NOTES Jan 22nd
Calendar to Feb 8th+

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Great Anticipations: Mozart and Musqueam and Magic -- VOA's Magic Flute starts Saturday Jan 27th
*  You heard about the frilly shark they found off Japan, ancient ancient ancient creature that lives down 600m.  And now we have a whale in the Fraser River, and if you see it or any of his friends, pls call BC Cetacean Sightings Network at 1-866-I-SAW-ONE (1-866-472-9663).
*  We all miss the incredible, enthusiastic Steve Irwin, the Aussie crocodile hunter.  Well, Ross the intern (on Jay Leno's show) interviewed him -- what an unlikely pair -- priceless: http://www.youtube.com/v/pa_7P5AbUww
*  When I learned at the Wetlands mtg that the Squamish consider spring has started when they hear the first peep of the tiny pacific chorus frog, it was so endearing I had to suggest we ask for ppl to send us haiku celebrating the arrival of spring (prize/reading during Heritage Wk Feb 19-25?).  Call 922 4400 for info; update on this in next issue.
= Next Ccl mtg is Feb 5th, agenda will come out late Feb 1st
= gRUMBLEs; Vive le Canada; Theatrewatch; INFObits; Calendar to Feb 8th (Squamish Sculpture at Library photo op, viewing; ADRA NEWS & AGM AGENDA Feb 6th); Jan 22nd Ccl Mtg NOTES (Child Care,  Daycare; Ambleside Town Strategy; Gleneagles Proposal $1M+ but really $3.2M?); More on the SQUAMISH SCULPTURE; LANGUAGEWATCH (Spelling); Quotations

=== gRUMBLEs ===  W= VPD continues to confound.
A few facts to keep in mind as this sad confusing story unfolds:
The mayor is chair of the Police Bd but has NO vote except to break a tie.  This means technically at least that it is the Board that hires and fires.
Ccl is not involved in any of their deliberations or meetings and has no official/procedural role or influence.  The Police Bd simply presents its annual budget to Ccl for approval.  Any discontent or questions you have wrt the Police ought to be laid at the feet of the Police Bd, not Council.

*** VIVE LE CANADA........
=B6  A rollicking Robbie Burns Night (Jan 25) to you, or as we say here: Gung Haggis Fat Choy!
The Arabic-language "Field Guide to the Birds of Iraq" has just been published as part of the CIDA-funded ($3M) Canada-Iraq Marshlands Initiative formed to study, re-flood, and revive the marshes destroyed by Saddam, a globally significant Iraqi ecosystem. This is one of the first comprehensive ornithological field guide in any Arabic-speaking country.

Currently at the Jericho Arts Centre, United Players presents
THE SWAGGERING SOLDIER, A Comedy by Plautus /*/ Jan 26 - Feb 18, Thur - Sun 8pm
All tix $6 at PREVIEW 25 JAN; Tickets: $12 - $16; Thursday Feb 1st - Talk back session after the show/
FYI, Titus Maccius Plautus (c. 254-184 B.C.) composed over 100 comedies in Latin, adapting them from Greek originals. Plautus wrote his plays entirely in verse with certain sections designed to be sung. Accompaniment was provided by an instrument similar to an oboe. Only male actors were used, and all of them wore masks.
Last year at the Jericho Arts Ctr there was a v good United Players production of
DEMOCRACY by Michael Frayn
so it's returning, this time at the Vancouver Playhouse, Feb 8, 9, 10 -- RECOMMENDED!
--> INFO/Reservations on both:  www.unitedplayers.com  tel:  224 8007 x 2

===  INFObits  ===
DNV's budget 2007 was presented at the Jan 22 ccl mtg.  Wonder if DWV's is on the horizon.....
National Literacy Day is Saturday Jan 27th
Cypress Mountain is in Coquitlam!  that mountain up behind us is Cypress Bowl.  It does confuse ppl but one can sympathize with CBRL -- have a mountain as part of your name sounds so much better than a bowl.
UPDATE: it is now Cypress Mountain.  That's how they answer the phone -- I checked and the new name has been used for the last couple of years although the official biz name is CBRL.
Great things happening up there in prep for Olympics -- and it's in our back yard!
Middle East Morass/Mess/complexity, almost impossible for us to sort out: During Lebanon's civil war (1975 - 1990), Christians battled Muslims. But the new confrontation has taken different sectarian lines: Shiites support the opposition, Sunnis back the prime minister and Christian parties are divided between the two camps.
Now that you've got your passport and you're going to take a flight for a holiday, find out what you can take:  http://www.ks13.com/myspace/tsa1.wmv

===  CALENDAR to Feb 8/10th  ===
=== Friday January 26th
~10:30 - 12:30pm ~ Philosophers' Cafe at Library: Cascadia as a Geopolitical Concept
A rare behind-the-scenes look at the making of Sna7m Sm=E1nit (Spirit of the Mountain), a new public sculpture to be unveiled in March at Ch'tl'am (Ambleside Park). See how high-pressure water cuts through steel to produce a sculpture of exceptional quality.
1:30 on Monday, Jan 29: Installation photo opportunity: Capture the raising of the new Coast Salish sculpture!
Location: Ch'tl'lm (Ambleside Park) entrance, foot of 13th St.
A large, permanent, Coast Salish sculpture will be installed at the entrance to Ambleside Park. The installation kicks off a series of events celebrating the Squamish Nation.
Join Xwa lack tun (Rick Harry) for an Artist's Talk on February 6th at 7 pm at the Library.  The artist will share the concepts and stories behind his new sculpture Spirit of the Mountain, the steel cutting method used to fabricate the sculpture, and the inspiration behind the design of the brickwork that forms the exterior wall of the base to create the impression of a Squamish woven cedar basket.
Studio Tours February 10 and March 24; More info in Squamish Sculpture section at end of newsletter.

=== Tuesday January 30th [See FBG below in Ongoing]
 "A Simple Curve" (92 minutes)
Start of Movies at the Meek at Kay Meek Ctr
Wine and coffee bar opens at 7pm.  Film screenings begin at 7:30pm. Each film is introduced by a special guest speaker.  We invite you to stay after the film to meet our guest speaker and discuss the film with friends. Wine and coffee bar is open.
Details about this movie about a hippie family in BC, a father-son relationship, can be found at:

=== Wednesday January 31st -- Deadline for submission of applications for a DWV Cmnty Grant.

- -at  SILK PURSE: "Winter Solstice" to Jan 28; exhibition, sale of works by North Shore Artists' Guild
Jan 2 - 31 Exhibit: Lighthouse Park Preservation Society: Celebrating  Nature -- Lighthouse Park
Readers' Cafe: A reading & discussion of James Joyce's " Ulysses ", Tuesday, Jan 30 from10:30am - 12:30pm, Peter J. Peters Room. For more information call the Reference Dept 925-7405.
~ 7:30pm ~ February 9th - Vancouver Opera Touring Ensemble
Mozart's The Magic Flute - A Northwest Coast Interpretation.
This production is intended for young audiences, but will be loved by people of all ages.
-- AT THE FERRY BUILDING GALLERY -- January 30 to February 11
"UNLIMITED" --  Photography by Dan Herringa, Lorne Topham, Cheryl Yates.
~ 6 - 8pm ~ OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, Jan 30
~ 2 - 3pm ~ ARTISTS' TALK : Saturday, Feb 3
-- WV Museum & Archives -- to Feb 17 -- "Capturing the Likeness"
an exhibition of portraits by WV resident Winston Elliott, from wartime to now.
***  COMING:
-- ADRA AGM Tues Feb 6th (see notice/AGM just below) --
-- Book Club discussion re The Attack by Yasmina Khadra --
Feb 7th Wed 7:30pm at 32 Books, 3185 Edgemont (NV), ph 980 9032

-- WINTERSONG starts Feb 9th at KMC --

-- HERITAGE WEEK Feb 19 to 25 --

===  ADRA NEWS & AGM AGENDA Feb 6th   ===
January 2007 [with minor corrections] and *notes/clarification

N O T I C E   O F &nb= sp; A N N U A L   G E N E R A L   M E E T I N G

Dear ADRA Members:
This is our fourth newsletter [in the past year]. This update is to let you know what our Directors have done in the past months.
[Ambleside Park]
Ambleside Park is West Vancouver's largest and most popular waterfront park.  Are you aware that the municipality of West Vancouver has invited submissions from [established] restaurant operators, developers, and investors to construct a new building (approx. 7,000 sq. ft.) offering a full service restaurant, beach food service, and public amenity building in Ambleside Park?
Will this erode more green space?
What will happen to the children's heavily-used children's playground, to the basketball court and skateboard bowl that our teens use?  Gridlock [and] traffic jams are not uncommon during the summer months.  Will Ambleside Park end up being another paved-over parking lot?  Since the District has invited developers to participate in this development, where is the public consultation about even considering such a proposal?  We already have restaurants up and down Marine Drive.
ADRA has always supported "Parks are for People and Recreation".
Evelyn Drive Update
ADRA directors (two were on the Spaxman Committee) supported lower density option "B".  Other than [Councillor] Vivian Vaughan, Council supported Option "C", a higher density of  349 units.  The traffic study for the Evelyn Drive/Taylor Way corridor is still not finalized.  Congestion during the Christmas season is an indicator of what is to come.  [Councillor] Vaughan stated that the community benefits are not adequate for the size of this development brought forward by Millennium.
The Budget
The District of West Vancouver's 2007 budget is still not available.  ADRA has always pushed for a budget to be brought forward in October/November of the previous year for public review.
Financial Sustainability Task Force*
The task force was chaired [by an ADRA director].  This insightful report was sent to Council with recommendations regarding budgetary and financial procedures.  We wait with interest to see whether these recommendations will be implemented.
2007 Property Taxes**
2007 property assessments have risen dramatically, up to 30% for some residents in West Vancouver.   [The District's] mill rate regulates what our taxes will be.  Water and sewer costs are also up for taxpayers for 2007.
Annual General Meeting
We have invited Mayor Pam [Goldsmith-Jones and councillors] to attend our AGM.  We [invite] you to attend and ask council members questions on February 6 [at the meeting starting at] 7:30 p.m. at St. Stephen's Church, 21st Street, across from the Aquatic Centre.
Our objective is to promote and encourage resident participation in decisions affecting the municipality of West Vancouver, specifically pertaining to the Ambleside and Dundarave areas.
 We support controlled growth and development that reflects the character of the existing residential and commercial areas in our neighbourhood.
                                                                                                            Elaine Fonseca

*       There were three cclrs on the Task Force: Clark, Smith, Soprovich.
**      Once the budget is passed, the mill rate is set.  The Director of Finance said that anyone whose increase in assessment is more than 18.84% (the average) will pay more and any increase under that will pay less.

