Nov 9 letter from Jim Bailey, Asst Planner -- the important point Mr Nicholls referred to but didn't stress importance of
57% of the site coverage is non-conforming; at the first ccl mtg, Mr Helliwell said it was 20% when in reality 57% is non-conforming
wrt view analysis supplied by applicant, it is so subjective as to be meaningless
sitting in our living room this is what we can see
[pointing] this is sightline from other side
supposed noninvasive, this is sightline from our deck
don't believe, as Mr Helliwell said, anyone from his firm has been out on our deck to see the impact
Cclr Sop was out on the weekend and cd clearly see the impact
a deck that wd stand 10ft in front of our bldg front
the sightlines have no meaning at all as presented by the applicant
Cclr Clark made a good point; the privacy screen wd further reduce our sightlines and wd be of no help whatsoever.
It wd amaze me if Ccl wd even consider taking away a portion of our view and privacy, and our property value (all conforming), and transferring it to applicant's prop
the very least we wd request of the Ccl is -- and once again using the architect's diagrams [pointing], this is what we consider our view line, this view line over deck, wd sit over 10ft in front and wd ask that that portion be removed; Mr Nicholls said not hardship for them to remove 800sf deck
...wd like Ccl to pass a variance at the same time, the ability to extend our home at least as far as the corner of the deck they propose
we have basically have a conforming house and we're being asked to give this to a non-conforming
that wd be as great a hardship
Ian McBeth: thank you.  I and my wife are owners of the lot
appreciate time and effort of planning authorities and assistance given
concerned about our nbrs, have visited them with plans; some happy, some gone back two or three times
our first concern was if we cd build here
second was how we can be good nbrs; we're mbrs of the local church, want to be good mbrs of cmnty and live in harmony with nbrs
third was concern for environment -- to be considerate of it
greatest concern for ppl above us, given models, no roof intrusion of their view
I and my wife have been on our next door nbr's deck
they've had no neighbours for 27 years and  [enjoyed the privacy]
when you stand on the deck your eyes are drawn to the harbour and water, not to side
they have large tree and hedge that block view from our house
view from our deck so out of sight, b/c round a bend
interviewed four separate architects for this,
Blue Sky Architects b/c of the environmental feature-- actually visited Galiano Island, house similar, like ours one room deep
thank you for considering; have tried to share concerns of nbrs, environment, want to be part of the nbrhd
Sop: see trees -- wd you be seeking application to remove?
Owner: asked, nbrs agreed, but took to Hall and they are in a park so can't be removed
Sop: other trees
Owner: some on prop, some not, some dead, others will stay
Sop: are you going to leave the boughs?
Owner: want to make sure whatever we do will be in consultation with nbr; if he doesn't want to we won't
Sop: wd you minimize that corner of balcony, slightly curved
Owner: architect trying but it's our only outdoor living space
Sop: nbr spoke well of you; nbrs trying to get along
I'd never go with anything that's a 57% encroachment
this corner a bit to accommodate nbr
Owner: wish to live there, in friendship with nbrs.
Kim Smith (with architect): wanted to add the concern of the bldg face, diagram, can't see how it cd be 40% more than nbr's
we have stretched the bldg along the site, modest house below the sq ftg allowable; want to emphasize that point
bringing garage in, Engg emphasizing safety
deck space crucial to livability of the house
Marilyn McBeth: current owner; just stressed, when looked at this lot have tried to be environmentally respectful of site
nice nbrhd, seen nbr above; this nbr have been on their deck
waiting for approval for undergrounding, permission where pole shd go
other nbrs contacted me and others willing to put hydro under too
Hunchak: Mary and I agree that the McBeths will be very good nbrs
10ft in front of our bldg; come as Cclr Sop did and you will clearly see it's in our view line
wrt how bldg cd 140% larger than one west of us
bld face 65 x 35 = 2275sf; applicant's bldg face is over 100 x 32 ft -- 3200sf wch is well over 40% larger than the one to the west of us
Bill Vaughan: question re traffic on that corner; I belong to EHbr Yacht Club and notice coming around quite a blind corner
frequently ppl coming from the beach, walking; hardly room for two cars to pass
going to cause more visual block? can something be done to widen? road appears to go onto priv prop; looked at by Engg?
SJN: not sure about visibility but driveway as far to east as possible to avoid blocking
edge of driveway 13ft above road elevation, but set in, lower toward east, blvd area
Sop: road climbs to west; rock wall? 13ft high
SJN: wrong; standing on edge of road, diagram A13; actually 11ft, away, from prop line 3.5ft
will see wall 11ft high, however top of driveway 13ft from point your foot is
Mayor: at that point recessed
SJN: various measurements; diagram A13; portion of driveway goes on to blvd; solid line is edge of road
Sop: standing on edge of road, on corner, and looking at the wall and where driveway, at eastern edge on bend
SJN: believe bend is on western end past Hunchak's garage
Sop: no, it's not; east, to right and I parked my car there, looking at severity of bend
has that been okayed by Engg?
SJN: yes
Bo H: we've been speaking with our clients and have a compromise here I'd like to show you
[diagram up]
bring back deck like this, try to keep on same plane; cut deck back at this corner -- 8ft out
quite surprised for nbr to state their view line, perpendicular to house; great to have that
JC: you're onto the same thing Cclr Sop and I are drawing separately here
can you draw that back to edge of lattice?
Ans: trying to work that out with the lattice to the best for both parties
hoped counter and barbecue along that wall and want to leave enough space
            THAT the Development Variance Permit Application No. 05?013 (5717 Eagle Harbour Road), which would provide for a new single family dwelling with variances to setbacks, highest building face, retaining wall location and grade line, and rock removal be approved.
Motion amended
SJN: add: at least as indicated, slightly improved; wd do that as well
wd be prepared to accept Helliwell proposal if that cannot be done
