NOTES Jan 15
Calendar to Feb 2+

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

= MAIN ITEMS Jan 22: Child Care Zoning Changes; Ambleside Town Strategy; Gleneagles Proposal $1M.
= Vive le Canada; gRUMBLES; INFObits; Salmagundi (Healthy Creeks, Telephone Poll, Word Quiz); Calendar to Feb 2nd+; Jan 15th Ccl Mtg NOTES (4769 The Hwy approved; 3605 Creery deferred; Correspondence - Fear Factor); Jan 22nd AGENDAS; LANGUAGEWATCH (Pronunciation); The Philosophy of Wife; Quotations

*** VIVE LE CANADA........
Looks like Little Mosque on the Prairie is a hit... 2.1M watched the premiere on Tuesday and about 1M the repeat on Wednesday.  The second programme (17th), of course figures not out yet, still good but not quite as fast and funny as the first.
You probably know the star who plays the imam has been on CNN and other US networks, well this week's Guardian Weekly even has a piece on the programme!  I'm going to write to them -- not that it was a good blurb, rather that they missed the point that this was the Canadian way of dealing with the situation -- not wiretapping, racial profiling, and fear, instead humour and satire are our way.

=== gRUMBLES ===
•  re notification........
The frustration continues.  Such irony that the Cmnty Engagement Cmte met on Friday, Jan 12th, but it wasn't on the DWV website's calendar end of week when I  checked so not in WVM2 (those interested and attended the one time we were notified -- one out of four isn't bad -- didn't know about the mtg).  Why can't residents be put on a notification list (fax/email, and yes software can do both just with one click) that includes mbrs. 
Easy. Simple. Resisted.
•  re copy-and-pasting staff reports/speeches, wch wd be more accurate........ [Warning: NERD CORNER]
Apparently some DWV decision-maker thinks that if stuff from the Hall is sent as a scanned PDF document instead of a converted PDF document, that it can't be changed so that's the policy and 'protected'.  Poppycock.  The former can be altered but not as easily and takes a bit longer.  Blatant obstructionism to order staff to use scanning thus making copy-and-pasting more difficult, not facilitating the public/media wanting to pass on speeches.  (Note that WVM2 had the CAO's year summary and plans -- great, easy, C&Pd -- I thought it was good and worth passing on to you, Dear Readers.)

===  INFObits  ===
There will be no annual utility bills sent out this January: The District has switched to quarterly billing for utilities, so you can expect your first bill in April.
Community Grants Programs: Grant applications are being accepted until Jan 31 for Community & Social Services, Youth Leadership, etc
ACRONYMS  --  otherwise known as alphabet soup.........
NWO = New World Order; NAU = North American Union with amero as the new currency's name; NAFTA = North American Free Trade Area; CAFTA = Central American Free Trade Area; SPP = Security and Prosperity Partnership also know as NASPI = North American Security and Prosperity Initiative
Basra is already using Iranian currency.
In New Year's resolution, forgot to mention another group to sympathize with, Tibetans (also being swallowed).
All three campaign heads for the main federal parties if an election held now are from BC!  The Coast wants in!!!

===  SALMAGUNDI  ===
The talk on PFC (Properly Functioning Creeks) was captivating -- Patrick Lucey at the WV Streamkeeper mtg Jan 18th -- hope to have him back with a workshop.  Knowing ecology, working with it, and restoring it looked so easy! doable and cheaper than engineering -- hope to have more on this later.  BTW, they announced they will have a mtg in March so that'll be on the 15th.
The latest telephone poll taken by the Office of the Governor of Texas asked whether people who live in Texas think illegal immigration is a serious problem:
A) 35% of respondents answered: "Yes, it is a serious problem."
B) 65% of respondents answered: "No es una problema serio."
* WORD QUIZ -- English brain teaser
This is no trick. It is a very good puzzle....... figure it out before you peek.  See if you can figure out what these words have in common.......
Are you peeking or have you already given up?  Give it another try....
You'll kick yourself when you discover the answer.
Go back and look at them again; think hard.
Don't cheat.
SCROLL DOWN (see end of Jan 15 Ccl Mtg notes)

===  CALENDAR to Feb 2nd  ===
First, a helpful course given our weather:
North Shore Emergency Management Office -- NEIGHBOURHOOD PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM
Most of us want to prepare for an emergency (loss of power/gas) or a disaster such as an earthquake, but we just never get around to doing it.  The North Shore Emergency Management Office is sending a trained volunteer instructor to teach us "HOW TO DO IT".
How to protect ourselves and our family during an earthquake, power outage, flood, chemical spill ...
                * what to put in our home emergency kit
                * what to do when we cannot flush our toilet
                * how to pre-stock a safe water supply, and more ...
The course is taught over three sessions and the sessions will be held at
St Francis-in-the-Woods Anglican Church, 4773 South Piccadilly Road (by Caulfeild Cove, near Lighthouse Park)
Wednesday January 17th from 7- 9:30pm; Wed January 24th from 7- 9pm; Wed January 31st from 7- 8:30pm
Free gas shut off wrench to each participant/family.
There is no charge for the course.  To pre-register stfrancis@telus.net or call 922 3531.  Please attend all three sessions.  If you wish more information please call Kathleen Glynn-Morris (922 5685).

=== Sunday January 21st
~ 3pm ~ "Off Broadway Diva"
at St Francis in the Wood, 4773 South Piccadilly; $15 at door; includes light refreshments after
                        Anna Whelan, soprano and David Brandman, piano
As a recent graduate from UBC with her degree in Voice Performance, Anna is delighted to be able to share with you her love for all things musical theatre. An off-Broadway diva through and through, she has performed with the UBC Opera Ensemble as a chorus member in their productions of The Merry Widow, The Magic Flute, and Manon. She also had the chance to play the role of Dick Deadeye in HMS Pinafore in the summer of 2005 at the Sea Vancouver Festival and was Second Spirit in The Magic Flute in December 2005. Along with her love of opera, Anna's new found love is the wonderful absurdity of Gilbert and Sullivan. As the current Vice President, and one of the founding members of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of UBC, she has been heavily involved with the club since it began in 2003. Along with her duties on the Executive, she has performed with the Society in the chorus of The Mikado (2003), Dick Deadeye in HMS Pinafore (2004), Ruth in The Pirates of Penzance (2005), and Mad Margaret in Ruddigore in January 2006. Along with conventional musical theatre, Anna recently, with the help of some friends, put on a show entirely made up of "5 Minute Musicals" called the Sound of Musicals, as a fundraiser for a children's music camp. Sit back, relax and enjoy as we bring to you a mixture of old favorites and some soon to be new favourites!
1) Summertime - from Porgy and Bess, Gershwin
2) You'll never walk alone -- from Carousel, Rogers and Hammerstein
3) Diva's Lament - from Spamalot, Idle and du Prez
4) If somebody there chanced to be - from Ruddigore, Gilbert and Sullivan
5) Can't help lovin' - from Showboat, Hammerstein and Kern
6) Cheerily carols the lark - from Ruddigore, Gilbert and Sullivan
7) The hours creep on a pace - from H.M.S. Pinafore, Gilbert and Sullivan
8) Moonfall -- from the Mystery of Edwin Drood, Rupert Holmes
9) No Moon -- from Titanic, by Stone and Yeston
10) Taylor the Latte Boy - by Goldrich and Heisler
11) How to write your own Gilbert and Sullivan Opera - by Anna Russell
North Shore Academy of Dancing presents a festive dance recital for all the family.  Tickets available through the Kay Meek Box Office: 913-3634. See www.kaymeekcentre.com for calendar of events.

=== Monday January 22nd -- before the ccl mtg!
~ 4 - 5:30pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte mtg in Mayor's Office
AT LAST!  sufficient/adequate notification!  Allah be praised! [Sorry, I was just watching Little Mosque on the Prairie.]