7:30 p.m. - 2007 February 6 - Tuesday
St. Stephen's Church, 885 - 22nd Street
             1.      Approval of Amended Agenda
            2.      President's Report - Elaine Fonseca
            3.      Treasurer's Report - Ray Richards
            4.      Adoption of 2006 AGM Minutes
            5.      Approval of membership fees, 2007 calendar year ***
            6.      Election of Directors ****
                     Current Directors and those who have agreed to date to stand for election:  Elaine Fonseca, Roff Johannson, Keith Pople, Carolanne Reynolds, Ray Richards, David Stephenson, Eleanor Thomas
            7.      Addresses by West Vancouver Mayor and Councillors
            8.      New Business
            9.      Adjournment
              Question Period as time permits.*****

***     Same as last year
****    Nominations from the floor permitted
*****   NB: Missing from the newsletter was the Jan 22 Cmte of the Whole mtg on the Ambleside Town Strategy,  The President attended and voiced some concerns raised by the Board.  It is hoped that there will be a rep from ADRA on any adv cmte/working or steering group formed.  Ccl announced a town hall mtg at the Srs' Ctr will be held on Wednesday, Feb 15th.  No doubt there'll be questions at the AGM!

A = FIRST (shortened), approved for circulation awareness/information:
This document deserves close scrutiny, particularly by ADRA.  The changes that would be set in motion if this were to be adopted would make very significant changes to the community. ...   we should request an opportunity to prepare an extensive rejoinder on behalf of our membership.
The salient points that leap out:
Proposed Strategies:
There is extensive discussion of "built form" (sic) for housing ideas which I have not addressed....
Some comments:

No doubt need for BIA. The problem, of course, is that landlords are generally happy since, with triple-net leases, all costs are passed directly to their tenants who are locked into a lease (paying taxes) and the value of their property goes up (funded by their tenants and other taxpayers).
No doubt a study re traffic and parking needs required.
Screams for a costing report.
Cmnty Benefit options shd be from beginning so we don't get saddled with accepting pennies on dollars (but we have to admit this was better than previous 'gifts' to devprs).
I'd heard heights wd be from two storeys to five storeys.
Relationship with the waterfront will make Amb more attractive.
Guess the restaurant in Amb Park is part of the renewal.......
Choices re beautifying entrance (three) not costed but understand one was $4.5M  (cheapest ~ $700K).
===  CCL MTG NOTES Jan 22nd  ===

