Mar 26 NOTES, Apr 2 AGENDA
Calendar to April 15th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Begging your indulgence,late again., however  --  Happy Easter!

= MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Agenda Apr 2: Cmnty (DIS)engagement cmte; Draft Five-Year Capital Plan
= Vive le Canada (Slavery, Vimy); CULTUREWATCH; UPDATES/INFObit; Calendar to Apr 15; Ccl Mtg Mar 26th NOTES (Clovelly-Caulfeild; report on H House fails; Questions); Apr 2nd Agenda (and highlights); Since it's Easter, what about eggs?; Quotations

Sunday Mar 25 had events marking the abolishment of slavery in the British Commonwealth, 200 years ago.  Our Governor General, Michaelle Jean (from Haiti) is a descendant of slaves.  American slaves fled north (roughly 1810 -50) on the "underground railway".  Unfortunately, slavery may still exist but unofficially (and child labour is another term).  There were of course white slaves, Janissaries*, and today the white slave trade still occurs (usually women).
Things to think about: there were Africans who captured other Africans to sell them (taken for example to slave ports in Ghana for transportation to the Caribbean -- the triangle route: slaves/sugar/rum); African leaders profited.
Amerindians had slaves (eg Nootka, as well as other tribes); slavery existed in China among the Yi people until 1949.
Read recently of other places with slavery until even 1969, then came across this:
The child slaves of Saudi Arabia - BBC
Then there's child indentured slavery in India, Pakistan, BanglaDesh and other places (Latin America) in factories.
And sex slavery:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/6459369.stm
[otherwise known as marriage ;-)]
* Janissaries The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition.  2001-05.
(jn=B4s=E2r=B4=B4z)  [Turk.,=recruits], elite corps in the service of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). It was composed of war captives and Christian youths pressed into service; all the recruits were converted to Islam and trained under the strictest discipline. It was originally organized by Sultan Murad I. The Janissaries gained great power in the Ottoman Empire and made and unmade sultans. By 1600, Muslims had begun to enter the corps, largely through bribery, and in the 17th cent. membership in the corps became largely hereditary, while the drafting of Christians gradually ceased. In 1826, Sultan Mahmud II rid himself of the unruly (and by now inefficient) Janissaries by having them massacred in their barracks by his loyal Spahis.
Airing Sunday April 8 at 8pm on CBC-TV
Between 1914 and 1918, when Canada was scarcely more than a British colony, and less than eight million people, she dispatched an army overseas of 325,000 soldiers and nurses. The chance of returning home unscathed was one of three. In short, two thirds of our army was killed or wounded, with 60,000 dead on the battlefield. A generation was annihilated.   Across the country, stories of bravery, close calls, broken hearts and patriotism have been passed down from generation to generation.
[See Apr 9 in Calendar for URL for Vimy -- Wikipedia is right up to date to Mar 30!]

Continuing being so lucky to be here....
re afghan prisons, as reported recently in the Vancouver Sun as what some reporters found -- women in prisons for refusing or running away from an arranged marriage, and there with chn for disobeying their husbands........
leading to an INFObit:
Have you heard of "Blackwater"? they're mercenaries
Scavill, author of a book on them, was interviewed by Strombo (of CBC's The Hour) and he revealed that the US has 130,000 troops in Iraq but 130,000 mercenaries on top of that (some in Afghanistan I think).  A US soldier is paid between US$28 to 40K a year -- and that's what a mercenary makes a month!
===  UPDATES re Mar 29:
* Special Town Hall Mtg at 4:30 in the Ccl Chamber re Budget 2007
eight speakers (only one I didn't know, rest the usual suspects).... will try to get comments for future reference
* WVPolice Bd
Still no chief; first time deficit reported in more than five years, and it's $122K; will get details for next issue.

===  CALENDAR to Mar 31st to Apr 15th&n= bsp; ===  [all at M Hall unless otherwise]

+++  SILK PURSE  +++  EXHIBIT: "Patterns of Life" (to April 8)
Patterns of life enter into each facet of our daily lives and are instrumental in leading us forward and showing us where we have been. Photographic images including landscape, nature, wildlife, fine art, and travel, capture the imagination, and bring a special enjoyment, featuring the works of photographers Frances de Grace, Lani Jeffrey, Chris MacKenzie, and Sheryl R Smith.

+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++  Contemporary Treasures Exhibition (to April 15)
A curated mixed media exhibition of works by prominent Squamish Nation artists. Also featured are artworks from the Spirit Gallery in Horseshoe Bay. Tel 925 7290.
***Artists' Talk: Sat 2pm March 31 ***

+++  SENIORS' CTR +++ Saturday Mar 31 -- flea market

Sunday APRIL 1
        * Please join us for an opening reception Friday April 13th from 6:30 to 8pm
        * Reading James Joyce's Ulysses -- Apr 3, 17
Join Joe Ronsley for an ongoing reading & discussion of Ulysses. Drop in to any session, 10:30am - 12:30pm in the Peter J. Peters Room. For more information call the Reference Department: 925 7405.
==  Sunday, Apr 1st ==

*  Second Annual Nepali Film Festival! 11am - 6:30pm at Langara College
                Proceeds go to projects supporting children and youth in Nepal
Himalayan Market 11am - 6pm  Open to the public.
Himalayan handicrafts, jewellery, displays, & info, refreshments
Award-Winning Films  (English subtitles) Screenings at 12pm, 2:30pm & 5pm
*  On the Road with the Red God: Machhendranath (2004; Kesang Tseten)
An exciting month-long Hindu festival pits participants' wits against the challenges of a rigorous journey through the Kathmandu Valley.
*  We Corner People (2006; Kesang Tseten)
A moving look at the complexities of bringing western aid to a remote village.
*  A Stove, a Blouse and a Gun (2006; Subina Shrestha)
Why did many rural women join and fight in the Maoist movement? Now that peace accords have been signed, these women actively anticipate the outcome of their sacrifices. Will their voices be heard?
*  Daughters of Everest (2004; Sapana Sakya)
The story of the first-ever expedition of Sherpa women to climb Everest, told from a women's perspective rarely seen in Nepal.
*  Trailblazing: the Women of Nepal's Trekking Industry (2005; Lisa Hoffe)
Documents the pioneering spirit of three Nepali sisters who start the first trekking company staffed by women in a male-dominated, conservative society.
Discussion & Question/Answer Session 4:15pm
With Dr. Ramjee Parajulee, Department of Political Science, UBC
Film details and ticket info:  www.tras.ca/filmfest  nepalifilmfest@yahoo.ca
Co-sponsored by: 
Trans Himalayan Aid Society (TRAS) www.tras.ca
Nepal Cultural Society of BC (NCSBC) http://www.ncsbc.org/
Langara College Continuing Studies http://www.langara.bc.ca/cs/

*  Cherry Blossom Ginko from 1 to 3:30pm
Meet at Seasons Hill Top Bistro Caf=E9 (Queen Elizabeth Park)
Join members of the Pacifi-kana haiku group for a ginko, or haiku walk, in beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park. Special guest Terry Ann Carter, winner of the 2007 Haiku Invitational Best Canadian Haiku, will demonstrate some simple paper book forms. There will be a brief introduction to writing haiku, and a walk in honour of the cherry blossoms. All that is required is a pen and a notebook for recording your observations and inspirations as we enjoy a leisurely stroll, in a group or alone if desired. At an agreed-upon time we will reconvene to enjoy tea and share poems from the walk.
Presented by: Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival & Pacifi-kana
==  Tues, Apr 3rd -- 7:30pm -- North Shore Sport Awards
The North Shore Sport Awards is the only community sport awards event of its kind in British Columbia. The awards, which are held each year to recognize residents who contribute to the sporting life of the North Shore, celebrate sport achievement at all levels, from recreational and high school to provincial and international, and also salutes coaches, volunteers, and officials.
Park Royal North Mall (entrance beside The Gap store).  Tix available at the door, or in advance for $5 at the Aquatic Centre and Gleneagles Community Centre front desks.

== Apr 4th -- 5:30 - 7:00pm
Dr. Ruth L. Steiner, University of Florida (at Greater Vancouver Regional District, 4330 Kingsway):
Planning for a Sustainable Land Use -- Transportation System: Growth Controls and Lessons Learned
Two major components of planning for sustainable communities are the coordination of land use and infrastructure planning and ensuring that infrastructure is provided and funded when it is needed by the community. Concurrency is a land use and infrastructure planning tool that is designed to ensure that necessary public facilities and services to support new development are available and adequate at the time the impacts of new development occur.  Two states in the United States - Florida and Washington - have mandated that local governments implement transportation concurrency to mitigate the impacts associated with development.  This presentation will explore issues in the implementation of transportation concurrency in Washington and Florida to understand some of challenges associated with planning for sustainable communities.

