Ccl Notes June 12
Calendar to 30th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

My, how quickly we've slid into summer.
And I do mean slide with the rainiest May I've ever known.  Hope June will be better but not much joy so far.
Forgotten the term for fear of 666? I forgot to put it in last week so it's in INFObits.
As I wrote in last WVM, the fabulous performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream started in a heavy downpour.
then to the Canadian premiere of
Democracy by Michael Frayn by the United Players at the Jericho Arts Theatre
What an incredible surprise!  It's about Chancellor Willy Brandt and his close aide Gunter Guillaume who turned out to be an East German spy.  All volunteer actors but cdn't tell -- it was well acted.
***  This issue:
More BARD! and RoyalTea; Main items June 19 (late, see notice just below and then some items 'on table'!); Calendar to June 29th (lots including first Fiscal Task Force mtg?); INFObits (1: Shoreline Fishing Closure; 2: Bard's Dream; 3: Mayor on Bluffs; 4: MLA on Transportation; 5: WVPD re thefts; 6: Sculpture Symposium $140K; 7: looong words, 6-6-6, Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic); Ccl mtg June 12th Transcript; Correspondence to WVM re sustainability; Ccl AGENDA June 19th; Streamkeeper Training and WV Streamkeepers' June newsletter; Reynolds unRapped?; Haiku/Politi-ku; Quotations
Measure for Measure (attended Opening Night Saturday 17th) was another triumph for Bard wch goes from good to better to even better to incredible.
"Measure" is a difficult play to put on but it was masterfully done.  Yes, there are ethical dilemmas and aspects but there's a sprinkling of humour throughout.  It opens with the sexiness of Cabaret (setting is Vienna) and ends with a Mona Lisa smile.
HARK! Get your tickets to A Midsummer Night's Dream as soon as you can -- it's sold out for the coming week and is 45% sold out for the whole season already!  And it only opened June 8th.  I have a bet on with Christopher Gaze that it will be sold out before July 25th (his bet for sold-out date).
***  RoyalTea
This year will be July 29th, and again in Dundarave Park between the restaurant and the pier.  Celebrating the Queen's 80th birthday this year, the seventh RoyalTea.  Pleased to report Pipers again and the Bard will drop in for a visit.  Details in future issues.

=== MAIN ITEMS on June 19th AGENDA ==============
Friday had delay notice on DWV website:
June 19, 2006 Regular Council Agenda
The June 19, 2006 Regular Council Agenda will be available by noon on Friday, June 16, 2006.Please contact the Municipal Clerk at (604) 925-7045 if you have any questions.
Main Items:
=  Recognition of National Aboriginal Day; Sculpture Symposium with Squamish Nation
=  Commercial Dog Walking
=  Finances and Budget 2005 Amendment, for receipt and approval
=  Capital Facilities Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw; Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw
=  Gordon Avenue and Neighbourhood Area Traffic and Streetscape Study
=  Lane Paving: Lawson and Mathers
=  Bylaw Notice Enforcement Amendment Bylaw {to be provided on table!}
=  Non Enforcement of the Noise Control Bylaw, 2142 Argyle
=  Funding for Canada Day Fireworks {to be provided on table!}
=  Correspondence: Hugo Ray Park, Homelessness, Aquatic Arthrocize Charges.

=== CALENDAR to June 30th ==============
        -- Farmers' Markets: Dundarave on Saturdays, at Civic Site in Ambleside on Sundays

===  Tuesday, June 13th
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC
~  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY: Opening Reception 6 - 8pm for an exhibition of art works by DWV Employees!
Start of Exhibit, "I am more than my day job", June 13 to 25

===  Wednesday, June 14th
~ 7:30 - 9am ~ at Hollyburn Country Club - AGM for Chamber of Commerce
SPEAKER: Nicholas Sonntag, President, Sonntag Consulting International; TOPIC: Sustainability
The June breakfast begins with our AGM. The Board of Directors will be elected/acclaimed and the President will report on the past year's activities at the Chamber. [Details in last WVM]

===  Thursday, June 15th
~ 5:30 - 7:30 ~ NS Family Court & Youth Justice Cmte - CNV M Hall)

===  Saturday, June 17th
~ 5 - 8pm ~ WV Fire Fighters "Pipes by the Sea" in Ambleside Park [NOTE CHANGED TIME]
~~~  Super Saturday in Vancouver: "Heritage Conservation, Rehabilitation, and Urban Revitalization"
Details/Registration: http://www.aibc.ca/super_saturday/index.html {details were in previous WVM}
~ 8pm ~  OPENING NIGHT: MEASURE FOR MEASURE at Bard on the Beach
{See a brief review above; details were in previous WVM}
===  Monday, Jun= e 19th - Ccl Mtg [see agenda below]  ===
===  Tuesday, June 20th
~ 4pm ~ the first mtg of the newly appointed Fiscal Task Force???
~ 5 - 7pm ~ Museum & Archives Adv Cmte at GLHouse, Upper Floor Mtg Room
~ 6 - 8pm ~ Lower Caulfeild Advisory Cmte
~ 6pm ~ WRA potluck dinner at Gleneagles; contact Sian at pitman8724@shaw.ca for information.
~ 7 - 9pm ~ CSAC
~ 7:30pm ~  The Concubine, the Pig and her Garden (CBC documentary based on TLC's Abkhazi Garden)
FREE; Alice MacKay Room, Vancouver Public Library. A special look at one of the world's most spectacular small gardens {in Victoria}; the story behind TLC's Abkhazi Garden, built in the 1940s by a Russian prince and princess; the efforts to save it from bulldozers in 2000. For info, please call (604) 331-3603, email: info@vpl.ca or www.vpl.ca.

===  Wednesday, June 21st
~ 5:30 - 7pm ~ FAC  [CANCELLED]
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Library Bd in Peters Rm
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Bd of Variance in the Ccl Chamber

===  Thursday, June 22nd
~ 4 - 6pm ~ Police Bd Mtg at Srs' Ctr
~ 4:30 - 7:30pm ~ DAC [CANCELLED]

===  Friday, June 23
~ 7:30pm ~ Alex Cuba Band, Vancouver International Jazz Festival -- Free Concert at the Library
We are excited to be one of the new venues participating in this year's Jazz Festival. Free, non-ticketed event. Doors open at 7pm. Seating limited, first come-first served.

===  Saturday, June 24th
~ ALL DAY in Ambleside Park ~ Squamish Nation War Canoe Races
~ 5pm ~ Annual General Meeting of Lighthouse Park Preservation Society at Ski'witsut Hut
LPPS will forward an agenda of this important event to encourage all members to participate in the selection of officers and enjoy a potluck supper afterward at 6pm.  Pls call Sheena Vennesland at 913 9272 wrt membership and Marja de Jong 921 3382 to volunteer.