 ===  CMTE of the WHOLE & Special Ccl Mtg NOTES Jan 22nd  ===

1.         Approval of January 22, 2007 Committee of the Whole Agenda
2.         R. Kinar, regarding a sustainable energy challenge to all municipalities across Canada
RK: thanks for past challenges, pesticide bylaw, etc; course as a result of Ccl wrt outdoor; helmet use/standards at FCM; leadership led me here today
climate change is one of the key challenges facing
what can we/WV do
Sop: congratulations to you for some of your efforts bringing some of these things to Ccl
other govts piecemeal at best; we're left wandering, all talk and no go
we have an envtal task group coming up; we have geothermal, Eagle Lake, biodiesel on our buses
when you get the ppl rallied they do commit but do other levels of govt?
we're concerned and we're going to do our part...ev in our power
Mayor: imp to recognize the three NSh Ms are trying to collaborate wherever we can
CNV, as part of their 100th celebration series, will have speakers, ..... Mike Harcourt, David Suzuki
and Mr Barth re biodiesel
EBarth, Dir/Eng: we're experimenting, up to 20%
Mayor: willing to do more
3.         T. Steverding, Cedardale Child Learning Centre Ltd. "The Centre", regarding Child Care Spaces
Actually my name is Joanne McKenna, and I'll be speaking on behalf
[7:20] interested you're looking at your own childcare zoning, so good timing
thanks for email from Cclrs Ferguson and Smith
seems to be a lack of hi quality daycare, see it as a serious issue
most of us are dual working parents
policy seems inconsistent with federal, and prov backtracking
Cedardale not just a biz; loving..... learn empathy, treat one another with respect, interact in a caring and loving manner
gap with Sch Bd; not really their responsibility, not theirs for those under six so coming to you to work collaboratively and cooperatively
important kindergarten chn ready to start school
seen studies, one in four not developmentally ready
asking you to take initiative and take to prov and fed govts
research results imperfect; 12 daycare facilities here in WV; extensive wait lists, 45 families ahead of you
unless you're on Bowen Island, have transportation challenge
working fulltime not going to work
leaves nine facilities and Cedardale given notice must leave July 7, then down to eight facilities -- insufficient...
[slides: childminding chart, day care stats]
preschool three to four hours and not in afternoon
subtract what's not suitable to parents who work fulltime, left with 329 spaces and demand 1820 wch might not be full number
got numbers from your staff, Leanne Sexsmith
to have Cedardale, hi quality, closing, is concern
access to childcare a real issue; in BC a growing gap
if women can't work b/c no access to daycare
want to work with sch bd, with M; want to work for a smooth transition
Cedardale, interact, know dogs, pets, chn in nbrhd
need your commitment to meet goal, best-educated on continent
possible opps for space in new cmnty ctr
see a couple of options: wrt Cedardale, help us to get extension on lease from Sch Dist, find other space; work to resolve this issue
Mayor: I spoke with Jean Kellett about your mtg last week, may be role for M to play in a steering group.
Ans: will be having a mtg with them on Friday to get better understanding of underutilized space; get creative solns
these kinds of facilities, difficult in commercial space, expensive here in WV -- group daycares are at pleasure of the Sch Bds and these churches as hosts; understand M looking at bylaw regs and policies, expanding re daycare and leasing arrangements
Sop: what's difference between a quality daycare and the daycare provided by Coastal Health (the guidelines they provide)?
Ans: guidelines always v good but you have to check it out; sometimes qualitative, how interact, how chn treated, sometimes brightness of the room, artwork, some intangible things; something a parent gets a feeling in their gut about
most follow guidelines; unlicensed might not be enforced
Sop: guess my assumption daycare has to be checked out by Coastal Health and operate according to their regs
Ans: min reqmts, some exceed and Cedardale is an example
Sop: your expectation that the taxpayers of this cmnty shd fund?.....
Ans: I'm a taxpayer; expect chn to be looked after
my husband works, I have to work to live here
are you interested in a diverse cmnty? look at your stats and see where majority of your popn is; hoping you want a diverse one
Sop: I have a seven-year-old and paid for him to go..... NSh Nbrhd House provides a quality service
we have some indicators tonight, aware; we want to do something about daycare in this cmnty, keep in mind that under Coastal Health, family daycare can be anywhere in cmnty up to eight chn
Mayor: we have three more cclrs wanting to ask questions
Sop: .... if Sch Bd no go, what expect us as Ccl to do?
Ans: wd like opp of a followup; off top of my head there are some spaces soon to be vacated
understand you're relaxing your policies, want to look at that
like cooperation at min to get extension at Cedardale; process appears not to have been a fair and open one
look at this with us, may be other facilities out there than we know of
JF: obvious a will and desire to have a cmnty broad and diverse
service shd be; understand stresses of young families; can stay in cmnty and pay taxes
many of us have used daycare, not just a practical but also an emotional need
have trouble thinking Sch Bd not fair and open in its process, regularly are; regularly are
had policy gave daycare priority
we have a liaison cmte with them; see if we can find creative means of assisting, interim until better opportunities
happen to live in Cedardale and see your daycare chn, they know my dogs, sing me Xmas carols ev year, and it's a joy
JC: how much space do you need?
Ans: uh--
JC: how much wd you like?
Ans: current enrolment about 40; split into under 3 group, and 3 to 5
JC: 1500sf or?
Ans: currently have 2000sf
JC: nominal? don't pay market rent?
[Ans unintelligible]
JC: no
Ans (continues): some regulations, have to have outdoor space, limits appropriateness
RD: I didn't reply to your email b/c I didn't really know what to say
strongly support daycare; had chn in daycare, grandchildren in daycare
lived in Europe where public education starts at 3; maternelle; state subsidizes the creche from zero to 3, essentially national, in Canada wd be provincial
serious, 40 chn and can't find a place to meet; don't want to criticize Sch Bd b/c they're expanding French immersion and as a person involved in French history and culture over the years, all for Fr immersion
dilemma: we're building new cmnty ctr and utilizing all space, churches and elsewhere for our progs, just this next year in absence of functioning rec ctr; really sympathize with you
[7:36] hope you can persuade Sch Bd to give you another year, then Ctr will be built
I personally support daycare strongly and do anything reasonable to find space; options limited
Ans: endorsement of Ccl support to Sch Bd?
RD: I don't know Sch Bd's position, know they need space for immersion; support Sch Bd to find you some place
Ans: when I said process not open, didn't mean to criticize them, but for instance the Teachers' Union is allowed to stay, another childcare ctr that came after Cedardale is allowed to stay longer, seems to be some decisions I don't understand rhyme or reason from fairness perspective, puzzling
may be some opportunity to persuade or influence Sch Bd
MS: get down to brass tacks, ppl coming looking for action
when on Sch Bd it was always as Cclr F said, always put high priority on chn, looking after future customers -- can remember moving money around for portables, to find, keep daycares open, etc
need to form small cmte or working group, Cclr F and I with our experience can volunteer
Mayor: think you'll want Cclr Day too
MS: whatever; sit down with Sch Bd, meet with church groups; meet need; to get the Cedardale Ctr, stay where they are
strongly suggest we meet with sch bd trustees see if we can find a positive solution to this dilemma
Mayor: make motion?
MS: yes
[and he did so]
Sop: fine meet with them but if they say no, what are you going to do?
how solve? meet with these ppl: get staff report
not just sch bd, if no space then dead in water; if you're going to do it right, do it right.
Mayor: I think this is a first step; shared responsibility
doesn't serve anybody's purpose to blame anybody, sector, institution
start with sch bd and meeting with parents as well and not leaving anybody out of the equation
then, Cclr Sop, sure a lot more will come out of this as well
4.         Ambleside Town Centre Strategy - Public Consultation Process
            At the December 18, 2006 Council Meeting, Council received the report dated December 13, 2006 from the Urban Design Planner titled "Ambleside Town Centre Strategy Report Document"...
Mayor commenting about 4 and 5 on diff agendas to straighten out who's to speak to what then ascertained Dir/Planning wd speak first.
SJN: primary is to begin the proposed strategy; secondly public consultation process
studies over years
year and a half ago went out to public, input received; from staff perspective has been collaborative (with other depts)
vision being created; real town ctr precinct from civic ctr over to Ambleside Park
three current studies
first, Amb Park vision plan, under discussion
second: arts and culture policy
third town ctr strategy
land use, building form, ht; waterfront still being devpd so minor
QUESTIONS: What is Ambleside? what can it become? and what difference does it make?
within town ctr resident can to go to an aq ctr, ice rink, srs' ctr,  rec ctr with offices of regional health unit, one of the major libraries in prov, M Hall, museum, multiple cultural venues on waterfront, enjoy a incredible sea walk, one of the major beach parks in the region with a youth ctr, all-weather soccer field complex
take for granted, but then commercial area and it has been town ctr since inception in 1912; main offices ppl use
Amb has all the components, PLUS, and don't believe any other village in Canada that has all those things in one compact area
more than its fair share, spectacular assets,  setting as well
what it lacks currently IMO and with ppl discussed, is energy, a sense of itself in contemporary sense, contemporary reason for its being b/c things changing
falls short in terms of those who walk in it and do biz; needs to become more than it is today
it is a beloved cmnty ctr; struggling to find enjoyment they had before in that area; needs to radiate its value; experience what ppl expect today
cmnty character that exists, change what is not working; involves more intense pedestrian experience, comfort and interest
continued introduction of new experiences b/c we're changing, strong desire for arts and culture  -- we have new experiences
attraction and retention of key anchor tenants; those proposals will be described by Colette Parsons, followed by the process by Geri Boyle
CP: slide of town ctr; land use proposals (av on website)
first goal is to diversify the uses within the Amb area
not just bizs, in a balanced way
one of the concepts is to create a more concentrated core; retail and second-storey commercial
mix of residential and commercial uses; more flexibility, on either side of the ctr shaded blue
depend on market and need
Arts and Culture: an opp to bring diversity of use
Silk Purse and the FBG, talking about expanding those uses, bring that into commercial area; perhaps 13th, some sort of gallery space
desire to recreate, so some sort of continuous walkway, bikeroute
also want to bring some park space into biz area 14th and 17th
concentrate commercial uses on N S streets that link down to waterfront
14th shortest distance, some kind of central gathering place
take some successful cultural events such as Harmony Arts Festival, to comm area by having an area that can function as culture as well
slide of building form and street, making a comfortable streetscape
intent to allow a mix of bldg forms and heights
[7:53] to provide scale and promote ped envmt
new buildings to set back 3ft to allow -- from 9ft now, to 12ft; looking for a mix of heights
three-storey bldgs wd be permitted outright
for three- and four-storey bldgs to be set back from street -- reduces shade and shadow on street
example: slide of existing example (slide of Hollyburn Medical), setbacks upper storeys
if we do allow four storeys, shd not run continuously along block; diff in roof lines; to maintain small scale character
smaller sites, up to 60ft in frontage are in blue and they'd be limited to two storeys (no expected change also in blue)
three storeys at 60 to 120
lots 120 to 220 in frontage along MDr and Bellevue; some props wd need assembly to get this size
slide showing where permitted outright
some can be tied to cmnty benefit
want to capitalize on wonderful character that exists but want to improve -- talking about pedestrian envmt at street level; recognize it cd impact traffic flow
bn working with Engg Dept about some of the improvements to traffic flow; coordinating traffic signals, also considering restricting turning in peak traffic periods and also looking at small-scale shuttles -- Amb to Dund to Pk Royal
street improvements; at the corners looking a curb extensions -- they help traffic flow, reduce distance ped has to cross, more comf for ped too; working with Emil
Improve entrance to Ambleside: slide shows entrance east to west -- with addition of a median and a blvd
design concept being worked on now along with costing and that will come forward to Ccl
1400block looking west, look at planting; create buffer; improve ped envmt
small initiatives; streetscape ambience; Geri will talk about public consultation
Geri Boyle [8:03]: where do we go from here?
want to integrate town ctr with greater vision
masterplan graphics being completed; next step in consultation -- Ccl taking the strategy to a townhall mtg
Thursday Feb 15 at Srs' Ctr if Ccl wishes
Ccl has set up new approach, working group for the ATS; wd be prepared to meet with Cclr F with that group next week
important to speak with Amb biz and homeowners
like that to take place before the townhall mtg
proposal for an online forum; will get that in place before end of month
following townhall mtg and other consultations,  latter part of March a report to Ccl on outcome of those consultations
see some minor changes; expect Ccl to instruct us to proceed to bylaws
OCP amendment bylaw, wd affect devt permit guidelines and bylaws includes.....
introduce predictability and certainty to process
Mayor: hear from the public and then Ccl, may want to have you back if questions
Elaine Fonseca, Prez, ADRA: this doc is quite lengthy and our ratepayers feel it's going to have quite an impact on us in the Amb/Dund area
no mention whatsoever of costs and this is quite contrary to FSTS wch called for clear identification of all costs on new projects
We feel that four- or five-storey buildings do not belong in our concept as a village
Our Assn wd like to participate, will be bringing forth a report
thought a delegation but as I see let public speak Feb 15, three weeks from this date?  is that enough time? quite a lengthy report
and as it has such an impact in our cmnty, three weeks does not seem to be adequate time to scrutinize and make comment
Mayor: the mtg not decision; time for it to be put out, begin, broadly, step one
EF: step two will be?
Mayor: usually recommendations back to Ccl; again opp for public input
working group hasn't been formed yet but they will be stewards of the process and they may recommend certain things, opportunities for the public to be involved.
EF: I have submitted my name but not heard, will we be told yea or nay
Mayor; yes
EF: cost analysis we'll be able to see?
Mayor: wrt?
EF: as I just stated, the FSTF called for clear identification of all costs on new projects
as we've seen with our rec facility, as we've seen the Aquatic Ctr, we have costs projected to the public, and then they tend to soar out of sight
we'd like to know: what is this going to cost us? as a taxpayer
Mayor: fair question
this is a town ctr plan; goal at this point, broad brush, get a sense to see if the cmnty can get behind; will involve priv sector investment
wrt public realm; be some costs but we hope some cmnty benefits provided by devprs as a result of Ccl's zoning power and legislative tools
Ccl hasn't even begun to discuss this; good questions to keep in mind
EF: thank you
Mayor: I'll begin. I made a formal presentation at January breakfast mtg Ch of Comm; wd like to give an abridged version of that
indicate where I'm coming from; cclrs, landlords, we're the stewards; Ambl has been the heart of the cmnty
Marine Dr was and still is our main street
devt in the village, get what you wanted and see your friends; part of our normal week, see friends
don't think we've changed v much
wishing to support local biz and one another
many function that way but many don't and proliferation of blank windows that stare at us is a huge problem
speaking for myself, my goal of bringing Amb back to life is not either/or, is part of keeping current
rich cmnty life for ourselves and for those who visit
a proper village makes you get out of your car, just can't help it; a joy and experience
Amb V shd be the core, it's the heart, referred to as town ctr, not quite the same as highly successful Caulfeild, Dundarave, Edgemont, or Kerrisdale
Amb cd hv and shd hv increased activity, priority for me
one of our four main stated goals in this term
.....new legislative challenges....
spent a year in creating these strategies and goals; Planning; restructuring ourselves
putting together a guiding coalition of citizens
job of this group will be to enable the synergy bet arts, park, and the town ctr
for me there is a real sense of urgency
vibrant village, represents West Coast Architecture and contemporary art
concern mirror to us and shows we don't care in connecting with one another
afraid of tackling the tough zoning changes and legislation, and we've given up
we can do better, I think we must do better,and Ccl is at an important juncture
in our biz plan, this is one of our top goals
not just to prosperity and ....  meaningful things; beyond pride we all feel pride and fortunate to live here
passion for new bldgs not bandage solutions
need to bring down the barriers between commerce and culture and chn
unique, can learn from others, don't have to be like others
Planning shows why devt slow to occur. One of my favourite lines in the report: Amb gives little impression of vitality.  Nicely put.
think achievable, challenge for us as Ccl, sense of urgency, desire, change, then political will
more livable, meaningful Amb over next decade or two
a year ago in Globe and Mail:  ...... it takes leaders to save a village
question across the Canada to see if villages can survive; some can, some can't
ppl in WV value the slow lane but want it to be intense, interesting, and lively
leaders have to attract priv sector to take risks
do we believe the Village is worth breathing life into
next gen of empty nesters, first time buyers
next step in culture is a class A gallery like the little Tate Gallery in St Ives in Cornwall or Bilbao, Spain
I can see it clearly; I'm laying all effort I have and my reputation as mayor
I will work hard for Amb V in 21st century; built a little higher, more ppl, respects roots, quiet cmnty over the bridge, as it looks toward the future.
VV: comment you made, we haven't really changed in some ways, true
also said in other ways unique, but listening to Mr Kinnard earlier.... re climate change and fuel use
don't see any hint, in presentations even from those whose job title is planner, they've had the news on in the past month -- global warming and climate change ev day
we've got a beachfront in Ambleside, and planning an art galleries and such there
govt bldgs supposed to be there for 40 years; need to be drawing some contour lines if ocean one ft, two -- five ft higher
the First Nations have given us notice will be bldg east of duck pond
700K of current park area will become residential not necessarily in the distant future
shdn't we be looking for some park land between MDr and rlwy track; create new park areas
feel we haven't dealt with policy for the context of this; carrying on while rest of world aware of climate change; think we shd have a discussion of policy
taxpayers' prop along waterfront; come out of denial
Sop: do have an hour?
Mayor: used that up few months ago!
Sop: I've watched to see what staff wd come up with
see principles they've laid down, see there's a need
in philosophy uplift for giving cmnty benefit, strange
spoke to someone who owned part of a bldg on Bellevue and he asked if anything was going to be done in the area and I said yes, we were looking for landowners to come forward
well, this is a two-storey bldg and we can't do anything unless looking at four or five storeys
we were looking at first of three storeys on N and four on S
another -- need 10 or 12 on one floor and same on next
now talking about those storeys, will be 50 to 60 ft high
wonder if the concept of village is a walled MDr four storeys on S side, whether that's a village
giving uplift and flexibility for cmnty benefit
pay for MDr $1M, pay for curb ext $1M,

