Ccl Mtg Mar 27
Agenda Apr 3
Calendar to Apr 9

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Well, the spring equinox is over and an hour of sleep lost over the weekend.
Late again.  This issue:
Main items Apr 3rd; Calendar to April 9 (Hay Park; Budget Info mtg, Staff recommends 4.2% increase; get info from Hall, at Library, from www.westvancouver.ca; Eagleridge Bluffs - trip to Victoria); Ch of Commerce); INFObits; UPDATES (StS Segment Mgr answers questions; MLA Sultan); March 27th Ccl mtg notes; Agenda Apr 3; Quotation

>>>  MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Apr 3rd = ; <<<
= ADOPTION OF MINUTES, Ccl Mtg Minutes, March 20 -To be provided on-table
{hm.  Wonder why.  Minutes used to be provided for the next ccl mtg; this is two weeks later and still only scheduled to be provided at the actual mtg???}
= Delegation on WinterSong Festival
= Presentation on 2006 Olympics in Torino/Turin
= Mayor and MClk authorized to execute TransLink 2006 Operating Agreement as presented and any mid-term amendment to be considered with approval of MMgr.
= Report on status of Devt Projects (good idea! -- Thanks to Bill and Rod, I understand)
= New DPA 6619 Nelson re duplex with variances to siting for consideration Apr 24.
= Apptmts: Ccl Reps to adv cmtes; Ccl Review Cmte for Apptmts
= Budget Presentation approval for mtg Apr 5, and Cmte of Whole mtg to be scheduled during week of Apr 10
= Cancellation of Ccl Mtg of Whole May 1 so annual Youth ccl mtg that night
= CORRESPONDENCE: parking Bellevue/in Dundarave; vacant lot at 11th and Mathers; Sea-to-Sky Highway Project; Minutes: Bd of Variance, Police Bd; preserving Hollyburn nbrhd; MLA McIntyre's letter to editor - response from Coalition;  STAFF RESPONSES re Dundarave interim parking plan and Gordon Avenue Traffic Study.

>>>  CALENDAR to April 9th +... <<<

===  Friday March 31st ~ 7:30 - 9:30 ~ live music at the Library
but earlier, details in previous newsletter:
~ 7:30am at Vancouver Convention Ctr, Globe 2006 Morning Rally by Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs.
~ 2pm for Coalition's rally at MLA Joan McIntyre's ofc postponed b/c she'll be in Whistler.
~ 1:30 - 2:30 ~ at UBC: UBC scientists protest BC Min of Environment's recovery plan for Cheakamus steelhead.

===  Saturday, April 1st
~ 9am - 1pm ~ Civil Action Training in Horseshoe Bay Park Bay St or St Monica's if rainy by Coalition, instructors plus Granny Betty Krawczyk
~ 2pm ~ Artists' Talk on Ferry Building Gallery's Exhibit "Organic Form": Gillian Lindsay (photography, Jill Royall (acrylic), Tanis Saxby (porcelain).  Exhibit ends April 16.
===  Sunday, April 2nd
~  8am ~ Lighthouse Park Preservation Society has monthly bird counts; meet at the upper kiosk of the parking lot the first Sunday of each month
~ 10am - 6pm ~  Iranian Family Picnic at Ambleside Park
===  Tuesday, April 4th  ~ 3:45 - 5:15 ~ YAC

===  Wednesday, April 5th  ===

~ noon at Chamber of Commerce: Cmnty Affairs Cmte mtg to discuss specific needs regarding improved signage in West Vancouver. If you are interested in participating in this important session please contact Kathleen Campbell at 604 926-6614 or email kathleen@westvanchamber.com.

~ 4 - 6pm ~ Hay Park Cmnty Information Mtg at Hay Park about trail work in Hay Park. 
 Hay Park, located at 1900 block Inglewood Ave, is a very popular park and highly valued by those who frequent it.  This meeting may have particular interest for you if you live in the area, have been involved in Stewardship events in Hay Park in the past, or if you are interested in invasive species removal, native planting, the creek or park maintenance issues in general.   Drop in anytime between 4 PM and 6 PM.  A sign will be posted in the park this week.  Please contact me at 925-7138 if you have any questions.
Corinne Ambor, Park Planner, West Vancouver Parks, 3755 Cypress Bowl Road, West Vancouver, BC   V7S 3E7
Ph:  (604) 925-7138; Fx:  925-7140; cambor@westvancouver.ca; www.westvancouver.ca/parks

~ 7 - 9pm ~ BUDGET 2006 RESIDENT INFORMATION MTG  in Ccl Chambers -- Staff recommends 4.2% increase; some Dept Heads want more in supplementals