=== Tuesday January 23rd -- heard rumours; perhaps about 4:30 or 5pm a Finance & Audit Cmte mtg???

=== Wednesday January 24th
~ 7pm ~ WV Historical Society mtg at Srs' Ctr with speakers Cathy Matheson (Mgr of Cultural Services), Stephen Mikicich (Sr Planner for Heritage Matters), and Darrin Morrison (Museum Curator).

=== Thursday January 25th
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ DAC
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI, CNV M Hall
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Police Board at Ch of Commerce (boardroom)
~ 7pm ~ Wetland Partners meet at WV Youth Ctr, Ambleside Park

=== Friday January 26th
~10:30 - 12:30pm ~ Philosophers' Cafe at Library: Cascadia as a Geopolitical Concept
A rare behind-the-scenes look at the making of Sna7m Sm=E1nit (Spirit of the Mountain), a new public sculpture to be unveiled in March at Ch'tl'am (Ambleside Park). See how high-pressure water cuts through steel to produce a sculpture of exceptional quality.  Join Xwa lack tun (Rick Harry) for an Artist's Talk on February 6th at 7 pm at the Library.  The artist will share the concepts and stories behind his new sculpture Spirit of the Mountain, the steel cutting method used to fabricate the sculpture, and the inspiration behind the design of the brickwork that forms the exterior wall of the base to create the impression of a Squamish woven cedar basket.

=== Wednesday January 31st -- Deadline for submission of applications for a DWV Cmnty Grant.

- -at  SILK PURSE: "Winter Solstice" to Jan 28; exhibition, sale of works by North Shore Artists' Guild
January 2 - 31 Exhibit: Lighthouse Park Preservation Society: Celebrating  Nature -- Lighthouse Park
Readers' Cafe: A reading & discussion of James Joyce's " Ulysses ", Tuesdays, January 2, 16, and 30, 10:30am - 12:30pm, Peter J. Peters Room. For more information call the Reference Dept 925-7405.

-- at the Ferry Building Gallery -- January 9 - 28
"Sum of the Parts" mixed media by The Tapestry Weavers Interest Group: Virginia Baldwin, Judy Pollack, Sherella Conley, Sharon Burrows, Mona Chrzanowski, Traude Doelker, Jessie May Keller, Myrna Lindstrom, Jay Rudolph, Zoe Watson; and Hooshiar Ashraf, Claire Choi, Anne Dunnett, Gaye Hammond, Celia Pickles
-- WV Museum & Archives -- to Feb 17 -- "Capturing the Likeness"
an exhibition of portraits by WV resident Winston Elliott, from wartime to now.

