Ccl Mtg May 29
AGENDA June 5th
Calendar to June 17th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Rushing -- may not get out before Cmnty Day June 3 when almost the whole of WV comes out either to watch the parade or be in it!  ENJOY?
[Inevitable delay in Nanaimo Friday for annual Heritage Society of BC conference, but more on that presently]
Wasn't it great that it didn't rain during the parade!  Hope you all enjoyed it.  Over 70 entries!  Too bad Shaw doesn't film and broadcast it as they used to.
In this newsletter is a list of the community grants for Ccl approval and yet another update on the Eagleridge Bluffs, a gripping saga.  Recently I said I was disappointed Minister Falcon was not providing more facts for us to evaluate; I also asked the Coalition about the uniqueness of the area.  We all know there are many precious parts of BC we treasure.  What are the facts about the bluffs that set them apart, far and above others?  Can't those plants, trees, etc be found elsewhere?  I got two responses and include them.
IMO, had these facts been the focus for disseminating information, there wd have been even more support and pressure on the prov govt.  It's unfortunate some think the Coalition is against the Olympics.  They aren't.  It's a pity the public don't know if the tunnel is not possible then a third lane wd be the fall-back position.
IOW, compromise is (shd be) possible.  It requires leadership, not protests and injunctions.  I have a new appreciation for the ecology of the headwaters of the Larson and saddened by the removal of the arbutus woods (was told on Saturday all chopped down in spite of Falcon's commitment that that wd be deferred until after nesting season and there was a nest in at least one; but of course I have not checked this).
Main item on the agenda is the grants!  They shd give the total ($100K more or less???) so we see where the tax money is going.  Sports subsidized so arts/culture too.  Some worthy groups, some needing money b/c of downloading from prov govt?  I hasten to let you know that WV Streamkeepers did not apply for a grant (I'm on the board); and the North Shore Heritage Forum (I'm the chair) has never asked for a grant.  Old Growth Park is item 5.2.
1.  The lease for the new cmnty ctr was withdrawn from last week's agenda/mtg.  Why? When will we see it?
2.  Have you seen the proposed Biz Plan for WV for the next three years?  (See summary below then read more about it.)
District Info; Calendar to June 17th (and Chamber Awards); Updates on Eagleridge (Falcon Facts and description of Bluff's uniqueness); Ccl Mtg Snippets May 29; INFObits; Ccl AGENDA June 5th (see list of amounts $$$ grants to groups);  INFObits (Remuneration: Cclrs are underpaid!); Quotations

=== Pertinent DWV WEBSITE INFO ==============
There really is a lot that's valuable and of general interest but without time/space in this newsletter, wd urge you to visit for some important items (on home page when I checked but it is updated frequently).  Make sure you provide input before or at the Open House on the Heritage Strategic Plan Open House June 7 at library.
*  Find out all about it:
Community Day - June 3, 2006 Ambleside Park
"Myths, Fables & Fairytales" is the theme of West Vancouver's annual community celebration.
*  Get the details!:
Financial Reports
Includes 2005 Year End Reports approved by the Finance & Audit Committee on May 24. Council receives June 19 {See INFObits for Ccl salary info in this newsletter; DWV staff and more next issue}
*  Read this for an excellent update and wd include in this newsletter if there were space, and you can click on those topics for more info:
Mayor's Quarterly Report to the Community
Council Update, Business Plan, Community Centre, Development, Evelyn Drive, Upper Lands, Collaboration, 2010 Opportunities
HERE fyi:
>>>&nb= sp; Water Sprinkling Restrictions
Lawn Sprinkling Regulations take effect June 1st
Water Sprinkling Restrictions
Every year from June 1 to September 30, the GVRD implements restrictions to lawn sprinkling. These measures help us manage our water use through the summer in order to avoid even further restrictions during the dryer months.
Sprinkling allowed between 4 - 9am or 7 - 10pm
        Even-numbered addresses: Wednesday & Saturday
        Odd-numbered addresses: Thursday & Sunday
Hand watering and sprinkling of vegetable gardens, shrubs and flowers are all unrestricted. Violations carry fines of up to $100. West Vancouver enforces sprinkling regulations under the Waterworks Bylaw.
For details about the sprinkling regulations, contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline at 604-732-9253.
More Information: Water Conservation Tips; Summer 2003 Water Shortage and Restrictions; Water Metering; Water Conservation Strategy; Where the Water Comes From
>>>  2006 - 2008 Business Plan
Draft Business Plan 2006-2008
Council is making a fundamental shift towards a long-term sustainability framework in order to maintain and build on those community characteristics which make West Vancouver one of the country's most desirable places to live.
This shift requires that we challenge assumptions about the way we have done business, that we understand the long-term financial impacts of decisions, and that we explore new ways to partner with and engage other municipalities and government agencies, the private sector, and community groups. A focused approach will be necessary as policy and operational plans are examined anew through the lens of sustainability. The 2006 - 2008 Business Plan represents the first steps.
Community Input
Council has received a draft business plan for 2006 - 2008 entitled "West Vancouver's Sustainable Future." The document is fairly general, and is intended to set us on a path of sustainability in all we do, and we are vitally interested in your input. The draft Business Plan is available for review at the link below, or, visit one of the displays located throughout the community at Municipal Hall, Gleneagles Community Centre, the Aquatic Centre, Seniors' Centre, or Memorial Library.
Please take a moment to review the draft plan and let us know what you think - send us an email&nb= sp; or simply write your comments directly on the display boards.
        *       Draft Business Plan
The plan assumes that good governance, fiscal responsibility, social cohesion and environmental sustainability are integrated, and need to be balanced in order to make the best short-term and long-term decisions for the community. We are relying on you to help us lay a strong foundation for the future. The plan will be returning to Council in mid-June for adoption - improved by your participation we hope.
=== CALENDAR to June 17th ==============

The last WVM had a more complete list however a few notices were inadvertently dropped and some came too late to be included.  See separate section for Chamber of Commerce at end of this section.

