Ccl NOTES July 17; AGENDA July 24, August Calendar

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Still trying to catch up; please bear with me.  Hope you're having a great time!
Summer's been super after a dripping May and now that eyes pretty well-healed, what a marvellous July and August.  Just a fantastic city in the sun by the sparkling sea.
= MAIN ITEMS July 24: Vision for WV Art Gallery; Notice on Title 2253 Lawson; DVP 8615 Lawrence Way; Ambleside Park Vision Plan Further Information; Arts on Argyle Waterfront Plan; 2005 Annual Report; 4895 - 5295 Keith (Update); Ccl Procedure Bylaw CHANGES
=  INFObits; August Calendar; UPDATES (RoyalTea-by-the-Sea, FSTF, new Cultural Services Mgr, Environment); Ccl Mtg July 17 NOTES: AGENDA July 24; Quotations

===  INFObits ============
ARTBEAT -- http://www.liquidsculpture.com/fine_art/index.htm
A Reader asks:  Can I get you to fix the plumbing in my house? All I seem to get is water!
'Creative plumbing' delivers beer
A Norwegian woman finds beer flowing from her kitchen taps as bar workers misconnect a new barrel.
< http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/europe/4802928.stm >
*  FYI from IRAQ
Iran has repeatedly offered to stop all nuclear developments and stop supporting Hezbollah in exchange for Israel abiding by UN resolutions 242 and 338 (i.e. 1967 borders). The US government has rejected the offer and the US media has not reported the offer.
* IRAQ, postSaddam
Daily dead count in Baghdad alone now up to 110 a day; 1800 a month in Iraq + many unreported.
Just love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  Jon's was the best comment after the ceasefire in Lebanon when both Hezbollah and Israel claimed victory: "It's a win-win situation!"
{and I say, let's hope they both think the ceasefire is a victory and keep it!}

===  August CALENDAR ===  www.harmonyarts.ca  Harmony Arts Festival Aug 4 - 13
ONGOING:  Saturdays: Farmers' Market in Dundarave
Sundays: Farmer's Market in Ambleside and Salsa-by-the-Sea (Concerts at Ambleside pier, 7 - 10pm)

=== Sunday, Aug 13 ===
~ 9:30am - 2pm ~ West Vancouver Lifeguard Challenge
WV Lifeguards will be showcasing their skills to the public in the Annual Beach Competition at Ambleside.
This is an exciting competition with Junior and Senior Guards being put through strenuous physical tasks and stressful, life-threatening simulations that will test them to the extent of their abilities.

=== Monday, Aug 14 ===
~ 4 - 6pm ~ Fiscal Sustainability Task Force (FSTF): Economics Subcmte in Larson Room at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr

=== Tuesday, Aug 15 ===
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ FSTF at Hall, Reports from subcmtes! [good luck finding out when they meet]

===  Aug 15 - 20 === Culture Symposium Project [$140K, see details end of this section]

=== Friday, Aug 18 ===
~ 2 - 4pm ~ FSTF Economics Subcmte in E Musto Room in Library.  The Chair kindly sent WVM the agenda:
Open to any member of the public who may wish to audit the proceedings.  Task force members
welcome to attend.
[2pm]    1. Call to order  2. Approval of agenda
3. Minutes of Aug.11th meeting / Minutes of Aug14th meeting
4. Review of the Task Force Meeting of Aug 15th and issues/action arising from that meeting.
5. Workplan activities:
a. Financial condition b. Comparative stats c. Service level d. Taxation policy e. Alt. scenarios
[3:30pm]    6. Other business
[3:45pm]    7. Invitation to public to comment: a. procedural issues b. points in clarification
8. Announcement of next meeting  [4pm] 9. Adjournment

=== Sunday, Aug 20 === Sunday Afternoon Botany Walk in Lighthouse Park
Join Biologist David Cook for a walk along the trails of Lighthouse Park on Sunday, August 20th and see some of the botanical highlights of this old growth forest in its rugged setting of granite bluffs.  Meet at 2.30 pm in the Phyl Munday hut located near the entrance to the lighthouse.  This event is given by the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society as one of the series of walks Sunday Afternoon in Lighthouse Park.
There is no cost for this event nor is membership required. If you find this type of event interesting, your support by becoming a member of the Lighthouse Park Preservation society would of course be appreciated.  For further information contact David at (604) 924-0147.

=== Tuesday, Aug 22 ===
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ FSTF mtg at Hall

=== Sunday, Aug 27 ==
~ 1 - 5pm ~ AMBLESIDE DAY 1300/1400 blocks of Marine Drive

Three Squamish Nation Artist Proposals Short-listed
For Sculpture Symposium Project

West Vancouver has been designated as one of the 2006 Cultural Capitals of Canada by the Department of Canadian Heritage.  The designation comes with an award for projects and activities that celebrate and leave a legacy for arts and culture in the community.  A key component of the WV Cultural Capital Program is a partnership with the Squamish Nation to commission a Coast Salish sculptural piece.  The sculpture will speak to the Squamish Nation history on the North Shore and enrich the citizen and visitor experience in West Vancouver.
The public sculpture will be located in an accessible, waterfront location along or near the popular Centennial Sea Walk in West Vancouver.  Three Squamish Nation artists have been short-listed from the submissions to a Call for Artists.  The proposed sites are near the entrance to Ambleside Park at 13th Street or at Dundarave Park to the west of the pier. The scale models of the design proposals created by the short-listed artists are now available for community feedback at:
A finalist will be selected based on the results of the detailed design submission, community commentary and additional selection criteria.  The total value of the commission is $140,000 (the artist fee is up to $100,000 plus installation costs up to $40,000).  The sculpture is expected to be installed early March, 2007 with a dedication and celebration mid-March.
Visit the District website at www.westvancouver.ca/culturalcapital for further information on the Cultural Capitals of Canada program and the Sculpture Symposium project.
For more information, please contact:
Katherine Tong, DWV Project Facilitator, 604-925-7220                                                                                 
Kirsten Baker-Williams, Squamish Nation Education Liaison, 604-980-4553

