Notes Sept 25
Summary Oct 2
Calendar to Oct 20th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving -- we're so lucky to live here! Next ccl mtg is October 16, then b/c of UBCM in Victoria, the one after that is the 30th  (^v^).
Escaped to the Yukon for a few days -- it is glorious with gold flecks in the evergreens this time of year.
And the other good news?  pumpkin ale is back as the seasonal at Steamworks!  Yum!
UPDATES (WVS, LPPS); Calendar to Oct 20thNOTES Sept 25 (the rest of....  ) and Oct 2nd Highlights (2089 Westdean debate); INFObits (Yukon Facts); Yukon Haiku; Quotations

===  UPDATES ===
= The Almondel Bridge over Cypress Creek is closed until further notice to allow for structural testing
= WEST VAN STREAMKEEPERS (results of AGM and Bd Mtg)
Hugh Hamilton continues his great work as President, Mike Ritter and Sandi Dix will share Vice President, Kurt Peiffer as Treasurer, Jeff Anderson as Secretary, with directors Barrie Adams, John Barker, Elizabeth Hardy, and Carolanne Reynolds.  Liaison reps from Wetland Partners and the Shoreline Preservation. For info, to join or to volunteer, pls call 628 1123 or write to streamkeepers@westvan.org
o Board Positions
After two years as president, several years as a director and treasurer of the Society, David Foreman is leaving us, but will still support the society as archivist.  David's positive energy and encouragement have been invaluable in leading the Society forward.  We hope to see David at our membership events.  Ian Loudon, has agreed to replace David as treasurer.  Ian is long time resident and volunteer in the community.  He is also a retired accountant....thank you, Ian.
We also welcome to the Board of Directors, Alexandra Mancini and Aline Brown.  Alexandra and Aline are both loyal ivy pullers.  We look forward to their ideas and support.
o Awards
The Vancouver Natural History Society recently recognized two members of our Society.  Katharine Steig received the Kaye & Charles Ney Award for exemplary service and dedication to VNHS.  Also board member, David Cook, received the Kay Beamish Award for his contribution to nature education.  Even though David is in high demand as an interpretive guide at several locations around the Lower mainland, he has voluntarily led many Sunday afternoon walks in Lighthouse Park.
To become a MEMBER of the Society, please contact Sheena Vennesland at 604-913-9272
Members are encouraged to contribute articles and photographs to the newsletter.  Submissions should be made to Elspeth Bradbury at 604-926-9390
===  CALENDAR to Oct 20th  ===

KMC and Library at end, but first of all, over at the Ferry Building Gallery, Sept 29th - Oct 19th:
        CONNEXIONS - Inspired by the architecture of Vancouver's bridges
        Paintings and prints by Richard Tetrault; Furniture and metal work by Arnt Arntzen
West Coast artists Arnt Arntzen and Richard Tetrault will be exhibiting a series of new mixed media works inspired by the forms and function of Vancouver's bridges. This is their second show at the Ferry Building Gallery.  They have collaborated in several pieces in this exhibition that touch on the significance of bridges in a city that depends on them as a daily conduit. Throughout this series, facets of both the abstract beauty and the historic significance of bridges are present.
Individual and collaborative works range from a freestanding decorated screen, to tables and counters with integrated bridge architecture, to wall mounted paintings on panels. Elements of bridge architecture such as trusses, spans, rivets, and I-beams ground these works, at the same time as they allude to the elegant and vulnerable nature of bridges. In particular, the two artists have taken an interest in one historic incident, the collapse of The Ironworker's Memorial Bridge in June 1958. This catastrophic event appears in several collaborative pieces, making reference to the deaths of 19 ironworkers and rescuers. Beyond historic snapshots of the scene, however, the resulting screen and wall pieces look at the epic nature of this disaster and suggest its place as one of the most tragic in Canada's history. This event is captured in Tetrault's painterly handling, coupled with Arntzen's innovative synthesis in metal of underlying grid-structures.
===  Fire Prevention Week Oct 8 - 14  ==
===  Tuesday, Oct 10th  ===
~ 5- 7pm ~ FSTF still marching on at the Hall -- looking for more efficient/effective use of taxpayers' money!  Regularly meets on Tuesdays

===  Wednesday, Oct 11th  ===
~ 7:30am ~ WV Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Meeting at Hollyburn Country Club
Speaker: Joan McIntyre, MLA for West Vancouver - Garibaldi
Topic:  A Provincial Government Year in Review [details in last issue, call 926 6614 to reserve]
===  Thursday, Oct 12th  ===
WV Chamber of Commerce Community Affairs Committee to meet at Chamber

