Ccl Mtg NOTES June 26th
Calendar to July 15th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

HAPPY CANADA DAY!  and have a great weekend!
Wanna slake your thirst?  Ipanema's back at Steamworks, and -- to die for if you're a hophead like me (never drank beer but hubby became a certified beer judge and professionally trained amateur brewer as a hobby and introduced me to a wide range of liquid delights) -- an IPA, North by Northwest.  Great hops, bitter, and bright grapefruit finish.
Next time may have more on Stella's, a Belgian beer tapas bar just discovered on Commercial with an incredible and rare selection.
This issue:
No main items b/c no mtg until July 10th; gRUMBLINGS; Calendar to July 15th; INFObits (1- CN tower, 2- Standing up for Nature, 3- Millennium/Spaxman, 4- Language); June 26th Ccl mtg Notes (Evelyn Drive!); Poetry - Boo; New Words; Quotations
=== gRUMBLINGS ========== =====
Optimism was raised with the appointment of a FISCAL SUSTAINABILITY TASK FORCE, but rather dashed when no notice posted about the first mtg June 20th nor the second June 27th.  In fact, I wrote to the Hall June 27 wondering why the cmte is not on the DWV website.
Days Shorten!
Yes, that was the summer solstice June 21 and the last issue had my maiku on the disappearing sun.  It's unsettling when you realize days are now getting shorter.  We remember and talk about lovely long summer evenings but they're actually shorter than the late spring ones!  Enjoy them and this great weather while it lasts!
June 28 MLA Ralph Sultan's second annual -- gorgeous evening, glorious view of city and sunset from Grouse, music, and an update from Ralph, looking fully recovered.

=== CALENDAR to July 15th ======= ===ONGOING at end=====

===  Tuesday, June 27th
~ 10am - noon ~ Philosophers' Cafe, WV Lib (Peter J. Peters Room): Poetry by Wallace Stevens
~ 4:30pm? ~ Fiscal Sustainability Task Force mtg??? no notice last week yet held then and this week!
~ 6 - 9pm ~ Workshop for Old Growth Conservancy Society, Peters Room at Library (doors open 5:30)
~ 6 - 8pm ~  Gala Reception for the Ferry Building Gallery's juried exhibition (June 27 to July 9)
A PROFUSION OF PAINTERS: The Art of the North Shore Artists=E2 Guild: Juried Mixed Media
Come and participate in our raffle.  Admission to all shows is free
~ 7:30 - midnight - Summer Celebration - Youth Band Fundraiser at Capilano Golf and Country Club
(Details in previous issue; enquiries/tix, please email summercelebration@westvancouver.ca or call 925-7012.)

===  Wednesday, June 28th
~ 5 - 7pm ~ PAC [CANCELLED]
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Disappearing Traffic! The Challenge of Reallocating Public Space
SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings -- TO RESERVE: cs_hc@sfu.ca or call 291.5100
[Details were in the last issue]

===  Thursday, June 29th
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI at CNV M Hall.

***  Then celebrate Canada's Birthday - CANADA DAY  -  July 1st  ***
~ 12 - 4pm ~ Canada Day Ceremony and Events at Ambleside Park (official ceremony 12-1pm)
~ 10:30 - 11:30pm ~ Canada Day Fireworks (Waterfront).  Some info in NSNews, more in the flyer sent out by DWV to all residents.

=== Sunday, July 2nd
~ 7 - 9pm ~ first Concert by the Sea of the summer - Sundays at Ambleside Pier

=== Tuesday, July 4th
~ 4:30pm ~ FSTF (Fiscal Sustainability Task Force)!!!
=== Wednesday, July 5th
~ 6 - 8pm ~ PEAC [check; it may be cancelled]
~ 8pm ~ Opening of Bard's The Winter's Tale [details in previous issue]

=== Saturday, July 8th
~ 6am - 4pm ~ Knee Knackering Run (Baden Powell Trail)
=== Saturday, July 8th & Sunday, July 9th
~ 10am - 5pm ~ North Shore Antiques Fair (WV Arena)

=== Tuesday, July 11th
~ 4:30pm ~ FSTF (Fiscal Sustainability Task Force)!!! presumably!
~ 5 - 7pm ~ HAC [CANCELLED]
~ 6 - 8pm ~  Opening Reception for the Ferry Building Gallery's exhibition
INTERPRETATIONS: Mixed Media (July 11 to July 30); Artists' Talk on Saturday at 2pm
Artists: Niloofar Abedi, Sol Maya, Shahrokh Roland Khosravi, Elizabeth Leach, and Andrea Seraphim discuss their works of art.

