Mtg Summaries, Ccl Agenda Mar 20th, Calendar to 25th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Happy Norooz!   Enjoy the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend!
Herewith: Main Items (Ambleside Master Plan); Calendar to Mar 24th; Readers' Comments; INFObits (Ambleside Area Plan Open Houses, Marine Dr Entrance to Ambleside, Ambleside Park Vision Plan, Arts/Culture/Heritage Facilities Open Houses, Hugo Ray Park Open House); Previous Announcements (Whytecliff Park); Sea to Sky Hwy Land Acquisition/Eagleridge Updates; previously emailed WVM Notices (Heritage Awards, Merge or not to Merge?, Local Govt Bulletin); Ccl Mtg Agenda Mar 20; Quotations

Sorry, still falling behind.....
Those on the broadcast list get updates and info regularly, as it comes in.  Haven't had time to put together a newsletter, print, distribute, and put up on the website, so this is a composite to catch up.  For this issue, some of the latest will be at the beginning and then previous notices will be appended fyi.  The email broadcasts were brief highlights and sorry omitted thanks, owing to so many from Heritage Week -- CBRL, Cclr Day, Stephen Mikicich (staff), participants in the Heritage Fayre (oh, those cute doggies from the SPCA) -- we had BlockWatch and SpeedWatch, hence this heading:
Saw "Here on the Flight Path" on Granville Island -- funny, with excellent performances by David Mackay and Jennifer Lines.  The good news is that it is travelling around the Lower Mainland so you might want to go for a bit of a giggle.
"Absurd Person Singular" was also amusing but the bad news is that it's over already.  We're Bardophiles so besides Boxing Shakespeare, we also saw Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus -- it's never been performed in Vancouver before -- it's not half gruesome, so no wonder.

Can't contain myself.  Just have to point out that they've done something I've asked for for a long time -- added responses to letters and questions!  Whoopee.  Can't wait for more of the improvements. 
=  Delegations: Spirit Bear; Homelessness (Harvest Project)
=  Ambleside Master Plan (and process for consultation)
=  Tri-M Cmnty Social Services
=  OCP, Rezoning, Devt Permit for 2031, 2047 and 2063 Esquimalt
=  Farmers' Markets
=  Dates to consider DVPs: 8935 Lawrence Way; 1204 Keith; 1783 Marine Dr
=  Heritage Awards Report
=  Facts and Stats in WV
=  CORRESPONDENCE:  Seymour Target Range; one-way 2400 Bellevue; Minutes from Library Bd and Police Bd; Yale Agreement; TransLink; Spirit of BC; MRA; Arthritis Research Breakfast; Mandate of NSFC&YCJ Cmte
AND THE ADDITIONS -- TA DA! new items!: Responses to Correspondence and (to questions from) Question Period!!!  Fantastic!  A step along the road to openness and transparency.
The answer wrt tree removal, uh, not so fantastic. 
It raises more questions -- the good thing is that we learn the process.  Ccl and nbrs wanted tree saved, was a condition of the DP, and staff allowed it to be cut down apparently without Ccl knowing beforehand and a surprise and disappointment to the nbrs.  Means we can ask that the process be changed and made better, more effective.
C'mon folks, quite apart from getting a second arborist's report (hired by devpr???) that the 120ft fir tree, used by a heron and a pair of eagles besides other birds, had to be removed, staff accepted that and said that it had to be replaced at a cost 'up to' $4700!!!  This was arranged and granted without notification and the adjacent residents' who knew the agreement for the devt was to save the tree, were shocked to find the tree gone.
It also strengthens my argument wrt to staff approvals for encroachments on creek preservation areas and the very reason I urged affected groups be notified of the recommended decision so that Ccl wd and the public wd know before too late; that's why I pleaded for a procedure that allowed for an appeal

>>>  CALENDAR to MARCH 25th  <<<
Well, as I said, lots of cancellations but rushing to let you know of a few.  HAC was held Tues 14th, but look at Wednesday; also found some conflicting info on DWV website, so best to check:
Thursday has NSFC&YJC at CNV M Hall (5:30pm)
===  Tuesday March 21st
===  Wednesday March 22nd
===  Thursday March 23rd
===  Friday March 24th
at the Ferry Building Gallery the exhibit is "Woman" in celebration of International Women's Day.  It opened March 7, the talk was Mar 11th, and exhibit ends 26th.

>>>>>>  NEW SECTION: 
Readers' Comments
o   By email received: One more thing - If, as you claim, tunnels aren't safe, guess we won't be seeing a twinned Massey at the Gateway anytime soon?
Where's Hans Bentzen when you need him? Turning over in his grave, no doubt.
o  TransLink
A Reader wonders about the status of the A-G's report on governance and where, if at all, it will fit in with this report, to be submitted in the fall.
o  Advised March 8 that BC Transportation Minister Falcon has appointed a three-member independent panel, which will review the governance of TransLink.
1. Marlene Grinnell - former Mayor of Langley City and former devoted member of the Board itself
2. Dan Doyle - of Rapid Transit 2000 - the Millennium Line
3. Wayne Duzita - 2010 Oval Steering Committee for Richmond - works closely with Richmond City Council and VANOC

>>> INFObits  <<<
Condolences here wrt the recent passing of Larry Cole pleased he had bought a Cadillac and reached the great age of 90.  I always looked forward to seeing him during heritage events and hearing from him on occasion.  At the heritage celebration of the 75th anniversary of Hollyburn School, it was fascinating to hear his tales of attending there in Grade Two.  His lively smiling face will be missed.
VSun, Mar 8, pA2 - School Board Compensation
Of the 11 Lower Mainland school boards, West Vancouver spent the largest proportion of their 2004-5 operating budget on administration: 3.7%, followed by New Westminster at 3.2%; Burnaby was among the lowest at 2.3%.
and wasn't DWV municipal expenditures the highest per capita?
when budget deliberations come around, keep in mind salaries are about 70%.
Received thanks from WV Community Arts Council.  My email announcement in my enewsletter broadcast went out that they had a piano for sale and it was sold the very next day!  Always happy to help with fundraising for the arts!
WinterSong Feb 10 to 19 at the Kay Meek Ctr was a great success!
Well, WV hasn't a brewpub but Steamworks is pretty close.  As you know, G is a qualified beer judge so my taste purely amateur but even I was blown away by all three new ones.  I always like hefeweizen, and the oatmeal stout (Eroica) has yummy burnt chocolate/coffee notes, but as a hophead, I just cdn't get over the citrus IPA, called North by NorthWest.  If you like hops, you'll love it.
Ambleside Area Plan Open Houses
As part of the comprehensive planning for the Ambleside area, the District is hosting an Open House to gather community input on two elements in the overall strategy;
        1. The Marine Drive entrance to Ambleside (west end of Park Royal to 13th)
        2. The Ambleside Park Vision Plan.
The input gathered will help refine these two elements within the larger context for the entire Ambleside area that also includes the commercial core and the waterfront lands between Ambleside Park and 19th.
Community Open House
        When: Tuesday, March 21st - 4 - 8 p.m. at Library
o  Marine Drive Entrance to Ambleside
One of the goals in the emerging Ambleside Town Centre Strategy is to create a sense of arrival to the Ambleside area. A series of landscape options have been developed to address the entrance from approximately the west end of Park Royal to 13th Street. The public is invited to review the three options and provide comments at the Open House.
o  Ambleside Park Vision Plan
As the most visited park in West Vancouver, Ambleside Park has a feature role in the community. It is a Centre of Excellence for soccer field sports and a prime seaside park used for beach activities and community events. You are invited to comment on how well the Ambleside Park Vision Plan enhances casual recreation, organized sports, beach use and community events and also how well it integrates with plans for the Ambleside Town Centre and the Waterfront.
More Information Call Planning at: 604-925-7055 or Parks at: 604-925-7146
Hugo Ray Park Open House (1290 - 3rd St)
A phased development is proposed for Hugo Ray Park. Improvements include new field hockey-specific artificial turf fields, repairs to existing fields, renovations to the clubhouse, the addition of lighting, changes to parking and improvements to traffic in the area.
 The community is invited to two open houses at Hugo Ray Park Pavilion. Come see and discuss the proposed plans.
Wed, March 22nd: 4 - 8 p.m. and  March 25: 11am 4pm  4 p.m.
Arts, Culture and Heritage Facilities Open Houses
Our community nurtures the arts, heritage and culture as an integral part of daily life. A concept plan for Arts on Argyle is one of the priorities of the Arts & Culture Strategy.
Come to an Open House and share your thoughts and ideas with other community members, the Mayor, staff and consultants in an open discussion and review of  key concepts and recommendations.
Your input will help determine our priorities for Arts and Culture facilities in West Vancouver.
-->  Library:  Thursday, March 23rd, 8am - 2pm  (Added Event by Popular Demand)
Police Chief Swearing In Ceremony March 24th

