NOTES Nov 20
Calendar to Dec 8

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

After flood watch, snow watch!  Hope all's well!
Shakespeare's R & J at the Beaumont Studios was an interesting adaptation with four private boys' school students playing all the roles and borrowing a few lines from other Shakespearean plays.
Life After God with the exceptional Bob Frazier warmed the cockles of our hearts with its references to Vancouver and the North Shore.
School for Scandal was another triumph and tribute to the creativity of Dean Paul Gibson -- and it was delightful that he cast some Bard favourites: Christopher Gaze himself, Scott Bellis, and David Marr; also had Colin Heath (formerly of Cirque du Soleil, and original with Number 17).
=  MAIN ITEMS Cmte of Whole & Ccl Mtg Agendas Nov 27 (again not available until Friday): Fiscal Sustainabilty Task Force Report; Base Budget 2007; Nov 6 and 14 Minutes (eg Ev Dr, minutes pretty well useless b/c says X commented on Y -- so no info, no idea if person supported or didn't or provided more to consider); Eagle Lake Membrane Filtration Facility Contract Execution; Goups Daycare Report; still no plans for resident letters on website543 - 9th St for sale by DWV (to Millennium in Ev Dr area for $1.85m); Correspondence (no links; NOTE: Bd of Variance minutes in this section so not accessible) mostly Clovelly-Caulfeild nbrhd
gRUMBLEs; Calendar to Dec 8th; Nov 20th Ccl NOTES (Tribute Trees; Equestrian Ctr; Lighthouse Park; Hollyburn Cabins; Dundarave Parking; Third Quarter Report; Consent Agenda section with no links; +Mayor re Chamber of Comm+; Ev Dr mtg & PH not on Shaw; unannounced change re links on website); Ccl AGENDA Nov 27; Quotations

===  gRUMBLEs  ===
Did the Ev Dr Guidance Cmte know DWV was selling a lot there to Millennium?
Heard some patter about WV not having staff to handle the rainstorm emergency and not paying toward NV Emergency Ctr.  In fact all three Ms pay a portion and agreement if disaster in one, the others help and that's what happened.  They did a good job and didn't get time to recover when the show hit!

===  CALENDAR to Dec 8th  ===
===  Monday Nov 27th
~ 4pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte
===  Tuesday Nov 28th
~ 6:30 - 7:30pm ~ Ambleside Lights Up at 13th and Marine Drive

===  Wednesday Nov 29th
~ 6 - 8pm ~ Community Meeting at the Cypress Park Elementary School Gym, 4355 Marine to discuss the Altamont/Westmont and Canterbury Areas Questionnaires
The Parks and Opens Space Plan Background document provides an inventory of information about the West Vancouver park system and a preliminary analyses of issues. Browse this information which serves as a starting point for public discussion and planning for the West Vancouver parks system of the future. The Parks Dept looks forward to your input. Call 604-925-7275.
~ 7 - 8:55pm ~ North Shore Wetland Partners' year-end mtg at the WV Youth Ctr.  Wrap-up of year's activities and plans for next year.

>>>  EXHIBIT at GLH/WV Museum: Winston Elliott of WV - past and paintings, retrospective.
>>> KAY MEEK CENTRE  -- Visit www.kaymeekcentre.ca or phone 913-3634 for events.

        Dec 3rd and 6th, Carol Ships pass by Ambleside and Dundarave
        Dec 4th, Christmas trees light up 4:30 at Dundarave Pier
        Dec 4th, Public Hearing on Evelyn Drive at Kay Meek Ctr (7pm)
        Dec 7th, Police Board mtg at Station's boardroom (postponed from Nov 23)
===  Tuesday Dec 7th
~ 7:30pm ~ "Gifts From the Heart"  -  Join well-known gospel singers Marcus Mosely and Gail Suderman in a concert of gospel and traditional Christmas songs. From the first song to the last shout, these gifted performers reach the unreachable with a soul stirring and uplifting message. A concert that will touch the heart and raise the roof! Tickets: $10 at Silk Purse

===  CCL MTG NOTES Nov 20th  ===
                        Cclr Clark absent.  SRO! Most with WVEC badges
Mayor: Welcome ..., especially to those who might not normally come to a ccl mtg.  A special treat for us.
Before starting I'd like to ask the CAO to comment on the one in 400-year storm that hit the far west of West Vancouver last Wednesday.
CAO: significant windstorm on Wednesday and minor one on Sunday.
blowdown throughout M, over 5000 homes without power; number of streets in HBay
on road to recovery
crews working with Hydro to take down hazardous trees; process will take a couple more weeks
if concern about hazardous trees, call us; Parks Dept.
evacuated 50 homes from SeaScape; working with strata ccl, prov registry prog
look at map, [parts with] boil water advisory; info on website
WV does have its own water system, not for whole cmnty but parts, trying to extend; no boil advisory for Eagle Lake water
hope balance served by GVRD and will be lifted
all worst hit, own water
Mayor: like to compliment staff, Mr Stuart is the head, director, of the Emergency Operation Centre that had to be set up
100 ppl registered for social services at Srs' Ctr
staff have practised before but this was real life
in spite of signif losses some ppl have suffered, they were complimentary of staff and measures
extraordinary, congratulate everybody, M staff, Police, Fire, etc.
APPROVAL OF AGENDA -- amended adding item 4 re WV, and 14.1 mtg of the Whole Nov 27;
withdrawing item 2, 6, and 12 and will be on agenda for Nov 27

{Wow!  All three that I wondered why 'on-table' withdrawn!  Good sign if it means material will not be on-table any more b/c it gives no time to public or even Ccl to see the material Ccl will be discussing, passing, approving.}

2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES --  Adoption of November 06, 2006 Regular Council Minutes
            Item to be provided on-table.  [WITHDRAWN]

Mayor: don't usually have anyone speak before a delegation
we have one before equestrian ctr, and we don't mind one

