Dec 18th NOTES
Calendar to Jan 7th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

=  Deadline to volunteer for a cmte or working group is Jan 5th;  next ccl mtg Jan 8
Salmagundi (Stanley Park, kilts, storms, etc); Calendar to Jan 7th; Dec 18th NOTES (BC Hydro and Spirit of 2010 delegations; Hollyburn Ridge Cabin transfers (without $); Correspondence to Ccl most awkward resolution; proprietary transit shelters; EVELYN DRIVE BYLAWS; Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy; Noise in HBay; TofRef for Finance/Audit, Cmnty Engagement, and Design Review cmtes; 2007 ccl mtg schedule; Cmnty Engagement apptmt (was on-table!); fees/charges bylaw; sewer/water utilities; PQP and end -- examples of overkill by staff blocking letters under guise of privacy protection); disturbed Christmas carols; Quotation

Tourism to Bethlehem (on West Bank/Palestine) is down 80% this year.
Photos of the windstorm's damage to Stanley Park:
the inimitably articulate George Galloway under fire by a US Senate cmte and firing back:
One section which is particularly delicious (< 4 minutes) at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2W1FZWML6wA
Even now, Baghdad has only about two hours of electricity a day.
Kilt shortage in Scotland reported!
Scottish soldiers forced to share kilts because deal to buy 1 each not finalized
from CBC ; Published: Monday, December 18, 2006 | 1:54 PM ET; Canadian Press
EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) - More than 5,000 Scottish soldiers are having to share ceremonial kilts because defence chiefs have yet to finalize a contract to buy enough to go around, military officials said Monday.
The men, who face regular tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, have just 320 kilts among them, or one for every 15 soldiers. Combat troops wore the traditional Highland skirt in battle as late as the First World War, but now the plaid kilts are used as part of ceremonial uniform.
New kilts are needed for all Scottish soldiers following the August merger of centuries-old regiments into a single Royal Regiment of Scotland.
The song, "West Van Girl", was played on CBC radio Dec 20!  Apparently from album, Heaven is for Easy Girls, by the Vancouver group, The Awkward Stage.  [No, I know nothing of the group and haven't heard the album.]
Those upset about the Christmas tree?  Get over it -- it's a pagan tradition predating Christianity, as are the Christmas parties (originally the Roman Saturnalia).  Even the yule log is 5000 years old.
During the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, on a small island of ~77,000 off Sumatra, only nine lost their lives b/c from oral history, the elders made everyone get everyone go to higher ground.
The Iraq War is costing the US $8B a month (reported on CNN trying to find out costs in the budget).
Storm Emergency Information
As weather systems continue to impact the lower mainland, everyone needs to be aware the following, including important phone numbers:
District of West Vancouver key phone numbers:
     *       Emergency call 9-1-1
    *       24 Hour Dispatch (trees down, flooding, etc.) call 604-925-7100
*       To Report Trees Down during business hours call 604-925-7192 (8:30 am - 4:30 pm Mon.-Fri.)
      *       DWV Information Desk call 604-925-7000 (8:30 am - 4:30 pm Mon.-Fri.)
Other Agencies
      *       To Report Power Outage call BC Hydro 1-888-POWERON (1-888-769-3766) 
        *       Emergency Information Call Centre call 604-904-7360 (only active in the event of an emergency)
        *       North Shore Emergency Management Office at 147 East 14th Street (2nd Floor), North Vancouver, between 9:00am and 4:00pm or call 604-983-7440
        *       Vehicle Damage
ICBC's special line for storm damage claims is 1-866-566-7199
More Information on the DWV website: www.westvancouver.ca:
        *       Preparing for power outages
        *       What to do with tree debris from the storm
        *       What to do if you have suffered property damage due to the storm
        *       Storm clean up remains an ongoing priority
        *       Take a Free Emergency Preparedness Workshop
Members and Terms of Reference for the Finance and Audit Cmte, the Design Review Cmte, and the  Cmnty Engagement Cmte. http://www.westvancouver.ca/upload/documents/council_agendas/2006/december/dec_18/12.pdf
You may wish to apply for one of the first two, among the many others but TofRef not yet listed, however the last has three mbrs of Ccl (Mayor, JF, and Sop). Again, call the Hall for more info (925 7000).
How lucky we are:  http://users.gazinter.net/melan/Warn/Warnenu.htm
Don't forget to use Operation Red Nose if better you not drive Dec 23rd and 31st, 9pm - 3am (ph 619 0942).

===  CALENDAR to Jan 7th  ===
***  Festival of Lights  ***  to January 2 in Dundarave Park - Beach House Restaurant
*  Current Exhibit at GLH/WV Museum: Winston Elliott of WV - past and paintings, retrospective
In The Gallery - December 1 - 31 --  The Art of Books and Printing
What better place to appreciate the beauty of the book? This month we celebrate The Art of Books and Printing with a special exhibition of works from local book designers, binders, artists, and illustrators.
*  At the Kay Meek Centre:
Aladdin - The Family Musical Panto -- Thursday, December 21 through to Saturday, January 6
Laugh out loud here, split a gut until you shed a tear, cheer and jeer, shout out things like "he went that way!" and "watch out, there's a stranger behind you!" Groan and moan, hiss and boo, too.
The excitement of attending a traditional British panto is a unique wonder to experience, but this spectacle begins when you enter the lobby! The Kay Meek Centre lobby will be transformed into a timeless storybook miracle with many surprises to delight the young (and young at heart) before the show begins. You will walk into the story, and be entertained royally from the moment you arrive.
Kids six and under are just $10, which makes it a terrific annual event for the whole family. Glorious, colourful, spectacular sets with a big cast, music, special effects and magic bring a unique experience, which everyone - from tots to seniors - will appreciate.

===  Sunday Dec 31st
Celebrate New Year's Eve in West Vancouver
Ring in the New Year with neighbours and friends while enjoying live music from The Famous Players, hot chocolate served by the Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club, and fireworks at midnight. Special thanks to the West Vancouver Community Foundation and North Shore Outlook for their support of this event.
When: December 31st, 11 pm - 12:30 am
Where: Millennium Park (foot of 15th St.)
For more info call 604 925 7196

***  HAPPY NEW YEAR! *** 2007  ***
===  Friday Jan 5th
~ 4:30pm ~ DEADLINE to apply to serve on an advisory cmte.  Call Hall 925 7000 and ask for Clerk's Dept for information, forms, and so on.