VD: accept this; compromise better; owners shown great nbrliness to
typical WV lot, sheer; drive down streets in WV and can see these
we live in v difficult countryside, houses in straight line and view corridor in front quite unusual
we also live on a bend -- I look into side of my nbr's house and so does he
as I said last time, no one has a right to a view
this has a fabulous view, doubt they'd look sideways into McB house
think McBs have bent over backward
JF: think bylaw shd be adjusted to, this classical example, variances
nbrhd character and most certainly part of charm
sited as sensitively as this
want to commend the architect working with nbrs cooperative way; a house not only sensitive to landscape but compliments it, beautiful piece of architecture; wd do as little as possible
sympathize with nbrs, vacant for many years
lived next to a four-acre lot vacant that all enjoyed for many years but now ten nicely designed homes and ten nbrs who contribute greatly
G-J: residential status; we did turn down a house last year but this is a reasonable request
taking into consideration topography
a 2600 sf house is reasonable, some wd say modest
v fortunate calibre of architects we have here, and I'll bet the value of the prop goes up as a result
Sop: good cutting off corner; know it's outdoor living
going to support this on basis taken a nbrly approach
sure can work out
part difficult is the large encroachment, wdn't pass unless major specifics -- down street they do have large rock walls
guess if ppl want this, this is the way we're going
next door they come off Maple Court
house is designed well, nbrs given a bit, underground hydro lines adding to cmnty benefit
in spite of the large encroachment, I'll support
RD: will support; a bit worried about encroachment but good design
house to west large, bothers me; strikes me we need some way to protect out nbrhds and waterfront at same time; wd like to see waterfront as a Devt Permit area so some way to regulate design and extent, how house fits into nbrhd... too late to do anything about the western
present shows application how good design can make a house acceptable even in difficult circumstances and in conforming, how bad design can make a house unacceptable
but that's another question and I will vote for motion
JC: I too am in favour of bldg, terrific artistic application to a v v difficult site
do have concern with wording at end; happy with but want to hear wording again from Dir/Planning
MClk: be approved with deck as amended at least as much as indicated
Sop: what was?
SJN: we'll obtain drawing
Bo H: approx 8ft
5.2       Street Naming Request:  Marr Creek Court and Garden Court (File:  0115?20?SNC01)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            THAT the street names "Marr Creek Court" and "Garden Court" be approved for the new cul-de-sacs located in the new Marr Creek subdivision.
VD: at least courier wd have an idea where going with Marr Creek Court, but Garden Court?
wd anyone know, I know b/c in a disaster area
Sop: no, Mr Mayor
VD: but Garden Court doesn't indicate where it is
JC: Argyle doesn't indicate where it is either
PASSED with VD opposed
5.3       Driveway Access for 5770 Eagle Harbour Road (File:  1010?20?05?013)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
            (to be circulated in the Supplemental Package)
5.4       Youth Competition & Recognition Fund - Application for J. J. Mah and K. Mah - Canadian National Climbing Team (File:  0920?03)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks & Community Services
            THAT J. J. Mah and Katie Mah be granted $200.00 each from the Youth Competition and Recognition Fund.
G-J: pleased; they're outstanding Canadian athletes
5.5       Youth Leadership Grant Recommendations (File:  0115?C4?01)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks & Community Services
            1.         The Youth Leadership Grant application for Project Share be approved in the amount of $650.00.
            2.         The Youth Leadership Grant application for Global Young Leaders Conference be approved in the amount of $200.00.
KPike: no grants from this; will get more
Sop: terrific initiative; heard what's being presented [at a mtg]
VD: wd someone remind me of the criteria
how do ppl qualify? or just the fact on national team or financial criteria?
KP: not fam with second one but first, involves going nationally, internationally; never had test of need
JF: we've had applications in past
in order to qualify from other agencies
Sop: not really a grant we give out, it's from a youth grant, first ones giving out
first time around; see how it shares out; prove our point moving along with Youth
5.6       Public Art Action Plan (File:  0116?20?ACSIS?05)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks & Community Services
            1.         The Public Art Action Plan be adopted.
            2.         A category of Public Art be established in the annual Infrastructure Budget with a funding envelope of $75,000, to be considered as part of the 2006 budget process.
KP: from Arts and Culture Cmte
procedures attached, donations
part of that approval, public art action plan, appendix A
civic, encourage private donation of funds..... implementation guidelines, budget process $75K within capital budget
Sop: on p 98 states DWV will purchase works of art; adv group wd look at art
wrt purchase, public not worry, only Ccl
Oksana Dexter: Cclr Sop absolutely correct that final approval by Ccl
by donation, by public cmte
Sop: --
OD: Donations up to $25K by cmte, above donations by Ccl; any purchases by Ccl
Sop: grandfathering, a fountain already donated, p107 how it's going to be treated
when someone donates that large, wd it come to M or to Public Art Acquisition Funds?
KP: money donated for fountain in front of cmnty ctr is being held by estate until satisfied wishes of donor met
working with donor now with architect team to come up with final design to meet budget and ccl desire
Sop: if there's an attractive collection, again that wd come to Ccl?
KP: $75K wdn't buy all that much; anything more than $25K in value wd come back
Mayor: not going to be a Group of Seven
JF: maybe if generous donor!
example screens in Aq Ctr
not meant to take place; request of Westport cmnty to have something perhaps whimsical, with road improvement
if Engg Dept needed a bit extra, this wd be the fund
so not to rush out and buy new paintings
VD: this talks to how you acquire it but not to where it will actually go
