Apr 16 NOTES
Calendar to May 5

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Still trying to run up a down escalator.......  regret delay and any omissions (clarifications, additions, corrections, amendments, etc happily added to next issue!)
Meanwhile -- cerise camellias amid glossy green leaves, big floppy pink to white magnolias, double cherry blossoms pale pink about to burst along with the deep pink of crabapple -- some colour amid the damage the snows and winds of winter caused.

=  MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Agenda Apr 23: 2007 Budget, Budget, Budget!
It's a 2.95% tax rate increase.
If you want zero, then write to mayorandcouncil@westvancouver.ca and suggest where to cut budget by $1.4M or raise that amount (or a combination of the two).  Otherwise, adoption May 7.
General comments on the budget can be emailed to: budget@westvancouver.ca (and they go to staff).

=  'Personals'; Vive le Canada (Two Solitudes; Cdns in Afghanistan); THEATREWATCH Quebec (Outremont/Tremblay); Calendar to May 5th (Streamkeepers has Adopt-a-Fish Apr 28); UPDATES (Billboards; Streams/Capilano Golf Course); INFObits (Budget Remarks: general, Marley, Reynolds); Ccl Mtg Apr 16th NOTES (BUDGET; Collingwood's Morven Campus violates zoning conditions; heritage house lost by neglect and lack of information?; Open vs Closed mtgs); Apr 23rd Ccl AGENDA; Maiku (words/language); Quotations
=A7  Happy Birthday to the Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who turned 81 on April 21.
=A7  Happy Birthday to Fred Titcomb on turning 95.
=A7  Happy Birthday to Cclr Smith on turning XX :-) April 16.
=A7  On April 23, 1616, William Shakespeare died at his home in Stratford-upon-Avon. The parish register of his local church showed that he was baptized on April 26, 1564, so his birthday is also traditionally celebrated on April 23rd.
=83  RIP to Reg Meek
Often in attendance at WV Streamkeeper events/mtgs.  What a fascinating life he led including paddling the length of the Amazon in a dugout canoe, and what a contributor to WV.
> Snapshot of Quebec: see Theatrewatch below.
>  Halifax Chronicle-Herald editorial:
There are two new solitudes in Canada. There are the people who take a deep interest in Prime Minister Harper's coiffure and attire, and there are folks who just do not care what sort of hair or vest day Mr. Harper is having. We can foresee a push by contributors to eliminate the expert stylist so they can choose Mr. Harper's threads directly. They could scroll through virtual closets online and vote for a favourite outfit every day. We could have the world's first democratically dressed leader. Hey, if it really catches on, Mr. Harper might get to wear that fishing vest again (HCH A7).
>  2007-04-24 -- Margaret Wente in Globe and Mail:
Both Vietnam and Iraq turned into political losers for the U.S. because there were no good answers to those questions. Afghanistan, I think, will prove to be the same. The social-worker explanation (we're there to nation-build) is the one that Canadians find most resonant. But it will be increasingly hard to defend as evidence mounts that the goal is unattainable. Another problem is that when it comes to what we think of as human rights, many of the so-called good guys we are fighting for are not so very different from the bad guys we are fighting against. They tortured people long before we got there, and they will probably torture people long after we are gone. The question is not whether we can help them build a fair and just society. The question is whether they want one. Meantime, our other allies - the ones in NATO - have no taste for this fight. Without them, our forces are too small to make a difference. As time wears on, we will feel as if all the blood and treasure we have spent is like so much water poured into the desert (G&M A21).
>  A BIT OF PERSPECTIVE -- always remember how lucky we are in Canada:
so sad 32 killed (33 dead) recently in Virginia; yet a day or two later 183/223 killed in Baghdad/Iraq (733 as of 18th for month of April).  In fact 1889 were killed in Mar, 1531 in Feb -- Keep in mind 100s of thousands have been killed since the invasion four years ago, and in a country with a smaller population than Canada.  How wd we handle that along with lack of electricity and water, and more than 2M refugees; no wonder 50,000 leave per month, virtually all who can afford to.....
"The Impromptu of Outremont" by Michel Tremblay is on at the Jericho Arts Ctr; takes place in 1981 and is thought-provoking on many levels wrt the political life/status/attitudes of Quebec and Canada..... ONLINE RESERVATIONS or 604 224 8007, ext. 2; www.unitedplayers.com
....and now off to Tosca..........

===  CALENDAR to May 5th  ===  [all at M Hall unless otherwise indicated]

*  (new) Monday 23rd: Cmnty Engagement Cmte mtg at M Hall, 10am
*  Tues Apr 24th at 4:30pm Fin&Aud Cmte mtg CANCELLED
*  Wed 6pm - Apr 25th on Shaw (Ch 4): introduction to WV Museum exhibit highlighting both contemporary and historical objects on display.  For more details and show times, visit www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com
*  Thurs 19th's Design Review Cmte mtg was CANCELLED; so is the one for the 26th
*  (time change) Thursday 26th: Police Bd at Ch/Commerce bdrm will be earlier, at 5:30pm (but DWV Calendar says 5pm ~  UPDATE: DWV Calendar fixed/changed to 5:30 when rechecked Apr 25)
+++  SILK PURSE  +++ see www.silkpurse.ca
+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++  "Reflections Vancouver" to Apr 17 to 29
Capilano College IDEA Program; Original paintings and 2008 Calendar launch.
*  April 26 - 29
  > West Van Youth Police Advisory Committee Third Annual Ambleside Family Carnival
At the all weather fields east of the tennis courts at 13th and Marine Drive; rides, games, food concessions
  >  Carnival & Amusement Rides at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr (from DWV website so hope not dupe)
  >  BEAR FESTIVAL -- visit www.bearmatters.com -- April 25 and April 29. (See dates below)
* North Shore Writers Festival Apr 20 - 28

== Thurs, Apr 26
~ 3:30pm ~ Design Review CANCELLED
~ 5:30pm ~ Police Board Mtg, Ch/Commerce Boardroom [NOTE TIME CHANGE]
=  Thursday, April 26 -- 1:30pm and 7pm
This exciting school fashion show features clothing made and modeled by West Vancouver Secondary School students. There will be a broad range of clothing, from Grade 8 boxer shorts to amazing collections created by our senior Textiles Students.  Call (604) 981-1100 for more information.

Friday, April 27 --  7pm
Evening of Bear Talk with Ben Kilham and Charlie Russell
Bear Talk is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear two famed bear researchers and authors Ben Kilham and Charlie Russell on the same night.   Both =93bear men=94 will reveal extraordinary first person accounts of bear behaviour. This wild event should not be missed! Come celebrate our bears and bring the whole family for this eco-educational event.
Benjamin Kilham has enchanted the world with his stories of mothering twenty-six black bear cubs over the last 20 years, and wrote the book Among the Bears. National Geographic called him "Mother Bear Man." He was featured in a 2005 documentary for Discovery Channel as Papa Bear.
Ben has been also featured in two National Geographic TV specials, NBC Dateline, CBS Coast to Coast, People, New York Times, Field and Stream The Boston Globe, and appeared on the Today Show, and Late Show with David Letterman.
Charlie Russell has spent the best part of 45 years studying bears in their natural habitat, and near people. In 1992/93 Russell spent two years living on Princess Royal Island working on a film about the Spirit Bear.
In the past 11 years Russell rescued and released 10 grizzly zoo cubs in Kamchatka, Russia. He has penned several books about these experiences, including the Canadian best selling book, Grizzly Heart: Living Without Fear Among the Brown Bears of Kamchatka. The BBC documentary Bear Man of Kamchatka will air around the world in late 2007.
Please call Kay Meek Centre=92s Box Office for information:  604-913-3634

==  Fri/Sat, Apr 27/28 at SFU HARBOURSIDE
Urban Design Courses:
Urban Design: Alternative Development Standards (elective)
Friday-Saturday, April 27-28, 9 am-5:30 pm
$575; cohort $510 / CITY 781
The tides of real estate development are changing. Sustainable development, Smart Growth, and green buildings initiatives are causing us to rethink how we develop our land in ways that are less expensive, less wasteful, and more environmentally and culturally sensitive.  In this course, expert planners and engineers will discuss the challenges of current projects from policy to construction. A recent survey of BC municipalities will be used to compare and contrast urban, suburban and rural solutions. Participants will be invited to bring their own projects and share them with experts in a "Problem- Solving Live" session.  Instructors: Michael von Hausen (see UD Studio I); Patrick Condon, MLA, ASLA, Associate Professor, James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments, UBC; Gordon Harris, MCIP, President and CEO, SFU Community Trust. (AIBC 14 CLU; PIBC 14 LU)

*  Saturday Apr 28th at Library 10am to 2pm, Adopt-a-Fish

===   May 1st to 7th -- YOUTH WEEK   ===

== Tues, May 1st ==  Youth Awareness Cmte at 3:45pm

== Thurs, May 3rd
~ 4:30pm ~  Special Design Review Cmte Mtg
~ 6 - 9pm ~ Ambleside Youth Centre OPEN HOUSE (at the AYC, of course!)
~ 7pm ~ Buying Happiness
What does the Good Life cost-and can you put down a refundable deposit? Richard Lipsey explores the economics of happiness. Guest-Richard Lipsey, Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, Simon Fraser University [free lecture at SFU Harbourside]

== Fri, May 4 (to 12) -- BOOKTopia at WV Library and Kay Meek Ctr

== Sat, May 5th
~ 9 - 11am ~ Seniors' Breakfast at Seniors' Activity Ctr (SAC)
~ 10am - noon ~ BC Special Olympics Walkathon (Seawalk - Ambleside/Dundarave)

+++  Check out www.kaymeekcentre.ca for events at KMC!


>>>  STOP BILLBOARD NEWS from David Marley:
Subject: CROA "Stop the Billboards" campaign
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 13:07:57 -0700
The "battle of the billboards&quo= t; is heating-up. Citizens for Responsible Outdoor Advertising ["CROA"] continues to take the lead in opposing the billboards being proposed for Squamish land on the North Shore and alongside the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver.
The Squamish Indian Band has filed its report respecting their proposed billboards, as required by the federal Environmental Assessment Act. Other interested parties evidently have until May 9th in which to comment pursuant to the so-called "screening process". See the Environmental Assessment Agency's web-site for details as to how you can participate.
CROA staged a media event this morning at Mt. Seymour Parkway and Riverside Drive. Global/BCTV News and CBC News television crews were present, as were a number of print media representatives. You should be able to see coverage of this event on this evening's television news programs. Tomorrow's Province and NS News should have articles, as will Thursday's NS Outlook.