===  Next Ccl Mtg Monday Jan 8th  ===
NOTE:  Nominations for a DWV Heritage Award end January 15.  Call Hall 925 7000 and ask for Stephen Mikitich, Planning/Heritage

=== CCL N= OTES Dec 18th  ===
[Best efforts typing transcript during mtg; corrections/clarifications/additions welcome; names best guesses]
1,  APPROVAL OF AGENDA --  Approval of December 18, 2006 Regular Council Agenda
Addition of Item 14 to replace ccl mtg schedule
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES --  December 04, 2006 Public Hearing Minutes.
Mayor: any discussion?
Sop: I've commented on this before.  I don't know how it's perceived to be changed in relationship to minutes and what is stated in minutes and how they're written.  It gives no indication whatsoever as to what's transpired for the most part, or the flavour of a particular item on the agenda in relationship to what's written down -- no offence to anybody.  Is there another method we can be looking at that wd better satisfy [us] on Ccl from an interpretation of minutes at a mtg that maybe we weren't at?
Mayor: are you speaking about an absence when really you had declared a conflict of interest wrt Ev Dr?
Sop: no, in relation to all minutes that come, [also] in previous time when we had cmtes
if that was the only document coming to inform Ccl, it really doesn't bring about the flavour of the mtg in relationship to what is stated in the minutes and therefore although we understandingly get minutes at certain time increments, that's okay.  The content of the minutes don't give what I'm looking for as a document of communication.
Mayor:  I'd just like to say we're looking at adopting minutes at a PH at wch you were not participating, and just a little concerned about comments made in case it be misconstrued, although we wish to follow up on those comments.  So I'll ask Ccl to approve the minutes.
Mayor: if you want to comment
Sop: nothing to do with Ev Dr, minutes in general
wonder in future discussions, in new year, whether we can look at possibility of, as to the
reason or reasoning behind how we can improve for minutes to go ahead reflect, maybe more intent, what was said at particular mtgs.  Nothing to do with Evelyn Dr.
Mayor:  Mr Stuart--
CAO: We moved into using the new Web coverage, all Ccl's discussions are available over the Web, in addition to the fact they're actually catalogued by item number, so we've moved away from having detailed minutes in place of having that information available at Ccl's and cmnty's fingertips.  Otherwise we get back to requiring add'l staff and then using two streams.  We're using an older scheme shall we say and a newer scheme and we're not really getting the efficiencies as a result of moving to the new technology.
JF: I have no objection to our present minutes.  I find them accurate, clear; don't understand Cclr Sop's concern.  Perhaps we cd have this discussion at a workshop or one of our study sessions on a Wed morning.
Mayor: or when our ccl procedure bylaw comes forward, can look at it.  We'll just hold that thought then Ccl Sop.
Sop: tyvm.  And it wasn't my intent that they weren't accurate.  I think it's the meat of when there's comments within, as we ask the public to go ahead and comment on a particular item, then as it comes forward to us and you read the minutes there's no real basic meat there to say what truly went on.  ... by interpretation, regardless of what goes on the Web or not.
Mayor: thank you.
[to agenda]...helps if you sign up to speak to an item.  We don't have public comment at Delegation nor when a PH has been closed.