===  UPDATES ============

        in celebration of the Queen's 80th Birthday
July 29 at Dundarave Pier: Delightful afternoon.   Clouds looked threatening but cleared.  Some reservations possibly feared rain but more came who didn't have reservations and the sun came out.
All very much enjoyed the music of the JPFell Pipe Band; our thanks to Don McPhee and Rebecca Mair (who celebrated her 13th birthday that day so we sang Happy Birthday to her, to a visitor from the US whose birthday was the same day, and a guest with a birthday the next day).  Another guest had photos from a British newspaper of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and their celebrations of her birthday.
My little French 1965 cream convertible made eyes at a recently arrived 1911 Rolls Royce parked alongside, both on display.
Greetings were read.  Our MLA Ralph Sultan was out of town and cd not be here this year but sent a magnificent large vase of roses to decorate the reservation table.  Our MP, Blair Wilson, was at a function on the Sunshine Coast, and our Mayor had hoped to stop by boat at the pier.  Cclr Day said a few words, and we welcomed Cclr Vivian Vaughan and husband.
We waited a while for the Bard but he was delayed and has promised to turn up on time next summer.
The delicious tea was provided by Pavol from the Blue Teapot in Dundarave.  The flowers on the tables were from WV Florist.  I bought the cookies, etc.
The big surprise is that for the first time in seven years of renting the cups and saucers, four went missing -- as someone said, a nice set.
The winners of the fancy chapeau (and outfit) contest were Linda Ardington, Elfreda Ramsbottom, and Margery Rogers who receive gift certificates from Eleanor Mack.
Thank you everyone for an enjoyable afternoon, and we look forward to the eighth summer RoyalTea-by-the-Sea in 2007!
Next Heritage event: is Heritage Weekend, Sept 17/18.
It has divided into three subcmtes: Definition of Sustainability (Cclr Clark and two mbrs); Trends and Issues (Cclr Sop and two mbrs); and Economics (Cclr Smith and two mbrs).  They have been meeting at least once or twice a week (at various locations including a restaurant; most unfortunately without notice to public and agendas, so very busy.  (See Ec Subcmte, the exception, Agenda even in Calendar.)  All three to come together at mtg Aug 15 for status to date and reporting, then back to more mtgs.  I must say it is the most active group I've ever known about.  They have a lot to cover and want to provide an interim report to public and Ccl in September.
Perhaps phone Maria Malcolm at 925 7008 whom they're supposed to inform of meetings for her to post.  Or maybe even call a councillor himself.
West Vancouver Hires New Cultural Services Manager
For Immediate Release                                                August 9, 2006
West Vancouver, BC: The District of West Vancouver is pleased to announce the appointment of Cathy Matheson as the new Cultural Services Manager.
Cathy originally worked with the District of West Vancouver for ten years-eight of those years as the Supervisor of Cultural Services-and was instrumental in facilitating and implementing many of the core functions and initiatives that we see as the foundation of our success in arts and culture in West Vancouver. Over the past 10 years, Cathy has been actively involved in marketing, communications, strategic alliances and community development and working internationally in the private sector with a community service software company.
Cathy will report to Kevin Pike, Director of Parks and Community Services and will spearhead the implementation of the Arts and Culture Strategy and manage most aspects of the arts and cultural programs at the District. Key responsibilities will include collaboration and building relationships with the community; planning, promoting and coordinating operations for Arts and Cultural Services; developing, implementing and monitoring cultural development strategies and systems for the District; and cooperating with other cultural service providers and facilitating community special events and festivals.
...  For more information, please contact:  Cathy Matheson, Cultural Services Manager, 925-7224
Environmental Strategy
"If West Vancouver residents wish to preserve and protect the natural attributes of the community they must ensure that environmental considerations are an integral part of growth management, land use, and transportation planning, and the municipality must be proactive in promoting leadership in environmental management and best practices." Official Community Plan, 2004
The 2006 Environmental Strategy Progress Report is [now] available.
As part of the District's commitment to move towards a more sustainable future, Council adopted an Environmental Strategy in 2005 that outlines how the environmental policies of the Official Community Plan will be put into action.  The Strategy recognizes that environmental stewardship is the shared responsibility of the entire District and has been developed cooperatively by all municipal departments.  The Environmental Strategy is designed to protect our natural resources and preserve ecosystems.
The strategy outlines key objectives and includes a work plan for implementation.
For more information, call 604-925-7055.

