Feb 19 NOTES
Cal to Mar 11th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

= MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Feb 26: Fiscal Sustainability Priorities and 2007 Budget Schedule; Hollyburn Ridge Cabins (Benefits Analysis; Approval of non-Family Transfers to be given to Dir/Parks); 2007 Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel; Seawalk (Report)
= Heritage; Vive le Canada CULTUREWATCH; gRUMBLEs/Updates; Calendar to Mar 11th; Cmte of Whole NOTES Feb 19th (DVP 6001 Gleneagles set for Mar 5th; GVRD Draft Affordable Housing Strategy; HERITAGE AWARDS); AGENDA Feb 26th; Quotations

Enjoyed Heritage Week, and hope you did too!
Thanks to many including DWV staff Stephen Mikicich and Donna Nomura among others.
Interesting to hear about the achievements of the Heritage Award recipients.
Those oysters at the Red Lion (on the heritage menu for the week), the firecracker prawns at the Beach House -- yum.
Heritage Fayre was fun and informative -- in the first case the tailed frog, aka Paul Berlinguette, and the red-legged frog, aka Bruce McArthur, along with the uplifting bagpipes that at one point so captivated a little boy he stood transfixed at the sight and the sound.  The Gleneagles group were thrilled to be able to let ppl know the Great Hall was endangered since so many thought it had already been demolished, been replaced, or wasn't under threat of demolition.  (More, next issue.)  Julie Clements had her award on display along with the good work the Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 60) does.  Exhibits included the North Shore Heritage Preservation Society, SPCA, N Sh Wetland Partners and Streamkeepers, and others at the Heritage West Van/North Shore Heritage Forum tables provided passersby with a peek at some of the cmnty and non-profit groups that donate their time and energy contributing to the quality of WV life, making it meaningful and all the better for their volunteer efforts.
Then there were the lucky folks who got to snowshoe on Cypress and enjoy a free barbecue.
Thank you, all.
Remember, Heritage Week 2008 starts next year on Monday Feb 18th.  Mark your calendars!

*** VIVE LE CANADA........
+  Little Mosque on the Prairie continues to amuse
+  Bush dynasty, now Trudeau dynasty? can the Mulroney dynasty be far behind? (credit to Strombo)
+  Local theatre -- locally written and acted:
===  CULTUREWATCH - UP ISLAND by David King  ===
If you've ever seen our very own Nicola Cavendish on the stage, you just KNOW how talented and funny she is.  The delightfully quirky Allan Zinyk (who also appears with Bard on the Beach) is there too.  Unfortunately Jay Brazeau left Feb 19 to appear in 'Moonlight and Magnolias' at the Playhouse (opening Feb 24).  Look forward to seeing him in that.  Cavendish and Zinyk will be going to Shanghai in 2008 to participate in a children's festival.  You were lucky if you got to see the play before it ended Feb 25.

=== gRUMBLES and UPDATES  ===
Dir of Planning advertisement in VSun indicates SJN's retirement is getting closer.....
He did drop an interesting fact at the townhall mtg Feb 15 re the Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy: the income level around the commercial area is the lowest in North America.
Update on the Central Cmty Ctr:
WRA reports on Eagleridge, Hwy, and Larson Creek:
[Here's the] Ministry of Transportation's 'consultation' video, to remind us of what the finished structure will look like.
Here's a little model of the Eagleridge Interchange:
Eagleridge Map: Local Traffic flows - North Bound
Eagleridge Map: Local and North Bound Traffic flows
Eagleridge Map: Local North Bound and Ferry Traffic and South Bound Traffic mixing with Ferry Traffic
Update on the Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs at Horseshoe Bay
Coalition members will continue to be a voice of conscience for our provincial and federal governments until such time as effective environmental protection laws are passed in BC and Canada. The group will continue educating citizens and lobbying Government to follow 'smart growth' strategies for development while relying on environmentally sustainable practices that do not endanger the remaining unique, irreplaceable natural environments British Columbia is so famous for. For further information, visit us at: www.eagleridgebluffs.ca
See March 8th in Calendar re the benefit concert at the KMC: "Standing Up for Nature" featuring the Nylons.

