Feb 5th NOTES
Feb 12th AGENDA
Calendar to Feb 18t+

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Get ready!
This year's theme: "Vernacular Heritage - Architecture Without Architects"
In British Columbia, the third week of February is Heritage Week. It begins with national Heritage Day, always the third Monday in February. In 2007 Heritage Week will be Monday, February 19th to Sunday, February 25th.  DWV's Heritage awards will be presented at the ccl mtg Monday Feb 19th.
See much more info on WV's Heritage Week at www.heritage.westvan.org including Heritage Fayre Sat 24th, free Cypress snowshoe and barbecue, new Fire Museum Open House, as well as haiku contest (also info at end of newsletter); write to Haiku2007@heritage.westvan.org or drop off submissions.
Happy (Chinese/Vietnamese/etc) New Year! -- Now starting the year of the Golden Boar
= Ccl mtg Feb 12th: WV Fdn; Civic Youth Strategy; Daycare Bylaw; Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Planning Process; Community Centre Quarterly Update; Hugo Ray Park - Update and Project Adjustment; Spirit Trail; Child Care Working Group; BC Spirit Squares; Truncated Correspondence :-(
= gRUMBLEs; Vive le Canada; CULTUREWATCH; Salmagundi; Calendar to Feb 18th+ (plus background on Heritage Week); Ccl Mtg NOTES Feb 5th (Daycare in WV; 2600blk Nelson; PQP: WVcmte CLOSED MTGS!); AGENDA Feb 12th; LanguageWatch; Haiku for Heritage Week; Quotations

=== gRUMBLEs ===
***MY MAIN GRUMBLE: v v hectic two weeks (ADRA AGM, HWk prep, + work!); sorry WVM coming out later than intended; apologies now for any omissions!***
=83=83=83  New year not starting well in the notification area vis-a-vis DWV's mtgs.  (See end of Feb 5th Notes below)
As reported earlier, the Cmnty Engagement Cmte has a spotty record of notices, mtgs, cancellations, then the week of Jan 29 neither the Finance & Audit Cmte (Tu 30th, Feb 6th), nor the Rodgers Creek Working Group (Jan 31st) appeared on the DWV website.  It's totally unacceptable for DWV to expect residents to have to look at the bulletin board outside the M Hall door to find out when meetings are.  Even a towncrier wd reach more ppl!
When is Ccl going to get serious about openness? transparency? inclusion? communication?
=83=83=83  Message to Ccl from a discussion on CBC radio to think about correspondence to municipal govt:  every resident has the right to privacy but not anonymity.  Pls let us read what other residents think and say to you. Name the agenda item PUBLIC CORRESPONDENCE so residents know when they write to Mayor & Ccl it's public -- it's up to them, otherwise they can write privately to staff, to just the Mayor, or just a mbr of ccl.  There are alternatives.  Treat it the same as Public Hearings.....

*** VIVE LE CANADA........
Let no one deny the power of language.  (See one of quotations at end.)
There's been a bit of burbling over Quebec and the word nation.  To change anything in Canada wd take a constitution debate/meeting/change and few have the appetite for that right now, but let's look at the language.  Anyone denying the Quebecois are a nation is ignorant of its history and govt, and wd hv absolutely no chance of changing that view or term, but instead wd set up a storm.
Well, you know that in BC we have MLAs in Victoria, and a premier of the province.  An MLA is a Member of the Legislative Assembly who sits in the legislature.
In Ontario, the provincial legislature has MPPs (Members of the Provincial Parliament).
In Ottawa we have MPs and a Prime Minister of Canada.  We send a Member of Parliament to the House of Commons.
Not so in Quebec, or at least not so in the language.
The provincial govt in Quebec is called the National Assembly (Assembl=E9e nationale du Qu=E9bec).  The members are MNAs, that is Members of the National Assembly.  Think about it: it's not a provincial legislature.  The leader of both the MNA and the House of Commons, in French, is le premier ministre (= the first minister). = ; Think about it: equal title.
In English we gave the first part, premier, to the leader of the provincial govt, and the full translation to the Prime Minister.   So in French, 'premier ministre' is the term whether premier or prime minister.  Are you beginning to see the linguistic equality and significance?
No one cd possibly consider seriously, thinking about the reaction and consequences, that the name of Quebec's provincial govt shd be changed again.  Quebec even used to have a body analogous to the Senate of Canada, but when this body (called the Legislative Council, in French: Conseil l=E9gislatif) was abolished in 1968, the lower house became the National Assembly.
for many who cd deny it? who can take away their cultural identity? how can anyone contemplate changing its name?
Another point: the Speaker is called le president in French, whether provincial or federal.
Ain't the BNA Act wonderful?

OPERA -- Thanks again to West Van Florist -- they supplied the flowers in the foyer of the QET during the Musqueam Magic Flute (last performance Feb 8).  A made in BC Mozart!  Unique experience; let's hope it travels across Canada.
Plautus's play, The Swaggering Soldier, at the Jericho Arts Ctr shows man really hasn't changed much -- he lived from c254 to 184 BCE.  Closes Feb 18th.
=  Had to see the adaptation of Naguib Mahfouz's Adrift on the Nile (ended Feb 10th at VECC).  He died last August at 93.  Mahfouz said that when his name was announced as the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature there was silence -- probably b/c most didn't know who he was.  Of course he's famous in the Arab world -- an Egyptian intellectual and writer who says he's a product of two civilizations: Pharaonic and Islamic.  Of course he read some literature of the west but the English translations of his works are not as good as those in French.  This adaptation is still about intellectuals on a houseboat on the Nile but has been updated so that there's even a reference to the recent hanging of Saddam.
=  You've also missed the Canadian premiere of Michael Frayn's Democracy -- excellent production by United Players at the Vancouver Playhouse, about Chancellor Willy Brandt and his close aide Gunter Guillaume who turned out to be an East German spy.
=  Cdn't resist seeing Thicker than Water by David Mackay, directed by James Fagan Tait (both well-known from Bard on the Beach) for some chuckles and to support local talent.  Takes place on the east side of Vancouver, involves a brother and sister, put on by Yorick Theatre at Performance Works on Granville Island, ending Feb 17th.

===  SALMAGUNDI  ===
In a recent issue of the Globe & Mail, learned that Saudi Arabia spent about half a billion ($500M!) to restore a river!  Isn't water precious?  What a sacrilege ever to sully this sacred resource we have........
Well, you've heard of West Vancouver cougars, I'm sure so here's the refinement: pumas are under 35 and jaguars over 50.
PARK THE TAX COALITION -- As a member of the Park The Tax Coalition the WV Chamber of Commerce continues to work on behalf of business in our community to eliminate the TransLink Parking Area Tax. Over the past year the Coalition has taken significant steps to keep opposition to the tax front and centre but it is important the voices of individual businesses are also heard. We encourage you to visit the Park The Tax Coalition website www.noparkingtax.ca for an update on the status of the efforts to date and to see how you can protect your business from this unfair and inequitable tax.

===  CALENDAR to Feb 18th  ===
Spirit of BC Week
From February 9th to 17th West Vancouver will be celebrating our spirit across the District. There will be special Spirit of BC Week programming at the WV Memorial Library, a free Spirit Skate at the Ice Arena, and a Spirit Festival Celebration at The Village at Park Royal as part of the WinterSong Festival.
Spirit of BC Week, held every year in February, is a celebration of our province and its unique communities, as well as a countdown to the 2010 Winter Games. This year from February 9th - 17th there'll be exciting events happening all over BC.
Spirit Festival Celebration: Feb 10, 11:45am - 6pm
On Feb 10 we'll be turning one block of The Village at Park Royal into a bright, festive, moving, interactive, celebratory "Opening Ceremonies" for not only the WinterSong Festival, but to introduce an expanded multi-disciplinary Arts & Culture Festival that will live on to become the District of West Vancouver's main cultural offering for the 2010 Olympic Games and to kick-off Spirit of BC Week.
(Please visit www.wintersong.ca for more information on entertainment and activities)
For more information please call 604 925 7196 or
email the Special Events Coordinator.
Spirit Skate at the West Vancouver Ice Arena: Feb 10, 3:15 - 4:30pm
... celebrate the facility's 40th birthday.  Please call 925 7250 for more information.
Celebrating Spirit of BC Week at the West Vancouver Memorial Library
Friday Night Concert Series presents Vancouver Opera Touring Ensemble performing The Magic Flute. This production is an energetic version of Mozart's captivating tale, set in BC's forests and infused with a First Nations theme. It is part of the Opera's "Opera in the Schools" program, and will be enjoyed by children and adults. We are also fortunate to have Bob Baker (ancestral name S7apluk) of the Squamish Nation open the performance. Bob has been cultural adviser in this production, and will set the stage and spirit with First Nation songs and stories. Feb 9, 7:30 pm
Afternoon Concert in the Storyhouse with Vancouver Children's performer Will Stroet. Will's singing and guitar playing are guaranteed to get kids dancing all day long. Feb 10, 1:30 pm
There will also be a display set up in the Main Hall featuring books about B.C. and by British Columbian authors.  Please call 604 925 7400 for more information.

WinterSong Festival - Feb 9th to 17th
West Vancouver's WinterSong Festival celebrates the joy of song through a wide range of performances across West Vancouver in a variety of venues; showcasing professional and aspiring talent as well as providing singing opportunities for all abilities and ages, and highlighting songs from a broad range of musical styles.  See http://www.wintersong.ca/about-festival.html and tix also available at the Ch of Comm office.

Please see www.kaymeekcentre.ca for their events
the Feb. 10, 2007 concert in West Vancouver's Kay Meek Centre for the West Vancouver premiere of Scott McAllister's "Black Dog" Clarinet Rhapsody and the World Premiere of Ralph Ford's latest creation. This is a preview concert for the July 2007 concert tour that the West Vancouver Youth Band is undertaking.