>>> NEWS from STREAMKEEPERS [report from a couple of sources]
The Capilano Golf Course will be receiving coho fry again this year. Probably, about 3,000 unfed coho fry, as part of the on-going West Vancouver Streamkeeper annual West Vancouver streams' coho & chum salmon rebuilding programs.
But what's interesting, is that last year, when the Golf Course Stocking was delayed for one year, owing to Course work in the usual stocking area a large aquatic life salvage had to first take place, following ecologically responsible methodology and protocols. Amazingly, the environmental consultants trapped out over 300 crayfish, an almost unbelievably high number by any standards, over 23 coho juveniles (which accurately, in Nature, reflect the small percentage that naturally remain in freshwater for two years as juveniles, and saltwater one year; completely accurately relative, to the number of coho stocked, about 1%, 3% remained for extra rearing year out of about 2K - 3K stocked, exactly as in Nature), numerous salamanders and related amphibians - and over 288 cutthroat trout, at least 20 of which, were in the 300mm size range (about twice the size of the largest steelhead smolts); and in high densities as well, for that sized stretch of stream.
This clearly indicates the great health and productivity, of the stream running through the Golf Course, and how well all the different aquatic species are doing in it. So, well done to the Capilano Golf Course!  and we look forward to putting the coho back into such a productive habitat again, this spring.   
The juvenile salmon stocking program (coho), which began in the spring of 2001 is being resumed.  During work done last year, no species were hurt, and everything put back afterwards - so, we're looking forward to resuming the Capilano Golf Course annual coho stocking program this spring. Often, the WV Streamkeepers and the Capilano Golf Course has involved local schools in fry releases.
Returning coho adult spawning salmon can currently reach up as far as Stevens Drive.  Once the new salmon ladders are completed, adults should be able to access the Golf Course stream itself, for spawning.  Certainly puts a new, benevolent aspect to "Audubon Certification"!

===  INFObits
-- Some BUDGET REMARKS (from Mar 29 mtg with Ccl with updates)
=83  Many have complained about delay and piecemeal info (there were even corrections to figures at Apr 23 ccl mtg when the budget passed three readings!) making comprehensive/meaningful budget deliberations next to impossible.  UPDATE: The good news, if we're optimistic, is that the Cclr MS of F&A Cmte says Budget 2008 prep will start next month -- May 2007!  The CAO says his aim is for Budget 2008 to be passed in January 2008.

Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 21:30:37 -0800
This afternoon, three ITAC representatives attended the DWV "town hall" meeting concerning the District's proposed operating budget for 2007. We learned that:
As a result of questioning by an ITAC representative, our mayor stated that the DWV's "Schedule of Remuneration" for 2006 will be made available to council and the public by the third week of April, well before the District's budget must be finalized and its tax by-laws passed. In our view, it is essential that this document, which lists all DWV employees whose remuneration was in excess of $75,000.per annum in 2006, and all suppliers who received amounts in excess of $25,000. last year, be available for consideration by council and the public before the 2007 operating budget is approved by council.
{UPDATE: the schedule appeared at the Apr 23rd mtg, the same night the budget received all three readings so no time to review and comment that night!  The next WVM issue will have budget comments.}

Mar 29   --  [answers]  {my subsequent remarks writing this}
May I echo Cclr Sop's comment that we hope there are more mtgs especially since the Five-Year Plan was only released today.
Unfortunately I haven't had time to go through all the material available here tonight, so please let me know where to find it or if/when it will be supplied.
Someone earlier asked about how much was spent on consultants.  It wd be useful to know how much a department pays on staff and how much on consultants or outsourcing.  Obviously there are some projects that require special expertise and need it temporarily so consultants are hired.  That is separate from outsourcing.
[CAO said he'd look into providing this information.]
{UPDATE Apr 23, still not available}
Last year I was not given the information requested wrt IT and was told b/c not sure of my questions.  I have some questions and if clarification is needed, please let me know asap.
For the IT budget, please let us know how much for personnel and how much for equipment, how much for Technical Support, as well as the functions.
There used to be an IT cmte and the District might benefit from this expertise.  [DRoach pointed out the increases in this part of the budget; 8.5% this year alone.]
[Mayor took notes.]
{UPDATE: Cclr VV also asked for more details, said not received what asked for; I have something but still querying; F&A Cmte says they'll review IT dept.}
It has come to my attention a couple of years ago an offer was made wrt donation or services and it was refused.  Ccl was never made aware of this offer apparently.  Please let us know what the process is {and guarantee they go to Ccl}.
[Mayor said that that's one of the draft policies we're discussing during this budget time (Contribution Policy).]
Will DCCs be reviewed (to recoup more)?
[yes, upward]
There's a formula for uplift, referring to the land value.  Can that be changed?
[for discussion]
I thought there might be some legal/provincial restrictions.
[will review]
= wrt the Five-Year Plan, you referred earlier to some adjustments such as in answer to the Gleneagles/Great Hall question; these will be for public review and Ccl approval, and when will we be able to discuss them {have input}?  Future meetings?
[even if not another townhall mtg, the public can comment on the budget at every ccl mtg.]
Since the T4s had to be sent the end of Feb 28, staff salaries are known, so they cd be made public.
[The Police have objected and we're looking at this with the province.]
{UPDATE: These were released at the Apr 23 ccl mtg as reported above but the WVPD info was removed.}
My point is that, rather than delaying releasing information b/c of needing to have it all available, why not release it in draft form, or as much as you can omitting just the parts you're waiting for?
[it will go to X?X and Fin/Audit Cmte and come to Ccl, hope by end of April.]
{As above, released Apr 23.}
Thank you very much {or words to that effect}.

===  CMTE of WHOLE MTG NOTES Apr 16th&n= bsp; === [names/text best efforts]
Mayor: welcome to our ccl mtg; sorry we're starting a few minutes late tonight.  I'd like to call the mtg to order.
After approval of agenda:
Mayor's Celebratory Remarks to Honour West Vancouver Citizen
Fred Titcomb, on the Occasion of his 95th Birthday
Council Committee of the Whole Meeting, April 16, 2007
Fred Titcomb is a lifetime resident of West Vancouver, a 15-year volunteer firefighter in the early days of the community and has worked most recently on the newly open Fire Department Museum.  At last count, he is up to a 28-year service record as a volunteer at the West Van Seniors' Centre.
Fred has served on the Seniors' Centre Advisory Board, and chaired the Advisory Board, he is a fixture at special events, he creates posters and decorations, and has organized and created the Community Day Parade Float for as long as anyone can remember.  Since 1995, Fred has averaged over 1400 hours a year at the Seniors' Centre, which is almost that of a full-time employee. 
Fred comes to the Seniors' Centre every day, five days a week.  He is an integral part of the office administration at the Seniors' Centre, as a volunteer. He has received the Queen's Medal for 50 years of volunteering.
Fred's son has retired from our Fire Department, and his daughter-in-law served on the Parks and Community Services Advisory Committee for seven years.  His grandson and great-grandson also live in West Van.
Fred is a wonderful storyteller, and a kind man with a ready smile.  He exemplifies to people of all ages the benefit of being a contributing member of the community where you live.  Whether West Vancouver has received the greater gift by Fred's generous spirit of giving, or whether the opportunities that come from living in West Vancouver are the greater gift to each of us - both are true.
On the occasion of Fred's 95th birthday, we would like to take a moment at our Council meeting to be thankful for the community spirit he creates, and wish for him a day in which he feels the strength, the strong identity, and the sense of security and pure joy that come from being such an important part of West Vancouver.   And, we wish you that feeling for a long time to come.
Happy Birthday, Fred.
Mayor: awarded $2M for plan and cycling; spirit of partnership
Emil Barth, Dir/Engg: excited, $2M max any M received
captured the imagination of ev on the NSh
support and excitement that got us the grant; have money in the budget to start, draw from ea year
conceptual plan, general alignment will be working with the cmnty, if concerns
looking at raising private funds; a beginning
Mayor: thank you for your leadership as well
looking at OCP, one resident sang a song about......
2.         Draft 2007 Budget
- Supplementary Information Report Arising from the Town Hall Meeting on March 29, 2007
            (Report to be provided on-table)

Pls put on your bafflegab detectors b/c although some good information/comments, several beancounters near me said they had never heard so much bafflegab -- they left marvelling, with question-mark bubbles over their heads!

RECOMMENDED FOR RECEIPT: Information relating to the Draft 2007 Budget is set out below:
(a)               2007 Proposed Budget - Towards a Sustainable Future (received at Committee of the Whole Meeting on March 12, 2007 and made available at Town Hall Meeting on March 29, 2007);
(b)               2007 Budget Presentation to Council (received at Committee of the Whole Meeting on March 12, 2007 and made available at Town Hall Meeting on March 29, 2007);
(c)                Draft [Five-]Year Capital Plan 2007-2011 (received at Council Meeting on April 02, 2007 and made available at Town Hall Meeting on March 29, 2007);
(d)               Draft Public Amenity Contribution Policy (received at Committee of the Whole Meeting on March 12, 2007 and made available at Town Hall Meeting on March 29, 2007);
(e)               Draft Partnership and Sponsorship Policy (received at Committee of the Whole Meeting on March 12, 2007 and made available at Town Hall Meeting on March 29, 2007); and
(f)                  Unadopted Minutes of the Town Hall Meeting re Draft 2007 Budget held on March 29, 2007 (for information only - scheduled for adoption at Council Meeting on April 23, 2007).

