Ccl Tidbits Jan 16 & 23; Calendar to Feb 8th +

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

(haiku) Ode to Vancouver in January -- we've just set a record!

                        the soft benison of rain
                                nourishing, calming
                                        liquid luxury

so that was Robbie Burns Night and Lunar New Year.......
This issue has no agenda for Feb 6, the next ccl mtg, b/c it won't be ready before Feb 2nd at earliest.
Then: INFObits (Ev Dr); DWV Dir/Finance Update (Budget 2006, etc); Calendar to Feb 8th and a bit beyond;  Abbreviations/Acronyms; Ccl Tidbits Jan 16th and 23rd (b/c too busy for the transcript -- maybe do it later); ADRA AGM 2006 Report; Politics by Shakespeare (Analysis); Quotations and env'tal lesson from China ~2800 years ago (forgotten? hello, BC govt?).

>>>  INFObits  <<<
Really pleased about the selection of Scott Armstrong as the new Chief of Police -- have only heard good things about him -- and what a pleasant smile!  [The press release with more info was sent out to the email broadcast list earlier.]
Rather interesting to see a letter in the last Police Bd mtg package in response to a letter to the Solicitor General and they wd abide by the in camera rules, thus making it clear that they violated that last year as several people claimed/complained.
The Board may start scheduling meetings in other parts of the cmnty to increase its profile and to reach out, encourage participation.
Pleased to say ADRA received a letter inviting attendance at Police Board meetings.  Nice gesture.
Jan 26th's bd mtg was the first for Pam and me.   Pam of course was sworn in and ran the mtg talking about some changes planned (sounds good).  The boardroom was packed with all good wishes for everyone.
We also have a new Communications Manager, Patricia Leslie -- congratulations and all the best!
If Ccl doesn't do a lot of cutting the budget/tax increase will be 5% (dropped during council comments at ADRA AGM).
Also at the ADRA AGM is news that the province is looking at alleviating the traffic on Taylor Way by perhaps upgrading/widening Cap Road up to the Upper Levels.
See more on what happened in the ADRA AGM section below.
At Ev Dr Guidance Cmte mtg (Jan 31st), lots of ideas thrown about, especially about Park Royal -- a hotel? theatres? public safety building?
Incredulous was your editor hearing a traffic consultant's reply during the mtg Jan 31st to being asked how many cars go across the Lions' Gate Bridge: "I don't know, maybe about 50-60K."  My mind flashed: a traffic consultant in the Lower Mainland who doesn't know that?  And why not find out, especially if speaking to a group about Evelyn Drive alongside Taylor Way?
And why wd a staff mbr say that the West End is one of the areas with the highest density (true) but there's no gridlock.  Then he's never driven along Denman, or rather I shd say crawled and stalled along Denman during rush hour.  Next mtg delayed a week to Feb 23rd, with Open House planned for March 29th.

At the last FAC mtg there was an interesting update given by the Director of Finance, Richard Laing, and I thank him for sending me a copy to pass on to you fyi (emphasis mine):

>>> Finance Division Issues - Nov/Dec 2005/Jan 2006  <<<        

+  Budget 2006 and Five Year Financial Plan     
Proposed operating and capital budgets are currently being reviewed by the Executive  Committee.  The plan is to present Council with a recommended budget at the end of  January, leaving the month of February for public consultation.  Final Council deliberations and consideration of public input will take place in early March.   
On a related topic, the Executive Committee and members of Council are in the process of developing a new three year Corporate Business Plan covering the years 2006-2008.
+Year-End and Financial Audit    
In the past few weeks Finance staff have been working to capture and process all transactions for 2005.  After directors sign off on their divisional/departmental results, Finance will follow up and analyze significant variances.  The District's auditors are scheduled to arrive February 27th to conduct the annual audit.
+ Taxes and Utilities    
Finance continues to work with Engineering on the implementation of the Universal  Metering program.  As well, with the help of a consultant, work continues on a revised approach to the water program including analysis of options for rate structures, analysis  of consumption data, and financial models.
The 2006 Water and Sewer budgets and associated bylaws were adopted at the December 14th Special Regular Council Meeting.  The 2006 water user rate increase to both existing metered customers as well as annual flat rate customers is 7%, which increases the single  family flat rate by $ 24 from $ 339 to $ 363 (net of 10% discount).  The 2006 sewer user rate increase to both existing metered customers as well as annual flat rate customers is 13.5%, which increases the single family flat rate by $ 44 from $ 328 to $ 372 (net of 10% discount).
+ Information Technology     
With the settlement of the labour dispute at Telus, the project started in spring 2005 to replace the District's Centrex Telephone System with a Cisco Telus Voice Over Internet  Protocol (VOIP) solution can now be completed.
+ Purchasing and Risk Management     
A revenue contract has been signed with Payless Towing Ltd. for the exclusive right to tow within the District.  Towing will be from accidents and Bylaw or Police requirements.
Liability Insurance premiums with the Municipal Insurance Association have risen by 20% largely [owing] to increases in reinsurance rates as a result of to 3 devastating hurricanes in the US Gulf Coast.    Eagle Lake Membrane Filtration Tenders received were all excessively high.  The District is exploring alternate contract methods.

