Calendar to Oct 30

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Glorious summer and glorious autumn -- just too gorgeous!
Attended premiere of the surrealistic Griffin and Sabine bringing the postcards and imagination to the stage at the Arts Club on Granville Island.
MAIN ITEMS: Delegations on Homelessness, and NSFCYJ; 2089 Westdean; Ccl Adv Cmtes and Cmnty Engagement (TofRef not yet available and JF asked for them before consideration so shd be deferred till we see them, no?); 2006 - 2008 Corporate Business Plan (effect on 2007 Budget?); 4769 The Highway; 2446 Halston Court; CORRESPONDENCE: Fiscal Task Force Minutes Sept 12; billboards; taxes; environmental protection, and Answers to residents' letters wrt various topics
= INFObits (Budget 2007; Billboards); UPDATE: Streamkeepers' President's Report; Calendar to Oct 30thNOTES Oct 2nd Highlights (2089 Westdean debate re Heritage Revitalization Agreement); Abbreviated AGENDA Oct 16th; Heritage Weekend Classic Cars; Questions of the Retired; Quotation
===  INFObits  ===
>>>BUDGETS 2007
Looks like NV is ahead of WV -- from the DNV website:
2007 Financial Plan Meeting #1 - Presentation Sep 26, 2006 9/27/2006
The presentation from the 2007 Financial Plan Meeting #1 held on September 26, 2006, is available for viewing
{When will WV residents get a peek at theirs for public input?  Does anyone know the timetable?}
Contact:  Citizens for Responsible Outdoor Advertising
Box 30007 RPO Parkgate Village, North Vancouver, BC V7H 2Y8
Tel/Fax Toll Free 1-866-824-9678, Local Telephone 604-929-0797, mail@stopthebillboards.ca


