Calendar to Dec 22

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

NEWSFLASH!:  ED* Public Hearing closed Dec 4th but not on agenda Dec 11th, it's on Dec 18th!
        [*ED = Evelyn Drive of course; what were you thinking???]
*  Deadline to volunteer for a WV working group is Jan 5th.
HERITAGE WEEK is celebrated in most of Canada starting the third Monday in February.  That will be Feb 19 to 25 in 2007.  Nomination forms for DWV Heritage Awards are now available, deadline for submissions is Jan 15.  If you have ideas for a talk, event, or activity during HWeek, pls write to HWeek@westvan.org or ph 922 4400.
= Main Items Dec 11: Minutes of Nov 20, 27; Delegation Vancouver Port Authority; Old-Growth Conservancy Society; 4769 The Highway; Recycling Services Contract; Comment on Sewer Utility Rate increase 11% and user-pay water rates by Dec 18 (mere windowdressing if Ccl passes first, second, and third readings as the item recommends since amendments can only be made at second reading);  GVRD Apptmts; DVPs for 1268 Chartwell and 2650 Nelson; GOOD NEWS the minutes of the Library Bd and the Family Court/Youth Justice Cmtes back with a line but BAD NEWS rest of Correspondence isn't, including Reports (one from the Family Court/Youth Justice cmte re Task Force) and even Staff Responses to enquiries -- how can those possibly be considered violating privacy???  This is insane! needlessly backward and closed for a Council stressing openness and transparency in campaign.
THEATREWATCH; gRUMBLEs (WVPD, what else?); UPDATES; Calendar to Dec 22nd; Dec 4th PH NOTES; Ccl Agenda Dec 11th (why can't we even read staff's reply re watercourses or the Dir/Eng's reply on snow removal???): Quotations

Well, the name is off-putting but it's rollicking fun.
It's a Municipal "Les Miz" (apologies to Victor Hugo; btw, make sure you know who Richard Malthus is, but his name is only mentioned in one line so you might miss the reference).......
Shortage of water, private enterprise, taxation.
Dances, songs; "you have to pay to pee".
So hasten on down to see Urinetown at the Firehall Arts Ctr (phone 689 0926)
I saw it in NY about three years ago, again last year at the Firehall, and yet again this past week.
The Vancouver production is at least as good as the NY one.
It's politics.  It's Gospel.  It's a bit of Jazz.  It's slapstick.  It's a love story.  It's revolution.
Our own North Shore Jay Brazeau is outstanding, Barbara Barsky's face is a wonder of facial gymnastics.  Denis Simpson is good but not as smoothly unctuous as 'Senator' Sean Allan was last year.
The play was supposed to end this Saturday, Dec 10th, but (Police) Officer Lockstock (narrator character) came out after the curtain call to announce that it was being held over -- tell all friends to come -- to Dec 17th when it wd end...then since out a job he thought he might apply to be police chief in WV.
=== gRUMBLES === = WVPD, what else???
WVPD Bd Mtg on Thursday Dec 7th, Chief Armstrong absent.  The Mayor, in the VSun said the Chief was in his probationary period, a year, and that there'd been a mtg with him in the summer wrt improvements they wanted.  Many comments made reinforcing confidence in the WV police.
Police boardroom crowded with media, moving remarks by Squamish, First Nations, attending to speak: "We respect that man, we love that man.  Please let him go in dignity. " {Tears}  In answer to questions from G: complaints of service and policy go to Police Bd, of trust and discipline straight to prov.  To my question b/c not clear on process as to when the Bd saw the Alford report, before going to the prov or after, the Mayor said "no comment".
More about this mtg in next issue.  Perhaps NSNews was not at the Police Bd mtg b/c their article in Dec 10 issue about policing improvements on the reserve had absolutely no reference to the Chief even though the six FN in attendance, all praise for Chief Armstrong.
Clearly there's lot more to this story than we can even guess.  As I mused in a previous issue, best to hold comment until we see the results of the investigations.  Speculation is unhealthy, as they say, but it's strange at first there was no reason for the termination, then that improvements weren't made, but that hardly was reassuring.  Raises many questions: quite apart from not exactly bolstering the Police Board's judgement in choosing a Police Chief (cd claim surprised by someone from elsewhere who misrepresented his credentials and abilities but hardly by someone with about 30 years' service in the WV Police already), but also how tempting it will be for someone else to take the position given such treatment.
You've heard of the tip of the iceberg--
this is more like the African expression:
                the ears of the hippo...........

*** Community Engagement - Volunteers Wanted
West Vancouver has expanded how it seeks advice, and taps into the expertise of residents wishing to work on council policies and projects. As community leaders and volunteers, we value your time and have adapted our structure to better meet your ability to contribute.
Working groups on specific issues, each with a Councillor and staff lead, will ensure priorities identified by Council will receive focused attention, resulting in real progress in 2007/2008.
If you are a West Vancouver resident and would like to volunteer to serve on a board, standing committee or working group, opportunities are currently available in the following areas:
Working Groups
        *       Heritage Strategic Implementation Working Group
*       Environmental Strategy Implementation Working Group
     *       Arts and Culture Strategy Implementation Working Group
  *       Community Grants/North Shore Social Services Review Working Group
        *       Rodgers Creek Area Plan Working Group
   *       Ambleside Master Plan Working Group
     *       Housing Dialogue and Neighbourhood Character Working Group
Standing Committees
   *       Finance and Audit Committee
     *       Design Review Committee 
Local Boards
    *       West Vancouver Memorial Library Board 
        *       Board of Variance
Information Sheet and Application Form are available in the Legislative Services Department at Municipal Hall.
Call 604-925-7004 for more information. Applicants are requested to mail, fax, or deliver completed applications, with a brief personal resume, to the Legislative Services Department, or e-mail to
Apply by 4:30 p.m. Friday, January 5th, 2007

     Did You Know?
=B7          Right now, health care counts for 42 cents out of every dollar in the provincial budget.
=B7          As pressures on the health system continue to increase, that number could grow to 70 cents out of every dollar by 2017.
=B7          The health care budget has grown by over $2.3 billion over the last five years alone.
=B7          It costs about $35 million to operate the province's health care system for a single day.
=B7          Pharmacare expenses have increased by 149.1 per cent since 1993, and are expected to continue climbing as our population ages and new advancements are made.
=B7          By 2030, nearly a quarter of B.C.'s population will be over 65.
=B7          Visits to emergency rooms in B.C. increased 5.53 per cent between 2002-2004, while the population increase was only 1.97 per cent.
Provide feedback on the Conversation web site at www.BCConversationonHealth.ca
E-mail your input to the Conversation on Health team at ConversationonHealth@Victoria1.gov.bc.ca
Call the toll-free phone line and give your input, 1-866-884-2055
Call or visit your MLA's office.
Mail a letter to the Ministry of Health, 5-3, 1515 Blanshard St., Victoria , B.C., V8W 3C8