===  July 17th CCL MEETING NOTES ============
        added a couple of items, including adding a ccl mtg July 27 at 8:30am
3.         ADOPTION OF MINUTES  --   No items presented.
4.1       J. Bird (CEO, Canada Line Rapid Transit Inc.) and L. Berg (President and CEO, Vancouver International Airport Authority) regarding Canada Line Rapid Transit/YVR --received.
Jane Bird: Canada Line and how governed.
Transportation top issue for GVRD residents.
20,000 cars added per year.
[slide show presentation]
want private sector financing to be at their risk
service to begin end of 2009 and on schedule
Tony Gugliatto [?] (Sr Finance with Airport Authority and resident of WV) followed Jane:
16.4m passengers last year
27,000 jobs
in 2009, will have ~20m pax and 30K jobs
~2% public transport now but hope more, planning for 3.5m
== $1b over next four years construction:
 = 1  First project is west wing, to accommodate new large aircraft
expanding customs and immigration hall and screening area
our customs are congested and govt can't handle them so working with fed govt to automate -- kiosks, self service
 = 2  The Link Building -- will become front door of airport and Canada Line will come in there
2027 going to have over 30m pax
set up in shopping malls to talk to people, talked with airlines, etc; just released first draft of master plan: Your Airport YVR 2027
Slide of land use plan, zoning; location of future runways, etc
well-received by public, keep it all under one roof
a foreshore runway built into ocean, another south of present one
won't be built till 2025
respect environment, and means noise further away
most common comment was wrt ground access, to and from airport
so must work with Canada Line, etc
www.yvr.ca has the full text of the masterplan with an opportunity to provide feedback
Jane added: and www.canadaline.ca for them
Sop asked about WV and Jane's answer:
WV residents will be able to take the seabus, check in at Canada Place, work at the office all day if they have to, then take Canada Line to airport in about 25 minutes
Sop: is $2b cost firm?
Jane: v firm; transfer risk to contractor -- fixed price so labour, rebar, etc
Sop:  what about ferry terminal over to V Island?
Tony: never heard of that
MS: change at Bridgeport?
Jane: no, direct to airport
MS: Millennium, get off at Broadway and walk half a mile, stand like a packrat...
Jane: there were technical problems there; yes ppl prefer get on once and off.
JC: what's the capacity?
Jane: opening day 100K pax [psgrs] per day; long term to expand that
JC: so 100% capacity?
Jane: do we have capacity beyond that, yes
Mayor: competitiveness with other cities -- what's the norm?
Jane: public transport perspective, Seattle planning this, Portland planning, San Francisco opened, LA planning
Tony: for most ppl, trip starts from your home
the only link to the airport is Arthur Laing bridge and 75% commuters so getting link
what we're doing is equivalent to a ten-lane hwy, think this is the most efficient way
Jane: on Sea Island can travel between stations free.
operations planning re rental cars
Sop: plug my $3.25 and two-zone gets me out there?
Jane: correct, fares go up with inflation only
Sop: pretty fair.
5.         REPORTS
5.1       Development Variance Permit 06-025 (1329 & 1345 Fulton Avenue)
            At the June 26, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated June 13, 2006 from the Community Planner...
SJN: started as three 50ft lots, to subdivide now want to keep a house there, a porch jogs out; needs approval; staff recommending DVP approval
Sop: you have the 1921 configuration?
on this it shows (now) 50, 53, and 47
how much livability to the other two houses?
Mayor: not time for that; ask Mr Nicholls--
Sop: I did ask
Mayor: but I think we'll hear from the public, Mr Chapman is here
Sop: I'm easy
Mayor: no doubt about that
Bill Chapman: I'm the surveyor [puts up diagram slide of lots with an intriguing curve in one border to accommodate a deck]
needs of my client to get in and out of house, suffers from Parkinson's
deck considered a structure b/c above grade
Sop: subdivision?
Ans: lots one and two will be sold
Mayor: not subdivision
Sop: this says.....
SJN: subdivision already approved, approval needed for variance to allow for deck
VV then read:
            THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received at the July 17, 2006 Council Meeting to allow Council to make a determination on Development Variance Permit Application 06-025 (1329 & 1345 Fulton Avenue).
Mayor: don't know what further staff can report on.  No seconder.  So read next motion:
            THAT The Development Variance Permit Application 06-025 (1329 & 1345 Fulton Avenue), which would allow for a three lot subdivision with variances to:  (a) minimum side yard; (b) combined side yard; (c) and projection of a roof overhang, for the existing covered porch attached to the home on proposed Lot C, be approved.
VV: concerned we have a system for approval but as Cclr Sop has pointed out there are others that cd do this too.  Maybe have a ccl debate on how to deal with this wrt the OCP
CAO: Staff will be providing info to Ccl and perhaps beginning dialogue in Sept.
MS: back to original lots, no objections to this; when this house disappears, as Mr Chapman pointed out, it will return.
Sop:  What I envision is the sale of the middle property and the closeness.  How small are these lots or units going to get?  Can't support till I see a policy.
SJN: staff does allow and encourage subdivisions that fit in with contours of street
demolish or continue; former if it's an ugly house
This wd not be before you if not in accordance with council bylaw/procedures
RD: last week Ccl was talking about site coverage.  This is legal as a subdivision but discussion about how much covered.  Ppl building to the max.  Many in nbrhds unhappy what's happening.
Tonight is just debating the variance
Mr Reese is a distinguished architect and hope he'll design houses that fit in.
VV: interested in what's coming
if automatic right to subdivide, we don't have control -- we don't know how many of these coming up.
Find that disturbing.  Most of us last year quoted as less than 10% a year, that's 170.
I've toted this up and it's more
need to look at this at a policy level; we don't have everything in front of us to proceed
Mayor: I'll point out that we are voting on the variance for the porch.
VOTE: passed with Sop and VV opposed
5.2       Development Variance Permit 06?031 (3191 Mathers Avenue)      
           At the June 26, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated June 12, 2006 from the Community Planner titled "Development Variance Permit 06?031 (3191 Mathers Avenue)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
SJN: approved re creek and then not picked up till later stage that what staff thought was a porch turned out to have a storey above it, so that needs a variance.
Carl Lyne [sp?] of Carl Lyne and Associates:
Restrictions of the creek have given us a lot of restrictions; north have doubled setback; northwest also a hardship to design a livable space on this site.
JC moved receipt of submissions, then:
            THAT the Development Variance Permit Application No. 06?031 (3191 Mathers Avenue), which would allow for a new home with a variance to rear yard be approved.
5.3       Hugo Ray Park - Community Consultation Feedback
Mayor: several to speak; perhaps hear from staff first