===  TRIP Thursday, A= pril 6th  === Letter from the Coalition:
Dear Friends of Eagleridge Bluffs,
We are now entering a very critical stage in our fight to save Eagleridge Bluffs.  Construction is gearing up and will likely begin in earnest within the next week or two.  We are going to need everyone's help to derail this project.  We WILL win this by all working together!
Join us in  "Storming the Legislature" Thursday April 6th
Our elected representatives won=92t meet with us here, so we are going to take our message to Victoria.  We are hoping to get as many people as possible to join us on a day trip this Thursday.  We will be arriving en masse with two large banners and plenty of signs to make it crystal clear to BC politicians that we are serious and determined, and not willing to back down.  Bus transportation is being organized from Gleneagles Recreation Centre.  Our schedule will likely be:
7 am                 Depart from Gleneagles Recreation Centre Parking lot
7:30 am            Pick-up at Park Royal if required  (pick-up in Vancouver possible as well, based on demand)
9 am                 Ferry from Tsawwassen to Victoria
5 pm                Return ferry from Victoria to Tsawwassen (expected arrival at Gleneagles =96 approx. 8:15 pm)
Cost of transportation will be approx $15 per person plus ferry fares (seniors ride free) provided we can get 50 people out.  It is a long day, but this trip is VITAL to our success.  Please come out and join us if at all possible.
For further details and to confirm your place ASAP, please contact:  Bruce McArthur  921-6910
LAST MINUTE NOTICE:  you will have passes into the legislature and will be introduced and will be present during question period.
===  Saturday, April 8th
~ 9am - 2pm ~ Seniors' Annual Flea Market in ice arena
~ 2 - 4pm ~ at Ski-witsut -- Lighthouse Park Preservation Society presents a talk by Dr Lori Daniels: "What does old growth mean to you?  Understanding old-growth forests are unique"
===  Sunday, April 9th
~ 8am - noon ~ 15th Annual Walk/Run for MS, Seawalk Ambleside to Dundarave
~ 11am - 3pm ~ Rotary Club Duck Race, Ambleside Park
*  Deadline to RSVP for Coho Society AGM Breakfast Apr 12th is noon April 10th. Call 926 6614.
Victor Elderton, principal of the North Vancouver Outdoor School, is the guest speaker.  He will talk about the Outdoor School in Brackendale, its science lab studies, field trips, effect of caustic spill on Cheakamus fish and wildlife that depend on the river.
The cost is $20.00 for WVCC members, Coho Society of the North Shore membership, and the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce (with proof of membership). Otherwise, the fee is $30.00. (GST is included.)
*  CPR Training Program commences April 11th.
*  As an advocate, the Chamber's Board of Directors passed a motion at its March 8th meeting to support the "Park the Tax Coalition". Our name has now been added to the growing list of organizations opposing this new tax on commercial parking lots.
*  The Chamber is doing a Signage survey.  See www.westvanchamber.com to participate.

>>>  INFObit  <<<
DATE NOTATION -- btw, if you use the American date notation:
On Wednesday of next (this) week, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.  That won't ever happen again!
FYI, do please however use the international form (as our banks and govt do) wch is year, month, day -- less confusion and used virtually everywhere except the US!  Some do write day/month/year (logical to go from big to small or vv) so wait for 01:02:03 04/05/06 (as May 4th).

>>>  UPDATES  <<<

***  Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs UPDATE
re Liaison Meeting Mar 22nd Report from Ernie Corlett:

Finally, some likely outcomes of the Overland Route, from a Kiewit Representative; not by Ministry officials!!!!  Brad Mytko, Segment Manager for the STS Project, provides some answers!!!
Provincial Ministry officials, continue to be very tight-lipped about some very important questions relating to the Community, as witnessed in our recent Liaison Committee Meeting (March 22, 2006). These Liaison meetings are turning out to be nothing more than a six-week construction report, which doesn't require stakeholder participation -- however, after the meeting, Brad Mytko, filled me in on at least some of the questions we have been posing.

1) Will the section of the Baden Powell Trail being destroyed be realigned beside the New Overland Highway, as was suggested at the public open houses?
Mytko's response:  No, this portion of the Baden Powell trail will likely not be replaced.  It doesn't make sense to build a hiking trail along the side of a highway as no one would use it.  Instead they will likely spend the resources allotted to trail relocation and parking as follows:
-         Trails:  The existing 1000 m BP Trail from the Eagleridge trail head to its intersection with the Black Mountain Trail (at Larsen Creek pond=92) will not be replaced.
-         From the Larsen Creek pond=92 the trail will be re-routed to the right side of the wetted area (the existing trail is on the left side of the wetted area).  The existing trail will be used as a buffer between the highway and the wetted area.
-         The BP Trail will be accessed from the Black Mountain Parking Lot (not Eagleridge).   Hikers will travel under the Overland Highway.
-         A trail linking the Trans Canada Trail to the Baden Powell Trail will be built in the vicinity of Whyte Lake.   This trail will be built to compensate for the loss of the BP Trail from the Eagleridge trail head to the Larsen Creek pond=92. The white dots on the attached scale model, show the section which will likely not be replaced.
-         Parking:  The Black Mountain Trail parking lot (near the Ferries=92 ticket kiosks) will be expanded to allow for more vehicles.
-         The proposed Eagleridge Parking lot will not be built.
-         The Trans Canada Trail Parking Lot (east side of Nelson Creek Bridge) accessed via Westport Road will be expanded to allow for more vehicles.

2) The Fire/ Police response time needs to be not more than 4 to 5 minutes for any accident on the Overland Highway Route.  Where will you provide access?
Mytko's response:   We will create 2 emergency turning points:
-         A) The turning area currently used by emergency vehicles to access Westport Road will be upgraded to include a new southbound access to the highway and eliminate the need to go to Calulfeild to turn around; and
-         B) A new emergency turnaround will be installed  at Pasco Road eliminating the need to go to Ansell Place to turn around.

