Ccl Notes June 19th
Agenda 26th
Calendar to July 15th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

*  Sorry to learn of, and surprised no mention of, the June 15th passing of Alex Brokenshire, former WV councillor (he was on Council when I was) at the ccl mtg June 19th; his memorial service 1pm Friday at WV United Church.
*  Measure for Measure another grand success for Bard!  Next up is A Winter's Tale (see INFObits below).
*  If you haven't heard of Rachel Corrie, you won't realize the significance (a few facts in INFObits below), but there was a premiere reading of My Name is Rachel Corrie at World Urban Forum at 8pm Thursday.   It will be on again Saturday at 6pm (Tent Three), then at 7:30 in Tent Two, Palestine, Israel and Me: A Power Play (Jews for a Just Peace; Unitarian Church, Vancouver; Headlines Theatre).  "Through using a community-specific theatre process, this power-play production will explore the struggle for peace and justice in Palestine and Israel, and the effects of that struggle on people and communities in Canada."
*  My heart also goes out to the Timorese at this time -- not represented at WUF as far as I cd tell.
*  WUF is remarkable.  What a [marvellous] piece of work is man! Where else wd you hear Arabic rhythms followed by Norwegian rap......
- Main items on June 26 agendas (Cmte of Whole and Reg):
EVELYN DRIVE REPORT; PIBC Award to DWV for Heritage Strategic Plan; 4023 Rose Cr, 1572 Jefferson, 1930 Bellevue; Fees and Charges Bylaw to be provided on table!!! (why not give public normal time to review???); Tree Permit (Ha! but at least just disfigurement, not removal)
- gRumblings; Calendar to July 9th; INFObits (1: P3, 2: Gas $, 3: DWV Heritage/Planning Award, 4: WVPD Forensic Course for Teens, 5: A Winter's Tale, 6: Rachel); June 19 Ccl NOTES (M Finance Report, Heritage, Dog walkers, Clovelly, Rec Ctr); June 26 Ccl AGENDAs; a bit of Science; Summer Solstice Maiku; Quotations
*  ON THE HORIZON -- Seventh Annual RoyalTea
Celebrate H.M.Queen Elizabeth's 80th birthday; Saturday July 29th at Dundarave Park 2 - 4pm
See www.royaltea.ca; pls reserve by calling 604 922 4400; pipers and visit from Bard!

=== gRUMBLINGS ========== =====
Meeting held Tuesday June 20 with no notice or agenda posted :-(
Court June 12 to June 21st then date set for court, Sept 15.

=== CALENDAR to July 9th ==============
                  -- Farmers' Markets: Dundarave Saturdays, at Civic Site in Ambleside Sundays
===  Saturday, June 24th
~ ALL DAY in Ambleside Park ~ Squamish Nation War Canoe Races
~ 5pm ~ Annual General Meeting of Lighthouse Park Preservation Society at Ski'witsut Hut
LPPS will forward an agenda of this important event to encourage all members to participate in the selection of officers and enjoy a potluck supper afterward at 6pm.  Pls call Sheena Vennesland at 913 9272 wrt membership and Marja de Jong 921 3382 to volunteer.

===  Saturday (24th) and Sunday (25th)  ~  NS Amateur Radio Club Field Day, Ambleside Park "I"

Also on Saturday and Sunday June 24 and 25 from 9:30am to 4:30pm:
Streamkeeper Training at Princess Park, North Vancouver
Cost: $50 per student, and Streamkeeper Handbook and Modules can be purchased for $20 on site.
Instructors: Dianne Ramage and ZoAnn Morten; For info call ZoAnn at 986-5059, or email zmorten@shaw.ca or www.pskf.ca/publications/handbook.html  {Details and form in last WVM}
===  Sunday, June 25th  ~ 9 - 11:30am ~ Walk for Schizophrenia, John Lawson Seawalk

===  Monday, Jun= e 26th - Ccl Cmte of Whole: EVELYN DRIVE AREA PLAN PRESENTATION  ===

===  Tuesday, June 27th
~ 10am - noon ~ Philosophers' Cafe, WV Lib (Peter J. Peters Room): Poetry by Wallace Stevens
~ 6 - 9pm ~ Workshop for Old Growth Conservancy Society, Peters Room at Library (doors open 5:30)
~ 6 - 8pm ~  Gala Reception for the Ferry Building Gallery's juried exhibition (June 27 to July 9)
A PROFUSION OF PAINTERS: The Art of the North Shore Artists=92 Guild: Juried Mixed Media
Come and participate in our raffle.  Admission to all shows is free
~ 7:30 - midnight - Summer Celebration - Youth Band Fundraiser at Capilano Golf and Country Club
(Details in previous issue; enquiries/tix, please email summercelebration@westvancouver.ca or call 925-7012.)