DRoach: thank you for releasing this info
will take some time to go through it
back page, reserve accounts, Five-Yr Cap released at 2nd of Apr
looking at Endowmt Fund, standing at $29M end of last year
looking at last page
funding sources, ....look across to rt hand column $25.4M being withdrawn occurs 2007/8
cd we have some detailed explanation how we're going to do that
leave with $4M balance at end of 2008, expecting a windfall?
CAO: we can provide that
DR: infrastructure fund, closing balances last yr $254K, looking at five-yr Cap, funding sources, notice that 007, with $7.4M, 08 withdrawing $9.2M; we don't hv the 5-yr op plan, only have 2007 budget so we can't tell what the transfer's going to be
wd have to be $1 to 1.5M more than last year's plan indicates
so if we cd hv an explanation of those two points.
CAO: wrt Endowmt, some assumptions built into there around land sales, we can provide Ccl with more information on the infrastructure for 2008, keeping in mind focusing for this year, ie 2007
will be preparing five-yr operating for next wk
depending on discussion tonight
there is an opp for residents to comment on the budget
we're looking for direction so we cd come back with 1st and 2nd readings
opp tonight for Ccl to have an open discussion
bylaws like to bring fwd for consideration and debate
Mayor: reports for receipt so discuss
budget receive midMarch
MS: for what
Mayor: remarks
MS: think we're following a process we support
in the past didn't support one week go next wk and do something diff
leads to rec ctr budgets leaping from $22M to $39M
looking at best practices for budgeting, Task Force, accepted by ev
Finance & Audit Cmte [F&A] implementing
this Ccl's only been in office a yr and a half, have a yr and a half
hoped to hold increase to no more than rate of inflation, wch I wd support
reality is we have to look at other sources of rev, look at way subsidizing parks and rec programs and culture programs
haven't had biz plans; been no public debate about millions of dollars we spend; that has to occur and that takes time
Fire and Police costs increase well above rate of inflation
going to take time for us to get to a place we want to get to
wd be nice as others say, going to have a zero % tax increase but I don't think that's realistic
looking at three depts: this year Police, Fire, Parks and Rec
goal of F&A cmte is to come up with a budget for 2008 we can stand proudly in front of the public and say that we've reviewed spending line by line and we know where money being spent and we have a biz case in place to justify why it's being spent.

{Way to go, Mike, full marks, really impressive!}

that's where we want to go, and it's going to take a bit of time to get there
this yr don't see how we can get there, zero increase
question of choices; staff came in with a budget in March for a 3.5% tax increase
2.5% for sustaining services, .45% for approved expenditures for Police and Fire, and another .5% for add'l service challenges
wd hv bn about another 3% tax increase, staff whittled it down to about half a per cent
choices are we cd take 2.95%, for services, we've already approved Pol/Fire expenditures, E-Comm and such
cd take 3.5% or 6% and fund all these service challenges, or zero % tax increase
not sure at this stage whether I can say with the wisdom of Solomon what the numbers shd be
our cmte is mtg tomorrow tonight, make recommendations at that time
not realistic zero nor 6% -- somewhere in the middle is where we'll probably settle out
VV: a lot of comments but my main point
connecting Fiscal Sustainability Task Force [FSTF, sometimes FTF] work with this
one thing I was looking.....
talk about revenue side, sustainable
we don't do that at all; we don't have a procedure/policy/discussion at all to look at taxpayers' ability to pay
look at rev; look at Financial Sust -- rationale has been lost 80s
so we're building without knowing what the base case is
point I made last year
look at demograph signif number of ppl difficulty...
heard a tax deferment prog; understand about 10% do that
if you ask if you can afford something -- not the same as having access to borrowing
see FTF doesn't recommend using the tax deferral sys
we hv ppl who can't afford this and the answer is not to borrow
when we say not sustainable, okay now, but in the future -- ppl will have to sort things out
reading these numbers
we are living beyond our means right now
believe we need to do something about it right now
don't even have a proper method to assess what our taxpayers can pay
two sides: what are we getting and can ppl afford it
I don't think ppl can afford it
don't have a method of monitoring that
Sop: Fin Sust TF cmte, main recoms prudent
understand the process by wch we budget
recommendations have been instituted somewhat in this first go round
desire of this Ccl, make sure we envision some change in the way we do budget and amt of taxation from yr to yr
give merit to that and merit to difficulty Fin Dir has in moving along with the budget
hardpressed as many Ms are
credit there and to staff, want to do best job in cmnty
do think we have to adopt a new process of budgeting
when you have a secure source of funding, don't have to budget
not like us at home
works differently when guaranteed amt of funds
rather than looking a going from yr to yr with an inflationary component
have to adopt a new principle
practical prioritized five yr, 10 yr capital plan
evaluate and reevaluate our priorities
only that can get from here to there......
can't continue to go from a history of last year and inflation
doesn't work any more and hv to change
hv to investigate an annuity pkg and sponsorship
supporting this cmnty, raising funds as a means of raising income
considerations other areas, levies placed on devt in future to meet envtal demands
from infrastructure side, realistic scenario, anything developed above Upper Levels Hwy shd hv own sewage plant thus taking load off taxpayers down here
listed sev areas, states cost to produce ccl package, cost re bylaws go out; managed by time allotment to staff; somewhere along the line, ppl that utilize component of staff have got to realize time means money; look that cost associated
we look at a five yr budget before us; difficult as it is to forecast there are some priorities and a big wish list
back to the current budget I specifically want to ask, of all the millions of dollars, that are in the Operating budget, if we're at 2.95, that's about $1.5, just over $1.4M: cd you not find out of those millions of dollars, $1.4M? so we cd get a zero tax increase?
CAO: if Ccl inclined to reduce some services we cd
Sop: did that before, grass didn't get cut
for instance here 5yr budget infrastructure progs: computer, communications furnishings equipment,  facilities, grounds and parks; four of them total $19M, 4 and a half years; for adornments in areas within city hall to make things better
wd like to ask, of all the millions of dollars in the op budget, if we're at 2.95
truly needed? realistic? priorities? truly need over five years?
has to be a better way as to how doing things in this cmnty
I suggest to Fin Cmte, when we start this coming year's budget
Ccl be part of determination from get go...  with cooperation of Richard Laing
May 8th is our final, we have four weeks; this is our first input although had visuals; we've done a lot of listening
if we don't adopt change, going to find ourselves in same predicament next year
won't go away; I've seen it for nine years
I know there's a commitment, staff want to do great job
just needs to adopt new principle
JF: interesting and difficult year for us to go through not that ev hasn't been difficult
tight year, settle for CPI, see if we can use reserve funds, squeeze from within
when we do our cmnty surveys, even FTF, ppl don't like to have their taxes increased but also don't want decrease in services; want open and running; want in good condition, sewers and water running; so becomes v difficult
when I read through -- don't think there's a silver bullet
wd like to adopt recommendations of Task Force then we have to act on it
devp new capital funding
then bus shelters, we have to vote for them
policies, do we want.....
can't have one without the other
if sponsorship and partnership then you have to have a sign
will, public is there
before we deal with these two draft policies, think they're important
if you want us to act on them, provide us with some thoughts
difficulty increasing rates
prov govts are trying to find ways for chn to participate in rec
huge concern about levels of obesity and lack of fitness, and link to health care costs
tie between health care costs and rec -- increasing cost to participate?
not easy and won't be for staff; comes to terms with it
JC: cd we ask Mr Laing to give us a break down of taxes we collect and where they go from here
RL: $1M, DWV
10% GVTA...  GVRD...  about 50-50 split
JC: so only 50% stay here; what's breakdown between Fire. Police, and Parks?
RL: Parks and Rec, or Parks
JC: Parks and Rec
CAO: Mr L is adding up
RD: here 17%, Parks and Rec 24%
JC: 57% for those three depts
what wd labour component be?
Mayor: av 78%?
JC: process of arbitration is that Toronto leads the way, Police and Fire; Vanc follows Toronto and rest of Ms in Lower Mainland, follow Vancouver to within 1%
really no wriggle room in that percentage
80% -- we really have no say
any mention of densification, even ED; when you look at the .4% inc in growth over 15%; won't take us much above 1..... not come at one time, probably 5 or more yr till built
we don't want industry here
so two key ways of raising funds not, by choice
but someone still has to pay the piper
if zero % I'd suspect the morning after; parking police cars, fire.....
signif staffing changes throughout M; and I don't think ppl want that I don't
think double
if Cclr Smith has said we can't implement all recoms of Task Force; phase them in over next year or two or three then have a case moving forward
delay or offset tax increases
old story about the farmer and his horse
one horse he dearly loved but had a voracious appetite. sick and tired eating him out of house and home on a daily basis, so decided to wean him, cut back ration of oats and ....., down to the point eating no oats at all -- unfortunately the horse died
RD: I sat on Lbr Relations Bd on GVRD
80% of our costs are salaries
coming in at about 3.5% increase
tough negotiator; right now a labour shortage particularly in Lower Mainland
look at GVRD website and look at help-wanted columns
prob in attaining good skilled ppl
negotiated higher in last cpl of years
Police and Fire have the right as of ten yrs ago, to arbitrators; tend to take Toronto
increases higher than CUPE who represent rest of employees
outside forces dictate our budget, about a third of our budget
inflation running around 2%
look at 2.95% pretty tough when under the sal of 3.5%
increases of fuel, insurance, equipment costs
can't go back to zero-based budgeting
if you go back, cut infrastructure, pay cost in end; they're going to wear out
we are not only looking at prudent ways to cut but hv bn active in looking at new sources of income, v important, public amenities policy, cmnty benefits, sponsorship policy, prudent land sales, to bring in more money; we've made modest raises in fees and charges
if we go to 2.95% not clear but it's what I favour, we're well below, at 2.95 second lowest in Lower Mainland, NV over 4%
Mayor:  one of the good news things is you can feel the interest for change -- coming from staff, Task Force interviewed them, they were candid, like to become more involved; public has high regard; want to see translated into good mgmt, more nimble org
can feel in cmnty caution around change; pride in quality of service they receive
Cclr V, you're right, it's about right now, not future; that's why struck the Task Force
report only came out in Nov and already working on it
in May will be working on 2008 budget, have a lot of momentum, hope we don't burn out
we're faced with serious, not in a fiscal crisis, as Roff, the Chair at time said, but looking ahead not just our costs, anticipating regional infrastructure costs, pressures from senior levels of govt, pressures from cmnty
Cclr V you're quite right, taxation not in ability to pay
wd like to see WV lead in tax reform, mtg with Minister of Finance about that and Michael Walker next week
support for that
at same time, trying to take on juggernaut, trying to maintain services
what needs to come out of this is an aggressive
nobody else is going to care, only us making sacrifices
want to keep our eye in bigger picture
while talking to ppl, while widening our base, what team do we need to put together
not about putting names on things, it's working smart, taking advantage of money out there
ppl won't believe of value of we don't get value now
got some posters up in Aquatic Ctr, here's where we can increase fees
haven't heard any feedback positive or negative
transparency is key; radical transparency is the new term; on the cusp
see how far mbrs of Ccl want to push tonight and next Monday
wishing to pull together with cmnty for 2008, can't continue to work with what is an unworkable system
of the recommendations we received end of 2006, got F&A cmte working weekly or biweekly
amalgamation of services across NSh for better delivery
systematic deptal reviews; got our five yr capital plan
higher recovery rates, looking at P3s, Lions Gate sewage treatment serious, Cache Creek serious
important to have some philosophies in place when look at those major questions
really good start; for purposes of next week's debate
looking at 2.95 as a way for staff for bylaws, then we can look at that number
VV: ...interesting legal framework, we're not allowed to run a budget that isn't balanced, the operating budget must by law balance
FCM takes up this point; this required balance has resulted in under-investment in infrastructure; all over Canada under-estimated infrastructure needs; so hasn't been the balance
FSTF, WV's is representative of other Ms
wd say spend less, but Engg needs more
looking at same numbers but diff interpretation
I can say we shdn't even spending what we are rather than increasing
bar chart comparing ----
Fire and Police a bit more, but where we spend way more Parks Rec and Culture
since a lot is subsidization, obviously optional, that's the most logical place to look for savings
we subsidize these rec activities substantially
budget booklet, we see the recovery rate how much $ spent is recovered by user fees, go from 61.1 to 64.   ....
only .7% diff, but amt out of taxpayers' pocket goes up
interesting b/c we cannot the amt of subsidization go up in absolute dollars
have to go toward 70% and 74%
even more interesting, it's actually millions -- $3M; and close to another $1M on culture
look at booklet, capital from revenue $7.x
proceed to back of booklet, add it on; subjects like maintenance and infrastructure, ....$350K for capital expenditures...... and again for the maintenance ...... $700K for the srs' ctr
go to front of book, financial...  a portion ... do my adding in
[rec progs] we're not recovering 61%, we're recovering 50% if we're lucky
why don't we have our staff do time sheets so we can apportion their time to activities relates to so we can get accurate numbers
cost of ccl time; cmtes; can't find out, don't keep time sheets
one other example really not living within our means
read "pay as you go", don't borrow, use funds we have
problem, when facility comes to end, suddenly shut, locked up, out....
but no automatic fund...  only one that has it is cemetery; perpetual.... only one;
Gleneagles, police bldg another; need $18M for another -- see fund
says sell some land and then we can borrow $8M
if pay as you go, we'd hv money in that fund now
govt is there in perpetuity, we as indivs, alas, are not, but--
Mayor: that's a good thing
VV: being a trustee in a govt in a perpetual role; too bad when it falls down
Mayor; was there any particular question or questions you want answered?
VV: love to have an answer
are we going to have the time sheets that I really feel are missing that major corporations have?
love to have a Stantec Report on procedures b/c around devt onerous, and cost to that
love to publish the John Collison report on Parks and Rec
love us to have the info for us and for public, so I'm not just saying it so public can see what I derive
CAO: think statement rather than question
certainly we can provide add'l info wrt reports if wish of Ccl
use timecards for outside work force for work orders; don't do for internal staff
the first question I wd ask is what wd you do with info once you had it
actually reduce hours we spend at ccl mtgs? or?
VV: we might, mightn't we, b/c we don't know what it wd cost
about a year ago.... might not add increments for last year
how do we know cut across the board, definitely not
time and money costs
so we can remove the lowest priorities; can't, don't have details
Mayor: one of the discoveries of the TF
we have strained, b/c Ccl always a rate below the rate of inflation
don't think that wd work at this time
from TF and public; Ccl's own capriciousness costs money
politics, cmnty, and demanding cmnty have ....
what we say Monday usu in place Tues
Sop: a lot of valuable info coming in
not on right road to success until prioritizing future
fact remains, strengths out of Task Force and willingness of staff to ...
looking at five-yr cap, been an amt sitting there for some time $850K for renewal of a bldg, didn't take place so still earmarked for that; b/c restaurant gone, revenues going down
excellent opp, solid biz case surrounding golf, all monies in the golf plan
use monies we have, finish off project, ... within M framework
doesn't go in gen funds
know it was successful and can; shd be moved ahead on
same with cemetery
lands there; going to build as we go and self-sustaining
other Ccls will say, good you did it ten years ago
windows from other areas
brings me to amenity contribution; a little disturbed based on necessity to densify this cmnty that scares me a lot
density bonusing, look at seriously what wd take place
all biz areas throughout cmnty
situation bonus density will be part of that system
looking at all devt, certain earmark as far as density is concerned; this  policy will apply to all
don't know we're ready for all density bonusing
maybe Cclr F will get some answers? out of that
sponsorship, guess a lot of merit
negotiations staff or volunteers will negotiate all terms and conditions, a sponsorship contract and approved by service mgr; rejection may be appealed to Ccl
do not accept, any contractual
this ccl, nobody else, no volunteer; an absolute MUST
Mayor: that wd be to reverse what we've done in the past
Harmony Arts,,.........  Library, ...  all corporate sponsorships negotiated in good faith
so really this is not a dramatic shift; need to know wch ones make sense
CAO: wrt sponsorships; anything signif or permanent requires Ccl approval
just an attempt to share
make sure cmnty shares benefit; things Ccl approves
if we have a rezoning, opp there; not an attempt to change
make sure cmnty enjoys
Sop: includes a statement of density and will go right through Amb, xxx, will go right through
wonder if not nec passing at same time as budget
Mayor: good expressing concern....
Cclr S anxious to get in
MS: let Sop finish
Sop: RL, you have on p119, shows gen ... projects
at 31.12 06;  $29M in fund at that time
when we look at that, how do you interpret?
what is threshold today?
RL: believe $20M
Sop: so can't as when we bought 22nd and Marine
don't go over, ...
RL: within
Sop: so we go from $20M upward
plus half a year's worth for 2007
how do we interpret if we're at $9M that's usable where's that?
RL: we can bring that info to Ccl but you have to understand there are transactions going through fund
interest $1M a year, land sales, rental proceeds during hope short period holding Wetmore prop
Sop: not nec tonight but you've earmarked Endowmt Fund and Wetmore to meet demands
submit from quick look, short-sighted
want to know where we actually stand and what you want to use, and have all the details up to date and where we are
again short time gain; invested in that prop; gain there; we've utilized over the threshold
has to be satisfied before passing budget to know exactly where we're going
CAO: Endowmt bylaw requires Ccl do one of two things wrt Wetmore
entitled to invest, no question profit can be made if that's divested
if Ccl does not wish to sell within time period allowed under bylaw, then must replace those sums invested
also complicates matters b/c one of the assumptions was the sale of that property for funding new cmnty ctr so money back in EFund to make that money available, esp the profit
If Ccl doesn't want to sell, have to identify other properties or other options; and those options cd include reducing the threshold; will provide a full report next mtg what those options are