***  COMING:
-- ADRA AGM Tues Feb 6th at St Stephen's --

-- WINTERSONG starts Feb 9th at KMC --

-- HERITAGE WEEK Feb 19 to 25 --

===  CCL MTG NOTES Jan 15th  ===
The Mayor paid tribute to long-time resident Ray Chapman [born 1908] who passed away Jan 7; began surveying 1931, joined Air Force surveying for airstrips from 1940 - 45; established his surveying company in WV in 1955 and went to work every day until his illness this year....  He was a recipient of a WV Heritage Award in 1996, WV Citizen of the Year Award in 2004.  Local legend has it that he has probably surveyed every piece of property in WV.  Deepest sympathy from Ccl.  Celebration of his life Jan 19 at Eagle Harbour Yacht Club.
1.         Approval of January 15, 2007 Regular Council Agenda (with additions of letters)
Mayor: special presentation tonight
We welcome our delegation from VANOC: WV Youth Band Fanfare
2.         J. Furlong, Chief Executive Officer, Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC)
JF: does everyone get a welcome like that?
just back from Nunavut; have a video; introduced other personnel; will give you an update
vision, game for all Canadians, mission to share with ev
here WV, Whistler, and Rmd; experience shared with everyone; the awareness has risen to 83%
one of the primary ... is the venues
Cypress -- finished our first event venue
end of this year most will be completed; some middle of 2008
project on time and on budget; crews doing a good job; at end of 2006 we were exactly where we wanted to be
this cmnty is sitting in heart; Cypress ctr, most photographed
TV audience of 3B ppl, the eyes of the planet
last time I was here, project hadn't taken shape
250K visitors at games time, 10K+ media covering the Games; stars of the show will be the 5K athletes and 1,700 paralympians
WV in heart and theatre of the Olympics, been working with you trying to find ways WV can be heavily involved and a full partner
sharing, best we can be, join hands; set bar high for next country to take on
one of the best legacies is forging partnerships, taken advantage of in future
stronger Games; can have effect on our society and young ppl; reflect on role you can play
VIDEO "Celebrate the Possible" [7:14 - 7:19]
Eric will speak about Sport
Eric: slides with numbers; 80+ countries; number of tix 1.8M; 1.3B viewers
Whistler, Vancouver ice sports, athlete villages Vancouver/Whistler, press ctr in Vancouver
Games Timeline slide: Feb 12 to 28, Olympic villages will open Feb 4th; Paralympic games Mar 12 to 21st
Opening and Closing in Vanc; medals in Whistler and Vanc
Venue and Testing Schedule
Sport: FOP [field of play]; cmnty involvement imp
Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard on Cypress; Snowboard cross Nor-Am event in March this year
2008 Training Events funded by assn; 2009 Test Events by us
Draft FIS Test Event Schedule
[slide of drawing of Cypress]
Neil and Rod presenting next
Neil: Envtal Assessment process [slides]; First Nations, inclusion of many
see in audience others Friends of Cypress; North Shore [sic] Streamkeepers, etc
19 Old Growth trees, ascertaining trying to keep; acid runoff; continue to sample waters; sediment erosion controls; protection of nesting birds; avoidance of disturbance to park users and trails
CBRL worked hard and diligently trying to maintain access
hired an independent envtal consultant; ongoing monitoring and reporting in place
will continue through Games then cleanup
semiannual reporting to First Nations and Sea to Sky cmnties
currently moving snowmaking reservoir, reduce pipe length, other savings; will go through a mini-envtal review process
hand it over to Rod re construction
Rod:  well along time line; venue will be completed; budget $14.5M looks good for being completed on time
Freestyle and Mogul Slopes; aerial view [slides]; Cypress will have 35 snowguns
Legacy use: a lot of money for Games but will stay, better for area and cmnty afterward
[7:41]  Aboriginal Participation: First Nations, Metis, and Inuit - indigenous
Five Rings of Participation; programmes throughout BC
partnership and collaboration: four host nations: Lil'wat, Squamish, Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh
encouraging greater aboriginal participation in sport; First Nations snowboarding team started here on the North Shore, in 2004 ten and now over 100
Economic Devt: jobs, contracts, aboriginal tourism
working on New Haven -- day lodge in Callahan Valley
Feb 1st and 2nd Aboriginal biz convention
recognizing and celebrating history, arts, culture, and languages
Awareness and Education; relaunch of website, posters coming out
[7:47]  John: right after Beijing it will be on us (2008); biggest event any country can take on
you're on your way to defining your own vision; how, role you want to play
two world-class stadia on Cypress -- nothing better anywhere, best place for athletes to train in future
positive First Nations' legacy; great participation
increased capacity for support for culture, cultural cmnties of whole are; cultural olympiad
spectacularly talented volunteers
Human Legacy: effect on all of us and young ppl; whole point is to inspire everyone to be better at everything, sport, govt, ev we do; highly motivated legacy, everyone feel gained something
look back as one of the great adventures of their times, their lives
Sop: ?
Ans: rights benefits
Sop: how large going to get?
Ans: slowly will ramp up; 2008 athletes' sponsors; probably looking at 2-3K ppl then spectators and families, hard to come up with; more in 2009
in process now of putting together first event groups, will involve somebody from the cmnty
1000 ppl on the mountain ev day -- you'll notice it
your team and our team will have this more pinned down as we go along
Sop: amending bylaw for snow, where are you getting water from?
Ans: provincial, amended already and coming from Cypress Creek
JF: appreciate work so far, plsed about envtal sustainability, plsed working with advocacy groups, Friend of Cypress, Streamkeepers.  What about wildlife?
Ans: large part of biophysical survey; studies done
JF: plsed to hear monitoring going to take place after Games over
Ans: at discretion of prov/fed govts, probly at least a year or two; they call it decommissioning; when take all improvements away
JF: you will liaise with local groups?
Ans: the ones that took part in the process
Mayor: wanted to welcome you with an Olympic fanfare; give WV Youth a little profile
it's a newly commissioned piece, "Sea to Sky"; will be premiered Feb 10th at KMC
composed by Ralph Ford, Director of Bands at Troy University in Alabama; among his many projects created band arrangements for Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter
Our band leader, Doug Macaulay in WV met him at the Whistler Music Festival
after a couple of years of visiting Doug asked him, wd you bring the magnificence of this region to  music -- and he was ecstatic
so the work has been two years in the making; it will premiere here, then will be featured at the world conference of symphonic bands in Ireland
The piece will be published this year worldwide by Warner Bros with a dedication to the WV Youth Band's 75th anniversary and a written description of the journey from sea to sky.
Four movements; LGB, Shannon Falls, I forget the third, and the fourth is beyond Whistler
we wanted you to know about that
[applause, others named; Spirit Cmte too]
Spirit Trail, cycle path from here to Horseshoe Bay at or near sea level
Spirit Festival wch will celebrate arts and culture
Hosting; open our doors, homes, hearts to ev who comes here
2010 Cmte here from Olympic .... before knew we cdn't call it that [named others]
Students of Mulgrave working on Chill prog bringing inner city kids to Cypress
Thor Benson our photographer, all things 2010
small presentation from Don Grant
[8:01] Josie C, Parks Staff: Don Grant and Iola Knight; wd like to give you a DVD and an album of photos from the early days or Hollyburn Lodge, skiing and recreation on the North Shore mountains
Mayor: also Prez of Ch of Comm here, a strong team player
Thank you for the presentation. [8:03 -- crowd left!]
3.         Revised Siting Plan - 4769 The Highway - Alteration Permit Application 05-026
Mayor: first to speak: David Manson
SJN: some background
Mayor: we'll hear from Mr Nicholls first b/c new plans/plans have changed
SJN: nbrs objected to siting, Ccl didn't approve that design; early January a revised came back and addressed concerns wrt traffic, impact on house to rear in terms of rear and tried to address other aspects such as finish.
I advised Ccl there were still revisions being made
Tues, one variation created more problems than it solved so have Alternative C, moves garage to front.  You received that in your package on Wednesday.  The residents have now received it as well.  Have had correspondence.  One nbr is not in favour of moving house to back.  The height in Option C is 2ft lower.  Nbr to the rear is in favour of moving the house further back -- siting optimized, hedge screens his prop.  Design for garage in front probably needs some modification to be lower.
Seven nbrs met on weekend and think Option C moves in direction they want but want some further
You have before you bldg siting plan, Option A, Option C; one nbr affected not in favour but others are.  We feel Option C.  Ccl's not meeting again for another three to four weeks, this has gone on a long time; from a staff point of view, wd ask Ccl to give staff guidance as to wch way to proceed.
Dr Manson: I've spoken before and written to you wrt my objections to the project, mainly the design as it relates to the surrounding cmnty.  I continue to have objections to the design but am willing to withdraw them in favour of C in spite of my concerns about the design, but that is subject to review of the plans -- garage, height, relationship to topography, and existing house.
Also, subject to a positive review of the plans relative to the garage, Mr Milliken (nbr to the north)
Concerned about traffic mgmt plan, on-site parking capacity.  At this time haven't seen a written addition to the traffic mgmt plan; want to see it.
As a result of a phone call from my nbr immed to south, since he can't be here, also favourable to Alternative C but wishes to be certain plenty of time to see plans and he continues to have concerns wrt blasting wch he wd like to discuss further at a later date.
Robert Long: live just across the street from the proposal
one of those who expects to be able to withdraw objections to the proposal if Option C but I do urge you not to approve a prelim sketch.  As you know this particular applic has a rather sorry history wch I hope is never repeated in LCaul, can go into that if you want me to but b/c of that I ask you please to be able to review final plans and not shortcircuit the process
Marque Thompson (sp?): wd like to introduce Johan Berger [sp?] who is a partowner with myself and Sam Whiffen (sp?)
I think Mr Nicholls did a good job of outlining where we are with this project
wd like to fill in a bit more/detail   [slide]
we have been something like 12 months since we made this applic to the District
a number of nbrs signed a petition in support of this project and b/c of that do not believe they have to come along in person but I do think you have letters
Jeff Danzig -- his interpretation of the scheme former owner, wd have designed consistent with this
over nine mos have made considerable changes, removed a sw pool, gates, hard landscaping, wch wd not be seen behind a 20ft hedge we wanted to retain
Had support from LCAC, the Planning Dept (SJN, Colette Parsons, Jim Bailey)
our intention was to design a home timeless that cd have been there from before and to fit needs of my family
Despite all this some immed nbrs felt they had not been heard and probly from the process, justified
Mr Malkin
at that time it probly sounded alarming so reasonable for Ccl to reject at that time
left us in a difficult situation; went back to speak to the nbrs and this time with the Planning Dept as well, much appreciated
we've managed to, with Mr Milliken, move the driveway closer to enable keeping the hedge
balloons to show 2ft lower than initial ridge
showed him a traffic/parking plan accepted in principle by the Planning Dept; Mr Milliken I believe wrote to Planning saying he supported it
Option A our original proposal, B more damaging to the site, and C
[slides] of Option A b/c I wanted to avoid variances
Option B out of a discussion with the nbrs to the south of the prop; thought initially wd work but had a number of problems
Option C left us with variances; encroachments but house set back
Wd like to make this point, unpopular as it might be, when a variance believe those affected nbrs, those voices shd be heard.
[Slide] north see Mr Godina [sp?] and Mr Milliken their view over our property
south Mr Long, Mr Nelson, Mr Manson, Mr X [didn't quite hear] have considerable screening
so much foliage, can't see
SJN: that shows old house
Ans: I didn't have a slide of present
wanted Mr G and Mr M b/c they can see
We really have no preference whether Option A or C
Johan Berger (sp?): we do have plans I can put up
SJN: Ccl has them in their package
