NOTES Dec 12th; Calendar to 31st (& peek at January)

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

May I wish you a Happy New Year:

The first ccl mtg of 2006 will be January 9th:
        --->   Main items: 21st St traffic; Drinking Water Mgmt
but inexplicable: why were the minutes from Dec 5th and 12th not ready and delayed to the supplemental package? almost a month not enough time to put the ccl mtg minutes in the regular mtg package???

See Calendar below for December, then
Sunday Jan 1st WV Otters Polar Bear Swim at Ambleside Beach; Tu Jan 3 YAC at 3:45 and EAC at 4:30; Sunday Jan 8th Lions Club Tree Chip-up; WV United Church at 2:30 a cello extravaganza (Pacific Baroque Orchestra);
Tues Jan 10th Old Growth Strategy Open House 5 - 9pm at Srs' Ctr (presentation at 7pm), and also FBG Reception 6 - 8pm (Exhibit Jan 10 -22: "New Works");
Wed Jan 11th Mayor's State of the District Address 7:30am (WV Chamber of Commerce breakfast) at Hollyburn Country Club and 6pm PEAC at Hall;
Thurs Jan 12th - Province's Sea-to-Sky Hwy Project Open House at Gleneagles Elementary School 6 to 9pm (and later on Saturday Jan 14th 10am - 1pm at St David's United Church, then Wed Jan 18 at Masonic Lodge 6 - 9pm)

In this final WVM issue (2005 - 37) of the year:
INFObits and Updates (Sea to Sky, Return of Coho, PERS); Calendar to end of year (Heritage Achievement Awards -- nomination deadline Jan 18); Dec 12th Ccl Mtg NOTES (including Sea to Sky Hwy Update, Mtn Mardi Gras, Conservation/Protection Areas Passage Island/Lighthouse Park, Clovelly/Caulfeild Nbrhd Planning process with Altamont Cmnty Assn Presentation, Hugo Ray Park Proposal $13.8m, utility rate increase of 13.5%, nbrhd maps in PQP); Heritage Week theme (Feb 20 - 26); Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookies; Quotations

>>>   INFObits and Updates   <<<
Holiday Hours - The library will be open December 27 through December 31 from 1 to 5pm, and will be closed December 24, 25, 26, and January 1, 2006.
[see above for new mtgs scheduled]
SEA to SKY UPDATE -- Press Release from Save Eagleridge Bluffs:
MOT Cancels 3 out of 4 community consultation meetings
Immediate Release                                                            December 16, 2005
Transportation Ministry Cancels Initial Public Input Meetings for Sea-to-Sky Overland Highway Route from Caulfeild to Sunset Beach
West Vancouver =96 The Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs is growing more and more concerned that Minister for Transportation, Kevin Falcon, in the face of serious public outcry as witnessed at this week's West Vancouver council meeting, will renege on obtaining any serious public input to his plan for the overland route from Nelson Creek to Sunset Beach on the Sea-to-Sky highway. After this week's West Vancouver council meeting [Dec 12] at which more than one hundred extremely concerned members of the public attended, the Ministry of Transportation cancelled for the third time, a small-group meeting; this time with members of the Western Residents' Association.
"We think the Ministry is concerned that they can't control these meetings as they did back in 2004," states Ernie Corlett, president of the Coalition. "Today's stakeholders are much better informed, now that the government has finally posted the web site www.seatoskyimprovements.ca/consultation.htm#westvanc and will ask intelligent and pointed questions about safety, the environment, and the visual and noise impacts of this route."
The purpose of the small-group meetings was to gather informed members of public interest groups and stakeholders to provide meaningful input regarding the proposed Sea to Sky overland route. The groups include the Fire Department, Police Department, the District of West Vancouver, the Western Residents' Association, the Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs at Horseshoe Bay, the West Vancouver School Board, and others. To date, only the B.C. Ferries meeting has been held.
The Coalition agrees with Transportation Minister, Kevin Falcon, that the existing highway needs to be made safer, but does not believe that the proposed overland route will improve safety. "After finally receiving and reviewing a copy of the plans for the overland route with Mr. Brent Dozzi, Manager of Roads and Transportation for the District of West Vancouver, we agree that the overland route poses serious safety concerns," states Corlett.
Until Kevin Falcon sits down with West Vancouver to discuss the highway and alternate routes, North Shore residents will continue to fight against the Provincial government's intent to proceed with the overland route. This route is opposed by the mayors and councils of North and West Vancouver as well as the Greater Vancouver Regional District.
About the Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs at Horseshoe Bay
The Coalition consolidates public support for protecting the ecosystems that will be destroyed, while working to inform the provincial government that alternatives could save an irreplaceable natural environment meeting the criteria for function, longevity, safety and cost. For more information visit: www.eagleridgebluffs.ca
Press Contacts
Ernie Corlett 604-618-5585  /   Heather Drugge 604-868-1309, heather@go-communicate.com
Brothers Creek - No coho seen from Capilano to 615 Inglewood
McDonald - No coho seen from foreshore to Fulton
Rodgers - No coho seen from foreshore to pool at Marine Drive
On December 23rd six coho were reported at Lawson Creek at the Argyle bridge. As of Dec 26th there were three, two between the bridge and the upper baffle and one large one in the last pool before the foreshore.
On the 27th on Rodgers there were three coho in the pool below Marine Drive with one pair actively spawning. Great!!! There were no other fish in the smaller pools downstream.
So, we should keep a careful watch at all potential creeks since there are obviously a few coho milling around out there.
On the VSun Dec 30th article about a run of coho arriving in the Nicomekl Creek, WV Streamkeeper President Hugh Hamilton writes: they say that they have more than they have seen before. Just another indication of the very late arrival of the coho.  With what we have seen in Lawson Creek and Rodgers Creek in the last few days, we should continue to keep a close watch on all our creeks.
The last issue has information on many  environmental groups active now, from streamkeepers, to wetlands, to shorelines and  eelgrass protectors.  Here's another one: PERS, the Pacific Estuarine Research Society, a non-profit organization "formed to bring together, for educational purposes persons interested in estuarine and coastal issues".  If you would like more information, please contact Nikki Wright at seachange@shaw.ca 
ALTAMONT COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION presentation to Ccl Dec 12 re neighbourhood planning (see item 4.4 in Ccl Mtg Notes below).