===  CALENDAR to March 1st to 11th = ; ===

--->  Yard Trimmings collection Starts Up Again March 1st
Note: If your regular collection day is Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, your first collection will be the week of March 5 - only zones collected on Thursday and Friday will start March 1 and 2.
Need more info? Call 984.9730 or visit www.nsrp.bc.ca. And don't forget to register for the Lawn Care & Maintenance Workshop on April 7th - visit gardensmart.ca for details!
ALSO Mar 1st
Early Music Vancouver  presents
Suzie LeBlanc soprano & Yannick N=E9zet-S=E9guin fortepiano
Two internationally acclaimed Canadian artists in an all-Mozart recital (please note change of repertoire).
Thursday, March 1, 2007 -- Concert at 8:00 pm | Pre-Concert Introduction at 7:15
University Chapel, 5375 University Blvd, west of the University Golf Course
For complete details please consult http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/ssn-main04-leblanc.htm
Tix at $27 ($21 for seniors & students) are on sale through the office of Early Music Vancouver, tel 732 1610.. Rush seats for students with valid ID on sale for $10, at the door only, from 7pm on the evening of the concert. Ask about the "Bring a Youth for Free" programme: 604-732-1610.

===  Sat Mar 3
~ 7pm ~ at Kay Meek Ctr: North Shore Challenge
North Shore Challenge is a digital photographic competition for all photography clubs located in B.C. and the Yukon.

=== Sun Mar 4
~ 7:30pm ~ more at KMC: VYSO 2006 Senior Concerto Winners Concert
The Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra presents our 2006 concerto winners on a concert that will feature Mozart, Sarasate, Mendelssohn, Chaminade, Elgar, and the full Tchaikovsky orchestra favourites Sleeping Beauty and 1812 overture. Admission by donation.

===  Tues Mar 6
~ 7:30pm ~  Movie TURTLES CAN FLY at the Kay Meek Ctr
Wine and coffee bar opens at 7:00pm.  Film screenings begin at 7:30pm. Each film is introduced by a special guest speaker. We invite you to stay after the film to meet our guest speaker and discuss the film with friends. Wine and coffee bar is open.  Save 20% when you buy the series of five films. $10 single film.  Call the Box Office at 604-913-3634 to reserve tickets; visit kaymeekcentre.com for longer descriptions about each film and for information about other events at the Kay Meek Centre.

===  Thurs Mar 8
~ 7pm auction; 8pm concert ~ THE NYLONS "Standing Up For Nature" Benefit Concert at KMC
presented by The Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs.  The evening will begin with a reception featuring complimentary appetizers and a host bar. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the auction which showcases some terrific "green experiences" and exciting gifts and services. The feature attraction, the Nylons, will be preceded by the exceptionally talented Edith Wallace.
"Standing up for Nature" is a benefit concert to support a U.B.C. Botanical Gardens project designed to replicate and research one of the most fragile ecosystems in Canada -- a Garry Oak and Arbutus Woodland. Proceeds will assist the Old Growth Conservancy Society -- a newly created West Vancouver organization committed to protecting the ecological integrity of a majestic old growth forest, and to increasing public appreciation of the natural values of our Upper Lands -- and to help underwrite legal costs associated with fighting the injunction and appeal.

===  Fri Mar 9
~ 7:30pm ~ at the FBG:  Tibet Slide Show with thangka master Kalsang Dawa
Learn about: The history of Tibetan Art, Cultural beliefs and Buddhist rituals, Symbolism and techniques of thangka painting, Rocks and minerals used in art, Carpet weaving
Visit: Ancient wall paintings, Remote Buddhist monasteries, Historic Potala palaces, Urban markets,Scenic Himalayan landscapes.  Information  on Tour to Tibet with Kalsang Dawa, June 7-21, will be provided
Free Admission; Info 925 7266

===  Sat Mar 10
~ 7pm ~ Pro Arte Vocational Programs: "SHOWCASE 2007" at KMC
An evening showcase of performances by Pro Arte's Vocational & Pre-Professional dance programs

===  Sun Mar 11
~ 2:30 pm ~ Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra Travels East at KMC
Welcome the Iranian New Year "Norouz"! The Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra Junior Strings team up with Amir Koushkani and the Safa Ensemble in a concert that blends Iranian & Western classical music.  Emma Bazinet and Aryo Nazaradeh will be featured VYSO soloists.