===  CALENDAR to Dec 22nd  ===
        December 7th is the Feast Day of St. Ambrose (patron saint of beekeepers)
        December 10th is International Human Rights Day (some info on this, next issue)
*  Christmas Trees on sale by Scouts from Dec 1st at Clyde and Marine Drive
***  Festival of Lights  ***  December 2 to January 2 in = ; Dundarave Park - Beach House Restaurant
*  Current Exhibit at GLH/WV Museum: Winston Elliott of WV - past and paintings, retrospective
*  FBG - GREAT STUFF! -- their Christmas gift sale
In The Gallery - December 1 - 31 --  The Art of Books and Printing
What better place to appreciate the beauty of the book? This month we celebrate The Art of Books and Printing with a special exhibition of works from local book designers, binders, artists, and illustrators.
===  Saturday Dec 9th -- 8am, repeating at 5pm
Tune in to Constituency Report with MLA Ralph Sultan for the latest news and views on West Vancouver-Capilano and the BC government on Shaw Cable TV.  Get the latest updates on:
For more information on the West Vancouver-Capilano Constituency, check out the Ralph Sultan Report: www.ralphsultan.com
===  Sunday Dec 10th
~ 2pm ~ Noelle, Concert with the Peter vander Horst Trio and seven female vocalists at St Francis in the Wood Anglican Church (See Dec 14 too)
~ 7:30pm ~ WV Youth Band at Kay Meek Ctr
~ 7:30pm ~ The Jubilate! Chamber Choir conducted by Scott Goble and accompanied by Ya-Wen Wang will present "Joyeux Noel", a programme of French and French-Canadian Christmas Music at the WV Presbyterian Church.  Tix available at the door: $15; Srs/students $10.

===  Monday Dec 11th
~ 4pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte at M Hall  [CANCELLED]

===  Tuesday Dec 12th
~ noon deadline to reserve for Chamber Christmas Party on 15th.
~ 5 - 7pm ~ Finance and Audit Cmte
~ 7pm ~ The Magic of Christmas at KMC.  Featuring: Danny Balkwill, Jasmine Bharucha, Lauren Bowler, Joani Bye, Monique Creber, Steve Maddock, David Steele, Edith Wallace, with The Michael Creber Band, Vanleena Dance Academy,  The CM Singers and performers from:  Mulgrave and Collingwood Schools.  All proceeds from the show will be donated to UNICEF and the Family Services of the North Shore Christmas Bureau.  "We are proud to announce that last year's show raised more than $8,000 for our beneficiaries.  Help us surpass that goal this year!The Magic of Christmas is a production of Creber Music Corporation."
===  Dec 12 and 14 Winter Harp at Cap College

===  Wednesday Dec 13th
~ 7pm - 9pm ~ Library Bd mtg in Peters Room, WVML

Dec 13, 14, 15, and 16 at 8pm -- CHRISTMAS NUTS (The Sequel) at the Jericho Arts Ctr
Featuring the unforgettable FULL MONTY!
And: The Durante Brothers - Cirque du Silly - Comrad Olga - Sgt. Renfrew (Of the North West Mounted Police)- 3 Tenors - Cilly Dijon - The Full Monty - Christmas Bingo and Meat Draw - Celebrity Guests, too famous to mention
Starring Leigh Richards, Ray Soden, Paul Kloegman, Dave Turner, Jane Soden, Ginger Berglund, Carmen Falconer, Dave Campbell, Simon Roberts, Steve Grigg, Michael Hart, Jason Hilliard and VIP guest performers.
Bar, Snacks and Refreshments; Cabaret and bleacher Seating
Tickets $15, www.jerichoartscentre.com or 604-224-8007, Extn. 3

===  Thursday Dec 14th
~ 4:30 - 7:30pm ~ DAC [moved from Dec 7th]
~ 7pm ~ free; talk by Stephen Aberle (with Jews for a Just Peace), just back from a tour of the West Bank, speaks on ways to support Palestinian and Israeli peace and justice groups.  Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway

~ 7:30pm ~ Noelle, Concert with the Peter vander Horst Trio and seven female vocalists at St Stephen's Anglican

===  Friday Dec 15th
Chamber Christmas Party at Capilano Golf and Country Club; details in last issue.
New info:   Your festive evening will include a sumptuous festive buffet, a glass of white or red wine with dinner, live music by the TJ Trio, dancing, a visit from Saint Nick, and a Silent Auction. Partial proceeds from the auction will be going to the Chamber's Capilano College scholarship.
RSVP by noon Tues, Dec 12th.  Please call the office 926 6614 or email kathleen@westvanchamber.com.

===  Saturday Dec 16th
~ 4pm and 7:30pm ~ A Traditional Christmas -- VSO at KMC
Ken Hsieh - Conductor; Christopher Gaze - Host; Jennifer Farrell - Soprano; John Arsenault - Tenor
The Lower Mainland's most beloved Christmas music Holiday Tradition! This season the VSO's dynamic young conductor Ken Hsieh leads the orchestra in a celebration of the holiday spirit, with carols, heart-warming music traditionally associated with Christmas, and plenty of audience sing-a-longs! Vancouver's very own Bard, Christopher Gaze, narrates.  Phone VSO at 604-876-3434 or Ticketmaster at 604-280-3311.

=== Sunday Dec 17th
with guest and leader & violin soloist LUCINDA MOON at WV United Church
Tickets at the door or by phone 604 215 0406; Adult $28; Senior $23; Student $12; Youth (19 and under) free

=== Tuesday Dec 19th
~ 10:30am - 12:30pm ~ In Peters Room at Library: Readers' Cafe - Join Joe Ronsley for a reading and discussion of James Joyce's "Ulysses". Please bring your own copy of the book.

===  Thursday Dec 21st
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI mtg at CNV M Hall
ALSO at the KMC:
Aladdin - The Family Musical Panto -- Thursday, December 21 through Saturday, January 6
Laugh out loud here, split a gut until you shed a tear, cheer and jeer, shout out things like "he went that way!" and "watch out, there's a stranger behind you!" Groan and moan, hiss and boo, too.
The excitement of attending a traditional British panto is a unique wonder to experience, but this spectacle begins when you enter the lobby! The Kay Meek Centre lobby will be transformed into a timeless storybook miracle with many surprises to delight the young (and young at heart) before the show begins. You will walk into the story, and be entertained royally from the moment you arrive.
Kids six and under are just $10, which makes it a terrific annual event for the whole family. Glorious, colourful, spectacular sets with a big cast, music, special effects and magic bring a unique experience, which everyone - from tots to seniors - will appreciate.

