NOTES Nov 14
Calendar to Nov 30

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

+  So sad former NV mayor Marilyn Baker passed away so early; had occasion to meet her but briefly when I was on Ccl however impressed by her honesty and fairness -- rare and valuable in politics.
+  Also Squadron Leader Philip Leith just passed (92), funeral at St Francis in the Wood 1pm Saturday Nov 18; a monarchist and memorable character at last year's RoyalTea-by-the-Sea.
+  OOOO!  it can get windy on the wet coast  -- Emergency Office quickly went into high gear.
West Vancouver Police would like to advise any residents who were impacted by the recent severe weather conditions that they can obtain updated information by contacting the following phone number -- The West Vancouver Emergency Information Telephone Line 604-904-7360.  SEE MORE INFO IN INFObits/UPDATES
+ DWV's special ccl mtg on Ev Dr Tues Nov 14 will not be broadcast by Shaw; according to Shaw probably not the Public Hearing on Dec 4 at KMC either.
QUESTION: Why are so many items on this agenda not available???  The Nov 6 minutes will not be provided till 'on-table', ie we won't get to see them before the mtg when Ccl deals with them.  Same for the new terms of reference for Standing Cmtes! and the group daycare in residential areas report.  Why not wait and put them on next agenda?  Even then, the soonest we get to see items is Thursday evening.
=  MAIN ITEMS on Ccl Mtg Agenda Monday Nov 20:  Agenda was not available until Friday afternoon, then Nov 6 Minutes not available at all, will be provided 'on-table'!; even Terms of Reference for the Standing Cmtes will be 'on-table'! as well Daycare report; Kiwanis Tribute Tree Program; WV Equestrian Ctr; Lighthouse Park Mgmt Plan; Hollyburn Cabin Transfers; 6015 Eagleridge DP for subdiv; Third Quarter Report; Dundarave Landing Parking; Daycare in Residential Areas; DVPA 6080 Blink Bonnie; Correspondence -- still no links!!!
UPDATES (Cmnty Engagement; Storm/Water Info; Streamkeepers' Info; Creek Coordinators); Calendar to Nov 30th; Nov 14th Ccl NOTES (Ev Dr); Ccl AGENDA Nov 20 (still no links in Corres!); INFObits (Jewish Iraqi Doctor testifies April 2006; Israeli Groups re Gaza; Middle East update from BBC; Ccl Cmte Reps); Quotations; Haiku

===  UPDATES   ===

Help give direction to your community.
Encouraging news wrt the restructuring of cmtes and recommendations/advice to Ccl about M affairs.  A bit of a rocky beginning with lack of notice for the actual cmte drawing up the guidelines but at least it's a start.  It wd also help if the M website had a list of all the cmtes in one place -- they're either separated or missing some from the list I printed in last week's WVM.
The agenda for the next Cmnty Engagement Cmte mtg has been posted: 4pm Monday Nov 20th at the M Hall; residents may attend to hear what's planned and even comment (PQP).
Here's info made public in Tidings:
A New Approach to Community Engagement
West Vancouver has expanded how it seeks advice, and taps into the expertise of residents wishing to work on council policies and projects. As community leaders and volunteers, we value your time and have adapted our structure to better meet your ability to contribute. By forming working groups on specific issues, each with a councillor and staff lead, council has highlighted its priorities, and you will drive the process. By expanding the use of technology, more residents may keep themselves informed, and provide input directly to the working groups.
Working Groups - Small groups of five to nine members will advise on implementation of issues under consideration. Meeting schedules and procedures will be more flexible than in the past.
Community Forums - Hot topics such as Arts and Culture, Ambleside Town Plan, or the Housing Dialogue, will have forums created for each topic. Interested residents will be able to join an electronic registry, giving them access to reports and discussion papers, provide their input electronically, and participate in special meetings and focus groups, both electronically and in person.
External Community Groups - A number of Community Groups already exist independently from the District, and have been active in the community for some time. New guidelines strengthen the roles these groups play and recognize the ongoing and invaluable contribution they make.
Special Council Task Forces - Council may continue to appoint special Task Forces as required to study and report on specific high-profile issues, such as the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force. these are struck for a limited period, and then disbanded.
Council Standing Advisory Committees, Tri-Municipal, and Special Committees - A number of external or special committees currently exist, such as the Finance and Audit Committee, Community Engagement Committee, and Tri-Municipal Committees such as the Family Court and Youth Justice Committee, and there will be no further changes [owing] to this new approach.
Next Steps:
The Community Engagement Committee, chaired by Mayor Goldsmith-Jones, will oversee the transition to the new model. Behind the scenes, the technology for electronic forums is targeted to be ready by the new year.  This new approach is groundbreaking -- it will allow more residents to become involved in ways that fit their busy schedules, and still contribute to the community in their various areas of expertise.
If you want to be considered for a working group, or sign up for email updates on your areas of interest, contact the Municipal Clerk at sscholes@westvancouver.ca, or call 604-925-7045.

= A =
November 16th Update for Immediate release
Seascapes Development
For residents evacuated from the Seascapes development, a Reception Centre was set up at the Seniors Centre at 695 - 21st Street.  So far they have received 82 residents from 33 families and 50 people have been put up in a hotel.
 The first priority is safety.  Crews are working on tree stabilization and safety assessments, and building and electrical inspectors are assessing the homes that have been damaged.  The Power is not yet restored and may not be until tomorrow.  Water quality also being assessed.  The evacuation order has not been lifted yet.
Crews were working all night and continue today to clear trees that have fallen on roads and on or near homes.  We do not have a total count of the number of homes that have been damaged yet.
Insurance Claims
A Recovery Claim Centre will be set up at Municipal Hall Council Chamber at 10:00am November 17th for residents to come speak to District and Provincial staff about damage to their homes.
BC Hydro
The latest update from BC Hydro is that homes in Gleneagles, Whytecliff, and Horseshoe Bay should have power within the next few hours.  Lions Bay, Ansell Place, Seascapes, and Pasco Road may not have power until tomorrow.  To report a downed power line please call BC Hydro at 1888-POWERON (1-888-769-3766).
For More Info: WV residents can call our Public Information Line for updates: 604-904-7360
= B =
Subject: West Vancouver Media Release - Water Turbidity Affected by Storm
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 11:27:12 -0800
West Vancouver, BC: The District of West Vancouver advises residents that due to the storm on November 15th, the turbidity of the drinking water supplied to homes through the water distribution system exceeds acceptable standards. The turbidity levels of the Capilano and Seymour reservoirs are in excess of 10 Nethelometric Turbidity Units (NTU). Water quality guidelines call for a maximum level of one NTU. Turbidity levels for supplies coming from Sunset, Nelson Creek and Eagle Lake are considerably lower, below six NTU. Residents will notice a considerable difference in the colour of the water depending on the source.
In response, the District has maximized the supply entering the distribution system from Eagle Lake, and more residents who are normally serviced primarily by GVRD sources are now receiving water from Eagle Lake. Disinfection levels have been adjusted accordingly, and District staff continue to monitor water quality closely. Residents will be advised of any change to the current situation. The medical health officer has advised that residents may choose to boil their water or choose an alternate source.
It is noted that the Provincial Health Officer advises all British Columbians with compromised immune systems (such as HIV, organ or bone transplants, chemotherapy or medications that suppress the immune system) to avoid drinking water from any surface water source unless it has been boiled, filtered or distilled. Water supplies on the North Shore, Greater Vancouver and, in fact nearly all British Columbia do come from such surface water sources as lakes, rivers, and streams. This recommendation is emphasized during periods of elevated turbidity.
Water Quality Questions & Answers
What Is Turbidity?
Turbidity is a measure of water clarity and is influenced by the suspension in water of fine particles such as sediment and organic matter. Turbidity in the water supply can result in tap water that appears cloudy or discoloured. Sediment is most often transported into drinking water reservoirs by run-off caused by rainfall, and is most common during the fall and winter months.
Why Can Turbidity Be a Problem?
Microorganisms (i.e. bacteria, viruses) can "hide" amongst the particles found in turbid water. This can lead to a multiplication of the microorganisms. During turbidity events, additional chlorine must be added to ensure adequate disinfection.
For more information, please contact: Chris Leonard, Superintendent, Utilities (Water); Direct: 604-925-7111