3) There will be massive visual scarring on both the Eagleridge and Horseshoe Bay side as a  result of the vertical retaining walls and the cut and fill methods and minimal landscaping proposed.  I have viewed  MOT drawings provided by John Cavanagh, which only provide minimal landscaping, and remote clumps of foliage over extensively devastated areas.  What further things can be done to mitigate the devastation to this beautiful area? Also, as you are cutting the rock bluffs to provide fill for the lower road fill, how can plant life grow out of talus rock?
Mytko's response:  The Ministry has provided us the mandate and monies to soil and plant 30% of the effected area.  The rest of the devastated area will have to grow in over time. (How can it grow on rock?)  As to the vertical retaining walls, they will darken and be less invasive over time. We intend to save as may trees as we can within close proximity of these areas and when surveying this area with our Landscape Architect to identify trees to be removed, prior to logging, we will invite Ernie Corlett to attend.  In addition to the lower homes in the area, we will also take into consideration homes above Horseshoe Bay and the Gleneagles Golf Course.

 4) What noise mitigation methods have been employed to minimize the enhanced noise as trucks, semi=92s, etc. employ their brakes on this 80km speed zone in the City of West Vancouver?
Mytko's response: We are using superpave which is quieter than regular pavement. =85 other than that, I don't believe we're doing anything.  MOT has asked us to do additional noise monitoring and modeling which we are currently undertaking.

5) Can we move the highway away from this highly sensitive, in-balance, wetland area?
Mytko's response: No

6) The Eagleridge Interchange is too close to the already congested BC Ferries Terminal/Kiosk. The Interchange is too complex and doesn't provide enough time to allow the driver to make a decision safely.  This Overland Route travels into a new geoclimactic zone prone to black ice and fog.  Are you sure a safety auditor has provided his approval on these issues?
Mytko's response:  I believe so!!!

7) You are intending on providing pre- blasting inspections to 34 houses, within the Eagleridge Interchange area.  Don't you think householders within this entire area, who express a concern, should be provided an inspection?
Mytko's response:  Pre-blasting home inspections will be performed predominantly in the Eagleridge area.  Currently 34 homes have been identified.  If other homeowners have legitimate concerns and wish to request an inspection, they should call 604-629-8281, ext. 1410
Blasting will begin in the Eagleridge  interchange area on April 10, 2006 (weather dependent) .  Logging and lane shift construction in the Eagleridge area will be starting April 3, 2006.  Logging the main right of way above Eagleridge parking lot to Larsen Creek will begin April 18, 2006.  The Eagleridge parking lot will be closed as of April 1, 2006.  Construction equipment is currently mobilizing and being assembled in the parking lot.  As of April 18, 2006, the Black Mountain Trail will be temporarily closed during logging activities.  Hikers are encouraged to use the Seaview and Trans Canada Trail.

Okay, that=92s it for now!!! Please check out the scale model and other attachments, to get a full understanding of just how bad this Overland route is going to be.
Thank you, Ernie Corlett
Press Contacts for the Coalition: Dennis Perry 818-1224 / Heather Drugge  630-6535; C 868-1309

***  HOW'S OUR MLA, Ralph Sultan?   He's back in the Legislature; from Hansard:
MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2006
Ralph Sultan (West Vancouver-Capilano): As Chair of this Legislature's Health Committee, I seized a recent opportunity to give the system a grassroots test. It passed with flying colours.
           Through the dedication of Sergeant-at-Arms Humphreys and his staff, the paramedics of B.C. Ambulance Service - a fine group of people - cardiac specialist Dr. Klinke, countless nurses, care aides and hospital support workers at Royal Jubilee Hospital, through to my own Dr. Kroll and cardiac home care specialist Nurse Solly=8A. Through all their combined efforts, they patched me up to live another day.
           We've all heard the message about ActNow and five and 20 - the importance of five fruits and vegetables a day and 20 minutes of exercise. But hearing isn't doing. I had to be whacked on the head with the equivalent of a two-by-four to pay attention before I took it to heart - no pun intended. I am sure acting now.
           According to the specialists, 25 years ago I would have been a dead man. Now I felt I was ready to go back to work the very next day.
           From my first feelings of heartburn during question period=8A.Well, we've all experienced that. You know, I must say I did stand up with some trepidation, knowing immediately what happened last time.
           But from question period until I was discharged from the operating room was only 150 minutes. In a situation where minutes count, that is, I think, extraordinary.
           So bring on the broccoli and the running shoes; down with television and French fries. It's great to be back. Thank you to the almost 500 members, friends and constituents who were so gracious with their various expressions of support.
>>>  CCL MTG NOTES Mar 27th  <<<
                        Cclrs Ferguson and Soprovich absent
1.         CALL TO ORDER of "Cmte of the Whole"    / then    2.   APPROVAL OF AGENDA
no minutes b/c cmte of whole?
Mayor said delegation then dedicating mtg to budget.
3.         DELEGATIONS
3.1      B. Waterbury, Chair, Planning Cmte re North Shore Super Cities Walk/Run for MS, April 9, 2006
8,000 British Columbians live with MS
Research being done at UBC; money raised for research and services
Eight cmnties in Lower Mainland, North Shore with 400 participants, raised $132K the most of any cmnty in BC.
Meet at Ambleside Park at 9am, event starts at 10am.  Free coffee snacks at beginning of walk and turn around at Dundarave Park with free lunch for participants.
New models of wheelchairs and scooters, can try demonstrators available after the walk.
Ninth year in WV at Amb Park, most beautiful venue; thanks to staff for help over the years.
You, Mayor, and Mayors Mussatto and Walton invited to kick off the walk and hope rest of you will join us.
Mayor: definitely be there; thank you for your work over the years on this.
4.         REPORTS
4.1       Budget 2006 Presentation (File: 0860-01)
The Chief Administrative Officer and the Director of Financial Services will provide a presentation regarding the 2006 Budget.
            1.         Council receive the staff presentation of the proposed draft budget for 2006;
            2.         Copies of the draft budget documentation be made available to residents on the District web site and at Finance counters in the Municipal Hall;
            3.         Staff host a community meeting at the Municipal Hall on April 06, 2006 {NB: the motion passed was Apr 5th} at 7:00 pm to answer resident questions on the contents of the draft budget; and
            4.         Council receive resident comment and input into the 2006 budget at a Committee of the Whole meeting to be scheduled during the week of April 10, 2006.
- increase is 4.2% and 70% of District's budget is salaries/wages and benefits
- see slides presented for details on www.westvancouver.ca (wch I asked be put on their What's new? when I cdn't see it when I pulled it up -- even now at writing, surprised to see urging smaller amounts of detergent be used is above Budget 2006 info, only third on the list!}
The Director of Finance (RL) said the MMgr/CAO (DS) wd make some introductory remarks:
2006 Budget - CAO's Introductory Comments
* This year's budget represents in many ways a turning point for West Vancouver.
* In the past [five] years, we have developed and worked within a strategic and fiscal framework that has enabled us to replace facilities, create new ones, and improve services in many areas while keeping tax increases at or below inflation levels.
* A variety of factors including regional mega projects, TransLink transportation initiatives, rising labour and construction costs, growth management issues, and volatile shifts in assessments, [which] when taken in context with new initiatives are resulting in demands which challenge the status quo and if not managed, our ability to maintain service levels and quality of life in an affordable and sustainable manner.
* We have already started to change some of the ways [that] we are doing business and we will need to continue along this path, working with the community and our partners across the North Shore if we are to succeed.
* The budget that the Director of Finance will present tonight, along with the senior management team, reflects a conscious decision on Council's part to maintain current services to the extent possible and limit new initiatives until we have had the opportunity to work with Council and the community to better understand how the principles of sustainability can be applied to our financial plans, our service levels, and our long-term capital priorities.
* That is not to say that we cannot address key safety issues this year, such as [the] North Shore emergency radio and dispatch system, continuing to improve our road and utility infrastructure and continuing the work started on key community planning initiatives and the new community centre.
* We look forward to listening to the community's input during the somewhat condensed budget process that occurs when there is a change in Council, but more importantly [to] working with Council, staff, and the community in a process this year that [will shape] a new, sustainable strategy for taxation and service delivery in West Vancouver.
{outside of 'five', the words in [xxx] are what was said, in addition to memo posted on website.}