{well, except if you're Dennis Perry and it's the WV Equestrian Ctr delegation}

Before moving to agenda, MMgr may want to make a stmt wrt power outage.
CAO [here's statement provided to me]:  "We experienced a significant windstorm Thursday night resulting in substantive power outages.  A West Vancouver emergency centre was mobilized as was a North Shore Emergency Operations Centre.  At different times, in excess of 20 West Vancouver streets were completely blocked [owing] to fallen trees.  Floating debris, waves, and a high tide resulted in closures to the seawall and waterfront parks as well as structural damage to the Ambleside pier.  Gleneagles Community Centre was used as an Emergency Reception Centre as most of our municipal facilities were without power including the Municipal Hall and the Seniors' Centre.  Many of the District water and sewer pumping stations had to be powered by emergency generators to keep the District's systems in operation during the power outages.  Special attention was paid to extended care centres to ensure that adequate power and/or heat was available.  Both Hydro and District crews worked through the night and into the weekend dealing with snow, tree, and power issues. By late Sunday, power had been restored to most areas within the Municipality."
Snow complicated things.
A few isolated pockets without power but crews working on that and trying to get back by 6 o'clock this evening
Mayor: tyvm.  Understand you're addressing our lack of generators -- what particularly concerns us, as a Ccl, is that the Srs' Ctr, wch is our receiving ctr, doesn't have a generator; is that true?
CAO: that's true, and in fact, nor does Gleneagles for that matter, so we'll be looking at that wrt all of our facilities and all of our requirements for the 2007 capital budget.
Mayor: on behalf of mbrs of Ccl , the M server was down for three days so we didn't receive email for wch we apologize.
3.         BC Hydro, regarding Conservation Research Initiative (File:  0120-24)
Mayor: Ron Monk [sp?] from BC Hydro
RM: not in position to comment on current situation; crews busy addressing system; happy to come back later to talk about that; decided to focus on restoring power
help us better understand time-based rates; change usage patterns; benefits
smart meter located at ppl's homes
using new system so no need to send ppl out to read meters; using radio frequency or cellular
will help us determine whether ppl have power or not
power distribution system, switching, improving efficiency
eliminates 'estimated' usage
allows improvement of billing process
higher price during peak periods so encourage ppl to conserve
near real-time feedback
have here a sample monitor, have in my kitchen; amt of dollars per hour, has a feedback effect
can say to my family what's going on we're using $2 worth of power right now!
came home one day and showed using 31 cents per hour, so went on a treasure hunt around the house with my seven-year-old daughter, and said I'd give her what we saved in an hour (but some rules, told her she cdn't turn the TV off on her sister).   We got it down to 10 cents so I counted out the 21 cents for her and she said, "Daddy, that's not very much money."  I explained it was just for one hour and there are 8,760 hours in a year so opp to save some money.  She's now turning the lights off more than I am.  That's impressive.
Survey, meters; 10K customers -- Vanc, North Shore, Bby; and Campbell River; and Fort St John so diff areas/ranges, different peak hours
Random selection
av household using 1000 kilowatt hrs per month so that's about $60/mo
[survey] concentrated on sgl fam houses b/c in apts, one heats up another
sent mail out in Sept to participants
eg peak periods 6 cents goes to 25 cents and higher
asked ppl to sign up during pilot period
[To Sop question re undergrounding, answer was that he cd report back]
Sop: appreciation to crews at this time
Ans: thank you
VV: has BC Hydro done any studies of wind patterns to have windmills?
Ans: have done wind studies, five years ago
independent, private companies doing studies; we entered into talks with two -- one in north coast and Pr Rupert.
VV: any agreements with Ms
Ans: not in the case of wind but in the case of small hydro
JC: piqued my interested with peak periods
you're trying to alter human behaviour
6am to 9pm breakfast blowdrying hair and in evening watching TV -- how do you propose to change?
Ans: I have an air source heat pump; uses electricity but gets most of heat from outside air, heats home from 3 to 3:45pm and thermostat low from 4 to 9pm
other things can be done: most modern dishwashers have timers so can set to come on later
my spouse was doing laundry during peak period and I suggested it was not a good idea
so agree, some things difficult to shift outside of peak periods
Mayor, to laughter: do it yourself
interested in results you come up with, await report
re storms, learned between first and later; able to put system with you in place; thank you for that.
JF: really think what BC Hydro is doing, letting ppl know what they're using is excellent, like universal watermetering.  Fits in with sustainability WV is striving for.  Did you mention how one of our residents cd get hold of that gadget to monitor their usage?
Ans: we gave to 300 to test as to whether good device?
built by Blue Line Innovations, cd make av to MClk; price $150 and can be strapped on
JF: if saving 21 cents an hour, ppl might be interested
will be a lot of disappointed dogs now that you're not sending round your meter readers
7:32 [but jumped to Item 5, REPORTS]
4.          D. Dhaliwal, Director, Sales and Marketing, North Shore News and D. Smith, North Shore Credit Union regarding North Shore Spirit of 2010 - Committee Progress and Potential Projects  be received.
Mayor: D Dhaliwal has not yet arrived so will have it then
7:50 (when ms Dhaliwal arrived)
Dee Dhaliwal: we have selected Justin Bell
JB: we have paper copies or can it be put up on overhead?
[Slide presentation]
What is Spirit BC?
Olympic logo can't be used but prov wanted awareness so created Spirit of BC brand
many cmtes around province up and running; so far 250 events
our Spirit Cmte is 22 mbrs, mayor is our chair
been travelling around BC; Ms struggling as to what their mandate shd be
want to create a cultural festival in February
celebration from Deep Cove to Lions' Bay in those three weeks
Secondly, around economic devt.  Hosting is second objective, more in tourism line of biz
Final one is to build a trail that runs from Deep Cove to Lions' Bay at lower level (not as difficult as Baden-Powell trail), walk it; opp to engage ppl at all levels, sponsorship opps; trail already under way phenomenal feature, draw
[slide showing names of those on team]
have been to DNV and CNV tonight, so objective to get feedback tonight
feel Spirit of BC Week announcement in Feb
asked a lot about budgets; know funding from fed, prov, and priv sector but we haven't sized the projects
eg, locomotion fund; now plan budgeting and funding
Sop: v positive in what you've stated
want some legacy
my concern no closer today than five years ago in coming up with plans including money
now 2007, and you know how fast
you folks after same funds; not saying we shdn't be working together but quite obvious 2010; we can't put out a lot of money but can help
we've got to get on with it
if you're going to ask for money, got go after it now, shd hv applications in now
JB: agree; hv set some objectives you can focus on
a group was looking at bike trails so said roll it into one, call it a Spirit Trail
a lot of the spirit cmtes in formative time
2010 doesn't move and 2009 will be a blur
got an initiative, roll it in
that's why we've come today to see if you feel good about the three objectives
Mayor: ask Mr Barth about our cycle path so we're part way there
EB: DWV ...  working on a cycling network, a greenway path to LGB
currently have in our budget to proceed with that
will look at govt funding for green progs and look at others; hope we'll be part of first pieces
Mayor: goal of local govt
Sop: other than arts and culture and this trail, is that it?
we're not going to get anything unless we get out and hustle for it
JB: hosting needs more fleshing [out]
CAO: John Furlong will be here in January, re 2010 Olympics and confident some legacies
can't comment until then, Jan
Mayor: how received in NV?
JB: well.  Both asked where's the money so that's our task
highly supportive overall
Mayor: thanks; teams able to focus on that over the next few years
see you in Feb for the real kick-off
ends 8:05
5.         Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy Transfer/Assignment - #97 (File:  1145-04-97)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the non-family transfer/assignment of the Permit to Occupy for Cabin #97 be approved as per the Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy, Clause 20(b).
{the administrative fee charged is $50, but that doesn't even cover DWV's costs; furthermore, no mention of how much the transfer was sold for -- have heard of amounts such as $30K, $50K, and higher
UPDATE: still checking but understand it was between $50 and $60K.}
6.         Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy Transfer/Assignment - #203 (File:  1145-04-203)
RECOMMENDED: THAT The non-family transfer/assignment of the Permit to Occupy for Cabin #203 be approved as per the Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy, Clause 20(b).
{same as above!}
7.         Correspondence to Council (File:  0120?24)
            1.         The Correspondence Policy be revised as follows:
           (a)        When correspondence from private citizens addressed to Council is received the author will be contacted to query whether the author consents to the listing and publication of the correspondence in the Council agenda package (hard copy and electronic copy). Where action is required the correspondence will be forwarded immediately to the appropriate director for consideration and response, with a copy of the response to be provided to Council.
           (b)        If consent is confirmed the correspondence will be listed and published in the next Council agenda with a hyperlink to the document and included in the agenda package.
           (c)        If consent is not confirmed the correspondence will not be listed or published.  (Regardless of consent Council will continue to receive all correspondence addressed to Mayor and Council in weekly correspondence packages.)
           (d)        Any correspondence that is included in a report to Council must have the consent of the author in order to be listed and published; otherwise the author of the report must sever all personal information from the correspondence before it can be included in the report.
           (e)        Minutes of board and committee meetings will be listed and published on the agenda with a hyperlink to the document and included in the agenda package.
           (f)         Correspondence that is not from private citizens will be listed and published on the agenda with a hyperlink to the document and included in the agenda package (provided there are no other legal issues prohibiting publication).
           (g)        Correspondence to Council will be provided to Council in weekly correspondence packages.
 {Pleased but amazed!  still appears a costly cumbersome way to go but at least it's in the right direction back to letting us know what ppl are writing about.  Let's just inch them forward a bit more.  Perhaps those who shut the system down were spooked by a letter worrying about privacy, but they weren't around some years ago when a letter to the Hall or just addressed to Mayor or just to Ccl did NOT become part of the public package and there were complaints wanting to know what happened.  I know personally of many and had to explain the policy was that in order to become part of the package residents had to address their letters to Mayor AND Council.  That was the rule that had been in place from the 1980s.
Several other Ms do it.
Anyway, the bottom line is that the CONTENT must be public (unless libel of course), as well as the municipality of the resident plus name (unless some extraordinary reason for it to be withheld).  Petitions always have to have whether someone lives in the District or not to validate.
If there's no problem with letters wrt Public hearings (and Devt Permits) being made public, then just make it PUBLIC CORRESPONDENCE.
When this tempest in a teapot -- with the potential to scald -- calms down, we might be well advised to examine how this behind-closed-doors, barrier-raising, info-closing, over-reaction/officious decision was made to avoid such retroactive measures taken without public debate by Ccl in future.
What mentally blinkered mind refused to let us read letters from MLAs, Minister Falcon and the GVRD as shown in Correspondence below, not to mention blocking the minutes from cmtes wch cdn't by any stretch of the imagination be deemed a privacy issue?  Disappointed Ccl just accepted it, but nice that Ccl at least asked for a report, so now we have a reversal, but what a colossal waste of time by some apparently zealous impatient over-active staff.
It's so ridiculous b/c it wd have taken a lot of staff time if requests had been made for every letter under FOI legislation!
In any case, there are simpler and faster ways of dealing with such an issue.
What a waste of time and effort.
Is there a lesson here?
An ounce of prevention needed???} 

