Notes Oct 30
Calendar to Nov 22

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Honour our veterans and commemorate Remembrance Day.
=  MAIN ITEMS November 6th Council Agenda: Presentation (Royal Canadian Legion); 4769 The Highway; 6835 Copper Cove; WV Blvd Maintenance and Encroachment Policy; 1151 Palmerston; OCP/Zoning Bylaw Amendments re Evelyn Drive Area, to be provided on-table; Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Transfer; Mid-Year Review 2006; West Vancouver Police Radio System ($5m? in camera?); Correspondence: Cmnty Tourism Funding
=  UPDATES (WVStreamkeepers, Lighthouse Park Preservation Society); WV WATER (Quality and Supply; DWV Press Release; Water in the City Conference); Calendar to Nov 22nd; INFObit (Xmas, ouch!); Oct 30 Ccl Mtg NOTES (Cabin fees, Cmnty Ctr, Collingwood); Ccl AGENDA Nov 6; Statement from WVPD; Quotations

===  UPDATES  ===

*  WV Police Dept -- stay tuned!  [Just prior to completion of WVM, WVPD statement received, see end]

*  WV Streamkeepers: See activities/meetings Nov 6, 16 (Presentation and Agenda), 18th in Calendar

*  Lighthouse Park Preservation Society News
The Vancouver Natural History Society recently recognized two members of our Society.  Katharine Steig received the Kaye & Charles Ney Award for exemplary service and dedication to VNHS.  Also board member, David Cook, received the Kay Beamish Award for his contribution to nature education.  Even though David is in high demand as an interpretive guide at several locations around the Lower mainland, he has voluntarily led many Sunday afternoon walks in Lighthouse Park.
We are thrilled to announce an art show, "NATURE--LIGHTHOUSE PARK", to be held in January 2007 at West Vancouver Memorial Library.  This show, sponsored by the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society, is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our beginnings, and is open to all Lighthouse Park Preservation Society members.  We anticipate a wide variety of subjects and media, including photography (along with some art by young people -- perhaps "Spiders, Slugs, and Bugs").  We welcome three-dimensional pieces.  Work will not be for sale.  It should be completed by Dec. 2006 and presented framed and/or matted ready to hang.  Please call Marja at 921-3382.
>  TALK (See Calendar, Nov 18th)
>  To become a MEMBER of the Society, please contact Sheena Vennesland at 913-9272
>  Members are encouraged to contribute articles and photographs to the newsletter.  Submissions should be made to Elspeth Bradbury at 926-9390

===  LETTER TO THE EDITOR: WV Water Supply and Quality  ===
    Your readers in the central and eastern parts of WV will not be experiencing the chlorine high that visits us here in the west during rain downfalls at this time of year.  With the Eagle Lake reservoir in the process or refilling, the lake is experiencing high levels of turbidity (inorganic and organic suspended matter).  The tap water from this source has to be heavily dosed with chlorine to offset the risk of water-borne bacteria entering the water system, according to the local medical health officer.  So the District water utility jacks up the chlorine levels as a precaution.  This leads to water smelling like diluted aquatic centre pool water discharging from our household taps here in the western part of the municipality.  Ugh!
    With the high chlorine dosage and the organic matter in the tap come chlorination by-products that pose their own health risk.  The US EPA has banned the use of gaseous chlorine in the treatment of US potable water supplies in favour of chloramine treatments which do not pose the risk to humans that chlorine poses.  But the DFO refuses to allow the discharge of chloramines into the environment in Canada because of the risk to fish populations, so here in Canada we humans are placed at risk, albeit an uncertain risk that depends on cumulative exposure over our life-times.
    Here is where the District's filtration plant construction would provide a benefit in the short and long terms.  By reducing the organic loading down stream of the filtration plant, the chlorine dosage is reduced which in turn reduces both the odour (short term problem) and the risk posed by chlorine byproducts which require organic materials in order to be created (long term health hazard).
    Regrettably, the filtration plant is about a year behind schedule and visibility is lacking as to when it will be completed and brought on line.

***  DWV PRESS RELEASE November 5th, 2006
West Vancouver Monitors Turbidity Levels in Water Supplied by Eagle Lake
West Vancouver, BC:  The District of West Vancouver advises residents in the western area of the Municipality that during periods of heavy rain, elevated levels of turbidity may occur.  The affected area stretches west of Cypress Park and Caulfeild and south to Marine Drive, including Eagle Harbour, Gleneagles, Whytecliff, and Horseshoe Bay.
In response to recent turbidity spikes experienced, the District has minimized the supply entering the distribution system from Eagle Lake, and residents are being serviced primarily by GVRD sources.  Disinfection levels have been adjusted accordingly, and District staff continue to monitor water quality closely.  Residents will be advised of any change to the current situation. This notice is not a general boil water advisory for the general public.
It is noted that the Provincial Health Officer advises all British Columbians with compromised immune systems (such as HIV, organ or bone transplants, chemotherapy or medications that suppress the immune system) to avoid drinking water from any surface water source unless it has been boiled, filtered, or distilled.  Water supplies on the North Shore, Greater Vancouver and, in fact nearly all British Columbia do come from such surface water sources as lakes, rivers, and streams.  This recommendation is emphasized during periods of elevated turbidity.
For more information, please contact:
Patricia Leslie, Communications Manager, Direct: 604-925-4736

Message to those who attended Water in the City conference in September in Victoria:
1.       Members of the Conference Steering Committee are working on the development of a best practices document, building on the ideas presented at the conference. When ready, this document will be widely circulated and will be made available on the conference website www.waterinthecityvictoria.ca. A note will be sent to conference delegates when it is ready, likely next spring.
2.       We are curious to learn about your experiences as you try to implement the ideas learned at the conference, and would encourage you to e-mail us at info@waterinthecityvictoria.ca. We hope to compile this information, use it to build the best practices document and use it as a means to encourage the on-going sharing of ideas and information.
3.       Check it out! The Water Sustainability Project from the University of Victoria's POLIS Project on Ecological Governance has announced the release of Thinking Beyond Pipes and Pumps: Top 10 Ways Communities Can Save Water and Money. A preview brochure about Thinking Beyond was included your delegate package at the Water in the City conference. The full report, which addresses many of the issues discussed at Water in the City, is now available on the organization's Web site at www.waterdsm.org. Contact Ellen Reynolds at (250) 472-4487 or ellenr@uvic.ca for more information.
If you have other questions or comments, please contact us at info@waterinthecityvictoria.ca.
Regards,  Vic Derman, Conference Chair 

===  CALENDAR to Nov 22nd  ===

===  Wednesday Nov 1st
~ 4 - 6pm ~ Police Board Mtg (moved to WV Police Dept Boardroom)
===  Thursday Nov 2nd
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ A Talk with Brent Toderian - The City of Vancouver's new Director of Planning
Venue: SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings; call 291.5100 or email cs_hc@sfu.ca.

