Calendar to Nov 28

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Veterans' Week Nov 5 - 11  --  Honour our veterans and commemorate Remembrance Day.
great turnout at ceremony, Library, and Legion.  Such fascinating ppl you meet -- such as Arthur Holmes who was a POW in Singapore for three and a half years.  He and other heroes still among us.  Speaker at WVHS about WW1 VC winner.  On TV we heard that there were three WW1 veterans left in Canada.  Two, one 105 and the other 106, were at the ceremony in Ottawa.
Openings/Receptions last week: Ferry Building Gallery (wine $3 a glass) with interesting pottery; GLH/WV Museum's Winston Elliott Exhibit (crowded, but not b/c wine free, rather b/c excellent paintings by a WV artist).
=  MAIN ITEMS on Sp Ccl Mtg Agenda Tuesday Nov 14:
        OCP/Zoning Bylaw Amendments re Evelyn Drive Area [available at mtg only!]
Correspondence -- lack of notice/openness, see letters wrt no notification about a mtg for a cmte that's to decide what citizen involvement will be!!!; second week with no links to minutes and letters
UPDATES (WVPD); Calendar to Nov 28th; Nov 6th Ccl Mtg NOTES (LCAC, Ev Dr, Cabin Transfer, Mid-Year Review, no choice for WV re E-Comm but why in camera when $millions?, Minutes/Correspondence not on website); Sp Ccl Mtg AGENDA Nov 14 (sanitized ccl mtg minutes, Ev Dr, Correspondence again not available, Cmte mtg re governance held without notice);  INFObit (Antifreeze kills pets!); Quotations on War

===  UPDATES - WVPD  ===

November 6th, 2006 -- MAYOR'S STATEMENT RE WVPD
The following statement was read by the West Vancouver Police Board Chair, Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, at the November 6th Council Meeting:
As the civilian oversight body to the West Vancouver Police Department, our Police Board is dedicated to supporting the Department and the community we serve.
As Board Chair, I will be consulting with the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner tomorrow to determine whether any further follow-up is advisable.
No further comment would be appropriate at this time as other processes may ensue based on consultations with the Police Complaints Commissioner.  The integrity of these processes must be preserved and members of the Police Board will not engage in communications that might prejudice those processes or the work of the Commissioner.  The Police Board is committed to communicating to the community, and will provide updates on this matter when appropriate.

November 10th -- Statement from Police Board Chair
West Vancouver, BC:  Yesterday the Police Complaint Commissioner, Dirk Ryneveld, Q.C.,
announced he has ordered an external investigation into matters at the West Vancouver Police Department.  The investigation will be conducted by Vancouver Police Department Inspector Rollie Woods.  "The Police Board and Chief Constable Armstrong have assured the OPCC of our complete support and cooperation" says Police Board Chair, Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones.  The Police Board and Chief Constable Scott Armstrong are confident that this process will be thorough and fair.
 The Police Board will await the results of the external investigation and, ultimately, any subsequent decision or direction of the OPCC.  Since an investigation has commenced, it is not appropriate for the Police Board or the Department to make further comment at this time.  "The Board respects the process and we will protect the integrity of the investigation and the best interests of the community" says Mayor Goldsmith-Jones.  The Police Board will make additional comments when it is appropriate to do so.

November 11th -- A few comments re WVPD from WVM Editor:
Please note that my highlights sent out just after the Nov 6th mtg to the ebroadcast list had the Mayor's Statement read at the beginning of the mtg.  (Full Nov 6th Notes in Section below.)
Some facts to consider.
Grant Churchill retired in the fall, and Scott Armstrong became acting Chief from that time (his official/ceremonial installation, wch I attended at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr, was in March).
Drinking at the station occurred during Grant's and Ron Wood's tenures.  It obviously continued until the Alford incident at wch time Scott terminated the practice (while he was still Acting, ie before he was Chief).
FYI, from a Police Board watcher:
It is interesting that the Police Act indicates that all Board meetings must be open to the public except for those *portions* that must be held in private. In other words, it appears that the meeting must start as an open/public meeting and then move in camera. Holding the entire meeting in camera seems to be beyond what the Police Act permits.
WRT alcohol in M facilities, liquor was served at both opening receptions I attended last week, one at FBG. the other at the WV museum.
What has not been made public:
= Did the Mayor or Police Board know police drank at the station after work (as a cclr I did not know)?
= If told Alford had been drinking, why wd no one ask where or with whom?  is that an incomplete investigation/report?
= Were the Mayor or the Police Board told that Alford had been drinking at the police station with superiors?
If not, why not?  If they were not told about the circumstances surrounding the drinking that preceded the DUI incident, why did they themselves not ask?
If so, what did they do about it?
= Do the Board and Mayor have a policy wrt drinking on premises?
If not, why not?
If so, what is it?
= Who made the decision not to include where Alford was drinking in the report to the province?  and why?  (Think about the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.)
= If bars have been held somewhat responsible for allowing a patron to drive drunk (and found partially liable when an accident occurred), what does that mean for the financial exposure of the WVPD or DWV?
What is incomprehensible to me:
Why did no one stop Alford from driving by taking away her keys and calling a taxi or offering to drive her home.  At .21 it must have been noticeable.   Why didn't she ask?  Did all refuse?  Or did someone spike her drink and set her up?   She didn't look, act, or speak as if intoxicated so no one was worried?
 I've always found Scott and any policeman I've met as utter gentlemen whom I would trust and if I were about to do something foolish, wd know that they wd gently steer me away from any trouble.  I can't imagine a fellow officer, let alone a superior, wd not care enough to try to protect her.  Is Alford stubborn? did she refuse any help?  has all this been leaked by someone envious of her No 2 position re promotion?  rivalry? revenge? misogyny?
For the moment, it is probably best to wait until the investigation has been completed and to read the report before having a position.  What to do may become clear once we have more answers.
Let's keep our eye on the buck.
Now that WV has had all these lemons thrown at it, let's get to work on the lemonade (not shandy).

Nov 13th: Victoria's Police Chief, Paul Battershill, has been appointed "discipline authority" in the external investigation.

===  CALENDAR to Nov 28th  ===

===  Tuesday Nov 14th
~ 4:30pm ~ the intrepid FSTF meets at Hall
~ 7:30pm ~ Talk at the Library (Peters Room):
Daniel Francis will take you on a motoring tour via words and pictures along the Trans Canada Highway with his entertaining and historical new book, A Road for Canada: the Illustrated Story of the Trans Canada.