===  Wednesday, June 28th
~ 5 - 7pm ~ PAC [CANCELLED]
~ 6 - 8pm ~  WV Cultural Services presents SALSA BY THE SEA
June 28 - Aug 30 on Wednesdays, 6 - 8pm
Beginners and Intermediate with Doris Angelo and Gustavo of LatinDanceForYou. -- $5 drop-in
Ambleside Landing, outside the Ferry Building Gallery (weather permitting); Info: 925-7290
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Disappearing Traffic! The Challenge of Reallocating Public Space
VENUE:  SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings -- TO RESERVE: cs_hc@sfu.ca or call 291.5100
In this richly illustrated talk, with examples from around the world, Dr. Jeff Kenworthy will explain why traditional planning methods are inadequate. He'll show us why we can't always get rid of congestion - and why we shouldn't get hung up about it. "Congestion," he notes, "is part of the whole issue of redistributing traffic to other modes rather than trying to cater for expansion of the road system." With an Australian perspective, Jeff Kenworthy looks at the bigger picture - making the city more sustainable and livable. Speakers: Jeffrey Kenworthy, Associate Professor in Sustainable Settlements at Murdoch University, has spent 26 years in the transport and urban planning field. He is the co-author of several books including "Cities and Automobile Dependence: An International Sourcebook" and "Sustainability and Cities: Overcoming Automobile Dependence". Other speakers/panelists include: Gordon Price, Director, The City Program, Simon Fraser University; Richard Campbell, Manager of Active Transportation, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation; and Jack Becker, Director, Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition.
Co-sponsored by the Simon Fraser University City Program and the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition with financial support from Translink - The Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority.

===  Thursday, June 29th
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI at CNV M Hall.
***  Then celebrate Canada's Birthday - CANADA DAY  -  July 1st  ***
~ 12 - 4pm ~ Canada Day Ceremony and Events at Ambleside Park (official ceremony 12-1pm)
~ 10:30 - 11:30pm ~ Canada Day Fireworks (Waterfront).  Some info in NSNews, more in the flyer sent out by DWV to all residents.

=== Wednesday, July 5th
~ 6 - 8pm ~ PEAC [check; it may be cancelled]
~ 8pm ~ Opening of Bard's A Winter's Tale, see details in INFObits below.

=== Saturday, July 8th
~ 6am - 4pm ~ Knee Knackering Run (Baden Powell Trail)
 == Saturday, July 8th & Sunday, July 9th
~ 10am - 5pm ~ North Shore Antiques Fair (WV Arena)