===  Saturday (24th) and Sunday (25th)  ~  NS Amateur Radio Club Field Day, Ambleside Park "I"

Also on Saturday and Sunday June 24 and 25 from 9:30am to 4:30pm:
Streamkeeper Training at Princess Park, North Vancouver
Cost: $50 per student, and Streamkeeper Handbook and Modules can be purchased for $20 on site.
Instructors: Dianne Ramage and ZoAnn Morten; For info call ZoAnn at 986-5059, or email zmorten@shaw.ca or www.pskf.ca/publications/handbook.html = ; {See WV Streamkeeper section at end.}
===  Sunday, June 25th  ~ 9 - 11:30am ~ Walk for Schizophrenia, John Lawson Seawalk

===  Monday, Jun= e 26th - Ccl Cmte of Whole: EVELYN DRIVE AREA PLAN PRESENTATION  ===

===  Tuesday, June 27th
~ 6 - 8pm ~ Workshop for Old Growth Conservancy Society
~ 6 - 8pm ~  Gala Reception for the Ferry Building Gallery's juried exhibition (June 27 to July 9)
A PROFUSION OF PAINTERS: The Art of the North Shore Artists=92 Guild: Juried Mixed Media
Come and participate in our raffle.  Admission to all shows is free
~ 7:30 - midnight - Summer Celebration - Youth Band Fundraiser at Capilano Golf and Country Club
Tickets are $150 each, or put 10 of you together for $1200 (A tax receipt for the donation portion will be issued); Limited Tickets ~ Don't Delay! Light Fare ~ No Host Bar ~ Great Music ~ Dress with Style ~ Jackets for Men ~ No Jeans. Fundraising proceeds from this event will benefit the West Vancouver Youth Band Endowment Fund. For enquiries or tickets, please email summercelebration@westvancouver.ca or call 925-7012.

===  Wednesday, June 28th
~ 5 - 7pm ~ PAC [CANCELLED]
~ 6 - 8pm ~  WV Cultural Services presents SALSA BY THE SEA, June 28 - Aug 30 on Wednesdays, 6 - 8pm
Beginners and Intermediate with Doris Angelo and Gustavo of LatinDanceForYou. -- $5 drop-in
Ambleside Landing, outside the Ferry Building Gallery (weather permitting); Info: 925-7290

===  Thursday, June 29th
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI at CNV M Hall.

***  Then celebrate Canada's Birthday - CANADA DAY  -  July 1st  ***

===  INFObits ==============
= 1 =
Shoreline Fishing Closure
DWV, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the Vancouver Aquarium have been cooperating in an effort to protect the fragile and dwindling Rockfish populations along the WV shoreline.  Fisheries and Oceans Canada has been working on creating a Rockfish Conservation Area for a portion of WV, but since "conservation area status" will not take effect for another year, it has been agreed that a "strip closure" be put into effect along the portion of WV from the western entry to Pilot Cove (just east of Caulfeild Cove) to Tyee Point near Horseshoe Bay.  The closure to shoreline fishing is now in effect. This means that no fishing of any kind is permitted within 50 m from the low tide mark from Western Entry to Pilot Cove to Tyee Point. Phone 925 PARK for info.
= 2 =
A Midsummer Night's Dream at Bard on the Beach
Forest sprites with magical potions create romantic havoc in this deliciously magical comedy. Oberon, King of the Fairies, is upset with Queen Titania and engages Puck to charm her with a nectar that causes love at first sight. Mischievous Puck not only arranges for Titania to fall for a simple weaver named Bottom whom he has transformed into an ass, but he uses the nectar to tangle the affections of four courtly lovers who have sought refuge in the forest. Much hilarity also occurs as Bottom and his friends rehearse a play they hope to present at court.
Tix going fast!
{Measure for Measure details were in the last WVM}
= 3 =
June 7 Eagleridge Bluffs Update
The District is committed to working with the Province and the contractor through the Liaison Committee and in  ...more from the Mayor on the DWV website,http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=4543&c=780
= 4 =
Our MLA, Ralph Sultan reports:
In discussions with the provincial Ministry of Transportation, it is maintained that the curve at the west end of the bridge is no worse than many other curves on provincial highways, and this is probably true.  Furthermore, officials assert the accident rate on the curve itself is neither worse nor better than elsewhere, for curves of similar gradient.
In discussions with Ministry of Transportation, it is also conceded that the on-ramp is short, however, no plans appear under way to address the problem.
 Meanwhile, issues have been raised concerning the intersection of Taylor Way and Marine Drive, [owing] to growing traffic volumes and the pending Olympic Games at Whistler and Cypress Bowl.
 At my urging, Transportation Minister Falcon agreed to commission an engineering study.  I suggested the study area be defined as the quadrangle bounded by Highway 1 on the north, Marine Drive on the South, Capilano Road on the east, and Taylor Way on the West.  The reason for this definition was two-fold: first, to encompass the traffic issues within the entire interdependent system of roads accessing [Lions'] Gate Bridge (where changes in one element of the system impact all others; and second, to force consideration of the Capilano Curve.
The engineering study is nearing completion.  Elements of it have already been discussed with engineering staff of the three North Shore municipalities, so that their perspectives and expertise could be incorporated.  Next step is a briefing of municipal politicians in the next couple of weeks, with myself and other [MLAs].  Finally, there will be public consultation.
= 5 =
WEST VANCOUVER POLICE, 1330 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC  V7T1B5  604-925-7300
NEWS RELEASE Date:  June 16, 2006 //  Subject:  Theft of Copper Piping From Construction Site
West Vancouver police are concerned about a recent theft that could have potentially had serious consequences.
Earlier this morning at 7:30 a.m. a worker arrived at the job site in the 1600 blk of Marlowe Place only to discover that copper piping and fittings had been stolen from the house under construction.
The complainant noticed an odour of gas throughout the house and discovered that the gas line had been cut.  The suspects had also removed some copper piping that resulted in the flooding of certain areas in the residence and damaging some pump motors.
The complainant was able to shut off the natural gas leak and subsequently contacted the West Vancouver police.
West Vancouver has experienced a recent number of thefts that involve metal items.  These thefts have included memorial plaques, a water fountain, a street sign and copper piping from several construction sites.
Anyone who has information about these thefts is asked to contact the West Vancouver Police Department or Crime Stoppers.  Please quote police file 06-7015.
= 6 =
June 13, 2006  Sculpture Symposium Call for Squamish Nation Artists
   West Vancouver has been designated as one of the 2006 Cultural Capitals of Canada by the Department of Canadian Heritage.  The designation comes with an award for projects and activities that celebrate and leave a legacy for arts and culture in the community.  A key component of the West Vancouver Cultural Capital Program is a partnership with the Squamish Nation to commission a Coast Salish sculptural piece.  The sculpture will speak to the Squamish Nation history on the North Shore and enrich the citizen and visitor experience in West Vancouver.