>>>  CALENDAR to Feb 8th + . . . <<<

=  Thurs Jan 26th
~ 10:30 - noon ~ MUSIC TALK in the Peters Room at the Library
Who Really Wrote the Mozart Requiem? Mozart, Salieri, or Sussmeyer? Musical director and conductor Gerald van Wyck will enlighten and entertain you, on the eve of the 250th Anniversary of Mozart's birth. Everyone is welcome.  For more information visit or call the Adult Department at 925-7402.
~ 4pm ~ WV Police Board mtg in WV Chamber of Commerce Boardroom -- First mtg as Police Chief Designate Scott Armstrong!  [Appointment is effective Feb 1st.]
~ 4:30 - 7:30pm ~ DAC CANCELLED
~ 5pm ~ NSACDI at CNV Municipal Hall
~ 7pm ~ North Shore Wetland Keepers: mtg at Ambleside Youth Activity Ctr

===  7:30pm Friday January 27, The Gallery at the Library  ===
Master and Commander of Vancouver's Maritime History
Author of Waterfront: The Illustrated Maritime Story of Greater Vancouver
Join renowned underwater archaeologist and historian  James Delgado as he shares his knowledge of Vancouver's  waterfront and Burrard Inlet.  Delgado is Executive Director of  the Vancouver Maritime Museum and hosts the monthly television series The Sea Hunters with bestselling author Clive Cussler. Waterfront is a magnificently illustrated, authoritative, and lively tour of the dynamic ebb and flow between the water, the surrounding land and, above all, the people who strove and dreamed along the waterfront.
Seating is limited - First come first served. Copies of the book will be available for purchase.

=  Fri Jan 27th
~ 6:30pm ~ Special fundraiser with Sinfonia and the Maestro: Mozart Birthday Celebrations at Mulgrave School; dinner, entertainment, and silent and live auction.  Tix from Centennial box office 984 4484.

=  Sat Jan 29th
End of exhibit of oils by Bob Yoshisuke Araki entitled "Scotland, My Favourite Country" at the Silk Purse.

=  Mon Jan 31st
~ 5:30pm ~ Evelyn Drive Guidance Cmte in Ccl Chambers, open to public

=  Wed Feb 1st
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Town Hall Mtg re Sea to Sky Hwy Improvement Project at Gleneagles Community Ctr

=  Tues Feb 2nd
~ 3:45 ~ YAC

=  Wed Feb 8th
~ 7:30 - 9am ~ WV Chamber of Commerce Breakfast at Hollyburn Country Club
Speaker:   Fiona Walsh, FM Walsh & Associates
Topic:  "Why Sales Are Killing Small Business and What You Can Do About It"
Most small businesses don't know it, but their sales are not close to what they could be.  This presentation will cover five things you can do immediately to improve your sales today.
Cost:   Members $20.00 / Non-Members $30.00 (GST Included) Pre-paid registration is required.
The Chamber asks that you kindly pre-pay to ensure your breakfast and seat are reserved. This enables you to go directly upstairs to network after quickly picking up your receipt at check-in.  Please RSVP by deadline of noon, Monday, February 6th by clicking on the "Sign Up" link, calling 604-926-6614, or faxing 604-926-6436. The host, Hollyburn Country Club, requires advance numbers for set up and food preparation. Cancellations are accepted until noon, Monday February 6th in order to receive full credit. Thank you for your cooperation.
Remember to wear your Chamber name tag and bring your business cards!
= ALSO on Wed Feb 8th =  Free Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Seminar
Lonsdale Quay Hotel Meeting Room, 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver
The provincial Ministry of Small Business and Revenue is offering a free seminar so that business operators can learn more about PST. This seminar will teach you the right way to apply the tax to your business. Each seminar will have a brief presentation followed by a question and answer period. If you have any specific questions regarding your business, this is an opportunity that should not be missed.   To sign up for their free seminar please register by Feb 8th via email to: Taxseminar@gov.bc.ca

------------------------FERRY BUILDING GALLERY-----------------------

"EARTH MESSAGES" --  January 24 - February 5
                SHARON GREIG: pine needle/wax linen baskets
                DAPHNE McLEAN: acrylic paintings
                JEAN TAYLOR: acrylic paintings/charcoal
   Tuesday January 24, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.  Opening Reception
   Artists' Talk: Saturday, January 28, 2p.m.