=== Saturday, July 15th
~ 7 - 9:30am ~ Bay Challenge Swim Race (Sandy Cove Beach)
~ 2pm ~ Artists' Talk (Ferry Building Gallery)

-- Farmers' Markets, 11 - 3pm: Dundarave Saturdays, at Civic Site in Ambleside Sundays
-- Concerts by the Sea: every Sunday 7 - 9pm at Ambleside Pier
--  SALSA BY THE SEA: June 28 - Aug 30 on Wednesdays, 6 - 8pm
WV Cultural Services presents SALSA BY THE SEA: Beginners and Intermediate with Doris Angelo and Gustavo of LatinDanceForYou. -- $5 drop-in; Ambleside Landing. Info: 925-7290
--  Bean Bar Zambuka by Mascall Dance at the Kay Meek Ctr, combining hip-hop, ballet, butoh, and circus to July 15th; call 689 9339
--  May 7 to October 9, 2006, from Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm
Eagles Estate Heritage Garden and Interpretive Centre Open For Business
The Eagles Estate Heritage Garden has a rich and colourful history dating back to 1929. The gardens on the estate were originally designed by Canadian horticulturalist, Frank Buck, and were then cared for by esteemed Burnaby residents, Dr. Violet and Dr. Blythe Eagles for the next 60 years. The Land Conservancy has partnered with the City of Burnaby to restore the heritage garden with the help of many volunteers. Visitors are invited to browse around the Garden and have a look at the revamped Interpretive Centre. Donations to the restoration are always appreciated.                                                                                                                    

===  INFObits ==============
= 1 =
The CN Tower in Toronto is 30 years old.  Still the tallest freestanding structure in the world, much higher than the Eiffel Tower.  It took five years to design/plan and three years to build.  there are about two million visitors a year.
= 2 =
Subject: Stand Up For Nature Airs on Shaw TV
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 11:59:02 From: Eagleridge Bluffs Coalition <info@eagleridgebluffs.ca>
The first episode of the Eagleridge Bluffs -'Standing Up For Nature' Forum held on May 30th at Kay Meek Theatre will air in the following time slots.  This is for SHAW TV subscribers only (channel 4 for most). (The panel presentations have been edited into three half-hours.)
The Eagleridge Bluffs - Standing Up For Nature:
        Episode One premieres on June 25
        Episode Two premieres on July 2 and
        Episode Three premieres on July 9.
Cablecast time slots for all three episodes are:
Sunday @ 1pm, Monday @ 10:30pm, Thursday @ 2:30pm, Saturday @ 11:30am.
Our thanks to Sid Tan and ICTV (Independent Community Television) for making this airtime available.
= 3 =  Meanwhile --
- Millennium spent $193m in April to buy the 2.6 hectare Olympic Village site along False Creek in April, and is involved with the Nanaimo Conference Ctr devt (about $200m).
- Ray Spaxman is opposed to the soccer stadium beside the port.
= 4 =
"and sometimes Y", a new program on CBC am radio Tuesdays on language
first one was Tuesday 27th; here's the blurb from the CBC
Broadcast Time:  From June 27th to August 26th, 2006
Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. (8:00 p.m. NT) and Saturdays at 11 a.m. (11:30 a.m. NT) on CBC Radio One
As shelves sag with unused dictionaries, emails go un-spellchecked and teens and advertisers re-invent our vocabulary, the question must be asked - do the old rules of language and grammar matter any more? Over the course of ten episodes host Russell Smith explores how our language is faring and failing under the strains of contemporary living. Warning: This is not your high-school librarian's dream show. From losing ourselves in translation to language taboos, And Sometimes Y digs beyond words and explores what's behind the way we talk and why.
This Week -- Right and Wrong
Should we still be using =D4whom=D5? Does it matter if people say =D4infer=D5 when  they mean =D4imply=D5?  And Sometimes Y asks if anyone has the right to correct another person=D5s grammar or diction. We hear from book editors who want to keep their jobs, a linguist who has a bone to pick with Russell, and the man in charge of the Oxford English Dictionary.