{NONONONONONO!  Former Mayor Ron Wood unequivocally promised widespread public consultation on what wd be done with the property.  Ppl questioned the wisdom of spending $6M with no stated purpose but no doubt a good investment  Justification was that it was a good investment, next to cmnty ctr.}

MS:...  shd bring debate to close
want to reaffirm something Cclr Clark said, I think it's important, nobody around this table is in a position IMO to sensibly and logically dictate to staff where to cut if you want to cut services
all we're saying is we want to spend next few months reviewing depts; if decision to make
so we can at least attack the situation intelligently; can't do that now
staff gave us an add'l 3% wish list, proper terminology service challenges
find; signif issue to them
if you want to start cutting the budget, got to walk the talk
if zero as Cclr V said, cut existing budget, can't say spend more money on engg
and like a couple of weeks ago, like a bolt from the blue, Cclr V brought in a motion to buy/take a house that the public/priv sector won't even pay $1 for and move onto a million-dollar+ lot, don't know many lots for under $1M, at public expense, with no biz plan, no nothing
v frustrating sitting here, hearing all these wonderful statements about zero increases and living within our means, without any intelligent, logical, and rational explanation of where you're going to make cuts
so if talking about budgeting sensibly we have to do it so that if a cclr wants to take 3% out, here's where I suggest we cut it and here's my biz case for making these cuts
I'm happy debating in that forum, but to come off with a Harvey Wallbanger approach is just not acceptable.