WVS President's Report to AGM 2006 Sept 21:
West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society
2006 Annual Report
Members of West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society
September 21, 2006
          In the 1990s, West Vancouver Streamkeepers started their own streamkeeper group after having worked with the North Shore Streamkeepers for many years. This was a very natural progression which Paul Berlinguette initiated. The move was prompted by the large number of creeks to be looked after in West Vancouver, and the need to work with the staff of the District of West Vancouver.
            After several years as the West Vancouver Streamkeeper group, it was decided that the volunteer group could develop a more meaningful relationship with the District and secure more sources of funding if it were to become a non-profit society. Society status was finally achieved in 2001, and we can now celebrate five years of success as the West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society.
             Indeed, we have achieved the objectives which we set: to build a good working relationship with District staff, to gain recognition in the community, and to raise funds for our projects.
Working with the District of West Vancouver
            In January 2005 West Vancouver Streamkeepers made a presentation at a public hearing on the OCP, and later in the same month made a presentation to Mayor and Council on the South Marr Development owing to our concerns regarding the treatment of creeks and especially ephemeral creeks in this development.
            West Vancouver Streamkeepers gave an annual report to Council last year outlining what we have done and what we hope to do. Although we have not made any formal [annual report] presentation to Council in 2006, we had a meeting with the Mayor on June 8th during which we focused on four main issues.
a)      Rodgers West planning - this issue is an extension of  the South Marr development;
b)      A comprehensive watershed plan;
c)      Creek and habitat issues on Larson Creek with respect to Sea-to-Sky development;
d)      Request for a Streamkeeper headquarters/office in a District facility/office.
We were well received and were encouraged to continue our creek monitoring and watershed planning work.
            Several important issues were taken up with District staff during the year and our position and views were expressed in several letters. Some of the issues covered included:
a)      Support of the Heritage Strategic Plan;
b)      Follow up on continuing with the Cypress Creek Watershed Plan;
c)      Support for and suggestions for the Community Benefit Strategy;
d)      Suggestions for Watercourse Protection and Enhancement under the Watercourse bylaw.
             We continued with our meetings with staff, but arranged these meetings as issues arose rather than at regularly scheduled times, as was the case previously.
Community Activities
    Community Outreach
            Among our most important activities, and probably the most fun, are our outreach programs in the community.
            For the fourth year we held our Adopt-a-Fish event together with the Coho Society and assistance from the West Vancouver Library. Fisheries and Oceans Canada supplied the fish for release by families and children into McDonald Creek in Memorial Park. It proved to be a day of great experience and good fun for all involved.
            Once again West Vancouver Streamkeepers participated in West Vancouver's Community Day in Ambleside Park on June 3rd. Our display table attracted a lot of attention especially our live fish tank in which we had cutthroat from our creeks, and later returned them to the creek they came from. Many of our give-away items were popular, especially the stream and fish colouring sheets.
            The latest major event was this year's Coho Festival held at Ambleside Park on September 10. Again we again joined with other streamkeepers and related tents, a most successful approach for attracting people to see and feel fish and other aquatic life. We also had a display table at Brothers Creek by the Capilano Care Centre which was the eighth stop on the Coho Walk. We had three Air Force Cadets to help us and they did a first-class job in informing walkers about salmon, their life cycle and habitat. The "Wheel of Death" was the favourite feature. The whole Coho Festival was a wonderful success and a great tribute to the Coho Society.
            The annual children's fish release at Parc Verdun was held in June. Over 1,000 coho fry were released into Wood Creek by children from the Eagle Harbour area. This popular event aims to build community spirit, to increase awareness of the value of local stream habitat, and to encourage people to take responsibility for their neighbourhood environment.
    School Outreach 
             In October 2005, Streamkeepers participated in the Rockridge Secondary School Grade 8 science field trips to study stream characteristics using Wood Creek in Parc Verdun.  We led the stream and riparian features unit of the trip.  The students were most attentive and interested.    
            Following the 2005 initiative at Westcot Elementary School with viewing salmon, we gave talks to classes and then conducted viewings of spawning chum with the children at private locations on Brothers Creek. We also spent time at our Westcot Tributary rehabilitation project to show them where their class-reared coho fry ended up.
            Paul Berlinguette continued with his program of getting elementary school students to colour cut-out wooden fish and then place these fish at creek crossings. Many people have commented favourably on these fish.
           We participated with Gleneagles Elementary School in the release of their classroom-reared fry into the Larson Creek pond built by the District next to the fire station. This pond has very healthy populations of coho fry and some large cutthroat trout.
           West Vancouver Streamkeepers also participated in several Volunteer Youth Fairs at Secondary schools in May 2006 to try to solicit volunteers, but the enrolment was not great and less than we had hoped for.
           For the seventh year, Eagle Harbour Primary school Grade 3s did a spring aquatic invertebrate count.  This year's sample was collected from Eagle Creek at Daffodil Lane.  It was the best invertebrate sample yet, with a huge variety of insects including some real monsters, and the students were delighted.
            The Youth Centre in West Vancouver supplied a good force of youth to help remove invasive plants and brush on Swy-Wee Creek.
Creek News and Projects
          Eagle Creek: Streamkeepers participated in the planning and are currently monitoring the seismic upgrade of a sewage pumping station located at the mouth of Eagle Creek.  Local Streamkeepers consider overcoming the migration barrier at Marine Drive is a priority because of the continued use of this creek for spawning salmon and the excellent upstream invertebrate sample taken.
            Dogwood Creek: This is a newly found small coho spawning creek, our attention to which was drawn by tree cutting in Caulfeild Park. This is a short creek which flows from just above Marine Drive into the west shore of Pilot Cove. Finding coho fry in this small creek shows that we must be vigilant at spawning time at the outflows of all our creeks.   
          Rodgers Creek: This year the District initiated the Rodgers/Marr Integrated Storm Water Management Plan. Streamkeepers were invited to participate as stakeholders and we provided significant input into the initial phases of an environmental assessment. The process will continue and West Vancouver Streamkeepers will continue to participate.
            McDonald Creek: This creek continues to present problems for streamkeepers owing to sediment loads after rains. The source of the sediment has eluded us so far.
After much planning, engineering drawings, and estimates for a fish ladder at the Fulton Ave culvert on private property, a smaller fish ladder inside the existing culvert was constructed through a District initiative. Since no salmon came up last fall or winter we are anxious to see how it works this winter.
The private dam on the property at 955 Sinclair Street has been reduced a couple of feet by wear, or other forces, but it will still need a fish ladder to get the fish over the dam. The earliest this could happen is the fall of 2007. Streamkeepers have been trying to make arrangements for fish access for some three years.
The rearing pond built two years ago on McDonald Creek near the Kings Avenue access by the District and BPP has continued to raise questions from the public regarding mosquito-breeding in the pond and algal bloom. Although there is a healthy population of fry in the pond devouring any mosquito larvae, BPP and the District will build a rock weir to divert water into the pond and allay any fears of mosquito-breeding.
It is a priority for the District as well as Streamkeepers to get coho into Hay Park.
            Lawson Creek: Many people will have seen the baffles and the fine information sign on Lawson Creek at Argyle Avenue put in by the District. The District intends to complete baffling all the way up to the Legion as funding permits. Streamkeepers would like to congratulate the District in this initiative since this creek has good potential habitat above the Legion and we witnessed the coho run into Lawson Creek last January which made use of the baffles.
            Brothers Creek: The baffle project carried out last fall (Sept/Oct 2005) under Wildwood Lane was funded by the District and the Pacific Salmon Foundation. It is an excellent job and should permit much easier access for salmon running up the upper part of Brothers Creek, however the outflow skirt of the culvert required an additional baffle, and the fish ladder up Westcot Creek needed an additional box at the bottom of the ladder. Streamkeepers hired a contractor to do this work which was completed in very low water in August. This project was funded by the Pacific Salmon Foundation.
            West Vancouver Streamkeepers are continuing their habitat restoration work on the pond and banks of Westcot Creek between St. David's Church and Westcot Elementary School. The improved trail between the church and the school will be fenced in 2007. This very small creek has had spawning coho in both 2004 and 2005, and fry have been seen during the summer of 2006. Work has been funded by the Coho Society.
            Swy-Wee Creek: Brushing and invasive plant removal was carried out by youths from the Youth Centre earlier in the year. Oil in the creek has been a continuous problem and although oil booms were used for a time to soak up the oil, the problem still exists.
One persistent beaver in the pond above the CN Rail tracks was the subject of many discussions and efforts by the District to prevent the beaver from blocking the culvert. CN Rail has agreed to put in a deflector which it is hoped will solve the problem.
We cannot ignore the ingenuity of the beaver!!
Spawner Surveys
          The first of the 383 spawning chum salmon observed in Brothers Creek appeared on October 12th, 2005.  The number of chum peaked in the following two weeks, and the chum were finished by the end of November.  A few coho were seen in October and November, but most of the coho appeared at the very beginning of January, for a total of 17.  Three chum also were observed in Lower Hadden Creek in late October.
            Eighty-three spawning chum were seen in Eagle Creek, just about double the number from 2004.  Four adult coho were observed, again around the late December-early January period.
            A few spawning coho were also observed in both Lawson and Rodgers creeks in late December and January.
            In summary, the number of creeks used by spawning chum was lower than in previous years, however two of those creeks with returns, Brothers and Eagle, counted huge numbers of chum.  Coho were scarce through the fall, likely owing to low water levels in the creeks.  A second wave of spawners appeared in late December and early January with rainstorms.
Hatchery Fish and Fry Releases
          Several West Vancouver Streamkeepers assisted in the annual chum egg-take at the Tenderfoot Hatchery north of Squamish in early November to get chum eggs for our hatchery and Bowen Island's hatchery
            The Nelson Creek Hatchery received about 200,000 chum eggs from the Tenderfoot Hatchery on January 4th, and 56,000 coho eggs from the Capilano Hatchery on February 10th.  The chum were all ponded by early April.  The chum fry were released in late April to Lawson, McDonald, Cypress, Willow, Claymore, Wood, Eagle, Nelson, Larson, and Rodgers creeks.
            The coho eggs hatched in late March and were ready to be ponded in early May.  The coho fry were released in mid to late May to West Brothers tributary, Lawson, McDonald, Cypress, Willow, Claymore, Wood, Eagle, Nelson, Larson, and Rodgers creeks.
            Unfed surplus coho fry from the Capilano Hatchery were released to upper Brothers, West Brothers tributary, Lawson, McDonald, Marr, upper Cypress, Pipe, and Rodgers creeks.
            Prior to the release of any hatchery fish, wild spawned coho fry were observed in Dogwood, Lawson, Rodgers and Eagle creeks.
Associated Organizations
    North Shore Wetland Partners was started by Paul Berlinguette in 2005 and is a growing group that meets at the West Vancouver Youth Centre. The work they do with wetlands covers an important aspect of creek health. As an associated group we heartily support them.
    West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society was formed in late 2005 and is working closely with Council and West Vancouver staff. The initiative was started by a talk given to West Vancouver Streamkeepers by Adrian Rowland, DFO, who had presented his report to the West Vancouver Engineering Advisory Committee [as a member] and Council. As a result of his presentation, Streamkeepers encouraged the formation of a shoreline group to help and promote the maintenance and improvement of the West Vancouver shoreline from Dundarave to the Capilano River. Ray Richards was instrumental in organizing the Shoreline society, which is working closely with the District and Staff in getting work done on the shoreline. We understand a modest amount was allocated in the 2006 Budget on this important and long neglected work This is a very exciting initiative and is fully supported by West Vancouver Streamkeepers.
Speakers at our public meetings
          Tom Lancaster of SmartGrowth BC spoke on Urban Development on Steep Slopes at our Annual General Meeting on September 15, 2005
            Adrian Rowland, DFO, gave a presentation on November 17th on his report "Ambleside-Dundarave Long Term Shoreline Planning Framework" which he had previously presented to the Engineering Advisory Committee and Council.
            Chris Bunn of Guardian Patrol with DFO made a PowerPoint presentation on Central Coast Fisheries and Stock Assessment at our public meeting on April 20,2006.