Exhibit: Points of Migration, May 25 to June 11
Acrylic Paintings on Canvas by Ian Fry
Opening Reception 6 - 8pm Thursday May 25; Artist's Talk 2pm Saturday May 27.

7pm Tues May 30 -- Discussion (free) - Kay Meek Studio Theatre, 1750 Mathers
Why should we be worried about our special places on the North Shore and in British Columbia and the importance of saving them for future generations?
A panel of Ecologists and Naturalists will explain why nature matters! Join in on the discussion that follows, learn, and share your knowledge.
Experts will be available for interviews.
Panelists include:
Leah Bendell-Young, Professor, Biosciences Department, Simon Fraser University
Elspeth Bradbury, Author and retired Landscape Architect
Jim Cuthbert, National Field Office Director, Western Canada Wilderness Committee
Elizabeth Elle, Assistant Professor, BioSciences Department, Simon Fraser University
Bruce McArthur, Naturalist, West Vancouver
Arne Mooers, Assistant Professor, Biosciences Department, Simon Fraser University
Diane Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Zoology Department, University of British Columbia
Katharine Steig, Naturalist and former Conservation Section Chair, Vancouver Natural History Society
Sponsored by:  
Sierra Club of Canada, Lower Mainland Group (for info: lowermainland@sierraclub.bc.ca)
>  WCWC (Western Canada Wilderness Committee)
>  EESA   (Eagleridge Environmental Stewardship Alliance)

---> Friday, June 2, 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Exhibit "TIME", June 1 - June 30
Helen Keyes presents works of all sizes and shapes that are unified by a vibrant, playful style and one common theme: time, and its effect on our lives. Please join us for the artist's opening reception hosted by the Friends of the Library. Everyone is welcome.


Parade (theme: Myths, Fables, and Fairytales) goes from civic centre (around 10am) to Ambleside Park where there'll be lots of booths and activities.
NOTE: Dundarave Farmers' Markets are on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm; Check for Ambleside Farmers' Markets (Sundays?).

===  Sunday, June 4th
~ 9am - 2pm ~ N.S. Stroke Recovery Centre "Family & Friends Relay" in John Lawson Park
~ noon - 5pm ~ the Caulfeild Business Association will be holding their annual fun-filled day at Caulfeild Village. Families, and particularly the kids will enjoy themselves bouncing, swinging, and making crafts. There will also be rides and food available. Almost everything is free and compliments of the merchants of Caulfeild Village. Be sure to mark your calendar!
Hoodwinked: the Myth of Free Trade, a 90-minute documentary on how the Canada-U.S. free trade agreement (FTA) and NAFTA have affected Canada. The film is written and produced by Ottawa based film makers Bill Dunn and Linda West.
David will speak immediately following the screening about the "myth" and what to do about it. A  question and answer period follows.
Sunday, June 4 - 1:30pm (doors open at 1pm)
Fifth Avenue Cinemas - 2110 Burrard St. Vancouver
Hoodwinked: the Myth of Free Trade
        A film by Bill Dunn and Linda West
Guest speaker: David Orchard
Author of The Fight for Canada - Four Centuries of Resistance to American Expansionism
Ticket price $8.00  For more information call 604-215-5580
This film, rich in seldom seen archival material covering Canada's 400-year history, Hoodwinked: The Myth of Free Trade is narrated by historian and former Senator Laurier LaPierre. It features interviews with former Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. John Turner, sociologist Peter Urmetzer, Canada Research Chair for Social Justice and critic of neo-conservatism Shadia Drury, political economist Stephen Clarkson, economist Jim Stanford, David Orchard, author of The Fight for Canada -- Four Centuries of Resistance to American Expansionism, and the late Dalton Camp, writer and former strategist for the PC Party.
Camp, Clarkson, Drury, Orchard, Turner, Stanford, and Urmetzer offer some potent and inspired ideas about how we can protect and preserve the Canadian way, resist Americanization, and remain strong in the face of neo-conservative ideology.
Produced in Canada by West/Dunn Productions, Hoodwinked is scheduled for wide release later this year. For more information, filmmakers bios, etc. visit http://www.hoodwinked.ca
DVDs of Hoodwinked ($20) and copies of David Orchard's book, The Fight for Canada ($19.95) will be available at the screening.

===  Monday, June 5th  == == Ccl Mtg ===

===  Wednesday, June 7th == 5 - 8pm ~ Heritage Strategic Plan Open House at Library

===  Thursday, June 8th
~ usually about 5:30pm ~ Evelyn Drive Guidance Cmte: tentative date for mtg; check with Hall (925 7000)
~ TA DA! ~ A Midsummer Night's Dream ~
                Opening night for BARD ON THE BEACH!

===  Friday, June 9th
~ noon ~ Deadline for Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Call for Nominations, 2006-2008 Term
Members are invited to nominate a Chamber member in good standing to serve on the Board of The West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. You are welcome to submit your own name if you are interested in joining our Board of Directors.  Each Director elected will begin a two-year term of office at our Annual General Meeting on June 14th, 2006.  The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 9th at Noon. For more information please phone 926 6614.