   The public sculpture will be located in an accessible, waterfront location along or near the popular Centennial Sea Walk in West Vancouver.  Three possible sites under consideration are the western side of John Lawson Park, near the entrance to Ambleside Park at 13th Street, or at Dundarave Park to the west of the pier.
   In mid-July, all entries will be reviewed using the criteria outlined in the Call for Artists.  Up to three artists will be short-listed.  In August 2006, the public will be invited to view the scaled models created by the short listed artists.  A finalist will be selected based on the results of the detailed design submission, community commentary and additional selection criteria.  The total value of the commission is $140,000 (the artist fee is up to $100,000 plus installation costs up to $40,000).  The sculpture is expected to be installed early March, 2007 with a dedication and celebration mid-March.
   A Call for Artists was distributed on June 7, 2006, and can be found on the District website at www.westvancouver.ca/culturalcapital or the Squamish Nation website at www.squamish.net.  Squamish Nation artists are invited to submit a public sculpture proposal by July 7, 2006.
For more information, please contact:
Katherine Tong                                                                  Kirsten Baker-Williams
District of West Vancouver Project Facilitator                    Squamish Nation Education Liaison
604-925-7220                                                                  604-980-4553
Sww=FA7mesh =DAxwumixw
= 7 =
Number of the Beast and a looooong word:
As you may have guessed, with my interest in language that I'm on several language lists.  Last week one had the theme of long words and here are some excerpts:
*  Another long word for today. Note the date - 6/6/06.
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic: a fear of the number 666 or variants thereof, from a Biblical verse linking the number to "the beast"; from: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/5051540.stm and  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia
Much has been made in some quarters of last Tuesday's date, 6-6-06, which is close enough to the Number of the Beast in the New Testament Book of Revelation to have caused some anxiety among those who fear the consequences of numerological coincidences. This term for morbid anxiety about the number 666 is not, so far as I [Michael Quinion] know, to be found in any dictionary. The "-phobia" ending is easy and the rest is an English transliteration of the Greek for 666: "hexakosioi" - 600, "hexekonta" - 60, "hex" - 6.
pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis -- the longest word but cd be made longer as an adjective!

=====  CCL Mtgs * DRAFT TRANSCRIPT * J= une 12th  ==========
In any case --
here's what I typed while they spoke so there may be omissions and mistakes -- please let me know asap after you watch the tape, wd be most grateful.
You'll be interested in some items, such as:
=  ridiculous/unreasonable call for public input on the Corporate Biz Plan for the District when the document to be presented 'on table' meaning no one cd possibly have read it!!!!
=  Kay Meek Ctr's daily revenue is short about $1000 a day; Endowment Fund paid loan???; hope is to fundraise like crazy
=  cmnty ctr lease signed but not all documents there? some changes/additions to come?  My li'l ol' mind's in a tizzy!  Wait for fallout?
The Biz Plan (and Ccl) has sustainability as a key term.  A reader's letter wrt 'sustainability' in response follows this transcript.

>>> FIRST IS COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE (followed by special regular ccl mtg); John Clark absent.

1.         CALL TO ORDER of Committee of the Whole Mtg
7;02  -- already in session when I arrived; they were trying to get slides to start.
3.         DELEGATIONS
3.1       B. Stewart, Chair, Board of Directors, Kay Meek Centre regarding Future of Arts in West Vancouver
BStewart: Fiscal year ends August 31st
see use in May; who's been renting
tri-party agreement with M and Sch Dist
main theatre 500 seats, studio theatre 200+ and gives flexibility
optimistic; the biz plan before us -- interesting to see how accurate it was
amazing acoustics but cd add things that wd make more enjoyable and biz plan saw this
first year rental, broadening to presentations, then productions, and coproductions
looking to Olympics
Bill Kerr's done a great job but he said he's tired; good at starting up and managing chaos
new mgr starting Sept 1st and Bill will stay until then; Paul comes from Salt Spring Island
proud to say this theatre is paid for
arguably worth $10m, hate to say what it wd cost today; no legacy of debt.
will have an operating deficit, some grants, biz plan foresaw; $250K per year AFTER the M grant of $500K a year
this is where fundraising is so important; depends on being aggressive and continuing campaign
hope we will be successful getting support; going to need support of all WV cmnty
Sop: Congratulations, it's a wonderful place
difficult, as a board
my understanding the Kay Meek Fdn showed $5m for operating but states $4.5m given and loan repayment forgiven
Wally Pierce/Pearce [sp?] of Finance Cmte to answer
originally as theatre being built, Kay advanced $4.5m and another $5m added to that
fundraising for capital, building
understand Kay's Fdn wd match; thought wd be able to support $250K operating; in fact they did not
after she passed, wd assume loans had been paid off and no Endowment Fund was created.

{er, um. hm.}

WP: auditors asked the same questions

{no doubt!}

KMFdn forgave all the loans, consequently left with the actual cost amortized over the 40-yr lease
deferred capital costs
Ans: 40 years hence, number will be zero
Susana Bell-Irving-Gray [sp?], fundraiser chair: fundraising going well; seat sale and will launch a general mbrship campaign in the fall; approaching indivs
Sop: how much raised to date?
SBIG:  $12K and hope $90K by end of year

{how far will that go???}

Sop: studio operating now
Ans: talking about whole ctr; from revenue point of view, consolidated statements
so when $250K op deficit ending 07, total of the two figures
Sop: are you hardpressed for finances today?
Ans: if we look at our cashflow, if no more money coming in, we'd be looking at a cashflow crunch in November
Sop-: Plan B?
Ans: Plan B to raise money
if you take these financial statements, generate $340 a day, year to date to end of May
The operating expenses are about $1240 a day, so deficit of $850 a day

{is the arithmetic or are my ears wrong???}

gap between revenue and expenses
primary expenses: salaries of staff, light, heat, and so forth
revenue is rental income; moving up the learning curve, presentations, and productions there are higher revenues but higher risk; unsold seats mean revenue denied but rented fixed income
Sop: wish you well; problems with financing and fundraising
know how wonderful it is, tell how wonderful it is
thank God for Kay Meek
think we have to depend on fundraising and benevolence of the board
Ans: tested numbers with other boards and they've said they've done v well.
we don't believe we will run into that cash situation
responsibility of board, volunteers, we hope the ppl of WV will value this theatre that they will become financial supporters
if they aren't financial supporters, it won't fly but we count on they will
Mike S: $230K loss after $100K from M?
really wonder if it's an efficacious biz plan to fundraise at $1000 day in perpetuity

{Note that the M is donating $100K a year in spite of the fact that when the Arts Ctr Trust came to Ccl a few years ago they promised just some help ($500K a year) for capital/construction b/c with their Endowment Fund/Investments, operating costs wd be covered.  IOW wd not require an annual subsidy -- something the Ccl of the day did not want to commit to.  So guess what.}

have to make things ppl want; other theatres, common pattern, dependency
believe prov and fed grant money and believe it's there; do believe it's doable
can you year in and year out fundraise $250K?