Thank you
West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society
Hugh Hamilton, President
WV Streamkeepers' ph 604 628 1123; email streamkeepers@westvan.org

===  CALENDAR to Oct 30th  ===
===   Small Business Week October 15th through 21st   ===
===  Sunday, October 15th
~ 3pm ~  Concert at St. Francis in the Wood, 4773 South Piccadilly Road (beside Caulfeild Cove, near Lighthouse Park): featuring Michael Robert-Broder, baritone, and Erika Crino, piano:
Brahms, Four Serious Songs; Mahler, Songs of a Wayfarer; Faure, The Shimmering Horizon; Finzi, Let Us Garlands Bring
$15 at the door includes light refreshments afterwards
***  Regular Ccl Mtg 7pm Oct 16th  ***
===  Tuesday Oct 17th
~ 10:30am - 12:30pm ~ READERS' CAFE in Library, Peter J Peters Room
Join Joe Ronsley for a reading and discussion of James Joyce's "Ulysses".  Please bring your own copy of the book.
~ 3:45 - 5:15pm ~ Civic Youth Strategy Working Group at Srs' Ctr
~ 4:30 - 6:30+pm ~ FSTF (mtgs on how better to spend your $$$$$!)
~ 7:30pm ~ WRA mtg; Gleneagles Rec Ctr; Speaker, David Marley, principal of Bias4Action, a public affairs consultancy
Topic: What the District of West Vancouver does with your money - And - What you can do about it.

===  Wednesday Oct 18th
~ 7pm ~ Board of Variance at MHall and Library Bd (in Library, Peters Room)

===  Thursday Oct 19th
~ END of EXHIBIT at FBG: CONNEXIONS - Inspired by the architecture of Vancouver's bridges; Paintings and prints by Richard Tetrault; Furniture and metal work by Arnt Arntzen
~ 5:30pm ~ NSFamily Court & Youth Justice at 5:30 at CNV MHal
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ FREE PUBLIC LECTURE SFU Harbour Centre: Affordability by Design Public Lecture
The Perfect $100,000 House - A Search for Great Affordable Housing
Admission to the lecture is free; reservations required. Email cs_hc@sfu.ca or call 604.291.5100.
It doesn't get much more American than this: Karrie Jacobs went on the road, looking for happiness in a thousand square feet. She went in search of "The Perfect $100,000 House". After traversing 14,000 miles, meeting with dozens of architects and builders, she wrote a book about it. Imagine Jack Kerouac with a real-estate licence. There was a lot we could learn from the real purpose of her trip: could architects, developers, and contractors meet the challenge of $100 a square foot?  What, in short, is the hope for affordable housing? Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/fpl1popup.htm
Organized and sponsored by by Vancouver City Planning Commission, The City Program, and Smart Growth BC. With generous financial assistance and sponsorship by the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, Vancity, and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.
{NB: you can go without a reservation but they are preferred}

===  Friday Oct 20th ===   AFFORDABILITY BY DESIGN CONFERENCE  ===
~ 9am - 4:30pm ~ Fee: $100 (2 for 1 registration for NGOs, Register by October 17)
Venue: SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street
Housing Affordability. It's the No. 1 issue in Vancouver, affecting our way of life and our future. This conference is focused on solutions, particularly those that offer a greater range of housing options for an increasingly diverse market. Both invited speakers and those who attend will be asked to identify barriers to innovations and to come up with design solutions. "Affordability by Design" will look at:
- New opportunities and ideas in mixed housing design
- Best practices from Vancouver and other jurisdictions
- 'European'-style densities
- Infill housing on laneways
- Adaptive reuse and compatible infill in single-family neighbourhoods
- Intensification on major roads, new nodes and transit-oriented development
- And of course: Thinking outside the box
Speakers include: Mayor Sam Sullivan, City of Vancouver; Larry Beasley, past Co-Director of Planning, City of Vancouver; Bill Buholzer, Lawyer, Lidstone Young Anderson; Jay Wollenberg, President, Coriolis Consulting Corporation; Bob Ransford, Senior Consultant, Counterpoint Communications Inc.; Patricia St. Michel, Development Planner, City of Vancouver; Patrick Condon, Associate Professor and James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments, University of British Columbia; Rick Balfour, Rick Balfour and Associates; Joaquin Karakas, Planning Analyst, Holland Barrs Planning Group, and June Christy, Planner, City Plans, City of Vancouver. Facilitators include: Cheeying Ho, Executive Director, Smart Growth BC; Marta Farevaag, Principal, Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg; Marc Lee, Economist, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives; Robert Barrs, Principal, Holland Barrs Planning Group. (AIBC: 6.5 NCLU; PIBC 6.5 LU)
Workshop Agenda: http://www.sfu.ca/city/PDFs/Housing_Conf2006.pdf
Workshop Flyer: http://www.sfu.ca/city/PDFs/Flyer_AffordabilityByDesign.pdf
Organized and sponsored by by Vancouver City Planning Commission, the SFU City Program, and Smart Growth BC. With generous financial assistance and sponsorship by the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, Vancity, and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

***  Oct 23rd ccl mtg cancelled/moved to Oct 30  ***
===  Tuesday Oct 24th
~ 4:30pm ~ FSTF (more mtgs on how better to spend your $$$$$)

===  Wednesday Oct 25th
~ 6 - 9pm ~ JaNE aUstEN FilM sEriEs at Library, Peters Room: Emma.  There will be a discussion after each film moderated by Julie Backer.
~ 6:30 - 9pm ~  Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Meeting (Caulfeild Elementary School)

===  Thursday Oct 26th
~ 4 - 7pm ~ Police Board Mtg (WV Chamber of Commerce Boardroom)
~ 4:30 - 7:30pm ~ DAC
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI (CNV Municipal Hall, Conf Rm A)

The Gallery at the Library Presents: Gerard Picher and Francoise Vallotton-Stegemann, Oct 1-31
Celebrate harvest time.  Enjoy the bold images and rich colours of field, orchard and garden.

>>> KAY MEEK CENTRE (ph 913-3634)
Lots going on!  A bit of trouble figuring it out so I'll just give you the website for now:
and might suggest they put up a calendar with a month to view as the Hall does; looks like right now you have to click on each day to find out what's on.  For Saturday they had an event Oct 14 and Sept 21 so I gave up.  Possibly just teething problems.