===  CALENDAR to end of 2005 (and a pee= k ahead)  ===

= Dec 13th, Tuesday
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC
= Dec 14th, Wednesday
~ 9am ~ last ccl mtg of year!
~ 5:30 - 7pm ~ FAC (moved from 21st) [then CANCELLED]
~ 6:30 - 8:30pm ~ Library Board in Peters Room at Library (note earlier time)
~ 7:30 - 9:30pm ~ MoT and Sea-to-Sky Construction meeting with WRA at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr [CANCELLED!]
= Dec 16th, Friday
~ 9am - noon ~  Rodgers/Marr Creeks ISMP - Stakeholder Meeting No. 1 -  Worksyard Conference Room
Dec 17th -- Evergreen in Hay Park pulling ivy and removing holly
= Dec 22nd, Thursday
~ 4:30pm ~ DAC [CANCELLED]

= Saturday, Dec 31st = Celebrations at Millennium Park (otherwise knows as the Floral Clock) at 11:30pm!

See January at beginning of this issue; Heritage Achievement Award nominations -- deadline January 18th
West Vancouver, BC: The District of West Vancouver is calling for nominations for its 2006 Heritage Achievement Awards.
The tenth annual Heritage Achievement Awards will be presented in February 2006, as part of Heritage Week celebrations (February 20 - 26). The awards honour individuals, groups, and businesses that have made a significant contribution toward preserving the community's natural, cultural, and built heritage.
Award criteria include: building restoration, new building design, landscape, and advocacy and awareness.
Nomination forms can be picked up at the District of West Vancouver Municipal Hall, Museum and Archives, Library, and various venues throughout the community; or can be downloaded from www.westvancouver.ca.
The deadline for submissions is January 18, 2006.
Please call 922 4400 with ideas for events/activities, offers to participate

===  D= ec 12th CCL MTG NOTES  ===  [parti= al transcript typed during mtg; spelling of names, corrections, clarifications welcome]

Times marked are from start of mtg at 7pm
Some changes to agenda (4.4 out of order)
3.    Council Meeting Minutes, October 24,  November 21, 2005
JF: correction to p15 of ccl minutes of Oct 24 (just name).
This is the first regular meeting of the new Council and Mayor Goldsmith Jones said for now previous procedures will be followed, but there will be changes in January.  Mbrs of public may speak (sign list), keep focused.   Hope to end mtgs by 9:30.  Cclrs will be able to speak a total of five minutes to an issue, if in agreement or points already made, agreed they will not speak.