{good question, Mike!}

if the product's right I believe you can
JF: thank you for coming this evening
great facility, anxious to use it, ppl there think good
ppl have trouble finding out what's going on there
we've been looking for one source of what's on in WV, finding in one place at one time
if I'm sitting around Saturday afternoon, how can I find out what's on and how can I get a ticket?
Ans: one we shd hv anticipated
we have a website, can find out programming and purchase tix
first to admit not everyone deals with website
we are in process of running regular ads in NSh papers
your idea of a single point, newspapers we used to go to for all our info
shd find a way to cooperate with other theatre groups on the NSh
had discussions with the incoming director who has good relations with NV
JF: ppl can access website
Ans: Bill, you might want to speak to this
Bill Kerr: and our main number is in ph book, has events updated weekly
website -- through March, April May, ppl read posters more than NSh News
legendary pianos and Celtic Xmas -- we asked and found out ppl found out from posters
start again in September
posters were everywhere in WV, 250 put out -- collectors' items, elegant
a lot of ads are done by renters coming in
concern about ppl not knowing how to get there; ppl learn how to get there
Ans: bottom line, has to be higher level than it is today
VV: have you ever requested or suggested a sign on the hwy?
Ans: thank you; signage wd be most helpful; wd love to see sign on hwy
wd like to think KMC the jewel in the crown of WV
we have work to do and we know
RD: you're going to sell seats?
Ans: in the main theatre
Suzanne: $1500 each and have sold 65
RD: if you cd sell them all then paid for a couple of years

{yes -- but it's a non-renewable resource, so to speak; then what?}

Ans: build awareness; and appreciation
long connection with WV Library in fundraising, watch what they've accomplished
fundraising ev year, mailouts to ev home
today, many wd be scratching their heads wondering what
Wd like to introduce a couple of other directors, Liz Byrd , XX [names some others but too quickly for me to get down] with experience with Arts Ctr Trust
Sop: wonderful thing
you embarked on fundraising; you raised $209K and spent $133K doing it

{very rough figures/estimates for illustrative purposes --
spending about twice as much as net raised?  who did the fundraising?  seem to recall some initial kerfuffle/boondoggles during initial Library fundraising for expansion -- they hired a firm that had no office in BC!  ........hm........
In any case, at that KMC rate/ratio, they have to raise almost $700K to get $250K!   Is this practical or realistic in a cmnty of just over 40K?
and every year?!?!} 

illusion, falls short, lot of work, stress
Ans: no argument
Mr Marshall: fundraising is a v big challenge
cdn't fundraise something they didn't understand
but they'll understand what the theatre does [now]
you as Ccl can go out and speak to two ppl each
We're putting 6000 ppl through this community in December [last], and will put 8000 [this December]
they're going out to dinner
help us sell some seats
if we can't get it here, where can we
Mayor: early days, and accept that
really pleased you're here; Ccl's looking forward to a really close relationship
we're meeting later in the week, tripartite
timing is excellent, cmnty is ready to support arts, more than it ever has
working on Sea to Sky cultural summit
Lib Fdn is 20 years old this year
Ans: thanks for opp to present
hope to earn continuing support from M

4.         REPORTS
4.1       Corporate Business Plan (File:  0010?03) -- To be provided on table.
Mayor: anyone wishing to comment on biz plan
but how cd we since we haven't seen it!  It was to be provided on table!!!
PLUS, as you will see from subsequent comments, the updated agenda wasn't on screen, not all cclrs had all the info, some comments were handwritten on some cclrs' agendas!!!!!}
CAO: comments on blue sheet
Mayor: updated agenda not on screen
MikeS: what motions?
Mayor: it's handwritten
MikeS: report back to Ccl no later than --
Mayor:  #
MS: why move receipt of report before we've received it?
Sop: where did he read this from?
Mayor: I'm sorry you haven't got it; pass it to him
Sop: why are we're endorsing this if we haven't received it?
Mayor: in this frame --
have asked read out b/c we shd hv had an updated agenda and we haven't
MS: is Mr Stuart going to present the biz plan?
CAO: it was tabled earlier, Ccl asked for input from cmnty
this includes feedback; see page three for changes
Lib Bd, Strategic Plan, sustainable workforce; comprehensive plan, foreshore goal.....
new goal, fundraising opportunities....
housing dialogue re secondary suites.....
those the changes....
Ccl may identify anything else
tonight really just goals, agree with that, and we can do that by July 17
Sop: over the past six years, the goals achieved by staff incredible
new initiatives, basic initiatives
put a lot of pressure on staff over the last six years
any advice, adopt the principle, those contemplated -- Amb Biz Area, finishing off Amb Park
this is a three-year stint
pull our horns in
all these things -- we can't afford it
I say we pare this biz plan down
stop this pressure thing that's been going on and allow some time for catch-up
Mayor: suggestions where to cut down?
Sop: we shd prioritize and have some time lines
Amb plans, bet ten years; get heritage -- two, three, six years?
purchase those homes down there, how long?
task force on sustainability but hinges on what we're going to do in the next three years
not critiquing staff, done good job; pull in our horns
two years plus left, we cd get organized
VV: agree with what I heard Ccl sop say
good to list these initiatives and put a timeline and a cost beside these
an eye to lower taxes
not look at 'sustainable' taxes, not going up with COL
when we look at household incomes, a lot can't afford these taxes
like to see total cost of all these objectives
JF: the corp biz plan I've been involved with, previous, just guidelines and push us to what we can do
not complete, sort of a rolling [plan]
our housing dialogue, look at stock and cmnty needs
not sure we can have timelines or actual cost b/c likely to change during time working on them
logical that some will take priority over others
some kind of timing strategy, effort to maintain that timeline a good thing to do
suggestion to modify original draft went out good, I support this.