===  Friday, Oct 13th  === 
=  WV Community Foundation at Kay Meek Ctr
6:30 No-Host Bar; 8pm Performance
With more than 20 costume incredible changes and the music from the 40s to the 90s, the Timebenders will take you on a Rock Down Memory Lane with an explosive and rollicking dance show that focuses on high energy, audience participation and lots of fun. Relive the music of the Andrew Sisters - Buddy Holly - The Beatles - Motown's Greatest Hits.... and many more!!
Tickets: $65 each which includes a chance to win a door prize worth $1000!
For tickets, please contact Charlotte or Delaina at 925-8153, weekdays between 9am and 1pm or by email at westvanfoundation@telus.net or visit our website www.westvanfoundation.com
Call to Youth Artists between 13 to 18 to design an ICON for DWV -- details were in issue 26; $100 honorarium; The closing date for submissions is October 13th at 5pm.  Submissions may be dropped off at 1538 Fulton, from Tues, Oct 10th to Fri, Oct 13th between 3 and 5 pm each day
Contact Info:  Please contact Christie O'Krainetz, Community Engagement-Youth Coordinator at 925-7194 or by email
= WV Museum (Gertrude Lawson House); special Hallowe'en event starts at 7pm; visit www.westvanmuseumblogspot.com or call 925 7295 for more info on activities (exhibit to Oct 31)

===  Saturday, Oct 14th  ===
~ 9 - noon ~ Restoration Planting by Lighthouse Park Preservation Society
Assess the results of last fall's planting and continue planting along Beacon Trail.  If you would like to help, please wear work gloves and bring a shovel if you have one, otherwise we will provide tools.  Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot.
~ 9am - 1pm ~ Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr Garage sale
~ 10am - noon ~ Clovelly-Caulfeild Working Group Mtg (Open to local residents) at Caulfeild Elementary
===   Small Business Week October 15th through 21st   ===
Monday 16th, ccl mtg; Tues 17th Civic Youth Strategy Working Group at 3:45 (to 5:15) at Srs' Ctr, FSTF at 4:30 at MHall;  Wed 18th BofV and Library Bd; Thurs 19th NSFamily Court & Youth Justice at 5:30 at CNV MHall; Oct 23rd ccl mtg cancelled/moved to Oct 30
Also on Oct 19th:
Free Public Lecture -- The "Affordability by Design Public Lecture" features Karrie Jacobs who speaks on "The Perfect $100,000 House - A Search for Great Affordable Housing". This lecture is part of the Affordability by Design Workshop/Conference on October 20, which features an exciting list of speakers. The conference focuses on affordable housing solutions.
For info, pls contact Frank Pacella (Program Assistant, The City Program, Simon Fraser University, 2300-515 West Hastings), phone 291.5254; www.sfu.ca/city/

The Gallery at the Library Presents...
Gerard Picher and Francoise Vallotton-Stegemann, October 1-31
Celebrate harvest time.  Enjoy the bold images and rich colours of field, orchard and garden.  Please join us for the artists' opening reception hosted by the Friends of the Library.  Everyone is welcome.
Friday, Oct 6, 6:30 - 8 pm
AUTHOR VISIT: Oct 10, Thursday, 7:30 - 9 pm, Peter J Peters Room
Meet Sandra Harper, author of Inside Kenya -- Creating Tomorrow.  Her book is an anthology of personal stories about the men and women who have emerged from their peasant lives into careers that influence and support others.
READERS' CAFE:  Tuesdays, Oct 3 and 17, 10:30am - 12:30 pm, Peter J Peters Room
Join Joe Ronsley for a reading and discussion of James Joyce's "Ulysses".  Please bring your own copy of the book.
CALL to ARTISTS: if you wd like to display in the gallery, on Oct 14 Saturday submit works (for consideration) 9 - 11am; info at www.westvanlib.org or call 925 7407

>>> KAY MEEK CENTRE (ph 913-3634)
Lots going on!
Oct 10 Company B and Schubert with Ballet BC; and Oct 12 "Shear Madness", Arts Club on tour
At KMC Studio Theatre: After "Bolloxed" by Theatre Tart from the Fringe Festival on Sept 30; "Black and White with a Touch of Colour", a showcase concert presented by platinum-award-winning composer/pianist Kenneth N. Johnson, with special guest vocalists, dancers, and an eight-piece orchestra.
VOLUNTEER!  For more info, call 981 1175; email info@kaymeekcentre.com; or fill out the short form on the website www.kaymeekcentre.com

===  CCL NOTES Sept 25th  ===
                Cclr Day absent
1.         Approval of September 25, 2006 Regular Council Agenda
added letter re 2142 Argyle; several letters, 4769 The Highway; 8.1 cancellation of Oct 2 Cmte of Whole, reg mtg (instead)
2.  September 11, 2006 Regular Council Meeting Minutes; and September 13, 2006 Town Hall Council Meeting re Evelyn Drive Area Plan Minutes (to be provided on table).
{why on table?  they provided some at ccl mtg Sept 18 -- are they revising them???}
Sop: may I vote only on the Ccl mtg
Mayor: how?
SSch, MClk: will note that in minutes
[Mayor split motion]
3.         Evelyn Drive Planning Area - 300 Unit Option (File:  2515?22)
...the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated September 19, 2006 regarding the option of redeveloping the Evelyn Drive Planning Area to a Floor Area Ratio of 0.65 and 300 units be received.
SJN: Ccl asked staff to bring forth report on Option C, that report is on your agenda now
[JC moved receipt. PASSED]
VV: think it's valuable to move from the 350 option to this 300
Cclr Smith has raised a good point; don't nec move the max
350 max for traffic so doesn't allow safety/extra margin or market/rental props to be added later
leaves us an option
valuable to keep this at 300 if only 350 av b/c moving in right direction though not my preference
MS: we have to respect those ppl chose to live here in the first place
not acceptable to find the straight rezoned when you have no vote and haven't asked for rezoning
find yourself living on a straight, boarded up houses
traffic a concern, TWay and MDrive total gridlock now
proposed road coming out on Keith is a challenging site, two roads converging there
public mtg we went to that half favoured Option B and half C so made sense to split the difference
if accepting the Spaxman report in its entirety, why have public hearing?
if process, why public hearing?
Mayor: town meetings, considerable difference
MS: town meetings.
also recognized the reality of the situation
Option C got four votes; has to be accepted
change C now is like getting horse to run backwards; think accept C and move on
JF: somehow or other, this number, Spaxman pulled out of air but not so; much time spent, carefully thought out; consultant with 40 years in the business; brought forward recommendation.
Four years on OCP, enormous need for options in housing
number of presentations of more affordable housing, options make life easier for seniors to accommodate wheelchairs, etc