+++  WV STREAMKEEPERS -- Report / Salmon Watch / EGG-TAKE
Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2006 12:38 AM
Subject:  Spawner Surveys
16 CHUM AND ONE COHO IN HADDEN CREEK TODAY; three golf balls too.
The chum looked so fat and strong, making 40m sprints.
The creek was perfect water level for fish and walking.
The coho, I only saw once, in the pool just below the upper levels hwy.  It was small and very purple. It is waiting, perhaps.  There are no fish above the upper levels, yet. -- P.
Sent: November 10, 2006 4:14 PM; Subject:  salmon watch
&= nbsp;   
spawning Coho and Chum will be in your local creeks from now until around Christmas
Need help identifying fish?  View coho and chum features at:
Coho:  http://www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/recfish/Species/coho_e.htm
Chum:  http://www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/recfish/Species/chum_e.htm
report any sightings of big fish in fresh water to  Elizabeth Hardy   (604) 925-0546
November Showers bring Big Spawners!!
o  EGG-TAKE on Saturday Nov 18th (see Calendar)
Larson Creek  --  Kurt Peiffer  --  922-9109
Nelson, Eagle, Wood Creeks  --  Elizabeth Hardy  --  925-0546
Cypress, Willow, Claymore Creeks -- Barrie Adams  --  921-9540
Rodgers, Pipe, Cave/Turner, Godman Creeks  --  Hugh Hamilton  --  922-7828
Marr Creek -- Ray Richards  --  926-6354
McDonald and Lawson Creeks -- John Barker  --  922-5780
Swey-Wey Creek -- Paul Berlinguette  --  925-6029
Brothers Creek  --  Michael Ritter, leader with other volunteers to help cover Brothers West, Upper Brothers, and Hadden Creeks  --  926 3696
Creek coordinators will generally be Spawner Surveyors for the same creeks, but will also be helped by other coordinators and volunteers.

===  CALENDAR to Nov 30th  ===
===  Saturday Nov 18th  ===
~ 2pm ~ Lighthouse Park Preservation Society Talk at WV Library (Peters Room)
Brian Herrin & Karen Roitberg: "Spiders...it's true -- the two fastest-running species in the world live in West Vancouver". There will be a general membership meeting beforehand.
~ 10am ~ WV Streamkeeper Society, PO Box 91166, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 3N6
       = ;         Phone:  628 1123; e-mail: streamkeepers@westvan.org
This is the start of the life-cycle of the salmon which we will raise at our hatchery on Nelson Creek.  As in previous years, the staff of the Tenderfoot hatchery (898 3657) in Brackendale, north of Squamish will be gathering brood stock and helping us extract eggs and milt.
This year's target is 400K chum eggs.  This is an exciting albeit somewhat messy operation  but as streamkeepers you  should not miss this opportunity to participate. You will meet other volunteers from West Vancouver and Bowen Island.  Fisheries and Oceans  Canada staff will explain to you this vital step in the salmon hatchery operation.
The EGG-TAKE is scheduled for Saturday, November 18th at 10 AM at the Tenderfoot Hatchery. The operation will take two to three hours and takes place outdoors. In the event of inclement weather dress accordingly. You will find gloves helpful in any event. If you are interested in sharing transportation or participate in a car-pool please contact Hugh Hamilton: 922 7828, email hugheah@dowco.com or Kurt Peiffer:  922 9109, email: kpeiffer@shaw.ca
If you cannot make it on November 18th, there will be another egg-take for the Bowen Island hatchery. It is scheduled for December 9th at 10am also at the Tenderfoot Hatchery.

===  Sunday Nov 19th
~ 10am - 3pm ~ WV Craft market at the Srs' Ctr

===  Monday Nov 20th
~ 4pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte in Mayor's Office

===  Tuesday Nov 21st
~ 3:45 - 5:15pm ~ Civic Youth Strategy Working Group, YAC; at Srs' Ctr
~ 4:30pm ~ FSTF still soldiering on......
~ 6:30pm ~ WRA November Dinner/Meeting at Bay Moorings Restaurant (Horseshoe Bay)
R.S.V.P.  to Mary Bayes at: bayes@look.ca or 604-921-7519 by Sunday, Nov 19th ($25pp, wine extra).

===  Wednesday Nov 22nd
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSh Task Force on Substance Abuse at DNV M Hall
~ 7pm ~ WV Historical Society mtg at Srs' Ctr
        Speaker: Ed Peck, former longtime WV resident
He has written book about his father Cy Peck who won the Victoria Cross in WW1.
Cy Peck was in his late 40s, a colonel, led his men into ten battles, was wounded twice; elected as an MP while he was fighting in France.  He won the VC in 1917; only mbr of any parliament in British Empire to have won a VC.  BC Ferries had a ferry about the size of the Bowen Island one that went between the Gulf Islands named the Cy Peck.
~ 7pm ~ PHILOSOPHER'S CAFE:  Fuels Rush In
Energy crisis? We've heard that one before. So what's the future of cheap gas in an Age of Terrorism, Peak Oil, Climate Change, Fat Kids and SUVs? Where can and should we be heading with the global energy system? Guest: Marc Jaccard, Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University. At SFU Harbourside.

===  Thursday Nov 23rd
~ 10:30am ~ 'West Coast Composure'
With a mixture of tranquility, and serenity, pianist Anna Levy presents piano compositions by well-known Vancouver composers Michael Conway Baker and Frank Levin, to give us a glimpse of some of Vancouver's most beautiful compositions. Tkts: $10
~ 4 - 6pm ~ Police Bd Mtg, POSTPONED (moved to Dec 7th, Police Dept Boardroom)
~ 4:30 - 6pm ~ DAC in Ccl Chamber
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ FSTF
~ 7:30pm ~"The Gondoliers"
Join the UBC Opera Ensemble in an 'aria and excerpt' presentation of The Gondoliers, with its lilting score and tuneful music. This was Gilbert & Sullivan's twelfth opera and when it opened in 1889 it ran for 554 performances! Come and join the fun at the Silk Purse!  Tix: $10.00

===  Friday Nov 24th
~ The Ferry Building Gallery -- "GREAT STUFF" -- November 24 - December 17
Review and Early Sale on Friday, November 24
An exhibition and sale of unique crafts, fine artwork, and distinctive gifts at affordable prices from over 40 of the best artists and artisans, just in time for the Christmas shopper!
Special Gallery Hours: 10am - 6pm; Late Friday shopping until 8pm.
~ 10:30am - 12:30pm ~ In the Peters Room at the Library:
Philosophers' Cafe - Profit vs. Precaution: Finding Balance in the Age of Ecological Wisdom with guest, Ben West, film maker and education critic for the Green Party of Canada.
~ 7:30pm ~ Concert at the Library featuring Trio Accord:  J.S. Bach's "Goldberg Variations" Transcription for String Trio.  Free concert, tickets not required.