===  Saturday, June 10th
~ 8:15am - 2pm ~ Grouse Mtn Seek the Peak Relay (Ambleside Park)
===  Sunday, June 11th
~ 10am - noon ~ Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion
===  Monday, June 12th - Ccl of t= he Whole Mtg (and Eagleridge in Court)

===  Tuesday, June 13th
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC
Opening Reception 6 - 8pm for an exhibition of art works by DWV Employees!
Start of Exhibit, "I am more than my day job", June 13 to 25

===  Wednesday, June 14th - AGM for Chamber of Commerce

===  Thursday, June 15th
~ 5:30 - 7:30 ~ NS Family Court & Youth Justice CMte - CMV M Hall)

===  Saturday, June 17th
~ 6:30 - 9pm ~ Wv Fire Fighters "Pipes by the Sea" in Ambleside Park

=== UPDATES =========== ====

                                Chamber Update Week of May 29, 2006
 Business Excellence Award Winners Announced
The Chamber of Commerce held its 2005-2006 Business Excellence Awards dinner at the Capilano Golf and Country Club last evening and awarded a total of fifteen awards in a variety of categories.

>  The Corporate Business of the Year was awarded to the School District #45 International Student Program, which brings some 700 students into West Vancouver each year. The program began in 1982, and since 1990 has seen a growth rate of 600%. The International Program has attracted new students to the area, has kept all the schools open, and has brought new services and additional benefits for all students and staff. The award was presented by Jane Atkinson, Chief of External Affairs at GTM Group of Companies, last years=92 Business of the Year recipient and sponsor of this years=92 award.
>  The Service Business of the Year was awarded to Michel  S=E9gur of Chez Michel Restaurant on Marine Drive. Chez Michel is well  known for delicious food, great service and for going out of the way to help people with special needs, even delivering food to shut-ins and preparing special diet foods for the sick. The award was presented by Gabrielle Loren of Loren & Company CGA=92s, the award sponsor.
Shoppers Drug Mart Ambleside was presented the Retail Business of the Year Award for their attention to customer needs, their range of products and services and for their exceptional service to customers, particularly the elderly. The award was presented by Robbie Olhauser of the North Shore News, sponsor of the award.
>  The Community Service Citation was presented to the Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club. Since 1975, the Lions have raised more than $4 million dollars that has been donated to a broad range of charities and causes on the North Shore and beyond. Linda Stewart, Publisher of North Shore Outlook and sponsor, presented the award to Eric Keller, President of the Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club.
The Citizen of the Year was awarded to Dolly Cartwright, President of North Shore Volunteers for Citizens, and a lifelong resident of West Vancouver. This citizen of the year is an advocate for seniors on many levels, working to help with community housing and ensuring that often lonely seniors remain connected with the outside world. Her contribution to the community goes back over fifty years. Dolly was presented with the award by Sean Allan, President of the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.
> Ten President's Awards of Distinction were also given out at the Awards Dinner. Winners included British Pacific Properties (75 years), Sewell's Marina (75 years), The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 60 (80 years), Malkin Cleaners (83 years), Chapman Land Surveying Ltd. (100 years), BC Automobile Association (100 years), TD Canada Trust (101 years), Y. Franks Appliances (110 years), Henry Birks and Sons Inc. (126 years), and Bell Canada (127 years).
Congratulations to all of our winners!
2  >>>  EAGLERIDGE BLUFFS: Comment, Ecology, Scientific Support

2A -- Comment
As said in earlier newsletters, it's unconscionable that the four-lane tunnel option was dismissed without even costing for comparison.  This is quite apart from Minister Falcon's insistence DWV wanted a two-lane tunnel that clearly was unsafe and WV never said it wanted, then he eagerly said what WV wanted was unsafe thus setting up his own strawman to strike down.  No mystery that the result was distrust of what Mr Falcon said and intended.  The end of public input was said to be 2006 Jan 31 yet Mr Falcon continually said the decision had been made two years ago.  We want to trust our government but such whoppers make it somewhat difficult.

2B -- Ecology: Specific Characteristics
In response to my queries:
     The original Environmental Assessment of the Sea to Sky project contains an inventory of species, and you should be able to get a copy of it from Steve Jenkins. Volume 2 Section A deals with wildlife and vegetation. The lists were incomplete (partly because the survey was carried out during a single season) but the document states that "The most significant area for plant diversity along the study area (ie all the way to Whistler) was Eagleridge Bluffs." Of the 22 regionally rare or significant plants identified, 14 were found only at the bluffs and one more only at the bluffs and at the Tantalus Lookout.
     The bluffs belong to an ecosystem described broadly as the Coastal Douglas fir zone. It is found in only 0.3% of the province, and most is on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. On the Lower Mainland, only parts of West Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, Ladner, and Surrey have the kind of climate that suits this type of forest, and of these, only West Vancouver has the rocky outcrops that support a rare version of it, which is best described as ARBUTUS WOODLAND.
     Within West Vancouver the only remnants of arbutus woodland are at the Bluffs, at Caulfeild Park, around the edges of Lighthouse Park, Klootchman Park, Whytecliff Park, and Madrona Ridge. Eagleridge Bluffs represent by far the largest and least degraded section remaining. The rest have been severely damaged by human and dog traffic, by tree clearing for views or light (sometimes in the name of safety), and by invasive plants and animals. These areas are also losing species rapidly because of their small size and isolation from each other; in Lighthouse Park native plant species have been dying out at the rate of almost one per year since the mid 1970s.
     The proximity of the Larson Creek wetlands make the bluffs area even more special. These shallow lakes with their shining yellow swamp lanterns, their salamander egg masses and endangered (blue-listed) redlegged frog, are the largest wetlands of their kind in West Vancouver. They are not only beautiful; they are vital to the surrounding ecosystems. They form a reservoir for the creek and, by regulating its flow, create a stable environment for aquatic life all the way into Howe Sound. The steady supply of moisture allows Sitka spruce - rare in West Vancouver - to grow there, and is vital to wildlife in a large surrounding area.
     At www.eagleridgebluffs.ca you will find information about the recent discovery of two nesting migratory birds. More than 30 migratory bird species have been identified in the area and there must be many more nests in the path of the highway and doubtless in the trees that have been cut already. What a senseless tragedy!