[8:36 xxxxx left]
will Ccl have any understanding or discussion where art work placed?
OD: policy clear on site considerations and those kinds of things
plan specifically speaks to finding a funding mechanism; where opp for the M to take an initiative,  that there be a funding envelope, policy for them to be considered
wd like to establish a M art collection; need to review and assess all currently owned
assess maintain or deaccession; process still to happen
funding we're speaking about, finding funding mechanism to find policy wd take
Cclr Sop asking about a funding policy; a percentage formula some Ms use
researched other Ms and we're coming with another funding approach
capital infrastructure category
Depts can look at that fund
painting of the water reservoirs Engg has considered; a project that wd be brought forward
cmnty at Parc Verdun been working with Park Planner and willing to raise funds, for public art there we cd match funds
whatever done wd follow policy directives
site considerations, if significant to cmte; if donation, a cmte wd assess art and project
VD: I wasn't asking about funding, was asking if Ccl wd hv any input as to where artwork wd be placed
b/c a M I know has artwork in the middle of a roundabout, put there by the art curator, and it hasn't survived the criticism of the general public; been removed and another monstrosity put up instead, equally being destroyed
Ccl throws hands up, not us.
I'm not going to be on Ccl longer so not here to throw around
but thought there shd be a policy as Ccl and to where put
p 98 doesn't do that
MMgr: was just going to reword question -- does ccl get to say where major pieces of public are to go, and answer is yes
VD: where does it say that?
MMgr: well, practically speaking
Mayor: understood
[xxxx xxxxx left 8:41; xx gone too]
VD: policy shd say, not just practically done
when policies are being done, perhaps shd state what policy is.
5.7       Proposed Mountain Mardi Gras - Request for Funding (File:  0116?20?ASCT1)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks & Community Services
            1.         A grant of $10,000 as supplemental to the 2006 Community Grants program, be approved to the North Vancouver Community Arts Council for support of the regional Mountain Mardi Gras celebration February 26, 2006; and
            2.         A representative from the West Vancouver Community Arts Council and a municipal staff person be actively involved on the Steering Committee to promote cooperation and collaboration; and
            3.         A commitment by the Steering Committee be made to support and encourage West Vancouver resident participation at the event;
            4.         Accountability reporting requirements be met relative to expenditures.
KP: last from Implementation Cmte
have mbrs of NV Arts Ccl here tonight, will answer questions
proposed b/c of Olympics but ongoing
month-long festival; proposed to take place in NV and near Cleveland Dam
request is we join the other two NShore Ms and give donation for $10K for a three-year period each year, recommendation is for this first year
JF made motion, then: when approached by NVArts Ccl and they gave a presentation, they'd been discussing as a result of a mtg of the three NSh mayors; must be granting from three
[xxxx x left 8:45]
directly following our Winter Song Festival
difficulty of access for WV, talked about shuttle buses b/c parking also limited
having mbrs on steering cmte
exciting proposal, films projected onto falling waters at dam and onto trees
all kinds of possibilities
drumming bouncing back and forth -- Sq Nation, Iranian cmte, others
provides a lot of opportunity
Sop: you, Mr Mayor, and cmte spent a lot of time and came up with Festival
then legacy wrt Olympics, met with Minister at UBCM
she was in dark, funny, we were in the dark as to what in WV
nothing has come to us
Mayor: from the Olympic organization
Sop: we have to look at where we're going
where's the plan?
asked the Minister and she didn't know
Mayor: this relates to the NShore, can you fill in Mr Mgr?
MMgr: this proposal is being supported by City/Dist NV
others will come along
will be pursuing the ten we've identified
Mayor: cd you fill in some of the blanks?
Lynda File: Exec Dir for NVCmnty Arts Ccl
working with Public Dreams to initiate a regional Olympic event embrace whole NSh
take advantage of unique funding
fabulous event using Olympic money; by time 2010 have a signature event
not just NV and WV, GVRD and Sq Nation
GVRD has supported to $25K and Sq N support in kind
wd like to invite WV to be an equal partner
RD: what's "in kind"
Ans: $25K in cash, but also GVRD will provide staff, do printing for us; will provide service they can that they have inhouse
Sop: understand the concept
30K over three years $90K, then Sq N
is the prov, GVRD, any other org like fed govt putting in any money
where's your portfolio, how much and where it's going to go
Ans: all of this is part of package presented to Strategies Cmte
already committed: City of Vanc $9K; Canada Ccl $5K; Spirit of BC  $7500; Legacies Now $17,500;  and Public Dreams Society and NV Arts Ccl; and in kind
Sop: what is the legacy of all that be
Ans: after Olympics come and gone, is legacy will be an event that will be part of calendar
will happen when your SongFest will be strong and well received
come to ski and will stay
G-J: wd hv appreciated the budget in the report
when to cmte, that's what allowed us
celebration and collaboration was the theme
thought it wd strengthen idea of winter festival building on Harmony Arts
$10K part of our 2006 budget discussions?
MMgr: says grant, not subject to budget process
VD: are you saying GVRD is putting up $25K, cd you tell me wch dept?
Ans: Special Events and  Visitor Services
VD: haven't heard of this $25K, just a GVRD Director and I deal out the arts money
Ans: part of [inaudible] greenways plan?
LF: this is Vanessa Richards, artist in residence with Public Dreams
VD: they've actually signed off on $25K? not subject to budget approval?
Ans: been approved
they have more than a million dollars in Parks and Greenways Plan
[VD blows a raspberry, laughed, said "I can't" while G-J mumbled about Parks.]
Mayor Wood then acknowledged Carolanne Reynolds (Yours Truly wearing her Chair of North Shore Heritage Forum hat).
CR: Thank you, Mayor and Council.
This is very interesting to hear.
I have been talking to the people about the Winter Song Festival b/c originally it was from the 10th to the 22nd