{NONONONONO!  What that omits is that there has been no proposal to date that included affordable housing, in any case an oxymoron in WV.}

also the majority of the residents were in favour of selling their houses
talked about from outset changing to multifamily housing
not three ppl who came forward
huge effort, great deal of public consultation
someone said to me, if this area can't be redeveloped for multifamily, where can?
VV: I wd like further clarity
Cclr F has referred to rental housing, etc and talk of Canterbury housing -- so I want to know if, when talking of 350, are they within that 350, so we take out market housing from the 350 or added on?
350 is maximum that can be done with that one road connection, more needs another road connection; how is this housing to benefit?
Mr Spaxman has set it out as market housing, 1000 sq ft and now at $1K per sq ft
SJN: to bring forth OCP bylaw, zoning bylaw, cmnty benefit, so you wd have that before you at that time
Ccl has set a tentative hearing date but it has not been called
VV: so we don't know what is coming
how many market subtracted from total
if we had Option B you have some wiggle room
you have a gentleman who spoke and wanted his zoned same but we cd not do that, cd not accommodate all those options; going to come up with impossibilities
Ms Boyle's report to Ccl, staff recommends based on Town Hall mtg Option C
I don't know how that came about -- petition? in effect until the next Town Hall Mtg?  I think ppl wd like clarification
Mayor: I agree with you; Town Hall mtg was just to hear, so I think that wording is unfortunate on the part of the author, however here we are.
We are talking about the receipt of the report
Ccl might want to rescind
Didn't get names of those who wanted to speak, I apologize for that

{????  Does this mean not given the sheet?  In any case confusion/omission over public to speak has happened in the past few meetings so it may be time for a different process.}