2C -- Scientific

May 23, 2006

The Honourable Gordon Campbell
Premier of British Columbia
Room 156, West Annex
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC  V8V 1X4

Dear Premier Campbell:

We are writing to request your attention, as Premier, to the escalating dispute in West Vancouver between the Provincial Ministry of Transportation and a growing number of citizens and organizations over the fate of Eagleridge Bluffs, the Larsen [sic] {corrected from now on} Creek Wetlands and the surrounding mature coniferous forest.  We do not categorically oppose an upgrade of the highway, but are deeply worried by the antediluvian manner in which it is taking place.

As environmental professionals, we cannot remain silent in the face of the substandard environmental management practices currently applied to, what your own government has referred to, as "the most unique ecosystem in the Sea to Sky corridor". Accordingly, we are requesting in the strongest possible terms that you exercise your responsibility as Premier and intervene in this extended dispute immediately.

We have four specific concerns:
As applied at the Eagleridge Bluffs and adjacent Larson Creek Wetlands,
were flawed and need to be corrected as outlined below:

1) The Environmental Management Planning (EMP) process applied to the first section of the Sea to Sky Highway 99 (referred to as DB1) is flawed because it is limited in scope.
  Rather than insisting on a complete and integrated EMP for the whole of DB1 (extending from Eagleridge Bluffs to Sunset Beach), the Province has accepted piecemeal EMPs, phased in as construction proceeds northward through DB1. The EMP being used here applies only to the subsection of DB1 from [the] Eagleridge Bluffs parking lot to the eastern boundary of Larson Creek Wetlands for the first phase of construction.
  Phased EMPs do not consider critical interactions and dependencies between adjacent Ecosystems such as the Bluffs, the Wetlands, and the adjacent coniferous forest. They ignore important interconnected ecosystem dynamics such as the effects of fragmentation, trophic level energy flows, impact of changes to surface and subsurface waterflow, wildlife corridors, predator/prey spatial relationships and blow-down effects.  The Eagleridge coastal bluff Arbutus grove will not survive in its present form if fragmented by a major highway.

2) = ; Existing relevant "Species at Risk" environmental legislation is not being applied.
  The BC Wildlife Act, the Federal Migratory Bird Conservation Act (Bill C15) and the international Migratory Bird Convention Act, to which Canada is a party, all prohibit disturbance of nesting birds, their eggs, and nest trees until the end of the nesting season which typically occurs in mid-August.  Penalties of up to $50,000 for disturbing nesting birds can be issued under the provisions of the Federal Migratory Bird Conservation Act. 
  In DB1, the Bluffs and Wetlands support a rich diversity of nesting migratory songbirds.  During May 2006, over 20 species were confirmed, including flycatchers, kinglets, creepers, thrushes, towhees, sparrows, nuthatches, warblers, and vireos. These birds are currently in their nesting season.  Proceeding with proposed highway construction through Eagleridge Bluffs and the forest to the northwest would destroy songbird nests, eggs, and nest trees. 
  There are no known mitigation measures in place to protect nesting songbirds and their young during the scheduled logging in Sea to Sky Highway Improvement project area DB1.  Recent surveys by contracted environmental consultants have been too cursory to identify active nests.  The young from these nests will be killed unless robust songbird surveys are carried out immediately. If construction is permitted, these birds will be discounted despite provincial, federal, and international protective legislation mentioned above. 
  Similarly, federal and provincial BC legislation provides protection for the habitat of several rare and endangered species of plants, amphibians, and animals as well as ecosystems known to exist at the Bluffs and the Wetlands.  The proposed highway through DB1 will permanently damage the habitat so critical to vulnerable ecosystems, plants, organisms, amphibians, birds, and animals such as the following.

3) The 2003 Environmental Assessment (EA) which facilitated the 2004 EA Certificate led to regulatory approval for the $600 million Sea To Sky Highway Improvement Project. The 2003 Assessment is flawed and in need of improvement.
  The 2003 EA is deficient in scope and in content.  It does not refer to known rare and endangered red-listed and blue-listed plant communities at Eagleridge Bluffs.  Nor does it address the blue-listed Northern Red-legged Frog known to occupy the Larson Creek Wetlands. 
  The 2003 EA also does not consider all plants and animals in the Sea to Sky Highway corridor since baseline surveys were not carried out during all four seasons.  A proper and thorough rewriting of the 2003 EA is essential.
4) Current, widely accepted Best Management Practices dictating a thorough assessment to identify environmental values prior to highway construction disturbances have not been followed.
  The most important habitats to protect are often the closest to major urban centres.  Vancouver, surrounded by accessible wilderness, is looked to by the world as a place that offers both residents and tourists an enviable opportunity to pursue a variety of outdoor experiences.  All levels of BC government and business publicly foster respect for and sustainability of our natural surroundings as a vital part of our future prosperity.
  Eagleridge is a legacy to be left to our descendants. Intervening to best mitigate the impact of the highway would be proof to the world that BC truly is "Supernatural BC" and proof that your government believes in sustainability of the environment and a sustainable, green Olympics in 2010. Disregarding our concerns and just blasting a highway through the Bluffs would send a very different message to the world.  The full potential economic impact of this decision should be considered now rather than when it is too late.

We, the undersigned, request that you intervene to preserve the environmentally, recreationally and scientifically valuable ecosystems at Eagleridge Bluffs.  As we stated, we do not oppose an upgrade of the Sea to Sky Highway but only request that you take a wise second look at the choices available.  