===  Monday Nov 6th --  12:30pm  ***CANCELLED/POSTPONED b/c of weather/rain***
West Vancouver Streamkeepers and the T.Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation
Creek Health Survey for Invertebrate Bugs and Photo Opportunity
The T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation is going to film West Vancouver Streamkeepers who will be testing creek water by taking invertebrate bug samples from one of West Vancouver's creeks. The sample will be taken from Rodgers Creek at a pristine site above all developments to ensure the bug count reflects the most natural conditions. The objective is not only to capture a scientific sample, but also to enable the Foundation to record this activity on film.
Please come to the filming site on Rodgers Creek at 12:30 on Monday Nov 6th.  We will meet at the West Vancouver Operations Yard at 12:00 noon (Visitor Parking) and then proceed to the sampling site.  The site is at the junction of the Cypress Bowl Road and the Westlake gravel road to the cabin area. This is just beyond the final switchback and is opposite the proposed Old Growth Conservancy Area.
Should you have any questions on this event, or the location, please call Hugh Hamilton (President) at 922-7828, email: hugheah@dowco.com
WV Streamkeeper Society:  streamkeepers@westvan.ca and phone 604 628 1123

===  Tuesday Nov 7th
~ 3:45 - 5:15 ~ Civic Youth Strategy Working Group (Srs' Activity Ctr, Marine Room)
~ 4 or 4:30pm ~ check to see if FSTF meeting as usual at M Hall -- every Tuesday!
~ 6 - 8pm ~ Opening Reception FERRY BUILDING GALLERY (see Artists' Talk on Saturday)
Exhibit:  ELEMENTS OF SPIRIT -- Nov 7 - 19; Elizabeth Claridge: raku/clay; Melissa Vejins: acrylic on canvas; Aleksander Visnjic-Atza: acrylic on canvas & acrylic ink on paper
~ 7 - 9pm ~  OPENING RECEPTION: WV Museum/Gertrude Lawson House
EXHIBIT:   Winston Elliott: Capturing the Likeness, Nov 7th - January 27th, 2007
     In a career spanning over sixty years, Winston Elliott produced a legacy of portraits, paintings, and illustrations. Captured in his evocative renderings is the spirit of the subjects he portrayed in the decades between World War II and the present day.  At the age of nineteen, Elliott enlisted as a stoker in the Canadian Navy, drawing portraits of his shipmates in his spare time.  His exceptional talent in portraiture advanced his artistic career and he was provided with his own studio in the Naval Art Section in Ottawa.  Elliott was assigned to paint decorated naval heroes and worked alongside official war artist and mentor Grant Macdonald.
     After the war he studied at the Ontario College of Art, graduating in 1948, and then moved to Alberta where his works were first exhibited.  Elliott has resided in West Vancouver since 1957, where he pursued a successful career as a commercial illustrator and  continued to evolve as a painter.  During his career Elliott designed logos for the Canadian Football League and advertisements for both local and national businesses.  Although his works have been shown in galleries and are represented in collections across Canada, this exhibit is his first retrospective.

===  Wednesday Nov 8th
Chamber of Commerce Breakfast (7:30am) at Hollyburn Club featuring:
John Winter, President and CEO, BC Chamber
The Cost of Property Crime on Business
Greater Vancouver is internationally known for its pleasant weather and beautiful scenery.  Unfortunately, it is also known as a region that has an unfavourable climate for crime.  This reputation comes with a cost...an impact on business investment.   What can be done to fight this increasingly serious problem?   Do we have the tools to deal with it?
This month, [the Chamber is] offering members the opportunity to bring a guest along with them at the same member price of $25 including GST. For those [who] do so, we will enter your name in a draw for a chance to win your January breakfast for free. (Please note, there is no December breakfast meeting.)  For details and to book today, please call 926 6614.

>>> Early Music -- Nov 10 -- Visit www.earlymusic.bc.ca or call Early Music Vancouver 732-1610.  Rush seats for students with valid ID on sale for $10, at the door only, from 7pm on the evening of the concert.  Ask about our "Bring a Youth for Free" programme.

===  Saturday Nov 11th -- REMEMBRANCE DAY -- from 10am at Library --
~ 2 - 3pm ~ ARTISTS' TALK at Ferry Bldg Gallery
===  Sunday Nov 12th
 ~ 7:50 - 11am ~ Khatsahlano Road Race from Horseshoe Bay to Park Royal

===  Wednesday Nov 15th
~ 5 - 7pm ~ Chamber of Commerce: Mbrs; Showcase at Steamworks; call 926 6614 for info.
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Library Board (3rd Floor) - WV Library) ; and Board of Variance in Ccl Chambers

Doors will open at 6:30, meeting from 7 to 9:30 at St Stephen's, 885 - 22nd
Pleased to announce that a draft Constitution and Bylaws has been completed for a Society whose purpose will be to help with the protection and management of the Old Growth Conservancy.  As you may recall, West Vancouver Council approved the "Strategy for Protection" for the Conservancy in June 2006, and an important role for this group will be to assist with the implementation of recommendations in the Strategy.
The draft Constitution and Bylaws for the "Old Growth Conservancy Society" -- the proposed name for the Society - was prepared by the working group that stepped forward to undertake this task at the June 27 Conservancy meeting at the West Vancouver Memorial Library.  Four or five volunteers worked over the summer and fall to produce this draft which is available here: http://www.westvancouver.ca/upload/documents/Parks/OGCS_DRAFT_CONSTITUTION_AND_BYLAWS_FOR_NOV_15_2006.pdf
Because of long-standing interest in the Conservancy, you are invited to a meeting to review this draft Constitution, ask questions and help lay out the next steps toward the formalization of the new Society.  Please bring friends, neighbours, and others who you think may be interested.  A broad, multi-interest membership is encouraged.

===  Thursday Nov 16th [See also SFU City Progs end of section]

~ 5:30 - 7:30pm ~ NSh Family Court & Youth Justice Cmte (CNV M Hall)

~ 7:30 - 9:30pm ~ WV Streamkeeper Society Public Meeting
                        St. Stephen's Anglican Church, 855 -  22nd. Street, WV
Streamkeeper Involvement in post-Tsunami Fisheries, Livelihood, and Rehabilitation in Indonesia
A PowerPoint presentation by Matt Henderson, Streamkeeper, on his work in Indonesia
The Business Meeting will follow the presentation and start at 8:15pm
Call to Order, Introductions, Approval of the Agenda; Adoption of the Minutes of the May 18th 2006 public meeting; Business arising out of the Minutes of the May 18th public meeting; Announcements
        Community Adviser - Rob Bell-Irving
        Municipal Report - Steve Jenkins
        Hatchery Report -Elizabeth Hardy
        Nelson/Eagle/ Wood Creeks - Elizabeth Hardy
        Rodgers Creek - Hugh Hamilton
        McDonald Creek - John Barker
        Brothers Creek and tributaries - Michael Ritter
        Cypress/Claymore/Willow Creeks - Barrie Adams
        North Shore Wetland Partners - Paul Berlinguette
        West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society - Ray Richards
New Business: Items and discussions from the floor
Next Meeting - January 18th 2007

===  Saturday Nov 18th  ===
~ 10am ~ WV Streamkeeper Society, PO Box 91166, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 3N6
                Phone:  628 1123; e-mail: streamkeepers@westvan.org
This is the start of the life-cycle of the salmon which we will raise at our hatchery on Nelson Creek.  As in previous years, the staff of the Tenderfoot hatchery (898 3657) in Brackendale, north of Squamish will be gathering brood stock and helping us extract eggs and milt.
This year's target is 400K chum eggs.  This is an exciting albeit somewhat messy operation  but as streamkeepers you  should not miss this opportunity to participate. You will meet other volunteers from West Vancouver and Bowen Island.  Fisheries and Oceans  Canada staff will explain to you this vital step in the salmon hatchery operation .
The EGG-TAKE is scheduled for Saturday, November 18th at 10 AM at the Tenderfoot Hatchery. The operation will take two to three hours and takes place outdoors. In the event of inclement weather dress accordingly. You will find gloves helpful in any event. If you are interested in sharing transportation or participate in a car-pool please contact Hugh Hamilton: 922 7828, email hugheah@dowco.com  or Kurt Peiffer:  922 9109, email: kpeiffer@shaw.ca
If you cannot make it on November 18th, there will be another egg-take for the Bowen Island hatchery. It is scheduled for December 9th at 10AM also at the Tenderfoot Hatchery.