{I did a doubletake.  This is unprecedented.  More importantly, will it set a precedent?  Many have asked to speak to or after a delegation and been told to wait until PQP at the end of the mtg.  So does this now mean one can always be allowed first?  and what if the person permitted to speak before is anti rather than pro???}
3.         J. Howell, Chair, Tribute Tree Program, Kiwanis Club of Capilano regarding Kiwanis Tribute Tree Program
JH: what a wonderful audience to have!
originally to raise funds; Parks Dept approached, they liked the idea too and that was the start four years ago.
tribute rather than memorial b/c both for the living and for those who have gone on
one of the earliest mbrs of our club donated a tribute tree in honour of his wife's 100th birthday and Mrs Smith celebrated her 104th birthday a few months ago
cost of the tribute tree was to be $1500 and it was agreed that the Parks Dept wd designate the location, purchase, and plant the tree and provide longterm maintenance; also inscribed cast bronze plaque, for that they wd receive half, $750, the other half wd go to Kiwanis, 100% to charities on the NShore
to date for the four years ending in Sept, 81 tribute trees were donated for a total of $121,000
half to Parks Dept and the other $60K to the Kiwanis Club for distribution to charities on the NShore
since then we have sold, 86 trees, total $129K
was agreed have a five-year program and I'm looking forward to that being extended next year
there are sites that the Parks Dpt have designated for tribute trees, Cap cemetery, replacement trees for Taylor Way
a number of trees taken down, disease; so six
trees identified by arborist
at the civic ctr there are tribute trees there and 12 still available
and I'm hoping the temp parking lot adjacent to MDr will be back into grass and sure there'll be space for tribute trees
other places, Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr and Whitby Park at the top of the Properties.
To Parks Dept, thank you for your help, in particular to Corinne Ambor who has been most helpful
Mayor: know Corinne and our Parks Dept have enjoyed working with you; can't imagine not continue
did we take care of that bronze that was stolen?
KPike: referred to Police; haven't heard of any back
Mayor: will be replaced
JH: more permanent, prob'ly will try to recess it
the trees along the ice rink, the plaque is recessed into the sidewalk and is flush with the sidewalk
thank you for helping us in that regard.

7:16 {in advance of delegation}
{This is an incredible precedent.  Cd prove to be awkward.  Such requests in the past have been firmly told they must wait to the end of the mtg at PQP.  What can Ccl do when one person makes such a request in future to speak before the delegation does?}

Mayor: one person to speak, keep it brief; Dennis Perry is with us
DP: didn't realize I was going to be offered this opp to speak beforehand
wd ask M&Ccl to give all the support possible to this proposal
WV sadly needs it, in fact Greater Vancouver really needs this
we have residents across WV who drive to Abbotsford and beyond to ride b/c there aren't the facilities
I know one family where the three of them drive six days a week to Abb
I have two daughters go to NV
We're probably going out to Langley at least three days a week; feel I'm going to be compelled to do that
attention to the triple bottom line social ec envtal impact; that's what we need to sustain the world
we shd be viewing the Eq Ctr, augmenting our Cmnty Ctrs, Parks, and playing fields
horseback riding cuts across all ages, great benefit socially to any cmnty
wrt economy, the more diversified the cmnty, the more you have to offer residents more value; can't put a $ value
ppl wd like to move to WV who can't b/c haven't riding

{Excuse me, but that may not be the main reason ppl who wd like to move to WV don't, having riding facilities may be on the list but how far down?}