===  Friday Dec 22nd
~ 10:30am - 12:30pm ~  In the Peters room at the Library: Philosopher's Cafe -  What would you give to the world? If you were in charge (a modern-day Santa)  how would you distribute almost 3 billion dollars a year?
~ M Hall closes at noon
....................NEXT CCL MTG (Dec 18 then) JANUARY 8th ....................

 ===  PUBLIC HEARING NOTES Dec 4th=   ===  7pm at Kay Meek Ctr

The PH probably started at 7pm but I didn't arrive until about 7:30 just as Geri Boyle was finishing her presentation.  Shaw did not tape the mtg (or broadcast it), said they didn't off-site.  The mtg is not on the DWV website, the much vaunted streaming. There is no videotape in the Library.  Such an major issue in WV and less information available for the public than usual.
Is there a new definition of 'openness', and 'transparency'?
2.  [Legal Description in previous issue]
To provide for redevelopment of the affected lands to a mix of single-family, two-family, cluster housing and apartment uses with a total maximum floor area of 508,000 sq. ft. in a maximum of 349 dwelling units.  Civic use and uses customarily incidental to the permitted uses are included.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:
To create the Comprehensive Development One (CD1) Zone and rezone the Affected Lands (as defined above) from R.S.5 Single Family Zone 5 and M.U.3 Multiple Use Zone 3 to Comprehensive Development One (CD1) Zone
The following reports provided:
      (a)       Report from the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits dated November 27, 2006 re Community Benefits Associated with the Rezoning of Millennium Evelyn Drive Planning Area Properties;
      (b)       Report from the Manager of Community Planning dated November 13, 2006 re Evelyn Drive Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4492, 2006 and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4493, 2006 (received by Council at its November 14, 2006 meeting);
      (c)        Report from the Manager of Community Planning dated November 6, 2006 re Evelyn Drive Area Official Community Plan and Zoning Amendment Bylaws (received by Council at its November 6, 2006  meeting);
      (d)       Report from the Spaxman Consulting Group dated June 16, 2006 re Evelyn Drive Area Plan Final Report; and
      (e)       Correspondence.
The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the December 04, 2006 Public Hearing with respect to the proposed bylaw amendments.
3.                  PUBLIC INPUT
Transcript from 7:30; end of Geri Boyle's presentation
This is done on a best-efforts basis; I typed sitting at the very back (laptop plugged in) as ppl spoke so tried to get points down 'in real time' as they say and rather difficult (spelling of names has to be a best-guess basis!) especially with a lot of numbers and figures (and impossible if someone comes by and asks me a question!).  You are most welcome to send clarifications, more information/details, etc to EditorWVM@westvan.org to update/correct these notes.

> Hank Jasper, Millennium:  Cost $70m so far; 30% reduction on FAR; 55% reduction in units; $2.5M to the arts; City of Vanc rental w/ bonus density
319 units is below .70 [from 1.0FAR]
paying DCCs; Ev Dr currently generating $260K increase to $2M a year
some say cmnty ben not enough, but based on ... $185sf, more than $145 waterfront per sqft for Olympic Village
started seven years ago; reduced by 50%
proud Edgewater; want EvDr to be the place to live for all age groups

> S. Malek: live in WV [my cmnty]
Dundarave; Park Devt sustainable region; aware
midrise at SFU named by Cdn Homebuilders Assn award [named other awards]

> Man (whose name I didn't catch): Kings Ave lived here for 50 yrs
[problem/questioning] method of notification; I don't read the NSN, I use it for lighting fires; talked to ppl and didn't know [about this]
impressed with Millennium but really concerned about the traffic
there was a referendum 20 yrs ago, devt defeated; but Ccl had no choice, Ccl was obliged to build

and I refer to it briefly later when I speak b/c that's not exactly the case and I cdn't let that stand unchallenged.  Here's more of the story.
 It is true there was a referendum in 1988 to build the twin towers at 320 Taylor Way, it is true it failed, and it is true Ccl approved they be built in spite of the referendum result.  Those elected (I was one) campaigned NO.  They all voted yes except me.  It was not true they had no choice, some told ppl they had no choice, but indeed they did have a choice, they went against the results of the referendum.  Some even said that there already was a contract but I found out that was not so.  It is also important to note that it wasn't a NIMBY thing either -- the referendum failed across the Municipality, not just in the immediate area.  That was my first major case of disillusionment with politics.
I've only missed about ten ccl mtgs since 1988.
Why do I spend time attending and recording mtgs?  B/c sometimes some politicians, staff, advocates, developers, even residents, do not tell the truth or the whole truth.  The media rarely has time or space to report every issue in depth. 
So how can a voter inform himself?
Whom to believe?
Who's telling the truth?
Who's spinning?
Almost impossible -- a voter doesn't have much time and doesn't know where to turn, how to find out. -- to tell.
Hence, Dear Reader, my newsletter.
Yes, it's a partial transcript and I've been told I shd hv more opinion.   I want you, the voter, to make up your own mind once you have the information.  My role is to set the record straight, point out what's not true, provide background, context, choices.
That's my dedication to my cmnty and democracy.
It's nearly a full-time job to attend mtgs and write the weekly newsletter -- as you know for no remuneration.
For those who have neither fax nor email (you can subscribe either way), a number are printed (costs me about $500 a month and that doesn't include my time or my company's staff's time).
We have a democratic govt -- our fathers and grandfathers fought and risked their lives in WW1 and WW2; there are many countries where ppl are still having to risk their lives and fight for their independence and their country -- we only have to fight to try to keep ours, to make our govt accountable and responsible.  How sad most ppl don't become informed.  How very sad only about 30% vote -- and naturally a sizable proportion are voting for ppl who will do what they want or are promised, whether a devt, a subsidy for a hobby/facility/sport/whatever, or some sort of favour or favourable help for their pet project.
Don't blame the politicians for what's happening in WV, BC, or Canada.
You chose them.
It's called responsible govt.
Gloomily, I must say that some ppl are appalled when I tell them they're responsible and want to shoot the messenger.
I'll duck now.}

traffic prob, don't think addressed
what about me and my nbrs, [we cd decide to] tear down our houses and build multifamily
whose idea was it to come up with this?