~ 8:30am - 5pm ~  Sea-to-Sky Cultural Forum: Building Cultural Pride, Corridor-Wide
Sea to Sky Hotel, Squamish BC
West Vancouver, BC: The Sea to Sky Corridor stretches from North Vancouver to Mount Currie, including Bowen Island. With a population of approximately 245,000 residents, the region has a rich and diverse cultural sector. Throughout the year, a variety of events celebrate the uniqueness of each community.  Recognizing the value to be gained through greater collaboration, particularly with respect to opportunities presented by the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, a cross-section of community leaders have met to explore coincidental interests.
The result was creation of the Sea to Sky Cultural Alliance, a collaborative initiative with the purpose of stimulating engagement in cultural experiences throughout the region.  The Alliance is now looking to expand and build broader consensus on the benefits of collaboration and actions for moving forward through a "by-invitation-only" Sea-to-Sky Cultural Forum on November 18, 2006 at the Sea to Sky Hotel in Squamish from 8:30am until 5:00pm.
The Forum itself will be hosted by Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Mayor of the District of West Vancouver and Max Wyman, Mayor of Lions Bay and will feature inspirational speakers, including Jane Milner, Assistant Deputy Minister to Stan Hagen, Minister of Tourism, Sport and the Arts, and Joan McIntyre, MLA West Vancouver-Garibaldi,
who will articulate activities throughout the Corridor and bring greetings from the provincial government; representatives of the Alliance for Arts and Culture in Vancouver; the Okanagan Cultural Alliance; and the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Committee will share their relevant experiences and recommendations.
The Forum will build upon work undertaken by inaugural participants in the Sea to Sky Cultural Alliance, including:
> preliminary identification of common goals, issues and interests 
> recognition of key challenges and opportunities
> benefits of collaboration
For event background materials and detailed schedule information,  please contact Heather Sharpe at 604-984-2767. 

~ 2pm ~ Lighthouse Park Preservation Society Talk at WV Library (Peters Room)
Brian Herrin & Karen Roitberg: "Spiders...it's true -- the two fastest-running species in the world live in West Vancouver"
There will be a general membership meeting before each talk.

===  Sunday Nov 19th
~ 10am - 3pm ~ WV Craft market at the Srs' Ctr

===  Tuesday Nov 21st
~ 3:45 - 5:15pm ~ Civic youth Strategy Working Group, YAC; at Srs' Ctr
~ 4 or 4:30 ~ FSTF??
>>>  SFU City Programme: Nov 16; 17-18; 22
= Thursday, November 16
~ 2 - 3pm ~ Bing Thom: The Making of Central City and Beyond
        Venue: Theatre 2600, SFU Surrey, Central City, 250 - 13450 102nd Avenue, Surrey
        Seating is first-come, first served; reservations are not required.
        See: http://www.sfu.ca/city/PDFs/BingThomlecture.pdf
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ UniverCity: The First Seven Years
        Venue: SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings, Vancouver
        Reservations required: Email cs_hc@sfu.ca or call 604.291.5100
= Friday-Saturday, November 17-18
~ 9 - 5:30pm ~ Urban Design: Planning for Transportation and Accessibility
$575; cohort: $510 / CITY 790
Streets have a vital role in place-making. Successful streets in any community balance their requirements to move people and goods, connect buildings and public spaces, and create settings for civic life. How can urban transportation policies and streetscape design help us achieve better, more livable cities and communities? Topics covered will include a brief overview of current regional transportation plans and the city-wide transportation planning context; planning and design issues for transit, cars, cycling, walkability, parking; and transportation demand management. The course will also cover the inter-relationship between transportation and built form in various-sized communities, an introduction to neighbourhood traffic calming, and transit-oriented developments. Case studies from small and large communities will be used to help explore competing demands for road space, including access, linkages, urban design and public realm issues. Instructors: Tamim Raad, MA (Planning), MCIP, Program Manager, Urban Showcase, TransLink; Joanne Proft, MA (Plan), MLArch, MCIP, Senior Project Planner, TransLink; Moreno Rossi, MBA, MCIP, Senior Planner, Urban Transportation Showcase, TransLink; Gary Vlieg, MSc, PEng, Manager, Road and Infrastructure Planning, TransLink; Lon Laclaire, MEng, PEng, Strategic Transportation Planning Engineer, City of Vancouver.
= PHILOSOPHER'S CAFE: Wednesday, November 22  ~ 7pm ~ Fuels Rush In
Energy crisis? We've heard that one before. So what's the future of cheap gas in an Age of Terrorism, Peak Oil, Climate Change, Fat Kids and SUVs? Where can and should we be heading with the global energy system? Guest-Marc Jaccard, Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University.

>>> KAY MEEK CENTRE  -- Visit www.kaymeekcentre.ca or phone 913-3634 for events.

===  INFObit  ===
just hate to include this b/c it's too early to think about Christmas but this toy is absolutely incredible.  On TV Nov 2nd and you can look it up at www.toy-testing.org.
FLY PENTOP COMPUTER --  LEAP FROG  Ages 7 - 12 years
Learning has never been this exciting! Children and parents are amazed by the potential of this smart, pen shaped mini-computer. Just draw a calculator and you're ready for math; draw a keyboard, and you are ready to play your favourite music; or, write a message, and the pen will read it back to you. There are games, music making programs, puzzles, a calculator mode, a task scheduler, and many more exciting activities. The pen comes with detailed directions, a case, and a pad of the dot-matrix paper required by the pen (additional paper can be purchased separately). Additional cartridges (sold separately) can be purchased to enhance the pen. A fabulous way to add enjoyment to learning!