impact on envmt, wd suggest an eq ctr in the Upper lands wd be a good use of the UL and positive for envtal impact
not postpone, as we know devt of the UL, moving at a furious pace; Ccl has to address and proceed at this stage -- we may not have another opp for this in our M; this is one of the things we have total control of
this Ccl can make this decision, don't have another level of govt that can say no to this
hopeful this will go ahead; can't see any downside
Mayor: and now I'd like to welcome Ashley (?) Dann
4.         A. Dann regarding West Vancouver Equestrian Centre (File:  0120?01)
Angela (?) Dann: [Dennis Perry] said it!
here with my husband Michael and three chn
presentation hope you will enjoy; steps we've taken
to make sure consistent and in character with WV [slides of historical WV]
our passion = the sport
the most important reason we need -- countless families leaving our cmnty; NV facility operating at capacity, turning away 150 each year; the Bby's Assn also full -- when we asked I was told no space in our lifetime.  An hour to Southlands, etc
replace that commute time with quality time; wd relieve pressure on congested bridges
in reality, many cannot commit to that time.
having facility in our District makes economic sense
ev family leaves, so shops in other stores; supports local biz
real need for more public rec activities
even tho WV considered the most affluent in Canada, many families work hard
lost movie theatres, bowling alley, and driving range
sailing and lawn bowling great, on public land; tennis club has a three-year waiting period
recreation for all ages, starting from five, have many seniors -- first time in their lives time to devote to something that brings them joy
grandparents want to socialize in beautiful setting
needs of the families living with disabilities -- wd benefit from therapeutic riding; currently a waiting period of over two years after assessed for the riding
ranges from physical mental social -- to need to charge our overcharged minds
many levels of abilities and interests
yes, Olympics are coming in 2010 and excited for rest of world to see how beautiful WV is -- can be training Olympic hope
Alexander Duncan will be competing in Germany next year also a 2012 hopeful Caulfeild
mother has been driving her to Rmd and Delta
how can we make this happen without cost to M?  we're willing to fund a first class facility, WV first priority, families can gather, siblings can do homework; where teenagers can spend time with their friends
kind to the envmt, kind to horses
have worked with prop owners and staff to find site; don't wish to negatively impact a nbrhd
naturally that has guided us back to a location off UL Hwy -- no plans we are aware of
have respectfully watched OCP and selection of M&Ccl
confirm creating something that wd benefit our cmnty
700 emails from riders and nonriders alike; letters from Sch Bd and Collingwood/Mulgrave
thank you; invaluable input
our letter [to M&Ccl], request to acquire the site
if in part not possible then we ask that you assist us in finding an alternate site
allow us to join in on our commitment, turn this into reality
Mayor: we don't usually get that sort of applause
Sop: you're asking us about land we don't have [own]; can't put pressure on a private owner
how high up can we go? for horses?
we cd move fwd, spoke to Danns
closeness of a bike park, other facilities
off Cypress Bowl Rd, private lands; they may not wish you to ride on those trails
clearing [land] what happens? storm water mgmt, have you looked at those things?
having said that, it is my position that we shd look at furthering some view into this in that there cd be an eq ctr in WV off that arterial way but has to have sustainable land use as to other things along that way
we've had this presentation twice; but somewhere along the line we have to get down to serious talk about affordability and space, relationship to it
old story, can't do anything till you give us the land but it's not our land you're seeking
Mayor: have you a question?
Sop: they've satisfied me the intent is there
have a serious look, if not here somewhere nearby
VV: we owe a debt of thanks to Mr/Mrs Dann for effort they've put into this
diff in surveying
some of the anxieties Cclr Sop expressed -- we're talking about land we don't own
potential to negotiate with owners; not beyond possibility we'll get on with this
you've shown the land you like and layout but if have to make compromises, what is the min acres?
Michael Dann: 12 to 13 acres; this is 26 acres of wch 12 acres is of use
JF: proposal sounds exciting and interesting, lots of supporters here
before to staff, wd like to see biz plan, financing
outside of those here, public not aware of costs involved
if you assume costs of building
but having a biz plan wd be of interest
AD: we're prepared to proceed as a family and as a biz owners
comfortable in presenting a biz plan
for our own comfort wd like to have a biz case and plan in place
Mayor: are you considering forming a non-profit society?
AD: lot of interest in therapeutic riding; with size of the land we'll dedicate a certain part to the riding and that wd be the non-profit portion
the rest wd hv to be funding, private, and M
RD: thank you also for the hard work you've done; also to acknowledge the ppl who came out tonight
don't know if you enjoyed this but clear you enjoy horses
worthwhile goal and worth pursuing; complicated but at least we will look at it seriously
thank you so much for coming out tonight
MS: are we just going to receive the delegation?
need some degree of staff input to see if this makes any sense; need to move it along to next stage
Mr Stuart cd help us, this thing going to make any sense to Danns and British Properties?
interesting to note Brit Prop included plans for polo grounds and a golf course -- 70 years later
need to direct staff to do something
Mr Nicholls is frantically whispering in my ear
Mayor: cd be added as a friendly motion
CAO: enter into discussions and report back to Ccl
Sop: consideration shd be with owners of the land -- that's direction shd be going to see what their flexibility is
not fait accompli, suddenly open door, it's not our land
until we look at entire Rodgers Creek; doesn't follow
need a corporate biz plan; going to be a commitment there
if in that specific location or helping Danns look further, best working with owners
CAO: there are lots of issues around this proposal
staff discuss so clear understanding what requirements are so can report back if it can occur
MS: can't assume ppl who prepared a presentation like this and run a biz in our cmnty wdn't have a biz plan -- can't imagine ppl who come here don't have biz plans
Mayor: apologize; need receipt of Mr Howell's presentation
{Most of crowded chamber left, those WV Equestrian Ctr badges.
Delightful presentation, as an idea, a proposal.
From a meeting process point of view however, this was exceptional to have broken rules to have a speaker, a resident, speak for five minutes -- keep in mind speakers at the end at PQP when all others refused were told to speak, has a limit of three minutes -- and then the delegation's presentation was almost 15 minutes when earlier ones have been limited to five and not more than ten.  The subsequent 15 minutes were Ccl questions and debate are at Ccl's discretion.}
5.         Lighthouse Park Management Plan Progress Report
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated November 06, 2006 from the Park Planner...be received for information.
Corinne Ambor [Parks Staff]: process began in 2003, approved by Ccl June 2004
compromise supported by all stakeholders
priorities: fire and fire preparedness indicated by public -- end of extremely dry summer 2003
measures to improve, more fire boxes; sign standards completed and implemented
hut no 1 removed early this year, considered a bit of a fire hazard, was empty
implemented a smoking ban -- mid Apr to mid Oct; no BBQs or hibachis
land status discussions ongoing; land is leased from the fed govt and comes up in 2026
many have indicated wd like ownership to be in M
continue to have communication with DFO and Senator Pat Carney
3rd most, need for a recreational code of conduct; will be to you for review
split rail fencing being installed in key areas of the park
installed trailhead signs, indicate expected behaviour in the park
trail improvements are ongoing; much easier trail to walk on now; helps to direct and prioritize park works
installing fence posts along Beacon Trail
fishing closure happened on June 1 culmination of years of work with V Aquarium and DFO and WV Parks Dept -- from east side of Caulf Cove to Tyee Pt in HBay
continue to work for the park's biological health
this is a v important remnant of oldgrowth forest
hut site, planted it up with cooperation of LPPS
Trail Day last October, native plant transplantation -- in conjunction with LPPS
monitoring & enforcement is an ongoing challenge
challenge for ppl to keep all feet on trails
find ppl with bonfires on summer evenings
the work we've been able to do with LPPS we've been able to leverage money and effort