===  INFObits ==============
= 1 =
Private Public Partnership Critical Review Available
A newly released critical study on the subject of P3s is available from the Cdn Ctre for Policy Alternatives at www.policyalternatives.ca by download for free in PDF format or $10 printed version. {Note that CCPA has a certain ideological bent. See Vancouver Sun OpEd page A19 Jun 22 for the other side of the story.}
= 2 =
Gas Tax Agreement with BC Ms
A reader sends this:
This is the URL link http://www.infrastructure.gc.ca/ndcc/agreements/gt_can_bc_e.shtml to a copy of the gas tax agreement with BC Municipalities. Please note the principles of transparency and reporting.  If you have not heard a report from your local municipalities, now would be the time to ask the questions:  How much has the municipality received? How is the money being spent?
Replies anyone?
= 3 =
West Vancouver Heritage Strategic Plan Wins Award
For Immediate Release June 19, 2006
West Vancouver, BC: The District of West Vancouver is proud to announce that the Planning Department has been recognized by the Planning Institute of BC, with a 2006 Award for Excellence in Planning.
   The District submitted A Heritage Strategic Plan for West Vancouver for entry into the Comprehensive & Policy Plans category. This category includes official community plans, neighbourhood plans, environmental and resource management plans, social plans, transportation plans, guidelines or legislation influencing such plans, and associated educational materials. Although there were many excellent submissions, West Vancouver was selected as the winner for this category for projects $50,000 and under.
   The Heritage Strategic Plan is one of the first "values-based" plans in British Columbia for the development of a municipal heritage conservation program. The plan was founded on the values of the people of West Vancouver; provides a shared vision for heritage; and outlines strategies for conserving our heritage resources, enhancing the District's capacity to manage these resources, and raising public awareness about heritage conservation.
   The PIBC Awards for Excellence in Planning are designed to recognize the efforts of members of the planning profession as they shape the communities, land and waters of British Columbia and the Yukon. Submissions are evaluated based on the following criteria: presentation, planning process, community impact & implementation, innovation & originality, transferability & professional impact, and overall impression.
   The award was presented to the Planning Department at a ceremony on Sunday June 18th as part of the World Planners Congress which was held in Vancouver this year.
For more information, please contact:
Stephen Mikicich, MCIP
Senior Community Planner, 604-925-7056
= 4 =
WVPD Will Host Free Police Forensics Academy For Teens
Press Release Date:     June 20, 2006
The West Vancouver Police Department's Forensic Identification Section (FIS) is planning to host a summer crime scene investigators academy for local high school students who may have an interest in this field. 
The four-day course will run from August 22 to 25, 2006, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
West Vancouver police will offer this course to students currently enrolled in the West Vancouver School District.  Preference will be given to grade eleven and twelve students.
This course will be of interest to students who:
                are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement
                are interested in furthering their studies in the area of forensics
                are fans of TV police crime scene dramas
                are writers and want to add realism to their murder mysteries
Topics covered will include the following:
        Crime scene examination
        Footwear / Tire track analysis
        Tool marks / Fracture matches / Ballistics
        DNA / Bloodstain pattern analysis
        Mock crime scene
Anyone who may be interested in participating in this free academy is asked to submit a letter or email to West Vancouver Police Constable Doug Lye.  Applicants should include a brief narrative that outlines their reasons for wanting to participate in this training session.
Applications must be received by July 7, 2006.  The twenty successful candidates will be contacted by July 14, 2006.
Cst. Doug Lye
1330 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC, V7T 1B5
= 5 =
June 29 to September 22
Young love and the lessons of time help reverse the chaos and tragedy caused by unfounded jealousy.
Opening Night: Wednesday, July 5 at 8pm
Douglas Campbell Studio Stage Tent, Vanier Park; Site Opens: 7:20pm, Dress: Casual and Warm
In Short ...
Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival launches its 2006 Studio Stage season June 29 with the romantic drama The Winter's Tale  directed by Michael Shamata. It runs Tuesdays through Sundays until September 22 under the tents in Vanier Park. Tickets 604-739-0559 or www.bardonthebeach.org.
In Full ...
Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival continues its second year of repertory theatre on the Studio Stage, opening with the romantic drama The Winter's Tale on June 29.  It is directed by Michael Shamata, who returns for his fourth season with Bard. The Winter's Tale runs Tuesdays through Sundays in the intimate 240-seat, open-ended Studio Stage tent in Vanier Park until September 22.
   The Winter's Tale is the passionate story of destructive jealousy and the healing magic of love. Leontes (Gerry Mackay), King of Sicilia, is driven mad by false suspicions that Queen Hermione (Jennifer Lines) has been unfaithful with his best friend Polixenes (Martin Sims), King of Bohemia. Leontes instructs Camillo (David Marr) to murder Polixenes but instead the two men escape to Bohemia. Hermione, who is several months pregnant, protests her innocence but Leontes arrests her against the advice of his lords Dion and Cleomenes (Derek Metz and Tom Pickett). While in prison, attended by Emilia (Moya O'Connell), Hermione gives birth to a daughter. Paulina (Kerry Sandomirsky), hoping that the baby will soften Leontes's heart, presents the child to him.  [Leontes, however, is convinced] that the child is [Polixenes's and] orders Paulina's husband Antigonus (Allan Gray) to abandon the baby in some remote area to die. Even when Apollo's Oracle proclaims that Hermione is innocent, Leontes refuses to believe it and he orders the trial to proceed.
   When news arrives that the young prince Mamillius (Ashlan Grey) has died, Hermione faints and is soon pronounced dead. Too late, Leontes realises his error and repents. Meanwhile, Antigonus has abandoned the baby in a remote region of Bohemia where she is discovered by an Old Shepherd (Christopher Weddell) and his son (Chad Hershler). They take her home to raise her as their own.
   Time carries us forward sixteen years to Bohemia, where Polixenes's son Florizel (Torrance Coombs) has fallen in love with the now grown up baby, Perdita (Anna Cummer). Polixenes and Camillo, believing Perdita to be the Old Shepherd's daughter, spy on the couple at a sheep-shearing feast where the rogue Autolycus (Andrew Wheeler) fleeces the shepherds and their guests. When Florizel announces his intention to marry Perdita, Polixenes doffs his disguise and threatens to bar Florizel from the throne. Camillo persuades the thwarted lovers to flee with him to Sicilia. Polixenes follows. There, across the gulf of years, the truth is revealed, wounds are healed, and the lost are once again found.
Michael Shamata has placed The Winter's Tale in a stream-lined, contemporary setting. Mara Gottler's costumes combine clean, modern lines and classical allusions. Set Designer Kevin McAllister has created a striking thrust stage that cuts a long swath deep into the Studio tent, bringing the actors into intimate proximity with the audience. Lighting Design is by Itai Erdal, Sound Design by Stephan Bulat, and Fight Choreography by Nicholas Harrison. Stage Manager Joanne P.B. Smith is assisted by Rebecca Craster (Assistant Stage Manager) and Noa Anatot (Apprentice Stage Manager).
 Performance details for The Winter's Tale are as follows:
Celebrating Red & White wine event - following the matinee on August 19.
Tickets are $17.00 to $29.50. Order on-line at www.bardonthebeach.org or through the Bard Box Office on-site or at 604-739-0559. Season Sponsor is Starbucks; Production Sponsor for The Winter's Tale is Weyerhaeuser.
= 4 =
Rachel, a college student, was from Olympia, WA, and killed in March 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer while standing in front of a Gazan pharmacist's house (family with three children) trying to prevent its demolition.  She wore obvious clothing and warnings were shouted.   Ignored.  (The circumstances of her death are not in the play).  Her diary was used to produce the play put on in London at the Royal Court.  It was to be performed in New York but had to be cancelled.  It was read in Toronto but to an invited audience only.  Happy to say the Vancouver reading went off without incident.  While powerful, it doesn't describe the full horror or daily deprivation and humiliation of being a Palestinian in Gaza or the West Bank today -- no pay for four months for teachers, nurses, etc.; banks not transferring money sent for fear of annoying the US,.....
Get the firsthand reports from CPTers there, trying to witness and promote peace, joined by Doves (v brave Israeli activists).