4.         REPORTS
4.1       Report from Chief Administrative Officer regarding Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project Update
MMgr gave background; appeal turned down
apologize for late report
initiating a series of small group workshops and open houses
my recommendation that we endorse the idea of a liaison cmte, ongoing consultation to project
work with Ministry to improve public awareness; receive input
address issues both staff and cmnty wrt preliminary designs
Mayor:  may we hear from the public first?
Sop: my position we make a strong statement that we not accept the position the govt is doing
monstrosity coming out of interchange never to be forgotten by world and will be a legacy
know you've met with Ministry
absolutely make sure Falcon knows options
Mayor: wd like to hear from public; feel all mbrs of Ccl have strong feelings on the subject
Jason Leask [sp?] : there are actually four of us
[someone commented, safety in numbers]
Mayor: need names and addresses
[gave names and addresses]
Jason: we're here to ask for support for a major revision to this project; a redesign
there are many issues that we consider to be material that weren't disclosed Feb/Mar when public consultation was taking place
our decision is that the decision that was reached wd have been different if that information available at that time
don't know why not disclosed almost two years ago
our analysis, done by the four of us -- primarily by Kevin Webb and Stuart Bethune; Ernie Corlett is the leader of the coalition to protect the area
turning over to these gentlemen
three areas critical
First: overheads with rendering
Another: background in construction
This design tries to shoehorn too many elements into one area: interchange, HBay, Eagle, etc
deletion of shoulders specifically on Nelson Creek bridge, five instead of current four without widening       
local, Eagleridge traffic, HBay, Whistler
extensive rock fill
ferry lineups to houses overlooking Gleneagles golf course
power lines over Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr and over first hole of Gleneagles Golf Course
interchange to wetlands
Another Person: we shd be challenging the province to give us something -- we're going by complicated engineering drawings; need 3D so we can see what we like and don't like
we want to be in front end of this -- proactive, not react
Another Person: report today of diverting local traffic
Ernie Corlett: you've fought a hard battle but can't stop
they've got to make a change
in NSNews that Falcon said to quit our bellyaching, once see drawings will be fine but we've seen now and even worse than we imagined
the overland route is not practical, too close to ferry kiosk
congested; can't do anything about that
two lanes going south exacerbate
driver has to make seven decisions in a short time
safety will be compromised
Eagleridge to Larsen Crk will be denuded of trees -- a massive rock bluff shelf
shdn't there be any consideration for residents, drivers
no noise mitigation
highly sensitive and in balance ecosystem and virtually no setbacks -- up against wetlands and 200m setback recommended by environmentalists
this overland route is dangerous, impractical, and environmentally atrocious
Another Person (still of the four): we've looked at options A, B, etc displayed for over a year
the division of the two roads was split so from HBay to North had to go back to Caulfeild exit; those were merged to 2004 for consultation that took 40 days; over 60% one group choosing none of the above wch in hindsight may have been a mistake.  Prov said a limit on the budget.  Hwys asked for estimate $1.7b for 80km to Whistler so asked to cut it back
The route we're talking about got cut back to $600m of wch represents....ah, not sure what area
end result is that they cd never budget enough money to do a four-lane tunnel
they went out with two alternatives neither we thought acceptable
alternative appeared that was the least safe, caused a lot of confusion -- a two-lane two-way tunnel
our preference: two-lane one-way tunnel $140m
interchange wd not have to be expanded
two hwys here, Hwy 1 and Hwy 99
Hwy 1 carries 7m cars a year, and 99, 5m
ideally keep them away from [each other,ferry]
we shd hv bn at this position two years ago
prov has signed a contract and moving ahead
Westport Rd has a sign, office for project, putting equipment in
must take position next week
Mayor: position to wrap up?
Leask: meet with prov, proj delay, examine alternatives
a two-lane north-bound tunnel wd meet their [objectives]
Aline Brown: mbr of WRA
brief summary of our reaction to this latest plan
extremely disappointed, unacceptable to us
two main reasons: the environment (arbutus bluffs and wetlands gone)
second, safety
the new one isn't safer than now
think of the cut on NV and we all know the record of the cut
the life time of the project -- 8% grade prevents retrofitting of transport; and of course the aesthetics
we live in one of the most beautiful places in world
30ft retaining walls
ppl will come and think we've lost our minds
leave hwy the way it is now until a safer and more sustainable option is av to us
saves environment and a whole lot of money
...bring in on budget
wrt Joni Mitchell __ mbrs of WRA, we do know what we've got and it's the MoT that wants to pave over paradise
Bruce McArthur came to mike with a large frog seated to his right: I'm co chair of WRA and mbr of North Shore Wetland partners
the StoSky project is not an improvement if it destroys the environment
I have with me rana aurora aurora, aka red-legged frog
[Frog waved to everyone]
unfortunately their vocalization only occurs under water so I've agreed to express their concerns
check out their features, habitat, and vulnerability, shown on website of Min of Env
Despite requests, Min of T will not confirm presence in the hwy path near Larsen Creek
important territory, adjacent riparian cover
these frogs, listed Canada, prov blue list, means protected under BC Wildlife Act
setback shown of zero meters
whereas VANOC at Cypress is 100m; reached after Cdn Env'tal Agendy;  Wildlife Service consultation recommends trails away from habitat functions of these ecosystems
scientifically sustainable buffer zones be established and maintained
Cdn Wildlife Service suggests min of 200m nec for functional habitat for amphibians
I request anyone hearing this demand or at least encourage -- acknowledge frog threatened -- therefore an alternate route
frogs cannot be recycled; wetlands essential to maintaining a healthy planet
Liz Byrd of WRA: hadn't planned to speak but Thursday heard a presentation; need to be reminded
on Thursday this chamber was packed and VANOC talked about sustainability
Vancouver has just been voted the no 1 city in world to live
at same time this govt heavily into tourism yet is trying to destroy what ppl come to see
expropriation of land -- but not talked about -- from this District and BPP
these cases don't come to court until after Olympics
what are the costs to us/the province
actually in five or six years cd be another $50 to 60m
those are my three points
[The red-legged frog left.]
Mayor: want motion on floor
[MS read out motion]
Sop: want to make addition; want this Ccl to say not accepting this proposal at all, period
you, Madam Mayor, to meet with Ministry and sort out
they say no alternate but you must say there is
we must make strong stand, and that is that we're not accepting what they're doing
you and Clerk cd put it into words
Mayor: Mr Jenkins, then open Ccl debate
SJ, Environmental Coordinator came forward
Sop: the white dots lights?
SJ: yes, existing hwy
the new road [overhead] quite close below
nothing left between new and old hwy
Sop: so fill from new down to old hwy
SJ: that's correct
Sop: how many more till Pasco?
SJ: this is probably least significant till there
another three times the size of this one
Sop: moving of hydro/transmission lines?
SJ: some will and further trees removed; transmission not distribution lines
Sop: so further swathe through there
in name of safety, wd you make five major decisions in 500 ft travelling at 60mph?
SJ: yes, more than five in a short distance
Sop: many reasons we can look at this
they're not listening; we have to take this stand and that's why I made this addition to the motion
must make statement now
we did a test case, cheaper; we're not talking about miles of road
absolutely imperative we go through with this
JF:  seems to me in last six to eight years the residents of the western part of M badly used/served
initially expansion of ferry terminal and now with this proposal
flies in face of proud commitment of prov govt to sustainability, theme of these Olympic games
just a slap in the face to their supporters; encourage the Mayor to meet with the Minister to explore for any possible opportunities for alternatives
JC: this agenda asks for receipt of MMgr's report, items; and I wd like to add a fifth
report talks of creation of a liaison cmte and that that be endorsed, and there has been some discussion wrt this between staff and Ministry; design and opp for public input; preliminary design
add no 5: wd like to add Mayor meet with Minister to reconsider and look at using the existing hwy
until the last few weeks, public and we, have been dealing with line drawings on aerial shots taken from outer space, so abstract, to understand -- very difficult, can't see terrain, elevations, don't show, wetlands hardly, etc
now is time for all of us to look at this project and understand what we're really being asked to swallow
this is a disgusting--
-- impact on environment, cmnty, our sensitivities, and intelligence
that other items in report be voted on as well
RD: original motion is not very clear
outrage; think we're trying to get at visual, aesthetic, safety effects
wd like to see Mr Falcon try to get better -- wd like to do something to get the Mayor [to speak to the Minister]
this is not just a WV issue, it's Howe Sound, a v beautiful area
Fraser Valley filling up; where ppl going to go?
beauty of HBay and Howe Sound
as a speaker said, seems we're going to destroy the very things we advertise; appeal to for tourism
somehow we have to somehow persuade the govt but if we take too strident a position, they'll just force this upon us
Mayor: think leave motion as I understand it; report of CAOB
[reads it out]
and adds that Council does not accept Minister's proposal; meet with Minister to explore alternatives to preliminary design
Sop: the part I added in, not just Mgr's stmt; we want a profound statement that we do not want this govt's proposal
Mayor: ask the MMgr if fundamentally at odds with motion accepting report
MMgr: no, it isn't
adds try to meet with Ministry to discuss alternatives
gives us some direction; ensuring entire cmnty aware of what proposed
Sop: I made it clear I want a stmt.
Mayor: we'll split it
MMgr: think Cclr Sop made statement and asked MClk to come up with a motion
Mayor: let's deal with the Mgr's report
Sop: what's there is not what I said
Mayor: motion made by Cclr Smith and seconded by JF
MS: I'm a bit confused; did Cclr Clark add something to one of those points?
Mayor: separate issue; just on receipt
now go to Cclr Sop
Sop: want stmt from Mayor and Ccl; hope Ccl agrees that we are not accepting this
want to go on record, history will show, that we will not accept this
Mayor: wd like to conclude that this Ccl has consistently been opposed the overland route and has worked very hard; committed to continue in that vein
the pictures confirm our worst fears
doesn't look like what we saw before, not little drive into forest that wdn't be touched
devastating to cmnty and env
case not made more cost effective; never been able to compare numbers re going around
number of decisions, slope, turning radius
really beg the question is this safer
wd like to challenge that as well
happy to take direction from Ccl and cmnty on this
MS: think we shd make the motion a bit crisper
agree overland route not acceptable but shd go further widen or tunnel
gives us something to discuss with prov
agree with Cclr Sop, strong statement has to be made [to prov govt]
reality is we have no political clout on North Shore; they know with our four seats, Donald or Daffy Duck wd get elected to those seats
[some laughter]
Mayor: I think a little out of order
MS: not out of order that no senior cabinet mbr from NShore
take fight locally
so we have to take lead and be strong on this
Mayor: how about:
this Ccl does not accept this proposal and that the mayor be directed to explore alternatives to this design -- going around or option...
Sop: Ccl Clark made the motion re trying to mitigate
I wd like to only see a statement for history that we do not accept this overland route PERIOD
JC: that's what I seconded
Mayor: all in favour?
[CARRIED; applause]
MMgr: when Ccl received my report
assume accept other three items listed
still leaves direction for you to meet with Minister exploring alternate routes
Mayor: followup motion
JC: items 2, 3, and 4, included in motion to receive and add no 5, meet with Minister to utilize existing hwy
Mayor: as third motion cleaner.