===  CCL MTG NOTES Oct 30th  ===   [Cclr Sop absent]
1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Added 8.1 FSTF extension of term; some correspondence
2. ADOPTION OF MINUTES  Adoption of October 16, 2006 Regular Council Minutes.
      To be provided on-table
{Wd really like to know why the minutes were not available within a week as they used to be -- this is two weeks and not ready until actual meeting.  How can anyone see if quoted correctly?  More on this is a future issue after reviewing them.}
Mayor: Before delegation, welcome to new Fire Chief Jeff Oates
Were expecting home in Lower Caulfeild tonight but b/c some nbrs not able to attend, not tonight [will be next week].
3.         D. Gottlieb-Tanaka, The Society for the Arts in Dementia Care, regarding request for support in principle to establish a Centre for the Arts in Dementia Care on the North Shore
DG-T: two centres planned; who are we?
ten int'l known academic scholars; exec bd of six mbrs; three associate orgs, looking for more orgs to join us
establish ties worldwide and since started now a branch in Perth, Australia, as well as other parts of Canada
already have support in principle from CNV and DNV; what do we want from you?
a letter of support for the idea; by collaboration on grant applications led by the Society; alerting about possible sites for proposed ctr
just looking for a small place right now to hang hats, have an office
Contact: info@cecd-society.org and www.cecd-society.org
providing dementia care; right to live in dignity; interdisciplinary
early to moderate dementia, don't stay there, not a longcare facility; interact with art/reminiscent therapists
Dr Dalia G-T and Dr Nancy Mackin
WV is known as being one of the most creative
corelation between physical well-being and [artistic???]
JF: many wd not be near
not a long term facility
ppl over 85, one out of four will get dementia, 72 diseases, one is Alzheimer's
can't all be in facilities and many wd like to care for them at home
what are we going to do with them?
2021, over 600,000 with dementia in Canada
I'm a baby boomer, Nancy's not there yet
I want to have a good quality place to go to when still at home
dance therapist
place between practical and academic world
place to do research
place for families
place they can show their artwork
Exhibition of Dementia and Creativity three years ago display of their artwork at FBG and over 3000 came
on Canada Day over 400 in line to get in
suddenly realized this topic back of mind of many ppl
occurred to me many wondering what's going to happen to us and our loved ones
arts are crucial in communication
in my research on Alzheimer's, know even if all memory gone we can still sing; and can come back if encouraged in a creative way
Mayor: met earlier, think it's a natural fit with our new health space at cmnty ctr (art and recreation)
refer to staff
JF made motion, added support in principle and referral to staff
Mayor: early days but seems like an eminently sensible thing to do.
thank you for your time tonight.
4.         Proposed Geothermal Heating System - 5355 Kew Cliff Road
[did not catch man's/owner's name]: wd like Ccl to waive (f) [see motion below]
I've already engaged in a v expensive project and employed an envtal consultant and engage contractors who have more than $10K in insurance shd anything go wrong
this is one home; take ocean heat and bring into my home
Mayor: is security related to retaining walls coming into compliance?
SJN: we'd be enforcing compliance so don't think that
make sure properly installed
CAO: if for some reason not completed, then send staff in to complete
usually a letter of credit
VV moved:
            THAT installation of underwater and inter-tidal geothermal works in the public foreshore adjacent to 5355 Kew Cliff Road be permitted subject to:
(a)       Installation be in accordance with the report dated August 9, 2006 from Coast River Environmental Services Ltd., entitled 5355 Kew Cliff Road, West Vancouver - Restoration Planting Plan;
(b)       Receipt of confirmation by Transport Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada that the works and specifications meet their requirements;
(c)        Receipt of a signed letter of intent from the owner indicating a commitment to enter into a foreshore agreement once the foreshore policy has been ratified;
(d)       Works on the lot be brought into conformity with the Zoning Bylaw;
(e)       Following the works on the lot being brought into conformity with the Zoning Bylaw, the owner apply for and obtain a building permit for existing works in the "Accessory Area" and "Bank Protection Area"; and
(f)         Receipt of a $10,000 performance security.
VV queried; SJN said it cd be a draw down
5.         Boulevard Encroachment Request (1151 Palmerston Avenue)
Man: somebody turned in, presumably owner
piece of paper I got from M, read it and it sounded reasonable
then on this, somebody has made up Page? owner of prop?
this prop and the diagram he has on this form has no relationship!
if he wants to build, he builds on his prop or next to his prop line
he's got down here, shrub hedges -- never seen 12ft or more high
these are trees and cannot be pruned
Mr Barth has been up and seen it, 32 trees and Mr [X]  has since taken out trees
40 inches or more into the lane, not on his prop; 9.8ft; can't have; impossible
I've measured from facts, not just from facts
he's got a picture here, this hedge is not conforming to your bylaw [waving paper], right there
why to Ccl, nothing wrt what he's doing
I was not notified of this; wdn't hv come here but just found out by fiddling and asking
as of a week ago, it was not passed to be moved in and lived in
Mr O'Meara checked while there; and he's been living there almost since the beginning of the year with no permit
SJN: a policy Ccl deals with re planting of hedges outside of the prop line
distances primarily designed for streets; this is a lane
they put in rock walls and large cedar trees, we found location and species inappropriate
trees to be removed replaced by hedge material? not sure, b/c staff looking after this
are these just recently?
Ans: removed from the front of house, half to Palmerston
the ones at the back -- 12 to 16ft, that's how planted
SJN: the house here before, hedge was further out; there's a context placed in
also concerned about a fence not there rebuilt but further out
Mayor: is it our blvd policy that applies here?
height to be low, not block sightlines
SJN: distance re travel portion of road
stem is to be 9.8ft from travel
ranges from 3 to 6ft and some was existing hedge
location of retaining wall is within about a foot of where
the owner is here...
Derek Page: 1151 Palmerston; I brought along a diagram, hope it's large enough for you to see
prior to my building, here's the hedge [pointing], existing tree [here], and existing hedge -- westerly boundary
error I made in construction, hedge all along, DWV asked me to remove and I did, consulting with [DWV staff]
came to a plan; continued to retain these trees
these trees are further from the lane than the link fence was
part of the discussion was due to the fact that many of the hedges along the lane -- so wd be different from others
SJN: explain where that hedge is located
DP: [points] here, and bamboo hanging over
now mine [shows slide] rock hedge quite a few feet off so greater passage
this portion has western red cedars, 6ft off the lane, further back that others existing on the lane
JF: who uses that lane? reasonable access?
SJN: yes, as originally planted not appropriate, trees not hedges; now like rest of lane
extension of the paving so believe adequate, Engg Dept has been out
JC: won't move approved, move denied
Mayor: no seconder.......for discussion?
MS: have to have motion for discussion
staff report
JF: I'll move approval...
at a loss to understand the concern
MS: do we not have a policy to notify nbrs if something on agenda adjacent to their prop"
CAO: normally Clerk's does
SJN: not aware of anything other than the application
MS: shd hv a policy, other than running to this Ccl
other than this man discovering something that might affect his prop
VV: we seem to have a lot of this; we have a bylaw
Mayor: this is not a bylaw, it's a policy
VV: nbrs think the same; shd hv a policy -- nbrs
have policies or bylaws and we constantly create exemptions
perhaps review bylaws and policies so not asked for exemptions
if we have an endless stream of exemptions, not a fair way of going about our biz
like to do, reasonable for nbrs
wd not like this kind of thing to come over and over
defer for a week is progress
I'd like to have things that comply so we don't generate attitude you can always get another foot or two
look fwd to reaching the point where we don't allow these exemptions
CAO: was anticipated that WV residents wd occupy the blvd and maintain them
this is a good example, someone as a result gone ahead and done something they didn't know they cdn't do; get a complaint and then staff have to look at policy
if Ccl wish to defer to get more info, we will bring back process for blvd
primarily blvd, made sure not impacting nbrs; different re lanes
JF: notification is good idea
one reason we're here is wrt exceptions
policy is for cmnty but responsible to allow for variances and must come to Ccl
if policy that cd deal with every variance not here, but we're here b/c of variance
we're told that the hedge will guard not driving off or falling into the prop -- not further out than prev prop
most in WV like our hedge-y M, hundreds throughout the cmnty and as long as not blocking sightlines, residents seem to like them
JC: seems wrong angle; not so bad b/c not so large an encroachment; others shd trim theirs back
otherwise going round in circle
MS: Mr Stuart has made a good/sensible suggestion
I must admit, the staff report looked good so I shirked my duty and didn't drive by; give everyone time to visit it; I move a defer for a week
Mayor: discussion on deferral?
SSch: can be subject to request
Mayor: wd like to have the blvd policy; really does encourage residents to maintain and enhance that interface between the roads and their property; and that's a delicate balance; sometimes ppl go too far and that's what's at issue, I think
SJN: bylaw is in draft form
when first drafted drove down 15th St and realized most did not comply
so put a clause in proposed bylaw that staff cd take into consideration what was already on the street, terms of context and approve variances from the bylaw provisions
bylaw not adopted so those variances we bring to Ccl
Mayor: I probably get a call a week about something going on in some lane that ppl are concerned about so notification is a good idea; back next week
6.         Development Permit/Development Variance Permit 04?001 (6581 / 6585/ 6587 Nelson Avenue) Renewal Request 
RECOMMENDED: ... be renewed until revoked by Council resolution.
7.         Development Permit 06?046 (5776 and 5782 Marine Drive) (File:  1010?20?06?046)
            1.         Notification for Development Permit 06-046 (5776 and 5782 Marine Drive) which would provide for periodic maintenance and re-alignment of dock and float facilities, be waived; and
            2.         Development Permit 06-046 (5776 and 5782 Marine Drive) be approved.
SJN: provincial land; various marinas, etc, use under water lease for moorage of boats
years ago Ccl designated all the marinas as designated mandatory permit areas
meant upland portions
envtal and design control of buildings, areas abutting foreshore
didn't take into consideration docks and floats but there are no exemptions
this is nothing to do with rezoning
just to make sure work takes place in an envtally sensitive manner; saying for docks and floats will be referring to DFO and if approval received, don't believe DWV will impose additional envtal constraints
Reason is that Thunderbird will be doing some work -- removal of fill, dredging, adjusting after looking at market, providing larger moorage places -- but we're talking about replacement of dock;  we regulate with zoning bylaw saying waterlots can be used during construction
MS: what notification are we waiving; who are we supposed to notify?
SJN: if a Devt Permit (for a bldg), normally ppl within 50 or 100 metres so cd view plans b/c wd be siting and design
MS: this cd have a potential large impact b/c proposal reducing slips from 800 to 575 -- means 225  boaters looking for elsewhere -- good luck trying to find it
at least boating cmnty shd be notified; I keep my small boat there

{oops!  then perhaps some sort of conflict of interest???}

noticed steady trend to turn into large yacht basin, looks like turning into that
when history is a small boat harbour
shd notify that 225 slips going to disappear, let chips fall where they may
SJN: Mike Fifer (Piper? cd bit hear owner's name) and Mark Sager are in the audience
Mayor: if Ccl has any questions, that wd fine
sorry, missed opportunity to provide any comment in advance of our discussion
any questions?