{LATER, AN ASIDE from Editor: At the Police Bd mtg Thursday Jan 25, there were questions about curb extensions, not sure having ppl closer to traffic was a good idea.  Hello, Folks, do you think they help? are safer?}

pay for Art Gallery?  I don't think they're going to do that
most will go for the max; that's fine then what's our cmnty benefit out of that?  moving back for walking space? quality we already demand
minimal merit
reality is shd be some kind of realistic .... of what we want to end up with
for the ten to 15 years take to evolve
we're going to have bldgs en masse on MDr
being a flexible man, will keep my mind open
JF: thank you for your opening remarks, encompassing and eloquent
three pillars of sustainabilty
we all recognize Amb needs renewal
services, opp to meet greet nbrs, collect taxes
from an economic persp, renewal will achieve economic sustainability
from an envtal persp, study comments on green bldgs, great model and way to begin and we can demand that
envtally sustainable in that we don't have to drive across the bridge, can walk
back and forth Amb and Dund; support our cmnty....
go down to Harmony Arts, Farmers' Market, meet ppl we haven't seen for a while
really terrific occasion 50K ppl at least wandering up and down the seawall
enhance lives
grand mix
exciting proposal; great opp for WVites to come out and have their say
we can make this Amb T Ctr work for our v best needs
RD: not going to say too much b/c point tonight is to open up to hear ppl
wd like in general ways to support what you said, your remaks were right on
need excitement, change, but also keep nature
emphasis on pedestrian, linking waterfront to MDr and comm area
see some changes made by staff, some mine; see Bellevue ... way to beach,  more space, good change and shows staff listening to constructive criticism
more than four storeys on some sites and we'll be listening in
good to see we're moving toward a plan, Amb Park
keep moving and improving things while retaining what is good about this cmnty
JC: I too agree with your comments, spot on; this whole process so overdue
just had three new bldgs in last 20 years in Amb: Walker, one I'm in, and Hollyburn Med Ctr
need desperately, synergy, lost biz, Beach Side loss a crying shame
we shd we be looking at covered sidewalks, completely covered
11 and 1200 block strip looking at median in slides -- trees blocking the views when other things can be planted
Caulfeild V is not a village, it's a shopping ctr
ppl have said we shd look more like Lahaina and Carmel -- we're not those places
think of Avant Gardener, can block off and put something behind it
one side Walker and our bldg and across the alley 20ft away, garbage, dumpsters, cars parked, a shambles
can easily put a bldg there create something attractive
MS: this doc says ATCS as Cclr Sop says in the 50 years I've lived here always referred to as the village
struggling with four storeys and more and concept of the village; my only comment--
[b/c talk going on, looks at Mayor]
I'll wait till you finish
b/c I get lost in my thoughts, easily distracted
sensitive redevt, something needs to happen, quickly; needs attention
matter of height unfortunate, need for revit going to get lost with a bunch of bumperstickers with just say no to big boxes at Park Royal, just say no to the twin towers, etc
unfortunately we're suggesting four plus there b/c that's going to overshadow the genuine need for revit
Mayor: shd be called village, town ctr is not that catchy, but it is the village
nobody cd imagine years ago spending $5 for a cup of coffee
look at Rouleau report
can it put things in place
14 to 15 types of zoning; two storeys outright, three is allowed, four storeys and beyond not a given
our job is to help ppl understand what's in the way
if we don't want to do anything of this
get bogged down in design guidelines, we end up discussing boxes and not life
a lot of material in this report
transportation and parking alternatives
Cclr Sop, your point about cmnty benefits excellent, need to spend some time on it
Sop: we cd build an inventory of bldgs along MDr; what we are involving here is not just the comm district, the livable area in that comm district -- noise and odour, to compensate for that
pleasant to live above a comm venture
public and its right to know shd come from Ccl and its right to know
all amounts to a considerable amt of money, phased over time and can put priorities
intelligent projections, give us some indication as to what to prioritize in future
look at sustaining the future in taxation
let's change the way we've done things in the past, come up with some brilliant new philosophies, how you're going to present this back to this Ccl
got a lot of other things but going to hold off for now
Mayor: good suggestions; anything else?
SJN: confirming tonight going ahead with that townhall mtg
JF made motion for approval of report by urban design planner; and then for townhall mtg Feb 15
MS: I'm not going to be here
Mayor: v sorry but this is just the beginning
A voice from gallery saying wonderful presentation on Ambleside, to applause
5.       Gleneagles Golf Course Customer Service Building - Next Steps
Doug Leavers: returning, re golf service out in Gleneagles
been studying this for quite some time; evaluating golf needs -- three and even four ccls
focusing on needs of golf course and users of that facility
opp to redevt the panabode bldg
biz studies; use of the bldg for catering was successful, a P3 opp wd be successful back in -- wd take a 69-yr lease and options of golf course to cover cost
2004/5, including a catering facility and golf needs in a reconstructed bldg
2006 WRA looked at what it wd take to redo
in a biz plan, found the revenues of the golf course $350K a year were starting to take a hit once panabode bldg and cafe closed
a new task force formed; sitting and talking
what it wd take Mr Rogers from BTY; report from WRA; plans we took to get costed
Sian Pitman (with WRA): have reviewed the report, welcome upgrades being made; do have two add'l concerns
first of all disappointed that this report fails to direct Ccl once and for all with what the fate of the panabode clubhouse shd be...
[see emailed submission below]
Council must decide immediately, what fate awaits the existing Gleneagles Golf Course Clubhouse. Council must decide if a banquet facility is something the District should retain and properly maintain - and if Council decides against keeping the facility, then the Panabode=81 should come down.
A proper Business Plan for the Gleneagles Golf Course needs to be completed before any new buildings appear on this site.
1) Status of the Gleneagles Golf Course Panabode=81/Clubhouse.
The Report, Gleneagles Golf Course Customer Service Building - Next Steps fails to direct Council to decide once and for all, what the fate of the Panabode=81 Clubhouse should be. This building cannot remain at the site in its current dilapidated state.  [Councillors], must decide if a banquet facility is something the District should retain and properly maintain - and if you decide otherwise then the Panabode=81 should come down.  It should not be left to rot in the rain, and be left there as the site of some future accident. As well, the decision to pull down or salvage a District asset should most definitely not be left to a local neighbourhood organization.  This is municipal property and it is incumbent upon the municipality to undertake either its proper maintenance, or its proper dismantling. You have got to make this decision immediately.
In the 1999 Recreation Facilities Master Plan, upgrading the Gleneagles clubhouse was listed as an imperative capital project, one that should be implemented within the next one or two years, and an estimated $875,000 (in 1999 dollars) was set aside to accomplish the upgrade. (s.10.3). A detailed feasibility study was also recommended, "District staff are concerned that upgrading of this facility is urgent and should be undertaken within the next two years to save the existing building and the functions within. A feasibility study to determine the appropriate level of capital investment in the building, and to provide the information needed for a decision on whether to renovate or replace the existing building for banquet catering purposes, as well as to identify the potential for private partnership involvement should be completed before undertaking any upgrades to the Clubhouse." (s. 6.7.5)
These recommendations were agreed to by Council over seven years ago.  It is high time the job was completed.
2.) Gleneagles Golf Course Business Plan
A proper Business Plan for the entire Gleneagles Golf Course has never been completed.  True, in the past few years, the District has committed itself, virtually annually, to reviewing the Golf Course in the:
2003-2006  3 Year Corporate Business Plan (p.17)
2004 Budget (p. M-9)
2006-2010 Five Year Capital Plan (p.2).
However, the single line commitments which were inserted into the above documents have not resulted in the production of a detailed corporate business plan. (This was confirmed in a phone conversation with District staff last week).
Council's commitment to producing a Business Plan for the Gleneagles Golf Course has been weak. The Golf Course is one of the largest individual sources of revenue for the District and yet it still lacks a detailed and strategic business plan.  In order to best ensure that the new facility, as proposed in the report, Gleneagles Golf Course Customer Service Building - Next Steps, will meet the long term needs for the District of West Vancouver, then a proper business analysis of the entire Gleneagles Golf Course needs to be finished.  If this business plan is not competed then Council risks building a facility that is too small and lacks comparable functionality.
notice RFMP an imperative; detailed feasibility study
1999 document: Dist staff concerned, shd be undertaken in next two years
feasibility; those are your own recommendation
don't you think it about time it got done?
long term planning; proper; in my own research; District's own cryptic -- don't you think [time?]
you have it in budget, five-year capital plan
notices in draft copy, Apr 2003 goal to complete; review with Ccl; review 2004
begin marketing prog how excited I was thought at last
May 12 -- actually deleted....deleted the entire [report from District website] ... left me wondering Ccl's commitment to biz plan
fate of panabode...  A proper biz plan must be completed before any new bldgs appear on this site
Dick Brown: also to oppose the new facility from a diff persp; as a golfer
lived for past 35 years, past 15 years
course is deteriorating
mbr and director of MacCleary -- we meet regularly with Park Bd; probs similar
can bring a unique
complete biz plan, golf course itself
opened within a year of each other 1958 and 1959
in mid 1990s MacCleary was redeveloped b/c losing $1.2M 1995; has gone from an old farmer's field to a course with water, ponds and lakes on ..... 13? of 18 holes; recognized as a sanctuary /$$$
Glenaeagles has seen few changes; stuck in 1960s' timewarp
can hit 20 or 30 yds; shd be addressed
in 1990s, MacC reacted by redevping; mid-1990s when number of rounds started to decline
the prob with Gleneagles has been misidentified
Gleneagles has really lost its identity; not an attractive choice and with today's declining rounds, can see things getting worse
by existing, you're eliminating tournaments, decline in income, no banquets
put bldg in wrong place; wd be eliminated; suggested piecemeal approach is wrong
delay decision on bldg; golf course consultant to put things together
also delay b/c of construction -- what's budget today
kept in present state until decision made
Atco trailer, cd deal with that for the short term
Bruce McArthur: co-chair of WRA speaking on their behalf
asked to present to Ccl last spring and told not approp at that time
this report indicates no future so will report now
[emailed submission follows]
Submission to Mayor and Council by Western Residents Association of West Vancouver
concerning File 3002-11: Gleneagles Golf Course Customer Service Building
This submission summarizes observations that the Western Residents' Association (WRA) would like to put forward regarding the above file.
Section 1.0 Background (page 2) blames the declining condition of the clubhouse for closure of the building in 2002.
Private clubs maintain their buildings from golfing revenues. If the clubhouse was not properly maintained, as is obviously the case, it is negligence by the municipality that forced closure.