4.2       Proposed Mountain Mardi Gras - Request for Funding (File:  0116?20?ASCT1)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks & Community Services
1.         A grant of $10,000 as supplemental to the 2006 Community Grants program, be approved to the North Vancouver Community Arts Council for support of the regional Mountain Mardi Gras celebration February 26, 2006; and
2.         A representative from the West Vancouver Community Arts Council and a municipal staff person be actively involved on the Steering Committee to promote cooperation and collaboration;
3.         A commitment by the Steering Committee be made to support and encourage West Vancouver resident participation at the event; and
4.         Accountability reporting requirements be met relative to expenditures.
7:58 [many left]
Mayor: if ppl cd leave now if not here for rest of agenda
KPike: motion has been rewritten; presentation to Arts/Culture Strategy Cmte on Nov 10
motion recommends funding for 2006; budget is attached
Linda File: ex dir of NV
in partnership with Public Dreams for new event called Mountain Mardi Gras
best to give you the presentation given to Arts Culture Strategy
Vanessa Richards is artist in residence for Public Dreams
[overhead slides]
VR: you are surely familiar with New Orleans, Brazil etc
site is Cleveland Dam; other side is WV so this is regional
have one on North Shore
Cultural Myth Making
in partnership with Squ Nation; tricksters' Tales -- Raven, Brer Rabbit
Olympic Three pillars: env, sport, culture
unique to NSh
Athletes and Artists in Performance; spaces to share
premier outdoor environmental arts
this is beginning, invite you to participate
waterfall dam face
fire performances, circus arts, stilts, carnival music
samba waltzes zydeco from New Orleans, yet to be discovered
start to share the drums -- Iranian, Amerindian, African
invite ppl to participate in drums
creative collaborations
Pass by tubes and hear echo
Procession, invited with masks, Feb weatherized
games to play, alcohol-free event
site transformation
zero waste concessions -- bring travelling mugs, food on skewers to go in warming barrels
regional healthy food
low impact on site
re-use and re-imagine site debris
workshops in mask-making, dancing, etc
on day Feb 25th, at Cleveland Dam ppl are dancing wearing masks
why? creative self expression, expand cmnty celebration
Linda: how much is it going to cost: most committed to artists
Here's breakdown, most costs to artists, construction crew   [$300K]
.....how pay
been working on this for a long time, come a long way with funding
Spirit of BC, Canada Ccl, Legacies, etc
regional event, a North Shore event
want to make happen between now and 2010, by Olympics a new signature event
when ppl come, ppl will say must come to North Shore
we're inviting you to come and play with us
we've asked for matching money, same as other NSh cmnties, $10K
Sop: humorous -- I get a little nervous when I see pictures associated with a budget
LF: we're fiscally responsible
Sop: what happens if you don't get remaining, some $75K
LF: will scale back; but it's an event that will happen
Sop: next three years so really $30K
LF: yes
Sop: did you listen to MMgr question last time
work with us wrt our Winter Fest?
Ans: we'd love to; when Oksana Dexter told us about the WV Choral Fest, I said if anything I wish, be part of that
if NSh event, wd play a leaderhship role
Vanessa: choirs play a part, so happy to have
Sop: wd you accept $5k grant and $5K in kind
b/c the other two are giving us $10K in cash, plus $7500 in kind through Parks and Rec and I think things shd be divided fairly, contributions
Vanessa: so more artists can be paid properly
Sop: what's WV's role in this?
LF: make sure opp for ppl in arts to participate
working with WVCAC; events in months leading up
VV: have enjoyed your presentation but trouble with financial side, eg grant stacking
WV residents already represented, so already paying through nine different govt-based agencies
each agencies all looking at this issue, about ten each, so over 100 individuals, assessing, looking at this issue
ask myself, cd any private organization have 100 ppl looking at a $200K project?
inefficient bureaucracy and use of taxpayers' money
don't like to see that kind of imbalance, 70% of money from govt, 30% from private--
Mayor, interrupting: do you have a question or can these comments be included in debate of item b/c we have mbrs of the public wanting to speak?
VV: don't think I cd put it into a question; back during debate
RD: what's Public Dreams Society?
LF: person here, artistic director
Dolly Hawkins: I'm founder of Public Dreams; started it in 1985 with two other women; wanted to build healthy cmnties, find a way to encourage professional artists and be paid in like manner
cmnty arts are the heart and soul of all of us
if we deny the opp to find expression to the arts, we deny parts of our soul
opp to understand our cultural differences
MS: done any projections for attendance of event
DH: looking at 3500 ppl
MS: site will accommodate that?
DH: yes
JF: important for mbrs of Ccl have it pointed out some of the funding contingent on this being a NShCmnty event
wch wd not be given?
LF: Legacies Now, $7500, contingent upon North Shore equal participation by all three
Steve Woodhouse: practising visual artist (in WV)
here to lend full support
celebrates the very best the North Shore has to offer