===  Wednesday Nov 15th  ===
~ 5 - 7pm ~ Chamber of Commerce: Mbrs; Showcase at Steamworks; call 926 6614 for info.
~ 6 - 9pm ~ another in the Jane Austin film series at the Library (Peters Room): Bride & Prejudice [yes, B]; discussion moderated by Julie Backer.
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Library Board (3rd Floor - WV Library) ; and Board of Variance in Ccl Chambers

Doors will open at 6:30, meeting from 7 to 9:30 at St Stephen's, 885 - 22nd
Pleased to announce that a draft Constitution and Bylaws has been completed for a Society whose purpose will be to help with the protection and management of the Old Growth Conservancy.  As you may recall, West Vancouver Council approved the "Strategy for Protection" for the Conservancy in June 2006, and an important role for this group will be to assist with the implementation of recommendations in the Strategy.
The draft Constitution and Bylaws for the "Old Growth Conservancy Society" -- the proposed name for the Society - was prepared by the working group that stepped forward to undertake this task at the June 27 Conservancy meeting at the West Vancouver Memorial Library.  Four or five volunteers worked over the summer and fall to produce this draft which is available here: http://www.westvancouver.ca/upload/documents/Parks/OGCS_DRAFT_CONSTITUTION_AND_BYLAWS_FOR_NOV_15_2006.pdf
Because of long-standing interest in the Conservancy, you are invited to a meeting to review this draft Constitution, ask questions and help lay out the next steps toward the formalization of the new Society.  Please bring friends, neighbours, and others who you think may be interested.  A broad, multi-interest membership is encouraged.

===  Thursday Nov 16th [See also SFU City Progs end of section]  ===
~ 4:30pm ~ FSTF still meeting according to DWV website....
~ 5:30 - 7:30pm ~ NSh Family Court & Youth Justice Cmte (CNV M Hall)

~ 7:30 - 9:30pm ~ WV Streamkeeper Society Public Meeting
                        St. Stephen's Anglican Church, 855 -  22nd. Street, WV
Streamkeeper Involvement in post-Tsunami Fisheries, Livelihood, and Rehabilitation in Indonesia
A PowerPoint presentation by Matt Henderson, Streamkeeper, on his work in Indonesia
The Business Meeting will follow the presentation and start at 8:15pm
Call to Order, Introductions, Approval of the Agenda; Adoption of the Minutes of the May 18th 2006 public meeting; Business arising out of the Minutes of the May 18th public meeting; Announcements
        Community Adviser - Rob Bell-Irving
        Municipal Report - Steve Jenkins
        Hatchery Report -Elizabeth Hardy
        Nelson/Eagle/ Wood Creeks - Elizabeth Hardy
        Rodgers Creek - Hugh Hamilton
        McDonald Creek - John Barker
        Brothers Creek and tributaries - Michael Ritter
        Cypress/Claymore/Willow Creeks - Barrie Adams
        North Shore Wetland Partners - Paul Berlinguette
        West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society - Ray Richards
New Business: Items and discussions from the floor
Next Meeting - January 18th 2007

===  Friday Nov 17th
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Teen movie night @ the library [Ages 13 - 18].  Bring your friends to a night of great cinema organized by the Teen Advisory Group. Refreshments provided.

===  Saturday Nov 18th  ===
~ 10am ~ WV Streamkeeper Society, PO Box 91166, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 3N6
       = ;         Phone:  628 1123; e-mail: streamkeepers@westvan.org
This is the start of the life-cycle of the salmon which we will raise at our hatchery on Nelson Creek.  As in previous years, the staff of the Tenderfoot hatchery (898 3657) in Brackendale, north of Squamish will be gathering brood stock and helping us extract eggs and milt.
This year's target is 400K chum eggs.  This is an exciting albeit somewhat messy operation  but as streamkeepers you  should not miss this opportunity to participate. You will meet other volunteers from West Vancouver and Bowen Island.  Fisheries and Oceans  Canada staff will explain to you this vital step in the salmon hatchery operation =2E
The EGG-TAKE is scheduled for Saturday, November 18th at 10 AM at the Tenderfoot Hatchery. The operation will take two to three hours and takes place outdoors. In the event of inclement weather dress accordingly. You will find gloves helpful in any event. If you are interested in sharing transportation or participate in a car-pool please contact Hugh Hamilton: 922 7828, email hugheah@dowco.com  or Kurt Peiffer:  922 9109, email: kpeiffer@shaw.ca
If you cannot make it on November 18th, there will be another egg-take for the Bowen Island hatchery. It is scheduled for December 9th at 10AM also at the Tenderfoot Hatchery.

~ 8:30am - 5pm ~&= nbsp; Sea-to-Sky Cultural Forum: Building Cultural Pride, Corridor-Wide
Sea to Sky Hotel, Squamish BC
West Vancouver, BC: The Sea to Sky Corridor stretches from North Vancouver to Mount Currie, including Bowen Island. With a population of approximately 245,000 residents, the region has a rich and diverse cultural sector. Throughout the year, a variety of events celebrate the uniqueness of each community.  Recognizing the value to be gained through greater collaboration, particularly with respect to opportunities presented by the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, a cross-section of community leaders have met to explore coincidental interests.
The result was creation of the Sea to Sky Cultural Alliance, a collaborative initiative with the purpose of stimulating engagement in cultural experiences throughout the region.  The Alliance is now looking to expand and build broader consensus on the benefits of collaboration and actions for moving forward through a "by-invitation-only" Sea-to-Sky Cultural Forum on November 18, 2006 at the Sea to Sky Hotel in Squamish from 8:30am until 5:00pm.
The Forum itself will be hosted by Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Mayor of the District of West Vancouver and Max Wyman, Mayor of Lions Bay and will feature inspirational speakers, including Jane Milner, Assistant Deputy Minister to Stan Hagen, Minister of Tourism, Sport and the Arts, and Joan McIntyre, MLA West Vancouver-Garibaldi,
who will articulate activities throughout the Corridor and bring greetings from the provincial government; representatives of the Alliance for Arts and Culture in Vancouver; the Okanagan Cultural Alliance; and the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Committee will share their relevant experiences and recommendations.
The Forum will build upon work undertaken by inaugural participants in the Sea to Sky Cultural Alliance, including:
> preliminary identification of common goals, issues and interests 
> recognition of key challenges and opportunities
> benefits of collaboration
For event background materials and detailed schedule information,  please contact Heather Sharpe at 604-984-2767. 

~ 2pm ~ Lighthouse Park Preservation Society Talk at WV Library (Peters Room)
Brian Herrin & Karen Roitberg: "Spiders...it's true -- the two fastest-running species in the world live in West Vancouver". There will be a general membership meeting before each talk.
>>>  SFU City Programme: Nov 16; 17-18; 22
= Thursday, November 16
~ 2 - 3pm ~ Bing Thom: The Making of Central City and Beyond
        Venue: Theatre 2600, SFU Surrey, Central City, 250 - 13450 102nd Avenue, Surrey
Reservations are not required. See: http://www.sfu.ca/city/PDFs/BingThomlecture.pdf
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ UniverCity: The First Seven Years, SFU Harbour Ctr
        Reservations required: Email cs_hc@sfu.ca or call 604.291.5100
= Friday-Saturday, November 17-18
~ 9 - 5:30pm ~ Urban Design: Planning for Transportation and Accessibility [Details in last WVM issue]
= PHILOSOPHER'S CAFE: Wednesday, November 22  ~ 7pm ~ Fuels Rush In
Energy crisis? We've heard that one before. So what's the future of cheap gas in an Age of Terrorism, Peak Oil, Climate Change, Fat Kids and SUVs? Where can and should we be heading with the global energy system? Guest-Marc Jaccard, Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University.