===  CCL NOTES June 26th =======
                =draft transcript, typed as ppl speak, best efforts; corrections/clarifications welcome=
The Mayor reported on the memorial service for former alderman (the term at the time) Alex Brokenshire wch she attended with other cclrs.  She called on Cclr Day to make some remarks remembering him, having served with him on Ccl from 1986 to 1990.
amendments, plus addition of 3.1 Next Steps after Town Hall mtg
Mayor: Before this item [statement] -- was in conflict until Feb 2006 b/c of a biz partnership with my husband in a hitech company, and he is no longer an owner.
ALSO: Cclr Sop removed himself after saying that having said that his son had been asked to work for Millennium he was advised he was in conflict of interest.
3.         REPORTS
3.1       Evelyn Drive Area Plan (File:  2515?22)
Frank Rutter: consider Option A, the Town Hall Mtg, be the option -- for ppl from all WV
Presentation by Ray Spaxman, chairman of the cmte:
Steps: planning process, Issues, alternatives, concept, plan recommended
started last Dec
[Described process with charts/slides]
Evelyn Drive Guidance Cmte chosen by Ccl, Spaxman as non-voting chair; six meetings.
four issues; follow rules, OCP; traffic; views; what wd character of that area be
OCP refers specifically to this site -- 1.0FAR after an area plan; failed before b/c doubt public input enough as to plan for the site
access restricted b/c of topography -- requires cut and fill; access on right (east) able to serve 350 but no more
with add'l west access cd have 515 units and 1.0FAR
views on north significant to ppl on Sentinel Hill
character of the devt, contentious
base is a desirable sgl-fam area next door to something quite different [large]
cmte generally concluded that provided devt compatible, possible to consider higher devt at back of shopping ctr.
low-rise hotly debated, some believing high rise meant three or four storeys, others surprised anything below six storeys low rise
came to four storeys as low rise
prepared five options [slides of each]
a) keep as it is, 57 units and .35FAR max; doesn't meet OCP objectives
b) increase density, townhouses along Keith, small sgl-fam homes and..... 250 units
produced .55 FAR
c) 351 units and .74FAR; can't go higher than that with the access we have
d) have four-storey buildings but requires another access
e) have 512 units requires the two access points as well, eight storeys on south side
Cmte assessed all these options and felt a and e, and d also failed b/c lack access
This left b and c and at the last cmte mtg pleased agreement c.
Disconcerting after the mtg to receive some emails from some cmte mbrs that this was not their impression and they still prefer b, but cd go to c.
no doubt about recommending option c, no major/discernible benefits going down to b.
This is the plan we've recommended (c)
Illustrative Map of the area
illustrates one way plan can be interpreted but doesn't mean it has to be developed that way.
important conditions to assure public benefit achieved must contain:
= north: maximum of three-storey, density limited by height and type
= area b permits apts as well, six storeys high south of Ev Dr, cd become eight storeys south of slope, density limited to 1.0FAR in area b
= lower density in north lowers FAR
= min req for each unit type -- min sgl fam, townhouses, duplexes, apts -- but can be flexible
        traffic dictates capacity of street system
= new access point of Keith Rd
= public walkways required and two proposed, on the Village Walk and a new one devpr has to provide
= green open areas to be provided, art
= bldgs can't be more than 15ft of Keith Rd, 80ft along lane behind shopping ctr; nothing can go above that height -- the glass box
= with view studies and agreement of all owners, can make another proposal
= Design Panel claim glass box too restrictive; ppl can come and make argument but have to satisfy those ppl
= benefits still to be determined.  Mentioned: relocated heritage house, walkways, greenways, parks, affordability for housing (diversity, rental) -- density gives lift and cmnty share lift (an urban economist helped re market, says is feasible but not with lower density; further complicated by way site has been acquired paid on basis of 1.0FAR so losing the money they anticipated).
= reasonable maximum (c with another access)
= cost of delaying devt; degradation
With website, mtgs, open houses, public opinions are well known, recommend Ccl proceed
JF: request from cmte that further public mtgs -- anything other than bylaw process? other ways to communicate with public?
Spaxman: commented that hope for a town hall mtg before the formal process
JF:  that group?
Spaxman: believe it's a north shore group
mbr brought the thoughts of that cmte to us -- to us and NV
JF: housing affordability -- what definition?
Spaxman: one if you subsidize but understood not many subsidies around, rental considered desirable and possible still but needs more examination.  Nobody can afford rental with rates now.
We cd continue to seek 4-5000sqft bldgs, but also believe market for smaller units
MS: re traffic you said first is the issue of TWay and Bridge likely to get worse before a solution found but in the meantime devt continues along to Sea-to-Sky hwy
New hwy, $5-600m is a route to the interior; do you not think Ccl shd look at the effect this devt will have on this traffic
Spaxman: just proceed doing due diligence as to what is best for that site
if devt, this is probably the best area given its location/proximity to the bridge
MS: I struggle with the traffic there and only area no improvements to traffic in last 30 years
Lower Mainland get hwys and bridges and we're chumps
here we sit with an old Bailey Bridge
at some point we have to exert pressure on somebody to do something for the North Shore
Mayor: I can speak on that but I think Mr Spaxman is saying within the constraints it will work.
Spaxman: yes
Mayor: 25% traffic less than they thought, but will increase
will give you more information as we go
RD: appears Option C is the compromise reached; some wanted more density and some less
you said about four favoured Option B
was that a dissenting minority?  looking to A or to C
will C prevail?
Spaxman: b/c of the disappointment over the weekend that my statement of unanimous I --
some said wd go to C maybe if affordable
C we can get good cmnty benefits from
E, clearly favoured by Millennium but they compromised, and wd proceed with C if Ccl wanted
VV: appreciated mentioning some troubled by C
The OCP anticipated with a great variety of housing and affordability wch is why OCP referred to it
The implication was that the types wd solve the affordability problem
but it doesn't show that at all
what price?
Taking Water's Edge just east of TWay, $1K per sq ft
price surely is going to be 3/4 m dollars but we haven't done anything about getting an affordable unit
how deal with that?
Spaxman: the policy wrt Ev Dr is not the one that refers to affordability but the OCP does
May not be able to achieve that in Ev Dr if we can't take the benefits
not enough resources
dilemma, while OCP says affordability it's across cmnty and unfair all on Ev Dr
townhouses, small sgl-fam houses, small units; even rental apts not affordable
VV: there really isn't a solution on the Ev Dr site on the basis of affordability
JF: wd like to thank you and mbrs of the guidance team
report complex, debt of gratitude; required most mbrs to think outside of what they might normally consider
my final question is wrt cmnty benefits; did you ever consider an estimate of the taxation received to replace the housing stock presently; and is a change in density ever considered a cmnty benefit?
Spaxman: yes, they are and we haven't here.
JC: you said some or all favouring Option B wd swing to C if more viable financially to dvpr
Spaxman: yes
Spaxman: swing to C if B not viable
JC: why wd they care?
care b/c fewer units, lower form of devts, more compatible with their interests
JC: so not that they care he makes a ton of money
Spaxman: we don't see he makes a ton of money
Mayor: therefore group favours B not being unrealistic
Spaxman: hesitate to speak on their behalf b/c I believe B is unrealistic
Mayor: wrt VV's comments, diversity and choice desirable
Millennium says not in biz of building sgl-fam homes but some, so why?
Spaxman: we can in this area achieve diversity
all four-storey cd be more profitable but variety provides a diversity in the area
Mayor: thank you; clear and cd feel the evolution
CAO: motion one and two and add three [the addition to agenda]
            1.         The Evelyn  Drive Area Plan, Final Report dated June 16, 2006 and prepared by Spaxman Consulting Ltd. be received; and
            2.         The public be invited to review the report and provide comments to Council at a Town Hall meeting to be held on the evening of September 13, 2006 at the Kay Meek Centre.
ADDED:  3. Next steps after the Town Hall Mtg
JC: started this last July -- wait to September then going to Christmas; timing?
SJN: have to prepare bylaws, give public time; take a month and a half; intend to do over summer period; hear from public
will use that time productively; maybe lose a month
JC: remember last July bylaw written in three or four days
SJN: they may appear to have been a matter of days but not the case, revisions though yes.
it's up to Ccl
this is the extent to wch we find possible
VV: I think we shd move as quickly as possible
this has gone on and on
a lot of value tied up in this -- 20 acres, purchased for $50m and carrying costs must be $1000 day
think of grants
creates a lot of expense for devpr
don't want to be wasteful; do as expeditiously as possible
Mayor: suggesting a townhall mtg in July?
VV: within legal process to get this to its final destination
no sense in going slowly, regardless of conclusion
SJN: we cd attempt to bring forth the bylaws so available for the townhall mtg, move PH date up
Mayor: remind Ccl we keep an open mind going into a Public Hearing, that's our one job
{Thx, Madam Mayor}
I did sit down with Planning Dept; want to be biz-like; we want everything to be open and fair and accessible; I/Ccl expecting to be moving as quickly as we can in the fall.
I'm particularly interested though in the report that was on the table tonight about the applicant putting a covenant as a condition precedent to the adoption of the zoning amendment to provide a master plan acceptable to the District, and how much time does that take? what do we need to allow in terms of public input?
SJN: haven't had opportunity ourselves
normally some sort of architectural representation of what's going to occur what we believe is important for THE APPLICANT is that he has accepted; get indication that Ccl has adopted the zoning bylaw and OCP to enable the devt to occur in the first place
that gives us some certainty
Secondly, THE APPLICANT has indicated,