===  Sunday Nov 26th
~ 2:30pm ~  Pacific Baroque Orchestra (PBO) at WV United Church, 2062 Esquimalt, The Joy of Baroque Opera
International star Nancy Argenta, lauded as "the supreme Handel soprano of our age", returns to her native B.C. to sing in a programme of arias from Purcell's Fairy Queen and Handel's Agrippina in a new edition by PBO musician and renowned Handel scholar John Sawyer.

===  Monday Nov 27th: FSTF to give report to Ccl at ccl mtg!

===  Tuesday Nov 28th
~ 6:30 - 7:30pm ~ Ambleside Lights Up at 13th and Marine Drive

The Gallery at the library presents...  North Shore Artists' Guild -- November 1- 30.
A multitude of talented local artists display their work in an array of oil, water, acrylic, and mixed media paintings.
Read-on-Canada [All ages] -- A reading club for the whole family! Great Canadian books will be awarded to 5 lucky winners.  Registration begins Monday, Oct. 30. Book club and contest ends November 30.

>>>  EXHIBIT at GLH/WV Museum: Winston Elliott of WV - past and paintings, retrospective.

>>> KAY MEEK CENTRE  -- Visit www.kaymeekcentre.ca or phone 913-3634 for events.

        Dec 3rd and 6th, Carol Ships pass by Ambleside and Dundarave
        Dec 4th, Public Hearing on Evelyn Drive at Kay Meek Ctr (7pm)
        Dec 7th, Police Board mtg at Station's boardroom (postponed from Nov 23)

===  Special Regular CCL MTG NOTES from Tuesday Nov 14th  ===
Sop back!
1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA -- amended adding 4.1: Ccl mtg Nov 20
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES                                           
2.         Adoption of October 30, 2006 Regular Council Meeting Minutes
{See last week's WVM.  Briefly, this is plain ridiculous.
In PQP for questions it has comments were made and for answers it has comments were made.
Does this give anyone information? and Ccl passed it.  How wd someone absent know what transpired?
Will possibly write on this.}
4.         Evelyn Drive Area Official Community Plan and Zoning Amendment Bylaws
Attached is the November 6, 2006 report to Council from the Manager of Planning which was received by Council at its November 6, 2006 meeting.
            As at November 10, 2006, Staff are working with Mr. Ray Spaxman and the Municipal Solicitors to clarify the formula related to mix and unit size within the unit limit of 350 to 360 dwellings and a floor area maximum of 510,000 square feet as per Option C in the Spaxman study.  The final version of the Bylaws will be available at the Council meeting to be held Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 7:00 pm in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber for consideration of setting a date for a public hearing in December 2006.

Mayor: purpose of mtg tonight is to introduce the bylaw, set a date for the Public Hearing, expected to be Dec 4 at the KMC; by holding a sp mtg tonight allows us to have the OCP and Zoning amendment bylaws three weeks in advance; Ccl comfortable enough time for public to become familiar with them.  Ccl does not customarily debate a motion at first reading, pleased Geri Boyle [Planning staff] and Ray Spaxman [consultant] here to provide introduction to the Ccl reports.
Do have a speaking list.
Sop: may I be excused, b/c of conflict of interest?
Mayor: yes. [to audience] The purpose of the mtg is to set a PH date; if you have questions about process, fine but Ccl will not be debating the content [of the bylaws]
Ms Boyle's and Mr Spaxman's [remarks may be helpful first]
Geri Boyle (Planning staff):  The material you have today is very close to what you had last Monday; clarified some wording, from solicitor and public.
first is number of units permitted
Spaxman study referred to Option C as having 350 units but the bylaws you saw last week did not even have a total number
We have revised the zoning bylaw to 349 units; also revised the OCP instead of saying 'up to 360 units', now say up to 350; it was not Mr Spaxman's intent to lock in a total number of units, for reasons of clarity and understanding, staff is recommending the bylaw proceed with those numbers...
The map [pointing] refers to lands being rezoned; Millennium owns one lot in that area, I'll mark that in pink.
780 Keith Rd was part of that package but the report looks at that as a grouping of single fam, so left the zoning on that prop as RS5, and applied CD1 to the rest of the land owned by Mllnm.
Comment last Monday the report didn't meet with Mr Spaxman's report so I'd like to introduce Mr Spaxman to speak
Ray Spaxman (RS): explored numerous options for this area
recommended in June Option C; my report detailed the reasons for that option
you have since instructed staff to draw up bylaws to implement that area plan; those docs are before you for first reading
was asked last week to review those bylaws and comment wrt their accuracy wrt my recommended option
I have reviewed them thoroughly with staff and believe they have done an excellent job accommodating the main principles of the plan
My main message is that while there are subtleties and complexities, I believe bylaws are an appropriate interpretation.
>Duncan Holmes: sold and moved away from where I'd lived for 50 years; live among wires/lines in White Rock
hoped to be able to buy and come back to this area; been four years
what the heck happened?
Millennium opportunist; OCP cd have been clearer
gutsy; everything went sideways; if WV didn't want it why put in OCP?
politics, nimbyism wanting to be all things to all ppl, I don't know
on a hillside cd have density and views; bring down density to what; bring down density up go the prices
time; had to find homes elsewhere
no, I'm not being paid to be here, drove myself from Tsawwassen
As I wrote in Western Living -- fait accompli, ghosts will dance forever
I wd shed some tears but not regret
pls very soon new Ev Dr from mire and decay, vandalized homes we lived in and loved and something better can rise from their foundations
thank you; I'd like to come home
>Frank Rutter: seems these bylaws are a work in progress since we've had changes in last few days, few hours
maybe not rush, maybe delay first reading; I know can be changed but hard
applaud changes made in last week
scaling back to 349; closing loophole that wd have allowed up to ten storeys
yet these still allow hirises, six storeys and cd go to eight
bylaws shd be prepared the way staff wants them and the way ccl wants them, not the way the dvpr wants them
if there's a latitude in these bylaws, and there still is, any dvpr will build to the maximum and can't blame them
the present version of the OCP, extensive input, now limits to lowrise but not the way I see [this] bylaw
re Cmnty Benefits, glad there are some; do regret do not include space for seniors and a measure of affordability
>Helena Galas: ex resident of Ev Dr (on Folkestone Way now); just wd like to speak on the process
last time on Monday, when I heard one cclr will not be here and another not here; progress cd go on forever
in Calgary last week, my mother passed away; brought me this magazine asking me what's happening in WV
ppl taking such a long time; here possible excuses; unbearable for WV
it's not a disease, needs to be addressed
asked the assessor why taxes going up when nothing being addressed, no lighting, garbage
well, when shopping ctr was built this was blocked by roads b/c of possible extension of PkRoyal and residential living for those who worked in shopping ctr and close to transportation
even then ppl knew -- same thing is happening in this proposal
tired of coming to these mtgs, hearing the same thing over and over; pls address this issue
>Patti Young: the OCP amendments have legitimacy brought thru work Ray Spaxman and cmte done and reflected what done
he did not speak to amenities; disturbed amenities [worked out] between staff and Millnm
looks like bait and switch; beside myself $2m in cash and allocate nothing, no underground utilities; benefits also for hardship inflicted on the cmnty; underground utilities were in from the get-go and it's missing from this list of amenities
two and a half million $ not as a benefit but as a setoff to years of noise, nuisance, and inconvenience to us on Sentinel Hill not to be seen as a benefit
cd list of amenities go back to public before first reading?
willing to argue at PH but first reading v late in the game
SJN: the package has been put forward -- [based on] Spaxman report
do expect cmnty will be commenting; will want amended
believe Ccl and staff open to suggestions during PH process
Mayor: keeping our options open; open mind
>Gordon Ward-Hall: agree with this proposal; think 350 units best solution; agree with most of proposal; couple of comments
Clause 205 states that six storeys on north and eight on south face but then describes minor variations allowed -- minor defined as two add'l storeys or 20 ft wchever is less; that's one clause I do not agree with, two storeys or 20ft are not minor, that's 33% of six storeys
nor does it say whether allowed to pierce envelope or sit above; not described anywhere
fully disagree that two add'l storeys are minor -- it's not, it's 33%
original OCP only low rises [four] allowed; wd stretch it to six on N side but not another two on top of that
Ask clarification: Clause Policy H2 has 510[Ksf] of housing allowed, then Clauses [gives nos 104.x] state 363 floor areas and 145, but only place Floor Areas described is in Clause 103.05 and those are net, whereas 510 etc gross floor areas and doesn't say that, otherwise confusing.
Mayor: Ms Boyle?
Geri Boyle: quote from Mr Spaxman Study p 38
no devt will be permitted to penetrate unless view studies at design stage....not harming views
not exceed two storeys or 20 ft
>B Pitman:  I withdraw, will speak instead at the PH
Mayor: Mr Verdicchio
>Fulvio Verdicchio: ongoing saga, quite an experience, enjoyed being part of it; don't really see real benefits to cmnty at large or within
benefit pkg has been worked on by the Planning Dept; was under impression M&Ccl had a cmte working on benefits for any devt within WV with a percentage rate; was I wrong?
Mayor: that work is ongoing--
CAO: have group of staff working on that particular issue
wd like to state that the suggestion that the cmnty benefit shd in fact reflect uplift, increased value of the land, has been applied in this particular case
FV: that's pretty bizarre
going from 57 lots to 350; say uplift $200m and benefit pkg we're getting is $2.5m -- it's a joke!
Mayor: not a joke, raised a good point, importance of discussing at PH
FV: we're basically getting v little as a benefit pkg; we in nbrd getting no benefits at all.  Understood getting undergrounding of services -- that is not going to take place.  Seven years of construction and not benefits?  I want devt there, need some resolution but within the bylaw
shdn't put off to during PH; or 2009; same with envelope, minor adjustments
we're dealing with a v sensitive area, Sentinel Hill is really THE entrance to WV
don't see adding two storeys to any apt is minor
Now [sarcastically] let's look at beautiful job Mllnm has done on the Park Royal [Hotel] site b/c I think that's what we really don't want to have on Ev Dr.  We certainly don't want that mass and scale.
shd be treading v carefully not have first reading unless bylaws themselves v clear; what can, cannot be done; what benefits shd be given to the ppl that live in the area and going to be affected by additions on an apt block
want M&Ccl to be aware and it to be a benefit to everybody
CAO: M Planner may wish to comment on overall value of cmnty benefits for public's info
GB: briefly; uplift in land value, not to do with value Mllnm will be selling prop at once constructed
we've looked at industry and sq ftg costs for multifam sites, comprehensive devt sites
value of these 57 lots, difference in values, that's uplift; can't remember numbers;

