Ccl Notes June 5
Agenda 12th
Calendar to 25th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Sorry my June 6th Tidbits enewsnotice did not recognize the 62nd anniversary of D-Day.  The Prime Minister's statement appears in INFObits.
You probably recall the very heavy rain on Thursday night, opening night for Bard on the Beach and although it threw a literal damper on the performance, it enhanced the opening scene (I won't tell you so you get the same surprise we did).  What an incredible creative mind has Dean Paul Gibson, the director for this version (it has been done a few times before).  Reserve right now b/c I'm positive that it will be fully booked soon for the rest of the season.  You can take it as serious or silly -- but that's love and having a potion turn you on is not that far-fetched when you think of how many have fallen in love at first sight (eg, Rostropovich and Michael Caine).  Then how can you not laugh at the antics of three of the top actors in Vancouver: Scott Bellis, Bernard Cuffling, and Allan Zinyk.  :-)
What an incredible addition to Vancouver's cultural life!  Opening night for Measure for Measure Saturday June 17th (see details in INFObits below).

Remember a few weeks ago when I asked if the lease agreement with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority had been signed and was told emphatically yes (signed by VCHA but Ccl had yet to see it or sign).  Then at May 29th's Ccl mtg the lease was on the agenda but the item was withdrawn.  Naturally one wd assume it wd reappear June 5th, but no.  Then, midweek was told the lease had gone back to the VCHA for further negotiations.  So what was signed?  Or was it signed with invisible ink?  Maybe we will see it June 12th, but it still is not clear that the draft lease (both parties funded by taxpayers) shd not have been made public to the taxpayers, those footing the bill.  More on this undoubtedly.
STOP PRESS: Lease is indeed on June 12 agenda.

$$$: Financial info on DWV website (see below), Ccl receives June 19th for comment at Ccl June 26th.

This issue from hereon:
Main items June 12 (Cmnty Biz Plan but 'on table' so you can't see it!!!; LEASE for receipt!; Calendar to June 25th (lots); DWV Salaries for 2004; INFObits (D-Day; Eagleridge Question; salmon return to another WV creek!; Measure for Measure; 2004 US Election/Voting); Ccl mtg June 5th Tidbits; Ccl AGENDA June 12th; Quotations

=== CALENDAR to June 25th ==============

===  Wednesday, June 7th == 5 - 8pm ~ Heritage Strategic Plan Open House at Library
===  Thursday, June 8th
~ 5:30pm ~ Evelyn Drive Guidance Cmte at Chamber of Commerce Boardroom
~  8pm ~ TA DA! ~ A Midsummer Night's Dream ~
                Opening night for BARD ON THE BEACH!
===  Friday, June 9th
~ noon ~ Deadline for Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Call for Nominations, 2006-2008 Term
Members are invited to nominate a Chamber member in good standing to serve on the Board of the WV Chamber of Commerce. You are welcome to submit your own name if you are interested in joining our Board of Directors.  Each Director elected will begin a two-year term of office at our Annual General Meeting on June 14th, 2006.  The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 9th at noon. For more information please phone 926 6614.

===  Saturday, June 10th
~ 8:15am - 2pm ~ Grouse Mtn Seek the Peak Relay (Ambleside Park)
===  Sunday, June 11th
~ 10am - noon ~ Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion

===  Monday, June 12th - Ccl of t= he Whole Mtg (and Eagleridge in Court)

===  Tuesday, June 13th
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC
Opening Reception 6 - 8pm for an exhibition of art works by DWV Employees!
Start of Exhibit, "I am more than my day job", June 13 to 25

===  Wednesday, June 14th
~ 7:30 - 9am ~ at Hollyburn Country Club - AGM for Chamber of Commerce
SPEAKER: Nicholas Sonntag, President, Sonntag Consulting International; TOPIC: Sustainability
The June breakfast begins with our AGM. The Board of Directors will be elected/acclaimed and the President will report on the past year's activities at the Chamber.
Immediately following the AGM our guest speaker, Nicholas Sonntag will speak to us about sustainability... what it means from a business perspective -- for both large and small firms... what they need to consider... and then talk about his first-hand experience and view on the awakening of China and how sustainability is a key issue there and for all of us.