==  Thurs, Apr 5th  ~ 4:30 - 6pm ~ Design Review
==  Sat, Apr 7th ~ 11am - 1pm ~ Dundarave Easter Egg Hunt / Vaisakhi -- Happy Sikh New Year!
==  Sun, Apr 8th ~ noon - 2pm ~ Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt in John Lawson Park
==  Mon, Apr 9th -- Ceremony at Vimy on CBC; history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Vimy_Ridge

== Tues, Apr 10th 
~ 4:30pm ~ Finance & Audit Cmte
~ 7:30 - 9:30pm ~ "When in Rome" - an evening of Roman immersion
Get charged up for Tosca, during an evening's exploration of Roman art, architecture and history.  You'll travel back to the world of Puccini's opera, Rome in 1800, and visit Tosca's three famous settings:  the Church of Sant'Andrea della Valle, the Farnese Palace, and the Castel Sant'Angelo. Your tour guides are Rhodri Windsor Liscombe, head of the Fine Arts Department at UBC, and James Russell, emeritus professor of Classical Studies at UBC.
You'll also hear some 18th-century Italian vocal music, sung by soprano Melanie Krueger.
Alice MacKay Room, Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch
Admission is free.  Refreshments courtesy of the Vancouver Opera Guild.

== Wed, Apr 11th ~ 7:30am ~ Ch of Comm breakfast: Coho Festival Society [www.cohosociety.com] 28th AGM at Hollyburn Country Club
Speaker: Dr. Stewart J. Cohen, Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability
Topic: Managing Global Climate Change at the Local Scale
Dr. Stewart Cohen is an internationally recognized authority on climate change.  He will address fundamental questions on global climate change including how human activities affect the climate and whether it is possible to reduce the stress of climate change without damaging the economy and our way of life. His presentation will highlight research results, uncertainties and options for the future.
With climate change being a major concern world-wide and the environment now being the focus of political debate in Canada, Steward Cohen's views on challenges ahead will be of great interest to Lower Mainland residents and decision makers.
You will be most welcome to be a part of this environmentally important gathering. Reservations 926 6614

== Thurs, Apr 12th - contradictory info on DWV website but have been told a Rodgers Crk Area WG mtg at Hall, probably 5:30 so call 925 7000 to verify.

==  Fri, Apr 13th ~ 8am - 2pm ~ Southern Straits Race -- Start at Dundarave Pier

==  Sun, Apr 15th ~ 10am - 2pm ~ Hay Park Stewardship Event
Join the Environmental Protection Network students at WV Secondary School, the WV Parks Dept, and our partner, Evergreen, in a planting and mulching event at Hay Park. Refreshments will be served.
This youth-led project will enhance the area near Inglewood Ave. For more info: 925-7138.

+++  Check out www.kaymeekcentre.ca for events at KMC!

===  COUNCIL MTG NOTES Mar 26th [names best guess; typed quickly during mtg]

Absent: Mayor G-J, Cclr Sop; Acting Mayor Jeanie Ferguson in chair

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA -- Letters added to agenda.
2. Adoption of February 26, 2007 and March 05, 2007 Regular Council Meeting Minutes and March 12, 2007 Committee of the Whole Minutes
RD moved, JC seconded; CARRIED
3.         Recommendations from March 12, 2007 Committee of the Whole regarding:
2007 Budget Presentation; Draft Partnership and Sponsorship Policy; Draft Public Amenity Contribution Policy; Gleneagles Golf Course: Building Options; Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, March 29, 2007; and Appointments to Design Review Committee ... ratified.
4.         D. Lunden, Super Cities Walk for MS, North Shore Committee, regarding Super Cities Walk for MS in Ambleside Park on Sunday, April 22, 2007
DL: thanks; tenth anniversary; one of most successful on NSh; raised over $700K, over 2900 participants; last year over 45 participants and raised $95,380.  MS is unpredictable, affects central nervous system, any age but usually between 20 to 40; affects estimated 8 to 10K British Columbians; do it to support someone they know -- a disease with no known cause or cure.  Sunshine promised by Parks staff :-)  Route is wheelchair and scooter accessible.  Check in at 9 o'clock, light breakfast for participants courtesy of Save-On Foods and Delany's, leisurely walk to Dundarave where coffee and biscottis await them.  On return to Ambleside, lunch will be served, sweet sounds of Handsworth Jazz Band.  Hope support from DWV and donation.
To register (or donate): www.supercitieswalk.com or call 604 602 3221. 
Thank you for making a difference in the fight against MS.
JC: you have all the approvals in place, no need for help?
DL: yes, staff have been most helpful; everything in order; the more ppl who participate -- it's fun; instead of 400 ppl, let's have 500.
5.         Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Planning Process
For additional information please see Clovelly-Caulfeild Web Page
            At the February 12, 2007 Regular Council Meeting, Council recommended that the following reports be received for community comment and Council consideration on March 26, 2007:
=B7        Report from the Sr. Community Planner re: "Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Planning Process" dated February 2, 2007;
=B7        Working Group Final Recommendations Report
            Report from the Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Plan Working Group:  "Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Planning Process:  Final Working Group Recommendations, January 2007"; and
=B7        Discussion Papers
            Compilation of Four (4) "Discussion Papers" prepared by members of the Working Group.
> SJN: receive reports and Staff to say what action to be taken.
> SMikicich, Planning Dept, gave background:
apptd by Ccl; Wkg Grp 2005, met on 12 occasions
draft proposals, public input from Oct mtg, presented findings early this year
trees, blasting, rainwater
Sir Francis Caulfeild, and existing OCP
series of actions: ......
Clovelly Elementary Oct 2006, public opposition, quite negative
added cost and uncertainty.....
not unique to nbrhd, M level
thought nbrhd planning process destructive..... rethink
> Paddy Sherman, Chair: since set up, attitude has been changing since WG set up
prov now talking about going green; sustainability; ...designing with nature rather than destroying it
WV's magnificent -- risks losing if it doesn't change present regulations permitting slash and blast devt
one special natural setting was about to be seriously damaged by new devt
must make one point abundantly clear, mbrs know devt and change inevitable, never hope/intention to retain ev tree and rock; our goal always to find middle of the road ways
consider interests of new owner and existing residents --  what brought all of them there in the first place
winding lanes, tree canopies, streetscapes, rockbluffs, homes that fitted into the landscape
the very features advertised as desirable for new homes even as trees coming down and rocks drilled and blasted
another goal -- to find for Ccl a nbrhd process;  one that might be used in other areas in WV but not practical
most wanted changes to things that caused excessive runoff, risks,...
but rumours spread that regulations cd penalize their position cf rest of cmnty, lower value of props, unfairly strip them and not others of prop rights
WG listened to those fears but even tho research showed groundless, broadened scope but took them into account
report long and detailed, recommendations are in three sections: local nbrhd, district-wide, and dealing with future nbrhd planning processes.
this began with what was happening in one small block but affected ten wooded....
if other.....  prospects rather bleak
with present tools av to staff, not designing w/ nature
need a more scientific way of dealing with slopes and nbrs
rather than.......
ppl from other parts of WV have expressed alarm to us...see this spreading, eroding the essential character of their nbrhd
examine on a broader basis makes so many nbrhds special
lost lot by lot cumulative small steps, reduce cmnty
note that under WV biz plan, design with nature is a Ccl goal to be implemented in two years; can help meet that timeline
changes urgently needed; we urge you to move quickly; so not embarrassed, did too little too late, when it had a chance; best practices
Let me paraphrase Edmund Burke again: The public interest requires doing today what enlightened ppl wd wish five or ten years from now had indeed been done today
can give list of speakers -- with emotion and deep conviction
if ev spoke, v long evening; have speakers from outside to HBay, commend them to your attention
> SJN: thank the WG for all the work they did do -- Pls hold your hands up
a tremendous amt of work, that Stephen Mikicich and Claudia Freire
WG recommendations for nbrhd processes:
1 - defining nbrhd boundaries; diff ppl have diff ideas
2 - must include sufficient detail so public
3 - effective and ongoing communication to provide regular updates to dispell rumours
4 - intent of a local planning process must be made clear at outset ....without further debate
5 - role of citizen volunteers must be made clear, to learn, debate, garner input, report back with suggestions
suggestions were broken down into three categories: recommendations for District-wide application, recommendations for enhancement in the Clovelly-Caulfeild nbrhd or the local area surrounding Clovelly, and recommendations for future nbrhd planning in WV
District-wide applic: design w/ nature was central
Devt Permits wd be required and when opposition, then voluntary DPs
often run into variance required to protect and when they ask staff, find out three month process and public mtgs -- will just bld and not risk not approved
if meet criteria set out, then staff may be authorized as part of bldg permit process to approve
cd also help out with probs BofVariance running into
Urban Forest Mgmt
need for view, sunlight, and safety; instances of complete lot-clearing occurring
landscape itself is valued -- look at that on a District-wide basis; come up with principles
tree preservation the preferred course, character, rainwater mgmt -- principles as an education tool not regulation
rock removal: under what circumstances
specific recommendation; review quantity currently allowed -- lowered as a right
debates on both sides about why removing rock
fourth: better enforcement of blasting regulations
in last year staff have revised process: not only preblasting surveys but also postblast survey, quantities of rock removed
overblast, made to fill in -- gone to expense but not gained
fifth recommendation -- retaining wall
impact on streetscape, drainage, apropos at this time to review
with the amt of money invested, a minor cost of the lot
the amount of soil moved around has moved drain and increased height
also part of mgmt
rainwater mgmt -- measurement, using trees; seeing impact on what is going into ground
more effective to deal with rainwater on site rather than when it's left
landscape based solutions to prevent
tree canopy solns
brochures how to best manage; scientific approach
7th is Cmnty awareness
things appreciated in cmnty
those examples I can emulate on my own property
detached garages -- at rear as intended when laneway when required, even at back now but removes a lot of backyard -- put within rearyard setback, review that
9th: rainwater infiltration
limit impermeable surfaces -- we have put limit on front yard
with swimming pools, patios, driveways eliminate almost all surface then to nbr's or our drains
large intersection Keith Rd and Caulfeild, adjacent to school, wd like to see that reduced to a turning circle, traffic roundabout; dropoff, improve safety
this year doing a Heritage Register review -- not designation, something to recognize; put some resources into that
third is paths and trails, Clovelly Walk extends along street and trails in some cases; west of Keith is a trail, road allowance, convert to park trail
one priv prop in there, looking at it with owner
fourth is creek stewardship; nbrs have taken over a form of stewardship, nbrs taking more active role monitoring those creeks
future nbrhd planning; Ccl explore the following --
what makes WV special
wch of these characteristics if lost by cumulative over time, accordingly preserved in future
what characteristics are unique to WV or nbrhd
issues imp to them -- those same issues were shared in other nbrhds in WV
a commonality
second recomm is that the cmnty dialogue be used as to what form of nbrhd planning, what areas for future consideration
mbrs were surprised at how much work involved and diversity of opinion in the cmnty
what types of issues in common on a D-wide basis
specific to nbrhds eg estate lots in Altamont
areas were specific; commonality
> Acting Mayor, Cclr JF: I too thank WG; admire their forbearance; hope heated divergence understanding
> Gene Quan: since 1973, family in WV since 1940s; opp to serve on sev cmtes and bds with WV, currently on Bof V
during participation this process, impressed how sensitive in carrying out Ccl's mandate; final moderate, perhaps too moderate
highlight the first recomm: that the District implement a voluntary DP process
can offer tremendous flexibility; based on serving on BofV
only the most committed prop owner wd go to the effort to save a mature tree, move a garage
great admiration of the few that come before us [Bd of V]
most say just forget it and trees come down, grates me personally
an option, another piece of flexibility
$750, three months of time, cost of designer/architect, then to Board
terrible for those who want to design with nature
in summary the report can offer much to the District
achieve goal
a brief personal observation: this cmte really impressed me
traditional values we hold dear, respecting views of others
mindful of all residents and prop owners
concern for pressure groups; dealt with mindful of way Ccl has to, with OCP; they acted in best interests
findings worthy hope will achieve
>Lee O'Neil: 1470 Gordon Aven, resident of Ambleside
in full support of Clovelly Walk group to preserve their character, designing with nature
live in rainforest, most ppl who don't live here want to
drive around, disheartened what I see -- do we need to tear down and clear
led to understand creeks protection on either side of the bank and seems to be ignored, wonder why
retired now but working in apt bldg industry in San Francisco, 40 years  [ago, regulation that] trees had to be planted in front of bldg, 25 x 120 so a challenge
we did as we were told
when I first arrived in SF streets barren, now treed and lovely
shd be a requirement here -- when a lot is cleared, native trees shd be planted regardless of size.....
fewer fish and loss of habitat, a cmnty has a duty to preserve [?] what's been torn asunder
>Derrick Ward: 4624, lived in WV for 54 years
speak to this with passion; shopping ctr, Someplace Special
wildlife, and ...  enticed ppl across bridge to live on forested hillside
known for architecture and ....
seen it become increasing ordinary, slash and burn, .....
evidence of this trend, clearcutting for houses designed for flat lots
signif alteration of drainage patterns.
no way to legislation taste, if palm trees rather than salal puzzling
encourage less intrusive..... addressing needs of
proposals moderate, provide a framework' relevance beyond Caulfeild
in danger of becoming another Maryhill bypass, Westwood plateau, Taylor's Outlook