2006 Mar 16 - West Vancouver, BC:  West Vancouver's new Police Chief Constable Scott Armstrong, will be sworn in during a unique ceremony that will incorporate Squamish Nation traditions - signifying a new beginning for our local police force.
Chief Armstrong will be escorted into the ceremony wrapped in a Squamish Nation ceremonial blanket.  The ceremony will begin with the singing of O Canada, followed by proceedings carried out by the Chair of the Police Board, Mayor Goldsmith-Jones and special guests.  Chief Armstrong will share his vision for policing in West Vancouver and members of the Squamish Nation will sing a victory song.  Then bagpipes will usher out our new Chief of Police and his family.
"During his 28 years on the West Vancouver Police force, Scott Armstrong has developed a relationship with all members of our community, and this unique ceremony is a celebration of those relationships and the leadership he has shown," says Mayor Goldsmith-Jones.
The ceremony will be held on Friday March 24th, 2006 at 4:00pm, in the Gleneagles Community Centre located at 6262 Marine Drive.  Afternoon tea will be served following the ceremony.  The public is invited to witness this occasion, and kids can have their photo taken with the Chief.
For more information please contact:
Jennifer Steeksma -- jennifersteeksma@westvancouverpolice.ca 


The Destination Seawalk
West Vancouver Historical Interpretive Panels
We invite you to go for a walk along the Centennial Seawalk and see newly installed Destination Seawalk historical interpretive panels. Five panels have been installed along the seawalk and one in Horseshoe Bay. The panels feature heritage information about important sites, resources and initiatives with historical photos from the West Vancouver Museum & Archives collections. The topics of the panels are: the Lions Gate Bridge, the Tracks, the Centennial Seawalk, Lawson Creek, Cottage Life and Horseshoe Bay.

+ Lighthouse Park Nature Walk
Join Biologist/Geologist David Cook Sunday February 19 for a walk along the trails of Lighthouse Park and see some of the highlights of this old growth forest in its rugged setting of granite bluffs. Meet at 2.30 pm in the interpretive centre of the Phyl Munday Hut located near the entrance to the lighthouse.
The theme of this months walk will be Biodiversity: What is it & why is it the Buzz Word of the Times. This is the seventh of a series of talks given by David on the third Sunday of every second month for the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society.
There is no cost for this event nor is membership required. However if you find this type of event or the work that the Society does interesting, your support by becoming a member of the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society would of course be appreciated.
For further information contact David at (604) 924-0147.

+  Request for Proposals - Concession Operation in Whytecliff Park
The District of West Vancouver invites proposals from qualified food service operators for the existing Concession Operations at Whytecliff Park, 7120 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC.
This is primarily a seasonal (April to September) take-out service with patio seating for approximately 20 persons.
Proposals shall include the following information:
        *       The type of service to be offered, including a business plan 
        *       A brief resume of the individual and/or company, including documentation of recent industry experience. 
        *       A list of business references, including contact names and phone numbers 
        *       Other information as outlined in the Request for Proposal package.
Deadline for [Proposals] is March 6
Sealed proposals (three copies required) clearly marked RFP 06 05 : Concession Operations, Whytecliff Park, shall be delivered to the office of the Purchasing Manager at the District of West Vancouver Operations Centre, 3755 Cypress Bowl Rd., West Vancouver, BC, V7S 3E7, up to 3 p.m., local time, March 6, 2006.
A Site Tour of the facility is scheduled for February 17, 2006 between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. The tour will be held at Whytecliff Park, Concession, 7120 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC.
Proposal documents will be available for pick up February 13, 2006 from the Purchasing & Risk Management Department, at the District of West Vancouver Operations Centre, 3755 Cypress Bowl Rd., West Vancouver, BC, V7S 3E7, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4 pm.
The District unequivocally reserves the right to reject any or all proposals at its sole discretion. The lowest or any proposal may not necessarily be accepted. The District reserves the right to negotiate a formal contract with any proponent.  Enquiries: John Goyan , Manager, Purchasing & Risk Management  Phone: 925-7061/ Fax: 925-5959


*  Sea to Sky Land Acquisition

On Monday March 6, 2006, District staff advised Council on the status of the proposed Provincial acquisition of Municipal and private lands. The Province has asked the District to enter into a Section 3 Agreement which is essentially an agreement, except for price, to the sale of land and rights-of-way and for a [licence] to use certain lands during construction. Section 3 Agreements are intended to avoid formal expropriation. [The Province, however,] requires the land by mid-April and required an answer by March 3.

The District received the [250-page] appraisal describing the details of the proposed land and right-of-way takings plus maps and legal agreements from the Province on February 6, 2006, immediately forwarded the material to its solicitor and appraiser to begin a review. Staff requested a [three-month] extension to the deadline. The Province extended the time by one week to allow for a response from Council. Council considered the brief time provided and the difficulty of reviewing the complex set of material with [advisers], evaluating it, and reaching conclusions on what issues might require resolution. It has advised the Province that it is unable to respond at this time. The Province is expected to proceed with formal expropriation to ensure land transfer is completed within their required timeline.

Notwithstanding this situation, the District will continue to review the material submitted over the coming months to determine issues or questions requiring resolution. It also intends to continue working with the Province on other matters affecting the community including construction management, traffic, plan details, and environmental impact.

*  Environmental Management Plan

The District of West Vancouver is concerned that the Province did not receive Federal approval of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) submitted for the Pasco Road area (Section DB1) of the Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project prior to starting work.

On March 6th clearing and grubbing commenced without EMP approval which makes the work non-compliant with the Environmental Assessment Certificate and Table of Commitments for this section of Sea-to-Sky Highway construction.

Members of the Provincial Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project team and District staff agreed that the EMP must be submitted before work commences in that area.  The EMP must also be approved.  However, when District staff contacted the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), it was confirmed that the EMP for DB1 was received on March 2nd, but was not approved until March 9th by Environment Canada and March 10th by the DFO.  DFO was not aware that work had begun until District staff brought it to their attention.

The District has requested that the Provincial Environment Assessment Office and Federal Authorities find out why work commenced before approvals were in place.  The District has also requested that we be copied on approvals as they occur.
*  State of the Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs

Thank you to everyone who attended last night's town hall meeting!
The Gleneagles Community Centre Gym was filled to capacity with 400 plus attendees.  The District of West Van gave an informative presentation regarding the safety of the overland route and the irrepairable damage it will do to the environment and to hiking trails.  Throughout the course of the evening approximately 30 residents and stakeholder groups, many from outside West Vancouver, expressed their concerns. The message was clear and unanimous: this highway makes no sense and needs to be stopped now.
Conspicuous by their absence were the Ministry of Transportation and MLA Joan McIntyre. Appallingly, the MoT has stuck to its arrogrant, autocratic style and refused to attend the event now that the official Jan.31st deadline for public consultation on preliminary design had passed. Even more alarming was the no-show Joan McIntyre who has done nothing to represent the clear view of the majority of West Van residents.
We strongly urge you to once again send  letters, emails and make phone calls to Joan McIntyre, Kevin Falcon and Gordon Campbell letting them know how angry you are with their outrageously undemocratic process (copy the media as well!!!). You may mention that by ignoring the concerns of  North Shore residents on this issue,  they have done nothing other than strengthen the resolve of this community to do whatever it takes to ensure we are heard and that our concerns are addressed. 