{you mean this info isn't in the report??? or not in your notes/background for this mtg b/c rather important fact and likely to be asked...  let's hope in add'l information in preparation for PH.}

values we've given $2.5m, $1m in upgrade of services
30 rental housing units in perpetuity does have an economic value, not return as from condo
at least over $1m in today's dollars; so that amounts to $4.5m
have to take off fact that services not in place so at least $4m and cd be double that (haven't got final number); services Mllnm have to put in
So we have close to $9m in cmnty benefits
perhaps in prep for PH set down in memo; make sure posted on website so public can review
>Elaine Fonseca: prez of ADRA
hearing confusion about services and benefits, no one seems to know what's going on, least of all the public
we've had overwhelming crowds, in hallway, and said did not want high density
most of us have not seen this
heard this report was being dealt with within hours of this mtg, don't think it's fair to us affected by this major devt around Xmas time
you're proposing to have a PH Dec 4, why not in January, why have to have it within three weeks' time?
you get your reports in order, we get to know what's going to happen
Ev Dr is a critical part of our cmnty, why in Dec when we cd have it in January?
> CR, Editor, WVM, slow to come up: thank you; thought there'd be a long list of speakers and I'd be way down on the list!  I wasn't going to speak except when I heard there was $2m going to go to DWV, so I just have a couple of points to make
One is I'm extremely pleased you're taking uplift into consideration; I've been fighting for that for ten years -- so I'm glad uplift's being taken into consideration, and congratulate you on that, however having seen some of the estimates of the economics at the cmte mtgs Spaxman held, [showed] there seemed to be some disagreement over the values given.  So all I wd say to that is I think perhaps we need some time to verify whether the uplift figures that are being given are things that we agree with.  I heard Ms Boyle giving an example and of course, just having picked this [up] off the table there, I can't say anything and I wd want to get someone in the industry to give some expertise [and/on the] evaluation of the uplift figures being used b/c there can be not just the value of the land but the value of what's being put into it
{clearly not quite what I meant to say but that's how it came out!}
and as long as we understand what criteria you are using that wd be valid, and right now we might not know or we might not agree [with amounts either]
The next thing that alarmed me, wch is why I decided to come up, is when I heard $2m was being given in CASH as one of the cmnty benefits for this upzoning for Ev Dr.  Well, I nearly fell off my chair b/c what I wd want, is assurance from all of you, is that $2m is not going to go into the new cmnty centre b/c you're short of funds for it -- b/c that's what wd be tempting for some ppl to do since it's going to be more than was initially thought.  So I wd definitely want to make sure that we do look at the cmnty benefits, and that if there is a decision for cash that the public gets to say what they want that cash spent on, b/c it is for the cmnty.
So I agree with someone saying we shd have a list of the cmnty benefits.  I don't think I heard that that was fully explored by the Spaxman cmte, but I do think it wd be of benefit for it to be put out to the public to list the cmnty benefits they wd like to see if it's double or triple -- now it's 57, say what they wd want to see if 100 or 200 or whatever -- so the public gets to say their priorities and what benefits they want
As to whether it shd go to PH right away, the thing is Dec 4th you're already into Xmas and ppl going away, and you also will be the beginning of January
I don't know -- if you get a lot of ppl you hold over PHs, so I don't know what you're going to do and how many ppl will be speaking -- but it wd seem to me, it might even hasten the procedure once you get to PH, if you have a lot of these choices out in the public with the public's opinion so that when the bylaw comes back during the PH, you're closer to something that's actually going to fly, rather than right now.  Ppl haven't read this, ppl don't know about it, they don't know what the uplift is, they don't know what the cmnty benefits are.
Going to be ppl with oodles of questions even on Dec 4th
so I haven't read it so I can't comment; I'm sure it's good quality, but even if the info is there I really don't think the majority of the ppl who are going to be concerned and want to speak know enough about it now or might even know by Dec 4th.
So in the interests of getting as much information out I wd recommend the uplift figures be out, the cmnty benefits be out, get input from the public so that we're really close to running with it instead of-- I still hear so much uncertainty
So my aim is really, when I say have the PH later, not that I think it wd stall it, but in fact I think it wd go faster, and wd be a more pleasant process for us all.  Thank you.
> Elinor Thomas: won't bore you with what was said for last two years
some not sold; what's happening with the other six props and what
limit on building above Keith Rd? zoned as duplexes? fourplexes?
GB: the grouping of houses are zoned RS5, six homes not acquired by Mllnm + 1, those wd retain current zoning of RS5 so no change
ET: about breaking the envelope; haven't read it; just picked it up tonight
wd you put a ten- or 12-storey building down there
then come to affected nbr and say we plan to break envelope here, how defend yourself? now don't seem getting v far yet?
if you want to raise envelope--
GB: will be up to devpr to bring out specific plan; it's technically limiting the extent of any variation
devpr wd hv to prepare detailed plans, architectural, then view impact analysis wch wd be the subject of a nbrhd mtg; wd hv pictures from your home
ET: seems to me going round and round; ppl been coming around [to my house] and Mr Spaxman came in last Dec and said may lose a bit of my view
lived 39 years in WV and never had to defend my view and property -- and I've spent 2.5 years and I cd have learned a language
Mayor: we've taken a lot of time; cd reduce what we ask for going into PH
we think getting to Option C and the prescriptive nature of this bylaw represents an awful lot of work by staff
ET: I'd like to believe you but I've seen it many times in many reports but I don't know if I can believe anybody until it's a done deal and I've lost my view
SJN: these two storeys did not come from Mllnm
est'd envelope and six storeys but when detailed masterplan...  some can actually improve a view, put a storey to give a view
cd be part of PH process; then all bldgs will be held and that may affect someone's view
ET: maybe we shd change the name of Ev Dr, and put it behind us
>Keith Pople: really pleased to see this devt is progressing and I can see from the amount of work done; rezoning and bylaws a lot of work done
but all put into one level of bldg -- 350 units, Option C and I hope we're open to other bldg level alternatives
I was on the Ev Dr G Cmte and as Ccl was informed [earlier], the first preference was Option B, 250, not C that was in Spaxman Report
all agreed shd be devd to improve Ev Dr area and diversity of housing
exacerbate traffic and congestion in our existing roads, parks, and facilities
even option B, 255 will increase the popn by 500 and demand for services 1.2% in overall nbrhd, equivalent to about three years' growth, and all in one part of WV
improved access wd be required and a traffic engr and consultant said the max density this cd accommodate is Option C -- this is a maximum, not an optimum
we shd hv good access
wd be much more approp if we gave ourselves some wriggle room and an alternative, less
the FAR in the amending bylaw are excessive and request Ccl address what given earlier
Warner: live in next nbrhd; guess ev in WV shd be interested b/c affected
the gateway, entrance of WV -- not eyesore but beautification
am up on hill, many ppl I talk to happy with way it is now, Plan C makes the most economic sense for 21 acres, green space av; see area as it is now maybe speed up change of view, shd be permitted bulldozed make it better looking
this devt, three plus years; have a master plan, traffic infrastructure finishing whole project
all finished pretty well at same time as TWay; now a trouble spot
speedy go ahead to view the prop, get demolition permits in place in support of this planning (C)
JC: half a dozen recommendations here, suggest one at a time; Move 1
{cd not copy and paste from DWV website; will try to provide all six in next issue for info for PH.}
VV: asks if consulted sufficiently; but we wrongly interpreted the result
think up to option B -- leave [as is] or duplexes or at most Option B
Mayor: we don't typically debate; do we or don't we feel we've consulted according--
VV: we haven't; if we haven't understood then we haven't
RD: now 349 and now 508Ksf?  prop on Keith changes
GB: 508K
RD: and 349?
JC: Move 2
VV: spent quite a lot of time looking at the OCP since in connection
benefit from understanding how this moves legally
the OCP is inviolable, next to Cmnty Charter -- needs more votes to change
and right at beginning -- cannot be inconsistent with OCP policies
this proposes to amend the section
section at beginning, framework for action -- on purpose
speaks clearly about our growth, but approving this takes us way beyond our growth rate of 1% and way beyond what we said in election and it says 150 units per year, 1%
Ev Dr is taking more than that, twice
but if you look at Upper Lands, 1600 acres, [zoned] 2.5 per acre comes out to 4000
in the framework for action -- says WV to 2031 projection to 50,000 but take to 22,000 we have 17K now and if we subtract 4K, that leaves 500 for everybody according to our own
17 but round it to 20, this is over ten years of growth!
don't see how we can do this without changing the policy in the framework
I don't understand how we can believe we're legally in the clear without engaging the cmnty in the growth rate
since talking about process, we shd talk about growth rate
if cmnty wants to talk about this fine, but there's been no consultation about growth rate with them
Mayor: time frame
SJN: refers to anticipated rate of growth in OCP is .5% or less per year and what we've experienced in last 15 years   
Upper Lands, there's been Whitby and S Marr and Deer Ridge
won't nearly build out their prop in next 20 years, don't expect 100 years but not all to 2031