"ESSENCE OF BEING" --  February 7 - 19
                LIZ DE BEER: clay
                LESLIE GOULD: watercolour
                JUNE HARMAN: acrylic/charcoal
                NOEL SILVER: oil on canvas
                PAMELA WESTERMAN: photographs
   Tuesday February 7, 6 p.m. =96 8 p.m.  Opening Reception
   Artists' Talk: Saturday, February 11, 2p.m.

Some of you may have been fortunate enough to see the fantastic three-venue exhibit put on by the FBG entitled, The Poetics of West Coast Modern, with its free talks by some of our eminent architects.  (It is now at the Architecture Ctr Gallery.)  The good news is that the FBG is continuing its interest in architects and putting on a slide lecture series.

"GREAT ARCHITECTS  of the 20th Century"
                        -- Wednesdays, February 1 - March 8
                        by  Christopher Pearson
Architects covered:  Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Julia Morgan, Eileen Gray
Course # 293669      $60       To register call 604-925-7270
Drop-in: #13.50 for adults, $10.80 for Seniors and Students.* No session Feb. 22



WINTERSONG FESTIVAL -- Feb 10 - 19th -- see www.wintersong.ca

WinterSong Festival Tickets Now Available for February 10th to February 19th Choral Events
Tickets are now on sale for this year's WinterSong Festival through Festival Box Office and at Park Royal North's information desk. Cash and Interac payments are accepted at this location.
The WV Chamber is also now selling tickets at 1310 Marine office, able to accept Cash or MasterCard and Visa payments but not Interac.
The Chamber will be sponsoring the Singalong "Sound of Music" at the Kay Meek Centre on Wednesday, February 15th. Sounds like a lot of fun.... A variety of both paid and free events will take place at various venues in West Vancouver.
See www.wintersong.ca or call the WV Chamber 926 6614 for tix re WinterSong Festival at KMC.


Please call me if you'd like to participate in Heritage Fayre Sunday Feb 26th in Park Royal North from 2 - 5pm, after the big Olympic live TV feed/celebration from Turin (with mayor).  A table will be supplied for groups to put out information on their participation in and contribution to our community -- find out about them and how to join their fun and roles in WV.  This year's theme is "Heritage of Cultural Places: Historic Places that Inspire, Inform, and Entertain".  Also hoping to have a panel on WV topics -- let me know if you'd like to have a particular topic or wd like to speak.  May be able to have something on our shoreline, fauna, and trees, for example.  The proposed Heritage Strategic Plan will be on display at the Heritage Fayre.
Watch for events and activities.  Heritage Achievement Awards, Saturday Feb 25th, Heritage Fayre Sunday Feb 26th (find out about the District's new Heritage Strategic Draft Plan; meet members of the WV Historical Society and other groups, watch for the launch of the Destination Seawalk panels produced by the Museum and Archives and the Parks Dept, and much, much more!).  Call 922 4400 for more information (and the website once we get it updated! -- I'll put the url then).

>>>  ABBREVIATIONS, etc  <<<
Some of you have been asking for a glossary, so here's one:

        Mayor: Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, sometimes pgj
        JC = John Clark
        JF = Jean Ferguson
        MS = Mike Smith
        RD =  Rod Day
        Sop = Bill Soprovich
        VV =  Vivian Vaughan
        MMgr was Municipal Manager and is now
        CAO = Chief Administrative Officer, Dave Stuart
        EB = Emil Barth, Director/Engg
        KP = Kevin Pike, Dir/Parks
        MClk = Municipal Clerk (Sheila Scholes, SSch)
        RB = Rick Beauchamp, DoAS (Director of Administrative Services)
        RL = Richard Laing, Dir/Finance
        SJN = Steve Nicholls, Dir/Planning
        CSAC = Community Services Advisory Cmte
        DAC = Design
        EAC = Engineering
        FAC = Finance
        HAC = Heritage
        LCAC = Lower Caulfeild
        MAAC = Museum and Archives
        NSACDI = North Shore Advisory Cmte on Disability Issues
        NSTAC = North Shore Transportation
        PAC = Planning
        PEAC = Parks and Environment
        YAC = Youth
        Bd/Var = Board of Variance
        LibBd = Library Board
        NSFC/YJC = North Shore Family Court / Youth Justice Cmte
        PolBd = Police Board
        ABA = Ambleside Business Assn
        ADRA = Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers' Assn
        AFAIK = as far as I know
        AGM = Annual General Mtg
        Aq Ctr = Aquatic Centre
        Assn = Association
        BPAHA = British Properties Area Homeowners' Assn
        BPP = British Pacific Properties
        btw = by the way
        ccl/cclr = council/councillor
        cmnty = community
        cmte = committee
        devt/devpr = development/developer
        DINK = double income no kids
        DP/DPA = Devt Permit / DP Application
        DBA = Dundarave Business Assn
        DWV = District of West Vancouver
        env'tal = environmental
        Ev Dr  / EVGC = Evelyn Drive /  Evelyn Drive Guidance Cmte
        FAR/FSR = Floor Area Ratio/Floor Space Ratio
        FBG = Ferry Building Gallery
        fyi = for your information
        GCC = Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
        GLH = Gertrude Lawson House (where the Museum and Archives are located)
        GVRD/GVTA = Greater Vancouver Regional District/Transportation Authority
        HEIDI =  highly educated, independent, degree-carrying individual
        HRA = Hollyburn Residents' Assn
        IOW = in other words
        M = Municipal
        m = million or meter
        MUPPETs = Mature Urban Professional People of/with Experience and Taste        
        nbrhd = neighbourhood
        OTOH = on the other hand
        ppl = people
        PQP/PQC = at the end of ccl mtgs there was Public Question Period, it's now PQ&Comment
        ROW = right of way
        SAC = Seniors' Activity Centre
        sf = square feet
        SRO = Standing Room Only
        WRA = Western Residents' Assn
        wrt = with regard/reference to
        WVCC = WV Chamber of Commerce
        WVHS = West Vancouver Historical Society
        WVS = West Vancouver Streamkeepers
        YUPPY/yuppies = Young Urban Professional People

======================== ========================== ================
======================== ========================== ================

Ccl mtgs, whether shown live or not, are broadcast on Tuesday evenings starting from 9pm (but ccl mtg starts at 7 and the times are put in so you can record and skip over to the parts you're interested in).  Videotapes of ccl mtgs can be borrowed from the Library.

Notable by omission during the whole mtg was the almost two hours of an update on the new cmnty ctr without a peep that the estimated price tag is now $40m+, and the proposed upgrades to Hugo Ray Park at $13.8m (but the field hockey ppl and maybe also the cricketers are committed to raise $7m).
Other omissions:
Cclrs Day and Soprovich absent -- on holiday.
Alas, since I arrived at 7:05 when Sean Allan was in full spate telling us all about the Chamber of Commerce's last year so I'll have to wait to solve the mystery of why the Dec 5th ccl mtg minutes were delayed until Jan 16th.  But back to the slides on the Chamber's Annual Update and Fee for Service. Impressive.  Watch it until about 7:20 and then listen to the problems with truck traffic (that poor resident awoken in the middle of the night) but the 18 recommendations in the action plan was passed with only Cclr Smith opposed (after asking some good questions).  Look for east-west Chippendale connector construction being expedited.

BIG HIT OF THE NIGHT starts at 7:48, the Community Centre Presentation, however it went on to -- wait for it -- 9:41
with several speakers including background, design, slides by architect, annotated PROs and CONs of having a Construction Management Team by, who else, the Scott Consultation Group, remarks by Project Manager as well as Vancouver Coastal Health and WV Youth Band (75th anniversary).  So we heard about the new Cmnty Ctr going from 50Ksf to 40Ksf and now at 80Ksf.  But guess what?  not a hint, not a whisper, not a murmur about how much.  We did hear the atrium (not included in the size) can accommodate 450, 280 with tables and chairs, and has glass panels so movable gallery for art displays and special events; there was a long, and I mean long, lecture on lumpsum vs construction management; we were impressed that most of the old rec ctr is being recycled so that only 11% had to be taken away to the landfill and we ooo-ed and ah-ed at the sample beam (yellow cedar not available today); completion possibly end 2007.   Glad the Mayor (presumably) arranged for this to inform the ppl.  It will come back probably mid-February.  Again, some very good questions from Cclr Smith (commenting that that big hole gives them no choice, nothing been done for a while, design not completed, ie much that ought to have been done BEFORE demolition).