RL: first time in position we've had to present to Ccl and public Budget 2006 overview
This is the staff position, first draft of budget, follows guidelines established last fall from workshop on budget between staff and Ccl; this is staff's best advice as a starting point to begin process of mtg with interested residents.
recognize high level thread that runs throughout, theme of transition
transition into first of three years of new Ccl
transition into new three-year corp biz plan, priorities still under development
transition to changing economics of costs of our service delivery
transition re significant capital investments; into era of sustainability
we're aware Ccl has indicated interested in changes in how it does biz, more opp for resident involvement in policy discussions
long term sustainability
review of operating service levels, in context of affordable govt overall
new ten-year capital plan utilizing a public process that wd prioritize capital investments in the future
re cost of service delivery, finding across the board increases in our costs and they don't align with our stated policy of tax increases at or below CPI
most significant proportion of cost increase are labour and benefits, those costs running ahead of CPI, labour costs at 3% and up and CPI is under 2%
re capital investments, time of transition at end of pay-as-you-go; unusual period -- been spending resources accumulated over an extended period, future capital investments so have to be undertaken under different financial framework, likely involve developing new funding sources
2006 Budget has not incorporated transition issues, assumes base service levels unchanged of 2005, and carries forward the five-year capital plan had for 2005, only significant new project is new cmnty ctr
proposing a series of workshops re service levels, capital planning over next several months including the cmnty
- from taxation revenues -- low rate of new growth in WV by design, means lower growth than other cmnties; BC Ferries' appeal of their assessment successful so reduction of $190K from 2005 levels
- from expenditures -- increases, before one-time items, overall is $2.3m and that's almost entirely attributable to labour and benefit costs
you'll see  details of supplemental requests above this of $2.6m and of those, only $182K will be recognized; and $514K of one-time special projects
The impacts of this budget, $108 on av sgl fam assessment of just over $1m; utility rates passed in Nov water 7%, $24 and sewer 13.5, 44% {that's what he said but he probably meant 13.5% and $44} on single fam
mbrs of the audience have handouts
these slides of those
revenue and expenditure highlights; divisional directors will comment; year and plans
also have reps from Library and Police Bd.

introduction by Police Bd mbr, Chair of Finance Cmte, Mark Reeder:
Bd has worked with executive staff in preparing provisional budget
we have reviewed in detail the provisional budget, supplemental requests, and service level
this [presentation] represents an adequate level of funding
Scott Armstrong, Chief Constable: gross 2006 Police budget {didn't say but it's $10,064,834}
reduced to a net cost of a little over $9.2m.
The 5% increase is made up almost virtually entirely of staff contractual increases and fringe benefits.
The Police Bd has identified several service level challenges and several supplemental requests crucial to the capability of your Police Dept to continue to provide the highest standard of responsiveness, readiness, and safety for our residents and for those who come to visit
Of particular importance is need to migrate to Wide Area Radio System (WARS) used by E-Comm.
The WV Police Dept is only GVRD law enforcement agency not using this state of the art communications system
Our current VHF was upgraded at minimal cost in 1996 allowing E-Comm time to address geographical service issues.
Now time to join integrated communication network
cost of one full year of operating costs in supplemental but b/c of time to negotiate wd be reduced to one month, or about $35K for the actual costs in Budget 2006.
Strongly recommend this budget (with supplemental requests) to you, in particular E-Comm
With this budget, Police can contend with changing crime and public safety landscape.
Mayor: We have a joint mtg planned for Apr 18 with Board and Ccl; we hear the msg from the Police Bd.
{will the public be able to attend???}
CAO: at this point, wd like to mention, we have included in this draft budget some funding to hire necessary expertise to begin that process and examine what's required.
{At the last bd mtg I attended, the dreadful state of the police bldg was described, leaking roof, etc and repairs very high; cmte struck to look at cost of replacement.  Significant.}
Mayor: boards first
{Nope, Library later}