CR:. thank you; you zoomed through that; apologies, while in lobby thought I heard something about correspondence so don't know if relevant to that or not.....
Anyway as a bit of background and context--
This blocking of the minutes and the Correspondence section, I understand was b/c of a complaint to do with privacy and I thought I'd let you know that about 20 years ago b/c of complaints from citizens who had written to Ccl and they WEREN'T part of the ccl package, the decision was made at that time that residents had to write to M&Ccl for it to be put on the public agenda.   So there was a rule then that that's what was expected, if you wrote to both, not just one cclr or staff mbr, and clearly this worked well for 20 years.
Obviously you must know if the writer is a WV resident.
While pleased I see in the recommended motions, quite pleased with the steps enumerated on the agenda to restore public information, as you know if it's a PH or a DVP or something, that wasn't blocked, it kept on being part of the link and made public.  And so it occurred to me that it might be a v simple, cost-effective, efficient step to change the agenda item to PUBLIC CORRESPONDENCE, b/c if it's assumed if it's a PH, it's going to be public; if you change that item on the agenda to Public Correspondence then it's clear, and you don't go through all [that], and you automatically have a policy of just leaving the name and the cmnty of residence b/c you don't want to get lots of letters from somewhere else.  You want to know it's a WV resident.
So maybe that v simple measure might save money and become efficient if you just change the title to Public Correspondence.  They assume Public Hearing is; Public Correspondence is.
JC made motion
Sop: this is an improvement to what was before
we've always said to citizens of this cmnty, want to be transparent and open; done that in lots of areas, we're improving on it
we've always said you have a problem, you write and it comes to this ccl chamber
good policy.... worked well
as we're increasing our use of Internet, just wonder if through this process we just black out name and particulars
there haven't been that many
be quite easy; we'd get the msg
staff have to
don't think a lot of citizens realize their opp
don't think it wd be lost b/c broaden
call countless ppl
don't think that many out there with that concern
don't know why not follow up on that
CAO: that was suggestion from our solicitor
we're suggesting we try this for six months
Sop: Well, I'll go for six months
if not many .....
citizen writes in and we're going to deal with it
within this format
go along, see how it works
MS: thank you, I have to agree with Cclr Sop; soln to a non-existent problem
can't see why writing to M&Ccl is a privacy issue
ppl objecting to cameras, fallen off left side of spectrum
how are our staff supposed to get a hold of these ppl, ppl who work; unless Ms Scholes have to work in evening to call?
one of the letters said it wd be advisable to delete address
joe Jones on MDr is enough
to ask our staff in evenings, to ask if can be published on agenda
obvious response from ppl,  why do you think I wrote a letter?
what are they going to do, sue us?
carry on as before
CAO: already send out an ack card, all we're going to do is send out a card, asking them to call if they have an objection
put a box and check it off
VV: This is way govt starts to get expensive and not nec
Ms Reynolds made a good point -- Correspondence is public, cd have Public Correspondence
when we put out one of those advertisements [or TIDINGS], put a little sentence there, Note to effect: all letters to M&Ccl [will be public]
I'm happy to communicate with public, but less expensive, not involve telephoning or requiring public to return by phone or card
wd like to do on basis that writing to M&Ccl [it's] an open democratic govt
we're here to represent the public so we really shdn't be receiving correspondence that's private
so if we just stick with that principle and hope that the public comes to understand that
really wd be surprised if we'd be sued for conducting public biz in public
JF: wish it were that simple
ppl cd write and ppl wd know
life wd go on as always but unfortunately a number of cclrs with power outages not able to read
the whole issue began as a response to a number of residents b/c of publication of their names and address, email address, ph nos and personal information of their families
in days of identity theft, obligation to protect them and M
while I wish it were different
put this in place for six months, gives them, gives them an opp
take a look at it
RD: some criticisms here; going to be awkward
send an ack card out saying do you consent, most ppl will say yes but won't do it even though [want/don't mind]
put a box [saying] don't want, makes more sense, so they'll write to us
simpler easier to delete addresses, email
wd go along with trial period
we can inform ppl if they're going to write to ppl, going to publish --  or not write at all
[put in] Tidings
Mayor: began b/c of a genuine concern; puts the onus on M to protect owner's identity
know we resist; know we have enjoyed
also we were trying to find more time
onerous photocopying all
no doubt will come to Ccl, question is if in Lib and on Internet
that has been abused
seems suggestion almost as cumbersome as what we're trying to avoid
can I ask MClk how efficacious?
MClk: card as CAO said; box for consent and we'll monitor
Mayor: three months as an amendment?
MClk: no
[Motion carries for a trial period of three months]
ends 7:50
{See comments at PQP and after adjournment at end}
8.         Proprietary Transit Shelter Service - [Lions'] Gate North Bridge Head (File:  3295-01) RECOMMENDED: THAT
            1.         Council receive the report from the Manager Roads and Transportation entitled Proprietary Transit Shelter Service - [Lions'] Gate North Bridge Head.
            2.         Council direct staff to execute the proposed contract with Pattison Outdoor Advertising for the provision of a proprietary transit shelter service at three locations in the area of the [Lions'] Gate North Bridge Head.

