Dec 11 NOTES
Calendar to Dec 3

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

1-- YES, INDEED!  EVELYN DRIVE DEVT BYLAW on DEC 18 AGENDA for ALL THREE READINGS.  Amendments at second reading!
As of Sunday night (from Thursday night), no power at MHall and website still not up Sunday night (17th) if you want to try to get info on Ev Dr (staff reports, etc), but see recommended motion below.
2 -- GOOD NEWS: Some sanity prevails wrt Correspondence!  Hope they go back and put up all those they blocked.
3 -- Christmas greetings: http://www.jacquielawson.com/viewcard.asp?code=1054233173705
[and for those fussing about christmas trees, get over it and enjoy!
 -- it's a pagan practice perhaps 8000 years old!]
= Main Items Dec 18:  Hollyburn Ridge Cabin transfers (without $ amts); Correspondence to Ccl unblocked/uncensored?; proprietary transit shelters; EVELYN DRIVE BYLAWS; Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy; Non-Enforcement of Noise Control in HBay; TofRef for Finance/Audit, Cmnty Engagement, and Design Review cmtes; 2007 ccl mtg schedule; Cmnty Engagement apptmt (on-table!); fees and charges bylaw
Calendar to Dec 31st; Dec 11 NOTES (Old-Growth, sewer/utility rates; why two DVP items on-table!); Ccl AGENDA Dec 18; INFObits (Int'l Human Rights Day); Haiku from Jubilate!; Quotations for our Library

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===  CALENDAR to Dec 31st  ===
*  Christmas Trees on sale by Scouts from Dec 1st at Clyde and Marine Drive
***  Festival of Lights  ***  to January 2 in Dundarave Park - Beach House Restaurant
*  Current Exhibit at GLH/WV Museum: Winston Elliott of WV - past and paintings, retrospective
*  FBG - GREAT STUFF! lots to choose from if you're buying Christmas gifts
AT THE WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY In The Gallery - December 1 - 31 --  The Art of Books and Printing
What better place to appreciate the beauty of the book? This month we celebrate The Art of Books and Printing with a special exhibition of works from local book designers, binders, artists, and illustrators.
=== Tuesday Dec 19th
~ 10:30am - 12:30pm ~ In Peters Room at Library: Readers' Cafe - Join Joe Ronsley for a reading and discussion of James Joyce's "Ulysses". Please bring your own copy of the book.

===  Thursday Dec 21st
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI mtg at CNV M Hall
ALSO at the KMC:
Aladdin - The Family Musical Panto -- Thursday, December 21 through Saturday, January 6
Laugh out loud here, split a gut until you shed a tear, cheer and jeer, shout out things like "he went that way!" and "watch out, there's a stranger behind you!" Groan and moan, hiss and boo, too.
The excitement of attending a traditional British panto is a unique wonder to experience, but this spectacle begins when you enter the lobby! The Kay Meek Centre lobby will be transformed into a timeless storybook miracle with many surprises to delight the young (and young at heart) before the show begins. You will walk into the story, and be entertained royally from the moment you arrive.
Kids six and under are just $10, which makes it a terrific annual event for the whole family. Glorious, colourful, spectacular sets with a big cast, music, special effects, and magic bring a unique experience, which everyone - from tots to seniors - will appreciate.

===  Friday Dec 22nd
~ 10:30am - 12:30pm ~  In the Peters room at the Library: Philosopher's Cafe -  What would you give to the world? If you were in charge (a modern-day Santa)  how would you distribute almost 3 billion dollars a year?
~ M Hall closes at noon

===  Sunday Dec 31st:  if as in past, DWV New Year's celebration, Millennium Clock, foot of 15th?
....................NEXT CCL MTG -- JANUARY 8th ....................

=== CCL NOTES Dec 11th&nbs= p; ===

JF moved Amended adding:  8. add'l info water utility rates; 9.1  DVP Application 6068 Blink Bonnie for consideration, plus correspondence;  9.2 DVP Application 4345 Rockridge for consideration.
Sop seconded.

{Why?  isn't this a departure from practice if not requirements?  I have never known a Devt Variance Permit Application arriving 'on-table'!  That means the public do not know a variance has been applied for.  Devts have regulations wrt notification.  Must find out the reason for this irregularity, whether legal, a precedent, or to be repeated.}