Mar 9 -- UPDATE -- Logging to start........
     Time is quickly winding down to the start of logging at Eagleridge Bluffs. We expect it to begin in earnest in April, with the government's completion date for logging the entire overland route right of way to be just a few short days after the start.
     This memo is being sent to assure all Coalition supporters and all concerned Canadians, that the Coalition is as committed to this fight as ever, to do what is right for British Columbia. The betrayal by our government and the madness of the overland route, have galvanized us as never before. We have a responsibility to Canada and to the rest of the world to prevent this pending tragedy.
     We will be advertising in the media to get our message out. Our focus continues to be on holding our government and VANOC accountable for their promises to the world of a Sustainable Olympics, the greenest Olympics yet.   In order to keep this promise, our government must choose a route which will protect all of the values that the overland route will destroy. The obvious two optional routes are the 4 lane divided tunnel and the addition of a third lane to the existing highway. The latter could save the taxpayer in excess of $100 million over the cost of the overland route. We are at all times making it clear that we support the Olympics and we state this often.
     We expect to attend the most prominent government and Olympic events over the next two months. Our banners and signs will make great press and our show of solidarity in the face of imminent chain saws and logging trucks, if it comes to that, should gain us great support across Canada and internationally. Please keep in mind that we will not be asking anyone to break the law. Safety is a primary concern and we do not want anyone to go to jail. At the same time, with democracy having failed us, we have to stand up and make it clear to our government that we will defend this land we love and that we so believe in. We will be making as loud a statement for the restoration of the democratic process as we can.
     Please stay tuned to events which we will notify you about, events where we can have a great impact. It is extremely important that we have your attendance at these protests and we will give you as much notice as we can with our call to action. We will be posting these events on our website.
     Thank you all for your dedication and continuing support!
Donations-All of this, and advertising, costs money. Please make [cheques] payable to: Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs and send to 6228 Summit Ave, West Vancouver, B.C. V7W 1Y2
*  Provincial Government Logs Sea-to-Sky Overland Highway Route without Federal Approval
* Coalition Calls for Immediate Meetings with Province to Choose Alternate Route
2006 Mar 13 - West Vancouver  -
       The Provincial Government continues to steamroll ahead on its 2.4 km overland highway route at Eagleridge Bluffs above Horseshoe Bay. Until now this has happened through a consultation process which has been a sham, a flawed environmental impact process and disregard for recreation values, safety, visual beauty and costs. Alternative routes, such as a 4 lane divided tunnel or a third lane added to the existing highway, would protect these values and would likely cost the same or be less expensive. On March 6 the Government=92s tactics sunk to a new low when it disregarded legal protocol and started to clear cut log in the Pasco Road area, placing it in non-compliance with the Environmental Assessment Certificate. This latest action also contravenes the Table of Commitments for this section of Sea-to-Sky Highway construction.
       The Provincial Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project team and West Vancouver District staff agreed that the project would not commence before the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) was submitted and federally approved. Yet logging operations started prior to such approval. On March 10 the District of West Vancouver voiced its concern that promises and approval by the responsible authorities have not been adhered to. The Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, as one of the responsible authorities, has confirmed that the EMP had not yet been approved and that it was not aware that work had even begun.
       "We are distraught over the lack of democratic process and continue to try to avert the pending tragedy of an overland route, which will destroy what the Ministry of Transportation itself calls the two most sensitive ecosystems in the entire Sea to Sky corridor. Our Government continues to ramrod through an ill-conceived, destructive and unnecessary highway route and this latest disregard for legal protocol is unforgivable" stated Dennis Perry, President of The Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs at Horseshoe Bay. "We are calling for immediate dialogue between the Province and local governments to evaluate alternate routes at the Bluffs. The Province sunk in its heels two years ago with a hasty decision and since then it has failed to consider new facts and has failed to meaningfully consult with stakeholders, despite overwhelming opposition from the Municipalities of the GVRD.  It makes a travesty of our promise to the world of a Sustainable Olympics."
     "The Olympics last for two-weeks, but the overland route will scar this area forever, destroying a unique habitat for species at risk," said Coalition member Heather Drugge. "How can the Government expect me to believe they truly want to achieve their so-called great goal # 4: 'To lead the world in sustainable environmental management.' Why not take the time now to do the right thing for the future of BC and choose another route."
About the Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs at Horseshoe Bay
The Coalition consolidates public support for protecting the ecosystems that will be destroyed, while working to inform the provincial government that alternatives could save an irreplaceable natural environment meeting the criteria for function, longevity, safety and cost.
For more information visit: www.eagleridgebluffs.ca
Press Contacts: Dennis Perry 818-1224; Heather Drugge T 630-6535  C 868-1309


Sun, 19 Feb / Subject: DWV Agenda Feb 20

in haste
world still swirling, never enough time.....
getting ready for Heritage Week: Feb 20th to 26th, look for notice coming soon (getting confirmation of some businesses and restaurants with heritage promotions and displays; Heritage Achievement Awards Saturday 25th; Heritage Fayre and free Snowshoe/BBQ Sunday 26th -- some info in Sunday's Tidings NSNews Feb 19th)......
just so you know what's happening, here's the agenda for Monday night -- it's totally incomprehensible to me that while saying intention is no more 'supplemental' agendas except for urgent items, you'll see the minutes from Feb 1st and 6th -- two weeks ago -- were not in the package or the supplemental, they're going to be 'on table'.  This means they'll only appear at the meeting itself.  Not to quibble about such late appearance, why not delay them until they can come out in the package so Council and public get to see them?
Oh well.
Items you may be interested in:
=  Dundarave Interim Parking Plan;
=  Guidelines re Watercourse Protection Zoning;
=  Adoption of Zoning Bylaw for 1891 Marine
=  Removal of fir tree at The Argyle
------------------------Ccl Agenda Feb 20---------------------------------------
A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued........
3.         DELEGATIONS
3.1       M. Bailey and B. Duffy, North Vancouver Recreation Commission, S. Metz, General Recreation Program Coordinator, Gleneagles Community Centre and L. Wilson, Chair, North Shore Sport Awards Committee regarding the North Shore Sport Awards (File:  0055-01)
4.1       Council Meeting Minutes (Town Hall Meeting), February 01, 2006
            THAT the Minutes of the Council Meeting held February 01, 2006 be adopted.
            (to be provided on table)
4.2       Council Meeting Minutes, February 06, 2006
            THAT the Minutes of the Council Meeting held February 06, 2006 be adopted.
            (to be provided on table)
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Driveway Access to 5358 Kew Cliff from Marine Drive (File:  1010-20-93-21)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands and Permits
1.                  THAT permission to maintain the current driveway access to
5358 Kew Cliff Road be approved and
2.                  Staff be authorized to amend any relevant documents and agreements respecting such access to give effect thereto.
5.2       Re-addressing of Properties on Chairlift Road (File:  2320-20)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands and Permits
THAT the report from Tim O'Meara, Manager of Permits & Inspections, be received for information.
5.3       Dundarave Landing Interim Parking Plan - Update (File:  1800-02)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Engineering and Transportation
5.4       Staff Guidelines for Consideration of Watercourse Protection Zoning Bylaw Variances
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands and Permits
            THAT the process outlined in the report from the Community Planner titled "Staff guidelines for consideration of watercourse protection zoning bylaw variances", dated January 25, 2006 be endorsed.
5.5       Proposed Exterior Changes at 1469 Marine Drive (File:  1010-01)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands and Permits
THAT the parking requirements of the Zoning Bylaw not be enforced at 1469 Marine Drive for one year subject to:
a.      removal of the neo
n along the rear fa=E7ade of the building;
b.      revision of the exterior lighting at the rear of the building to the satisfaction of the District;
c.      replacement of the existing shrubs along the fence to the satisfaction of the District; and
d.      receipt of $1,000 security to cover the costs of removing on-street parking signs and paint along Clyde  Avenue adjacent to the subject site.
5.6       Amendment to Traffic and Parking Bylaw No. 4370 - Coffee Trucks
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Administrative Services
THAT Traffic and Parking Bylaw No. 4370, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4460, 2006 be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
5.7       Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4413, 2005 and Development Permit No. 04-024 (1891 Marine Drive)
            Designated Presenter:  Director of Planning, Lands and Permits
1.                  THAT Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4413, 2005 be adopted; and
2.                  Development Permit No. 04-024 be issued.
7.         OTHER ITEMS
7.1       Correspondence
            No Action Required (receipt only)
            7.1.1         G. Burns, January 30, 2006, regarding Lions Gate Bridge reply from Chief Constable Armstrong
            7.1.2         R. J. Bugslag, Executive Director, Provincial Emergency Program and R. Taylor, Executive Director, Union of BC Municipalities, February 03, 2006, regarding Elected Official Emergency Preparedness Workshop
            7.1.3         L. Pilon, Administrator, Village of Lions Bay, January 31, 2006, regarding gas tax allocation
            7.1.4         G. Abbott, Minister, BC Ministry of Health, undated, regarding legal obligations of water suppliers and those responsible for waste management
            7.1.5         C. Lee, Coordinator-Marketing, Events & Communication, BC Crime Prevention Association, February 09, 2006, regarding Celebrity Golf Classic and Silent/Live Auction on May 31, 2006
            7.1.6         S. E. Dowey, City Clerk, City of North Vancouver, February 02, 2006, regarding appointment of Mayor Darrell R. Mussatto to the E-Comm Board
            7.1.7         Union of BC Municipalities, undated, regarding UBCM Conference March 30 and 31 - Exploring Economic Development Options and Opportunities for Local Governments
            7.1.8         J. Battista, Murphy Battista Lawyers, February 10, 2006, regarding traffic changes - 2400 block north and south Bellevue, Dundarave
            7.1.9         J. and R. Deering, February 03, 2006, regarding traffic on 2400 block, lower Bellevue Avenue
            7.1.10       J. Brownlee, Secretary, West Vancouver Fire Fighters I.A.F.F. Local 1525 and J. Nesseth, Secretary, West Vancouver Fire Fighters Charitable Society, February 09, 2006, regarding West Vancouver Fire Fighters 2005 Public Events Summary Report
            7.1.11       D. Page, Staff Lawyer, Sierra Legal Defence Fund and G. Barlee, National Policy Director, Western Canada Wilderness Committee, January 20, 2006, regarding spotted owls in BC
                              Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
            7.1.12       V. Hester, February 13, 2006, regarding affordable housing in West Vancouver
            7.1.13       C. Belshaw, February 07, 2006, regarding Lower Mainland transit alternative
            Action Required
            7.1.14       B. and D. Hunter, L. Shaw and P. Page, February 07, 2006, regarding single water meter installation at 1235 and 1237 Clyde Avenue (File:  1815-08-01)
                              Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
            7.1.15       The Owners, Strata Plan VR - 93, February 10, 2006, regarding "The Argyle" (2138/2140/2148 Argyle) by Quigg and removal of fir tree
                              Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response.
            7.1.16       J. Rawsthorne, February 05, 2006, regarding sewer taxes (File:  0835-01)
                              Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.