> didn't catch this name either: lived there since 1955; fully support

> Bob Rennie (don't think he mentioned he's the realtor who will be selling the units): new landowner in WV not residing here yet

> lady, didn't hear name clearly: lived in Ev Dr area for17 years; in favour

> Mr Bailey: schedule C of plan; recital of qualities of the bldg
shd be opp for cmnty to make recommendations to the plans as finally rendered and reviewed by the Design Panel; plans modified; cardinal importance that the public hv an opp to participate even though bylaw passed; Section 219
Geri Boyle: involves notification; master plan must be acceptable to Ccl/District
opp to review plans before Ccl finally accepts them
Bailey: 416 no ref to sidewalks or fire sprinklers -- inadvertent or I missed?
GB: no need to specify
Bailey: p6; astounded 56 units contingent on schedule of vehicle use before anything cd be built
GB: rationale was traffic generation; working with traffic consultant
info received by Spaxman; if over 350 units need two exits; so that's why specified; it is enforceable
Bailey: concerned 1.2 veh trips per fam in what period, what circs? 0.6 per apt unit, meaningless; surprised wd appear

> Don Pekovich:  describe how all of WV can benefit from this devt; up the hill group of naysayers

> Gordon Ward-Hall: v much against bylaws presented in 2005 but in favour of those set now, basically those of Ray Spaxman; conform to H2 of OCP; benefits commensurate
[however] clause 106; allows minor variations of two add'l storeys, represents 66%, not minor
above envelope, realize limited, intent more latitude in design but these residents to the north no longer have confidence in Ccl or staff b/c do not feel their need sufficiently considered in 2005, only rejected b/c of the efforts of these residents
shd be noted height to protect view and privacy; variation wd invalidate concept, in contravention of the OCP, create uncertainty
in favour of proposed except for variation two, not clause 36

> Man (didn't catch name; think it's Duncan Holmes): breaking news -- Duncan Holmes, thought solved Ev Dr
now living in Tsawwassen will keep coming back for stamp of approval.....
in support...

> Joseph Cantafio:  eight-yr hist on site;  live on Cant
diff with Spaxman [shd be more]

> Mike Talik: live on Mathers, support

> Mr Holubitzky: support

> Frank Musson: live at Westport Place 35 to 40 years; in support
assembly of a site 22 acres close to core of WV, unique opportunity; social and cmnty benefits
whereas Deer Ridge and Stonecliffe far away -- need vehicle

>>>[not sure who; probably someone who lived on Ev Dr]
the traffic????:  hear complaints about devt and how affected
my life has been hijacked; rats,...
self-imposed exile in Woodcroft

>>> Man on Keith Rd also concerned about traffic, westbound
...few meters away from Ev fDr, 17 years; spoken twice
Option C does not stand up to scrutiny
highly restrictive; it'll result in a lesser vision, I have my own
last two three years overkill
nothing to enhance our quality of life
still is time for a demonstration of civic leadership in a positive manner
refinements to make project better
read p 18 of Spaxman report -- higher density with second access
designed it in mind some years ago and is feasible and possibly even with resident there
raise and refine suffocating blanket on the site -- to control height across mtnside, a straitjacket
no place in contemporary devts
arbitrary split along site, new and duplexes are wedged between six or more midrise apts
view unsightly areas of Pk Royal

> Frank Rutter: saw interview on Shaw of all three mayors, not all had time to answer
city and district -- what are we doing in WV
affordable housing for seniors thought wd be the core of Ev Dr and that wd be a cmnty benefit
shd include completely underground wiring
all residents affected -- there will be hirises despite designation as low rise for devpr who had presumptuously bought prop before zoning; cd happen anywhere in WV
traffic not adequately addressed
>>> another person:
reject exclusionary vision; densify an area close to transportation, amenities, shopping mall

> Keith Pople: I and three others as mbrs of the Ev Dr G Cmte wd like to see devt but we prefer a lower density than 350 recmded by Ray Spaxman
at most 255
major increase, allows more greenspace
traffic into and out of and within is a major consideration, rmbr traffic consultant said 350 is the max that can be accommodated, presently proposed
want to see an optimum, quality, 250 if looking at it from a traffic standpoint
amendments suggest:
-  underground wiring
-  offstreet parking ratio, 1 for sgl and 2 for fam shd be increased
21st and Gordon devt had two per dwelling and space for visiotors
my house about three blocks away 12th and Clyde -- speeding to TWay
three years ago a speeding automobile just east of 13th, struck and injured my next door nbr's nanny, she is still not able to work
traffic increase will be proportional to ppl in area
hope benefits will be used to improve the traffic situation in our and adj nbrhds
restrict to 255 to 300

> Vicky Goldren: lived in nbrhd 15 years and WV for many years
two concerns
traffic issue of concern to many on Sentinel Hill
all on a hill, we idle and brake
can we exit further to the west? possible?
most pressing issue is the vacant props as we walk the village walk, rather eerie, threatening
hope homes will be dealt with forthwith
work with Min of Transp and get on with dealing with TWay

> Roff Johannson: live near
first issue, separate general discussion of cmnty benefits
only just reviewed it and have serious reservations -- consider splitting off
not nec tied to this project
has broad applic needs more strenuous review than here
lack of control in bylaw concerns me
hoped to see height referenced in bylaw
glass box cd be pierced, see it somewhat flawed
impact on our traffic bottleneck
appeared before you in March as ADRA asked for a traffic study and don't think sufficiently addressed it's Dec and still don't have one
gridlock at TWay and MDr
studies say won't add to gridlock but prob'ly true, that much longer and further up the hill
want to add 349 [units] within a block of MDr
Sq Nation cd put 15000 ppl just south of this intersection; traffic plan, pls; bad enough, Victoria will move in and solve it
not responsible
really important; issue of dealing with transp is enormously difficult
you have my sympathy
devprs -- govt might listen to them rather than us
delay devts until roads, comments to Victoria to get them to move
asking for a moratorium on projects larger than sgl-fam homes until some relief on TWay

> Tracy McTavish:  bit disturbing to listen to all these self-appointed traffic engineers
difficult to listen to armchair engrs; lived here for 25 years, wish they have the opp in future to live here; prices rising, can't; my mother retired, sold her home and left District
wholeheartedly support; move forward; move into 21st century -- and density is not a bad word

> Steve Fitzpatrick: lived 29yrs on Piccadilly
v difficult for longtime residents who want to leave gardening behind
no choice
son can't afford to live here, Millennium's mixed use provides certainty/opp
increased density = affordability