MS: first impression from reading the biz plan, we're sustaining ourselves to death
explain what social sustainability is
CAO: really about maintaining the social networks
different from looking at jobs and commerce
ensuring all mbrs of cmnty taken care of
also things like arts and culture, valuable to quality of life
not looking at one thing, a well-rounded
MS: so cd be a long debate
why talk about sustainability, cmnty's been around for 90 years
four times in four lines, sustain ourselves to death
CAO: look back 20 or 30 years ago, family and nbrhds took care of themselves different from the way they do today
see some abandonment; services and programs left to agencies or local govt
contribution that those programs make, as local govt where do we find room so it's going past just last five years
what's important to us? how's our cmnty going to change? can we adapt?
if Ccl wants to take out the word sustainability, we can do that
MS: not finding fault with the goals
wd support Cclr Sop's comments, we have to focus, this is a broad wishlist
reality only so many staff and so many dollars
get senior staff to focus on few things, get it done and well, then go to list B
otherwise spray all over the place, got to target the relatively few things
Mayor: Cclr Day?
RD: nothing; it's a general wishlist; set out as a general list
give numbers 1, 2, 3, 4
as Cclr Ferguson said just a general list of what we want to do
think we can receive this
Sop: wd like to say to you, Madam Mayor, as well as cmnty, wherever I've driven in this cmnty, I'm in awe of our nbrhds and streets
some areas aren't but overall picture is that the service by our staff has been second to none
on top there've been new initiatives and deserve a big thank you
when you see what has been done by dedicated ppl, it's been incredible
my hat's off to Mr Stuart and staff for all done up to this point
looking at future, we'll have to look at new measures, not embark on too many new ones
CAO: it's our intention to attach some guidelines to these goals and some indication re dollars and staff resources
between now and when it comes back to Ccl, can certainly do that
Mayor: always good to prioritize; these were our goals, good to make list
important to look at environmental, social, and fiscal together
talk across the  country
revitalizing Amb, it's not just an opp for a devpr, point is how going to benefit all WV, place to come to and meet one another; makes cmnty more dynamic place to be
challenging ourselves -- the Eagleridge Bluffs, what's good for biz and for environment
if doesn't come through in this plan, have to do a bit more writing
expect Ccl's discussions to be a little trickier, see that with Endowment Fund, and with property we own
pare list down
v good feedback; we face some significant challenges
get our minds around that and framework for next Ccl, done something for next Ccl
you will have success indicators within a month?
CAO: yes
Sop: you're asking about when coming back for final plan?
Mayor: about a month
special projects page: Amb Biz, Transp, BPP, Olympics, and Ev Dr
those are major and if we can get through those, we've done a lot
staff under governance
we are changing our system so we can address problems better
RD: sustainability a buzz word, ev using it, and don't really know what it means but all the Ms using it
does affect what is meant; agree with Cclr Smith to define our terms more precisely
Mayor: define?
CAO: look at things over the years, what makes quality of life in Cmnty as high as it is
make sure quality as good or better

{Hey there, wake up and smell the coffee, folks.  What's sustainability?  It's a code word for keeping the HIGH staff ratios we've ballooned to -- hasn't WV got about the highest staff to resident if not the highest?  along with highest dollars per resident?  about $1500 per person when others around $1000 and less.  Granted we have a high quality of life here -- the best! -- but just how much more?  is the difference justified in how much better?
Just watch for it!
Staff salaries are about 75 - 80% of DWV's budget.
Good to contemplate as you pay your taxes.
2005 Salaries were in WVM 16 but not made available until this month though they wd have been known in March when I asked trying to get prepared for 2006 Budget since T4s have to be done by the end of February.
All we know for 2006 is that salaries went up 3%
we were told no choice b/c all the Ms negotiated that.
er, um, yes.}

RD: that's v articulate; why not say that rather than sustainability wch no one quite understands
Mayor: make decisions today that don't compromise future generations
CAO: quality of life for today and future
Mayor: we don't usually have motions for cmte of the whole
this will come back to a mtg and a motion?
Mayor: yes
5.         ADJOURNMENT
CAO: we're learning about cmte of the whole; work around discussion
Mayor: then we don't need a motion
CAO: no
VV, resolve to Special Regular mtg  [8:05]


1.         CALL TO ORDER
various changes said quickly:; 5.1 remove p 34 replacing; remove ??
add 5.3 World Urban Forum
Correspondence items for action and for information; read on and on; 17.1.3, etc TransLink
[8:07]  Mayor: don't need to do that b/c none
4.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES // 4.1       Council Meeting Minutes, May 29, 2006
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Community Centre - Lease with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (File:  3002?04)
            RECOMMENDED: THAT the approved Offer to Lease and the Lease Agreement between the District of West Vancouver (Landlord) and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (Tenant) relative to the new Community Centre at Marine Drive and 21st Street, be received.
KP: approved in camera and now coming forward for anyone to ask questions; wd welcome questions any time

{That's very nice but who's had time to read it?  Am sure it's an accident it's on the agenda on a hockey night.  You'll see below that it still is not all here and cclrs ask questions that seem to indicate they hadn't seen it until tonight, and even then, not all the documentation included!!!
Am waiting for some of the beancounters and lawyers to read it and give me an overview.}

JF: Changes to cmnty ctr that may not affect?
will be referred to VCHA so they can work with this
it took such a long time to get VCHA up to speed as our staff were
by the time they meet, it cd set the construction back and some delay
can there be some time limits?
so not standing around twiddling funds waiting to meet with VCHA?
KP: we don't have any clause 'don't fiddle around'
add'l requests for changes are payable by the parties who request those
took us a long time to deal with that
Health diff function than we are
believe we've got in place, solid relationship/procedures; mgrs experienced; no delays esp with hammer of who pays
JF: know it's been a difficult task
proud of fact managed to pull this off, well done
Sop: Congratulations from me as well
in your dealings with Coastal Health, it appears in one of the sections and I cdn't find it today, they can do certain things, an offset, for financial.... right to do things in their space -- have you any limitations as to what can be done?
KP: was discussed in details, this cd be 30 or 50 years and the delivery of health and recreation services cd change so did not want to tie anyone's hands
did say in general, 'general public health services as we know today'
did not want it to turn into something like an emergency house someone overnight, this is a daytime facility
do want to be flexible to discuss at staff and political level
Sop: wd it house drug [users]? needle [exchange]? [those on] probation?
KP: not a needle exchange or probation
what they're doing now and on Esplanade is what they can do and have been successful so far
Sop: Health and govt have use of the facilities and can use them?
KP: no it does not come out and say that
agent of prov govt but as a cmnty and health facility and does not make provision for any other kinds of uses; if those come along they have to ask
does say 'not to be reasonably withheld' but says must be public, not adding anything public not aware.
CAO: this agreement is modelled around Parkgate that operated successfully for many years
confident this will be as successful
MS: on p 26, says executed ....attached hereto?
has that document been executed?
KP: that's the last page?
MS: yes, don't see attachment in my package, to Land Titles?
KP: been signed, releasing it here tonight
there's been additions, you'll see; solicitors
clear definition of interest rate, bits and pieces, be done this week
{It still is not really quite clear, is it?