Nicholas Sonntag, currently living in Gibsons, is President of Sonntag Consulting International Ltd. The firm provides strategic and specialized services to corporations and governments globally. He has been active in the international engineering and sustainability community for over 35 years, working as a senior executive for organizations -- corporate and non-profit -- in China, Canada, Sweden, and Geneva [Switzerland].
>>> RSVP INFO: Cost: Members $20 / Non-Members $30 (GST Included); Pre-paid registration is required.
We ask that you kindly pre-pay to ensure your breakfast and seat are reserved. This enables you to go directly upstairs to network after quickly picking up your receipt at check-in.  Please RSVP by deadline of 5pm, Monday, June 12th by clicking on the ''Sign Up'' link on www.westvanchamber.com, calling 604-926-6614 or faxing 604-926-6436. Our host, Hollyburn Country Club, requires advance numbers for set up and food preparation. Cancellations are accepted until 5pm, Monday June 12th in order to receive a refund. Thank you for your cooperation.
Remember to wear your Chamber name tag and bring your business cards!

===  Thursday, June 15th
~ 5:30 - 7:30 ~ NS Family Court & Youth Justice CMte - CMV M Hall)

===  Saturday, June 17th
~ 6:30 - 9pm ~ Wv Fire Fighters "Pipes by the Sea" in Ambleside Park
~~~  Super Saturday on June 17 in Vancouver:
"Heritage Conservation, Rehabilitation, and Urban Revitalization"
Details/Registration: http://www.aibc.ca/super_saturday/index.html
Those interested in the management of our heritage resources, sustainability and urban revitalization should look into "Super Saturday" -- a program of interdisciplinary events, hosted by Urban Planners, Architects, and Landscape Architects.  Super Saturday will be in Vancouver on Saturday June 17th.  You can find details of the various sessions at the following website: http://www.aibc.ca/super_saturday/index.html
Under "On-site daytime programming" the session, "Heritage Conservation, Rehabilitation & Urban Revitalization" will feature Christina Cameron (former head of National Historic Sites), Marc Denhez (well-known lawyer specializing in heritage issues), as well as staff from the BC Heritage Branch (Patrick Frey and Alastair Kerr). Gerry McGeough (City Heritage Planner), and Robert Fung (Vancouver's Salient Developments)  will take registrants on a behind-the-scenes look at the Terminus and Grand Hotels project, now under construction in Gastown. An evening reception with Adrienne Clarkson is included in the registration cost. A faxable registration form is on the web site.  Registration closes June 16th!
~ 8pm ~  OPENING NIGHT: MEASURE FOR MEASURE at Bard on the Beach
See details in INFObits below.
===  Monday, Jun= e 19th - Ccl Mtg  ===
===  Tuesday, June 20th  ~ 7 - 9pm ~ CSAC
===  Wednesday, June 21st
~ 5:30 - 7pm ~ FAC AND  ~ 7 - 9pm ~ Library Bd in Peters Rm; Bd of Variance in the Ccl Chamber
===  Thursday, June 22nd
~ 4 - 6pm ~ Police Bd Mtg at Srs' Ctr AND ~ 4:30 - 7:30pm ~ DAC
===  Friday, June 23
~ 7:30pm ~ Alex Cuba Band, Vancouver International Jazz Festival -- Free Concert at the Library
We are excited to be one of the new venues participating in this year's Jazz Festival. Free, non-ticketed event. Doors open at 7pm. Seating limited, first come-first served.

===  Saturday, June 24th
~ ALL DAY in Ambleside Park ~ Squamish Nation War Canoe Races
~ 5pm ~ Annual General Meeting of Lighthouse Park Preservation Society at Ski'witsut Hut
LPPS will forward an agenda of this important event to encourage all members to participate in the selection of officers and enjoy a potluck supper afterward at 6pm.  Pls call Sheena Vennesland at 913 9272 wrt membership and Marja de Jong 921 3382 to volunteer.