Section 2.0 Policy & Corporate Plans (page 2):  In 1999, the municipality intended to upgrade the clubhouse. In the 2006-2008 Business Plan, the goal changed to a choice between renovation and replacement of the building. The intent is now to build a small Customer Service Building. We are probably the only municipality in the Lower Mainland downgrading our facilities and thus encouraging a further decline in use.
This section also mentions that a "business plan" was completed and presented. If this business plan exists, why can the public not see it? The WRA has asked-on more than one occasion-with no success-to see the business plans mentioned in this report. We are now asking publicly to see them.
Section 3.1 Discussion
(page 3) states that various studies have been undertaken which show the viability of a caf=E9 and catering business but also show that caf=E9 and catering revenues cannot recover the cost of renovation. Two questions:
Why did the Gleneagles Clubhouse Committee not see these studies?
Why are caf=E9 and catering revenues expected to recover building costs? Does food and drink revenue at the Hollyburn or Capilano Clubs cover the costs of building their food service facilities?  Hardly!
This section also discusses the drawings for renovating or replacing the clubhouse that were presented to the public in 2004. These drawings showed that solutions suited to a conventional structure were imposed on the existing log building. Estimates for renovation, therefore, were excessive because they showed no recognition of the nature of log construction.
The report also notes that designs were prepared for the WRA by an architect with an intimate knowledge of Panabode construction. These designs were done well before 2006. At the same time, two of our members with backgrounds in business and events planning put together a business plan for the facility which was submitted to council.
The cost for renovation submitted by the WRA, as stated in the report, was $1.2 million. This cost is key because it is the only cost that recognizes the differences between conventional and log construction.  As such, it is far less than costs provided by staff.
Section 3.1 (page 4) notes that costs to replace the clubhouse are more than the municipality has available. It fails to mention that the $880,000 budget would have covered the renovation if staff had acted promptly with a proper business plan and a relevant cost analysis at the outset.
It is useful to point out here that municipal coffers will be enriched by the sale of Sea-to-Sky lands. Some of this money should be used to renovate the existing structure, to give back to West Van residents, in a different way, what was lost at Eagleridge.
This section also blames delays in deciding what to do with the clubhouse for contributing to a decline in use. But the report in its entirety shows a desperate need for a proper business plan for the entire golf course. Such a report would show why usage of the course has really declined and whether and how it can be reversed.
The WRA believes that an inexpensive Customer Service Building will, over the long term, hasten Gleneagles Golf Club's demise as a golfing destination. At the very least, Council should compare proper business plans for the renovation of the existing facility and for the new, smaller facility. It is entirely possible that the smaller facility will require more subsidy by the taxpayer than a renovated building.
3.2 Environmental Implications: Renovating the clubhouse is the sustainable approach. What sustainable practices-other than recycling some of the log and stone features-are planned for the smaller building and are these costs included in this plan that you are being asked to approve?
If staff intends to recycle materials from the existing building, design cannot begin until Council decides to demolish it. Similarly, design should not begin without a decision to demolish because the view from the clubhouse makes it the logical site for a facility that will include a restaurant. Putting the cart before the horse makes the proposed date of May 31, 2007 for the design and costing of a new, smaller facility optimistic in the extreme.
3.3 Social Implications: Event planners interviewed by the WRA stress that there is no place on the North Shore with the same capacity and ambiance. The report states that the WRA wants to keep the building because local residents have fond memories of events held in the past. These memories are real for citizens across the North Shore but the building also has inherent historic merit as well.  The concern of the WRA lies less with the memories and more with history and capacity of the building.  We do not want to lose this unique space without a business plan that shows whether renovating the clubhouse or building a small service building is in the best interest of the taxpayers of West Vancouver.
To suggest that the WRA should be given a chance to find ways of saving this building makes no sense. It shows that municipal staff has not worked as closely with the Gleneagles Clubhouse Committee as suggested in this report. Staff should know that the energy of the WRA and the financial capacity of many West Van residents has been drained from fighting the ferry expansion and fighting to save Eagleridge Bluffs. We ask, rhetorically, why Council wishes to transfer the responsibility for this building to us?
Aline Brown: after reading the ccl report, next steps, I was concerned that the M&C being asked to
not address issue of the Great Hall
vague reference that the WRA shd be given a chance to ....bringing it back
that a volunteer org, able to raise $500K, supervise, manage, and maintain is impractical
Grt Hall will deteriorate, until necessitates its demolition
residents need
site of many -- M dinners, celebrations, conferences; we had our 25th Hi Sch reunion and that wasn't last week!
[some laughter]
last time was a retirement party for a teacher; weddings, graduations, commemorate lives of our cmnty
to indicate the imp part the clubhouse has played in our cmnty; marks their rite of passage, staying at home, purchasing here
do WV residents want such a facility, demolish, but be aware? aware, no other so cheaply, heritage, and envtal value
new or renov; funds not av for a new, so reno the only solution
timeframe -- doesn't have to happen immed; prudent to delay until industry cools down
a number of steps in short term -- mentioned in report and other speakers
long range plan; golf course, event planners; golfers and gen public; temp food facility shd be open; portable kitchen movie sets
mothballing the Grt Hall; work so no further deterioration; imp not to take any action, preclude alternatives
share amenities, washrooms
$1M a lot if wrong bldg in wrong place
don't want short term gain for long term pain; look at as an asset not a liability
Liz Byrd:  going on a long time, on ccl ten yrs ago and a hot topic
assured Grt Hall will be preserved
Madam Mayor, you told me about the golf club at Qualicum
retaining the old bldg a new facility
v little old stuff left in WV; old post office now a functional bank bldg
character -- the cottages that got swallowed up by HBay; charming houses in Altamont
as Churchill said:  those who don't remember history, are bound to repeat it
the Grt Hall can so easily be restored, Tom Bowen unfortunately in Qualicum -- you all have his presentation of what can be done for $1.2M, a practical upgrade
golfers wanted to put $70M
[uncomfortable laughter in gallery -- wondering if she meant $70K, $700K, not likely $7M]
gone away...  so lost money
he's been 37 years; always met his budgets
nobody from your staff ever sat down with Tom to sit down and discuss his plans
been through a lot in the west; restoring the Grt Hall wd be some compensation
before galloping in
Linda Ross: 48 years; also v involved in ladies' section for 37 years
speaking at ccl mtgs about a new clubhouse, this is my 9th
a lot of speakers western residents and one other a golfer
juxtaposition, with Great Hall wch we call the Gleneagles Golf clubhouse
consistent word I've heard is delay, followed by Liz Byrd's not gallop
great number of studies by staff to come up with this plan
I'm not a golf architect, aware what we can do with new clubs but only have so much yardage in our precious little nine-hole course
to get this functioning again, staff, pro, golfers feel, without delay to get a facility, clean washrooms; no rats running
CR, Yours Truly: Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters, 1497 Marine Drive
I just took some notes before we sat down, I hadn't had time to read report entirely, I apologize for that; but I do want to say that the Heritage Adv Cmte and Parks and Envmt AC some time ago talked about this, and the feeling was to restore or renovate, not to demolish.
Also, if I heard correctly tonight, and I thought it was even higher before [$7-800K], but the income from Gleneagles was $350K a year.  If that's true, I'm absolutely shocked and one might think it shameful that some of that money wasn't spent to maintain or enhance or improve that facility for the golfers and for its heritage value.
If you're getting $350K a year. and I think at one point -- ten or 15 years ago it was even more -- I just don't understand why that money wasn't spent -- paying attention to what the golfers needed, paying attention to maintaining a municipal structure b/c if you have demolition by neglect, that happens with devprs who want to demolish and build something 'great', but govts shd be looking after their heritage, govts shd the bldgs, and the ppl who are using them, and things that have significance.
Things that have significance as someone pointed out before, it's not just-- it doesn't have to be architecturally beautiful, it's the feelings.  Your heritage in your cmnty is what it means to you, what  memories you have, and so I'm just utterly stunned that all this money wch cd hv bn used to provide the facilities the golfers wanted and to maintain that bldg.
I'd like to know at some point, maybe not here, but,
where did it go?
can we get it back?
Why wasn't some of the money for the Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr when you were spending money for the GCC, why not pay attention to the Gleneagles clubhouse at the same time? and to the golfers' needs?
why wasn't that taken into consideration together?
I'm just stunned by some of the things I've heard tonight.
Anyway, we don't want to lose more.  I think the concerns are that the golfers need something that is comfortable, the Grt Hall is a place of great memories; why can't we have a study that will improve what's there, renovate, keep what we can?
there's nothing wrong with enhancing what there is or even expanding, as long as it keeps to same style, and in consultation both with the golfers [as to] what they need, with the WRA, and something completely missing, I thought from that list unless I read it too fast, consultation with the [WV] Historical Society and several of the heritage groups -- who of course wd want to say this part, you know, we shd still keep, maybe this we can redo/renew, I'm sure ppl can come together and get what's good both for the golfers, for heritage, and all this money the golfers have raised or that has come from this golf course, has got to be kept for the clubhouse, the golfers, and our heritage.
Thank you.
9:28 Man: resident of NV, Julian Finn
Gleneagles is a great facility; chn have not been mentioned
frequently joined by chn - having fun maybe not showing right etiquette
golf ball manufacturers, sail to ocean, ... and windfall apples
final green, hear ground shake, far off train ..... but it's my stomach
fried egg and bacon and coffee; chicken wings and beer later
long time since.....choose to.....
am a golfer; hear what M&Cl said it is a jewel in WV's crown
bn 17 years in Canada
$ 20 a head; looking to spend our money; breakfast -- great, believe you me
in conclusion, I implore you, satisfy my craving and bring back breakfast
whatever can be done
now it's a green bldg -- b/c it's got moss over it
thinking it might burn down, it's a real concern
bring on a new clubhouse, something new and refreshing
Mayor: ask Mr PIke or Mr Leavers to comment on the revenue for the clubhouse or maintenance of golf course
KP: many issues raised
it's about $350K a year and those revenues for many years hv bn built into the bottom line of the M
goes into operating budget, balance off against other expenses,  specifically into Parks & Cmnty Services
does not accumulate; wd hv to come from somewhere else; have had capital monies for improving drainage
nine holes and not really expandable; demand has been falling

