Notes Oct 16
Agenda Oct 30
Calendar to Nov 1

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

All the best to Ccl over in Victoria at the UBCM, week of Oct 23rd.
*  The special production at the Jericho Arts Centre of "The Unexpected Man" by French playwright Yasmina Reza.  Critics raved about "Art" wch we saw at the QET but strangely I was not impressed.
OTOH enjoyed The Unexpected Man.  Well directed, well acted.
MAIN ITEMS Ccl AGENDA Oct 30: Why no Oct 16 ccl mtg minutes? They'll be 'on-table' Oct 30!
Request for support in principle to establish a Centre for the Arts in Dementia Care on the North Shore; Proposed Geothermal Heating System - 5355 Kew Cliff Road; Boulevard Encroachment Request (1151 Palmerston); Devt Permit/DVP (6581/6585/6587 Nelson) Renewal Request; Devt Permit (5776 and 5782 Marine) waiving notification and approval; Report on Hollyburn Cabins Non-Family Transfers; DVP (6836 Copper Cove Rd); DP (6015 Eagleridge); Quarterly Report - Community Centre Construction; CORRESPONDENCE: Minutes (Library, NSACDI, Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation Select Cmte mystery meetings Apr/May); UBCM; Scouts Jamboree; Regional Growth Strategy; Answers re: Westmount sidewalks, LGB Graffiti, Collingwood (Morven Campus), garbage pickup.
 =  INFObits; UPDATE: Calendar to Nov 16th;
=  NOTES Oct 16th (Homelessness; NSFCYJ; 2089 Westdean heritage agrmt deferred; Ccl Adv Cmtes and Cmnty Engagement (TofRef not yet available and JF asked for them before consideration so shd be deferred till we see them, no?); 2006 - 2008 Corporate Business Plan (much discussion: vision? goals? biz? effect on 2007 Budget?); 4769 The Highway, 8:29 - 10pm; mockery of nbr input even after letter of invitation!; 2446 Halston Court; at PQP questions/comments about public participation in cmtes and decision-making -- see also Quotation)
= Abbreviated AGENDA Oct 30th (main items above); The Twelve Nights of Hallowe'en, Quotation

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>>>  Thinking elections?
Rumours that there'll be one perhaps May next year.
David Thomas, whom I've met at civic functions and who's been on some cmtes, sends me his website www.davidthomas.ca for people to find out about him, his policy views, opportunities to meet him in preparation for the Conservative Party's nomination mtg coming soon.

>>> Electricity
Reported last week that Baghdad now has it up to four and a half hours a day.

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New Fire Chief
for full press release, please see: http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=4716&c=677
West Vancouver, BC:  The District of West Vancouver is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeff Oates as Fire Chief.  Chief Oates has been acting Fire Chief for the past five months, since Doug Trussler made the move to the District of North Vancouver...
The District of West Vancouver would also like to acknowledge Gordie McLennan who has been appointed as Deputy Fire Chief.  McLennan has been acting in this capacity for the past five months and was formerly an Assistant Chief for two years, and he has worked in emergency services for over 25 years.

===  CALENDAR to Nov 16th  ===

===  Tuesday Oct 24th
~ 4:30pm ~ FSTF (how better to spend your money; every Tuesday but shd be winding down so check)
===  Wednesday Oct 25th
~ 6 - 9pm ~ JaNE aUstEN FilM sEriEs at Library, Peters Room: Emma.  There will be a discussion after each film, moderated by Julie Backer.  [Next one Nov 1st]
~ 6:30 - 9pm ~  Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Meeting (Caulfeild Elementary School)
===  Thursday Oct 26th
~ 4 - 7pm ~ Police Board Mtg (WV Chamber of Commerce Boardroom) -- MOVED to Nov 1st
~ 4:30 - 7:30pm ~ DAC
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI (CNV Municipal Hall, Conf Rm A)

===  Saturday Oct 28th
~ 9am - noon ~ Volunteers Needed! Ivy Pull In Lighthouse Park
The Lighthouse Park Preservation Society has been removing ivy for several years and has now succeeded in clearing this non-native invader from some parts of the park. There are still some dense patches on the park's east side.  Volunteers are needed to help out for an hour or two. Wear old clothes and work gloves, and bring along some clippers if you have them.  Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot at 9am. Work will continue until noon, but even if you can only spare an hour, your help is appreciated.
 ~ 3:15 - 4:30 ~ the scary Halloween skate at the Arena

===  Tuesday Oct 31st
End of the exhibit in the Gallery at the Library: Bold images and rich colours of field, orchard and garden by Gerard Picher and Francoise Vallotton-Stegemann.

===  Wednesday Nov 1st
~ 4 - 6pm ~ Police Board Mtg (moved to WV Police Dept Boardroom)

===  Tuesday Nov 7th
~3:45 - 5:15 ~ Civic Youth Strategy Working Group (Srs' Activity Ctr, Marine Room)

>>> Early Music   Concerts Nov 2, 10,   --
Visit www.earlymusic.bc.ca or call Early Music Vancouver 604-732-1610; tix at Sikora's Classical Records or The Magic Flute
Rush seats for students with valid ID on sale for $10, at the door only, from 7pm on the evening of the concert.  Ask about our "Bring a Youth for Free" programme: 604-732-1610

Elizabeth Claridge: raku/clay; Melissa Vejins: acrylic on canvas; Aleksander Visnjic-Atza: acrylic on canvas & acrylic ink on paper
Nov 7, Tuesday ~ 6 - 8pm ~  OPENING RECEPTION; Nov 11, Saturday ~ 2 - 3pm ~ARTISTS' TALK

        Regular Ccl Mtgs: Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 20
        Nov 11 = Remembrance Day Ceremonies
        Nov 12 = ~7:50 - 11am ~ Khatsahlano Road Race from Horseshoe Bay to Park Royal
        Nov 15 = 7pm for both Library Bd (at Library) and Bd of Variance (Ccl Chambers)
        Nov 16 =        5:30 - 7:30pm ~ NSFCYJ at CNV M Hall
Nov 16th, Thursday ~ 7:30pm ~ at St Stephen's (885 - 22nd)
"Streamkeeper Involvement in Post-Tsunami Fisheries, Livelihood, and Rehabilitation in Indonesia"
A PowerPoint presentation by Matt Henderson, WV Streamkeeper, on his work in Indonesia
Nov 18th Streamkeepers, bug count: write streamkeepers@westvan.org or call 628 1123.

>>> KAY MEEK CENTRE  -- Visit www.kaymeekcentre.ca or phone 913-3634 for events.

>>> WV Chamber of Commerce: Mbrs; Showcase at Steamworks 5 -7pm Wed Nov 15th; call 926 6614 for info.