===  CCL NOTES Oct 2n= d  ===

Cclr Day still absent
Mayor's initial remarks: wd like to recognize the fact this is zero-crash month, sponsored by ICBC
asked Police three most crash and injury locations:  Lions' Gate Bridge, Marine Drive and Taylor Way, Upper Levels (No 1 Hwy) and TWay
no 1 reason -- follow too closely, followed by speed and weather
greater enforcement, Police program
unmarked vehicles targeting aggressive drivers, unsafe speed, lane changes
been challenged by the other two Ms as to who can do the best job
for the best in the prov in reduction, there's a $35K road safety grant awarded
want to thank Police and ICBC and ask ev to make an extra effort this October
additions; lots of letters
Sop: why no action when we received 13 letters re Westdean Cr
Mayor: since agenda item and ppl wanting to speak to it, address it then
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES: September 18, 2006 Regular Council Minutes
3.         B. Maclellan, Director, Volunteer North Shore, North Shore Community Resources, regarding North Shore Festival of Volunteers
Power Point presentation (designed by their summer student)
one-day festival promoting volunteerism
purpose: greater cmnty engagement, awareness of opps, etc
nurture volunteerism on NSh
89% of volunteers in Canada are personally invited to volunteer
want to invite whole NSh to volunteer
arts groups, encouraging biz, non-profits to get involved
spoke to Mayor Goldsmith-Jones in summer and supportive
NSh Cmnty Resources has hosted a Volunteer Fair in Park Royal for some years and in fact was just this past Saturday this year
about a dozen orgs, fairly low key
this is a similar event
first in Jan 2003, by Joyce Murray MLA in New Westminster.....
collaboration in Coquitlam
Other cmnties have been having them -- success.
Bby, moved them around, Metrotown
A quotation from Linda Graff:
Volunteering contributes to the health, vitality, self-esteem, and longevity of volunteers
MLAs and Mayor key supporters
participants will be volunteers; performers, entertainers, over 50 orgs interested in participating
sponsorship from the NSNews
Park Royal Shopping Ctr has supported our fair for years and years; tables, chairs, marketing, etc.
came to them over a year ago with this idea, very supportive; v grateful to them
50 orgs requires some accommodation on their part
This event will not cost much b/c of NSNews and PkRoyal Shopping Ctr
projected costs about $3600; been to other Ms and asking each ccl to contribute $500, and the two NV Ms have agreed to do that
will charge $25 - 35 to orgs
Feb 24th going to be North and South
on Aug 17th gathered interested orgs together, great session, ideas; will continue to develop
work continuing in next few weeks
Sop: we are a cmnty of volunteers, many here have been volunteers
if value, core developed for 2010
why doing this?
BMcL: we are the volunteer ctr for the NSh
we are recruiting for this, never seem to have enough
Sop: who's we?
BMcL: ev org, never enough
at any different time I have between 3 and 400 requests for volunteers
thousands come and pick up info from our website
app that DWV has great deal of involvement, think whole NSh has
one thing that concerns us is that the Baby Boomers are not volunteering as much; not same proportion; looking for some event
we find in the volunteer ctr that many don't really have an idea of how many things they can do.
v interested in working with the Spirit Cmte
hope to present something to them
2010 Volunteers Now, part of the Legacy, have already agreed to participate.
JF: do you have stats from previous?
BMcL: difficult to track; give suggestions; often from other festivals successful
can't give you stats but others have so will try to get them
have seen new ppl coming in
Mayor: spent two hours this morning with Spirit BC Team and v excited about your Volunteer Fair
sort of opp, reaching groups
we have to look ahead, where our next generation of volunteers coming from
Sop: you want money?
BM: NSh Cmnty Resources does receive grants but this was not organized when applied for
this is over and above
Mayor: ask Cclr Smith to refer this to Cmnty Services
Mayor: tyvm and we will be back to you on funding

{Well, well, well.  Great news.  However.  Did not want to speak up but clearly no one apparently realized that Heritage Week in Canada starts on the third Monday of February.  Since 1989, and I know b/c I organized WV's first that year as the first cclr for heritage, the week is proclaimed on the Monday, there are events/activities during the week, then the Heritage Ceremony and for about the last ten years the Heritage Award Ceremony is held on the Saturday -- you got it!  that's Feb 24th.  On the Sunday for the last couple of years, we've had a Heritage Fayre on the Sunday at Park Royal (and we received NO money whatsoever from DWV but a lot of moral support from Ccl and staff, and of course thanks to Park Royal for providing the space, tables, and chairs so there was no charge for any of the heritage groups who participated).  I really do wish ppl wd keep other volunteer groups in mind.  Let's see if something can be worked out and nothing's set in stone.  Keep tuned.  Just gotta get that heritage profile up.........I did think NV did something during the week too; will find out.}