=======  Cmte= of the Whole Mtg NOTES Feb 19th  =======
Cclrs Ferguson and Smith absent
Mayor: Welcome to our Council Meeting.  I'd like to call the mtg to order.
We've got this crazy heritage crowd tonight! [she chuckles]  Welcome everybody.  I'd like to call our mtg to order this evening.
APPROVAL OF AGENDA (by RD in two parts)
SSch: one item has been added: Reports from Mayor and Councillors
Mayor: as printed on the agenda
{Just for the record:
-  this is not a ccl mtg, it's a cmte of the whole mtg;
-  Reports from Mayor and Ccl was NOT on the agenda put up on Thursday and I immediately wrote asking about that b/c at the previous mtg Ccl decided to defer Reports to this mtg so I didn't know why it was omitted.  Now we see it must just have been an oversight or forgotten b/c indeed now they have to add it to the agenda.
- perhaps Ccl has a different agenda; we know they have a different or separate Correspondence list} 
2.         DVP Application 07?001 (6001 Gleneagles Drive) for consideration on Monday, March 5, 2007.

3.         Comments on GVRD Discussion Paper on a Draft Affordable Housing Strategy
            1.         The GVRD be commended for its leadership in developing a comprehensive, strategic, multi-faceted proposal for addressing regional affordable housing needs;
            2.         Comments on the "Discussion paper on a Draft Affordable Housing Strategy", as outlined in section 3.0 of the report from the Planning Analyst dated January 31, 2007, be forwarded to the GVRD Board for their consideration.
Mayor: a lot in this, Cclr Sop, wd you like to put this on the table for discussion?
Sop: wd love to do that but may I make a suggestion that we only receive this report?
Mayor: certainly
Sop: I say that on the basis that there is, your words, a lot in this, and looking at what I've seen at least, I think this has to go to a public mtg or a town mtg to discuss it in front of the public in relationship to what I see as another GVRD building of a bureaucracy that is going to be similar to TransLink, and the putting ultimate pressures on property tax.
Mayor: perhaps make a motion for receipt and referral to Housing Dialogue [cmte] and then we can discuss it.
Sop: that wd be my motion to open it up.
[DONE] 7:05
Sop: this is in no way that we don't look at the housing needs in WV; we've even looked at it as a tri-M [issue]
this proposal bothers me in the sense that it has earmarks of another grab at the property tax inasmuch as the GVRD will demand that we set targets for suggested distribution by Ms and subregions of a new affordable housing by the year 2011 to 2016, requiring that we create context statements to demonstrate how each M wd meet those targets -- raising some $50M, on a two to one from feds and the prov.  We know from past experience from TransLink, it's not going to stay there.  One of the statements I find, uh, I want to read it.  Just bear with me for a minute.  It had to do with the advocacy action in 1.7 wch I think is on p40 or 39--
Mayor: on p 40?
Sop: "Workshops: Best Practices in Addressing Cmnty Opposition to Planners and Other Staff Involved in Municipal-Approval Process"
that's rude and outright offensive
Planners can't say anything against?
I question also WV categories, taken from census; I know we have problems but we've taken steps
starting with Kiwanis
Cclr Clark looking at housing under OCP -- means we have to change OCP
tax.....fiscal sustainability......we spent eight months looking at future and this will bite us
JC: I agree with what Cclr Sop said; I haven't seen as much blue sky in WV and Lower Mainland for years
a regional surcharge... levies... enable GVRD to raise $50M -- this cd be a practical means of attracting funds for affordable housing...
done by popn or assessed values and how fair and equitable means will be achieved
we're going to get bitten, and hard
VV: I have a whole binder of material that feeds into this report
agree with prev speakers, can't take at face value; need a whole evening -- one thing, sustainability on housing -- GVRD; [makeup of/those on] panel was interesting; all four from real estate world, not a citizen there
marketing, from SFU a consultant;120 participants, financial orgs, interested orgs
notice how diff that is as to what they want
Amb Revitalization -- cmte didn't have enough ordinary residents...
isn't that interesting, an elected govt in Vancouver -- GVRD but when GVRD looks it looks to real estate world, not citizenry as a whole
basic prob is balance between supply and demand
little appetite re xxxxx; look at......
little re demand.....68.....
when you think it through, there's a crisis there
thought they were talking about after tax income
proportion; on median price of house
it's after tax; leads you to think what's expected......ordinary....
it's a crisis,,,,,
interesting comments; 1000 units aren't going to do anything; tens of thousands for ten to 20 years
we need to be discussing that
real problems re decisions made at other levels, at Vancouver
don't think it's sunk in; Premier Campbell has said publicly he wants Vancouver to look like Hong Kong