> Shahid Farris: from, Bby: Dr Hani Farris currently overseas
grew up in WV on Keith Rd, went to Hillside, WV Secondary
1996 resided overseas, attending UBC; lived in dormitory
cd no longer afford return to WV; worked with bank
married two chn; next three years when my daughter reaches six can return to WV
coming back to WV, not able to with current lack of devt
[I work for] a major int'l devpr, direct competitor to Mllnm; an outstanding devpr, residential
extremely able to carry out large devts in a tasteful manner, rec'd many awards
takes the public interest into account
push for density; to help give back to cmnties grew up in
to give some sense of creativity
recommend D and E for the ability for the architects to have a devt that reflects the envmt
greater spectrum of purchasers
TWay route, on behalf of Hani Farris, one he uses to commute
see C and D, roughly 160 units -- is there a formula
wd like more clarification wrt the donation, v unusual

> Geoff Kincaid Smith: Kincaid place [?]
support Ev Dr scheme; Spaxman's gone into it carefully combined input from many sources
do densification to meet the needs of all sorts of ppl in cmnty
speaking to friends and nbrs, part of aging demographic, want other options in WV and not be forced to move to some other area
thought Frank Musson's comments, spoke v well, experienced in architecture and design
think landscaping, undergrounding, finetuning will make an outstanding proj and something to be proud of in approach to WV

> Mr Camnabadi [sp?}: here for past 28 to 30 years, live on Bellevue, sold our home last year; like living there
this is a v unique piece of prop; gateway; the proximity, distance to shopping
high respect for M Spaxman
suggest to increase rental units by 70, 30 permanent and the other 40 be rental for the first five years then devpr have option to dispose of it
another 50 units for senior citizens, 55+
439 units, within the 508Ksf but by increasing number have reduced price
might make it more viable
for devpr not be afraid; only issue is the time element
past 2 3 4 yrs
v dangerous scenario, the area, for the nbrhd and time of essence for dvpr
time ticking
[ inaudible] Omabadi???nice???

> man [didn't catch name]: 820 Keith Rd
as requested by the ppl on my left and right, on my mother's behalf but with shared vision of Ringo Chen, 760 Keith road, mother 770 Keith, 790 and 810
all contiguous, all props Keith except to west
haven't been getting the correspondence from WV wch has led to misinformation, not get ... owners
five of the eight parcels within the entire parcel area not owned by Mllnm; virtually ignored by Spaxman
[see on slide]
two higher density, misinformation
stated that Spaxman heard from many, and that they wished to remain in area and did not support redevt
speaking for the majority; not true that we did not support redevt, we support a longrange plan with good planning initiatives esp where our interests not prejudiced
our properties remain identified as sgl fm homes not in our interest
sev to remain and contribute
if that means we're not permitted to be rezoned for higher density in future
perhaps in fringe better, not in the core where these properties are located
had we been asked before, and we haven't, our cluster of props be designated as townhouse, consistent with E and W of us
a prudent longterm planning initiative
our props will have to look to an OCP rezoning in future
if will to approve, not acceptable to exempt our props, designating all the others to highrise
based on ownership, Mllnm, not good planning without regard to ownership

> Phillip Falls: 770 Eden Place, mbr of EDGC
good progress over the years, everyone definitely wanted redevt, good and responsible
changed what I was going to say
not democratic, but not a criticism b/c wasn't;  it was Spaxman's decision
all mtgs were open, no surprises
you came to the mtgs you'd find what was said and not
lower density option like Pople
did email Spaxman, final first page recomm wch cmte did not see until hours [before presented to Ccl]
.74FAR -- we never talked numbers, no agreement; four of us emailed Spaxman, to Ccl presented as new info; report misrepresents that
surprise to see those two props, didn't see about giving to anyone else
wrt roads, Park Royal said no, not going to put one there
one owner put under great pressure for a road
extra road will mean higher density, with second road, can get 500
Mr Rollo even said numbers were compromised
to eval cmnty benefits but were flawed
traffic analysts came in and same thing; whether you add one, two, or more, same
high rises; someone wanted definition; went up seven, with eight storeys; let's be flexible, eight may become ten
always for some redevt; creeping density, not even nec by the dvpr
found another road
find 40 rental, vote of nonconfidence
affordability -- not discussed at our mtgs b/c we did not know how to deal with it
what does it mean, and it's a red herring

> Don McTavish:  1037 Leyland St on E, Sentinel Hill
congrat on high quality for devt, thank Mr Malik and Mr Jasper's presentation, architects GBL for their excellent work to date
certain cd never find another devpr to match Mllnm's proposal
awards not been matched by any other devpr in Lower Mainland
recommend units be increased by 50 to give a cushion against inflation, aid them to effect a timely completion
traffic probs: I agree it is not a good one (TWay MDr)
how do ppl around the world get around, train, ..... shank's pony; missed cheapest of all a pedestrian ferry service terminals foot of 14th and Lawson, Park, West Bay, etc.....  Burrard Inlet and False Creek
surface of Burrard Inlet costs nothing to purchase and maintain
contact Premier and local MLAs for their support in this regard
think of the millions of dollars saved if an attempt was made; the existing roads and overburdened bridge systems
100s of Ms of dollars in land purchase, bridge or tunnel costs
funding ISSUE
Mayor: do continue
DMcT: our forefathers relied on ferry service

> Paqul XXXX [sp?]:  representing architects
section 236 - 103; max av fam size..... cluster housing
apts of 1000sf, 363Ksf for Area B
...leaves 153Ksf for remaining
wd hav to be average of 2700sf????
while intent for smaller, for affordable remaining 50 units
10% under 750sf and remaining allowed av

> Harold Kalke: 103 - 29th St
since 1971 invested my life in urban renewal; spaceship growing; collective lack of vision
slowly triple bottom line: economic, envtal, comnty
most important land use
to stop sprawl, wd hv preferred higher density
since 1969 [traffic?] less by at least 50%; trend to homebased biz, 20 to 22%
traffic not a logical constraint
recognize Spaxman and cmte on work
one of my pillars
Mick Jagger said: "you can't always get what you want but you can get what you need."
basically support

> Brian Walker: 3962 Bayridge Court
letter from ex-chairs of Engg and Design participated in EDGC; enjoyed our involvement
essential in finding a balanced solution
balance major msg; not possible to please all
brought forward ideas not reflected in final report
suggested densities shd be increased to encourage a variety of housing choices and ranges
balancing interests so willing to support Option C
Ccl has spent time on this, urge you to move forward; Rosen and Helliwell; wrt traffic, discussed by EAC examined report and supported it
350 added at most min impact, three vehicles at peak hour
can be lessened by moving a point of access further west, extends queuing time
can improve on present plan
in my view the opp to assemble 57 lots, roughly 20 acres of land in close proximity to commercial, transportation, recreation amenities, is an opp we will never see again in our cmnty
can't see where we can see a large parcel like this assembled
approval process shd surely ensure an outstanding devt in its final form
don't put too much restriction on things; leave devpr to devp options and if more creative, let that be considered
cmnty has input to that
all sympathize with residents don't want to see their lives disturbed however it's the important issue for Ccl to do what's right for cmnty as a whole and rec you support