2.1            November 20, 2006 Regular Council Meeting Minutes;
2.2            November 27, 2006 Committee of the Whole Minutes; and
2.3            November 27, 2006 Regular Council Meeting Minutes.
{Well, subject of another time but I defy anyone to deduce what ppl say from the sparse notes.}
3.         Captain G. Houston; L. Lindhal, Vice President Corporate Services; D. Wilson, Manager Government Relations, and L. Strand, Communications Advisor - Project Development Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Vancouver Port Authority, regarding "Toward a Sustainable Port"             RECOMMENDED:... be received.
Mayor: plsed to have reps from Vancouver Port Authority
Capt: purpose high level overview; env'tal, economic, and social sustainability; any of the three of us wd be happy to take your call
Area up Indian Arm to border, two Fraser River ports
growing trade with Asia-Pacific
process of amalgamation
Governance, nine bd mbrs; policy bd; agent of the crown, at arm's length; lease out -- we administer, not operate; pay prop tax, no access to tax, reinvests
Mission to lead sustainable growth
        Total Economic Output -- $8.9B
        Total GDP -- $4.0B
        Taxes to Govts -- $763M
        Property Taxes in GVRD -- $113M
An industry leader; 'going above and beyond', envtal remediation
ballast water exchange prog prevents introduction of nonnative species
reduce air emissions, reward ships that burn cleaner fuel
researching shore-based power for cruise ships
        Social Wages -- $3.0B
        Jobs -- 70,000
fully support prov Pacific Gateway port system
prop tax system giving certainty
education, cmnty, and envmt; committed to being part of cmnty, support many charitable orgs
Laurie is a resident here; do not hesitate to contact
meet mutual port and cmnty needs
Sop: many ships, do they pay us?
Capt: assume you mean waiting out in the harbour?  they pay us to come into the harbour, harbour dues; no charge to anchor, so free anchorage
90% of emissions are kept on board; air emissions (smoke stacks) the work we're doing on fuel additives
Sop: why so many?
Capt: some days nine, some zero; mostly grain, occasionally coal
There are 43 diff grades of grain, have to assemble them into 20K- and 40K-ton parcels, takes some time; terminal only holds about 5000 tons
Sop: are in leading edge, in world, re clean air and water within harbour; costly, serious
Capt: v expensive, right; we're leader in NAm, trying to get area as SECA (sulphur emissions control area)
additive to reduce noxious emissions by about 50%
Sop: when?
Capt: ships is a UN issue, moves with glacial rapidity
working to have an additive to fuel works well, and working re bio-fuel
you won't find a port in NAm as advanced in envtal technology as ours
Sop: you put a roof over in NV, still appears sulphur blowing; is that safe?
Capt: sulphur looks like powder but it isn't, doesn't create dust, dust is what ignites
sulphur is Vancouver Wharves, not us; perfectly safe
Sop: question that but won't
JF: your map showed the different port authorities
Capt: diff but coop, working together on merging into one entity
terminals compete but ports cooperate
envts the same but we're well beyond standard of other two
North Fraser  v small, only has six employees, doesn't have resources; we give them the info, work closely
and Fraser port too, interested in protecting fish
VV: Min Falcon mentions the competitive advantage Vancouver has to ports in US, b/c geog, closer to China
curious looking at the map in your annual report, logic suggests Prince Rupert wd be even shorter journey from China
Capt: For my sins, I used to be the harbour master in Pr Rupert so worked out distance, it's closer to northern China, we're closer to southern ports; a bit of spin
VV: isn't Pr Rupert experiencing rapid growth?
Capt: they are, coal again through Ridley Terminal and more grain than used to (terminal used to be open only three months)
they're building a container terminal; that market will be for Chicago and the midwest
95% of Canada's containers come through Vancouver
JC: wrt cmnty benefits, thx re cooperation re fireworks Canada Day
Capt: know you're working with Canada Place Corp on that, they're a subsidiary of ours
JC: we have the other two Ms on NSh on board plus City of Vancouver
[Both pleased]
4.         Old Growth Conservancy - Update on Society ...  be received for information.
Corinne Ambor, (Park Planner) staff: draft constitution and bylaws
mtgs over summer and fall; cooperation remarkable
conservationists, mtn bikers; exchange interesting informative
Herb Storm (sp?), Allan Bardsley (sp?), Bruce McArthur, and K Steig did the hard work
Sop: going through draft, v positive about Society
protection long-needed
No. 2 A, B, C, D gives a pretty wide scope -- within recommended strategy or go beyond?
CA: group clear wanted to stay within the boundaries but wanted to keep in mind future planning for Upper Lands, wanted strategy to be kept in mind
Sop: page 26: corporate mbr be entitled to vote; are you planning to expand?
CA: have to get back to you
Sop: appreciate that; we depend on lay people
corp support financially then want something in return? work that out
says a mbr of Ccl may be on board, shd be 'shall be'; important reporting
item 30, p 48
Mayor: not really in discussion yet; questions then put motion and debate
JF: non-profit assn so can apply for grants -- who administers those grants?
CA: there are a variety through local biz and fdns
if they apply, society administers; if we grant then we wd
JF: are grants av from other levels of govt as well?
CA: think there is one
Sop: if decision by Society that requires M to move in and improve, like moving trails, etc as we're doing now
CA: question raised and we're looking at an agreement
Sop: more prudent to look at this letter as gospel rather than Societies Act
want to start off on right foot
...few lines? mission statement
want it protected but Society needs guidance as well
they might come up against something beyond their mandate -- what are they going to do?
MS: why mbrship wd not be open to all; have to have mbrship approved by directors?
CA: my understanding bylaws were written to be open to anyone
specific clause concerns you?
MS: ....... a person may apply for mbrship and upon acceptance by directors may
CA: $10
Man: anyone who has $10 to contribute
MS: but that's not what it says
[VV made motion]
JF: want to thank, have put bylaws together, lot of work; want to commend you
Sop: process -- where's this going? discussed tonight, come back to Ccl?
CA: in January
Mayor: I see this as a v exciting independent non-profit society
the letter describing the relationship will be forthcoming and that will help Ccl how we work with it
long time in coming; v heartening
in 1990, when put to cmnty, support has only grown
this is a model and we thank you v much.
not sure, Cclr Sop, it's within our purview to change the draft but changes can be offered for consideration
RD: think this is wonderful; constitution a lot of work; shows how citizens have worked over the years; almost disappeared with the golf course controversy; trees 5-600 years old
mtn bike area too
best way to protect is the citizens who care
great pleasure to see this working forward and want to thank all those who have worked so hard
Sop: sustainability first and foremost among many
my vision, done right from the getgo
asking you to look at, in your draft, A, B, C, D -- broad statement
communication; supportive
watched Katherine Steig, a great champion
Mayor: congratulations; a good beginning
5.         Reconsideration of Alteration Permit 06?025 (4769 The Highway) (File:  1010?20?05?026)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Municipal Clerk give notice that Alteration Permit Application No. 05?026 (4769 The Highway - Revised), which would provide for a new single-family home with variances to minimum and combined Side Yard for the detached garage, will be re-considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, January 08, 2007.
Mayor: this is only to set a date so keep your comments brief
Man: uncertain; understand receiving report and if more appropriate to speak Jan 8; be prepared to wait
Mayor: that wd be ideal if you'll be av Jan 8
Mark Thompson: we are, as owners, extremely concerned and wanted to make sure opp to speak; if not required, later; just v concerned
Stan XXX?: thank you for giving us a practice run
introduce myself as one of the shareholders
v concerned that we are heard; haven't made a conscious effort to come up and speak to Ccl in this forum here; approp we do as we come up to the first anniversary
you've seen correspondence from me; I've tried really hard to work with cmnty in Lower Caulfeild
last few months I've spent quite a bit of time down at The Hwy, to win over the residents opposed -- think it will be
I'm new, new resident to WV, been here about 18 mos; my understanding we have an inalienable right to improve our prop
we're complied with those bylaws and restrictions and made ev effort to engage with those residents
can't say we haven't tried or that we haven't complied