{and here, Dear Readers, is where my ears perked up and my antennae started swirling.   Applicant?  what applicant?   Who has indicated?  You don't need three guesses.  All ended when the 1.0FAR Bylaw with Millennium failed and we were told back to square one.  It is unfortunate, however, that we are not allowed to speak or ask questions when hearing something that desperately needs questioning!  So I was forced to wait until PQP -- see end of these mtg notes in PQP section -- to ask about "applicant", to be told it had not been said.  Well, you and I know, Millennium has continued as a de facto applicant without even seven veils in this dance.  As I predicted during the bylaw Public Hearing when told we'd lose the devpr if the 1.0FAR wasn't approved, not likely.  It is a common 'fear' tactic however -- so next time you hear that, just smile knowingly.}

and the costs are significantly higher than the daily costs Cclr Vaughan suggested but THE APPLICANT has said that if we cd work over the summer as well on aspects such as road design so that shd Ccl decide to proceed, they're in the position of proceeding at the time of approval as opposed to taking it sequentially

{No surprise here.  if the 'applicant' -- clearly Millennium -- works with Planning all summer and staff do the negotiations re roads, greenspace, heights, form/units, etc, if the bylaw is passed, work can begin right away; better for them!}

so we'll be working with them as well

{So there you have it.  Planning will be working with Millennium, 'the applicant'.
Hm.  Wonder who does the negotiating?  Call a councillor today and at least say what you want as cmnty benefits in exchange for what increase in density.  You will be able to let them know Sept 13th at the townhall mtg and again during the Public Hearing but you want to make sure they have time to consider and include aspects you think important for the cmnty.}