Josie Chuback, Parks staff, slide presentation: Field Hockey Club came forth with a proposal that was approved by Ccl in principle.  Went out to public.  Issues for further study.  Used for Field Hockey and Cricket for over 35 years.  Part of site on old garbage dump.
[slide]  site is unstable, issues re access and egress from park.
[slide] proposed enhancement plan Phase 1: traffic flow and parking enhanced.
Phase 2, add'l field for field hockey
Phase 3 slide
Open house in March, 75 ppl over two days; staff attended a nbrhd mtg (14 nbrs attended)
Feedback: 23 responses received; 48% fully support 30% some issues, 22% do not support
Response minimal from Keith Rd residents
Concerns: traffic volume, access, field lighting
congested b/c three churches and a cemetery in the area
Bunt and Associates looked at current traffic activity: peak demand in spring, weekday afternoon/evening & weekends; minihockey four teams or 60 ppl per field on fields 1&2, etc
After devt, minihockey moves to Ambleside and NV; more skilled players and 30 [vehicles per team?]
First phase wd be less than today, 180; 240 in Ph 2; 300+ in Ph 3
Parking/Access: parking needs can be met within the park; looking at parking north of the cemetery
Looks as if 10% est of users may use Keith access
Scope and Vision Concern comments: ctr of excellence not appropriate; int'l tournaments; non-resident use (stay at 60WV to 40)
Issues - Lighting: investment in artificial turf, light right away to get use; no or minimal impact on nbrs; slides showing the 90ft poles and with landscaping can be minimized and reduced to more acceptable levels
Funding by Field Hockey Club: Phase 1: $4.5m, Ph 2: $1.7m, Ph 3: $4.7m,
also $2.9m
and infrastructure about $1m from District.
Choices in how to proceed.
Sop: likely access to hwy?
Brent Dozzi (Engg staff): been looked at; not an absolute no, will continue to stick to facts and deal with them
egress for trucks from Keith Rd; Fire Dept had a training area down there as well
as long as we can keep it safe
Sop: at the time we gave approval in principle I remember being told sufficient public consultation that nbrs/residents in agreement, now not the case?
Josie C: had had input from sports group but not from cmnty at that point
Sop: I was distinctly told residents had been told; that's why I didn't query it
Josie C: there were some suggestions about a single in and out and it was not pursued.
MS: this whole project hinges on Field Hockey.  If we were to go for options 2 and 3, wd they agree
[Josie C gave order of fields developed]
JF: parking impedes visitors to residents; will you be imposing limitations on parking in that area.
Josie C: expectation no need for onstreet parking
Dozzi: increased availability of parking on site wd probably have onstreet restrictions to make sure used
currently have traffic flowing back on itself; by providing one-way circulation through site better traffic flow
Pat McLeod: CoChair of Jr Div of Field Hockey Club, born and raised in WV.  Began playing at Third Street in 1972 as did some of my colleagues.  At that time it was a garbage dump and you cd see washing machines, etc over in the corner.  WV did a good thing and turned it into a field for the North Shore.
over 2000 mbrs, 1900 under 18[, stats about other places]
the NShore with the most players hasn't one field hockey field; we've never restricted our mbrship and that has benefited us and that has enabled us to put together a $14m campaign.
resources; hired a professional fundraiser
our preference is option one b/c right away; base for next phases
know concern in nbrhd of level of activity
peak season is Apr May Jun -- all hell breaks loose; that facility has not changed in 35 years
peak parking demand is 128; 1900 kids play from July to March
fields one and two wd continue; less than
currently host two int'l tournaments, hope to go to five
Sept/Oct/Nov used for High Schools; that use anticipated for remainder of year
need at least six fields
field hockey is not played on grass any more (artificial turf)
this park is under-utilized, want to turn it into an asset
Dave Lust: 323 Mathers, a block north, almost on the corner where Third meets Mathers.
My concerns about a $14m project
at the open house I brought forward about the fears of increased traffic and degrade of property values; brought it forth at the mtg two months ago
talked about traffic patterns when established years ago
sense to place a park where easily accessed by N and WVan, off hwy; but hwy closed that and since closure
cemetery, church, Montessori, Unitarian,...
like them all; we also opposed the Esker Lane project for the
increased traffic a huge burden
now traffic and lighting -- more games, more cars, more traffic
world class facility but can't provide world class access
Kevin Pike's letter re impact; we feel wd be not minimal impact
never been opposed to field hockey in Hugo Ray Park but world class for the Lower Mainland is different
urge Ccl to take our nbrhd into consideration; improve fields but
Catherine Barr: thank you for explanations; Ms Chuback's report excellent; have Ccl had time to read my letter
Thank Cclr Sop for mentioning it; it did not come to our attention until March 25
This is not NO, it's WHOA!
scale it back, take it a bit more slowly
too much going on here at the park
is it possible to get a map of the proposal on the screen again?
maybe both sides can get something for the future?
the last one?
This is my bedroom wall, my kitchen,......
we moved into the nbrhd b/c in a cul de sac and next to a park
confused -- this park is under-utilized, so if fixed to maximum, doesn't that mean more ppl
Here, this corner, I nearly got beamed, near accidents.
Here, removal of that back gate, near misses and had to call Police twice; and we were not advised of the removal of that gate
what's the traffic going to be like past our door?
do I have to go into park and exit back out?
My thoughts are this:  if field hockey be so kind
devt of field 5, entrance as it is now, forces one way traffic through these stalls; road exits this way and out Keith -- one way traffic flow
here's where I get hit
Keith Rd egress worth studying
this looping another hazard, for us in Esker Lane
nobody's even studied Hadden Drive, ppl speed down
pls do an expanded traffic study and pls include us in Esker Lane
is there a noise impact study?  light doesn't bother me so much but to sleep in and have friends on the patio
Sherry Shepard: WV teacher since 1980, lived in WV all my life; coach with WV field hockey
v concerned about the youth and their ability to play sport
I urge you to develop any fields you possibly can
Esker Lane did buy across from a sport facility; we're presuming two teams per field
I'm an adult player and have no practice time, have to play over in Vancouver
we've been trying to develop these fields for 20 years
mid-80s a report (Athletica) and presentation to nbrs; 2004 letter to residents
our players are playing on grass, ball bounces, so dangerous
RD moved:
            1.         The report dated July 7, 2006 from the Director of Parks and Community Services re Hugo Ray Park - Community Consultation Feedback be received for information.
RD then moved:
            2.         Approval be given to the West Vancouver Field Hockey Club to continue planning and fundraising for the first and second phases of upgrades to the field hockey facilities at Hugo Ray Park.
Sop: going back a few years, putting this in motion, we were going to find homes for soccer, field hockey, etc and we did.
Field Hockey representing western Canada