want a fair hearing
been proactive engaging with the local cmnty
GDanvy (sp?): will come Jan 8
6.         Yard Waste and Mixed Wood Waste Recycling Services Contract Amendment             RECOMMENDED:  THAT:
            1.         Council endorse amendment of the municipal cost sharing formula in the Yard Waste and Mixed Wood Waste Recycling Services Contract between the three North Shore municipalities and the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District (GVS&DD) as described in this report.
            2.         Council authorize the Mayor and Clerk to sign and seal the attached Amending Agreement between the District of West Vancouver and the GVS&DD.
EBarth, Dir/Engg: straightforward matter
been having problems with congestion; seemed simple to base on cost-sharing
RD: take it can drive in without checkpoint, verify NSh
EB: yes verify NSh; still have to weigh
some delay was:
'where are you from?'  North Van
District or City? -- then have to explain the boundaries
Sop: $65 a ton and WV will pay 14% instead of charging residents
EB: not really changing the program, just how allocated
from measuring exactly to how it has been historically b/c it hasn't changed
...under 100kilos free drop off
anything above that, pay -- it's for one trip
this is just an administrative change
Sop: suppose you have over, you pay for it, don't you?
EB: correct
Sop: so not free entirely, but a curbside taken away free of charge
EB: correct
Sop: GVS&DD charges $65 a ton for tipping fees
EB: Ms pay a bit less; we in turn charge back through our annual bill
Sop: based on tri-M; what is the saving to WV?
EB: not a figure I have at hand; can provide
Sop: benefit
EB: I believe it is b/c yard waste wch was previously going into the garbage stream
JF: was going into road ends, benefit
maybe mention this in Tidings asap; had some phone calls from ppl -- storms and pickup is finished for the season
remind ppl they can go to the station; ppl want to do right thing; need to know the place
EB: good suggestion; will follow up.
7.         Sewer Utility Rates for 2007 - Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Bylaw No. 3749, 1992, Amendment Bylaw No. 4494, 2006
            1.         Sewerage and Drainage rates for the year 2007 be increased by eleven [per cent] (11%) to all categories of users, applied with rounding to the net of discount amount;
            2.         "Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Bylaw No. 3749, 1992, Amendment Bylaw No. 4494, 2006" be introduced and read a first, second and third time; and
            3.         Residents be encouraged to comment on the rates proposed in the bylaw prior to its adoption on December 18, 2006.
JF: read motion
EB: will defer to Mr Laing who authored the report
RL: we're actually interchangeable
user rates for 2007 and we've updated our five-year financial plan, emphasizes our pay-as-you-go
11% up from 10%
$41 on sgl fam $413;
2008 - 11, amts higher than priorly est'd; GVRD
universal metering 2007, the flat rate one more year for sewer; will be based on historic
Sop: Schedule A p107 administration charges over $400K to GVRD
RL: admin charge $125K to gen rev fund to compensate that fund that my staff do, billing, computer costs, etc
Sop: within the Sewer Facilities Fund rather than out of gen rev, comes out as half a million dollars?
RL: admin b/c Sewer Utility hasn't fund and my staff do that ($125K)
Sop: we don't charge for repair on pumps?
if phone up, we fix it for free, don't we?
EB: M's own; trying to deal with not enough grade; this is maintaining our own pumps
Sop: we do not charge a resident
EB: we don't charge residents for any one thing on the list but that's what the utility rate
Sop: work done by operators within that budget
efficiency not sought within the dept -- they shd be a user-pay basis
CAO: think Cclr Sop's referring to grinder pumps
for a number of reasons, not installed
if Ccl wants to examine a user fee for those grinder pumps; we cd do analysis and report
EB:  grinder pumps on props owned by WV
Sop: we embarked on a replacement program; cd you tell me if we're looking at $60M, what percentage of replacement done to date?
EB: cdn't give you that, a detail
as we replace, new come along that need to be replaced
condition assessment prog in our budget; so we can give better numbers
Sop: 2007 2011 we'll spend $600,000 to tell us we're doing something right
if we embarked some years ago, I want to see some improvement
I'm talking from a sustainability POV
EB: infrastructure continues to degrade, never have a point done all
replacement prog is ongoing
making sure we're targeting the areas most needed
Mayor: seems like a lot but straight out of the Task Force recommendation
whole point is we've got the funds, target them in a refined manner
CAO: really about striking a fine balance so not incurring cost from breakages
feel we're putting the money into the utility
Sop: does it cost $600K to analyze a system? put in pipes to last years
EB: running cameras through the pipes; not sitting in a room
VV: we're replacing at 1% a year so we're falling behind
we're not going to have an improvement -- we have to move at a faster pace to replace our piping systems
MS: instead of spending this $600K, can we send someone out to ask these pipes?
EB: assume Cclr Smith doesn't want an answer to that
8.         Water Utility Rates for 2007 - Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 4490, 2006             RECOMMENDED: THAT
            1.         Water user rates for the year 2007 be on a fully metered user-pay basis, and that the former flat rate regime be terminated;
            2.         Water user rates for 2007 be approved at amounts set out in the schedules to Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 4490, 2006 as attached;
            3.         "Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 4490, 2006" be introduced and read a first, second and third time; and
            4.         Residents be encouraged to comment on the rates proposed in the bylaw prior to its adoption on December 18, 2006.
David Roach: usually you have a staff member speak, introduce but if you want me to go first, I will
Mayor: doing it this way, focused
DR: can we get the projector up; I've got three slides
wd like to focus on user fees
taken resid sgl fam fees and per-unit [see slide; gave explanations of how households A, B, and C are charged as well as flat-rate customer; households can be next to each other and pay different amounts; ten cents a cubic meter more]
Mr Laing says there'll be a transition period of five years
will be charged if this passes
[another slide; a graph] universal metered customer, base rate charge $33.70 per qtr; lower curve is existing metered customer and his quarterly charges are lower by [approx $26] per quarter
you'll find existing meter customer pays $33.70 and that's what the universally metered customer pays base rate without volume whatsoever.
asking you to consider tonight that you equalize base rates; believe wd pose no [problem]
transition over first year, 2007, not over five years
the third slide -- comparison of sgl fam resid category
lower curve universal meter customer, these are marginal rates, existing --- compared to multifamily-crossover point
base rates substantially different
sgl fam is paying more for each cu meter consumed
might include duplex units on a sgl meter, the multifam cost will be split between two households whatever they decide on
crossover of 252 cu meters
suggesting perhaps need to address that particular issue as well
multifam, between zero and 60 their marginal rate is 49 cents per cu m, sgl fam 41 cents per cu m. Schedule A--
Mayor: can I ask you to conclude quickly pls?
DR: another slide, apologize stepping forward on Mr Laing's territory
[points, shows base rates different for univ and existing metering, and sgl vs multifam]
begs question, how are base rates derived and what are they based on?
Mayor: thank you very much
v good questions transition, discrepancies, sgl, multifam, base rates, existing and universally metered customers; how worked out; taken time ; perhaps have Mr Barth speak to that.
[At this point I stood up b/c my name was on the speakers' list and it didn't appear as if the Mayor was going to call for further public input]
EB: happy to answer but Mr Laing had some opening comments
Mayor: just received I'd appreciate if you'd sign up when you arrive, I'm sorry
CR, Yours Truly, a bit taken aback -- remember I have written my name down in the past and not been called.  Oh well, be that as it may I just explained: Thank you.  I'll explain why I didn't I have nothing to offer wrt to sewer and utility rates but when I looked at the motion, the question that arose in my mind, is that in the last item you moved first, second, and third readings and in this one you're proposing to do the same.  Although you've asked for input until Dec 18, I understand you can only make amendments at second reading, so what occurred to me wch is why when I heard this, if you've moved three readings you can't make any amendments based on what you've heard; so that's what came to my attention when I heard this discussion [input from D Roach].