Tue, 21 Feb / Subject: DWV Ccl Mtg Feb 20

ended before 9:30 so Shaw Ch 4 from 9pm to 11:30
starts with Sports Delegation, walk of fame project; Sop's and my questions about information on negotiations about building within the setback of creeks; debate about reverting to previous traffic pattern Upper/Lower Bellevue -- keep the promise or do a survey?
summary some time soon still madly working on Heritage Week final details (want info call 922 4400; want to participate 926 8649)
YAC 3:45 Tues; PAC cancelled Wed; Thurs Police Bd moved to Mar 2nd, 4:30 DAC, NSACDI 5pm, 5:30 EvDrGC
up to the alligators and the swamp not being drained

Sat, 25 Feb / Subject: HeadsUp/Heritage!

Oh dear.
G with flu from last weekend and I came down with it Wednesday.  I'll go to the Heritage Achievement Awards (Saturday at the Hall at 2pm) in spite of a red nose.  See list of winners appended to end.  Then the Heritage Fayre in Park Royal North Sunday afternoon (2:30 to 5pm).
Heritage Week flyers have been distributed but I haven't yet sent it out on the broadcast email, regrettably.  In any case, here it is with a bit more information.
ah yes.
For you theatre buffs, if you like the bard, get a touch of the sillies, and aren't iconic, you might want to catch "Boxing Shakespeare" at the Beaumont Studio (but it ends Sat 25th).  It's an usual approach.  The poetry bouts are word jousts, throwing out rhymes, sonnets.  The love story angle doesn't really work but the wordplay is amusing.  Such a contrast to "Shakespeare's Will" which we saw last week at the Gateway Theatre (Richmond).
Now to heritage, the highlights of this weekend...........

West Vancouver Heritage Week 2006

Date and Time
Events / Sponsors / Location / Contact

Warm Up Events


12:00 - 3:00 p.m at Silk Purse (Studio)
The Vancouver Rug Hookers will demonstrate the primitive and traditional styles of rug hooking techniques.  Free to the public =96 everyone is welcome.

2:00 - 4:00 p.m at Library
Lighthouse Park Preservation Society presents:  Dr. Keith Wade:  "The Forgotten Animals:  The Hidden World of Reptiles and Amphibians"
West Vancouver Memorial Library - Peters Room  1950 Marine Drive

2:30 p.m.
Lighthouse Park Nature Walk =96 led by David Cook, geologist and biologist
Theme:  "Biodiversity:  What is it and Why is it the Buzz Word of the Times?"
Lighthouse Park Interpretive Centre at Phyl Munday Hut (meet at 2:30)  604 924 0147

***  Heritage Week Events&nb= sp; ***

ONGOING through the Week
Heritage Displays, Exhibits, Photos, and Videos
At participating businesses throughout West Vancouver
(For example, Lions' Gate Bridge video and book at 1387 Marine Drive]
Ask for Heritage Menus at Participating Restaurants:
The Beach House (Dundarave) - special menu/prix fixe
Chez Michel (Ambleside) - celebration of 17 years in WV with the original vol-au-vents
The Red Lion (Dundarave)  -- heritage "Blue Plate Special" of pork tenderloin
Salmon House on the Hill (Folkestone Way)

Display of Archival Photos and Display by Lighthouse Park Preservation Society
West Vancouver Memorial Library

Archival Photos of the Ferry Building and Ambleside Landing (gallery entrance).
A limited number of copies of the book, "The Poetics of West Coast Modernism in West Vancouver", will also be on sale for the special exhibition price of $15.00.
Ferry Building Gallery


Gertrude Lawson House, 680  -17th Street
Tuesdays through Saturdays; 12:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (through September 3rd, 2006)
"Living on the Edge:  West Vancouver Modernist Homes 1940 - 1970"
 Opening of New Exhibition at the West Vancouver Museum & Archives.  A formal Reception will follow Heritage Week, on Tuesday, February 28th at 7:00 p.m.

2:00 - 4:30p.m.
Municipal Hall =96 Council Chambers


5:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Olympic Party at the Arena
Men's Gold Medal Hockey Game (5-8 am); Closing Ceremonies (11 am)

2:30 =96 5:00 p.m.
featuring exhibits & displays by heritage, volunteer, and community groups.
 Park Royal (North Mall)
 Note:  Pick up Heritage Coupons offered by various West Vancouver businesses at Heritage Fayre!
[For example, coupons for 10% off heritage perennials at West Van Florist during March]

3:00 =96 5:30 p.m.
West Vancouver Heritage Snowshoe Trek & Barbecue
Free equipment, Hollyburn natural history interpretive tour and barbecue at historic Hollyburn Lodge
Cypress Bowl Recreations Ltd., Cypress Bowl Cross Country Area  -  604 922 0825 ext. 780
 No charge, but reservations required.  (Weather permitting)
We gratefully acknowledge the support of: Cypress Bowl Recreations Ltd., District of West Vancouver, Faximum Software Inc., Park Royal Shopping Centre, West Van Florist, local businesses, local heritage, volunteer, and community groups, and the many volunteers who make this 18th Annual Celebration of West Vancouver=92s Heritage possible.
For additional information contact North Shore Heritage Forum 604-922-4400, email: info@northshore.heritagebc.org or visit www.northshore.heritagebc.org

==  Sat, 25 Feb  ---  Subject: Piper at Heritage Fayre
just a little followup.
Illness resulted in the Scottish dancers having to cancel a short performance at HF however I'm utterly delighted to say that there'll be a piper arriving from another event/performance about 3:15 or 3:30 to give us a few skirls.
Organizers did a great job and the Heritage Achievement Awards ceremony went very well -- even the MC remarked on how well it went in Ccl Chambers.  It'll probably stay there.
The Museum stayed open for a while after the ceremony to give attendees an opportunity to view the new exhibit "Living on the Edge" (WV architecture 1940 -70).  The Opening Reception will be Tuesday.
Hope to see you at Park Royal North Sunday afternoon.

Also just got this:
Global Heritage: Canada and World Heritage Sites
Sunday, February 26, 2006  -  2:30-4:30 pm
VENUE: Segal Building (located at 500 Granville Street, at Pender), Vancouver
Admission is free; reservations required. To reserve, call Heritage Vancouver at 604-254-9411 (leave message) or email info@heritagevancouver.org
World-renowned heritage expert, Herb Stovel, Head of the Conservation Program at Carleton University, ICOMOS Canada and former secretary-general of ICOMOS International, will present a talk that explores the evolving impact of the World Heritage Convention on the international field of conservation, and efforts in place to improve its implementation.
For complete lecture details, see: http://www.sfu.ca/city/PDFs/hv_stovel_event.pdf

Then remember:
That Opening Reception at the WV Museum (see above) on Tuesday 28th
as well
The last in a series of Old Growth Park Open Houses presenting the draft "Strategy for Protection" on Tuesday, February 28th, at the Seniors' Centre, 695 21st Street, corner Marine and 21st, in the Marine Room.
The purpose will be to review the draft "Strategy for Protection".  A presentation will take place at 7 PM.  Doors open at 5pm; there until 9pm.  Visit www.westvancouver.ca for more information.