If an organization says it will raise money -- what a great thing to have for everybody
wherever you go, over town, wherever, you park near homes
the size of the project bothered me a bit, certainly raising money
fields one and two but if phased out, need an alternate road network
seriously look at one road in and another out in another direction.
road configuration in Ph 1; look at seriously
talk to province
money by volunteers -- can't get any better
establish a road network
VV: have quite a bit of difficulty with this
to whom does this Hugo Ray Park really belong and whom do I represent
says Field Hockey in these documents
but belongs to District, for cmnty, a shared space
over past 35 years have been compatible, not seen use here
if becomes incompatible what?
The residents vote and I become a representative of them
I can't represent a sports group
in the Synovate survey of 2004, when asked if satisfied with sports fields, only 24% not
heard residents cmnty say they're prepared to share
initially we must solve the traffic problem as Cclr Sop said.
I wdn't want to choose between the residents and the sports club
I want them to get together and come to us
as long as a conflict the residents have the priority
MS: try to keep this focused
not talking about a new devt; as the hockey club has pointed out, the field is in a deplorable state.
been there, fields not level, balls go everywhere, not enough parking
strongly in favour of this project
listened to the nbrs, reading the staff report but not sure what options are [reads]
option two then cd see what impact is in
Can't see why not proceed with fields one and two, they raise $5m, and if more money keep going ask about one and two
[did he say two and three beginning?]
JF: back to residents; access reasonable?
Dozzi: important to understand a local road with a major destination at end cd see 3-400 vehicles an hour wd be an acceptable level wch is what we're seeing in this proposal
there are ways we can make that better, see in report
possibly also discussing with Ministry access to hwy
JF: so not fallow, proceeding
Dozzi: yes
JF: when wd you expect the first phase to begin?
JChuback: from Field Hockey Club
And: obviously priority Ph 1, fields one and two, fundraising this fall, completion 2008
Ph 2 and 3 later
JF: so plenty of time to evaluate Phase 1
Ans: yes, lots of time
roadway loop in place, can alter it, can be changes to parking
JF: do understand concerns of residents but you have my unequivocal support for Ph 1
if simply cclrs job to smile wd be easy; sometimes we have to make difficult decisions
ppl using the parks are also residents; gratitude to any group that will go out and raise the money
continue working on parking to make it easy for residents
JC: been in favour of this all along; stated it last fall
you have to shake your head with ppl willing to go out to raise $5 to $15m to benefit the cmnty
Nothing I heard from the residents can't be mitigated; lights can be shaded
Parking and routing solutions, supporting
RD: couple of questions
mentioned that houses 50ft away from field one; my recollection further away
Josie C: ask .... or Ralph Ferstay
RD: you said a row of trees wd shield but are they there now?  don't recall there are.
in your overhead looked 30 to 40 years old
Josie C: first showed trees plant trees there for them to grow to [wd be about 30 - 40 years re height]
RD: truth, I'd prefer fields on east side but understand that wd be more expensive b/c on fill
cost as much on field five as on one and two
difficult but one has to assess the greater good
not sure how you wd like it to be
I'd take Phase 2 and make it Phase 1
I'd like to see just Phase 1 in the motion, think Cclr Sop feels the same way
the whole thing is rather grand; amazed they can collect the money
Mayor: wd you like to propose an amendment, take out Phases 2 and 3?
RD: yes
Mayor: so motion means Ph 1, wch means fields one and two
JF: if they're going to fundraise, does the money have to be raised at the same time?
don't want to see a negative impact, or opp for matching grants from other levels of govt
Josie C: wd be better to have it at beginning
RD: it's true longer term plan might help but hard for a nbr to deal with for ten to 15 years
soccer in Ambleside successful; one and two good
CAO: then leaves Stage 2 in question and club might find itself stalled; but if passed the Club can decide wch to do
this motion is for planning and fundraising, not necessarily construction
JC: don't think construction for 10 to 12 years
VV: won't support any part of this motion unless second phase before first
three, four, and five fields less impact on cmnty, leave one and two shared, grass and not changed to artificial turf
VV: if fails can do this?
Mayor: that's another option: will call question on removing
I'll support the amendment so it passes
Now on the third?
Sop: I want some guarantee further consultation with nbrs
RD moves:
            3.         Staff report back to Council with recommendations on the feasibility of contributing capital funds for Hugo Ray Park proposed roadway and parking infrastructure improvements, once fundraising for Phase 1 is in place. 
Sop: know plans not going to be v different
some guarantee meeting with residents, have alternates that are viable, including Hwys, and Keith Rd in and out
Mayor: think it understood but I will move that and do want to see those trees built right away
we hv preferred field five as Cclr Vaughan said but more expensive, maybe harder for Club to raise money
Mayor: maybe add in consideration of nbrs
RD: ADD: in consultation with nbrhd residents
5.4       Ambleside Park Vision Plan
Doug Leavers, Parks mgr gave background, slide presentation:
Flagship park; concept not final plan
ctre for excellence in  soccer (Amb Park N), cmnty use green zone, beach enhancements, natural area near lagoon
green core; a lot of Amb Park in fields, and esp since Sq Nation will develop, important
bikeway linkage to Argyle Park and into Sq Nation lands
Marine Drive Streetscape
come in from Pound Rd
Boat Basin Improvements
add'n of third soccer field; improved parking -- field-house and sport field
Amb Pk S -- green core for cmnty use
Amb lagoon a hidden treasure in the park and this came out as a natural area to get away from (other activities)
half belongs to District, half to Sq Nations and they plan to return it to a more pristine condition as it was
controversy about parking along waterfront
one thing that came through in the audit of the park; park built in 60s, was a marsh, will find remnants of cottages
concession there now well-used, opportunities for improved washrooms, improving services
beach has been losing sand for several years, drift and Capilano River.  Current changed when park put in.  Permission to replace but the Shoreline Group has plans for groynes to help this
some hazards protrude
where do we start?
identify priority needs, select approp means, connect associated projects
a) park services and infrastructure
b) partnerships with others (as in Hugo Ray, with soccer, even with Sq Nations)
c) facilities and enhancements
beachfront visitor building, road reconfiguration, cmnty events venue, lagoon restoration, team field house expansion, park operations facility
JC: one-liner, cmnty events but we have Canada Day, Cmnty Day, Coho Day -- how do you envision handling those events
as it appears on this page, v difficult to service
DL: this part has seen most used
doing [x, y, z] can continue serving the cmnty for all those events
JC: hope so