David Roberts: although I regret the demolition of the old house for philosophical reasons, the old village; I withdraw my opposition on condition Option C goes forward, ugly pillars be removed, secondly the wooden shingles on top come down as far as top storey, and garage not so high it interferes with Mr Milliken's view
wrt last remark, screened from across the street
not really the point; it was so close to The Highway it was overpowering
moved back it is more discreet than before
Simon Gabriel:  John Gilbert cdn't be here this evening -- I read something from him back in Nov
Mayor: think we recall, literary.
Tony Gabriel: that's John
I fear I have shot my bolt already. I have spent all my outrage---all my angst---and try as I might, I can't drum up a single fresh emotion.
I find it interesting that with all the attempts at communication with other members of our little group of concerned neighbors, I have not been contacted. After all, my house IS the closest to their proposed building site, and we will be most impacted by what eventually is built. It would seem to me that if the Thompson group had been really interested in getting the job done, they might have at least have "sucked it up" and made an attempt to butter me up. But alas .,. no butter. Not that I pined for their attention, but that doesn't seem to be very good politics for a developer, does it? Developers are usually pretty good at politics. Did they see me as irretrievably adamant? They probably got that right---certainly in respect to the issue of blasting, which I categorically oppose because of numerous ugly consequences, yet unknown. It boggles my mind that these people propose to shatter and remove an amount of native rock equal to more than one half the floor-to-ceiling cubic area of my home .... for a bloody BASEMENT! Yes, they probably had me figured as an immovable object, but perhaps they should at least have made a stab at convincing me. Much too late now, of course.
"In good faith" is a phrase that doesn't seem to spring to mind when I contemplate the Thompson Group tactics. "Keep coming back with as little change as possible and cram it through" seems to be a better fit.
To paraphrase Admiral Farragut, the distinguished American Civil War patriot: DAMN THE OPPOSITION ... FULL SPEED AHEAD!" He was talking about torpedoes, of course ... but how different is a torpedo from a stick of blasting dynamite?
Now Tony Gabriel's remarks:
Good evening Mayor and councillors and may I take this time to wish you a belated Happy New Year.
Here we are again, a third time in front of Council -- added to the two times before the Lower Caulfeild Advisory Committee to deal with the same issue -- that of putting a new house at 4769 The Highway.
A short history of this issue would reveal that the applicant was before the LCAC in April last year which turned down the proposal. In early May they had a meeting with the Mayor and Cclr Soprovich -- the net result of which was advice that they talk to the neighbours, listen to their advice, and go from there. Two days later they re-presented their plans to the Planning Dept and a week later came to talk to the neighbours who gave them time and advice based on local knowledge and other houses down here, which was totally ignored and which has been at the bottom of all the delays and time spent since mid May last year -- nine months.
At Council in October and again in November we, a group of neighbours, offered comments and indicated areas that could be changed in order for the project to gain support, substantially the same as those of April and May -- which in many ways were simply to follow the Lower C guidelines.
At the November meeting - Don Milliken, a developer and immediate neighbour raised some objections. Shortly thereafter the applicants met with Mr Milliken and Mr Nicholls of Staff and were suddenly able to add shingles to elevations, requested since May 06, and make a number of changes which we had been requesting. In December we had a meeting with the applicant, with Mr Nicholls present -- at which we gave him several ideas which would garner support for the house, one of which was to move the garage to the front of the property instead of the rear, which had forced the house forwards on the property where it was going to become an unsightly item from the street and well as from other neighbours. Hitherto the applicant had always stressed the need for the garage to be in the rear -- tho close on every house in the Lower Caulfeild neighbourhood has its garage in the front -- as " visually offensive" to the applicant as that may be. They have also stressed the need to blast solid rock to make a basement - 1300 sq ft blasted out to make an 1100 sq ft basement -- but again no one in the neighbourhood has a basement that has been blasted out of solid rock - those that do have a lower floor -- often called a basement -- may have it because they actually enter the house at the first floor level by exterior steps, or it may be that the house is on a slope and there is a partial basement [built] around the topography. Mr Milliken has a small office on the lower floor and a wine cellar built around a projecting rock.
Francis Caulfeild's initial precept around which he spent thirty years perfecting and building Lower Caulfeild was using the topography of the land as a natural boundary line for the lots which are, as is well known, odd-shaped. On these he placed the houses to gain privacy and views. His writings on social and civic building are legendary. He did not include blasting on his lots - but built around the land.
Last week we attended Council to comment to a revision of the Plan that had been submitted and which had been voted out in November. However there were no drawings or details for Council to view and as this change had only been formulated on the Monday, there was insufficient time for Council -- or the Public -- to deal with the matter. It was deferred to today.
HOWEVER - on Wednesday last week the applicant had another revelation and revised his revision of the previous plan and decided to place the house back almost on the current house footprint and .... Put the garage in the front. A sketch of this and some comments from the Planning Dept that the garage would be lower than heretofore, were available last weekend and we duly met to look at same - reckoning that we would not have to be here tonight to comment on same as they were only sketches such as one might find on a cigarette package and after all the inconsistencies we have been through with these developers in the last ten months, we as a group determined that tho this was the best house placement we have seen yet, we would like to see the definitive plans before reacting further. Last week council deferred the issue because they had not had proper details and advance time -- this week we are here and I am saying this based on a sketch, why is there one rule one week and another this week. Why after ten months a rush to have this matter dealt with tonight?
The house itself has been the subject of many letters and comments - and has not been altered in any constructive way at all. To appease Mr Milliken some shingles were added to the sides of the house facing him so that he did not have to look at vast expanses of stucco -- something that the Guidelines expressly suggest be avoided as it does too complex combinations of roofs [?] ... which are also part of this design which was done in November 2005 and is a combination of a number of other houses by this designer - making it not unique or different for the Lower Caulfeild Heritage area.
One of the other major factors that has been suggested during this long debacle is that of how this mansion would be built and how parking would work. The entrance to the property is a maximum of 13 feet wide -- and the road width beside the entrance is also 13 feet wide. That produces an unenviable task in itself -- trying to take large trucks and equipment into such a narrow opening off a narrow road without damaging the hedge or opposite roadside as both belong to the council. Parking will also be an issue and this has been brought up on a previous occasion too. The applicant has produced a suggested plan of parking the workers' vehicles inside the civic hedge, having first put down a mass of gravel as the incline is such that in wet weather -- of which we have had a lot lately -- driving a car up the hill would be impossible .. However I calculate that the maximum number of vehicles they will be able to park will be between six and eight small ones.
Pursuant to Bylaw 4370 Section 7.1.25 there is no parking allowed on any road that has a travelled portion less than 6 metres in width. There is no road in Lower Caulfeild that has a road that is anywhere close to 6 metres -- 19 foot 8 inches wide -- so there is no parking available on the roads within the Lower Caulfeild area. (The basic fine is 45 dollars .. rising to 55 after a month) ... so where are the workers going to park their vehicles and how are large deliveries of building materials as well as demolition machinery, and containers to occur without environmental and neighbourhood damage? There has been no study to reflect any of this. Calling the Bylaw office to come and respond would seem one alternative but when the call is not returned for a couple of days, the matter becomes more important for neighbourhood issues.
One of the things the applicant has shown you is a chart of the local area with Green dots representing the homes that support his proposal. Being given to you now, is the same chart with a series of red dots, representing the neighbours who do not support this proposal and a couple of yellow dots for those who by their own admission are "ambivalent" (meaning they are both for and against the issue). One green dot, on South Piccadilly, has affixed a codicil to his support - that there is a satisfactory and workable traffic, parking, and road usage plan in place before anything occurs.
That has yet to be supplied.
You will see from the chart in front of you that the red dots clearly outnumber the green and are most concentrated around the subject property, meaning as before that there is little to no neighbour support for this proposal. A large number of the red dots agree that the most recent house placement with the garage in the front is the best alternative that has yet been presented, but there are many other factors still to be worked out before the word "support" could be used for those with red dots beside their properties.  Concerns raised politely in a meeting have not been addressed nor have others put in front of the applicants in writing and verbally over the past nine months. The basic proposed residence has not changed one iota since its conception in Nov 2005 despite numerous objections based on the Lower Caulfeild guidelines as well as other feelings. The house would suit many other West Vancouver locations perfectly, but, and it must be said yet again, it does not suit Lower Caulfeild.
I thank you for your time.
wd ask Ccl at this time, lend support to Option C as best placing of bldgs but we haven't seen plans
if vote, vote on proviso that the LC group see and agree -- and only plans wrt siting
Don Milliken: I'm the one with the hedge and the wine cellar
here in support of Alternative C, only made aware of it by Mr Nicholls recently but massing of garage needs some work; know Mr Th and Mr N aware of it
my understanding, just saw the plan for the first time on the screen, appeared 4ft from prop line, wd like it 8ft, prev wanted 10ft but Mr N prevailed on me to 8ft.
Sop moved all written and verbal submissions,... be received.
1.      The January 10, 2007 report of the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits... be received.
2.      No further notice for consideration of the revised site plan be required.
3.      Alteration Permit Application 05-026, as revised to Option C in the January 10 report...and including a side and front yard variance be approved.
subject to details of garage location, ht, subject to approval to Dir/Planning, same design, extension of shingles, removal of two pillars; implementation of traffic mgmt measures as supplemented, with traffic cones and flag person.
Sop: have seen changes; special area
what this applic has gone through, will be typical; got to consider nbrs; taken time and some change
VV: I'm concerned about letters I've just seen; amt of blasting; puzzled taken for granted right to do that
we have bylaw, supreme that it can stand alone
OCP says in keeping with area's heritage character and I don't think blasting respects that
Mayor: Mr Nicholls
SJN: the blasting bylaw is a safety bylaw but the soil removal the operative bylaw
prohibits blasting for landscaping and pool
revised to reduce rock removal so within bylaw limits
Option C removes need to blast for garage and driveway, and moves house over a depression in ground so wd reduce need for removal;  must be less than xxx
VV: so diff between blasting and vol to be removed
rock outcroppings; asked by OCP
Mayor: case or guidelines?
SJN: soil removal amount, OCP guidelines reason pool removed
most of house now built over existing house