4.         Development Variance Permit (2446 Halston Court) for consideration on Monday, October 16, 2006 [PASSED]
5.         Heritage Revitalization Agreement Bylaw No. 4484, 2006 (2089 Westdean Crescent)             (accompanying report to be presented on table)
        RECOMMENDED: introduced and read a first, second and third time.
Mayor: first on list is Wayne Wong
WW: been a resident since 1968, lived at 2075 Westdean Cr for past 20 years
this application -- we did not receive any notice of a bylaw variance being considered until sometime between Sept 20 and 25, I was away
this application has bn before the Planner since April 7th according to attached
Plans prepared in Dec of 2005
applicant became owners 26 Jan 2006; by March 28 Chapman prepared a survey to subdivide
by April 7 application submitted to Planning, however Ccl did not have this Heritage Plan Conservation in effect until June 19th
no notice to adjoining prop owners or nbrs till last week some time
in ev subdiv applic applied for, notice has been given to nbrs in that area
our main concern -- our lots are all 80ft lots; we purchased in this area b/c 80ft lots, the size of the lots and privacy afforded
lived on Jefferson on Sentinel Hill and they also 80ft lots
one of pleasures of WV
privacy, privilege of having trees, get to know nbrs socially but not in their face
first concern, lack of notice
now re heritage house
2089 is in the Heritage Inventory, however on the website for WV, says simply identified as having some heritage importance, recognition, does not provide heritage protection or any add'l burdens
merely listed does not mean it's designated
wd like to show mbrs of Ccl the picture of the house that is in the Inventory and the picture of the house as it is today, as published in NSN Sunday Sept 24 with caption, District has signed its first agreement as part of a new Heritage Plan, focused on cooperation between the District and property owners
Mayor: have some clarification from Planner
SJN: Our Planner, Stephen Mikitich, contacted our Communications Mgr to see if shd correct that b/c it said it had been approved, but in fact what Ccl approved was going out for nbrhd consultation whether appropriate
The article was in error on that, and in a number of aspects
I quote from report that introduced that: "recognizing the existing Spencer house is a 1990s replica of the original 1913 structure and subsequent additions"
essence of but not the original house, bldg permit drawings show almost a complete replacement of the structure
notice was similar for any type zoning variance
purpose of sending out notice to nbrs was to seek their opinions whether this in fact a good idea or not
no introduction of the bylaws
Mayor: has the process been any different in terms of notification from one for a standard application?
SJN: yes; standard subdiv wd not be notification
wd send out for nbrs' comments
no difference between this and BoV or DVP permit
WW: I noticed the Director of Planner used the term 'replica' and in dictionary it means an exact copy
I've looked at the photos and the original; cd not be a replica; and this house and the one in 1988 not the same
Mayor: can you draw your remarks to a conclusion b/c I have five more ppl
WW, quotes, says nowhere near original house: or what Spencers occupied at the time
if Ccl decides to proceed, suggest agreement be looked at v carefully
first, definition: coach-house style -- I'm 69 and I don't know what that is
the dictionary says a small building housing carriages or vehicles
the drawing shows a two-storey bldg -- I don't believe anyone has a two-storey garage, not in this district
the matter of the oval driveway -- the only item that's going to be preserved; that, circular driveway, and an outbuilding, are the only original items left;  the outbuilding will be destroyed so the only original aspect of this property is the circular driveway -- that's all remaining, that's what WV wants to preserve?
If that's the case cd put a commemorative plaque 'the Spencers lived there'
don't even know if they did, the grandson did, in the summer cottage.
Mayor: sorry, going to have to ask you to finish.  Stop there.
WW: thank you
Mayor: if subdivision
SJN: with 80ft lots wd comply with subdivision; wd require demolition of the house
Donald McKinnon: we oppose the application
also have questions re timing of notice
have lived on WD Cr for 30 years and aware not a Heritage house
the original house was one storey and this is two storeys
a completely diff house, completely rebuilt
22 houses on WD Cr, with exception of one or two, this is the newest house, yet want to designate as a heritage house
built 1990s, not even a replica
no opposition of two 80ft lots
talk about demolition of this building, tearing down a new house; you're not tearing down a heritage house, this is a new house
this Disneyland -- to look old
prize our 80ft properties; one or two exceptions, Inch prop I think
We live there, ........ not opposed to high taxes to live there
we are opposed to 50ft lot, crammed
using Heritage, hiving off; reason to sell for his own profit but it does add discomfort and displeasure to those living quiet lives on this crescent
submit to you this plan shd not go ahead
Mayor: thank you
Bill Weymark (sp?): I grew up in WV, have been on WD Cr for 16 years, across the street from house in question; agree with ev said before
the ppl who rebuilt the house, we went through whole process with them, friends
went through process; tore back third, then second third then whole front, it's a brand new house
same concern wrt notice
disturbed seeing article in newspaper
biggest 50ft lots, totally out of character; concerns with setbacks, etc
ask you turn it down on that basis
disappointed -- we built a new house about eight years ago and we went through process, talked to nbrs to make sure it complied with height and size; there is a covenant and don't think that house in compliance with
talked about covenant; we went round and complied
that corner in front of our lot is very tight; traffic problems, potential for accidents if parking on street
I'm not opposed to lot being subdivided, not opposed; if conform, if can make a profit that's fine too, two 80ft lots too
change the character of the street is not on.
David Crilley (sp?): agree with what's been said
main thing, precedent-setting of 50ft lots
stick to zoning regs already there
conform to zoning regs as they are, the nbrhd is able to mover forward with an amended proposal
Sue Herd (sp?):  I'm the new kid on the block, moved form Vancouver 1991
found a nbrhd, second to none, caring
put up with a new devt on the north side for past year and a half
problem getting in and out
got away from 50 ft lots
woke up one morning in Vanc and trees taken down, don't want that to happen
Mona (?): 2088, just opposite, 16 years; agreed with prev
concerned about traffic, difficult turn
opposed to 50ft lot, not to 80ft lots
Bill Chapman: surveyor in WV and Ray Ruffard [sp?], owner:
BC: go through my list
two lots of equal area
a lot about the notice provided by WV wch we can only work within
don't hv opp to notify nbrs until we have an agreement by Planning staff and that received at same time Ccl notified; we get copy of that  report after you get yours, so it's unfortunate that we can't find a mechanism, notification of nbrs, b/c I'd rather come with unanimous approval of the nbrhd

{oooooo! all eyes on SJN!}

this devt came to me; I felt wd meet the criterion
Most ppl were looking to demolishing the house
two 7K sq ft houses wd completely destroy the area
my client asked about not demolishing; warmly received by staff
So I outlined advantages in my report
probably only opp WV will have for heritage designation was started by staff, not my client
but my client has agreed to enter into it
on the small lot, will not exceed 1500sf with this owner

{but if it's being done on spec, that won't last long!}

as opposed a 6Ksf house cd be constructed, conventional subdiv
cd be built entirely within boundaries
as proposed, only one family on both properties, within family; so no extra traffic
existing house will not be demolished so limits disruption to nbrhd
lot B with panhandle access of 53ft, 100ft set back for new so will appear as accessory and will not be visible from the street, except those looking in at entrance, and with 145ft from blacktop, quite a distance
sideyards variation 8ft and on 82ft wide lot 8.2ft; client agreed so sideyards identical to those on large lot
smaller frontage
at 14 822 sf not small, two thirds of lots in area smaller
compatible with design of existing home so advantage to cmnty of WV of going ahead with that
Some of the facts b/c of misconceptions in media, etc:
my client first met with me Oct 4 before purchasing
due diligence, designed two lots; played with design to retain house on lot; used standard policy for panhandle
met with SJN and SMikitich Oct 5 for feedback prior to purchasing the property; understand risks, haven't come to Ccl
but response gave us confidence to move ahead
date is set by Ccl prior to notification of nbrs; unfortunately that policy does not give us report so we can talk to nbrhd; have to wait for ccl mtg in order to talk to nbrhd; so same notification as nbrhd; do apologize it was Sunday morning, met with six nbrs Sunday night; my client met with a few prior
we agree with nbrs, existing house not original
H Agreement, best alternative to protect heritage on property
there are two existing panhandle lots shown on plan done by our firm in 1988, driveways coming up; appear to work with nbrs, one was at mtg Sunday and was quite happy with panhandle lots
my experience, opp for a 120ft setback not a 30 ft, a better solution
not a 50ft lot, it's a panhandle lot with the home at the rear of the lot
our belief proposed devt best protection for nbrhd, many have lived here for 40 to 50 years, one of the older in WV as far as original residents; prime site
respect that in the devt of this prop
many devprs who came wanting to demolish were referred to other surveyors; we did not want to demolish the existing house
the prop is being subdivided to protect the financial investment of my client and to permit a small two storey structure, 1500sf while with current owner

{and you don't think this might be done to flip to further protect the investment?}