===  June 19th CCL TIDBITS & TRANSCRIPTS ===

John Clark again absent
June 19th Ccl Mtg TIDBITS
       + some draft transcript wrt
           Finance, Heritage, Gordon Ave, PQP (Caulfeild re heritage, Rec Ctr demolition); Qtn
=  Started with slide presentation on the Sculpture Symposium ($250K of $500K Cultural Capital Grant from fed govt)
=  delegation on twinning Port Mann Bridge (if you build it, you encourage even more cars!); buses not attractive or convenient
Dogwalking bylaw passed with appreciation for compromise resulting from further meetings with staff.
2005 Annual Report Municipal Finances
Report gives where surplus allocated, auditors gave recommendations for improvements; Audit Cmte will examine deptal budgets wrt trends.
{As you know, when I found out Ccl received a quarterly report, I asked it be made public; pleased to say that the Mayor announced they wd be made public -- always great when Ccl responsive to suggestions!}
MS: think we shd state clearly that the intention we get this report out earlier
ppl seems to be taking more of an interest
wd like to state that we get out earlier than June; is that a realistic goal?
CAO: quite often when you have a new Ccl, takes a little longer
{With all due respect, a crock.  Well, it needs explanation.  All the same work/prep done every year, no need to be as late as April/May as it was this year -- especially when five out of the seven returned, and Vivian and Mike seem to be fast and eager learners.  I do think, however, that the MMgr's original intention to have the budget passed by the end of December was laudable, his comment below is more practical for a new Ccl.
intent to have budget done by January and reports by March
{GOOD.  Originally, and was actually achieved one year, Budget info sessions were in November, so lots of time.  Obviously, the capital budget with choices/priorities must be delayed to December in an election year.  I think the utilities/tax rates were passed by Dec 31 last year (2005).}
Mayor: one thing that tends to get interest is salaries; can we break that out?
told can't do as report but can to Ccl
CAO: according to FOI can't, but wd like to
staff is working on providing that info; have that in a couple of weeks
{Also good to hear.  If there are add'l payments, as alluded to in Trevor Lautens's column in the NSNews on Friday, surely the terms of contracts must be public knowledge.  OR, did someone negotiate overtime for anyone making over $100K (don't forget plus 30% benefits)?  That's not the norm in the private sector.....}
Mayor: good discussion this year, looking forward to more
Sop: don't like word sustainability, but how to find ways and means
comprehensive report; amazed assessment over $1b and growing
2005 Annual Budget Amendment, Capital Facilities Reserve Fund Expenditure, and Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaws passed
Heritage Strategic Plan
1.        The Heritage Strategic Plan be adopted;
2.        The short-term implementation steps outlined in the report from the Sr. Community Planner, dated May 18, 2006, be received for information; and
3.        The preparation of a Community Heritage Register be approved as the primary implementation action for 2007-2008, subject to funding support from BC Heritage (Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts).
o  Praise from me (details in a later WVM, in a rush to get this out!) for process, results; thanks to HAC, staff, and Ccl rep; and congratulations to consultant Hal Kalman who also got the annual $10K award (goes to a charity of his choice) at the Heritage Society of BC's conference in Nanaimo June 2nd, and to WV with the study/report having received an award from the Planning Institute of BC Sunday June 18th.  Our natural environment is exceptionally prized compared with other places and I hope our creeks, shoreline, trees, and park-like character get full attention and protection.  As for procedures, adding heritage to an application in the section "Social Impact" wd make sure it's considered.
[Transcript, official letter from North Shore Heritage Forum later]
o  Katherine Steig also expressed appreciation, suggested "action 1.2 moved from medium to high priority", said wd be pleased to work on inventories (natural features), and asked for a status report on the comprehensive Park Plan referred to in the OCP.  KP, Dir/Parks, said they were working on the document but stalled b/c not funded for the project. Mayor said it was a good question.
o  Jacquie Gijssen (of HAC Working Group) gave background, briefly referred to report (more complete one given some weeks ago before referrals to cmtes and public), said repeatedly heard of nbrhd character, trees, trails, recently re ocean shoreline with nbrhd planning as paramount.  Must correct negative impression of Heritge Registry.  She referred to heritage buildings and also WV's modernist architecture as well as streamlining District processes.  There is solid support for priority actions recommended for the next four years -- five highlights:
1 - Heritage Registry, key first step
2 - District Natural Heritage Registry
3 - Toolkit for H property areas
4 - [Incorporation] within district functions
5 - Ongoing activities/awareness
chosen for maximum impact, efficiency; doable with existing staff, rest some funding from external sources
we do feel at minimal cost to District
articulate actions, thereby enabling features with ..... vision
enhancing resources and values
Completes the Working Group's mandate, congratulate you, thank you
Sop: about time we got moving along
on the built heritage, strictly voluntary?
JG: yes
Sop: no pressure
JG: no, voluntary; starting out have to create good will
A bit later, SJN: when Ccl undertakes Local Nbrhd Plans, they'll decide
the strategic plan here is to provide focus and discipline, where to put efforts
We do thank the prov of BC for their funding and expect more in future
believe this will be integrated into the OCP
- RD when summing up: working over the years, since 1988
{in fact it was 1987 when an interim heritage cmte was set up, and some heritage advocates had even done an inventory in the 1970s!}