{site of WV flooding in previous few days}

most regulated, most expensive
> Gordon Ward-Hall: endorse and encourage WV to [adopt]
[if had been in place] wd have prevented both in Clovelly and in some newer nbrhds
devpd without consideration for natural [contours]
cd increase time req'd therefore clarify not increase
> Diane Bryden:  Dund; sort of things my nbrs wd like to see
not enough guidelines if not enforced
blasting not as much a concern to us
limit to run off, garages taking off
4800sf on a 60ft lot, complied with major part of greenspace req'd, by planting grass on his roof -- ...
retaining wall and stone, not a single blade of grass
retaining, now destroying
This wd enhance prop values and...
> Beverly Sharp: 4681 MDr; my situation not an easy one
in view of VSun may be carrying my story in coming weeks...ask for your sensitive
hunting biggest purchase of life, journey, took me two years
ev weekend, saw 200 homes
home in Caulfeild area, time to rejoice, a lot of green space and a lot of work to do
dealing with difficult site, imp to create living space
two years with pick and shovel to create my own pond -- pleasure, escape
difficult life with husband and severe autism of my little girl
guts, money, sgl parent; LOVAS and it taught myself and woman I hired, just how to learn and she's doing v well
my pond became one of the tools learning how to count, dropping rocks......
my pond was pristine and clean and req'd minimal chlorine to keep, and a couple of top ups in summer
bldg above me -- my pond became a mud pool, required me to fill it on a weekly basis
obviously the construction above my prop had everything to do with this
after clean for 15 years, blasting above my prop to do with this prop
upkeep and watermetering, had to cover with river rock, $370, had it filled
I want ppl to create...... myself and my family too
sad to hear division in nbrhd due to Clovelly initiatives.....
support; if in place, myself and my two chn wd still be...
> Daphne Hales: fully supports work of WG
v grateful to owner above, gave donation for land to be a park
grateful to staff who helped us...
we've lived on the south side of Cl Walk for 38 years
bldg north of us affected us; runoff
still flowing; appearing on MacKenzie Dr
several trees fell into our prop -- literally washed off the land -onto roof smashed, arbutus
had been assured 20ft wd be left...
this clearcutting wd turn road into icy hazard
thx to M staff, ditches and storm drains added and .....
a lot of expense and work for us, none of this nec if devprs had taken care
bldg above... instead of sheltering...
one new house beautifully place by trees
others high; aesthetic
caused leaching of brown liquid
cdn't we arrange that new buildings enhance our nbrhds rather than detracting?
> Frances Gray: 50 years
my daughter currently lives next door tome and next to Daphne Hale and share difficulties....
many don't know history --  Bruce Ramsay
quote from Sir Francis William Caulfeild when he arrived at Caulfeild Cove previously called Skunk Cove, on Cates
when FC got off at post office/wharf down there
Bruce R described his thoughts --"here is a spot they shall not spoil"
had been through prairies
"I'll plan a village of good design according to the contours of nature, in 1898; ...village of
beauty and wise restrictions"
used paths of cows and now named after his village
> Ray Priest: Piccadilly N; thanks for support, wonderful display of info
prop values enhanced; given planning tools whole thing can work and work well
> Bill Park [?]: Regency Place; going to speak about process; will be critical, contrary view
WG est'd solely ppl who voted in favour of nbrhd plan, contrary to...
sev asked to be on cmte and now don't feel process
cmte did not present divergence of views
shd be fair process, transparent
chair shd be independent person -- staff or planning, not live in cmnty so not biased... didn't represent views.....
> JF: names and letters to M&Ccl; sent copies to cmte?
{YES, 60 to 70 names}
> JF: gave to mayor; Ccl did receive them
if cmte never rec'd them that's why no reference to them
> Ans: probably shd hv bn referenced so public...
> Mr Mitzky [?}: also one of the ppl in paper submitted; concerned residents, share concerns about process; not criticism of WG who I think motivated by good will
no representation of ppl who expressed contrary views; vice and vice chair passionate proponents
lack of opp for meaningful debate; many mtgs scripted
as a result we felt left out; process had a dynamic moving forward without us, regardless of our views
to get buy-in of residents, have to get them on side, feeling as part of process -- missing from this
see a lot of disparaging remarks
I'm a lawyer, read the statute, concerns about a DP regime, no rumour or misinformation; somehow opposed seen as right-wing zealots, no view of cmnty; not the case
a lot of us left out; this shd be brought forward on a D-wide basis
agree a lot of these proposals not controversial; unless broader input, will have a rough ride
design with nature, a voluntary part; spoke with staff; concern not become a requirement
good vehicle, good tool, but be careful not met with get a Devt Permit so becomes rule not exception
urban forest mgmt a hot potato, trees grow fast here and can take over a property; some ppl like light others shade; shd not have been considered validated
detached garages b/c of concern of a few b/c of headlight intrusion; I put lattice up, found a way to make it work rather than prohibition; bring this in wd downvalue property wd have to have garage in house
recommendations need a lot of analysis
wrt creek stewardship; I live on WCrk and this recomm came out of the blue.
maybe nothing to it but saw an email from the chair and vice chair Dec 4 2006, updating WG
encourage WCrk residents to channel their energy into a crk stewardship group, riparian protection
circumstantial evidence this person may not be in compliance
not way to est District policy, indiv fights; punish somebody
why WCrk and not creeks over whole District
probs when set up
nbrhd shared vision; has created dissension
authors of this paper think this requires another viewpoint
public doc, go with report, so balanced view
ppl want to get along in nbrhd, hope they will and hope this process will not prejudice that
> Barbara Pettit: St George's Ave; do consulting on residential zoning for Vancouver
my report has second page supporting my comments
nbrhd planning difficult at best, congratulations to WG, ev involved
toward sustainable devt, even baby steps good b/c so many afraid of change
what is being proposed is a win-win -- dvpr, nbrhd residents, M, etc
designing w nature saves money; opposite of pushing rocks uphill wch is what we do when windows face north, trees cut that hold back heavy winter and spring rains
20 yrs ago looking at large houses in Vancouver, looked at premeability -- some new had 96% of lot covered in bldg, concrete, or asphalt; in one case, one small corner had a shrub planted for green space
As a result Vancouver brought in a permeability formula.