> Elaine Fonseca: Prez of ADRA
our objective has always been to support controlled growth in our nbrhds
to protect and preserve our nbrhds
this devt does not do either
oppose ten storeys; too massive and too dense
cd set a precedent for rest of Amb and Dund
ongoing gridlock for years
this devt will proceed, but not as Option C
do we want condos?
last public hearing said loud and clear NO high devt

> Eleanor Thomas: four comments:
concerned about 20ft minor variations, feel certain will impact my view
in Chambers addressed to Cclr Day, the majority voted for Option C, I was at that special mtg, the majority did not vote for Option C, Spaxman did
four did not, the majority of that vote
Cclr Day only 319 units b/c the 30 rental units don't count -- WV residents? not count?
didn't understand your reasoning but I didn't stay
349 units, can't just drop them off
RD: I wasn't advocating the proposal, just discussing
what I understand 4 favoured B and 5 for C; eventually not exactly majority
didn't mention 390
ET: 319
RD: 349 altogether of wch 30 on permanent rental
ET: didn't sound like that
RD: 349 of wch 30 rental; was changed
Mayor: thank you
ET: looked like some new speakers, not heard of this before
those rental are market rents
entitlement, I've lived here 39 years and my daughter is 31, I don't think she's entitled to
almost the richest, wealthiest in Canada and we can't expect everyone to remain and provide homes for them b/ c WV is not affordable

> Selena Kai: NV, 30 years old, grew up in WV, most of my fam lives, St Anthony's volunteer at Inglewood
son a year ago, been following it in NSN and ended up buying a home in NV b/c more selection
key word is revitalization
Mlnm gives back to the cmnty; their buildings stand out, I am a realtor, sell downtown cookie cutters but Mlnm puts effort into it
urge you to look outside the box, for my son's and son's son's generation, eventually move back into WV

> Kimberly Verdicchio: secy of Sentinel Hill Homeowners' Assn
not easy walking, no place for seniors walking
density beneficial, you shd be looking out for the preservation of nbrhds first
2005 we presented a petition of over 400 against
wanted Option B, ready to compromise from sgl fam to B but not to C
don't think it's going to work with increase in traffic
ev benefit from improvements
undergrounding utilities wd be an asset for Keith
street lighting shd be improved
wd like to see sidewalks on sunny side
don't want them parking on our sidewalks
did our own helium balloon 15 ft and found no view from our first floor
15ft from natural grade, not mid; shd not do anything to lower or raise the natural grade
roofs slope downward slope of the hill
makes WV unique, natural beauty and how enhanced
Sentinel Hill also unique, interesting homes into side of the hill; SE as gateway to WV, can't help recognize it

> Hanson Lu: contributed to WV
> Nicola Follows?

> Beverly Pitman: 2504 Haywood, mbr of EDGC, cmnty at large
CHAC rep too; their disappointment I had to do, felt we had to compromise wanted higher than C
to my recollection was a consensus, held for a v short time
policy H2; replacement policy; diversity of housing; will include rental and accessible
point CHAC wd like to make is that this is a step away from affordable housing
as a group that advocates for affordability, recommends the report, 30 adaptable units but don't think it will meet housing needs
definition of affordable housing: used in a recent GVRD study Mar 2006:
household; housing costs exceed 30% and....
median CMA unit rates at less than 30% of household income
in 2001 the av income of 910 owners fell into this $ 22,705, 785 54... 534 ... in need 29K....
requires an income of $50K to rent a rental rate unit in WV
to buy a one- or two-bdrom codo wd need $111K and 134K
the 30 units unlikely to be low income rental
an adjustment being made in housing market
51% being provided by nontraditional housing stock
secondary suites and rent to own condos
encourage Ccl to move forward to legalization of secondary suites

> Fulvio Verdicchio:  Prez of Sentinel Hill South Slope Assn
main concerns already expressed by other speakers
density; not opposed but to density not approp
benefit package related to amt of density, last para of page 3
proposed purchase of 9th St lot $1.85M; are you telling me they'd pay more for this land?
Mayor: rhetorical? I'll ask Geri Boyle
GB: Mr Nicholls:
SJN:  Mlnm has an agreement zoning not proceed until approved; fair market value
FV: what density?
SJN: before you tonight
FV: some time ago
SJN: incorrect; a week or so ago, but arrangement just arrived at
FV: not advantageous to leave any stone unturned
two storeys
June 20 2005 Spaxman report p 4; anticipated devt cd include townhouses and lowrise
ten storeys is not a lowrise
traffic directly related to density; more ppl, more traffic
look at between A and B or C, find an optimal point
we want the area devpd like everywhere else but what's best for WV
benefit pkg has to be addressed
spoke to Geri Boyle and she mentioned something about the road and not in Mr Nicholls's benefit pkg -- what about the $9M on the road?
GB: devpr still resp to building the road, it's a prerequisite
FV: but you said a benefit; now truth coming out
undergrounding, with power outages everywhere there's undergrounding
we're the most affluent in the world, we've still got wires hanging around
let Mllnm build and not take car of roads?

> Susan Strong: not here

> Patti Young: 925 Keith
219 covenant around traffic
master devt plan might entail, cd it entail traffic calming measures on the plan?
GB: dvpr does have to provide $350K; $50K for study and $300K for measures; dvpr providing District w/ money
PY: tie those two together; concurrently
GB: can look at that
PY: trying to reach a balance; hasn't been achieved wrt amenities
really gone sideways
cmnty at large benefiting but balance; have to recog the neg impact on directly adj props
this devt is in my front yard
will have a neg impact and all the props along Keith Rd; alleviate that; better balance
one numbers $500K for undergrounding utilities, Nicholls $1M
for the city to take money in cash without for nbrhd not fair play

> Helen Galas: quibble about hotwater tank in a new swimming pool?
ppl don't see benefit to cmnty
sgl fam housing or a duplex; they become triplexes and fourplexes
definition of two lodges [turns out think she means lodgers]
flyer came to door on Folkestone Way, no affordable housing, ev house over $1M
when I started $500K to $1M to penthouse
density creates more affordable housing
our Lib MP Blair Wilson suggested to have 100,000 more immigrants
Mayor: focus on Ev Dr
HG: Whistler and WV needs more ppl
not allowing ppl, not making ppl possible to live but to drive from Abbotsford and Mission they're clogging up the roads not the ppl on Ev Dr
not even a bus stop at Salmon House
this is best location for mutli fam and affordable housing