RB, DoAS: 4.7% increase
bylaw services figures; 2010 implementation
successful initiation of NSh bylaw dispute adjudication system
Attorney General announced expansion, nominated for Premier's innovation award.
hired full time archivist
36.5 % turnout (election); good for M of our size
emphasis this year will be on assessing and improving our service delivery
updates of bylaws; hope to improve records paper w/ electronic; new classifications;
master agreement with Sq N currently underway
reviewing adv cmte structure; revising Ccl Procedure Bylaw
website -- streaming hoped within month or two; website review and enhancement this year; hope to provide communication support
Mayor: can you continue/achieve same things with same budget except for 2010 recommendation within existing budget
DoAS: one time initiatives excepted?
Mayor: you are taking on some new things; how resourced?
DoAS: some through approved and recommended funding; some absorbed with current FTEs

= HUMAN RESOURCES:  Susan Ney, Human Resources: collective agreement for transit

= FINANCE:  RL, looking at water utility, consultant; major upgrade of JDE

Chief Trussler: budget ~$10m
15.4% increase over prev year and over half in medical calls; recommend training in midwifery
fuel costs up 20%; biggest prob overtime; illness and sickness
pls consider our requests (not part of deptal plan)
JC: you mentioned a large increase in call-outs
Ans: most
JC: SJN harbinger of the babyboomers
surely going to increase again and again over the next ten - 20 years
And: partly BC Ambulance Services changing their process
calling us out more
JC: what stage are we at wrt blending of services
seems like we're responding with a large truck when something smaller wd suffice
Ans: halls strategically placed
w/in 4min 94% of the time
all go b/c if another fire call, delay getting back to hall so they stay together
recently no major issues, a few more calls
training for 'midwifery'
JC: even more confused; another form of downloading?
you're taking more calls, costing us more money, prov govt off the hook
Ans: we are taking same calls but weren't called for these
incremental cost to train for the medical calls
MS: any comments re $1m capital request in your budget?
main item is $600K
Ans: replacement plan for our engines
15 years for a frontline apparatus, 20 if you can stretch it, one over 20
MS: front
Ans: front; put best at busiest hall
MS: if we didn't replace, what wd be repercussions?
Ans: increased cost of repairs, downtime
one of spares pretty old
MS: absolutely imperative replaced this year?
Ans: it's a process; there is concurrence this vehicle shd be replaced

= ENGINEERING [see presentation and material by E Barth, Dir]
Cclr MS: age of dump trucks?
consider outsourcing?  like calling a taxi
Ans: similar to Trussler's, on an asset mgmt basis; also look at maintenance
before my time looked at contracting out; wd be happy to look at that and provide some answers
Mayor: blvd maintenance, thinks sort of thing public wd notice
supplementary requests to enhance or keep
Ans: we receive a lot of complaints
something ev observes
amt of money needed when struggling w/ budget didn't seem approp to put in now
wdn't see degradation but wdn't raise it to what some in cmnty requesting
JC: blvds -- not adjacent to houses b/c they're resp of homeowners
Ans: I live on a quiet street and expectation blvd
some collectors, needs more than normal residential
not meant to take away from normal
once a year a major overhaul to clean them up

SJN (listed projects): env'tal permit for creeks; Amb planning; Heritage planning
Facts and Stats brochure to be used in housing dialogue
intend to focus on Amb area in 2006, biz and park
area studies: Clovelly, Ev Dr area plans; major planning Upper Levels, Rodgers West
housing dialogue work expected to proceed this year; facts and stats so now analysis
where we've come from and where we'll go
Heritage Strategic Plan to be presented to Ccl Apr 10
key bylaws; each year revised and this year looking at rockbreaking/removal...
our reach equals our grasp ev year...