ivy pulls, educational talks, tours, bird counts, newsletters, make a financial contribution to plant material and they're celebrating ten years of park preservation in 2007, exciting
good progress, one of the most popular parks, hi usage continues
certainly benefit from Lighthouse Park Preservation Society [LPPS]
JF: good report, am sure Ccl wd like to thank LPPS many hours of work in all weather
all v fond of that park, fabulous place
was some discussion have some non-profit society grants from other than M
is it possible to access any of the grants out the prov for 2010? historical sites?
commercial partnership possible for add'l funding?
CA: has already pursued, grant from WV Cmnty Fdn to publish newsletter
writing grants constantly and we work with them
Sop: have you seen a deliberate change in the flora and fauna from feet on the trails prog?
CA: the compliance is mixed
Sop: what does that mean?
CA: some stay on trails and some don't; has improved; with knowledge
poaching still
presence in park wd assist
Sop: have yearly numbers visitors to park?
CA: No
Sop: in thousands?
CA: yes, in summer parking lot packed, thousands a week in summer
Sop: it's a wonder we don't have a ranger out there
remember when setting up this plan, local residents do a lot of policing on their own
at some point in time deserves a host so to speak
remember 30 to 40 years ago incredible ground cover and it's eroded over time
let's keep it and have it grow; look at budget, maybe not this year
RD: tour buses? or stopped?
CA: stopped
RD Fishing/Oceans sitting behind desks rather than enforcing
persuade them to get out from behind their desks and do something
I know LPPS has done a wonderful job; thank you
see Marja deJong, see Elaine living out there, doing a good job, keeping it safe; want to thank you
work you've done and the society has done
Mayor: wd like to ask Marja to comment
Marja deJong Westman: prez of LPPS, take opp to formally thank WV Municipality, particularly Parks, help in finding solution
been a cooperative relationship for wch we're truly thankful
will continue to pursue the chronic problems
the stewardship the society has played, the M has met us half way, 3/4 way; help in managing
Mayor: Ccl relies on the LPPS and it really is a model for a way we're preferring to do biz nowadays
wd be interested in hearing what the chronic probs are
interested to know if a park ranger wd help in addressing those if that's not where you'd go first
Doug Leavers (Parks staff): some of the chronic probs, come in many parks -- thousands of ppl on a nice day and used for many years by nbrs as their own.
a lot of the standoff did come from dog use and hiking and preservation uses of the park
we tried to find and compromise; dogs
all feet on trails requires enforcement; we have staff on patrol and Elaine Graham on part-time basis
eyes in park are those in the park
some other problems as Cclr Sop posed, species and groundcover, whether recovering, maybe too early to tell, been making improvements have set out monitoring sites to see over time
JF: moved receipt
Sop: are you going to put in a submission for a ranger in the park? will it be full-time?
DL: yes, you'll see in budget package, not full-time, from May to Oct
6.         Standing Committees - New Terms of Reference (File:  0115?08)
            Item to be provided on-table. [WITHDRAWN]
7.         Additional Information - Hollyburn Cabin Transfer #244 (File:  1145?04)
            This item was deferred from the November 06, 2006 Council Meeting
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Nov 08, ... from the Director of Parks and Community Services be received for information.
Catherine Rockendale, Prez of Hollyburn Ridge Assn: some discussion on Ccl about the value received from the Hollyburn permits and I understand asked for more info
I've done some research to understand the issues more clearly
the DWV currently charges what has been suggested is a nominal rate for the permits
I found that 108 cabins are charged $388.90 for a permit fee wch equates to $42K rev per year; they pay taxes at a somewhat low rate equates to $21.6K; total rev to DWV is $63,600 per year
fully acknowledge -- worked really well with staff (I'm v thankful to Doug Leavers, Kevin Pike) on recent inspections, close relationship resolving issues, certainly taken more of their time
in past 20 years were v few inspections, part of reason we're where we are now, and trying to rectify
in analysis District in past 20 years had received $850K approx from the Hollyburn Cabins wch is a fairly substantial amount, I was surprised
this was in add'l to cmnty benefits derived from some of the work CRA does in the UL  -- including heritage conservation and preservation wrt Hollyburn Lodge, but also land, creek, and waterway stewardship in WV's Upper Lands
This year we're doing the bug counts with Streamkeepers, work closely with them
all the tributaries come through the cabin area; work with Streamkeepers
in past week an incredible onslaught of weather; yesterday led a delegation, last week worked on repairing of trails, had to clear side ditches, sev bridges in cabin area had trees fallen and debris; a delegation worked yesterday eight hours trail access open; quite muddy weather
work ongoing over the years
talked to other Ms across Canada to get comparison
Burke Mtn cabins in Coquitlam pay a permit fee $250 per year; recreational cabin leases in AB, SK, ON, the economic analysis was based on total revenue vs individual mbr cabins
in all the max cabin lease is $250, sure other cases out there; still have some Ms and Districts to talk to that may have higher rates, will talk to them
CRA not opposed to a fee increase and we'll talk to Mr Pike about how to proceed
in the FSTF doc, states rev not kept up with COL increase; yet the permit actually cites the increases in the fees as being linked to cost of price index {she means CPI}
we're not opposed to a permit fee increase; the permit is a legal contract and is in place till Dec 31 2009
I submit this for Ccl deliberations; recommend approve transfers forwarded tonight and hope can retain goodwill and trust built over the past few years
better relationship with staff last few years better as Mr Pike will attest than last 75 years
Mayor: we've got a report and a request for transfer
MS: in Mr Pike's report says 2009 and District can terminate on one year's notice with use of land
as per Clause 22, fees set by Ccl at their sole discretion
are the fees subject to an increase before Dec 2009?
KPike: the latter part, quote is from our new application for transfer
started using in last little while so ppl will know
most ppl don't transfer their permits
yes, we can terminate on one year's notice but says we have to have a use, another use.
so we wdn't just change this on a whim; want land for other purpose
don't have a provision that allows us just to raise the fees
MS: in the interests of clarity we shd summarize this sad situation
staff coming to us recommending fees increase
Mayor: the case?
MS: yes, there's time after time, mentioned last time
Mayor: from 20 years ago
MS: no, spent countless hours, strange deals,
office staff saying we're spending countless hours,
rejecting increase ten years ago, prob'ly at best covering our costs
can't afford to hire a park ranger, b/c of cash situation, but as last speaker said, prepared for an increase
frustrated, speaking about these cabins and can't do anything until 2009
KP: I'm one who mentioned cabin fees but mentioned over a number of years Ccl had turned down
not sure what other staff said
in last few years, given Ccl reaction, was not necessarily to increase fees but to make sure brought cabins up to standard, had been great deal of trouble until last couple of years when cooperation from HRA
the issue of fees can be dealt with; as Ms R says, not adverse to doing that
MS: I'm not criticizing Mr Pike or staff but prev Ccls that chose not to implement
cabin owners happily enjoying their cabins and we'd be happily enjoying $$$
CAO: cabin owners have indicated they're willing to look at those fees
we did commit to coming back in Jan; if our costs not covered sure we can work something out with cabin owners; look forward to in January
VV: I find that we wd benefit if we had more data
in terms of Fiscal [Task Force], hoped it wd get down to getting data I wd want to see
the cumulative funds $63K, and trying to match with countless hours of staff, if we knew how many hours of staff time a year
not enlightened at all -- are we close to an economic equivalent? out of ballpark? do we even have that data collected re staff time?
CAO: some of this frustrating to Ccl b/c dealing with issues reviewed in the Fiscal Task Force
desire to move in directions
did commit to look at issues Cclr V has raised and come back in January with a report
what we have done, we've implemented a new scheme, allows us to manage cabins, work with cabin owners more effectively
not so much in the short term what add'l hours having to be put into making that work but in the long term, what annual hours going to be expended by staff and do the fees in fact reimburse us for that.
RD: cabin transfer done Nov 6 and we're just receiving the information
KP: it was deferred for more information, still not approved