VV: thank you for your further information
refer to recent three-year biz plan: update bylaws, blasting and soil removal is mentioned/included
we're supposed to be discussing it; not to be done as it is
not convinced; town planning act of 1926 saying no industrial activity -- spirit of that law broken by blasting
significant; this is not a homeowner, it's a biz; this is an industrial activity for profit -- it wd seem same disturbance to nbrhd as from a factory
concerned on grounds of heritage, don't think a heritage area shd be subjected to such radical drastic redevt
in our position as trustees of the nbrhd as I see it, the interest of the nbrs come first
how can we possibly protect the interests of immed nbr, Mr Gilbert, who categorically objects? doesn't he have the right to have his objection properly recognized? he's the longest standing resident, right adjacent to it
why does he not appear to have the right to have his prop/interests protected?
I'm frankly puzzled that the right to conduct an enterprise for profit seems to transcend the right of a community to the tranquillity, privacy, and stability that they expect us to safeguard for them unless something done about blasting, not prepared to support variance to siting, etc
shd hv a diff method of removing the material, or can't support this variance
Mayor: can you give a review of these bylaws? contrast what currently permitted
SJN: we will be reviewing one of the recommendations; reducing will probly come out of LCAC
believe some support in cmnty to reduce
currently dealing with bylaws now, not in future; puts a limitation on amt of rock to be removed -- half of a basement
it's hard to tell how much involved b/c until the existing house removed can't tell
we're working with existing bylaws.
JF: will be supporting Option C with conditions
the variances being applied for is wrt sideyard width, not wrt soil removal (it will be in accordance with our bylaws)
I've heard amt be reduced and others increased -- nestling into rocks less impact on views; am sure points on both sides
here we're talking about rear and sideyard variances; exacerbated by shape of lot
devpr lot of effort to assuage concerns, heard most prepared to accept Option C
MS: to Cclr V I think a homeowner's a homeowner
{hm;  when is a speculator a homeowner?}
I'm a capitalist myself enjoy making money and wdn't deny it to others
agree with Cclr Sop, shd get on, it's been on for some time
wrt Mr Gabriel, it's a sketch -- it cd hv been drawn on a napkin; says 4ft but can't tell
we shd have a plan we can see, nbrs can see; bad practice to approve
support Option C but need to have plan before making decision
SJN: exact footprint of Option C; Option A bldg part of bldg application permit, floor plans and elevation plans; building plan; that is the site plan, will be shifted to the west; bldg design is the one approved by HAC; with exception of the shingles and pedestals
Mayor: LCAC
SJN: yes, not HAC, ...LC Heritage Area adv cmte
{this completely omits the complex facts of that mtg with many absent and residents not allowed to speak although that cmte's guidelines permit it.}
Mayor: motion with subjects
SJN: remove pillars as recommended, extend shingle siding as req'd by nbrs; bldg design with roofs and verandas are part of
MS: is garage 8ft or 4ft from the prop line?
SJN: garage has not been approved yet
MS: how can we approve something if we don't have a plan for it?
SJN: recommendation was to delegate it to me and I'll do it with Mr Milliken and adjacent nbrs
Sop: states that the details, garage, ht and design, pass on to Mr N
he'll concern himself with blder as well as nbrs, and one about how close to hedge
process will move along and discussion will still ensue
JC: I seconded and therefore supportive; we did hear nbrs withdrawing objections
wrt Cclr V re building a steel mill, this will be blasting for a couple of weeks and then they'll get back to their lives
MS: I'm opposed b/c as a matter of policy shd hv plans
Mayor: see Mr N nodding
SJN: will be the design approved by the LCAC cmte
4.         Development Variance Permit 06-052 (3605 Creery Avenue)
SJN: rejected at BdofV b/c not hardship
Mayor: no one on list
Paul Marshall: owner; extremely embarrassed about the bldg of our home
issue of our front deck, back from England, ....  nbrs upset with builder
amended with nbrs; nbrs decent ppl; got me to get to know nbrs
deck was not real issue but confrontation with our builder
request to public mtg so nbrs can be heard
JC: who was builder?
PM: Prentice Construction, Chris, located in NV
JF: the difficulty I have is that the construction company simply ignored these stop work orders;  to submit plans
at any time were they in contact with you re staff?
PM: no; I was quite surprised; I've been in shock
it seems the only vengeance they cd get was on nbr
the whole 12-15 month process
I knew nothing; I was selling my biz in UK; there 7 - 8 mos, here 4 - 6 wks
JF: may cost you money removing
but your building contractor simply ignored DWV
we hope the money spent by you wd be passed back to the builder
PM: I've been in court sev times
been in biz for 20 years; has absolutely staggered me
JF: you're the meat in the sandwich
PM: relnship with nbrs; don't want to butter them up, I'm not like that
nbrs good, having a conversation with them; and they say they just want to get back at the builder
Sop: Nov 2005 were you in WV or out of the country?
PM: sorry, can't remember
Sop: our inspector asked for a survey; conversation with contractor in that time period wrt what was being done
PM: trusted the architect and builder
Sop: architect said all right b/c in air
PM: he said what, sorry?
Sop: he said, proper setbacks were in place and deck overhang not really a point shd worry about
PM: wd put the architects and builders in same pot
wd you have said at that time, wd you have been happy with that, yes
no I didn't have a conversation like that with my architect
I was told the plans were approved and the building was going to go ahead
Sop: want to quote from your architect
"point out av is ~70ft and more than 20ft in ht so no impact whatsover"
delivered on 14th when Inspector asked for surveys
PM: I haven't seen that
VV moved: THAT all written and verbal submissions,...be received.
VV then moved: DVP would provide for an upper floor deck and roof overhang with variances to the required Front Yard, be rejected.
Sop: we had a submission in the staff report that the Bd of Variance, a number of citizens spoke against what they were seeing by the representation to the BoV
since then till now, we've had a series of letters that seem now to be in support; a little bit at odds as to where we sit with this
just finished a process where nbrs had concerns; that's now all changed, but there's the other side of the coin and that's where I'm having difficulty
certain laws, discussion wrt those who build without proper permit
some of these variances being built without permit, allow some things and not
first rejection I've seen in a while
leaves me in a bit if a quandary; pass tonight or look at nbrs who've changed their mind
talk about hardship -- when this is rejected, the entire upper deck and overhangs had to be removed
SJN: I asked staff and they said it wd be somewhat complex; not easy to remove, a corner
if there was some other way, satisfactory to Ccl
was pointed out to the builder as he was building it?
Sop: staff ever contact owner? told not getting right docs?
SJN: we wd be in contact with the contractor b/c he's the registered contact
Sop: I'd like a deferral
Mayor: moving? discussion possible?
SSch: not usual
MS: think deferral a good idea
have staff report from Dec and letters from nbrs in Jan
one nbr writes, unprofessionalism of the builder and architect
time to move on
does sound as if the owner was victimised by a builder that didn't pay attention to an irregularity
if best to remove, but if it doesn't affect anyone--
if affected ask them to come forward
JF: no problem deferring but want to know what we're looking for, what anticipating?
Mayor: think idea is some options
SJN: will discuss with staff what options
CAO: if the owner relied on his contractor and architect and has been misled; really unfortunate circumstance, although obligation to make sure manage
shd determine nbrhd support and measures we can take wrt the builder and architect; they left this prob in laps of the Municipality and the owner without some review of what actually can take wrt them
look at support, options, and some sort of action if they are responsible
JC: Mr Stuart is not only writing my speeches but saying them!
what are we going to do about contractors like this?
they're on NSh; what wd be our process? pull biz licences
Mayor: we'll get to that; when report comes back Feb 5
5.         Correspondence to Council *To be provided on-table. *
{Suspense ended but I challenge you to follow this just read out:}
JC: move [parts a to e]: THAT the December 18, 2006 Council resolution regarding revision to the Correspondence Policy be rescinded;
the Correspondence Policy be revised as follows:
o To comply with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act) correspondence from private citizens addressed to Council will be listed and published in the Council agenda (hard copy and electronic copy) with a hyperlink to the document and included in the agenda package, once all personal information as defined in the Act has been severed. Where action is required the correspondence will be forwarded immediately to the appropriate director for consideration and response and a copy of the response will be provided to Council,
o Any correspondence that is included in a report to Council must be severed of all personal information by the report author before it can be included in the report;
o Correspondence that is not from private citizens will be listed and published in the agenda with a hyperlink to the document and included in the agenda package (provided there are no other legal issues prohibiting publication);
o Minutes of board and committee meetings will be listed and published on the agenda with a hyperlink to the document and included in the agenda package; and
o Correspondence to Council in its unsevered form will be provided to Council in weekly correspondence packages.
Mayor, momentarily disconcerted: is there a seconder?  seconder? no seconder?
Cclr Ferguson.
Sop: I object going in a direction taking away the benefit of Ccl and the public to have their msg to M&C to this public forum; that to me is a sound principle
now looking at a new construed or thought process by legal opinion that we in fact are doing something wrong
if an indiv under electronic monitoring or process, we can certainly strike out pertinent info but what I'm gathering from this is that letters that come to us, as we've always said to ppl, in order to be effective with letter, address it to M&Ccl; if it's to you Madam Mayor it's semi-private; if it's cclrs we deal with it in our own way, or if it's to staff
but the letter to M&Ccl goes through a process and that brings it here; we discuss it in this forum, openly, about their issue; we did it tonight two or three times several letters; we've deferred b/c of some letters by ppl
this is an open demo process don't see why now, start confining, suddenly not show up, not tonight but show up some time; in a separate package
on the electronic side, all we have to do is remove address
Mayor: this motion is quite lengthy, ask Mr Stuart for some clarity; think gets as close as we can
CAO: this is bureaucratese saying if you want your correspondence as suggested by Cclr Smith, we will just strike out the parts we can't legally publish; otherwise status quo
gets Corresp, goes on your agenda if something, can't say legally will strike it out with a black line
Sop: said what I did
Mayor: probing questions by Cclr Sop
JF: from my perspective, no difficulty with Dec 18; understand quite clearly, understand writing to M&C not made public
ppl's concern these days, identity theft quite real not just imagined; nightmare to those having things stolen just by putting banking stmts in garbage
if personal info on internet and in public library we have a liability there; quite in favour of removing public info
regardless of public getting correspondence, Ccl does; whether public does or doesn't see, will be dealt with ev bit as well
we have the info, staff will have the info; concerns will be attended to in same way
MS: I just think this whole privacy issue has just gone completely out of control
the V Sun publishes your name if you write a letter to the editor
are we saying here if a person writes a letter to M&C we can't even say who wrote the letter?
if I'm a mbr of the public and read a letter and I happen to agree with the author and I want to contact them and say I like your points; maybe you and I shd get together and maybe we can get some more ppl who think as we do, I don't know who to contact b/c I don't even know who wrote the letter!
at the v least, do at least as VSun does, publish the name of the person who wrote the letter
CAO: Ccl will be aware who wrote the letter, will see unfettered version, just a matter of what's on public record