===  Sunday Nov 19th
~ 10am - 3pm ~ WV Craft market at the Srs' Ctr

===  Tuesday Nov 21st
~ 3:45 - 5:15pm ~ Civic Youth Strategy Working Group, YAC; at Srs' Ctr
~ 4:30pm ~ FSTF still soldiering on......

===  Wednesday Nov 22nd
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSh Task Force on Substance Abuse at DNV M Hall
~ 7pm ~ WV Historical Society mtg at Srs' Ctr
        Speaker: Ed Peck, former longtime WV resident
He has written book about his father Cy Peck who won the Victoria Cross in WW1
Cy Peck was in his late 40s, a colonel, led his men into ten battles, was wounded twice; elected as an MP while he was fighting in France.  He won the VC in 1917; only mbr of any parliament in British Empire to have won a VC.  BC Ferries had a ferry about the size of the Bowen Island one that went between the Gulf Islands named the Cy Peck.

===  Thursday Nov 23rd
~ 4 - 6pm ~ Police Bd Mtg, Cancelled (Moved to Dec 7th, Police Dept Boardroom)
~ 4:30 - 6pm ~ DAC in Ccl Chamber
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ FSTF

===  Friday Nov 24th
~ The Ferry Building Gallery -- "GREAT STUFF" -- November 24 - December 17
Review and Early Sale on Friday, November 24
An exhibition and sale of unique crafts, fine artwork, and distinctive gifts at affordable prices from over 40 of the best artists and artisans, just in time for the Christmas shopper!
Special Gallery Hours: 10am - 6pm; Late Friday shopping until 8pm.
~ 10:30am - 12:30pm ~ In the Peters Room at the Library:
Philosophers' Cafe - Profit vs. Precaution: Finding Balance in the Age of Ecological Wisdom with guest, Ben West, film maker and education critic for the Green Party of Canada.
~ 7:30pm ~ Concert at the Library featuring Trio Accord:  J.S. Bach's "Goldberg Variations" Transcription for String Trio.  Free concert, tickets not required.

===  Tuesday Nov 28th
~ 6:30 - 7:30pm ~ Ambleside Lights Up at 13th and Marine Drive

The Gallery at the library presents...  North Shore Artists' Guild -- November 1- 30.
A multitude of talented local artists display their work in an array of oil, water, acrylic, and mixed media paintings.
Read - on - Canada [All ages]
A reading club for the whole family! Great Canadian books will be awarded to 5 lucky winners.
Registration begins Monday, Oct. 30. Book club and contest ends November 30.

>>> KAY MEEK CENTRE  -- Visit www.kaymeekcentre.ca or phone 913-3634 for events.