RD: can't tonight?
Mayor: no, will be back
SSch: think it was unclear if transfer to be considered tonight
Mayor: page X has the report from Sept, motion
Sop: wch one?
Mayor: for add'l information
I do have a question; I understand Cclr Smith's frustration
is it true then the only way an increase is if change of use, prior to 2009?
KP: yes
Mayor: is there an opp to change that?
KP: we wd hv to break that contract
Mayor: or for subsequent permits, is there a way to do it?
KP: we don't end and do a new one; we assign, so it doesn't break
recommendation made by our solicitors a number of years ago; continuing permit until time it expires
Sop: fact remains we have had a lot of probs with cabins and cabin owners not maintaining them
along the way we improved our vision of what that area's going to be like
like to see some genuine input re Hollyburn Lodge as Heritage
I first attended a cabin there in 1949 and 50 -- it was spooky; I was young and thought it a fantastic place
part of our heritage
think we've come a long way, what we want from these cabin owners, took a long time to get there, stiff presentations by staff forced them to put a lot of energy
this lady had brought together, head of CRA and brought them together
some there have spent thousands
we like to go there, fosters
agree with Cclr Smith; efficiency and cooperation with CRA, less energy by staff
Mayor: receipt of report
RD: re Cabin 244
[Transfer passed -- $56K to cabin permit holder]
8.         Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy Transfer/Assignment - #293 (File:  1145?04)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the non-family transfer/assignment of the Permit to Occupy for Cabin #293 be approved as per the Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy, Clause 20(b).
9.         Development Permit (for subdivision) Application No. 06?044 (6015 Eagleridge Drive)    
At the October 30, 2006 Council Meeting, Council received the report dated October 19, 2006 from the Community Planner titled Development Permit (for subdivision)
Mayor: no one to speak to this; introduce this
SJN: some lots in WV steep, under OCP requires DP; this application is on Eagleridge Dr, reviewed it for two months to see if subdiv approvable, to get driveways away from corner, suitable grade
finally determined is approvable, driveway changes; considerable amt of rockcutting to put driveways in
this permit imposes conditions Approving Ofcr not able to impose
wd restrict the bldg envelope on the sites to keep the bldgs away from the steep portion
prohibit driveway off lower portion of Eagleridge Dr, the western section
produce shared driveway on upper side; reduce amt of rock by 50%; req a storm water mgmt plan
five conditions imposed on this; so before you tonight to impose
RD: move receipt
Sop: like idea of one driveway b/c of that corner; is there sufficient ROW bet bldg envelope and prop line?
SJN: only for a priv car; not a road, it's a priv ROW
continues into rear of prop to the west
Sop: eliminates driveway
SJN: current driveway wd be eliminated; under terms of DP, driveway wd be prohibited
Mayor: shd hv called for pub input -- anyone?
George Matthew; with the restrictions of the rock removal will that change hit restrictions
Sjn: no, owner does not propose to; rest stays same
GM: 25ft?
SJN: yes
then recommended motion: THAT the DP (for subdivision) ... which would impose conditions to protect the environment and avoid hazardous conditions be approved.
10.       Dundarave Landing Interim Parking Plan - Community Meeting (File:  1800?02)
            1.         Council receive the report titled Dundarave Landing Interim Parking Plan - Community Meeting from the Manager Roads and Transportation;
            2.         Council direct staff to implement the additional improvements to the parking plan which were developed in consultation with the residents and business owners of Dundarave as described in the report titled Dundarave Landing Interim Parking Plan - Community Meeting; and
            3.         Council direct staff to implement the Dundarave Landing Interim Parking Plan on a permanent basis.
EBarth: April staff came forward about making Upper and Lower Bellevue changes permanent however still some concerns so staff to go back and meet with cmnty
In July focused on issues and in second half staff worked with cmnty to meet those concerns
some landscaping; pedestrian area on L Bellevue
successful solutions; operation continues to function v well; speeds low and traffic volumes low
JF: on p 105, pedestrian walkway ..... does that mean a sidewalk?
EB: one of the challenges there is a sidewalk b/c of all the driveways; created a recessed strip so clear
JF: so a sort of a sidewalk
VV: when this came up before a number objected; not here this evening; so in favour or lost courage?
not inclined to vote for it till satisfied
EB: public mtg to meet concerns so presume if not here, optimistic we've met those concerns so reason why not seeing anyone here; rec'd no phone calls
VV: subject to some confirmation; no objection from nbrs no sense
wd feel comfortable without that; certainly can continue it; don't know we have complete solution
CAO: staff can confirm if public knows, they have not been shy
EB: we did give info to some who can disseminate the info
the add'l improvements... staff went away, done with the cmnty on the spot
they bought into what we were doing; in terms of continuing for another year
taken a great deal of staff time and created uncertainty in cmnty
VV: wd like to defer permanent, the week after we make it permanent something comes back at it
not quite at that point
MS: wd like to thank Mr Barth and Mr Dozzi; lack of objection tonight well rec'd by all parties
before summer parking plan, read it over summer and consultant recommended moving parking on MDr to one hour from two
even with the improved situation in Dund, parking is still an issue
I live in Dund and if you find a parking space you want to stand on your roof and !!!
any consideration given to changing from two to one
EB: done in conjunction with Amb area; we've reviewed that report been reluctant to do that outside but if Ccl wanted us to bring forward some of these measures
Mayor: Amb; not sure extends to Dund
MS: not want to make more work for Mr Dozzi, looking shellshocked
you can't find parking in Dund
staff might study it in consultation with merchants along MDr
EB: what we intend to do
RD: this intent of this report was to retain angle parking
Upper Bellevue you can always find parking
biz on MDr, professions on Bellevue plus the park
angle-parking has been v successful
great staff been able to retain parking and satisfy residents
we owe Mr Dozzi and Engg Dept vote of thanks for work they've done here
one-hour parking good for biz briefly but restaurant you'll need more than an hour
this happened to Lonsdale, we don't go there anymore b/c one hour and can't wander around
looked at it in past, keeps ppl moving and restaurants
will lose a lot of attraction
JF: agree with speakers; staff have done a good job
residents have made some compromises as well
as to one to two, I was a mbr when changed from one to two for the v reasons Cclr Day said
a lot of their patrons were getting parking tix, even hair cut
not at expense of merchants
MOTION CARRIED with Sop opposed
Mayor: a lot of work and a lot of collaboration, helps Dund immensely
11.       Third Quarter Review 2006 (File:  0860?01)
            1.         Council receive the report dated November 14, 2006 titled "Third Quarter Review 2006"; and
            2.         The document titled "Third Quarter Review 2006" be posted to the District Web Site.
RL: focuses on year-end projections; significant positive division and ..... anticipated costs
year end break even
on or under budget in all categories
presented to Finance Audit Cmte on Nov 10; cmte recommended it be forwarded to Ccl and to website for info
Mayor: thank staff; got it underway now, really appreciate it
12.       Group Daycare Operations in Residential Zones (File:  1605?08)
            To be provided on-table.  WITHDRAWN
13.       Cancellation of December 04, 2006 Committee of the Whole Meeting (File:  0120?01)
Mayor: PH on Ev Dr
14.       Additional Council Meeting (File:  0120?01)
...an additional regular Council Meeting be scheduled for Monday, Dec 18, 2006 at 7pm in the M Hall Ccl Chamber.
MS: move CMte of the Whole Nov 27 to 7pm in addition to reg ccl mtg
at that mtg we're going to hear finally the recommendations and report form the hardworking FSTF; hope be an interesting mtg
Mayor: thank you, looking fwd to it
15.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
MS: not really a question of discussing it separately, but wd like to discuss how doing correspondence whenever you like
Mayor: don't have an Other Biz section; bring up during Reports
16.       Development Variance Permit Application 06?045 (6080 Blink Bonnie Road)                         Report dated Nov 10...be received for consideration on Monday, December 11, 2006.
CORRESPONDENCE LIST FOR CONSENT AGENDA {third week no links on website!!!}
17.       Correspondence List [complete list was in previous WVM issue] -- received


