Ccl NOTES Apr 24
No Agenda May 1st yet!
Calendar to May 10

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Ah, the rhythms of the year.   New Year's, Robbie Burns, Chinese New Year, Iranian New Year, Easter, Vaisakhi, Orthodox Easter (Gregorian Calendar), bursting of spring blooms........
This issue:
BUDGET 2006: E-Comm Extortion?; Budget Cmte Terms of Reference; Main Items May 1st: Budget 2006 Input 5pm then Youth Ccl Mtg; Calendar to May 10th (also Chamber News, Youth Week); UPDATE (Police Bd); Eagleridge News (DWV Press Release was in last issue); Some NOTES from Ccl Mtg Apr 24th (CR finds out neither Offer to Lease nor Lease Agreement with VCHA has been signed -- part of cmnty ctr $40m!; Mike on missing budget discussion, Liz on Bluffs); AGENDA May 1st (not available from DWV website at time of writing), sorry; Volunteer!; INFObits (Afghanistan); Quotations

also allowed at 5pm at Ccl's special mtg May 1st before the Youth Ccl Mtg.
Because this is budget time, and the increase is 4.2%, higher than for many years, several citizens have put forth ideas, comments, suggestions.  The Five-Year Capital Plan was only made public April 12th.  Last year's estimate for the new Cmnty Ctr was $40m; on Apr 24 in response to my question we learned that neither the offer to lease nor a lease agreement has been signed with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.  The Salaries for 2005 were not made public but 2004 is available; staff salaries and benefits are about 70% of the budget.
By law, the budget must be adopted by May 15 so three readings planned for May 8 then adoption May 15.

Many of you know that E-Comm was instigated by Vancouver as an attempt to get other municipalities and the RCMP to help pay for the cost of their radio system upgrade (costing in hundreds of millions of dollars).  This shd be verified but unofficially told it cost about $200m to set up.  WV to date has bravely resisted being drawn into this sinking money pit (mortgage, commitments, etc), however it's crunch time.  The province may insist/require WV to join --
but consider:
-  DWV must assume part of the E-Comm building mortgage ($342,000 at $28K a year) although dispatch will still be done from the WVPD offices in West Van
-  E-Comm went proprietary (ie sole supplier/system); has entered into an agreement, buying phones, from a single company.  That means instead of open standards so that provision of phones cd be put out to tender for least expensive supplier, E-Comm has no choice but to buy from the sole provider at whatever price quoted.  Can you spell R-A-N-S-O-M?
- the phones don't work well in mountainous areas! (what does Vancouver care?)
- WV's (forced?) participation cd cost us millions of dollars
Here are some figures: $2.6m amortised over ten to 20 years depending on item, ie ~$400K per year; an earlier study by the WVPD showed that an equivalent system based on non-proprietary technology could be put in place for far less (and handle WV's topology better). Comparing radio systems for different cities is difficult because of different requirements/geography/etc but a recent system purchased by the US DOD cost $6,000 per deployed radio (including radio towers, base stations, etc.). The E-Comm proposal will cost us $30,000 per deployed radio.
More info/clarification on this sought and will be printed.

April 24, 2006 - From: David Stuart, Chief Administrative Officer re Financial Sustainability Review
1. The April 24, 2006 report regarding Financial Sustainability Review from the Chief Administrative Officer is received.
2. The recommendations regarding the creation of a Financial Sustainability Task Force be endorsed and that staff report back on proposed membership by no later than May 8, 2006.
To obtain Council support for the creation of a Financial Sustainability Review Task Force.
1.0 Background
During the introduction of the District's 2006 Capital and Operating Budget, Council and staff remarked that for a variety of reasons, 2006 represented a turning point. In the subsequent Council discussion, it was suggested that a review of the District's service and taxation levels would assist Council and the community in setting long-term policy on both issues.
2.0 Policy
The draft 2006 - 2008 Corporate Business Plan has a broad theme of sustainability and includes a number of goals in the governance and economic sustainability sections related to reviewing service levels and creating a longterm budget/taxation strategy.
3.0 Analysis
3.1 The Context
The District provides a wide variety of municipal services funded from general taxation revenue and user fees. We also collect revenue on behalf of a number of other organizations including the School Board, the Greater Vancouver Regional District, TransLink, and the Squamish Nation. General taxation is based on assessed value and land use type. Topography, density, growth rate, demographics, transportation and land use can have a significant impact on the cost and type of services provided.
The Municipality sets annual and five-year budgets and does some long-term financial planning; recognizing the longer the term, the more susceptible the plans are to change. The taxation level is generally a direct reflection of the cost to provide the service levels established by Council in consultation with the community. The tri-annual Community Survey has been used in recent years to gauge community satisfaction with services, support for changes and the method of financing the changes.
In order to set taxation policy, a great many factors and issues must be considered including:
* [Identifying the] services actually provided including inputs, outputs, and desired outcomes;
* Distinguishing between competing demands for resources and needs versus wants;
* Balancing effectiveness and efficiency (doing the right thing versus doing things right);
* Determining priorities within an affordability framework; and
* [Meeting the] need to constantly change, adjust, and improve to react to community goals and expectations.
3.2 The Review Process
In 2006, with a new Council and term ahead, and in light of the pressures exerted on our tax base by inflation, labour costs, and external forces, there is interest in creating a framework and process for the budget that is consistent with the principles of sustainability.
In 2002 and 2003, West Vancouver staff worked with the Banff School of Management to create a service inventory which spells out departmental mandates, goals, programs, financial and other resources consumed, service users, outputs, outcomes, and possible quality of life indicators. The above information combined with detailed financial and trend analysis provides a useful place to start a process of reviewing service and taxation levels.
The review process should involve an appointed Task Force including Council (2) and community representatives (8), supported by staff. The process can be broken into three stages:
Phase 1 - Establishing the Framework
This first stage would involve researching and reviewing available information and establishing a general policy framework for consideration by Council including high level targets, fundamental service assumptions, and alternative funding approaches, tools to encourage investment and maintain quality of life.
Phase 2 - Service Level Review and Adjustment Strategy
The second stage would involve a review of services and potential adjustments that could be made (these generally involve changing funding strategies, adjusting service levels and changing service delivery methods) and evaluating the potential of implementation.
Phase 3 - Stakeholder Consultation
The third stage would involve reviewing the policy framework and possible service adjustments with interested parties and the general public to determine support for change. This also might involve a direct request to the public, interested parties and staff for ideas to improve our efficiency, effectiveness, and longterm sustainability.
3.3 Timelines
Assuming that the Task Force is appointed in mid-May in conjunction with the 2006 Budget, the review process could conclude by early fall, in time to impact the 2007 budget discussions. This is a tight timeline which could be impacted by the level of detail the Task Force gets into, member availability and extent of public consultation. Other significant initiatives underway at the same time (i.e. Ambleside/Waterfront planning, 2010 Olympics, Sea-to-Sky Construction, Community Centre construction, Arts and Culture strategy, Heritage and Environmental strategy implementation, Committee restructuring) will affect staff availability.
3.4 Cost
Staff time, meeting costs, and advertising costs are likely to be the primary expenses unless there is a need to carry out survey work. If Council endorses the creation of a Task Force a more detailed budget can be developed in consultation with the Task Force.
4.0 Options
Council can:
* Endorse the creation of a Task Force as set out in the report;
* Not endorse the creation of a Task Force as set out in the report, and
* Identify some other approach to developing a long term service level and taxation strategy.
David C. Stuart
Chief Administrative Officer