Listen in to a few gems from MS just after architect Condon said one of the two elevators, the one to the atrium is oversized to be able to get the marimba out, and assured Cclr Clark had met with cmte on disabilities:
MS: no issue with design, looks exciting to me
have issue with process
public interest, no idea of cost
referred to that giant mudhole we have,
ccl in a position, can't leave it... or French Rev a picnic
shdn't have been knocked down when still talking to ppl, re lease, etc...... and no idea of final costs of construction
scratch my head again
why not have all ducks in row before knocking down?
...haven't got final design
Mayor: we do have an approved budget
MMgr: we have a design, just tweaking; have a budget
as far as knocking bldg down received unanimous from ccl
relocate services then proceeded to demolish
has been a bit of a delay but that has more to do with refining
{and then a bit later after JF defended cmte she was on and MMgr pointed out Ccl's 'approval'.}
MS: I don't want to be put in position that I'm attacking motherhood
staff report from July says Youth Band funding in place and Health lease but still not!
bottom line is that it hasn't been done
not throwing cold water
ccl is custodian of the public purse
consultants saying costs going up 3/4 to1% per month
{Stay tuned.  Very little information went to Ccl before plans passed last year.  Yes, JF said plans were in cmte and cited the looooong planning bringing up the RFMP.  Oh yeah.  That great plan. The plan that has $2.5m on it chart for 'renos' to the Aquatic Ctr -- wch ended costing $8 - 12m, depending on what you include and how you want to calculate it.  And that cmnty ctr that finally saw the light of day in chambers after I asked why the Feb 15 Open House -- the first real one planned -- had been cancelled.  That same time I said I'd heard it might cost about $20m and was dismissed in high dudgeon/disdain by VD (Chairman of the Rec Fac Planning Cmte), told $13.5m in budget.  Almost days later the estimate was about $25m, probably partly as a result of the irate sports court players' outrage at learning by accident they wd be shipped out to Gleneagles and wdn't be allowed to play at the cmnty ctr, and the final number (and still an estimate) came out at $40m+.  No wonder no mention of cost tonight.  Please make sure you ask when it comes back.  Just about Turin Olympics time.

With costs rising about 1% per month, as confirmed during the presentation, not surprising some of my readers felt the new ctr shd hv bn built after 2010 when costs may go down a bit.  Is WV so desperate to show off?  Mike Smith's observation stands.  Even if plans not finalized as long as rec ctr demolished, new Ccl has no choice.
And the MMgr, from now on CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) also had no choice but to point out that when Ccl approves motions/actions, staff comply.
Let's see what directions this Ccl gives.

As to length of presentations, public groups are limited to 15 minutes.  While I do think the cmnty presentation had to be more than 15 minutes or even half an hour b/c it is a major project (the largest/most expensive in WV's history, Kevin Pike did express some surprise it took about two hours. 

Recommendation:  When putting together agenda, Dept Director asked how many minutes he thinks is needed, then Dept Dir allocates different times to the different speakers.  It was obvious that the length of one of the speakers was longer than anyone anticipated.

So now we get to the Hugo Ray Park Community Consultation item at 9:41 and again no mention the proposal is $13.8m (and the field hockey players say they'll raise $7m of that).  JF quite rightly expressed concern that they're putting in writing about not having lights when why spend the money on artificial turf and not use it to maximum.  VV asked about effect on value of homes in the area and wanted to make sure residents made aware of increased traffic and parking.  Answer was that the expanded parking lot not necessarily for more, just same ppl will now be able to park there instead of on nbrhd streets.

At 9:52 we found out the Town Hall Mtg to be held at 7pm Wednesday at the Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr (no ccl mtgs on fifth Mondays so no ccl mtg Monday Jan 30th) will be for public consultation in particular wrt Sea to Sky.  Great move, Council!  There's no doubt that the province, having three open houses, will give their report on support for the overland hwy plans -- they did that last time.
Besides prov reps giving reports, it is also planned to have companies involved saying what steps they're taking to alleviate concerns, to have staff make them aware of their/Ccl's concerns, to provide an opportunity for Ccl to hear what residents have to say.  JC asked if Minister Falcon will be invited, not wanting him to be left out.  Mayor said they could.