EB: before Ccl on a couple of occasions so seeking authority to proceed with contract
my colleague Kevin has offered to put up some drawings
comes out of FSTF re looking for other sources of revenue
will be $4K revenue instead of cost
offset 60K in costs, reduce $2500 in maintenance costs; one week of advertising for DWV every three months
another concern that had been raised was the content, what was our recourse; we've been v fortunate with Pattison Company.  In their biz v concerned.  Willing to amend and in sole opinion of MEngr if not acceptable
view this as a win-win situation
Sop: I was on FSTF cmte, looking for savings, and this cd be one of them but I think the question is what kind of cmnty we want
advertising techniques others have and lack of sign control
we've always prided ourselves on limiting excessive advertising when it comes to public domain
this came before us before and we put it off
I still can't bring myself to have advertising on anything we have other than our logo
our entrance not beautification by ministry, yes loop but advertising
in spite of my son advertising on back of bus, I don't like it; don't want to see it
just not my thing, I don't like it and I can't support it
JF: I see this as not only as a derivative from the FSTF but also the chapter on transportation
an alternative to sgl car means of getting around
can't increase public transport through our nbrhds b/c we have one vote
but here's an opp to have a shelter at the bus stop so dry, on windy rainy mornings, seen a lot of them lately
this is a pilot and a small area of the cmnty; owe it to cmnty to try it and get some feedback
if want pristine and no advertising, they'll let us know know three years and can make decision to do away with them
give ppl a good chance to get used to it
costs being saved, comfort and security, encouraging them to leave their cars at home
one question re size of panel for advertising
EB: not sure actual dimensions; typical bus shelters
JF: one panel per shelter?
EB: no; one at ends and the back
Sop: point of order
Mayor: if a point of order, has right to say that
Sop: prob with that
MS no problem at all
Sop: clarification; perhaps Cclr F didn't hear me; if we don't go ahead, still going to put a shelter? this is about a contract, business
JF: not my understanding any intention to put bus shelters up
Sop: yes we do
EB: answer in between.  We have one, damaged; one currently doesn't have a shelter and wdn't put one there b/c of cost; wd like to add these shelters wd be much better than what we can afford
VV: two questions here as Cclr Sop was attempting to elucidate
if we need shelters, from taxes
shd arrange our affairs so we can; don't like that the only way we can have shelters is advertising
Mr Barth has moved this to a veto on any advertisement we find unacceptable not sure if that's sufficient control
advertising is to draw ppl's attention so not likely to be discreet
some elderly may like, advertising on TV not acceptable as a few years ago
does affect quality of life; not something we shd do
wd like to think we can have shelters
better off without this deal and paying for our own shelters
MS: to me this is a no-brainer
we have a local resident who wants to provide $60K so residents don't have to stand in rain
otherwise wd hv to go into budget and may not meet the test; really needs no discussion in my opinion
we've tried to encourage staff; staff went out to find ways of doing things without dipping into our pockets
Mr Barth went out and found a way and instead of putting our arms around him for leading the way we're raining on the parade
this thing shd be passed unanimously and we shd be moving through the agenda
JC: I'm not hugging Mr Barth yet
I too advertise on the back of buses, they do not run in WV they run in NV and Bby
we can discuss what we like and don't like but no veto
Mr Barth shd be looking at budget and maybe fewer curb extensions and put into shelters
see as double standard in that circle -- we screamed about billboards kittycorner to this
flat out can't support it
RD: agree with ev word Cclr Clark said
Mayor: one question -- we absolutely must have that one bus shelter replaced, I've had calls about that -- the one leading up to bridge?
EB: an existing one was damaged
Mayor: what wd it cost?
EB: depends on quality, roughly one third plus annual ongoing maintenance
this group has committed to visiting once a week, removing graffiti etc
Mayor: motion defeated and perhaps staff can come back
Sop excused himself
 9.         Comments at the December 4, 2006 Public Hearing on Evelyn Drive Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4492, 2006 and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4493, 2006
            The Public Hearing for these Bylaws closed on December 04, 2006 and Council is not permitted to receive any further verbal or written submissions after the Hearing has closed.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated December 12, 2006 regarding comments received at the December 4, 2006 Public Hearing

{if you have access to the Internet or this report, pls read it and compare it with the transcript in the last WVM issue.  This is not at all to suggest that DWV ought to do a transcript but a report that says X spoke relative to Y hardly lets you know what suggestions if any were made.  You be da judge.}