===  Saturday (24th) and Sunday (25th)  ~  NS Amateur Radio Club Field Day, Ambleside Park "I"
===  Sunday, June 25th  ~ 9 - 11:30am ~ Walk for Schizophrenia

===  DWV SALARIES 2005 (last year) ==============

        * Council Remuneration and Expenses (last WVM and below)
        * Employee Remuneration and Expenses (this WVM below)
not below: Suppliers of Goods and Services, Severance Agreements, Permissive Tax Exemptions, Taxable Car
All of the above information is on the DWV website (http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=3454&c=809) but don't ask me how they come up with this naming system; Ccl receives June 19, public comment is welcome at June 26 ccl mtg
{maybe, like, how much more in 2006, hm???
and seriously, pity the low pay for councillors -- don't you appreciate them more?}

* Council Remuneration and Expenses *
Name / Position / Remuneration /Benefits / [Taxable Car Allowance] / Expenses
Wood, Ron / Mayor                 $ 61,415.29    / 1,152.00 / [3,816.00] / 889.42
Goldsmith-Jones, Pam / Mayor/Councillor         $ 25,972.82    / 1,433.76 / 1,185.76
Clark, John / Councillor                        $ 22,560.86    / 766.08 / 163.16
Day, Rodney / Councillor                        $ 22,560.86    / 1,152.00 / 3,178.61
Durman, Victor / Councillor             $ 22,560.86    / 1,414.08 / 366.21
Ferguson, Jean / Councillor             $ 22,560.86    / 118.08 / 853.97
Smith, Michael / Councillor             $ 1,705.98    / 0.00 / 238.37
Soprovich, William / Councillor         $ 22,560.86    / 1,374.72 / 2,411.74
Vaughan, Vivian / Councillor            $ 1,705.98    / 0.00 / 238.37
$ 203,604.37 / 7,410.72 / 3,816.00 / 9,525.61
                2005 Total COUNCIL Remuneration & Expenses  -- $224,356.70

* Staff Remuneration and Expenses *
Total For Employees Over $75,000 12,778,264.74  / 180,440.80
Total For Employees Under $75,000 30,386,265.62  / 241,621.69

Total For All Employees $43,379,361.45 / 431,588.10
               2005 Total of STAFF Remuneration and Expenses  $ 44,035,306.25
Almost 80% of WV's annual budget?

***  EMPLOYEES  ***
NOTE: I've omitted the Police and Fire Dept personnel but they are all on the DWV website
Copy and pasted from DWV website; Dept heads bolded
Name / Position / Remuneration / Expenses
add to the first figure, salary, 30% in benefits (the figure I was given for 2004, so may be higher)

Aguilar, David Network Analyst 82,764.81 2,118.60
Barnes, Gregory Deputy Director - Human Resources and Payroll Services 86,105.74 2,912.76

Barth, Emil Director of Engineering and Transportation 125,896.85 1,869.34

Bates, Phil Business Manager - Engineering and Transportation 94,518.51 2,043.77

Beauchamp, Richard Director of Administrative Services 115,836.18 6,559.63

Boyle, Geri Manager - Community Planning 97,419.88 651.77
Brolly, Clark Assistant Training Officer 82,542.79
Campbell, Colin Recreation Services Manager 80,310.59 3,231.93

Chuback, Josephine Manager - Community Services 97,226.25 938.00
Clendenning, Kenneth Facilities Maintenance Manager 80,784.58 2,193.66
Coles, Peter Equipment Superintendent 82,720.38 1,225.17

Curry, Gregory Transit Manager 100,625.16 58.00
Dove, Alan Supevisor - Utilities (Water) 75,485.94 717.80
Dozzi, Brent Manager - Roads and Transportation 88,896.74 3,567.84

Ferstay, Ralph Recreation Services Manager 80,483.76 744.78
Fung, Raymond Manager - Utilities 91,821.13 3,300.98

Goodhart, Ann Director of Library Services 104,394.09 3,667.69

Goyan, John Manager - Purchasing and Risk Management 97,768.96 4,520.61
Graham, Susan Land And Property Agent 77,545.55 470.00
Grant, William Manager - Information Technology 91,111.33 1,626.18

Hughes, Lauren Senior Human Resources Advisor 78,765.51 649.27
Jaffer, Naizam Superintendent - Utilities (Sewer) 82,895.92 2,608.67
Jenkins, Stephen Environmental Coordinator 88,145.89 1,306.27

Laing, Richard Director Of Finance 130,391.47 2,247.02

Leavers, Douglas Manager - Park Services 93,416.35 1,090.20