{what is it? what is it?|

The loss of tree cover had other implications; on west side tree canopy adds a welcome coolness during hot summer days
in 1991 City of Vanc passed its tree bylaw; stipulates when and how trees removed on priv prop must be replaced
end with a bit of a dream
possible that no city in Canada better able to test standards for green residential devt than WV
favoured by orientation to the sun and its temperate climate; given the money spent on ea new home, just think what we cd do if some directed toward sustainable housing and nbrhd design
already indivs throughout LMainland showing Planning Depts how easy to build for sustainability
guidelines and incentives for others to follow
> CR: Good evening, Council, you're in the position of having to be Solomons with a vision, I see.
As I was listening to this, I started jotting down notes, so pls bear with me as I try to put them into sentences and thoughts -- and I was going back thinking about how important we all think WV is.  We all love this place and we all want the best for it, although some of us need a bit of nudging to take into consideration other people's wishes.
So I wd divide this into: choices; responsibility; functioning and monitoring.
I have always thought we wd have to educate ppl.  Views are really important, but they are through the trees and framed by the trees; so we must have the view, but trees are part of the view.
When I was on Ccl in 1988 and 89, and Cclr Day will remember this, trees have always been a problem.  In fact former Mayor Derrick Humphreys always said: trees and dogs -- you'll always get them.  At that time, we can't, as someone else has said this evening, we can't legislate for taste; but we can try to impose a sense of responsibility.
So at that time I suggested we have a scientific survey of how much water the land you're on absorbs.  When I made this point at a public submission for the new OCP, someone said I had to add 'retains', so I'm being careful to say that we have to study the land that you're on, how much it absorbs and retains, b/c that of course prevents erosion.  Then if you're going to develop on that land -- and the scientists can come up with, obviously it can't be 100% but if we cd come up with a figure something like 70% -- we will have some hope to retain the hillside.  So I will leave the scientists to come up with what percentage it shd be, but the freedom of taste then comes in that -- you can choose whatever trees, shrubs, whatever you want to put on there, as long as you make sure that you're being responsible and retaining as much absorption or this percentage, this majority that we want, so it doesn't affect drainage as we've seen [prev spkrs' and other examples].  Also at the new OCP submissions, I and many other ppl, wanted to try to make permeable [permeability] really important, permeable surfaces so that it goes down {into the soil, absorbed/retained].  There have been some new houses near us and they've got a drain [b/c of concrete/impermeable surface so goes into the sewer system rather than the soil], and of course it all adds to the problems we have with out drainage and our sewer management.
The regulations we have, many of wch are v good, already as you know there have been many instances in wch ppl have not followed the regulations, and not only have they not followed the regulations that are in place, there's been no penalty, no fine.
So if we're not really doing a great job, and I'm not blaming you, this is just the way things have been for a long time, if we're not following it when we have regulations, I shudder to think of what's going to happen when we have something that's voluntary.  I think it sounds great but, how are we going to make sure this happens if it's voluntary?
My recommendations:
Get the scientific information we need so that we know not just, now I can see that it's, absorption and retention, but we also have to be concerned about watercourses and what devt will do to watercourses.
We just had a landslide in the past few days and that was an area in wch Streamkeepers had warned that there was going to be a problem b/c of the diversion of ephemeral creeks.
We really do need the scientific data.  Once we have the scientific data, we can say to ppl, this is what you have to operate within,
and also
is there any mechanism if a devt causes damage for ppl downstream, surely there shd be some mechanism for the ppl who caused it to have to pay to restore that or pay to repair it, for the damage -- and I'll let you look at that; but they shd be liable for those costs to restore, etc.
Now, if we want to encourage ppl to design with nature, perhaps you cd consider a two-pronged approach.
For those who design with nature, have a speeded-up system through the Bd of Variance, Building Dept, whatever it is;  -- if you're going to do something that's really environmentally sensitive, we can fast-track you!  This is an incentive.  Or give you some other incentive to ensure that you see the benefit of doing something that's responsible.
OTOH, if you don't, you will be facing fines and charges for reparations.
When I listened to the ppl -- v much in favour of the Clovelly plan and others against -- what comes to my mind, and I haven't studied this, is that that divergence, perhaps it's a result of that area not being defined narrowly enough.  B/c you cd have ppl in these two blocks who want this, and three blocks over want something else.
So perhaps we cd divide the area up more to try to get consensus within smaller areas.
In closing, what I want to say is, I'm glad to see this be pro-active, that you get a scientific study, that you encourage ppl to be responsible when they develop, and that they are accountable.  If they have a devt that causes damage, they are accountable.  They shd hv to pay the costs, not the taxpayer, and certainly not an innocent resident down below.
So, in closing, pls look at your regulations and see if we can have a report on, do we have the scientific information? can we fast-track it if ppl are being env'tally sensitive? is there a way of giving incentives to ppl who do these things? and do you have a way to punish, I shdn't say punish, to have not just they pay for the repairs but a penalty, b/c there are some devprs who will say that's just the cost of doing biz, well I have to do that anyway, but there shd be some disincentive so that they repair [and have a penalty, not just costs] and you put them on a list, so that if they're going to do another devt, we're going to look at it v closely b/c we've just seen damage from the last one you [they] did.
So do you think that you cd  please consider: the incentive, the disincentive, and the repairs, and not leave residents at someone's whim or desire to make more money from a large spec devt.
Thank you.
> Peter Miller (email): Good evening, Mayor and Council.  My name is Peter Miller and I live in the 2600 block of Nelson Avenue
I'm a retired architect and the President of the North Shore Heritage Preservation Society.
I have no affiliation to the Working Group but am active in promoting a similar special planning area recognition for the 'Upper Dundarave' locality.
I would just like to start by reminding everybody of a couple of statements contained in the Heritage Strategic Plan that was adopted by Council in April 2006.
In Section 1.3
"The preservation of neighborhood character has an important economic side. The real-estate market pays top prices for West Vancouver properties, because it recognizes the superior quality of the natural and built environment. A loss of neighborhood quality would lead to a reduction in real estate values and, ultimately, to a loss in community wealth."
And in Section 1.4 Community Values
" West Vancouver is regarded as a 'community of neighborhoods', each with its distinctive character. As such the preservation of neighborhood character is very important."
It seems to me that the establishment of special planning consideration areas such as Clovelly Walk and, hopefully in the future other areas such as Upper Dundarave will result in exactly this preservation, and maintaining of the desirable qualities of our community. I don't believe that it's necessary to put restrictions per se on floor area or building height however the important characteristic of all built-form is to respect the surrounding scale, texture, built-form and landscaping. There is a saying that 'An Englishman's home is his castle' however although this may have been acceptable at a time when that Englishman's estate was many miles wide, today we live in much closer proximity to each other and what each of us does on our property has a direct bearing on the quality of life of our immediate neighbors even people living further away.
This Neighbourhood Planning process in Clovelly-Caulfeild has highlighted issues of relevance to many other neighbourhoods in West Vancouver: how to define those characteristics that make each neighbourhood distinctive;  what processes can be developed to allow homeowners, neighbours and neighbourhood groups to discuss and foster redevelopments which accommodate all parties needs; what tools can be made available to support the maintenance of neighbourhood character?  Thus we think it is important that Council support a district-wide process to discuss these common issues and to develop common processes and tools which can be used by each neighbourhood seeking to identify and preserve its distinctive character.
I would ask Council to support this request for a local area planning process for the Clovelly-Caulfeild area and thank you for your attention.
> Matthew Moore (?): basing my remarks on documents
importance of independent opinion; dearth of facts
save trees, preserve H, minim blasting, aggressive devt
opposition group finds entire process unnec, ...... Machiavellian
how do we form an opinion?
WG put together a rich cohort of proposals
some just yes; too specific? may be
wd hope Ccl staff eliminate wishful thinking
sadly the takeaway from Oct mtg last fall
alt recommendation paper, what went wrong in the process
project rammed down the throat of the unwilling
conclusion of alternative viewpoint, status quo find in land of milk and honey
whiners can roll up sleeping bags and go home
the original folk are the oppressors, seen that done in Texas politics as well
the opposition been v articulate as victims when in fact they're devprs, xxxx, and attorneys
there is a problem in streetscape, landscape
4640 Clovelly -- four subdivs, down to three, then tear down existing
harm to nbrs
my dear Kit received a $4 bottle of wine for inconvenience
loss of prop values and xxxxx
prob with opposition intent to oppose rather than propose
finally facts on all sides incomplete
hope Ccl can supply more facts
always preferable, more informed decisions
wager most residents don't fully comprehend what's being proposed
money is a normal driver of decision;
we live in a financial world, I work in one
change, moral zeitgeist; designing with nature, to be valued; a future larger than our own

RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions regarding Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Planning Process up to and including the Council Meeting held on March 26, 2007 be received, and that Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received, and recommended actions.
VV moved, Day seconded
JF: likely timeframe for staff response?
SJN: anticipate toward end of April, within three weeks or so
on proposed actions, not on solutions
VV: some official recognition and thanks to WG; ;interesting report they produced
sure good result
whether exactly as laid out
tremendous effort
JF: whatever divisiveness, it has led to nbrs talking to nbrs
hope our brilliant staff will come back with solns
won't let it rest till be find
RD: cmte worked v hard; took a long time to read report
sections scientific in nature
tree retention, canopy trees, cd pose solutions, esp drainage, tree-cutting
some trees absorb more
preserve that tree, then can cut clusters around it
bridge the gap, those who want to save and those who want to cut them down
get the facts Mr Morse [?] talked about
all speakers spoke v well
those disagreed worked v hard as well, get that energy and good will working together
can accomplish a good deal; not only in Clovelly but in WV as well
encourage Mr Nicholls in preparing his report
MS: a bit troubled about Mr Nicholls's comment coming back with action plan not solution
need solutions, can't keep getting reports
fundamental fact is cmnty is changing
shd be a diff between building house in WV and Rmd' not like that here
clearly a problem
rights of prop owners and rights of nbr
nbrhd changes and that's not right
not report in three weeks, want to move to solutions
{to me in passing; good speech}
6.         North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues
Review of 2006 Committee Work and 2007 Workplan and Budget (File:  0180?18?06)
            1.         The North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues 2007 Workplan be approved; and
            2.         The budget request for a one third share ($3267) of the total budget ($9800) be referred to the 2007 budget consideration.
JC: served long
incredible, amt of work they do, qty and volume; tremendous respect for them
they're asking for $3267 wch is one third of the budget and roughly the same amt of money as seven years ago
get them on Fin Sust Task Force, they really stretch budget!
7.         Consent Agenda Items - Report and Correspondence
VV: Item 8 census -- separated for discussion now or?
JF: go back
MS: like to comment on 22
VV: 21, 23
JC: 17
RD: 21
SSch: cd approve with exception of [numbers], sep motion after discussion
8.         2006 Census - Total Population and Dwelling Counts
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Council Information Report dated March 14, 2007 from the Planning Analysts ... be received.
VV:; wd like to know how many secondary suites
included with duplexes?
no note re that type here
with addition of info on secondary suites
SJN: Census -- do not count secondary suites
any est always guesstimates; some calculation; physical bldgs
VV: so cd have thousands
possible far outstripped
signif missing when it might be the largest component of growth we have
explosion of traffic
if best guesstimate staff can give us appendix added to this report
JF: this report is from Statistics Canada and we can't be seen as amending
cd ask staff's best guess, a report of our own, not seen as amending doc
CAO: pointing out perhaps a weakness
prob stats solely on anecdotal info; only legitimize them then can require info
staff can report back without amending this info
what mechanisms are in place to allow us to track this
VV: wd app an attachment to this staff report, or sep document receiving this info
JF: valuable info for us to have on hand even if guess for housing dialogue


(22)     J. Sikes, March 05, 2007, regarding Community Centre - Schedule
            Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
MS: re cmnty ctr; interesting info there, attaches quarterly report of how we're doing on this
look at roofing and mechanical, diff between ....... six months later but opening date one month later
re parking gotta be careful
try to be consistent
I'm not overly impressed by how handled by prev Ccl
don't want to be sitting here a year from now blown up in our face, over budget
need before this summer
end of second quarter report, flesh it out, hard facts, budgetwise staff wise, have project mgr here
if prob want to hear about it now not at end
req Mr Stuart, Mr Laing, and Mr Pike
get full report prior to summer recess
CAO: intention quarterly report, one before recess, staff mt ev two weeks
pulled this and staff to report on it
difficulties obtaining labour; week; primary concern cost containment still top, then xxxxx and timing
reasonably confid reasonably close
next quarterly report; well be talking to staff about that
wrt parking; loss of parking, in front was never intended to remain

(21)     P. Miller, President - North Shore Heritage Preservation Society, March 03, 2007, regarding 742 Keith Road - Demolition of Building
            Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
VV: 21 and 23
21 re demolition; written up in NSNews quite well
Ccl appears to have abdicated its responsibility
demolished if not moved, within ED area
I feel similarly disappointed
what's root of prob? no one in staff mgr of heritage to prevent?
sign off to allow?
SJN: the bldgs prevented from demolition are designated
one private, two or three M/Public
supported or primary -- brought to staff's attention
when there was an adv body, regime changing somewhat
in this particular case
in initial plan for Keith Rd, looked at for preservation although moved
that entire devt approval not approved by Ccl
Cmte, all cmnty benefits -- did not include preserv of that bldg as daycare ctr, .....
and that was endorsed by Ccl
what has been made available if someone has use; willing to move off
not designated to be preserved; has been moved before
JF: xxx
VV: look for something
some of the money; designate some of those funds
in our stewardship, this Ccl will be guilty of getting rid of this bldg
what we receive from the past of value, shd be passed to future
disappointment at this stage
no demolition until see what can be done with it
do think it's our responsibility
CAO: has been moved once; wd hv to deconstruct it to move it a second time
if Ccl an interest in, can get some estimates
JF: motion
VV: willing to move study the possible ways this heritage home might be salvaged in a new location
RD: I agree with Cclr V's concern
discuss issue with Millennium; some arrangement can be made
MS: vehemently object to budget making on the fly
pulling balloons out of the air
no idea if makes any sense to be moved