[bizarrely, here, the Mayor calls on Ray Spaxman even though he's the next item on the agenda; not first time speaking rules altered but an explanation ought to have been given either by Mayor or MClk.}

> Ray Spaxman: 2144 Nelson, lived there for 16 years
an architect and a planner, proj leader, chair of cmte; my recommended plan is basis; wd like to go somewhere diff
content and process rather than plan itself; wch someone wd read some of the reports, all available to be read
world beginning to come to realize urgency of dealing with climate change; ev single one of us can do something about it; urgent need, sustainability is key; esp near public amenities
livability of places -- Ev Dr is going to redevp, give up being afraid and rejoice
some of the most responsible devprs in the world
aware of diverse values
set up the GC, thought it did quite well, find a midpoint and ppl agree
not satisfy those who don't want any devt and others want more
some claim not consensus but we did we did we did
some came with the same point of view from beginning
continuing barrage of disagreement
only course is never to give an inch; to keep hammering away at Ccl; felt force of those who come to object
system carefully designed by Ccl to be thorough, open; not be overwhelmed by noise
looking for leadership; [don't] deny the value of setting up a cmte, [wd] send a msg to future guidance cmtes they may be wasting their time
pro active and decisive, these bylaws properly represent [report]

> David Thomas (realtor): 533 Monteverdi Process, support
right process in right location
provide some statistics: [if you want in WV an] attached home, only have a choice of 100
townhouse, only 22 av
within walking distance of shopping is 3
blend of housing this proj also in right location
Mick Jagger was quoted;  -- Bob Dylan said everybody's got to serve somebody
Mlnm has made every attempt to do that
landscape not a wall of bldgs, rather it's environmental, walkways and paths and parks
so done ev they cd; look forward to its success

> Maggie Pappas: have office on Clyde Ave, three quietly constructed
own 1143 house two blocks
founding chairman of Arts Ctr Trust
resp for building KMC tonight, orig resisted and greatly feared
support to bring this devt to quick
centrally located, can ill afford to ruminate for years and years
over supplied with sgl fam and under supplied with multi fam
tired drab and unappealing; young couples and downsizing snrs cannot afford
public transit to work
need Ev Dr to secure sustainable living standards for our cmnty
change is constant
vibrant and alive, flexible
rigidity; can't afford to remain stuck ...  taxes under $500
can return was wasteful of public's time; move on and accept this devt

> CR, Your Editor:
CORRECTION to speaker's earlier statement--
Before my comments on Ev Dr, I'd like to correct/clarify what the first speaker said.  He was right that the referendum on 320 Taylor Way (the Twin Towers), but he was not true that Ccl didn't have a choice [as some tried to claim].  They did.  Just as you, Ccl, do tonight; you have a choice.
FIRST of all, thanks and appreciation to Ccl, staff, cmte mbrs, applicant, and residents for their efforts, time, and perseverance.
Whether B or C or in between, pls ensure the province has improved this corridor (a report was supposed to have been revealed in November).  TWay and MDr has the highest accident rate in WV.  Do we want 11th as an alternate and [have to be maintained] at our [WV] expense?
Devt, whether Ev Dr or above the Upper Levels, any increase will affect us all -- pls PLAN, don't just react.   Whatever your decision, taking into consideration the best interests of WV residents, PLEASE PLAN, STAGE, PHASE for any devt.
Of course v pleased uplift now included in your calculations -- I've been advocating this for over ten years.  I have had time for a second opinion wrt to estimates [the figures/assessments/appraisals by staff] but as to cmnty benefits [CBs], instead of a choice between 50 and 75% in return given in staff report, shd be 66%, the min Vancouver gets.  If $10M uplift, [we shd get] $6M.  Not sure I agree with $350K traffic study and calming is a benefit to the cmnty rather than viewed as mitigation for this devt.
The staff memo has $2.5M cash to a Millennium Charity Fdn, [but earlier] Mr Jasper said for arts and culture.  Quite apart from my opinion it shd be more, who decides where, when, how much, to whom? Millennium? staff? Ccl? 
There's no mention of retention of the heritage house there where King George and Queen Elizabeth had tea in 1939.  [Had appeared in earlier reports.]
It is possible to pass this bylaw while putting an increase on the CBs [not just dollar amount] with details to be decided and confirmed after further consultation.
IN SUMMARY, keeping in mind housing choice/options and tasteful, use your judgement what's most desirable for this entrance; plan, inform, set CB amount, get public input [before final decision].

> Amir (?): lived in four countries; intention to continue to live here
support Spaxman report most likely remain or reluctance seek another cmnty

> Casdamakai (?); Bellevue, 27 years here
many views, some not expert
you've chosen the expertise of one of the most
known Mr Spaxman for past 21 years; i'm a devpr

[Mayor asked for anyone else and if no one, those coming back a second time.]

> Mr Bailey: will write

> Kimberly Verdicchio: concerned with look of WV; undergrounding necessity

> Fulvio Verdicchio: refer to Mr Spaxman's report
concept of livability; residents prefer 255 and .55 FSR to preserve livability

Mayor: anyone else want to speak

RD: heard 46 speakers tonight
move we close it
Mayor: if further reports or questions required, we can't close

Bailey: the letter I proposed
Mayor: expediency
Bailey: matter of drafting
Mayor: we now have a motion on the floor
Bailey; there are two or three changes
alluded to 56 units certain quality
Mayor; now, we'd appreciate it
Bailey: 56 units granted conditional upon vehicle use
improperly drawn, doesn't make any sense
104.04, and 05 asking why total devt a reason as density 145K and 300Ksf as density
01, give .35 and then you refer to after exemptions area A shall be increased to 145sf, that's not density that's max buildable area
had trouble what density actually is, got calculator; mathematical quadriplegic, think you shd address this
SJN; put upper limit so wdn't be ambiguity in bylaw; way of controlling density
suggest staff report to clarify this
Bailey; why can't build apts till [rentals?] built?
GB; to make sure housing variety

4.                  CONCLUDING REMARKS BY RAY SPAXMAN (Spaxman Consulting Group)
{not even referred to!  Mayor called on him earlier before public input concluded!}

RECOMMENDED:  THAT...the Public Hearing be closed.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff report back ...  and that the Public Hearing be adjourned to.....