===  CCL MTG NOTES Oc= t 16th  ===

1.         Approval of October 16, 2006 Regular Council Agenda
                with the addition of alteration permit, DP, and many letters!
2.         Adoption of September 25, 2006 and October 02, 2006 Regular Council Meeting Minutes
3.         B. A. O'Connor, Medical Health Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health (North Shore) and representatives of the North Shore Homelessness Task Force regarding homelessness issues and solutions
Mayor: welcome Beverly Pitman to give a report.
Bev Pitman: resident of WV, with small delegation. Here for NS Homelessness chaired by Dr O'Connor, and for CHAC (Cdn Housing Action Cmte); homelessness awareness week
Task Force formed in 2000 when things changed; 44 homeless in 2000, five years later 85
need for permanent shelter; one opened for youth and one for adults, plus Sage
Youth Safe House closed in October
three types of homeless, will speak of two
The NSh Adult Shelter houses up to 25 adults
Cold wet-weather shelter open from Oct 15 to Mar 31 more or less
12,499 bed nights; 98% occupancy of shelter; 1,183 ppl served, 856 ppl turned away
Reasons for using shelter: 32% mental illness, 23% addictions, 10% dual diagnosis (mental health and addiction), 28% poverty and/or lack of housing
SAGE House: home for women and children, victims of abuse;  NSh Crisis Services Society
can house up to 18 women and children.  Since opening, has sheltered 255 women and 161 children, has had to turn away 422 women 231 chn for lack of space; so far this year has received 1,040 crisis calls, 108 info only calls; also part of extreme weather response programme (six beds Oct - March)
Reasons: 63% need to escape physical violence, 25% sexual abuse, and 17% being stalked by previous partners; for children 12% physical abuse, 26% verbal abuse, and all chn reported witnessing abuse of their mothers.
Youth Safe House was closed Sept 31st [sic]; av length of stay seven days
Reasons: 54% substance abuse, 26% mental health, 8% domestic violence; all homeless or at risk of homelessness
Harvest Project hand up, not hand out; helps ppl transition; more than 1200 active files; served coffee and baked goods to 7200
Salvation Army works with over 100 ppl per month on the N Shore; assess ppl's needs, connects ppl with resources; 75% of clients addicts, 50% are homeless; also works with mentally ill, working poor, physically disabled, and old-age pensioners.  As you know, these things and ppl are not mutually exclusive.
Estimated 8500 ppl at risk of homelessness on the North Shore at present time.  Some 14,000 names on the waitlist for the BC Housing Registry.  Some 2,442 receive income assistance.  Monthly shelter allowances from $325 to $695.  Many elderly, recent immigrants, families with chn.  Includes laidoff and working poor.
This week goal to raise awareness of homeless to provide solutions, actions taken.
Events, Planning Dept has given info.
Mayor: respond on behalf of all of Ccl, tragic closing of the Youth Safe House; agree with letter in NSNews by Margaret Morgan; disgrace and shame House allowed to close;represents complete failure of three levels of govt to work together; glaring example of serious challenge we face as senior levels of govt abandon their commitment to social services. DNV donated a home on property to their great credit; the fed govt decided to cut its core funding from $700K to $600K to get funding from prov but they refuse to accept fed govt downloading.  Ms came forward with some funding, two years of mtgs and I was on the exec cmte, talking to Don Bell, Blair Wilson, MLAs -- all said your problem.  Rotary Club even provided emergency funding.  Met with Homelessness Task Force, and tried to explain to them that we had a problem on the NShore (you explained so well).   We met re Regional Homelessness and said only need $100K.  Our Youth Safe House was held up as an example.  To the letter, I'd say we worked as hard as we cd, got levels of govt together as much as we cd, and the staff in NV is still working on what can be done with that house.
In the two weeks it has been closed I know of three WV youth who shd be there right now.  One is 13-year-old who lived on the street here for that time, and is now in a foster home in East Vancouver.
We had young ppl from Surrey to Squamish in that YSH.
I apologize for our part that we weren't able to do better and we really did try.
The Mayor of Victoria said if the suburbs around Victoria took the same responsibility that the NShore does, we wdn't have the same problem.
All of the groups you mentioned are part of our Substance Abuse Task Force; still don't meet all we need.
Ans: being referred to East Vancouver.
Mayor: yes
JF: do you know what's happened in other cmnties? how funded? picked up the pieces?
Ans: Mayor wd know more.
Mayor: our NShYSH was an anomaly.  Very fortunate to have fed govt funding and our entire prov has lost out now on that $600K b/c prov wdn't provide a bit. --
The real expert is Kathy Stills, sitting there.
JF: we shd look into it; particularly since Ccl's going to UBCM, cabinet ministers will be there
Sop: When we took office almost a year ago, shift by prov govt, we started to look at a tri-M initiative to look at needs; looking at a format, by three mayors, looking at social programmes
are we truly doing our part?
prov govt recently produced their housing strategy
we're going to talk about it for next five years and get nothing
has to come from prov and fed govts, shdn't come on backs of municipalities' taxpayers.
needs will be here for a long time
important to have these presentations, but what are we going to do?
say to prov no M shd have a safe house for chn closed!
we shd take lead, UBCM might be proper time; can't have this
time for serious talk, even building into budget some for social progs greater than what it is today
let's start getting some action
Ans: CHAC was initially frustrated by publicity, what we're trying to do, on Sat Oct 21st is to take action.  Workshop on existing prog, CMHC: forgivable loans up to $24K who want to build a secondary suite provided rented out to ppl disabled or low income (there's a ceiling there).  Trying to facilitate knowledge of this, where zoning already does exist. Workshop in afternoon, BC non-profit housing society, where initiatives are turned down, like homeless shelters, Evelyn Drive, find difficult making their way through with nbring cmnties.
Sop: Ms not doing enough.  We'll sit and talk and you'll do work, and still nothing.
Mayor: Cclr Sop, you may talk about what you have in mind when we get to [that item on the agenda further down].
4.         K. Glynn-Morris, North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee regarding Annual Report and presentation regarding "Journey to Justice Provincial Conference"
Kathy Still, past chair of NSFCYJ Cmte, I'm past chair
KS: think you've seen the annual report, did some restructuring on the mandate
cmte acts as adviser to three NSh mayors; bring recommendations
we did initiate to get the Youth Safe House
there are 15 in BC, 12 by the prov govt (not solely)
some have barriers, ours was fairly open but not funded by the prov govt
we are continuing to meet, set a task force; met today, hesitate to say hopeful
met with prov govt ministry reps and working on a model; based on same house
KG-M: little DVD; proud of the provincial conference we did
many cmnties not able to participate b/c of cost
first will see Constable Morton of NV RCMP, the Lions' Gate psych nurse, Bby RCMP with ....., Wally Oppal, Gordon Hogg, Fred Bonner, presiding judge of Seattle Cmnty Court....
[re youth] become emotionally connected to harm they've caused
Most don't think they're going to get caught
relationship between education and crime, not too many PhDs committing crime
JF: how many attended conference?
Ans: about a hundred
Mayor: do you do any work with the Sq Nation?
Ans: [name], and Tsleil Waututh
Sop: since reorg, has it turned things round for you?
KG-M: clearer direction; short answer yes
many Ms struggling
reviews always worthwhile even if same
KS: processes clear, continuum so not ppl-dependent; my concern succession
really good process in place
Sop: an awful lot of good ppl; effort for this cause
but no formal decision at end of what was accomplished
Q: review
Sop: prior, going back 17 years
fills an important need today; enough?
KG-M: you and Cclr Clark also was I think
problem is that it's an advisory body: can advise have a youth safe house but not DO anything
no you, Ms, can actually do something
It wd be v nice to have representation from WV; we have a mtg on Thursday night
5.         Affordable Housing Update and Homelessness Awareness Week
            Update to be provided.
SJN: previously received by Ccl, outlines measures taken by GVRD
there's a binder available for viewing
Homeless Week is this week 16 to 22
housing affordability, choice, availability in WV
look forward to that
KF: they talked about
a $24K forgivable loan to renew their house to put in a secondary house to allow someone with a disability or on income assistance to live in the bottom
we do have bylaws that don't allow this except for in-laws
v difficult for ppl in this cmnty who wd like to take advantage of this and others eligible, so what shd be do to allow our residents to so they didn't have to leave WV?
SJN: if someone has dependent inlaws, they can have a suite now, it's allowed
if not a family or related person requires a change in zoning
DNV has provided for suites, not full distance, but also in CNV -- have some experience in that; we'll build on that
Sop: today you can have two lodgers and even chickens!
have to ratify the housing under the OCP and get a clear vision....
many households now have nannies
never challenged the legality of that b/c knew value of that
in this great time of need we shd not be prolonging look at secondary suites -- have a report within six months
effect change positive for this cmnty; we as Ccl, have to foster that
Mayor: Under OCP,
...  naming our Ccl delegates
Kiwanis Housing Opening is Saturday -- small suites, about $750 per month
MS: I did read that about the $24K, when you consider the taxes....following up on Cclr Sop's comments, ask for staff report, how to make that funding av to WV residents who might want to take advantage of that
CAO: a simple motion wd cover that
6.         Proposed Heritage Revitalization Agreement (2089 Westdean Crescent) Bylaw
This item was deferred from the October 02, 2006 Council Meeting.
            THAT further action on the proposed Heritage Revitalization Agreement or Development Variance Permit for 2089 Westdean Crescent be deferred, pending staff review of a revised subdivision proposal.
Mayor: five want to speak but the recommendation is to defer this
Mr Nicholls, perhaps you can update us
SJN: clearly a large number of nbrs wrote about this; note it says upzoning but that's not the case; note that the applicant is talking to the nbrs to see what wd be acceptable
it's 'under review' right now
Mayor: will call your names and if you want to come back when it does, fine, or now, that's fine
Donald McKinnon: we've been here twice; how many more times do we have to come here
my comments are the same as I made two weeks ago
Will hand out letter wrt heritage aspect
my position has not changed and wd like to make those points again
wrote to Ccl Oct 10; b/c of demolition of Spencer house and new building with new plans 1995 -- not a replica and not a heritage home
The owner's letter, handed to you, says it's not a heritage home
so no merit proceeding on the basis of heritage so application shd be dismissed
A new plan/application has been circulated dated Oct 10/11, determine whether or not in character with houses in the Crescent, a lot are 80ft wide
whatever authority shd take a look, perhaps we can talk to them
in any case, wrt heritage, no point shdn't come; no heritage aspect at all
Mayor: Ccl has not seen the letter you've circulated
SJN: we've tried to cover that; staff tried to report back on concerns requested
applicant said possible alternatives so we said you'd better talk to residents about them
how many times staff consider this?
we suggest a while, see, and then once
Mayor: defer this and ensure public have ample notification about it in whatever form it returns
Mayor: sorry to take your time this evening
SJN: and we'll make sure nbrs will be notified
7.         Council Advisory Committees and Community Engagement (File:  0005?01)
            (Terms of Reference to be provided on-table)  {btw, I didn't see them}