2006 WV Heritage Achievement Awards February 25
West Vancouver, BC:   The Tenth Annual Heritage Achievement Awards will be presented Saturday February 25th in the West Vancouver Municipal Hall Council Chambers.  The awards are presented in honour of individuals, groups and businesses that have made a significant contribution towards ensuring our collective heritage is preserved.  This year, five awards will be presented:
HOLLYBURN HERITAGE SOCIETY - for its ongoing efforts to preserve the history, culture, and heritage of Hollyburn Mountain, and for advocating the preservation of Hollyburn Lodge. This award also acknowledges the individual contributions of Greta and Bob Tapp, Iola and Gordon Knight, and Donald Grant.
CAROL HOWIE - for her enthusiasm and knowledge of West Vancouver's heritage resources, and her volunteer efforts over several years, which have helped to increase public awareness and appreciation of heritage issues in this community.
JOHN MAWSON & CLAUDIA DOW (and their consultant team) - for a sensitive, well-designed addition to 2607 Nelson Avenue, and ongoing efforts to restore this noteworthy early West Vancouver house.
NIKKI MOIR - for her many years of volunteer service to the West Vancouver Museum and Archives, as an education docent.
COALITION TO SAVE EAGLERIDGE BLUFFS AT HORSESHOE BAY - for working to raise awareness of the unique ecosystems and recreational values of Eagleridge Bluffs, and to encourage the Provincial Government to find ways to improve the Sea-to-Sky Highway without destroying this treasured natural environment. The Coalition has demonstrated great determination and utilized a variety of tools to advocate for preservation of our natural landscape heritage.
"This years recipients represent the great diversity of heritage preservation efforts in West Vancouver" says Stephen Mikicich, Senior Community Planner.  Award criteria include building restoration, new building design, landscape, and advocacy and awareness.  The West Vancouver Heritage Achievement Awards are part of Heritage Week celebrations February 20th to 26th, 2006.
Awards Ceremony:  Council Chambers, Saturday, February 25th at 2:00 p.m. Reception to follow.

Tue, 28 Feb / Subject: Tuesday Feb 28 /Thursday

.........headsup after weekend's heritage hoopla (more on that later).......
{sent in haste and with apologies to Bob in Brazil email change not yet done!}
No ccl mtg this Monday night Feb 27th but there will be one Mar 6th and agenda available Thursday.
*  Congratulations to our Canadian Olympians.
You may wish to join the Eagleridge Bluffs crew trekking over to Vancouver City Hall to greet the Olympic flag-raising ceremony at noon on Tuesday.
= TUESDAY Feb 28th (can it really be the end of February already???????)
* 5 - 9pm at Srs' Ctr: Old Growth Park Strategy for Protection Draft, Open House (presentation at 7pm)
* 7 - 9pm at Gertrude Lawson House, the Opening Reception of the Museum's new exhibit: Living on the Edge, West Vancouver Modernist Homes 1940 - 70.
= THURSDAY Mar 2nd
* 4 - 6pm in Chamber of Commerce Boardroom: Police Board (moved from Feb 23rd)
 [Much appreciated letter to ADRA inviting members to attend Police Board meetings; in any case public is invited -- new openness a great step forward, surely endorsed by both new Mayor and new Police Chief.]
* 4 - 8pm at FBG: Arts, Culture & Heritage Facilities Open House (and again 10 to 2pm on Saturday)
NB: FBG's present exhibit, Embracing Land and Sea, ends Sunday March 5th.

After New Year's, Gung Hay Fat Choy's Dog of the Year, Lunar New Year, now getting ready for Norooz (a close spelling).....

Thu, 2 Mar / Subject: Tonight: Kevin Falcon on Shaw

8pm   Thursday March 2  Cable 4
Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon will be interviewed by Vaughn Palmer on "Voice of BC".
This is a live, phone-in program. = ; Vaughn Palmer has been sent considerable information about the planned overland route at Eagleridge Bluffs in hopes that he will question the Minister about the lack of community consultation, the real costs of the project, and environmental impacts in light of the promises made for a sustainable 2010 Olympics.  
An imponderable for  your Editor, and answers wd be appreciated.
Why did MLA Joan McIntyre write in Outlook last week that the decision for the overland route had been made two years ago when the deadline for public input was 2006 Jan 31?
Why did the full page (p 2) of Sunday's NSNews include the two-lane tunnel as the option generally considered unsafe and rejected when DWV recommended a four-lane tunnel (wch European studies say is safer)?
DWV may not have offered to throw money into the pot (as that ad states), but it was my understanding it had offered land worth millions, surely worth considering, no?
The Coalition folks shd make sure their opposition (and DWV's) is clear and demonstrated to be to the insensitive proposed route of that section of the hwy only; they are NOT opposed to the Olympics (at least as I understand it).  The two TV news clips I've seen (CBC and CTV) talk about opposition, or being 'against', so viewers get the wrong idea.  I've tried to explain that it's wetlands, headwaters, arbutus, and red-legged frogs, quite apart from the clearcutting.  Furthermore, I understand that even if it must be overland, the Eagleridge Bluffs Coalition recommends some measures to lessen the habitat and ecological damage.

Sun, 5 Mar / Subject: Ccl Agenda Mar 6

still running up a down escalator -- don't stop the world, I don't want to get off, but I'd like a bit more time to enjoy the view (cherry trees starting to blush pink) and sniff the roses -- but hyacinths beforehand......
thrilling to see some daffodils now opening and crocuses in full bloom -- isn't spring exciting!
.....and WV can now add to its accolades, the oldest Rolls Royce in Canada.
There's no end to the delights of WV......  (guess year, and see if you're right by checking answer below)
.....decided even without a full newsletter (wch planned to have Eagleridge and Heritage Updates but the best plans of mice and men oft "gang agley") you'd want to know what's on for Monday night at 7pm.
Welcome Pam and Dave S back from the Olympics -- and can't wait to hear their report.  See their photos on the DWV website.

WV Golf tournaments; Lower Caulfeild; Traffic Safety 21st from Inglewood to Hwy 1, and PJ Elementary; then there's a new listing entitled "Start of Consent Agenda Items" (hope they explain) including a bylaw for adoption, and then Correspondence (E-Comm, greenhouse emissions and ancient climates, Eagleridge Bluffs, secondary suites, loss of parking on Upper Bellevue).
and yes,
the DWV site has No 8 twice (I copy and pasted) -- [corrected on mine]
that's a silly quibble but I do have a serious recommendation about the minutes wch I have made for some time.
When questions or comments are asked, not only shd the full question be recorded but also the answer or resolution.
These are early days and it is obvious many changes will be made (and not just from the fact that so many adv cmte mtgs have been cancelled -- EAC, CSAC, PAC, FAC, and PEAC hasn't even appeared as slated to be held and been cancelled!).  Good thing to see YAC is still scheduled for Tuesday!
The Open House on the Clovelly Caulfeild Nbrhd Plan has been cancelled and the March mtg on Ev Dr has been postponed to April.

THEN on Tuesday (Mar 7), the opening of the new exhibit, on till Mar 26, at the FBG.
- Opening Reception 6 - 8pm
In celebration of International Women's Day
Pooneh Ailzadeh, Miriam Aroeste, Rosalind Aylmer, Julia Baker, Patricia Baldwin, Nicole Barton, Janis Blyth, Evangeline Brossard, Karen Cottrell, Fariba Dashtaray, Heather Fisher, Diane Fleming, Genevieve Fleming, Lynne Green, Bruno Hewson, Shakun Jhangiani, Jill Johnson, Helene Keyes, Carrie Lazareff, Bernie Lee, Anne Love, Jane Lowery, Jill McRae, Jean Morrison, Kit Morse, Louise Park, Rita A. Pierone, Pat Rafferty, Nicole Rigets, Ian Rowles, Monica Shelton, Elizabeth Smily, Margaret Thoma-Noble
- Artists' Talk on Saturday March 11th at 2pm

There is, of course, at 7:30am on Wed March 8th, the WV Chamber of Commerce's
2010 Procurement Opportunities
(Sponsored by Cypress Mountain {wch is in Coquitlam, we have Cypress Bowl, hence Cypress Bowl Recreations who is sponsoring this I gather}
The guest speaker, Brian Krieger, will explain how your business could benefit from a contract with the 2010 Games. He will describe the steps that are required and provide helpful tips that might lead to the successful contract bid.
The 2010 Commerce Centre, established by the BC Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Secretariat, is the online vehicle that connects the business community with the opportunities of the 2010 Winter Games. The 2010 Commerce Centre provides the latest Olympic business news, procurement, and business opportunity information, success stories, best practices from previous Games, a calendar of Olympic-related events, and an extensive collection of business tools and resources.