JC: don't understand discussion since this is just for receipt.
Cclr F has pointed out report, amenities; think we shd call receipt and go forward
MS: 300 vs 350, I was prepared to support to majority of Ccl but debate so now speaking
350 is absolutely maximum -- why always go for the maximum?
suppose they're out by 15%?  then find we've a problem, no wriggle room
all ppl on Keith, etc
why maximum, no one's ever explained that to me
say to myself, outside looking in
I've never met anyone [who cared] whether I make a profit or not
most great fortunes in real estate and if M's mandate is to ensure a devpr makes a profit, that explains that
Mayor: order in the gallery
SJN: the time for the debate and questions is at Public Hearing (PH); time for public and debate
max contemplated an FAR up to 1.0, and that's been reduced 25% to .75
traffic projections were v conservative so some flexibility
heard Ccl say before that to focus on housing variety and choice so we'll focus that
when we go forward to PH, whether density or FAR, can be reduced, but not increased
so you're going into the possible can't be increased
Mayor: OCP did suggest cd go to 1
[and reason B;] Planning Commission and others want D and E
the only hope is between 300 and 350
to be responsible is to look at that; and if Millennium can't look at that -- affordable then too bad
if some at least significant
JF: Point of identification (?)
you did say public cd speak prior but you didn't ask them to
{Good of Jeanie to point it out; yet another instance, as referred to above; hope they do something......}
Mayor: sorry, I didn't get the paper--
{Hope they soon get a process that works so Mayor gets list and knows mbrs of public signed to speak}
The responsibility is squarely on Millennium's shoulders that this devt holds
Mayor: now I'd like to hear from mbrs of public
Hakan Telenius, Millstream Rd: will yield my minutes to next speaker who has more to say
think we've missed the whole point
I agree need for housing options
spent a lot of time talking about these units when thousands will be developed south of here (Sq Pk Royal); spend more time working with them
wrong by a factor of ten at least; shd be focusing on what's coming down the road
Philip Falls:  paraphrase comments, and can hand out copy of my remarks
happy to be on the cmte and happy to be on another
I respect Millennium's abilities to develop and as owner
Wd like to read my email in June to Ray Spaxman wrt his report
the cmte agreed of 350 units, and density of .74
I preferred Option B or something between B and C
another 255......I don't remember anyone saying that
 then you got several maybe three more saying option B
fully respect he cd recommend what he wants but you have four mbrs who did not
by saying the cmte agreed, you're incorrectly referring you had....
I did this at quarter to one in the morning but it was my.... .
Spaxman, he can say whatever he wants
[but] how can he misrepresent!
Thursday June 8 final mtg; at that time Ray S did not say he had come to any recommendation
he went round and asked each preferred, group was bimodal
final report was only circulated on weekend
I asked can I see that report; no you can't, and
good news that he did send it to us
never a page inserted that group preferred Option C
the minutes for the June 8 mtg were only released today and similar inferences were inserted in the minutes
implied some of not working professionally but pls do not infer strong support, that wd be inaccurate
4pm received email from staff, three hours ago saying pls comment if you have concerns about minutes
not professional
two reports by economists, drastically different analysis
Option B marginal money, two weeks later B no money!
then had mtg, the economist agreed there were problems with his projections
agreed biased in favour of higher density; no mention of that in the minutes
not financially accurate
lastly, who cares about the financials?
only for cmnty benefits
of course we want consensus; you did have consensus, ppl at B and at C
move on B I will, move on B; ev report has shown you that
don't need to be very creative
David Stephenson 836 Esquimalt: difficult to follow Philip
thank you for opp to be part of Guidance Cmte
28 acres changing into  much higher density, deserves caution
Spaxman worked hard with diversity of views,
now told consensus Option C however careful reading of p 1 and 16 refutes this; mbrs only saw this a couple of days before presentation to Ccl in June and told him that before June 26; Spaxman acknowledged we did not agree on his consensus
four B, and some toward C if shown not economically viable
another mbr had stated his preference B if no benefits
no financials
when some significant financial flaws as to wch viable and wch not
ppl who have spoken survey PWV, Sentinel Hill -- preference below Option C
just got minutes today of June mtg final mtg, with no opportunity to comment
we shd be v diligent, not max out density and traffic too early in the process
Hank Jasper, Gen Mgr of Millennium, lives in Vancouver: been with this devt for probably three years
acquired this property on anticipation that the density on this site wd be somewhere in the order of 650 - 700 units.  In the process of planning engaged staff, prepared master plan done in conjunction with staff, numerous public mtgs and one public hearing, even though the majority vote didn't meet requirement, another planner and committee, one of our principals participated in that.  Obviously our preference for the 1.0.  Nevertheless believed considerably less at 350 wch did not provide originally anticipated returns, wd be a marginal economic return.
Ccl's discussion last week, Option C, we believed that was acceptable to us and to Ccl 4 to 2, so surprised to have this discussion
Mayor: excuse me, part of an open process
HJ: thought Option C was consensus of cmte and Ray Spaxman's recommendation
some flexibility there
possibly affordable housing
right now at 350 units, marginally economic and you start discounting as affordable, destroys economics; have our financiers to deal with, devt of site, a lot of factors to be considered.
VV: not clear
Mayor: to rescind last week's
VV: I'll move
MS: I'll second; Cclr Day's not here
we have to accept will of majority
I personally wd like to see a different result
look forward to a nice devt there with cmtny benefits; accommodation for 350 families
Mayor: think this sends a message to Millnm
benefit will be network of roads pathways, etc
thank you for the add'l information; think it sent a strong message
4.         Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Plan (File:  2540?09)
            1.         Draft Working Group recommendations be presented for information and community feedback at a Neighbourhood Meeting on October 25, 2006.
            2.         Staff report to Council with final Working Group and staff recommendations in November 2006.