            1.         The recommendations regarding Council Advisory Committees and community engagement contained in the Chief Administrative Officer's October 10, 2006 report be approved for implementation.
            2.         The Council appointees to the Community Forum/Working Groups Steering Committee be approved.
            3.         The appointments to the Design Advisory Committee be extended to December 2007.
            4.         Staff be authorized to initiate the necessary technology improvements and communications process and requirements in order to implement the new approach by the end of 2006, with incidental costs to be funded from reallocation of year end surplus.
Mayor: 5th point; cmte apptmts I've made
Working Groups
Heritage VV; Envmnt Sop; Arts Cult JF; cmnty grants Sop; cmnty ctr governance Pam and Sop; Rodgers  Day; Amb JF; housing dialogue JC; finance MS and JC.
think Day shd stay end of year DAC then MS
Ccl engagement cmte -- looking at public involvement .....   Pam, JF, and VV
NSh wide -  VV
Pam substance
JF finish year on Lib Bd then Day 2007
Sop: think report has ironed out a few of the points
if we don't have a Planning Cmte and we set out re Rodgers, what happens to the referral need if items not as large?
those areas of planning we need to ask the public about when there's no advisory cmte of planning
philosophy no advice except major?
CAO: signif diff, able to do a lot more consultation
better than before
working groups
maybe wish to have a town hall mtg; opp to get diff things
instead of small group hoping representing gen public
in past not able to hear
Sop: second not hearing somebody a second time
rotate; system less structured
communication skills we lacked, in this openness
choose by lot
Mayor: sit down with three we've got and come up with process all Ccl agree with
Ccl will have say
as to mbrs of public willing to serve, know we've got more
we're always saying to cmnty we need more
this is a work in progress and we appr your input, Cclr Sop
CAO: wherever we speak about working groups
Mayor: cmnty engagement plan
this is ground-breaking in the prov
takes courage
time-honoured tradition and replacing it with something better
Sop: if doesn't work after a year change?
Mayor: of course
8.         2006 - 2008 Corporate Business Plan (File:  0010?03)
            1.         The October 09, 2006 report on the 2006 - 2008 Corporate Business Plan from the Chief Administrative Officer be received.
            2.         Council adopt the 2006 - 2008 Business Plan as amended.
            3.         Communications staff develop and implement a cost effective way to communicate the Business Plan to West Vancouver homes and businesses.
            4.         Staff work with Council and the community to further clarify and refine a sustainability framework for West Vancouver.
Day: more than a biz plan, a statement of goals
environment; cmnty ctr; Gleneagles golf house,
of great interest to cmnty
hope you take a look at this and see what Ccl planning for next three years
Ccl adopt as amended
work with cmnty to further dev and refine re sustainability
CAO: highlight some of the info
included high quality of life, tracking; measure sustainability
this is a departure; continues to be a work in progress
first foray into looking at how to have sustainability, framework, goals, perhaps even mission
further refine
Sop: p13 under special projects
spells out v well, vision; hope not biting off more than we can chew
haven't thought out -- consider a waterfront plan, from 13th to 19th
mission has been to acquire or create open space by acquisition but we still have some six or seven properties to go
work on Ferry Bldg and Silk Purse
nothing about what will be down there
under Goal A, shd add those initiatives, purchase those lands, actual park and what's going to be there; priority over arts and ev else
secondly, on same page, Goal Transportation; we've listened, been patient, and no reply from prov re TWay and MDrive
Cclr Clark sits on that cmte, report? when action? going to get worse? why not get on with it?
can I hear from Cclr Clark
Mayor: first Ambleside
CAO: Ccl has asked and contemplated staff bring plan back in about a month, acquisition included
will come back before end of year
Mayor: think Cclr Sop wants it included in this
Sop: right; not ev we expect in park but after 40 years of acquisition what?
want to see a plan and activated in next three years
Mayor: expecting re transportation
CAO: beginning of month; presentation to NSh Ms; issue is planning
EBarth, D/Engg: add that there's been a lot of discussion with Ministry, Sq Nation, Pk Royal
JC: I attended the NSh Transp mtg and Power Point presentation wrt TWay and Marine Drive and another one re N end of Second Narrows
these were draft but fairly descriptive
tried to arrange for the same Power Point for WV
NV arranged one
I think with the advent of devt on Ev Dr, if this is final plan, this Ccl shd hv as much info as possible
even if we just saw what NV City and Dist saw ten days ago
we shd have av before Ev Dr coming back
hope so
Mayor: sev of us mtg with Falcon next week
Sop: been so long without this info
when's the deadline? 2008?
tell us how paid for
major bottleneck; in failure mode
VV: p 8 under planning, read bylaws consistent with our goals
set our goals to meet bylaws
no reference to our OCP; the mandate shd be the Cmnty Charter and the OCP
not sure refer to any of our other bylaws
contradict our OCP
wd like that to be clear before I support this biz plan
it's a three-year plan but almost through first year
use term accountability but no figures; a lot of strategizing, figures, but no numbers to see if meet goals
amount of prop tax -- I think 0%, others might think 1 or 2%
tax increase number; shd have some; without, we can't fail
not held to account with a biz plan like this, wd not be recognizable to any non-govt org
it's interesting
wd like to see Cmnty Benefit Bylaw but it's not there
a bit disturbed we've made our own definition for sustainability
shd use standard definition
sust means to me the environment; when we alter it to mean cmnty services
wd not like to create a new definition, one not in use by general public
on governance principles, "manage growth" but we don't -- if you look at figs we don't, not wrt OCP
says we are honest and ethical -- rather think public to make up their mind if they go along with that
on the whole, interesting document
want to make this more like ......  hard targets, more accountable, staff accountable to us
with some figures cd go along with that but won't go along with
Sop: pt of order are we not honest and ethical
Mayor: MMgr wants to speak
CAO: many of these already started; adding clarity
OCP is all about sustainability
think there's a thread there
really means the transfer of credits between env social economic interests
often have degrading effects on envmt
don't think we're creating a new definition
a lot of interplay around
understand what Cclr VV said but if you attempt to set hard targets in your first year after elected, you set yourself up to fail
sets a broad framework
hope this is more like a living document previous static
changing in 2007, hope to look at quality of life and performance; able to attach some numbers and then look at them
MS: think the doc is a good one, it's more of a vision and .... one, agree not have numbers
agree with Cclr Sop, one thing ev agrees on is that the waterfront major....
C specific ...; five block sea wall a centennial project in 1967
millions of dollars and it's really just a hodge-podge
public really has limited access to that million $ area
change plan and residents wd expect this Ccl to address this
put a C in, after A and B, and open up this area
CAO: intended so friendly amendment
JC: want to agree with what Cclr Sop initiated and Cclr Smith has supported
this Ccl and ccls before hv been talking since 1970s when those lands about $50-70K
know.... commit
to Cclr V, the OCP is mentioned in here
maybe reading too fast, to miss the number that holds us accountable, on nearly ev page, and that's 2008, election year
JF: want to commend staff
since I've been on Ccl ev three years hv come with a biz plan
we've improved it ev year
some goals coming to fruition
achieve ev goal, rarely happens
not completely without influence from other govts, public, and world events
we read and write these with a degree of flexibility and hopefulness
can revise
numbers, can't achieve them
nice to have a biz plan and work hard to achieve it
sust, econ, and envt three goals
expect major variation,, look forward
RD: good statement, don't think it's a biz plan, a corporate plan
unless redefining the word, biz
don't mean to be picky; goals, does a good job
re 13th, point well made
nothing about Upper Lands, is a ref to Rodgers but shd put that in; that part cd be rewritten a bit
some definition of our parks -- 100+ and five/six diff categories
need to protect them more carefully than in past
issue of parks not mentioned at all
CAO: the OCP calls for a devt of an open space and park plan
inventory and categorization was not funded in 2006 and think will come back in 2007
so ... working on
VV: if we're not sure what this doc shd be entitled, Biz Plan or Goal
then if vision, no numbers; then what is this doc for?
what wd ppl think of this if they know it's not something we really want to do
CAO: it's business
goal, report ev year, more than a communications doc
a working plan of what we want to do
include goals; not corp plan but does map...
RD: then put Corporate Plan -- it's social
CAO: if --
Mayor: one of the reasons we're a year into this, Ccl input
sustainability commonly now understood....
our discussion is starting to say.....
this report had the support of the majority of Ccl
look at our watershed strategy,  ... finally now taking shape
I'm not sure any cmnty in the prov has done ....
grapple with taxation
how can we not look at asset management..... partnership with NSh Ms
non-profit societies
really exciting innovative ideas that Ccl can rally around
my understanding that staff really energized with this....
Mr Stuart and I have around ......
now accepted aspects, with appointments made tonight, looking for leadership from ev one of you
of course we'll look at Amb plan --  put that in bold letters
look at Corporate Biz Plan
9.         Alteration Permit 05?026 (4769 The Highway) (File:  1010?20?05?026)
            At the September 25, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated September 13, 2006 from the Community Planner titled "Alteration Permit 05?026 (4769 The Highway)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
Don Milliken: letter circulated; we live opposite
separated from front yard ... to 30ft high
useful screening
what's proposed will change that; a driveway cutting into a signif portion of the hedge
hedge through a major rock outcropping, already received a blasting notice
puts the ctr of the hedge at risk
cd see large portion of hedge displace and wd change our front yard considerably
shift driveway so majority of hedge can remain; needs signif pruning the question is the extent of the pruning
understood wd largely be untouched
look at plans then saw driveway within 4 to 6ft of property line so looks like two thirds of hedge [removed]
expressing concern for hedge there and then on the street
don't think great to move driveway, as part of approval make sure laurel hedge will survive
told hardy but don't know many that wd survive being blown up
David Roberts: live on Pilot House Rd and have done for 46 years
the LC [Lower Caulfeild] guidelines include architectural design -- in keeping with heritage character
rather obscure as many guidelines are
LCAC mtg did nothing to preserve old/heritage house
house was rundown, rodents
no enquiry as to state of house and why it cannot be renovated
engr -- can do anything, just a question of money
our view, no house shd be demolished unless report from surveyor to Ccl must be repaired and not replaced
unless not adhered to Caulfeild will be torn down and be just another NAm suburb
as Tom Taylor wrote: in the 1930s Caulfeild was iridescent with charm
mixture of ppl
over the years this magic and charm have slowly been destroyed
cottages replaced by large [houses]
just a few pockets
but there still is time to preserve the ..... of the hamlet
ask you to think v carefully before you take one more.....
no sigh pays the cost of dignity destroyed and .... lost
never reinstate a village we cared about too late