{OOOOOOOO! wonder what will happen b/c that misrepresents the motion VV made and RD seconded (Sop and Mayor absent), quite apart from the cocktail.....  hope record's set straight.
Hm.  Come to think of it, orange juice, vodka, and galiano make a rather smooooooth drink.......  just the antidote needed contemplating this budget and higher taxes..........}

Mayor: now to Cclr Clark to make the motion; debate will be next Monday night.
JC: supplementary info be received
JC: staff to prepare bylaws does not exceed 2.95%
Mayor: this will be the basis on wch bylaws drafted
VV and Sop opposed
CAO: if we cd hv a motion; to prepare a cap plan bylaw unless changes Ccl wd like to see
Mayor: now move to
3.         Collingwood School - Morven Parking
RECOMMENDED:  THAT notification be given to Collingwood School and residents within 150 metres of the proposal described in the report from the Community Planner dated April 2, 2007, to provide an opportunity to comment prior to further consideration at the Council meeting of Monday, May 28, 2007.
RW: My name is Rodger Wright and I'm the dreaded head of the school
welcome any opp to discuss with our nbrs at Morven
and proposed May 28th date
support openness of this motion
as the head of the school, I clearly admit not in compliance with number of students allowed
when first came to attention to this admin immediately acknowledged that and immed disclosed our plans to deal with that
historically Collingwood hasn't been the best of nbrs to our friends....
I'd like to begin to rectify that

{that's good, but how did it happen in the first place?  and how did staff let it happen???  if we give the benefit of the doubt to Ccl that they did not know -- and maybe even the CAO didn't know, then who did?  More importantly, who signed the document saying the school was in compliance?  The old 'who knew and when did they know it'........
Quite apart from the fact the school must have been aware the enrolment limit was 600 and knowingly violated the conditions.  Not exactly a good example to the young you're teaching.
Do the parents know?}

to speak to the issue to Morven nbrs, compliance re number of students, parking traffic
we do have a solution to that
construction of an autonomous middle school on lands we have at Wentworth and currently there's an application before Ccl to build that and if approved, wd move our entire grades 6, 7, and 8, over 200 students to middle school, date wd be 2010
realize that doesn't speak immediately to concerns of our nbrs around Morven therefore as a sign of good faith, interim measures,
have Chairman of Bd here
for public, we'd undertake to build add'l parking facilities on field effectively take all parking off street
also undertake to work with Dist staff to do anything else to help rationalize dropoff and pickup
already made some progress on afternoon pickup, one-way
happy to work with residents of Morven and District
to expedite
drop off lane in front of school
my letter, we'd like to heal this relationship with our Morven nbrs and construct with them a good nbr covenant
have some mechanism to deal with any concerns the nbrhd hv with us
instead of to continue to duke it out in front of Ccl
understand non compliant; do have a plan in place; involve significant new resources $40 to 50M highend facility field???   ...will solve...
again putting some v serious mitigating factors at our own expense to be less of a headache at Morven
Andy Legouchik (sp?): on Glengarry
Collingwood traffic affects farther than 100m; feel all in vicinity of school shd be notified; x Street, same Deep Dene
want to express my disappointment with District approach
we've been asking Dist for sev months; warning time running out
excuse no sufficient time, .... by 2010 wd be deeply regrettable
if on May 28, time frame May 28
nbrhd wd be left with vague promises, nothing specific
School wd carry on with biz as usual, unacceptable
nbrhd wants three things, by Sept 2007, we expect no more than 600 students on Morven campus
we are aware this will not bring compliance but shd bring some relief
by 2010, expect full compliance with all regulations
reasonable time frame
considering situation created by Collingwood, period is generous
third: other issues, like future 85 Morven Dr prop belongs to Collingwood
drop off, will address in future ccl mtgs; willing to discuss with school
if Collingwood school serious as Mr Wright said, they need to demonstrate real number {I might have misheard, 'effort' makes more sense},  to comply instead of making empty promises, make do ....... year overdue
introduce mandatory bussing rather than laughable good nbr
area of good nbr relations; personal relations and good,.... nothing to learn from Collingwood School
Har Puth Jam (sp?): touch on some of the issues brought up clarify some things Rodger has articulated
have a situation we're going to try to address
we've committed to address this situation by 2010 by Wentworth campus
in 2010, the compliance issue will fall away
immediate response, commit to add'l parking on site; will take over existing programming
regarding major issue, hv discussed with our traffic consultants, observations during pick up and drop off, observations made in 2004, 2006, and last week
main issue is around parking -- 35 to 40 parked vehicles on street impeding during p/up
solution  to move parking onto school site
for events need parking on street
idea of relocating students sooner than later is not an issue
trailer in Wentworth site -- construction site, no room between now and 2010, at wch time wdn't need temp structures
will be some work done on Morven itself; so temp structures on Morven now, that will have to be removed; there is a plan a theme
group committed to getting Wentworth under way so can get Morven
parking diff, 30 min in morning of dropoff, 10 min of peak time
about 30 to 35 minutes of pickup time XX min peak
will look at grounds available; hope prepared at that time addressed; advise nbrhd what we're doing
instead of having a forum where nbrs come in and address their issues in a v general way, we wd recommend more of a mtg with residents, Collingwood present, traffic consultants, have nbrs articulate what some of the indiv issues are, in detail so we can address
feel for nbrs, been dealing with this for some time
wd reducing to 600 address issue? it may, but biggest is parking
we will rectify this situation by 2007 to 2010
as a parallel project, pushing forward with staff, design mtg last week; public mtg end of this month
end of may
hv a tight schedule; based on a lot of things coming together
starting of construction, like to get that started spring 2008, depends how fast process moves
you guys are all struggling with budgets, Collingwood struggles on a day to day basis
some of the issues around student body, assure occurs by 2010
Cal Vass (sp?): Chair of Bd of Governors
we represent 800 families who have students at this school
clearly the long-term solution, Wentworth campus, approved Feb 26
signif consultations with your staff
committed to any short term measures, commit will be done by 2007; express our commitment as a Bd
assure you we are good nbrs; holistic cmnty; can benefit nbrhd
JC: heard there will be parking created -- on green grass there now?
Ans: yes some
JC: gravel
Ans yes
JC: remove from streets
what if streets backfilled with students' cars?
new students, right back where you started and these folks haven't got a prayer
[prev man back up]: currently students register if they drive to school
JC: our bylaw ppl can tow?
Ans: haven't discussed how to control onsite parking
parent teacher mtgs; possible during sch hours; anyone who belongs to schools
if those vehicles on streets, bylaw
Mayor: can't work it all now
two more to speak then May 28 on
Ans: no staff or student on street
Reno Stradiotto: Mr Wright earlier spoke of the unfortunate relationship that exists between nbrs and school
I'd like to begin with when the school went over; [enrolment] 722, some time ago
background and rec
20 years ago I came to this room on sev occasions; subject Collingwood
recommended not to change from RS- to CU-9 and also a DVP, an upgrade to accommodate enrolment of 600
Glenmore elementary was small 342 students Gr 1 to 7
one reason was for siting in nbrhd narrow
had enrolment 500 students, one new grade ev year from opening in 1984
240 at opening to over 500 at time of applic, probs already manifest
to add a further 100 untenable
hoped that Ccl wd agree 5.5 acres when 10 acres required for that size
access too restricted; might urge seek a better suited site
approved, Gr 12 added
diff Headmaster, diff, ........
Glenmore cmnty, same old prob; no change to infrastructure, to ameliorate vehicular
school had promised; in fact bad situation made worse
felt opening of Wentworth...... wd reduce the enrolment; instead chose to maximise enrolment at both
sch has tried to mitigate, implementing a busing prog; but not working ridership at between 20%
parents prefer to drive
Collingwood shd be more hard-nosed
a year ago Wentworth, upgrade...; 280 leaving 440
then solutions...  the following measures; in line with staff recommendations, as beginning; a stronger busing effort; more off-street parking 40-50; creation of greater pickup and drop off; no parking on Glengarry St to allow a dedicated lane
dismissal ... congestion
immediate reduction to 600 as mandated
shd Wentworth go ahead; smaller school; mandated by bylaw

{V INTERESTING.  Meant to comment and provide background to this in PQP but consumed with PROCESS (to prevent heritage loss and to ensure public notice) concentrated on that.  I was on Ccl when the rezoning was discussed and decided (Cclr Day was there too).  As I recall, they had about 440, they wanted 750, and we approved 600.  That was one of the conditions.  I supported the school -- I support both public and private schools having taught in them in several countries while living abroad -- in fact, spent over $3K at their silent auction fund-raising.  It is disappointing to learn that a condition permitting their establishment in the nbrhd was broken -- and clearly deliberately.  This is not a case of going a few over b/c someone wants all the siblings in.  This is creeping non-compliance.
Those nbrhd residents accepted a higher number (200 more than previous school had and was allowed) and all were assured wd be respected.  Sad.  Assumed school honourable and wd adhere to compromise.
When did the staff know?  At least since 2004 and one man claimed 2000.......  wdn't 25% more begin to be obvious much sooner?  Who signed the documents to the provincial govt confirming compliance so the school qualified for the subsidies?  Wdn't even checking the amount (since it's $2200 per pupil) indicate enrolment number?
This begins to look serious! 
Round Two May 28th.

*****  LATER, checked, thanks to the BC Ministry of Education website:
As of 2006 September 30 the officially reported enrolment of Collingwood School was 1,218.
wch means K to Gr 5 at Wentworth = 496  and Gr 6 to 12 at Morven = 722}

Colin Spicer: ... one of the major things frustrating -- extra 122 and ask how we got to that
aware of correspondence back to 2004, requesting something done and nothing was
this is a biz, whether non-profit or sch
those 122 extra represent close to $2M; Morven helping to finance Wentworth
frustrating to hear can't do anything, there are empty schools elsewhere; schools being closed, classroom spaces av, they shd be used
Morven shd comply today, not a question of waiting a year and a half
not a question of maybe in 2010, Wentworth will be ready
what happens if Wentworth isn't ready?
continue to suffer with the extra 120?
ongoing problem
question wrt staff -- why has nothing been done about it to this point?
understand staff required to sign off to prov govt stating that school complies with all M bylaws -- yet they don't comply!
122 represents $100s of thousands in fed and prov grants; nothing's been done about that, v frustrating
read from staff reports, as Reno says, have to have some caveats with those recommendations
[reading] traffic and parking issues -- can't be nbrhd and school; broken promises to nbrhd such that not much trust left
has to be some involvement from the M
we've been blatantly lied to wrt the use of the house at 85 Morven, blatantly lied to as have staff wrt the underground parking
in January this year those 14 stalls allotted to students, you go today and see how you park 14 cars in that garage, it's full of cmnty fair items, and it's been like that since I've lived at 81 Morven, it's never been used for parking
goes on and on; promises from Mr Wright that no intention of using that land (85) for a parking lot, they come in to staff and try to slide through a variance!
Mayor:  I take your point, try to--
Ans, continues: there is not any trust, if going to be mtgs, we need a mediator
from practical point of view, if ever an emergency at that school no opp getting a firetruck or ambulance at peak period, can't come in either way
two major concerns
keep hearing about 2010; staff report said shd be a corollary to bylaw that Morven shd be reduced when Wentworth opened
what happens if Wentworth not ready in 2010? does problem continue?
word bylaw so regardless in 2010 down to 450?
cmnty happy to accept 450
a number of things in this report, if it doesn't happen then what
85 Morven is the other example, sch recommended a park, staff and certainly nbrhd think a park totally inappropr, put back to sgl-fam home; that's what it's zoned for and that's what it shd be
don't hear what they have in mind for that prop
suggest as gathering place at lunchtime, more garbage and more noise
staff shdn't be a park, but what's this going to be, how handled?
been actively working
when back on 28th will have more indepth delegation to represent views of entire Glenmore cmnty
Mayor: anyone else?
Reno Stradiotto: 75 Morven, lived there for 41 years; you've received letters from Douglas Jamieson, not here tonight
Mayor: conspicuous by his absence
Reno: I'll tell him that, he'll probably watch
JF: think a point made wrt area to be notified; valid remark
wonder what staff wd suggest in increasing
SJN: 150 catches most, but 200m wd take in all the surrounding streets
letters want 2007 compliance; staff recommends 2008; school says 2010
may not pick that up in staff report
JF: wrt suggestion re mediator; level of trust
Mayor: imp to understand process
discussing; steps in between then
JF: prior? it is not?
SJN: proposal by Collingwood and counter one by staff
dealing with the enrolment and parking....
those wd take place afterward and there may be other suggestions
JF made motion 200m
Sop: a well-liked school been successful
nbrhd problems in one of them; regardless of what takes place in 2010, .....
from standpoint of a nbr, shd not be obligated to wait 20 min in an afternoon to get into his driveway.....
Mayor: motion on floor is acceptable date May 28
Sop: comment before motion; well-liked school, v successful
this site is too small to accommodate that large; point is quiet enjoyment of life of taxpayer equally imp; meet with school and see if can come to resoln, if req mediator, so be it