huge amt of statistical info; willing to congratulate them for their assembling statistics
Mayor: quite right, certainly provocative
RD: agree with my colleagues on this; fed govt and prov downloading on regional district and Ms; they're conniving at having us spend more; prop tax
another aspect, never mentioned
reason for high cost of rental and housing, is popn growth in area limited, can't grow -- mtns, agr[ALR? border?], sea
Ottawa alone,......;  35K moving into Lower Mainland ev year -- is it any wonder ppl can't find places to live
envtal and traffic problems; gets to be annoying when we get preached at
do something? we have -- last two got dvprs to provide rental housing
a kind of veiled tactic for GVRD to get its hooks into more of prop tax
...increasing ev year; another tax grab for purposes that may or may not work out
not clear how they'll deal with the rental crisis
as well-to-do shd help our nbrs but wd like to see it equitably financed
in favour of Sop's motion
Mayor: maybe want to consider adding a third part, categorically reject the recommendation that the GVRD seek a legislative enactment to permit a regional surcharge
Sop: friendly {amendment}?
Mayor: well.....b/c buried in the report here they are particularly targeting revenues raised through demand management, and if they're going to implement traffic demand management and raise revenue from that, then they can get out of property taxes and they can get out of the parking tax, and they can apply traffic to traffic issues
worry a little bit what may already be under way
my minor contribution at the board was to have it as a discussion paper b/c I knew it was going to pass; need our input; that I've achieved
VV: popn works out to 50K popn increase; 20K add'l vehicles on the road ea year
right to talk; best idea of governing
reports and papers just to endorse
CAO: perhaps since they've asked for our comments
may want at the same time as rejecting idea based on prop, the need to address in region so we're not turning our back
not based on prop assessment
Sop: we must carry on; North Shore; going to look at a framework -- one a housing issue; conversations that can be brought into public mtgs, council mtgs, as to how we're going to solve on NSh; who knows better than those who live and are elected here; we know what's going on; the broader picture, benevolent to rest of region but not to the point where another set of bureaucracies tap the good old prop taxing
cannot stand any more pressure and it must be dissuaded
don't know how much power you're going to have; one of your best licks, Madam Mayor, you can do, is confront those other mayors and councillors and say: Look, don't do this to prop tax any more.  Period.
Mayor: they wd probably agree--
more work to do
MAYOR (continuing): We've added Reports b/c we missed it last week; we went late.  Our regular ccl mtg is next week if ppl wd like to contribute then, but if there's anything burning--  Any reports?
RD: I do
Mayor: Cclr Day?
RD: two things: one in a moment is heritage, remind you Heritage Week is soon going to be here, starts this weekend
{Actually starts this night, Feb 19th and across Canada; always starts the third Monday in February.  Ppl always seem to forget so pls mark your calendars now.  For 2008 it'll be Feb 18th for the Monday start, through to the 24th.  Start thinking now about how you want to participate and celebrate!}
keep in mind number of attractions; Heritage Week and this weekend; number of things taking place
going to talk about that in a moment--
Did attend a very interesting mtg last Wed morning -- in pouring rain, was in Elaine Graham's house [Pt Atkinson]
was in Lighthouse wch has National Heritage designation
none being supported by the Fed govt supposed to be
580 lighthouses, 72 with Heritage designation, none is being supported
under the jurisdiction of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Coast Guard (CG) section but it has no expertise and no budget so lighthouses falling apart; exposed to bad weather
trouble; CG steadfastly refuses to do anything
Senator Pat Carney (from BC) has been trying for years to get legislation; now has a bill wch has passed the Senate, and wch is now receiving first reading in the House.  This bill wd provide for funding of the heritage lighthouses and budget generally for their maintenance.  This is of great importance b/c as you know Pt Atkinson lighthouse is a heritage building and is also very popular; many ppl come to see it; come to Park, can't get into lighthouse area b/c it's been stopped.
Fortunately Elaine Graham is the caretaker there; she and Don (who has passed away) heroically looked after that area and also Lighthouse Park as well
We had a v interesting mtg last Wed with Senator Carney, a number of ppl involved in heritage in BC and nationally those supporting this bill, CBC was there and hope uh, they did film the event and hope will appear on TV fairly soon.  I did want to report on that.
Progess is being made.
Do all you can to support Senator Carney's bill.  Write your MP and support the bill, Bill S220; it has come from the Senate and is now before the House.