Sop: Lot B wdn't apply to a new owner, wd it?  cd build 5 - 6Ksf?
BC: yes, if cut lot in half
Sop: then another 80ft lot
BC: but 30ft from street instead of 120ft from street
SJN: I'd like to comment on two aspects so no confusion
I appreciate that when an applic there's supposed to be some cmnty benefits and we go out to see if cmnty believes that as well
example, across from my house, I didn't live there at the time, (estate, panhandle) it does occur and normal for Ccl to consider that
we typically encourage applicants go out prior to application, solicit nbrs' opinions before coming to us so I believe Mr Chapman is in error saying he has to wait for such time as it comes to Ccl
in all instances, going out consulting with nbrs is an excellent idea and is encouraged by staff
second, not aware of anything limiting to 1500sf, not aware of anything in agreement and I still have gone through it again, and can't find
believe nothing establishing the sqftage; just gone through again
realistically nbrs can expect another house will be built on that site, and within the bylaw
Mayor: any other questions? thank you.
whole point of the cmnty participating is to provide us with a fuller picture
VV: move report from Sr Cmnty Planner be received for information.
VV: secondly, I move be introduced
Sop: I move for deferral
don't know how so convoluted
Mayor: seconder?
JF: second
Sop: fair understanding citizens not happy with second lot
got 13 letters in last week
give us time to read over, etc
come back
if we had a system that wd allow this to go to an adv body, wd have required time
will bring something up
ask be deferred
JF: I'm not opposed to proposal but think it's an opportunity for nbrs to learn about the plan and likelihood if plan not accepted as presented
to acquaint themselves with what has been proposed
address some of the issues, precedent, two-storey garages, traffic, covenant on props in area
some opp for staff to respond to those and for nbrs to become acquainted
what happen if doesn't occur
VV: want to be quite clear, maybe disappointed Ccl does not have the authority at all to prevent subdivision of this lot
only choosing retaining Spencer house or not
interested that nbrs not wanting retention of house
Mayor: pls speak to deferral
VV: I think we can accept the deferral
MS: will speak against deferral
for same reason as I spoke against this whole process [recently]
defeat this and then introduce a new motion, rejecting this subdivision
another example Ccl bending the rules and disrupting the nbrhd
if he chooses to subdivide according to zoning bylaws, fine but if not b/c of economics, that's something he shd hv considered when he bought the house
against this flaunting
{I think he means 'flouting'}
play by the rules; residents all spoken against it
why shd they not expect Ccl not to support them
have this whole this sad exercise withdrawn
Mayor: will come to you for that motion
JC: I agree with Cclr Smith, no reason for deferral
can defeat this tonight; will be voting against this
don't know why staff brought this to us in first place, not heritage
says on page, report says one family on prop and no guarantee of that
and lot B for life of current ownership wch cd be the span of building it

{Right on, John.}

like Cclr Smith, not comfortable with this
Mayor: I'm going--
Sop: question for Mr Nicholls, the applicant can build two houses on two 80ft lots or a very large house without subdivision
SJN: yes, or maintain the existing house
Sop: if 80ft lot subdiv wd come to Ccl to pass?
SJN: no
Sop: coming for small variances
SJN: coming b/c of the variances
reason it's a heritage tool is b/c that gives Ccl signif control over design; variance doesn't
Mayor: on the deferral motion, might be a lot opp to defeat the deferral
this is our first Heritage Revitalization Agreement
we're all learning and think we've seen some of the shortcomings of our first one
totally agree heritage of this home is tenuous
but opp to leverage a more sympathetic subdiv, better streetscape, small home, then maybe that wd be something to retain character of nbrhd, that's what we're grappling with
don't know if subdivided now or in ten years
seriously challenged in WV around ways to retain character of nbrhd
what I hear from cmnty tonight is that 80ft frontage is the character of nbrhd
don't know what will happen
not quite fair to call this some abrogation of the rules; it is highly legitimate to come forward with a Heritage Revitalization Agreement under our heritage strategy
don't know if better way to  control subdivs or not, that's question Ccl has
I'm going to support the deferral to see how we're going to make this work
doesn't mean this green light for this project
maybe give more direction to staff, Planning Dept, for what we think appropriate
SSch: deferral to when?
Mayor:  Oct 16, to be as decisive as we can
I'm in favour of deferral so motion carries
wd be nice if the staff report were ready well in advance and we had all of our info in front of us and I do apologize for the lateness in getting that together.
{Well done, Pam!}
6.         2007 Permissive Tax Exemptions...be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
7.  CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS  --  Reports and Correspondence
8.         Affordable Housing Update and Homelessness Awareness Week
in favour
9.         Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Transfer - #244 (File:  1145?04?244)
MS: wd like to see this not approved
in FSTF, brought up, staff, etc
couple of weeks ago a Bby resident wanting to pay a couple of hundred dollars a year
can you imagine going to Whistler!
huge amt of staff time
negligible amount for these cabins, majority don't live in WV
suggest we freeze any transfers until report from staff
Sop: Doug Leavers has referred to the problems
efficiency in staff time to keep it the way it is but has cost a lot of time
don't think it's paying for itself
concur, take a serious look and work done by staff to see if continue
KPike: we have the policy and procedures and prices Ccl of the day wanted to have
Mayor: what year?
KPike: ten years or so
times are changing; working in with the Hollyburn Ridge Assn to change
including change to fee structure
JF: think it's timely particularly since we're getting an engg study feasibility re Hollyburn Lodge
.....time built
good opp to look at it; time is right
Mayor: your motion was a v diff
MS: Mr Pike skillfully captured my motion
CAO: suggested freeze; and staff report back to Ccl
MS: that's mine!
RECOMMENDED: THAT the non-family transfer of Cabin #244 be approved as per the Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy, Clause 20(b).
[general comment???]
Sop: not directed at anybody but [how many lots can be subdivided?]
increases density; not that indiv not able to do this
want housing policy in OCP brought to us so Ccl can get some direction where going
nbrs tonight 80ft lots; understand BPP devpd some small ones and they're selling some
where is density going?
how many lots can do that in this M?
want to do it now before hundreds
Mayor: particularly in area of subdivision
VV: what I've been saying: lost control of our growth
how many coming in?
as Cclr Sop said, we need a lot more information on this
JF: likely to be having our housing dialogue starting in 2007
been waiting for three years
lot of disc about size of lots, infill, envtally sensitive devt
how to provide more affordable housing
certainly agree housing dialogue interesting and fruitful
CAO: staff is planning to bring forward a report in the first week of 2007
under this listing is the number of applications, doesn't mean approved
not even half yearly
SJN: over the 1970s, 80s, 90s, number of lots decreasing
zoning bylaw sets min standards
difficulty is that lot size is not the only criterion used
Sentinel Hill for ex, large lots but not subdividable b/c too steep, too narrow, can't get access
OTOH, someone invested 20 years ago paid more and expected to be able to subdivide
we can address that as part of the Housing Dialogue
CAO: we'll do that, but staff report to get some sense of volume

10.       Development Applications Status List (File:  1010?01)
11.       2006 North Shore Heritage Weekend (File:  2585?08)
... report from the Sr. Community Planner and the Heritage Services Curator on the 2006 North Shore Heritage Weekend be received.
JC: we have 14 staff mbrs involved in NSHW, eight volunteers
seems out of balance
Mayor: Darren and Stephen wd like to talk to us about a new approach
and to leverage more volunteers
JC: non traditional approach

{There's something funny about those numbers of volunteers, am sure more involved; after all there were 12 ppl, 'volunteers' from the cmnty, who put their cars on display -- and there were more at the tables, such as from the WV Historical Society and the Friends of Cypress}