capacity is always more than the av growth rate
in expensive cmnty, growth rate less; this together with Amb mixed use rate will av in 0.5%
we will provide the info to Ccl
Mayor: amending the OCP is serious, Ccl is taking its direction in OCP designating Ev Dr as a special area, so we are well within our rights; the right thing to do for our cmnty
CAO: our solicitors have reviewed these bylaws and you are within your legal rights
JC: Move 3
JC: Move 4
JC: Move 5
PH, Monday 7pm in Kay Meek Theatre
RD: sev ppl phoned me this weekend saying hold this over to Jan, said wd be harder to make changes; checked into that; persuaded that not true
questions raised, can adjourn PH into January, did before; convinced we can and will listen to the public on this and PH the place to do this
other thing raised about Option B, some on cmte preferred that but was C and cmte recommended C and we've set at 319 and the others are permanent rentals so we did lower the density and we did provide for affordable, lower size, rental
will listen to that, cmnty benefit, underground wring
wd not like to go later than Dec 4 so will vote for it; been at it for four years
come down from 500 units to 319 plus some public benefit rental units
think here we shd be between 200 and 300
VV: re affordable housing, it's market rents -- nothing affordable or subsidized
whereas will be rental, doesn't solve affordable, it's market rental
do have concerns:
heard public want to have a cmnty benefit bylaw in place before; really think we shd move that Dec 4 date to a later date -- ppl want later and ppl haven't had time to read this; received today; not clear on cmnty benefits bylaw; don't have traffic study; prov has report in draft form; think all that shd be in front of public before PH
JF: a lot of time anticipating this; I too will be supporting the bylaw; prepare ourselves, have had a lot of consultation
now listen to public response to this proposal and public have opp to respond to this in a timely fashion, Ccl to amend
for applicant, finally reach closure
all waiting for this whatever decision Ccl makes
will be more than surprised if handled before Xmas break; think issues will be raised, questions asked, staff likely need time to respond; experience tells me will be dealing with this for some time, hope to be able to deal with before end of Jan
sooner we get started, sooner we can conclude; ppl understand, clarity of the bylaws
RD: if I cd reply -- rentals ARE considered a cmnty benefit and I also added we had 10% smaller units wch wd be more affordable; and as for cmnty benefits, we will be listening on this, and we'll listen until, as long as necessary on this, and so it's possible we cd end up in Jan with the PH.  Who knows?  but it's perfectly possible.
Mayor: thank you, Ccl.  Call question on PH and date.
JC: Move 6
Mayor: this is the notification area, expanded
SSch: correct
Mayor: that concludes our Ev Dr item
CAO: just to make sure that ev in the gallery is clear, maybe I cd ask the M Clk if the legal requirements for any of those motions to go forward have been met.
SSch: I will confirm majority of all Ccl mbrs required, that's four, and that has been complied with tonight.
Item 4.1 --  Cmte of Whole Mtg scheduled for Nov 20 be cancelled
and a Special Regular Mtg of Ccl be held on Nov 20
VV: might one enquire why? Cmte of Whole valuable and we're missing them
Mayor: Ms Scholes?
SSch: we only had two delegations scheduled and a number of biz items, so decided to roll into biz mtg
Mayor: believe Cmte of the Whole Nov 27?
CAO: we have a number of items wch won't be available until Nov 27 more appropriately for Cmte of the Whole; will have better idea in next day or so, likely back on 20th and say Cmte of the Whole 27th.
Mayor: right; valuable tool; trying to be flexible
Welcome back Cclr Sop
5.         Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence               
THAT the Consent Agenda item as follows be approved:
=B7        Item 7 - Correspondence List.
Sop: want to discuss 7:10; ask why Reports and Corres
Mayor: don't think we have reports tonight
RD: separate thing
SSCh: no reports, normally have
Correspondence listed, usual practice; this agenda
Sop: then 7
CAO:  for clarification, Consent Agenda anticipates Correspondence then reports from staff
in this particular case none, so your motion is to approve a consent agenda with Corres only
you said 7.10 so will be excluded
6.  REPORTS FOR CONSENT AGENDA --  No items received.
CORRESPONDENCE LIST FOR CONSENT AGENDA [complete list was in last agenda]
8:26  Ccl discussed TransLink letters:
7.10    E. James, October 19, 2006, regarding Las Vegas and the TransLink Mess
Sop: always look to protection of our cmnty, economic, social, and envtal wellbeing
draw attention to TransLink and their figures; no indication whether on target or not
reliance on gas tax revenues, reliance on ridership and if that ridership not met; impact will be horrendous through prop tax
prop tax to TransLink, no clue and direction they're going
Mayor Walton or Pat Jacobsen shd give some indication to this Ccl, NSh, start getting some figures
where these monies are coming from
if don't meet ridership, don't get enough gas tax; ask them or have them present themselves here
have Mr Walton--
Mayor: he is the rep
CAO: considered imminent, two weeks or two months
Mayor: TransLink hasn't even the ability to commit so we're in a holding pattern; facing significant costs; perhaps I'll follow up with the Minister
Sop: prop assessments, we're going to be dinged
TransLink have this open door policy, keep designing and don't know where money's coming from
CAO: better be careful what we wish for -- might see tolls on all the bridges!
RD: went to opening at WV Museum, representing Your Worship there
Exhibit Winston Elliott; recommend ppl go; he's been living here since 1950s; wife, daughter runs Red Horses in Dundarave; talented painter, in Navy in WW2 began to sketch and was so good given job then became a commercial artist; some paintings sold and kept a lot of them
Darrin Morrison, the Curator, just finished an excellent exhibit on Modernism and part of that exhibit was taken from the Elliotts' house, furniture from the house, that exhibit just completed
This family been involved with art for many years; with art gallery; lively, over period of years, idea of WV life; commercial art interesting, ingenious
excellent exhibit and hope you'll all attend
RD: went to Remembrance Day ceremonies and Sq Nation mtg
Mayor: city and Sq Chiefs, blend of socializing and priority setting and--
unprecedented is what Chief Gibby said
will be shared with public in a more formal way soon
way to identify common projects; behooves us all to work together on
v good beginning -- mbrs of Ccl excellent attendance
sorry Cclr Sop you missed it
Sop: talk about billboards?
Mayor: yes
identify things we want as well as what we don't want to see
will leave it as that b/c
CAO: working group will be mtg Nov 30 then reporting back
Sop: who
CAO: CAOs of three Ms, City, and Chief
Sop: no ccl?
CAO: not at this time
issues of mutual interest -- will scope those out; dev plans as how to address them
Sop: thing that concerns me
challenge S Pk Royal  when and if; redo of bridge over Cap Riv; traffic ways
whether in fact working with Sq based on realism rather than dangling carrots
Ms getting along, straightforward is the way I operate and expect others to
basic things to deal with
some 45 years, some semblance of what they'll do in S lands; what they'll do and impact on WV
realities there, and work on
Mayor: health care, arts & cultures, devt
the only way to tackle these challenges
gigantic step forward, also v concrete
topics, issues, where are your priorities; the three Ms across NSh and Sq
a lot of consensus reached quite quickly; working
falls to CAOs to shape that into something we can work with
exciting work to do; shd be pleased with the momentum and how far we've come inside one year
esp facing an issue like the billboards...
RD: good evening; ev was heard; true discussed in general way
Nation did set up some signboards you cd put dots on things that concerned you; a lot of them
four nbring Ms; dealt with a number of items in a congenial fashion; really first time the four Ms have met with the Sq; naturally seeking areas we had in common
wonderful evening, historic; seeing the four of us working together on same wavelength
on signboard, had ways of voicing our opinions
wise to approach in cooperative way rather than confrontational way -- and that's what we achieved
Bill Vaughan: couple of questions on procedures
wrt ccl mtgs and workshops; looked at LGA, Cmnty Chrtr, and ccl procedures; two kinds in LGA, reg and sp ccl mtgs
understand a lot of workshops held with cclrs, are these considered sp mtgs?
Mayor: Mr Stuart
CAO: we can provide a written response, but generally Act does provide for workshops under sp circumstances, can point you to legislation
BV: so what's the definition of a ccl mtg?
in this chamber? or certain number of cclrs present?
CAO: can perhaps meet with you; technically complex; requirements Ccl must comply with in order to meet, including providing notification that kind of thing
Other circumstances, can meet not considered a formal mtg of ccl, most often used for planning; no decisions made and no minutes kept; I can sit down with you and walk through the legislation
BV: tyvm; that was why I was asking b/c as I understand that a lot of v interesting topics are discussed at these mtgs, are these workshops open to public?
CAO: generally speaking no, can discuss further with Cclr Vaughan if there's an issue there
BV: tyvm.  My second question is partly to do with Ev Dr, so Cclr Sop can recuse himself
My question is, does this redevt come under "replotting scheme" since it involves public and private property being amalgamated into one lot and then redivided b/c I believe the Ev Dr road wd in fact change and some public prop wd be handed over to the public sector.  In that case does this come under a replotting scheme?
GB: we anticipate the devpr wd apply for subdiv and wd be some lot consolidation and road dedications that wd take place
The term replotting scheme has a v specific meaning under the LGA and this wd not fall under that process or that whole scheme
BV: cdn't find any definition in the LGA of replotting scheme, whole section part 28, but no definition
GB: haven't read it in a while but can provide you with details on that
one of the leaders in replotting was DNV  -- don't do it very often --, it was a scheme/legislation rarely applied/used in the province.
BV: tyvm