on Evelyn Drive Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4492, 2006 and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4493, 2006 be received.
            THAT "Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4492, 2006" be revised
SJN: describes processes; two recommendations, one in 2 about clause in OCP re bldgs two storeys 20ft above that it might be a permitted height; staff recommended that clause deleted.  Wd take away presumed height but wd not preclude that if wanted b/c in permit area.  In recommendation No 5, limit 508Ksf and 349 units so that's not in question; ambiguity removed, av unit size, consistency and makes it clearer.  Proceed with second and third reading; wd not bring back the bylaw until have covenant.
JF: not in favour of first recommendation, DP guidelines
Can move report received.
VV: is this the time to make comments on what was heard at PH?
notice report we have from Planning is by no means comprehensive in discussing the points the public raised; one that shd be there and was raised was growth -- one gentleman said wd hv sprawl if we don't take higher density but we weren't able to discuss at that time
a lot is taking up agriculture land; we haven't had that for some time, cows grazing; we build on rocky outcroppings.
Our OCP says an urban area outside the expected growth area and no expectation; GVRD intends growth along the skytrain
MClk: add [reports] as attached by Mgr of Cmnty Planning
JC: this can come back
all we've seen is hand drawing, no detail no regard for undulation of terrain and to settle at this point is out of order
RD: the cmnty plan did call for mid-rise bldgs, eight to ten storeys, at least that's my reading of it
six storeys and on south side eight
at PH concerns expressed about this clause so support Cclr Clark
JF: I don't think raising these issues out of order, .......
understand the devpr can come to Ccl and request, not by mbrs of cmnty, cannot be negotiated; leaves ball in court of devpr entirely and why I wish to see it removed
Mayor: I think getting to this point good;....;  going farther a challenge
I'd be supporting this vision, Schedule C
Mayor: Cclr V? no vote, assumed in favour so
 in Schedule C - Evelyn Drive Development Permit Guidelines, by deleting 2.05.
            THAT "Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4492, 2006" as amended be read a second time and third time.
            THAT "Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4493, 2006" be amended in Schedule A by deleting subsection 103.03(2) and replacing it with the following:
JF read this at 9:03
            "(2)      for Cluster Housing, the net dwelling unit area excluding parking areas, open balconies, open terraces, common hallways, exterior steps and similar areas; and
MClk: for clarity, add wrt report attached;
second reading 9:04
Mayor: any debate?
Mayor: wd like to go to MClerk or Mr Nicholls as to what happens
SJN: go to lawyers re covenants
come back then master plan, also come back
Mayor: so another set of objectives
           (3)       for Apartments, the net dwelling unit area excluding parking areas, open balconies, open terraces, a maximum 100 sq. ft. per Apartment units of enclosed balcony, common hallways, exterior steps and similar areas."
            THAT "Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968 Amendment Bylaw No. 4493, 2006" as amended be read a second time and third time.
SJN: the staff report describes some technical things and issues
recommendation No 2, expression at PH, re clause re two storeys and concern that was a permitted height; staff recommended deleting that clause and wd take away presume ht increase
wd not stop residents requesting that as an improvement
as a DP area can request, deleting does not stop that
The bylaws themselves, recommendation No 5, 508Ksf, and 349 units and says what's included; provision for the av unit size and there's some ambiguity do 5, 2 and 3 so sq ftg calculated the same as for the 508Ksf
interpretation the same, just makes it clearer
rec is that you proceed with second and third readings and you wd not bring back the bylaw
moved ...
VV: wrt to growth if we don't have densification we have sprawl
weren't able to discusss sprawl and that's to do with agricultural land
it's rocky outcrops we build on
obligation to absorb popn
but read from GVRD, WV is outside the central growth area
no expectation WV take
JF: not in favour with first recommendation
2.05 of DP guidelines
Mayor: I'm looking at the first
VV continues
we contribute, most of us don't get HOG
implication WV not doing our share if not ....
we're not under any obligation to increase density for any of those reasons
JF: section 2.05 being deleted, appreciate request from mbrs of public
at time
JC: point of order; not on floor
Mayor: motion follows but report on floor and raised; happy to ask staff
SJN: this was a clause to allow flexibility
whether views obstructed or ...
our staff reports are not summaries, no longer summary all of the comments; Ccl was there and listened and formed their own...
Mayor: page of agenda does discuss
approp now, w'ell be voting on it text
JF: request was be deleted b/c nbrs wd not have confidence to trust; ceiling re ht wd be kept to
think this and Spaxman report important to aesthetic
rather than a level line at each height, some relief, variances accommodate slope; that might enhance the design
nbrs to north wd be empowered b/c if rigid, some nbrs' view corridor impaired and devpr hasn't ability to move over so doesn't impact view negatively
to have the ability of nbrs to say we'd like to do that; think it wd be in their favour
think no surprises with this but think will be surprises with this inflexibility
important to be kept in
aesthetic for cmnty and nbrs to be empowered to improve their own sightlines
VV: interesting point; comments re Spaxman's report B vs C; there was a row of uniform hts of apts but that was noted by an adv cmte
preferred one by some had openings and wd look better
this attempt for variety suspect to remedy row of blocks
so my opinion not put in that sort of density, this illustrates why Option B better than C and hope my fellow cclrs will recognize that -- uncomfortable Option C
...it is a serious issue
MOTION to receive report CARRIED
Next piece 8:36
VV: a little bit sad in a way
began with high hopes
cmnty wanting to see place for affordable,  .....
and ppl seeking CB  some sort of subsidized or assisted housing
north, at least get hydro lines buried and upgrading as to how street wd look
seems somehow fell by wayside
no decent profit for devpr, forego half, not goos for them
no subsidized, wires not buried; so not really meeting any of the criteria supposed to meet
just 500 more vehicles
going ahead with two traffic studies coming in 32007, one by Mr Barth and one by #####
this is not ending up v well
shd at least be getting those traffic studies
if hi rises with view -- we'd be better to find where else he cd build and get profit
rather sad saga of the Ev Dr project
RD: in my long life as cclr in this cmnty, never get exactly what you want
came on ccl 40? years ago
OCP called for a higher FAR
this was a pretty dense devt, felt at time too dense and cmnty wdn't accept it
no sense pushing devt cmnty doesn't want
original thought was 300 350 units and turns out that's what they do accept
public more comfortable
useless to lament density on one hand and subsidized on other
won't be accepted in WV, may in Vanc
this is a compromise
rental housing is scarce so a benefit and there are other benefits in this plan
$2.5M and money for infrastructure
generally speaking about as good a compromise as we're going to get
MS: if we were starting form the start, I wd be opposed for the simple reason that the traffic issues have not been addressed adequately
whereas NSh shd accept share of growth but we have some rights
NSh only part in last 50 years no benefits, re traffic --
Whistler, Bowen Island, Pemberton grown and we sit here not new bridge in 50 years
as far as GVRD, we might as well rename the NSh Chumpville b/c we pay our taxes
we cd say unless transportation we won't accept more devt
doesn't make sense....
went to the hockey game some weeks ago, don't want to sit two hours so took bus and sat for 20 minutes
that intersection is in failure mode
mtg with prov and not a priority b/c .... and not TransLink b/c a provincial responsibility
we sit here as chumps
if, then opposed
point is that OCP allows up to 1.0FAR and investments were made
last ccl rightly commissioned Mr Spaxman
cmte came back with report and cd never figure out if Option B for 250 or C for 350, but clear cd not sustain more than 350 units
ppl are now cutting though Sentinel Hill, along Keith so we're going to have a prob with Keith
came up with a sensible compromise for 300 units for wch I did not get a seconder
[RD visibly objecting]
went home that night and tried to make a ... not to beat my head against a wall too often
have to support wishes of majority
if that's wish of maj, then get on with it
think maj of ccl in favour of C, principal's a WV resident well-regarded, respected
pass second and third readings and hope devt becomes an asset we can be proud of
JF: will be supporting for many reasons; addresses many needs; alternate forms of housing
meet ppl to this day, ppl looking to get out of the four- and five-bedroom houses, anxiously awaiting Ev Dr