Cclr Smith points out a document is missing, staff state not sent to Land Titles yet and more additions/changes expected from solicitors.  It still mystifies me that apparently not all staff have seen the lease agreement before it's signed (how sure they agree???).  Furthermore, as you see in next question, they don't know or aren't even sure the agreement has been signed!!!}
MS: so it has not been officially signed and filed?
KP:: has been signed by VCHA and MClk
MS: cost overruns will be added to lease payments in second five-year term?
this lease document when filed with Land Titles Office
their share any cost overruns in second five years?
KP: yes, anything specifically requested
CAO: any costs wrt financing
MS: Well, I don't know about saying this [if proper? xxxxx?, but frankly] I wd hv loved to have seen this lease signed prior to demolition
Mayor: that's impolite
Impolite? impolite?
beg to differ; strange choice of words..........
More likely good business sense. 
Why wd any reasonable person demolish a recreation building/cmty ctr with no signed agreement (let alone no final design), with an indeterminate time ahead to try to work one out.  It's been over six months!  Remember that every month the municipality has to rent temporary space for Rec programs; understand this costs about $25,000/mo. Told signed now but still details to be worked out and design not final -- however, folks, all Ccl except for Vivian and Mike voted for that demolition just before the municipal election thus giving this 'new' Ccl no choice, or very little choice.  Rod and John told me they were against the demolition but that's only two (John even during the campaign said he thought the new cmnty ctr shd be 'looked at', re-evaluated).
Seem to recall Pam wasn't too thrilled with the progress wrt the new cmnty ctr and the fact it took so long to get to Ccl (the select cmte was composed of Durman as chair, plus Ferguson and Soprovich).  To be fair/complete, Sop had urged status/stages on cmnty ctr be given to public and Ccl earlier but was outvoted.
And so, Dear Readers, it's for you to judge the process for this new cmnty ctr to cost over $40m and you did not have a chance to vote on it.  They said last year that they didn't have a referendum b/c none of the money had to be borrowed.  My reply was that while borrowing means there must be a referendum, as a result of a questionnaire sent out a few years ago, all felt any expenditure over $20m shd require a referendum.  As VV correctly pointed out a few weeks ago, even if we have the money, by committing almost all the available funds, it precludes any other projects.}
Mayor continued: v happy to have lease signed
when begin?
CAO: design drawings in process finalizing with construction
hope to get into ground last week of this month

{*** so this means design not finalized yet either!  Oh -- my -- gosh --  groan......}
1128 Hillside Road; BP 103289 - Request for Increase in Rock Breaking (File:  2390?03)
--->WITHDRAWN  [...breaking volume from 600 cubic metres to 1355 cubic metres]
5.3 - WUF
Mayor: added World Urban Forum at my request
have registered all mbrs of Ccl b/c deadline was last week
networking around arts and culture, Bill Richardson hosting it
explosion of food, fashion -- so can be what Vancouver is
think it will be exceptional
cultural fusion going on in Vancouver that may only happen here
assume staff will be here too
thanks to Raymond Fung, designing tour, our sustainability, energy-saving, Eagle Lake
how you can maximize opportunities even with little things
Mayor: anything anyone wants to pull out?
letter 7.1.8 Mrs Slote  -- Parade
KP: Thank you event on Thursday
RD: excellent cmnty day, sun shone
{not often Rod's American accent so obvious but he said shone, rhyming with bone or cone whereas Canadians pronounce shone, rhyming with gone or drawn.  That's my Canadian poet ears sensitive to tone and rhyme and one of my poems rhymes drawn and shone -- then discovered when an American read it, it didn't rhyme!  Well, that's not serious; the thought/idea is the most important element.}  
RD continued: commend organizers; did an excellent job
{Yes, they did!}
7.         OTHER ITEMS
7.1       CORRESPONDENCE  {complete list was in WVM16}
            7.1.8         J. N. Slote, June 03, 2006, regarding June 03, 2006 Community Day Parade
            7.1.14       E. Armstrong, Information and Resolutions Coordinator, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, June 01, 2006, regarding 2006 Resolutions Deadline - June 30, 2006
Sop: thoughts? come up with some recommendations/resolutions given deadline?
Mayor: one wrt Bd of Variance
MClk: yes and gone to LMMA as well
Sop: I ask b/c over years WV has needs
CAO: we have put in a number of resolns over the years
[if Ccl wants to] draft something up, give it to Sheila
[Conference] quite packed
Mayor: sure, will receive it
Responses to Correspondence
            7.1.18       B. A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation to C. Reddington, May 29, 2006, regarding Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal parking
            7.1.19       R. A. Beauchamp, Director of Administrative Services to G. Pajari, June 02, 2006, regarding Lease Agreement with Health Board

MS: at Ch of Comm; here's photo from Channel Islands
example of what we cd have in our derelict Amb Park
Mayor (and she didn't miss a beat!): you're catching on to sustainability

JF: report on FCM from Jun 1 to 6; there with Mayor, Cclr Vaughan, CAO {and I think Dir/Fin, but not sure}
interesting sessions, excellent speakers, speech from PM -- a little different this time, usually a little crumb, funding
but absolutely nothing new; ev he said we'd all heard before, spoke well, no change
determined federalism
Montreal looking great; great time I had
last Thursday Mayor and staff met with Sq Nation; four diff items/speakers
Sq and WV Youth working together, engendered good will
PGJ and Chief Bibby Jacob -- what they learned at Olympic Games
MMgr and Sq Mgr speaking about service agreement -- water, sewer, police
Deborah Jacobs and [didn't catch name] on cultural capital projects
sculpture symposium: been a call for interest, on Sq Nat and DWV website, looking for an artist to represent something re Sq and WV, three places
Mayor: yes it was

RD: went to open house on new Heritage Strategic Plan; will be presented to Ccl June 19

Mayor: will report quickly on FCM
PM interpreting federal narrowly; mentioned you're going to have to deal with provinces
focused on big cities, although Roger Gibbins said Rmd, Bby, what makes region region
Lawrence Cannon [Minister of Transport, Infrastructure, and Communities], PM on purpose put those three together and exactly...
$60b deficit in Canada, much to do with what cities need
partnership; seeks dialogue with cmnties
using transportation systems
we are contributors through TransLink demonstrates why push this agenda
look for announcements around transportation -- gateways, security
v much interested in big city agendas
our prop taxes cannot sustain this
with our Fiscal Task force we're anticipating where going
Minister Flaherty --- did say FCM will be involved
Alan Gregg [pollster], surveyed 10K Cdns to understand change
Cdn govt too intrusive? 50% [yes], higher than previously, of higher income, seniors -- living in WV?