Simon Gabriel: asked by John Gilbert who cannot be here to read this letter {I have copy and pasted}:
 "Let me introduce myself. I am John Gilbert. I came to Caulfeild 50 years ago, in 1956, when trees still whispered sweet nothings to each other and unpretentious houses all got along. Magical Caulfeild still exists, but mainly in my dreams. I do believe my house actually lives. It is also old, and it sighs in the night. I've never asked it why, but I think I know the answer. The young couple who are happily renting the house next door---the subject of all this hassle--- recently referred to Trollhaugen as "the soul of  Caulfeild".
A rather nice idea, I thought.
4769 The Highway has a checkered past, according to legend. As the story goes, a former owner once trapped herself on the balcony while moon-bathing in the buff on a warm summer's eve. Wally Fern---a volunteer fireman next door---might have provided details, but we'll never know, for he has joined the slow procession to eternity, as have several others recently, leaving Caulfeild poorer for their departure. Ducks in the cove, once at the beck and call of old Stuart Gordon, can still observe me as I devour my peanut butter sandwich upon the balcony of Trollhaugen.. Some things never seem to change.
But change IS inevitable, and if it is not gentle and intelligent in its process, the result can be Hell. Excesses that occurred along Pilot House Road have altered that serene landscape forever and in the process, intruded into the lives of us all.
Recently, the heavy boots of an outside developer have moved across from our fence with a ready-made plan for a large house, the design of which is sadly inappropriate for this area. There is no accounting for taste, but if one cannot legislate good design, one can at least hope for some sensitivity. Knowing how disruptive the operation would be to the neighborhood, how intelligent and considerate was it to design a basement over bedrock? (The swimming pool ploy was clever, I admit. Ask for a lot to get less, isn't that the way it works?)
But really=8Awhy a basement? Six of my [neighbours] live their lives without one.
It's a given, where we live on rock. If their main reason to destroy the peace and upset the delicate balance of nature is to make more money, it's a sad commentary on those involved. The whole plan reeks of a lack of imagination. A gifted designer should be able to create a charming house that fits the character of the area. Or if renovation were to be considered---as is recommended in the Lower Caulfeild Guidelines---a decent designer or architect should be able to work around the present deficiencies of the Danzig house.
Do I resent the intrusion of a group of outside developers, including a gentleman from a far-off land who has no intention of living here, but is simply trying to maximize his investment? Most certainly I DO, for I am an artist and a professional dreamer. I expect [honourable behaviour] from people, and in most cases I have not been disappointed.
Having known disruption so recently, our citizens now shudder to contemplate the latest madness that will take place if the present plans are accepted. They have experienced it all before=8Athe glutted byways=8A the choking clouds of dust=8Athe obscene clatter of machinery=8Athe screeching groans of the steam shovel and back hoe as they smash into unyielding material=8Athe snarling of the compressor and the shrill piper's tune played over and over, before and after each muffled explosion, as countless centuries of rock-once lain quiet---are split asunder, their fissures to be future conductors of water to no-one-knows-where=8Abecause no engineer lives who can predict the future course of water once the integrity of the ground rock has been [breached]. And after the dump trucks have hauled their last load, the staccato sound of nail guns will play their symphony until the "cherry on the sundae", so to speak=8A the incessant din of the [roofer's] ghetto-blaster, thumbing its musical nose at the surrounding [neighbours]. And through it all, our precious animals cringing, perhaps permanently traumatized by the brutal sounds of blasting.
For some very intensely personal reasons, and judging from past experience, I feel I have quite reasonable fears for my home and garden. Two other good [neighbours] have recently experienced horror stories involving changes in their homes and across their property, caused by the imprudent actions of those above them. Sometimes in their zeal to  "improve upon" their own situations, even nice people will inadvertently visit grief on others.
The barbarians are in my back yard=8Aand perilously close to others. They won't be living here and are not the least bit sentimental or caring, because profit is their sole concern. Their smash-mouth policies take no prisoners, and gentle Mother Nature has little defense against their insidious crawl.
To be sure, not all developers wear a black hat. Not all unnecessarily wreak havoc with the land, but those that do must be prepared to have their hand called. We look to Council for protection. You are the custodians of what still remains of beautiful Lower Caulfeild=8Aour last line of [defence].
Ultimately, shouldn't Council be the final arbiters of what is best for all? Rules can be flexible. If they can be bent to grant a variance, can they not be applied in the opposite direction in certain cases for the greater good of a [neighbourhood] and the preservation of this exquisite gift of nature? With this in mind, it seems to make sense for Council to suspend the granting of any permits and place a moratorium upon further construction in order to provide time for an in-depth study of the current Heritage Plan. We must be vigilant=8Afor if we lose Caulfeild now, it will be gone forever!
As caretakers of this one-of-a-kind area, Council has a unique opportunity to preserve this magical corner of the world=8Anot just for the occupants of Trollhaugen and the rest of Caulfeild, but for their children's children and for each and every future visitor.
"Ask not for whom the compressor screams. It screams for thee."
John Martin Gilbert, 4797 The Highway,
West Vancouver, BC, V7W 1J6
Tel: 604-925-1049   Fax: 604-925-9380
e-mail:  HYPERLINK "mailto:johnmgilbert@shaw.ca" johnmgilbert@shaw.ca
website: www.gilbertsworld.com
John's house is on the west and will be the recipient of a lot of ... and a lot of noise