Date: Monday, February 12th, 2006  Time: 10:30 - 11:00 am
West Vancouver Hosts North Shore Sports Awards
The North Shore Sport Awards committee is pleased to invite you to attend a special Nomination Kick-Off Event for the 8th Annual North Shore Sport Awards being held during Spirit of BC Week.
Location: Park Royal Shopping Centre, North Mall (entrance beside The Gap store)

Monday Feb 12th at SFU Harbourside
7pm ~ The Role of Rail Transit in Making Cities Sustainable
Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/fpl8popup.htm

Feb 12th DEADLINE to RSVP to 926 6614
Ch of Commerce networking breakfast 7:30am Wed Feb 14th at Hollyburn Country Club
Robert Kerr, Program Director, Cultural Olympiad of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) will provide an overview and progress report on the extraordinary arts and cultural program in development for Canada's 2010 Winter Games. Beginning in 2007 and culminating with the Olympic and Paralympic Arts Festivals during the Games, VANOC's Cultural Olympiad will partner with local and national creators and cultural organizations to create, develop, produce, and present a full spectrum of arts and cultural events and activities. These Games' cultural showcase will feature the best of our diverse community's contemporary, classical, and aboriginal arts together with the finest works of international artists from nations that participate in the Games.

=== Tues Feb 13th at the Silk Purse
~6 - 8pm ~ Opening Reception -- everyone welcome
"Photographic Treasures of Cyril R. Littlebury"
Photographer Dudley Booth rescued over 1000 rare negatives of early Vancouver photographer Cyril R. Littlebury and brings them to the Silk Purse in a rare exhibition of bygone days of Vancouver, celebrating national Heritage Week. Discover for yourself what it was like to walk down Georgia Street in 1925, or sit in the front cockpit of a Gypsy Moth fighter as it flies over Prospect Point.   Exhibition from Feb 13 to 25

===  Wed Feb 14th Ch of Commerce breakfast (see rsvp deadline Feb 12 above)

=== Thurs Feb 15th
~ 6 - 8pm ~ NSh Family & Youth Justice Cmte, CNV M Hall
~ 6:30pm ~ at the Library: Talks "Life+Debt", a documentary and discussion moderated by Harry Greenwood.


~ 7pm ~ Landmarks, not Landfills: Keeping Canadian Cities out of the Dumpster
If we can reuse items as small as pop bottles, why not whole neighbourhoods?  At SFU Harbourside. Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/fpl2popup.htm

=== Friday Feb 16th
~ 9am - 5pm ~ The Challenge of Sustainable Development for Heritage Conservation
SFU Harbourside. Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/course3popup.htm

***  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY -- Feb 13 - 25
"Retrospective" -- Joan Boyd: ink drawings and watercolour paintings; Bruce Boyd: paintings.
~ 6 - 8pm ~ Tuesday Feb 13th -- Opening Reception
~ 2pm ~  Saturday, Feb 17th -- Artists' Talk

~ 1 to 2pm ~ Vancouver Maritime Museum, Saturday February 17
Join Barry MacDonald, President of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Society, as he examines not only the early history of Canadian lighthouses but also what is being done to ensure they will survive into the future.  The presentation will include a look at the "Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act, Bill S-220" as well as examples of what is being done across Canada to preserve and find new uses for these grand, old beacons.

FUSION LATINA at Saint Francis in the Wood, 3pm
Toe-tappin', finger-snappin', hip-swayin' Latin fare that's sure to drive the winter doldrums away.
                        Fabiana Katz, director
A native of Argentina, Ms. Katz holds a Masters of Music in Choral Conducting from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. She has directed the Simon Fraser University Chorus and the Vancouver Lesbian and Gay Choir, and has been music director at St Mary's Kerrisdale, where she led the Chancel Choir, the Children's Choir and the Bell Ensemble. She is in demand as a teacher and clinician at music festivals in BC and Alberta.
Her voice has been described as "chocolate" and "caramel". Ms. Katz recently retired from the Vancouver Chamber Choir after 10 years. She has appeared as soloist with the National Arts Centre Orchestra, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Pacific Baroque Orchestra, the CBC Radio Orchestra and the New Westminster Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Vancouver Bach Choir, Trinity Western University Choirs, Douglas College Choral Society, the Amabilis Singers and Richmond Chorus, to name a few. As a recitalist, Ms. Katz focuses on repertoire which highlights her varied cultural background: Spanish, Latin American and Sephardic.
                        Light refreshments included after the concert.
Venue: Saint Francis in the Wood, 4773 South Piccadilly Road, West Vancouver
Tickets: General Admission $15 at the door
Or you can call the church at 604-922-3531 for more information.

= Works in the Gallery from Feb 1 to 28, "Stairs to the Moon", works by Tanya Doskova
= Celebrating Spirit of B.C. Week, Feb.9-17. Book Displays: Novels, Biographies, Travel & Local History by B.C. Authors.

===&= nbsp; BACKGROUND re HERITAGE WEEK 2007 - February 19 - 25
Vernacular Heritage - Architecture Without Architects
While the word "vernacular" may be used commonly enough, there is no single, easy definition of what the word means. In terms of architecture and heritage, however, vernacular tends to be:
        *       Ordinary and everyday
        *       Informal rather than formal
        *       Democratic, inclusive, popular
        *       Practical, utilitarian, modest, cheap
        *       A reflection of cultural and ethnic diversity
        *       Uniform, mass-produced, but sometimes idiosyncratic and quirky
Where do we find vernacular heritage? Just about everywhere. Let's consider some themes and examples.
Anonymous Tradition
In A History of Canadian Architecture, Vol. 2 (1994), Hal Kalman observes: "Even simpler was the most prevalent vernacular house-type that appeared across Canada in the years leading up to the First World War: a [one- or two-storey] house with its gable facing the street, a ground floor porch or veranda, and an off-centre entrance=8A Ironically, it is so common, and so taken for granted, that it does not even have a name in general usage=8Aoften no specific prototype or source existed; like the vernacular houses of any other era, this was just the accepted way of building." (p. 616)
Plain and Practical
Plain-Jane heritage buildings abound throughout B.C. Unlike the proud heritage landmark, these places frequently go unnoticed, and sometimes unloved. Consider the warehouse, the community hall, the one-room school, the barn: unassuming, practical buildings that get the job done. Company towns are sometimes corporate expressions of this practical, no-nonsense philosophy.
Ethnic Diversity
Canada is a country of immigrants who brought their cultural traditions with them, including building forms and technology. The employees of the [Hudson's] Bay Company brought their distinctive squared-log manner of construction, which can be seen in many of our earliest BC settlements; the Chinese created distinctive neighbourhoods which combined traditional building styles with European or boomtown architectural forms; The Doukhobors who settled in the Kootenays and Boundary areas created a unique house-type combining traditional ideas and skills with the vision of their spiritual leaders; early 20th century houses in Victoria often reflected a nostalgia for home, real or imaginary, through architectural details that suggest English regional domestic building traditions. Beyond these relatively recent expressions, there is of course the millennia of indigenous architecture, including coast plank construction, interior pit houses, and, in the south east, animal skin lodges familiar as part of Prairie cultural traditions.
Vernacular is for Everyone
Wealth widely dispersed has a [levelling] effect: most people in our society enjoy the significant benefits of a strong economy. This has expressed itself in many ways, one being the family home, as seen in the growth of suburbia with its grid plan and mass-produced uniformity. Frank Lloyd Wright probably best expressed the social philosophy of the suburb with his Usonian House: well-designed, attractive, easily built, affordable (at the time); a form that has shaped the look of communities across the continent. Another early suburban form was the incredibly popular arts and crafts bungalow, an aesthetic which is making a strong comeback today.
Equally affordable and ubiquitous was the automobile. The car culture legacy is everywhere: gas stations, garages, car dealerships. parkades, and parking lots, the auto court & motel, the roadside diner.  [These heritage resources, often overlooked for their heritage value,] are at risk of vanishing.
The One-off
While architecture in the grand tradition makes statements about broad social values, wealth, and power, there are those who simply prefer to go their own way: Zuckerberg Island in Castlegar, Fintry Estate near Vernon, and the Glass House near Creston (built of several thousand embalming fluid bottles) are some examples of the individualistic, eccentric side of the vernacular.
Vernacular heritage, then, is the heritage of everyday, and everybody. Not surprisingly, it is also everywhere.
For WV, see www.heritage.westvan.org and click on Events