12.       Correspondence for Action and Information {complete list in previous issue}
12.3         E. Guy, Strata Council Chairman, Strata Corporation VR835, September 27, 2006, regarding Noise Bylaw Violation
                 Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
JC: this one; just noticed Mr Guy is in audience tonight
Ed Guy: subsequent to submitting my letter, bylaw enf contacted me and I'd misestimated
first raised this in July 2004, shortly thereafter they contacted owners and operators of the bldg
since that time have sev times contacted bylaw enforcement
they have tried to contact owners of bldg and been no resolution
I think staff's been too polite
think owners have been ignoring hoping [dropped, go away]
like diesel truck running...... for an hour
I'd suppose about as far as Ms Reynolds is from the mayor

{I sit in one of the press chairs at the back lefthand side of the chamber; that's where I plug in my notebook!  and try to type while they speak -- as you know with varying results but try hard.}

a racket; understand it's a standby generator
if go off no action, but this starts up with regularity, presumably testing
haven't been able to estimate actual decibels from this
a diesel truck running flat about at 30 ft is 100 decibels
.......not as muffled
so estimating 95 decibels when received at our prop; your bylaw allows 50
something like a 10K increase b/c each bel is ten times previous
no action from bylaw
we believe time to escalate to yourselves
.....even if you don't have power to order suppression
presume owners think we'll go away so not have to spend money
can be suppressed otherwise wd not be in hospitals
suggest levying a penalty per occurrence so that owner wd find it preferable to suppress rather than pay fine
CAO: can report back
usually persistent; will report back to Ccl and if looks like no co-op from owners, we'll take whatever action
EG: but this is earsplitting
85 decibels at wch permanent hearing loss does occur
whatever can be done; a long time has gone by
Mayor: I apologize for that

JF: Sat Oct 14 Lib closed, rededication of Lib
new entrance; Royal Cdn Legion; new brass plaque
Colour Parade and Legion will be out in full force
encourage all who love Library and legionnaires, go and support

{I cdn't find this on the Library's website......}

Mayor: wd like to comment on editorial in paper on weekend [re amalgamation]
we issued a press release today: service delivery but no amalgamation
new ways of working together
strategic planning; Sea to Sky, Corridor, Spirit of BC
but we're v proud of our cmnty
happy to play as a team player but amalg a complete nonstarter
{see press release on DWV website for full statement}
[re GVRD] Cclr Smith, apologize did not attend .....
so was not part of that debate but surprised it passed with majority that it did
Cclr Smith: are we going to continue to roll over and let these ppl GVRD spend our money?
how hold staff to manageable pay levels we see in private sector when we see GVRD voting themselves raises -- they're already being paid by their Ms
to me it's double-dipping
discourage all those leftwingers go into politics
Mayor: for my part and always interested in Cc['s opinion
restructuring; $250 doesn't bother me for mtgs but an inordinate [number] of mtgs
going on retreat
something's out of whack
with so many mtgs, don't function at our best
JC: there was as much discussion on the $4 parking benefit as on increasing stipend
MS: I appreciate your taking our concerns forward but we have one vote, but at some point throw up our hands
have to look for stronger .... ;        dip into our prop tax; gateway
don't think it's acceptable
not happy; getting ripped off
JF: then we shd write support you for restructuring.
Mayor: we do have just one vote but we do have influence
that's one of the reasons too many mtgs for me
CAO: we are going to discuss at UBCM re GVRD assessments and how arrive at figures

===  Abbreviated CCL AGENDA Oct 16th  ===

1.         Approval of October 16, 2006 Regular Council Agenda
2.         Adoption of September 25, 2006 and October 02, 2006 Regular Council Meeting Minutes
3.         B. A. O'Connor, Medical Health Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health (North Shore) and representatives of the North Shore Homelessness Task Force regarding homelessness issues and solutions
4.         K. Glynn-Morris, North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee regarding Annual Report and presentation regarding "Journey to Justice Provincial Conference"
5.         Affordable Housing Update and Homelessness Awareness Week
            Update to be provided.
6.         Proposed Heritage Revitalization Agreement (2089 Westdean Crescent) Bylaw No. 4484, 2006             T
This item was deferred from the October 02, 2006 Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED: THAT further action on the proposed Heritage Revitalization Agreement or Development Variance Permit for 2089 Westdean Crescent be deferred, pending staff review of a revised subdivision proposal.

7.         Council Advisory Committees and Community Engagement (File:  0005?01)
            (Terms of Reference to be provided on-table)

{but it was deferred so that TofRef wd be made public for consideration before passing!  Wha' hoppen?  Jeanie, pls come to the rescue again!}

            1.         The recommendations regarding Council Advisory Committees and community engagement contained in the Chief Administrative Officer's October 10, 2006 report be approved for implementation.
            2.         The Council appointees to the Community Forum/Working Groups Steering Committee be approved.
            3.         The appointments to the Design Advisory Committee be extended to December 2007.
            4.         Staff be authorized to initiate the necessary technology improvements and communications process and requirements in order to implement the new approach by the end of 2006, with incidental costs to be funded from reallocation of year end surplus.

8.         2006 - 2008 Corporate Business Plan (File:  0010?03)
            1.         The October 09, 2006 report on the 2006 - 2008 Corporate Business Plan from the Chief Administrative Officer be received.
            2.         Council adopt the 2006 - 2008 Business Plan as amended.
            3.         Communications staff develop and implement a cost effective way to communicate the Business Plan to West Vancouver homes and businesses.
            4.         Staff work with Council and the community to further clarify and refine a sustainability framework for West Vancouver.

{hm -- where do the Budget 2007 deliberations fit in here???}

9.         Alteration Permit 05?026 (4769 The Highway) (File:  1010?20?05?026)
            At the September 25, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated September 13, 2006 from the Community Planner titled "Alteration Permit 05?026 (4769 The Highway)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
RECOMMENDED:THAT all written and verbal submissions...be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff report back...
RECOMMENDED  THAT the Alteration Permit, which would provide for a new dwelling with variances to minimum and combined side yard for the detached garage be approved.

10.       Development Variance Permit No. 06?042 (2446 Halston Court)
            At the October 02, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated September 18, 2006 from the Community Planner titled "Development Variance Permit No. 06?042 (2446 Halston Court)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
RECOMMENDED:THAT all written and verbal submissions...be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff report back...
RECOMMENDED: THAT the DVP, which would provide for a new home with a variance to height, be approved.

11.       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4415, 2005 Amendment Bylaw 4489, 2006
            THAT "Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005 Amendment Bylaw 4489, 2006" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.

12.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
13.       Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4488, 2006  (File:  1610?20?4488)
            This Bylaw received third reading at the October 02, 2006 Council Meeting.

14.       Correspondence for Action and Information
Requests for Delegation
14.1            J. Howell, Chairman Tribute Trees, Kiwanis Club of Capilano, October 03, 2006, regarding Tribute Trees
                    Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.

Action Required
14.2            M. and A. Ashurst, The Black Dog Cookie House, September 27, 2006, regarding ID system for commercial dog walkers
                    Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
14.3            N. Butt, September 27, 2006, regarding bylaws and garbage pick-up (File:  1775?02)
                    Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
14.4            K. Bunting, September 28, 2006, regarding public recycle boxes (File:  1776?01)
                    Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
14.5            D. Fields, Transportation Campaign, September 16, 2006, regarding Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) and twinning of the Port Mann Bridge (File:  1785?09)
                    Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
14.6            D. Milliken, October 02, 2006, regarding Alteration Permit 05?026 (4769 the Highway)
                    Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.