[National] Heritage Week is from from Feb 20 to 26th [next year].
They changed their dates to from Feb 10 to 19th so we thought that would work really well: 10th to 19th for the Winter Song Festival, [leading into] 20th to 26th for Heritage Week.
As you know I've been involved with Heritage Week since 1989, and we usually have things all week
...[so concern about overlap, pleased with cooperation speaking with WSF organizers]
That is Heritage Week and of course since I mostly fund at lot of it myself, that money going around was just delightful to hear -- and I'm not asking for any -- but I do think that it wd be appreciated very much if you wd consider that that is our Heritage Week, and we do have events almost every night during that week.  So if it's something we can do that wd not compete with that, to have our own WV celebration, I think --
Mayor: this is a one-day event, apparently, Feb 26
JF: just this year, for one day --
Mayor: just this year,  Feb 26, is the scheduled date, 2006
CR: Well, we certainly can change our Heritage Fayre to the 25th; we'd already booked Park Royal [Sunday, Feb 26]; but I thought I heard someone say it wd follow on from the Winter Song Festival and continue and it was the whole month, and that's why you needed so much money.
I just wanted to bring it to your attention that it is National Heritage Week --
Mayor: I appreciate that
CR: -- Feb 20 to 26th and I hope you'll have fun then, thanks.
Mayor: thank you very much.
MMgr: I have a question for Ms Dexter wrt the other Ms: if we're funding their Mardi Gras Festival, any overtures, will they be funding our Winter Song?
G-J: or Harmony?
Sop: if I might --
Mayor: Ms Dexter
OD: at this point no overtures to the three Ms,
MMgr: just thinking about relationship, really ought start thinking about North Shore
VD: where is event taking place, Mardi Gras?
Ans: Cleveland Dam Park
VD: in wch M?
Ans: at the top of Capilano Rd but it does straddle across the dam to WV, idea to use both areas
Sop: I'd like to see this deferred; I don't want to make a decision on giving out taxpayers' money without a budget, that's Number One; shd never show up without a budget on these issues
Number Two I think you're correct, maybe Manager's --
are we going to cooperate totally on the North Shore? then let's have a plan that wd do that
Mayor: are you making a motion to defer?
Sop: I am
Mayor: is there a seconder?
VD: can I say?
Mayor: no debate on a motion to defer
Several: yes there is
VD: usually whenever these grants come through, subject to budget process; you're prejudging
you're usurping budget funds, might want to put funds to good use elsewhere
this is a three-year commitment and making decision tonight
surely you shd at least put this into your budget process, about to start in Dec and January, to see if you want to do this
this has sort of leapt forward out of the blue
most of Ccl doesn't know about this
I'm happy to vote to defer, defer to budget and to budget process
JF: no difficulty to amend the recommendation to part of 2006 budget
G-J: wd like to ask if budget requirement, commitment, by a certain time
OD: need commitment of support b/c a N Sh, regional project
speaking to Cclr Sop's frustration, arts aren't waiting around while ppl are wondering about a plan
this org want to come to the three Ms with something in hand, not just a dream and a wish, and see if you can support
to both NVs and now come to WV saying they already have support from GVRD, Dreams, Arts Now, etc
even if our budget process is v efficient, funding might not be in place by Feb 26
one-time funding
timely fashion, need to plan; with Christmas, just six weeks; wd be unfair to delay and hold up other funding opportunities
if we cd find some way to support so they can move forward and do the one event in February
so whole thing cd be reconsidered; come back in March or April
[9:03 xxxxx and xxxx x back]
Mayor: procedurally been informed must deal with deferment before amendment?
VD: how long deferring?
Sop: no budget, even if arts moving ahead, where's plan?
defer until?
Mayor: next mtg Dec 12
Sop: cd get budget in hand just b/c arts moving ahead and something coming in Feb
can't approve taxpayers' money, $30K, without a plan, period
things have to be in right order, easier
been here with a budget wd hv helped
Mayor: motion --
JF: I'm not opposed, budget process appropriate
when it came to cmte we had some concerns, no question; also felt enthusiastic for approach and cooperation
recognized had to act quickly to access other funding
cd defer to Dec 12 if Ccl comfortable
JC: want to clarify, for one year, $10K, not $30K
KP: the request is for three years, the recommendation is for one year, $10K
There is a budget but not included in report
JC: I heard all of these arguments at cmte level
I argued against until I saw the budget wch is not included in this report, and I will not be supporting deferral
the other three Ms operate the same way; really only talking about $10K, albeit tax dollars
think this is an opportunity; no such thing as a missed opportunity, someone else gets it and I think we shd.
VD: I'll vote to defer, for new Ccl to decide how to spend their budget 2006
The Mayor said it was TIED but it looked as if Jeanie, Victor, Rod, and Bill in favour, with Pam and John against.
In any case the Mayor then voted in favour to defer
5.8       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005 Amendment Bylaw No. 4456, 2005
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT "Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4456, 2005" be read a first, second and third time.
RB explained staff brought this last year and each fall staff to bring forth amendments.
Suggested changes in Analysis Section.
VD asked if it needed to be done now
RB: a few will impact some of the bylaws. Biz Licence bylaw dealt with separately
cd be deferred if Ccl wishes
VD: I'll make same deferral motion; taxpayers' money, leave it to new Ccl
RL: think that will work
want to mention deferring financial items to Dec 12, to deal with before end of year, Ccl will have to consider an add'l mtg Dec 15 to adopt these
VD: why not Dec 24th!
JF: we did have discussion during Mgr's mtg perhaps before Cclr Durman arrived stating need for some expediency, need to go out in mail
RB: that was biz
JC made motion
Mayor voted against so deferral motion failed; saying go ahead with it
[discussion about who's in favour and who's not but finally decided it had passed]
5.9       Proposed Business Licence Bylaw No. 4455, 2005 (File:  1605?08/1610?20?4455)