Leonard, Christopher Superintendent - Utilities (Water) 85,488.66 1,088.37
Maki, Randy Supervisor - Inspections 80,552.45 510.00

McGunigal, Marlene Transit Service Coordinator II 83,720.08 83.18
McHale, Larry Supervisor III - Forests/Trails 77,235.76 1,662.44
Mikicich, Stephen Community Planner 75,234.52 501.77

Miller, Michael Park Operations Manager 79,443.71 624.46
Minaker, Glen Park Operations Manager 83,441.19 3,551.84
Nelson, Clay Assistant Manager - Building Construction and Contracts 82,381.54 448.60

Ney, Susan Director of Human Resources and Payroll Services 110,418.75 1,876.61

Nicholls, Stephen Director of Planning, Lands and Permits 128,314.85

O'Meara, Tim Manager - Permits, Licences and Bylaws 94,492.61 347.49
Pearson, Robert Bus Operator 75,494.93

Pike, Kevin Director of Parks and Community Services 127,573.26 5,393.80

Reid, Ronald Bus Operator 76,548.14
Roberts, Michael Supevisor - Utilities (Sewer) 83,055.14
Rowlands, Gareth Superintendent Of Operations - Transit 78,213.50 4,737.42
Scholes, Sheila Municipal Clerk 91,766.30 570.00

Stuart, David Chief Administrative Officer 227,951.36 6,402.75

Touhey, Paul Lieutenant 83,415.23
Wagner, Richard Social Services Manager 80,133.45
Watt, Gary Superintendent - Roads 90,315.70 665.35

Won, Kerry Assistant Director Of Finance 91,531.64 1,899.51
Wood, Barbara Manager - Financial Reporting and Accounting 91,638.20 4,082.78
Wrench, Joseph Utilityworker - Basic 80,938.89 125.70
Yee, Terry Inspector - Trade II 75,118.94 665.00

Total For Employees Over $75,000 12,778,264.74 180,440.80
Total For Employees Under $75,000 30,386,265.62 241,621.69
        Total For All Employees 43,379,361.45 431,588.10
                Grand Total of Remuneration and Expenses     $44,035,306.25

=== INFObits === 1 D-Day= 2 Coho 3 Eagleridge Q 4 Bard 5 US voting =======
= 1 =
Ottawa, ON -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement regarding the 62nd anniversary of the D-Day invasion:
On this day, we mark the 62nd anniversary of one of the greatest battles of the Second World War, the invasion of Europe known as D-Day.  On June 6, 1944, more than 25,000 members of the Canadian Forces took part in the largest sea-borne invasion in history. Their courage and sacrifice played a major role in this successful operation, which breached the walls of Fortress Europe.  Along with our allies from the U.S., Great Britain, France, and other Commonwealth countries, the Canadians endured many months of hard fighting that eventually led to final victory over Nazi Germany.
The D-Day invasion marked the turning point of the Second World War. It was, as many historians have recorded, the beginning of the end.  Today, as we mark the 62nd anniversary of the D-Day landings, we recall the thousands of brave Canadians who played their part in this historic event.  They came from every part of Canada, from every walk of life, to risk their lives for freedom. Many would make that ultimate sacrifice.
Let us never forget them, and let us never fail to defend their precious legacy.
= 2 =
WV COHO ALERT!  Just discovered!  We have a new salmon spawning creek in West Vancouver!  On June 6th, Rob Bell-Irving (DFO Community Adviser) and Hugh Hamilton (Prez, WV Streamkeepers) inspected the outflow of Dogwood Creek (so called by the local residents b/c near Dogwood Lane) onto the foreshore. This inspection was prompted by the falling of trees in Caulfeild Park near the creek a few days earlier.  {Yes, folks, I'm going to track this down; been told cut for residents' views -- I'm not against that but it shd be windowing, not removal.}  Although Dogwood Creek is a small creek, which runs as far as Marine Drive, it flows the year round.  Much to their surprise the small pools at the mouth of the creek were full of Coho fry, which Rob estimated came from at least two spawning coho. These fry could not have come from any other creek as they were too small.