{I'll get more info on this.}

Mayor: tyvm; thank you for attending....
{Mayor reasonably decides to have PQP before the Awards Presentation}
Any Public Questions and Comments before moving to our Heritage Awards?
Carolanne Reynolds: Sorry, I was waiting for Cclr Day to mention it but if you haven't--
I think [you've seen] the flyers for Heritage Week [holding one up]
This is Heritage Week wch I know you're honouring tonight with the awards.  There's a book launch at the Silk Purse; there's an open house at the [WV] Fire Service Museum and Archives Society, I'm sure you all know about that.  There's Heritage Fayre on Saturday from 2:30 to 5 with many groups supported there, will be there showing what they've done and there'll be information on the groups and ways to join.  I think there'll be an endangered red-tailed frog

{whoops -- of course it turned out to be two frogs: a red-legged frog and a tailed frog}

plus some dogs from the SPCA, lots of other displays from heritage groups; and then there's the free heritage snowshoe tour and barbecue on Sunday.
Pick one up -- I think there's some in the lobby; so this will tell you what a lot of the events are.
Congratulations to the award winners.
I hope everybody has a great Heritage Week.  Thank you.
Mayor: thank you.
then we'll move around to the inner circle and ask Fire Chief Oates to join us.

4.         2007 Heritage Achievement Awards Presentation Ceremony (information to be provided)
{That was strange to see on the agenda b/c a press release went out Feb 8th, naming them with brief descriptions so were in last WVM newsletter}
Mayor: on behalf of all mbrs of Ccl and the cmnty, I'd like to welcome you to our 11th annual WV Heritage Achievement Awards.  This is our way of kicking off Heritage Week, as you just heard from Carolanne Reynolds

{very nice of the mayor since in my rush to get info on Heritage Week out as quickly as possible, I forgot to give my name and identify myself as Heritage West Van, planning and coordinating the week (with lots of help).}

The awards are presented in honour of individuals, groups, and businesses that have made a significant contribution towards preserving the diversity of our past, and as it says in our Heritage Strategy, continuing that into our future b/c those are our roots, and that's how we know not only where we've come from but where we're going.  Since the inception of the awards program in 1995, we've honoured 63 individual and group achievements and tonight we're adding four special names to the list.  The theme for this week's Heritage Week is Vernacular Heritage -- Architecture without Architects.  The Heritage Society of BC describes this as meaning from the local region, informal, or of the common ppl.  And so we're celebrating cabins, firefighting, phones, and fallen soldiers.  It's a delightful flavour of the cmnty tonight.
Each of the heritage achievements will be described by a mbr of ccl; we have four award winners and four mbrs of Ccl here tonight.
After we've given a little profile of your contribution, we ask you to come up and accept your certificate.
[there was applause after each presentation]
Sop presented first one to Julie Clements: working on devt of new website for Royal Cdn Legion; took pictures of Memorial Arch page; overcome with emotion; engraved names and knew nothing about them; sacrificed their lives yet we know nothing about them; got permission from Prez, gift and presentation on 80th anniversary; Memorial Arch page www.westvan60.com wch includes complete history of Arch.....; material in two binders av at Legion and at WVML; living memorial, symbolizes motto, Lest we forget