Reports at 9:54, compliments to Mayor on talk to Ch of Comm Wed morning -- largest attendance: 170! {the Chamber wrote to tell me that the attendance was actually 135}; thanks to staff mbr Brent Dozzi wrt signage on hwy so drivers know there's life in Ambleside, battle of the bands on Friday at Library packed and fabulous, SRO at federal candidates' mtg Sunday night at Library.
JC at 9:56, before Correspondence, wanted to be prepared so asked for a motion to extend.  That discussion ended in limiting it to five minutes.  MS wanted to know if he could abstain (and may have said leave) but Mayor said that meant he was in.
No need to worry.
Correspondence flew by, as did the two added items (ccl liaison apptmts to cmtes and to the Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel), and there was no one at PQ&C so the ccl mtg ended just before 10pm.
Well, I applaud Pam's stated aim to have regular end of mtgs at 9:30, and hope she also reverts to 7:30pm starts.
It's doable!

======================== ========================== ================
======================== ========================== ================

Cclr Day still on holiday.

The next ccl mtg will be Feb 6th but don't forget the Town Hall Mtg 7pm Wednesday Feb 1st at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr where you can give your views to Ccl about the Sea-to-Sky Hwy project/route to take to the province.  They claim support.  Many of us are still stunned at the claim, as reported in Trevor Lautens's column on Friday, that MLA Joan McIntyre has only received three calls on it.  Perhaps no one called b/c as wife of Andrew Pottinger, a spokesman for British Pacific Properties, people felt her agreement with the province's position could not be budged.  Obvious she has not heard (or listened to?) the many meetings and letters by the Eagleridge Bluffs Coalition (nor, obviously, read the West Van Matters newsletters where press releases and provincial open house meetings have been printed).  The main point is that the province should hear our voices and views.  Speak up!

It was surprising to see the quonset hut and so on in the slides of industrial use of the worksyard off the Westport residential area so no wonder the Westport Neighbourhood Association came as a delegation to show Council.

The proposed changes to doing business motion -- some great ideas -- but they met a bit of a bump when Sop, b/c a lot of information, asked it be put out to the public rather than rushing (although it did make provisions for trying some things out and consultation with a review after six months).  JF agreed saying that if begun "instantly, the public won't have had time to read it; beginning to implement it before they've read it; come to next Ccl; if there are some serious objections, come forth." So the motion was withdrawn and it will come back at the next ccl mtg Feb 6th.  JC was a bit disappointed b/c no need to wait for good measures he noted and pointed out that half had been brought to Ccl's attention by ppl in the audience.  The Mayor, while certainly was anxious to get started on her new approach, swiftly made lemonade saying good not to ram anything through and when it comes back what needs to be done right now can be identified.  The "changes to doing business" report can be viewed at the Library, at the Hall, and on the website.
That took us to 7:24
and the six-minute DVD on the 2006 Winter Olympics -- don't be alarmed -- started in French but they soon went to the English version.  Mayor and CAO (formerly MMgr, now Chief Administrative Officer) found two spots, will go and come back and report.  Sop put in a word for environmental sustainability and asked that Mr Furlong come back and report.

Very interesting discussion at 7:36 wrt (Fire) Chief's presentation to write to province to lobby them, with $300m, hoping they'll do the "right thing" and direct it to fire services as intended.  Sop gave some of the history and JF suggested a mtg of Chief, CAO, and MLAs before going to the Legislative Assembly.
Correspondence at 7:46
-- included some confusion over refusal or maybe a business licence for a catering company -- street vendor? but, just a minute, said JC, they're servicing Scott Mgmt whom DWV has hired for the new cmnty ctr.......   Will be brought back.
-- MS spoke up about WV's interests not be represented, think about what WV residents pay to GVTA and every time you fill your car up six cents to to them but you see bridges, rapid transit [elsewhere] so [time to] stand up and say nothing for years, growth on Sunshine Coast as well as up valley (Squamish); "someone's got to stand up and get something for our money -- this is taxation without representation; why are we paying taxes, why?" Mayor will have mtg Mayor Walton and invite Pat Jacobsen to talk about issues of interest to WV residents.

There were some questions wrt parking for disabled in Ambleside but Dir/Engg said it's put near entrances not along street and during PQ&C Dina Zeitler (Amb Biz Assn and Chamber of Commerce) said not the hugest problem in Ambleside.