Thank you for your consideration and we await your timely response on behalf of all concerned British Columbians.  

Yours sincerely,

= Lea Berrang Ford, PhD Candidate - Environmental Epidemiology, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON
= Lea= h Bendell-Young, Ph D -  Professor, Department of Biosciences, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
= Kai M. A. Chan, Ph D. - Assistant Professor, Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC
= Dav= id L. Cook, P.Eng, BSc., FGAG - Biologist/Geologist (retired), North Vancouver BC
= Jim Cuthbert, MSc. RPBio - National Field Office Director, Western Canada Wilderness Committee, Eagleridge Environmental Stewardship Alliance (EESA), North Shore, Nest Environmental Stewardship Team (NEST), Principal, Sustainable Solutions Consulting.
= Bra= d Davis, PhD Candidate - Biodiversity Research Centre, Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC
= Jam= es Ford, Ph D - Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Geography, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
= Michelle Franklin, PhD. Candidate - Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia
= Patricia Gallaugher, PhD - Director, Centre for Coastal Studies, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
= R. John Gibson, PhD - Emeritus Scientist, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, St. John's, NL
= Richard Haedrich, PhD - Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Biology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL, Former Co-Chair, Marine Sub-committee, COSEWIC
= Rachelle Lalonde, MSc. - Soil Scientist at Rescan Environmental Services; President, Pacific Regional Society of Soil Science, Department of Forest Sciences, Forest Science Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
= Rau= l S. Lopez, P.Eng., CMA, PMP - Ottawa, Ontario
= Arn= e Mooers, Ph D -  Assistant Professor - Department of Biosciences, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
= Ral= ph Moore - VP, East Kootenay Environmental Society/Wildsight Creston Branch; Member, Provincial Community Forest Advisory Committee; Representative, BC Environmental Network; and Dir. Creston Valley Community Forest;
= Cra= ig Orr, Ph.D - Ex. Director, Watershed Watch Salmon Society; Former Vice-Chair, Habitat Conservation Trust Fund; Former Chair, BC Hydro Fish & Wildlife Program; Technical Committee, Pacific Salmon Endowment Fund; Vancouver, BC
= Tristan Pearce, MA  -  Research Associate, Global Environmental Change Group,Department of Geography, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario
= Jennifer Pouliotte, MA  -   Climate Change Programme Fellow, United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), Geneva, Switzerland
= William E. Rees, PhD - Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC; Co-Author of "Our Ecological Footprint"                 
= Christine Spencer, Ph.D. -  Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Biodiversity Research Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC
= Dia= ne Srivastava, Ph D -  Assistant Professor Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
= S. Fredrik Sverre, M.Sc., R.P. Bio. - Charter member of Eagleridge Environmental Stewardship Alliance, Concerned Citizen of West Vancouver, BC

= Row= an Barrett - Graduate Student, Zoology Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC
= Kev= in M Bell -  Naturalist, Educator, Manager Parks - District of North Vancouver, BC
= Jul= ie Deslippe - Department of Forest Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC
= Malcolm Fitz-Earle, PhD - Professor Emeritus, Department of Biology, Capilano College, North Van., BC
= Michelle Franklin - PhD Candidate, Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia, Van. BC
= Aya Reiss - MSc. Candidate, Centre for Applied Conservation Research, University of British Columbia

To respond or for more information please contact: 
Jim Cuthbert at 604-929-0143 or Cell: 604-785-5175    Email: jimcuthbert@telus.net

===  CCL MTG TIDBITS May 29th  ================

Minutes and Presentation of Certificate of Commendation, then disability awareness
7:09 was the start of the TransLink Governance Review (56% recovery, up from 51% and highest in NAm; ridership up 24%; cclrs queried funding sources, tax money taken by prov and feds with gas tax, representation, plans for WV, and replacement of prop tax with flat tax, car tax; prop tax 19% going to 30% by 2013; great corrections elicited by Cclr Smith; he and Sop saying not fair shd shout!) and it went on till about 8pm.

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Lease was withdrawn.
Why, if it's already been signed -- ah, but by whom?  has Ccl not seen it yet?  hadn't last time I asked b/c they asked for it too!