SJN: worked out a series of proposals so can go forward.
Intent: net benefit to cmnty
This is to advise Ccl; Ccl mbrs can attend the mtg but report will go to Ccl after the mtg(s)
A number of the Working Cmte are here in the gallery if any questions.
Sop: some of the guiding vision; not involved in DP process; absolutely a visionary piece of work
looks like right road to follow in that beautifully treed area; hope we can work on something to keep that heritage area
JF: interested in hearing from some mbrs of the cmte if they wish to speak; and what the neighbours wd have to say; better to speak/ask questions after the mtg?
SJN: this group has gone through a lot of work; pleasure to work with them; chair unable to make it but vicechair, Kim Stephens here
JF: if designated as a DP area, are they aware extra work/costs involved?
not a huge number of houses being torn down?  costs for DP?
is there a liability on the M's behalf if tree not taken down and falls on a home?
ppl increasingly worried about windstorms, trees coming down
clearly understand what's being proposed by these regulations and the present, eg, also subdivision
SJN: we'll supply further information
they don't want to reduce the size of building, more the siting and design
want to concentrate on site devt; prefer to have clear criteria so ppl know in advance; administration of that delegated to staff so as simple a process as possible
Cmnty plan description so those coming in wd be aware
wrt tree bylaw, more a tree management plan rather than prohibition
shd have clarity going into mtg
JF: great proponent of nbrhd planning; aware of slowness of process, look at how to expedite
SJN: get some idea of order of magnitude
Mayor; thank the cmte for tackling the tricky issue of nbrhd character
tool not meant to be overly restrictive
look forward to what comes out; the tree bylaw -- see what
5.         Development Permit Application 06-036 (2533 Garden Court) (Lot 23) and Development Permit Application 06?037 (2563 Garden Court) (Lot 15)
RECOMMENDED:   A Public Meeting be waived and DPAs issued
SJN: DPAs been reviewed by staff and recommended/approved.
Sop: the ephemeral creek is to the west of lot 23, then a park; what happened to the rest of it
part of this devt; wondered, in lower portion of South Marr, did they continue with opening
SJN: one ephemeral is on the west; Gerry Boyle can clarify
GB: the areas beside lot 15 is dedicated, through lot 15 has been an ephemeral has been piped, no that's not fair, put into creek; the second ephemeral is in the rain garden
then road, has to be piped under road then under steep park, not a small park just a green area
Sop: where lot 23 runs into, is it visibly open?
GB: between there and Chippendale, yes; has been remade
Sop: from Court?
GB: through or around, is piped there
Mayor: exciting to see LEEDS standard applied, silver
big improvement; parts almost perfect by sustainability, further to go other parts
density a concern 4600sf, look at when we get to Rodgers Creek
6.         Alteration Permit 05?026 (4769 The Highway) (File:  1010?20?05?026)
RECOMMENDED: the Municipal Clerk give notice that Alteration Permit Application, which would provide for a new dwelling with variances to minimum and combined Side Yard for the detached garage, will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, October 16, 2006.
Mark Thompson: with Design company, designed this
have worked extensively with the nbrhd trying to produce plans that are both of the nature of the area (eclectic), been described as heritage but really eclectic design homes
have had one or two nbrs who have objected strongly but have looked
started on this the beginning of the year and here we are in Nov
Mayor: September
MT: seems that long, thought ten weeks; enormous costs in carrying cost of property for nine months
Mayor: this is just for setting a date; assume nbrs will be notified
SSch: yes
7.         Request to Waive Development Permit for Proposed Subdivision of 2185 25th Street
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the requirement for a DP for the subdivision of 2185 25th Street be waived and no further notification be required.
Sop: why no DP?
Mayor: no notification
SJN: part of a larger piece of property owned by BC Hydro and they asked subdivided some year ago
Chairlift Place; 2.5 upa
asked no more than three per acre
determined not needed so they sold it; tail end of a process
this area is a mandatory devt area b/c adjacent to creeks and b/c multifamily
no envtal issues, drainage going through the site
where nothing to be regulated then Ccl may waive requirements for a DP.
Sop: from Chairlift Place
SJN: to cul de sac
Sop: then
SJN: then existing lot 4
Sop: so roadway through lot 15 part of parcel?
SJN: already exists
Sop: through to line of prop
SJN: yes
8.         The Haebler Group - Request for Extension of Order of Non?Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw - 2142 Argyle Avenue
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council approve the request from The Haebler Group, the prime contractor for the building site at 2142 Argyle Avenue for an extension of the Order of Non Enforcement of the Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 Section 6.1.2 (a) (iii) to extend beyond the original requested maximum of twelve (12) days between June 20, 2006 and December 31, 2006 to include an additional eight (8) days such that the placing and finishing of concrete may continue until 1900 hours (7:00 p.m.).
{hm; for the devt that removed a 120-year-old 80ft fir tree that was supposed to be retained as one of the conditions for the upzoning???} 
Lady: speaking on behalf of letter added to your agenda
in a plea to have you ensure the bylaw enforcement is being carried v carefully on
we've been bombarded since January, across
construction noise, pumping; realize we have to put up with that b/c the activity was supposed to start at 7:30am and end 5pm and there've been a number of extensions to that, before and after; you've already extended them, 12 opportunities to extend and your letter is for a further extension
realize will be pleased when finished and a silent place again
we beg of you that since there've been many violations, that they really stick to their hours
many elderly and they can't sleep, so savour Sundays
ask your enforcement ppl if extensions given, that be enforced
Mayor: fails for lack of seconder?
JF: I'll second for discussion -- can we add that they not take place on a Saturday
RB, DirofAdmin Services: maybe talk to contractor in audience b/c some challenges here
Tom Demitorove (sp?): I live two blocks down Project Mgr for 2142; originally a 120-day extension b/c thought we cd complete
unfortunately b/c of shortage of manpower as a result of RAV, etc
still is hoped we can finish the project within the time, one of our goals
Haebler in biz since 1959, good reputation, hope to have it in WV; whole idea is to finish within dates
I'm on site six, sometimes seven, days a week on a Sunday; never been in violation on a Sat
JF: wd like to add "excluding Saturdays".
Mayor: Seconder? No.
CAO: add after
MS: problem for contractor?
TD: no
Sop: exclusion of Saturday, how long will it extend project?
TD: won't
Sop: so saving half an hour?
TD: extension won't apply to any Saturday; my guys try to get out around 2pm on a Saturday
Sop: now approaching winter can you see passing 7?
TD: we use lights
when we pour slabs sometimes go to 7 or 7:15
where we ran into problems was in the verticals b/c once you start, you have to finish, instead of 5, sometimes there to 6 or 6:30, once with a problem, 7
Sop: tenth floor
TD: yes, shd be finished before end of Nov otherwise end of Dec into new year
Sop: I live next door to you, on other side of bldg but know residents in The Crescent and disturbed
if extended, what are you giving back?
TD: we can finish, once structure up, big trucks now on the street
Sop: you've got five floors to go so
TD: one floor every seven or eight days
Sop: your word not after 7?
TD: we've had complaints about ppl arriving early and talking on sidewalk
ev wd agree that got progressively better; we've tried to address concerns; plan as best you can but sometimes things go wrong, you go late, you can't leave half a floor.
Sop: eight more days; spread out?
TD: anticipate structure will be done before end of Nov
Mayor: Ccl have concern b/c staff have attended 40 times and each time you've dealt with it
think there's an add'l request that you inform bylaw staff before extension
realize some challenges for you and the nbrhd
9.         Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
10.       North Shore Disaster Bylaw No. 4485, 2006 (File:  1610?20?4485)
11.       West Vancouver Community Arts Council Service Agreement and Licence to Occupy, received for information.
12.       Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) Grant in Lieu of Taxes 2006
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council consent to receiving the amount of $71,504 for 2006.
13.  Correspondence for Action and Information [Complete list in previous issue as part of agenda]
> Action Required
13.2.   D. Cardwell, September 18, 2006, regarding Board of Variance Hearing for Application #06-031 (707 Anderson Crescent) Evergreen Daycare
            Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
Sop: has been a fair amt of correspondence about an existing daycare probably providing great service to this cmnty and acquisition for adjoining prop for extension to daycare
- have been three attachments to the existing house; before BofV and passed
- second bldg dots prop line and new house, third bldg;
No 2 and 3 I've heard have no permit
The Bd of Health have outlined 20 children in each category; haven't heard how many in 707
heard desire to increase by eight and another 20 across the street
This Ccl wd give permission for a change in use
feel a lot of correspondence that we shd hv been privy to prior to this point
traffic at Anderson and TWay -- are we turning a residential area into commercial?
we have the right to give the licence to the second daycare?
depts at City Hall, this letter, that letter.
Mayor: we shd ask [Mr X] what the process
Sop: I want a report on process before we pass this
RB: what confuses you is the two issues
Bof V, facility and the second is appending application; staff awaiting communication from Bd of Health and then can be duly processed
RB: notification being given to residents
SJN: confusing, under zoning bylaw, group daycare is allowed in sgl fam areas
notification will be sent out wrt the biz licence
what authority M has to say yes or no
came up at St Monica's; notification sent out, some nbrs not happy, consideration of conditions
daycare can take up to 20
Mayor: so you'll make process clear
SJN: assume being handled by Mr Beauchamp, we'll notify
Sop: does it say we can have daycares in sgl fam if passed by Ccl?
SJN: no, it says daycares can be in sgl fam and notification will be sent out
Sop: read there were two categories, one daycare and one infants and required Ccl
SJN: we'll provide clarification
JC: but still one bldg built without permit, has that been dealt with?
RB: one been dealt with by BofV and approved
JC: oh, great.
Sop: the one area, 707 was passed by BofV, no 2 has not; and the other also has been built without a permit
why do we allow these structures, canopied or not?
why decision for more, eight more? we set our bylaws, assumption wd be in churches, not down to homes -- how much [space] allotted to each child?
think we have to look at the bylaw wrt sgl fam homes