===  CCL MTG NOTES Nov 6th  ===
Cclr Soprovich still absent.  7:07  CALL TO ORDER  //  1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA
2. ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- No items presented.
3.         V. MacGregor, President, West Vancouver (BC/Yukon) Branch 60, Royal Canadian Legion, regarding Presentation by Royal Canadian Legion re Veterans' Week November 5 - 11, 2006         
Poppy Trust Fund used exclusively for veterans in need of assistance
Thanks to DWV for support.
Mayor read Proclamation of Veterans' Week....  perpetuate the memory and deed of those who died; an annual memorial day, keep records, foster loyalty, recognize unstinting public service...
Rededication of Memorial Library in October; moving.
YMCA asked about World Peace Week, is later in November and we felt it appropriate.
As chair of the Police Bd
civilian oversight body...  dedicated to supporting the dept and cmnty we serve
will be consulting with the Office of the Police Complaints Commission office; Police Complaints Commissioner -- meeting with him tomorrow and will advise
other processes may ensue; integrity must be preserved
mbrs of Police Bd will not speak; working in complete cooperation with the Office of the Police Complaints Commission
[See press release in UPDATES]
4.         Alteration Permit 05?026 (4769 The Highway), Further Information for Consideration of the Alteration Permit
            This item was deferred from the October 16, 2006 Council Meeting.
Don Milliken: usually on the opposite side
started out neutral and supportive but don't feel so any more
live at 4735 The Highway; limited to three minutes so shall read to be efficient; may stray over
lived for 25 years in WV
I'm a property devpr, developed Caulfeild Village, some devts in Seattle; well-known, well regarded
one now in Minneapolis -- Whole Foods -- the most pivotal block in downtown Minneapolis
hope my 34 years in devt biz is relative
when I was here last I was concerned about the hedge; [note re hedge sent to staff]
if Ccl approves and I hope it does not, fine wrt hedge
this devpr's group's communication inadequate; not confident will go smoothly
spent more time [looking into this] and don't like what the variance will do to my prop
will distribute picture (only have one), have marked the location of the new house, massing 35ft closer to road, scribbled in trees to be removed to accommodate the driveway
I don't support a variance that has such a negative effect
re LCAC, have not involved myself in it in spite of major devts near me
surprised and frankly amazed that the LCAC is not made up of a number of longterm LC residents and not permitted to speak before decision made
Traffic Mgmt Plan shd be done
LC unique, narrow [winding] streets
a construction person not on site to direct -- frequently blocked
one blocked my driveway, had to find him, sworn at as a WV blank
if you wait, problem has gone away but a new one
solution: an outside company to flag, paid for by dvpr, towed
I'm familiar with this; shd be standard procedure in LC
+++  Tony/Simon Gabriel then spoke and sent me his remarks (bolding mine) below:
4716 South Piccadilly Road, West Vancouver, B.C. V7W 1J9.
West Vanc Council Nov 6th 2006.
Good evening, Mayor and Councillors. -
This is now the third time I have been in front of you on the issue of Lower Caulfeild and its designation of the ONLY Heritage Conservation Area in West Vancouver.
On June 19 - the date you passed the Heritage Strategic Plan I suggested a moratorium on the issuing of new permits where old or older homes were at risk.  It would appear that this is not within your ability to issue .  On the same date we were told by staff that a report was being prepared regarding Lower Caulfeild and its special status within the District of West Vancouver. In my last appearance here October 16th I again requested notice of this report and as of today we are told that nothing at all has been done and it is not even scheduled to be approached until "sometime later in 2007" -- a year from now=8A by which time you can wave bye bye to the Heritage Conservation classification you have given to Lower Caulfeild.
What then of the affirmation of June 19 - almost five months ago- when we were led to believe that this was being worked on and would be available soon.  Who is responsible for this blatant misrepresentation??  
To another issue of the same ilk - through two Lower Caulfeild Advisory Committee meetings I have sat - with many other local residents - invited there by a letter from City Hall - and as formerly advised we have been disallowed to speak until after the committee has made and passed its motion.   At each of these meetings and at the last Council meeting on this issue on October 16th the applicant has referred to and relied upon a list attached to his application and paperwork of some 43 names.  (On October 16th he mistakenly stated 47 names). 
Now at each meeting as well, we, the residents, who have been attending these meetings etc,  and  whose lives will be influenced and changed by anything that occurs at 4769 the Highway, have been collectively called the "vocal minority" =2E
So I took two hours yesterday to go round the neighbourhood and ask the people whose names appear on this list if they do or did in fact support the development proposed.  It is known to some on Council already that - thru letters by residents to council - they have advised that the names on the list were gathered under false pretences and have been misrepresented.  Of the 43 names - not as a local resident lawyer pointed out last evening - and as they are classified in the applicant's paperwork - Signatures - they are names spelt in capital letters with few exceptions ----  of the 43 names, 2 live on Water Lane - not even in Lower Caulfeild, one on Keith Road - ditto and another two were renters at 4670 South Piccadilly who have subsequently left and the house sold. Seven live on the Dale - and would be minimally inconvenienced by any building on the Highway - a street they would not normally use for entry or egress.  Of the remainder, now a total of 31 names, I have spoken to only twenty-two  - but 19 of them - on the list now being given to you, request that their names be removed from the list "supporting the development".  19 out of 22 is 86 % =8A but regardless it is sufficient to say that the Vocal minority is in fact a Vocal Majority since there are other residents whose names do not appear on the vaunted List, who have been writing to council, attending meetings and generally objecting to this development and in particular the flawed process thru which [it] has currently gone. This list of names goes back and is referenced to the minutes of the first LCAC meeting held April 25th this year. So it is safe to say that far from having the support of a large number of neighbours, this applicant has very few indeed.  At the last meeting - October 16th - the Mayor pointed out that when Mr Jeff Lunter wanted to build on South Piccadilly some years back; he came to council a number of times - the last of which was with several neighbours all voting for his proposal.   Not so this applicant. 
The process - already noted - at the Lower Caulfeild Advisory Committee meetings- was such that at the second meeting on this matter, there were four members of the committee - which according to the website today is made up eight members - five voting members and three alternates.  The second meeting was not attended by the chairman but was attended by an alternate P J Mallen and  by a David Thompson - one of the four present - whose name does not appear on the web today as even being a member of the Committee - and certainly not a voting member.  Of the four present, three had been present at the first meeting, leaving Mr Thompson as the only one who had not heard the issues before.
Of the three hearing the issue for a second time, one refused to vote on the motion and instead produced his own motion to the effect that the process was flawed and with it this application.
So effectively two members voted on the proposal. 
Question - is three members of an eight-person committee classified as a quorum?  The rules state that of the five voting members, three constitute a quorum - but if one abstains, and one is an alternate,  then there is no quorum - ergo was the second meeting of LCAC  without meaning and  illegal ??           
At the last meeting, the issue of item 2a of the guidelines was brought up by many people - that of renovation. The applicant himself stated that the previous owner did not have the money to renovate - but obviously he has as he is prepared to spend considerably more on building his idea of a house than it would take to renovate it - by doing which he would earn the gratitude of the area in place of the angst that he has created and has brought us all here tonight.      
Councillors - as stated before, we the residents are looking to you to stop this application and the ruination of Lower Caulfeild.  As a Heritage Conservation Area you have a responsibility to look to the future of the area and what it stands for. We have seen the ugly messes left behind in such places as Clovelly, De Courcy Court, Altamont when developers have plundered and moved on.  In this case we have heard fabrication after fabrication, based on nothing substantial or factual, and if this application is allowed to proceed, you as council are opening the door to any and every developer to come in and tell you what they think you want to hear and then go away with their permit and do as they desire.
This whole issue has been a mass of misrepresentations and a flawed process in Committee - such that a member of that committee would abstain from voting because of the flaws.
I urge you to reject this whole application at this time. When City hall has renovated the Lower Caulfeild guidelines, in discussion with the residents of the area- and the process of passage thru the Advisory Committee has been repaired and democraticised, then maybe we can entertain a new application from this applicant and work with it.
Until then, the matter is a tangle of untruths and inaccuracies which if allowed to proceed would be a blot on this councils record for all time.
I thank you for your time and consideration. +++ 
Man [didn't catch name]: briefly reviewed re Traffic Mgmt Plan
wonder if residents will be privy to the details
SJN: normally our Traffic Mgr, Brent Dozzi, wd work with applicant
not sure what process he's using
Man: will we have an opp to see that plan?
SJN: probably, but wch nbrs to distribute it to, not whole
Mayor: probably shd b/c traffic affects whole area
Man: at the very least the immediate nbrs and the whole
b/c of devts that will occur there in the next year; and in advance of discussion
At Oct 16 mtg, Mr Thompson claimed it was a heritage design and well versed in H design having
{NB: presumably Mark Thompson, different from David above}
come from the UK -- wd like to point out this is a Caulfeild AREA, calls to be consistent with existing heritage, not someone else's idea of heritage
Mayor: Cclr Smith, pls make a motion
MS moved: THAT 1. The Council report, Further Information for Consideration of the Alteration Permit", dated October 27, 2006, be received.
MS: in the report there's a section (by Colette Parsons) says will meet with nbrs and will report directly to Ccl at the Nov 6 mtg
SJN: the report before you, has hedge Mr Milliken referred to;
first time I've heard about height/sightlines and we haven't reported on that
the house is sited within the permitted bldg devt so no need for variance and it pushes it toward the street
the variance pushes garage further back and wd hv less impact on Mr Milliken
have not had opp to discuss this with Mr [didn't catch name}
MS: at a loss how to proceed if we don't have the report
SJN: Mr Milliken had not commented on hedge Friday but now has
the other issue he raised tonight haven't reported
Ccl's being asked about an alteration, not obligated
RD: Mr Milliken circulated a photograph -- not clear 35ft, then higher? isn't maximum 25?
SJN: the max is 25ft so pitched roof can be higher
{Editor's Note: with pitched roofs, height is deemed to be in the middle}
RD: looks higher
SJN: maybe better for Mr Milliken to explain
RD: if permitted
SJN: 35ft means moved closer to the street, not height
RD: what's the setback? room for trucks and equipment? road's extremely narrow
SJN: always difficulty in LC, Bear Lane, etc
topography, landscaping
in this case there's a driveway being proposed so space unlike other
road allowance is 25ft wide and there are hedges
service and contractor vehicles, and not all will be able to get off the street
RD: the LCAC, the second one that met, my understanding is that a representative of the Design Panel is assigned to the cmte; alternate in order, Mr Thompson from the Design Panel
SJN: may be the case [during setting up LCAC]
when the H designation was made, nbrs discussed who shd be on Panel and opinion was that nbr shd not be judging nbr; shd be professionals judging design (according to the guidelines)
that sentiment often shared, not wanting to pass judgement on someone living next to
RD: LC Preservation Area only one where nbrs do have input
SJN: some confusion in that first mtg
cmte was going along with standard, speak after, and in fact nbrs there to make comments

{so why didn't staff point it out? or chair? no one read Terms of Ref?  Anyway, that was the point I made at PQP at the mtg when citizens complained they'd been invited to come and speak and then not allowed to.  MORE IMPORTANTLY: why aren't petitions/support verified?  why shd a resident have to spend personal time doing so?}