4.  CORRESPONDENCE: Lists in prev issue; receipt only at mtg.

+ MS: Sat night attended at KMC, Sentinel school concert, Bye Bye Birdie
blown away by high quality of production
nice to see Kay Meek working with schools, these school productions outstanding; get KMC board to incorporate
Mayor: will mention it to them when we meet with them; I hears the same thing.
+ JC: Rachel McDaniel, Gr 4 from Hollyburn Elementary, went to finals in CanWest Spelling Bee, quite an accomplishment, and deserves congratulations, that's C-O-N-G
Mayor: we'll write her a letter.
+ VV; brief report, but shd refer to heritage house in ED devt (742 Keith) since Cclr Smith mentioned it earlier this evening.
I had made a motion that we do something to try to prevent it from going into the dumpster where it will be going v soon, unfortunately
I did make an inspection of that house to see if there was anything I cd do; disappointed to discover not bn safeguarded at all; bn open and vandalized, so the prospects of anyone accepting offer of rehabilitating it and taking it away for the nominally dollar has bn seriously diminished
I think v unfortunate b/c it was within our responsibility, I feel particularly bad b/c as rep of Ccl named to Heritage WG; unfortunate -- we're tasked to hire a consultant to develop a list of H properties, and one that is/isn't {not clear} in our care will have gone in the dumpster
sorry sad note, think most unfortunate
I want to point out I take it seriously as a heritage matter, and unfortunate Cclr Smith characterised it as Harvey Wallbanger budgeting when in reality, I'm simply trying to take my responsibilities as the heritage rep with a modicum of sincerity and seriousness
{See my followup in PQP}
Mayor: I think that ev mbr of Ccl is sincere, and these competing interests v tough to choose from; good to see cclrs take their job seriously, that's our job
+ Sop: to support KMC and WVSS, Cclr Smith, I worked with the drama club in my profession for half a dozen school plays on a yearly basis
incredible effort by volunteers, incredible performances by students; no wonder enjoyable evening;witnessed it for six years
part of the success my abilities resounding till today
+ RD: Heritage WG, has it been mtg ?
VV: not yet
RD: wd it be possible to start mtg?  it wd be nice if they cd consider this issue of the house
if to be demolished, shd at least hv chance to discuss, possibility to discuss; shd come before them, I shd hope

{thank you, Rod!}

VV: Well, it wd be nice, but our mtg is not scheduled till May, so I'm afraid probably missed deadline
unless bldg still happens to be there; I must say having looked at it feel probably gone beyond point of rescue.  I feel badly about it, I hv a diff understanding of heritage.  It's not the bldg itself, like most of our built heritage, they're just funny little old wooden bldgs, this particular one dates back to the 1930s; it is the first bldg the British Properties built.  They celebrated the opening of the Lions' Gate Bridge in it with the then King and Queen.  And it does qualify in my mind for its use, what it was connected to, as a genuine heritage building.  I just don't understand why we simply abandoned it b/c there was a plan when the Ev Dr redevt was under consideration that it wd be preserved, and then suddenly at the last minute, for reasons I'm not aware of, it was just abandoned.  We didn't really didn't appreciate what was happening until it was too late
+ RD: I share your concern, Cclr V, thank you for expressing it.  I'm sorry to hear that the house has deteriorated to such a point b/c we did mention a few mtgs ago that we were concerned about it.
Two other things
- earlier in the month N Sh Sports awards in Pk Royal N Apr 3; well-attended, v interesting; excellent, there as rep from WV.
- RCrk WkG has been meeting; had six mtgs all open except our initial one, just organizing; continue to have open mtgs; had a mtg scheduled for Apr 26, so many out of town so cancelled; want to get that out early to make sure cancellation on website
making v good progress; will meet May 10, long mtg, 4:30 to 8:30; in discussion with BPP and three other owners in that area; I think we're in position to make some decisions in May and June
+ Mayor: sorry I missed Bye Bye Birdie; volunteers all talking about it at the cleanup; part of Kay Meek's dream
- I was at the Police Gala honouring Cal Shamper (sp?) for 31 years of service to the cmnty; a packed ballroom; great turnout and feeling
did thank him for his commitment, stories how times have changed since 70s
before charter of rights, police procedures; stories quite good
- on issue of proposed security measures for Hbay ferry terminal, issue critical
CEO David Hahn proposing be completely secured; passgrs not able to move between terminal and village; devastating, this Ccl opposed; will be on ccl agenda Monday with letter to be sent
- billboard getting play again, spoke again with Minister's office twice last week; concerted effort with Sam Sullivan, NV mayors, oppose strongly; believe Sq N in midst of their envtal review
CAO; completed review and hope to work on it
Mayor: work on that week by week
- as chair of CEC want to report, hope Ms Scholes has an update on that; been pushing chairs and staff leads to post dates of the mtgs; think I've got most of them, with the exception of Envmt WG and Heritage WG who have not met yet.
Sop: next week for us [Envmt]
Mayor: hope will be on website; are we missing any?
SSch: think that's it, those last two groups; all webpages ready

{Oh. Really.  Hm.  Update in next issue; watching this carefully.}

Mayor: once in place, I think you'll be able to see updates on the Web weekly
the cmtes are meeting all the time; in my experience the doors are wide open
there is nobody that isn't interested in having any mbr of the cmnty walk in, if you can get in -- Rodgers Creek WG last week was packed with ppl working really hard

{Well said, Pam.  There is still, however, this little matter of actually knowing when and where the mtg will be held...... Rod tried hard and did get tell some ppl.}

important for everyone to realize and be proud of is that we've changed how govt works and put residents at ctr, and that's not easy, it takes time.  We really only began on this in the new year, and in order to make the kind of effective change we're making, we need to allow ourselves time to succeed.  I'm v proud of Ccl for taking the kinds of risks it's taken, and I think they're already for the better.  Certainly if you ask anyone working in these groups, energy and smiles, all positive.
I apologize if this hasn't been as transparent as we wd like, only b/c ea and ev one of the cmtes hv bn helping to define the process with us.  That's taken a few short months.  Now ready and willing to be as open as we possibly can, every step of the way.
And that's probably 150 ppl working hard
Sop: when CEC comes forth, cd they outline legislation that allows cmte of this sort, also reasons behind that; ability to go and not go in camera, or how open are we
in consideration of posting, know it was going to be left up to ea indiv staff rep on some 13 cmtes; wd there not be opp for one indiv at city hall to be responsible for posting on the Web so that all info in one place?
Mayor: the info will all be in one place

{Good to hear.  UPDATE: Apr 26 still not quite the case but improvement -- you can click on the title Cmtes/WGss and the names are all listed on one page however NO forums working, all say TBA.  NO WG mtg is yet on the DWV website calendar.}

Sop getting there is the point
Mayor: and it's new for staff as well; I think that's more of an operations decision but my view wd be everyone get web savvy and blogosphere-oriented as possible b/c that's the age we live in, so this cannot be seen as onerous for any one person; it's everybody's responsibility.
CAO: really the responsibility of staff liaison to post
we have had experiences in past, tried to centralize it, then if there is a miscommunication between that person and staff liaison, it doesn't get posted.  It's unclear.
This way we can hold the staff liaison accountable in making sure that info gets posted.

{but they don't! -- or at least they haven't been.... looking for the new dawn.....  A couple of weeks ago one cclr was sent to three mbrs of staff trying and the mtg still wasn't posted.}

Sop: in future all mtgs of all the cmtes once, you have all info, we'll have it
Mayor: Absolutely
Sop: then we can rest assured they'll be posted
Mayor: yes
RD: Mr Mgr, under what conditions might a WG go in camera?
any particular WGs and under certain conditions, might need to go in camera?
CAO: certainly start, and we're in process of preparing guidelines, start with normal circs listed under Charter, then only other circumstance where situation, discussions under consideration of a prelim nature,  and for some reason the cmte may feel that, especially if you're in a situation where you wdn't want them, for example, reported in the press b/c of a preliminary nature, you wd want to have those discussions in camera.

{OOOOOOOOOOO! heaven forbid!  what happened to a free press? open govt for public biz?  why shdn't we be able to hear the reasons some conclusions reached and ensure ourselves done in an objective fashion observing wch values as paramount?}

we're going to be preparing a set of guidelines; the CEC has seen the first draft of those.  I believe we'll have them for the next mtg.
RD: wrt Rodgers Creek WG, we're talking about planning private property essentially for the British Properties and three other owners there
are there conditions in wch the RCrkWG wd go in camera, and if so how wd they go about it?
wd the mbrs have to vote to go in camera?
under what conditions might they do so legitimately?