Carolanne Reynolds (Yours Truly): Thank you, Mayor and Council.
In the [last ccl mtg's] minutes from Nov 21st, it doesn't mention that what I asked about of course was the dates that this was going to happen b/c National Heritage Week is Feb 20th to 26th; and as I mentioned at that time, I did discuss with the WinterSong Festival people who originally were going to be from the 10th to the 22nd, and it was really great to work with them so that they're going to be from the 10th to 19th b/c Natl Heritage Wk is from 20 to 26;
and so we're all very excited about these things, but I think it's very important that we cooperate and I know that one of your themes, Mayor Goldsmith-Jones, is collaboration.
I then tried to go to the Arts and Cultural Strategy Implementation mtg last week -- but it was cancelled -- b/c I thought it wd be discussed then.  I did discuss with staff b/c of course we're starting planning for HWk,
It was rather alarming to read that one of the [Mtn Mardi Gras] events was on Feb 25, the Saturday, b/c that has been, for the last ten years, the afternoon that the Heritage Achievement Awards, are given by the District -- on that Saturday afternoon.
On the Sunday we have the Cypress snowshoeing  and barbecue, and we have the Heritage Fayre.
I then got the report [holding it up] that was with this agenda, and confusingly it says "the Mountain Mardi Gras is planned for Friday Feb 26".  So now, um, the confusion is that it says Friday, but Friday is the 24th.  The District of WV is having its Heritage Achievement Awards on  Saturday the 25th, the Heritage Fayre is [Sunday] the 26th, and I just think that perhaps the implementation cmte or whoever's arranging this perhaps there cd be more liaison to try to make sure that this does not compete with events that WV has already planned, and has been doing the past ten or 20 years.
Mayor: Thank you.  I think that perhaps what we're hoping in terms of the devt of our arts and cultural strategy is an ever-growing--
CR: right
Mayor: number of celebrations--
CR: great
Mayor: that cd be easily accommodated or can be viewed as heritage in morning and Mardi Gras at night or whatever turns you on.
CR (who chose not to point out that the Mardi Gras event is actually slated for the same Saturday afternoon as the DWV awards):  That's what I'm urging.  That at least there be some liaison so that's there's cooperation, and we can all enjoy everything and not supplant  what's been going on.
Mayor: thank you very much.
MClk: not voted on so needed to be made again
JF:made motion
Sop: accountability, who will do it?
KP: Mtn Mardi Gras wd do it; don't know how that wd be
once this is approved wd work with them to make sure up to standards of Dir/Fin
JF: assume our rep on steering cmte wd hv the opp to assist in accountability
then use better; back to Ccl to determine whether or not funding continue
imp to remember a tri-M, collaborative; wanting to do for some time
imp to remember, most arts and culture are funded this way
most manage over time to support themselves; refer to Harmony Arts --institutions and private, a conglomerate
VV: my concerns re financial imbalance
looks as if tix $6 - 7 ea and govt subsidy wd be $60 - 70 each
like this event, but don't like this imbalance
will support in principle but not the $10K
MS: ask, re the annual grant process -- this wd be evaluated against others was not available?
MMgr: matter of timing, this is a new initiative, out of sequence
to be considered, must be at this time for them to move forward for 2006
MS: the other grants that may be bumped off, whereas but this by itself
do agree with Cclr Vaughan, $60 a pop, it's a pricey event
will support b/c as Cclr F said, good opp to get co-op all three NShMs
MMgr: often heavy subsidy getting off ground but as with Harmony Arts corporate sector comes on when see it's successful
RD: not only encourage co-op NSh, but encourages arts, always costs money; worth doing
when we started with Harmony Arts in 1990, not 10,000, and now 80-90K, gradually you build
Mardi Gras big blowout before lean month of Lent; not suffer any more but perhaps not quite the right term.
[CARRIED with Cclr Vaughan opposed]

4.3       Proposed Passage Island Rockfish Conservation Area and Enhanced Protection of Waters Around Lighthouse Park
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks & Community Services
support be extended to Fisheries and Oceans Canada in its plan to create a Rockfish Conservation Area on the West Vancouver shoreline.
KP: this was requested by Ccl; already Starfish Cove, this goes farther
Presentation by Speakers from Aquarium and DFO, but they have not brought a rockfish with them.
live longer than we do
five species severely depleted
[slideshow presentation]
that yellow dotted line is the only deep water rocky area in Lower Mainland (off Lighthouse Park)
Georgia Strait area is in severe decline
about to have 30% closure of all rockfish habitat
enforcement b/c poaching is on the rise
DFO working with Aquarium
adopt into bylaws and coordinated enforcement approach
Sop: no-take zone?
Ans: fisheries management tool
Sop: understand in our no-take marine park no one is allowed to take anything out
virtually same thing -- why not?
Ans: cd expand it into that definition of District saw fit
trying to provide some equity to fishers
Sop: we'll have to pay for all enforcement
Ans: hope to amalgamate into DWV then park stewards can
under stress, dwindling resources
even if put Fisheries Officers there can be seen from great distance so chances slim

[Motion made]

Sop: area of designation by DFO is that it?
Ans: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Sop: don't we already control to 1000ft?
Ans: we have a website up with opp to comment
if we amend, we try so that area well-defined visually, makes easier to enforce
can't comment on tidal zone
Sop: you're saying to WV don't allow anybody to fish there any more
Ans: with a fishing rod
Sop: are you doing anything wrt estuary, cod, or any other sea life in that area?
Ans: plans for three or four more conservation areas in Howe Sound and Sechelt area
in Georgia Strait, no mean feat
protect so they can live; cut back on harvest, monitoring...
RD: alarm/frustrated resources dwindling
particularly in election area, millions for this and that but not for enforcement
JF: what's the process now? bring forth a bylaw to discuss and debate?
MMgr: we'd continue to work with Ministry to identify borders
ability to enforce wd be bylaws
not in water, DFO wd have to do that
but cd work with them to designate area

We're going to put [item] 4.10 here, Hugo Ray

4.10    Hugo Ray Park Proposed Plan
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks & Community Services
            THAT the report dated December 05, 2005 from the Director, Parks and Community Services titled "Hugo Ray Park Proposed Plan" which outlines plans for the development of a Centre of Excellence for Field Hockey and Cricket be approved in principle.