===  CCL MTG NOTES Feb 5th  ===
NB: notes are typed during mtg; best efforts; names as best as I can tell! xxxxx means I missed it!  Sorry.
2007 FEBRUARY 05 MTGS: Public Hearing, then Reg Ccl Mtg
-- Cclr Clark absent
1.         CALL TO ORDER
Mayor: We allow five minutes to speak for first time speaking, then can speak at end.
2.         PUBLIC HEARING 
Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4497, 2007
Planning, Lands and Permits will provide a presentation regarding the proposed bylaw.
            To amend the text of the Zoning Bylaw to limit child care in single and two family dwellings to a maximum of eight children.
The proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment:
=B7        Amends definitions related to child care, kindergarten, and schools;
=B7        Limits child care to a maximum of eight children in single- and [two-family] dwellings in all residential zones in which single and two family dwellings are allowed, except it continues to allow child care with no restriction on number of children in the publicly owned buildings at 2478 Haywood Avenue and 2476 Bellevue Avenue;
=B7        Revises the bylaw to clarify that child care is permitted in the Community Use Zone 9 (C.U.9) and Community Use Zone 10 (C.U.10);
=B7        Continues to allow child care in the Community Use Zone 4 (C.U.4), Community Use Zone P.A.1 (Schools), and Community Use Zone P.A.2 (Places of Worship), but limits child care to a maximum of eight children in single-family dwellings in these zones; and
=B7        Includes consequential amendments resulting from the above.
On January 22, 2007 Council set the date for the Public Hearing.  The statutory notice of Public Hearing appeared in the North Shore News on January 28, 2007 and on January 31, 2007.
The following information is provided:
(a)       Report dated January 16, 2007 from Leanne Sexsmith, Planning Analyst, regarding West Vancouver Child Care Regulations - Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4497, 2007 and Recommended Policy Review (received by Council at its January 22, 2007 meeting).
(b)       Correspondence received as at January 31, 2007.
The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the February 05, 2007 Public Hearing with respect to the proposed bylaw amendments.
3.         PUBLIC INPUT
SJN provided background first, in effect:
There is only one large daycare in a residential area. Four others (not in resid areas). This bylaw will prevent applications in sgl-fam homes in sgl-fam areas, wd not affect existing so it's status quo.
Ccl wd probably wait for results of overall study.
INTERESTING ASIDE will try to research answer and report back:
The Mayor read from the script:
"Anyone who believes that their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw will be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard, make representations, or to present written submissions respecting the matters contained in the proposed bylaw."
the above is the case, while of course the need for daycares is something Ccl must take into consideration and I'm not suggesting they not do so, the statement implies only those whose property is affected are to speak, not those whose property is not affected (ie those who want to put their children in the daycare cannot say their property is affected and the purpose of the Public Hearing is property values or nbrhd ambience or quality of life).
Interesting.  This was pointed out to me by someone listening -- I'd always assumed anyone who wanted to speak at a PH cd do so.
Parvan Nikfar: I'm operator of Evergreen Daycare, the only group daycare in WV.
from eight to 20; heard over years of lack of daycare in WV, calls increased and now more with the closing of Cedardale.
Some parents complain about lack of daycare after end of school day.
Applied for a second daycare hearing this, offering daycare and afterschool care.
also planning to provide music and French training
b/c of the District. may have to abandon my plans, District discouraging
Cannot operate daycare with just eight without making cost too high for parents
Traffic is heavy at all times at the corner of Anderson Cr and TWay; parents come twice a day
kids outside for two hours a day only
In conclusion, urge you to find a more balanced solution to this issue, operate on a case by case basis as DNV and CNV do
demonstrate commitment to young families.....
Sop: if passed, this wd not be affected?
SJN: right, existing group daycares, this daycare wd not be affected.
{during these submissions there was applause virtually after each speaker so I have not noted it}
Nora Gambioli: 1286 Duchess on behalf my husband and our son
will read from my letter so not off-topic or go over five minutes
to stay here where I grew up, both have to work and need daycare
each elected to maintain and improve
cmnty's vision; according to policies in OCP, meet needs and services of young chn; and to attract families with chn
already too few daycares in WV so this policy is in direct contradiction; Ccl shd be fostering increased daycare in WV; will adversely affect sm biz areas -- wd have liked to see the Ch of Comm here
find some concerns unjustified: 20 is too large -- although the max is 20, not all there ev day, in over two years not seen more than 15 and no more than two or three cars
we live across from Hollyburn Elem Sch -- all streets in ev direction kids, noise of vibrant cmnty
why all right at [age] five or six and not before
what cd be so loud about kids playing outside -- outlaw seagulls? rushing streams?
Staff were cause for this -- allowing; daycare not aware of petition
daycare and parents only heard now; beforehand only heard against
bias, reactionary drafting of this bylaw
breach of procedure has harmed Evergreen and for wch an apology is necessary
result in driving away families for years to come
Melissa Mueller: resident of NV, my two-year-old son attends Evergreen, I grew up in WV and my parents live four doors away from Evergreen
TWay exceptional noise
chn are present only during weekdays; complaints ludicrous
most staff take public transport; not seen more than one car, place for drop off and pick up, done at staggered time, rarely more than two vehicles and can use space at home, gravel area
do not impede traffic; as a frequent visitor to my parents' home, not once found my way impeded to TWay or Evergreen
Nov 17 report by Mgr of bylaw services (page 3), your own lawyer informed you, once a use has been provided for, public opinion and Ccl reconsideration cannot be brought back into the process
I find it v sad Mrs N has been attacked and she has done nothing wrong
eight max you can get away with
already a shortage of childcare spaces -- this is a shortsighted kneejerk reaction; have to look to NV for childcare needs; does not reflect realities today
av house is $1.4M, both have to work to survive
OCP says Dist to meet needs of young families with chn; need for quality childcare spaces; recommended be expanded, increase number from 20 to 25; that was 14 years ago and need is greater now; this is step backward
Cedardale is closing, no space left in churches, and not allowed in commercial areas
pls do not pass this and find a more balanced solution
keep at 20 and review each application on a case by case basis
Phyllis Mueller: live at Anderson Crescent and my daughter has stolen my thunder
my grandson does attend Mrs Nikfar's daycare
have deleted my comments [others] have addressed them v well
even when a single parent arrives, a few cars and a few minutes -- go home, bath chn, have dinner, and catch a few moments
can't understand why anyone wd have trouble with the voices of chn, Sentinel Hill is not a gated cmnty
in five years Evergreen has been open, off TWay (sounds like an airport runway), not one iota of irritation
I'm willing to tolerate a little traffic and chn's voices, as a part of cmnty
I listened carefully to the debate on Ev Dr, cclrs listened -- wch btw that traffic wd be like rush hour at Spuzzum
be family-friendly; otherwise WV's reputation as a NIMBY cmnty
Nadine Peterson: owner of Black Swan Evaluation, ....... , help publish books, mother of 22-month-old boy, placed in Evergreen
we've all heard it takes a village to raise a child
acutely aware of two trends in WV: lack of young families and lack of daycare spaces
park in my nbrhd but except on weekend when visited by ppl from across Lower Mainland, empty on weekends.  Met a couple of kids, live nearby or grandparents
WV is not attractive to families -- expensive and others more facilities for chn
by 2031, a quarter of NSh will be senior citizens -- I think that's underestimated
just as cmnty to raise a child, children to raise a cmnty
work together for a more sustainable solution to the problem at hand
Tasha Riddle (?) :Kasha Vila: here to express my opposition to this bylaw
I was looking for a space for my baby, she's at Evgrn now, looking everywhere and I was desperate; went everywhere, each place had a waiting list of 50, and they told me I'd be waiting at least a year; need to have space for kids; more shd be open in WV, rather than closed
Ann Heather: 6775 Dufferin in Whytecliff
two points of view: as mother and as public policy
mother: I work at home, part-time as a writer and a necessity to have my chn outside my home
you say nannies and it doesn't work, they know you're home and battling the kids who want to see you; if you think difficult, difficult in Dund, worse elsewhere
put kids in daycare for socialization too; ppl learn a lot at daycare
home daycare the most efficient use of space
most ppl do not want to take care of other ppl's chn for a living, shd commend them, how can our cmnty support them -- not a subsidy, make it easy for them
dogs barking loud, chn's laughter not that bad to listen to
daycare my older child attends not cars b/c most walk
Evergreen is already on a v busy street
from a public policy point of view, supply is limited but when you increase regulations you limit the supply and increase the cost of doing biz
if this bylaw enacted, ramifications beyond -- maybe present daycares will back out
an issue facing Canadians -- declining; put off having or not have second child
grandparents around
we're one of the few districts with increase in enrolment in schools, where are they coming from?
are parents having three chn? most are not
issues facing us down the road
Chris Norton: 4321 Irwin Dr, three chn under the age of five
admire impassioned pleas
there is a crisis in child care across Canada, being booted around; undersupply, need practical solutions; involves balancing needs
is WV a family-friendly cmnty --
I speak as someone who has bought in the past year; these prices need both working
one of the factors is the increased requirements for daycare
balance -- provide both through public and private sector
daycare in the home [helps]
issue here is reduce down to eight. My daughter was the first in Ev and they were struggling and they were losing money going to three, to four, and now at 20
I wondered why they were doing it; must be sustainable and on a biz basis; virtually no way we cd have proper provision with eight -- caregivers to chn and wages, we as parents wd have to pay a ridiculous amt of money
unrealistic for WV to solve what is a national problem; but at least do no harm; something to enable families to live in this cmnty
Carol Adams: 5370 Andrews, sit as chair of a nonprofit of a daycare, Queen Bee
WV is in desperate need of daycare; chn are WV's future and they deserve good daycare
so much stress on families and daycares themselves
as a mother of two -- mine older now, one at Sentinel and one 22 -- but as a single parent, daycares provided stability and allowed me to get a career and didn't need subsidies or welfare b/c daycares were doable for me
WV is a booming cmnty, homes starting to sell, what most WVites want to see
to accommodate these young families we shd offer solutions not more regulations
hv heard nothing but good things about Evergreen