At last about to have a H policy; thank you all v much
great pleasure working with you
MADE MOTION wch passed
SJN: don't think it came out clearly; the DWV was one of the few Ms, that DWV got award from Planning Institute of BC; recognized on Sunday, in front of 1800
RD: Steve Mikicich has worked very very hard; Hal Kalman good job; again, thank you very much
Mayor: we will put that on the agenda
one thing coming out of this is the interest in the natural environment; shoreline, watershed
ask for an update on our env'tal stewardship plan
perhaps ask that of Steve Jenkins for a future agenda.
= 8:12 Gordon Avenue and Neighbourhood Area Traffic and Streetscape Study
David Adams, Marine Drive:  trust you have two letters I have on this subject
effort to be here since I grew up in Edmonton playing hockey
Cultural capital but think we might be known as bulge-a-mania; bulges hamper; appears going ahead regardless
arterial roads -- residents must be aware and they'll become more so
reminded of those who live in Richmond and then complain about the flightpaths
I live on Marine Drive and do not complain about that traffic
$950K -- much of this review costly and unnecessary
send back and invite them to be more careful spending taxpayers' money
a staff mbr said we don't paint curbs prohibiting traffic/parking b/c we don't have the money
I suggest spend that and not on bulges
Brent Dozzi: not just cost of paint
signs, restrictions clearly in bylaw so paint redundant
most cmnties in Lower Mainland don't paint their curbs any more
they require continual maintenance, tires rubbing up against them scrapes as do the sweepers
Feel we have control with bylaw
CAO: when we considered paint; rather than use funds, there were a number of reasons
Mayor: legitimate reasons we think but open to public comment
Paul Hansen: 2093 Fulton, 21st and Fulton
one of the recommendations is for a traffic circle there
we have 11 children on our street alone, the only crosswalk to cmnty ctr is at Fulton
traffic circle eliminates stop sign so it's a traffic flow issue not a traffic calming
makes it difficult for us...
nbrhd is changing and blind not to realize this but a traffic circle will have cars going through faster than a four-way stop wch was adequate
perceived problem ppl running stop sign, and they do run it, but it's not v visible
if you install these bulges, the stop sign wd be in plain view and shorten the crosswalk so we support the bulge in that area
Wendy Duke: I live 2000-Block Fulton since 1987 and seen many changes
concerned about the roundabout at 21st and Fulton; already we're seeing traffic moving west at a tremendous clip -- I won't allow my child to cross without me although he is old enough to do it
think it might speed up traffic
safe pedestrian crossing -- a minimum of ten elementary children, lots of elderly ppl there all of whom go to rec ctr and cross there
opposed to roundabout unless I can be assured it will slow things down rather than speed them up
also concerned along Fulton, a family nbrhd, don't know why main access not Marine Drive
Just going to be too fast; we need something to slow things, maybe more stop signs
slow them coming to ctr, nothing to speed up b/c already fast enough
somewhat ironic immediately following tenor of speaker preservation of nbrhd paramount yet here nbrhd feels under siege by rec ctr and access to it
Man (didn't catch name): shd be happy study undertaken and attention
streetscape of Gordon will be more pleasant with vegetation
sidewalk is narrow and difficult to use with scooters and the eastside sidewalk wd not solve this problem, perhaps delay to future date
Inglewood -- find alternative.....
peak hour 3 to 4pm following school but what about next two hours when ppl returning from work?
= VV made motion and then there was considerable debate about 'fancy' consultant reports ($100Ks) when our staff have expertise, and over whether or not to do just Phase One that was budgeted and review Phase Two and Three; Brent Dozzi provided answers about roundabouts and curb extensions.  Amendment failed; Motion passed (understanding will be reviewed during budget 2007 discussions).  Then:
Mayor: apologize b/c two ppl wanted to speak but we don't allow after ccl
Lady: represent Tudor Gardens, very concerned, written letter about the plan 23 bulges, #?# traffic circles, and removal of bus stops
traffic calming is traffic tensing bulges, my tires run across
specially dangerous after dark, bash into them, seniors not see that well
hockey season, SUVs at arena; something terrible will happen
21st and 22nd to Upper Levels so not sure legal
seen roundabouts in NV and ppl speed around them
when a car has stopped can cross, circles or bulges make it more difficult
Mayor: reflect Ccl's concerns and Ccl will look at it
Lady: red marks already on the streets
Charlie Merrick: 2276 Lawson since 1984, resident since June 1966
concern about process or lack of process
may be embarrassing myself but wdn't be the first time
in January received request for comments on 16 and I wrote back on nine of them and then got a response from Gery Boyle on Feb 19 and haven't heard a word since
and now hearing about Phase 1, 2, and 3; what you're going to do
what was the point of the questionnaire and you're going ahead?  the ppl spending time and no answer
Comments in report
CM: where is it?
Mayor: in report
BD: report has comments, includes not removing bus laybys, not where complaints
CM: one comment, you've got better things to do than listen to me
but such and such questionnaire and I never hear a word again
public communication?
look in the mirror
let ppl know what you've decided
SJN: you'll find in the package a letter was sent out to everybody
CM: [didn't get one]
SJN: we may have missed one or two
{well, guess better beef up system and checkoffs re replies/notices!}
Mayor: sorry, misread; you put down rec ctr
CM: want to speak on that too
=  9:10  Lane Paving passed except for one that didn't have 70% resident approval and Mayor made clear that although Cmnty Charter says 50% to bring to Ccl, WV's policy is 70% for approval.  CAO sais process has been improved after a case last year.