DL: well-respected
Sop: any decision to move will be a Ccl decision
RD: this is a recommendation
don't understand special events pending
DL: no specific design yet
Olympics,  stage, screens to watch Olympic events; groups want to present things in the park
arts groups expands along waterfront maybe want electricity and retractable roof
RD: not a building then
DL: no; former report talked about a flexible place
RD: mention of motion to a beachfront concession restaurant
see a visitor use building and elsewhere to staff offices -- this cd be a v large building
DL: currently there's a small lifeguard station, washrooms, meeting room for kids and a caretaker's residence
remember this used to be the entrance for the pool that used to be there
RD: not well spelled out
old field house come down
DL: building on the right is the former pump house for the pool, move that to the fieldhouse and take it away from the waterfront
RD: where wd it go?
DL: you see one option for the building, but not final
RD: we're making a major decision here and not really enough information
reconfiguration of 13th St and Hollyburn Sailing Club -- that's where the best part of the beach and already lost some of it with the HSC
DL: that did come up; needs to be revisited b/c boat launch shown where there is the nicest sand on the beach
RD: there today and not much parking there
if build a restaurant concession, keep that in mind
Kitsilano has 200 seats, parking
large restaurant, parking; am sure you're looking at that
DL: to architect to retain the parking; along with some expanded stalls in the current area equals same area
RD: my point is that may not be enough
Mayor: wd like to go to Cclr F and questions
JF: excellent report
ppl feel passionate about this park
enormous range of activities; seem to co-exist in harmony -- no problems?
DL: became apparent all very seasonal
soccer in the off-beach, and in summer all transfers to the south side
has been quite compatible
JF: are we continuing to get requests for increased activities in the park?
ppl approaching by water, kayaking in particular v popular; where possible to dock, haul out, leave kayak safely, go to restaurant, visit art facilities
DL: HSC discussions about storing kayaks there
many pocket parks all along waterfront
Richard Caj [sp?] : my daughter is 14, attending counselling at Youth Ctr
my wife suffering from cancer and were it not for the YC, I'd have a problem with my daughter.
services there have been so successful
before my daughter not aware of what went on there
opp shd not be lost -- that YC
my wife suffering for cancer, YC now provides counselling for others in WV; children can do their homework there supervised
lost jewel
don't think it cd be duplicated in the new ctr at the civic ctr
look at that YC, where it exists, incorporate
so important, that's why I came here tonight
Colin McLaughlin, Sentinel Hill go to YC quite often
the Amb YC is an amazing place; ppl downtown depend on the
to elaborate, I was absolutely devastating when I found out my mother had cancer
had been going to the YC for two years before I found out
Carn (?), whose mother also has cancer.
went to all the schools and spoke about the group we had; been a really great support for myself and Connor
the youth workers took us to the chemo facility at LGH, met doctor, got a tour, and found out what's going on
the group Connor is talking about is, group for your with dual disorders, depressed and drinking more
tell ppl what's going on
Connor: back when a mtg about the YC being moved, we were told it wd be moved to Amb -- I do not want to see it moved
I wd not feel safe there at night, 11pm, seen a few bad things going on
the YC shd not be moved; close to beach can go there, play soccer, to mall, close to transportation so bus to everywhere
we have youth from NV, Vanc
I did work at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr and it failed
Girl: no, successful
Connor: --
Girl: pls don't move it, we love it
Mayor: like most ppl in WV, they like it the way it is
Sheena Vennesland: find our remarks representative and Doug Leavers's report
IMO, the lagoon, as I prefer to call it -- the bird sanctuary/refuge.  They tell us if we're doing well. Diversity says not, dropped from 34 to 10
creosote, pesticide, pollution from Pound Creek and thousands of marinated golf balls
no dredging since built in mid60s
we're likely providing a toxic environment for the birds, rather than enhancing
Ccl fund a feasibility study
X (? name) Drake: Cypress Park Little League and we congratulate WV earned right to host X
X (name) can't make it tonight
we represent 7-850 or about the same number of mbrs as field hockey does
gave copies to Ccl earlier today and to Doug Leavers who has already responded to some
through PEAC and staff, have established Amb Park as headquarters for baseball.  That and Hugo Ray only places that can have full baseball diamonds.
youths 13 - 18, important time of their lives
This plan shows the 90ft baseball disappears; the green core
we want to be in your backyard, we want to be in your plans and [have] little league not unduly compromised
as you deliberate, consider those interests and we're willing to be willing participants
Mayor: it's nearly 10pm, defer or pass this? and move to rest
JF: defer to next mtg?
CAO: if Ccl has any concerns, convey to me or Doug Leavers
Mayor: issues raised by cmnty; Ccl tomorrow
JF: moved remainder of mtg to next mtg
CAO: July 24th pretty full, maybe to 27th
Mayor: discuss tomorrow, public attended to 24th
1.  The draft Vision Plan, as presented in this Council Report, "Ambleside Park Vision Plan" be received.
2.  Staff is directed to continue to refine the plan and to explore possible partnerships with respect to development of a beachfront concession/restaurant/visitor use building, a sports field house and a special events venue.
3.         The Vision Plan be incorporated into the Ambleside Area Master Plan.
5.5       Film Shoot Request for Order of Non-Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 - Marriage Films Inc.
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT an Order of Non-enforcement of sections 5.1 and 6.1.5 of the District's Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 be approved for Marriage Films Inc. for:
(a)  Fri Aug 11 from 4pm to midnight; (b) Sat Aug 12 from 12:01am to 7am; (c)  Fri Aug 18 from 6pm to midnight; (d)  Sat Aug 19 from 12:01am to 7am
DoAS recommended part 2 be dealt with staff
MS: just delegate all to staff
Mayor: not sure can do all
5.6       Bylaw 4482 - Expanding Bylaw Adjudication Registry
            Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 4368, 2004 Amendment Bylaw 4482, 2006
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 4368, is amended to provide for the municipalities of Lions Bay and Bowen Island to be included as members of the North Shore Bylaw Adjudication Registry. 
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 4368, 2004 Amendment Bylaw 4482, 2006" (North Shore Bylaw Notice Dispute Adjudication Registry) be read a first, second and third time.
5.7 Notice of Intent to Introduce Council Procedure Bylaw No. 4483, 2006
THAT notice be given that it is the intent of Council to introduce a new Council Procedure Bylaw, updated to reflect procedural changes approved by Council and updated format and text as described in the report dated July 12, 2006 from the Municipal Clerk, at the regular meeting on July 24, 2006.
Sop: this really shd go out before the public