VV: I'm concerned about the time and trouble taken; and hadn't a useful outcome
basic logic whether acceptable to nearest nbrs [relevant] than more remote nbrs not happy
perplexed we have a process like this
I'm not prepared to go forward against the wishes of the closest nbrs; difficulties
JF: clarity and second part of motion
review again -- the house itself is applying for no variances b/c it meets all the requirements
SJN: yes, it's the garage
JF: so it's the sideyards for the garage
SN: yes
JF: intention is to move so less visible from street
place within sideyard so public wd not be able to see the garage door; is that correct?
SJN: that's the result; a longer driveway created to do that; places the garage at the rear of the prop
the house is in front of the Milliken prop
JF: if Ccl were to deny, that's likely what wd happen? garage part of house?
SJN: complicated b/c a heritage area so we'd still be reviewing it
not that you can put in a plan and get automatic approval, wd be reviewed
JF: site traffic concern genuine; your comment of one major plan, Madam Mayor
make a new Point 2 requiring the Land Devt Engr provide a plan for the whole area that cd be viewed by all residents in the Caulfeild area
Mayor: motion on the floor for receiving; hold that thought
wd like to underscore, as we receive, wd like to see more swift action re review of this cmte -- made that recommendation in the summer, so I was expecting a report that went further than we got tonight It seems to me recommendation of adv cmte was staff were to work with residents in summer to review the TofRef and guidelines of LCAC; and that fits in perfectly with review we've done if all adv cmtes in general. I accept originally cmte was to be made up of ppl outside of the cmnty; seems there's been some sort of miscarriage of justice in a way if there was no opp for public input at that mtg.  I thought the rules were the adv cmte rules, where you cd comment at the end,
{b/c public speaking to items was cancelled before she was elected as cclr AND apparently did not find out when allowed or pursue restoring that.}
 and I didn't realize it was intended/offered an opp for public input, that's essential.
{then change it, Pam!}
So we need to look at that, it's probably out of date.  Doesn't really matter what the original rules were.  For ppl wishing to renovate or redevelop they need some guidelines they can count on architectural merit is one, fitting in is another, green space that preserves the interface with the road and priv road and also and borders between props critical.  Thought we went over that last time; cmte willing to do that, so we'll follow up on that I presume, betw staff and residdents
shd deal with 3? and traffic mgmt part of review itself?
[receipt passed]
            2.         The Alteration Permit 05-026 (4769 The Highway) be approved.
Mayor: make a motion?
MS: maybe
Mayor: H in general; motion itself -- need to approve or defeat
MS: so for discussion move approved
Mayor: no discussion
MS: don't know where to go; approve a variation, shd hv support of nbrs and this seems to be lacking
to Mr Nicholls; variation hardship
{think he's referring to Bd of V wch can allow variances b/c of hardship}
no objection new home on property
am I hearing complying with our existing bylaws wd be undue hardship for the homeowner
SJN: part of the designation in LC anticipates variations; a number of the lots and house sitings are nonconforming; typically varied in a way that fitted in with the topography
cd apply for variance and have a cmte review design
has been practice of Ccl to seek out opinion of nbrs in nbrhd and seek concurrence, not nec total agreement
it is valid to ask who is in support of this
if a person were to comply with the bylaw, fairly restricted area to place a house but not a hardship
JF: my understanding was that variance not just hardship but that variance in best interests of the nbrhd
placement of garage was in fact a better design -- removing it from the front of the house, is that not the case?
SJN: that is the case.
this proposal removes some asphalt; some aspects of design mixed up
JF: ppl concerned of the house itself, falls within the zoning bylaw
not the garage where the variance is being requested
RD: difficult; original with pool, rock outcropping, etc -- has reduced the size
I'm worried that substantial opposition b/c of the size of the house, 6000sf and design; traffic
house comes forward
worried about this and think I will vote against b/c of the feeling of the nbrs; nbrhd input seems to have changed, substantial opposition
[looking at audience] there's a hand up?
Mayor: not way we run our mtgs; can't speak
JC: can't support something that's facing virtually 100% opposition
building can be built within so will be opposing
Mayor: call the question
MOTION to approve is DEFEATED
Mayor: moving to the third, not sure if need a working group
JF: move review LCAC terms of ref and traffic mgmt plan be expedited.
RD: involve moving more rapidly with revision of the guidelines; hold up to end of 2007?
SJN: positive attitude
RD: [earlier] time
5.         Development Variance Permit 06-032 Amendment (6836 Copper Cove Road)
            At the October 16, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated October 13, 2006 from the Community Planner ... for reference.
Jack McNeil: met with staff and unfortunately our site and bldg plans were not congruent
our architect from Hornby, unfortunately sent wrong site plan to the city
setback more; delay is add'l cost
looking with architect and devpr, my father-in-law
RD: move receipt -- THAT all written and verbal submissions, ... be received.
if the Clerk wd be so kind as to move screen forward; prefer it to my papers here
I move THAT the Development Variance Permit ...  be approved.
6.         Boulevard Encroachment Request (1151 Palmerston Avenue)
            This item was deferred from the October 30, 2006 Council Meeting.
Additional Information:
1.      District of West Vancouver Boulevard Maintenance and Encroachment Policy; and
2.      Boulevard Guidelines handout summarizing current policy and the 2003 Draft Boulevard Maintenance and Encroachment Bylaw provisions.
Mayor: intro by staff b/c add'l info
SJN: I believe Ccl wanted further time to visit the site
question about occupancy of a bldg that doesn't have an occupancy permit
we only issue once all met
motivation to do that for selling; not unusual when railing or a room or two not finished for ppl to move in; permit was available in June b/c of the hedge to give incentive to get approval from Ccl.
Mayor: apologize not mentioned earlier.  Ppl to speak
T Schindler: wrt trees, I've had mtg with owner of the prop and he informs me he has been waiting for info and some contact from city hall since May; annoying going on so long; not proper manner
Shuffled around by ppl [at Hall] who can't or won't make a decision -- we talked and resolved in minutes
taking out red cedar trees, and... against concrete wall of his prop; this shd meet all the reqs of City Hall
pls take to proper places {he means staff and depts} and pass so we can get this little bit of trash settled
REPage, on behalf of Derek Page: I believe my applic meets all of the concerns mentioned by Planning Dept and is in keeping with the nbrhd
clearance greater than other nbrs and previous hedge
subsequent met with nbr 1150 Queens and is in agreement provided all hedging in accordance with his wishes; will prune so level with other hedging on the west side
RD: I really like your house, well designed; wish more like it
went up there today-- put in hedge, exactly what proposing to do, fine
VV made motion:  THAT Boulevard Encroachment Request (1151 Palmerston Avenue) to allow for a hedge and rock retaining wall in the public boulevard be approved.
CAO: you may wish to say as amended as we just heard
RD: first and last trees, one a fir, not a cedar
Mayor: amend
VV: "as modified in the letter from Mr Page"
7.         OCP and Zoning Bylaw Amendments re Evelyn Drive Area
            To be provided on-table.
Mayor: wd like to apologize not ready before today
We're only going to be receiving them tonight; will meet and discuss next week
Gives a week and a day to read the report; thought at least if ready public shd have them
Patti Young: have reviewed the report tonight; I'm going to suggest not receiving report; reconstitute the Ev Dr Cmte
In my view, does not reflect the Spaxman report; for example, the 350 units has become 360 units
six-storey apt building now eight storeys
....ensuring about no impact wrt view
number is an amendment and doesn't appear anywhere in the bylaw
doesn't indicate numbers -- 1000 small units
amenities there wch suggests Millennium [involved]; no underground of utilities
Mayor: how many units?
SJN: approx 350 units
took Spaxman's reports, traffic generation determining units; put on sq ftg of Spaxman report
unit generation in terms of traffic -- 350 but if you maximum re apt cd get to 356 and if townhouses, below 350
bylaw has been drawn up in consultation with Mr Spaxman
wd be willing to answer questions
PY: find till next Tuesday little time; wd like to review with Mr Spaxman
Ms Boyle said to Nov 20 and wd prefer that
Mayor: will Mr Spaxman able to be in attendance Nov 14?
SJN: [don't know yet] anticipate many amendments
purpose of a Public Hearing is to hear, make amendments
Frank Rutter: had intended to talk about process
these documents -- app your remarks, Madam Mayor, time to consider
complicated; these bylaws v complex and only fair to the public to give time for them to read digest, and for mbrs of Ccl too
do hope you defer whether for one week or two; cd give my opinion but wd be off the cuff
Mayor: motion?
JC: move receipt; then -- mtg next Tuesday Nov 14
SSch: Tues Nov 14 in Ccl Chamber
MS: if we were to cancel mtg on Tues Nov 14, have Mon Nov 20, can we still proceed with PH first week in Dec
CAO: wd move into Christmas
MS: b/c noted that the ccl mtg for Mon Nov 13 was cancelled, arranged trip; so I will not be here
this is the first time I've heard is tonight
CAO: final was not concluded until Saturday; seems to be the only way to meet objective to have PH before end of year
Mayor: sorry about that, Cclr Smith; something Ccl wants to move forward with, expeditiously
we're moving forward; have to work with Millennium
RD: if we meet Nov 20 we cd not have first week in Dec?  Dec 4?
CAO: Ms Scholes, re notice, needs two weeks, notice in papers; pushing into Dec
RD: Dec 11, we have a mtg
CAO: just trying to work around Ccl not wanting major item in Dec; if Ccl comfortable second week in Dec
JF: taken a long time; not comfortable not having all cclrs; comfort level when ev can talk; taken a couple of years now; I'd sooner have ev to participate
JC: unfortunately I will be away the second week; kicking and screaming to Mexico
Mayor: public critical
CAO: just setting first reading and dates; then amendments
unless something dramatically wrong here; believe all mbrs will be here for PH
Mayor: sorry, Cclr Smith won't be here; Nov 14th mtg, then Dec 4?
SSch: Ccl will set the date at the Nov 14th mtg
{Many left after The Highway and almost everyone else after this item.}
8.         Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Transfer - #244 (File:  1145?04-244)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the non-family transfer of Cabin #244 be approved as per the Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy, Clause 20(b).
MS: don't want to drag out but hear conflicting times [for leases]; heard annual, then heard some to 2009
my question -- does this permit go to 2011? how long permit for?
CAO: wd go to 2009; if Ccl's wish to put a much shorter timeline, we can do that
MS: do all go to 2009?  trying to marry this report with what you're saying tonight
CAO: suggest we defer one week; if we're doing a new scheme, shd incorporate it into the new one
Mayor: Cclr Smith will be away; good suggestion; have harmonized
JC: move deferral for two weeks
Mayor: does deferral take precedence?
SSch: yes
9.         Mid-Year Review 2006 (File:  0860-01)
1.  Council receive the 2006 Mid-Year Review; and  2.  The Review be posted to the District web site.
RL: describes cycle of reviews
one error; was implemented in 2003, not 2004
completed in late July; not presented to Ccl prior to Aug break b/c of scheduling issues
On Sept 25 presented to Finance and Audit Cmte and approved to go to Ccl
over 40 pages; list of divisional highlights; overall results of the review
{At this time just Dina (prez of ABA), a DWV Fireman, a woman didn't know, a reporter from NSN (Altmayer) and me left!}
Since review done, budget amendment approved for a shortfall
sev biz units trouble meeting targets
Permits and Licences a surplus, lots of bldg activity, $250K
not proposing any formal adjustments at this time
progress carrying out 2006 projects
CAO: the FSTF is looking at this issue, how we can improve reporting
third quarter report has been completed and hope to have it before Ccl before end of month
JF: found report interesting; marked it up; job well done
Mayor: only concern is that some of our depts having trouble tracking budgets
can you indicate if we're going to meet those targets?
CAO: we track them ev month
challenge wd be any one-time surprises, such as insurance claims
Mayor: FSTF--
[looking at this, will report Nov 27]
{Great!  Police Dept reports on budget every month, had thought depts did but no confirmation.  Now with that, why not made public too???}
10.       West Vancouver Police Radio System (File:  2900-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council authorize the conversion of the Police E-Comm Class B Shares to Class A Shares.
{Will this cost taxpayers $5m? Was it decided in camera?}
Mayor: will ask CAO to report on this
CAO: Since 1999 all moved over but at that time WV did not move over b/c had just upgraded radio system; Police brought to our attention for 2006 budget
look at options; indep consultant said current system doesn't provide for intercommunication nor meet current Industry Canada radio requirements
only two options available: narrowband VHF or E-Comm, and consultant says narrowband VHF wd be a degradation and would not provide for interagency communication
initially $400 to 500K a year but by purchasing some of user equipment can bring cost down to ~$261K per year and if phased can split the costs between 2007 and 2008; makes sense
have looked at the other radio options and E-Comm most appropriate for DWV
looked at contracting out dispatch, a bit more money, so at this point will continue to do dispatching in WV; some thought of joint NShore dispatch but down the road
looked for govt grants and have pointed out in my report we have received add'l traffic fine revenue and although that hasn't be targeted, it might help funding of E-Comm
Mayor: as Pol Bd Chair add has full support of Bd, Chief, and Dept; excellent due diligence by CAO, good collaboration; Ed Shymanski of E-Comm
this integrated communications is critical at this point
WV is out of the loop and not able to provide the level of policing required today
prov interested in seeing Police and RCMP integrate where makes sense for best possible security and safety
taken time, prudence served cmnty well; opp to finally become Class A shareholders
[MS made motion]
VV: perhaps Mr Stuart will correct me if my understanding in error in any way, but there are things I found quite difficult to accept when first looked at it
First, [radios] from Ericsson and it's proprietary so that means whoever belongs had to buy proprietary equipment; and from my prev experience in govt there shd have been competitive bidding and pricing That time has passed; we have no choice in that, to belong, no opp to buy diff equipment
Second question is that we can't join with other equipment; if we keep our [own radios] it wd be VHF if required to move from a wider bandwidth to a narrower, the next question, surely there's a piece of equipment that can connect us to E-Comm so that we can [communicate with other police forces] have the economy and the control
if we own our equipment and maintain [it], my sense is that we can do better for the taxpayers' dollars, but I have found the answer in my own mind , not so much the equipment, but there is a legal obligation for E-Comm to patch in other people in certain emergency situations ... but they [WVPD] cannot patch themselves in but must request a patch from a human operator .... a specially trained operator at E-Comm to patch them in, someone who presumably asks if the situation legally oblige them to set up the patch...the problem is that E-Comm is not obliged to let people have access unless there is a legal obligation...it is not a problem with equipment but that our police could never follow what they needed to follow....it is absolutely essential that they be able to listen in to what they need to follow....so at that point I concluded we do not have a choice here....it's a lot of money.....we have to spend the money....I absolutely have no choice...there isn't a technical way to do it....there isn't a legal way to do it....to enable our police to know what the police around us are talking about....without any doubt we have to look for money savings elsewhere....I won't say my enthusiastic ...I'm satisfied we have to do it....have I understood it correctly?
CAO: you've answered your answers v well
Mayor: now will be a major item in our budget; but priority for Ccl and Pol Force