===  CCL MTG AGENDA Nov 20th  ===
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES --  Adoption of November 06, 2006 Regular Council Minutes
            Item to be provided on-table.
{Why??? What's the problem? two weeks ago and minutes used to be weekly!}
3.         J. Howell, Chair, Tribute Tree Program, Kiwanis Club of Capilano regarding Kiwanis Tribute Tree Program
4.         A. Dann regarding West Vancouver Equestrian Centre (File:  0120?01)
5.         Lighthouse Park Management Plan Progress Report
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated November 06, 2006 from the Park Planner...be received for information.
6.         Standing Committees - New Terms of Reference (File:  0115?08)
            Item to be provided on-table.
{hm, why? perhaps put out to public for input? how likely?}
7.         Additional Information - Hollyburn Cabin Transfer #244 (File:  1145?04)
            This item was deferred from the November 06, 2006 Council Meeting
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Nov 08, ... from the Director of Parks and Community Services be received for information.
8.         Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy Transfer/Assignment - #293 (File:  1145?04)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the non-family transfer/assignment of the Permit to Occupy for Cabin #293 be approved as per the Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy, Clause 20(b).
9.         Development Permit (for subdivision) Application No. 06?044 (6015 Eagleridge Drive)    
At the October 30, 2006 Council Meeting, Council received the report dated October 19, 2006 from the Community Planner titled "Development Permit (for subdivision)
     RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions... be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
     RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff report back to Council...
     RECOMMENDED: THAT the DP (for subdivision) ... which would impose conditions to protect the environment and avoid hazardous conditions be approved.
10.       Dundarave Landing Interim Parking Plan - Community Meeting (File:  1800?02)
            1.         Council receive the report titled Dundarave Landing Interim Parking Plan - Community Meeting from the Manager Roads and Transportation;
            2.         Council direct staff to implement the additional improvements to the parking plan which were developed in consultation with the residents and business owners of Dundarave as described in the report titled Dundarave Landing Interim Parking Plan - Community Meeting; and
            3.         Council direct staff to implement the Dundarave Landing Interim Parking Plan on a permanent basis.
11.       Third Quarter Review 2006 (File:  0860?01)
            1.         Council receive the report dated November 14, 2006 titled "Third Quarter Review 2006"; and
            2.         The document titled "Third Quarter Review 2006" be posted to the District Web Site.
12.       Group Daycare Operations in Residential Zones (File:  1605?08)
            To be provided on-table.
13.       Cancellation of December 04, 2006 Committee of the Whole Meeting (File:  0120?01)
14.       Additional Council Meeting (File:  0120?01)
RECOMMENDED:    THAT an additional regular Council Meeting be scheduled for Monday, December 18, 2006 at 7:00 pm in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
15.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
            THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
=B7        Item 16 - Development Variance Permit Application 06?045 (6080 Blink Bonnie Road)
=B7        Item 17 - Correspondence List
16.       Development Variance Permit Application 06?045 (6080 Blink Bonnie Road)             RECOMMENDED:
            THAT the report dated November 10, 2006, titled "Development Variance Permit Application No. 06?045 (6080 Blink Bonnie Road)" be received for consideration on Monday, December 11, 2006.
CORRESPONDENCE LIST FOR CONSENT AGENDA {third week no links on website!!!}
17.       Correspondence List (File:  0120?04)
            THAT the Correspondence List be received.
Requests for Delegation
17.1            R. Kinar, November 09, 2006 regarding request for delegation re Municipal Sustainable Energy Challenge
                    Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
Action Required
17.2            S. E. Fitzpatrick, November 03, 2006, regarding Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Plan
                    Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
17.3            N. Nelson, November 07, 2006, regarding municipal operating expenses
        Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
17.4            Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
                    (a)         North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues, September 28, 2006                      (b)        North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee Minutes, September 21, 2006                     (c)         West Vancouver Police Board Minutes, September 21, 2006 (File:  2905?03)
17.5            S. E. Dowey, City Clerk, City of North Vancouver, November 08, 2006 regarding Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change resolution
17.6            K. Kreis, Acting Director of Professional Development, Urban Development Institute (UDI), November 03, 2006, regarding November Luncheon
                    Previously distributed due to timing of event.
17.7            I. Chong, Minister, Ministry of Community Services and Minister Responsible for Seniors' and Women's Issues, November 09, 2006 regarding 2006/2007 Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing Grant 17.8            C. & M. Hannah, undated, regarding Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Plan 17.9            Vancouver-North Shore NDP, November 07, 2006, regarding Healthy Communities Conference
17.10         = ; S. Farkas, November 06, 2006, regarding Collingwood School and Noise Problems
17.11         = ; I. Chong, Minister, Ministry of Community Services and Minister Responsible for Seniors' and Women's Issues, October 30, 2006 regarding approved infrastructure planning grants
17.12         = ; British Columbia Health Coalition (BCHC), undated, regarding Home Support Campaign
                    Attachments available for viewing in the Clerk's Department.
17.13         = ; I. Pownall, October 27, 2006, regarding West Vancouver Equestrian Centre
                    Item included with delegation.
17.14         = ; S. E. Dowey, City Clerk, City of North Vancouver, November 08, 2006 regarding request for support - NS Centre for the Arts in Dementia Care
Responses to Correspondence
17.15         = ; P. Bates, Business & Technical Services Manager to K. Bunting, November 09, 2006, regarding recycling receptacles (File:  1776?01)
Responses to Questions in Question Period
17.16         = ; No items presented.
===  INFObits  ===
Bylaws are passed by a simple majority vote (of those present) unless otherwise noted. Each reading of an Official Community Plan bylaw or bylaw amendment must receive an affirmative vote of a majority of all council members (majority is four members) in order for the bylaw to be adopted.
The Editor received this Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 19:27:13 -0800
In case you missed it:
"An American Killing Field":
Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, speaks of the reality of life in Iraq under U.S. occupation. Six-Minute Video:
UPDATE: CNN commentators Nov 20: utter chaos and lack of security, sectarian violence breakdown of law and order.  Your humble scribe prays for an int'l transition team and plan, but I'm always an optimist and want to be positive.