89% are proud to live in their cmnty -- basically 100%
local govts high credibility
Number One reason proud to live [wherever] is their sense of citizenship (volunteers)
Second:  structures, schools, etc
Third, green space
future?  environment -- health, air/water quality
ev region of Cda believes three govts shd work together -- always been a challenge
big advocate for local govt have access to taxes not just prop
lot around greenhouse gases, what will policy be; works well around our biz plan
appreciative able to go
JF: appreciated consistency, environment, etc
80% popn live in cities; problems of densification
really a consensus ppl speaking from same page
try to bring in fed and prov govts; they need to provide some assistance
9.         PUBLIC QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS -- NONE  //  10.      ADJOURNMENT  -- 8:40

===== Letter to WVM 2006 June 16 ==================
    The draft business plan makes liberal use of the noun "sustainability", so much so that it doubles as an adjective, etc.
    The Oxford dictionary gives the following guidelines for "sustain" and its derivatives in the plan context:
    sustain    (verb)
            keep something going over time or continuously
            confirm that something is just or right
            strengthen or support physically or mentally
    sustainable (adj)
            able to be sustained
            (of industry, development, or agriculture) avoiding depletion of natural resources
    sustainability (noun)
    sustainably    (adv)
As Chief Grammarian of WV, it would be appropriate if you were to point out the errors appearing in the Business Plan draft for your readers.
{Your Editor trusts that those involved with the biz plan will clarify it themselves; this buzz word tops at WUF too.}

=====  COUNCIL AGENDA June 19th&nbs= p; ==================
1.         CALL TO ORDER   //  2.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA
3.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES  // 3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, June 05, 2006
Recognition of National Aboriginal Day
4.         PRESENTATION //  4.1       Sculpture Symposium with Squamish Nation
5.         DELEGATION 5.1 - D. McKee, Liveable Region Coalition, regarding Proposed Twinning of the Port Mann Bridge and Highway #1

6.         REPORTS

6.1      Development Variance Permit Application No. 06?012 (6215 Summit Place) 
At the May 29, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated May 18, 2006 from the Community Planner titled "Development Variance Permit Application No. 06?012 (6215 Summit Place)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions, regarding Development Variance Permit Application No. 06?012 (6215 Summit Place) up to and including the Council Meeting held on June 19, 2006, be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received at the June 19, 2006 Council Meeting to allow Council to make a determination on Development Variance Permit Application No. 06?012 (6215 Summit Place).
OR RECOMMENDED: THAT the Development Variance Permit Application No. 06?012 (6215 Summit Place), which would allow for confirmation of an existing home with a variance to front yard be approved.
6.2       Amendments to Animal Control and Licence Bylaw No. 4208, 2000 Amendment Bylaw No. 4464 (Commercial Dog Walking)      
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT Animal Control and Licence Bylaw 4208, 2000 Amendment Bylaw 4464, 2006 be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
6.3       2005 Annual Report on Municipal Finances (File:  0990?04/0907?01)
            1.         Council receive the audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2005.
            2.         Council approve the schedules and statements included in the "Financial information Act - 2005 Reports".

6.3.1   2005 Annual Budget Amendment Bylaw No. 4478, 2006
            RECOMMENDED: THAT "2005 Annual Budget Amendment Bylaw No. 4478, 2006" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
6.3.2   Capital Facilities Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4479, 2006
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT "Capital Facilities Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4479, 2006" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
6.3.3   Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4480, 2006
            RECOMMENDED: THAT "Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4480, 2006" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
6.4       Heritage Strategic Plan (File:  2585?00?SP)
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT
1.        The Heritage Strategic Plan be adopted;
2.        The short-term implementation steps outlined in the report from the Sr. Community Planner, dated May 18, 2006, be received for information; and
3.        The preparation of a Community Heritage Register be approved as the primary implementation action for 2007-2008, subject to funding support from BC Heritage (Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts).
6.5       Gordon Avenue and Neighbourhood Area Traffic and Streetscape Study
1.                  The Gordon Avenue and Neighbourhood Area Traffic and Streetscape Study, (Final Report) be received; and
 2.                  The "Implementation Plan" for the recommendations of the study noted in the report dated June 8, 2006 from the Manager Roads and Transportation and Manager Community Planning be approved.
6.6       Tree Cutting Application #777 (File:  2190?13)  /   Withdrawn
6.7       Local Area Service Lane Paving Construction  Bylaw No. 4477, 2006 (2605 - 2695 Lawson and 2604 - 2695 Mathers)
            RECOMMENDED: THAT "Local Area Service Lane Paving Construction  Bylaw No. 4477, 2006 (2605 - 2695 Lawson 2604 - 2695 Mathers)" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
6.8       Local Area Service Lane Paving Construction  Bylaw No. 4476, 2006 (1510 - 1650 Mathers and 1507 - 1569 Lawson)
            RECOMMENDED: THAT "Local Area Service Lane Paving Construction  Bylaw No. 4476, 2006 (1510 - 1650 Mathers and 1507 - 1569 Lawson)" be introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
6.9       Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 4368, 2004 Amendment Bylaw 4448, 2006 (to be provided on table)
6.10    The Haebler Group - Request for and order of Non-Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw - 2142 Argyle Avenue
            RECOMMENDED: THAT Council approve the request from The Haebler Group, the prime contractor for the building site at 2142 Argyle Avenue for an Order of Non Enforcement of the Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 Section 6.1.2(a)(iii) for a maximum of twelve (12) days between June 20, 2006 and December 31, 2006 such that the placing and finishing of concrete may continue until 1900 hours (7pm).
6.11     Funding for Canada Day Fireworks (to be provided on table)
            The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Consent Agenda items be approved:
=B7        Item 7.1.1 - Development Permit Application No. 05?030 for 1783 Marine Drive; and
=B7        Item 8.1 - Correspondence
7.1.1   Development Permit Application No. 05?030 for 1783 Marine Drive
            RECOMMENDED: THAT The Municipal Clerk give notice that Development Permit Application No. 05-030 for 1783 Marine Drive, which would provide for a two-storey commercial building with 11 parking spaces will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, July 10, 2006.
8.         OTHER ITEMS
Action Required
            8.1.1         J. Carthy, June 07, 2006, regarding utilities separation from pre-paid tax program
                              Referred to Director of Finance  for consideration and response.
            8.1.2         G. & K. Stanley, June 06, 2006, regarding Hugo Ray Park $13 Million Proposed Expansion
                              Referred to Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
            8.1.3         P. & W. Elliott, June 06, 2006, regarding Hugo Ray Park $13 Million Proposed Expansion
                              Referred to Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
            8.1.4         Honourable M. Harb, Senator, May 18, 2006, regarding a smoke-free Canada
                              Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
            8.1.5         J. Chivo, June 11, 2006, regarding Seawall Safety (File:  1605?01)
                              Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
            8.1.6         D. Grinnell, Assistant Regional Manager, Greater Vancouver Sea-to-Sky Region, Fraser Basin Council, June 12, 2006, regarding Invitation to Mayor and Council for June 26, 2006 Fraser River Debris Trap Tour (File:  0050?06)
            8.1.7         R. Coleman, Minister, Minister of Forests and Range and Minister Responsible for Housing, June 01, 2006, regarding forum to discuss homelessness (File:  0050?06)
            8.1.8         R. Coppin, Commercial Drive Festival Volunteer, June 09, 2006, regarding invitation to The Commercial Drive Festival (File:  0050?06)
                              Previously distributed due to timing of event.