{v interesting.  Right now the stated policy is that the public are not allowed to speak once Ccl has started debate.  Good to learn they are flexible b/c public then allowed to speak, see as it continues...  There shd, however, be some sort of policy or guideline or point of order so it's not apparently random or at whim.}

CAO: if DP is for protection of env or siting, fine; reducing slips do not fall within the DP arena
M might find itself in a difficult position
inconsistency -- may not be able to reduce slips; if Ccl taking exception to that, may not be able to do that

{Well, this depends if it's viewed the same as parking spots wch often are required according to a formula (a certain number) in Zoning/bylaw.  Has anyone checked if the marina's establishment specified the number of slips -- just as some restaurants or offices have to have a number of parking spaces?}

Mayor: think his question is that this is a change and why wd we waive notification
RD: on Cclr Smith's question to Mr Sager, apparently he's prepared to speak to that
Mark Sager: 5751 Seaview Place, one of the neighbours of Thunderbird Marina
and Mike Defiefa {sp? cdn't clearly hear the owner's name}
in fact those slips are vacant, it's a realignment
docks in state disrepair; anyone attending there wd see that they're in need of repair
no question must be updated, been there since--
Owner: 1968
MSager: they're done [for]; window of opportunity, got senior govt approval, and it's now [opp]
notification of nbrs, and I'm one of them
Heinz Investments other ppl who own prop across the street, they're 100% in favour
and if I look at the 100 metre notification
wd affect v few ppl; wd think you'd have complete support
Mayor: have you notified those in the slips?
Owner: a couple of years ago sent out notice some time ago (months?) that changes are coming
how laid out still somewhat in the air
wd never do something to hurt our customers, happier clients are happier we are
In our opinion, this is a technicality
notification of clients will come once we finalize layout -- we're reacting to the market
we're not telling the market where to go, we have vacancies and this is the right time
Sager: analogy, same as a restaurant, changing table or seating arrangement

{hm.  Yes, it's true that there's no jurisdiction over changing the tables or seating in a restaurant but the zoning does/can specify the number of seats in a restaurant (it relates to parking spots).  As a matter of fact, a previous restaurant there, Ocean, I think it was, had to apply for the number of seats.  Up for debate at the adv cmtes were 50, 75, and 90.  The nbrs objected b/c there's little space for parking there and it impacts them (as did traffic, smells, noise, etc).   I think they settled on 55 and it certainly wd be the case that they wd hv objected if more allowed.  In this case, however, the number of slips is being reduced therefore presumably fewer parking spaces needed so that wd not be a problem.
What Ccl might have a say in, is if it was specified as a 'small' boat marina -- then does that definition conflict with 'yachts'?  And if the District can't plan for a certain number of small boats, or the mix it wants to see of S, M, L, should it be able to?
Layout also obviously is up to the owner as long as he stays within the waterlot and regulations.}

agree with CAO, beyond this Ccl to comment on, even if it had an impact, wd be outside M's jurisdiction
Mayor: thank you for sharing that; it was about notification
CARRIED with Mike Smith opposed.
8.         Hollyburn Cabins Non-Family Transfers (File:  1145?04)
            THAT the report dated October 19, 2006 titled "Hollyburn Cabins Non-Family Transfers" be received for information.
 Catherine Rockendale: prez of Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Assn
you're in possession of letter; attached letters; hours and money spent to meet DWV's
..... whose transfer was blocked on the Oct 2nd motion and Jackie Swanson
Assn supports that each cabin on its own merits; support report
cabins not uniform in conformity
concerned recent motion to freeze will undermine good will; respectfully request Ccl lift the freeze
Mayor: any questions?
JF: attended the Hollyburn meeting...
able to reveal the costs for those who have maintained?
Ans: the range differs depending on the cabin; in the area of $15K - 35K
significant rainforest, we've had our family cabin for 50 years, rot if you aren't continually upgrading and maintaining
many cabins have not had the repairs so have required roof replacements and significant repairs
this is a one-time investment in terms of bringing the cabins up to [snuff??] ---so can be preserved
maintain this heritage, part of history
those of us who support and have maintained have seen this as of value
JF: report states that "...[reads]..."
question rigidity of rules that repairs have to take place before transfer can take place
just possible the transferee has put $20K into repairs and then Ccl decides not to allow transfer
leaving DWV with possible legal/financial liability
CAO: cause a problem, cd look at changing the procedures
new permit holder cd enter into agreement to make repairs in certain time or face cancellation of permit
that cd be done, has come about recently
Mayor: motion to receive
Ccl may wish to entertain lifting the freeze
our staff and cabin owners have gone through three years -- determining standards and when not reached; pretty tight time frame, pretty successful, entered into in good faith
if b/c Fiscal Sustainability Task Force change, needs to be, that can happen
these leases extend to 2009 anyway so from my POV, reasonable to lift the freeze
good work, established; largely good b/c of work by Bill McCuaig, and Catherine Rockendale, thank you; Cclr Smith, your motion to make
MS: I move receipt
Mayor: those in favour?
-- oh, sorry, now discussion
MS: nice to think we can have discussion
Mayor: always
MS: take a minute, shd review this whole question of these cabins
I seem to be portrayed as the villain by freezing transfers
what happened is that staff brought this to the FSTF, not just senior staff but staff at all levels including the office here as something they wanted us to look at b/c they clearly felt the interests of the WV taxpayers were not being properly attended to
and in reading this report, quote a couple of passages, excellent report by Mr McCuaig:
In the mid1990s, a detailed review of permits was done with HRA, concern by staff that permit transfers eventually approved by the District were being negotiated and sold at increasingly inflated rates prior to transfer approval
analysis of the permit holders at this time indicated over 80% not residents of WV
a staff recommendation to substantially increase the permit fee was rejected by Ccl
Fast forward to his analysis of permit fees and charges
in 1991, fee for cabin permit to occupy was ~$140; over past 25 years, now risen to $340, permit holders pay M land taxes wch range from $150, to $250 in 2006
Prior to 2004/6, comprehensive inspection and permit renewal programme and administration costs within Parks Dept were relatively low however from the fall of 2004 that workload has increased significantly for at least three members of staff with no corresponding increase in capacity to carry out the work  [funds/staff]
He concludes by saying that during the period of analysis of M financial issues by the Fiscal Task Force, there's been some discussion of potential to realize more revenue from this source; the current fee structure, and these are Mr McCuaig's words, is quite low by any measure; was recognized ten years ago but it was the opinion of Ccl at that time that the fee shd not rise
Clearly, you can see some of the frustration we've had on the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force (FSTF), when we see our staff clearly frustrated b/c Ccl at the time did not properly deal with M assets
shouts right through every word of the report
don't know if the leases will go to 2009, I've heard conflicting stories on that
but the bottom line, is I have nothing against the cabins on Hollyburn Ridge but we also have to recognize they're sitting on M land and as such taxpayers have the right to have an expectation of a fair return, fair for the taxpayers and fair for the cabinowners, no question about that
clearly this fee needs to be examined and I leave it up to Mr Stuart and staff as to how we're going to get from this $340 figure to something that might make some economic sense
CAO: if Ccl wishes we take another look at model, and in particular ensuring revenue reflects costs, staff cd report back with options wrt revenue and fees for the cabins; happy to do that, simple motion

{revenue neutral, economic sense?  Obviously a lease ought not to be held or renewed by a permit holder who allows the cabin to fall into disrepair thus requiring substantial amounts to restore, when it wd hv bn less to keep maintained.  Or maybe the fee shd include funds so that the M does the maintenance.  In any case there are lots of ways to make sure that cabins survive, part of our heritage as Catherine Rockendale says.  Most taxpayers wd probably not mind if the rate is not actually market value for WV residents, but do mind if it's not only way below and subsidized plus having to pay staff salaries to oversee as well when a few might expect a financial return on such a M asset.  Perhaps there cd be a portion of the fee that cd be allocated to restoration of the Hollyburn Lodge, a heritage structure we all want to preserve and is an amenity for the cabinholders and visiting residents as well,}