First I must admit, pace Romeo Dallaire, I don't know enough about Darfur and shd be advocating some peaceful resolution there as well.
Having lived in the Middle East makes me more sensitive to the convoluted complicated morass that is the Middle East.  Below is what I received In response to my query about what was happening as to relative statistics.  Please allow me to preface my remarks by saying most now agree with a Palestinian State and a State of Israel within pre-1967 borders -- that is not just the position within Israel and Palestine but has been stated by Iran and the Arab League.  I had heard of Ta'ayush; I get the diary reports from CPT (this is not from them).  I asked for info on Gaza.  Was sent some info on the situation given by Israeli peace groups that we can hope will lead to compromises and peace.
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 10:07:00 -0800
From: Rxxxxxxxxx  //  To: Carolanne Reynolds <cr@Carolanne.org>
Subject: Re: Info Pls
Question & Answer Sheet About The Current Situation In The Gaza Strip
Compiled by the End the Siege on Gaza Campaign;
The Campaign represents a coalition of groups from the Israeli peace movement:
Coalition of Women for Peace; Gush Shalom; Anarchists Against the Wall; The High School Seniors Letter; Taayush; Yesh Gvul; Rabbis for Human Rights; Hadash, ICAHD,The Students Coalition -
Tel Aviv.
In the summer of 2005 Israel implemented its plan for "disengagement" from the Gaza Strip designed, among other things, according to the government of Israel at the time, to create "potential for the improvement of the Palestinian economy and living conditions". Ever since then, Gaza has been under siege, bolstered periodically by Israeli military attacks - overland, aerial and sea. The combination of violence and hunger now pose a dire threat to the lives of 1.4 million people who are
living in the Gaza Strip - women and men, elderly and children, combatants and a vast majority of civilians. This policy has nothing to do with the security of Israel's citizens. On the contrary, turning the Strip into a giant powder keg means a threat to all Israelis, including, first of all, the Israeli residents of the areas adjacent to Gaza some of whom are among the most poverty stricken people in Israel.
"Israel evacuated the Gaza Strip and it didn't help-the violence didn't stop; what do the Palestinians want?"
Israel evacuated the settlements in the Gaza Strip unilaterally, without conducting negotiations with the Palestinian Authority or reaching an agreed settlement on the future of the Strip. The unilateral evacuation, as well as the failure to negotiate agreed accords, meant a missed opportunity to advance a political solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In addition, this combination worked to undermine the status of the Palestinian Authority.
"The occupation of Gaza is over. Israel is no longer responsible for what takes place in the Strip."
When Israel evacuated the settlements and the military forces from Gaza, it declared and end to the military government of the Strip. Today, however, while there is indeed no permanent military presence within the Gaza Strip, Israel continues to exert nearly full control over every aspect of life within the area. Gaza's shores, its airspace and the overland passage between the Strip and the West Bank are all fully controlled by Israel. Israel also retains complete control of the entry and exit of goods into and out of the Strip, as well as the entry and exit of people. In addition, Israel controls the registration of births, deaths, marriages and people's place of residence, including the administration of requests for family reunion. Under the Oslo Accords Israel also continues to control major portions of the taxation system of the Palestinian Authority.
"The Palestinians are firing Qassam rockets into Israel, aimed at killing civilians, while the Israelis are fighting a war on terror."
While armed Palestinian groups are indeed firing Qassam rockets at Israeli towns, a total of 480 rockets in all have been fired between June and November 2006, injuring a total of seventeen Israelis. At the same time, the Israeli military assault against the Gaza Strip since Corporal Gilad Shalit was taken prisoner has taken over 350 Palestinian lives, at least half of them civilians including 80 children, while injuring over 800 Palestinians. The Israel Defense Force has caused enormous damage to the infrastructure of the Strip - half of the power supply in Gaza has been cut since the bombing of the power plant, causing severe damage to the water pumping system and the sewage system. The summary executions referred to by Israel as "targeted assassinations , often carried out from helicopter gunships, as well as the recurring artillery fire place the lives of the 1.4 million citizens of the Gaza Strip in constant jeopardy. The sonic "booms" created by Israeli Air Force planes have no military justification whatsoever. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert himself described their intent precisely: "no one in Gaza will be able to sleep ".
"How can Israel be held responsible for the economic situation in Gaza?"
Since the beginning of the Israeli occupation in 1967 and up until the Oslo Accords in 1993, development in the Occupied Territories was totally arrested. Over those years, Israel found it very convenient to exploit the Palestinians as a cheap labor force and therefore intentionally prevented economic development both in the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank. In 1991, Israel began a process of gradually lowering the number of Gazan workers who were allowed access to Israel, finally blocking the entry of workers altogether. Some of the workers who were laid off in this process were then employed by the Palestinian Authority. However, since the elections that brought Hamas into power, Israel has stopped transferring the taxes that it legally owes the Palestinian Authority.
Consequently, in addition to hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers, employees of the Palestinian Authority have received no salaries since March 2006, that is for eight months now. Moreover, due to the economic blockade on Gaza the unemployment has soared to 40% and the number of families living in poverty has reached an unprecedented 80%. Seventy-five percent of the inhabitants of the Strip are currently suffering food shortages.
"There's no point in Israel conducting negotiations with a nation that elected a terrorist organization as its leader."
There is full international consensus that the elections held in the Palestinian Authority were truly democratic and that Hamas was legally elected. In past, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and [its] largest component movement, Fateh, were also defined by Israel as terrorist organizations, a fact that Israel's government tends to ignore at its convenience. The leaders of Hamas have declared time and again that they are willing to conduct negotiations with Israel, under the direction of PLO
leader and Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen). It is clearly in the interests of the people of Israel to have their government negotiate with an elected Palestinian
government that [it] enjoys full public trust. The Prisoners Document and the Saudi Initiative are excellent foundations for dialogue between Israel, the Palestinian leadership and the Arab countries. If Israel continues ignoring and sidelining the elected leadership of the Palestinian people, more and more Palestinians may arrive at the conclusion that the only way forward is armed struggle.
"What's the problem with closing the borders - isn't it simply a legitimate way to prevent terrorist attacks?"
Closing the borders has clearly failed to prevent the firing of Qassam rockets or the digging of tunnels. On the other hand, it imposes direct and severe damages upon the entire population of the Gaza Strip. It was intended to do so in order to exert pressure upon the government led by Hamas. Israel controls the closing and opening of the borders between Gaza and the outside world, including the operation of the Rafah border crossing into Egypt. Since the capture of Corporal Shalit, Israel has kept the borders closed most of the time, preventing the passage of people and goods, in contravention of agreements brokered by the U.S. and signed by Israel. The siege of the Gaza Strip is a form of collective punishment which is being imposed upon every resident of the Strip, turning the entire area into a huge prison and denying its residents work, vital goods, appropriate medical care and basic human rights.
"The only solution is a re-occupation of Gaza."
The military operations conducted by Israel in the Strip have not brought back the prisoner of war Gilad Shalit. They have failed completely to end the firing of Qassam rockets into Israel. As the recent war in Lebanon failed to provide a solution to the conflict with Hezbollah, in Gaza and the West Bank too, military actions will provide no solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The security of Israel's residents will only be ensured though a political settlement putting a true end to Israeli rule in the occupied territories and incorporating a recognition of the rights of the Palestinian people. Re-occupying Gaza will not solve anything and, moreover, its cost in terms of the lives of both civilians and soldiers will prove unbearable - both for Israeli society and for Palestinian society. At this moment, however, before all else, the siege of the Gaza Strip must end immediately.
UPDATE from BBC  --  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/6157144.stm

COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES (Cmte, etc) established Oct 16:

Heritage Strategic Implementation Working Group - Councillor Vaughan
Environmental Strategy Implementation Working Group - Councillor Soprovich
Arts and Culture Strategy Implementation Working Group - Councillor Ferguson
Community Grants/North Shore Social Services Review Working Group - Councillor Soprovich
Community Centre Governance Working Group - Mayor Goldsmith-Jones and Councillor Soprovich
Rodgers Creek Area Plan Working Group - Councillor Day
Ambleside Master Plan Working Group - Councillor Ferguson
Housing Dialogue and Neighbourhood Character Working Group - Councillor Clark

Finance and Audit Committee- Councillors Smith and Clark
Design Review Committee - Councillor Day to December 31, 2006 and Councillor Smith for 2007
Community Engagement Committee - Mayor Goldsmith-Jones, and Councillors Ferguson and Vaughan

>>> VOLUNTEERS/RESIDENTS offering to serve on cmtes:
The application form is being updated and will subsequently be available on the website.

===  QUOTATIONS  ===

Nicolas de Chamfort (1741-1794), born Nicolas-S=E9bastien Roch, was a French writer, most famous for his Maximes et Pens=E9es. Born near Clermont in Auvergne, and, according to a baptismal certificate found among his papers, was the son of a grocer named Nicolas. A journey to Paris resulted in the boy's obtaining a bursary at the Coll=E8ge des Grassins
French - il n'y a que l'inutilit=E9 du premier d=E9luge qui emp=EAche Dieu d'en envoyer un second.
English - the only thing that stops God from sending another flood is that the first one was useless.

Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax.
                -- Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher (1788-1860)

A woman is like a tea bag ~~ you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.
                -- Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin D Roosevelt (1884 - 1962)

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.
                -- Dr. Seuss, author and illustrator (1904-1991)

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        November drizzle,
                downpour, rain; land getting drunk
                                before winter sleep