RD: this for cabins in the Upper Lands, in keeping with vernacular architecture: for Hollyburn Ridge Assn
cabin-building popular pastime in late 1920s, after the Hollyburn skicamp lodge opened in 1927
a group of young ppl wd decide to build a cabin, look for suitable site near fresh water, building supplies in the form of flume boards or trees, and then go about building their home on the range, up in the mtns; had to carry all their supplies on their back[s], and they still do
no car contact with the cabins; learned skills through trial and error and shared knowledge with each other; strong sense of cmnty developed; by 1931 over 200 cabins had been built
there's a book, very recently published, by Francis Mansbridge, In Woodland Utopia, the Cabins of Hollyburn
Mansbridge states the cabins epitomize the fusion of Hollyburn values: self-reliance, rejection of urban materialism, friendship, and a cooperative spirit; these values have remained constant to this day
so developed North Shore cabin culture -- Hollyburn, Grouse, and Seymour; a smorgasbord of fiercely independent individuals; no such thing as a typical cabin-owner, all share a love of the wilderness, and quirky disregard of the urban social conventions
[reading saying he didn't call them quirky so not to get mad at him]
used to be cabins at Grouse and Seymour but all disappeared, I don't know why, but they have
the ones on Hollyburn have endured; about 120 today on Cypress, something like that; pretty good; perhaps b/c more cabins on Hollyburn to start with -- well-maintained and the cmnty has evolved on the mtn
strong and vocal leadership advocating survival, continues today with the Hollyburn Ridge Assn, organized the owners, v effective; incorporated in 1973, negotiated, Hollyburn cabin area survives as a vibrant living heritage precinct, a testament to WV's history of mtn recreation
drive up Cypress and walk in

JC: Where were you when the phone rang?  title of Barrie Chapman's book, during period from 1882 to 1977
document vital contribution to our cultural history; prologue, fascinating history
in late 1880s hardy pioneers communicated with Vancouver by means of signal flags
the focal point on the Vancouver side was a tall pole at Brockton Point
underwater cable strung in 1883 between a sawmill in NV or Moodyville as it was called, and Hastings Mill on Dunlevy Street to facilitate transmissions
in 1885 the telegraph equipment was replaced by magneto crank type telephones; and first private tel
BCTel established in WV in 1914, John Lawson agent for company with resp for marketing and collecting accounts
He was the first GVRD collector, I guess
first switchboard installed in Lawson's real estate office adjoining post office, just below 18th on MDr...
concept for this initiated by WV Museum a decade ago, following Mr Chapman's retirement from Telus....eight-year labour of love...WV native, completed in 2006
WVdevt through eyes of the Tel Co and identifies many
produced solely for WV Museum & Archives, profits will go back to Museum......

VV:  WV Fire Service Museum and Archives Society
incorporated in 1986 with an initial grant of $1K from Kiwanis Fdn
purpose to acquire and protect firefighting equipment and archival material especially eq used within WV
from 1986 to 1989, its primary focus was on acquiring documents....
some of the Society's achievements include: restoration of a 1947 Willys jeep fire truck assisted by a $10K donation from Mrs Art Langley, wife of a former mayor; 1989 the first memorabilia display to commemorate the 35th anniversary of paid fire staff in WV; 1991 artist Robert Banks received a commission to paint the society's antique fire trucks including the 1949 Int'l fire truck No. 32 for replication in prints, T-shirts, and other fundraising items; 1994, acquisition of Old 98 for a total of three antique fire service vehicles; 1997 display of fire service memorabilia at WV Museum; 1998, donation of fire service medals to the society; efforts in 2003 with assistance from [former] Chief Trussler for storage and restoration building; $10K grant from WVFD in 2004, society began fundraising campaign that netted another $10K; another grant of $10K from WVFD allowed volunteers to frame and roof bldg; by end of 2005 the exterior was finished and work continued on interior.
As acting mayor at the time, I was delighted to cut the ribbon, commemorating the opening of this facility on Oct 7 in 2006.
Tom Bell: may I speak?
Mayor: of course
TB: on behalf of WVFSMA Society.... very proudly accept this award
only a small fire dept serving a relatively small M, with a comparatively short history, however it is our history and we are extremely proud to try to preserve it
thank .......selection cmte, Ccl and prev Ccl, Fire Chief Oates and his predecessor, Doug Trussler, also Mr Dave Stuart and Kevin Pike, and the fire crews
cooperation second to none; proving WV indeed is a place of excellence
invite everyone to open house next Saturday 11 to 3pm

Mayor: ...thanks to those who participated, submitted, and to the selection cmte:
Jacqueline Gijssen, Donald Grant, Carol Howie, Patricia Jarvis, Ian Macdonald, Penny Mitchell, Marny Peirson, Maxine Schleger, Sheena Vennesland, and Tom Wardell
Material for the displays in the lobby and chamber provided by WV Museum & Archives, the Royal Cdn Legion Branch 60, Fire Services Museum and Archives.
Also like to thank Elizabeth Cox, a prof display artists; volunteered her time, and found this stuff we don't get to see, spent days getting ready for us tonight. TYVM.
Pls join us in the foyer for coffee and visiting.