I get caught up at Sentinel picking up my son ev day, there and then Collingwood traffic to go to Brit Props
TWay, seems Pk Royal [traffic] is the problem
proud to say from WV but we need to expand our horizons a bit and shd offer the cmnty of WV some solutions
Christine Banham: neither a customer of Evergreen right now but am concerned
speakers here tonight have answered some questions I have
know amendment done for good reasons but have probs with number eight, how arrived at, and value
what is a viable number to have to have business flourish and expand
more work to be done for that
fears about traffic and parking; legislation put forward without adequate research -- more cd hv bn done
one of the impacts of making the numbers smaller of prohibiting more than one daycare in proximity, it cd hv an impact if you have, for example three chn -- you might have to run between two places; larger, can group, smaller spaces in larger facility
Nick Vederick (sp?): 2605 Nelson
Mayor: going to regular ccl mtg after PH finished
Name???: Diane Cardwell
written submission; live at Anderson Cr
live next door and we support the daycare up to eight chn
support limiting in sgl- and two-fam dwellings and in all areas where allowed
require 1500ft radius separation; staff and visitor parking on site; and require owner to live in home operated
a group of 20 chn plus three staff, family of four to five? total 29 in a sgl
sgl electrical and plumbing statute for small-family occupancy requirements
will this commercial use require conversions for assembly use?
is it true that groups over ten will have to meet BC code standards?
is it also true that the Vanc Coastal Health Auth must approve all bldg plans?
services of architect and engineer -- DNV document cited re establishing daycare
trying to understand this, made us realize increasing from five to eight, and larger to commercial and public assembly areas an ideal solution
allow up to eight in sgl fam homes and larger in commercial zones
we do not have adequate .... in WV ..... over and above daycare services above eight in sgl fam homes
we were surprised to read in the Nov 27 staff report that there has been no application of a group daycare of up to 20 chn in the last four years
however in 2006, enquiries wrt restrictions large groups in sgl-fam homes
the ccl report states that staff concerns are about large commercial operations in residential zones
imp to balance cmnty's needs for daycares and large comm biz
can never compare with facilities with churches and schools that have parks
sgl-fam areas? xxxx safe assembly????xxxx
as residents, support and commend you to try to find a solution
Angela Wu: 720 Anderson Dr: agree with the views of the prev speaker
we're asked to accommodate on our street two biz for 40 chn and six staff
cannot support expansion from eight to 40
residential lots in a residential zone
gladly support one eight daycare but not large commercial biz
with this zoning bylaw amendment -- better for large comm
require applicant to reside in unit daycare; may we suggest be registered owner and reside
if anyone buys and rents and bought it for the sole reason for a biz; no one living there overnight; sole purpose a comm enterprise
bldg safety severely compromised by anyone other; daycare operator no authority to maintain
how can a 50ft lot in Ambleside accommodate 30 ppl
converting a sgl fam to an assembly
unable to solve prov daycare crisis
72 signed petition; supported as original and will support up to eight
you were asked to walk the talk; we believe what you have done, done well
Adana Ranahan: from NV, experienced problems
daycare proposed next to us without input from Ccl or anyone
were informed, trying to have nbrs to have some input, it was not legal to make any limitations on a daycare
so last few months, 16 chn; I'm a parent of two chn under five to be home with my chn but now subjected to sounds of 16 chn in a small backyard with no toys and equipment; it results in a lot of screaming
opinion impact on our enjoyment -- wonder what will happen when summer and windows open
felt imp to come to you today to speak about daycare next to us
put nbrhd in conflict
think your changes reasonable and perhaps looking at other solutions
don't believe it fair to submit the residents while we are still equal taxpaying residents
hope strength and vision with these zoning bylaws
other options wrt the daycare crisis
Elaine Fonseca: Prez of ADRA, our assn supports the principles of this bylaw, a childcare facility up to a maximum of eight chn in single- and two-family dwellings in all residential zones.
Man: originally agreed not to oppose our next door nbrs' biz b/c assured numbers wd remain small, between five and seven in total; to be good nbrs signed letter of support
highly intrusive for two hours each day
yelling and screaming increased -- feels like living to a school rather than another home
the Evgrn daycare says support of a nbr, that was us, any support of 20 chn is not from us
ours is the largest property line
right re noise
read schools being closed lack of enrolment, perhaps use that
took stand not b/c against daycare but b/c not informed of increase from eight to 20 -- where does this stop?
operation in sgl and two -fam homes limited to weekdays only
applaud including daycare in devts
at some point we found out a second daycare across the street; in two days we got 72 names
some amendments; so we the citizens can be protected from commercialization of our peaceful nbrhds
Joanne McCann (sp?): I was here about two weeks ago about Cedardale; feel reached pressure or tipping point
wonder about the timing -- possibly premature
understand there's a childcare assessment being done across NSh
secondly, a childcare matter on agenda in a week or so
kneejerk, maybe consider
school enrolments in WV are increasing; group daycares look to schools so zero
churches don't have to let daycares in; even church space limited
comm spaces here wd make for v expensive
M spaces employed b/c of construction of cmnty ctr
Ccl look for creative solutions; looking for broader; national; sad when cmnty in conflict over chn -- not a growup; think we need to work together
Ccl, Schools, churches, childcare providers, parents, come together to look for creative solutions and I know we can do that
Ann Mueller: Part Two. Shorter.
urging you to look at each applic on a case by case basis
wait until NSh Child Care Needs Assessment due in four months so you have info
by passing this, shortsighted and will negatively affect cmnty, not considering needs of whole cmnty
requires innovation and flexibility; look at new ways of doing things; look at needs of entire cmnty
consider facts before coming to a final decision
raised commercial, but it's a labour of love; understand don't want nbrhd overrun by biz/comm; that's why look at each, where and what existing
put on hold any changes to the bylaw pending report of Needs Assessment
Man: issue of clarification
understand the current zoning allows 20 and this proposes limiting to eight
the door next door has issues -- can you clarify?
doesn't restrict current daycare or wd it?
SJN: currently one
one has ten, one on Anderson has a licence for 20;
it's the application for new
reason for eight, under provincial legislation permitted eight regardless of municipal
group daycares, churches, schools, still permitted
sgl fam dwellings in sgl fam areas
the study may propose different bylaws in future
the bylaw wd limit to eight except for existing ones
Mayor: any questions
Sop: move close
Mayor: actually, see if any questions
JF: wonder if Mr Nicholls might address a case-by-case scenario
does this bylaw prohibit Ccl doing spot rezoning if nbrs were in favour in a sgl fam area?
SJN: Ccl cd consider spot rezoning
the only legal way
under current bylaws, any daycare can be in any area, can't say you can't.......
VV: shd be clear eight and cannot say ten -- as soon as group then it's up to 20?
SJN: you'd have to pick a number and no rationale or study that says ten or 12, that may be in study coming up; must specify a number and can't be less than eight
Sop: if we close mtg, another have a Public Hearing and have ppl come
see we shd broaden our scope; policy spells out actions in sev diff areas; seven to eight
childcare in comm zones, increasing
looking at a registry; referral services for parents
M lands, encouraging close, walking, to schools
look at future rec facilities; policy established
paying attention about moving backwards--
Mayor: we're not at debate yet, have you question?
Sop: I'm getting to that -- are these areas we can get to after we have closed?
SJN: yes; Ccl on Jan 22 asked staff to come up with updated childcare policy
you have a report coming in the following week to establish a working group -- Cedardale and others, looking at short and intermediate term basis; you've already commissioned the Need Assessment study the three Ms on NSh basis; all in progress
Sop: if mtg closed, if bylaw into third reading and adopted
what about applic for group daycare where we are at this time?
SJN: since date staff asked to bring forth bylaw, there's a 90-day period, coming up this coming month, any applic wd not be processed, ...[otherwise wd be]
Sop: things brought up by speakers? can look at distance? can you say closed, waiting?
SJN: you'd have to look at either in a policy for rezoning or for incorporation in a new zoning
Sop: if it's a zoning bylaw, then the house of the person runs with the land? transferable as a biz when sold?
SJN: two diff issues; whether transferring biz licence or licence from prov authorities
zoning tonight deals with nonconforming uses, just continues that use for some months, cannot start up again under the zoning bylaw but can continue
Sop: so an individ cd sell house, advertise that they have a biz licence?
SJN: might be a possibility but as I mentioned only two houses in WV that have group daycares.
"Currently there are 294; 147 in churches, 32 in schools; only one main group daycare in a sgl-fam dwelling, there are two others in municipal houses, and they are included in the bylaw as permitted group daycares."
{The above is a direct transcript; no, I don't understand the math either b/c 294 minus 179 leaves 125 so those are quite large group daycares!  must be something missing.}
Mayor: at point of questions
Sop: question
MS: is there a timeline on that?
Sop: what elected for, gotta do our job
if allow, in sgl fam zone; when the daycare is in comm place of public assembly, when that is sold does the indiv have the right to sell that as a going entity, a transfer of sale?
SJN: are you asking if the And Cr cd be sold?
Sop: you said only one, not against, just want to know
SJN: if they cd get approval of prov, may be possible
RD: we raise numbers in terms of schools? churches
SJN: looking....
Mayor: if questions advisable not to close the PH
SJN: definition is childcare; whatever licensed for permitted unlike current bylaw
RD: if one were to lower the number of group daycare homes, raise in schools?
SJN: don't know if we cd
whatever comfortable
Mayor: I have a question about public policy knowing we're putting together a working group and getting study
is it the right thing to do, to close, to make decision on this bylaw when that coming up?
SJN: if you don't pass this then anyone can open a group daycare in a sgl-fam dwelling?
Mayor: can you estimate when we'll have result of those studies?
SJN: not involved with that one [Cedardale]; expecting [Assessment] prior to summer
Mayor: if something arises from those studies compels Ccl to go in another direction, looking at another PH
SJN: yes; no criteria for deciding where they can go
you'd be considering regulations -- rezoning or new zoning bylaw
JF moved receipt and hearing closed
Mayor: come back?
SSch: second and third reading at Feb 12th or 26th
Mayor: when? 12th?
SSch: cd be
Mayor: tyvm
Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions once the Public Hearing is closed.