Mayor: so comment for 7 and 8
CR: yes, b/c it's a process; it only occurred to me when I heard things might [be] changed
CAO: perhaps the MClk can advise Ccl  as to how they cd make amendments after third reading
MClk: may; unusual but may be done
{see my request for clarification at PQP, b/c in fact amendments cannot be made after second reading but there is a way to go back.}
RL: where our costs are going.
2007 an important year; 2007 full on user-pay basis
under rate structure recommending to you, the majority will see an increase in water bill either less than or equal to inflation
high users will see increase -- encourages conservation
base and volumetric charge
base charge being phased in for existing customers to bring in line
can't guarantee perfect way but have spent a lot of time examining existing customers
got a transition program
will adjust the rates as we go
don't have to wait a year to adjust rates, can do it in a quarter
EB: back to Mr Roach's questions
we are phasing in the base charge for existing customers b/c didn't represent true cost of water b/c little data on consumption; turns out was far too low
if we were to give base rate, alarming increase; felt while some merit to phasing in
even though they're going to be paying less as Mr Roach pointed out; felt fair not to overwhelm them in first year, phase in
wanted to ensure not unduly new using customers; will be less than 2% inflation
not undue burden on a portion of our cmnty
are phasing in a base charge for ev so all will see how usage affecting them
sgl and fam; we have a block structure -- part of the way to encourage them not to use water in summer, charge them more
block vs set price
we don't see high usage in multifamily so not likely to see that crossover
MS made motion
no problem giving phase in
wd ask Mr Barth if we cd fast-track the equalization as Mr Roach suggested
RL: take another look at it and see what cd be done
MS: see 2007 see a decrease projected presumably b/c metering
Eagle Lake water cheaper, why we're spending $15M, rest from GVRD
if we don't hit this target we'd have to buy more expensive water from GVRD -- will this blow our budget?
EB: we may be overcharging
GVRD is moving to a seasonal rate; we're moving to be able to adjust
when low seasonal rate, use GVRD and when they move to higher rate, we'll use our rate
anticipate conservation behaviour
Sop: surplus of $1M and closing $1.4M projected; is this money sitting somewhere?
RL: yes, sitting in bank
Sop: if surplus why a rate increase?
RL: what we shd carry at all times for contingencies
ability to manage on a smooth basis not spike and this surplus allows us to absorb
Sop: see 2007 a rate increase of 2%, steady to 2011 5% -- consistent to 5% or less
RL: yes, I'd go out on a limb
Sop: so GVRD? trying to balance off going to be a benefit but through all we're spending, $15M, and I approve that, when is payback time????
shdn't be rising at a rapid rate when we're carrying surpluses
RL: benefit from Eagle Lake reflected in today's rates, wd be higher
sop: so we're not going to see big jumps; 5% above inflation
why not reduce the rates?
RL: what's value
EB: when we factor in GVRD and hadn't metered, we'd hv bn looking at cost increases at 9%
a 2% is quite an accomplishment and a reduction from what Mr Laing had anticipated
Sop: we're going to be able to stay at 5% or lower over 15 years
EB: we were able to bring our rate in lower this year
this what we may be able to do with GVRD
Sop: in 2007 if 2% why not an inflation increase for next ten years if all ducks in row
what method in place to maintain prop tax
CAO: we're looking at significant differences in GVRD
we're trying to keep down; if we can keep down 5%, 4%, and if lower will, the $1M surplus is just prudent
MS: and $15M financing; commend all our staff they've maximized with Eagle Lake and deliver better water
seems to be on top of matter; now as Mr Laing points out can look at this quarterly and can adjust four times a year
Mayor: will you be reporting
EB: this will be an interesting year b/c we will be getting real data
we'll start to get a handle and what can be done
JC: will we get answers to Mr Roach's
9.         Appointments to GVRD (File:  0120-04/0185-02)  Recommendation to be provided.
{why on table? what's the problem/delay with presenting the names as part of the agenda???}
Mayor: last year all mayors: said any cclr, that will be in January
Sop: and thank you for making that stmt
GVRD BOARD OF DIRECTORS -- Mayor Goldsmith-Jones, Alternate: Councillor Clark
GVRD LABOUR RELATIONS BOARD -- Councillor Day, Alternate:  Councillor Soprovich
LOWER MAINLAND TREATY ADVISORY COMMITTEE -- Cclr Ferguson, Alt: Cclr Day; Staff Rep:  R. Beauchamp, Dir/Administrative Services, Alt Staff Rep:  D. Stuart, CAO
*ADDED ON-TABLE AGENDA ITEM 9.1 - Devt Variance Permit Application 6068 Blink Bonnie
David Harper: owner of Blink Bonnie; worked closely with our nbrs
our purpose was to attach it to house so not have to go outside to get into house; also to provide room for offstreet parking
we and our nbrs feel a positive improvement from streetscape
not aware of any opposition; worked closely with staff
Mayor: any further input?
{not likely!  who knew on agenda??? just added at beginning of mtg!!!}
*ADDED ON-TABLE AGENDA ITEM 9.2 - Devt Variance Permit Application 4345 Rockridge Road
Judy Moss Laurie (sp?): 4345 Rockridge Rd; husband wanted to be here tonight but at mercy of Air Canada
comment on staff report but before say a bit about myself and myu family
In Sept 2005, DWV honoured my father Peter Stursberg, Award of Distinction
He's 93 and mother 91 this month
original home, Alderfeild Place built 30 years ago; one of original in Upper Caulfeild both in fairly good health, became apparent needed more care
Rob and I decided wd hv to spend more time here and build a prop to accommodate them
June 2005 and bought house on Rockridge
original plan to quickly spruce up the Rockridge home and have a base to care for my parents
new paint, etc, then look for a larger prop suitable for my family and my parents
plan changed after closed on the house we discovered the bldg inspector had missed some crucial probs -- faulty fdn, structual probs, and more
budgeted a small amount, became a reply of the Tom Hanks 1986 film The Money Pit, taken a year and more than 400% over budget, mainly to correct fdn and framing
with 90-something parents really issue now is time
decided to try to make it larger with add'l space for my family
this is effort to expand house rather than use a base find a place bigger
first is to expand existing room over garage, expose an open walkway making it a connecting hall; build small storage area
the variance issue has to do with a pre existing area near garage
no increase in the ht of the structure; photos have been sent [to staff]
second element is a little more complicated; involves adding livable space in the area under the house, a new basement; requires a variance b/c house already has two floors and an existing basement; 20ft above grade
existing basement finished and above grade, when we discovered the 20ft columns with inadequate or missing footings, columns with no steel rebars, separations with craft paper, tops of columns not in contact, no cross bracing, missing.... dramatic drainage problems; had to face immediate need $125K costs, considered putting this into add'l living space under the building for my family, including my parents
all within existing area of house
lower portion of the west elevation of the house where new space will be located is totally obscured by trees; west elevation not visible from any nbrs' residence, nbrs have all signed letters of support of my solns
want to thank your team (staff) being so helpful, my nbrs' support, all Cclrs who gave time to talk with me; and the honour bestowed on my dad
next to his Order of Canada, your award of distinction has meant so much to him
it does not change the envelope of the house at all
Bob Clarke: compliments of the season
you'd think I live just down the road from Judy, and I do, 80ft
not often you get an applic to add a storey below rather than going up
she actually moved in last week; wd encourage you to approve this
if I cd see this house, I can't; only change is a window in the wall
wanted to come and support b/c usually you get
hard to believe Eagle Lake isn't overflowing
Sop: may I hear from Mr Nicholls?
SJN: good way to support this
{having DVPs on the agenda on-table is questionable; will research.  Public is to be notified of variances.}
MS: when talk about correspondence?
Mayor: next week
MClk: rec'd last piece of info this afternoon
11.       Development Variance Permit Application 06?055 (1278 Chartwell Drive)
...received for consideration on Monday, January 8, 2007.
12.       Development Variance Permit Application 06?048 (2650 Nelson Avenue ...received for consideration on Monday, January 8, 2007.
13.  CORRESPONDENCE LIST FOR CONSENT AGENDA [complete list in previous issue]