            THAT "Business Licence Bylaw No. 4455, 2005" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
            THAT the intentions of Business Licence Bylaw No. 4455, be posted and advertised in accordance with the Community Charter.
RB gave background, new biz licence bylaw, in conformity with new laws (no fee increases), but creates new categories
[xxxx x left again 9:12]
for next year wd have to do this evening b/c with Cmnty Charter have to advertise
brought back for Dec 12th
JC: does this mean in accordance with Charter biz orgs advised directly or have to read it in the newspaper?
RB: Ch of Comm has been advised; hasn't been our practice to send out notifications
Mayor: wd be advertising
RB: wd be and in Tidings
JC: been criticized not covering all the bases in advising the public
seems any biz group shd be advised directly in case and not rely on the paper in case they don't read the NSNews
Mayor: we have a list
RB: we have list; have two weeks to do that; certainly wd advise if were rate increases; will do that
VD: want to thank all those ppl who voted for me over the last nine years
not sure why more people didn't vote for me, but that's their opinion
looking forward to 45 hours a week to do [other things]
must say had the luck to be on Ccl with Alan Williams, Jean Ferguson, our Mayor, and many others -- put time and effort into taking some v v tough decisions, reorganized City Hall, brought in tremendous staff we now have; know where money is, been able to build rec facilities without having to go out and borrow money
feel I've been able to achieve things here with the help of staff and cclrs
I don't intend to watch Ccl mtgs on TV b/c there's a time for old cclrs to retire and go away
Mayor: you sound like Gen McArthur
JF: want to say, it has been a great pleasure
re more voting for you perhaps b/c sometimes described your style as brutally frank and honest, I think of it as
unambiguous forthrightness, learned to appreciate it greatly
served cmnty v well, esp on Facilities Master Plan
you've brought enormous skills and talent to the job
ev time we use those facilities you've brought them in on time and on budget
{not quite true, but estimates can be changed to fit as you go along..... shoot arrow, then draw circles}
served cmtny by zeroing in the very heart of the issue in your brutally honest way
Sop: I'm going to miss you
we've had exchanges over years, but must tell you you're an extraordinary individual
given us nine years of your time
valuable info b/c of your biz; logic and perspective
helpful in finance, not only ours but GVRD
championed cause in ref fac to move forward
going to be saddened you won't be here any more in spite of exchanges
you've given a lot in the nine years, wish you well in time
VD: thank you
Sop: Mr Mayor, this is your last time, are we going to say anything about you?
RD: I'd like to say something
Mayor: keep it short
RD: we go back a long time -- nine on ccl and six as mayor
great experience, great relationship; appreciate hard work you've done
wish you an excellent retirement and time with your wonderful family and friends
good memories of friendship we've had and great public service to cmnty
Sop: also, we've had our differences; this cmnty is a lot better off b/c of you and your efforts
want to thank you; going to miss you as well
going to salute you
going to do this in my own way, I'm going to stand up
[everyone stood up and applauded]
Mayor: I must say it's been my privilege and honour to serve
in everybody's career, 15 years is a long time
Everybody I've served with, Cclr VD, you didn't mention Russ Fraser; can go back to Pat Boname, Diane Hutchinson, a litany of ppl see photos on back wall you can see
WV has been well served
All people obviously have a degree of ego to be involved in this process, you have to have, but have served selfishly in best interests of WV
[he clearly means selflessly]
that's a real credit
We do not have a party orientation, terrific; hope stay that way for a long, long time
{but we have, de facto}
that's why WV is the great cmnty it is
do thank you v much; appreciate your comments
am in a backhanded way looking forward to retirement, more time to myself, certainly my wife is interested in a few things other than ccl mtgs
tyvm, I've enjoyed it, achieved a lot; a long way to go
wish new folks best of success and I know they'll do a great job
7.         OTHER ITEMS
7.1       Correspondence  [complete list in previous issue]
Discussed second:
7.1.9         M. Bowyr-Smyth, E. Fonseca, P. Chapman, M. Schneider and E. Schneider, undated, regarding Ambleside Sports Field Lights
Referred to Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
Sop: some of these notice the lights come on and nobody in sight
sometimes early
is there any way of monitoring that a little closer?
KP:  the field is booked and paid for during that time
for a variety of reasons a team will not turn up
we don't have a simple way of shutting the lights off
we're tied to times of soccer clubs and we sent those comments to them
not for a long period of time
we've had instances when turned on early and left late, Halloween an example
there are reasons
will take it up again with the soccer organization
Sop: no change
Freddie Kilowatt there all the time
why shd we be paying electrical prices when no one there; burns me
KP: it does a lot of ppl
what you get is a greater consumption of electricity to shut off and back on
less expensive to leave them on for a short period of time (one block, one hour)
life of the bulbs, v expensive, is longer if you leave them on
Sop: I believe what you say b/c it is you, but don't believe BC Hydro cheaper if leaving lights on
financial? looked at?  wd be less?
is there any mechanical way of turning off the lights?
Discussed first:
7.1.12       B. Bampton, November 07, 2005, regarding new construction near Eagle Harbour                               Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
VD: 7.1.12 is an ugly construction going on on Eagle Island, wondering what approval process
prefabricate, appreciate, swimming pool
rock walls seem to be higher than four ft and wondered why hadn't had to come back to Ccl for approval
SJN: if it hasn't come back then b/c conforming
rock walls within prop so can be 8ft
what you're looking at is a tent structure -- underneath changing rooms and cooking area in vicinity of pool to right slightly inground wch is partly within
tent structure is coming off, is to protect ppl working
10ft high