{balance?  maybe cancel some other money-losing progs instead?
falling?  shdn't be a surprise if facilities deteriorating losing revenue from events in clubhouse and from food/beverage sales}

can see from number of letters coming in, yes pls bring us back the food services
we've got a certain amt of money in coffers now to bring food services back to the golf course
since 1999 we've come back to cmtes ccl and sent away do another study; pages of studies we've done
Ccl pref to spend money we've got and try to get facilities, food services for the golfers and perhaps something else
DL: when I started talking struck me the number of studies I have reviewed
I took over managing the golf course about the same time this Ccl took office
number of analyses, etc; eyes we can do this if you provide that
all showed not feasible or not the appetite of Ccl; ...stages
when I first began mtg with the cmte last year, impressed by passion for the facility and undertone pls help see this through
that's why I took it upon myself to take the WRA proposal and get it costed out
my needs as manager of golf course were this and cmnty needs are that
Mayor: b/c we have someone from BCY here
apologize if we didn't meet with Mr Bowen personally
RA: my name is Roger Avis
retained by Mr Leavers, estimate for reno
no drawings were av but I received a clear description of scope
a prog scope, not an est of cost a contractor wd do; est within 5 to 10%
golfclub house, washroom hall, great hall -- on p 97 of our report, indiv component
Grt Hall is really challenged. deteriorated, roof not performing, windows sgl glazing, floor, no needs for power loads, no sprinklers; needs major renovation -- $200K
N of the Grt Hall, also v challenged; no residual value
except perhaps structure
b/c of heavy plumbing $265 sq ft
those two bldgs $1.7M
other bldgs, C, D, E , bistro -- when we walked through with mgr and staff, $3.2M
not opp to look at Mr X's estimates but wd guess not in detailed fashion however if felt value wd ev and walk them thru ours
Mayor: wd like to ask Mr Stuart's advice
direction not usually done at a cmte of the whole mtg; or if forwarded to ccl mtg
CAO: for discussion; direction can be given to future ccl mtg
JC: made motion -- to Ccl by May 31
Mayor: Sop Second?
Sop: no, want to speak first
Mayor Ccl JF seconds
Sop: to refurbish $3.2M
Ans: new as well
Sop: p3 98 consultation fees, etc
Ans: hard costs, not soft costs
Sop: kitchen with restaurant
Ans: wd not include kitchen
Sop: back to Ccl re facilities for banquets
we're not in that biz, you said you create the biz scenario
thru years had proposals but priv enterprise wants were too great
passion of golfers, then four years ago laid some great plans down
this structure called the Great Hall, some excitement
look back Lawn bowling club raised half, Srs' Ctr raised $500K; Rugby Club spent over $1M and plan to do more in future and ppl have stepped up to the plate
I think there's merit to look at whole bldg and retain that portion
say with caution and not quite pleased a bistro club golf shop
there must be an overall biz plan
this golf course paid handsomely over the past ten 15 years
the plan was to bring these funds, wd go into golf course, facilities, and maintenance and ev else; and in fact b/c so much energy went into it with drainage, netting cost, maintenance has faltered no restaurant any more
subsidize?, including golfers
incumbent for us to look at this in a sensible way; to fund over 25 years
not comf with proposal b/c of imbalance
don't want to approve plans in advance of the budget May 31st
plan all inclusive with sustainability in it; maybe look at preservation of Great hall
conclusive we must move, don't think it shd take a long time; a number of years done nothing
long-term responsible budgeting; cd pay for refurbishing or new bldgs
VV: v interesting information from staff and public this evening
never doubted we shd restore and refurbish
thought voting for $1M was to get it open, selling food
surprised with numbers provided to us now; see cd be quite challenging b/c extensive amount to do
a lot of interesting info re revenue, $350K for ten years is $3.5M
Fiscal Task force said no hidden subsidies
why not drop the price we charge golfers or put in trust fund to keep facilities up?
idea of separate biz unit; a golf fund was est'd in a separate?
biz unit; repatriating money to golf course
thought we cd at least get the essence of clubhouse at least open to public
seem to have come to a choice now, to get this up and running again, we have to add $1M to the $1M we've already spoken about
this wdn't be taxpayers' money if we cd borrow and pay it back at $350K a year; money's there
restore the heritage clubhouse, $3M take from revenue of golfers (biz plan), not taxpayers
I will only be voting how finances can be laid out to restore this heritage/historic facility
CAO: we continue to spend money on golf course upkeep, albeit not on clubhouse; not that no funds spent
realized early on wanted to move much as cemetery to sep biz unit, two or three years ago I think to a biz plan to do that on phased basis
if you look at trying to finance $3M out of golf course revenue, you're really stating that for all intents and purposes for the next five to six years on that basis, you're not going to spend any money on the course b/c you're going to have invested it completely on the bldg.  And we think that's problematic, b/c you are going to have to continue to spend money on the course itself every year.