Mayor: Cclr Smith since you brought up
MS: out of town last week vaulted out of bed Sunday morning ready to attack my electronic ccl package -- again unable to read Corresp from public b/c no links attached-- frustrating
if citizen writes a letter to Ccl, we shd at least have the opp to read it before the mtg; searching for guidance form CAO
can we go back to old way; click on letter and read it electronically
had no opp to read the corresp till I arrived tonight; find it frustrating, wd like to read entire package prior to mtg
missed mtg last Tues, wd be nice if, wished have draft minutes
need to find a diff way of doing this
another way rather than not having them?
CAO: ask MClk
SSch: we brought this to Ccl's attention

{When???  not at a public ccl mtg and looks like some councillors not aware!
why these decisions made behind closed doors and not even announced to us poor plebeians who write in, are affected, and want to know what ppl say and have the information from other govt agencies, etc.}

privacy issues
whatever, research with solicitor and other Ms
thought a happy balance wd be to continue to list but no longer publish

{who thought it was a happy balance?  in whose opinion? we, the residents and writers certainly weren't asked!!!}

and now has been in place for three weeks; providing to Ccl hard copy
looking at other ways
Mayor: not ready electronically; when?
Ssch: when?
Mayor: answer your question
MS: if I were a mbr of public, if I were sitting in audience, wd like to have idea [what we're talking about]
ppl wd like to know; deleted
publish body of the letter
Mayor: trying this for a month; report on how it's going
huge benefits in terms of efficiency; report next week?

{Yeah, right.  Wd be even more efficient if none of the staff reports attached to the agenda items were put up either.  Have some lost sight of public govt doing public business in public with public being informed???}

Ssch: yes
Mayor: good start

{start?  going to delete more if not much objection to this removal???}

[wrt Cclr Smith's question, no minutes] minutes, b/c of short week
SSch: one of the reasons
also short staffed, and getting out notice for Ev Dr
Sop: now only see it electronically?
Mayor: cclrs will have a hard copy
Sop: so if we challenge, hard copy or web?
Mayor: yes
Sop: why do minutes?
why late? I know not word for word; no offence to wonderful Clk; doesn't really capture moment
wonder if another method
Ssch: we hv bn steadily moving toward action minutes
now streaming
Cclr Sop is correct; pare down the narrative; more and more to action minutes

{This is unconscionable.  What's with this 'action' minutes bit -- who instructed the MClk to strip it down to that?  Is all of Ccl missing the purpose of informing the public about what they're doing???
What good is this in the minutes Oct 30 for PQP:
"...commented relative to the community centre quarterly report, Collingwood School enrolment and bylaw enforcement, timing of the Heritage Week 2007 and the 2007 Mountain Mardi Gras Festival.  D. Stuart (Chief Administrative Officer) commented relative to bylaw enforcement."