We now have a new salmon spawning creek in West Vancouver!!!
and many thanks to Rob, Hugh, and ever-vigilant Streamkeepers.....will get an update for next issue. 
= 3 =
EAGLERIDGE  --  Elspeth Bradbury's questions June 5th at ccl mtg:
My question regards highway construction at Eagleridge Bluffs as it relates to the Migratory Bird Act.
   Last week the nest of a migratory bird, the Cassin's vireo, was confirmed by professional biologists to be well within the proposed highway alignment. It was filmed by CBC TV and witnessed by a reporter for The Province. Since then the nests of a western tanager, and a red breasted nuthatch have been photographed at active nests so close to the alignment that a buffer zone of 20 meters would be well within the roadway. A brown creeper also entered a nest two metres from the nuthatch.
   About thirty protected bird species have been identified in the area, and biologists have estimated that there are probably about 300 nests within the road alignment.
   An intact egg has been recovered from under the branches of a felled maple on the edge of the no-go zone under the current injunction. It was turned over to an enforcement officer with the Canadian Wildlife Services this morning. The officer was informed of the circumstances and is currently pursuing the matter.
   It has become apparent that the international Migratory Bird Act, which was established in 1916 and last ratified by Canada in the mid 1990s, is being violated on a daily basis as logging continues on the bluffs and behind.
   An April 19th media release, on the West Van website, states that  the District will work with the Ministry of Transportation to ensure that the Bluff's section of the highway meets established standards for the natural environment.  My question is: If the road construction company should be found in violation of the Migratory Bird Act, is West Vancouver at risk of being found legally implicated? Might the District be found complicit in a breach of the Federal law?
= 4 =
 > In Short ... Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival continues its 17th season with the powerful moral drama Measure for Measure directed by Kathryn Shaw. It runs Tuesdays to Sundays June 14 to September 23 under the tents in Vanier Park. Tickets 604-739-0559 or www.bardonthebeach.org.
> In Full =8A Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival continues its 17th season with the 'dark comedy' Measure for Measure. It plays in repertory with A Midsummer's Night Dream Tuesdays through Sundays in the 520-seat open-ended Mainstage tent in Vanier Park from June 14 through September 23. Kathryn Shaw, Artistic Director of the Acting Program at Langara College's renowned Studio 58, joins Bard on the Beach for her first season as director.
> Measure for Measure is a powerful moral drama that examines love, lust, duplicity, and the abuse of power. Lord Angelo (Ian Butcher) is empowered by the Duke of Vienna (Scott Bellis) to correct the lax morals in Vienna in his absence. Angelo closes the brothels and imposes the full measure of the law on noble Claudio (Kyle Rideout), sentencing him to death for fornication with his fianc=E9e, Juliet (Tara Jean Wilkin). Claudio's friend Lucio (Haig Sutherland) visits Claudio's sister Isabella (Karen Rae), a novice nun, and convinces her to appeal to Angelo for clemency. The previously puritanical Angelo is consumed with lust for Isabella and makes her the ultimate indecent proposal - will she exchange her virtue for her brother's life? Escalus (Russell Roberts), a respected official, also tries to arouse Angelo's sense of mercy, but the Provost (Mike Wasko) is ordered to have Claudio executed the following morning. Meanwhile the Duke, disguised as a Friar, has been quietly monitoring the intrigue and intervenes with a plan of his own - Angelo's forsaken bride Mariana (Melissa Poll) will take the place of Isabella in the illicit liaison. Meanwhile the city's prostitutes, pimps, and jailers - the bawd Mistress Overdone (Colleen Wheeler), her servant Pompey (Allan Zinyk), the Executioner  (Paul Moniz de S=E1), Elbow the constable (Josue Laboucane), and the prisoner Barnadine (Parnelli Parnes) - provide a colourful portrait of life beyond the law. Caught up in the intrigue are the Duke's confidant, Friar Peter (Bernard Cuffling) and Isabella's guardian, Sister Francisca (Luisa Jojic).