KPike: I'd like to note, but when knew Ccl not increasing, it was not necessarily fees, but in early 2000s our biggest concern was the deterioration of cabins
we're in middle of consulting with HRA, now reaching an end, reaching a conclusion; don't want to lose that process we've been going through despite the fact we want to look at administration, revenue, and fees
I brought that to Ccl and it was soundly disagreed with
JF: possible to lift the freeze and at the same time look at the fee structure
CAO: look at this in an expeditious manner; lift freeze but don't want to go on for years
don't want to introduce an element of uncertainty; invested in cabins
wd not be inapprop to lift freeze, and Mr Pike cd look at that; we cd sit down with HRA and report back in three months; is that fair?
KPike: fair, hoped a shorter time, but that's better
want to look at legal; want to work with HRA; but we sign agreements with each permit holder
RD: rescind the freeze re transfers and as you suggested, consult with HRA -- correspond with what Mr Stuart and Mr Pike said
CAO: and wrt who's doing the repairs
JC: key paragraph, that freeze affects repairs; rescind freeze and
VV: freeze approp while we look at structure
may reinstitute freeze while we get our financial house in order
looking for a breakeven situation so taxpayer not burdened with this
don't know wch is worse for cabinowners
take their chances with Fiscal Task Force
don't think we have to have a freeze while we consider the funding
maybe a warning; don't want them to trust things will go on as before
if cabinowners do understand that, then wd be amenable to lifting the freeze, couple of months till end of year so nec repairs can take place
Mayor: all mbrs of Ccl are looking fwd to Fiscal Task Force reporting out
bit tricky to deal with all of the things you know
another reason, warrant for lifting the freeze and providing direction but when you [FSTS] do report your thoughts will be able to be phased in
things can't happen overnight
Ccl will want to consider diff models or revenue streams as they compare to one another
not sure best way to make public policy
hear what's coming from the Task Force and I appreciate that
I believe best way to address any of this is in collaboration with cmnty
CAO: wrt Cclr Day's comments, suggest rescind freeze on nonfamily transfers, consult with HRA, report back on administration and revenue options by end of Jan 2007
MS: the intent of the motion we made [earlier] was not to freeze the cabin transfers in perpetuity but to serve notice that the whole question was to review transfers/fees and we were awaiting a staff report; I wd support this motion; happy to lift freeze and eagerly await report from staff
CAO: In fact, Oct 19 report makes reference says freeze pending report to Ccl
Added item:
8.1 Term of FISCAL SUSTAINABILITY TASK FORCE (FSTF) extended to Nov 27
9.         Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence [10 - 14]
JF: pull 10
MS: not any short report on Cmnty Ctr, wd think public wd want
Mayor: yes; I'd like to speak to 14.1 and someone from gallery 14.9 [she means Collingwood 14.12]
10.       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005 Amendment Bylaw 4489, 2006
JF: maybe mbrs of public don't know to have a fireworks display must have a permit from the M -- bring up so they know
11.       Development Variance Permit 06-032 Amendment (6836 Copper Cove Road)             RECOMMENDED:... received for consideration on Monday, November 06, 2006.
12.       Development Permit (for subdivision) Application No. 06?044 (6015 Eagleridge Drive)             RECOMMENDED:...received for consideration on Monday, November 20, 2006.
13.       Quarterly Report - Community Centre Construction
            THAT the report dated October 20, 2006 from the Deputy Director, Parks and Community Services titled Quarterly Report - Community Centre Construction be received for information.
Josie Chuback: construction progress
overview, also four reports, status re devt cost, budget, budget breakdown; budget in April this year; chart also opp for next budget (costing being done right now) on drawings being done with design -- will come to Ccl to see design/on budget
trades contract summary; savings b/c of having project mgr, working with consultant
major partner, Coastal Health, separating out those costs
also Youth Band and Cafe -- will be recouping their costs over life
expecting to be complete if no surprises by end of 2007, moving in in 2008
MS: next quarterly report will be an opp to make decision wrt Srs Ctr and Pottery Studio?
hoping you'll bring the biz case for adding a pottery studio instead of an indoor golf clinic or glassblowing; wd like to see it
JCh: pottery studio was identified as one of the areas
all have been located out to Gleneagles during construction
space had been designed but connected to Srs' Ctr ??????
MS: the Band is supposed to spend $1.6m for their space, how going?
JCh: not had a written report, working with XXXX,
all feedback is optimistic and hope to finalize arrangements in next three weeks
MS: when can we expect this long-awaited capital report? how we're going to fund this $39M
RL: have scheduled workshops with Ccl
CAO: a number of proposals, allowed some flexibility
not can we pay for it, just what options
don't have to address for 2006 budget but have to for 2007
JC: we have about a dozen satellite facilities -- how's attendance shaping up?
JCh: attendance more positive than anticipated than planned
so been able to sustain participation...  and pottery, so distantly removed
JCh: don't have numbers, not sure 100% of transfers but v successful
JF: when Ccl made decision to scale down by postponing things such as connection with Srs' Ctr
thought might take place at at same time; poss to make connection
when you come forward with next report, what bldg costs if able to build at same time or as an addon later on (wch wd be more costly) want to know how much more if delayed
if some amazing person in our cmnty, windfall, won lottery, it is possible to donate to M
JCh: the costing we're having done right now
wrt connection to Srs' Ctr, can look at opp and delay or if not enough money to do
JF: and if someone so inclined willing to assist
JCh: plant the seed?
JF: what to do with $5m, tax receipt?
JCh: a legacy
Mayor: exciting part is the governance
cmnty more involved in how it's run
a parallel process so ready when it opens; perhaps can be part of next report
thank you for the innovation
14.       Correspondence for Action and Information [total list in previous issue]
Requests for Delegation
14.1            L. Feil, Executive Director and D. Hopkins, Artistic Director, undated, regarding request for delegation re Mountain Mardi Gras (File:  0055?01)
                    Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
Mayor: I'm not entirely comfortable with inviting ppl as a delegation asking for $10K.  They came last year
CAO: cd be referred to grants cmte; wd be approp to change motion to delegation to grants cmte
KP: talking about that; will have some other ideas
Mayor: motion?
SSch: for the amendment
Mayor: referral to?
KP: perhaps to Ms Matheson [Cultural staff]
wd like to flush other ideas out at same time.
JC: referral to Finance cmte; this function is in Feb
DONE (referral)
Action Required...
14.12          E. Barth, Director, Engineering & Transportation to D. and S. Erb, October 18, 2006, regarding Collingwood School - Morven Campus
Mayor: issue of what was proposed and now withdrawn
Douglas Jamieson (sp?): 85 Glengarry Crescent
became active about a week and two days ago when aware residential area to parking lot
now paying attn to DWV website
went through Variance Bd; saw it wd be on Correspondence