{absolutely, Bill!}

CAO: this is just notice; come back with amended bylaw
not likely deal with it till fall
Sop: but it says coming back on 24th, why?
MClk: statutory requirement Ccl give notice
Mayor: then we do what we want with it July 24th including public comment, I presume

{hm, not really enough time by 24th and what about comments now?  ---> zoom!  nothing.}

Mayor: Consent....
MClk: Excuse me, Madam Mayor, one additional item, 5.8 scheduling ccl mtg
[PASSED additional mtg Thursday morning July 27th 8:30am]
6.1.1   Notice on Title - 2253 Lawson Avenue, West Vancouver
            RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated May 29, 2006 from T. O'Meara, Manager of Permits and Inspections, be received for information.
[MS moved taking 6.1.1 out on Consent Agenda; Consent Agenda passed and Mayor said did need time to discuss 6.1.1; then Mayor moved to extend ccl mtg; Sop moved till mtg finished -- PASSED; then back to Lawson Ave]
MS: troubling to say the least; pay more attention
shd be giving staff the biggest gun to deal with this issue
privilege to live in WV, and right and responsibility to obey the bylaws
this person has been given 12 fines, paid none, ignored, paid no attention to staff
hit them with every weapon in M arsenal
CAO: we are going through nec steps; will be dealt with by BofV
staff will be coming to Ccl and seeking some direction
SJN: reason on agenda so this report can be given to BofV
Mayor: Cclr Smith is suggesting Ccl's action is hidden in report
Sop: absolutely concur; action shd be taken by Ccl
way out of line; look at history; no compliance
concerned residents in the block; hope through BoV we'll take some action
CAO: we will be reporting back in camera as to next steps
this is so on public agenda so can be given to BoV and they know the circumstances
Mayor: and to announce we have commenced procedures
7.         OTHER ITEMS  7.1       CORRESPONDENCE [Full list in last issue]

CR: thank you very much
before I ask -- I'm a little confused -- we're asked to sign our names [on] the Speakers' List for an item, wch I did for 5.7, and you went through, voting on it without asking for the public to speak to that
Mayor: I'm sorry, that's my mistake, perhaps you cd --
CR: oh, okay; I didn't know whether it was part of the ccl procedure -- you don't get to speak!
Mayor:  No, not at all; just, b/c it was exactly 10 o'clock, I'm sorry, I apologize
CR: that is the item and it was very fast had a question/impression [unintelligible]
I didn't quite understand what was going on, b/c it was that item, since it's Ccl procedures it looked as if it was going to have first, second, and third reading, and then passed before the summer break,
and it's not.
Are all those recommendations for the changes to ccl procedures, wch I understand we haven't seen yet -- cd you just tell me what's going to happen --
Mayor: Tonight's motion is notice that it wd be happening
think bylaw will be on ccl agenda July 24th, although with our lawyers right now
I wd expect Ccl will put out for public comment at that time and returned to us in the fall

{UPDATE in August: found out that they APPROVED the changes to Ccl Procedures for bylaw in fall -- and we still don't know what they all are, but will introduce the bylaw and have three readings in the fall.  Tell me, Dear Reader, what changes are you aware of, hm?}

CR: Okay, that's great b/c it wasn't clear; tyvm for that
The second question is also about procedure, I just didn't understand what happened a bit ago.
As you know, recently the [WV] Bd of Variance made a decision that was major, in some ppl's opinion a major variance, although their mandate is only for minor variances, and you had some residents come up and wanted to know about going to court, unsure what was going to happen there
Also read in the paper recently [their] BoV was fired by the City of Vanc; they have a Charter so might not be what we can do, so that's a bit of unknown of what was going on, but it was confusing; part of the explanation tonight...to see 2253 Lawson is on your agenda and will be on BoV's...
if what happens as happened in February, what if they have an opinion diff from your opinion?
Does the Ccl have the right not to send something to BoV if they think, as what happened in past, a major variance, and shd not be handled by them?
Mayor: We don't send things to the BoV
CAO: [sound off briefly so heard nothing at first]
different...in some ways b/c of their particular structure, they become an appeal board for Ccl and staff decisions as opposed to situation we have.  More of a proactive where applicants get to make a choice as to whether in front of BoV or go with some kind of a Devt Variance in front of Ccl.
As a result of the decision made earlier this year, changed our procedures
cr: -- oh --
CAO: so BoV also now receives a staff report and can take into consideration staff's view as to whether or not the application is in fact consistent w/ legislation and interpretation of the legislation.  That doesn't bind BoV but gives them a clear understanding of staff's position; also they have at least the info and the applicant knows that position as well.
CR: that's perfectly clear, really great change that you've made
really good, tyvm; most of us not aware; glad to know that
Mayor: wanted to have on agenda tonight so that wd be part of what the BoV [had at mtg this week]
CR: Now I understand the reason for that; really great; that's an improvement
 -- think there's one more person who wants to speak