MS: addns; letters, cmte appointments
=B7        January 08, 2007 Regular Council Meeting Minutes;
=B7        January 15, 2007 Regular Council Meeting Minutes;
=B7        January 22, 2007 Committee of the Whole Minutes; and Special Regular Council Meeting Minutes.
3.         Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit to Occupy Transfer/Assignment - #159
MS: want to point out a lot of these nonfamily transfers
these cabins being sold for considerable sums based on the fact basically not paying any rent;  so for me every one that comes up is a reinforcement this policy has to be revisited as soon as legally able to do it
CAO: expect report by end of the month wrt governance of the Hollyburn cabins and will also be providing some recommendations for dealing with these on a recurring basis.
4.         Proposed Lot Line Adjustment - 4452 and 4454 Regency Place
            THAT pursuant to Section 944. (1) (2) of the Local Government Act, and in accordance with the proposed plan for lot-line adjustment between 4452 and 4454 Regency Place in Appendix B of the report from the Community Planner dated January 22, 2007, the proposed revised lots be exempted from the minimum frontage provisions of 10% of the perimeter.
RD: shd be explained by Planner
SJN: unusual, Ccl doesn't deal with it often
when you deal with a panhandle lot; under LGA, provision on width of lot wrt circumference; new bylaw will deal with that but now it doesn't
applicant owns both lots; wishes to rearrange lotline at rear, all his property, one of the lots, view, ...
technically creation of two lots; not changing width, from street nothing changes, from back does;  configuration change; do need Ccl's motion
RD made motion -- CARRIED
5.         Further Information Report:  Development Variance Permit 06?048 (2650 Nelson Avenue)
At the December 11, 2006 meeting, Council received the report dated December 01, 2006 from the Community Planner titled "Development Variance Permit Application 06?048 (2650 Nelson)" and set the date for consideration on January 08, 2007, a copy of which is attached for reference.
At the January 08, 2007 meeting, the item was deferred to the February 05, 2007 meeting.
John Gould (cdn't hear clearly): with my wife have lived at 2658 Nelson since 1989, actually lived in WV for 30 years
our house is immediately next door to this
follow all ccl mtgs from our home -- shows what an exciting life we have
have written to Ccl about this
like our block; when we moved in quickly established the blockwatch cmte
regarding the house and garage next door, we feel it will be totally in keeping with street and will enhance streetscape in our block
any with a garage in front of you has the aesthetic appeal of a caravan park; with this, totally eliminated
nearby Mr Caruth's house, built with minimum for impact on nbrs or natural environment
Cclr Smith said one of the new houses reminded him of a public toilet on the Greek Islands
this before you not an abomination and wd stop desecration of 2600block
at all times Mr and Mrs Caruth have consulted and show great sensitivity
as proposed, an essentially hidden garage, all nbrs protected; small house, modest size
part that is still, but only just, a v attractive part of Dund and WV
supported, enthusiastic support of residents of 2600 block; especially my wife and myself, look forward to having the Caruths as nbrs; implore you that you not let us down.
Nick Vilivek (sp?): 2636 Nelson
we have five, six new houses in nbrhd, followed all the bylaws for setback -- usually ????35 ft, 6 ft
my concern how appearance if one completely different from other houses
other than that v happy to have nice bldg and nice ppl in nbrhd
John Mawson: resident of Nelson Ave
Mayor address?
JM (emailed remarks):
Thank you for the opportunity to offer some comments on this Application for a two-car garage in a non-conforming location at the front of this Upper Dundarave property.  I make these comments both as a neighbour of the Applicant, and as a representative of a small group of the local residents interested in having Upper Dundarave designated a special neighbourhood, similar to that of Altamont, or Clovelly-Caulfield.
Residents in Upper Dundarave have watched in dismay as some new owners in the area have redeveloped properties, including boulevards and laneways, with little concern for neighbourhood character and with minimal if any dialogue with neighbours. In a manner similar to that of residents in Clovelly-Caulfield, residents in Upper Dundarave have responded by drafting a Neighbourhood Plan, and by inviting the Municipality both to study the area's defining characteristics, and to recommend guidelines for dialogue and neighbourhood evolution.
Neighbourhood characteristics in Upper Dundarave include:
.   the modest scale of the houses;
.   houses which respect the topography and natural features;
.   boulevards which make use of trees and shrubs, providing a forested feel as well as privacy.
The scale of the Applicants' proposal, and the maintenance of the forested and private streetscape, fits well with the direction of the proposed Upper Dundarave Neighbourhood Plan. As well, the Applicant has sought a dialogue with neighbours about his plans for the redevelopment of his property, a process which we believe is to everyone's benefit.
Thus, as a spokesman for this fledgling group, we heartily support this Variance Application.
Man (owner?): xxxx?  from Pt Grey; back here downsized; in England when heard of application
learned only after
met with nbrs in Oct, no indications then
met with Jan, spoken many times on phone and email; feel we now have an understanding with questions raised
meet re details, anything, wall
nbrs unequivocally supportive
regret; understand now have letters of support
plans and photos submitted; a few of the main features: barrier house less visible; footprint of house less than that of present; trees, be environmentally responsible; driveway easier
this approach is not precedent-setting
hillside sites in this area
we are removing a non-conforming and quite conspicuous garage
.....streetscape, maintains, xxxxxx  out of guidelines in your documents
ask for Ccl's consent for the change
Sop: one happy nbrhd
process!  never seen in nine years, no plans for house, just garage
we haven't had any discussion if we're going to support detached garages
allow one 20 ft into setback without a plan for the house
not saying this owner isn't going to do what he says, within plan
asked last time; want to see!
don't know why it wd come with the garage only; want to see this garage with house; until then deferral
SJN: drawings with report, levels
Sop: an artist's conception; shows height, doesn't show survey
I can't go that route, I have to have that in front of me
wish we cd hv done that
Mayor: my copy of report says that plans/house will comply with all zoning bylaws
SJN: garage has to come, thought Ccl wd like to see that
Sop: the house is asking for a variance, sideyard, last week showed a bit of a change
putting horse in front of cart
so I don't have to get aggravated
if we're going to go route of detached fine
no offence to owner; want it right in future
have a motion on the floor
Mayor: didn't get a seconder, Cclr Smith
MS: think Cclr V had first
Mayor: that's what I have
MS: don't want to follow Cclr S, always a difficult act to follow
I live a block away......
some streets garage basically the streetscape; nbrs all in favour of it, fits in well
nothing wrong with a detached garage
opp to get a house...???....
house will be conforming with our bylaws and this garage shd threaten nobody
suits topography
looking forward to the new owner inviting me to his housewarming
VV: mine opposite to Cclr Sop
how do we govern in a case like this, in general sense
look at ev one
......about the biggest variance I've seen in my little time on Ccl
why do we have that 30ft if we wave it away?
procedures, holding it up ... then why do we have 30ft
do we say whole block 30ft doesn't apply?
maybe drop some of our setback rules; not sure what we're doing here
set rules then ppl look for exemptions
do we have the opp of changing these setback rules
SJN: suggested relaxing on sloping lots
has been introduced in areas above the hwy
do allow underground parking structures (no more than 3ft above grade except garage doors)
does qualify on one side but not other
VV: wd like us to be more coherent and efficient with our time
go ahead with this, then....
JF: will support this; know we've spoken before about the imperfection of our bylaws
flat Richmond not have these variances; but we live on a hillside with creeks, come to us so an applicant can situate house [sensitively]
we just don't live in a one-size fits all cmnty
RD: our bylaws normally work but there are incidences where rigid, can be flexible wrt environment
Sop: our interpretation of a house
?????in garage
tell me the legal responsibilities of that
SJN: the house is a work in progress, this is an indication of what his plans are today
about to apply for bldg permit; he cd change, but not garage
Sop: he cd; I'm anxious to get going; it's legal, it's interpretation
we have not looked at the housing policy
haven't noticed desire to change
I'm not going to support this, no offence to owner
on edge of legal issue; don't have to go further
CAO: garage; house will conform to bylaws so wd not come to Ccl
Sop: can it come forward with house and garage, whole
not there, the house cd be altered, what's our resp?
CAO: house will conform with the bylaws, just showing footprint
issue of timing; holding lots expensive
with conceptual design hv bn able to nail down footprint
wanting to assure that addressed and approved before design of house
Mayor; this is an indicator of an outstanding issue in the cmnty
new homes that fit in well
good thing, have to consult with nbrs
I love this report, it does deal with impact on nbrs and views...
wd like to know when Caulfeild housing will come forward
and Cclr Clark's
SJN: Clovelly Caulfeild coming to Ccl Feb 12th
Housing Dialogue -- not sure Cclr Clark not here, nor staff person
CAO: aware identified potential mbrs of working group
shd come to Cmnty Enggmt Cmte's next mtg
Sop: understand what you're saying and it's....
...valid, in this case the procedure is not valid; whole thing shd come with legal interpretation
nbrs can say like garage but didn't see whole thing
drawings but don't have plans b/c not submitted; fine but not comfortable
26ft encroachment into a 30ft setback
Mayor: I'm looking at the site survey
SJN: that's where the bldg's supposed to be
when Ccl's approving a variation plan and anticipate that's what's going to be built
but if two years later a person wants to put an addition, conforming, can come back, not obliged to go to Ccl
APPROVED with Sop opposed
          THAT DVP Application No. 06?048 (2650 Nelson) which would provide for a new garage with variances to the Front and Side Yard, be approved.
6.         Further Information Report:  Development Variance Permit 06?052 (3605 Creery Avenue)                         CALL FOR PUBLIC INPUT
MS: Mr Nicholls, do you want to give a brief introduction?
SJN: two variances, six-inch corner of roof, and another larger of deck
the corner of the bldg, minor and cd be result of an error
it's a variance and Ccl has not set a date, if that's the way
MS: I'm confused, so we can't approve a variance?
SJN: we are suggesting rejection but if considering further or approval have to set a date to approve
MS: as I understand it, this is a case where the plans showed no variance and when built considerable variance; on principle can't allow ppl to submit plans of one thing and build something else
Mayor: first vote receipt
MS: think we don't have any choice, the 5.6ft overhang but significant for a 4- or 5-inch error in good faith; maybe Mr Stuart can help me -- reject, and come back for variance
CAO: just eliminate words and roof overhang
MS: [so moved]
Sop: owner wd hv to return to Ccl to get permission for the overhang or is it not in here so not even considered
CAO: if owner wanted overhang wd have to come back for a variance
DVP (3605 Creery), that would provide for roof overhang with variances to the required Front Yard, be rejected.
7.         2007 Library Board Appointments   Item to be provided on table.
=B7    Rosalind Foucault and    Alexander Rose;
re-appointments for the term ending December 31, 2008:
=B7        Harry Greenwood, Ann Hamilton,  Bernie Lauser,  Brian Owen, Sherry Parrott, Fanny Patterson.
8.         Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
Sop: query on item 11
9.         Community Shuttle Annual Operating Agreement (File:  3294?01)
            1.         The report dated December 21, 2006 from the Transit Manager regarding the 2007 Community Shuttle Operating Agreement for transit services between Lions Bay, Horseshoe Bay, and Caulfeild Village be received.
            2.         That the Mayor and the Municipal Clerk be authorized to execute the Agreement covering the period January 01, 2007 to December 31, 2007.
10.       2007 Annual Operating Agreement - Conventional Bus Services (File:  3215?01)
            1.         The report dated December 21, 2006 from the Transit Manager re 2007 Annual Operating Agreement for the West Vancouver Conventional Transit Services be received.
            2.         The Mayor and Municipal Clerk be authorized to execute the Agreement as presented and that any mid-term amendment to this Agreement, that may be considered, has the approval of the Municipal Manager.
11.       Licence Agreement for District Telecommunication Site - Austeville Properties Ltd., UBC Village
-- report dated January 15, 2007 entitled "Licence Agreement for District Telecommunication Site - Austeville Properties Ltd., UBC Village" be received.
Sop: Mr Barth?
SJN: over at UBC, hire our roof
Sop: if we relocated worksyard wd if fall apart
SJN: out in field; not sure, maybe emergency services; not sure wch one it is
CAO: if making changes wd have to look as with eComm
believe some time and some funding, looking at radio
assess these ev number if years; hv a mtg tomorrow the the deputy minister
Sop: who's owner of properties
CAO: likely a holding company
12.       Development Applications Status List (File:  1010?01): received.
13.       Correspondence Lists [listed here in WVM's notes b/c no agenda went out separately]
Correspondence Received up to January 12, 2007 and previously distributed to Council on January 18, 2007 (with exceptions for time sensitive items).
1.1  Requests for Delegation --  No items received.
Action Required
1.2       A.H. Brown & B. McArthur, Co-Chairs - Western Residents' Association, January 13, 2007, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course Clubhouse
            Referred to Mayor & Council and the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response
1.3       November 07, 2006, regarding Letter to S. Jenkins, Environmental Coordinator - DWV re Tree
            Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response
No Action Required (receipt only)
1.4       January 11, 2007, regarding Application to Fisheries and Oceans Canada re Landscaping 1.5       B. Binnie, President - Union of British Columbia Municipalities, January 02, 2007, regarding Report on Involvement and Opportunities for UBCM-Administered Programs
1.6       January 10, 2007 regarding Cost of Repositioning Curbstones on the Sea Wall
1.7       January 11, 2007, regarding Email to Councillor Steeves re Amalgamated Police Forces 1.8       W. Powell, Board Chair - Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), January 05, 2007 regarding PHSA's Recent Update to British Columbians About Our Collaboration With Vancouver Coastal Health 1.9       December 18, 2006, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course
1.10    F. Elvin-Jensen, Elvinco Technologies Inc., January 11, 2007, regarding Wood Fencing Along Upper Level Highway Through WV
1.11     S.E. Dowey, City Clerk - City of North Vancouver, January 10, 2007, regarding Support for InSite
1.12    M. Griggs, Public Involvement Division Manager, Engineering and Construction Department - Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), January 05, 2007, regarding Biosolids Management Plan Framework Consultation
1.13    Undated, 2006, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course (File: 2160?05?GGCO1)
1.14    December 20, 2006, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course (File: 2160?05?GGCO1)
1.15    December 20, 2006, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course (File: 2160?05?GGCO1)
1.16    Undated, 2006, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course (File: 2160?05?GGCO1)
1.17    December 18, 2006, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course (File: 2160?05?GGCO1)
1.18    Undated, 2006, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course (File: 2160?05?GGCO1)
1.19    January 02, 2007, regarding Public Safety & Inadequate Bus Shelters in West Vancouver
Responses to Correspondence -- No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.
Correspondence Received up to January 19, 2007 and previously distributed to Council on January 25, 2007 (with exceptions for time sensitive items).
Requests for Delegation -- No items received.
Action Required -- No items received.
No Action Required (receipt only)
1.20    Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
            (a)       Minutes of the Board of Variance Hearing, November 15, 2006 (File: 2310-02)
            (b)       Minutes of the West Vancouver Memorial Library Board, December 13, 2006
1.21    January 02, 2007, regarding Ban on the Sale and Use of Fireworks (File: 2795-07)
1.22    J. Yardley, President - Heritage Society of British Columbia, January 12, 2007, regarding "Vernacular Heritage", Architecture Without Architects
1.23    January 14, 2007 regarding Eagle Lake Water Supply (File: 1815-02/1815?03)
1.24    January 14, 2007, regarding Law Enforcement (File: 2900-03)
1.25    January 15, 2007, regarding Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Serious Flaws in Our Judicial System
1.26    January 16, 2007, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course (File: 2160?05-GGCO1)
1.27    January 15, 2007, regarding Cedardale Child Learning Centre, 595 Burley Drive
1.28    G. Kovach, President - Federation of Canadian Municipalities, January 17, 2007, regarding New Funding Opportunity for Municipal Solid Waste Projects
1.29    R. Taylor, Executive Director and K. Vance, Senior Policy Advisor - Union of British Columbia Municipalities, January 18, 2007, regarding UBCM Member Notice: RCMP Accountability: Community Performance Plans
1.30    January 18, 2007, regarding Restaurant, Ambleside Park and Revitalization (File: 2520-03-01)
1.31    Undated, 2007, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course
Responses to Correspondence
1.32    B. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation, January 15, 2007, Letter to Resident regarding Hydro Wires and Undergrounding of Services (File: 1735-07)
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.
Correspondence Received up to January 26, 2007 and previously distributed to Council on February 01, 2007 (with exceptions for time sensitive items).
Requests for Delegation
1.33    T.S. Clarke, January 30, 2007, regarding Hollyburn Ridge Cabins A-E (File: 1145?04/0120-01)
            Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
Action Required --No items presented.
No Action Required (receipt only)
1.34    L. Achtemichuk, President - North Shore Artists Guild, January 04, 2007, regarding Invitation to Attend an Art Exhibition, "Winter Solstice"
(Previously distributed [owing] to timing of event)
1.35    M. Hesse, Senior Development Officer, The Kidney Foundation of Canada (British Columbia Branch), January 15, 2007, regarding March is Kidney Month
1.36    S.E. Dowey, City Clerk - City of North Vancouver, January 17, 2007, regarding Community Safety Initiative Grant - Homeless Projects Allocations 2007
1.37    H. Stephens, West Vancouver Youth Band, January 22, 2007, regarding Invitation to Attend a Concert at Kay Meek Centre - "Music of the 21st Century"
(Previously distributed due to timing of event)
1.38    January 23, 2007, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course (File: 3002?11/2160?05?GGCO1)
1.39    January 25, 2007, regarding More Daycare Spaces (File: 2620?08)
1.40    M. MacDonald, Regional Director, Canada Remembers, British Columbia/Yukon and Veterans Affairs Canada, Western Region, Undated, 2007, regarding Commemorative Ceremonies for the Battle of Vimy Ridge
1.41    K. Cameron, Chief Executive Officer, Homeowner Protection Office, January 18, 2007, regarding Green Building Technologies in British Columbia
1.42    December 29, 2006, regarding Signing of the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement Between Alberta and British Columbia  [TILMA}
1.43    January 26, 2007, regarding 3605 Creery Avenue (File: 1010-20-06-052)
Responses to Correspondence
1.44    R. Fung, Manager, Utilities, January 22, 2007, re Letter to Resident regarding Storm Sewers on Ottaburn Road (File: 1745?02/1745-03)
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.
14.       Oral Reports from Mayor and Councillors
 JF: WinterSong; forgot my paper; something ev night; cust services on N side of Pk Royal...
events I attended last year wonderful
good crowd, even some opp to participate -- at Pk Royal in the square on a Saturday, variety of choral groups, Village area; enjoy our weather
MS: tix and brochures av at Ch of Cmm
RD: wanted to exclude item 1.42; concerns me
AB and BC signed an agreement; no media coverage, no debate in parliament; enables biz to launch complaints to a nonelected tribunal
just b/c they restrict investment
all aspects of landuse planning; islands trust, prov parks cd be susceptible to a challenge wrt control land use planning
validity of complaint by a nonelected three-person tribunal
scary bill
raising alarms about this invite our MLAs, Sultan and McIntyre to comment/explain
wrt regional roles; prerogatives over landuse planning; cd reduce control we have; scary, ..... explain what this means
CAO: take with a grain of salt when a group explaining what legislation means; haven't had alarm bells from UBCM; aid for workers across the border
but can follow up  with UBCM to see and report back to ccl
RD: surprised no outcry; appreciate if you pursue that
another: I'm chair of the Rodgers Crk Working Group
We have, Cmte has selected mbrs; met last Wed and mtg again [this] Thursday; we have a very important task