>>>  CALENDAR to May 10th  <<<

+ Volunteer Week Apr 23 - 29 -- participate in and contribute to your community!  See volunteers below.
+ Youth Week; some events in Calendar; see Youth Week at end of Calendar section.
+++  BOOKtopia & North Shore Writers' Festival:  Apr 19 - 29  +++
The North Shore libraries present the seventh annual festival celebrating Canadian authors.  Details were in last two issues.
+++  Friday, April 21st at the Kay Meek Centre (to May 6)  "Office Hours"
Theatre West Van presentation of Norm Foster's witty comedy. This homecoming production will officially open the newly completed Studio Theatre. Tickets will be available from Festival Box Office on 604.257.0366 www.festivalboxoffice.com Ticket Prices $18/$15. See www.kaymeekcentre.com
===  Tuesday, April 25th
~ 5pm ~ NSACDI at CNV M Hall Conf Room
~ 7pm ~ FREE at FBG: Special Artist's Lecture:  BARRY COGSWELL
~ 6- 8pm ~ Lower Caulfeild Adv Cmte
                Neighbourhood Information Meeting
Proposal: New Building - 1783 Marine Drive - 18th and Marine
Meeting Location: WV Seniors' Activity Centre, Visual Arts Room
The applicant, Ted Murray Architect Inc., is conducting the meeting as part of a Development Application to present the proposal for public review.  A community planner from West Vancouver well be in attendance to respond to questions on policy and process.  The public will have the opportunity to submit written questions or comments on forms to be provided.
The meeting is being held by the applicant.  Council will receive a staff report regarding any issue raised at the meeting and will formally consider the proposal at a future council meeting.
The proposal is for a two-storey commercial bank building of approximately 4990 square feet, located at the north-east corner of Marine Drive and 18th Street (the old KFC site). The building is to be located adjacent to Marine Drive with 11 on-grade parking spaces located to the rear of the property, accessed from 18th Street.
There will be an informal open house from 6:00-7:00pm, with a presentation at 7:00 followed with questions and comments. Light refreshments will be served.

===  Wednesday, April 26th
~ 5pm ~ PAC
with LARRY BEASLEY, FCIP, Director of Current Planning, City of Vancouver
Location: Vancouver Museum, 1100 Chestnut Street; Admission: Non-Members $5.00; Members Free
For information (604) 254-9411 or info@heritagevancouver.org
Join us for a lively, humorous presentation by Larry Beasley as he looks back at 30 years of heritage preservation in the City of Vancouver.   Larry's last guest appearance at a Heritage Vancouver event in his current capacity as Co-Director of Planning and Director of Current Planning promises to be a tell-all presentation as he exposes some of the best and the worst of heritage preservation during his 30 years with the City of Vancouver.
PIBC Continuing Professional Development: Members may earn 1.5 CPD Learning Units for attending this event.

==  Thursday, April 27th
~ 4pm ~ Police Bd mtg in Chamber of Commerce Boardroom
~ 4 - 10pm ~ YPAC Family Carnival in Ambleside Park
~ 4:30 ~ DAC
~ 5pm ~ NSACDI at CNV M Hall, Conf Room A
~ 5pm ~ NS Task Force on Substance Abuse at CNV at M Hall, Conf Room B
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Living in Bear Country Movie at DNV M Hall

===  Friday, April 28th
~ 9:30am - 4:30pm ~ Annual Youth Justice Conference at Capilano College (Sat too)
~ 3:30 - 11pm ~ YPAC Family Carnival in Ambleside Park (Sat and Sunday)
~ 5- 9pm ~ Spring Home & Garden Show in the Arena (Sat and Sunday too)

===  Saturday, April 29th
See updates for Eagleridge BBQ
~ 9am - 12:30pm ~ Annual Youth Justice Conference at Capilano College (cont'd)
~ 9 - 11am ~ Seniors' Continental Breakfast at Srs' Ctr
~ 10am - 11pm ~ YPAC Family Carnival in Ambleside Park (and Sunday)
~ 11am - 6pm ~ Spring Home & Garden Show in the Arena (Sunday too)
~ 7 - 10pm ~ Fear Factor Pool Party in Aquatic Ctr