{hm.  appears really searching for a way to go in camera.
of course his WG, Rodgers Crk, at an early mtg VOTED that their next mtg wd be closed, and announced it as such; then after having heard so many protestations of wanting openness, you can imagine how shocked I was then that at the Apr 12 mtg, some members wanted a closed mtg and they were discussing wch one it wd be, May 3 or 10 (the agenda for the Apr 26 mtg had already been approved).  Now you see that desire was there.  As reported in the last WVM, one mbr (a former Planning Adv Cmte chair) said he was uncomfortable going in camera.  He may have been not just aware of the in camera regulations, but also knew that proposed devts always came to PAC and they were discussed in the open, not in camera.  Why wd/shd a WG operate differently, more closed?
Why, indeed..}

CAO: what we've suggested to make relatively simple is to identify those mtgs requiring to work in camera; and perhaps actually separate the mtgs out that are public and the mtgs are by necessity in camera, so not getting flip flop back and forth wch can be quite confusing.

{Wanting official blessing for in camera.  Answer obligingly, surprisingly, virtually wd find a way to make it simple, ie much easier than the Cmnty Charter/legislation.  And if it's a separate mtg, you'll bet they'll say no need to post.  If the aim was for openness the questions wd be to ensure openness, saying how it cdn't go in camera...........
No surprise a planning issue.  This is the most sensitive area secrecy is sought for, throughout BC.  So, Pam, the challenge is really over to you to lead the way and be proud, as you said.
The point is -- are the attempts to ensure all open or to try to find a way to be closed?}
Mayor: plan it and post it.
CAO: yes
RD: so the mbrs wd decide in advance and it wd be posted that [closed]
CAO: that wd be our preference, so they wd actually have a work plan and say that for this particular mtg that they wd prefer to go in camera and that way no confusion

{prefer? prefer!  It's not a question of preferring!  it's legislation.  ...but they continue discussing ways it cd be in camera......  No doubt most ppl wd prefer to discuss such touchy and important issues in private.  The public, OTOH, wd like to know the premises and rationale for the decisions and to be involved before too late.}

RD: the condition under wch they might do so wd have to do with priv prop matters
CAO: it cd be M prop matters or priv prop matters
again we cd have our solicitor meet with the WG if that were nec
we will have these guidelines made av to the CEC and then they'll be posted
Mayor: one of the things we are doing is asking a group like BPP to meet with the cmnty in public and talk about what their vision is; that's the whole idea.
it is pushing, out to the cmnty

{Great!  Thank you, Pam.  You've got the point, the principle.  Brava.  Yes, we shd all share our visions and come to consensus.}

RD:  that's what we have to do
Mayor: that's right
RD: interesting in that regard, a few mtgs ago Cclr Sop paid us a visit; last mtg Cclr V sat through virtually the whole mtg, a v long mtg too

{not true, well maybe that's the 'virtually' part.  She left, I think about or before 7pm;  I stayed to the end but since Cclr Day's back was to the gallery, he probably didn't see her leave.}

so there's a lot of interest out there, and the public was there
we've had reps from old growth conservancy come, quite a few groups as well as indivs who have been in the audience
CAO: it is a new process, and I think we just have to respect that there are going to be times British Properties are going to want to divulge information to the WG that they wdn't want to have divulged as public knowledge.  That's normal.  That's included under consideration of the Act.  In the same instance we may have situations where our interests are being compromised if they're being discussed in public, so just got to be mindful of those things and from that perspective, nothing has really changed in terms of the rules.

{Right.  Okay.  And we'll be mindful that the legislation is neither ignored nor broken.  How can anyone calmly countenance the beginning of closed meetings and facilitating there being more?  What kind of govt have we and do we want?  A legal opinion is starting to look like the Swiss Army knife to remove from public eyes (letters, now deliberations).  The gambit is obvious.  According to the legislation all mtgs are open and then to go in camera, a motion has to be made citing the section for in camera and then it is voted on (there are several sections wch say 'may' so it's a choice).   Let's hope they opt for as much openness as possible.  If they decide to have 'separate' mtgs, it's clear someone's going to say in that case no point in notification or posting the mtg.  You've just heard so not 'flipping back and forth'.}

CR:  Good evening.  I keep saying that I'm not going to say anything and then somebody says something that I have to speak about; and in order of what happened tonight--
The first thing is, that I was astonished that Cclr Smith [wd mis]represent Cclr V's motion wch was seconded by Cclr Day about the heritage house -- the motion was merely to explore what cd be done; and to follow up on that I have met/contacted various heritage/historical groups and Millennium -- and they're willing to extend the period b/c it was supposed to be yesterday [deadline was Apr 15] -- however as Cclr V discovered, and I did in discussion with BPP (British Pacific Properties), the house wch I thought wd be all right b/c it was suggested by staff in a prev bylaw, that it be a cmnty gathering place, cd be used as a daycare, so I thought: "oh well, then you know it's obviously in good condition"; but as Cclr V said there has been no protection, and the staff told Millennium that it wasn't worth keeping; and of course, a devpr is going to do whatever staff requests them to do b/c they're in their hands.
So I shd think we really want to look--
=  my question tonight really is about process
If a house is on a heritage inventory (it is; it's not high but it was there), and if some consideration was being made to keep it, it shdn't have been allowed to drop, and become damaged and destroyed; that's the responsibility I think that we as a cmnty hv to look at is, it might be, and now it might be that it's not worth doing anything about it b/c it's too late, but we don't want another asset to fall between the cracks and have something happen to it when we didn't even know it was threatened!
So I'm sure that was not your intention either, Madam Mayor, but I hope that we can have-- we'll still look at it, but from what I've heard, there's v little left, and that's v sad
that no one wd hv said that at least protect it, b/c there were some houses, and were fences around some, so it cd hv bn a minimal cost-- to at least wait until...
in fact, if at the time when staff said don't worry about it we'd been told, we wdn't be at this late stage
[if told] when it was threatened or when it was given up by staff or whatever, we cd hv started right then to look at what the possibilities wd be -- daycare, youth safe house, there are lots of possibilities.
Anyway, that's unfortunate and I wd hope that staff and Ccl wd look at a process, so that we don't lose another asset out of not knowing about it
Mayor: I'm sorry I missed the ccl mtg where Ccl decided to--
CR: I'm sorry too
Mayor: --take that course of action so that is a decision that has been made
It wd be wonderful to get the Heritage WG together as quickly as possible, and I believe, based on last year's work that Cclr Day and I were v involved in, that a Heritage registry is the no 1 priority,
and perhaps there's some work, Cclr V, you cd be doing with staff now so that you can hit the ground running--
VV: if I'm permitted--
Mayor: --as you want to do
VV: --a remark that, I think there's something wrong with our organization chart with this regard and yourself wearing the other hat as CEO, I hope might be empowered to act quickly--
Mayor: I don't know what CEO hat I wear, I'm the Mayor.
VV: ah yes, but simultaneously by the LGA, the CEO of the Corporation.
[JC mumbling under his breath]

{Well, decided to check the legislation since VV quoted it, and here it is:
Community Charter, Section 116  Paragraph (1)  "The mayor is the head and chief executive officer of the municipality"
To clarify, b/c it may be a bit confusing since the name change: Dave Stuart is the CAO, the Chief Administrative Officer, formerly called the Municipal Mgr.}

VV: I was astonished to find that heritage came under the protection of the Planning Dept b/c I can remember Planners speaking with great pride about clearing that 20 acres and I thought, well, that isn't the person to put in charge of guarding the old house there, that's the fox in charge of the chicken coop again
We need to have a heritage mgr who has authority to protect heritage properties from land being cleared for devt
Mayor: So, the best way to achieve any kind of change or any way to strengthen heritage in the cmnty is to get that WG going.  Ms Reynolds, I think has bn appointed to that.
CR: tyvm
Mayor: wch is great, so we look forward to the outcomes
CR: There is already a heritage list and it is on it, and this is just the updating of it
there are some really good staff in the Planning Dept who are concerned about heritage, I don't want to give that impression--
Mayor: there are; any further comments?
=  CR: yes; the other question was about WGs and cmte mtgs being open
and one of the comments, wch I thought was rather interesting that the CAO made, is that they didn't want to talk b/c perhaps "it might be reported in the press".
Well, I have to tell you the press v rarely reports about any of those cmte or WG mtgs.  OTOH, and you might want to have an official report or something, I have heard some of the most outrageous statements made by ppl who have attended those mtgs, and there's no-- at least if you have it in writing, you can correct it.  If you've got ppl talking around, you can't.  So to give the reason it's got to be closed b/c they're afraid it might be reported, is not a valid reason.
I hope that when you do look at the guidelines, as I've had many ppl express, instead, and
look at the intent for finding out what's going on b/c, really, the Rodgers Creek Area WG [RCAWG]
and I really do appreciate Cclr Day's efforts to try to get their mtgs posted, is that ppl want to be satisfied about the process and how the decisions were made, b/c with these adv groups, and it's going to be the same whether adv cmte/grp/commission or whatever, when the recommendation comes to Ccl, it's 90% of the time approved by Ccl.  By that time a lot of ppl, some cclrs and some residents, feel it's too late
So what I am going to suggest is that before the RCrWG goes much further, that there shd be a town hall mtg b/c already there are presentations with the streets. {I meant roads marked in.}
What are you going to change?
You don't want to put BPP through the cost of going longer or doing what staff and the Group say, and then maybe some cclrs or the residents want something else, so I wd suggest a town hall mtg on that asap
--but as far as going in camera, as long as the intent of the Act, wch is what you referred to last time, is there, and taking instead of a narrow view, an open view, b/c if. as some ppl are going to recommend, that density be increased from 2.5upa to a much higher density and on the grounds that that is environmentally more responsible and sustainable, wch many ppl think, I think it's really important for ppl to know on what basis somebody thinks either it shd stay at 2.5upa or it shd go up to much more.
All I'm saying, the rest of Ccl, and I think it's a good group, and I'm sure they're going to consider it seriously, but I do think there shd be a townhall mtg asap b/c I think the rest of ccl and the cmnty shd hv an idea of what's on the table now before it goes too far and it can't be changed
wch is what happened with South Marr; it went so far that they cdn't make many changes.
Mayor: you can't compare the processes, you just can't.  This is so fundamentally different, but I agree with you
CR: to have the openness--
Mayor: we've asked ev WG to consider what its public process will be b/c they're responsible for that as well
CR: and you realize how many ppl were concerned with Ev Dr wch was about  20 acres, and this is over 200 acres.  And we have on it [the RCrkWG] almost a de facto what was an adv planning cmte mtg before.
We have two who were chairs on adv/planning cmtes, so we've got all these ppl as if they were that.
So, and those mtgs were all open when they were discussing ppl's private properties and things b/c that's what you do, you're discussing that, ... it doesn't mean that just b/c it belongs to a person or belongs to the M that that qualifies
but it's extremely important so I'd like to take this opportunity to say that before it goes so far that the residents and other cclrs can't put their opinions forth, and before BPP has spent a lot of time thinking they were doing what everybody wanted and I'm sure they do, I really recommend highly a town hall mtg on it.
It's an extremely important area.
Mayor: all right, thank you.  Cclr Day the last word
RD: several things I want to correct here
the RCrk WG is just in discussion stage, nowhere near making decisions
ppl, nine mbrs, ea mbr has his own opinion
just b/c ppl expressing opinions doesn't mean we have to go to a town hall mtg at this point, we're just too far away from making a decision
I want to make it really clear that at no time has BPP requested or advocated going above 2.5upa
CR: that's true, I agree, yes
RD: the issue has been raised b/c it has to be raised
nine talented ppl who trying to be creative, so we're in discussion phase, they express their opinions, exchange ideas, and that's what we're doing, we're not ready to make any decisions at this point.
The other point I want to make clear is in terms of heritage.
I've been on the H cmte.  I was on for four straight years until Cclr V took over this year for me and was on for several years, as was Carolanne Reynolds, in the early years, in the 90s.  I have nothing but compliments to pay to our Planning Staff.  Stephen Mikicich, who was planner in charge of heritage, really has worked tirelessly for H in this cmnty.  Without him we wdn't hv had the H Strategic Plan that we passed last year.  He really worked v hard on this.  We did hire a consultant and all the rest.
There was a reference made to our Planning dept as the fox in the chicken coop and this just isn't fair and I really have to correct that.  I've never met any of the planners who weren't v strongly in favour of H.