KP: asking for approval in principle
two groups going forward with fund-raising
adding another field at Hugo Ray has been planned for a while, Field Five
This changes; wd no longer be a grass field but wd be artificial turf, with lights
The club has aspirations to host a pre-qualifier for the Olympics in 2008 that they've talked about for many years
Mayor: presentation?
Ian Baggott: Parks and Recreation have one and thought it wd be here
basically a lot of the plans, plans in essence, details yet to be worked out
aim now to get fundraising underway
bodies we can approach for funding and unless approval can't
have spoken to neighbours to Hugo Ray Park -- they have concerns about traffic direction
nothing yet cast in stone; to be discussed with nbrhd at later stage
Mayor: wd you like to make the motion?
Sop: I don't want to make this motion, want to lead up with a comment
Mayor: why change now?
Sop: man of few words
I sat on Sports/Rec Fac Planning, this was something always that was there
recently working with staff and the field users, came up with sensible plan for the future -- baseball in Amb; cricket and hockey in Hugo Ray
we're being asked in principle; positive about the plan, but it has a price tag of $13.8m and we've been assured by field users they'll go on a vigorous campaign and they'll raise almost $7m
My first question wd be, not that I'm not supportive of the idea, what if you didn't raise that money?
where wd we be left if we [inaudible] in principle?
Secondly, it's important public have some ability to comment on this whole scenario before we go any further
I will suggest at this time the proposed plan be received and that staff report back after a cmnty consultation process on traffic issues.
[Seconded by VV]
JF: the other, Cclr Durman,
strongly in favour in principle
important field hockey volunteers be given support, ambitious fundraising will take some time
difficulty for others to leap on board; agree ev must see, rest of Ccl hasn't nor has public
support it strongly; unfortunate not the presentation Cclr Sop and I did have on the cmte
also wd have preferred give support in principle, public see what proposal is, various alternatives, how it can be phased in, address concerns public have
so they can start fundraising; then take proposal to cmnty and then refine it over time, make sure it meets all of our needs
JC: agree with Cclr Ferg; see no reason why not support in principle; examinations concurrently
Sop: I'll accept that
Mr Mgr, if we accept in principle, are we committed to $13.8m?
MMgr: accept, subject to public consultation, before formally committing to it
RD: mistake consultation limited to traffic, public
Mayor: Cclr Sop amend motion?
Sop: support in principle, be received, and that staff report back after cmnty consultation process
Mayor: easiest replacement motion rather than amendment
MMgr: yes; fundamentally different, withdraw and replace
Mayor: have that motion?
MClk: supports concept in principle, receipt, staff report back to Ccl after a cmnty consultation process
[Sop did, RD seconded]
JF: further amendment
staff report back with a process for cmnty consultation; we may want to refine that process
Sop: I'll accept that
I'm not the best at making up these....not my forte
JC: practise, practise
MS: I don't even know what we're voting on
how can we approve in principle and then ask for staff to report back and then you might turn around to not approve it in principle following staff report
If I were the field hockey group I'd be a little perplexed what's happening
don't understand it myself
Mayor: seems to me signalling support but important to know what public thinks; important for ev  to understand what's happening from the beginning
MMgr: support
if issues raised, Ccl may reconsider
at this point support principle but concept, more cmnty consultation
KP: the club cd embark upon a fundraising prog or await results of consultation process?
Mayor: wd think it means process is going to come back to us directly, in January, weeks
VV: we might be confusing ppl with this
applicant wants approval to set in motion, investing time and effort raising funds
specific meaning, they wd be surprised if public opposition too great and had to be stopped
I don't think we shd be giving approval in principle unless they can take it to the bank and count on not being stopped, expect then just adjustments such as scheduling, alterations in detail; they wd think past point saying sorry you can't do it b/c three times traffic and local residents don't accept it
I think we need to clear that first
approval, really mean it
otherwise saying approval in principle but you can't act on it b/c we might change our minds in a few months
MMgr: split motion into three: receipt, public process, endorsation [sic] in principle
Mayor: Ccl's wish, split or main motion?
Sop: whole motion
MS: can we have the motion read?
Mayor: certainly
MClk read out: Ccl supports concept of HRay Park proposed plan in principle and that staff report back with a cmnty consultation process. 
MS: I'm opposed b/c I think we shd pass Mr Stuart's three--
MMgr: you've approved all three!
MS: but motion contradicts itself
RD: diff between approval in principle is not approval in fact; I wdn't have voted in fact
Mayor: in any case motion has passed; it will be back and have another go in January

4.4       Results of Community Survey on Proposed Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Plan and Implications for Revised Planning Process
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands & Permits
RECOMMENDED: THAT the proposed neighbourhood planning process for Clovelly-Caulfeild, as outlined in the report from the Community Planner, dated December 1, 2005 be approved.

SJN: high return rate on survey 44% and 73% approval
differences of opinion
so some minor modifications in boundaries, Keith Rd up to Caulfeild Land Use Contract Area -- smaller response there so more compact area
[drawing/map on overhead]
wd not include Rutland [opposition there]
hold mtgs on basis of area marked in red on map
nbrhd mtgs, three in report, to allow ev in nbrhd to be involved, character and vision for nbrhd, define issues, possible changes
some only apply to area under study; some feel better dealt with on a cmnty-wide scale
plan to come to Ccl early in year wrt rock-breaking policies
recommending Ccl approve a working group: local residents to assist staff
shd hv representation from area geographical and various views in nbrhd
working group approved by Ccl
if in agreement with going ahead, staff report back on details for program and recommendations
mtg end of Jan beg of Feb
Kim Stevens: delegated to speak on behalf of the Clovelly-Caulfeild ... Group -- a vocal majority
stunning, decisive, resounding, and exciting
one of two households -- core area closer to 60%; hard work of street reps
results were decisive, 3/4, take out Rutland 4/5
yours was 2 to 1
our objective was to receive 75 to 80% and we got it
the cmnty has spoken and the nbrhd has
now, how to protect nbrhd character
plan to action
language issue -- refer to page 7: clear some form of nbrhd planning needed -- look at Appendix C
currently M does not have tools
ppl need means
cmnty will only be successful if staff facilitates, not leads
we must massage the model and the facilitation role of staff be more clearly defined
Barbara McMillan: street rep for Sherbrooke Drive and spoke to each resident except one
important to
moved late 50s, chn were bused to WestBay School
the character of area remained basically the same until a couple of years ago
ppl move to this area b/c of beauty then proceed to destroy
urge a planning process for this area
Frances Gray: street rep, visited
important -- most on Ccl aware of history but many not
brought book
1898 Francis William Caulfeild arrived in Skunk Cove
got off boat and he said:
"here is the spot they shall not spoil...
I will plan a village of good design...
according to the contours of nature.."
entire public; wise restrictions
used paths followed by wild animals and that's why we have Deer Lane, Piccadilly Lane, Clovelly Walk
historical part of WV, can really become
can build on
at this point we're at dire risk of .....losing?... the entire
direction not just be passive but do something decisive and have some rules to protect our place of residence

Hugh Hamilton: I'm a director of Altamont Cmnty Assn and accompanied by other mbrs of the Assn
Altamont as well as Clovelly, is a nbrhd of natural and winding roads....

[Here is the text of the presentation:]

Altamont Community Association
Presentation to Council - December 12th 2005

Good Evening Madam Mayor and Council.  Thank you for receiving our presentation
My name is Hugh Hamilton. I live at 2970 Mathers Crescent
I am a Director of the Altamont Community Association, and I am accompanied by other Directors.

     Altamont, as well as Clovelly/Caulfeild, from whom you have just heard, is a neighbourhood of winding and informal roads with a natural and green look.  The two neighbourhoods developed at different times and in some different ways and therefore naturally have differing qualities and attributes. We do, however, share a common vision of wanting to maintain the natural landscapes, greenness, and semi-rural feeling of our neighbourhoods, and in this regard we strongly support the Clovelly/Caulfield position. We have met with them and have discussed our common goals and positions.
     Altamont has worked with your staff for over ten years on the issues of our boulevards in order to achieve just those visions Clovelly/ Caulfield and Altamont espouse. Our work with your staff has borne fruit in the form of the draft Boulevard Maintenance and Encroachment Bylaw. We understand that the draft bylaw was returned to staff to look at language and simplifications. We hope that now this draft bylaw will be introduced to Council since it should not only help Altamont, but all communities maintain their characters. In the meantime we appreciate that staff is administering boulevards in the "Spirit" of this draft bylaw.
     Your staff and previous Council have processed the draft Pesticide bylaw which we understand comes before Council early in 2006. Council also passed the Watercourse Bylaw during 2005.
     Altamont supports both these documents and believes they will assist in the preservation of the greenness, naturalness, and character of our neighbourhood.
     As with any newly introduced bylaws, these two bylaws will need time and education for staff, residents, developers, and the public to get used to the new conditions and terms. At the onset it will be necessary for all of us to become aware and for staff to assist in this process with education and enforcement.
     Altamont will continue to work with Council and your staff as we have in the past to ensure that our vision of a neighbourhood with natural landscapes, greenness, and informality will be preserved in accordance with the Neighbourhood Character Policies of the OCP.
         Thank you Madam Mayor and Council.