{but Mike, the motion's just to see if it can be!}

don't want to see any staff resources
drifted in on a hot air balloon so will vote against
CAO: perhaps be mindful of resources
limit to costs involved to moving it before deconstructing
have looked at other bldgs
$200K complications, find site, issues...  before
simple estimate what cost to move it
VV: active attention
JC: drove around; agree with MS
it was first bldg constructed in Brit Props; some sort of plaque in Brit Props where stood
$90 later
RD: calls for a reference for consideration and response
so simply discussing the motion
not a waste of planning dept's time; part of
going to make a report in any case
b/c H house, we have a responsibility, doing the right thing; not allow house to be destroyed unless nec
JF: read back motion
SSch; .....
JF: initial report back to Ccl on costs
CAO: v clear on likely what Mr N's response wd be
merely to report it is not protected, and wd be taking no action
not on any H protection scheme
TIED VOTE re exploring options/cost: VV and RD in favour; MS and JC opposed
JF votes in opposition so report re H House FAILS
{Where's Sop when you need him??? and maybe the Mayor wd at least support report, looking at options}

(23)     March 07, 2007, regarding Collingwood School
            Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
VV: letter wrt Collingwood School
Deep Dene campus having more students than allowed in permit
zoning designation?
crept up over the years rather than suddenly happening presumably; how track this?
SJN: when owned by Sch Bd, leased to Collingwood
M was asked for zoning change for site
controversy over this sale; specific zone for this site; traffic
said wd be limited to 600, started off fewer; put into zoning bylaw
came to our attention beyond... will be monitoring

{residents told me brought to staff's attention exceeding limit in 2000 -- what's been happening since then?}

(17)     R. Fung, Manager, Utilities, February 22, 2007, re Letter regarding Eagle Lake Water Supply
JC: 17; I've brought this up before
flush pipes for two minutes ev morning
metered houses, for two minutes, shd run all taps in house
then before laundry, turn on washing machine for two minutes for cycle
EBarth, Dir/Engg: we take this prob quite seriously; reason for pH correction
what do we do in meantime; not a longterm prob, coming up in 2007/8
trying to find interim solutions to the prob
refers to flushing but tends to occur in west; all clear near chlorination stations
trying to monitor carefully to meet health standards
JF: do we know how many we wd use running?
EB: venture not so much
we advise flush anyway, esp in older homes and then use for watering
JF: lead soldering
know what happened to the Romans; aqueducts; well-known theory
SSCh: can call item 8 and 9 now
RD:  receipt too
* RD: went to Nylons concert -- daring, popular group
sponsored by Eagleridge bluffs grp and Old Growth Conservancy; 500 ppl enthusiastic; talk then Nylons; v enjoyable
v pleased night before sold out to an Iranian culture event so ctr seems to be doing extremely well
* JC: one of us shd talk about experience we all had
opp to enter a live fire through services of Fire Dept, Millennium turned over 15 houses; turned over for practices
found it incredible experience; how anybody can go into a room consumed by smoke and heat
JF: was a life-altering experience...  crawling around; hands and knees...  wdn't go that far
RD: after Fire Dept [gave[ us a v good barbecue
quite an adventure...  another tomorrow???
* JF: fire-jumping at Norouz festival; crawling through burning houses; attending a variety of sculpture events
a terrific event -- whole sculpture symposium
staff found profitable?
devping terrific relationships between staff, Ccl, FN [?]

CR: Good evening... [Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of WV Matters; 1497 Marine Dr]
a couple of the reports made me wonder about some questions
On the question of the secondary suites, wch Cclr V asked about, about their not being counted, what that raised in my mind is if they can't count secondary suites, does that mean the ppl there are not counted, wch wd affect the census for the number of ppl we have in BC?
JF: can't say that entirely, but most ppl filed income tax notices and are registered with the federal govt for one thing or another, I can't imagine that they weren't counted in the census in spite of the fact that homes might not have been counted individually.  Does anyone on staff have a comment they might want to make?
SJN: we'll report back on that.
It's supposed to be; they always underestimate slightly, each time, so it's consistent supposedly and I believe that they count all the ppl they believe shd be counted within the M, but we will actually report back on that, that aspect.  Both.
CR: I just wondered if they didn't want [it known as a secondary/illegal suite so not counted]... but then our numbers wd be low.
The second question wrt the house (wch I understand must be the one where the King and Queen had tea in 1939, wch is the first house in the British Properties [show home], I think everybody including heritage groups wd want to see that as win-win.  Certainly wd not be in favour of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars if no actual gain from it.  I think the assumption that we wdn't be responsible is not well-founded, or a lack of knowledge of the heritage groups.
{CR is Chair of NSh Heritage Forum/Heritage WV and a member of the WV Historical Society}
What I wd like to ask you to consider is that whatever is found out maybe that information be given to the heritage groups so they can see whether or not it is practical or not.  There might be other things that can be done.  For example, not so long ago we heard about a lack of daycare spaces, and one of the suggestions was to put it on M property, or maybe on school grounds or something.  So this cd be something, for example, cd be moved somewhere to be a daycare for a while; but if ppl want to come up with something to make it a win-win, it's my hope that we cd talk to Millennium and talk to Mr Nicholls, and get Mr Miller's group and my group and the historical group together to see if we think there's something positive and win-win we can do about it.  We're certainly not in to just spending lots of money.
I have another question -- but... you want to speak to that?
MS: I just want to make the obvious point to Ms Reynolds that she's welcome to have that building for a dollar and so are the heritage groups.  They can buy it from Millennium for a dollar and can move it wherever they want.
CR: Yes, but I think land, is probably wch as you very well know, is extremely expensive in WV, is the question and that's why it might need M land or school property or something, in wch as I said if a daycare is needed it cd be used as a daycare, somebody cd take that.  Or it cd be used for some other sort of group.  Anyway, I hope the possibilities will be able to be discussed.
My third question is, what that brought to mind, is I know at the advisory planning cmte mtgs, Ms Boyle {Planning staff} was quite thorough in mentioning the heritage and cmnty benefit, heritage part in that devt, and so it was disappointing that that was omitted when you finally passed it; however there's one question that seems not to have been addressed, and this is not necessarily to do with heritage, it just has to do with cmnty benefits.
At that time, I can't remember the amount -- is it $2 or 3M? -- was to be given to a charity of Millennium's choosing, as one of the cmnty benefits.  At the time I asked who chooses where that $3M or how it is spent.  It wd seem to me I wd rather have Ccl or a ccl cmte advising Ccl for their consideration, decide where that money's being spent rather than leave it in limbo or that Millennium has it for [charities] Millennium chooses, so I think clarity on how that money's going to be spent wd be appreciated.
JF: on the first item, Ms Reynolds, you do realize Ccl defeated the motion wrt the house
CR:  Yes, I realize--
JF: There won't be a staff report.
CR: I understand that Mr Nicholls is preparing one, according to the agenda, wch I understand was passed, will be preparing a response.  It may not be all the things some ppl wanted, but there wd be a report, and so-- or a response of some sort.
JF: There will be a letter of response to the individual who wrote.
CR:  I see.  Well, there might be another cclr next week who can try to bring this up again... higher numbers, you never know.  In the meantime then I guess we have to speak to Mr Nicholls, or Millennium, or whatever, but anyway I do think the point wd be to try to have something that's win-win, something that's a benefit to the cmnty as well.
Now, as to the $3M
JF: Mr Nicholls
SJN: it's $2.5M...  a portion of those funds are to be provided through a Millennium foundation, Ccl's the one that will decide where those funds are to be expended.  It's not a donation to a charity by Millennium.  It's Millennium providing the cmnty benefits payment to the M, Ccl will be deciding on that.  Millnm has asked, as part of that, whether they wd be basically able to comment on it, have some involvement in Ccl's decision.  It is Ccl's decision as to where that money will be spent.
CR: that's reassuring; I was hoping it wd be Ccl's decision.  Do you have any idea about when that's going to be considered and what mechanism it will be? will it be a cmte, or?
JF: that's to be decided.
CR: so right now, that's just in trust until you decide what to do?
JF: correct
SJN: it will be in trust when, if, Ccl adopts the bylaw.
JC: Cd I just note that the Mr Nicholls you want to talk about about this house, is not this Mr Nicholls, it's actually Mr Nickels of Moving and Cartage.
CR: Yes, yes.  And they can do it really cheaply.  A few years ago, some staff came up with an estimate of $800K to move the Gertrude Lawson House, and I phoned Nickel Bros and they said they cd do it for under $50K, so that's one of the other reasons we'd like to review what the decisions and the information is.  Thank you.