but we will come back in the fall trying to explain what--
may work out some arrangements re Options
JF: if wishes were horses we'd all be riding
not all mbrs of the cmnty have gone to all mtgs, but will affect whole cmnty
important for everyone to have opportunity and respond
hv bn on receiving end; Ccl rushing things; wd rather err on side of long/enough time
take carefully and slowly, public given opportunity to participate
Mayor: do have a question -- Mr Spaxman, is a townhall mtg a necessary step or go straight to bylaw hearing
Spaxman: hv had a variety of experience
Ccl knows public better than staff; occurs to me issues have been developed extensively over a period of time
townhall you may hv ppl trying to fill time to influence you in terms of numbers
but think you already know the arguments
you can judge the cmnty how many open houses needed before formal system
4.         ADJOURNMENT  8:10
Sop returned
1/2 ORDER / APPROVAL OF AGENDA - many additions
4.1       Committee of the Whole and Special Regular Council Meeting Minutes, June 12, 2006
8:12 - Mayor: remind public to sign up right away, moving quickly but can only entertain public at certain times.
5.1       Presentation of the Planning Institute of BC 2006 Award for Excellence in Planning re Heritage Strategic Plan
SJN described process/ceremony: how proud we were [of DWV]
Award given to Mayor
Mayor: an extraordinary amount of work
hoping to revise our process, know how important in developing public policy
RD: just passed Heritage Strategic Plan, glad
8:15 6.         REPORTS
6.1       Development Permit Application 04-019 (4023 Rose Crescent)
    At the June 05, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated May 26, 2006 from the Community Planner titled "Development Permit Application 04-019 (4023 Rose Crescent)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
Tom Hammell: just notified on Tues of last week this wd be on agenda, returned yesterday so not had time to contact nbrs.
or discuss beneficial, request have a two-week recess to discuss; not sure how this works
SJN: not to approve subdivision, it's wrt the creek (staff handles) and bldg where steep re conditions
TH: approved?
Mayor: Ccl doesn't approve, has opp to provide guidance if in public interest
will take that under consideration
SJN: when came in one variance requested but withdrawn
lot sizes comply with zoning bylaw; conditions outlined on page 2; and conformance with watercourse bylaw; applicant's in audience
Sop: if the watercourse bylaw had not been introduced wd you allow a subdiv to take place there?
SJN: but wd not be able to impose conditions
Sop: so why not situating the house so no need for conditions?
SJN: does but conditions
Sop: certain amt of info lacking: impact on creek from lot B
MS moved:  THAT all written and verbal submissions, regarding Development Permit Application 04?019 up to and including the Council Meeting held on June 26, 2006, be received.
MS then said: two large lots, comply with conditions so wd move:
            THAT Council approve the Development Permit Application No. 04?019, which would provide for a two lot subdivision on a site that includes "difficult terrain" and a watercourse as presented in the May 26, 2006 report from the Community Planner titled "Development Permit Application 04-019 (4023 Rose Crescent)".
Sop: wd like to know what impact house will have on Godmin Creek
difficult with the two pictures I have here where wrt Creek
SJN: schedule A, drawing No 1
the environmental consultant or Mr Chapman (surveyor) are in audience and can comment
Robert Brown: homeowner of property, been working with Bill Chapman and Alex Sartori over past two years and made some changes.
Mayor: to be clear, we're to assure hazardous conditions avoided -- the focus of the discussion
Sop: I just want to know wrt the creek, what the impact of the second lot to the creek is and what setback
what benefit if setback impinged upon
Bill Chapman: the 15 metre setback shown in bylaw is the maximum setback if no other [consideration], minimum is 5 metres
there is a secondary house and a garage [pointing to drawing], old driveway sits in this area here.
as condition of the approval, the client removes all of this [pointing] of the setback area and dwelling limited to the purple area [pointing], and further than existing structure to maintain any setback
bylaw permits building on previous, driveway can encroach but must be pervious material
so within 15m setback, all of this is protected
encroachment of purple [points to pink], and Alex can give planting
Godmin Crk sits here and does not touch the property, it's on the adjacent property
Alex Sartori: protection is provided by the revegetation of the driveway...
Sop: then nonconforming?
Bill C: not wrt property line
8:28 - 6.2       Proposed Work Within a Covenant Area (1572 Jefferson) (File:  1010?20?06?022)
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT Encroachment into the covenant area described in Reference Plan 13848 in accordance with proposed Development Permit 06-022 for protection of the natural environment and creek, be approved.
re 6.3
Mike Smith: I happen to own an apt in that bldg, am I in conflict of interest
DECISION: best to withdraw; so MS did
6.3       Minor Development Permit 06-023 (1001 - 1930 Bellevue Avenue)
            1.         The requirement for a public meeting for Minor Development Permit 06?023 (1001 - 1930 Bellevue Avenue) be waived and no further notification be required; and
            2.         Development Permit 06-023 (1001 - 1930 Bellevue Avenue) that provides for the removal of interior sliding doors resulting in a minor variance to Floor Area Ratio be approved.
Sop: the area of the balcony enclosed and interior removed
falls within the FAR?
SJN: the balcony enclosure -- enclosed balconies are exempt
has been dealt with by Ccl in the past
discussion was -- from outside can't see whether interior door or not
not affecting density but have to hear from strata ccl -- they might be concerned about the heating load; in this case the strata ccl approved
Sop: paying taxes on FAR?
SJN: we don't assess the properties
they do pay taxes
Sop: sq ftg to that apartment?
SJN: assessor wd take into consideration whether balcony enclosed or not
do believe they take the original bldg permit application
Sop: always curious