=  No one has satisfactorily explained why MLA McIntyre says the decision was made two years ago (in Outlook), while the deadline for public input was Jan 31st (and DWV ccl held its public mtg on it Feb 1st).
=  Demolition of the old rec ctr before imminent commencement of construction apart from approved architectural drawings let alone costs.  And come to think of it, for such a pricey project, why wasn't there a referendum during the municipal election as to whether the taxpayers wanted to spend over $40m, or given choices?
NV has referenda.  Maybe too likely defeat.  Not that it matters, since one referendum that was defeated was not to that Mayor's taste so the result was ignored and the project went ahead anyway.  Perception, however is important and windowdressing or not, the public do appreciate being consulted.
Don't think it's a case of residents not wanting a new cmnty ctr, rather a case of scope, cost, and timing.  Put the complex on show for 2010 or try to take advantage of all those workers at loose ends after construction frenzy over?

ABBREVIATED AGENDA follows, with Quotation at end.

===  COUNCIL AGENDA for MARCH 6th  ===
                7pm ; A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda may have been Issued
1.         CALL TO ORDER
3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, February 13, 2006
3.2       Council Meeting Minutes, February 20, 2006
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       K. Barnett, North Shore Female Ice Hockey Association, regarding British Columbia Provincial Ice Hockey Bantam AAA Championships
            RECOMMENDED: THAT...the grant request be referred to the Community Services Advisory Committee for consideration.
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Gleneagles Golf Course/Ambleside Par 3 Tournaments
5.2       Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Transfer - #259
5.3       Lower Caulfeild Area - Existing Policies and Recent and Proposed Work
5.4       Boulevard Encroachment Application (2397 Kings Avenue)
            RECOMMENDED: THAT the encroachment permit application ... not be allowed.
5.5       Traffic Safety of 21st Street - Inglewood Avenue to Highway 1
            RECOMMENDED: ...receipt ... from Manager, Roads and Transportation, for information.
5.6       School Traffic Safety Project 2006 - Pauline Johnson Elementary
            The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
6.1       BYLAWS FOR ADOPTION: Bylaws are passed by a simple majority vote unless otherwise noted. 
            Traffic and Parking Bylaw No. 4370, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4460, 2006
6.2       APPOINTMENT OF ACTING MAYORS FOR 2006 (File: 0120-01)
            Acting Mayor schedule for 2006 be changed as follows:  Councillor Day as Acting Mayor for the months of April and May and Councillor Smith as Acting Mayor for the months of June and July, 2006.
            Action Required
            6.3.1          G. Martin, Founder/Executive Director, Critter Care Wildlife Society, February 15, 2006 regarding Help from the City of West Vancouver
                              Referred to 2006 Budget Discussion for consideration and response.
            6.3.2          K. Shymanski, President and Chief Executive Officer, E-Comm 911, February 09, 2006 regarding unrestricted access to E-Comm Wide-Area Radio System for emergency responders
                              Referred to Fire Chief, Chief Constable, and Permits and Inspections Manager for evaluation and report back to Council.
            No Action Required (receipt only)
            6.3.3          Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
                              (a)       Design Advisory Committee Minutes, December 01, 2005
            6.3.4          J. Kyle Gardiner and L. R. Gardiner, February 18, 2006, regarding Eagleridge Bluffs
            6.3.5          K. Higgs, February 19, 2006, regarding ancient greenhouse emissions possible lessons for modern climate
            6.3.6          K. Higgs, February 19, 2006, regarding studies of ancient climates suggest Earth is now on a fast track to global warming
            6.3.7         J. Frioud, February 13, 2006, regarding newspaper article re Eagleridge Bluffs
            6.3.8         S. Thompson, February 17, 2006, regarding Eagleridge/Horseshoe Bay Project
            6.3.9         S. Jones, February 18, 2006, regarding February 16, 2006 article in The Vancouver Sun
            6.3.10                   D. Foote, February 15, 2006, regarding Secondary Suites in West Vancouver
            6.3.11       T. Graham, Executive Director, Ministry of Health; S. Strutt, Executive Director, BC Recreation and Parks Association; M. Lay, CEO, 2010 Legacies Now and R. Taylor, Executive Director, Union of BC Municipalities, February 14, 2006, regarding World Health Organization (WHO) Age-Friendly Urban Community Project
            6.3.12                   M. Salvador, President, Dundarave Business Association, February 22, 2006, regarding loss of parking in Upper Bellevue Avenue
ANSWER to skill-testing question:  1911
Earth is here so kind, that just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest.
                        -- Douglas William Jerrold, playwright and humorist (1803-1857)

Tue, 7 Mar / Subject: WV Ccl Mtg Mar 6

Calendar/Ccl Mtg Highlights/Quotation; INFObits will return soon (my cup runneth over with lots of info and updates but the sand is running out of the hourglass too fast).
Celebrate cherry blossoms this weekend -- festival........

* Today (Tues 7th)
YAC at 3:45, Opening Reception at FBG for exhibit "Woman" from 6 to 8pm, broadcast of ccl mtg starts at 9pm on Shaw (times given below are actual b/c mtg starts at 7pm); CSAC cancelled
* Wednesday (8th)
7:30am Chamber of Commerce March Networking Breakfast at Hollyburn Country Club sponsored by Cypress Bowl Recreation Ltd -- Brian Krieger (2010 Commerce Ctr): 2010 Procurement opportunities

                Carolanne scrambled in at 7:08; Pam absent, JF in Chair.
= North Shore Female Ice Hockey Assn re grant for BC Prov Ice Hockey Bantam AAA Championships approved even though recommendation was for application to be made to CSAC.  CSAC's mtg Tues has been cancelled, and they haven't met for months so not practical or even really possible.
= 7:20: Gleneagles clubhouse closed, Golf Tournaments planned there and Amb b/c of "gaps" in usage
= Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Transfer approved 7:29, some policy questions about losing permit
= b/c of negative feedback, new procedure/notification for Lower Caulfeild area
= long discussion about the blvd encroachment application at 2397 Kings started at 7:37
= Traffic Safety started at 8:11, first 21st, Inglewood to Hwy1, then around PJ with much talk about chicanes (but no chicanery -- sorry, cdn't resist)
= New to ccl mtgs: Consent Agenda Items at 8:40, ie passed without debate (bylaw adoption, acting mayor schedule, correspondence)
= During Reports starting at 8:42: RD commented on the arts/culture open houses and the Heritage Achievement Awards ceremony, Heritage Fayre, Old Growth workshop; JF praised the new curator, talked about the new exhibit at the museum (Living on the Edge, WV architecture 1940 - 70 -- you can only groan when you learn some of the lots were bought for $1000), and as part of multiculturalism, WV's participation in Iranian New Year (Norooz) the next night (not quite) jumping over fire; MS asked if there'd be a report on WinterSong and Mountain Mardi Gras (yes, said KP); Sop said what we were thinking -- looking forward to report from Mayor and CAO re Olympics.
=  Cancellation of next ccl mtg, Mar 13th -- JC said MS was flying to Hong Kong at 1:30am and he wd be leaving for Mexico (and think Pam will be away too).
=  At PQ&C, Yours Truly respectfully pointed out that Norooz (Norwuz, etc) was not tomorrow night but next week, Tuesday Mar 14.  WRT providing input on the arts/culture/heritage/arts on Argyle JF asked for input mentioning the DWV website and email, I asked when the deadline was.  Surprised to hear it was Friday.  (JC kindly and jocularly said we had to 5pm!)  While hoping that wd not be a hard deadline, so more people could find out, I recommended that the display be put at the Library.  That was received with approval so maybe we can look forward to that.
=  Adjournment at 8:52

***  QUOTATION [moved to end of this newsletter]

Tue, 7 Mar / Subject: To Merge or Not to Merge?