Do you know what questions were asked?
And what were the answers?
As you see, neither the questions nor the answers were given.
What's the point?
It's not action, so don't bother letting residents know what was asked or the answers?
there will be more on this, no doubt.}

Sop: during storm; trees came down
thx; no injury really fortunate; lot of prop damage
the care from staff, passion for this cmnty; a job well done

JF: Saturday forum sea to sky cultural alliance
museum archives library staff arts reps
Deep Cove to Pemberton -- took place in Sq
benefit arts and culture, draw tourism, be for benefit of all cmnties
aside from yourself, Max Wyman, Stan Hagen, Joan McIntyre, etc
presentations and discussions fascinating, particularly from Okanagan
before they set about, they did some work with consultant to see what market was for tourism
women over 60 with a lot of money to spend wineries, art
maybe a diff demographic in Sq
maybe rockclimbing, kayaking....
excellent way to begin, ppl left feeling positive

=  neat thing about the Okanagan
25 cmnties and three regional
no matter how small speaks to those; over 100 ppl there well recd by VANOC
gong to carry on working; builds on our arts/culture strategy
= first Kay Meek Partners mtg last week; candid about issues to be addressed
focused mostly on need for short to med plan for lighting, access, signage, more visible space
= opened the Cypress venue, first 2010 venue -- ahead of time and on budget

= want to correct an erroneous statement that was in NSNews over the weekend that Ccl has served notice to the Chamber of Commerce
that's not the case
Ccl was approached by the Police Board about possible future needs for the Police Dept and we don't know if will come to fruition or not; subject to our budget and Police needs
in the interest of openness and transparency felt nec to write to Chamber on horizon; move at least 14 mos away, of course work to find another place if Police need that space in their building.
my understanding executive excited about these new opportunities
want ev to understand working cooperatively with Chamber

CR, Yours Truly: I had a question wrt the discussion tonight but two other things first
=  First of all, I'd like to add my appreciation and admiration for the Director of Engineering Emil Barth again b/c I've only heard good things from ppl dealing with the Engg Dept, and to reassure Cclr Vaughan, who said she didn't know about ppl knowing about this mtg [Dundarave Parking being on this agenda], that dept went to extraordinary lengths.  Although I had an office down there, we were informed.  I even got email telling me this was on agenda tonight, so I'm sure if they took care with someone tangentially there, I'm sure they probably took care with many of the others there, so if I was informed, I'm confident others nearby were informed as well. I wanted to let Cclr V through you (Madam Mayor) to know even though they hadn't gone to that last mtg were informed b/c they had expressed interest before.
= The second thing:
the meeting last week on Tues wrt Ev Dr was not of course broadcast on Shaw b/c you usually have your mtg on Monday and it's broadcast at 9 on Tuesday.  I phoned staff, they didn't know it was going to be broadcast so I phoned Shaw, and Shaw said no, it wdn't be.  I know you have a videotape in the Library but I'd just thought I'd let you know
So then I said why wdn't you and what happens [I asked about] the [PH] mtg on Dec 4th on Ev Drive at the Kay Meek Ctr
Again it's not going to be
Although it's going to be right night they said they don't do it if off-site, so Shaw told me they  will not be broadcasting the Public Hearing on Dec 4th and so I thought you shd know about that b/c so many ppl interested in it, I wd give you the headsup
this is what Shaw said so if you wanted to address that b/c it's a mtg  that I'm sure a lot of ppl wd like to watch on TV even if they can't come to..
= then Cclr Smith brought up the fact about the letters not being on the website
Yes, indeed, I discovered that three weeks ago when of course there are things from our MLA, Mr Sultan, and things like this that are really important things for us to know about.  I am of course unhappy that it was suddenly changed without notice.  I think perhaps there shd be a notice but it's been public -- the letters have been public for years and years and years, and perhaps it shd be [made clear to public].  When it was decided maybe to change Correspondence a few  years ago, sev cclrs were upset and said, we want to see them and we want the public to see them.  The only reason they shd not be make public, and everybody agreed, was if it concerned an in camera matter or if it included libel or slander, something like this.
The other thing I don't really understand: the justification in stopping it from being on the website and able to be clicked on b/c...  btw the minutes to the cmte mtgs are also in the same category -- they're not there either.  That was suddenly stopped, so that whole section under Corresp -- wch has the first part as minutes, and then letters -- that whole section, you cd no longer click on.  Suddenly without notice.
Now, if it's a question of privacy, you already put those letters in the Lib so if the question is privacy
{Mayor looks quizzical}
isn't it part of the pkg in the Lib? that's what you've been doing all along.
Mayor: I think the best way to address your questions, and the timing is excellent, b/c we'll have a report on this next week; so that's where we'll address these so if you keep moving through questions
CR: That was the question, b/c if it's a question of privacy, the [ccl mtg] pkg is always in the Library
if the other thing might be, and I agree, if somebody doesn't want their views known, [ppl] can always phone a cclr or staff
you can have with the letter, as someone said, maybe remove the ph no  and address
I don't think most ppl want to know somebody's ph no and address or anything, but we do want to know the content is of the letter b /c some of them are really valuable
The ones for example last week that were not in: one was from an MLA, one was from the Post Office, I mean none of those was a personal letter but it still was not linked.
You might have a policy saying you know that this is public govt, it's public; if you want to go a different route then advise them how to do it ... and I hope when you do reinstate it, wch I hope you will, that the minutes and the letters that we have not been able to see will actually be back on the website.
Mayor: not sure why the minutes are not available for viewing but nevertheless we'll respond to all of this next week.  Thank you very much.
CR: thank you