JC: yesterday attended walk for heart on your behalf
about 500
this chapter raised more than any other

JF: arts, culture, and heritage
heads up on what they can look forward to at Kay Meek Ctr for next month
Oct 5 at 8pm, Canadian Brass
Oct 10 Ballet BC
Oct 12 Arts Club performing Shear Madness -- longest non-musical play in N Am

Mayor: all day Saturday with police Bd on policing session
entire bd was there, only one prov all there
type of changes we've made wrt transparency have been noticed
glad said using a lot or your ideas
your Police Bd is working hard to be current
most members of cmnty concerned about billboards, talking with Sq, thank cmnty for patience
thirdly -- GVRD debate on Friday
ended up being quite a lengthy discussion
generally supporting Gateway program
but cautioning we want to work cooperatively with Min within Livable Strategy; seems to contradict
Cclr Anton introduces an amendment, that the bd strongly opposes, twinning of Port Mann though we know city of V and New West opposed, rest given assent and done a lot to massage
that was a surprise
her amendment passed 54 to 52
N and S perimeter roads
know Cclr Smith might have something to add
I added: convene a group representation on Gateway prog and that went forward
MS: certainly do have a comment; time we address this whole issue, TransLink
spent all day today, trying to move trucks around -- two accidents on Port Mann both directions and one on Second Narrows
renders me speechless
we have to move goods around and b/c taxation moved out in the valley and they have to get back in
accidents b/c roads and bridges have to get back in
for these leftwing loonies to object
Mayor: I'm sure Peter Lander wd object to that
MS: we get taxes, taxes go up on our property and we have no representation
they oppose it, get nothing in the way of rapid transportation -- nothing for WV
reality is that we're all getting screwed
unless we get something back for our dollars and reasonable representation
Mayor: bd is not unanimous; split down middle
cdn't be foreseen
nonetheless we have one vote and others have more
Sop: agree with Cclr Smith; vehemently opposed re North Shore and stood up for that
moving goods and services vital everywhere
Sea to Sky Hwy will enable moving safer fashion than before
2:30 in afternoon, alarming how you can get tied up
we drove from States and got to border, reasonable time but Dease Island Tunnel almost three hours to get through tunnel in afternoon
ppl face it ev day and it's insane

VV: wd love an evening set aside for a more full discussion for the possible ramifications of this
gather that the reasons at the back globalization; manufacturing gone to India and China and we have an opp to triple shipping containers -- have to be unloaded onto trucks
need another million popn in BC
15 years to triple imports to port and 20 - 25 years popn
cost of construction has gone sky high
everything overdone -- did someone say doubling not tripling, half a million, not million
if we go along with those ideas than why stop twinning bridge
got to get a grip on growth
want opp so when we object it's consistent and coherent
understand Cclr Smith's objection, jammed up, shd hv done something before at this state.
Mayor: good idea
JC: findings reported $700m to move goods around Lower Mainland and it has doubled in the past five years and growing faster
400K cars idling ev day, stopped at stop light; traffic tied up by police
agree with Cclr Smith completely and GVRD is wrong.
MS: shd we send a strongly worded letter saying we strongly support
Mayor: then cd knock Min Falcon over with a feather
been our position; we cd write a letter that fits in with the GVRD letter
Perhaps Mr Barth, you and I can work on that.