{Yeah, right.  No notice about either mtg and the one on Thursday I found out later had a presentation by BPP and the mbrs VOTED to close the mtg to the public.  There's nothing in the legislation that allows them to do that!  The Mayor was at the mtg.  Why didn't she point out mtgs must be open?  Devprs DREAM of having mtgs without observers or public!  What happened to WV's leadership role in openness?  openness at all, in fact?}

look at Rodgers Creek area; extends over 200 acres; south of South Marr; almost to worksyard and to explore with staff, BPP, and other owners
best way planning for area, becoming steeper and steeper
mountainside devt, improve devt we've had in past and have cooperation of BPP and staff
cmte includes two architects, a planner, a dvpr, two environmentalists, a rep from Streamkeepers, and a resident from the Brit Properties
we're underway; we expect v good results
Mayor: I think at the mtg they said take your representative bias and leave it at the door

{Yes, she was there.  Why not take leadership and say mtgs in WV are open???}

RD: our goal is that of exploring the best kind of planning
hillside land working closely with staff and BPP

Sop: Madam Mayor, you and I and JF are on the Cmnty Engagement Cmte
I'm submitting names for three Working Groups
First, the Envmtal Group, I think you have the names and we have to have a mtg on
Secondly, the Cmty Services, wch will in part be looking at 2007 grants and the social climate on the NShore, specifically how WV in and forecast how make amends looking at sustainability -- that may take a year; those names have been submitted to you

{so the process is the names are submitted to the Mayor and she make the decision/appmts?}