David Manson: speaking also on behalf of my wife, have lived for 46 years
directly across the road
our letters dated..... received; an additional 14.21
each of our letters has registered our concerns that this does not fill the letter or intent of the guidelines
although applicant has limited blasting and...pool
nothing re structural
....heavy dark stonelike exterior
appears as a country estate rathet than a country home
minimizes scale; approp character of site
this proposal makes no effort to preserve concepts est'd in 1988
challenged...  attempts...  disregard
Ccl has asked that Mr Nicholls to respond to my letter of June;  he and Ms Parsons, more than...
although some discretion.... but never rebuilding as this proposal does
my letter of Oct 10; since adoption 1995, have appeared
to challenge repeated violations
regretfully largely unsuccessful
now sev conspicuous bldgs, no relationship to guidelines or surroundings
they'd fit nicely anywhere in WV except in Caulfeild
soon to be others
with adoption of the CH Plan
Ccl has adopted responsibility
we ask Ccl start by insisting applications adhere to the guidelines
rather than windowdressing
letter re dumpsters, etc  -- it's a narrow winding one-way lane...  nearly impossible to turn around
I advised Mr Schultz
ask written [informaiton] where workers' vehicles will be parked, materials be stored
ask for flagman at entrance to The Highway when road is to be blocked
Sop: did you attend the LCAC mtgs?
Ans: yes, the first but unable to attend second
Sop: in second, applicant made substantial changes
then LCAC commended the team for making the changes
in light of what has been said in these letters prior to the second mtg
same concerns still not wanted at all, changes re hedge and pool
Ans: changes largely wrt site, was going to be flattened
changes as a result of the first mtg were to minimize the chgs in the site, retain as much green space as possible
hear continuing concern about the hedge on the north side
our concerns, altho acknowledge applicant has made an effort to modify his site plan, our concerns continue to be with the architectural design -- that in itself does not comply with the guidelines
Simon Grabriel: an inordinate number of docs on this issue, been going on for months...
cmte [mtgs], both of wch have had probs; don't want to slang cmte
we were advised by ccl we cd turn up and make comments; have letter here
we sat through mtg, applicant spoke, mbrs spoke, then voted and once that done we residents allowed to give comments

{Ah, Dear Readers, you know this is one of my pet issues.  Not only was the right for residents to speak taken away, it was relegated to the end of the mtg so any information/facts they had to provide were not taken into consideration by the cmte before voting.  Many ratepayer groups protested, agreed, wanted residents' right restored.  The British Properties Area Homeowners' Assn's President stated obviously Ccl wd want cmtes to have all the relevant details before making their recommendations.  What's the good after the motion voted on?
As I mention in PQP at end of mtg  (see below)-- felt I didn't want to speak during this item b/c not the point -- we were led to understand that LCAC was an exception to all the other adv cmtes and b/c set up for the residents, that they wd be allowed to speak, and to speak to the agenda items.  Maybe in the transition some not sure of rules or previous practice.  In any case, certainly misleading to send a letter specifically inviting neighbours to comment and then relegate them to end and AFTER recommendation to Ccl passed.
Let's see what happens in future and how the new organizational structure will allow for public consultation and input.}

odd; happened at two diff mtgs
so cmte didn't vote on what we had to say at all

{my point}

what reason for letters b/c we haven't been heard in any meaningful way

{exactly; but they can say you spoke.
it's as silly as the limitation to ask only about process and disposition wch in fact has no rationale as part of a cmte mtg, rather shd be asked of staff before or after mtg.}
several issues
you shd be well aware of what we're going through
major -- applicant came to Mayor and Cclr as to how best to approach cmnty
two days later put plans
not till a week after ...  did he come and get any info from them
as with John's letter -- why demolish at all; we have a heritage area, the only one
it's in need of your attn, your protection
4727 Pilot house was built in 1924; when I arrived in 1999 Hasman tried to sell; variance, no one bought; the ppl who bought, built from inside out and it flourishes and lives
my house bought in 1999, built in 1924, mayor's been to my house, acceptable -- live in nice house in nice nbrhd on S Piccadilly 1924 house, Dianne and Ross Sherwood moved out for eight months to renovate
guideline 2 says renovation before demolition
built in 1924 but this devpr wants to demolish
says rotten floorboards, foundations, but two months after coming to LCAC he put a young family in as renters without doing any remedial work at all
how bad [then]?
nothing to say has to be destroyed, that it cannot be remodelled and renovated
says blast
prob with one nbr, remove all the soil and bamboo there, has put some soil and plants back in but now one nbr has a flooded [basement?], b/c water flows
4769 they want to blast basement; already a wet spot on the prop; if he blasts, where will that water go -- to John's house.  Haven't seen a report on that.
Mayor: finish
Ans: finish with Francis Caulfeild
rather than follow grid, followed the natural contour, bear and deer tracks
path of least resistance
so as not to interrupt waterflow
not blasted away as two Hollingworth houses
I appeared before you here in June ... passed Heritage Strategic Plan, and asked what you were going to do
Mr Nicholls said that the L Caulfeild area wd have discussion about what was going to happen
and presumably but I mean hopefully, it's now Oct 16 -- and we haven't heard anything