Well, of course I can't type while I'm speaking so rather than do a transcript as I have for the rest of the mtg above, here's what I sent out in my summary that night after the mtg:
= 8:55 PQP -- your bedraggled Editor, was not going to speak but felt compelled to point out:
a) Evelyn Drive is a 'study area' and any developer's profits irrelevant; in making decision, whatever density, presume staff and Ccl will do what is best for whole cmnty;
b) the FSTF had been doing excellent work with their three subcmtes and no one has told the public that the public input mtg will be tomorrow night (Tues) at 7pm -- everyone welcome!  The Mayor said one of the three cclrs shd hv mentioned it.
16.  ADJOURNMENT  8:58

===  Oct 2nd CCL MTG HIGHLIGHTS  ===
                        Cclr Day still absent
> Mayor said this is zero-crash month
If I heard or remember correctly the three top places in WV for accidents are: Lions' Gate Bridge, Marine Drive and Taylor Way, Upper Levels (No 1 Hwy) and TWay
No 1 reason -- following too closely, followed by speed and (guess)
There'll be an active Police program unmarked vehicles focusing on aggressive drivers
Challenge to Ms throughout BC and place with fewest accidents gets a $35K grant
> Delegation and powerpoint by Volunteer North Shore from NShCmnty Resources re NSh Festival of Volunteers wanting $500 for event in February (referred to Cmnty Services).
> 7:23 DVP for 2446 Halston will be considered Oct 16
> 7:24 - 8:09 was on the 2089 Westdean Revitalization Agreement Bylaw
It was unusual for there only to have been a week's notice -- look how long for a DVP above, it's usually some weeks or a month yet this was on agenda last week!  Many objections were raised by the public and by Ccl.  Turns out the 'heritage' house being 'retained' had been greatly altered, possibly only original left wd be the oval driveway!  All nbrs not in favour.  V short notice and wd rather have two 80ft lots than a 50ft on their street.  Ye LongTime Surveyor Bill Chapman said cdn't tell nbrs about application until report to Ccl but SJN pointed out that in fact staff encourages applicants to talk to the neighbourhood about their proposal BEFORE making an application.  Good news is that they decided to defer the matter and have a staff report.  Information in NSNews incorrect: the bylaw has not yet been passed.
> 8:09 for 2007 Permissive Tax Exemptions introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
> 8:10 CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS  --  Reports and Correspondence
= Affordable Housing Update and Homelessness Awareness Week
= Discussion: Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Transfer - #244 so will be report on policies and price ("negligible"); pace and kind of devt in WV plus potential for more with existing zoning also, so a report asked for
> Report on  2006 North Shore Heritage Weekend (staff mbrs must include NV) ~ 8:21
... report from the Sr. Community Planner and the Heritage Services Curator on the 2006 North Shore Heritage Weekend be received.
> 8:22 CORRESPONDENCE: only one letter discussed, that of a contravention of the noise bylaw that's been horrific for two years in spite of many bylaw enforcement attempts.  Ed Guy is chair of his strata Ccl and suggested the District levy a fine as legally allowed to do since the owners apparently have ignored everything to date and the noise may reach an ear-splitting 95 decibels (the bylaw allows 50dB, and each bel increment is ten times the previous, but measured in decibels wch are a tenth of a bel; at 85 hearing loss occurs).  CAO said they'd report back and wd take 'whatever' action.

{hm. Two things.  There used to be a surplus from the monies collected from bylaw infractions -- wonder why not now?  fewer officers? fewer fines?  Fiscal Task Force said bylaw section losing money.}

= JF said to keep Oct 14 in mind; Library will be closed for a rededication -- new entrance, new brass plaque, Royal Cdn Legion Colour Parade, Legion support
= The Mayor said a press release had been issued to clarify 'amalgamation' reports.  In short, cooperation, team player, but no amalgamation.  See: WV Supports Service Delivery Efficiencies, Not Amalgamation at http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=4695&c=677
=  Didn't really hear this all that well but something about GVRD voting an increase in their stipends -- to $250 per mtg.  The Mayor said she was not there but was surprised it passed with majority.  MS, wondered how long we'd let GVRD spend our money when we only have one vote.  The directors are paid by their Ms so it's like double-dipping to get it from GVRD as well.  The Mayor said the inordinate number of mtgs bothered her more than the stipend and they're going on a retreat.  DWV will send letter supporting Mayor's statements advocating restructuring to improve functioning (JF's suggestion).  MS continued about their dipping into our property tax, not acceptable, not happy getting ripped off.  The Mayor pointed out "we do have just one vote but we do have influence", and the CAO "we are going to discuss at UBCM re GVRD assessments and how arrive at figures" (UBCM is in Victoria this month).