{NONONONONONONONO!  Blow me over with a feather!
Unusual for the CAO to posit a false dichotomy.
Does anyone think we didn't hear that the course is being maintained and the $350K is on top of that and being transferred, used for other programs (clearly that are losing money and being subsidized -- keep in mind VV quoted the Fiscal Task Force that there shd not be hidden subsidies so we look forward to this information so informed choices can be made with public input)?
Who wd therefore think that ALL the $350K therefore wd go on the bldg and the course be neglected?
It's NOT a choice between course or clubhouse.  It's both.  It's using revenue from the golfers FOR the golfers.  Simple.  Common sense.  And not beyond us listening in disbelief in the audience.}

whatever resoln Ccl passes, staff can come back with a biz plan with our estimates of costs to maintain the course itself

{oh. thank gosh; much better.}

regardless of what biz plan passed, we do need washrooms, bistro, and a proshop; and whatever we do wd be an improvement over what we have now. Substandard, need to be done sooner or later, unavoidable.
Mayor: first, extension of hours [for this ccl mtg to go past 10pm]
MS: the only nobrainer here really is it's a sad chapter
I grew up learning how to play golf at Gleneagles and been to many parties at the clubhouse
City of Vancouver has spent money renovating their courses, taking money, putting back in
bottom line is while we have spent money cutting grass, minor maintenance, we have been using the golf course as a cash cow and allowing facilities to degenerate to the state they're now in.
I find it curious we built a $7M rec ctr [Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr] wch costs us $500K a year to subsidise and we didn't even incorporate any synergy with the golf course in that structure.

{is that where some of the $$$ earned by golf course goes?  even before when $7-800K profit, put into other programs???}

It makes absolutely no sense to me.
the reality is what do we do now?
golfers need facilities, washrooms, place to have coffee, breakfast, count score and have a beer, this has to be provided
the other reality is that clubhouse, the Great Hall, is the only place in the M we can have an event unless you're a mbr of Hollyburn or Capilano Golf Course, function, wedding, whatever
we have to make sure we've exhausted ev possibility before we demolish that bldg
I notice cost estimate here, net construction cost for doing the whole job, is $2.5M of wch $700K is architectural fees, so I don't want to query your professional expertise, Sir, but that sounds v high percentage of architectural fees as a percentage of net construction costs.
RA, the Estimator: not sure
MS: Well, I'm staring at YOUR figures,
RA: wch page
MS:  p 97; $691K and net construction cost $2.505M; don't want to sideline the debate here
not sure where staff suggesting going to locate this thing
DL: talking about siting it somewhere in the vicinity of the starter site
gone out waved arms and speculated
MS: makes sense to renovate place off 9th floor hole where you walk off
meantime look into renovating; to relocate on other side of the road make no sense
think this whole thing needs more study; need to get something done; where you come off the 9th green
while we're studying what to do with Grt Hall
JF: seems to be competing desire
needs to be a place to eat drink and washroom facilities so golfers can eat and drink and we need the $350K
know a number of studies; machine shop place to keep grass, worksyard in that bldg
understand golfers were invited to go into Cmnty Ctr but they declined, that's up to them

{There was a golfer sitting next to me so I asked if they'd been asked and she said no; that might mean, however, that a rep was asked, not the general mbrship.}

if we're going to have a study, want to know what we're getting back and how long
I see there's some immediacy; dithering as long as I've been on Ccl
CAO: we'd like some clarity as to what you're willing to accept when we come back
if goal of Ccl, how to save Grt Hall and build a standalone facility and btw a biz plan with that, probly can come back in May; if exploring more variations of current facility, other services, more complicated
Mayor: make list and refer to a ccl mtg?
RD: studying; nothing done; deteriorating, got to put a hi priority
built Gleneagles Rec Ctr, Public Safety bldg, and let panabode deteriorate
what I think we need to do is to do something about the golf course, gotta find money to save panabode and have staff suggest where we can find that money
if nowhere we can find money, spend it on coffee shop
we've found for other things, can find for this; $2M
if you have a facility that brings in $350K and more, why not borrow?; must be a way to do this
if we just do this, approve coffeeshop, panabode will be demolished; can't....
look for the money for the panabode, find it
gearing to improve food and washrooms, all part of same facility anyway
Sop: cdn't justify money at that time b/c not priority.....
over the years, studying over and over, looked at the possibility of saving that bldg and adding to it
if banquet facility again not a priority at that time; time now
with support of Cclr Day and Tax Sustainability Cmte, reasonable concept; pay by borrowing, at rates through M Auth to look at preservation of that bldg, combined with monies already set aside for it;; maybe not to the extent of the way it is today, or to the extent of a major overhaul in kitchens and everything else.  That coupled with a biz plan of the funds flowing back in, pay it back over time; that's where we shd be go.
JC: thinking of changing town to Procrastinationville
agree with RD, take as friendly amendment
Mayor: not sure capital
CAO: contradictory; this has only ever been about money
if this Ccl's wish to devp detailed plan renovation and rebuild and come back with cost and plan and biz plan
JC: more irony there
ccls have said that's all the money there is for Gleneagles and that budget went up; aquatic ctr and that went up; Rec Ctr has doubled; and all of a sudden we have to stick to record of last ten to 15 years
like Cclr Day, shd say, we're going to go out and find the money; simple, really simple
VV: if we do find the money is a little more than we've expected, thought it might be relevant -- DIr of Planning spoke of Amb and said Amb has more than its fair share -- this will sort of redress it a little; no prob spending a bit more in the western; will work out if we find the money and get this built
JF: we can call ourselves Procrastinationville if we want but since 1999 this cmnty has done an enormous amount in rebldg and new facility -- more than in previous 50 years -- all facilities had deterioriated before we started renewal process; golf facility just one more
Mayor: excuse me, difficult to follow along with talking in the gallery--
JF: keen to get back to biz plan, operate golf course to best interests of District, but not sure if DWV wants to be in biz of catering
before spending $2M on a rotting panabode; most reluctant; want to be sure a sound biz to be in
RD: Cclr Clark said procrastinating also true what Jf says
what's nice is it's a Council taking on these issues
perfectly happy with item 1 but want to make it clear if we just do that we'd demolish
want to make a real effort to save; take one more look may not be salvageable
doesn't prevent us from moving ahead; move ahead to save panabode and have banquet facility
if we need a sep motion don't think we need it but will do it if we need to; find a way, reconstruction, sources of revenue, .... "provide whether nec for food facilities
CAO: pt of clarification; when speaking about panabode, talking about Grt Hall and ability to continue to hold and have banquet facility, so that wd require washrooms, a food and warming area, not a full kitchen, and then whether bistro and washrooms and proshop connected is a design issue we can explore
RD: have a report; find out by May 31st; need to move ahead
MS: don't need to belabour or take a bizarre turn; can always find the money if a sensible biz case, so Cclr Ferguson right on the money -- no sense racing out to borrow if it doesn't make any sense
need proper study of golf course and facilities; to start planning immediately for replacing, without touching the Grt Hall; according to gentleman over here for $1M we can build a new proshop, bistro, washroom, and small clubhouse; need to get started on that while studying plan for golf course  looking at what to do with Grt Hall; but let's not make any big decisions tonight at cost of $5M; whatever it might cost us, sensibly go through
start getting the food and washroom facilities and leaving he Grt Hall for more indepth
Sop: getting a couple of msgs here
in planning money -- that bldg is the panabode; we can borrow to support wch can include other facilities am I correct in that?
secondly, talking about bldg separate to combining? new fac across the road?
MS: you asking me? we have a plan demolishing that wing and putting in a new bistro and proshop
Sop: in that vicinity?
MS: on east side wch makes more sense than west side
Sop: you want to borrow money to refurbish
RD: no, explore sources of revenue
Sop: you want to have the existing site--
[10:18] MS: I want to go home, it's after 10pm
Sop: you can be the funny man all night but point is, here or across the road [pointing] makes sense to me
Mayor: Mr Stuart to comment?
Sop: not yet
Mayor: but you shd avoid a priv conv
Sop: mixed msgs
get on with other proposal to get on with Grt Hall, whether reasonable to fund in future
CAO: as I understand the discussion as it stands now
like us to come back with a plan bistro washrooms connected, same site or separate; saving Grt Hall biz case; also demonstrate how maintain golf course over long period of time
I understand that; that's not a decision; that's giving us direction to give you info so you can make a decision
Mayor: in fairness to staff, whether procrastination or not, ccls have not come to an agreement; last ccl was really divided; strong heritage component and strong it's not worth it, it's costing too much money; and we were stuck; wrt RFMP, other facilities took greater priority 1999 to 2003; and this is exactly the dialogue gone round and round
just finding money, it's taxpayers' money; of course we have a capital budget ev year and if we choose to spend money on this, that's Ccl's prerogative, but something else won't be acquired as a result