=====  AGENDA Ccl= Mtg Feb 26th  =====
1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA --  February 26, 2007 Regular Council Agenda
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES of February 05 and February 12, 2007 Regular Council Minutes and February 15, 2007 Town Hall Meeting Minutes
re:  (1) Development Variance Permit Application 07-001 (6001 Gleneagles Drive); and (2) Comments on GVRD Discussion Paper on a Draft Affordable Housing Strategy be ratified.
4.         Squamish Nation Sculpture Symposium Update for receipt.
5.         M. Littlejohn, Director, Western Canada Mountain Bike Tourism Association, regarding 2006 North Shore Mountain Biking Economic Impact
6.         Presentation of Government Finance Officers Association Canadian Award for Financial Reporting for 2005 Annual Report: for receipt
7.         Fiscal Sustainability Priorities and 2007 Budget Schedule (File:  0005?01)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Fiscal Sustainability Priorities for 2007/2008 and the 2007 Budget Process as outlined within the report of the Chief Administrative Officer entitled "Fiscal Sustainability Priorities and 2007 Budget Schedule", dated February 13, 2007 be approved.
8.         Hollyburn Ridge Cabins - Benefits Analysis (File:  1145?04)
            1.         The report dated Feb 16 from the Manager of Parks ... be received.
            2.         Staff report back to Council with findings of a market analysis and a recommended annual fee for new Permits and for assignments of Permits to take effect at the end of the current permit term.
            3.         Municipal cabins for which the Permit to Occupy has expired and has not been re-issued, or, for which a Permit to Occupy has been revoked, and which are considered by the District to be suitable for re-occupation, be offered to the public in accordance with process requirements under the Community Charter for a term to coincide with the current term.
            4.         Staff continue to work closely with the Hollyburn Ridge Association to assess the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the cabin area and our related management activities.
9.         Hollyburn Cabins - Delegation of Approval for Non-Family Transfers (File:  1145?04?H)
RECOMMENDED: THAT authority to approve non-family transfers of the permit-to-occupy for Hollyburn Cabins be transferred to the Director, Parks and Community Services.
{no longer to Ccl???}
10.       2007 Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel  (File: 0955-18)
            1.         If so required, the first sitting be held on March 28, at 11am at the Municipal Hall;
            2.         The Director of Finance give notice of the date, time and place of the first sitting of the 2007 Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel in accordance with the Community Charter;
            3.         Cclrs Day, Soprovich, and Vaughan be appointed to the 2007 Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel; and
            4.         Councillors Clark, Ferguson, and Smith be appointed as alternates.
11.       Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
12.       Seawalk - Performance, Condition and Future Considerations (File:  2195?01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Feb 12 from the Parks Operations Manager ...be received for information.
 13.       UBCM Grant - Integrated Emergency Planning for Local Governments and First Nations
            1.         the report dated February 22, 2007 from the Acting Director, North Shore Emergency Management Office be received; and
            2.         the funding proposal for Integrated Emergency Planning for Local Governments and First Nations be endorsed and be submitted to the UBCM for consideration.
14.       Development Applications Status List for receipt
15.       Correspondence Lists --  RECOMMENDED: be received.
Correspondence Received up to February 09, 2007 and previously distributed to Council on February 15, 2007 (with exceptions for time sensitive items)
Requests for Delegation
(1)       S. Morgan-Silvester, Chair, Amalgamation Transition Committee, February 07, 2007, regarding Amalgamation of Lower Mainland Port Authorities (File: 0055?20-VPAU1)
        Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
Action Required
(2)       January 31, 2007, regarding Sidewalk for Lower Cypress Bowl Road (File: 1785-06-01)
Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(3)       February 05, 2007, regarding Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Permit, Sidewinder #213 (File: 1145-04)
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
(4)       February 05, 2007, regarding Seawalk Wave Damage (File: 2160?04?CSEA1)