RD: Peter Hall, Ian MacD, Hugh J; Elaine Graham
boat, house set up as a museum
met there to view situation, Lighthouse Park
get fed govt to pay attn to its own heritage site
working on this; seeking some solution
to ensure public has more access

Sop: two public functions
NSh Search and Rescue, awards
we spend 7th and 8th grade together in Ocean Falls

JC: congrats to Pk Royal Shopping Ctr
letter from Rick Amantea saying that the Village honoured, given award by int'l design devt award
competing were places in Germany, Australia, Japan, US
thank Sq N and DWV for our success
on Sat I know you attended Rotary luncheon at Srs' Ctr
you, Madam Mayor, with all those things going on in your life I don't know how you find time, kudos to you


CR: excuse me, further to that question of process
if you passed all the three readings, this is interesting that you now can pass amendments after three readings -- I didn't know that was possible -- you must have certain conditions to be able to do it.
So now you've passed all the three and so it doesn't matter then what public input there is until Dec 18th, b/c you can't make any amendments, now.  You cd hv done it at third reading, is that what you are saying?
Mayor: my understanding is that it wd not be the norm to make any changes at fourth reading but it certainly is Ccl's prerogative
CR: why did you say fourth? he said third.
Mayor: well, when we come to fourth reading on the 18th
JC: adoption
Mayor: adoption
CR, incredulous: ah, so you can make changes at adoption?
Sop: third reading
CAO: we wd rescind third reading and make the changes
CR: ah, okay, so you'd rescind third reading and--
Mayor: it isn't what we prefer to do
CR: I realize that--
Mayor: just trying to get this done by the end of the year
CR: I understand so you'd have to rescind third reading, pass third reading, and then adopt.  Thank you.
Mayor: you're welcome