No Action Required (receipt only)
14.7            Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
                    (a)          North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues         (File:  0180?18)
                    (b)          Fiscal Sustainability Task Force Meeting Minutes, September 12, 2006
14.8            S. E. Dowey, City Clerk, City of North Vancouver, September 21, 2006, regarding Insurance Company of British Columbia "Zero Crash Month" (File:  0175?20?ICBC1/0190?06)
14.9            I. Attenborrow, October 02, 2006, regarding Squamish Nation Billboards
14.10          M. Pattenaude, Chair, Advisory Committee on Disability Issues and D. Stewart, Chair, Community Housing Action Committee, North Shore Community Resources, September 25, 2006 regarding invitation to a public meeting on Adaptable Design and CMHC's Secondary/Garden Suite Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (File:  0055?20?NSCS2)
14.11          W. Lawson and H. Hornstein, September 28, 2006, regarding Squamish Nation Billboards 14.12          R. & D. Baxter, September 28, 2006, regarding Squamish Nation Billboards
14.13          R. Richards, undated, regarding West Vancouver property taxes (File:  0955?16)
14.14          B. Sutherland, President, Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (BC), September 21, 2006, regarding setting standards in the BC home and property industry
14.15          A. D'Angelo, Emergency Social Service Programs, Administrative Support, North Shore Emergency Management Office, Sept 26, regarding Emergency Social Services Annual Training Day - Nov 5, 2006
14.16          D. Chan, September 16, 2006, regarding appreciation of good work at West Vancouver Capilano View Cemetery
14.17          T. Carney, Coordinator, Lionsview Seniors' Planning Society, September 22, 2006, regarding thank you for community grants
14.18          S. and D. Erb, September 25, 2006, regarding Squamish Nation Billboards
14.19          P. Owen, Access Health Centre, October 04, 2006, regarding BC AIDS Centre
14.20          P. Miller, President, North Shore Heritage Preservation Society, October 06, 2006, regarding Heritage Revitalization Agreement for Spencer House
14.21          A. and D. Manson, October 10, 2006, regarding Alteration Permit #1010?20?05?026 4769 The Highway
14.22          M. Van Steinburg, Director, CLC Labour Participation Department, United Way of the Lower Mainland, September 21, 2006
14.23          S. Berisavac and F. Haughian, Community Action Coordinators, Greater Vancouver Region, Canadian Cancer Society, October 4, 2006, regarding UBCM Resolution to make British Columbia 100% smoke-free
14.24          A. Reimer, Executive Director, Western Canada Wilderness Committee and M. Burrows, Executive Director, Labour Environmental Alliance Society, September 26, 2006, regarding environmental protection
14.25          M. L. Slater, October 03, 2006, regarding Evelyn Drive Development
14.26          M. L. Slater, October 03, 2006, regarding Squamish Nation Billboards
Responses to Correspondence
14.27          B. A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation to T. Vu, September 28, 2006 regarding Cycling, Pedestrian and Public Safety (File:  1785?00)
14.28          B. A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation to L. Lindsey, September 26, 2006, regarding Argyle Road - Street Lighting (File:  1605?12)
14.29          B. A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation to L. Funt, September 26, 2006, regarding suggestions for beautifying and improving the District of West Vancouver (File:  0155?17)
14.30          B. A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation to M. Angus, September 25, 2006, regarding sight lines at intersections (File:  1605?12)
14.31          B. A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation to K. Bunting, September 25, 2006, regarding vehicles idling in school zones (File:  1605?12)
14.32          B. A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation to R. Wilson, October 03, 2006, regarding Sprucefeild Road - Centre Median Island (File:  1805?01)
Responses to Questions in Question Period
14.33          No items presented.
15.       Oral Reports from Mayor and Councillors
16.       Public Questions and Comments (3 minutes per speaker)

===  Classic Cars / Heritage Weekend / September 2006  === 

Outside the WV Museum on the sunny Saturday, classic/collector cars were on display.  Here's the list:
Classic Car Show (Vehicle Owners)
        =A7         Denny Bromley = yellow 1923 Ford Model T Coupe
        =A7         Jim Black = blue 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe (modified)
        =A7         John Wihksen = burgundy 1948 Plymouth Special De Luxe Convertible (with tan soft top)
        =A7         Allen Bayne = red 1953 Pontiac Pathfinder Deluxe
        =A7         Brian Carrell = light blue 1954 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country Wagon
        =A7         Lief Bergen = dark green 1956 Triumph TR3
        =A7         Peter Bielefeld = 1960 Ford Thunderbird (dark green with light green roof)
        =A7         Walter Kupka = 1961 Mercedes 220S (red with black roof)
        =A7         Bob Walker = red 1962 Morgan 4/4
        =A7         Carolanne Reynolds = cream 1965 Renault Caravelle Convertible
        =A7         Al McGillivray = blue 1967 Chevrolet Nova Super Sport
        =A7         Tom Wardell = red 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible

===  QUESTIONS  ===

***  QUESTIONS OF THOSE RETIRED (forwarded to me from someone who said she liked retirement(:
Question: How many days in a week?   Answer:    Six Saturdays, One Sunday
Question: When is a retiree's bedtime?   Answer:   Three hours after he falls asleep on the couch.
Question: How many retirees to change a light bulb?   Answer:   Only one, but it might take all day.
Question: What's the biggest gripe of retirees?   Answer:   There is not enough time to get everything done.
Question: Why don't retirees mind being called Seniors?   Answer:   The term comes with a 10% discount.
Question: Among retirees what is considered formal attire?   Answer:  = ; Tied shoes.
Question: Why do retirees count pennies?   Answer:   They are the only ones who have the time.
Question: What is the common term for someone who enjoys work and refuses to retire?   Answer:   NUTS!
Question: Why are retirees so slow to clean out the basement, attic, or garage?
Answer: They know that as soon as they do, one of their adult kids will want to store stuff there.
Question: What do retirees call a long lunch?   Answer:   Normal.
Question: What is the best way to describe retirement?   Answer:   The neverending Coffee Break.
Question: What's the biggest advantage of going back to school as a retiree?
Answer:   If you cut classes, no one calls your parents.
Question: Why does a retiree often say he doesn't miss work, but misses the people he used to work with?
Answer:   He is too polite to tell the whole truth.   
Her favourite one: QUESTION: What do you do all week?  Answer: Mon to Fri. Nothing, Sat & Sun I rest!
***  Ethical Question
In light of the news of the so called human cloning going on, we have to ask ourselves the hypothetical question.  If you pushed your naked clone off the top of a tall building, would it be...
A) murder?
B) suicide? or
C) merely making an obscene clone fall?

===  QUOTATION  ===

I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.
                                --  E.B. White