Hatchery Symposium  Saturday - April 29th from 9 - 4pm
BCIT Campus, 3700 Willingdon at Town Square A & B; Parking is at Lot 7 off Wayburne Drive (east of Willingdon)
This is an important Symposium and any that can attend it should do so.
        INFO: pls write streamkeepers@westvan.org or call 604 628 1123
Re: Battle for the Bluffs - Getting Rougher
Help shore up the effort to save Eagleridge Bluffs, and come out for the next event on Saturday. The trees and frogs still need hugging, as do our cold, huddled neighbours.  Here's the latest note from the Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs at Horseshoe Bay:
Thank You to All Our Supporters!
"You will be proud of yourself for your contributions to saving the bluffs, and your children and grandchildren will be proud and grateful of your efforts."   Betty Krawczyk
===  Sunday, April 30th
~ 10am - 5pm ~ YPAC Family Carnival in Ambleside Park
~ noon - 5pm ~ Spring Home & Garden Show in the Arena
~ 1 - 4pm ~ Youth Park Stewardship Event in Hay Park

Celebrate Nature and Community Stewardship in West Vancouver
DWV and Evergreen are hosting this Community Stewardship event
Hay Park  on Sunday April 30th from 1 - 4pm
Come to 1900-block Inglewood Ave at McDonald Creek and take a 15-minute walk around Hay Park. Visit the displays of a number of volunteer Stewards and enjoy the creek walk.
Streamkeepers will have their display tent, an aquarium with fish from McDonald Creek, plant some native plants, and look at aquatic bugs from the creek.
 Join us and bring the kids for this Community event this coming Sunday
WV Streamkeeper Society * streamkeepers@westvan.org * 604 628 1123

===  Monday, May 1st ~ Cmte of Whole CANCELLED; instead Youth Ccl Mtg in Ccl Chambers
***  NB: SPECIAL CCL MTG AT 5pm FOR BUDGET INPUT before the Youth Ccl Mtg  ***

===  Tuesday, May 2nd
~ 3:45 - 5:45 ~ YAC
~ 4:30 - 6:30 ~ EAC

===  Wednesday, May 3rd
~ 5 - 9pm ~ Community Open House at Ambleside Youth Centre

===  Thursday, May 4th
~ 10am - 4pm ~ Beat the Heat! Basketball Tournament at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
~ 7:30 - midnight ~ Battle of the Bands/Youth Fashion Showcase

===  Friday, May 5th
~ 10am - 1pm ~ BC Special Olympics Walkathon (Ambleside)

===  Saturday, May 6th
~ 8pm ~ Pacific Baroque Orchestra at WV United Church (21st & Marine)
The Young Romantics: A Tribute to Youthful Genius; Rossini, Mendelssohn, and Giuliani with Alexander Dunn, guitar soloist.  Tickets are available at the door or by phone (604-215-0406); $28; $23 (Senior); $12 (student); 19 and under, free

AT THE CCL MTG May 8th, Ccl will give three readings to BUDGET 2006

===  Tuesday, May 9th
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC
===  Wednesday, May 10th
~ 7:30am Chamber Breakfast with Mayor Goldsmith-Jones talking about the Winter Olympics in Turin
~ 6 - 9pm ~ PEAC


***  2006 Business Excellence Awards
Call for Nominations
We are asking that all of our members and all North Shore residents and businesses assist us by submitting their choice for worthy recipients for the upcoming Business Excellence Awards. The awards are open to any West Vancouver based and/or licensed businesses.
The award ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 25th, at the President=92s Dinner at the Capilano Golf and Country Club. This year the categories have been expanded and include:
- Corporate Business of the Year (sponsored by GTM Group of Companies)
- Service Business of the Year (sponsored by Loren & Company, CGAs)
- Retail Business of the Year
and also community awards for West Vancouver residents for the:
Citizen of the Year, and The Community Citation Award (sponsored by North Shore Outlook)
Nominations close Friday, May 12th. For nomination forms and complete details please call the Chamber at 926 6614.
We are also looking for sponsors for each award. Currently, the Retail Business of the Year and Citizen of the Year awards are still available. Please contact Kathleen at 604 926-6614 if you are interested in a sponsorship. We offer a full year program of Chamber-based promotion to our sponsors for supporting this event.

***  Wednesday, May 10th Breakfast
Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones Reports on 2006 Olympics
Sponsored by: The Whistler Mountaineer
Join us and our guest speaker, Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, as she relates her experiences, observations, and memories of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. She will also provide her insight and offer some advice as to what we might want to consider when developing our own 2010 Olympic offerings for West Vancouver.
Time: 7:30 to 9am. Cost $20 for members and $30 for non-members (GST included).  [Reserve by noon Monday 8th]

***  Volunteer Week April 23 to April 29
This week we are pleased to recognize the many volunteers who make our community a great place to live, work and play. In particular we would like to acknowledge our appreciation to the WVCC Volunteer Board of Directors, Committee members and our office/event volunteers who give their time, expertise, and energy. All of these individuals make a significant contribution and truly make a difference in sustaining and developing the WVCC.
Our volunteer Board includes Sean Allan, Dina Zeitler, Bill Chapman, Michael Evison, Nicole Garton, Gabrielle Loren, Rick Amantea, Doug Foot, Lynn Jest, Bill McKitrick, Mary Molson, John Moonen, Gary Mussatto, Heidi Schmidt, Luis Sopena, and Linda Stewart.
2010/Tourism Committee volunteer members include Catherine Barr, Linda Stewart, Sean Allan, and Heidi Schmidt.
The Community Affairs volunteer members include Craig Turner, Sean Allan, Bill Chapman, Jacci McTavish, Gary Mussatto, Luis Sopena, Holly Kemp, Megan Sewell, Kevin O=92Sullivan, John Cave, and Dina Zeitler.
Membership Committee members include Linda Stewart, Brenda Ballogh, Sean Allan.
Revenue Committee members include Doug Foot, Gabrielle Loren, and Sean Allan.
Advocacy Committee members include John Moonen, and Nicole Garton.
Special Events Committee members include Mary Molson, Dina Zeitler, and Gary Mussatto.
Education Committee volunteers include Lynn Jest, Rick Amantea, and Bill McKitrick.
Our office and event volunteers include : Lou Liggett, Mary Pat Ferguson, Ruth Halliday, May MacDonald, Elizabeth Soden, Linda Metcalfe, Anne Russell, and Candace Chapman.
If we have omitted any names in error or oversight, we apologize.
If you are interested in participating in any of the above noted committees please let Kathleen Campbell know by calling 604 926-6614.