And now for other uberserious matters ~~
***  Fiscal Sustainability Task Force
Appointed: Nancy Farran, Greg Fleck, Roff Johannson, Jim Mutter, David Roach, Ralph Turfus (only two of whom, Roff and David, spoke and made submissions at public input budget mtgs); Terms of Reference were expanded a bit and term extended to end of October.  Interesting discussion until about 8:30.
Some snippets (truncated and abbreviated b/c typed as they spoke):
Mayor: hate it when I get names after
Ray Richards: pleased to see
I had a number of suggested amendments
start with 2007 budget
docs av to public to comment?
CAO: wrt budget, that was the intention, changes for 2007 budget
we have policy documents
we have comments, policy statements in current biz plan
in particular concerned about some assumptions of services
customer, outcomes
interested in hearing recommendations
RR: but my point is will they be available to public for comment
it says will consult with cmnty -- so made av?
CAO: am sure cmte will be interested in sharing and getting
RR: but the cmnty?
CAO: the cmte is the cmnty
{some titters in the gallery at this Orwellian-speak}
RR, persistent: but av?
CAO: they'll decide wch they'll make av
cmte will try to be as open and transparent as possible
imagine all this information will be made av
RR: I don't think the Task Force shd be limited to a list of duties
hope other things might be added, some that govts, corps, around the world finding difficult, eg pensions
[rising cost of] pensions making it difficult, whether looking into that or not, not sure
wonder if staff liaison shd be MClerk rather than a Dept Head whose dept under examination
not against any person, just b/c it's a dept
no para 6 -- goes from 5 to 7
RD or JC?: part of the cutbacks!
RR: chairman chosen from one of the non-elected
rotation of chairman during short term doesn't seem effective to get job done
what kind of notice and find out when cmnty have opp to have input to task force
{Other comments were that it may rotate and subcmtes may be formed.  Then:}
CAO:...can see need for research -- what's happening in other parts of NAm
this is a very small working group
need to start to have these discussions
wd like to start process this week if we can
Mayor: thank you, am sure interested
Q: will cmte be looking at budget or service levels?
CAO: quite broadly, likely at the policy level rather than too much money on pencils
need to meet with cmte and see what they want to look at
Sop: look at these duties as extremely restrictive
supportive of staff, but if we're going to look seriously at the future, we're going to have to open the doors
we're going to have more than what is called broad or high level
look at efficiencies, look at expenditure and revenues
maybe realize it has been working fine
we have to have to door open to all, look at productivity
if it's not in this document, we won't be doing it
we'll have three councillors, some qualified individuals, hope we're going to find fine
happening throughout province
without looking at efficiencies, we're going to miss the boat
if we do it constantly by service levels, we know we've done our v best, I know well done
but this cmte was for the future, not just this short look
believe it shd to on through/past Sept into May to get look at process, etc
we're off for the summer, shd at least follow through one fiscal term
staff can look at it and bring it back
JF: wrt terms of ref 7.2, rules of procedure -- in accordance with cmte policy
assume then mtgs open to public?
questions, comments?
CAO: yes
Mayor: cmte cd decide to include public input at their meetings
MS: on the subject of duties
2.0 says role of Task Force will include so doesn't not include so gives us the flexibility to come up with a formula to satisfy everybody
blunt fact is WV residents pay far higher than anyone else
have to find better, more efficient, ways other than raising prop taxes
it's not sustainable
so TofRef laid out by Mr Stuart with Laing's help
think enough time to do the job; tweak, meet as a cmte past the fall
certainly by end of fall, going to be in position to offer good hard solid recommendations to Ccl we can carry forward for a more happy situation for the 2007 budget year than we had this year
happy to do this, cd be something quite wonderful here
VV: a little disappointed role is as general as it is
in favour of an outside consultant, like Cuff Report
need to look inside our operations and outside, service
I didn't get the detail I wanted to look at
overall there was a $4m subsidization in Parks and I tried quite hard to get per person per hour but cdn't get per senior, per adult b/c we don't get how many in each
so I can't tell wch are expensive, wch are very good value for money
so the normal commonsense decisions, spending more than we expect or where good value for money -- I was really hoping to be able to get data of what's going on and I don't really see in this that I'll have a fast track to what I want.
I think it shd be amended to produce more financial data, not just money but as to where money is spent.
Mayor: do you have a recommendation?
VVL I regret to say it wd be more than tweaking
CAO: in the third bullet it speaks to measuring; been work throughout NAm, implicit values and assumptions.  Hope cmte will review those as to what is the most appropriate way a service is efficient.
there are all kinds of different ways to measure; look at what other Ms and provs do to measure
see if we can apply it in WV
VV: this word sustainability keeps getting used now
we have a capital budget fund but not split off to facilities we have to renovate for future so don't know how many millions we'll be short of in future
don't see from these TofRef to see
Mayor: certainly we're badly off at the moment but this cmte result of impetus for this
CAO: maybe define what sustainability is
JC: excited and honoured to be on this cmte
perhaps long overdue, great opportunity
a little upset when I hear the term nitpicking -- we're almost wheels/wagon
work from these Terms of Ref
even if we don't meet in August, no reason cmte can't
Mayor: Cclr Sop, briefly
Sop: why briefly when all allowed five minutes?
Mayor: you've had four and a half!
Sop: add ....
CAO: and ...
Sop: cmte short, shd be longer -- shd be one fiscal year
let's take 2007 as a model
CAO: why not to October 30 2006, important to focus as a deadline
Mayor: I think I wanted to say that this morning but you wdn't budge on that!
Carried as amended (with Cclr Vaughan opposed)

The ccl mtg continued from 8:29:
Some discussion (starting at 8:31) as to the efficacy of having consent agenda items.  Some items removed to enable comment.
RD changed referral of book on WV to Dir/Planning.
JF pleased to see Cmnty Tourism Program Grant.
At 8:36 JC asked why the letter about additional fees for some classes not for reply; KPike explained and said he wd in fact reply.
Sop: want info re special times wrt enjoyment western end of the cmnty and noise
CAO: mtg scheduled with Kiewit later this week
do know protests have caused delays and in order to make up time may have to work around clock
this is what we're discussing
maybe through website; info as to what's happening
unfortunately they are behind and we will try to work to mitigate that.
= 8:41 marked start of reports: MS went to Ch of Comm dinner [list of winners in WVM] and decried rundown state of concession in Ambleside (CAO replied Ambleside Park Plan to Ccl next week); Sop talked about success ($60K) and trying to limit mulligans at the Library's croquet fun fundraiser; RD said WRA made a good case for restoration of the old panabode at Gleneagles; JC attended GVRD Finance Cmte learning water consumption going down and price going up;
Mayor at John Reynolds's dinner {sorry I missed b/c of my bloody eyes!} , at LGH where MS honoured with a PhD in Philanthropy, at School Bd -- great mtg, at GVRD wrt Cache Creek and thinks we shd adopt a zero-waste challenge recognizing waste has a value converted to energy, at mtgs wrt World Urban Forum.  WRT TransLink governance, Mayor commented it was a toughie, consensus is that there shd be prov/fed representation on TransLink but having all 17 Ms wd be unwieldy.
8:55 Adjournment