{Note the shift from public to Ccl -- a question neither in doubt nor asked.
Did he on purpose not address the point Cclr Smith was bringing up? and does Cclr Smith notice that he's not answering the point Cclr Smith is making?  Maybe Cclr Smith is too fed up to answer. or the Mayor doesn't allow him to speak again following up.}

VV: I'm usually as persnickety as I'm able to be about complying with the law
in this case, sort of interesting this suggested protection of privacy act, the lawyers telling us shd be removing names and addresses, not sure rank in hierarchy in the normal workings above democracy and right to know; be interested if tested in court, wd be interesting arguments made
I wd suspect in court that v serious arguments wd be made that requirements of democracy supersede these kinds of protections in the normal running of an ordinary municipality
I certainly respect what Cclr F said about identity theft but just a name and address, we're not giving any kind of numbers of ppl, simply no more than you get from a ph book; wd like to continue in traditional way
the idea we have the name and address but public don't, that separates us from public whereas we represent them and I'm not really happy having that kind of information for us as if we're not simply the servants of the public doing our work here.
wd like to do things as we have been doing this
I don't want us to run scared of this and unless we really do have a legal opinion that gives us no choice
wd rather basic democratic traditions we all know and love and just see what happens

{Now watch the heavies come down on VV to cow mbrs of Ccl into line with fear; not protected from being sued if they ignore legal opinion!!!  This is paranoia gone rampant and smells of blackmail.}

Mayor: believe we do have a legal opinion telling us not to continue with practice we've had for a v long time; v few if not only one that continues with that
{had been told  at least five Ms I think in one of the staff reports!]
CAO: v few publish general correspondence as part of agenda; publish correspondence as it relates to an item on agenda; ppl have chosen to write to ccl to have their views expressed wrt a specific item
maybe one or two continue to have on agenda wanting views expressed to an item
we do have a legal opinion on this matter; if Ccl wishes to proceed, suggest we adjourn to in camera b/c you're acting directly contrary to legal advice you've been given and you'd become individually responsible for making that decision and I strongly suggest you not do that

{outrageous!  what a sledgehammer! and besides, if the Ccl practice is to list names and municipalities (b/c you not only want to know who wrote but obviously whether or not a WV resident), then an individual cclr wd NOT be responsible!!!
This is another instance of responding to something that was not said, and furthermore obviously designed to frighten.  Of course it may be that that's how the Mayor and CAO see it, but this definitely needs more clarification.
Or have they got the normally calm CAO spooked as well???
And another legal opinion at the very least if they persist in such 'bureaucratese' as DS described it earlier.}

if you feel that you need to talk further to our solicitors, then we can arrange that
Mayor: thank you
VV: don't wish to contradict what the MMgr has advised us
if we are admonished by a formal legal opinion that if we don't act in accordance with what's recommended here, we're not acting properly in discharging our responsibilities and we'll incur liabilities on that account, inclined to go along with it but tentatively and reluctantly, pending some better wisdom coming forward
JF: if I were a resident who had concerns and had concerns wrt privacy, I wanted to express concerns
name and address
feel I wdn't have been able to express myself in that way.
feel we have to make it comfortable to write to us, know privacy respected
liability aside
{then ask them to indicate: either write 'private', or not to M&Ccl!}
Mayor: we're trying to align ourselves to as close as what we had before; only difference is name and address severed
FOI is causing all sorts of probs, extra work, how dangerous it is; it's too bad; unfortunate but that's the time we're in; all have to band together to guard against it
hear prov govt announcements warning us against it, have to pull together, guard against it, have to take it seriously