+++  Celebrate Youth Week May 1 - 6  +++

Youth Week has been celebrated in West Vancouver since 1995 as a time to acknowledge the contributions of youth to our community as well as across the province, nationally and globally. Come out to one of the events during Youth Week to show your support of our local youth population!
Youth Works Art Exhibition
Friday, April 21st to May 18th
West Vancouver Memorial Library (1950 Marine Drive)
A companion to BOOKtopia's literary events, BOOKtopia participants will contribute original art work to comprise the 2006 'Youth Works' exhibition. Coinciding with Youth Week (May 1 -7), this special exhibition celebrating 'Books and Reading' will showcase works from the tiny hands of preschoolers to the sophisticated visions of graduating students. This will be a unique and inspiring exhibition with something for everyone.
Second Annual Youth Police Advisory Committee Family Carnival
Thursday, April 27th to Sunday, April 30th
Ambleside Park (Foot of 13th Street)
The second annual YPAC Family Carnival event is scheduled to take place from April 27th to 30th at Ambleside Park. West Coast Amusements will be supplying rides, novelty games, and food concessions for people of all ages. West Vancouver police officers and local youth who participate in YPAC and the West Vancouver Recreation Advisory Team (RAT) will be on site to welcome you. Ride tickets can be purchased during the hours of operation, which are listed below. Come one, come all! Rain or shine!
Thursday, April 27th - 3:30 to 10pm Friday, April 28th - 3:30 to 11pm
Saturday, April 29th - 10am to 11pm Sunday, April 30th - 10am to 5pm
"Fear Factor" Pool Party
Friday, April 28th from 7 to 10pm
West Vancouver Aquatic Centre (2121 Marine Drive)
Organized and presented by RAT (by youth for youth!), this event will feature teams of youth competing in "Fear Factor"-type events, and generally enjoying everything that the Aquatic Centre has to offer. This is the perfect time to challenge some of your limitations and boundaries, but in a fun and friendly environment.
Seniors' Centre Continental Breakfast & RAK with RAT and YAC!
Saturday, April 29th from 9 to 11am
West Vancouver Seniors' Activity Centre (695 21st Street)
Continental Breakfast - The Ambleside Youth Centre will be hosting a fabulous continental breakfast at the West Vancouver Seniors' Activity Centre. This inter-generational event will bring youth and seniors together in a low key, social setting. (By donation, to support the Ambleside Youth Centre.)
RAK with RAT and YAC - And watch out for those flying acronyms! In the spirit of Youth Week, and as a special surprise to the members of the Seniors' Centre and to other local West Vancouver residents that morning, members of the youth-driven Recreation Advisory Team and Youth Advisory Committee will be conducting Random Acts of Kindness right on the streets of West Vancouver and in the halls of our Community Centres.
Ambleside Beach Party
Saturday, April 29th from 8 to 11pm
Ambleside Beach (At Ambleside Park, between the foot of 10th and 13th Streets)
"Get up off that thang and dance 'til you feel better!" This party will be a celebration of life and happiness. Come on out to a night of dancing, DJs and live music, and tropical non-alcoholic beverages=8A all at our fabulous Caribbean village on the sand!
Youth Park Stewardship Event
Sunday, April 30th from 1 to 4pm
Hay Park (1900 block of Inglewood Avenue, east of 20th Street)
Come to Hay Park for a celebration of nature and stewardship in our community. Learn about nature and ecology and the role stewardship plays in protecting and enhancing our local environment by planting trees, joining an interpretive nature discovery walk, creating natural art, or participating in fun activities for kids. But most of all, have a good time getting your hands dirty at this Earth Month/Youth Week event!
Youth Council &= amp; Youth Awards
Monday, May 1st from 7 to 10pm
District of West Vancouver Municipal Hall, Council Chambers (750 17th Street)
Youth Council - This event provides an opportunity for youth to play the role of Mayor and Council and to debate a current issue that is important to youth. The youth will have the opportunity to make decisions and pass a resolution for further action. Youth Mayor and Councillors are from the West Vancouver Youth Advisory Committee.
Youth Awards - This will be our third year for these awards that recognize and appreciate West Vancouver's youth and their significant contributions to the community of West Vancouver. The Awards will follow the sitting of the Youth Council, plus the Mayor and Youth Mayor's Proclamation of Youth Week. A reception for all attendees will follow the presentation of the Awards.
Community Open House
Thursday, May 4th from 5 to 9pm
Ambleside Youth Centre (by the SPCA at Ambleside Park)
Fans of all ages are welcome to attend this fabulous showcase of local youth talent and participate in the other 'open house' activities at the Ambleside Youth Centre. Meet the AYC staff, play pool or foosball, meet up with friends and be sure to partake in the coffee and refreshments. Stay for a while, stay for a minute=8A just make sure you come down for the fun!
Beat the Heat! Basketball Tournament
Saturday, May 6th from 10am to 4pm
Gleneagles Community Centre (6262 Marine Drive)
A West Vancouver Recreation Advisory Team (for youth by youth!) organized basketball tournament where youth come out and compete against the local West Vancouver Fire, Police, and Parks & Community Services Departments. Form a team and come out to play! Or maybe you're more of a spectator? No problem - there will be plenty of room for some serious fans to root on their favourite teams.
FASHION'S LOUD! Battle of the Bands/Youth Fashion Showcase
Saturday, May 6th from 7:30 pm to midnight
West Vancouver Ice Arena (786 22nd Street)
You absolutely cannot miss this!! First we've got the biggest Battle of the Bands West Vancouver will see all year, where youth bands will come together to play and compete for bragging rights and prizes. PLUS, at the same time, local youth fashion designers and artists will be working hard to creatively display their original work, and generally gain exposure amongst their peers.
This event is the first of its kind in West Vancouver, bringing fashion, art, music, original ideas, passion, energy and the celebration of everything that's awesome about being a youth together under one roof, for one fabulous night of entertainment. This event will also strive to provide youth with information and resources about feeling great on the inside and out.
Like the other DWV-sponsored events, FASHION'S LOUD is being created and implemented by youth for youth and is sure to rock!