{VV is correct that we have no choice but that is not because of any technical limitations -- WV could have its own radio system and there is equipment that would enable it to communicate with other E-Comm users without needing a human operator to patch in calls -- the problem is that E-Comm will not let WV do this -- no reason other than E-Comm gets to set the rules and WV has absolutely no say -- pay what E-Comm wants or else. It appears that no one is willing to take on E-Comm. What is even more distressing, however, is that all of the discussions regarding this expensive decision have been conducted in secret. The Police Board discussed it in camera (why?), WV Council discussed it in camera (why?), and the reports and independent studies have been kept from the public (why?). If this decision makes so much sense, why does the Mayor and the CAO think it should be discussed in secret, decided in secret, and all the reports kept secret?}
11.       Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
12.       Development Applications Status List (File:  1010?01)
13.*       Correspondence List
Requests for Delegation --  No items received.
Action Required  --  No items received.
No Action Required (receipt only)
13.1 Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
     (a)    North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee Minutes
     (b)    Board of Variance Hearing Minutes (File:  2310?02)
     (c)     Fiscal Sustainability Task Force Minutes:  August 15, 2006, August 22, 2006, and September 5, 2006
13.2 T. Lester, October 20, 2006, regarding Ferry Building addition (File:  0545?03)
13.3 Staff and Students of Saint Anthony's School, October 16, 2006, regarding Remembrance Day Service on Friday, November 10, 2006
13.4 D. Bourque, National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, October 16, 2006, regarding Moratorium on Post Office Closures and Rural Delivery
13.5 R. Sultan, MLA, WV-Capilano, October 23, 2006, regarding Community Tourism Funding Programs
Responses to Correspondence
13.6 K. Pike, Director, Parks and Community Services to M. de Jong Westman, October 25, 2006, regarding Park Consultation and Communication
13.7  Responses to Questions in Question Period --  No items presented.
JC: have we been hit by lightning?
16.   ADJOURNMENT  8:45
Please note that none of these items 13.1 - 13.6 above cd be clicked on as in past so not available to be read.
Apparently a staff decision b/c someone asked about his email address in a letter being public, that they wd block ALL items.
It's not just that the minutes of those meetings have to be public, there was no explanation or notice that in future not public -- however not sure they have the right to cancel previous practice.
It's not just that public business is conducted in public and citizens ought to know that their letters are public (unless containing libel/slander or possibly addressing an in camera issue).
Besides being done without notice or explanation, and possibly contravening cmnty Charter or residents' expectations, quite apart from minutes mentioned above having to be public, it is simply not credible that the writers of any of those letters wd object to being public.
13.2 is from Terry Lester, a former DWV MMgr so clearly aware of Ccl's policy/practice.
13.3 is a letter from a school about their service re Remembrance Day -- hardly private.
13.4 is from the Postal Union with info of interest to the public.
13.5 is from our MLA obviously for our information.
13.6 is a letter from Dir/Parks in a section INITIATED and INTENDED for public information since this category added so not only someone who writes in gets the answer.