and I might add: to Unmerge.
A Reader forwarded this to me and it has some information rather thought-provoking.  There are four parts to the bulletin.
The Montreal merger is a case in which while merging is touted as saving money, in fact it cost money and increased staffing!  Keep in mind wrt GVRD and the North Shore.  We have some cooperation wch I understand is working well so maybe it's a case of limiting it and keeping control.
This section involves taxes/municipal financing -- topical when we're about to consider Budget 2006 (and shd have completed it before end of last year!).
I'll jump right in and say I'm not in favour of a four-year term for Council.  Change might be desirable but we shd consider: going back to a two-year term (some Councils only start to listen six months before the election), having about half ward and half at large, overlapping terms.
The last paragraph of this one is interesting -- violating contribution guidelines but so slow to court serving as mayor for over two years.........
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 19:29:26 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Fwd: [Bulletin] Local Government Bulletin No. 64, March 2006

Local Government Bulletin No. 64, March 2006

The purpose of this bulletin is to focus debate on the need to increase local self-government in Canada and to help local communities achieve more autonomy. The local self-government website is: http://www.localgovernment.ca .
In this issue:
1. The failure of the Montreal merger
2. Reported to be Running on Empty
3. Four-year term proposed for Ontario municipal governments
4. Avoiding the consequences of avoiding the election law
5. Subscribe to the Bulletin

1. The failure of the Montreal merger

The impact of the forced merger of municipalities in the Montreal area in 2002 is now apparent. Henry Aubin, who writes a column on municipal politics for the Montreal Gazette, has recently summarized the state of the merger, concluding it is "a failure on almost all accounts".
Despite promises the merger would result in less expenditure by the big city, operating expenses have increased since 2002 by 16.7%, compared to increases in the Quebec government's own operating budget of 8.6%, and increases in inflation of 6.7%.
Despite promises that the number of city hall jobs would surely shrink by 1260 people as duplication was eliminated, the number of full-time positions, including contract staff, has increased by 330. The number of 'working' staff has been reduced by 2% but the number of managers and supervisors has increased by 9%.
Property taxes were promised to be lower but have increased 12.5%, almost twice the rate of inflation.
There were suggestions the merger would save money at the elected official level, but salaries and benefits for those elected have increased from $7.9 million to $8.7 million, not including the costs of extra political staff.
Aubin relates the common experience that services have declined very noticeably in Montreal and concludes "All in all, the merger has failed on virtually every count." He continues, "Indeed defenders of the merger at City Hall are hard pressed to name one major achievement that could not have been realized without a merger."
These kinds of results have also been evident in Toronto and in other large cities where the Ontario and Quebec governments decided to force mergers and amalgamations. The result is not surprising given the number of people who objected at the time, but it is a sad commentary that neither provincial government is willing to seriously rethink the mess that has been made at the local level.
Mr. Aubin's article can be found in the Library on our website, http://www.localgovernment.ca , under the title "A failure on almost all accounts".

2. Reported to be Running on Empty

The new report from the C.D. Howe Institute, "Running on Empty", once again deals with municipal finance. It argues that property taxes are a fitting revenue source for municipalities, although in need of some reform, and combined with an enhanced approach to user fees, should constitute a reasonable financial base for municipalities. The report notes that only in Ontario are municipalities required to bear the costs of social services, paying 21% of the cost of social assistance (welfare) - elsewhere in the country the provincial government pays the whole cost of social programs. Only in Ontario and Nova Scotia are municipalities expected to pay some of the costs of education through property taxes. The report concludes it is improper for municipalities to pay social costs and probably also education costs.
Municipal property taxes on a per capita basis have grown at the rate of 1.9% annually between 1961 and 2000, while federal taxes grew at 3.2% per year, and provincial taxes at 3.5%. Even though the increase is more modest locally, this kind of constant growth is felt more at the municipal level given collections methods. Two changes are proposed to property tax: reduce the levels of non-residential taxes (in New Brunswick the non-residential rate is pegged at 1.5 times the residential rate, whereas in Ontario it is a multiple of 3 or 4 times the residential rate); and reduce the rate on multi-unit rental buildings which are usually assessed at much higher rates and pay more taxes than single family homes, but consume fewer municipal services.
The report voices the common criticism that the $5 billion transfer from federal gasoline taxes to municipalities reduces political accountability, as does every other transfer.
The latter part of the report analyzes municipal user fee rates in various provinces showing where improvements are possible and showing that improved user rates can be accompanied by significant reductions in non-residential property tax rates in most provinces.
The report concludes that in Alberta and Ontario - and only in these two provinces - a new revenue source may be required for municipalities. In the case of Alberta it is required because of fast growth; in Ontario because of local responsibility for social services. The report suggests that the best new source of money for municipalities in these provinces would be an earned income tax, that is, a tax only on employment income by local residents. An earned income tax of one per cent would produce $6.2 billion for municipalities across the country.
The report can be found at http://www.cdhowe.org/english/publications/currentpubs.html

3. Four-year term proposed for Ontario municipal governments

In what was a surprise to many residents coping with February weather, Premier Dalton McGuinty announced that his government would bring in legislation for a four year term for municipal governments in Ontario. Provincial leaders have said the announcement was made because members of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) had asked for the three year term to be extended and Toronto City Council had done the same. A four year term is in place for municipalities in Quebec, Newfoundland and New Brunswick.
The idea is not receiving much positive press in Ontario. In a hurried meeting in December, Toronto City Council indicated it did not have time to either inform the public or listen to their opinions before adopting a whole raft of controversial recommendations about governance including the four year proposal (see Bulletin 62). Since that time city hall has held several consultations; in each case there has been vociferous opposition to the four year term. Residents obviously feel ambushed.
As for the AMO decision, many say it was made by a small number of elected officials from small municipalities without notice to the general public. There is not much trust in rural Ontario to support the idea that elected official should be given an extra year to hold power.
It is not yet known whether the McGuinty government will permit widespread hearings on this legislative change; but it draws to public attention, once again, that local government is subject to the whim of provincial agendas. The idea of local democracy is not strongly established in Ontario.

4. Avoiding the consequences of avoiding the election law

The extraordinary imbroglio which marks the election finances of Mayor Larry Di Ianni in Hamilton continues. It has been reported previously (see Bulletins 50, 52 and 54) but to recap, the story goes like this.
In June 2004, six months after Mayor Di Ianni assumed office, citizen Joanna Chapman pointed out irregularities on the face of the election finance documents filed by the Mayor. She requested City Council to audit the Mayor's election contributions under the Ontario Municipal Elections Act but Council refused. Ms. Chapman was forced to go to court, where she found a more receptive audience.
Since that time it has been shown that many of the contributions to the Mayor contravened the Municipal Elections Act in that the amount exceeded allowable limits in the Act, or were donated by a body not permitted to make a contribution. An auditor hired by the court has concluded that illegal campaign donations to the Mayor exceed $25,000, or almost 10% of the total raised, and this money has been returned to the donors. The Mayor has downplayed any wrong-doing on his part or his campaign committee, calling it inadvertence.
Ms. Chapman points out that there were more than 60 instances of illegal contributions and that in at least one case staff must have realized that there was something wrong with a $1000.00 contribution since they allocated part of it to an individual and another part of it to a denture clinic so it would fit within the legislation. Ms. Chapman asks: "How could these changes have been made inadvertently?" She urged that Council not make the decision about the intentions of the mayor but rather to leave this matter to the courts.
On March 6, by a vote of 12 - 1, Hamilton City Council decided that charges should be laid against the Mayor under the Municipal Elections Act.
But here's the problem. There are only eight months left in Mr. Di Ianni's term and he has already served more than two years as Mayor. Maybe he will serve his whole term before there is a decision. The Municipal Elections Act apparently has no speedy way of penalizing a candidate who has taken great liberties with the statute's provisions, provisions meant to provide fairness for all candidates. Whatever the decision about Mr. Di Ianni's case, the provisions of the Act do not seem to stand in the way of someone who wants to treat the act with impunity and still serve as mayor.