Kathy Clinch [sp]: only had the pleasure of living here four years
lovely, green
have a border collie needs a lot of exercise
I'm at top of Willow Crk Rd and street rep for top of Clovelly?
lots of renovations but houses basically same, didn't have to cut down trees
saddened when I was walking along Clovelly and saw all trees coming down and wanted to know what's going on
wanted to get involved; appreciate you want to work with us
live here lots of years and enjoy WV
JC: the outline precludes the school?
can we include the school?
SJN: schools are governed by M, but not going to build a big house
but trees on it so it shd be included
JC: school cd decide to build a new school, portables
have to hustle down to Sch Bd
SJN: as we indicated, from a staff perspective, we're not going into this with an idea of what will come out of this process; don't know how effect school
if Sch Bd had concerns they cd contact us
JF: Sch Bd
[H**** left]
rezoned as Public Assembly but they always have to come to M for approval
they are nbrs, so shd be on cmte
some of the issues are v much district-wide
preserve character; what's a nbrhd plan
SJN: talk to residents what it shd contain otherwise District Ccl plan, not a nbrhd plan
b/c of timing want to go ahead with this area
then district-wide
suspect at first mtg, this shd be dealt with within a nbrhd plan --
here's how it's working
don't think this will be like an urban area nbrhd plan that has commercial policies and this wd not
do have a question -- says staff work
VV: to create a process
SJN: question is, does Ccl wish us to come back for endorsement?
JF: important some with concerns that they be considered as well
SJN: want to be sure
Sop: v supportive
think it's a futuristic move
looking at sustainability and where they live, life for many years
toured area in summer, looked at things that cd be done
b/c new, scary to some ppl
may be some things we don't like
initiative to move forward, we get good coming out of it, value
see tree preservation, on privacy rights, staff and come back to Ccl
this is visionary stuff, think we shd move along and not be afraid of it
MMgr: wrt Mr Nicholls's comments: we will have mtg with working group and come back
RD: this is what was done with Lower Caulfeild
initially some opposed, but worked out fine
perhaps Clovelly Walk cd join that
at that time felt Clovelly Walk and Water Lane shd hv bn included
some of the things that happened last couple of years wdn't have happened.
move along, particularly when so many of like mind

even more left so down to about 12 in Chamber
4.5       Recreation Facility Awards
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Parks & Community Services (report dated December 5)
KP: gave Aquatic Ctr some of the highest marks
report can be reviewed by  Ccl and public
Sop: report received and congratulations

4.6       2005 Local Government Election - Chief Election Officer's Report
MClk: statutory requirement under govt act
utilized computer voting machines, participated with seven other Ms
acclamation for Sch Bd
great turnout at advance polling -- more than doubled
non-judicial recount Nov 22; resulted in a six-vote difference in favour of JF
number of comments
take into consideration for next
have a debriefing
Mayor: I'd like to comment
some comments: about receiving a voting card
can there be earlier -- a number asked about October
MClk: bound by ....  getting ballots .... a week prior
felt it was too risky wrt ballot printing time
DNV did risk that but had a low turnout
look at for next election
RD: what about a absentee ballot? amazing how many away
a number of seniors told me trouble getting
cd we have one at Kiwanis?
MClk: no provision for absentee ballot or proxy voting
wrt polls, will research it again
Bowen Island did set one up in seniors' facility
Sop: congratulations to MClk, outstanding job
JF: observing the recount, incredibly professional

4.7       2006 Council Meeting Schedule (File:  0120-01)
Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
1.         The regular Council Meeting Schedule for January 2006 be approved as follows: January 9, 16 and 23; and
2.         The regular Council Meeting Schedule for the remainder of 2006 be considered in January 2006.
DoAS: allows Ccl to consider dates for rest of 2006
JF: Jan 23rd is election day -- problem with having mtg then?
Ans: has been done in past
{Oh dear.  Wonder if reconsider b/c I think there are laws about compulsory to allow four hours for voting (employees/staff)....}

4.8       Water Utility Rates for 2006 (Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 3859, 1994 Amendment Bylaw No. 4459, 2005)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance
            THAT water user rates for the year 2006 be increased by seven per cent (7%) to all categories of users, applied with rounding to the net of discount amount.
            THAT ...  be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
RL: have five-year financial plan
pay as you go basis
Eagle Lake; metering
av $24
2006 last for flat rate
ten cents cubic meter and [200?] 50 cents cu m
our goal to manage
to help me with questions, Dir of Engg, Emil Barth, can help
Sop: we show a surplus
so asking in public, may be as high as $1m
education paying off? metered people say we're going to conserve water; surplus, but not reducing price of water -- why not?
RL: up until a couple of years ago water utility in fact was operating in deficit and worked very hard to recover that and make more self-sustaining
projection 2006 to 2010, shows marginal bottom-line, in a couple shows an over expenditure of almost a quarter million dollars per year
using a smoothing of the rates, coupled with accumulation of funds, 2004 and 2005
to push going forward
at end of 2010 period under these projections with rate increases, by 2010 anticipate a closing surplus of $740K
for a utility of this size, coupled with size of capital program, coupled with potentially dry season, it's staff's opinion that is not a very large cushion to be carrying
allows us to weather events and avoid wild swings
Sop: where's benefit of conservation of water if not reduction in rates?
RL: unit rates and costs passed on by GVRD, costs not going down, however through universal metering, providing residents with a way of knowing what their consumption is and, if conserving behaviour, opp to reduce the overall costs to them
Sop: money we borrowed for Eagle Lake for filtration and money we borrowed for metering plus administration costs, probably 2015 see less costly, some evening out?
RL: that's a long way out; GVRD costs very speculative
Sop: by 2010 will we see reduction?
EB, Dir/Engg: where the reticence is here is lowering rates
the challenge is trying to level out our rates so residents don't suffer spikes from GVRD
our goal to try to mitigate that
look at p 87, three-year period you'll see rate at 7% and down to 5% and you'll see GVRD rate increases from 12 to 22%, bouncing around
struggling; we're trying to rely on our water so not dependent on GVRD, trying to even out
Sop: thank you
meter or flat rate to sgl fam home versus apartment block
why rate similar?
RL: can't speak as to how historically constructed
inequity one of reasons why went to metering
Sop: apt has only one meter, who decides?
EB: responsibility of strata council
Sop: equal size apartments
there was a complaint earlier this year about a diff rate
EB: we're looking to the metering program to make more equitable
Mayor: think we're doing the best
think GVRD going to charge more, exponentially, if you use more
JF: when we send out our utility bills, send out reasons?
EB: it eludes me if included; there's a mailer going out and I can check to see if included
prior, will give them some idea what paying and how to reduce consumption
JF: give reasons, over ten years, causes for jump
EB: excellent suggestion and will make sure we include that in some of our communication