RD: move all written and verbal submissions be rec'd and PH closed

{...and so, amazingly, the PH was closed despite expressed interest in reports and questions to be answered.  Was this legislation by exhaustion???  Well, Ev Dr did not come back on Dec 11, maybe it will on the add'l sp ccl mtg Dec 18 -- but they need that one anyway b/c utility rates must be passed by end of year and they haven't appeared yet.}
Dear Readers, please note members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions once the Public Hearing is closed.

=== CCL A= GENDA Dec 11th  ===

2.1            November 20, 2006 Regular Council Meeting Minutes;
2.2            November 27, 2006 Committee of the Whole Minutes; and
2.3            November 27, 2006 Regular Council Meeting Minutes.
3.         Captain G. Houston; L. Lindhal, Vice President Corporate Services; D. Wilson, Manager Government Relations, and L. Strand, Communications Advisor - Project Development Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Vancouver Port Authority, regarding "Toward a Sustainable Port"             RECOMMENDED:... be received.
4.         Old Growth Conservancy - Update on Society ...  be received for information.
5.         Reconsideration of Alteration Permit 06?025 (4769 The Highway) (File:  1010?20?05?026)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Municipal Clerk give notice that Alteration Permit Application No. 05?026 (4769 The Highway - Revised), which would provide for a new single-family home with variances to minimum and combined Side Yard for the detached garage, will be re-considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, January 08, 2007.
6.         Yard Waste and Mixed Wood Waste Recycling Services Contract Amendment 
            1.         Council endorse amendment of the municipal cost sharing formula in the Yard Waste and Mixed Wood Waste Recycling Services Contract between the three North Shore municipalities and the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District (GVS&DD) as described in this report.
            2.         Council authorize the Mayor and Clerk to sign and seal the attached Amending Agreement between the District of West Vancouver and the GVS&DD.
7.         Sewer Utility Rates for 2007 - Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Amendment Bylaw
            1.         Sewerage and Drainage rates for the year 2007 be increased by eleven [per cent] (11%) to all categories of users, applied with rounding to the net of discount amount;
            2.         "Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Bylaw No. 3749, 1992, Amendment Bylaw No. 4494, 2006" be introduced and read a first, second and third time; and
            3.         Residents be encouraged to comment on the rates proposed in the bylaw prior to its adoption on December 18, 2006.

{yeah, right; when amendments only made at second reading and this is all three!}

8.         Water Utility Rates for 2007 - Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 4490, 2006            
            1.         Water user rates for the year 2007 be on a fully metered user-pay basis, and that the former flat rate regime be terminated;
            2.         Water user rates for 2007 be approved at amounts set out in the schedules to Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 4490, 2006 as attached;
            3.         "Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 4490, 2006" be introduced and read a first, second and third time; and
            4.         Residents be encouraged to comment on the rates proposed in the bylaw prior to its adoption on December 18, 2006.

{Again, being treated as fait accompli, virtually accepted without question since all three readings recommended.  And, in case you're unaware, after third reading passed, must be a day at least gap before adoption.}
9.         Appointments to GVRD (File:  0120-04/0185-02) -- Recommendation to be provided.
11.       Development Variance Permit Application 06?055 (1278 Chartwell Drive)
...received for consideration on Monday, January 8, 2007.
12.       Development Variance Permit Application 06?048 (2650 Nelson Avenue) No. 06-048 (2650 ...be received for consideration on Monday, January 8, 2007.
13.       Correspondence List {NB: No links; cannot see/read as previously except for 13.4}
13.1      [Request for Delegations?]      No items
Action Required
13.2            D. Thomas, Commercial Leasing and Sales, Sotheby's International Realty, regarding 503 13th Street
                    Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
13.3            K. McRae, Mayor, City of Port Alberni, November 21, 2006, regarding Martin Mars Water Bombers
                    Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
13.4            Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
                    (a)         West Vancouver Memorial Library Board Minutes, October 18, 2006
                    (b)         North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee Minutes, October 19, 2006
13.5            D. Bryden, November 10, 2006, regarding Houses on Lawson Avenue (File:  2415?02?01)
13.6            M. M. Gibbs, December 01, 2006, regarding snow removal (File:  1785?05)
13.7            E. James, November 28, 2006, regarding snow removal and sidewalk salting
13.8            L. E. Jackson, Chair, GVRD Board, November 20, 2006, regarding December 02, 2006 Council of Councils Meeting to Discuss Affordable Housing (File:  0185?34/2630?014)
                    Previously distributed due to timing of event.
13.9            K. Glynn-Morris, Chair, North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee regarding North Shore Youth Safe House Task Force (File:  0115?20?NSFC1)
13.10          L. Reynolds, Administration Manager, North Shore Crisis Services Society, November 14, 2006, regarding Society's Annual Report (File:  0055?20?NSCS1)
13.11          J. Weinhaupl, November 16, 2006, regarding large arbutus tree (File:  2190?01)
13.12          F. Leonard, Chair, Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia (MFABC), November 14, 2006, regarding Fall 2006 MFABC Debenture Issue (File:  0175?20?MFAU1)
13.13          A. Shwetz, Manager, Community Relations, Lower Mainland-South Coast Region, BC Hydro, November 21, 2006, regarding SLIM (Street Light Information Management) Program
13.14          K. Higgs, November 12, 2006, regarding "Water for a Healthy Country - Waste Not, Want Not"
13.15          B. Ritchie, November 17, 2006, regarding Integrated Police Units
13.16          D. Fontaine, Chief of Staff, City of Vancouver, November 23, 2006, regarding social housing
13.17          E. James, November 22, 2006, regarding P3s, Partnerships BC and Local democracy
13.18          G. Franklin, November 26, 2006, regarding WV Scouts Celebrate 50 Years of Christmas Tree Sales
13.19          R. Williams and S. Gerlitz, Nov 21, regarding expression of thanks for WV Emergency Response Team
13.20          Red Ribbon/World AIDS Day, November 23, 2006, regarding World AIDS Day
Responses to Correspondence
13.21          K. Pike, Director, Parks & Community Services, to P. F. Rowbotham, Nov 28, regarding watercourses
13.22          E. Barth, Director of Engineering & Transportation, Nov 30, to R. Richards regarding snow removal
13.23          D. Leavers, Manager, Parks & Environment to R. Lee, Project Manager, Section DB1, Ministry of Transportation, regarding Black Mountain - Baden Powell Trail Concept Plan
13.24  Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.

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Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.
                        --  Walter Elliot, American Catholic priest, writer (1842 - 1928)

Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with.
                        -- Thomas Carlyle, Scottish philosopher (1795 - 1881)

Age wrinkles the body.  Quitting wrinkles the soul.
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