Eric Nelson: have prepared remarks, but marked up; 4762 The Highway
one side seeks your approval and the other your understanding
the devprs are clearly annoyed b/c tied up by a disgusting and revolting minority
Four of five homeowners adjacent have spoken out
resentment of a process standing solely in the way of their recouping their investment
share a concern about the process itself
this process simply cd and shd work better
look out -- two more homes in last month for demolition
will turn up again and again; ask for a three-month moratorium
until codified both for outside devprs and nbrs
clear understanding of what can and cannot be done
cmte work with vol reps wrt enforcing these guidelines
endorsed but not discussed
hope in future will be adhered to -- will save your time, our time, and save devpr's money
major devprs wd ideally want to get on with their lives
time well spent
have given some thought to how this
broken, can be fixed
two sides; wd be happy to sit with ev side
VV: am I given to understand this construction a commercial interest, not a homeowner
Ans: origins lost in swamps of time
now owned by an outside investment group
made it clear they will not be living here; flipped, concern Trojan horse
VV: real concerns
1926 town planning act prohibiting industrial activity
wonder look at it from that point of view
Mayor: [no debate with public]  Cclr Vaughn your comments most welcome

Mark Thompson: shareholder in the big bad devt company coming into the nbrhd
Mayor: address?
MT: having sold now; 109 Furry Creek
my initial desire was to design for my own self; what difference does that make?
right to..... think that's in the statute
in two cmte mtgs, design of house never brought up but blasting was
6500sf house above ground, currently 4300
blasting is DWV bylaws not more
bought back in Nov, almost a year ago; with the best of intentions went round to the nbrhd with plans, 47 ppl signed a document saying they accepted or wd not hv a problem with our scheme
speaks loudly though most do not come and speak out, usu the minority as in this case and must say they are eloquent
we are only asking for a variance on the garage wch is before you today...
the garage is out of sight; in a regular wd be in rear yard but b/c pie shape ....
laurel hedge gives us the privacy we think it needs; no change for nbrs, cannot see in now and won't see when built
rather than put a garage door we put a lot of effort to run the driveway around to the back of the house so garage cannot be seen from anywhere, even from neighbours'
re Mr Milliken's, believe enough room to move garage so can do that easily
re heritage, I come from a heritage country, recognize heritage; admire some in Vancouver; photos of 67 homes, about half a dozen exist as true heritage homes; much as Westdean Cr,
eclectic, a mixture of homes, have a charm more to do with the layout Caulfeild designed rather than anything...
this house designed is a heritage
suit today's wishes, a timeless quality; unlike other houses that have upset the nbrhd
Mayor: finished?
MT: talk of money; we are a biz; try to do things for profit so can do others and put food in mouths
not dirty, it's an improvement
Mr Danzig, the prev owner, spent some time telling them he cd not renovate; he tried in 1988
I actually fell through the floor
couple in there while their house being renovated in NV
suffering b/c of suffering re basement [???}
Danzig sold b/c he cd not afford to renovate; however given the funds he wd hv torn it down and redevpd it the way we have
Mayor: several things raised; make a motion to receive
[JF did]
Mayor: now a choice to make
JF: maybe some questions; cclr comments to help choose
Sop: been there sev times over past nine years
set upon by residents it's a place of passion
topography, road network, one of the most incredible sites in WV
comments of nbrs sinks in well with me
did see change took place debate in Ccl
when I look at first ..., looked massive and change of character
in my own mind said if that ever came to Ccl wdn't get my support
one of the things evident, is six years of devt and ppl have had to live with that
if to develop, a mgmt plan as to truck parking imperative -- not passable when cars parked
incumbent on M to make sure there's a plan accepted by District to eliminate massive parking by workers, maybe coming by bus
don't see attached here anything more than the layout of the house on the property
did hear Mr Milliken's formidable and prepared to adhere to idea so not
passion of how laid out, don't want to see this major change
even taking old house and fixing it up
lot of ppl don't want change, rocks, change is inevitable
in order to preserve this part of the cmnty we're going to have to adopt new principles, guidelines
future is going to demand much like Clovelly Walk
start revisiting inadequacies; requests looked at; think we shd get a win-win out of this
shd be done on basis, formerly saying to ppl who live in area that we'll dev a strategy to look at new guidelines, no trucks (time of day, maybe), third if as in case of Mr Milliken can hedge be saved; staff shd work with owner and see that is satisfied
in future, diagrams in past, but when we have a decision on a night like this we shd hv drawings model,
cut tree in wrong area, your life!  I've been there
house has been downsized so reasonable and hedge some compromise -- before decision tonight, maybe worked on by staff; leave it as no decision tonight
JF: in terms of design control, to my knowledge Ccl does not have
SJN: some control in a heritage area
JF: Lower Caulfeild
SJN: yes, but not other areas
designed, Dianne Sherwood was chair
guidelines were created by that nbrhd process
one, how much control re improvements, additions whether design guidelines as opposed to materials
and two, who wd enforce
they chose guidelines as they exist and a nonresident body
we have said those guidelines shd be reviewed now, have other priorities, not done earlier this year
JF: who?
SJN: it's a nbrhd plan, will involve consultation with residents
JF: some will have moved away and residents of new homes will be involved
SJN: including some living in homes viewed critically tonight
JF: in fact, however, been approved by the cmte; there are guidelines
one is the garage for tonight
SJN: adv cmte advising approval, it's for Ccl
JF: have sympathy; no one likes to live a lot of --
grand passions
in spite of the fact when I drive, do and have seen nbrhd in transition in last eight to ten years
having a relook at the design guidelines wd be beneficial
except when we sell; that's what limits a cmte; refusing right to demolish and rebuild
ppl who have bought prop and cd do things...
find value of prop diminished so change minds
participate in new design
seems to me, can see no reason; applic says garage can be moved; good sign
house meets with cmte's approval
simply a garage and having it out of sight probably in best interests of nbrhd
some changes -- house colour
in any case, staff have to approve all of these conditions before going ahead so am prepared to approve
SJN: Ccl is aware that all of the drawings 1 - 10 in my pkg not sure in all before [mtg]
traffic mgmt plan is in the alteration permit
provide measures, protection of hedge
involves moving the driveway -- those are in the alteration permit
RD: take it also owners agreed to a number of conditions? removed pool? reduced size of basement?
SJN: yes and permeable materials
RD: involved in guidelines years ago and knew weren't perfect
the act has worked, knew new houses wd be built but at least design controls
the houses that hv annoyed ppl are better than they wd hv bn without the guidelines
area never really had a character, it is eclectic, not houses, rather layout and trees
hate to see change, esp in narrow; not much we can do
4300sf and cd build 6500, looked at existing house yesterday looks like 3500 and built in what I'd say is mock Tudor and this design is same pseudo style
don't like to see things change in Caulfeild, OTOH if adv cmte has accepted changes
already underway, asked staff to tighten up guidelines
diff choices, but going to have to accept
MS: when you drive over the Bailey bridge -- to right, looks more like Whalley than WV
we have to stand up for what WV is
so we must retain character of area and those homes; think we shd defer this
pool withdrawn; what wd stop the owner two years from now installing one; that has to be addressed
we can't do planning in this Ccl
Changes; if moving garage, shd see; shd be addressed
just unfortunate that somebody didn't buy house and try to renovate
think not approve until staff report on some of things brought up tonight
Mayor: Mr Nicholls, what are the implications of a moratorium for three months?
SJN: not sure what authority Ccl has
you can refuse to issue bldg permits that don't conform; not sure
Mayor: allowed quite a bit of latitude
system as we had it does not work; not fault of cmte
partly reason why we've changed structure, not just in Caulfeild nbrhd
do think we need a report back on this design
some changes made recommended
process to amend; was a commitment staff made
particularly in interests
if moratorium not possible, must address; intent not punitive, just... thoughtfully
Sop: we don't have anything in this package but a site map
shd have.......  Secondly, know guidelines
can lay them down but who enforces it
trucks helterskelter when houses being built, not satisfactory
sure owner wd like to have way to resolve this
what is the expectation of the owner?
two months, three months into, nbrs calling cclrs saying we can't live with this
if change, let's get a handle on
it's been six years' worth of ongoing devt in that area
win-win can do a lot of things before get going to set framework
think a staff report before decisions
if owner going to help with Mr Milliken, shd do that
JC: move extend the mtg
Mayor: yes
DONE [to go past 10pm]
JC: have no problem of revisiting the masterplan of the Caulfeild area
wd like to know how long deferring this issue
this applicant is making it under present policy, not possibility moratorium on it
obligation to hear under present policy unless deferral for v short time
JF: two weeks minimum b/c not mtg next week
Mayor: Oct 30
JF: having heard a request for answers, pool down the road
            THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received at the October 16, 2006 Council Meeting to allow Council to make a determination on Alteration Permit 05?026 (4769 The Highway). [Oct 30]
Mayor: enough
JF: report prior
Mayor: will be supporting your motion
the only other, was the Lunters' house; v contentious but the immed nbrs came to support it, a complete change
big diff; an important part
my sense in the broader cmnty think the est and [???] want to be [?????]
v delicate balancing act
hearing from staff how we can do better.