{well, they wdn't admit it to you, wd they!  You are sensitive to heritage.}

The problem is we don't have sufficient legal powers to save heritage houses, we have to buy them in most cases, we have to acquire them; and this is the problem we face, it's not the fault of the planners

{Please read thought bubble above some heads hearing this:
so why did planning staff tell Millennium it wasn't worth keeping and to sell it for a dollar without letting any of the historical/heritage groups know -- not even BPP as far as I can tell, but they have looked at it now and it's in pretty sad shape, as Cclr V found out when she went to look at it.
What I neglected to remind everyone, Cclr V obliquely referred to it, is that Planning's bylaw before the one that was passed, had that house as a gathering place with a shuttle bus to Park Royal, as part of the cmnty benefit package.  The bylaw passed last December however, had $2.5M deposited in trust, so although the house was not mentioned specifically a few weeks ago I got Ccl to confirm that they wd be the ones to decide how it's spent.  One might think that some of that money might be used at least to investigate future of the heritage house.  Rather than a cost, it cd be transferred or sold and special zoning or placement provided to the buyer that wd in effect pay for the preservation.  Certainly all those concerned are looking for something reasonable while keeping an asset.
Subsequently, I heard that indeed it was someone in Planning who told Millennium it was not worth keeping.  Apparently Ccl was not told it was no longer protected and certainly the heritage/historical groups did not know -- that's why I've advocated a process.  My old refrain: INFORM THE PUBLIC!}

This is legislation and private property rights; and so that's the sort of thing we face, and again, I can't speak strongly enough, compliment enough, Stephen Mikicich's work, Planning Dept, he's our cmnty planner
CR: I want to make sure, I thought I made it clear I was not referring to BPP as suggesting that at all.
and I wd like to, if anyone got that impression, I'd like to say that  they're going to do what the cmnty wants, and as it comes to--
Mayor: Cclr Smith
MS: my name keeps coming up, I just want to thank Ms Reynolds for saying I astonish; I like to think I do it often in a positive way--  :-)?
I don't want to be painted into a corner of being opposed to heritage
I happen to live in one of the houses on that H Register on wch I spent over the last three years a ton of money to restoring to its original 90-yr-old condition
Guess I'm saying that wrong -- it's now in Bristol {=A7see footnote at end=A7} condition the way it was 90 years ago is what I'm trying to say
all I'm ... the only point, from a budget pt of view, and I think we have to make it v clear  we cannot consider proposals to spend millions of dollars on something that is not budgeted for, there's no staff report and the private sector won't even pay a dollar for.
This is how we go off the rails and we find the budget gets out of control; we just have to be more disciplined.
CR, refraining from reminder that no one suggested spending millions of dollars (inflation, I guess, b/c wasn't it hundreds of thousands in reference to Cclr V earlier?) and the dollar obviously isn't the point, the cost of the land to put it on is, and now we learn it needs restoration):
and if a restored home Cclr Smith is in I'll make sure we know about it and maybe we can recommend it/him for an award for all that work, b/c we've rewarded other ppl
{Mayor's laughter}
but from a staff pt of view, as I said, we have some v good staff and I think what happened again, I really want to stress: pls look at process b/c the staff involved from what I understand was not anything to do with heritage, it was planning; and so the point I'm trying to make is process.
and I also want to echo Cclr Day: I've found Mr Mikicich absolutely exceptional
but PROCESS! if we have something that's on the list, pls inform ccl and the heritage and historical groups there's some change of status, that's all I was trying to say
G informs me Bristol is a sailing term.  I looked it up in the dictionary and it has "Bristol fashion" as meaning in good order.
For a chuckle, find out what bristols mean in cockney rhyming slang.

2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES   --  Adoption of: March 29, 2007 Town Hall Meeting Minutes; March 26, 2007 Regular Council Meeting Minutes; and April 02, 2007 Regular Council Meeting Minutes.
3.  ...from the April 16, 2007 Committee of the Whole regarding:
=B7       = ; Draft 2007 Budget - Supplementary Information Report Arising from the Town Hall Meeting on March 29, 2007; and
=B7       = ; Collingwood School - Morven Drive Parking
4.         Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?003 (7040 Marine Drive)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received...
RECOMMENDED: THAT the DVP...which would provide for additions and renovations to an existing waterfront home with variances to waterfront yard and height be approved.
5.         5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4510)
            (a)       Report on 5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007                   
                        (to be provided)                                                         
            (b)       5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007.
RECOMMENDED: be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
6.         Board of Variance Bylaw No. 4487, 2007 (File:  1610?20?4487)
            This item was deferred from the April 02, 2007 Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED:... be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
7.         Appointment of Council Representative to North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues ...   Councillor Ferguson ...West Vancouver Council representative ... for 2007.
8.         Appointment to the North Shore Family Court & Youth Justice Committee ... Evan Llewellyn ... in the professional category for the term ending December 31, 2007.
9.         Recycling Council of BC - Proposed New Schedule to the Recycling Regulation
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the letter dated February 02, 2007 from the Recycling Council of British Columbia regarding a proposed new schedule to the Recycling Regulation (covering household and industrial soaps, cleaners and detergents, and requiring brand-owners to prepare Stewardship Plans for achieving a 75 per cent recovery and recycling rate for the packaging of these products) be referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for discussion with the District and City of North Vancouver and the North Shore Recycling Program.
10.       Change of Start Time for May 7, 2007 Regular Council Meeting
RECOMMENDED: ... be changed from 7:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
{why not mention that this is in order to be before the mock ccl mtg with Students}  
11.       Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
12.       Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?005 (3656 McKechnie Avenue)            
...be received for consideration on Monday, May 07, 2007.
13.       Correspondence List
o  Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
o  Action Required
(1)       April 09, 2007, regarding Events in Ambleside Park
Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
o  No Action Required (receipt only)
(2)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues - February 22, 2007
(3)       March 23, 2007, regarding Proposed Development at Marine Drive and 24th Street - Traffic Flow in Laneway (File: 2550?03/1603?04)
(4)       D. Rice, Regional Director - Canadian Labour Congress - Pacific Region, April 05, 2007, regarding Proposed Changes to the TransLink Governance Structure
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(5)       I. Chong, Provincial Minister of Community Services and Minister Responsible for Seniors' and Women's Issues and, B. Binnie, President - Union of British Columbia Municipalities, April 05, 2007, regarding a Workshop Report: "Building Effective Regional Districts"
(6)       L. Bean, Emergency Social Services Coordinator - North Shore Emergency Management Office, April 10, 2007, regarding 2007 North Shore Emergency Social Services (ESS) Status Report
(7)       April 11, 2007, regarding Graffiti
(8)       C. Reynolds, Chair - Heritage West Vancouver and, J. Stuart, Past President - North Shore Heritage Forum, April 15, 2007, regarding Demolition of Heritage House - 742 Keith Road
(9)       April 15, 2007, regarding Noise From Trains
(10)     April 16, 2007, regarding Proposed Budget and Tax Increase for West Vancouver
(11)     April 17, 2007, regarding West Vancouver Proposed Operating Budget for 2007
(12)     April 16, 2007, regarding Proposed Budget and Tax Increase for West Vancouver
(13)     April 17, 2007, regarding West Vancouver Proposed Budget Tax Increases
o  Responses to Correspondence
(14)     E. Barth, Director of Engineering & Transportation, April 10, 2007, Reply regarding Municipal Services
o  Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.

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"Noncooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with good." -- Gandhi

"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest." -- Elie Wiesel

We have in fact, two kinds of morality, side by side: one which we preach, but do not practice, and another which we practise, but seldom preach.
        -- Bertrand Russell, philosopher, mathematician, author, Nobel laureate (1872 - 1970)

"The wise learn many things from their enemies."  -- Aristophanes

"If the truth doesn't save us, what does that say about us?"  -- Lois McMaster Bujold, writer (1949 - )

"Almost all our faults are more pardonable than the methods we resort to to hide them."
                -- Francois de La Rochefoucauld, writer (1613 - 1680)