mbrs of cmnty present here strong support for what we believe is inappropriate
Glenmore became private school about 1988
preceded my time, was in diapers at that time, don't know if anyone on Ccl was around at that time
{yup, as I say in PQP}
that school seems to have morphed into a secondary school
astounded about parking in nbrhd, cdn't take dog for a walk
stunned at arrogance for a private school toward us/the nbrhd
Transportation and Engg Bd hv done a lot of good work and policing parking issue
one, parking issue; second worried about increased footprint
about buying prop, suspected it was for parking; ignored us
petition of 65 ppl submitted to school and to you our dislike for this plan
and the school said not something we had to worry about, assured us in writing
so when Mr Dozzi's letter arrived, we were naturally angry
and the decision to meet on a rainy morning at 8:30am with two working days' notice angered us further
nonetheless the entire nbrhd to a man, 100%, either had a letter or was there in person that morning to express disapproval
we don't feel a parking lot on residential prop enhances what for us is the biggest investment I'm ever going to make in anything
Third is school itself
have a copy of the bylaw here -- a couple of things that concern me
not sure that the school occupies 40% of the surface area, I think it occupies more
that's one of the bylaws
supposed to provide offstreet parking not less than one parking space for each teacher and nonteaching employee plus one parking space for each ten students
not sure they're doing that either
big thing that's important and we've spoken this evening about bylaws
[8:40] we have a school here that's restricted
[bylaw] reads: shall not exceed 600 students at any time
fairly blatant; headmaster admitted to me they have 710 students
reducing wd reduce parking need; why not apply the bylaw?
and then a parking lot -- displays arrogance
see letter withdrawing turning residential into parking lot
Mayor: thank you for coming this evening.  Mr Barth?
EB: I can comment wrt parking
the intention was not for this to be a permanent parking lot; stemmed out of complaints about impact on cmnty re parking, school events, etc
discussions re moving students to other campus
in discussing this with the school, even if they were able, the next day, cd we expect the cmnty to put up with this so idea of a temporary parking lot came up
intent was to see if any cmnty support for that proposal
found out v quickly no support for that proposal so staff will not proceed; school retracting the request for parking
wrt zoning bylaws, defer to Mr Nicholls
SJN: bylaw does mention 600 when school proposed initially
we expect a letter back re 710, how many at any time, plans to reduce that
Man: disturbed by that, "at any one time"; the bylaw says anytime
this bylaw allows 600 between 8 and 1pm and 600 between 8am and evening
believe 600 enrolled students, getting around that deceitful
certainly wd like that policy notification
Mayor: can't think of a single nbrhd that wd tolerate a parking lot in a residential zone
certainly you wd have been warned
believe you're mtg; believe Collingwood is also dealing with how many students they have and needs
JF: when not in diapers, I was on sch bd
certainly numbers were one of the conditions
remember hdmaster saying that as a private school they cd forbid them to drive to school
for some time they did have buses; don't know if they still have
isn't just private schools, public schools same problems
as a school trustee, met sev time with ppl around schools to get cars off streets.....
don't know if any of these ideas, Glenmore, meet what happens today to try to alleviate
something we cd put into
JC: as you know I chair the school traffic cmte, with sch bd, and at our last mtg we had a rep of the sch bd attend and he heard from police and bylaw enforcement
inordinate amt of time attending schools; they're hearing it from everybody
VV: if non-compliance, then look at footprint etc
if school has grown too large then signif to deal with; even if complies; not comfortable
not happy bylaw officers spending inordinate time shd be billed back to schools
not fairly tolerant with non-compliance with bylaws until we finally have a whole nbrhd of ppl unhappy
want to catch these before that reached so not faced with that next time.
hope we can be thorough so not faced with this next time
[Pam left; RD took chair]
MS: Mr Jamieson didn't live in the nbrhd at the time
so give you a brief history
leased in early 1980s, was going to be closed; nbrs did not want a boarded up school; so Sch Bd negotiated lucrative arrangement; leased it to Collingwood for five years then they bought it
at the time we put limits
JF was correct
also was to be K to 12, obviously Grade 4s don't drive
that was commitment, wd bus them, mothers weren't going to drive
parents meet at Pk Royal and then they'd take bus up to school
b/c a highschool now, that's exacerbating the problem
Collingwood shd comply with the max number of students for the school
shd comply with the original intent
orig agreement students attend via buses, not priv automobile
somehow this seems to have collapsed like a pricked balloon
that was the intent,  Ccl F was on the Sch as was I
original intent is not being carried out and that's what needs to be carried out
Mayor: wch we will do
CAO: staff have been dealing with this to address the parking
parking bylaw infractions, numbers have just come up and we will follow up on that
as well as site coverage
RD: fortunate to attend dedication for the expansion of Kiwanis Lodge last Saturday
on 21st St, 75 units for seniors, subsidized housing, quite beautiful
rooms spacious and comfortable, ppl love it
orig Kiwanis Lodge plus new bldg and room yet for another extension to the north
come a long way providing housing for seniors and want to thank Kiwanis for good work it's done over the years
attended by number of dignitaries, Mayor came over from a Police Bd mtg, and MLA Ralph Sultan was there plus Kiwanis members
great achievement, 21st and Gordon
Mayor: thank you, outstanding
JC: Gordie McLennan Dep Fire Chief jumped over fence and saved a lady in her 80s
at great personal risk; had he been injured he wd not have been covered by WCB
so much for the four-man truck thing
Mayor: Cmnty Engagement Cmte met this morning, Cclr F, V, and I
{The agenda was outside the Hall door so I wrote a letter, in next issue asking why no notice.}
staff lead to match with; each cclr taking on a portfolio
operate with a template, guidelines Mr Stuart will supply
plan circular to ev home so cmnty understands what we're doing so opp to become involved
goal to have appointments in place in Nov; meet for first time in Dec
how far we've come to totally reinvigorate and innovate; know we're being watched; Ms and other administrators interested
thx for open mind
re UBCM I'll provide a written report for next week;
met with ministers: Finance, Solicitor, Tourism Sports, Arts, Transportation, etc..... successful mtgs will report next week
spent time on Legacies now
in prep for day long Thursday to get our Spirit Cmte up and running
a week away but time well spent
thank you Cclrs Clark, Smith, Vaughn, and Mr Stuart for participating
CR: Good evening, Editor WV Matters
I think that I can get away and then there's something that comes up that I have to say somethng about, I'm sorry
[A]  Cmnty ctr, really great, you've got a quarterly report
noticed the CAO said there wd be a workshop on how to fund it, what you're going to do; so I wondered if this workshop wd be open to the public
Mayor: I'll ask Mr Stuart to respond
CAO: prelim workshop with Ccl, generate a number of options then come forward with public report