{hm.  Now I can figure it out.  Here's the scoop.   As previously said and understood, amendments cd only be made at second reading.  Furthermore, there has to be at least a day between third reading and adoption.  The rates have to be passed by the end of the year.  They've already added a mtg on the 18th and don't want to have another mtg after that for adoption, hence b/c coming to Ccl so late, have the three readings on the 11th and adopt on the 18th.  Ah, illusions or prestidigitation.  Pulling a fast one by making it look as if public input until 18th but in fact can't amend if anything new worth amending for between 11th when three readings passed -- however have left themselves an out, an unusual one as the Mayor said, but it does permit them to make some changes. 
I chose not to query further, however if they want to amend this bylaw to address the uneven pricing for residents that Dave Roach revealed, they'll probably have to rescind not only third reading but second as well to make the amendments then pass second and third readings.  They're passing first, second, and third tonight so no problem passing second and third again after rescinding.  It's still not exactly clear.  But here's the kicker.  Even if they pass all three readings Dec 18th, they can't adopt unless they have another mtg -- earliest Wednesday 20th.
And how likely is that?
So some will pay more than others until they make adjustments, whenever that will be.
The unfairness/inequality is one thing, but another is to find out why this came to Ccl so late it virtually left no real time to make desired amendments......}

=== CCL A= GENDA Dec 18th  ===
1.         Approval of December 18, 2006 Regular Council Agenda
2.         Adoption of December 04, 2006 Public Hearing Minutes.
3.         BC Hydro, regarding Conservation Research Initiative (File:  0120-24)
4.          D. Dhaliwal, Director, Sales and Marketing, North Shore News and D. Smith, North Shore Credit Union regarding North Shore Spirit of 2010 - Committee Progress and Potential Projects  be received.
Bylaws are passed by a simple majority vote unless otherwise noted. Each reading of an Official Community Plan bylaw or bylaw amendment must receive an affirmative vote of a majority of all council members (majority is 4 members) in order for the bylaw to be adopted.
5.         Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy Transfer/Assignment - #97 (File:  1145-04-97)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the non-family transfer/assignment of the Permit to Occupy for Cabin #97 be approved as per the Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy, Clause 20(b).
{the administrative fee charged is $50, but that doesn't even cover DWV's costs; furthermore, no mention of how much the transfer was sold for -- have heard of amounts such as $30K, $50K, and higher}
6.         Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy Transfer/Assignment - #203 (File:  1145-04-203)
RECOMMENDED: THAT The non-family transfer/assignment of the Permit to Occupy for Cabin #203 be approved as per the Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy, Clause 20(b).

{same as above!}
7.         Correspondence to Council (File:  0120?24)
            1.         The Correspondence Policy be revised as follows:
           (a)        When correspondence from private citizens addressed to Council is received the author will be contacted to query whether the author consents to the listing and publication of the correspondence in the Council agenda package (hard copy and electronic copy). Where action is required the correspondence will be forwarded immediately to the appropriate director for consideration and response, with a copy of the response to be provided to Council.
           (b)        If consent is confirmed the correspondence will be listed and published in the next Council agenda with a hyperlink to the document and included in the agenda package.
           (c)        If consent is not confirmed the correspondence will not be listed or published.  (Regardless of consent Council will continue to receive all correspondence addressed to Mayor and Council in weekly correspondence packages.)
           (d)        Any correspondence that is included in a report to Council must have the consent of the author in order to be listed and published; otherwise the author of the report must sever all personal information from the correspondence before it can be included in the report.
           (e)        Minutes of board and committee meetings will be listed and published on the agenda with a hyperlink to the document and included in the agenda package.
           (f)         Correspondence that is not from private citizens will be listed and published on the agenda with a hyperlink to the document and included in the agenda package (provided there are no other legal issues prohibiting publication).
           (g)        Correspondence to Council will be provided to Council in weekly correspondence packages.
{Pleased but amazed!  still appears a costly cumbersome way to go but at least it's in the right direction back to letting us know what ppl are writing about.  Let's just inch them forward a bit more.  Perhaps those who shut the system down were spooked by a letter worrying about privacy, but they weren't around some years ago when a letter to the Hall or just addressed to Mayor or just to Ccl did NOT become part of the public package and there were complaints wanting to know what happened.  I know personally of many and had to explain the policy was that in order to become part of the package residents had to address their letters to Mayor AND Council.  That was the rule that had been in place from the 1980s.
Several other Ms do it.
Anyway, the bottom line is that the CONTENT must be public (unless libel of course), as well as the municipality of the resident plus name (unless some extraordinary reason for it to be withheld).  Petitions always have to have whether someone lives in the District or not to validate.
If there's no problem with letters wrt Public hearings (and Devt Permits) being made public, then just make it PUBLIC CORRESPONDENCE.
When this tempest in a teapot -- with the potential to scald -- calms down, we might be well advised to examine how this behind-closed-doors, barrier-raising, info-closing, over-reaction/officious decision was made to avoid such retroactive measures taken without public debate by Ccl in future.
What mentally blinkered mind refused to let us read letters from MLAs, Minister Falcon and the GVRD as shown in Correspondence below, not to mention blocking the minutes from cmtes wch cdn't by any stretch of the imagination be deemed a privacy issue?  Disappointed Ccl just accepted it, but nice that Ccl at least asked for a report, so now we have a reversal, but what a colossal waste of time by some apparently zealous impatient over-active staff.
It's so ridiculous b/c it wd have taken a lot of staff time if requests had been made for every letter under FOI legislation!
In any case, there are simpler and faster ways of dealing with such an issue.
What a waste of time and effort.
Is there a lesson here?
An ounce of prevention needed???}   
8.         Proprietary Transit Shelter Service - [Lions'] Gate North Bridge Head (File:  3295-01) RECOMMENDED: THAT
            1.         Council receive the report from the Manager Roads and Transportation entitled Proprietary Transit Shelter Service - [Lions'] Gate North Bridge Head.
            2.         Council direct staff to execute the proposed contract with Pattison Outdoor Advertising for the provision of a proprietary transit shelter service at three locations in the area of the [Lions'] Gate North Bridge Head.
 9.         Comments at the December 4, 2006 Public Hearing on Evelyn Drive Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4492, 2006 and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4493, 2006
            The Public Hearing for these Bylaws closed on December 04, 2006 and Council is not permitted to receive any further verbal or written submissions after the Hearing has closed.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated December 12, 2006 regarding comments received at the December 4, 2006 Public Hearing