{okay -- going to remove street addresses from phone books? a bank stmt or a credit card slip are a whole different category from the info in a phone book. 
Give ppl the choice to make it private by not writing to M&Ccl, or to make it public by writing to an agenda item or agenda item called PUBLIC CORRESPONDENCE.  In an open govt, open democracy, why wdn't ppl wish to speak out with their opinions?  shdn't Ccl then get to know how many agree?  Residents often have spoken to a letter on Correspondence -- applauding, adding more information, presenting another point of view.  All valuable.  Good to get the gamut of views.
By hiding the name, do we risk providing a cover for ppl to make false accusations?
Agree with Sop -- this goes to the heart of our democracy, freedom of expression and association.  We need another legal opinion.
-- btw, the first time they said they had a legal opinion they said it was just to remove the street number, then the second one said to remove more  -- why two opinions and one more restrictive than the first??? hm.  and then, why not release the legal opinions for us to see?  it's certainly not a question of land or personnel......
Or maybe we need a better understanding of what this revised practice will be.
Canada had not, and surely not WV, descended to frontier justice that writers fear being attacked for their opinions.  It's not only hard to imagine identity theft from a name and municipality and even if so extremely difficult and rare in the thousands of letters WV has received over the years.  What more wd a letter to M&Ccl give a person determined to steal an identity than a ruddy telephone directory?  If someone wants to steal someone's identity, how bloody likely is it that he'll go the the Correspondence of a municipality's agenda to find out information???
Gimme a break.
I join Cclr Smith's astonishment and frustration at such obfuscation.
Until better information given this still seems unnecessary.}

CAO: I was just going to echo the same comments you were making
this particular act has created more work for Ms and in my opinion has not necessarily made information more available nor govt more transparent; I think it's made it more difficult for residents to get information

{how so?  removing the names of the staff who writes reports? or not releasing reports???}

more difficult for staff to manage the distribution of information
unfortunately reality we've got right now given the circumstances that we face at this time.
Mayor: I'll call the question
Sop: just query one thing, I don't want to vote yet
Mayor: I have called the question, but I'd like you to ask a followup question, if you like

{hm?  sorry?
is the Mayor in a rush to get this passed?  esp since initially no seconder?
what if Sop's question (and/or the answer) affects how some cclrs vote?
certainly in the past cclrs have been able to ask a question and get it answered, then the question called again.
but maybe those were precedents only sometimes followed?}

Sop: want to know all names addresses removed; nothing but the body of the letter in this Chamber?
SSch, MClk: Ccl can expect same correspondence package ev week; also to see in published package, in public package all except personal information
Mayor: your copy will have full info
Sop: but on Internet will have sig and pert info withheld
SSch: correct
Sop: letter to us, M&Ccl, into this public forum, will it in fact be void of name and address at all
Ssch: what is in the public package will have personal info severed
Sop: I'm not supporting that
I'm not going to sit and have a venue that has been perfectly well-described under democracy where [residents] can send a letter to us [M&C} and have it described in this forum and discussed
That's positive; we talked about communication and the linkages of being open in democracy
this is the last threshold of democracy left in the way of things as far as the provincial and federal govt
a person gets to come here and say their piece--
Mayor: Cclr Sop--
Sop: I just, I object to a situation we're going to close down, close, down, and close down information.  I can understand electronically, but certainly not here in this forum; I'm not supporting it
Mayor: maybe we shd continue this conversation in camera so everybody understands the fine line we're trying to walk
CAO: and we will continue to look; our preference is to do this as simple as possible, wd be v nice if we cd just produce the correspondence
understand Cclr Sop's frustration; did try to have process to ask permission, call to see if personal information cd be provided, that's been rejected; this was suggested as an alternative; but we certainly can continue to discuss what the options are and see if there's a simpler way to do this.

{Well, the little glimmer of hope is that the CAO actually mentions can try other ways.}

6.         Appointments to 2007 Committees and Boards To be provided on-table.
David McDonald, Eugene Quan, Sonya Sanguinetti to Bd of Variance for three-year term.
7.         Appointment and Re-appointment to the North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues
RECOMMENDED: THAT the appointment of Brigitte Vogelsang and the re-appointment of Rosamund Van Leeuwen for the term January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2008, be approved.
8.         2007 Council Meeting Schedule Revision (File:  0120-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the 2007 Council Meeting Schedule be revised as follows:
=B7   a Special Regular Council Meeting be held on Monday, January 22, 2007 immediately following the Committee of the Whole Meeting, in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber
=B7   the Committee of the Whole Meeting scheduled for Monday, February 12, 2007 be changed to a Regular Council Meeting
=B7    the Regular Council Meeting scheduled for Monday, February 19, 2007 be changed to a Committee of the Whole Meeting.
MS: why are we doing this?
CAO: to Ms Scholes:
SSch: Ccl had previously adopted order; needs to be revised by a subsequent
hear we may be having Heritage Awards Feb 19

{with no HAC and no consultation with involved groups, are all the Heritage Week/Award decisions going to be made by decree?  Mayor?  staff and/or Ccl?}

Mayor: so obvious that we flip those
9.         Correspondence List --  RECOMMENDED:... received.
Mayor: anything Ccl wants to comment on?
Sop: 1.2
JF:  9.13, it's the very last one.  9.12, pardon me
Mayor: 9.12 and 9.2, anything else?
9.2               M. de Jong Westman, President, Lighthouse Park Preservation Society, December 11, 2006, regarding Lighthouse Park management
                    Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
Mayor: okay, 9.2
Sop: it's 1.2 on mine.
Mayor: yes.
{even numbering different! infernal confusion with two sets of correspondence and public deprived of one set}
Sop: she cites some points; all feet on trails is not working; dogs still running amok
shd be a park ranger; left it up to visitors but gathering situation not favourable
Parks Dept, what cd we be doing about this
KP: correct; our observation and theirs it's not working
can't say no one's abiding but rules being violated on a regular basis
recall this was a balance between those concerned about dogs and those with dogs not wanting to be limited
this was our compromise; don't know if year and a half adequate test
have suggested in last year and this year's budget a warden but not able to afford it yet
Sop: in some fenced areas doing v well; fence it up?
know some contrary
KP: we've fenced off areas, new planting; does detract from look of park
does keep dogs and other animals out; when plants new, when grown in not as nec
don't think Parks or Society wd like to see fencing in park
Sop: where going? budget? leave to Society?
KP: we don't have a big staff presence there; can't rely on ppl to keep dogs under control
"dogs and trees"
Society doesn't believe a number of things working
not any human to human conflict but have asked for funding for a warden
9.12            = ; A. Loverin, Executive Director, Silver Harbour Centre, January 04, 2007, regarding North Shore Seniors Go Bus
JF: I know Ccl sensitive about advertising but imp to give public awareness to the Seniors Go Bus
good example govt doing something good
it will take you shopping NV; since June; being funded by .......{GVRD and/or prov?}
don't charge for service but will take a small donation
encourage you to make use of this, great idea
Mayor: v successful; at srs' lunch at Xmas all they wanted to talk about
•  MS: attended with some other cclrs
Ch of Comm,  Amb strategy well recd
first mtg with Ch of Comm -- good, with NV, will be coming to Ccl in Feb with what services they've been providing
remind ev tomorrow at 2pm info on much awaited restaurant and concession; calling for expressions of interest
looking forward to interesting discussion and ideas
•  Mayor: Premier Campbell spoke at NV Ch spoke packed and cd hv sold more
part of success cooperation
wanted to congratulate
conversation on health care is all about the cost
horrific, exponential basic as boomers age
Ralph Sultan signed up whole table
how expensive, can we afford it
given how quickly health care costs rising
looking at ways GVRD can function better; obvious public want to be more engaged