{UPDATE:  as you see, it's not on the Oct 30 agenda so presume the staff report was not ready.  If deferred to Nov 6, that shd be interesting since the Public Hearing for Evelyn Drive was tentatively set for then.}
10.       Development Variance Permit No. 06?042 (2446 Halston Court)
            At the October 02, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated September 18, 2006 from the Community Planner titled "Development Variance Permit No. 06?042 (2446 Halston Court)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
Man: here two months ago; Bof V was rejected
why; questions about roof pitch wch wd mean not have to go to Bd of V
others have same pitch and no problem
deeply concerned b/c affects me
don't understand why this gentleman can't make it work
three came, two to BoV passed
understand lots difficult; I have a v diffcult lot; yard, lot; difficult terrain -- don't believe height variance in front of us when we complied and they can make it work
sorry for rambling
Mayor, laughing: you've made your point two or three times!
Sop: comparison 16.2, 16.4 this 10.66
there's flexibility; is it blocking your view?
Ans: definitely by three and a half feet
my lower level, have chn so to spend time with them, view from there
Sop: house below you considerably?
Ans: yes, and it will affect few
Mayor: Ccl cannot get into a conversation, not appropriate
Ans that's why I'm here today
Architect: John Resah (sp?), project belongs to a friend of mine and client
Mayor; address
Ans: 2338 Chippendale; a bit amazed at some comments
referring to 6 to 12 pitch and the drawings submitted are
not sure what means he's using; pitch is actually 6 to 12
notes, if I alter the pitch 5 to 12, only gaining a foot, done for exercise
not recommended for shingles, and Andrew wd know that  b/c he's a devper himself
garage is at lowest
..don't really see
going on for more than a year; prev at BofV re hardship but not enough votes, two out of five
road is 1060 and ridge 1066, house barely above ground level
Andrew's house, and others, up further; can't see how view impacted it is being described
done all we can re impact on nbrhd; eastern side is more than 10ft above us; 5ft below
JC: photograph, supplied by you?
Ans: yes, some from Jim Bailey {Planning Staff}
JC: I draw a line across the top ridge
1066 ft above sea level
when it passes through next door shows the chimney and two peaks above the line yet this report says it is six feet below
Ans: six ft below us
JC: doesn't look like that
Ans: house on eastern side shd be
Mayor: if questions for staff, direct them that way
JC: thought he cd tell
Mayor: difficult to tell
MS moved:
            THAT all written and verbal submissions, regarding Development Variance Permit No. 06?042 (2446 Halston Court) up to and including the Council Meeting held on October 16, 2006, be received.
MS:  further move staff report; don't know anything about roof pitches so move
            THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received at the October 16, 2006 Council Meeting to allow Council to make a determination on Development Variance Permit Application No.  06?042 (2446 Halston Court).
Mayor: back when report ready
SJN: about two weeks
11.       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4415, 2005 Amendment Bylaw 4489, 2006
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005 Amendment Bylaw 4489, 2006" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
12.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
13.       Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4488, 2006  (File:  1610?20?4488)
            This Bylaw received third reading at the October 02, 2006 Council Meeting.
PASSED [MS left???]
CORRESPONDENCE FOR CONSENT AGENDA [all listed in previous issue]
14.       Correspondence for Action and Information
14.2            M. and A. Ashurst, The Black Dog Cookie House, September 27, 2006, regarding ID system for commercial dog walkers
                    Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
JC: my recolln there was going to be some identification, they didn't like a vest and seems we're insisting on vest and they're getting snagged, getting hot,etc; are we being arbitary?
Mayor; we are; said armbands
RB (DoAS): my understanding NV and our staff discussing other {means of identification}
14.3            N. Butt, September 27, 2006, regarding bylaws and garbage pick-up (File:  1775?02)
                    Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
Sop: intolerable in their mind
woken up with clang in early morning and no response from company about altering position
RB: my understanding staff has had some discussion with company; some changes
not to satisfaction to residents, see if more alterations can be made
Sop: half an hour
RB: to 8 o'clock; staff will be responding with a copy to Ccl
14.30          B. A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation to M. Angus, September 25, 2006, regarding sight lines at intersections
Sop: answered re sightlines from Dozzi
have grown in some places have to come to a dead stop
wonder if time another report back to us
still know of intersections that are dangerous, block views
JC:Police Stn at 13th, and
Mayor Mr Barth?
EB: try to address don't have eyes everywhere
Cclr Sop, let us know and we'll look at them right away, JC too
bylaws-- our budgets don't allow us to re bushes; some
only if not compliance do and bill homeowner
if pressing concern wd not let process take a long time
Sop: I've seen some and mentioned in past
own passion these intersections dangerous
EB: I'm one of those residents; I'll give Brent a call about intersections
CAO: put in Tidings
Mayor: eyes on the street
MS has left, so withdraw
= JF: Fri evening attended WV Cmnty Fdn gala evening
"Mindbenders", history of rock and roll
group dressed, drag them up to stage; what an amazing group of good sports
four area biz men each diff hat doing a rousing rendition of YMCA
presented the chair, Liz Byrd, with a chq for $50K
wonderful, assist them in their fundraising
= JC: last Thursday, monthly mtg of GVRD Finance; half million dollar budget for 2007; passed
come to light there's a debris trap on Fraser River that traps tons of material that comes down
funds nearly dried up; interesting that WV the only M that contributes to that trap
push it, Mayor; challenge the other Ms; where debris comes from
recipients on our beaches
also attended yesterday the 60th wedding anniversary of Jim and Betty McCarthy
Jim's been twice nominated as citizen of the year; quite a couple and quite a gathering
Mayor: congratulations
want to thank Cclr V for being at opening
VV: worked very well
= Mayor: No ccl mtg next Monday, in Victoria (UBCM)
secured mtgs: finance, transportation, sports, culture, tourism, ....
Friday night is our annual civic party
we've changed, opened up who invited this year; 95% participation; expecting 400 other cmnty leaders to join us, without whom we cd not do our job.
CR (sick, and with cold; my coughs etc omitted from this transcript):
Pls excuse my voice.
The Lower Caulfeild debate that you had brought up to my mind something that I hope Ccl will address and perhaps the M Mgr, Mr Stuart, will say that it already has been, I hope b/c there's a draft out {referring to the cmte restructuring/reorganization), but....
Some years ago you might remember ppl were allowed to speak during cmte mtgs before a recommendation was made and I know you do this in Ccl chambers, and then it was stopped, and then it was appropriately said, as I had told ppl that there shd be a division -- there shd be information only and that lobbying or points of view [were to be done in front of] Ccl {ie, not adv cmte} -- and I remember several ccl mbrs, I think Cclrs Soprovich and Day at the time, also felt that information shd come before a cmte made a recommendation.
The reason I bring that up is that when there was a discussion about the LCAC, it was pointed out that that was the one cmte in wch the residents were, b/c it's a different way set up, they were supposed to be able to speak before the recommendations were made by the cmte, so I was quite intrigued when I heard one of the speakers say that they were not allowed and I wondered if it was b/c someone had not understood the purpose of that cmte.
So that was one thing and I know you're going to review the guidelines, and I know it's really important for them to divide between information and opinion, and I'm sure you'll try to make that clear, but then...
so I wanted to bring that up b/c that was not in the guidelines that we were told were supposed to be at that cmte although it had been changed for others...
and perhaps the Mgr cd tell us if he's proposing new -- I'm very excited about the new sets of working groups, etc. -- perhaps the MMgr cd say if there will be provision in whatever the new system is that residents who have relevant information will be allowed to provide that before a recommendation or motion is made.
Mayor: Mr Stuart?
MMgr/CAO: Under the new scheme, there's really three standing cmtes of Ccl and standing cmtes of ccl always have the right if they wish to accept citizen input,