{if you have access to the Internet or this report, pls read it and compare it with the transcript in the last WVM issue.  This is not at all to suggest that DWV ought to do a transcript but a report that says X spoke relative to Y hardly lets you know what suggestions/changes if any were made.  You be da judge.}

on Evelyn Drive Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4492, 2006 and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4493, 2006 be received.
            THAT "Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4492, 2006" be revised in Schedule C - Evelyn Drive Development Permit Guidelines, by deleting 2.05.
            THAT "Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4492, 2006" as amended be read a second time and third time.
            THAT "Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4493, 2006" be amended in Schedule A by deleting subsection 103.03(2) and replacing it with the following:
            "(2)      for Cluster Housing, the net dwelling unit area excluding parking areas, open balconies, open terraces, common hallways, exterior steps and similar areas; and
            (3)       for Apartments, the net dwelling unit area excluding parking areas, open balconies, open terraces, a maximum 100 sq. ft. per Apartment units of enclosed balcony, common hallways, exterior steps and similar areas."
            THAT "Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4493, 2006" as amended be read a second time and third time.
10.       Ambleside Town Centre Strategy Report Document (File:  2515?21)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Ambleside Town Centre Strategy Report document be received and discussed at the January 15, 2007 Committee of the Whole.
 11.       Request for Non-Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 - Project 90433 Horseshoe Bay Berths 1 & 2 Reconstruction (File:  1605?15)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council approve the request from BC Ferries Services Inc. to allow the prime contractor, Vancouver Pile Driving  Ltd. (VPDL) for the building site at the Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal for an Order of Non Enforcement of the Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 Section 6.1.2(a)(iii) for a maximum of twenty-four (24) days between December 18, 2006 and June 30, 2007 so that specific construction works involving welding and concrete placing can be carried out throughout the night and early morning depending upon tidal changes.
 12.       Council Advisory Committees (File:  0005?01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Terms of Reference for the Finance and Audit, Community Engagement and Design Review Committees be approved.
13.       Appointments - Acting Mayors for 2007 (File:  0120?01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Acting Mayors for 2007/2008 be appointed as follows:
February/March:                      Councillor Ferguson
April/May:                                 Councillor Day
June/July:                                 Councillor Smith
August/September:                Councillor Clark
October/November:                Councillor Vaughan
December/January 2008:      Councillor Soprovich
14.       2007 Council Meeting Schedule  (File:  0120?01)
            Draft Council Calendar
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the 2007 Council Meeting Schedule as attached to the report dated December 13, 2006 from the Municipal Clerk be approved.

15.       Appointment - Community Engagement Committee -- To be provided on table.
{What possible reason can there be that this cannot be in the agenda and has to wait until the actual ccl mtg to find out or be announced?????}
16.       Fees and Charges Bylaw 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw 4495, 2006 (File:  1610?20?4495)
            RECOMMENDED: ... be read a first, second, and third time.
17.       Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Bylaw No. 3749, 1992, Amendment Bylaw No. 4494, 2006 18.       Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 4490, 2006 (File:  1610?20?4490)
19.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
=B7        Item 20 - Development Applications Status List
=B7        Item 21 - Correspondence List
20.       Development Applications Status List (File:  1010?01)
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Development Applications Status List be received.
21.       Correspondence List -- RECOMMENDED: THAT the Correspondence List be received.
Requests for Delegation
21.1            J. Young, Director, Western Canada Mountain Bike Tourism Association (MBTA), November 30, 2006, regarding request for delegation to present findings of 2006 North Shore Mountain Biking Economic Impact Study (File:  0055?01)
                    Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
Action Required
21.2            M. Villeger, December 04, 2006, regarding power outage
                    Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
21.3            T. Sullivan, December 12, 2006, regarding water utility rates for 2007 (File:  1815-19)
                    Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
21.4            F. Allardice, Publicity Director, undated, regarding North Shore Artists' Guild Art Exhibition
21.5            K. Higgs, December 07, 2006, regarding Richmond water meter program (File:  1815-06)
21.6            B. Sharpe, December 06, 2006, regarding Police Chief's severance package
21.7            K. Glynn-Morris, Chair, The North Shore Family Court & Youth Justice Committee, December 01, 2006 regarding Committee Membership (File:  0115-20-NSFC1)
21.8            K. Falcon, Minister, BC Ministry of Transportation, November 28, 2006 regarding Gateway Program
21.9            K. Falcon, Minister, BC Ministry of Transportation, November 24, 2006, regarding Union of British Columbia Municipalities Convention 2006
21.10          T. Tuominen, Meeting Coordinator, City Clerk's Office, Public Access and Council Services, City of Vancouver, November 30, 2006, regarding Homelessness
21.11          L. Kazakoff, Meeting Coordinator, City Clerk's Office, Public Access and Council Services, City of Vancouver, December 04, 2006, regarding Implementation of 311 service in Vancouver
21.12          R. Barber, December 05, 2006, regarding water and sewage charges (File:  1815-06)
21.13          B. Poaps, December 06, 2006, regarding the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre
21.14          R. Coleman, Minister, BC Ministry of Forests and Range and Minister Responsible for Housing, regarding BC Building Code and geotechnical assessments of slope stability
21.15          Letter containing thirty-two signatures, December 6, 2006, regarding Eagle Lake water supply
21.16          J. Kwan, MLA, Official Opposition, Critic for Economic Development and C. Wyse, MLA, Official Opposition, Critic for Local Govt, Nov 26, regarding Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement
21.17          Greater Vancouver Regional District, undated, regarding Board in Brief (GVRD Board of Directors actions on October 20, 2006)
21.18          Greater Vancouver Regional District, undated, regarding Board in Brief (GVRD Board of Directors actions on November 03, 2006)
21.19          One signature petition, October 27, regarding proposed Clovelly-Caulfeild Nbrhd Plan
21.20          R. Stilwell, undated, regarding laundry staining caused by Eagle Lake water
21.21          S. E. Dowey, City Clerk, City of North Vancouver, City Clerk's Department, Nov 23, regarding NSh Sustainability Initiative
Responses to Correspondence / 21.22          No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  / 21.23          No items presented.