            8.1.9         J. Bird, Co-Chair and A. McKitrick, Co-Chair, The Church & Affordable Housing, June 07, 2006 regarding speaking event with Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International (File:  0050?06)
            8.1.10       B. Binnie, First Vice-President, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, June 07, 2006 regarding 2006 Community Excellence Awards Application (File:  0055?UBCM1)
            8.1.11       W. G. Craig, June 02, 2006, regarding dog walkers on Ambleside (File:  2150?06)
            8.1.12       M. Hunt, President, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, June 08, 2006, regarding Local Government Leadership Academy Request for Support (File:  0055?20?UBCM1)
Responses to Correspondence
            8.1.13       S. Ketler, Recreation Services Manager to H. Bennett, June 05, 2006, regarding Aquatic Centre Arthrocize Charges (File:  0560?01)
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  None.

===  WV STREAMKEEPERS - Training (A); Update June 2006 (B) ===
> A
Streamkeeper Training
June 24 and 25 , 2006 at Princess Park, North Vancouver; 9:30 - 4:30pm
 Cost: $50 per student, and Streamkeeper Handbook and Modules can be purchased for $20 on site.
Instructors: Dianne Ramage and ZoAnn Morten
For info call ZoAnn 986-5059, email zmorten@shaw.ca or www.pskf.ca/publications/handbook.html
The course will cover Modules 1, 2,3,4,7, and 11:  1. Introductory Stream Habitat Survey; 2. Advanced Stream Habitat Survey; 3. Water Quality Survey; 4. Stream Invertebrate Survey; 7. Streamside planting; 11. Juvenile Fish trapping and identification
What you will need to bring: bag lunch, pencil, calculator, and dress for the weather of the day but be sure to wear boots or waders.  Meet at Princess Park in NV which is on Princess Avenue and northwest of Lynn Valley Centre.  Go up Mountain Highway to Wellington, left on Wellington to the end of Princess, and turn left into parking lot.
Please sign me up
Name:____________________________________   Phone #:________________________________

Cheque ($50) enclosed:  _____________________      Handbook ($20): _____________________________
Return Registration form to: ZoAnn Morten; 720 Orwell Street; North Vancouver, BC; V7J  2G3.
 > B
West Vancouver Streamkeepers -- News Update 2006 JUNE
*  A New Creek?
Well, not a new creek, but a discovered one. Dogwood Creek, the locals call it, flows from just above Marine Drive down through Caulfeild, along Dogwood Lane and through Caulfield Park, a strip along the waterfront, and empties into Pilot Cove.
A visit with Rob Bell-Irving, our DFO Community Adviser, on Tuesday June 6th to the creek determined to our amazement that there were coho fry in the small pools under the logs and in the foreshore pools. Rob determined that they must have originated in the creek and that there must have been at least two spawners to account for the number of fry. Recent visits found the fry still there and in good numbers.
The residents along the creek have been visited and have been asked to be careful with anything they put in or near the creek. It is now a salmon creek!!
*  Donation from Osprey Fly Fishers [of Coquitlam]
Osprey Fly Fishers have donated $1,700.00 to a baffle for Lawson Creek. This is a very generous donation from a small but very active fishing club which has made many donations for fish enhancement on the coast. West Vancouver Streamkeepers thank them for this welcome donation.
The donation will be made to West Vancouver Parks, for the ongoing baffling of Lawson Creek. In January this year we saw the results of initial baffling with the return of several coho to the lower reaches of this creek and juveniles this spring! The upper parts of Lawson Creek, that is above the Legion, present good habitat for coho spawning, and it is the objective of Parks and West Vancouver Streamkeepers to create access to the upper reaches.
* West Vancouver Community Day
This year's Community Day turned out to be one of the most successful community events we have had. The Streamkeeper display tent was joined by the new West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society, which created significant interest. The Wetland Partners had a table nearby and also received a lot of visitors.
We thank the District of West Vancouver District for putting on this annual event which enables us to demonstrate what Streamkeepers do in the community to enhance the environment of/around creeks and create awareness of our creek heritage with the younger generations.
* Annual Fry Release
This year more fry were released than ever before. This was because in addition to fry reared at our Nelson Creek hatchery, we received surplus unfed coho fry from the Capilano hatchery. Thank you, Capilano Hatchery. These surplus fry enabled us to not only augment the numbers released into traditional creeks, but also to release into other creeks that we normally do not include.
The release of these 2005 brood year fry will mean that the mature coho will return in 2008 and the chum will return in 2009. We wish to thank Rob Bell-Irving for his hard work on the fry release and those that helped in the fry releases this year.
* Meeting with Mayor
The WVS executive had a cordial meeting with the Mayor, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones.  This initial meeting was to discuss a number of issues of interest to WVS, for example, a comprehensive watershed plan, future devt in the Upper Lands (Rodgers West), and the enforcement of streamside conditions along Larson Creek.  We look forward to followup meetings.
Hugh Hamilton, President
West Vancouver Streamkeepers -- streamkeepers@westvan.org  --  tel 604 628 1123

===  REYNOLDS unRapped  ==========
Surprised but delighted that the Outlook Editor called to interview me.  Bit difficult to get a mutual time to chat but managed a mad few minutes just before his deadline and before I left on a biz trip to Kamloops.  The photo in the paper June 15th is one the Outlook photographer took at a previous RoyalTea (this year is the seventh).  Always after it's over and you leave, you think of what you shd hv said.  Grateful to have some recognition for the efforts I've made to inform WV residents and contribute to my cmnty.  I report, but this is one on me!  Omissions of course all mine.  In the next WVM issue, hope to fill in some of the blanks.  Thank you, Andrew, and apologies it was so rushed b/c of hectic schedules.

===  HAIKU/Politi-ku  ==========  2006 June 10  ===

                        type of government
                        not so important
                                ~~ it's the ethics of people                   
===  QUOTATIONS  ==========

Politics is the entertainment department of industry.
                        -- Frank Zappa (1940 - 1993)

The pessimist complains about the world; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
                        -- William Arthur Ward, American (1921 - 1997)

Flattery is like chewing gum. Enjoy it but don't swallow it.
                        -- Hank Ketcham, comic artist (1920-2001)