>>>  UPDATE (Police Board)  <<<
From our WVM reporter and ADRA rep observer:
Highlights of West Vancouver Police Board meeting 27 April 2006
- Detective Tim Kravjanski gave an excellent overview to the Board of the various threats posed by the different types of "Cyber Crime". A board member suggested that he give a fuller version of his talk at the Library {which we heartily endorse}.
- The Ambleside area is experiencing a small crime wave hitting small businesses in the early morning hours. There were 14 business break-and-enters in March 2006 as compared to one in March 2005. Deadbolt locks are being jimmied. Although the amount of cash stolen is small, the damage is significant and costly. While WV Police are confident they will catch the perpetrators, they are still at large.
- Speed Watch volunteers worked 36 hours in March clocking 7,389 vehicles. Unfortunately 60% of private vehicles were travelling above the speed limit (as compared to 22% of commercial vehicles). Slow down!
- Some members of the Student Work Experience Team (SWET) were introduced to the board and spoke briefly of their involvement in the program. In March, six SWET members with two WV Constables visited 33 WV businesses to alert them to the important issue of common household products that can be used in the manufacture of crystal meth and to request that they participate in the Meth Watch Program.
- Police are working with District Engineering staff to consider improvements to the 14th and Fulton intersection, the site of a number of vehicle collisions.

 Thanks to everyone who has supported the tent city occupation during the last 9 days! We are grateful to all campers, visitors, support crew and to the hundreds of people from all over B.C. who attended our Earth Day celebration last Saturday.
 As we've been expecting, Kiewit, the construction contractors finally showed up at camp this morning requesting access to the site. Also as expected, we said no and they left peacefully. It is now more important than ever that we are able to count on your continued commitment to saving the bluffs.....
 We need more people to visit the camp on a daily basis! The most crucial time for "extra bodies" is from 7:00-10:00am!
 Also, please drop by the bluffs whenever you can (even a half hour is appreciated). It is extremely important that we continue to show strong presence! Bring your kids after school and on the weekends; come out with your picnic lunch; stop in before or after work; bring an instrument and keep us entertained; come meet your neighbours and make new friends! 
 There are lots of ways you can keep busy when you drop by the bluffs...carry a sign on the overpass, help out in the information booth, go for a guided walk. We will have a bulletin board at the booth with news postings, info on how you can help and activities.
Don't forget, we have an ongoing need for campers. Please contact Patricia Barnes if you can volunteer for a night(s), or if you have any questions about camping at tent city: P_Barnes@Shaw.ca
 We're thrilled that so many of you came out and experienced the magic of the bluffs, the wetlands and the old growth forests at our Earth Day Celebration. We invite you all again this Saturday April 29th to join us at Eagleridge Bluffs. Bring your family, friends and picnics. Join biologists, naturalists  and "birders" on guided hikes through the unique arbutus ecosystem, and along the Baden Powell Trail to the Wetlands and the old growth forest.
Come and share the rich learning environment and beauty that this delicate ecosystem offers to all ages. Hikes will leave every 2 hours starting at 12 noon until 6pm. Live entertainment at 2pm.
While we are very fortunate that many individuals and businesses are providing free goods and services, we still must cover significant and vital costs related to legal services and day to day operation of the camp. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed so generously! If you can spare a bit more, please make an additional donation! If you haven't contributed, please consider a donation to help save the bluffs! We are grateful for any amount you can give. Please send or deliver cheques made payable to Liz Byrd at 6228 Summit Ave, W.Vancouver, B.C., V7W 1Y2.   
The Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs

>>>  SOME NOTES FROM CCL MTG Apr 24th  <<<
{Shaw did not broadcast as usual at 9pm Tuesday and I missed the beginning of the mtg (agenda, minutes); a fuller report may be in a future newsletter.}

NOTE:  NEW CMNTY CTR $40m and $$$ from?
You know when asked they said last year's estimate for the new Cmty Ctr is $40m so this time I asked if the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority had signed an agreement with DWV.  NO.  Neither the offer to lease nor a lease agreement has been signed.  I asked it be made public.  I also asked for the source of funding to be made public.  I forgot to ask it be made public May 1st.  Please ask.
Are you as frustrated as Cclr Smith over lack and lateness of information???