> Kathryn Shaw has set Measure for Measure in troubled pre-war 1930's Europe where militarism and the desire to perfect society were on the rise. Set Designer Kevin McAllister's multi-leveled stage provides an intimate audience/stage relationship, while the dramatic tensions of this play are sharpened with a black and metallic palate. Mara Gottler's costumes help depict the play's juxtaposed worlds: rigid uniforms for the military; formal suits and neat feminine silhouettes for civilians; raunchy and colourful attire in the cabaret; the pristine look of the church; the faded garb in the repressive prison camps. Gerald King's lighting, Stephen Bulat's sound design, and Nicolas Harrison's fight choreography reinforce the contrast of these cultures. Production Stage Manager Stephen Courtenay is assisted by Kelly Barker (Assistant Stage Manager) and Marcella Hyde (Apprentice Stage Manager).
> Performance details for Measure for Measure are as follows:
Play tickets are $17.00 to $29.50. Order through the Bard Box Office, either on-site or by calling 604-739-0559, or on-line at www.bardonthebeach.org. Season Sponsor is Starbucks and Production Sponsor for Measure for Measure [is] Jaguar/Land Rover.
= 5 =
Forwarded to me -- rather long and unsettling:
A report by Robert Kennedy on the 2004 US election; registration, voters' lists, electronic voting, and more!  You know that Gore got about half a million more votes that GWBush, but that anomaly is not the point -- it just confuses those countries to which the US is bringing democracy and advocating the will of the majority.

===  Ccl Mtg Highlights June 5th  ==========

These are the tidbits sent out just after the June 5th mtg:
This enewsnotice has two mtgs Wed/Th, Cmnty Ctr Lease info (still being negotiated!), theft of bronze even here in WV, June 5th ccl mtg tidbits, and Quotations.
Wednesday is the Open House on the Heritage Strategic Plan at the Library from 5 - 8pm.  The consultant involved, Hal Kalman, just received a prestigious award from the Heritage Society of BC in Nanaimo on Friday -- the $10K prize is donated to a charity of his choice.
The website calendar today has the Evelyn Drive Guidance Cmte mtg (I asked b/c I'd heard there was a mtg) from 5:30 - 7:30 on THURSDAY at the Chamber of Commerce boardroom.
*******  THAT BELEAGUERED CMNTY CTR SAGA - $40m+ and counting.....
THE LEASE with the Coastal Health Authority wch I was told had been signed when I asked a couple of weeks ago at Ccl, was withdrawn as an agenda item May 29, did not appear at the ccl mtg June 5, and today (6th), I've been informed it's gone back to the VCHA for further negotiations!  Have called a couple of cclrs and they're mystified too.  Will report news as learned.
You've heard about ppl stealing copper etc, even stealing grave markers?  Well, these lowly types have hit WV:
West Vancouver police are currently investigating the theft of 17 bronze memorial tree plaques from the West Vancouver Capilano View Cemetery.  The bronze memorial plaques were stolen sometime between 4:00 p.m. on June 3, 3006 and 6:30 a.m. on June 5, 2006.  Anyone who may have information about this theft is asked to contact the West Vancouver Police Department at 604-925-7300 or Crime Stoppers.  Please quote police file 06-6476.
.........Now back to Ccl........Ccl Mtg June 5th:
The Mayor, JF, VV, CAO, and Dir/Finance absent so Acting Mayor Mike Smith in chair who reported that they were still in Montreal (FCM) and Mr Barth was acting MMgr.  Four is quorum, the bare minimum so when one left the Chamber they had to stop the meeting briefly -- a first.
= Child Care Resources Program (Delegation): overview; they helped 31,364 parents last year; daycare costs from $600 to $1200 a month; not enough spaces esp infant/toddler.   Sop asked why ministry didn't provide space/money.  RD mentioned that in Europe public school from three (ecole maternelle); not enough money for daycare, shd be considered part of the public school system.  BTW, $60 a day here for daycare whereas $7 a day in Quebec where subsidized -- that's right, seven. General support.
= 7:18 DVP for 5340 Seaside, approved.
= 7:28 Old Growth Park Strategy for Protection; Implications & Next Steps
What a success story!  Appreciation is owed so many.  Let's start with staff -- it's Kevin Pike's Parks Dept but Doug Leavers and Corinne Ambor went through an exhaustive couple of years with open houses, meetings, getting feedback, listening, consulting, and planning and come up with this: the name will be the Old Growth Conservancy and it has been suggested that staff be directed to work with residents and existing interest groups to explore the formation of a separate Society to assist with the delineation of the buffer zone and to help with the management of the Old Growth Park.