=  9:17
6.9       Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 4368, 2004 Amendment Bylaw 4448, 2006 (to be provided on table)
{AND, I've just checked the DWV website to see if it's there to find out what it was about, however, no joy.  It's still not on the website. It is not clear why this bylaw cd not have been in the ccl mtg package in the normal procedure so the public cd review it before passed.  If a companion bit to the dogwalker bylaw, then delay that bylaw a week so both available at same time.  Plus, why not up once 'on table' at the mtg last night?  I'm asking for information.....}
=  9:18  The Haebler Group - Non-Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw at 2142 Argyle for a maximum of twelve (12) days between June 20, 2006 and December 31, 2006 such that the placing and finishing of concrete may continue until 1900 hours (7pm).
= 9:20  Funding for Canada Day Fireworks (to be provided on table), $10K?, brought by Cclr Clark but not
Debate on this revolved around fact that the money is 'contingency'.  IOW, Cclr Clark is looking for funding but if not all raised, use this from budget.  JF said this was a tight budget year and her wish was for an increase in the cmnty grants and when no request for the fireworks funding assumed it was covered (or it shd hv bn part of the budget discussions); didn't like being put in this position,last-minute funding, but felt compelled to support b/c presumed already included.  Cclr Clark's good intentions were recognized.  RD felt the amount of police presence (including mobile unit near police stn) was probably not necessary b/c peaceful.  The Mayor as Chair of the Police Bd will take it to them.  CAO differentiated between one-time costs and ongoing in budget.
= 9:30  Correspondence.
o  (First letter) RD asked about payment of utilities, prepaid; RL, Dir/Finance explained billing has changed and if residents see cost of water, consumption may go down.
o  (8.1.11) re dog walkers on Ambleside
MS: understand bylaw officer goes home at 8pm
CAO: if we have a seasonal; rely on Police; may be able to improve
Bylaw Officer: we do rely on the Police
when dogs, etc on seawall we just extend our hours to 9 or 9:30
= 9:35  REPORTS
RD: went to Cmnty Day wrap up party with you, Mayor; garden party at our residence at 15th
want to say ppl who put on Cmnty Day work hard; party worth it; pleasant evening
Mayor: I helped to emcee Pipes by the Sea on Saturday and afterward all musicians said what a privilege to play here in WV
Rocky Mountaineer went by and they must have wondered where they were
now Police and Fire Games in 2009 what can we put on!
Mayor: I saw you on the signup sheet after
Simon Gabriel: issue for Ccl, only got notified when I got home this evening late and debated tonight
Caulfeild only conservation area in WV
only lived [there] seven years, and we've lost homes and modern homes put in their place
raised a question in my head -- what's going to happen between now and implementation
[been] demolition of homes
the Altamont area has been changed in five - ten years
Clovelly a complete transformation
We in Lower Caulfeild fighting another application
wd Ccl consider looking at a moratorium on houses being taken down in WV until you've done this list of houses so we'll have some protection for the six- 12 months until we get this list up
Mayor: Mr Nicholls, time for list and what will happen
SJN: Heritage Register is NOT Designation
doesn't require conservation or retention
does enable owners to take advantage of some programs
H designation is only used on M-owned buildings
ppl do it voluntarily, otherwise compensation
we do intend to review Lower Caulfeild area as to its successes, etc
SG: on the one hand you've got one area as a designation
so now you're telling me doesn't prevent applicant knocking it down
SJN: doesn't prevent but have to come for a review
extensive nbrhd debate
we're also doing a nbrhd plan for the area
RD: make it too strong, opposition
want to encourage ppl who want to conserve their homes
conservation zone is best we have
Clovelly Nbrhd Plan, ask other nbrhds to come forward
SG: when in effect?
RD: being planned now
SG: it's a little late
Mayor: is opp to make comments
I'm really interested coming Ccl b/c I didn't realize that
SJN: mentioned last year
planner back after away two months and away two months before that
expect within year
o  Lady re Gordon got up to ask about the Gordon Streetscape plans
Mayor: thrust was safety
Lady: if bulges and circles if built now the heavy trucks will destroy it all; put off until ctr is complete
Mayor: certainly will be phased appropriately
o  Charlie Merrick: I drive 21st and Fulton each and ev week; much discussed tonight
where is cmnty ctr at, outside of big pile?
CAO: equipment moves on next week and then next week construction starts
CM: delay?
CAO: adjustments with VCHA and designs...
CM: obviously cart before the horse
seven months ago torn down
CAO: demolition was wrt programming
no point having a vacant bldg in accordance with instructions received from Ccl
But the operative part is that it was done according to instructions from Ccl b/c quite clearly that's not something staff wd do without specific instructions from Ccl.  Four ppl can pass or defeat a motion, regardless of what a mayor or a chair of a cmte wishes.  Five ppl sitting on ccl now were on Ccl last fall when it was decided to demolish without the signed agreement, without confirmed plans, without final design, and with a moving budget that went from $16m to $25m to ~$40m.  Now they're trying to cut some things out b/c there's no tender amount for the whole building and doing it bit by bit.  Shackled with little choice -- to the evident frustration of the two new councillors, Vivian and Mike, resulting in the awkward position of those who acquiesced having to justify somehow saying/doing nothing about it (at least publicly).  John Clark did during the campaign say the whole thing shd be looked at, but there already was the honking great hole in the ground.  It's fruitless to ask politicians to be accountable if the voters don't.}