Watch this.
I chose not to debate as it was late, but note he states the right is with Ccl, not the right of citizens to provide information and input or even speak.
Let's see how serious this Council is about 'consultation', 'openness' as heard during the campaign about a year ago and not reality yet.}

and certainly we anticipate that the working groups are going to be a lot more flexible,

{flexible with residents' rights?}

but we will be working with the cmnty engagement cmte

{let's give them input!  but first we have to find out when they meet.  No news on that yet.}

to work out some guidelines so that everybody knows how exactly how that works and we can avoid some of the confusion we've had in the past.

{Yeah, like thinking they can speak but not being allowed to -- as in the case at this meeting, even receiving a letter inviting them to speak and then permitted at end, almost as an afterthought and certainly an insult to the value of their presence and input.}

CR: that's really great to look forward [to].  I just wanted to make sure b/c I heard that anomaly tonight and it was strange b/c that was the one group it was supposed to be functioning in.
look forward to that.
thank you v much

Mayor: M Taylor, thank you for waiting:
M Taylor: on behalf of West Bay Elementary School Playground Cmte to present you with this card signed by all the students of the school to thank you for the funding provided to give us our upgraded playground.
Mayor: Fantastic.  Thank you for all your hard work.
~10:31 == 17. ADJOURNMENT

===  AGENDA Ccl Mtg Oct 30th  ===
2.         Adoption of October 16, 2006 Regular Council Minutes:  To be provided on-table
{Minutes used to be released late or on-table when a week after the meeting -- why late when two weeks???} 
3.         D. Gottlieb-Tanaka, The Society for the Arts in Dementia Care, regarding request for support in principle to establish a Centre for the Arts in Dementia Care on the North Shore
4.         Proposed Geothermal Heating System - 5355 Kew Cliff Road
            THAT installation of underwater and inter-tidal geothermal works in the public foreshore adjacent to 5355 Kew Cliff Road be permitted subject to:
(a)       Installation be in accordance with the report dated August 9, 2006 from Coast River Environmental Services Ltd., entitled 5355 Kew Cliff Road, West Vancouver - Restoration Planting Plan;
(b)       Receipt of confirmation by Transport Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada that the works and specifications meet their requirements;
(c)        Receipt of a signed letter of intent from the owner indicating a commitment to enter into a foreshore agreement once the foreshore policy has been ratified;
(d)       Works on the lot be brought into conformity with the Zoning Bylaw;
(e)       Following the works on the lot being brought into conformity with the Zoning Bylaw, the owner apply for and obtain a building permit for existing works in the "Accessory Area" and "Bank Protection Area"; and
(f)         Receipt of a $10,000 performance security.
5.         Boulevard Encroachment Request (1151 Palmerston Avenue)
RECOMMENDED: ... Request to allow for a hedge and rock retaining wall in the public boulevard be approved.
6.         Development Permit/Development Variance Permit 04?001 (6581 / 6585 / 6587 Nelson Avenue) Renewal Request        
RECOMMENDED: ... be renewed until revoked by Council resolution.
7.         Development Permit 06?046 (5776 and 5782 Marine Drive)
            1.         Notification for Development Permit which would provide for periodic maintenance and re-alignment of dock and float facilities, be waived; and
            2.         Development Permit 06-046 (5776 and 5782 Marine Drive) be approved.
8.         Hollyburn Cabins Non-Family Transfers (File:  1145?04)
RECOMMENDED: report dated October 19 ... be received for information.
9.         Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
10.       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005 Amendment Bylaw 4489, 2006
11.       Development Variance Permit 06-032 Amendment (6836 Copper Cove Road)             RECOMMENDED: ... report dated October 13 ... be received for consideration on Monday, Nov 06, 2006.
12.       Development Permit (for subdivision) Application No. 06?044 (6015 Eagleridge Drive) RECOMMENDED: ... report dated Oct 19 ... be received for consideration on Monday, Nov 20, 2006.
13.       Quarterly Report - Community Centre Construction ...  received for information.
14.       Correspondence for Action and Information
Requests for Delegation
14.1            L. Feil, Executive Director and D. Hopkins, Artistic Director, undated, regarding request for delegation re Mountain Mardi Gras
                    Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
Action Required
14.2            F. G. Smith, October 16, 2006, regarding discarded shopping buggies (File:  1775?02)
                    Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
14.3            Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
        (a)         West Vancouver Memorial Library Board Minutes, September 06, 2006
        (b)         North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues Minutes, August 31, 2006               
        (c)         Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation Select Committee Minutes, April 21, 2006                                            
        (d)         Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation Select Committee Minutes, May 17, 2006
{Funny.  From about five months ago; told they weren't meeting when I asked about them on M's Calendar.....}
14.4            Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Executive and First Nations Summit Task Group, October 12, 2006, regarding available funding for First Nations Regional Community-to-Community Forums
14.5            G. Franklin, October 22, 2006, regarding 2006 Scouts Jamboree on the Air - North Shore
                    Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
14.6            Y. Martin, Chair, Corean Canadian Coactive Society, October 21, 2006, regarding invitation to gala dinner
14.7            H. Schoemaker, Manager, Corporate Relations, Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), October 20, 2006, regarding December 2, 2006, Council of Councils Meeting to Discuss the Review of the Regional Growth Strategy
14.8            O. Hungr, October 24, 2006 regarding Almondel Road Bridge and Blue Bus 253
14.9            D. R. Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby, Oct 20, regarding Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs)
Responses to Correspondence
14.10          B. A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation to K. Bunting, October 19, 2006, regarding Westmount - Sidewalks
14.11          B. A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation to G. Burns, October 19, 2006, regarding Lions' Gate Bridge Graffiti
14.12          E. Barth, Director, Engineering & Transportation to D. and S. Erb, October 18, 2006, regarding Collingwood School - Morven Campus
14.13          R. A Beauchamp, Director/Administrative Services to N. Butt, Oct 18, regarding garbage pickup
Responses to Questions in Question Period
14.14          No items presented.

===     T= HE TWELVE DAYS of HALLOWE'EN  ===
                        (sung with the tune of the 12 days of Christmas)
(Our Girl Scouts used this in 1984)

===  QUOTATION  ===

You do not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harms it would cause if improperly administered.
                        -- Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th US president (1908-1973)