Mayor: Cancellation of mtg next week; four mbrs including myself will be out of town, so will proceed with cancellation of ccl mtg Nov 28

Bruce McArthur: speaking as chair of WRA
wd like to take this opp to thank Mayor & Ccl for the cooperation and support given to the WRA
special thanks to Mayor Wood and Cclr Durman for their contributions to the whole cmnty
hope they will always be av to give their sage advice to our org
WRA continue to monitor issues in Horseshoe Bay/Gleneagles Corridor
look forward to continued support of ccl and staff
Mayor: I appreciate that
9.         ADJOURNMENT
Sop: Cclr Durman might want to do it on his way out!

***  and thus ended the 2002 - 2005 Council

>>>  INAUGURAL CCL MTG Dec 5th  <<< [no ccl pkg; no paperwork provided]

Luke Kim, cellist, Rockridge Secondary School student, providing musical entertainment 6:45 - 7pm

O CANADA, sung by Don Stewart

by Squamish Nation by Bob Baker, with Chief Bill Williams, his son Chris Williams, and others
drumming; longhouse chee ach
song that came to Sequoia across inlet
oicheekah (thank you); bring our protocol forward
[singing and drumming]

The Honourable Madam Justice J.R. Dillon swore in duly elected and re-elected Members of Council.
Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones
Councillors: John Clark, Rod Day, Jean Ferguson, Michael Smith, Bill Soprovich, Vivian Vaughan
Luke Kim, cellist, provided a musical interlude.

             Mr. Mahmoud Moazami - How We Can Serve Our Community.
Pam said that Mr Moazami had called her this afternoon to say he was stuck in Oklahoma in a snow storm and couldn't make it.  He requested Sherry Shaghaghi to give his speech in his place.
Remarks included reaching maturity (physical, physiological, social, cognitive) showing consciousness and responsibility, living in peace and harmony;
In the democratic system we do not always get what we deserve; get what we're willing to stand up and reach for.
We live in a beautiful community, cherish what has been handed, protect and preserve it.
...we have great leader, strong leadership
together we can make the world a better place to live
with Mayor and Council look to leadership, give full support in this journey.

4.         INAUGURAL ADDRESS BY MAYOR GOLDSMITH-JONES [will print text if provided to WVM by email]
Mayor G-J: thank you.....
Mark Kingwall -- constantly renewed regard
set tone to promote each [cclr's views]
hold each member in high regard; respect each
remember we serve you
after election everyone took off so can't speak for Ccl but can for myself
congratulations to staff and cmte; recently awarded half a million dollar grant as a cultural capital of Canada
next week Clovelly planning, hope start to protecting nbrhds
re Upper Lands, learned word imagineering at mtg this morning wrt Olympics
met with other two mayors of North Shore, not amalgamation, about leverage
Met with VanOC [and Ameridian bands] Tsleil-Waututh (Burrard), Squamish, and Musqueam
[The Mayor then Introduced each cclr who said a few words, then paid tribute to [former] Mayor Ron Wood, saying she knew how much he loved WV.]