I know Mike wants to go home but that's too bad
Also we're, Madam Mayor, on a cmte for the cmnty ctr to look at engaging a working group on that, maybe you want to expand on that and the philosophy behind that
Mayor: Well, we had our first mtg wrt governance of the cmnty ctr; we're putting together a small group

{who knew about that???? no posting? no notice, place, or agenda?????}

how to include; run better; what it's priorities are, how it reaches out
as with all the Working Groups, a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of new faces
staff enthusiastic about working in a new way; we will be able to appoint those ppl probably next week

Mayor: Spirit Week kicking off, same week all over BC, part of 2010
WinterSong huge part of that; thank them; how quickly they got off the mark
mtg at NV, talking about Spirit Trail
[seems] had WinterSong forever, actually it's their second year; grateful to them
this Sat night; Vancouver Youth Band having its premiere of Sea to Sky.....
managed to attract Robert Kerr to join me that night shd be part of that night, Olympiad, and Olympics themselves
movements are called: Lions' Gate, Stawamus Chief, Shannon Falls, and Beyond Whistler, I think
also Mayor of Whistler and Mayor of Lions Bay .....
I've heard lots about TILMA; talking to Falcon, McIntyre
Sultan and I are meeting about that; ask him about implications

VV: question to Cclr Day wrt Rodgers Crk
whether that group has any say in what BPP wd provide wrt cmnty benefits
eg Equestrian Ctr; govt, BPP wd be providing cmnty benefit; 28 acres or whatever; so wd be in position; no idea if forgotten or something in the minds
RD: Cclr Vaughan, first mtg last Wed and next on Thurs; going to have a presentation from BPP and staff, and think Eq Ctr might come up
we're in beginning stages; working on TofRef, ready now, just getting under way; our purpose planning and landuse, hillside/mtnside devt
cmnty devt stem from decisions as to density and landuse, wd hv to come from Ccl

{even more reasons why mtg shd not hv bn closed to public!}

MS: Mr Nicholls has some fresh info on the Eq Ctr
SJN: area devt process does deal with all aspects including cmnty benefits, transportation, public facilities, housing; area devt plan will take into consideration those matters
and the group is advising on area devt plans
RD: true; sev areas above Upper Levels, and this is the first but there will be others as we go west
think this cmte will set a precedent for these decisions, particularly Ccl, staff, and Brit Props

{yeah, right.  Already has.  First time I've ever heard of mbrs voting to close a mtg to the public. In spite of provincial legislation and Ccl's purported commitment to openness.}

working within parameters of OCP; can't get beyond land use, can't talk about Cmnty Benefits
VV; hope cmte will bear in mind a whole herd of horses waiting for that Eq Ctr
JF: and a whole herd of shoppers waiting for revitalization of Amb
remind Feb 8th from 6 to 8:30 will be a workshop at srs' ctr
boards, opp to speak with staff; can inform yourself; find out subsequent dates
Feb 15 townhall mtg; submissions from Ccl
Mayor: to Cclr V's point, objective to take holistic approach
housing envt social cohesion
John Gould: questions occurred to me this evening and over preceding weeks
Question re Disaster response route mean on hwy? for benefit of ambulances? for whom provided???
EBarth: clarification had to be made and an add'l tabs had to be made
some viewed them as evacuation routes, but opposite -- in large scale emergency to be kept clear so emergency personnel have a route
JG: hope general public know that; somewhat confusing; don't stop to see add'l comment appended to those signs
my second question: thank you for the attention paid to proposed devt on 2600 block [Nelson]
believe some weeks ago a nonconforming house built on 2100block Mathers; Ccl felt inapprop and fines were levied
how do I get access as to whether alterations made and whether fines paid?
where do I get info regarding subsequent action?
most of Ccl protested
Mayor: was that 2553 Lawson? not given approval
SJN: can be obtained from Bldgs Dept, what action been taken on that house
Mayor: can follow up with you to get you that info.

CR: Editor of West Van Matters, 1497 Marine
Also, some things just said at end, brought some questions to me
I had one resident say to me that they cdn't find out what had happened about a municipal tree, and she was told she was not allowed to be told, so I take it from the answer you've just given to Mr G that if someone has paid a fine, that a resident may ask and get that information?
Mayor: Mr Stuart?
CAO: I wdn't want to answer in any general sense; we will follow up and find out what info can be released wrt the fines and the conformance that's in the public realm and provide to Mr Gould.
It's really difficult to make a transfer, assumptions; it's really on a case-by-case basis.

{on what basis shd the amt of a fine or whether or not paid be kept from the public?
and isn't it of value to dissuade infractions?
avoids ppl getting away with breaking the law and no one knowing if penalty or whether or not fine paid?
More research into this needed!}

Mayor: we'll do what we can
CR: then I'll ask this person to speak with Mr Stuart to find out what the policy is, thank you
The next thing is about notification of meetings [See also discussion above in Reports]
I was rather disconcerted, and I hope this is not going to be the case, that there were some mtgs held without notification.  I know Cclrs Day, and Smith, and Soprovich, and I think Cclr Vaughan, have said to me that notification for mtgs were to be given and be made public, yet there were/have been/ some that were not.
Tidings did not have the Feb 8th mtg, I only found out that last night by accident, so I'm glad that Cclr F brought up that there'd be a mtg.
Although the [DWV] website does have it today, Feb 8th mtg on the Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy [ATCS], it said the mtg was 6 o'clock, somebody wrote to me this afternoon saying 6:30, and Cclr F just now said she wasn't sure, so it wd be helpful to know what that time start is, and it's really great to have that as a prequel to the townhall mtg, and unfortunate that we're getting the notice so late.
I know the boards will be up and staff will be there, will there be a presentation at a particular time during that, or will it just be ppl looking at the boards and filling in questionnaires?
Mayor: Do you know?
JF: I don't know--
Mayor: What I know-- Mr Nicholls?
JF: 6 pm to 8:30
CR: that's what I've got
SJN: if it's the mtg on the 8th, the invitations were sent out, primarily directed at ppl that own property and do businesses [sic? that's what I heard] in the area to see what their comments are and the mtg starts at 6, presentation at 7, and it goes to 8:30.
CR: was it by invitation? or are other ppl?
Mayor: many invitations were sent out to biz owners and landowners, and that's the focus, but it's public
I received notification a few weeks ago but I'm sorry if our normal channels did not advertise it, perhaps b/c it has a slightly different--
CR: this is what we were wondering
SJN: it's public if you wish to come, but it's directed to ppl who have a particular interest in the area.
The main public mtg, the townhall mtg, is being held by Ccl and being advertised
CR: then I'll let our ppl know

{Thought Bubble: why have a mtg for owners by invitation?  why aren't all public info mtgs public?  why invitation for biz and public for residents?  hm.......}

Is there, Mayor G-J, what is your opinion in principle of notifying residents of cmte and wkg group mtgs?
Mayor: Well, obviously, we give full notification.

{nope -- wait until you hear CAO.}

I think you're talking about the first mtg we had wrt the Rodgers Area Wkg Group last week
CR: there are sev mtgs that have not been posted on the [DWV] website
I don't want to pin it down to any particular group; I'd rather keep it to what principle and what policy you're going to follow.
Mayor: We're following -- the working groups have all discussed this -- everybody feels the whole point is that they're open; they're not an opportunity for the public necessarily to get involved in the discussion, but ev mbr of Ccl who is part of a working group will be reporting regularly each week or ev couple of weeks, so I think just b/c these are starting up, we haven't got everything quite organized but only one has met, so that's what we'll be doing with Patricia Leslie [Communications], and making sure it will be laid out for the public, and I have Mr Stuart who wants to comment.
CAO: but the working groups do have the flexibility depending on the purpose of that particular mtg to decide if they are open in fact or not, and so it really is up to the chairs to work with the cmtes to determine what the topic is, what the agenda is, and whether appropriate for the public to be there or not.  Certainly the intent was to provide that flexibility.

{As we subsequently see, flexibility is code word for CLOSED.}

I don't want to leave an impression that there's an automatic notification process.  It really is up to the working groups to take a look at what is on the agenda and determine if it's appropriate or necessary for the public to be there.

{oh really?  What happened to the Cmnty Charter? the law? the legislation?  they can't simply decide to close meetings at a whim or by a simple vote.  There are rules to qualify to go in camera.  This appears to be lost on some ppl.}

CR: but what that makes me --  In response to that, it then appears as if they can have an in camera mtg without having to qualify as an in camera mtg; that's what that sounds like.
Mayor: I don't know what that means, to qualify as in camera

{Read the Cmnty Charter -- but maybe the Mayor really doesn't know or isn't sure.  Is staff finding a way for closed mtgs and lack of notification and some mbrs of Ccl had no idea this wd result?  That's the conclusion I've come to.}

CR: if there going to have a mtg in wch they do not notify, they do not allow ppl to attend, and they do not allow ppl to speak, that's sort of equivalent to an in camera, behind closed doors, mtg, and I'm just wondering if that's going to be the policy for the working groups.
And if you are -- the other thing about notification, if you are -- on occasions when you give notification -- what notification are you going to give and how long.  Under legislation, it was 48 hours.  Under the legislation, it's posting of the agenda outside that door [M Hall], and I think it's unrealistic to expect residents to walk by that door.
I wd hope -- as I've said, a towncrier wd be more effective than having to go by the bulletin board, but if you had a policy to put on the website two biz days before the mtg, I think that wd be helpful.
Mayor: It will be on the website.