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
(5)       WV Pottery Studio Committee, January 29, 2007, regarding Petition from Senior Class (12 Signatures)
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(6)       J. Cummins, M.P., Delta-Richmond East, Feb 08, re News Release: Tsawwassen Treaty - Vital Questions
(7)       S.E. Dowey, City Clerk - City of NV, February 07, 2007, regarding Response to Vancouver and Burnaby Resolutions Regarding Homelessness
(8)       February 06, 2007, regarding Second Hand Smoke in Rental Apartments (File: 1603-07)
Responses to Correspondence -- No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.
Correspondence Received up to February 16, 2007 and previously distributed to Council on February 22, 2007 (with exceptions for time sensitive items)
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(9)       February 10, 2007, regarding Smoking on Balconies (File: 1603?07/1603-10)
            Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
(10)     February 10, 2007, regarding No Idling Signs at Schools and Bus Fares
            Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(11)     February 12, 2007, regarding Night Time Construction Noise, Sea?to-Sky Highway
            Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(12)     February 13, 2007, regarding Hugo Ray Park Project Adjustment (File: 2160?03-HHREX1)
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(13)     C. Fogal, Leader - Canadian Action Party, January 29, 2007, regarding Trade and Investment Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA)
(14)     S.E. Dowey, City Clerk - City of North Vancouver, February 07, 2007, regarding City of North Vancouver Smoking at Bus Stops Ban
(15)     S.E. Dowey, City Clerk - CNV, February 07, regarding Partners for Climate Protection Program Update
(16)     S.E. Dowey, City Clerk - CNV, February 07, regarding Vancouver Ports Amalgamation Proposal
(17)     S.E. Dowey, City Clerk - CNV, February 07, regarding Healthy Living Program
(18)     D.R. Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby, February 08, 2007, regarding Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) - British Columbia and Alberta
(19)     B. MacLellan & L. Faurot, Volunteer North Shore, February 09, 2007, regarding North Shore Festival of Volunteers
            Previously distributed due to timing of event.
(20)     S.E. Dowey, City Clerk - CNV, February 14, regarding North Shore Spirit Trail - LocalMotion Grant
(21)     L. E. Jackson, Chair, GVRD Board, February 09, regarding Future of Region Sustainability Dialogues
(22)     February 09, 2007, regarding Seawalk Storm Damage (File: 2160?04?CSEA1)
(23)     Mayor R. Drew, Chair - Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC), February 09, 2007, regarding LMTAC Comparative Analysis of the Initialled Tsawwassen Final Agreement
(24)     D.A. Adams, February 10, 2007, regarding Traffic Matters (File: 1805?03/1805?14)
(25)     February 12, 2007, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course Great Hall
(26)     February 12, 2007, regarding Noxious Weed Control Board, Whatcom County Washington
(27)     P. Miller, President - North Shore Heritage Preservation Society, Feb 12, regarding Gleneagles Golf Clubhouse
(28)     February 14, 2007, regarding Input (1) Ambleside Development Plan 15 Feb (File: 2520-16)
(29)     February 14, 2007, regarding Input (2) Ambleside Development Plan 15 Feb (File: 2520-16)
(30)     M. Rosko, President - Canadian Dental Assistants' Association, February 15, 2007, regarding Participation by the BC Ministry of Health in Formalizing Draft Bylaws for the College of Dental Surgeons of BC
(31)     H. Folz, Policy Analyst and R. Taylor, Executive Director, UBCM, February 15, 2007, regarding Seniors Housing and Support Initiative: Environmental Scan of Community Readiness for an Aging Population
(32)     M. Rowlands, Vice-President and J. Cairns, Director, Recycling Council of British Columbia, February 02, 2007, regarding Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging - Continuing BC's Leadership
Responses to Correspondence
(33)     K. Pike, Director of Parks & Community Services, Feb 15, regarding Letter re Duchess and 10th - Road Allowance Trees
(34)     K. Pike, Director/Parks..., Feb 15, regarding Letter to C. Turner re Hugo Ray Park - Feb. 12 Questions
(35)     K. Pike, Director/Parks..., Feb 16, regarding Letter re Pottery Studio - New Civic Site Community Centre
(36)     R. Beauchamp, Director/Administrative Services, Feb 19, regarding Letter re Smoking on Balconies in WV
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.

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