In other words, none of the above involves a breach of privacy...........
WHY NOT EXAMINE and bring to Ccl for a decision?
a couple of councillors I was speaking with were unaware of this sudden change in policy and had tried to read them as well!
There are some staff when some questions or issues come up, simply close the doors.
That's one thing, but to do it without knowledge of public let alone Ccl is UNACCEPTABLE.
I'm pursuing this and hope Section 13 will be brought up to past practice asap and retroactively for this mtg, plus future ones will have all info readable on website as in past.

Can we please get serious about openness?  I'm still reeling from the mtgs of the new "Cmnty Engagement Cmte" not being made public or with sufficient notice.  Especially when it's the cmte to set policy for public consultation and involvement.  Opposite or mixed messages?  Precedent?
===  AGENDA for Special Ccl Mtg Nov 14t= h  ===

*** HILARIOUS, for its lack of information were it not so sad.
Here's what the minutes have that I asked at PQP (but I've put in abbreviations):
"C. A. Reynolds commented relative to the cmnty ctr quarterly report, Collingwood School enrolment and bylaw enforcement, timing of the Heritage Week 2007 and the 2007 Mountain Mardi Gras Festival.  D. Stuart (CAO) commented relative to bylaw enforcement."

What did you gather from that?
=  Did you know I asked if the public wd be able to attend the mtg discussing the funding choices for the new cmnty ctr?  (CAO said NO.)
=  Does it make clear that the condition was 600 enrolment but now 710 (and I was on Ccl then with Rod Day so we'd remember) and no information as to how bylaw officers wd check into that? (CAO said operate on complaint.)
=  Did you learn
- that Heritage Week starts on the third Monday of February every year?  
- that DWV's ceremony and presentation of awards has been on the Saturday?
- or that I pointed it out last year when the Mtn Mardi Gras had an event on that Saturday?
- that the Volunteer Festival (NSh Cmnty Resources came a few weeks ago asking for some funding for their event at Park Royal next year on Saturday Feb 24, the very day WV gives out the awards?
No one -- Ccl or staff -- mentions this so I wanted to make it clear for everyone.  I worked with the WinterSong Festival ppl and their event is just before; I've now called the North Shore Resource Ctr to explore working cooperatively and will contact DWV staff too.
As for bylaw officers, the number was reduced a few years ago but the CAO says they have increased the numbers now.
Isn't it more than Person A commented on X, Y, and Z, followed by Staff Mbr B commented on Z?
The next WVM issue will show the comparison.
While there's no need for a transcript as I generally do in my newsletters, at least the question and the answer ought to be given so citizens find out what was asked along with the answers.
3.  DELEGATIONS --  No items presented.
4.         Evelyn Drive Area Official Community Plan and Zoning Amendment Bylaws
Attached is the November 6, 2006 report to Council from the Manager of Planning which was received by Council at its November 6, 2006 meeting.
            As at November 10, 2006, Staff are working with Mr. Ray Spaxman and the Municipal Solicitors to clarify the formula related to mix and unit size within the unit limit of 350 to 360 dwellings and a floor area maximum of 510,000 square feet as per Option C in the Spaxman study.  The final version of the Bylaws will be available at the Council meeting to be held Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 7:00 pm in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber for consideration of setting a date for a public hearing in December 2006.
5.         Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence 
6.   REPORTS FOR CONSENT AGENDA --  No items received.
7.         Correspondence List
Requests for Delegation -- No items received.
Action Required
7.1      G. Burns, October 31, 2006, regarding Graffiti on Fence of Pho 99 Restaurant - 2070 Marine Drive (File: 2900-07)
            Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
======================= ========================== ===============
===== NB: Now learned the name of this important cmte: Cmnty Engagement Cmte =====
======================== ========================== ==============
7.2      C.A. Reynolds - Editor, West Van Matters, October 31, 2006, regarding Committee Meeting Notification/Questions
            Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.