===  CCL MTG AGENDA for June 5th =============
1.         CALL TO ORDER   //  2.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA
3.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES --  No items presented.
4.         DELEGATIONS
4.1       J. Maynard, Manager, Child Care Resources Program, regarding overview on family and child care issues in our community
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Development Variance Permit 06?009 (5340 Seaside Place)
At the April 24, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated April 03, 2006 from the Community Planner titled "Development Variance Permit 06?009 (5340 Seaside Place)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
THAT all written and verbal submissions, regarding Development Variance Permit Application No. 06?009 (5340 Seaside Place) up to and including the Council Meeting held on June 05, 2006 be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
THAT staff report back to Council regarding submissions received at the June 05, 2006 Council Meeting to allow Council to make a determination on Development Variance Permit Application No. 06?009 (5340 Seaside Place).
THAT the Development Variance Permit Application No. 06?009 (5340 Seaside Place), which would permit a new home with a variance to combined side yard setback be approved.

{why don't they say what the variance is that's being considered???}

 5.2       Old Growth Park Strategy for Protection; Implications & Next Steps
1.                    The draft report "Old Growth Park Strategy for Protection" be approved;
2.                    The name of the Old Growth Park be changed to "Old Growth Conservancy";
3.                    Unsanctioned trails be removed from the southeast corner of the Old Growth Park and be replaced by a new trail from the south end of Parking Lot #5 to the area below the Old Growth Park; and
4.                    Staff be directed to work with residents and existing interest groups to explore the formation of a separate Society to assist with the delineation of the buffer zone and to help with the management of the Old Growth Park.

5.3       Arts and Culture Grant Recommendations 2006
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Community Services Advisory Committee grant recommendations for arts and culture grants, be approved as follows:

British Columbia Boy's Choir                                                                  2,000
Summer Pops Orchestra                                                                         1,250
West Vancouver Youth Band Society                                                      5,000

West Vancouver Youth Band Society - Project Grant                           1,000
Ambleside Orchestra                                                                                   500
Pro Nova Chamber Players (DC Chamber Soloists Society)             1,000

North Shore Chorus Society                                                                       500
North Shore Light Opera Society                                                            2,000
O'Shihan Cultural Organization                                                                   500

Theatre West Van (West Van Little Theatre Guild)                                2,250
West Vancouver Adult Community Band Association                              500
West Vancouver Adult Concert Band                                                         500
Hollyburn Heritage Society                                                                          750
North Shore Heritage Preservations Society                                            500
West Vancouver Fire Services Museum and Archives                            500
British Columbia Photography and Media Arts Society                       3,000
Chor Leoni Men's Choir                                                                           1,000
Laudate Singers Society                                                                          1,000
Pacific Baroque Orchestra                                                                      1,500
Pandora's Vox                                                                                           3,000
Presentation House Cultural Society/Theatre                                        1,000
Sinfonia Orchestra of the North Shore                                                    3,000

5.4       Community Services Grant Recommendations 2006
1.         The Community Services Advisory Committee's recommendations for community services grants be approved as follows:
Community Organization  /  Grant
BC Special Olympics - North Shore  - Operating Costs     =          800
525 Pathfinder Squadron (Air Cadet League of Canada) Operating Costs     =          900
NS Lifeboat Society - Operating Costs     =        1,500
NS Lifeboat Society - Crew Safety Equipment     =          750
NS Safety Council - Operating Costs     =        1,000
Third West Vancouver Scout Group - Property Tax     =          500
West Vancouver Track & Field  Club - Operating Costs     =        2,000
St. John Ambulance Society  - Operating Costs     =          750
Coho Society - Operating Grant/Coho society - Bus  Transportation      =         5,000 / 1,250
2.         Council approve the re-allocation of the balance of $5,550 remaining in the 2006 Community Services Budget to the Social Services Grants Budget on a one-time only basis (resulting in an increase from $82,300 to $87,850) and that it be distributed among the 2006 social services grant applicants.
5.5       Community Social Services Grant Recommendations 2006
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT
1.         That the social services grant recommendations as outlined below by the Community Services Advisory Committee be approved;
Social Service Agency /  Recommended Grant
Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland     =          500
Capilano Community Services Society     =        1,250
Family Services of the North Shore  (Family Counselling)     =       14,500
Living Systems Society     =          500
NS Community Resources Society -  Operating     =        9,050
NS Community Resources Society (Advocacy  Project)     =          500
NS Community Resources Society (Adults At  Risk)     =          1,500
NS Women's Centre (includes Single Moms'  Support Group)     =        1,500
NS Multicultural Society - Operating     =        1,000
NS Multicultural Society (Community  Bridging Program)    =          500
NS Neighbourhood House (Pregnant &  Parent Teen Program)    =        3,000
NS Neighbourhood House (Learning  Together)     =        1,000
NS Neighbourhood House (Senior Peers  Support Group)     =        750
West Vancouver Family Place Society - Operating     =        2,750
Autism Society of BC - Operating     =       1,000
Autism Society of BC (Lecture Series)     =          375
Autism Society of BC (Community Library)     =          375
BC Paraplegic Association     =          400
BC Schizophrenia Society, North Shore Branch     =        1,750
Canadian Mental Health Association -  Operating     =        1,000
Canadian Mental Health Association  (Volunteers in Partnership)     =          250
Canadian Mental Health Association  (Consumer Support Network)     =          250
Canadian Mental Health Association (Brief Counselling Service)     =          650
NS Project Society for Low Income and  Handicapped (COPRO)     =       = ; 5,500
Crisis Intervention & Suicide  Prevention Centre of BC    =        1,250
Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society -  Operating     =         750
Harvest Project - Operating Costs     =        3,000
Lookout North Shore Emergency Aid Shelter - Operating     =       4,000
NS Association for the Mentally  Handicapped (Education Awareness)     =        1,000
NS Crisis Services Society - Operating     =       10,500
NS Disability Resource Centre (Summer  Program)     =        1,600
Canadian Red Cross Society (Respect ED  Program)     =          750
West Coast Alternatives Society - Operating     =        4,500
West Coast Alternatives Society (Kids  First Program)     =          500
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association -  Operating     =          600
Lionsview Seniors' Planning Society -  Operating     =        2,000
Lionsview Seniors' Planning Society  (Seniors' Coalition)     =        1,100
NS Keep Well Society - Operating     =        1,000
NS Meals on Wheels Society     =          700
NS Stroke Recovery Centre - Operating     =        1,250
NS Volunteers for Seniors - Operating     =        3,000
West Vancouver Adult Day Centre     =          500
2.        The North Shore Community Resources Society's request for $5,000 to conduct a child care needs assessment on the North Shore be approved from Council's Contingency Fund subject to matching amounts from the City and District of North Vancouver; and
3.        Funds from the Community Services Grants Budget, surplus for 2006 in the amount of $5,550, be incorporated into the social services grant allocations for 2006 only.
 5.6       Emergency Planning Funding Program (File: 2720-03?01)
           RECOMMENDED: THAT Council authorizes Fire & Rescue staff to proceed with a grant application to support emergency planning for West Vancouver.