=== INFObits ===

*  3709 died in Iraq in October alone; about a 9/11 disaster almost every month
*  In the Afghan army, a soldier earns $70 a month

* Statement on Universal Human Rights Day from CPT===
From: CPTnet.editor.guest.445947@MennoLink.org (CPTnet editor, Rochester, NY)
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006 14:08:25 CST
8 December 2006
UNITED KINGDOM:  Statement by Norman Kember, James Loney, and Harmeet Singh Sooden regarding the prosecution of their kidnappers
[Note: Norman Kember, Harmeet Singh Sooden and CPTer James Loney delivered the following statement at a press conference today in London at 10:30 a.m. GMT]
       We three, members of a Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) delegation to Iraq, were kidnapped on November 26, 2005 and held for 118 days before being freed by British and American forces on March 23, 2006.  Our friend and colleague, Tom Fox, an American citizen and full-time member of the CPT team working in Baghdad at the time, was kidnapped with us and murdered on March 9, 2006.  We are immensely sad that he is not sitting with us here today.
       On behalf of our families and CPT, we thank you for attending this press conference today.
       It was on this day a year ago that our captors threatened to execute us unless their demands were met.  This ultimatum, unknown to us at the time, was a source of extreme distress for our families, friends and colleagues.
       The deadline was extended by two days to December 10, which is International Human Rights Day.  On this day, people all over the world will commemorate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN General Assembly in 1948 by speaking out for all those whose human dignity is being violated by torture, arbitrary imprisonment, poverty, racism, oppression, or war.
       We understand a number of men alleged to be our captors have been apprehended, charged with kidnapping, and are facing trial in the Central Criminal Court of Iraq.  We have been asked by the police in our respective countries to testify in the trial.  After much reflection upon our traditions, both Sikh and Christian, we are issuing this statement today.
       We unconditionally forgive our captors for abducting and holding us.  We have no desire to punish them.  Punishment can never restore what was taken from us.
       What our captors did was wrong.  They caused us, our families and our friends great suffering.  Yet, we bear no malice towards them and have no wish for retribution.  Should those who have been charged with holding us hostage be brought to trial and convicted, we ask that they be granted all
possible leniency.  We categorically lay aside any rights we may have over them.
       In our view, the catastrophic levels of violence and the lack of effective protection of human rights in Iraq is inextricably linked to the US-led invasion and occupation.  As for many others, the actions of our kidnappers were part of a cycle of violence they themselves experienced.  While this is no way justifies what the men charged with our kidnapping are alleged to have done, we feel this must be considered in any potential judgment.
       Forgiveness is an essential part of Sikh, Christian, and Muslim teaching.  Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first of the Sikh Gurus said, "'Forgiveness' is my mother..." and, "Where there is forgiveness, there is God."  Jesus said, "For if you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you."  And of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) it is told that once, while preaching in the city of Ta'if, he was abused, stoned and driven out of the city.  An angel appeared to him and offered to crush the city between the two surrounding mountains if he ordered him to do so, whereupon the prophet (or Mohammed PBUH) said,  "No.  Maybe from them or their offspring will come good deeds."
       Through the power of forgiveness, it is our hope that good deeds will come from the lives of our captors, and that we will all learn to reject the use of violence.  We believe those who use violence against others are themselves harmed by the use of violence.
       Kidnapping is a capital offence in Iraq and we understand that some of our captors could be sentenced to death.  The death penalty is an irrevocable judgment.  It erases all possibility that those who have harmed others, even seriously, can yet turn to good.  We categorically oppose the death penalty.
       By this commitment to forgiveness, we hope to plant a seed that one day will bear the fruits of healing and reconciliation for us, our captors, the peoples of Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and most of all, Iraq.  We look forward to the day when the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights is respected by all the world's people.

~~~  Harmeet Singh Sooden, Norman Kember, James Loney
Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) seeks to enlist the whole church in organized, nonviolent alternatives to war and places teams of trained peacemakers in regions of lethal conflict.  Originally a violence-reduction initiative of the historic peace churches (Mennonite, Church of the Brethren
and Quaker), CPT now enjoys support and membership from a wide range of Christian denominations.
To express concerns, criticisms or affirmations to CPT's Chicago office send messages to peacemakers@cpt.org. To express concerns, criticisms or affirmations to CPT's Canadian office, send messages to guest.996427@MennoLink.org.
To receive news or discussion of CPT issues by e-mail, fill out the form found on our WEB page at http://www.cpt.org/subscribe.php
Donate to CPT on-line with your credit card!  Go to http://cpt.org/donate.php  and click the DONATE button to make a contribution through Network for Good, a secure way to help support CPT.

===  HAIKU from Jubilate! Chamber Choir performance  ===
          On Dec 10, the Jubilate! Chamber Choir conducted by Scott Goble presented "Joyeux Noel", a programme of French and French-Canadian Christmas Music at the WV Presbyterian Church.  Their remarkable voices last year compelled me to attend again this year.  Dr Goble gave introductions, put the music in context, and made comments.  One was about the piece "Quelle est cette odeur agreable?", wch cd be translated as what pleasant scent is this.  Now translate that into music!  Here were my attempts in haiku:

        what is that fragrance
                wafting toward us
                        on the wings of sopranos
or, your choice, another third line:
                        carried on soprano wings

===  QUOTATIONS in honour of books at o= ur Library......  ===

These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves.
                -- Gilbert Highet, writer (1906-1978)

Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind.
                -- James Russell Lowell, American poet (1819 - 1891)

Theodor Fontane (1819-1898) was a 19th-century German novelist and poet. Fontane was born in Neuruppin into a Huguenot family.  In 1839 he wrote his first work.
German - B=FCcher haben Ehrgef=FChl. Wenn man sie verleiht, kommen sie nicht mehr zur=FCck
English - books have their pride too - when they are lent out they don't return