Firefighter Brownlee asked about a letter he'd sent a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't on this agenda or the previous one b/c it's about games being organized that cd attract 40 to 45,000 so there'll be a mtg to explore this.

{This again brings up a query I had some time ago.  Several years ago if a letter was received by Thursday, it wd be circulated as part of package Monday night (in those days the pkg was not released until Friday at 4:30pm).  More recently the package has been released on Thursday but letters have to be in eleven, yes eleven, days before the ccl mtg you want it to appear on.  Let's hope handling Correspondence is on the list of for one of the 'changes in doing business'.}

-- Bruce McArthur of WRA asked about demolition of Fire Hall No 2.  It's going carefully b/c of asbestos and contamination; will be put up for sale.  CAO says there will be consultation with WRA, and that's good for Bruce since he lives next door to the property and concerned about drainage.  Mayor said immediate nbrs wd be apprised (as well as all mbrs of Ccl).
as everyone rushed off to find out the results of the federal election.
But you all know, now that it's a Conservative minority with BC keeping its reputation of being over the edge out there on the coast where Conservatives lost five seats.
As I write, it's 124 Cons, 103 Lib, 51 BQ, 29 NDP, and 1 Ind.

Rather interesting comment from Gilles Duceppe of the BQ: the Liberals campaign like the NDP and govern like the Conservatives.
Going into the election Duceppe's smile at capitalizing on Gomery and sweeping Quebec positively beamed.  Who cd hv guessed the light wd dim and the Conservatives go from zero to ten MPs?
So the surprise is that suddenly the Conservatives are a national party.  Or has Alberta traded places with Quebec?
Congratulations to Harper and we'll see how well he can balance several balls on the tip of a seal's nose as he tries to get legislation through appealing in turns or together the Libs, NDP, and/or BQ.

Second time in two months for us in WV, however, that someone in 40s defeats someone in 60s -- the old order changeth?  It's now a new generation charging forth?

======================== ========================== ================


 Annual General Meeting  

7:30 p.m., 2006 January 24, Tuesday

St. Stephen's Church, 885-22nd St.


1.      Approval of Amended Agenda

2.      Acting President's Report  -  Elaine Fonseca

3.      Treasurer's Report  -  Ray Richards

4.      Adoption of AGM Minutes (2004 June 17; see below)

5.      Approval to change to a December 31 year-end

6.      Approval of membership fees, 2006 calendar year

Motion to change annual membership fees to $5 for family (receiving information by email), $15 (receiving notices by post).

7.      Election of Directors.

Current Directors and those who have agreed to date to stand for election:
Elaine Fonseca, Roff Johannson, Keith Pople, Carolanne Reynolds, Ray Richards, Janet Rothwell, David Stephenson, Eleanor Thomas.

8.      Addresses by Mayor and Councillors
                (Mayor Goldsmith-Jones, Cclrs Clark, Ferguson, Soprovich)

The Mayor gave an upbeat talk on the WV and her plans; JF talked about the Arts and Culture Strategy underway; Sop talked about parks; JC told us about musing over a third crossing and provincial ideas about replacement of the two shabby bailey bridges at WV's interest and making Capilano (wider and commercial so less disruptive to nbrhds) an access to Upper Levels.  [See some notes in INFObits.]

9.      New business

10.     Adjournment

Question Period as time permits.

Your fumbling bumbling scribe was so anxious to provide information for those at the meeting tumbled in belatedly after making photocopies of recent WVMs (wanting to have people read Pam's complete speech to the Chamber of Commerce, the "State of the District" address, b/c felt it important for ppl to be aware and of course she wd not be relaying all the great ideas at this AGM), the previous night's ccl mtg (Tidbits from Jan 23rd's ccl mtg), copies of the press release just out announcing Scott Armstrong had been chosen as the new Chief of Police, and especially the staff report on "changes to how Ccl will be doing business" deferred from a decision that night at Jan 23rd mtg for public input in which regular ccl mtgs may be first and third Mondays, more town hall mtgs or cmtes of the whole, and a total restructuring of the advisory cmte system.  REALLY IMPORTANT, folks!  Tell Ccl on or before the next ccl mtg Feb 6th.
I put out info on WV Streamkeeprs; also grateful to staff for supplying requested update information/flyers/sheets on topics I thought wd also be of interest:  info on Ambleside Park (Vision Plan; A Vision for the Future; Long-term Plan), Ambleside Town Centre Strategy, New Community Centre (site; venues during construction), Old Growth Park Strategy with feedback sheet; plus WinterSong Festival, etc.