===  INFObits  ===   btw, Yukon means 'great river' in Gwich'in.
Quick Facts & Yukon History:
*   Yukon Holidays: Heritage Day - February 23rd, 2007 & Discovery Day - August 20th,  2007.
*   The floral emblem of the Yukon is the Fireweed.
*   The official bird is the  Raven.
*   The official tree of the Yukon is the sub-alpine fir.
*   The Yukon Territory is large enough to hold the states of California, Arizona, Delaware, and West Virginia.
*   The famous Yukon River is 2,200 miles (3,520 km) long. You can canoe 2,050 miles from Whitehorse to the Bering Strait.
*   The  central part of Yukon receives 6.5 inches (165mm) of rain per year, less than Arizona.
*   There are approximately 65,000 moose, 10,000 black bears, and 4,500 wolves in the Yukon.
*   The White Pass & Yukon Route is 110.7 miles (178km) long. Of this, 20.4 miles (32.8km) are in Alaska; 32.2 miles (51.8km) in BC, and 58.1 miles  (93.5km) in the Yukon.
*   Whitehorse is the third largest city in Canada by area.
*   The Carcross Desert is the world's smallest at 642 acres (260 hectares).
*   Whitehorse has the world's most northern botanical show gardens.
*   Yukon has a population of just over 31,000 people today, almost identical to that of 1900.
*   Of our population base, over 23,000 reside in Whitehorse.
*   This is the home to fourteen First Nations, speaking eight different languages: Gwich'in, Han, Upper Tanana, Northern Tutchone, Southern Tutchone, Tlingit, Tagish, and Kaska.
*   Yukon First Nations' rich culture and history in Yukon dates back as far as the last Ice Age (approx. 50,000 years).
*   Gold is 19 times heavier than water.
*   The Dempster is the only public highway in North America to cross the Arctic Circle.
*   The steamer 'Seattle' returned from Dawson City in Nov 1897 with $800,000 in drafts/securities and 35 lbs. of gold.
*   In 1898 about 25,000 gold-seekers hiked the Chilkoot Trail for the boomtown of Dawson City.
*   A gold nugget was unearthed in the Klondike that weighed over 72 ounces. Its value in 1898 was $1,158  - value today is well over $30,000.
*   One of the first women crossing the Chilkoot Trail in 1897 was Belinda Mulroney from Scranton, PA.
*   The 1,520 mile (2,446 km) Alaska Highway was constructed in eight months and twelve days in 1942.
*   Up to  200 people died shooting the Miles Canyon and Whitehorse rapids. The rapids were named because the spray resembled the manes of a herd of white horses. The rapids are now dammed, but the City  of Whitehorse retains the name.

===  HAIKU  ===   (yes, some of those written during our trip to the Yukon)  have you been there?  guess where? answers below
        deep teal water slides
                swirls near dark dun basalt cliffs
                                in the silent north
                   getting undressed and
                           ready for winter ~~
                                   bare white trunks 'mid evergreens
               sky and trees mirrored in lake
                                 quiet broken by
                                        the cry of the loon
        late fall's green and gold ~~
                        then suddenly snow-drooped firs
                                        white peace of winter

Haiku from 2006 Sept 29 / Oct 4 in the Yukon
Sept 30
Miles Canyon: on purpose deep for both teal and water; upwellings perhaps from hitting rocks below surface near cliffs
Oct 1 - along the highways -- Alaska, Robert Campbell, Klondike
Oct 1 (written Oct 4)
Quiet Lake, along (South) Canol Road
choices between broken and shattered, and between cry and call but cry wins in latter case b/c of assonance; broken for alliteration in former or shattered for assonance (lake's water like glass, shattered by); image is from top to bottom of picture
Oct 1 (written Oct 4)
just past Johnson's Crossing going north on South Canol Rd -- must have been quite high b/c only place with snow
btw, saw a good but short play, The Hat Trick, in Whitehorse -- theatre is alive and kicking in the Yukon!

===  QUOTATIONS  ===

It takes a certain maturity of mind to accept that nature works as steadily in rust as in rose petals.
                        -- Esther Warner Dendel, writer and artist (1910-2002)

No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.
                        --  Helen Keller

The pessimist complains about the world;  the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
                        --  William Arthur Ward

On October 11, 1884, Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City.  She was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt.  Eleanor married her distant cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in 1905.  During their early years together, she raised five children and played the role of the devoted political wife, helping FDR become a US senator, governor of New York, and US President.  During the 12 years of FDR's presidency, she became the first activist First Lady, championing numerous social causes and holding regular White House Press conferences for female correspondents.  After FDR's death in 1945, President Truman named her a delegate to the United Nations, where she was instrumental in drafting the 1948 "Universal Declaration of Human Rights".  She authored some memorable metaphorical quotations:
"A woman is like a tea bag--
        you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water."
"Probably the happiest period in life most frequently is in middle age, when the eager passions of youth are cooled, and the infirmities of age not yet begun; as we see that the shadows, which are at morning and evening so large, almost entirely disappear at midday."
And some fabulous "Words to Live By" thoughts:
   "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
   "You must do the things you think you cannot do."
   "When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die."
   "It is not fair to ask of others
        what you are not willing to do yourself."