Thanks given to Katharine Steig, Sheena Vennesland, dear departed valued Don Graham and Randy Stoltmann, Paul Hundal, and others.  [See my comments in PQP.]  Questions were asked about perhaps having the boardwalk lower than ten feet but there's the danger of a pair or two of feet pounding down the ground.  There was also discussion wrt the buffer zones (and what kind of buffer) and the prospect of damage by mountain bikes (hence a separate marked area for them).
= 8:04 marked the start of: Arts and Culture Grant Recommendations 2006; 8:11 Community Services Grant Recommendations 2006; 8:16  Community Social Services Grant Recommendations 2006.  There were questions about criteria (will be reviewed and done differently next year) and about the redistribution of an add'l $5K.
= 8:20  Emergency Planning Funding Program -- permission to apply for a grant given
= 8:21 -- proposed subdivision of 4023 Rose Crescent into two lots to be considered June 26.
= Reports at 8:23: Sop ~ great parade, magic; RD ~ DARE ten-year anniversary at Hugo Ray Park; MS ~ alumni concert at WV Youth Band at KMC, whole cmnty v proud of achievement celebrating 75 years
- Elspeth Bradbury reported sightings of birds and nests (in the Eagleridge Bluffs area), asked questions about the migratory bird act, how env'tal requirements observed/noted/enforced, whether or not the DWV was at risk if the contractor violated the Act.  [See her initial questions in INFObits above.]
- Dr/Rabbi Burnham (sp?) spoke on behalf of 12 owners in the nbrhd of Hugo Ray Park:
do want to thank Kevin Pike and Glen for coming out to speak to us
the WV Hockey Club $13m int'l training facility at Hugo Ray
have been told that 2/3 of their mbrs do not live in WV
feel the proposed too large, concreting over too much
will Ccl request that the traffic problems, including present problems, be solved prior to any expansion or improvement
we feel this will be a benefit to the cmnty
a one-way traffic route, Keith Rd, wd alleviate pressure on 3rd Mathers and Hadden
wd Ccl immediately reject a $13m Olympic training, bring forth something more in character with [area], provide an estimate costs to support any future improvements
can concessions be made -- to find other places for the hockey club so can enjoy the green
May 2006 traffic study, understood received and being withheld pending a ccl work shop end of June 2006.  Residents getting concerned about traffic and noise.
Ans: been Open Houses and mtgs, traffic study will go to Ccl and be made public; looking at alternate route, have also done a lighting study; that will be av publicly
- two other residents got up to echo/support the rabbi.
- Yours truly wanted to add her congratulations wrt the Old Growth Conservancy study (and outcome).  I repeated praise for Corinne Ambor as well as volunteer work first of all of Don Graham and Randy Stoltmann sadly here no more, and then Katherine Steig, Paul Hundal, and many others.  It was an excellent process and I agreed with Cclrs Sop and Day a great moment [after years of long hard work].  It was during the summer, after we on Ccl had been reviewing proposals for a golf course that that group informed me that the part was actually designated, covenanted, and by law required a referendum to release it.  This was about 1990.  Isn't it strange that that information had not been given to me as a Councillor..... 
So when Ccl reconvened in September naturally I moved that we have a referendum. They knew I was going to but instead of support, no one seconded it which meant that it was not recorded in the minutes of the ccl mtg.  I told Paul Hundal et al that they'd have to get a petition to ask.  They said 2-3000 names and I said no at least 5000 so it cd not be ignored.  They got 8000!  The Mayor was forced to reconsider and decided someone who was not going to run for election to Ccl shd be the one to move the motion for the referendum, "but Carolanne can second it". 
Ah, but I was so new then; I just accepted that (lucky to get the crumbs).  Now I wdn't be, but then I was, surprised that just beforehand Cclr Brokenshire who was retiring declined and another cclr, who was indeed going to run for mayor, made the motion.
In any case, it's been a hard long row and all of WV must be grateful for this resolution that preserves old growth, trees up to 1500 years old (most 350), but allows public viewing with protection.  Having a local cmnty group, a society, involved is an excellent idea and my guess is that the recommendation comes from observing how well the work and liaison with the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society has been.