KPike: $14.2m; rev $6.2m mostly from rec services
arboriculture:  you know some issues lately but
as you know trees, come and go!
{Well, especially if you have a chainsaw, or someone wants a view or cheaper construction costs not bothered about preserving....}
trails and bridges; opened new Gleneagles Adventure Park
2006, despite admittedly tight budget year
finish cemetery; Gleneagles clubhouse plans; Hollyburn cabins, working with that group
start construction of Cmnty Ctr
moved our progs out and into 15 separate venues
realized slightly higher revenues so ppl staying with us; pleased with that
RodDay: see foreshore renewal $110K -- out of Adrian Rowland's report?
Ans: yes, that's part of that and other issues along
dealing with both upland and below the tide level
some improvements Mr Rowland asked for
asked for increase; gradually over the years $800K to $900K to $1m to now $1.1m and that will allow us to keep up; not ev but keep up
MS: curious how it's decided; subsidise to Srs Ctr is over half a million a year
do we carefully review?  how do we decide to subsidise these progs?
Ans: tough question
not done scientifically doing better; fees set by looking at other Ms, compete; ppl wd go elsewhere
subsidy at SAC wd be higher were it not for volunteers
never set a percentage; but over the past several years, we've improved that return
dept about 61% and that's come up from 50s [percentage] in last 90s [years]
MS: in your opinion, if we were to say, they have their facility and 100s of volunteers, if they were to move to a user-pay system, move in that direction; cd have some sort of subsidy for those WV residents who cdn't afford to pay
wd it collapse like a brick balloon?
Ans: you'd receive many delegations from SAC
these facilities, you'd be talking about doubling the costs
don't want to scare anybody doing that
looked at that as budgets become more difficult as well
CAO: the SAC is a good example where we're able to nurture and support volunteers
Employees accept volunteers
if we were to change that, the volunteers wd feel they're taken advantage of
change a lot of things
Ccl has agreed to look at top three: Police, Fire, Parks
[salaries? those three depts?] account for over 70% of our expenditures
look forward to those discussions
Day: SAC, 20,000 mbrs, 800 volunteers; been quite a bargain
{Whoops!  The mbrship is under 5000 but that's the usual figure given for the volunteers}
two major expansions, largely financed by donation; it's been really a bargain
$20 a year is v reasonable; $5 a mbr [increase] wd save $100K
a majority cd afford $5; hasn't been raised for some time
great deal of volunteer work there; some room without being too onerous

Ann Goodhart, Chief Librarian: Lib Bd Chair unable to make it
renos complete; new facility for coffee shop and new living room area new cmnty gathering place
thx to Robert Leslie? Welsh {Sorry, I don't know spelling}
new strategic plan
our main over 1m [circulation]; over half m visitors; 18,000 participants
2006 based on new strategic plan
continuing to promote early literacy in our 'raise a reader' program; BC Books for Babies prog
great plans revamp website; ecommerce module
participate, donate online; streamline mbrship; promoting our services
will be developing features to allow interaction over the website similar, just as you can sign on to Amazon
collaborating new prov initiatives; virtual ref; live chat ref; library concert series, BOOKtopia, NShore writers
staff training opps; Welsh and Patrick bequests
a consultant to assist with implementation of the strategic plan
request for bldg maintenance; portion built in late '40s
more repairs; wd like to take care of them, not wait for next year's
request for one add'l day of staff time to assist with promotion
Mayor: question re maintenance, know you have probs -- what do you do when not funded?
Ans: we have $55K for bldg maintenance, much taken up with bldg supplies, handles contracts
fairly well committed at beginning of year so evaluate during year as things come up; if in budget will repair it at that time
put off carpet cleaning and washing windows to see if we can put it in budget
not done annually, done every couple of years
in 2005 we needed to replace a switch in a heating system, put it off, damaged another part wch we weren't told wd happen
JC: I don't understand why someone in your position wd be faced with making a decision about replacing a switch
don't we have someone on staff who cd come in and make a decision on this?
looks like you and librarians making this decision
Ans: we do have maintenance staff; am sure they were not aware it wd damage the heating system
Clay was aware I'd have to put it off
[JC shaking his head]
RL: -- that concludes our presentation; intention more widespread
first mtg with residents Apr 5; answer questions and provide details
I note the material in front of Ccl says Apr 6 don't know why, our intention was Apr 5
then another opp for residents to address Ccl directly; Apr 10 Ccl of the whole; mtg that week
By law, by May 15th, requires two Ccl mtgs
CAO: a couple of themes to emphasize
a couple of issues around long-term capital
wd like to look at those and wd like to look at it a short time after
Mayor: wd like Mgr's opening remarks included in budget material
public can see there are questions we have
just didn't have the time in 2006 to explore fully
moving into that v quickly moving into 2007
a tight status quo budget; hoping public will participate with us
CAO: wrt motion to be moved, revision to Apr 5
and item 4, no of cclrs absent; will be setting that
Mayor: public input?
CAO: during week of Apr 10
DAY: moved motion, changed to Apr 5

VV: during campaign, I did make a point that taxes shd be lower...
a signif number of taxpayers can't afford this increase
Synovate survey asked if residents willing to pay more taxes and the answers were 79% in favour of paying more taxes
there was no followup question, how much more?
renters not aware
I don't think that survey [...], how we rely on it
I don't think it is reliable for that purpose
I looked at that, looked at Facts and Stats
the median household income with mortgage, two cars, cannot afford these taxes
quite troubled with a 4.2% increase
[wanted to see] an alternate version of no tax increase.
satisfied public discuss then
wd prefer show them, other sources of taxes, other measures, so no tax increase
Mayor: just being asked to approve presentations
to consider what you say, we'd have to come up with a number of 'cuts
consider for 2007
VV: I'm against....
Mayor: to pass....
Day: av tax increase over past... years under COL
no decision at 4.2%
what was av in last five years?
RL: wd have to ....
from 2002 to 5, increase 2.15 and av compounded 2.89%
Day: stats: av household income is between $90K and $100K, highest in Canada
we get a good deal on taxes
[don't want to] deprive cmnty of services
most of the budget has to do with salaries
I sit on GVRD, rise, Police and Fire, have to pay what arbitrator decides
have to accept salary increases; makes it rather inelastic; 3% in salaries
VV: a significant number wd have lost homeowner grant so facing a substantial increase
RD: prov govt
Mayor: shd really have discussion when motion on the floor
I know an awful lot of hard work to get it to this point now