RD: wrt Kay Meek Ctr and Cmte on Disabilities
Pat Best made a valid point -- access difficult for seniors; not on bus route, maybe have HandiDart, for mtg Dec 4
one of the most frequent complaints is getting in and out of there
talk to Sch Bd and KM Society.
Dina Zeitler, Prez, Amb Biz Assn: wd like to comment on the parking issue
moved from one to two-hour parking
about four years ago we canvassed ev in Amb
one hr to two on Bellevue; definitely proven to be a plus
one hour can do v little; two hours can patronize at least three diff bizs
ev felt so strongly wanted two-hour parking
has worked out v v well; ppl come in an say this is just great
hate to have to canvass again; hope you'll keep it

===  CMTE of the WHOLE & CCL MTG AGENDAS Nov 27th  ===
* CMTE of the WHOLE
1.         Approval of November 27, 2006 Committee of the Whole Agenda
2.         Fiscal Sustainability Task Force (File:  0115?20?FSTF1)
            1.         The Fiscal Sustainability Task Force's Report to Council be forwarded to the Finance and Audit Committee for the Committee's recommendations on 2007/2008 fiscal sustainability priorities, and
            2.         That the Terms of Reference for the Finance and Audit Committee be revised to reflect their consideration of and involvement with the implementation of the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force's recommendations.
            Appendix A -  Trends and Issues Subcommittee Report
            Appendix B -   Economics - Revenues, Expenditures, Service Levels Subcommittee Report and Annexes
Appendix C -  Best Practices and Benchmarking Subcommittee Report and Annexes
Appendix D -  Other Matters
            Appendix E -  Public Responses/Info Provided to Public
            Appendix F -  Task Force - Terms of Reference
Appendix G -  Report on Task Force Expenditures
            Appendix H -  Prior Council Reports re the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force
            Appendix I  -   Working Papers Prepared for/by the Best Practices and Economics Subcommittees
3.         2007 Preliminary Draft Base Budget (File:  0860-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated November 23 from the Director of Finance be received.
1.         Approval of November 27, 2006 Regular Council Agenda
=B7         November 06, 2006 Regular Council Meeting Minutes; and
=B7         November 14, 2006 Regular Council Meeting Minutes.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the recommendations from the Nov 27 Committee of the Whole meeting be ratified.
4.         Eagle Lake Membrane Filtration Facility Contract Execution (File:  1815?35)
RECOMMENDED: THAT authorization be given for the District to execute an agreement for construction of the Eagle Lake Membrane Filtration Facility with Nason Contracting Group Ltd.
5.         Group Daycare Report (File:  1605?08)
Additional Information for consideration: 
            (a)       Petition with 72 signatures, undated, regarding Evergreen Daycare at 707 Anderson Crescent, West Vancouver and Proposed Daycare at 712 Anderson Crescent, West Vancouver
            (b)       D. Cardwell, October 16, 2006, regarding Evergreen Daycare at 707 Anderson Crescent, West Vancouver and Proposed Daycare at 712 Anderson Crescent, West Vancouver (File:  1605?08)
            (c)       A. Wu, P. Wu & A. Wu, October 16, 2006, regarding Evergreen Daycare at 707 Anderson Crescent, West Vancouver and Proposed Daycare at 712 Anderson Crescent, West Vancouver (File:  1605?08)
            (d)       D. Foote, November 20, 2006 regarding proposed group daycares in residential neighbourhoods in general and at 2879 Marine Drive (File:  1605?08)
            1.         The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits be instructed to commence the preparation of a zoning amendment bylaw that would enact regulations for Group Daycare facilities in single and two family residential zones on the following basis:
*     Reduce the maximum number of children permitted in each Group Daycare to 15 (currently 20);
*     Require the applicant to reside in the dwelling unit where the Group Daycare is being operated;
*     Require the minimum distance between any two daycares to be 1,500 feet radius; and
*     Require staff and visitor parking and drop off areas to be onsite.
2.        The Manager of Bylaw and Licencing [sic] Services be instructed to withhold receipt of any Group Daycare applications and report the same to Council in accordance with the Local Government Act pending the consideration of the above zoning bylaw amendments by Council.
6.         Correspondence to Council (File:  0120?24)
RECOMMENDED: THAT option #4.1 as described in the November 23, 2006 report from the Municipal Clerk re Correspondence to Council be implemented on a 6 month trial basis.
7.         543 - 9th Street - Offer to Purchase (File:  0510?05)
RECOMMENDED: THAT authorization to proceed with public statutory notification of the proposed sale of 543 - 9th Street in accordance with the Nov 16 report of the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits be confirmed.  {SALE TO MILLENNIUM! Was this report at ccl mtg? included in proposed bylaw?}
8.         Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
9.         Development Variance Permit Application 06-047 (4345 Rockridge) ...for consideration Mon, Dec 11.
10.       Correspondence List (File:  0120?04)
Requests for Delegation -- None.
Action Required
10.1            Mr. and Mrs. Fleming, November 19, 2006, regarding large tree on municipal land
                   Referred to Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
10.2            P. Best, November 19, 2006 regarding Evelyn Drive Public Meeting
                    Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
10.3            L. Wilson, Chair, North Shore Sport Awards, Nov 10, regarding North Shore Sports Walk of Fame
                    Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
10.4            Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
                    (a)         Board of Variance Minutes, October 18, 2006 (File:  2310?05)
[Letters wrt the proposed Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Plan: 10.5 - 10.16, 10.22 (petition), and 10.23]
10.17         = ; D. R. Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby, regarding homelessness
10.18         = ; F. Leonard, Chair, Municipal Finance Authority of BC, November 10, 2006, regarding Surplus Repayment Issue #45 - Term 20
10.19         = ; D. Mussatto, Mayor, City of North Vancouver, November 10, 2006, regarding invitation to presentation by David Hughes, Sunday, November 26, 2006
                    Previously distributed due to timing of event.
10.20         = ; B. Gautschi, Vice-President, BRAC Systems Inc., November 09, 2006, regarding greywater recycling
10.21          M. Carter, November 07, 2006, regarding Police Issue
10.24  Responses to Correspondence No items presented.
10.25   Responses to Questions in Question Period - No items presented.

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