don't imagine completed in a year, may take five years and on
include infrastructue in area
traffic TWay, 11th to 13th and above Keith Rd; rationalize traffic along Keith Rd corridor
going to have money put aside for arts and culture, cycling, public transport
all to the benefit of ppl of WV
desires expressed by those participating in OCP
looking forward to green, excellent design, a showcase and gateway
VV: just wanted to comment on Cclr Smith's interesting statement in recognizing the maj so he'll vote in favour; not my interpretation; vote in alignment with what public expect not what others on Ccl hope
re elderly residents but where was that concern when elderly residents felt manoeuvred into selling and moving out?
as a cmnty we shd hv had more respect than have them moved out against their will
that's happened
it's not too late for Ccl to come to terms with what's going to happen, traffic mess, a lot of upset residents
RD: the present motion is really a compromise between B and C
Ccl Smith said 300
Ccl ended up with 319 and 40 rental as cmnty benefit
so this motion as amended while a bit toward C, is not just C
rental housing is sought after; devpr loses money if rental, if not sold units
a number of other things, quite a lot of cmnty benefit? meets needs of...
Mayor: don't find this a sad story
is incrementalism
to go back a bit; study in 2004, it's not as if there's an overwhelming???
57% of those polled in special study areas, given limited opps in WV, Ccl shd consider increasing density limits; this is the exception, not the norm, not high
staff negotiated v hard
55% of those polled felt shd be a variety
feel we're trying to accom ppl here; ppl just don't feel they have a choice
a lot of thought and work on the part of many ppl
we have not gone into what Schedule C says; LEED standards -- feel time it became a standard
feel represents view of cmnty
I'm going to support, i don't know result of Ccl's vote
thank everyone for diligence, listening, and huge effort on behalf of staff
Motion carried VV opposed
9pm third reading
VV: are we allowed to comment?
Mayor: not usually but go ahead
VV: re cmnty benefit, a few million dollars and intersection TWay and MDr
prov responsible LGB up TWay presume prov money, we don't have to spend money to do it
prov says they don't want to deal with WV alone on this, want NV and SqN to agree within ourselves; they feel resp for traffic that does not originate in our Ms
they believe money spent on that hwy shd be in proportion to use; they say over 90% our M so over 90% shd come from our pockets
look at the money out of Ev Dr, the cmnty is going to lose
other amendments then
10.       Ambleside Town Centre Strategy Report Document (File:  2515?21)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Ambleside Town Centre Strategy Report document be received and discussed at the January 15, 2007 Committee of the Whole.
SJN: report will be available tomorrow, on website and copies from M Hall
just putting on your table for discussion in Cmte of Whole, understand 22nd
Mayor: changed from 15th b/c Cclr Day travelling
this just for receipt, thank staff for getting it here
 11.       Request for Non-Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 - Project 90433 Horseshoe Bay Berths 1 & 2 Reconstruction (File:  1605?15)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council approve the request from BC Ferries Services Inc. to allow the prime contractor, Vancouver Pile Driving  Ltd. (VPDL) for the building site at the Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal for an Order of Non Enforcement of the Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 Section 6.1.2(a)(iii) for a maximum of twenty-four (24) days between December 18, 2006 and June 30, 2007 so that specific construction works involving welding and concrete placing can be carried out throughout the night and early morning depending upon tidal changes.
CAO: construction; some at low tide; b/c of inconvenience agreed to make contribution to parks work
Sop: Ferries can do as they please? can we say no?
CAO" can't dos as the please but work with them; Mr Downey in audience
Sop: only.... no piledriving
Ans: contractor in audience as well
Proj Mgr: Piledriving will not be done outside of hours indicated
has to be done at low tide
Sop: can't be done during day?
Proj Mrgr: currently low tide now midnight, fluctuates throughout project
Sop: ?
Proj Mgr: we do have mitigation; direct exhaust north toward Howe Sound
absorb noise
Sop: onus is on you to say not going to happen
cmnty has been though a lot of noise and want to protect them as much as we can
what are you going to do for money
Ans: contribute to park as MMgr said
Sop: what kind?
Ans: looking at about $10K
VV: not sure time for acoustic blanketing
certainly ppl doing explosive work, have shredded times and they're pretty good
wondering something not so expensive cd be tried out
wd to a long way to reducing complaints
Ans: with welding machines, insulting tarps
VV: can a larger version be put alongside the trucks?
Ans; the logistics of the truck, being the vessels, like a barge; the walls of the ship will protect the sound of the motor
VV: appreciate that
see if ppl trying to get a night's sleep; if not sufficient further things you cd think of?
planned measures you believe adequate and if not be back trying to get it resolved
MS: think whatever funds shd go into HBay, not to the floral clock or somewhere
CAO: that is the project
JF: do you know wch nights tide will be low enough between now and June 30th
seems to me cd identify nights so can spend nights with friends or relatives
ppl been through a great deal, hwy and working on terminal for third or fourth time; horrendous for the residents
anything you can do to be sensitive to residents wd be appreciated.
Ans: times, diff to judge; a couple of times a month; affected by weather as well, outside our control
finetune our schedule if they need a week's advance or 72 hours' notice. can try
JF: tidestables so you know wch nights you won't be
Ans: we'll do our best but not just weather, material, supply
JF: not just storms
 12.       Council Advisory Committees (File:  0005?01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Terms of Reference for the Finance and Audit, Community Engagement and Design Review Committees be approved.
13.       Appointments - Acting Mayors for 2007 (File:  0120?01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Acting Mayors for 2007/2008 be appointed as follows:
February/March:                      Councillor Ferguson
April/May:                                 Councillor Day
June/July:                                 Councillor Smith
August/September:                Councillor Clark
October/November:                Councillor Vaughan
December/January 2008:      Councillor Soprovich
14.       2007 Council Meeting Schedule  (File:  0120?01)
            Draft Council Calendar
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the 2007 Council Meeting Schedule as attached to the report dated December 13, 2006 from the Municipal Clerk be approved.
Mayor:; one cmte of the whole each month; January's Ambleside revitalization
15.       Appointment - Community Engagement Committee -- To be provided on table.
{What possible reason can there be that this cannot be in the agenda and has to wait until the actual ccl mtg to find out or be announced?????}
Cclr VV rescinded and Cclr Sop instead
16.       Fees and Charges Bylaw 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw 4495, 2006 (File:  1610?20?4495)
            RECOMMENDED: ... be read a first, second, and third time.
Sop: they ask for damage deposits prior to DCCs
any consideration charging a deposit for bldg without a permit and like matters
and if comply get money back
maybe comes under fines
over ten years seen ppl constructing without permit
SJN: if haven't applied for permit don't but a deposit down first is a stop order and system escalates from there, increasingly unpleasant
stop work order not uncommon
Sop: there are blessings for nonconfomrity and not a leading edge way ppl go
most ppl attend to our laws
blatant disregard for our laws wonder if under fees and charges or fines?
CAO; can be quite complicated wch ones it comes under, sometimes variance
may be punishing ppl for something good
converse is true, some building contrary
sometimes injunction
don't think we've attempted to address this in this bylaw but cd come back after talking with our solicitors
staff have taken FSTF's suggestions serious anlky? and made increases
17.       Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Bylaw No. 3749, 1992, Amendment Bylaw No. 4494, 2006
Mayor: agreed wd allow some discussion prior to adoption
Sop: wrt sewer, know some progs where introduction, toilet replacement prog had more to do with sewer than water consumption initiative indirectly
happened in Robts Crk and somewhere up north
more on the side that excessive amt of water for waste material -- when we entered into this metered system, Mr Barth, there's a rate fee wd have a steadiness for the next ten years
monitored on same meter we'd use for water
EB: good question
for clarity: when we move to metered charge for sewer will be based on metered consumption of water
some fearful watering gardens unfairly charged, we have anticipated that and we're looking at the winter consumption so paying only for what's going through the sewered system