=  Delegations from Unique Minds (presented Calendar) and Westport residents (thanks to Ccl)
=  Great Youth Week events described [See Calendar for more details]
=  Dilemma about a permit for a structure already built at 8935 Lawrence Way but variance wd have been recommended by staff; approved (will check who opposed)
=  Devt Permit for 1204 Keith Road duplex with variances; approved (think VV opposed)
=  DVP for 6619 Nelson passed unanimously
=  8:03 - 9:34 = Dundarave Landing Interim Parking Plan - Traffic and Parking Study had 20 speakers signed up; after an hour, moved Council direct staff to implement the additional measures described in this report and report back on their effectiveness within six months of their implementation.
=  9:34 Commercial Dog Walking Amendments deferred
=  9:36 for Budget 2006 -- Resident Comment
NB: Additional comment possible at special ccl mtg starting at 5pm Monday May 1st, before the Youth Ccl mtg (Budget to get three readings on May 8th)
David Adams made some good points.To start, he held up a brochure still available in Finance (2005 Budget Report) wanting to remind five cclrs still there what was said in 2005 budget report, quoting: be assured you Ccl remains committed to managing to equal or below the rate of inflation
that suggests 1.5% rather than 4.2% [then gave examples of deptal budgets up by 7%, 10%, 11%]
you tend to be presented with macro numbers and v difficult to get behind those numbers to see where you might challenge expenditures being proposed
Mayor: running late
Katherine Steig: also commented hard to see background but hoped completion of biodiversity study and Cypress Creek watershed plan as well as work on shoreline and other environmental matters.
CR: Cdn't get notes from Apr 5 and 12 budget sessions b/c DWV website was down; RL kindly sent Apr 5th's by email but today still down so haven't seen 12th.  Have asked for more budget info and it will be sent, I understand.
How much is it costing in this transition period (rec ctr demolished, renting facilities), had heard $20K per month?  [Ans: they'll look into it]

The Dir/Fin said last year's estimate for the new cmnty ctr is $40m -- has the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority signed an agreement to lease?
KPike: Neither the offer to lease nor the lease agreement has been signed.
CR: Will we see it before signed?
Ans: yes, it will come to Ccl
CR:  We only got the five-year capital projects plan about a week ago, it wd be helpful, Madam Mayor, if the sources of funding for the new cmnty ctr wd be made public.
After my comments RD wondered about the May 1st mtg; turns out item shdn't hv bn there and they'd already passed having a Budget Input mtg at 5pm Monday May 1st before the Youth Ccl mtg at 7pm.
At the motion to receive the summaries and the motion for staff to prepare the Budget and Tax Rate bylaws for the May 8th regular ccl mtg, the CAO gave the Terms of Reference for setting up a special Budget cmte composed of cclrs, staff, residents (hope to have the TofRef for next newsletter).
Now to listen to Mike:
MS: guess my frustration is demonstrated...
wondered when get around to speaking on the budget
I was almost ready to sign the speakers' list!
been on this Ccl five months and we haven't spent more than a few hours on budget
spent time on singsong, heritage, culture,....
never any action plan as where to pay for these plans
Cclr Sop said we built a seawall 40 years ago -- we've only managed to bld two blocks since
really frustrated by lack of budget discussion on Ccl
ploughing through looked at admin, fire, etc
compare with 2003 gone up and not tracking
Capital budget, finally got two weeks ago and here's $39.7m on new cmty ctr
so went back and looked at five-year plan passed in Mar 2005 and was $22m
don't know how anyone can comment intelligently
no info, no discussion, subsidize gallery behind us for [x] dollars, Ferry Bldg, etc, western rec ctr, srs' ctr, ...
got a call from firefighters' union and happy to have coffee, and thought I'd get some tips to cut, and one of these [new fire vehicles requested in budget] rolled past the door! -- no sense putting it on budget b/c already bought!
CAO: approved previously, carried forward
MS: guess if I'm talking I'll have to vote for it
MS: will wind up but will respond; agree it was a carry over
I spent my working life looking over financial stmts
[Why] no asterisk for carryover from previous years? got to be given info
we've got to start getting our focus back, putting our fiscal house in order, understand where it's going, spend more efficiently
Sop: always good to go back; thought we've been efficient
look at growth, culture, heritage, waterfront, it's going to cost us
always prided ourselves that this cmnty is safe and was protected
requires dollars b/c manpower seven days a week
can pinch away and that goes through budget
we have 140+ parks, mtn full of trails to look at
rec renewal, needed and now at final one, cmnty crtre, and did it all keeping budget reasonable; seen growth in areas ...
not going to find it by picking away at 1% but we'll do that
each year look at how we can keep that budget...
what will be like if we keep shaving off; and if we dare attack Fire and Police
we're meeting more times over the budget; long term; not an easy task
Mayor: we are really in a transition; also been crafting a new biz plan; Amb revitalization
are trying to work at a picture of our financial future
and the frustration is that the tools we've been using have just run out of steam; have to look at things differently
with NV weekly looking at things, share
done a lot to streamline ccl procedures, looking at further
all welcome, but staff to their credit hv bn working on assumptions for six years and ready to change
that's to come
does look at coming in at a little below 4.2%
the exercise of cutting on May 1st?
CAO: staff looking at that; looking at providing you with a number of options
maybe some revenue opportunities, and expend
Mayor: that is late but will improve on that for next year
SSch: include in motions??
Mayor: see you May 1st
Ccl has committed mtgs, time set aside going into June; Amb revit
pretty aggressive workload, glad everyone prepared to pitch in
=  10:08 Federal Commitment to $1.6 billion in Affordable Housing Funding
DEBATE  thought 5.8 had been done (no need to)