1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA / 2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- No items scheduled.
3.         B. Murray, North Shore Spring Bear Festival Society, regarding North Shore Spring Bear Festival REPORTS
4.         Community Engagement Committee - Progress Report ... to be received for information.
5.         Appointments to Community Engagement Committee (File:  0116?20?CEC)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the following citizen appointments be made to the Community Engagement Committee for the term ending December 31, 2007: Patti Bolton; and Alex Tunner.
6.         Rezoning and Development Permit Application 06?034 (Collingwood School Wentworth Campus) Application Status
7.         Board of Variance Bylaw No. 4487, 2007 ... to be introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
7.1       Draft 5 Year Capital Plan 2007 - 2011 ... to be received and made available for resident comment.
8.         Evelyn Drive Area:  Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4492, 2006 and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4493, 2006 ("the Two Bylaws")
9.         Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
10.       Development Variance Permit Application 07?003 (7040 Marine Drive)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated March 16, ... be received for consideration on Monday, April 23, 2007.
11.       Development Applications Status List ... to be received.
12.       West Coast Railway Association - Royal Hudson Steam Train (File:  1605?15/1610?20?1684)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council approve an exemption from the Sounding of Train Whistles Prohibition Bylaw No. 1684, 1958 for the West Coast Railway Association to allow the Royal Hudson Steam Train to sound its whistle while passing through West Vancouver on two trips scheduled for April 14 and 16, 2007.
13.       Correspondence List -- RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Correspondence List be received.
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented
Action Required
(1)       March 19, 2007, regarding Parkside Road - Construction and Vandalism
Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits, and the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
(2)       March 20, 2007, regarding Ambleside Park, Sna7m Sm=E1nit Public Sculpture - Lighting and Walkways
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
(3)       March 20, 2007, regarding Playing Fields at Capilano /Klahanie Park
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
(4)       March 21, 2007, regarding Glenmore Park Playground
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
(5)       March 21, 2007, regarding Night Work Eagleridge Bluffs - Noise
Referred to the Director of Engineering & Transportation for consideration and response.
(6)       D. Evans, Executive Director - West Coast Railway Association, March 22, 2007, regarding Royal Hudson Steam Train - Exemption From "No Whistle" Bylaw
Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
(7)       K. Vance, Senior Policy Advisor - Union of British Columbia Municipalities, March 23, 2007, regarding Bylaw Dispute Adjudication System
Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
(8)       March 24, 2007, regarding Gleneagles Golf Course Project
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(9)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       West Vancouver Library Board - February 21, 2007
(b)       Board of Variance - February 21, 2007
(10)     S. Metz, General Recreation Program Coordinator - Gleneagles Community Centre, March 28, 2007, regarding Invitation to Attend: North Shore Sport Awards Ceremony
Previously distributed due to timing of event.
(11)     A. Skipsey, Deputy Municipal Clerk - City of Burnaby, March 15, 2007, regarding Proposed Amalgamation of Lower Mainland Port Authorities
(12)     March 18, 2007, regarding Montana Meth Project
(13)     B. Sutherland, President - Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (BC), March 20, 2007, regarding News Release: National Certification Program for House and Home Inspectors
(14)     B. O'Neill, President - Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE BC), March 21, 2007, regarding Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement
(15)     S.E. Dowey, City Clerk - City of North Vancouver, March 22, 2007, regarding Appointment to the North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee
(16)     J. Tr=E9panier, Acting CEO - Federation of Canadian Municipalities, March 23, 2007, regarding New FCM President
(17)     L. Fletcher, President - Licence Inspectors and Bylaw Officers Association of British Columbia (LIBOA), Undated, 2007, regarding Annual Conference, October 02?05, 2007
(17.1)  UBCM Secretariat, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, March 28, 2007 regarding Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA)
Responses to Correspondence
(18)     B.A. Dozzi, Manager - Roads & Transportation, March 15, 2007, Reply regarding Meeting with the Ministry of Transportation re Sidewalk for Lower Cypress Bowl Road
(19)     Councillor J. Ferguson, Acting Mayor, March 16, 2007, Reply to J. McIntyre, MLA - West Vancouver-Garibaldi and, R. Sultan, MLA - West Vancouver-Capilano regarding Home Owner Grant Program 2007
(20)     B.A. Dozzi, Manager - Roads & Transportation, March 21, 2007, Reply regarding Night Work - Eagleridge Bluffs and Email from Ministry of Transportation (MOT)
(21)     B.A. Dozzi, Manager - Roads & Transportation, March 21, 2007, Reply regarding Glenmore Neighbourhood Traffic and Parking Issues
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.
        === COMMENTS ON APR 2nd Mtg 