{hm.  So winter consumption will determine or affect sewer rate?  What about the snowbirds who are away for one, two, or three months so virtually no consumption during the winter even though they're back here in the summer? They win, others lose?   What about going away in the summer?
does appear a few questions still to be resolved or explained.}

that's why flat rate
so we can get data
Sop: so 2008 we'd get a better realization based on what?
supposed ev conserving, we cd be assured $1M a year we won't see major increases over the next ten years?
EB: wdn't go that far b/c a signif part determined by GVRD
aware there's a court case....
ongoing capital costs
will continue to be affected by decisions GVRD makes
trying to reduce demand on system and that it accurately reflect sewerage costs.
18.       Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 4490, 2006 (File:  1610?20?4490)
VV: what happens to water used by Aq Ctr or Fire Dept
is there water metered? higher rates for ev? have it clarified?
EB: even prior to universal metering many of our facilities metered and now have all
way cost of that water recovered, through budget of that facility
not a direct burden on taxpayer
VV: thank you; public wanted that to be assured
not wanted subsidization of those previously metered; inadvertently undercharged, will be brought up to level
gave rise to objection general public subsidizing for not better reason than previously been subsidizing.
EB: ev will be paying same volumetric charge
the prog includes for sgl fam, wch includes duplexes b/c basically like sgl; base charge is for provision of water, cost associated with ability to fight fires, so even if you use minimal amt, covered in base charge
charging ev same volumetric charge; proposing phasing in base charge; reason is that when we started to look at the rates looking at limited info we had rates were not really covering....
wd hv felt comf with smaller but were finding sgl fam home using av amt of water, we were looking at increases of 50%, ie $180 to $200 on their annual bill
principle was to change behaviour and didn't see that we really changed it, wd be a haredship
trying to find a way to phase in without burdening customers; many complexities, can't give one number
roughly subsidy to sgl fam wd be $30 a year; tried not to over penalize new customers
VV: don't think any priv company cd charge one group of customers more than anothers
maybe charge, and treat as loan
ppl don't like to see ppl not paying right amt
CAO: hoping to get good data and monitor it and adjust so goal to bring it into line; if can be done within one year wd be great
MS: these rates are going to be fair and consistent
not nbrs over back fence discussing what sort of deal
though Mr B made clear last week and CAO tonight, may disagree with one year; but we can look at this after first quarter billings
going to have uniform fair consistent and understood, ev can buy into and support
Sop: both metered and universal is the same?
EB: yes, volumetric rate same for ev
Sop: so looking at basic charge
so metered vs universal don't see why any more than a year
consumption factor's going to determine bill
if basic charge stable?
look at $30 and phase it?
EB: the reason we chose to work with the base rate
by keeping the volumetric, addresses conservation rate
$30 rate wd be reducing phasing it is and and depends on how quickly
Sop: bulk charge all encompassing, admin fees? Eagle Lake
EB: not all encompassing in the sense that the vol .....
recognizing that there are some costs regardless of what you use, some basic, .....
Sop: in an apt block, how does a strata mbr know his bill?
EB: in that instance it's up to the strata how they want to regulate cost
they cd simply divvy up by number .....
Sop: so it's buyer beware as to what they're going to get
20 apts pay equal share, is that fair?
or by consumption by each apt?
EB: up to strata to achieve whatever equitable way
they need to decide how to distribute
similarly Pk Royal in ev store and monitor that
Sop: not going to say anything more, hear Cclr Smith sighing
19.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
=B7        Item 20 - Development Applications Status List
=B7        Item 21 - Correspondence List
20.       Development Applications Status List (File:  1010?01)
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Development Applications Status List be received.
21.  CORRESPONDENCE LIST FOR CONSENT AGENDA [Complete list in previous issue]
21.20          R. Stilwell, undated, regarding laundry staining caused by Eagle Lake water
JC: letter from Mr Stillwell
white facecloth example of staining
leaching copper
pls ensure Ccl get to see it, I haven't seen it
this is the third -- one on Woodgreen sev months back and one on XXX last week
some form of acid leaching acid from water pipes
water passing through pipes in house can't imagine picking up copper sulphate to turn laundry blue
ppl I've talked to are taking their laundry to Whistler
can't imagine it
water passes through house in a minute
EB: the science behind acidity in water and copper, has to do with amt of oxygen, temperature, etc
we are aware this is occurring in a few instances
a few complaints
wch is why in plans for membrane plane including pH adjustment
Mayor: had a couple of letters that it stay in budget and some thought optional
Ccl concerned, want to make a priority
VV: I have seen the cloth in question
really shd be as a Ccl the cause of ruining the underwear of CCl????
JC: so many other ways we can ruin underwear
Sop: thanks to staff over past weeks
extreme pressure admirable job
Mayor: thanks too
ppl feel v well cared for
45 volunteers seascapes thanking them
CR: before the reason I came up --
Just wanted to comment good thing the example you used was a facecloth, given your comments
and the second thing, wrt the Correspondence in the Ccl pkg, I noted without making an amendment you changed it to three months wch is really great, that's appreciated, but also perhaps, I hope without the amendment you can incorporate I think Cclr Day's excellent suggestion that it's only if you don't want something rather than if you do b/c it's obvious that ppl are going to, as he said, you know be away or forget it or whatever so if you made the amendment to three months, perhaps you can do that.  His suggestion was excellent.
Anyway the reason that I am coming up is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and to bring you -- when you go behind, to have your little tete-a-tete, I have some chocolates for you to enjoy.
[puts boxes of ferrero rocher on podium]
so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Mayor: Thank you.  We will share those with the staff as we always do.
Here's the Correspondence, none of wch was linked so none cd be read.  (They have, however, restored the links to cmte minutes -- it's confusing but cmte minutes are in the agenda item called Correspondence.)
How, by any stretch of the imagination, can anyone think any of these wd be breaching privacy?  Look at those from the govt for a start.  Surely they want their info to be known by the public.
Is there method in their madness?  It's unnecessary officiousness/blocking.  The rationale doesn't justify as far as they've gone -- and it was suddenly stopped, a decision behind closed doors not even announced at a ccl mtg.

21.4            F. Allardice, Publicity Director, undated, regarding North Shore Artists' Guild Art Exhibition

an exhibition is private???

21.5            K. Higgs, December 07, 2006, regarding Richmond water meter program

the Richmond water meter program is a matter or privacy???

21.6            B. Sharpe, December 06, 2006, regarding Police Chief's severance package
21.7            K. Glynn-Morris, Chair, The North Shore Family Court & Youth Justice Committee, December 01, 2006 regarding Committee Membership (File:  0115-20-NSFC1)

Cmte mbrship is secret???

21.8            K. Falcon, Minister, BC Ministry of Transportation, November 28, 2006 regarding Gateway Program
21.9            K. Falcon, Minister, BC Ministry of Transportation, November 24, 2006, regarding Union of British Columbia Municipalities Convention 2006

Minister Falcon wants his letters blocked so public can't read???

21.10          T. Tuominen, Meeting Coordinator, City Clerk's Office, Public Access and Council Services, City of Vancouver, November 30, 2006, regarding Homelessness
21.11          L. Kazakoff, Meeting Coordinator, City Clerk's Office, Public Access and Council Services, City of Vancouver, December 04, 2006, regarding Implementation of 311 service in Vancouver

Public Access and Ccl Services from a municipal staff person can't be linked b/c of privacy???

21.12          R. Barber, December 05, 2006, regarding water and sewage charges (File:  1815-06)
21.13          B. Poaps, December 06, 2006, regarding the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre
21.14          R. Coleman, Minister, BC Ministry of Forests and Range and Minister Responsible for Housing, regarding BC Building Code and geotechnical assessments of slope stability

This minister wd be upset if we read his letter re slope stability???

21.15          Letter containing thirty-two signatures, December 6, 2006, regarding Eagle Lake water supply

It's a petition!  It's required to have name and address, for goshsakes!

21.16          J. Kwan, MLA, Official Opposition, Critic for Economic Development and C. Wyse, MLA, Official Opposition, Critic for Local Govt, Nov 26, regarding Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement

Any MLA who wants a letter written to another govt body doesn't want it public???

21.17          Greater Vancouver Regional District, undated, regarding Board in Brief (GVRD Board of Directors actions on October 20, 2006)
21.18          Greater Vancouver Regional District, undated, regarding Board in Brief (GVRD Board of Directors actions on November 03, 2006)

GVRD doesn't want us to know the directors' actions????


===  Christmas Carols for the Disturbed  ===
Schizophrenia --- Do You Hear What I Hear?
Multiple Personality Disorder --- We Three Kings Disoriented Are
Dementia --- I Think I'll be Home for Christmas
Narcissistic --- Hark the Herald Angels Sing About Me
Manic --- Deck the Halls and Walls and House and Lawn and Streets and Stores and Office and Town and Cars and Buses and Trucks and Trees and.....
Paranoid --- Santa Claus is Coming to Town to Get Me
Borderline Personality Disorder --- Thoughts of Roasting on an Open Fire
Personality Disorder --- You Better Watch Out, I'm Gonna Cry, I'm Gonna Pout, Maybe I'll Tell You Why
Attention Deficit Disorder --- Silent night, Holy oooh look at the froggy, can I have a chocolate, why is France so far away?
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder --Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle,Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle .......

===  QUOTATION  ===

Without books the development of civilization would have been impossible.  They are the engines of change, windows on the world, "Lighthouses" as the poet said "erected in the sea of time." They are companions, teachers, magicians, bankers of the treasures of the mind, Books are humanity in
                -- Arthur Schopenhauer , philosopher (1788-1860)