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Wed, 15 Mar / Subject: Meeting Alert!
Happy Norooz!
Well, as I said, lots of cancellations but rushing to let you know of a few.  HAC was held Tues, but look at Wednesday:
  • FAC moved to Mar 22nd
  • PEAC at 5:30 (to 7pm)
  • Bd of Variance moved to Mar 29
  • Library Bd mtg at 7pm (to 9pm)
Thursday has NSFC&YJC at CNV M Hall (5:30pm)
etc......  update in this newsletter at beginning so rest deleted

3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, March 06, 2006
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       D. S. Jackson, Spirit Bear Coalition, regarding Securing a Future for the Spirit Bear:  A Step Closer
4.2       B. Rogers, Executive Director, Harvest Project, regarding Homelessness on the North Shore 5.         REPORTS
5.1       Ambleside Master Plan (File:  2520?01)
            Proposed motion for Council's consideration:
            THAT Council endorse the concept of developing a Master Plan for the Ambleside Area which would include:
            (1)       Coordinating the different components including the waterfront, park, arts and culture and the Ambleside core business area;
            (2)       Consecutively coordinate the Arts on Argyle public consultation process;
            (3)       Combining the three study areas including drawings and background financial information into a Master Plan for Ambleside;
            (4)       Staff report back to Council on public consultation, including an outline of key decisions that need to be made and a recommended process.
5.2       Tri-Municipal Review of Support for Community Social Services (File:  2620?01)
            THAT the consultant's report entitled "North Shore Municipal Support for Community Social Services: Opportunities for Collaboration" be referred for review and comment to:
            (a)       staff;
            (b)       the Community Services Advisory Committee; and
            (c)        North Shore social service agencies through the Interagency Network.
 5.3       Official Community Plan, Rezoning and Development Permit Application No. 05?022 for property located at 2031, 2047 and 2063 Esquimalt (File:  1010?20?05?022)
1.                 Staff hold a Neighbourhood Consultation Meeting to solicit community comment on Development Application No. 05-022 for property located at 2031, 2047 and 2063 Esquimalt Avenue to determine the suitability of the proposal for further consideration;
2.                 Development Application No. 05-022 be referred to the Planning Advisory Committee;
3.                 Following community and Planning Advisory Committee comment on Development Application No. 05-022, staff complete a preliminary assessment of the application for Council consideration;
4.                 Owners and occupiers within 100 m of the subject property be notified of the Neighbourhood Consultation Meeting; and
5.                 Notice of the Neighbourhood Consultation Meeting be placed in Tidings and on the web.
5.4       Farmer's Markets (File:  3015?17)
            THAT the Ambleside and Dundarave Farmer's Markets as outlined in the report dated March 10, 2006 from the Director of Parks and Community Services and the Director of Engineering and Transportation, be renewed for the 2006 season; and that the Ambleside Farmer's Market be relocated to the Civic  Centre Plaza at Gordon Avenue between 21st and 22nd Streets.
            The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
            THAT the Consent Agenda items 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3, 6.1.4, 6.1.5 and 6.2 be approved.
6.1.1   Development Variance Permit 06?002 (8935 Lawrence Way) (File:  1010?20?06?002)
            THAT the Municipal Clerk give notice that Development Variance Permit Application No. 06-002 (8935 Lawrence Way), which would allow for a garage with variances to height and setbacks, will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, April 24, 2006.
6.1.2   Development Permit 05?028 (1204 Keith Road) (File:  1010?20?05?028)
            THAT the Municipal Clerk give notice that Development Permit Application No. 05-028 (1204 Keith Road), which would provide for a new duplex with variances to siting and driveway access location for the proposed Unit B garage, will be considered at a meeting of Council on Monday, April 24, 2006.
6.1.3   Development Permit Application No. 05?030 (1783 Marine Drive) (File:  1010?20?05?030)
            1.         Development Permit Application No. 05-030, which would regulate development of a new commercial building at 1783 Marine Drive, be referred to the Design Advisory Committee for review and comment; and
            2.         The applicant hold a Neighbourhood Information Meeting.
6.1.4   2006 Heritage Achievement Awards (File:  2585?11)
            THAT the report from the Community Planner titled "2006 Heritage Achievement Awards" be received.
6.1.5   Facts and Stats in West Vancouver (File:  2610?01?01)
            Children & Youth                Seniors
            THAT the Council information report dated March 06, 2006 from the Planning Analysts titled "Facts and Stats in West Vancouver".
            Correspondence items 6.2.1 to 6.2.6 be approved for action as indicated; and correspondence items 6.2.7 to 6.2.20 be received for information.
Action Required
6.2.1          A. J. Ray, President, Ray Contracting Ltd., March 02, 2006, regarding One-Way Traffic on Bellevue Avenue between 24th and 25th Streets
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
6.2.2          T. Close, March 06, 2006, regarding Home Owner's Grant
                  Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.
6.2.3          W. A. Ferguson, March 06, 2006, regarding Seymour Target Range
                  Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
6.2.4          R. Nieuwenburg and J. Wiltshire, Westport Neighbourhood Association, March 04, 2006 regarding request for delegation
                  Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
6.2.5          R. Carder, Past President Strata Council, Dundarave Terrace, two letters dated March 02, 2006 and March 09, 2006, regarding One Way 2400 Block Bellevue
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
6.2.6          M. Lenzen, March 03, regarding 2397 Kings Avenue fence and gate
                  Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
6.2.7          Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
                  (a)       West Vancouver Memorial Library Minutes, January 18, 2006
                  (b)       West Vancouver Police Board Minutes, January 26, 2006
6.2.8          J. Cummins, M.P., Delta - Richmond East, British Columbia, Canada, March 09, 2006, regarding News Release - Letter to Minister Prentice on Yale Agreement In Principle
6.2.9          L. James, March 09, 2006, regarding TransLink:  The Falcon Review
6.2.10       S. Stepien, North Shore Female Bantam AAA Hockey Team, March 06, 2006, regarding thanks for sponsorship
6.2.11        Spirit of BC Weekly Update, February 20, 2006
6.2.12       Spirit of BC Weekly Update, March 03, 2006
6.2.13       A. Boyd, Executive Assistant, Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia, February 27, 2006, regarding Municipal Finance Authority Credit Ratings
6.2.14       B. Crowe, February 28, 2006, regarding West Vancouver Embarrassment at Olympic Flag Ceremony
6.2.15       M. Dodds, Executive Director, North Shore Women's Centre, March 03, 2006, regarding International Women's Day Event March 08, 2006 (previously distributed due to timing of event)
6.2.16       L. Drayton, individual Giving Officer, Fund Development & External Relations, The Arthritis Society, BC and Yukon Division, February 28, 2006 regarding Research Breakfast
6.2.17       S. E. Dowey, City Clerk, City of North Vancouver, March 02, 2006, regarding Change to Mandate and Terms of Reference for The North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee
6.2.18       J. F. Noonan, Registered Parliamentarian, February 21, 2006, regarding Robert's Rules of Order in the Council Chamber
            Responses to Correspondence
6.2.19       February 28, 2006, to Strata Council for The Crescent c/o Mr. Brian Bagley regarding Tree Removal at "The Argyle" from C. Parsons, Urban Design Planner
             Responses to Questions in Question Period
6.2.20       None.


On March 7, 1849, Luther Burbank was born in Lancaster, Massachusetts, the 13th child of a local farmer and his wife (he died 1926).  He was inspired by Charles Darwin, and decided in his teens to become a plant breeder.  In his early 20s, he sold the rights to his first major innovation ("The Burbank Potato") for $150 and moved to California, where he established a nursery and farm in Santa Rosa.  Over the next fifty years, he became a most famous plant breeder and horticulturist, developing more than 800 new strains of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and trees.  He was a committed scientist and a true nature lover, as reflected in these analogical observations:

     "Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful;
      they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul."

     "I see humanity now as one vast plant, needing for its highest fulfilment only love,
      the natural blessings of the great outdoors, and intelligent crossing and selection."

     "A flower is an educated weed."

In his 1927 autobiography "Harvest of the Years", he offered this oxymoronic observation:

       "Heredity is nothing but stored environment."

Earth is here so kind, that just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest.
                        -- Douglas William Jerrold, playwright and humorist (1803-1857)

Be good and you will be lonesome.
                        -- Mark Twain, author and humorist (1835-1910)

~ In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends ~

Author - Martin Luther King (1929-1968)
was a Baptist minister and American political activist who was the was a Baptist minister and American political activist who was the most famous leader of the American civil rights movement. King won the Nobel Peace Prize before being assassinated in 1968. In 1977, King was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, by Jimmy Carter. For his promotion of non-violence and racial equality, King is considered a peacemaker and martyr by many people around the world. Martin Luther King Day was established in his honour......
{NB: It's celebrated in the US on the third Monday of February, the same day Canada has declared national heritage day.  The quotation will particularly resonate with whistleblowers.}