Dec/Jan 2006 Sop; Feb/Mar Ferg; Apr/May Smith; June/July Day; Aug/Sept Clark; Oct/Nov Vaughan; Dec/Jan 2007 Sop
6.         GVRD APPOINTMENTS [verbal, discussion, no documents]
Mayor: that's not correct, it shd be: Ferguson/Sop
Mr. Clark Chu appointed to the professional category of the North Shore Family Court & Youth Justice Committee to complete the term of Ms. Tanya Pereira, which expires on December 31, 2005.

Mayor: cmnty came together
Luke Kim, highest honour, all students at Rockridge recommended him
Don Stewart and his band will be playing during reception
thank Judge, Chief etc, Honour Guard
extraordinary; great so many ppl came to this swearing in
10.       ADJOURNMENT  - 7:49  *** Reception Followed ***
{All candidates were in attendance to congratulate and celebrate except Ron Wood (who was out of town), GK, and LA.}

>>>  ELECTION/CAMPAIGN UPDATE (belated)  <<<

Listed in WVM 31 were the candidates for the municipal election along with contact information.  The School Board candidates will be elected by acclamation.  Pam Goldsmith-Jones and Ron Wood are contesting the mayoralty.
There are 16 candidates for Ccl:
Louise AIRD, Sean ALLAN, John CLARK, Rod DAY, Michael EVISON, Jean FERGUSON, Gus KROLL, Doug LANG, Rob PELLATT, Mehrdad (Med) RAHBAR, Carolanne REYNOLDS, Michael SMITH, Bill SOPROVICH, Hakan TELENIUS, Vivian VAUGHAN, Tom WARDELL.

*  UPDATES on Groups / All-Candidate Mtgs

===  BPAHA: 7pm ACM Tuesday Oct 25: speeches and questions at Collingwood School
+ UPDATE: All candidates made an opening statement and a minute wrapup; during the question session between, five ccl candidates did not get asked to speak at all while a few of the others spoke more than once.

===  Chamber of Commerce ACM Nov 3rd
Again, this time six ccl candidates did not get asked to speak at all.

===  WRA ACM Mtg Nov 8
Intro and wrapup speeches by everyone.  Except for a few questions, all candidates got to answer a question when voter asked (given 15 seconds each).  This was the fairest meeting of all the ACMs.

===  WV Citizens for Good Govt
Directors:  Bruce Campbell, Eric Cant, Jim Carter, Martin Ernst, Frances Gray, Roger Garriock, Russell Hollingsworth, Harold Kalke (President), Patricia Lepp, Carol Ludvigsen, Paola Merkins, Lee O'Neill, Gene Quan, Chuck Walker.
ACM Wed Oct 19 had a statement from each and then one question for each candidate (a few got more than one).
On Thursday Oct 27, speeches were made (four minutes for mayor, three minutes for council), then the Board recommended a slate: Pam Goldsmith-Jones for Mayor; and for Council: Sean Allan, John Clark, Jean Ferguson, Michael Smith, Bill Soprovich, and Vivian Vaughan.
Under their system, there is then a vote (by members who had joined by Oct 19th) and as a result, Rod Day replaced Sean Allan on their slate.
As far as I can tell, all were interviewed.  Not all candidates joined WVCGG however, and a few candidates started in the summer getting their supporters to join, since aware the recommendation is overturned by the vote.  Also, have been told that the membership this year was almost twice that of last election.  Clearly a lot more 'interest'.
Some will recall that in 2002, they suddenly stopped issuing the ballots at 7:30 in spite of the fact some candidates had been told the deadline was 8pm.  Some who were turned away refused to join this year.  This year, it is interesting to note, they went back to the previous way, that is issuing ballots until after the council candidates had finished their speeches.
Did hear a rumour that some members had been told they cd come back later and were then refused (but it was as late as 9pm).

===  Preserve West Vancouver
They have no members per se (well, no fees, but an email list) but they have directors (not elected).  There was no ACM.  The website lists after Keith Pople (Chair): Noah Bowman, Peter Cruikshank, Andrea Flintoft, Colin Hunt, Debbie Nichol, Joan Ramsay, Roff Johansson, John R Uren, Gordon Ward Hall, Marion Ward Hall; however I have been informed that although five directors were absent the meeting was held with selection made by nine voting for their slate: the six directors present were Keith Pople, Peter Cruikshank, Andrea Flintoft, Joan Ramsay, Gordon Ward Hall, and Marion Ward Hall; the three other people voting were Dick and Judy O'Callaghan, and David Stephenson (of Ev Dr fame).
Although Roff Johansson is listed as a director on the website, I understand he resigned before the selection meeting.  The selection was made by the six directors listed above, two members, and a third (member of TWASHA) invited to participate.
As reported in the North Shore News, the Board did not interview all the candidates.  In fact they also refused to interview at least one.  (Obviously their prerogative to make a decision.)  Except for Keith Pople who has attended many more ccl mtgs, and David Stephenson who attended every council item wrt Evelyn Drive, the other directors have attended several ccl mtgs.
These nine at their mtg at a director's home (about 10pm after the WVCGG first mtg Oct 19) chose: Pam Goldsmith-Jones for Mayor; John Clark, Rod Day, Michael Smith, Bill Soprovich, Vivian Vaughan, and Hakan Telenius.