4.9       Sewer Utility Rates for 2006 (Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Bylaw No. 3749, 1992, Amendment Bylaw No. 4458, 2005)  (File:  1610?20?4458)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Finance
            THAT Sewerage and Drainage rates for the year 2006 be increased by thirteen and one-half percent (13.5%) to all categories of users, applied with rounding to the net of discount amount.
            THAT .... be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
RL: proposed user rate increase; again attached five-year financial plan, 2006-10
continues our long-term plan to infrastructure replacement pay-as-you-go basis
track future increases to regional treatment levy, that accounts for over 55% of our total cost
this plan phases in new item: condition assessment  program for ongoing capital planning process
proposed increase 13.5%, equates to $44 on a sgl fam flat rate
last year's plan 10% projected increase for 2006, but found sewer district levy for 2006 is 7.5% and our previous plan it was projected at 2.7%
so found cdn't stay with proposed rate for 2006
ongoing projections of levy problematic for us; recent info seems to be based on growth projections that exceed WV conditions, and between Finance and Engg Depts, we're going to be meeting with sewer district [GVRD] staff in new year, seeking to understand how they're doing the calculations on the North Shore for sewer cost allocations generally
commencing in 2007 all will be billed on metered consumption

5.         BYLAWS for Adoption:
5.1       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2004 Amendment Bylaw 4456, 2005         
This Bylaw received third reading on November 21, 2005.
5.2       Business Licence Bylaw No. 4455, 2006
            This Bylaw received third reading on November 21, 2005.

but then
RD: went to the public mtg on Ev Dr; Ray Spaxman there
about 100 ppl there
low key; outlined process
next night to mtg on Olympic facilities in Cypress Park
cut yellow cedar 1500 years old!
caused concern.....  more discussion
Olympics not as sustainable as cracked up to be

7.         OTHER ITEMS
7.1       Correspondence [Full list in previous issue]
 JC: question about our Leisure Guide
not out until six hours later [after registrations had started]
no secret
KP: asked about that today; guide was one day later
comes out every season within a day or two of when regn begins, this is not a change
when we knew it was going to be a day late, staff posted all of the code numbers at the Srs' Ctr

7.2       Special Regular Meeting of Council (File:  0120-15)
THAT a Special Regular Meeting of Council be scheduled for Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 9:00 am to consider items prior to December recess.
Mayor: I'm engaged interviewing candidates for Police Chief so Cclr Sop can you?
Sop: yes

Bruce McArthur (WRA):  has the DWV been divided into nbrhds?
how obtained?
SJN: can provide a map
good for debate; sometimes generally defined
there are maps, can provide them
not necessarily the way nbrhd planning is done, we normally go out and discuss if in general boundaries accurate
we did that in Altamont, changes occurred there, and in Lower Caulfeild, and expect will happen again with Clovelly/Caulfeild
We do have maps available in Planning Dept; note green parts marked on nbrhd info maps as well
Bruce: interested
SJN: HBay/Gleneagles/Whytecliff

Mayor: motion to adjourn. Merry Christmas.
Sop: as is customary
[put on Santa hat, then JC put hat on too]
9.         ADJOURNMENT

>>>  HERITAGE WEEK 2006:  FEBRUARY 20 - 26  <<<

"Heritage of Cultural Places: Historic Places that Inspire, Inform and Entertain"

In British Columbia, the third week of February is Heritage Week.  It begins with national Heritage Day, always the third Monday in February. In 2006 Heritage Week will be Monday, February 20th to Sunday, February 26th.  The theme is: "Our cultural heritage places: Historic Places That Inspire, Inform, and Entertain.

Communities around BC can celebrate their heritage in a variety of ways. Museums, local history, and heritage societies and similar groups often take the lead, but anyone can get involved in creating programs and special events: heritage fairs, displays, tours, performances, special commercial district promotions, school programs and proclamations are some typical activities . The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.  In fact, a heritage celebration is a great opportunity to crack the mold for usual heritage happenings, to show your community that heritage is relevant to them, that it can be fun and good business.
[-- from the Heritage Society of BC website -- www.heritagebc.ca]

=====  Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookies  ======<= /div>
1 cup of water
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup of sugar
1 tsp salt
1 cup of brown sugar
4 large eggs
1 cup nuts
2 cups of dried fruit
1 bottle Jose Cuervo Tequila
Sample the Cuervo to check quality. Take a large bowl, check the Cuervo again, to be sure it is of the highest quality, pour one level cup and drink.
Turn on the electric mixer... Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl.
Add one teaspoon of sugar. Beat again. At this point it's best to make sure the Cuervo is still OK, try another cup.. just in case.
Turn off the mixerer thingy. Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit, Pick the frigging fruit off the floor..
Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaterers just pry it loose with a drewscriver. Sample the Cuervo to check for tonsisticity.
Next, sift two cups of salt, or something. Who giveshz a sheet. Check the Jose Cuervo. Now shift the lemon juice and strain your nuts. Add one table. Add a spoon of sugar, or somefink. Whatever you can find. Greash
the oven.
Turn the cake tin 360 degrees and try not to fall over. Don't forget to beat off the turner. Finally, throw the bowl through the window, finish the Cose Juervo and make sure to put the stove in the dishwasher.
Cherry Mistmas

>>>   QUOTATIONS   <<<

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
                -- Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel laureate (1879-1955)

A person without a sense of humour is like a wagon without springs -- jolted by every pebble in the road.
                -- Henry Ward Beecher, preacher and writer (1813-1887)

Author - Paul Val=E9ry (1871-1945 was born in Cette (now S=E8te), the son of a Corsican customs officer, Barthelmy Val=E9ry, and Fanny Grassi, who was the daughter of the Genoese Italian consul and descended from Venetian nobility......
French - enrichissons-nous de nos mutuelles diff=E9rences
English - let us enrich ourselves with our mutual differences