>>>  WORKING GROUP MERRY-GO-ROUND -- you can't play!
we'll name the game but not the day to play.........
Wed there was a Childcare WG mtg, no notice; Thurs Cmnty Grants/NSh Social Services mtg also with no notice (in fact never in the at least seven mtgs they've had).  Finally the 'procedures' are on Ccl's agenda for approval Monday night.  You can read them at:
In about 20 years of attending mtgs, I have never seen such a gap between what Ccl promised or says -- openness and transparency -- and how Ccl and cmtes have functioned (this 'new' organization) -- no notification, even announcing a mtg as closed, and at the beginning of a ccl mtg cancelling public comment.  Some councillors have told me they agree with openness -- well it needs four of them to say so Monday night.  That's when the rubber will hit the road.
The Local Govt Act (LGA) now the Cmnty Charter, requires notice, open mtgs with public allowed.  Apparently (whether it's staff and/or Ccl is not yet clear but immaterial, it's Ccl's responsibility to set policy), to avoid having to comply, cmtes were named "Working Groups".  When it was pointed out that the Cmnty Charter applies to cmtes appointed by Ccl, they've set up a "Cmnty Engagement Cmte" and now it looks as if they claim b/c this cmte appoints groups and the groups report to it, and then the CEC reports to Ccl, it falls outside the LGA/Charter.  The new terms are Council "leads" and Staff "Leads", with sometimes 'liaison'.
Some councillors have said that they thought or assumed notification was being made after being uncertain about 'introductory' mtgs -- maybe responsibility and accountability shd be clarified, then pursued, hm?
Also startling, is that the CEC report as to function of groups is simply to "be received for information", as if councillors have no right or freedom to make amendments or to say the LGA/Cmnty Charter shd be followed (in wch cases)!  The triumvirate is appointing two residents for future mtgs, so they wdn't have had input into the report either.
Good news: Mayor began mtg saying that PQP wd be on Cmte of the Whole agendas (cancelled by JF as acting mayor).  That left us all wondering about how that came about in the first place -- but councillors shd be embarrassed they went along with it unquestioningly.  Glad Mayor's set it straight.
Lots on notification and inclusion of public at cmte/Working Group mtgs in tonight's ccl mtg.  Details when WVM13 comes out -- and sorry to say, I still haven't finished WVM12.  In any case some progress was made.  Fin&Aud Cmte is meeting Tues 4:30.
In this missive: (ONE) Design Review mtg time; (TWO) Finance & Audit Cmte Mtg agenda (with some comments); (THREE) Fin/Aud Cmte description with mtg list (and some comments); and (FOUR) Design Review mtg's agenda (and comments).
The DWV website Calendar has:
----- April 5, 2007 ----- Design Review Mtg  /  4:30 PM-6:00 PM (Council Chamber)
--and the agenda, posted Mar 26, is at the end of this msg; Collingwood's Wentworth campus is the main item.   Startling, however, was the first note -- and this is what the notification/openness of mtgs debate was about tonight (but I was unaware of this during the ccl mtg b/c hadn't seen it) -- it says the orientation at the beginning is CLOSED!!!  There is NO legal basis for that.  FYI, in years past, during the first mtg, it's true the mbrs introduced themselves.  This was done with the public there.  Obviously mbrs only say what they want the rest to know.  They do not have to say anything they think is personal and private.  Usually they just said what their profession was (hardly secret), sometimes why they wanted to serve on the cmte and what their interests are, and sometimes what part of WV they live in.
What's been happening?  Has someone sprinkled some seeds of secrecy over M Hall?  They're sprouting.  Time to do some weeding!
As I went into the Hall for Monday night's ccl mtg, I checked the bulletin board as is my wont since that's where they have to post.  To my surprise yes, indeedy, there's a mtg posted (even now, and I've just checked, this meeting is NOT on the DWV website calendar).  So if you didn't go by the Hall to check the bulletin board you might not know there's a mtg.  Here it is (notice the beginning; discussion follows):
Main Floor Conference Room, Municipal Hall / Tuesday, April 3, 2007 -- 4:30 pm
1.                  EXCLUSION OF THE PUBLIC
RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from the January 23, 2007 Finance & Audit Committee Special Closed Meeting on the basis of sections 90(1)(k) and 90(1)(l) of the Community Charter, as follows:
90(1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public;
(l) discussions with municipal officers and employees respecting municipal objectives, measures and progress reports for the purposes of preparing an annual report under section 98;
93(a) In addition to its application to council meetings, this Division and
           section 133 also applies to meetings of the following: (a) council committees...
2.                  CONFIRMATION OF AGENDA
3.                  ADOPTION OF MINUTES
4.                  REPORTS
5.                  ADJOURNMENT
Please contact Richard Laing, Director of Finance at 925-7086 or rlaing@westvancouver.ca for any further information
v interesting.  Well, Dear Readers, I'd seen that notice so during the mtg when I spoke asking about notification and closed meetings, I asked if the mtg wd be open to the public.  Barely a hesitation but the answer was yes.  Now, just what excuse are they going to come up with.  You can see from the above the intention is to have it closed.  Teensy problem.  Let's be clear.  Budget discussions do not qualify.  Negotiations with Coastal Health wd be but they're over.  This mtg shd be about the budget, not the preparation of an annual report -- wdn't that come later?  In fact, when you look at the purpose below, they receive annual reports, they don't prepare them.  Seems like oversight wd be of public interest, no?
PS: why Jan 23 in introduction? why no date of minutes? why no item for public?
> THREE  Finance &= ; Audit Committee
Purpose  --  The Finance and Audit Committee is a Standing Committee of Council and provides recommendations regarding a broad range of financial policy and process issues.
        *       Provides oversight to the implementation of key financial policies and strategies including the Council approved recommendations contained in the 2006 Fiscal Sustainability Task force Report.
        *       Receive[s] the annual reports from the internal and external auditors.
        *       Work with staff to conduct annual review of the budget, budget process, year end financial reports and mid-year reports.
        *       Provides oversight of the financial aspects of major initiatives and/or projects.
Origin of Work  --  As referred by Council.
        Council Members  *  Councillor John Clark  *  Councillor Michael Smith
        Citizen Members  *  Nancy Farran, Roff Johannson, Michael Lewis
        Staff Liaison  *  Richard Laing, Director of Finance
Term  --  Appointments are made annually by Council for a one year term.
2007 Meetings for this Committee:
        January 23, 2007 - Agenda / Minutes
        January 30, 2007 - Agenda
        February 6, 2007 - Agenda
        February 13, 2007 - Agenda
        February 27, 2007 - Agenda
        April 3, 2007 - Agenda
Again v interesting.  First question, no Chair?
Secondly, if we actually get past the agenda (and the agenda does NOT qualify as in camera), rather interesting the next item (3) is the Adoption of Minutes.  If you notice above, they haven't had minutes adopted since January 23.  In any case, only in camera minutes are adopted in camera.
Are you beginning to see how complicated this is? veritable tiny semantic tornadoes.
ELECTIONS: Chair; Vice-Chair
RECOMMENDATION  THAT Pursuant to section 77 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Design Advisory Committee designates the Municipal Clerk of The Corporation of the District of West Vancouver as the Head for the purposes of the Act.
RECOMMENDATION THAT the following appointments be approved:
        Lower Caulfeild Advisory Committee: a) Architect and Alternate; b) Landscape Architect
PUBLIC QUESTION PERIOD  (Regarding Process and/or Disposition only)
NEXT MEETING -  [...] APRIL 19, 2007
ADJOURNMENT  Queries - Please contact Mandy Emery, Recording Secretary, at 604 925-7242
Curiouser and curiouser, eh?
Introductions (see orientation at beginning of mtg) hardly meet in camera categories!
Now you see why this secrecy has gone wild.....
and concern for our erstwhile open democratic govt, let alone transparency..........

=========  EGGS  ===========

How to Get into the Boiled Egg
When the egg is first placed in front of you, it will be too hot to touch. You could use this moment to sample your coffee or tea. When the egg is cool enough to touch but not cold, it is then you will have to break into it. There are two recognised methods of doing this.
The Smash
Quite self-explanatory and accepted as the most fun, this does require some practice. The aim is to break the shell so that it can be peeled off easily. This can be achieved by lightly tapping the egg at either the pointed or round end with a teaspoon, and increasing the taps in strength until the shell breaks. At this point you can start peeling the eggshell off, exposing as much of the egg as you desire.
The Slice
This is a slightly more complex way of getting into the egg. The aim is to remove the end of the egg (either one), by slicing off the top. This can be done by firstly breaking the shell at about a centimetre from the top of the egg via a sharp blow to the side with a teaspoon. Once this is done, support the egg by placing your finger on the top. With a sawing motion, cut horizontally to about two-thirds through the width of the egg. Then, gently flip the top over, thus exposing the egg.
However, 'the slice' does pose some problems as you will have no idea which end the yolk will come to rest. If it comes to rest at the opposite end to which you are slicing it, then you have no problem. If it comes to rest at the end which you are slicing, then there will be a great deal of mess.
The easiest method by far is the smash, although in polite company, the slice is the preferred option, due to (if you are lucky) less mess, and less noise.
Prior to taking your first mouthful, remember to pick out all the little bits of shell that may have fallen into the egg. Although they may add a new texture, they add no taste, and these shell bits may also be uncomfortable to crunch.
Accompanying the Egg
Boiled eggs can be eaten with other breakfast-time snacks. In fact, eggs are often served with conveniently sliced pieces of toast called 'Eggy Soldiers'.
What are 'Eggy Soldiers'?
The term is a misnomer, as when they are served to you they are neither eggy, nor soldiers. They are actually slices of bread, grilled to make toast, cut into rectangular pieces 2cm/1 inch wide, used to dip into the yolk of a soft-boiled egg.
How to Eat Them
You should have reached the yolk of the egg before you try to dip the soldiers in. Once you have, remember, do not be too zealous in dipping, as you may find the yolk being displaced all over the table and yourself.
When removing the eggy soldier from the egg, do not use a sudden pulling motion. This is because if you remove it too suddenly, the part of the soldier in the yolk will remain in the egg, while the rest is torn off. Treat the soldier gently, and you will facilitate consuming your breakfast morning meal without embarrassment.

For in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.                           
                -- Jonathan Swift, satirist (1667-1745)

A society that gets rid of all its troublemakers goes downhill.
                -- Robert A. Heinlein, science-fiction author (1907-1988)

Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen (1906-1994) was a Romanian mathematician, statistician. and economist. He introduced into economics, inter alia, the concept of entropy from thermodynamics (as distinguished from the mechanistic foundation of neoclassical economics drawn from Newtonian physics) and did foundational work which later developed into evolutionary economics...
"There is not the slightest doubt that sustainable development is one of the most destructive concepts."

Serge Latouche is an emeritus professor at the University of Paris-Sud...
French - le d=E9veloppement durable est comme l'enfer, il est pav=E9 de bonnes intentions
English - sustainable development is like the road to hell, paved with good intentions

Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror.  Man's attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face.  Leave the mirror and change your face.  Leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself.  The reflection will then be satisfactory. -  Neville [who?]

Those who know how to win are much more numerous than those who know how to make proper use of their victories.
                -- Polybius, historian (c. 205-123 BCE)

On October 22, 1973, Pablo Casals died in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.   He was a musical prodigy, and studied at Madrid's Royal Conservatory before becoming the principal cellist and conductor of symphony orchestras in Spain and France.  He moved From Spain to France in 1936, disgusted with Generalissimo Francisco Franco's rise to power.  In 1946, he retired from performing to protest international recognition of the Franco regime.  He returned to the concert stage in 1950, and in 1956 moved to Puerto Rico, where he continued his crusade against fascism until his death in 1973.
He was one of history's greatest cellists, and many still recall his famous performance in the White House during the JFK administration.  He authored a metaphorical observation:
     "We ought to think that we are one of the leaves of a tree, and the tree is all humanity.
      We cannot live without the others, without the tree."

Dr Mardy Grothe:
People sometimes forget when you remember, but they always remember when you forget.