{Oh, Dear Reader.  Again I decided not to debate.  Of course workshops, mtgs, cmtes, are supposed to be open to the public according to the Cmnty Charter.  Just b/c it's a 'preliminary' workshop does not change the status and shd be open as well.  When will Ccl get serious about 'openness'??? Will anyone want actions to match words and promises?}

Mayor: decision absolutely part of budget deliberations; plan to kick off in Nov
CAO: that's correct
CR: you anticipated my next question b/c usually -- tyvm -- the information is out for the groups by then
[B] the second is that it was v interesting to hear about the limitation of the students at Collingwood to be 600
Cclr Day and I were on Ccl when that came to Ccl -- and I remember that condition -- that was about all there, Mr Nicholls and Ms Scholes of course were there
what occurred to me with that is that you--
SJN, laughing: switched to electricity since then
CR: yes, right
Mayor: might need a little renewal
CR:  I came up in my walker! :-)
yes, you're right, the problem is with all the schools so that's not unusual
but what struck me is that at the time, when someone said, it wd be limited to 600 students and from K to 12. there were ppl who expressed the opinion that this probably wd not continue
Now, I know that the bylaw officers are really very busy looking at parking and parking tickets and things like that and I appreciate those comments, but one of the complaints that I know you've heard and even cclrs have made is that often our bylaws are really good but are not regularly and thoroughly enforced and I know a few years ago one of the ccls reduced the number of bylaw officers so I think you shd look at that but the second thing, it occurred to me that it wdn't occur to most ppl what the enrolment was at a school to see if it was being complied with
so there are probably other things like that
wdn't require someone who's going around giving tickets
so when you're look at your bylaw enforcement wch I understand you might be doing b/c of this it wd be good to see if ppl are checking up
b/c this is not the first time a condition for a devt or rezoning has been ignored and it v rarely comes to the attention of anyone
[C] the third question I have is wrt Heritage Week
I've been involved with that since 1989, with Mr Nichols and all the rest too
it is the third week in Feb, starts on the third Mon of Feb, and earlier this year, the Mtn Mardi Gras came, as you said, and asked for money and I pointed but that's on the same day that you have your ceremony and you give your heritage awards
and I resisted getting up the other week when the Volunteer Festival ppl came and said they're having their Volunteer Festival at Park Royal on Sat Feb 24th, wch of course is the [very] day that you have your ceremony for your Heritage Awards
I have spoken with them in meantime and they were unaware of it of course and Park Royal (wch is where I've had the Heritage Fayre on the Sunday b/c you have the ceremony on the Sat)
[Park Royal said] we have the fayre on the Sun, so we gave them Sat
anyway to cut the story short, the NShore Social Services wants the Sat b/c the hours are longer
and I've been talking to staff and I'll be talking to Ccl too
What we're going to try to do with your agreement and permission and cooperation and coordination is rather than have something that competes, maybe have something that we can cooperate and do something together so they don't have to change theirs and we don't have to change ours
but it does mean -- I want to let everybody know the third Monday in Feb every year is the beginning of Heritage Week, and we have our ceremony usually on the Sat
so I look fwd to that
I just wanted to bring it up in case somebody forgets
wrt Mtn Mardi Gras AND b/c nobody mentioned it for the Volunteer Festival
Mayor: tyvm
CAO: quite often I hear these comments about bylaw enforcement
I want to bring forward a report to assure Ccl we have increased bylaw enforcement officers and we've dramatically increased revenue and we've dramatically increased the number of tix we've issued
we don't have the resources to literally have staff driving around the M looking for potential infractions of bylaws; we tend to rely on complaints
this last exercise wrt parking is a good example, sometimes when the spotlight is turned on, something gets raised
and in this case the headmaster says they have 710; that's too many and so we will be following up on that
Mayor; tyvm
CAR: didn't mean it as a criticism re bylaw enforcement
Mayor: thank you v much, Carolanne
CR: wanted to explain
Mayor: thank you; motion to adjourn
9:05  17.  ADJOURNMENT
===  AGENDA Ccl Mtg Nov 6th  ===
3.         V. MacGregor, President, West Vancouver (BC/Yukon) Branch 60, Royal Canadian Legion, regarding Presentation by Royal Canadian Legion re Veterans' Week November 5 - 11, 2006             REPORTS
4.         Alteration Permit 05?026 (4769 The Highway), Further Information for Consideration of the Alteration Permit
            This item was deferred from the October 16, 2006 Council Meeting.
            1.         The Council report, Further Information for Consideration of the Alteration Permit", dated October 27, 2006, be received.
            2.         The Alteration Permit 05-026 (4769 The Highway) be approved.
5.         Development Variance Permit 06-032 Amendment (6836 Copper Cove Road)
            At the October 16, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated October 13, 2006 from the Community Planner ... for reference.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions, ... be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED:   THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions...
RECOMMENDED:   THAT the Development Variance Permit ...  be approved.
6.         Boulevard Encroachment Request (1151 Palmerston Avenue)
            This item was deferred from the October 30, 2006 Council Meeting.
Additional Information:
1.      District of West Vancouver Boulevard Maintenance and Encroachment Policy; and
2.      Boulevard Guidelines handout summarizing current policy and the 2003 Draft Boulevard Maintenance and Encroachment Bylaw provisions.
            THAT Boulevard Encroachment Request (1151 Palmerston Avenue) to allow for a hedge and rock retaining wall in the public boulevard be approved.

7.         OCP and Zoning Bylaw Amendments re Evelyn Drive Area
            To be provided on-table.
8.         Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Transfer - #244 (File:  1145?04-244)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the non-family transfer of Cabin #244 be approved as per the Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy, Clause 20(b).
9.         Mid-Year Review 2006 (File:  0860-01)
1.  Council receive the 2006 Mid-Year Review; and  2.  The Review be posted to the District web site.
10.       West Vancouver Police Radio System (File:  2900-01)
 THAT Council authorize the conversion of the Police E-COMM Class B Shares to Class A Shares.
{Will this cost taxpayers $5m? Was it decided in camera?}
11.       Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
12.       Development Applications Status List (File:  1010?01)
13.       Correspondence List
Requests for Delegation --  No items received.;  Action Required  --  No items received.
No Action Required (receipt only)
13.1 Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
     (a)    North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee Minutes
     (b)    Board of Variance Hearing Minutes (File:  2310?02)
     (c)     Fiscal Sustainability Task Force Minutes:  August 15, 2006, August 22, 2006 and September 5, 2006
13.2 T. Lester, October 20, 2006, regarding Ferry Building addition (File:  0545?03)
13.3 Staff and Students of Saint Anthony's School, October 16, 2006, regarding Remembrance Day Service on Friday, November 10, 2006
13.4 D. Bourque, National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, October 16, 2006, regarding Moratorium on Post Office Closures and Rural Delivery
13.5 R. Sultan, MLA, West Vancouver-Capilano, October 23, 2006, regarding Community Tourism Funding Programs
Responses to Correspondence
13.6 K. Pike, Director, Parks and Community Services to M. de Jong Westman, October 25, 2006, regarding Park Consultation and Communication
13.7 Responses to Questions in Question Period -  No items presented.

Thank you to Chief Constable Scott Armstrong who has provided this statement:
     On Saturday, November 26, 2005, Cst. Alford was driving on Canada Way at Kensington Ave in Burnaby when she rear-ended another car.  The Burnaby RCMP were called to the scene and Cst. Alford was asked to provide two breath samples.  Readings of .21 and .22 resulted and she was charged with Driving Over .08. 
     As a result of this charge, on December 20, 2005, I reassigned her to a desk job in the Information Services Section and remains in this position today.
     On January 25, 2006, Cst. Alford pled guilty in open court to Driving Over .08. Her licence was suspended for twelve months and she received a $600 fine. 
     On April 5, I filed a report to the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (the OPCC), which included the facts of the case and the disciplinary measures instated. After reviewing the facts and disciplinary measures, the OPCC closed its file on this case in mid-April.
     Those are the facts surrounding Cst. Alford's drinking-and-driving charge.  Now I will talk about her promotion.
     On August 10 of this year, Cst. Alford competed in a promotional competition, which could result in her being promoted to Corporal.  The competition is open to any police officer with three or more years of service. 
There were three qualifying elements to this process, which include:
          A written exam
          A sergeants' panel, consisting of nine sergeants who interact with the candidates on a regular basis.  Candidates are judged on a set list of criteria.
          The last step is an in-depth interview with three Staff Sergeants who submit a rank ordered list of the top ten candidates.
     As a result of this competition, Cst. Alford placed number 2 on a list of 10 officers who are eligible for promotion. There is no promotion at this point and that list will remain in effect for 3 years.  When a position becomes available, Cst. Alford will be one of the candidates considered for promotion.
     Lisa Alford remains professional and dedicated to her job. She is highly respected within the department, despite her poor judgment shown last November. She is a respected and contributing member of the North Shore community and is one of the lead officers in the Law Enforcement Torch Run fundraising efforts.
     One of the issues that has been brought forth is: why would we promote an officer who is has been found guilty of a criminal offence?
     When an officer is charged with a criminal offence, I am required to investigate the offence and consider appropriate consequences pursuant to the B.C. Police Act.  The penalties under the Act can range from a verbal warning, additional training, counseling, suspension without pay and dismissal.  I must also consider an officer's service record; the likelihood of repetition of the offence, and how the officer accepts responsibility. 
     As the Chief of Police, I take my responsibilities to my department and to the citizen's of West Vancouver very seriously.  I am also governed by section 19(2) of the Police Act which stipulates:
"If the disciplinary authority considers that one or more disciplinary or corrective measures are necessary, an approach that seeks to correct and educate the police officer concerned takes precedence over one that seeks to blame and punish, unless the approach that should take precedence is unworkable or would bring the administration of justice into disrepute."
     I should note that the Police Board does not get involved in operational decisions.  All disciplinary measures taken in this matter were solely my decision.  I advised the Police Board and forwarded my decision to the Police Complaints Commissioner.
     I will quote the response from the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner:
"It is clear that you carefully considered all the relevant mitigating and aggravating factors and, in my view, the discipline imposed and actions taken were both appropriate and adequate.  Accordingly, our file will be closed and the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner will take no further action."
     In summary, Constable Alford has shown remorse, regret and due diligence since November 2005.  Her unblemished record before the incident and her professionalism after the incident convinces me that she will continue to be a benefit to our department and to the community in which she serves.
Scott Armstrong

===  QUOTATIONS  ===
The satiated man and the hungry one do not see the same thing when they look upon a loaf of bread.
                -- Rumi, poet and mystic (1207-1273)

God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.
                -- Jacques Deval, writer and director (1895-1972)

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.
                -- Albert Schweitzer, philosopher, physician, and musician (Nobel 1952)