>>>  CCL AGENDAS June 26th  <<<

3.         REPORTS
3.1       Evelyn Drive Area Plan (File:  2515?22)
            1.         The Evelyn  Drive Area Plan, Final Report dated June 16, 2006 and prepared by Spaxman Consulting Ltd. be received; and
            2.         The public be invited to review the report and provide comments to Council at a Town Hall meeting to be held on the evening of September 13, 2006 at the Kay Meek Centre.
4.         ADJOURNMENT
4.1       Committee of the Whole and Special Regular Council Meeting Minutes, June 12, 2006
5.1       Presentation of the Planning Institute of BC 2006 Award for Excellence in Planning re Heritage Strategic Plan
6.         REPORTS
6.1       Development Permit Application 04-019 (4023 Rose Crescent)
    At the June 05, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated May 26, 2006 from the Community Planner titled "Development Permit Application 04-019 (4023 Rose Crescent)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
THAT all written and verbal submissions, regarding Development Permit Application 04?019 up to and including the Council Meeting held on June 26, 2006, be received.
 If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
           THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received at the June 26, 2006 meeting to allow Council to make a determination on Development Permit Application No. 04?019.
            THAT Council approve the Development Permit Application No. 04?019, which would provide for a two lot subdivision on a site that includes "difficult terrain" and a watercourse as presented in the May 26, 2006 report from the Community Planner titled "Development Permit Application 04-019 (4023 Rose Crescent)".
6.2       Proposed Work Within a Covenant Area (1572 Jefferson) (File:  1010?20?06?022)
            THAT Encroachment into the covenant area described in Reference Plan 13848 in accordance with proposed Development Permit 06-022 for protection of the natural environment and creek, be approved.
6.3       Minor Development Permit 06-023 (1001 - 1930 Bellevue Avenue)
            1.         The requirement for a public meeting for Minor Development Permit 06?023 (1001 - 1930 Bellevue Avenue) be waived and no further notification be required; and
            2.         Development Permit 06-023 (1001 - 1930 Bellevue Avenue) that provides for the removal of interior sliding doors resulting in a minor variance to Floor Area Ratio be approved.
6.4       Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Transfer - #94 (File:  1145?04?94)
6.5       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005 Amendment Bylaw No. 4461, 2006
            To be provided on table.
*** {What on earth can be the justification for not releasing this until Monday night's mtg???}
6.6       Tree Permit Application #777 (Haywood Avenue and 14th Street) (File:  2190?13)
            THAT Approval be given for the selective pruning and re-topping of trees on an unopened municipal lane allowance (near Haywood Avenue and 14th Street) as detailed in Appendix A.
7.         BYLAWS - Bylaws are passed by a simple majority vote unless otherwise noted. 
7.1       Bylaws for Adoption: These bylaws received third reading at the June 19, 2006 Council Meeting.
            RECOMMENDED: THAT the following bylaws be adopted:
            "2005 Annual Budget Amendment Bylaw No. 4478, 2006";
            "Capital Facilities Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4479, 2006";
            "Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4480, 2006";
            "Animal Control and Licence Bylaw No. 4208, 2000 Amendment Bylaw No. 4464, 2006";
            "Local Area  Service Lane Paving Construction (1510 - 1650 Mathers Avenue and 1507 - 1569 Lawson Avenue) Bylaw No. 4476, 2006"; and
            "Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4481, 2006"
            The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
            THAT the following Consent Agenda items be approved:
=B7         Item 8.1.1 - Development Variance Permit 06?025 (1329 & 1345 Fulton Avenue)
=B7         Item 8.1.2 - Development Variance Permit 06?031 (3191  Mathers Avenue)
=B7         Item 8.1.3 - Development Application Status List
=B7         Item 9.1 - Correspondence
8.1.1   Development Variance Permit 06?025 (1329 & 1345 Fulton Avenue) (File:  1010?20?06?025)
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Municipal Clerk give notice that DVP Application, which would allow for a three lot subdivision with variances to:
        a       minimum side yard;
        b       combined side yard;
        c       and projection of a roof overhang
for the existing covered porch attached to the home on proposed Lot C, will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, July 17, 2006.
8.1.2   Development Variance Permit 06?031 (3191 Mathers Avenue) (File:  1010?20?06?031)
            RECOMMENDED: THAT The Municipal Clerk give notice that DVP Application, which would allow for a new home with a variance to rear yard, will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, July 17, 2006.
8.1.3   Development Application Status List (File:  1010?01)
9.         OTHER ITEMS
>   Action Required
9.1.1         M. Villeger, June 13, 2006, regarding Blasting Notice at Happy Valley Lane
                              Referred to Director of Planning & Development for consideration and response.
9.1.2          M. Gonabady, June 05, 2006, regarding parking for Dundarave Family Care Centre and Pharmacy
                  Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
9.1.3         D. Manson & A. Manson, June 12, 2006, regarding Alteration Permit #1010?20?05?026 for 4769 The Highway
                              Referred to Director of Planning & Development for consideration and response.
>  No Action Required (receipt only)
9.1.4         S. Dix, May 30, 2006, regarding Commercial Dog Walkers
9.1.5         P. Miller, President, North Shore Heritage Preservation Society, June 16, 2006 regarding Heritage Strategic Plan
9.1.6         Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM), June 2006 regarding Call for Nominations for UBCM
9.1.7         North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues, undated, regarding Access Awareness event on July 13, 2006
9.1.8         C. Geddes, Director, Annual Giving, June 07, 2006 regarding Lions Gate Hospital Foundation Frank Sinatra Tribute Benefit Concert
9.1.9         L. Jackson, Greater Vancouver Regional District, May 29, 2006, regarding review of Greater Vancouver's regional growth strategy
9.1.10       R. G. Wyckham, June 15, 2006, regarding Hugo Ray Park
9.1.11       G. Burns, June 13, 2006, regarding signage by Squamish
9.1.12       D. Steele, President Seymour Salmonid Society, June 12, 2006, regarding Rice Lake Family Fishing Event
                Previously distributed due to timing of event.
>   Responses to Correspondence          None.
>   Responses to Questions in Question Period      None.