6.1       Proposed Notice of Motion regarding a legislative change to provide for a maximum of two consecutive terms of service by a Mayor.
Mayor: reminds us why we need updated procedures
JC: during the most recent election, this issue came up on a number of occasions and in the past as a good idea, whereas wd remove presumption of retention, ensure renewal
possibly restrict
Mayor: is this going to be coming to a future ccl for discussion?
SSch: to allow it to be considered this evening.
MS: table it
Mayor: b/c going to UBCM
RB: past deadline; have extended deadline so there's an emergency if want to this week
MS: won't second it; at 8:15 but not at 10:15
Sop: I think this needs more than ten-minute discussion; others may bring it
don't want to say no but defer
Mayor: ccl needs to do it this week; if no seconder, it dies
MS: send in fall?
RB: yes but spring is for UBCM conference in fall.......
Mayor; no seconder
10:15  {Well, it failed but no doubt the timelines for UBCM mtgs are well-known so wonder why this so late.}
Liz Byrd: thought public comment
Mayor to Ccl: consent or move to public?
to PQP
first on list, Sheryl Leski (sp?): re prop 1426 Inglewood slated for mtg May 15
{tried to get public info mtg moved up; denied b/c notices have to be sent out}
Liz Byrd: re Eagleridge/tents
Mayor: did you arrive late?  I read out the notice
LB: yes I was
Mayor, for her: read again press release, said arrived at through a consensus of all ccl and staff and team
Liz: gosh, gosh
{Below are her remarks kindly emailed to me.}
We would firstly like to thank Council and Staff for all their help and support over these past three long years.  We appreciate the efforts made on our behalf in Court and we now understand that it is necessary for you to distance yourselves from us.
You know that we are not going to go away.
We are determined to continue with our blockade of Eagleridge Bluffs.
We know that there are other ways to get to Whistler and we would like to see either a [four-lane two-way] tunnel, or an update of the existing road in the manner which is presently being implemented on the entire Sea-to-Sky corridor.
The support we are receiving from around  the world is overwhelming.  Our website has 1000 unique visits every day, the press is giving us great attention, and the community of West Vancouver is supporting us financially and supplying our needs, food, water, firewood, and constantly dropping in to encourage us to keep up our vigil.
Last night from 4-6pm for a full two hours as the mass of traffic from Whistler and the Ferries flooded back into the city people constantly honked their horns in support of our efforts.
The people of Eagleridge Bluffs have extraordinary talent, extraordinary energy, and extraordinary determination.  People have joined us from all over the province, it is a great privilege and extremely humbling to be amongst people who have been living in a tree in Cathedral Grove for two years, people who founded Greenpeace, people whose mothers stopped the complete destruction of Lower Manhattan, the building of the Spadina Freeway in Toronto, and people who saved Clayoquot Sound.  All these people who are prepared to be arrested with us in our quest to save the Bluffs.
Eagleridge Bluffs are 416 million years old, they are the guardian sentinel to the Vancouver Harbour settled by the First nations, observed by Captain Vancouver and the early immigrants and today seen by cruise ships as they sail into Vancouver.  They are a treasure not to be tampered with, an ecological gem in the heart of a large city.
The Bluffs are unique, sensitive, and accessible.
The Bluffs are a breathing living classroom for the young and old
The Overland route is unnecessary, it is morally and esthetically disastrous.
Cosmetic mitigation is completely unacceptable
We are going to our utmost to prevent the province from making such a terrible irreversible mistake.  We ask each of you to look into your hearts and search for solutions to someone, somewhere in either the federal or provincial government who can and would be willing to come to the table to save Eagleridge Bluffs.
{Please note that my understanding is although the preference is for a four-lane, two-way tunnel -- wch is safe (think of Massey) -- the fallback position is adding a third lane to the hwy wch wd cause less disruption than the larger about to be blasted.  Maybe even cheaper. - Editor}
went to REPORTS at 10:27 but none since so late!
MS: wd point out this is legislation by exhaustion; been here since 5 o'clock! -- ADJOURNMENT!

>>>  VOLUNTEER!  <<<
If you enjoy dance, music and drama, volunteering at the Kay Meek Centre maybe the perfect opportunity for you. The theatre is located on Mathers Avenue, the heart of West Vancouver's arts and cultural scene.  If you would like to become more involved in the community call 604 981 1176 or e-mail tamsin@kaymeekcentre.com