===  Save Our Neighbourhoods (SON)
Big bucks spent (ostensibly from a shadowy figure -- ask John Clark -- in the properties but using a PO Box as a return address), probably tens of thousands of dollars in mailings claiming 1000% increase proposed for Evelyn Drive alarming many (but claims exaggerated or untrue) and putting forth a slate: Louise Aird, Gus Kroll, Mike Smith, Bill Soprovich, Hakan Telenius, and Vivian Vaughan.  Vivian was on this slate during the last election as was Bill (but he had been put on without his knowledge); apparently Mike also did not know he wd be on.  A handy slate was mailed out for voters to use.

=== Late Slate with Ron Wood for Mayor:
mailed brochure suddenly appeared with Sean Allen, Michael Evison, Jean Ferguson, Med Rahbar, Mike Smith, Tom Wardell

=== Conservative Party members backed Doug Lang, who'd sought the federal nomination recently wch was won by John Weston.

===  CAMPAIGN 2005
This is the first election with four formal slates (and I understand there were some informal ones) -- v different from other elections.  Sop, again this time as in 2002 topped the polls and again more than the elected mayor.  Next came Mike Smith who was on four slates (while Bill was on three, but it was Mike's first campaign for Ccl although he'd served several terms on School Board).  Being on two or three slates had varying results but being on a slate no doubt garnered votes b/c of slate-voters, and no one was elected who was only on one slate but depending on the slate, it cd hv put a couple of the non-slaters over.  Very complicated and a lot of dynamics at play this time.
Let's see how many groups pop up in 2008 to recommend slates.

after all that serious stuff, time for
>>>   HUMOUR -- More Puns  <<<  Subject: Award Winning Puns

Here are the ten first place winners in the International Pun Contest:
A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at him and says, "I'm sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger."
Two fish swim into a concrete wall. The one turns to the other and says "Dam!"
Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in the craft. Unsurprisingly it sank, proving once again that you can't have your kayak and heat it too.
Two hydrogen atoms meet. One says, "I've lost my electron."
The other says, "Are you sure?"
The first replies "Yes, I'm positive."
Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root  canal? His goal: transcend dental medication.
A group of chess enthusiasts checked into a hotel and were standing  in the lobby discussing their recent tournament victories. After about  an hour, the manager came out of the office and asked them to disperse. "But why," they asked, as they moved off.
"Because," he said, "I can't stand chess-nuts boasting in an open foyer."
A woman has twins and gives them up for adoption. One of them goes to a family in Egypt and is named Ahmal. The other goes to a family in Spain; they name him Juan.  Years later, Juan sends a
picture of himself to his birth mother. Upon receiving the picture, she tell her  husband that she wishes she also had a picture of Ahmal. Her husband responds, "They're twins! If you've seen Juan, you've seen Ahmal."
These friars were behind on their belfry payments, so they opened up a small florist shop to raise funds. Since everyone liked to buy flowers from the men of God, a rival florist across town thought the competition was unfair. He asked the good fathers to close down, but they would not.  He went back and begged the friars to close. They ignored him. So, the rival florist hired Hugh MacTaggart, the roughest and most vicious thug in town to "persuade" them to close. Hugh beat up the friars
and  trashed their store, saying he'd be back if they didn't close up shop.
Terrified, they did so, thereby proving that only Hugh can prevent florist friars.
Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time, which produced an impressive set of calluses on his feet.  He also ate very little, which made him rather frail and with his odd diet, he
suffered from bad breath. This made him.
(Oh, man, this is so bad, it's good).....
 A super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis.
And finally, there was the person who sent ten different puns to his friends, with the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh. No pun in ten did.

--  ..........................................................................  He who laughs last thinks slowest.

>>>  QUOTATIONS  <<<

First, politics and tribute to Maggie Thatcher on her 80th birthday:
Tina Brown (Brit, former editor of Vanity Fair and the New Yorker) wrote in her Oct. 13 column in the Washington Post:
The former chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain, Lord Palumbo, who lunched with Mrs. T six months ago, told me recently what she said when he asked her if, given the intelligence at the time, she would have made the decision to invade Iraq. "I was a scientist before I was a politician, Peter," she told him carefully. "And as a scientist I know you need facts, evidence, and proof - and then you check, recheck and check again. The fact was that there were no facts, there was no evidence, and there was no proof. As a politician the most serious decision you can take is to commit your armed services to war from which they may not return."

Be good and you will be lonesome.
                        -- Mark Twain, author and humorist (1835-1910)

Nothing so completely baffles one who is full of trick and duplicity himself, than straightforward and simple integrity in another.
                        - -Charles Caleb Colton, author and clergyman (1780-1832)

Let the gods avenge themselves.
                        -- Roman law maxim, on blasphemy

If you're going to tell people the truth, be funny or they'll kill you.
                        -- Billy Wilder (1906 -2002)

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.
                        -- Edmund Burke, statesman and writer (1729-1797)