===  A bit of Science ==========

Science / Dispatch from a recent Guardian Weekly

Pine fragrance helps climate

The fragrance released in northern pine forests is a significant component in slowing climate change, according to research. The particles that carry the forests' olfactory assault also help to cool the planet by bouncing energy from the sun back into space. Now researchers have worked out that the forests produce enough microscopic particles to load the atmosphere with 1,000-2,000 particles per cubic centimetre of air. Hans-Christen Hansson of the Air Pollution Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden, said airborne particles are a big unknown factor for climate scientists. "We are afraid we have totally misjudged the trend of climate change because the particles are not in the models in a comprehensive way." JR

===  MAIKU  ==========

                sun suffused gold sinks
                        slowly losing gleam
                                melts into grey-blue mountains

[descriptive so not 'classic' haiku, hence maiku; written June 21, summer solstice, English Bay, Vancouver.]

===  QUOTATIONS  ==========

On May 27, 1911, Hubert H. Humphrey was born in Wallace, South Dakota (d 1978).  After working at a number of jobs in his adopted state of Minnesota (pharmacist, teacher, radio broadcaster), he got involved in politics, serving as FDR's Minnesota campaign manager in 1944 and becoming mayor of Minneapolis in 1945.  He went on to serve 16 years in the Senate before becoming vice president under LBJ in 1965.  After his loss to Richard Nixon in the 1968 presidential election, he took some time off before returning to the Senate from 1971-78.  A passionate man with strong beliefs, he had a joyful style, a sense of humor, and a special ability to turn a phrase:
= To err is human.  To blame someone else is politics.
= Behind every successful man is a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law.
= The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
= The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbour.
In a profession known for motor-mouths, Humphrey was at the top of the class.  Indeed, his fast-talking tendencies were so well known they inspired some clever jibes, including a gem from a person not normally associated with great wit, Barry Goldwater.  The conservative senator from Arizona once observed analogically:
Hubert Humphrey talks so fast that listening to him is like trying to read Playboy magazine with your wife turning the pages.
[Notes thanks to Dr Mardy Grothe]