>>>  INFObits - Afghanistan  <<<   Afghanistan  CBC News Online | Feb. 15, 2006
Afghanistan's economy is growing like gangbusters. Problem is, more than a quarter century of war and an attempt by the Taliban to isolate the country from modern influences has left the economy in ruins.  A United Nations report in February 2005, concluded that Afghanistan remains one of the world's least developed countries. It ranked 173rd out of 178 countries surveyed - beating five states in sub-Saharan Africa.
Out of every 1,000 babies born in Afghanistan, 142 die before reaching one year of age. A woman dies in pregnancy every 30 minutes. Overall life expectancy is estimated at just under 42.5 years.
Afghanistan is a landlocked country of about 28 million people, bordered by Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran. It is a land of mountains, plains, cold winters, and hot summers - and is often threatened by earthquakes and floods.
The Soviet Union invaded and occupied Afghanistan in 1979, to prop up a Communist government and to suppress a growing Islamic fundamentalist movement it feared would spread to southern Soviet republics.
But the war went badly for the Soviets. By 1989, they were driven out of the country by anti-communist mujahedeen forces (trained and supplied by the United States, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan). A third of the population fled the country while the various factions fought. Most went to Pakistan and Iran.
The war also provided fertile training ground for Osama bin Laden and the Taliban movement.
Once the Soviets were gone, Afghanistan's numerous factions lost their one common goal - liberating the country from foreign occupiers. The factions clashed -- and by the late 1990s the Taliban emerged as the dominant force. It seized control of most of the country, including the capital, Kabul.
The Taliban imposed its ultra-conservative version of Islamic law on the country: television was banned, women were barred from attending school, driving, and working outside the home.
The United States accused the Taliban government of harbouring Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, which Washington blamed for a number of deadly attacks.
The Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington made bin Laden and the Taliban the prime targets of the American military.
Barely a month after the attacks, an American-led coalition drove out the Taliban government. Most of its senior leaders -- as well as Osama bin Laden -- remain at large.
Since then, Afghanistan's economy has been growing at 25 per cent a year. It is projected to keep growing by about 10 per cent a year through the first decade of the 21st century.
Much of that has been fuelled by the billions of dollars in aid countries have pledged to help rebuild the country.
But there are concerns that much of the country's income is being siphoned off by warlords with strong political and military connections, further widening the gap between rich and poor.
Canada participated in the UN-mandated International Security Assistance Force, which was created in late 2001 to help bring stability to the country.
Canada ended its role in late 2005 and committed a battle group of about 2,000 personnel to Kandahar in early 2006. Canadian Brigadier General David Fraser was to take the command of the multinational brigade consisting of Canadian, British, and Dutch troops in March 2006.
There remain huge challenges: Afghanistan has the worst education system in the world, according to UN calculations. Nearly three-quarters of adults are illiterate and few girls go to school in many parts of the country.
The UN report points to positive developments as well. It notes that the October 2004 election won by President Hamid Karzai showed Afghanistan's political progress. It was an election that forces loyal to the former Taliban government had vowed to disrupt.  The election went off relatively smoothly. Still, Karzai has been referred to as the President of Kabul, as the government continues to have difficulty exercising its influence in the rugged and fiercely independent countryside.
With American help, Afghanistan is rebuilding its army, aiming for a projected 2006 full combat strength of 40,000 soldiers. That's more than twice as many as were in place at the end of 2004.
The American general overseeing the effort expects that the training of an overall force of 70,000, including a headquarters and other non-combat personnel, would be complete by 2008.
At the beginning 2005, there were promising signs that Afghanistan's political climate was warming up. Moderate members of the former Taliban government were negotiating with Karzai's government - among them, a former UN envoy and two former deputy ministers. They're members of a group called Khudam-ul Furqan (Servants of the Koran), which attracted several moderate Taliban members.
At the time, more militant Taliban guerrilla officials dismissed talk of reconciliation. They vowed to continue their war against the Karzai government and foreign forces.
In the fall of 2005, attacks by the Taliban insurgency increased in southern and eastern Afghanistan. The Taliban began using improvised explosive devices, basing their tactics on the insurgency in Iraq, as well as suicide attacks and raids on remote villages in a growing attempt to destabilize the Karzai government.
{Personal note and update.  When I was in Afghanistan in the 1970s, it was a dreadful dilemma for me.  98% of women were illiterate (Kabul probably had most of the literates), with a not much lower rate of illiteracy for the men.  The Communists advocated education for women.  As for now, although the Taliban eradicated growing of poppies, the latest news is that some warlords are in the cabinet, and poppies/heroin back to 60% of the Afghan economy.  One farmer interviewed said he'd gone back to growing poppies b/c he didn't get the aid/money promised if he didn't . This will not be easy to deal with, nor will much be done in a short time; broken promises won't help.   Karzai (isn't he a former US oil company executive with SoCal?) is known as the Mayor of Kabul (ie not President).   The 'North West Frontier', that sort of no-man's land between Pakistan and Afghanistan, is not controlled by anyone.  I travelled overland and there's a de facto border.  Communities typically are walled cities on mountain tops.  About the only people you see is the odd man on horseback armed with a rifle.  Fiercely independent.  As someone said, it's a 14th century society -- it'll take time, and education.  I'd be pleased if our Canadian troops wd guard schools that have girls since they've been burning them if girls are being educated.  An educated woman is a threat to a man's power and manhood, as they see it.  It needs at least a generation.}
Capital: Kabul; Area: 647,500 km sq. (same size as Manitoba); Population: 28,513,000 (2004); Head of State: Hamid Karzai
Unemployment: 78%; GDP (2003): $20 billion US (est.); Exports to Canada (2003): $618,889; Imports from Canada (2003): $9 million
Median Age:  17.5; Life expectancy at birth: 42.46
Ethnic groups: Pashtun 42%, Tajik 27%, Hazara 9%, Uzbek 9%, Aimak 4%, Turkmen 3%, Baloch 2%, other 4%

>>>  QUOTATIONS  <<<

Through wisdom is a house built,
and by understanding it is established;
by knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Proverbs 24:3-4
Experience makes us see an enormous difference between piety and goodness.
                -- Blaise Pascal, philosopher and mathematician (1623-1662)

Armand Carrel (1800 - 1836)
was born in Rouen.  His father was a wealthy merchant, and he received a liberal education, afterwards attending the military school at St Cyr.  Under his direction the journal Nation became the foremost political organ in Paris. His judgement was unusually clear, his principles solid and well founded, his sincerity and honesty beyond question; and to these qualities he united an admirable style, lucid, precise and well balanced.   As the defender of democracy he had to face serious dangers.  Before his last fatal encounter he was twice involved in duels with editors of rival papers. The dispute which led to the duel with =C9mile de Girardin was minor, and might have been amicably settled had it not been for Carrel's own obstinacy. The meeting took place on the morning of July 22 1836. De Girardin was wounded in the thigh, Carrel in the groin. The wound was at once seen to be dangerous, and Carrel was conveyed to the house of a friend, where he died after two days.
        French - l'=E9ducation est le moyen par lequel les parents transmettent leurs propres d=E9fauts =E0 leurs enfants
        English - upbringing is a way of passing on the shortcomings of parents to their children
{.......but education is the antidote!....... - Editor}

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.
                        -- Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher (1844-1900)

Too many parents make life hard for their children by trying, too zealously, to make it easy for them.                                                                         
        -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, poet, dramatist, novelist, and philosopher (1749-1832)

To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god.
                        -- Jorge Luis Borges, writer (1899-1986)

Creative activity could be described as a type of learning process where teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.
                        -- Arthur Koestler, novelist and journalist (1905-1983)

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)
was an influential British philosopher, logician, and mathematician, working mostly in the 20th century.  Bertrand Russell, a prolific writer, was also a populariser of philosophy and a commentator on a large variety of topics, ranging from very serious issues to the mundane.  He continued a family tradition in political affairs, and was a prominent liberal as well as a socialist and anti-war activist for most of his long life...
English - before thinking about how to educate, one would do well to clarify what results one wishes to obtain

Marie Curie (1867-1934)
was a chemist, pioneer in the early field of radiology and a two-time Nobel laureate. She also became the first woman appointed to teach at the Sorbonne. She was born in Poland and spent her early years there...
French - un savant dans son laboratoire n'est pas seulement un technicien; c'est aussi un enfant plac=E9 en face de ph=E9nom=E8nes naturels qui l'impressionnent comme un conte de f=E9es
English - a scientist in his laboratory is not a mere technician: he is also a child confronting natural phenomena that impress him as though they were fairy tales