For some reason Cclr Day thought I'd said there had been no referendum by Ccl about the oldgrowth park, so I clarified that there had been.  As you see, as a result of a great deal of involved dedicated resident effort.
Nothing's easy with govt.
And the wheels grind exceedingly slowly.
....or speed past out of sight before one can even think about brakes!

===  Ccl AGENDA June 12th at 7pm  ==========

*  Committee of the Whole:
1.         CALL TO ORDER  //   2.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA
3.         DELEGATIONS
3.1       B. Stewart, Chair, Board of Directors, Kay Meek Centre regarding Future of Arts in West Vancouver (File:  0120?01/3006?15)
4.         REPORTS
4.1       Corporate Business Plan (File:  0010?03) To be provided on table.
                >>>{does that mean it's different from the one previously on Ccl's agenda???}
5.         ADJOURNMENT

* Regular Ccl Mtg:
1.         CALL TO ORDER   //    2.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA
4.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES  /  4.1       Council Meeting Minutes, May 29, 2006
5.         REPORTS
5.1 Community Centre: Lease with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
            RECOMMENDED:   THAT the approved Offer to Lease and the Lease Agreement between the District of West Vancouver (Landlord) and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (Tenant) relative to the new Community Centre at Marine Drive and 21st Street, be received.
>>>{When did Ccl see it?  approve it?}
 5.2       1128 Hillside Road; BP 103289 - Request for Increase in Rock Breaking (File:  2390?03)
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT the request by the owner of 1128 Hillside Road to increase the rock breaking volume from 600 cubic metres to 1355 cubic metres be denied.
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the following consent agenda items be approved:
=B7        Item 7.1 re Correspondence
7.         OTHER ITEMS
= Action Required
7.1.1          S. Davison, June 01, 2006, regarding approval process re water main work on Happy Valley Lane
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
7.1.2         N. Butt, May 31, 2006, regarding garbage pickup at Westshore Place
                  Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
7.1.3         D. Rahn, May 29, 2006, regarding the Floral Clock (File:  2160?03?FSEP1)
                  Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
7.1.4         E. Koochin, May 26, 2006, regarding changes to bylaw which affect residents of Moyne Drive
                  Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
7.1.5         H. Ruiterman, June 01, 2006, regarding parking ticket (File:  1605?04)
                 Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
= No Action Required (receipt only)
7.1.6          Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
                  (a)       West Vancouver Memorial Library Board, April 19, 2006 (File:  1905?03)
7.1.7         G. Holden, Office of Housing and Construction Standards, Ministry of Forests and Range and Minister Responsible for Housing
7.1.8         J. N. Slote, June 03, 2006, regarding June 03, 2006 Community Day Parade
7.1.9         L. James, June 02, 2006, regarding Spokane Transit (File:  0185?39?06)
7.1.10       B. Murray, June 02, 2006, regarding CTV Movie:  Spirit Bear:  The Simon Jackson Story
                 Previously distributed due to timing of event.
7.1.11       K. Juvik, Watershed Forester, Watershed Management, Greater Vancouver Regional District, May 30, 2006, regarding Community Wildfire Protection Planning Update
                 Previously distributed due to timing of event.
7.1.12       S. R. Jones, May 30, 2006, regarding development on Evelyn Drive (File:  0860?01)
7.1.13       S. Hartwell, Chair, Community Economic Development Committee, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, June 01, 2006, regarding BC Energy Plan Renewal
7.1.14       E. Armstrong, Information and Resolutions Coordinator, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, June 01, 2006, regarding 2006 Resolutions Deadline - June 30, 2006
7.1.15       M. Chicilo, Director, Communications & Stakeholder Relations, May 25, 2006, regarding British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC) open planning process
7.1.16       P. Scarlett, President, North Shore Community Foundation, May 31, 2006, regarding recent grants from the Union Board of Health Fund
7.1.17       K. Shymanski, President and CEO, E-Comm 911, May 26, 2006, regarding 2005 Annual Report
                              Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
= Responses to Correspondence
7.1.18       B. A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation to C. Reddington, May 29, 2006, regarding Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal parking
7.1.19       R. A. Beauchamp, Director of Administrative Services to G. Pajari, June 02, 2006, regarding Lease Agreement with Health Board
= Responses to Questions in Question Period --  None.
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