Mayor: thank cmnty for coming out Friday for Swearing-in of Police Chief
Day: attended same ceremony
good to see Sq N there in number, trad songs, eetc
pleased with Chief Const Armstrong's work with youth
going to need Kay Meek, b/c crowded


Bill Vaughan: question about budget about some numbers
statement here on presentation
to sustain existing service levels $108 on assessment of ~$1m
means av taxes are $2571
my taxes are about 40% higher than that yet my assessment is less than a million dollars
cd someone verify that?
CAO: we can prepare .... for that
we're also collecting taxes for School etc
figure may refer to M taxes
may be in minority
BV: needs clarification
RL: wd appreciate an opp to talk about how tax works
proportion how set; telling exercise
BV: given imposition as First Gentleman in our house
maybe 4.2% is not including school budget
look at rev summary, shows a 1.09%; 4.2% on this page; they don't seem to add up
assume revenue increase more; more high-end homes
wd expect existing less if this number correct

Keith Pople: taxes are going up; a lot by inflation
presume evaluation of all of the assets of WV going up as well
how much have they gone up?
RL: eval not currently available
within two years; changing...  re values
KP: wd be interesting to know total evaluation
info available now?
RL: no, it isn't
can Dir/Engg help?
water, high level?
DEngg:  in preliminary stages; doing asset mgmt to establish what's in
CAO: when we looked into service contracts with groups, looking into value for parks, exercises quite academic
others we've invested in, eg we track Wetmore, valued in terms of assessed value in system but also the potential market value so really
depends on category
KP: so that information is not av now
CAO: in terms of one pkg, it's not; we cd do

Mayor: how's my grammar tonight?
Carolanne Reynolds: great -- tyvm for the presentation
a few questions if you'd be so kind
there is some information usually provided, not tonight
can we get that information in time?
is next mtg Apr 5th
Ans: yes
CR: last time we had salaries was last year for 2004 and since 70% of your budget, a rather large component, if we cd have it for 2005?
I know you don't have to produce it until June for 2005, but you had to do the T4s Feb 28 so I think you'd have that information
if we list info needed, if of general interest, can it be put on website? provided at the mtg Apr 5?
what will be the format for Apr 5?
instead of just presentation wd be valuable to have that, details, beforehand, to be able to ask questions; maybe some of us, the residents, can come up with if we see that we can come up with suggestions to get the increase below 4.2% as Cclr Vaughan mentioned.
Many ppl in the community can come up with creative ideas.
Although this is the wealthiest cmmty, I'm on the board of the Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers' Assn and you know if you look at the stats, that the number of retired seniors in Ambleside is very high and they have not had increases
they are living on fixed incomes and they can sometimes come up with some ideas of how
we're all in this together, we want great service, but we want to do it in a cost efficient manner
RL: re salaries, FIA process very formal, involves year end, involves suppliers list, etc, not finished, goes to Audit Cmte, to Ccl , then formally approved made public
no, don't foresee any chance for that
{you be the judge of how helpful that bafflegab is}
Mayor: so not for 2005.  And public process, format April 5?
RL:  documentation av, brief overview, and respond to questions for clarification so public to form own opinions, an information dissemination session
CAO: been our practice to record those questions and answers, formal record, and make them av to Ccl
CR: does that mean Ccl will not be at that mtg?
CAO: Ccl may if they wish but intent 5th for staff and cmnty, followed by the next week wch wd be the ccl mtg
likely again a brief presentation followed by opp for any interested mbrs of the public or groups to step up to the microphone and either provide input to Ccl or ask questions
CR: rather than debate 2005, will 2004 be av?
and they've gone up 3% each year, so there's 3% of the 4.2%
CAO: all those salaries represent contractual obligations and while they're of interest, there's likely v little room rather making specific adjustments, other than adjusting the resources themselves
we wd welcome any comments any residents have the way we deliver services or improve efficiency
great to get those ideas
CR: yes, with 3% every year and this 4.2%; we have to see where
maybe user fees or whatever
get info; so where will mtg be? and what time?
Ans: 7 o'clock