======================== ====last AGM minutes======================== ==


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING   *   2004 June 17   *  Thursday
                                at Seniors' Activity Centre, West Vancouver
material on display: background, updates, proposed OCP,  ADRA's OCP submissions, draft tree policy, just-released Good Neighbour Policy, Watercourse bylaw; Public Involvement Framework and Procedures, issues of WV Matters

= 7:30 = MEETING =
1.    Approval of Agenda

2.    Approval of last AGM's Minutes (below)

3.    Business arising from the minutes
4.    President's Report (Ed Guy)
5.    Treasurer's Report (Ray Richards)
6.    Announcements/Updates

ADRA reconfirmed opposition to the Transition Zone and any development above the 1200ft level.
Concern was expressed over the costs of the new recreation facilities and plans (Aquatic Ctr and new cmnty ctr).

7.    Motions (as/if appropriate; eg support for tunnel)
8.    Election of 2004/5 Board

Ed Guy said he was resigning from the Board but wd stay as a member.
Keith Pople (acting President), Ray Richards (Treasurer), Elaine Fonseca (Secretary), Peter Cruikshank.
The Board would contact directors not present as well as others to see if they wd continue or join the board.
Carolanne Reynolds wd remain as Past President.

10.  New business
11.  Q & A
12. Adjournment
8:30 More Q&A

>>> = ; Analysis & Commentary  <<<If the politicians channeled Shakespeare=8A
During his relatively short life, British playwright William Shakespeare wrote a total of 17 comedies, ten histories, ten tragedies, 154 sonnets and several other long poems. His phrases have permeated the English language, and he is possibly the most quoted author in history. So why should we resist? Here is a modest suggestion of ways in which a little Bard could have been injected into the election campaign just past =8A

Liberal Leader Paul Martin as Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, dithering over how to present himself: "To be all things to all people, or not to be all things to all people. That is the question."
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper borrows the words of Gloucester in Richard III to chortle: "Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this son of Paul Martin Sr."

Martin as King Lear, disclaiming any knowledge of wrongdoing in the sponsorship affair: "I am a Liberal more sinned against than sinning."
CAW president Buzz Hargrove as Brutus, the friend who forms part of a group that stabs Caesar to death, leading Martin to say: "Et tu, Buzz?"

NDP Leader Jack Layton as Brutus in Julius Caesar, asking his modern-day friends, Romans and countrymen: "Lend me your votes. I come to bury Martin, not to praise him."
Bloc Qu=E9b=E9cois Leader Gilles Duceppe as Richard III, about to be defeated in battle, or at least not reach his coveted 50 per cent of popular support in Quebec:"A kingdom! A kingdom! My horse for a kingdom!"

Martin as Silvius in As You Like It: "Blow, blow, thou winter election wind! Thou art not so unkind as man's ingratitude."
Harper as Cassius in Julius Caesar, with a lean and hungry look, leading his foes to proclaim:
"He thinks too much; such men are dangerous."

Martin as Macbeth, who slew his king only to regret it later: "What's done to Jean Chr=E9tien's supporters is done, and cannot be undone."
The voters as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, bleeding to death as a result of a bitter feud: "A plague on both your partisan houses!"

>>>  QUOTATIONS  <<<

Don't wait for the Last Judgement. It takes place every day.
                -- Albert Camus, writer and philosopher (1913-1960)
Little Strokes, Fell great Oaks.
                -- Benjamin Franklin, statesman, author, and inventor (1706-1790)
In the republic of mediocrity genius is dangerous.
                -- Robert G. Ingersoll, lawyer and orator (1833-1899)

From the Guardian Weekly [gw-features/2005.12.25/11.1.txt], can be taken as a message to our govt, Karen Armstrong writes:
In the eighth century BCE the Chinese became concerned about a disturbing change in their environment. Hitherto the Yellow River valley had teemed with wildlife: elephants, lions, tigers, rhinoceroses, monkeys and all kinds of game had inhabited the woods and swamps. After a hunting expedition, the king and his nobles consumed hecatombs of beasts in huge, drunken banquets. But now they discovered that aggressive deforestation had destroyed the natural habitat of these animals, and that their hunters returned almost empty-handed.
The Chinese had assumed that their resources were inexhaustible, so they had plundered the countryside and slaughtered its animals with no care for the morrow. Now they realised that this brutal insouciance could not continue......
[More in a later issue.]