6.1.1   Development Permit Application 04?019 (4023 Rose Crescent) (File:  1010?20?04?019)
            RECOMMENDED: ...which would provide for a two lot subdivision on a site that includes "difficult terrain" and a watercourse, will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, June 26, 2006.
7.         OTHER ITEMS
> Requests for Delegation
            7.1.1         J. Van Luven, Executive Director, St. James Community Service Society, May 18, 2006, regarding delegation re North Shore Youth Safe House (File:  0180?56)
                              Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
> Action Required
7.1.2          C. Still, Past Chair, The North Shore Family Court & Youth Justice Committee, May 24, 2006, regarding 2005 Annual Report (File:  0115?20?NSFC1)
                  Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for review and report.
                  Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
7.1.3         J. Beninger, J. Sutherland, B. Ditters, J. Vanderly, M. Delaney, West Vancouver Pottery Studio Committee, May 25, 2006, regarding City Council's Recent Decision to Postpone Development of Pottery Studio (File:  3000?11?10)
                   Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
> No Action Required (receipt only)
7.1.4          Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
                  (a)       Planning Advisory Committee Minutes, April 26, 2006 (File:  0115?20?PAC03)
7.1.5         Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority, July 2005, regarding Vancouver/UBC Transit Plan
                   Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
7.1.6         K. Wristen, Executive Director; E. Doherty, Transportation Committee Chair; D. Fields, Transportation Campaigner, Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, May 25, 2006 regarding Council of Councils Freeway Expansion Debate (File:  0190?07)
                              Previously distributed due to timing of event.
7.1.7         L. Cooper, May 23, 2006, regarding Amendments to Bylaw Governing Capilano Suspension Bridge (File:  0190?07)
7.1.8         R. Thorpe, Minister, Ministry of Small Business and Revenue and Minister Responsible for Regulatory Reform, May 18, 2006, regarding Property Tax Deferment Program (File:  0955?05)
7.1.9         K. Bryden, West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society, May 21, 2006, regarding use of cisterns in West Vancouver
7.1.10       C. Ho, Executive Director, Smart Growth BC, May 18, 2006, regarding 2005 Annual Report and Promoting Public Health through Smart Growth
                              Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
7.1.11       K. Juvik, Watershed Forester, Watershed Management, Greater Vancouver Regional District, May 30, 2006 regarding Community Wildfire Protection Planning Update
7.1.12       D. Marley, May 22, 2006, regarding ITAC Update - District of West Vancouver Property Taxes & Operating Expenses
> Responses to Correspondence
7.1.13       D. Leavers, Manager, Parks and Environment to W. van der Sande, May 23, 2006, regarding Tree Removal/Replacement
> Responses to Questions in Question Period  ---  None.

===  INFObits  ==========

* Council Remuneration and Expenses *
Name / Position / Remuneration /Benefits / [Taxable Car Allowance] / Expenses
Wood, Ron / Mayor / 61,415.29 / 1,152.00 / [3,816.00] / 889.42
Goldsmith-Jones, Pam / Mayor/Councillor /  25,972.82 / 1,433.76 / 1,185.76
Clark, John / Councillor / 22,560.86 / 766.08 / 163.16
Day, Rodney / Councillor / 22,560.86 / 1,152.00 / 3,178.61
Durman, Victor / Councillor / 22,560.86 / 1,414.08 / 366.21
Ferguson, Jean / Councillor / 22,560.86 / 118.08 / 853.97
Smith, Michael / Councillor / 1,705.98 / 0.00 / 238.37
Soprovich, William / Councillor / 22,560.86 / 1,374.72 / 2,411.74
Vaughan, Vivian / Councillor / 1,705.98 / 0.00 / 238.37
                        $ 203,604.37 / 7,410.72 / 3,816.00 / 9,525.61
                                        Total Remuneration & Expenses  -- $224,356.70
{More on this in the next issue}

* Staff Remuneration and Expenses *
Total For Employees Over $75,000 12,778,264.74  / 180,440.80
Total For Employees Under $75,000 30,386,265.62  / 241,621.69

                        Total For All Employees $43,379,361.45 / 431,588.10
                                                        Grand Total of Remuneration and Expenses  $ 44,035,306.25

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Do not confuse motion and progress.  A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.
                         -- Alfred A. Montapert

Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There's no better rule.
                         -- Charles Dickens, 1812 - 1870

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                         -- Sharon Schuster, photographer in NY

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