2006 October 30
Dear Mayor and Council:

re      Committees and Meeting Notification / Some Questions (six)

At the council meeting this evening, the Mayor referred to a Governance Cmte meeting held that morning.  This raises several questions.


While the prospect of the planned reorganization and restructuring has been presented as a flexible and more consultative approach to committees and getting input from the community, it was rather disconcerting to see on leaving that in fact there was an agenda posted outside the Municipal Hall door for that cmte's meeting.

Because I had not seen that noted on the Calendar on the DWV website Sunday night when checking as I do for my newsletter, once back home, I checked the Calendar again.  Here's what it has:
----- October 29, 2006 -----
Ambleside Farmer's Market
 10:00 AM-3:00 PM (14th St. & Marine Dr.) (every Sunday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM)

----- October 30, 2006 -----
Council Meeting
 7:00 PM-10:00 PM (Council Chamber)

----- October 31, 2006 -----
Fiscal Sustainability Task Force Meeting
 4:30 PM-6:00 PM (MFCR)

You will see there is no indication there was a meeting.  It wd be appreciated if you would kindly let me know:
= 1 =
How wd the public know about the meeting?
= 2 =
Are they allowed to attend?
It wd be rather disappointing if the first meeting of the 'new era' has been held with minimal notice to the public.
= 3 =
How many residents do you think go by the Municipal Hall door and check to see what meetings are being held?
= 4 =
Will consideration be given to a broadcast email list for notification of meetings?  For example, ratepayer groups and residents cd register to be on that list such as is successfully done for Tidings (and also press releases).


Then I went to the section on the website to look for information under the cmte name.  Here are the cmtes listed on the DWV website at this moment:
Statutory Boards/Committees
        *       Board of Variance
       *       North Shore Family Court/Youth Justice Committee
        *       West Vancouver Memorial Library Board
   *       West Vancouver Police Board
North Shore Committees
        *       North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues
Additional Information:
        1.      North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues
        2.      Fiscal Sustainability Task Force
        3.      Members Wanted - Advisory Committee on Disability Issues
ACDI is currently looking for volunteer members. Deadline for Applications is November 8th
      4.      Fiscal Sustainability Task Force Update -- Last updated: 9/28/2006 1:13:55 PM
Thank you to everyone who came to the Public Meeting, your input is valuable

It is my understanding that the DAC has not been disbanded and still meets so it was surprising not to see it listed.  There was no other place I cd find that listed cmtes (and I clicked on those sections).
= 5 =
When will a list of the new cmtes be available?


Given the circumstances, the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force has done a laudable job of posting meetings even for the subcmtes though they are often of necessity at short notice except for being aware the full meetings usually are late Tuesday afternoons.   OTOH, the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Strategy Implementation Cmte has had a spotty record of notification.
= 6 =
When will the policy of notification and public input be confirmed and made public and available?

Your attention to these matters wd be most appreciated.  Campaign commitments to openness, consultation, and accountability were warmly received.  Certainly readers will also be interested in the answers as well as learning about the proposed 'governance' model, the possibilities and opportunities for resident notification and participation early in the process wrt formation of solutions and policies rather than a simple acceptance or rejection.   We trust that community input is central to your considerations.

                Yours thoughtfully,
                        Carolanne Reynolds, Editor, West Van Matters
                        Ste 300 - 1497 Marine Drive, West Vancouver V7T 1B8
                        tel 604 926 8649; msg 922 4400; www.westvan.org
======================= ========================== ==============
UPDATE: and they scheduled another one without notice Mon 6th, rescheduled to Wed (with time given at 4pm on the DWV Calendar, but was really at 11am, but didn't matter b/c cancelled at 10:30am).  This cmte, made up of the Mayor plus Cclrs Ferguson and Vaughn, is to draw up the terms for public consultation and involvement in M decision.  Kinda important,hm???
======================= ========================== ==============

No Action Required (receipt only)
7.3       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)    West Vancouver School District #45, regarding Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board - September 12, 2006
(b)    West Vancouver School District #45, regarding General Record of a Special Meeting of the Board - September 12, 2006
(c)     West Vancouver School District #45, regarding Minutes of the Finance & Facilities Committee, October 03, 2006.
7.4      K. Mather, November 04, 2006, regarding Drinking and Driving on the W.V. Police Force
7.5      B. Wheeler, November 05, 2006, regarding Impaired Driving
7.6      S. Giggey, Production Manager - North Shore Chorus Society, November 01, 2006, regarding Upcoming Concert, "A Canadian Christmas and More" (File: 0050-06)
7.7      R. Billson, November 03, 2006, regarding West Vancouver Police (File: 2900-03)
7.8      D. Madill, November 03, 2006, regarding Police Officer Controversy (File: 2900-03)
7.9      B. Ritchie, November 03, 2006, regarding Amalgamation of Police Departments in Greater Vancouver
7.10    E. James, October 19, 2006, regarding Las Vegas and the TransLink Mess
7.11    E. James, October 31, 2006, regarding Light Rail Transit
7.12    R. & I. Mottershead, November 01, 2006, regarding Bridge on Almondel
7.13    Y. & K. Kitano, October 27, 2006, regarding Expansion of Collingwood School Parking Lot
7.14    Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) - Gas Tax/Public Transit Management Services, October 20, 2006, regarding General Strategic Priorities Fund and Innovations Fund Programs
7.15    Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM), October 31, 2006, regarding 2006-2007 UBCM Executive
7.16    Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) - Local Government Program Services, November 01, 2006, regarding Community Health Promotion Fund - Round 2 Announcement
Responses to Correspondence
7.17    B.A. Dozzi, Manager - Roads & Transportation, October 31, 2006 to Residents of Glenmore Drive, re Collingwood School Morven Campus - Parking Management Plan
7.18  Responses to Questions in Question Period --  No items presented.

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If you drive a vehicle, you use antifreeze. If your cooling system leaks, you may be inadvertently killing animals. Ethylene glycol antifreeze, the antifreeze that most people use, is highly toxic to pets and wildlife. Just a few teaspoons can be fatal to a cat or dog. Animals looking for water are attracted to the small pools of sweet tasting liquid that sometimes drip from cars. Once ingested, it takes only a few hours for the poison to fatally damage kidneys. Fortunately, there is a safer alternative. Propylene glycol-based antifreeze performs to the same standard in automobiles, yet it is nontoxic for animals. Ask your mechanic to only use propylene glycol; it is readily available under several brand names from your auto supply store.
[From AnimalSense, BCSPCA Magazine fall/winter 2006 issue]

===  QUOTATIONS on War  ===
This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.
                -- Plato
If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
                -- U.S. President James Madison
Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death.
                -- Adolph Hitler
Why of course the people don't want war ... But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.
                -- Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.
The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamour for such laws if their personal security is threatened.
                -- Josef Stalin