just like the rules to be followed; no offence to owner, they didn't remove the door.
Mayor: was going to say so minor
looking forward to report from staff, not have to come to our purview unless objection
6.4       Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Transfer - #94 (File:  1145?04?94)
8:34  6.5       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005 Amendment Bylaw No. 4461, 2006
            To be provided on table.
*** {What on earth can be the justification for not releasing this until Monday night's mtg???}
intro, first, second, and third readings -- all passed
6.6       Tree Permit Application #777 (Haywood Avenue and 14th Street) (File:  2190?13)
Alastair Wade: like to support the recommendation of the report to Ccl; a reasonable solution proposed by Mr Jenkins
in letter, appendix A, was a recommendation that we be notified of the day of the week, wd like to request our holiday schedule be taken into account
will the env'tal coordinator be on site?
Answer: yes
Hugh Hamilton: I've been asked by John and Janet Helm to speak for them b/c of health
unopened and must remain as such
960 14th St proponents of this application
allowed trees to grow unreasonably tall; complaints about having lost their views but ignored over last ten years
Mrs Helm was requested to survey land at a cost to her of $500, and Mrs Wms $2K to put up fence
allowed them to let trees grow for their privacy
wrt Application 777 disapproval and here to suggest some alternatives that wd benefit all, not just one
the compromise does not go far enough, in two or three years will have to be topped again
no one shd be disadvantaged
must preserve view; each resident shd be able to keep their view and privacy
the height of the trees does not provide privacy, it's the height of the fence
NE corner is tree on municipal land Mr and Mrs Helm and Mrs Wms propose to take out this tree at their expense; tree on M land
the apple tree, close by, has been pruned, and suggest shd be pruned down to no less then two metres
the topping is not enough and the cypresses will be that height again
for the long term, benefit to cmnty if trees removed and replaced with trees to the height of the fence
less maintenance
maybe there shd be a M policy
the hazel tree, we agree with the prescription
the japonica shd be freed and wd grow and provide privacy
the hawthorn nice tree fine
the holly is on private property and no action need be taken
these are the actions we believe shd be taken and look forward to your consideration
thank you for the opp to make this presentation on behalf of Mrs Helm.
JF made motion:
            THAT Approval be given for the selective pruning and re-topping of trees on an unopened municipal lane allowance (near Haywood Avenue and 14th Street) as detailed in Appendix A.
Sop: I was called out wrt some trees; went, env'tal coordinator, successful; didn't remove tree or view
once they go ahead and look at this they'll find it fine
JF: in these circs, rarely a time when ev is thrilled with the result
one all residents can live with
8:44 - Mayor: Formal Ccl mtg ev Monday in July
{I think I may have misheard; I've checked the DWV webssite calendar and the mtgs are July 10, 17, and 24.  No mtg July 3rd b/c stat holiday, and no mtg 31st as fifth Monday.}
8:45 - 7.         BYLAWS - Bylaws are passed by a simple majority vote unless otherwise noted. 
7.1       Bylaws for Adoption: These bylaws received third reading at the June 19, 2006 Council Meeting.
            RECOMMENDED: THAT the following bylaws be adopted:
            "2005 Annual Budget Amendment Bylaw No. 4478, 2006";
            "Capital Facilities Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4479, 2006";
            "Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4480, 2006";
            "Animal Control and Licence Bylaw No. 4208, 2000 Amendment Bylaw No. 4464, 2006";
            "Local Area  Service Lane Paving Construction (1510 - 1650 Mathers Avenue and 1507 - 1569 Lawson Avenue) Bylaw No. 4476, 2006"; and
            "Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4481, 2006"
Mayor: We don't normally debate these items but we have some
Linda Wyatt: want to thank you all on behalf of the dogwalkers' alliance but there are two things: pls reconsider the vest issue
no problem with some form of identification but the vest is something all of us hate
will be covered up with leashes and harness so identification wd be lost
all wd like to have the armband, wd never be hidden
pls think about this issue a little bit; when this bylaw comes into effect, July 1st, ask you give us a month of grace to contact all clients and adjust schedules
Erica Mustard: my colleague here -- going to show you how vest [doesn't work]
[colleague models showing this]
found vest announced in newspaper
vest important for traffic or chopping down tree
band to identify dogwalker so can report number (or name), but vest means wd just be a dogwalker
Mayor: anything other than the bylaw
Ans: no just the vest; it's humiliating; we're professionals
Mayor: it is our staff's intent to make it workable; this will be referred to staff
CAO: it does indicate discretion there so can do that without amending the bylaw
KP: wrt nametags, were they worn? no.  That's why vest
we are interested in talking
Mayor: maybe something between a nametag and a vest!
Sop [apparently re another item; fines re bylaws?]: page 137, fine $100
someone builds an RV at the back of the prop
shd be paying percentage of bldg costs
CAO: cd be $100 a day and cd order it be removed at considerable expense
ppl careful
Sop we've never asked take those structures down
Sop: a few but not significant
SJN: the structures ppl don't take down come to Ccl those that are, don't
Mayor: wish you'd bring these up --
Sop: just curious -- watercourse bylaw
is it feeling of env'tal coordinator sufficient amounts? harsh enough?
CAO: recommended by staff based on their experience
RB, D/AS: $500 fine is max under bylaw and per occurrence
Sop: guidelines per provincial govt
Motion carries / APPROVED
Sop: curiosity; am I not allowed to speak as public are?
Mayor: during readings, not generally on adoption
Sop: you allowed public to
Mayor: anything you weren't allowed to ask?
Sop: no, I'm done.
            The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
            RECOMMENDED: THAT the following Consent Agenda items be approved:
=E1         Item 8.1.1 - Development Variance Permit 06?025 (1329 & 1345 Fulton Avenue)
=E1         Item 8.1.2 - Development Variance Permit 06?031 (3191 Mathers Avenue)
=E1         Item 8.1.3 - Development Application Status List
=E1         Item 9.1 - Correspondence
8.1.1   Development Variance Permit 06?025 (1329 & 1345 Fulton Avenue) (File:  1010?20?06?025)
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Municipal Clerk give notice that DVP Application, which would allow for a three lot subdivision with variances to:
        a       minimum side yard;
        b       combined side yard;
        c       and projection of a roof overhang
for the existing covered porch attached to the home on proposed Lot C, will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, July 17, 2006.
8.1.2   Development Variance Permit 06?031 (3191 Mathers Avenue) (File:  1010?20?06?031)
            RECOMMENDED: THAT The Municipal Clerk give notice that DVP Application, which would allow for a new home with a variance to rear yard, will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, July 17, 2006.
8.1.3   Development Application Status List (File:  1010?01)
9.         OTHER ITEMS
9.1       CORRESPONDENCE [listed in previous issue; none referred to during this item]
>   Responses to Correspondence          None.
>   Responses to Questions in Question Period      None
RD: attended Seniors' Ctr 25th anniversary
unfortunately had to go over to memorial service
JF: an extremely good choir at the SAC
then Mem Lib, participating in jazz festival; amazing quartet; remarkable how good acoustics are
JC: Cmnty Day on Saturday
today and tomorrow ev will receive announcement 12 to 4pm at Amb Park
waterfront second fireworks display
went for sympathy vote and it worked; we're going higher this year so can see from further away
Mayor: congratulate you on the birth of your first grandchild
Carolanne Reynolds, Editor, West Van Matters:  Thank you.  I wdn't have come up except I was a little confused -- and there's no time to ask after discussion and perhaps you might look at that -- when you discussed the Evelyn Drive [Area] and the presentation and whether or not to go to bylaws or townhall mtgs, several ppl kept saying that they cd work with the applicant to draw up the bylaw -- and what confused me is that I understood the whole basis of this was that there was NO applicant and that this study, wch was mandated by the OCP and by you to have a cmte to look at, was based on the study the OCP foresaw and that you wd look at it in a sort of brainstorming way, and not be limited or restricted -- I have nothing against Millennium.  I'm just trying to understand the process b/c it was my understanding when the bylaw failed, the application was dead, there was no longer an applicant, the doors were wide open so that the cmte cd recommend to Ccl and Ccl wd have absolute free rein to decide whatever they wanted or felt was best for that area based on the input of course, but there was NO mention when this process started -- I know the previous applicant [Millennium] was part of the cmte, and that's fine, -- but there was no mention at all that the staff wd work with the applicant to come up with the bylaws [or the design of devt] b/c there was no applicant any more, so I was a little confused
Mayor: I'm wondering if Mr Nicholls wd like to respond to that
SJN: I don't believe I can recall anybody referring to working with the applicant to draw up the bylaws
a bit puzzled with that
We will be working with Millennium on some of the other attributes wch require somebody to spend money to put in on such as the design of the [unintelligible, mike off temporarily?] and the road
We will be working with Millennium on what we may be able to gain in terms of cmnty benefits from potential rezoning of the site
We will be working with Millennium b/c they do own 56 of the properties; on other aspects wch may be required; in terms of implementation shd Ccl decide to go ahead, but staff are drawing up the bylaws
CR: but as the Dir/Planning just said, it's in speaking with Millennium wch was the previous applicant.  Perhaps it's a question of semantics, but for the optics, it does appear as if there are arrangements being made with the 'applicant'
Mayor:  The whole intent of tonight is to receive this area plan wch needs to be in place before anything happens
Ccl decided I think quite deliberately to wait until the middle of September to get public input on the area plan, however, we've also heard as a result of the work of the Planning Group, the nbrhd is in decline.  It doesn't make WV look good, that's for sure, and that part of the recommendation coming out of the Working Group is to work expeditiously towards what we think will be a much nicer nbrhd on Ev Dr, so there's practical reasons obviously, but we're being as open as we possibly can and the intent of the first mtg in Sept is to discuss the area plan and lay the groundwork
CR: I appreciate that and I really compliment you on having a townhall mtg, but if you recall, at bylaw hearings, the statement was made that if what Millennium had been proposing did not go ahead, they wd just walk away and we'd be in a dreadful state and that's why some ppl said maybe there'll be another applicant, so all I'm saying is that I hope that you will be as open to whoever wants to fill what you feel is best for the cmnty and the public when you come up with some sort of mgmt and redvt of the Ev Dr area
Mayor: I certainly think Ccl is well on their way towards that, considering Option E is what Millennium wanted
[that's the highest density] CR: of course they wd!
Mayor: and we're somewhere around B and C
CAO: I was going to mention that at great expense, Ccl's commissioned this study, and we have some recommendations and Millennium is the landlord of the properties in question, as we try to anticipate where Ccl might go.  I mean it makes sense that we wd hv some preliminary discussions there and at least ascertain as to whether in fact Millennium is willing to develop in accordance with Option C
CR wondering what wd happen when they said no, mulling over applicant vs landlord but deciding not to debate, late enough and hoping points made: As I said it was just a bit confusing and I think your clarification will be appreciated.   Happy Canada Day!
12.      ADJOURNMENT -- 9:06