{so why can't she see that for her own municipality???}

asked me to chair task force to look at that
joined with Mr Stuart; gathering for years and want to play a major role
don't expect a lengthy process but ways to be more effective
transportation, land, planning, .....  half the prov's popn live in Greater Vancouver
Bruce McArthur: just wondering if under Freedom of Information I shd be wearing a disguise and not give my real name and address
Mayor laughs and JF says: I've seen you in disguise
BMcA: wondering about the expropriation values of Sea to Sky Hwy, looking through cost strategy of cmnty ctr, wonder if funding till expected to come from land sales
spending some of the dollars....eventually from lands expropriated
looking through the three-year biz plan existing one, one initiative was to renovate Gleneagles clubhouse within resources, also been in last two year plans
another comment, notion that in OCP there was a 30-acre park proposed in the future above HBay and Eagleridge, and plan to acquire public land to meet public needs
some dollars shd go to toward identifying lands to be preserved for future
one other comment: one of my trips, walking through construction zone, not the injunction zone if anyone's watching, one of the OCP maps shows a stream but at the moment the stream has been obliterated, no ditching, no culvert, not in the envtal assessment, I don't think they're doing a good job of looking after this stream
had difficulty contacting Steve Jenkins, missing him
the trail I take, N of HBay, one we walked one time Mayor G-J, at the last dropoff before the StoSky hwy, there's a boulder 2m sq, rolled down from construction, one more revolution and it wd hv bn on the StoS hwy; phoned Kiewit and advised them of this hazardous operation, don't know if you're aware.
Mayor: extend mtg
Sop: ten minutes?
Mayor: okay.  a couple of questions re capital budget, Mr Stuart
CAO: just in planning five- to ten-year plan as part of this year's budget
are going through process dealing with exprop, there's a deadline wrt that
Mr Jenkins is on holidays but Roberta Seabrook will be able to follow up and will have Brent Dozzi follow up on hwy, and re boulders we'll follow up with Kiewit as well.
BMcA: wrt Gleneagles clubhouse, the WRA of which I'm a co-chair of, will be approaching you with further comments expected
Mayor: believe on Feb 5th agenda
CAO: actually next week Jan 22
Mayor: next week; cmte of whole mtg so general discussion, no decisions.

{Well, not quite, or not always.  Jan 22 has a regular ccl mtg immediately following the adjournment of the cmte of the whole mtg and sometimes they make motions as a result of the discussions earlier.  Gotta pay attention!}

In all of the words listed, if you take the first letter, place it at the end of the word, and then spell the word backwards, it will be the same word.

===  CMTE of the WHOLE and Ccl Mtg AGENDAS Jan 22nd  ===

1.         Approval of January 22, 2007 Committee of the Whole Agenda
2.         R. Kinar, regarding a sustainable energy challenge to all municipalities across Canada
3.         T. Steverding, Cedardale Child Learning Centre Ltd. "The Centre", regarding Child Care Spaces REPORTS
4.         Ambleside Town Centre Strategy - Public Consultation Process
            At the December 18, 2006 Council Meeting, Council received the report dated December 13, 2006 from the Urban Design Planner titled "Ambleside Town Centre Strategy Report Document"...
RECOMMENDED...  be approved.
5.       Gleneagles Golf Course Customer Service Building - Next Steps
            1.  Approval be given for a plan that will result in the construction of a separate Customer Service Building at the Gleneagles Golf Course providing customers and residents with public washrooms, a Golf Pro-shop, a food & beverage Bistro and a small community meeting area.
            2.  A proposed design and cost for the golf facility be prepared that aims in the range of $1 million that will be presented for approval to Council by May 31, 2007.

SPECIAL REGULAR COUNCIL AGENDA  (immediately following Committee of the Whole meeting)
1.  RECOMMENDED:  Council resolve into Special Regular Meeting of Council.
Bylaws are passed by a simple majority affirmative vote unless otherwise noted. 
4.         West Vancouver Child Care Regulations - Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4497, 2007 and Recommended Policy Review (File:  2620?08)
            1.         Zoning Amendment Bylaw ...  be introduced and read a first time in short form.
            1.         Zoning Amendment Bylaw be presented at a Public Hearing on Monday, February 05, 2007 at 7pm in the Council Chambers; and
            2.         Community Social Service and Planning Staff come forward with an updated child care policy that supports the provision of adequate, quality, accessible child care in the community, including review and consideration of the matters outlined in section 3 of the report of the Planning Analyst dated January 16, 2007.

First was the greeting -- How are you? Well, thank you (b/c health; 'good' if you're a missionary)
Second was the possessive -- formed by adding 's unless the word is PLURAL and ends in s, then just the apostrophe.
This is the third instalment, PRONUNCIATION
CORRECT PRONUNCIATION of commonly mispronounced words (stress capitalized syllable):
adVERtisement, APPlicable
bEEn -- yes, it rhymes with seen, not bin as you hear Americans say
COMParable -- the first a is swallowed so it starts COMpra...
Metis (may-TEECE) -- yes, even though it doesn't look like that; for historical reasons b/c from mixed
Compare and note difference: coo and cue, too and Tuesday, moo and mew, noose and new (listen for oo then you/yew in the second word; the influence of Spanish on US English is changing the u sound to oo)
and lastly for today, leisure rhymes with pleasure -- as it should!


When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep  her.
                                -- Sacha Guitry
After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of a coin; they just can't  face each other, but still they stay together.
                                -- Hemant Joshi
By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher.
                                -- Socrates
Woman inspires us to great things, and prevents us from achieving them.
                                -- Dumas
The great question... which I have not been able to answer... is, "What does a woman want?
                                -- Sigmund Freud
I had some words with my wife, and she had some paragraphs with me.
                                -- Anonymous
Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week.  A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays."
                                -- Henny Youngman
I don't worry about terrorism. I was married for two years.
                                -- Sam Kinison
There's a way of transferring funds that is even faster than electronic banking. It's called marriage."
                                -- James Holt McGavran
I've had bad luck with both my wives. The first one left me and the second one didn't."
                                -- Patrick Murray
Two secrets to keep your marriage brimming:
                1. Whenever you're wrong, admit it,
                2. Whenever you're right, shut up.
                                -- Nash
The most effective way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once...
                                -- Anonymous
You know what I did before I married? Anything I wanted to.
                                -- Henny Youngman
My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.
                                -- Rodney Dangerfield
A good wife always forgives her husband when she's wrong.
                                -- Milton Berle
Marriage is the only war where one sleeps with the enemy.
                                -- Anonymous
A man inserted an 'ad' in the classifieds: "Wife wanted". Next day he received a hundred letters.  They all said the same thing: "You can have mine."
                                -- Anonymous
First Guy (proudly): "My wife's an angel!" Second Guy: "You're lucky, mine's still alive."

===  QUOTATIONS  ===

Jorge Luis Borges
Spanish - el libro es una de las posibilidades de felicidad que tenemos los hombres
English - a book is one of the fonts of joy available to us

Alessandro Morandotti
Italian - le medesime parole, profferite da bocche diverse, acquistano significati differenti, persino antitetici
English - the same words uttered by different mouths take on different, even antithetic, meanings

H.L. Mencken
A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin

Sir Winston Churchill
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after."

George Bernard Shaw
The greatest problem of communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.

Dr Mardy Grothe's choice:
It is often said that understanding does not indicate agreement.  It is less well accepted, but also true that agreement does not always indicate understanding.

On January 27, 1900, Hyman G. Rickover was born in Makov, Russia (now Poland).  In 1906, he immigrated with his family to the US, settling in Chicago.  After graduating from the US Naval Academy in 1922, he became a naval officer and an expert on submarines.  After WWII, he spearheaded the US effort to develop nuclear submarines, a dream which came to fruition in 1954 with the launching of The USS Nautilus (his gravestone in Arlington National Cemetery is inscribed, "Father of the Nuclear Navy"). When he retired at age 82 in 1982, he was the longest-serving military
officer in US history, with 63 years of continuous service.  He was also one of the most decorated.  He was a controversial figure and known for his blunt opinions, a demanding and occasionally intimidating manner, and a willingness to speak plainly to superiors.  He was also very quotable:

"It is said that a wise man who stands firm is a statesman, and a foolish man who stands firm is a catastrophe."

"If you're going to sin, sin against God, not the bureaucracy; God will forgive you but the bureaucracy