>>>  CCL MTG AGENDA Apr 3rd <<<
                        A Supplemental Information Package/Agenda May be Issued on Friday
3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, March 20, 2006 -- To be provided on-table
{why? it was two weeks ago and not ready till Monday Apr 3rd, put on table at ccl mtg???}
4.         DELEGATIONS  4.1 - S. Allan, regarding WinterSong Festival Event
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Presentation:  Mayor Goldsmith-Jones and D. Stuart, Chief Administrative Officer regarding 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy
5.2       2006 Annual Operating Agreement - TransLink
            Complete copy of agreement available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT
            1.         The report dated March 13, 2006 from the Transit Manager re 2006 Annual Operating Agreement for the West Vancouver Conventional Transit Services be received;
            2.         The Mayor and Municipal Clerk be authorized to execute the Agreement as presented and that any mid-term amendment to this Agreement, that may be considered, has the approval of the Municipal Manager.
5.3       Development Project Status (File:  1008?01)
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report dated March 20, 2006 from the Manager of Community Planning regarding Development Project Status be received for information.
{Take a look.  List of devt projects under consideration}
6.1.1   Development Permit 05-024 - 6619 Nelson Avenue Duplex
            RECOMMENDED: THAT The Municipal Clerk give notice that the Development Permit Application No. 05-024, 6619 Nelson Avenue, which would provide for a new duplex with variances to siting, will be considered at a meeting of Council on Monday, April 24, 2006.
6.1.2   Appointment of Council Representatives to Advisory Committees
            RECOMMENDED: THAT the following appointments of Council representatives and alternates to advisory committees be approved:
Design Advisory Committee
=B7         Councillor Day / Councillor Ferguson (alternate)
Community Services Advisory Committee
=B7         Councillor Vaughan /  Councillor Clark (alternate)
Engineering Advisory Committee
=B7         Councillor Vaughan / Councillor Day (alternate)
Finance Advisory Committee
=B7         Councillor Smith / Councillor Vaughan (alternate)
Heritage Advisory Committee
=B7         Councillor Day / Councillor Vaughan (alternate)
Planning Advisory Committee
=B7         Councillor Clark / Councillor Smith (alternate)
Parks and Environment Advisory Committee
=B7         Councillor Soprovich / Councillor Day (alternate).
6.1.3   Appointment of Council Review Committee for Advisory Committee Appointments
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT the appointments of Councillors Day and Ferguson to the Council Review Committee for Advisory Committee Appointments be approved.
6.1.4   Budget 2006 Presentation at March 27, 2006 Committee of the Whole Meeting
            RECOMMENDED: THAT the recommendation regarding the Budget 2006 Presentation passed by Council at its March 27, 2006 Committee of the Whole Meeting be approved, namely:
            1.         Council receive the staff presentation of the proposed draft budget for 2006;
            2.         Copies of the draft budget documentation be made available to residents on the District web site and at Finance counters in the Municipal Hall;
            3.         Staff host a community meeting at the Municipal Hall on April 05, 2006 at 7:00 pm to answer resident questions on the contents of the draft budget; and
            4.         Council receive resident comment and input into the 2006 budget at a Committee of the Whole meeting to be scheduled during the week of April 10, 2006.
6.1.5   Cancellation of May 01, 2006 Committee of the Whole Meeting (File:  0120 01)
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT the May 01, 2006 Committee of the Whole Meeting be cancelled, [owing] to the annual Youth Council Meeting scheduled for May 1, 2006.
=  Action Required
6.2.1          J. Maynard, Manager, Child Care Resource Program, North Shore Community Resources, undated, regarding Child Care Month (File:  0180?28
                  Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
6.2.2         L. J. Pratt, March 033, 2006, regarding parking on Bellevue
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
6.2.3         G. Kovach, President, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, March 22, 2006, regarding new funding opportunity for municipal solid waste projects
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
6.2.4         T. L. Lorenson, Executive Vice?President, E-Comm 911, March 28, 2006, regarding E-Comm Board of Directors Designate
                  Referred to Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones for consideration and response.
6.2.5         R. J. Bugslag, Executive Director, Provincial Emergency Program, March 13, 2006, regarding Emergency Preparedness Week 2006
                 Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
6.2.6         H. MacLeod Williams, undated, Move for Health Day/SummerActive Coordinator, undated, regarding Move for Health Day
                 Referred to Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
6.2.7         R. Fassler, March 15, 2006, enclosing 29 signatures regarding vacant lot at 11th Street & Mathers
                 Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
6.2.8         D. Anderson, President and CEO, WorkSafeBC, March 15, 2006, regarding Annual Day of Mourning
                 Referred to Mayor Goldsmith-Jones for consideration and response.
6.2.9         D. Ramsay, March 21, 2006, regarding Sea-to-Sky Highway Project
                 Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
6.2.10       B. Sutherland, President, Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (BC), March 28, 2006, regarding consumer protection initiative with the BC government
                 Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
6.2.11       R. Taylor, Executive Director, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, March 03, 2006, regarding 2006 Resolution Process
                 Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
=  No Action Required (receipt only)
6.2.12       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
                  (a)       Board of Variance Hearing Minutes, January 18, 2006
                  (b)       West Vancouver Police Board Minutes, March 02, 2006
6.2.13       M. Holden, Project Director, Regional Vancouver Urban Observatory, March 15, 2006, regarding Regional Vancouver Urban Observatory's Annual Breakfast
                              Previously distributed due to timing of event.
6.2.14       F. Leonard, Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia, March 23, 2006, regarding credit rating confirmation
6.2.15       S. Clark, Program Officer, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, March 24, 2006, regarding Local Government Program Services Program Update
6.2.16       C. Ho, Executive Director, SmartGrowthBC, March 17, 2006, regarding Innovations in Smart Growth Housing
6.2.17       A. Hilsen, Municipal Clerk, District of North Vancouver, regarding Tri-Municipal Review of Support for Community Social Services
6.2.18       K. Carter, undated, regarding parking on Bellevue
6.2.19       H. Mersey, March 21, 2006, regarding preserving Hollyburn neighbourhood
6.2.20       Lower Mainland Municipal Association, undated, regarding call for nominations for Lower Mainland Municipal Association Executive
6.2.21       S. Rowan, February 26, 2006, regarding Joan McIntyre's February 23, 2006 Letter to the Editor
6.2.22       J. McDonald, Deputy Minister to the Premier and Cabinet Secretary, March 15, 2006, regarding North Shore Team Finalist for Premier's Award
6.2.23       D. Press, March 23, 2006, regarding parking spaces in Dundarave
6.2.24       C. Rumbold, March 10, 2006, regarding shooting range in North Vancouver
=  Responses to Correspondence
            6.2.25       February 27, 2006 from B. A. Dozzi, Manager Roads and Transportation to J. Battista regarding Dundarave Landing Interim Parking Plan
             6.2.26       March 14, 2006 from B. A. Dozzi, Manager Roads and Transportation to P. and J. Elwick regarding Gordon Avenue Traffic Study
 =  Responses to Public Question Period
No items.

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                -- Emily Dickinson, poet (1830-1886)