===  NEW WORDS ==============
The language is always growing.  Here are some new words you may find interesting and useful:
approximeeting --
term for ppl on cell phones agreeing on place and time of meeting, especially as they get nearer.
framily -- friends close enough to be like family

===  POETRY ==============
CBC has a contest, started on Almanac June 29.  You probably have heard about Boo the grizzly no-longer-cub (his sibling was Cari) who's escaped twice from his enclosure in Golden, the first by tunnelling under the fence, then last weekend going through a 400-lb door, two fences, and over a 12ft wall.  G cdn't resist, hence a limerick (and it was read on CBC just before 12:30, Friday June 30!):

                There once was a grizzly named Boo
                A 400lb steel door he went through,
                Two fences with electricity
                He leapt of necessity --
                But a bear's gotta do what a bear's gotta do

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                        -- Sharon Schuster

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                        -- Dwight David Eisenhower, U.S. general and 34th president (1890-1969)
{Didn't he also say, beware the military-industrial complex?}

We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.
                -- Edward R. Murrow, journalist (1908-1965)

Groucho Marx (1890-1977) was an American comedian, working both with his siblings, the Marx Brothers, and on his own. The Marx family grew up on the Upper East Side of New York City, in a small Jewish neighborhood sandwiched between Irish-German and Italian neighbourhoods.Groucho had a showbusiness uncle: Al Shean of Gallagher and Shean, a noted vaudeville act of the early 20th century...
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