Craig Turner [re Hay Park]: why gate removed, no notice?
Dozzi: to provide more on street parking
CT: any more short-term alterations, enhancements planned?
Dozzi: there are.  New gate to park facilitate two-way traffic
cleaned up vegetation to improve sight lines
believe intending to install a speed hump to make sure they stop
CT: the speed hump went in about a month ago and consequently killed a large tree at entrance to park
called staff and left msg, Glen -- believe he lives on Keith Rd --
ANS: Minaker
CT: it was about 80 to 100 ft -- those are going to be expensive trees
the slide earlier, going to cost a lot of money to put those trees in
talk to realtors -- say prop values will go down
see a lot of for sale signs in last six months across from Amb Park
will ask why they're selling
all for sports, but park field hockey and a bit of cricket
none of you live in that area
understand and respect 30-year legacy
phases coming large
how many of you have 400 cars an hour coming past your front door?  Phase Three
BC lottery funding, have phase one before end of year
Mayor: thank you.  Motion to adjourn.
10:12  /// 10.      ADJOURNMENT

===  CCL AGENDA July 24th  ===

3.1       Council Meeting Minutes, July 10, 2006
4.l         DELEGATION: G. Smith and M. Audain, regarding "A Vision for the West Vancouver Art Gallery" 
5.1       Notice on Title - 2253 Lawson Avenue, West Vancouver
1.        All written and verbal submissions...be received;  2.   No further action be taken.
1.        All written and verbal submissions...be received;
2.        Pursuant to the Community Charter section 57 the corporate officer be directed to file a notice regarding 2253 Lawson Avenue, in the land title office stating that (a) a resolution relating to 2253 Lawson Avenue has been made under section 57 of the Community Charter, and (b) further information about it may be inspected at the municipal hall;
3.        Staff be authorized to take legal action necessary to obtain bylaw compliance regarding 2253 Lawson Avenue.
5.2       Development Variance Permit 06?027 (8615 Lawrence Way)
At the July 10, 2006 Meeting, Council received the report dated June 26, 2006 from the Community Planner...
RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions,... be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions...
OR  RECOMMENDED:  THAT the DVP, which would allow for renovations and additions to an existing home with a variance to waterfront yard be approved.
5.3       Ambleside Park Vision Plan:  Further Information  / Ambleside Park Vision Plan
            This item was deferred from the July 17, 2006 Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated July 19, 2006 titled "Ambleside Park Vision Plan:  Further Information from the Manager of Parks & Environment" be received. 
1.  Staff is directed to continue to refine the plan and to explore possible partnerships with respect to development of a beachfront concession/restaurant/visitor use building, a sports field house and a special events venue.
2.  The Vision Plan be incorporated into the Ambleside Area Master Plan.
5.4       Arts on Argyle Waterfront Plan Accompanying Report To be provided on table.
5.5       2005 Annual Report
5.6       Residents' Concerns:  4895 - 5295 Keith Road (Update)
1.   The June 21, 2006 report of the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits Re: "Residents Concerns: 4895-5295 Keith Road (Update)" be received; 2. The report be forwarded to residents at those addresses for their information and comment.
= 5.7       Council Procedure Bylaw No. 4483, 2006
            (Revised July 21, 2006) Council Procedure Bylaw No. 4483, 2006
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Council Procedure Bylaw No. 4483, 2006" be introduced and read a first time.
{Let's hope that the changes are identified clearly when put out for public input since few know what changes are proposed. In my opinion expecting residents to have to go by the MHall every week to see what's on the ccl mtg agenda is anachronistic to say the least.  Have not yet located a July21 memo (not on DWV website) to read.  Posting agendas on the website is not mentioned.  Nor is having it at the Library.  Better still wd be to have a 'Resident Register' so anyone who wants to receive the agenda by email cd be on the list and it wd come to their computer -- it only needs the touch of a button to be sent out to a list, just as they do now for mtg info to cmte mbrs, cclrs, etc.}
6.1   Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 4368, 2004 Amendment Bylaw 4482, 2006 for adoption
7.1.1   Development Applications Status List (File:  1010?01)
= Action Required
8.1.1          B. Satchwell, June 12, 2006, regarding application for cabin permit
                  Referred to Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
8.1.2         M. and N. Smith, July 17, 2006, regarding municipal policies regarding property development and tree management
                   Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
= No Action Required (receipt only)
8.1.3         C. Seipp, Community Relations, Vancouver Port Authority, June 23 regarding tour of harbour
8.1.4         P. Edwards, Chair, Vancouver Island Regional Library Board, July 11, 2006, regarding increase in Library Operating Grant
8.1.5         B. Drake, Vice President, Cypress Park Little League, July 17, regarding Ambleside Park Vision Plan
8.1.6         M. Hunt, Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) President, July 13, 2006, regarding "Urban Forum" Workshop at UBCM Convention
8.1.7         Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM), undated, regarding 2006 Energy Aware Award
8.1.8         D. Finnegan, Principal Coordinator, North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre, July 06, 2006, regarding Community Services Grant
8.1.9         J. Bird, Chief Executive Officer, Canada Line Rapid Transit Inc., July 19, 2006, regarding follow-up to July 17 presentation
= Responses to Correspondence
8.1.10       J. Chuback, Deputy Director, Parks and Community Services, to M. S. Drew, July 19, 2006 regard Hip Hop Festival for Peace Friday, July 21, 2006
= Responses to Questions in Question Period -   No items presented.

===  QUOTATIONS  ===

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