I believe there will be notification,

{believe?  that sounds good, but what about legislation -- must?  hedging?}

although these working groups may resolve to go in camera.  We've had one initial mtg of one group.  It's all just now coming together.  Each group will probably have one to decide what the schedule will be.  We're finding the times they prefer to meet are all over the map.  We're trying to be that kind of ccl, flexible with that, so ppl can participate fully.  It's early days, but I wd think within two weeks ea grp will have met, will have its mbrs, and will have a schedule.
CR: I know this isn't the place to debate it but there was a cmte mtg last week, and it wasn't the working group that did not have notification.
So that's why I want to establish a policy and if you say there's going to be notification, I think it wd be helpful in the two weeks you're taking to set this up, if you cd come out with a policy and say, this is how much notification we're giving to the public, this is how we're going to publicize it, so ppl know how they can find out -- I think Cclr Day wants to speak
RD: after quite a lot of work, we got together a cmte, and we had an orientation and a preliminary mtg in wch discussed the terms of reference, as in will our mtgs be open, if so, will we entertain questions from individuals, and so forth.
You've got to meet in order to decide that, there's such a thing as an orientation and preliminary mtg

{Sorry.  With all due respect, a meeting is a meeting whether preliminary, middle, or last, and there is legislation wrt meetings that is obviously being ignored.}

That was a preliminary mtg.  Then we did it and set up the TofRef, and there will then be notification henceforth.  That is complicated.  We weren't sure when we wd be meeting.  Wednesday turned out not to be good for most ppl.  Looks like we're going to be meeting on Thursday, but you know when you've got nine ppl plus staff, it's v difficult to work these things out, and you can't do it in advance.  You've got to have a preliminary mtg, and that's what that was.

{Again, a meeting is a meeting, preliminary or any other in the sequence.  What's secret about working out when a cmte or working group is going to meet?  It may not take a minute, probably a few more but this is not rocket science or so philosophically complex that it takes hours to decide on.  Very strange.}

CAO: Again, I don't want to leave any incorrect impressions.  I mean, the working groups, we wanted to make sure were flexible enough to deal with circumstances.  They are not restricted to Ccl's Procedure Bylaw, nor the legislation, the working groups are not appointed by Ccl,

{but, again with all due respect, you may think the Procedure Bylaw has been thrown out, but the legislation remains.  To claim that the legislation doesn't apply b/c the working groups were not appointed by Ccl doesn't fly b/c they were albeit indirectly by a Ccl cmte.}

so this really does give the groups the flexibility they need to decide how in fact they're going to go forward, and if the working groups want, a particular working group, and they are v v different.  I mean a group that's looking at grants is going to perhaps be performing their biz in a v different way than Rodgers, than arts and cultural implementation, I mean there's quite diversity in terms of purpose of the groups, and so the purpose is to give the groups not only between themselves the flexibility to get the work done, but also within the actual program that they've got for themselves to determine whether in fact they want to open their mtgs up, or alternatively even engage in public

{This really seems to be saying, contrary to the impression the Mayor gave wch is why he had to step in to clarify a second time, they have the right to close mtgs and bar the public.  Not good news.  Secret mtgs with devprs putting forth devt proposals and rezoning/density changes is not a cornerstone of democracy.}

consultation, so there's a lot more flexibility
CR: I want to make it clear I was not referring to that particular mtg.  I don't want Cclr Day to think I was referring just to that mtg, there were other mtgs.
Mayor:  Regardless, that information will be public

{Well, guess we need to know exactly wch information the Mayor is referring to.}

 -- how these groups see themselves working, the type of work they'll be doing, and that's just beginning.  It wd be great if each mbr of Ccl -- cd, with their staff counterpart, bring forward a little report on that.  That wd be the beginning.
CR: That wd be really helpful so ppl wd know; so that's in a couple of weeks, we can have the TofRef, and when they're mtg
Mayor: for each one
CR: and how long notification, and what sort
JF: I have to say I think that Ms Reynolds has brought up some good points, and that we do need to find a common way to advertise and post notice of these mtgs, however we decide to do it, and still allow the flexibility for each of these cmtes to exist.  I don't think it's impossible but I think it shd be one of the first items we address so that we can ensure mbrs of the public have a clear understanding of when the mtgs are being held and how they can participate.

{Kind of JF to say so.  Perhaps she's sensitive to the negative perception given by announcing that mbrs of cmtes can hold closed mtgs and/or without allowing the public to speak -- quite apart from breaking the law and the intent of the law, quite apart from some campaigning on "openness and transparency".  Let's see what turns up.  At least the Mayor started out by stating there'd be notification of all mtgs until that was clarified as not necessary b/c of the "flexibility" they're giving to the groups.  }

CR: Thank you v much; much appreciated.
Mayor: thank you.   ///   16.  ADJOURNMENT -- 10pm

===  AGENDA Ccl Mtg Feb 12th  ===
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES of February 05, 2007 Public Hearing Minutes
3.         B. Hender regarding West Vancouver Foundation
4.         Civic Youth Strategy Review 2003 - 2005 and Renew 2006 - 2010  (File:  2635?10)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the renewed Strategy and its youth icon be received and endorsed.
5.         Zoning Amendment Bylaw (Daycares) for second and third readings
6.         Development Permit 06?058 (1555 Esquimalt Avenue) Solar Collector Array Panel Installation             RECOMMENDED: THAT
            1.         A Public Meeting be waived for Development Permit No. 06 - 058; and
            2.         DP No. 06 - 058 (1555 Esquimalt) which would provide for the installation of solar panels, be approved.
7.         Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Planning Process
 RECOMMENDED: THAT the following reports be received for community comment and Council consideration on March 12, 2007:
=B7        Report from the Sr. Community Planner re: "Clovelly-Caulfeild Nbrhd Planning Process" dated Feb 2;
=B7        Report from the Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Plan Working Group:  "Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Planning Process:  Final Working Group Recommendations, January 2007"; and
=B7        Compilation of Four (4) 'Discussion Papers' prepared by members of the Working Group.
8.         Community Centre Quarterly Update
9.         Hugo Ray Park - Update and Project Adjustment
RECOMMENDED: THAT approval be given to the Hugo Ray Park Society to expand the scope of the approved project to include the upgrading of grass fields #3 and #4 in Phase 1.
10.       Spirit Trail Project - LocalMotion Funding Application
            1.         Council direct staff to apply to the Province of British Columbia for LocalMotion funding to construct the West Vancouver Portion of the Spirit Trail.
            2.         Council commit to matching LocalMotion funding as required by the Provincial Government LocalMotion Program.
11.       Child Care - Formation of a Working Group
RECOMMENDED: THAT a Child Care Services Working Group be established to address current child care issues in West Vancouver and to carry out policy review and strategic planning.
12.       BC Spirit Squares - Capital Funding Program Applications
RECOMMENDED: THAT the capital funding program applications for the town square in Ambleside and the atrium and plaza at the Civic Centre Site Community Centre be submitted to the BC Spirit Squares Program.
13.       New Filming Policy & Procedures
14.      Correspondence List   
Requests for Delegation: No items received.
Action Required
(1)       January 26, 2007, regarding Raw Sewage on Bellevue Avenue
Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(2)       January 30, 2007, regarding Dangerous Trees on the 10th Street Road Allowance
            Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
(3)       H. Keshavarz-Alexander, WV Chamber of Commerce, January 30, 2007, regarding working with the District on the Revitalization of Ambleside
           Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(4)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       North Shore Advisory Cmte on Disability Issues, regarding Minutes of the Mtg Held on November 30, 2006
(5)       A. Miller, Western Canada Wilderness Cmte, January 18, 2007, regarding BC's Mountain Caribou
(6)       C. Wyse, MLA, Cariboo South, January 22, 2007, regarding Integration of Vancouver-area Ports and Local Representation on the Proposed Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
(7)       N. Bello, Mayor, City of Quesnel, January 24, 2007, regarding an Invitation to Visit Quesnel
(8)       G. Knight, Co-Chair, Hollyburn Heritage Society, January 25, 2007, regarding Hollyburn Heritage Society (HHS) Annual Report to Council for 2006
(9)       D.R. Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby, January 26, 2007, regarding Resolution Respecting Wildlife Rescue and Ecosystem Recovery Cost Accountability
(10)     January 30, 2007, regarding Residential Taxing and Current Budget System
(11)     P. Chew, Executive Director, West Coast Environmental Law, January 31, 2007, regarding The Green Buildings Guide: Tools for Local Governments to Promote Site Sustainability
(12)     February 04, 2007, regarding Ambleside Town Centre Strategy
Responses to Correspondence: No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period: No items presented.

===  LANGUAGEWATCH  ===<= /font>  Valentine's Day
Please, folks it takes two to be lovers.  Well, usually.  Those dinners and gifts are for lovers, but you hope your lover's gift is great.  It is your valentine's day.  Have a lovely one!

===  HAIKU  === 2= 007 January 28
Write a haiku to celebrate spring!
At a North Shore Wetland Partners mtg, when discussing Swy Wee (Pound Creek by the Ambleside Youth Ctr), Paul Berlinguette mentioned that the Squamish consider that spring starts from the first time they hear the Pacific chorus frog.  It was such a lovely image.  There are many 'rules' for a classic haiku but let's just have fun.  To encourage many to submit, just make sure it's 17 syllables (some write less but never more; 5-7-5, 5-5-7, 7-5-5).  Deadline is 5pm Feb 24th and there will be prizes.
Submissions can be dropped off at Park Royal, West Van Florist in Ambleside, The Blue Teapot in Dundarave, Caulfeild Art Gallery in Caulfeild Village, and Spirit Gallery in Horseshoe Bay.  Or send it to haiku07@heritage.westvan.org and make sure to include contact information.
Here's a sample celebrating the Squamish custom:

                calm shallow lagoon
                        wee green chorus frog unseen
                                first peep of the spring

For more about Haiku Week 2007, go to www.heritage.westvan.org and click on events.  The flyer has been sent by email separately from this enewsletter and printed copies of the flyer have also been distributed.  See also Tidings in NSNews Sunday Feb 18.

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Camilo Jos=E9 Cela
Spanish - al final, la patria es la lengua   //  English - after all, the language is our homeland
*  Ron Todd
You don't have power if you surrender all your principles -- you have office.
*  Thomas Jefferson
It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.
It is often said that understanding does not indicate agreement.  It is less well accepted, but also true that agreement does not always indicate understanding.