{but pls get this message: the public wants to know what the choices are and have a say!}

and that is a whole nother [sic] gallery of ppl who really are deeply committed to that priority.
the failing of this report and the reason we need another one is that it's not comprehensive enough; doesn't go into banquet facility and what that passes or fails on; and it doesn't go into overall maintenance plan of the golf course; everybody feels we have let golf course deteriorate slightly, don't know why but think ev wd like to see that addressed.  For sure.
don't think we want a delay; what kind of time?
CAO: I'll have to meet with staff
will try to turn around what's conceptually possible; try to get back, by middle of Feb
if included as part of cap budget need to do a lot of work b/c pass budget by middle of May
I think the report's been wildly successful b/c we've had this debate
report back in next couple of weeks
seems clearly a consensus of what Ccl wants to do
Mayor: has it been considered a cmnty group stewards of golf course...
motion to withdraw
CARRIED -- so this motion below was withdrawn:
            1.  Approval be given for a plan that will result in the construction of a separate Customer Service Building at the Gleneagles Golf Course providing customers and residents with public washrooms, a Golf Pro-shop, a food & beverage Bistro and a small community meeting area.
            2.  A proposed design and cost for the golf facility be prepared that aims in the range of $1 million that will be presented for approval to Council by May 31, 2007.
Man: timeline set by Sch Bd; by July won't have it
Cedardale might see withdrawal; while we wait and hear from cmtes; may not be ppl any more, gone away, found other
I'm a concerned parent; school age between 3 and 5, if we get waited out, Cedardale will probably not be able to carry on; will have to start afresh
5 or 10% Cedardale, if that disappears, diff for us, parents to find another daycare
we will find a way to move on, we will have to find a soln for our chn
I don't want to hear about a cmte b/c one month from now I will have to make a decision wrt my chn; in six months parents will have to move on
renovating a facility wd have to be made [in six mos????]
a final point, at sch bd mtg last week, while discussing need for Cedardale and Fr immersion, one spoke about school age chn -- so their primary concern is chn presently in school six and above; once again left with little option; urgency
Mayor: my sense is that the first mtg is Friday; M will join that
Another Man: my mother owns Evergreen Daycare you had discussion Nov 27; want to support and urgency
be as practical as Mr Sop and provide a soln
my mother runs quality daycare; I purchased house across from my mother to be close to her and volunteered, ppl want
all opposition at mtg, surprised no one told me
told all, not pro
not much traffic; ppl come to Andersen Cr and to TWay, flow through
prop large can handle 4 to 6 cars; prop is adjacent to busy TWay and cars/trucks going through at 60K
10 to 11am and 3 - 4pm chn out and most working and it's only on weekdays...
Cclr Sop brought up commercialization
request by many parents, can provide letters from parents; requested
solution I can find -- have to find another place and provide this house to cmnty
I've lived in WV for many years and want to give something back
Mayor: tyvm
Man (who had more to say): never mind; know you're tired
Mayor: don't think we've had a mtg this late
thank you for waiting.
[10:33] Mayor: what are our choices?
SSch: proposed motion to set a date for a PH is time sensitive.
RD: motion to extend
Mayor: already done
RD: 10:30?
Mayor: till finished
10:33 --  7.  ADJOURNMENT
SPECIAL REGULAR COUNCIL AGENDA  (immediately following Committee of the Whole meeting)
1.  RECOMMENDED:  Council resolve into Special Regular Meeting of Council.
Mayor: add 4.1, apptmt to Fin and Audit cmte
CAO: Madam Mayor, public mtg for Amb Town Ctr Strategy; simple motiom to pass
VV: made motion (for Feb 15)
10:35  REPORTS
4.         West Vancouver Child Care Regulations - Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4497, 2007 and Recommended Policy Review
Mayor: straw poll, 4 better to another agenda?
MS: another
SJN: have to set date for PH, b/c period of 90 days we're dealing with
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Zoning Amendment Bylaw ...  be introduced,read a first time in short form.
1.  Zoning Amendment Bylaw presented at Public Hearing on Monday, Feb 05 at 7pm in the Council Chambers;
2.  Community Social Service and Planning Staff come forward with an updated child care policy that supports the provision of adequate, quality, accessible child care in the community, including review and consideration of the matters outlined in section 3 of the report of the Planning Analyst dated January 16, 2007.
Mayor: discussion?
Sop: this is not the way to do things
everyone moans and groans; will reserve my decision on some of these things; asking to go ahead and no deliberation whatsoever
Mayor: b/c a PH, our Ccl discussion will follow that; opp to address this issue
Sop: carry on
CARRIED {NB: it did not allow for Ccl to debate whether or not to go to PH, but they probly wd hv}
4.1 -- Nancy Farran, Roff Johannson, Michael Lewis appointed to Fin/Audit cmte
10:38 -- 5.  ADJOURNMENT

===  SQUAMISH SCULPTURE  === The Thunderbird has Landed
                                For immediate release; January 24, 2007
West Vancouver, B.C.  One artist. Many players. A large, contemporary Coast Salish Sculpture is set to 'peak' at the entrance to Ch'tl'lm (Ambleside Park) - a warm welcome for visitors and residents. The art piece, titled 'Sna7m Sm=E1nit' (Spirit of the Mountain) is cut from a sheet of metal, and is a commanding 2.5 metres high, and 6-metres wide. What was once merely a steel plate has been transformed into an inspirational testament to the area's rugged beauty, and the bond between West Vancouver and the Skwxw=DA7mesh =DAxwumixW (Squamish Nation).
The design, by Squamish Nation artist Xwa lack tun (Rick Harry), was chosen after a juried competition among Squamish Nation artists. Rick's poetic and symbolic rendering was the unanimous choice of the five-member jury. Beauty, heritage, and the bond between West Vancouver and the Squamish Nation, are gently reflected in his vision: Sweeping lines and curves reminiscent of the Lions' Gate Bridge; paddles symbolizing peace and respect; carefully placed green and blue glass; a traditional Coast Salish canoe; and, in the centre of the piece, the Thunderbird head -- the official logo of the Squamish Nation.
Once installed, the piece will live and breathe with the sun, casting shadows in the park as the seasons change.
Youth from West Vancouver and the Squamish Nation will help to build a medicinal garden at the base of the sculpture. Surrounding the garden bed will be patterned brickwork in the style of a Coast Salish woven basket.
Artist Talk: Join artist Xwa lack tun as he discusses his work, the steel cutting method, and the story behind the sculpture, Feb 6 at the WV Memorial Library. The Library also offers a rare, behind-the-scenes peek at the making of the sculpture at the Sculpture Progress Exhibit, Jan 26 to Feb 9. View photos, video of the process, a scale model, and more.
Studio Tours: Visit Xwa lack tun's studio February 10 or March 24 to meet the artist and see him at work.
The sculpture is part of West Vancouver District's designation as a 2006 Capital of Canada by the Department of Heritage. With the designation comes an award for celebration and the building of a legacy for arts and culture in the community. The installation kicks off a series of exhibits, lectures, and special events celebrating the Skwxw=DA7mesh =DAxwumixW (Squamish Nation).
For details on the above, and a full outline of all symposium events, visit  "http://www.wvculturalcapital.blogspot.com" www.wvculturalcapital.blogspot.com.  For more information, contact: Katherine Tong, Project Facilitator DWV, 925 7220; Deborah Jacobs, Snitelwet, Education Director, Squamish Nation, 980 4553
Backgrounder/Interesting Facts
The sculpture will sit on a grass-covered area near the entrance to Ch'tl'lm (Ambleside Park) at the foot of 13th Street.
Xwa lack tun (Rick Harry) is an internationally recognized Squamish Nation artist. He was born in Squamish and currently lives in the Xwemelchstn community in West Vancouver.
The sculpture, called 'Sna7m Sm=E1nit' (Spirit of the Mountain), is 8-feet high, 22-feet wide, and 1-inch thick.
The design echoes the Lions' Gate Bridge, which was named after the Lions mountain range, which the Squamish people call the 'Twins' or 'Sisters'*. An ancient tale [tells of how the twin Squamish, high-born sisters helped bring about peace between the Squamish and Haida people. The art symbolizes the bond between the two women, and the bond between the communities of West Vancouver and the Squamish Nation.
Each element of the design is significant: The two upright paddles represent respect. The pristine copper glass placed in the paddles symbolizes respect, wealth and celebration. The Thunderbird head and its blue glass eyes remind visitors they are under the watchful eye of the creator. The Coast Salish canoe speaks of a journey and the building of future generations.
Brenco Industries, a metal processing/fabricating company in Delta, used an abrasive water jet to cut the material for this design.  Brenco operates the largest, abrasive water jet table in Western Canada, which is equipped with two cutting heads capable of cutting virtually any material up to 6 inches thick.
The sculpture's metal plate weight before cutting: 7,380 lbs.  After cutting: 1,900 lbs.
Cutting speed: 1.1 inch per minute.  Inches cut: 4,440.
Amount of water used in process: 28,000 gallons.  Amount of sand used in process: 3,200 lbs (garnet - mined in India).  Required cutting time: 74 hours.  Water speed: 1,500 miles per hour.
{* The legend I read of the sisters said that they became the twin peaks, representing Peace and Brotherhood. --CR}

===  LANGUAGEWATCH  ===<= /font> No 4: SPELLING
WVM 1 Greeting (good vs well); WVM 2 Possessive; WVM 3 Pronunciation; WVM 4 Spelling
Correct spelling:
accommodation; benefited; enquiry (ask), inquiry (legal); honour/honourable but honorary; humour/humorous; interfered; it's (contraction for it is or it has), its (possessive adjective); judgement (personal), judgment (legal); licence (noun), license (verb); lovable; millennium; minuscule; occurred/occurrence; permissible; practice (n), practise (v); precede; program (software), programme (concert); separate; supersede; transferred; weird; whisky

===  QUOTATIONS  ===

Information is the currency of democracy.
                -- Thomas Jefferson, third US president, architect and author (1743-1826)

I long to accomplish great and noble tasks, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble. The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.
                - Helen Keller